9-26-17 Tobin, Leroy, Beast, and DJ Part 2.mp3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, September 26th

The crew keeps talking about UM's possible involvement in this FBI scandal. D.J. shouts out Nevin for the best time of his life in college and can't wait to release his tell all book and movie, Jose Canseco style. They talk about Jerry Jones kneeling with his team, D.J. is just surprised that he was able to get up. The guys talk in depth about the Donald Trump and NFL situation. Tobin says that he believes Riley is being too tough for his own good not going after Dwyane.


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There was still come at tonight's new birth of Cleveland vs you know moment of my best friends and and they went off first win with vs Cleveland Omar reviews your first win here as though it all goes both cargo you know. Welcome back to overlook the DJ and and soon as you know. Her needs and you can't. This is not it's not technology. Make sure he gets us together and ready to do some balls into the Max 09 das tech dot com and let 09 tech. Set you man team. All right this is was this what it was like Modano Elijah you stabbed in the back. Then and mentioned business. Yet I understand there's some times news. Can you superstars superhero with two down now they're making business decisions. And arousal while I was I was just sort of settled though he comes back. Who's tired is a great facilities and you won't accept him back if he knew when he retires and want to be important he organization's summer. Had he comes see these fans from everybody has little rebuild this team and make his champions champions again. From that he's not gonna do it. I don't think that he'll be out in China doing its findings delay doesn't strike me as the guys it's like willing to be like front office as I didn't like mad just jumps tumor started. You're too much stuff going too much fun stuff you can do you guys daddy's stuff with shouts to us sports it was formed stressed his GM and president best operations weren't a pretense. It just dial or you can also addressed I don't know about the romper. I lied to his mom predicate. You ML robbers on the board by the way doom picked. LeRoy Awad yes today so we have right now. We have a hub far behind them it's a game as the game so if I go like if I pull three you know out the ball three and now when we go to a one yup threw it high. We're going to do this week days A they do pick tiebreaker. What does that from well I mean it's gonna break the tie in the loses a lot of doom. So Leo were. Among those you all three wanna throw over the same record now. Oh idled just hold on to do you have to stop on that I really wanted to do it's how you feel about the Tori seven votes on the Dick Heller. You wouldn't martz would be that's the insular community of the who's who's more. Yeah no what do I want you to avoid do that we've understood totally instantly. Don't end up to now as I usually don't come to a wide. It's it's just gonna day Moses so I think you should roll over I think it should be like submission and a Mac like right now to tap I think they've not about you don't have to a close and it evolved though when it's audio distorted and nothing like. They should get the role of a just trying to throw a touchdown just 'cause the it is today also covered it it seems to me like like data gays had devolved embarked on his Tennessee team and news China to wrap all. Ultimately picked fifth and hit the ball clubs and I don't know manor resort land here at 3333. Kitchens he got he not not much yet here. Not to mention Syrian or good nobody was good. Excellent JJ come back as it and Tomlin who wrote the report goes around Americans are not over. Anymore and and yellow and or you be to break up somebody but I. This non starters beat me when authorities that you were. Out one with the guys he. The guys that he didn't hit policy a lucky yeah like our government I need. We'll run a blood just you know wanted to win because I'd be Robby this week in and did you. If you meant that you would open up just 212. And one mile loan losses to your stupid team Robbie. We have come to a conclusion. That you're not allowed to be Curome locks. We will select games Norton he's hotly NFL because dozens of big games right that's correct we won't pick. Five games hole. Gonna set a tremendous I don't know you lemon who's open man let's let them let's let Americans lived through it. Devices the entrees and later have in the past in terms self you have a bit pick seven games. On Friday it would yes it only starts Lugar. What the hell's going on on Saturday night I don't care what we. We both are right on it doesn't there's a team in Hawaii distorts 1159 on Saturday he's an emergency. Colorado state of Hawaii 1159. Elements. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. The other had under sponsored by fireworks relieved to relieve muscle cramps your legs and feet. You are relieved this fast acting film is clinically proven to relieve the leg and foot cramps get their works relief today at federal works relief. Not come sodas beer being reported by Cleveland dot com woe is Barry. Everybody. That. Buzz closed end. Sorry Don Imus. And I think he still elect what's your piece of Elena 1% chance maybe of you do. Under and then I mean he he seems in this. Believe SI mean this this this Clinton practice or is like Lou the Senate's final like like you told there was no Santa Claus. But by the with the economic Brothers and it is but it is a little bit of the Santa Claus use. You struck down men. And you does gets it he was there SA and we asked him would like to woo did you Newsom was not Cleveland goes. Music do you think about these things like playing time all that but. Mean do I really wanna play that one bomb last year there and and brutal legacy room what I bill. When you don't Udonis you get me you get there it's like we had a moment. We are not only do you think Udonis who what he's done playing he you'll be a cardinal team petty. Aaliyah. Aaliyah who was. Do you think you have LeBron. And you a code you. Yeah well I don't think there yeah I think that around. I already have in this offseason yeah yeah yeah. We. Study yesterday. And it ain't got you didn't lose awkward but there is this some loser and there're some what. Think it was a reflection I thought with a son playing for Toledo I've already has a chance I thought you know kids go to college for the first time is going to be away another it was a shot. But the senate and the. So the FBI has a major. Indictment going on major investigation. Where ten college coaches assistants have been arrested at schools like Auburn Arizona local state and USC in the indictment mentions university number seven. Which we've come to find out is the university of Miami University number six is Louisville. This ought to do with money basically being funneled from a DS two recruits of the go to the school. And then. In the end signed with the deet is when they go pro. And the University of Miami you know is looking into the allegations according to Blake James but this is not good news and I just read further in the legalese. What's even worse is the agent put together the indictment was undercover involved in all of it. It says I have a lot more information than what. Yeah excitement. And improve her there. On that tomorrow that is candles and exist nearly undercover so he has he has all in all the dirt which is. Which is why the main FBI agent they gave the presence and we playbook so he. He. Was he real agent. Put Serbia or real agent Ford and he worked in the FBI but he got. Me. Would that I know but I wanna go. An actual. CA or they sit agent is I don't know he did an informant. OK he was an undercover FBI agent that. Got in was you know you're thinking of informant but steadily gotten got credentials and everything well yeah it was it is a lot of work really do like to pretend to be a coach I don't know. I'll let you know he's yeah we don't act brawl. Who's the kid that Miami's worried about I am I don't know. I'd say in any form has an additional attacks in the end of the team it's you know what I'm waiting near ancient team three. Is not included in this 'cause they cooperated. I mean. Wow nice you're good bit undercover. Well we don't know the agent worked for consumers like much of middle man. There are handling the money in the bag man who runs the call runners. So to come here but there. Ended a war zone. With new. Imagine how and that matters to the pants. Statute limitations and hopes where two men. The. Yet some sort of best time in my life. But there is nothing has. For a human way to go in play soliciting heaters are hard this count how many did you sort of the students even written this company. Then you know and then the other way kind of OK cowboy is filled. To kind of come to Miami Illinois news second biggest Ponzi scheme so floor. Models they're solid person. I mean that vote on as we tomorrow book complete now. Come drop in Maine I'm dropping names and dates of when I dropped his book is Hamlet is real plan in India and to hear me Tyrone moss two months and recent phenomenon and now. Most spit the facts out like get paid almost no machine here by some hope that you are hoping ganymede and. Okay that you saw from the blow I got it simple and that's about it. Welcome to our dividends how much Donovan Ahmed and that's how we went on to both. Being used humor who's there. Did he use new music. A live look always an easy you remember that you the end of the right to and who mama look Cuba on an odd that. Photos video I don't know. Can put video in the book may. Remove please. There. Aren't good I don't know. Say you've seen do you par wanted to reject everything that you told by did you yeah. Yeah. Poignant moment was when you're in the lead to more Americans are. There won't even know it's. 20. Yeah. Don't we go to Google everything now go play youths then. They did make Iraqis 600. Quite a bit more your freedom and play doom. I. Use of any. Say yeah or I. It's. Important friends all the rules that they have been dotted old guy doing stuff. I I hope you and the magic movie is that a source for excellence that movie had niceties nice to be both of them now you see me here. Don't would Jesse Eisenberg a good movie theater there was give and allied. Obama. Is it is it. I hope for years to lose to them. He would dig up George Burns to play Robert Benton. You know be. Yeah mr. burns from Simpson's plea Coker I had a. The trip to the seven and a bogey double B. Marlins' and rockies' 841 minutes. Of it yeah provided a big dirty for thirty feet yeah. It's all fun and games until oh my goodness we rejoice poker put it to you every it is he has. Here is an additive football games as a star who treat any longer you know all honestly don't on Chicago broke. We will be blunt and Milan is at the record Betsey Wright Penn that'll happen without question why did he come out with a book in the movies. He went broke record Jose Canseco style holes because Sega of them movie the candidate. Tobacco opponents. That they're getting doors like hurricane watch Troy is Friday night. That's what's drill all sunset drive in Miami 7 o'clock UN takes on duke scores like specials all day plus jumps into the pair towards like colds until it passes. And ticket studio home game here of course the governor gray bear great responsibility Coors Light whatever your mountain climb behind him please drink responsibly. McCain was to keep rolling against duke site of the miracle. Lateral that everyone on nine hit on nine bottles. Fortunate. Cornell or maybe at. You might get all candor in this we all tore through. The du ring. McPherson Fiesta Bowl and gentleness trade off of the jet off well I'd never I never heard so much outrage over over a they should call today they didn't because Google's undefeated Islam than an adult they're gonna make it to the AC CE cannot imagine Duke's winning touchdown at a time was not touched on the current it was terrible replay. And what I reply dated have the proper camera equipment for that team and that's the holding has gone right. Well Zach you don't don't tell that to mark may well in those bozos he does have a job or is it. Just sit in the breeze just. Being angry you by himself again just shaken his fists of meeting him no. And coach are doing a show yours you tell both Saturdays so Matt. All you need to suffer and put touched the wolves in Lowell Scotland I mean. When Lou Holtz was up there with a cow bell. Jewish immediately decrees to. Quack you'll mend. It was over. It was over the last straw that was it as a you know I. It's too much beat Kansas we can't have his stuff. You know next thing he's going to be haven't peace soup rundown is now. Little man you can't have the only Corso on. But you know he's kind of but he played art and yet the course of like a limited minutes late he's there for the beginning and the head that's right. Me and honestly we don't even know that's a Lee Corso cyborg. Please give us a program that you don't know that I started flooding Gus Lee Corso. Are you moved you were Colin pujols who. Eagles suffered and that know do you remember. The goal for only two who. No one remembers who got weakened though the whistling go to Russia. Myself. It's like a backwards with floats. Toward certain. Species. That go for it was those useless. It was and your Alamo. You geez. We aren't you dead homeless many article to be GA those are words have never been said before you or is it gee I'm we smoke not that it definitely was a good thing about it wasn't he was piglets a coward. Always there's always scared I mean that's the main big. Why. And he lit. A different name and a patent. And they will be soon pig. Would bet it will be big and PX my. Yeah yeah I think even notorious yeah Reuters he you do it does I would guess that did or Jones last night. I mean with his maneuver I'm surprised you're gonna. Aren't they pretty foolish to do with Obama have Billy's got to give that artificial joints could. I think do we Jerry Jones blood spends the youngster yeah if they. She's definitely like a testosterone and on the mall exit Collins so yeah he's used to being here it. Seventeen procedures he dimly goes home takes his face off at nine exit tomorrow yeah. Stand next to walk. Jesus in their real parity among mask. Into the Booth I was confused though because it was that your operation. And they nobody dealing. Video though. I is that they got up forward way I have Oz when a Texas you guys last night I thought that he did to get those in law. Jim Jones really shell out over everybody Shaq are that there with his most as it allowed dobbs wants this. I didn't know that he did some generation. Where he's mile they get backed up. Yeah I mean. That's it was like some retreat dilemma got to the holy communion in Catholic are you know Russell harper athletes do anything. Beacons. Donald Troy ten sweetie. Right at. All you see he got up and National Anthem and I mean now dear dear you know. Desk call progress late. Progress through more. Right now market issues guard recourse issues that aren't that you would. Like. Maybe if you as del potro right now. And especially on those issues do you know why they're no kneeling or sitting in the first place with he know the answer is no. I think you Duma's pinkie doesn't care and no I don't think he is now an honor. You Larry for every one that has tried to turn as they gain to disrespect your flag and our forces. Either. My opinion is either. You know I'm intelligent. To understand what's going on or. You are one of the biggest of the oppressors. Because it's not it's not about those issues and it continues to be that's what continues to get. All the highlights and all the attention is the nearly. Willis and that's also that's I've found really frustrating about. This whole week and what unfolded is adding that he got more mobile this morning how are just there he looked mr. trump. So now you have people lords like you know what homage to trump that's a result all right but does. And then on the other side. America. Guys yeah but what if the person. We're not a good feeling when I. You just a little bit and that means that it is in the master question beats yeah can you win gave all better sitting down really. When the people better sitting I don't know. And taken a knee. Headset. This has nothing to do was a leg to serve and people may get about that social and because you know the. No it won't won't won't won't won't. Then they'll hear it they want then maybe made it to not look maybe people aren't doing enough. And I would really good grief how would throw him in the media. Lot. In my life you guys know me I go from. Trying to have a conversation to do is irate. Important reason is not. Is because I'll try to. A normal conversation we do we can have a conversation worked through whatever needs to be word that. As soon as I figure out you do don't care. Poor. You know. You are willing to have a conversation with me legged irritate. Masks in his so what do what is happening here. Is that. It's dark it's it's a es oh. You'd protests. In the school and unhurt. It is peaceful in his corner under so does somebody have do something extreme to get right to patent. That's what we yeah that's why we are because you would not be progression at any point in time. Where there's the president I don't care who the president is no clear where. My only problem I have with Donald Trump is I had spent my whole life being told. Act like a professional. Hack like you belong in the NFL it's you and I really is not a right privileged kids of Abraham we have a guide to free world acting like which I well. The other thing I would say from this week no because of Torre about whether the message or not it was missed is. You know this this people get really Matalin are very evolves in his own show on ID of what do you do but. This guy literally is in the midst of between three non Kim Jong moon and banning stuff courage from the White House and since late. Our love he's gonna poke his nose and this. I almost wish. And I'm not trying to downplay the issue. But I almost was that nobody did anything this weekend and I know that's hard nose and call. It's just well stokes hit that ego yeah this whole show here and the master refusal to listen here's what happens. If everybody in the NFL what is said you know what. The message. Is not. Being did near. It makes no point to do some intro would immediately. Tweet out something like you see everybody got in line. Did that. An end and what he did that would put this. When he said oh progress but we. No I think I think if there was no reaction all he's only over if nobody in nobody went to the extremes of like Steelers staying in the locker room. People knew that before and and doing these Italy. It's weird it's almost like this it's all think things got late they are over the top creative with the way they're trying to peacefully. Protest you think it's got lost to play they were trying to you could when he when he called. All of players of an affair SOB's that he wasn't expecting a reaction he did he didn't do we wanted to show Sherri did so let's say big but nothing you don't think that he would do something bigger. How continue to out fairly got to react do you think that he would just let it go that way it's that walk off. Listening when doesn't get a reaction. He always gets really out how did you look at 161000 retreat just by screen grabbing what trump sentences and leave this sixty doesn't read tweets he's gonna to suddenly got me gonna say or do something until he gets the reaction. I don't know if he always does that's it it's it's hard to the next one of the reasons. Not only guys now I think I'll answer it like to do something else that is there is the level and do what it'll Phyllis spores you've got to sit out a tweet. Miles on the go between it and and and Korea says declaration of war with woods kicked him off block to block his account I mean when they tell me. I think he's not scared. Give it they have their meeting this video account by Israel Mr. President Mr. President. Look. Maybe we ought to. Slowed down a little bit got a lot of issues going on. So we want to back down from Twitter until we at least address these issues we gonna collect aggregate and get right away and we'll get back to you in the morning. But let's just take an idol. I the president did it again. You can't stop kidding and we cannot. Ready to send out. I don't know it. All right never a positive. You know every is all it every week attacks someone. Well. Again him as he's though he's got to the bird's doing it because it's life is like for second on the morning show and he's got the red Dell. They slit eyes have been Purdue's the boys are new gorgeous and we always has leads their jobs. If it's it's it's a reflective of what that. I mean the the older people tended to wait a Burleigh. Yeah now that's and Francis they have the up prune juice that I before so things are run in this chair doesn't sleep it doesn't just take it all of these may just sits there. I'm in the elevator situation if they just didn't think in the USC. Yes. Manager Joseph major trauma for the club trillion there. Is that children to switch places the mega don't realize it was that. The president buddies C the the the tackles for its reducing that he led in Jersey sells yeah yeah rise after he is video and Layla and I don't think he should have bonds again. You know he's got the odds on you're doing what you feel everybody has read these digital when he felt embarrassed me in their crimes while the whole point was they were gonna do so again. What I am and that that sues the win but you know I'll. It wished because if he agreed to do it together with his team he's allowed you begin though in in whatever. They said look we're not gonna put two in this situation. As you're actually. Fought and here's what we do it and if you still wanna go out to your big go ahead and I think if nobody would have said anything. It would be upon your serve the Cameron mills and his plays no way if it even if even if all that everybody would understood. YE without fear and nobody else was. Because they want to bring him down. Threat but what end up happening is. Is he wants. Not gonna go our dear but he thoughts on mouse so. Bill appearance daddy gave was totally different they want. Anybody in that organization was trying to do is rebelling against some way right. Well that's that's that's I mean like it is the whole weekend felt. And even with the closest airlock grew once you do you take the rights of individuals I agree and they uses I think it I think it's just a mess and use over thought a lot of places to look. And Gerri just try to figure out Williams is the gentlemen I give it would give everybody what they won't. He got right owned affiliates increased bundle and but. What the audience double. Those doggone good this league a great week persona sign Kong cabinet. Every week which would not happen then maybe saw some of the generous I can't cap predicament the ball under senator. So. That bomb he. Sunday that was luck in Layton a phenomenal love it looks it looks injured her. Knee problem. Wait to Kobe percent the airline did you know it was his wrist is OK and honestly. His shoulder he Wright whom Kennedy and I don't you did you go from Andrew looked at Camden. The good news so they're both awesome and now they'll little Sam Bradford. You don't leverages brutal you know I want to duplicate that in cannon on the top and he could grow. This is that goodness is it did you Nomar citizens is only you know on the gospel lesson thousands examined over this I think easier I don't mean to us because to us about I swear I thought type jag and probably years. Crazy. Prison they should portraits you know so what you've got some thing you lose first instance I mean six picks him. Ed Nixon Massa is being. I Eagles about morals but don't worry about. About my dad I. Yeah he's yeah. Provided evidence from a deck it's going to columns and as you can't ignored either under gorilla in the room do you think they do that is to cut the rope to Mexico which season do they Dakota and quit the season defeated Tim has. Now yeah. Can't equate to come to. No need to leave ten million it was ten million in ghetto is not a Monday night he would come back for the date is going to get over it all like. Oh cool at all from that it is critical. Inject a little want to acknowledge it is that you should off the blazing glory. Once I assume the play makers. Numbered as alias insolent towards the end of this golf odds I mean as a player in the world Plano Texas Houston crack at halftime show that he's a look at halftime. Teammates are happy to see him and doesn't crack in the bathroom stall then comes out and leads to victory until he does is Mercedes louis' twelve the only. I to all its members as I don't know that for like three years yet I don't. I only solace is that much it was a huge hissy fit like to see him every justified it looks at liberty to its Marcy it is Lewis I would. We're sick let's say at a time you know you alluded to the Mercedes. Did one touchdown last season no touch doesn't doesn't this news bureau have been Mercedes what is Marcy marsh MySpace. You know what that is that's like what happened to be in as severe Alison you know that's that's. When my kid. Was. In the Nicky you consumers prematurely born at 77 weeks early. He was next to a little girl who was born like day after and and the dad was trying to do get the name right in the mom I think was still in the hospital room or whatever they came down to get all the paperwork filled out and they watered her name to be chastity moon but in the end up. It ended up because the dad didn't he would he was all running around he was trying to fill out paperwork the moms and hospital kids down and they. You also America's actions well. No he he does did the paperwork wrong and it got on the purse to be its test test and Cassidy. Chastity Cassidy tacit T. Wrong harm its outreach custody. Like a sense of chastity. Group them. Is wrong and learn to spell it. Don't see he got TT yes yes and he rose to us that he chastity. Verses Cassidy. Cuts. Which one do you. He. Hugh please don't armed. Police recruiting trip cousins don't do Drupal for a commitment to pull this. It's big and it's Jesse bounced away in a way to go on a Cleveland we have so that next. Dialogue. There could be used to be ten million him with a few on the ticket. Now if you Austin and there are many reports saying that joining where it is heavily leaning toward signing with Cleveland miss whose son in Cleveland. He can't do that till tomorrow is to clear waivers. Energizes the he is aware yet another heart broken and this is rather being too tough for his own good. On Saudi royals. Let down your walls. And down and open up your heart then open up your heart. TE stock and look pretty when he says he's always will be and number two and went none of it's on his heart. I think it's about his brain saying well zero haven't of those two and a go to the finals. Wilson we'll see how much lower than that our. Policy at a rials petty comes back. Over and as the godfather. Is a beautiful man beautiful man I'd of simple principles. And that is gonna get a Cleveland. It sits. Not a good move alike. And I don't care what you wanna say about what do anyway does for the stylus team how they play when slowed us down. Q and uniformly good enough for me. Resistant things that silly you're willing to be worse credit horse paid four million dollars from December disaster on the bench doesn't wanna be in the back she doesn't want to formally analysis neither analysts nor does not much if you want to show problem now he wants to hear a problem. This is happened twice now. Where you've done this thing where you've ignored him and you try to be always you know it's all right doing wants you'll really want you want you. That he feelings get hurt is you don't think you geek call this off you think he's not really they don't do it and he doesn't think I'll. You know. He's not gonna go daddy's never gonna go to Cleveland she's never gonna you know do you Mary Jane in the Cuyahoga River it's never gonna happen like this now. No so. Now he's gallon now sit out there's attendees again haven't these master Cleveland fans are they gonna have good memories of the lane waving good things are gonna happen. Are they're gonna they're going to key on him even more which is you know likely if he doesn't if he doesn't produce for them because there integrates the bastards. And did so well either and it's already enough I don't like him. And I had to say and it whiz on the legacy of an all time great for the heat franchise. You're telling me it's. You wouldn't say get to get rid of him now. That decide its roots are Obama. And are being what the last outside the village is. The last time he's on suddenly the number. Russa the buzz heat at peace with wade signing with Cleveland. Close great try boys. I don't want that damme here's here's the lead of the story lead LED. Miami Heat feeling good about his current rosters very much at peace with Dwyane Wade's decision south Cleveland. And despair in a buyout from terror Chicago Bulls were told he never thought it was likely that way it would return this season always believing he was Cleveland bound. Kimberly censure to a smelling and he did it was is doing nothing resemble long email. That's gonna happen. Mean again that you thought you never go to Cleveland men who the holes to go there. That you are at war and furthermore. And there was interest from Miami there was never full agreement inside heat about whether this was even a good idea for a multitude of reasons when they say not agreement today mean players in front office. I don't know what I knew that every play areas today it was light. Rose to. After a bit on the ground. Crazy what's. He gonna say soccer tournament. Tones and I'm not suck as your question you feel like we're part of a deal like a plastic want to welcome our Q and you'll have to Korea. Oh yeah US China are very upset and this is kind of like the big. I can I can tell I can tell genuine and fake yeah all the BS detector. Or. Gore didn't show us. Goran Dragic. Was genuine. Wanted to back that it's home. He said that aren't one person that matters. UD. He's a broken man right now in a broken man. That's Wayne's ball. Because he chose one friend over another. Each host a labor sit on. Lawrence a that you're a hall of Famer. You don't skip competition spoke said yesterday salaries don't matter if you're such a great player one that you won't get a can't take that job to deal with his. Owners I know he thinks is a franchise player but did Wayne bullied their way you do it right away. The way it is how does he was better deal Philly cheese is all about Philly cheese yeah. I love. I love. Is great special borrowers is better than Gordon Hayward. Didn't realize why excellent design. It rose to do so wounds they'd. What are they realize that the looks say that I. A DJ. You know it's you know people when you lymph nodes that have for you this report god that you go to replace this is you could have been bolder now. You tell you what they can live in Canada day you know I'll wave bitterness is more. LeBron has pictures. On waited. Because not only did he leave wade and take his money. But now there's reports that the warriors called Dwyane Wade niece Paton Cleveland over. While the war is gone the way you write to him now what you don't write this the whole wall. Bro I dropped out of is all about three. Maybe trying to get a ring everybody go to Wesco gone about earning bronze doesn't stop Montgomery notice. It's obviously comes out of this. They both want this sick credit over Pat Riley for the Big Three era they can't get over it it's fine. You guys get a good for you yet it's a rotted out. Get to live in Cleveland for years so enjoy that basketball I travel so much of what it doesn't matter what city you live in the basketball doesn't hit land and fun. In late day. A little leaks are on fire this catastrophe it's. The lakes on fire it doesn't matter here in that town either the feds are gonna boomer chair for those games compete and Zaire. Cheered. Cheer. Us all about it I want to who the hell out of them. Yeah. You can if you didn't you sign Cleveland do you wagers it's like if you're a guy hey it's gone from Superman about that shot Olympics wouldn't. Here you're not a let's say let's go out. After the game. Walking into this from you wade takes his real side's hands it's open what happens between the Cleveland Jersey what happens. How long before it's framed and hunger. Did you. Well you know you know it could. Because I hate that Jersey you'll go to vote fraud the American Airlines Arena bill in front of Dwyane Wade and we'll take my pants. So why over the years. And then wipe with. Whatever diver I am glad she's okay. You he's assigned tomorrow. I have one by next week him roughly and who is fluent in all it does have collapsed and going through midnight tonight you waste time. And you and and your money and resources. His is an end up aren't actually nobody who. And yeah it out of aborted due to. Here's the question when do we do and where do you AK Jersey so this waste nursing I'll Miami gave to him I'll put them. On the board I'll put that on the board. I will not allow that to be an option I don't ever say this I'd rather Wear a LeBron Jersey for a month and would Dwyane Wade had Jersey. For amid. There if this happens I hope we are those show we're waiting to leave the Jersey if that happens he should be fired or near buffalo ready to. It. Few and he. I would do it yeah yeah. You are politically. And how did you warn you rest well pull brazile and ego. We were well I don't think I paid the price. Tag your recruitment. I would tell you that you might. You commitment and Bob Barker and go ahead come in here with with that way Jersey you've got to have that net already in there in that. That meant bones and you guys also file a. I. Do you know what Torre went Jersey. Sued booking Bill Hemmer for tomorrow Erica Obama.