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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. We don't know alongside red white and take you know 10 o'clock. But it's always talk to their living in the entirely sound good in a little bit after the headlines. You know I I'll love my job loving on the radio it's it's it's a great venue and you know getting to talk with listeners and airing opinions on that and hopefully. Generating good discussions with their some things I would never wanted to publically I'm looking right now on the TV we've to TVs here one is. Turn a Dancing With The Stars I I would be terrified at the instant pop I mean it was bad enough of my own wedding. You know we're me with my four left feet. That's but it had to dance like that I mean that EU signed up to do that whether Nath leader natter just another type of celebrity that takes them that takes a bravery. The. H battery pretty darn good. Mean right I mean disease has been paid to be contestants on Dennis whose stars. If there wasn't I don't think receives many people go out there on the dance floors they do. I'll just to clarify for Marty in our audiences wonder why are days whose stars on one of the TV's you know regulate basic cable. Right right only a few channels and Camilla he is valued at like 47 you know not randomly that we can get just a few channels and now so we have. Just sort of do the major networks who watched so we have no sports options really on now want. On not only got monitor Opel on but yeah like I I would never wanna be under its whose stars are ivy. Would. Say I'm in the same. Categories you word dancing now and as soon my Forte and you know something basic which I'll be nervous about all of baseball right. It somehow was invited to throw the first pitch. Al demeanor every nerve wracking you know how often please god don't let me bounce that is only sixty B how much would you practice before all gone yeah I talk. I try to mound absolutely not just on flak round and again have to get amount yeah I got to go to your local park did on amounts and yet did get to body out there and maybe catch for a year and just go over and over and over and over to. Now without would be a good server I think you'll wanna be more so most afraid of him and no one in the audience wanna see that too. I shall make you afraid that if Artie gets us at the why would anybody wanna be on that I got. Don't I don't know if there's also like a naked dating show too. The really were on these on VH one or something where you literally show up. To date for you meet some easily you know. I guess not blind date and you don't until after you get their a year or longer blind that's for sure you looked in and everything but your naked the whole time. Yeah and I'm not young like some island it's it's it's very strange and awkward is telling you survivor field to a yes let him exotic location put the are wearing any clothes. And never heard of that cemetery in her via. And so while so you go on a blind date that area was someone who emerges from the promise TV cameras are on awkward is that all right yes awkward so so they emerge from the jungle without any clothes on. And talk about making your first impression right I mean good or bad depending. On what you look and work. Well I was there surety right in the I know there's no surprises in on that first time that first time that you actually get intimate with that person. You know exactly what's going on down there. Catalyst summary jokes I wish I could save it we will keep our broadcast as well I I think it makes sense that mean they're there in an exotic location where there's warm weather in Munich can't do that Nicole who was not. From the guys that our guys let's go to Finland in January I picked up. Well that's were shrinkage kicks in in big time I. How do we get our list of city would wanna be a days with a sore right off Olson says waited native and afraid yeah I'll say this though that it's not. Too bad if you get to paired up Wii with one of these women though I mean you're right those women on the show who dance reliving. I mean that's not a bad gig if you get a paycheck and that I don't care if you embarrass yourself and that's not the worst thing to go for. The other part that you brought out the first pitch. It would appear. That it is more beneficial for people now to mess up the first pitch like my competitive instinct I would want to throw strike. But then I mean outside of the people in the park to be doing the Marlins park there's not a lot of people watching aired you know if they had eight. If they had a first pitch of the chargers game that would be anybody there to see it. You know I know it doesn't make you sets different sport would you get it he's pleased places. Oftentimes is just the people were in the stadium get to see you. You mess up in a huge way it did throw the ball and hit somebody. In the groin fifty cents if you do some praise like that you'll beyond sports so Osama did that allow it just within the last month at the Red Sox game some guys hit somebody standing in the back there was a photographer right in the not so long. I mean and that that got all sort of the guy I was an interview on sports center because he did somebody below the belt with a baseball I think is the guy who should misery also was the guy got him. Agree pretty funny okay yeah but it's like really that's that's what you should do now like if if you and I in some. Capacity were asked to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game we should intentionally. Make it the worst. Pitch possible because then we actually get attention would you actually do that when push came to shove. If you had a chance is somebody right in the groin. You can pick the person opened. Got a few people in my industry to. Also publicly. All right let's get to that gets back fiery sound in just a second reversals could handle. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. We heard. Attendance. One after the dolphins beat the chargers 1970 on the road in LA with Timmons they were all from the team is absence remains a mystery. Following yesterday's game head coach at a gay city address the situation today even earlier this afternoon at a press numbers and Davey he refused to shed any light on. The Marlins one win away one loss away or one Colorado win away from being eliminated officially eliminated from this year's playoffs. They have won just three of their last twenty games and their hosting the Mets tonight no it was 521 is that still the score he remains. Our new ones in the bottom of the fifth inning in the headlines from this one is a John Carlos stand in the fourth. It was three run bomb his fifty fear. Home run of the season just a Bora also has an RBIs singled but John Carlos stand we'll take deadlines if they win or lose because he used 55 home run. You know we have to look coupled do during the break when the last time you put a full season now when he got hit by Mike fires in the space. I he played a 147. Games I think that was merely goes clocks that problem was that that's what four years from now maybe maybe 2013 2014. But. Is that along times has he played a full season yelled pull up his stats right now if we looked just a brutal year by year teams played. 2010100. 2011150. And I announce 20121232013. 1162. Dozen fourteen put a modern 45 games OK 74. And 2015. And a 119 lasso and one full season because the 145. You know he miss seventeen games he missed the last seventeen games pepper got. I hit so I reckon account tennis balls he's a 150. You can pretty much count that maybe he was has given some days off right but there was no. Disabled list injury there would have you know when I was 2011 yes a one season in his career he's widow what I consider released a full season. There's 34 home runs a year. And surprisingly by the way Aaron I'm back to football the chargers will not. Costs released this week young way coup with the food kicker that missed a 44 yard field goal to win the game. Yesterday he's been dreadful in this young season the coach Anthony went so they're not gonna bring you any competition. That's stuns me is what is anything I was convinced after yesterday's game following the game. Against Denver in the opening weekend that this guy I was gonna be cut you know you got guys like as you say nick Novak liberal way oh remainder frank sitting at home like. Coach Lynwood a weepy you do I'm sitting here. Just bring in for trial Friday by the way if you can say that you know for all we know they're gonna bring in guys mark Preston. They may buy it. It's interesting that he would come out and soul. Vehemently denied he had viewed they would move a lot from him because you don't often hear that if fifths if you're on the fence about it. Then typically you would you don't be big. Really a surprising scenario because usually kickers don't stick around very long all of all the digs you have in the National Football League. That is a job that you don't stick around for very long if you're not doing. You're up to par with what you are supposed to be deal. And every at the bad pun we thought we'd be in England would kick the kicker to the curb. When we go there ago. When we do some sound to play our carrier ring was on first take today and talked about his leaving. LeBron and the cavs I've I've read the quotes but I haven't heard them so listen together and here's. It was interesting insisting six years and you think about how the journey. Transcended my career from start and first three years that was. Picture in itself and then the last three years and you think about. Those final moments that define you as a player and as a man you very appreciative of it. Given the chance to play with some unbelievable teammates and give I had the chance to do some unbelievable coaches well. Got a chance to develop and evolve as a man and I just thought it was best for months insisted to leave. Are we got to sort that we got to barks at how we had just one. But why are we just play some of these repeat it did you millions he had grant and over to a spur in the sunny but it the other one on him he was asks. By Stephen A Smith about whether he spoke to LeBron James or he would send his Celtics introductory press conference that he did not talk to LeBron about despite. He was asked again about if he did and if not why not and this is what tiger ring had to say today. Did you speak to LeBron James or talk to LeBron James before you before you and your representatives. Met with a ownership let them know that you wanted to. One last. Night we got out while some why didn't want to do it. If I here's a follow. Loose. Outside that follow up was something about a truthful environments. Is a question passed okay but. You know I have the quoted front yeah please read it he says I don't think that you owe anything to another person in terms of figuring out. What you want to do with your life assignment personal I'm not here to join. In any particular person or the organization because of nothing below for Cleveland have nothing below for the times of us spent there. So. Mean you heard him there he said point widely does that mean remorse about right now what him why would I have to say some who LeBron James about demanding a trade outlook I. I give me Fries absolutely but I just wonder about his priorities I mean. He saw he re upped with Cleveland what for five years. Before LeBron made the decision in the summer 2014. LeBron I think announced on July 11 I believe that in NF Sports Illustrated letter that he was going back to Cleveland. One day after deals could be consummated. Before that sometime before that is when high re re upped to stay with Cleveland he thought he was gonna be the guy. And then here comes LeBron who were every place he's going to be the alchemy he's going to be the number one priority to Yuri get that. Figure out here when he came in in the summer 2010. What he's gonna be the priority. The team. Before world ranking their. Was dreadful and you were just horrible. And here comes a will be wrong and you make it to three straight finals I know you'll lose two what you're win one. And now he wants out I just died I'm if Iran ST. Asked for motivation one more somebody will play four read this who is tiring was asked if LeBron should take it personally. I resign leave and this is how you respond. If you don't want to play there anymore even though it was a personal decision. Chances are if you don't speak to somebody about it they might take it personal there. Do you care about that I don't know his future has life. How are made as cold right in the Auckland regular look we can't be hypocritical to say all we should've said that we beg for honesty from athletes. When one opens the door city here's what I really think in my brain. I do appreciate this. This is what I would say this is is I don't disagree with his notion that if he's going to make a personal decision date. If he's the one who should make it he doesn't need to consult this is we all look up the LeBron used the mega star. A mega stars in the NBA right now. The retirees world revolves around him but I would ask you this Josh saying if hypothetically. You and I. Posted this radiation together for three years right and that and we were award winning. And Indian and two losers we nearly won the award of one of the years we won an award for best radio show some right weight hypothetical. If one of us decided we were moving on to something else tortured they keep one of us would give a heads up to the other is that would be kind of the right thing to do. It it would be the right thing to do. But dom. I guess I want to. I understand your point I mean let's say both of our ratings were bad individually but the put us together and all of a sudden. You know were were were were kicking bought. Where I don't want to delve in the high res reign as to why he. Winning doesn't seem to be the number one priority why it's it it seems to me that his ego was getting in the way that he would rather. Have less of a chance to win a title or to make it to the NBA finals. Provided he was the number one option on the team Todd appear in the same way you. It is in a sense of me he said he later on in the interview room at one point if he's very confident in his ability to win. Without LeBron James and then all evidence of the contrary at least in Cleveland oh more success in Boston right in his you know already a better supporting Matt what are. In Boston by. Bomb the United States is certainly a strange one I would do the impression that I did it goes back to what we kind of heard once we. The trade rumors became public is that. To the point you're making he agreed it's a sign up and be that Newton the man in Cleveland when he signed that contract such. And then LeBron shows up and therein is always Yasser for that LeBron just showed up and so it seems to me that he has wanted to get. Out from under the shadow that LeBron tasks that you over the last year or so whether right or wrong I would review this gives him less of a chance to win. Why not teaming with the best player in the world. At the same time. I just seems that. As a 25 year old guy he's he is beyond people always ask you about LeBron always talk Mo LeBron before he does whether the whether we deem that as selfish. And not putting himself and the rest was what I don't know. But in a way I can relate to that in the sense that I can understand where is coming for. What we got to go to break and we'll come back channel attacks or has an interest and questions let's say Harriet stayed with the team. And next summer we'll run besides that we. Would he Ky re heads up. Talk about that. How big the metric we do. If they do this every time they get tangled up on table. These Greg likens I'm Frito coming in the bottom of the hour. Earlier in the show we talk to Adam be easily. Are dolphins insider of course the dolphins beat writer for the Miami Herald we a lot of insight. Into the Lawrence Timmons situation the dolphins game yesterday he was out in California flew back today. He covered the game out there in in Oxley and not oxman that's for the practiced in Los Angeles he describes the spear. Of 27000. Seats stub hub that stadium. Some of senator senator Larry there's cinema I think the official attendance was just over 25 outs. Andy and I sighed again on video or the or some tarps covering part of the second deck. At that. Really it's a special we would you consider other movie organization and a franchise from San Diego to LA. Because a very big belly to support. A second. And bays or a second organization there I mean. Really really strange not. A vote of confidence for the fans of all I I saw this earlier today though that apparently this is at the some of senator there was a sign it's a we took a picture of parking in one hole to go there was a hundred dollars some of sex that if I saw that earlier that Mark McCormack you've got to be kidding how how one or do you expect to lose short two game even at a stadium that size and pay a hundred dollars just a park. Ridiculous and say here is driving people yeah we give a discount so as for as much as I wanna criticized the fans are potential fans of the chargers in LA. Summon us to do with that maybe some factors that were unaware of just found out about a hundred dollars in parking and that right there would get me to not show to begin by lived out there. In a show there still hard feelings in San Diego over the chargers leaving for LA this is from. BBC ten rest station in San Diego there's a place in San Diego called the L oiled grill. And the owner still mad at eighteen for defecting north to go to Los Angeles. He's gonna give away free taco of the day every day after the chargers lose this season is his main purposes. So the charter shall we lose they lose sixteen games that mean sixteen times you come and get a free taco it's okay with me. To cash in on the free taco customers have to say a secret phrase Spanish tuck or coming guess means longer secret to get the pre crude. Tacos normally three blocks. And so he's he's really just take money muzzle pockets of support and give a talk goes away if they lose. Most of publicity than the business in one sense but you're right I mean at this rate their own to. These are you losing money on a brand. It's it's like we want to Hawaii I'm my wife loves that show my kids lot of diners drives and drive ins and dives right in the I and we saw plays on their there was an Mali this going barbecue place that was just all way off the beaten path look good so we decided to go there and you know that's forgot theory was ever used to got by the way at the payoff is that is guys fearing senior richer than it's incredible. And so we went there and I say it was pretty full and I said how's business since this thing came out about your illness that has been an unbelievable you know so. So a similar thing there are lit a listen someone broke before the break. I got a good question if you pulled with high re stayed with Cleveland. And come next summer I think everybody expects LeBron we've Cleveland and also look he fulfills promise you wanna cycle. What he. It has up to carry him leaving what you know I he I would imagine he's upset Tyree didn't do the same with them. I don't know why I am I guess is LeBron and do what's best ruled rather not necessarily give a damn about Kerry's feelings. All right and if we believe. Those the story that we've been told about LeBron leaving Miami for Cleveland. Dwyane Wade was not aware of his decision. Now admiral we've fully believe that or not but that is did he tell Duane and that's why they are right they arena according to all of the reports. Dwyane Wade did not know and LeBron. Reportedly did not want to burden him with that knowledge especially when you consider that wade was going to stay with PG. And then you know how rile the other members of the organization maybe would hold that against wade that he wouldn't give them that inside information to give them a heads up. So I don't know if that is some. Public relations. Execution that they don't did pretty well and so wade looks like he's not the bad guys there or if that's the case. If LeBron what David told his press friends Dwyane Wade that he's leaving the team that they're playing together on to go back to Cleveland. The that would tell me that I LeBron who brought intensive purposes is as close the carrier ring as he has to say Dwyane Wade why woody tell curry would try to do. So it if you put the shoe on the other foot in this scenario that our techsters brought up. Then. Arteries is looking out for yourself the same way LeBron would look out for himself and say years' time. I IA and hide Hyde I think. You know I came up with with part of a segment a while ago when I sit at you could ask. I uniform brought this one of them here if you can ask any person whose reward clutch any person to be sports otherwise and they have to play the tree. Who would be low yield one clutch. If I was even sports. Did you told tell doing on the four. I would be years Bobbie I mean I could they have a lot of them you know what one that comes to mind right away he's I would love to talk to Michael Jordan about. Exactly what I seats switch to baseball on temporarily retired round secretly suspended by the NBA writers so what's mystery there and it's a great one I love you pick her up we need to do that earlier in the show sometime. It is an interesting topic and that's a politician you know if you want this trump did you. You know we're gonna try to be political or sanctimonious say did you recruit you know anyone in your campaign in Russia you know. They do be anything to be sports to renowned sports. You know anything one person one question they're compelled sultry. Lots of good possibilities there I'm sure especially do you sort of think about it. And really examines some scenarios in which. We don't have. And clarity on on the only big topics are big decisions and Romania added to be very very interest and we we asked earlier com for people to text in about. PSE stories yet so I wanna learn the turn the question around on you in that the won't what do you prefer going to monitor a football with the lead but having to. You know watch. Your opponent have players actively applying or do you prefer to have the players I think I'd rather have the lead it's it's nerve racking both ways I mean your just your. You're you're watching the clock intently at it if you have the lead in you you know we only players in her opponents. Is playing catch up your your praying that that they stay inbounds and every play into you know whether anybody you know no incomplete passes everything's completely out of business. Keep that clock running right you know having like a soccer match your view on just keeps ticking away if not your hope everything goes out of bounds. Yeah you guys sit hey you're right it's nerve racking either way. Com we're Davidson reaching text messages though about you don't heartbreaking finishes offensive football game. One Texas says that one year I tied three times vs the same team. The last one was in the playoffs I lost on a tiebreaker. Off that's brutal. That that's really bad another one says I've been on full size and won and lost. On scoring adjustments later in the week off is a light scoring adjustments because I want the scores to be correct on it's tough when you're on the wrong the wrong side Osama says only. Either the opponent someone playing yet a year you if you leave your yours your roster is gone and their point catch right they have a pull or. They don't have anybody to play their head near you you've won we were employer parliament and another Texas says I lost last game of the season by. Point one. And missile Clausen a tiebreaker by point five points. Bought it once I was pulling in the playoffs here years ago December manually. With with Trevor who frequently does you don't Bruce's our show. And I needed just I think it was like a vikings Packers game and I just needed it to end in I'd beat him bitterly. And I think I the hacker Iran out of the Packers he does have like the vikings defense and now the last play of the game except Aaron Rodgers and he got like. Up points. And any he'd knock you out of a plus he led by like half appointment and I'm up plus who's who's the last play of the game brawl that saw I was just I was in Britain were texting back and forth like Alex accept the rules. Somebody else who says I won by half a point. After a stack correction my best to win after a ha another one here says that the tiebreaker. Was total season points scorer. You know again I guess the tiebreaker scenario involves total season points or some accumulation of your total season points. It's as the other team out score me by one off 12134. Points at 12133. Oh that's awful you know you you think just another field goal some thing you know another two passes to Rawlins. And you don't couple yards it would put you over ten yards anything anything you used to all the possibilities. They could've happened someone said. If you're up by one in your defense is going any opponent as Nolan DC your defense on the league every week I've been in you have to play. A full roster. You'll play that defense that you have to play some defense in other words right here just in activate deactivate. A particular part of your roster yet just not play somebody I'm not known you you've got a steal a full roster I mean in theory and yes you would suture defense we don't rack writing negative points it's like number one numb. Who was the Eagles running back in the needed the clock just running out any ran toward the end zone any just. Al on the one yard and if he goalie and was it terrorist roles no it wasn't as before him in the if Duce Staley. Jonathan was so Eagles were not only was I can remember maybe some remember this. And a big BP going in the end zone is still given the opponent a few seconds. To play catch up and possibly win calls and he stuck on the 18 the presence of mind. Just balled on the one yard line Monday Jozy fantasy wise nobody does that give it turns up. Smart play Oates is Smart why even imagine yet the guy in Havana right now he's waltzing away millions on an unstoppable on your record breaking everything you access critically all sharp object here at all easy touchdown harbored. Let's take our house and O'Brien whispered to return assets at that is exactly it. And the presence of mind is the fall down. And they put that down that's Haiti play your right if you have Westbrook. And your fantasy team in your really just need him across the item you win your. Your apoplectic you're just going. Out of your mind when you last night I'm watching the assignment football on Dovonte Adams who had a nice game. But late in the game when the Packers were their final touchdown of the game. He caught a decently long pass and was tackled at the one loss and you know like I'm figured he just reaches the ball are gonna get a touchdown laments that I don't have has been relieved and healed of a computer compensate foreign. Yeah well you know I think everybody has those stories every week true or any you know you. You eat you know you need to guided you well you like when he receivers to do well and then your team goes way up and they're never gonna pass and there is running the ball around the clock. And it guys never gonna get the ball right now. Or if you are playing it's somebody like a PP our league especially. And you know do it to its garbage time and the guys is racking up easy easy like Jarvis Landry type recessions. When they don't matter. Yeah that's always stuff that we we should do more of these sometimes some everybody's got the Paris stories one last accelerators is a loss on an 800 dollars by 2.3 points off. As bad stuff. I'm Ed hello me and me and if we assume that a break. Come back we talked to Adam Beasley earlier in the show are Altman's insider in the Dalton's beat writer for the Miami Herald. And now will replace that in arena next right here on the sick. To talk about yesterday's game David. California in Los Angeles and about the upcoming opponent as well Adam be easily joins us right now Neal Ryan fuels and browsers convenience stores gas line. They are truly steps beyond convenient flu cross country today. Were there more people on the flights than there were in the stands yesterday. What personal beating guys I know all. You guys stole my thunder is gonna make it jets joke. The same what I mean on Twitter last night that the dolphins the first team in apple history to have byes into their first three weeks. Also why don't like Elena. Yeah yet they would. The stand yesterday they were just Wear an awkward arch. I have estimated. I guess conservatively that a third of the crowd would be dull and stands you re yelling writers and I know pat. And there are a couple of real moments in that game yesterday having technical in twos and number one. Point one didn't. Linda let me that the chargers kicker whose name I won't mangled left to. The way we've run dad Greg for a Eagles looks like young hold Greg said I'm young and I'm glad that you UK. Yeah will be is that I of course the only way this is Rego fraud put on season geysers went to your Georgia and Georgia southern. Athletics went inside and out there. Yes so when young way to lineup for the 44 yarder we couldn't really see from our vantage point you know deceit the press. You guys would be Greenwood and the Michael was a beautiful I was literally took a two yard line maybe 2530 goes up. It was a it was an incredible place to watch the game but from our angle we really couldn't see you get a kick was good and I. Obviously we couldn't tell by the crowd protection. Because there's much cheering for the dolphins as there was for the chargers. And we were really confused when can I went off. They're part of the candidate and then bought into some of the San Diego and happy and analysts believing that they've won the game so welcome to LA screw everything up. Wow that's embarrassing way except to watch the rafts or an and that's what that's we have to watch the rest underneath there the goal post that's yeah. Even the players didn't know what was going on so that was. It was surreal scene and I got to get the pins pretty soon but that was just part. And we're gonna get into it now I open up the press cumbersome because first of all yesterday we saw the tweet that the dollar and gays will discuss it after the game. After the game we saw we played some of that history in the post game show. He deferred to today. Today I opened up the press cameras by asking a moderate and he just he is as I said black holes of shed more light than he did and Lawrence Timmons I mean is that's the elephant in the room. Audioblog be here and I haven't heard yet. We're gonna control fling while we got a yes on the phone so were were were. Doing. All of us are very Jackson Steve Wein there were few of us that. Then at you don't ask him about that and and you know who it'll put a line of questioning and then we went back to that a few times Barry asked him. Will he be on the team in the future he refused to answer that obviously wind estimate team rules he was clearly. Clearly irked. That and at Lawrence Timmons and in this caught the team off guard I just. You know I wondered I wouldn't be surprised even after his won't either look there's a lot of layers to this story that we don't know I'm sure the dolphins know much more. That is your tweet said maybe they can say be Keogh if it's any kind of medical issue or mental health and I'm not I have no idea it is what it is they're handcuffed as to how much they can say by by federal law. Right so look at that stands for the hit that basically means your corporation you got to shut up about your your employees help. So that anything at all to do it did and we kind of may be re reading between the lines that he leaves. So you know it meet with the doctor today we'll adopters probably upper blood pressure and appropriate. I think. Or. What do guys you know diminishes does he wore the night before this first game with the TV on to your problems in our contract with it. My guess it was not because now. So. Anyway but did not speculate too much there's something that they had to get the bottom your why you believe the fact which he did it. And if he has no history of this that's what's kind of bizarre is that. He was in Iron Man for the Steelers you would play every week he didn't get hurt my understanding. He uses heat to talk to the players do you got there today I talked to yesterday. Outlaws the analysts say that you know they they couldn't sing the praises enough about about O'Leary is how much like my personal basis. It's physical bodily brilliant book but if this was something as simple as Kaye is cases really sick in the hospital. And then he would drop everything go we we know that by now that that that story would make its way out. And and that engaged would not be snapped got a press conference 24 hours after the game. What we are here and we've got that sound gloomy place them for you here on here's Adam Adam animals and and Beasley here's. And a gay saying. I haven't yet dealt with permanently three sound bites back to back to back your haven't yet dealt with the to the situation. Your support so I don't know illustrate story. You know apparently. And Steve want to open up some questioning about team rules and here's Adam gates announcing player shouldn't violate the fewer rules that I had its. Do you consider yourself because he has a lot of rules regardless if you prove it beyond time card processors are so. When those game. Loser. Finally it's here on in what you hope. What he's. By the way you can hear him tapping the podium as he's doing that that's the bang here one more pleased are you. And you could tell this is again you can tell her teary could tell in the last somebody dealing with Timmons is not my top priority. Nothing. What I have right now. It just down on information. You're losing as it was with the guys that quit yesterday. He wouldn't even admit these are well you'll always be part of the Sydney team going for a guy he would address that. You are not. This is easy have you talked to no I haven't is even in the building I have no idea the third question I find dubious nothing goes on in that building. Without Adam he's going about it now there. So. He is I. I don't know the situation with Lawrence and Tim and Lawrence and as we don't know but. I don't know he's going to be part of this team and for. Yeah I knew I hear that guy knows someone who haven't interest for that it actions. And I don't want to speculate on the air we can do it between ourselves will get in trouble. Libel there slander laws invite that. You're your your mind there was a couple of places I'm sure your listeners commute there went past incident like this happened. It's usually not for good reasons so. He clearly upset because. I was thing about this you know I got back to Florida went for a quick Rollins nice weather tonight and I'll hold it hold up those nice weather there would run and analysts thinking it was like. Considered the thousands not hundreds but thousands of collective powers that those coaches spend preparing for 4 o'clock Sunday it was good to see them get back in February. You need to include all the scouts and personnel guys. And then again. I got like two lines do you consider due diligence some players like Barnes and and doing everything for. You at 1 o'clock a week goes on the net because there are about everything from poor clock. It's on and and that instead. They really in comparison don't ask all that much of their players get campus there yet they're probably now prefer to spend their. He's in June run around South Florida heat it took days. But aside from that you really have one job that's shall play and that he can't honor that commitment to the people who pay you. Millions upon going to dollars and orange to make his case to this team it sort depending on him that a huge huge breach of trust. And how that truss prepared I don't know. Yeah great question northward find out more on the situation almost double days especially what they decide to do what's foremost. Punishment there may. Yeah that we have a couple of god is great right they could likable. Just caught them and mama tiger Jackson had the exact finances. It would be a lot over two years on us a lot backs are against the cap. So if you want to peacefully. Hamstring yourself. The next two years and didn't move at all and throw out an extension for cars Hendrick you have to do that because of one bad day it. I doubt I don't want to do that I think they want it if they can make it work. And so once I guess arrow in the quiver with Pete suspend him for violation of team rules then they have in the CPA. Allowance to do that. Every shot Italy is hit the movie was investigating in the response that it knows is a key issue between candidates decide disciplined. And I think they can suspend them up fourteen years for that violation. Whether or not that that contract going forward altering the terms of what guarantee what I haven't seen that contracts like to speak to that. But the very least there could be some punitive. And by all since. Torchmark tendons but before it get to that you've got to figure out it is excited Entrust the ball and he wants to play it is in the right frame of mind to play and I think he used to get. Pool clearance from the neck up. From a whole host of people because of what you did I mean you go and read that in the article on this hasn't got a guy is quick and how this is a guy who vanished. From the team hotel and we discovered that because he wasn't there for bed check curfew. They Beijing may not just one but multiple. Multiple multiple missing persons reports alt route off Eagle County awoken for this guy. And the only found as cops Dominic TV and airport LEX trying to quite Pennsylvania. Not someone on the eve of this first game with his new employer. Oh as a starting outside linebacker making six million dollars this year. That's about it to be asked someone in the right frame gold mine unless there was someone on get stored as you need to get to. Right I mean I think it's always scenario in which that's okay. That that that can come to mind you think of anything else that would say note this guy is thinking clearly what he's doing. No and into your point earlier if the if the ones that we probably would've spurt that by now right. So. There's there's there's nothing about this scenario that we've heard we've talked. Thousands of people both inside and outside the organization. That tells me that this is something good that does not mean obviously it a child knows not good understandable. It's nothing that there's. Rational explanation for that and support. Launched him on the field they have to believe that they can trust him and opposite from a physical standpoint but from a medical standpoint. Are they going to crack to keep our head around I think you'll like it. These are questions they're gonna have to app so again I don't envy Adam's case or not they're no good answers to disappear there really aren't and that's kind of been. It's. Slogans for this RC in the right. We were only one game and yes to wanna know they should be happy about getting a win that was a good way to yesterday I don't think they should overlook that was a very good win at the palace football team. Starting with. The second week of training camp. Ryan helped her what did you do there low income bring that color are. That was a pretty good idea and it's worked out pretty well so far. Yeah that hurricane bearing out what you do the move came up a complicated due to try to get out of town and complaint somewhere else we'd just postpone it. And didn't go by again no ready answers at this system we thought this team that experienced adversity 2016. And it certainly didn't want different ways. They've gotten up and what we've seen all ready to again work this week three the NFL season. Yet and a lot of those factors that you've mentioned especially funny others Timmons scenario the day before. I think it makes the win yesterday even that more impressive even though it was an ugly win their play appeasing criticized. I want to ask you about some of the sentiment that your colleague LaMont also bureau wrote on his article on invent. You know for years the dolphins always seem to mess things up especially late in games and we'd always look at and say well yeah this is what the dolphins do. It seems dole. Wonder Adam days now from last season for most of last season now yesterday's it. Things just seem to go their way are we seeing a new era of dolphins football with where they actually can be clutch in these types of scenarios. It all depends on whether or not you believe winning close games is this guilt. Where parents. I really can't talk down to is it. Any the ping pong on the right way and that carnival we're trying to let goldfish that went in the right hole in one goldfish. Or hey that's pretty shocking new single out the winning because it threw it right arc that's really what the world would come down to it it just. It got really lucky over the last seventeen games and it hasn't talent at taking advantage of it. Or. Is it different team with a frame of mind that those that it was an escort to the fourth quarter that they're going to win it. Start to believe all the skeptic I'm a numbers guy. By and large think that at the end of the day a week along that I'm mine is in need help. But they're even out yet. And they are winning the same exact way. And obviously different players. Every single time like what is their return well. Find a way to keep a close particularly on the road. Quiet hero in the fourth quarter is your hero yesterday was the guy was much in sixteen days ago how crazy is that. They didn't and it's a lot of weight you can second guess certainly. How that last three minutes that came on board I would purse on port on port and five. We didn't hit it before York Google goes out perfectly I percent plate but you know what. Trust the guy that picked up off the waiver wires two weeks before literally two weeks before. And it ticket as light. And it goes on the other end of the field. How many people were screaming corner why are you calling time out. Well it didn't hurt you know they. I don't think it was despite a team throughout the nation toward peace in the kicker but perks or what where as extreme as we saw you outside. That worked for them and and they got it gone. And so yeah. Hacker while you just can't discount that is up until he wins. I don't think you can sustain that. Within about ten to go last us diversity yeah. That outlook that the team. Is there any truth to rumors that they're the national hurricane center's gonna renamed hurricane Maria hurricane you'll only to loosen or you winnowed the South Florida. And the trombone. And. How we were world against the Euro bought one of the things that impressed me was the rush defense they only allowed like. We're we're record 34 yards. On the ground now one text or kind of took us to task saying. How can you Drudge rush defense they only ran fourteen times I'm looking at it from the other side saying they abandon the run because they solve all the dolphins were defending a word you fall on this. I think a little both. I think it hit the target of the stuck to what they would have gotten the linebackers some point. But. Not a two man possessed Internet. I mean you think pro. Through basically effort from work go what that it whoever right guard was for the chargers should know this on top my head. He did not violated them on and morally wrong and loss of four and that they could wave the white flag after that run the football. And yes a lot of credit goes to those backup linebackers. Michael played every down yesterday led the team in tackles with ten yes. You go back and watch the film there are some guy run free in the flat that hold up to speed to keep up with. But when you going downhill against the run he's not a liability is pretty good that and so I think yet you can be encouraged because you chargers happen. Pretty good but not very good all and talent lies on tough against the run there's you'll be allowed only seventeen points I'm. It is a little lost yesterday it would pop didn't that the defense is all they really wouldn't even if the chargers kicked a last second Google one point heard a halt people who was on yesterday you really can ask for much more than that have a defense that plane. And let him shorthanded didn't have. We spoke about Timmons Maualuga who knows what he'll be LP. And are you were that easy and don't need tires here so I think it always get better put that to be honest I think. Yes the back and he's at work but once you get a look at back and they find a way their hearts to forgive and let them play again. Is going to be pretty decent defense and that obviously all you need against. For the dolphins to their offense is gonna be really good pitcher I think it's going to be high powered. It's figure that Beazer for Lewis to run on the offensive side of the ball you know Adam gays admitted after the game it wasn't. A great day for him as a play caller ITT everybody noticed that especially with how conservative they were in the first half. What did you think overall Jay Cutler's performance and I know you feel good about the office who reform specifically from yesterday. Yeah what was at this that the papers 1116. For a 155 yards and a touchdown in the second half. But take adult bright indeed given that he gives you good colleague tech production in the second half. Mistake free football I think that was the most important thing it didn't turn the ball over whether her world team trying to remember. The dolphins did charters out of it and now new resume clean game that San yeah well it's only it's not like Cutler tried to turn the ball over but the vaunted Parker had Obama. Yes so you might raise your mistakes or her that you get better color. And yet to edge I know who I don't think there's any question now that he's the top ten at the top five running back in this league. If you have that combination. And boy does go to your players are really good yesterday in that. I made these thanks very much raw too early for break you'll see on Wednesday can't. I don't thanks Adam Beasley for joining us here Greg thank you very much terrific job by you you are now beyond tomorrow again. From 710 grand thank you very much I'm Josh Freeman coming up next. ESPN radio.