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Curtis Stevenson
Wednesday, September 27th

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Welcome sign on and beautiful Wednesday. Afternoon they Johnson and I didn't think it Kurdistan is in no today purges out so we are graced by. The man of many talents many tomorrow from the Miami Herald just burst through that door from. From my country USA user of the Miami Heat guard training get ready for their first pre season games Sunday against Atlanta they near you're gonna go man it is it is the season for everything it seems like correct not has bass season we got everything going on commented EEU turn on the news now it's like you need two or three hours with them because it's just Heidi how do you fill. Heidi how do you. Gets every topic he does need the time due to talk about him so much to talk about organ talk about it all here for the the next couple hours you can always sex is Joseph 6797 for the 679. 74. On the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line and that's how you get to is here on 79 you to go before we move any further. Let's get to here's the thing and it's in the biggest thing on everybody's mind here locally last 44 to 36 hours Dwyane Wade is that he cap. Let that sink in if it already has not already way way is they Cleveland cavalier and I I know it hurts. Everyone wanted the the happy ending. With one of the greatest athletes to ever perform here in our town but it looks like it's not gonna happen at least for this season. But all you'll hurt even more if you dwell on sure wade and LeBron and even Kevin Love should have the cavs in prime position to win the east. Well personally for me and I'm proud resident of Miami wade Downey are more focused on this year's heat team. Wade to exit so many heart strings but I would say this about. Yet to the hall of Famer we know is closer finals MVP so many great memories. You'd want him in the clutch to dig that final shot. We all know his best days are in the rearview mirror and I'd rather focus on the windshield. Cleveland this point in his career. Might be the best move for his creaky knees and his random DN peace. That's presumably a good fit. But the homecoming here in Miami I believe simply was not. That's a big grudge about Joan nerds. But the owners dot com today and you promo codes as low numbers and off on anything to do what drones including repairs and customizations again that is drone nerds dot com promo code. That is loaded ZASLOW. For 10% off. Located in adventure on your local DG I authorized dealer drove nerds dot com South Florida's. Hi in the sky many where you have with. Just downright angry in and I found it kind of funny because it avatar is on about this mister Dotson everyone. That at a local hour that we just a re aired but. It was like. Out I really don't think Dwyane is a good fit on this team. Blood. How dare he go to the Cleveland Cavaliers get on at any rate right now I heard the comparison to a kid basically saying look I don't wanna play without toy but I don't want anybody else they were that Torre and that's sort of I think to a lot of heat fans feel they just don't wanna see him playing alongside. LeBron again because LeBron is considered the ultimate trader does he went back home and left behind driving in the morning you know trips to the finals came to a man. Into the Big Three. So I I I get it I understand where there's this emotional attachment and and hurt feelings and all that. And certainly Udonis Haslem expressed pretty funny yesterday and I'm sure you ought IUD was great while that for you here army will. We'll replay of that but you can obviously semis would you guys and he basically said look good I got 6000 a flagrant and and we use them against the cavs to a that it and I do think out of view that was kind of tongue and she loved absolutely right it was all fun and games but I mean it's true he's a little heart he is little hurt I would I would say so a lot of your friends are heard and you know and how good you'll do lately probably wait. Like Dwayne Wade's great I mean we a lot of good times and and all those of us are watching them play and he brought a lot of great moments in your fan if you were in our business. I mean you always want to cover an interest in team when you wanna be around interesting moments will be around big moments. And Dwyane was responsible for a lot of that. But yeah like we've lame way Joseph Addai another uniform. Like I hope they need to beat their ass like that that's kind of where can elegant about competition at the end of it in addressing UD was coming off as like yeah. Like you're not about body is telling you more about beat those guys absolutely and and you know it's funny because we only got deceit Dwayne come here wants last year and again. Oddly enough the cavaliers only visits South Florida wants is you're so again. It's like you don't you don't you're not gonna get many opportunities to see this LeBron doesn't play when he comes anyway but it will be interesting to see if finally. With Wayne who feel good on the court and that's of the in the marred they might have some things like I don't know for the back to back situation or would have you know they got the I looked up on the schedule they got a day off between games there but you know how that works yeah that is in March 27 as slight enemy of light years. Away from must but. Yeah I mean I think mostly fans would be like yeah. What about the playoffs that's what and it could have been a very well happen it just depends on you know would be a first round match adverse economic or got a long way to go over that but. But they'll talk about about the way a lot today also get into the present he for the two down 172018. Season many of course that that is his baby right there covers the Miami Heat for the Miami Herald Seoul where you know a lot of that but first let's get to headline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WSS best HD true Miramar. All right good news in college basketball the University of Louisville. This place head coach Rick Pitino on unpaid leave. Latinos attorney basically said his client has been fired by the university also athletic director Tom you urge. He's been on placed on administrative paid leave as Louisville tries to. Piece together the bombshell. But the FBI revealed yesterday regarding college basketball move into a Major League Baseball the Marlins are an action right now the duke trailed. The Colorado Rockies six to nothing in the bottom of the second inning. As the final week of the regular season winds down but the bigger news is the Major League Baseball and the owners have a approve the sale of Jeffrey lord is team to Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter's group. The Miami Dolphins they trapped for London will take on the New Orleans Saints Sunday at 9:30 AM Lawrence Timmons back on the field jade died. Does some work on the sidelines of a a little bit of a sore knee as the dolphins take on the saints look gonna get win number two and the Miami heat's. Training camp continues up in Boca at F a U and he will take on the Atlanta Hawks at 6 o'clock. At the American Airlines Arena of course we'll have all the action right here on your whole the heat in 79 FM 1043 HD two. Ticket those are your headlines 67974. Tell you reaches on the Coral Springs auto Mohammed tech's 9679. The 74. The Dion Waiters news yes that's a little bits. This concern I would say to say the least yes when you hear that you know media day and I saw you out they were all out there and it it's all fun and games and everyone's happy and taken pictures and doing all the interviews and it's. What team you are responsive for this one. But in every every NBA city it's a sign of hope in a sign of optimism the first day of first day of school we're gonna do this we're gonna do that we got to new guys here. But shortly for this group the way they finished last year. And that's that was every goes on everybody's mind when he asked him it was how they finished. And we draw these guys back do we gotta tell Leo limit to we're going to be better written it off what we left off last year. And then you hear about Delaware's. Oh that's kind of a bummer what some of that yeah unfortunately in the in the house when the last guys to come out comedian frank and he was the last player to walk off the court. At media David he he he told us. And against any chance and upon which process and how's your ankle doing because that obviously in the season last year badly sprained left ankle. India is a well it's still kind of ATF still feel they were all they want. You know I guess this is six months ago this is not the first that you're supposed to be like a healthier she should be bright rentals are supposed to be in great shape and and whatnot and and so today you know over the last couple days you and ask him more more about the ankle. Essentially he is he's going undergoing heavy treatment for the snack okay and and and he passed on surgery probably should have had surgery. And you understand why he passed on surgery because he was going and nutrients and you're gonna have ankle surgery it's gonna urgent negotiations and so forth and so. I guess this is something maybe you didn't discuss app link put heat or maybe they knew with the enormous so it to the extent of how about it was and and anyway the point is he didn't have surgery. So this ankle going into the season is going to be a concern it's going to be something we're gonna have to watch we're gonna have to see how how much it bothers him. He owns a guy who's always had ankle issues throughout his career so. You know for heat fans after signing a four year 52 million dollar deal. Knowing what Dion Waiters meant to this team the second half of last season and why they won thirty levels he had a huge part to do with that. It it's it's a little Horry summit as as we get close of the season here but Dion says look. I am doing everything kind of doomed to all the treatment he said this is it that you know we don't have surgery does is another path you can go. And he's doing everything he supposed to do to make sure that the ankle is fine but I'm worried me and I'm worried about it. One that's one of the reasons I mean I'm cool with Dwyane Wade something really need him. Right now I think he'd need to move on from Dwyane Wade but if you're Tom yet deal waiters is not going to be available throughout the season ovaries and missed significant time. Demagogue like Dwyane Wade on the ross' that you could plug in and play. That that would be. Though I'll be better off with that sell part of why I'm just kind of accepting and moving on from Dwyane Wade and not really hanging up on. Dwyane Wade going to Cleveland is Dion Waiters being in that two spot. How much do you think the heat they said all the right things about Dwyane Wade in the news broke Sunday night they talked Monday. And a little bit there's still some things there the talk around do you think DC. Meaning hat now the players but pat Spoelstra. Really wanted Dwyane Wade back on this roster. Well I don't know that they necessarily were were were dying for Dwyane Wade I don't think they went after him hard but there was a reason they're the only had nineteen players and campaign had one roster spot and they said the metal and they had in their exactly they had it's sitting there so I think it was more a matter of look if Dwyane really wants to come here. And he's willing to sit on the bench and and play behind a Dion Waiters and be a guy. That helps us out then then we'll take that there I also think it in didn't necessarily see Chicago. And Dwyane reaching a buy out this early amid all the reports coming out of Chicago were. You know at some point maybe before the trade deadline that's when this is gonna go down right in February and and and everything sped up and the last couple weeks to the point where. You know he's getting bought out a few days before the start of training camps I think part of that is why he ended up. Going to Cleveland it's just a better situation for him right now to get on the court immediately and played. Isiah Thomas is how his hip is concerned you may not be back to January so I I think it's just more of a timing issue with the heat. I think that this had dealings situation played out where he was available on February there might have been a better chance but in the of the Miami. Yeah and then he mean pat in you know he's obviously on top of his game and many he thought may be that. This thing would take some more time to play out but it escalated very cook quickly in Chicago. But you know maybe Dion is hurt may be the team he's look differently. In in February or in whenever the buyout record. You know happened so that you would get you would have some OK the other an opening for blame but I think right now we look at the roster look at the camp and easy out wanted to once you if you really want us and then has to be the right kind of fits. I think Cleveland's a good fit for Dwyane. Considering you're killing on LeBron. They needed to guard you could take some nights off you know Ali Aden and they could still can win some of those games. Especially the guy Isaiah Thomas back it's still Russia Julian on LeBron only on love. But my question is when they need him and it's a big game in a big spot and he's got to play 35 minutes and they won him the play thirty to 35 minutes. And take deal 1518 shots what type of player is still at this age. Yeah I mean and you saw it it was Chicago last year I mean that the bulls were inconsistent all season long I know. Wayne though some injuries but he had his worst shooting season of his career. I think was 43% and they shot from the field and look he's never minute three point shooter she's not gonna help me stretch the floor some people want Cleveland look at the signing is able what do you Duane because he's not he's not worth three point shooters he and how about there with LeBron. Wood to heat it just look in the end. This team has moved on from doing the whole structure of this team has moved on it's basically Hassan Whiteside and four shooters on the floor that's the way that they play it's it's spreading the floor. It's it's racing up and on the court on offense at full speed at 72 and a traders. Dion Waiters and Goran project getting into the team either hidden layups or kicking it out to you know the Wayne ellington's and and and another three point shooters on this team so I distinct. In the end. The only way Dwyane would have ended up on the heat is exactly the scenario painted out somebody goes down with a knee injury. And and he needs somebody come February but right now I just we just one of those scenarios timing didn't work out I do think. You know some people are saying old to win a never end up back here in Miami I do think there is still internal hope that he will. Retires and member of the so I think that played like play games not just play it it's not just kind of Gundy contract would actually come here and look they've got a lot of the hell out of situations are capped out right I mean they've got to tell Johnson contract he got. Josh Richardson locked up for a long time now beyond moron so. There's a chance that a trade comes up and pat moved some of these guys and and give may begin the gets another superstar somebody else and there's an opening now the guard position so. It doesn't mean he avoids big money days are certainly behind it right you are gonna to me right I ice building and I apart mentioned this yesterday things seal point there's going to be as last season. I would be surprised goes last season and I just. You know let's get some major injuries are these are political more years and I won't be surprised if he ends up in heat uniform you know this kind of wood that's swan song season you know playing twenty minutes a game Newton and if we're in the right scenario there but I am but I'm jacked up. About about this team that's why you know wade stuff. You know out sit in the rocking chair you know 510 years are now. And I'll replace the 06 finals grade on up and I'll tell the kids to have those numbers right and out and I'll work but right now Mort I'm. I'm focused on this team in. Leg of August that are on a crap about Dwyane Wade like I I think this seems good this team now this team wasn't very good. Where this team with a 25 win team. Yet they might be allowed little easier surrounds talk about Dwyane Wade and I'm I'm jacked up among this group and I know you are too. As is going to be a good team this is going to be a team that to me. Potentially to be top five in the east that where they end up I think is gonna have to do with health ultimately in Dion Waiters south specifically. But of Dion ends up playing seventy games and and earning himself that one point one million dollar bonus for playing in seven games. And I think this is a team could win fifty games this year if everything falls in the Lacey east is not a very good conference there's a lot of homes that are rebuilding. So this team can rack up wins. And and be among the top 45 teams in the citizen has got all the NBA you have the whole all the. Predictions coming out everyone's got their magazine it was quite a power rankings all that stuff I know you do you're is quite a bit. In the Miami Herald their roots cutter and I'm like I do these was bad. But when you kinda like you put it in order. It's like oh my god and I like the good the five worst teams in the MBA here in the east according to the west. And and that's that's the way it's gonna be this year I mean you you're gonna see one on Sunday the hawks meanwhile you're talking about a team that won sixty gained physical for years just thrown in the towel last night our site yeah and now it's a completely rebuild roster and you know that look. A I leave your heat and eat the way this played out. You would've loved to have the Big Three stay together you would love to have a healthy Chris Bosh and but it just didn't end that way and I think. You know he you can look back on in the future and say you know why. Wing leaving the team rebuilding. This is a better finish this is a better future for the heat than in the tying yourself to an old Dwayne wade and not having the games johnsons or beyond we. Joins the guys monster night in not yet exactly be on dulled hope you out running you know the wings may have twenty million the next couple years OK maybe your playoff team. You know maybe you have one nighter to a year where Dwayne scores 3540. And everything in the wind you know but nom mom come uncool of this group and what and what is transport yet you mentioned bosh tells me to the arousal to last night right you know even. Haven't heard from Chris Bosh but no Q how long look Chris Bosh all minority leader and we knew yeah Saturdays of these and it's like oh man okay well I don't think I don't think that's gonna have gorgeous and road here on Wednesday may tomorrow. The Miami Herald is in with us we come back. Lawrence Timmons is back we'll hear from the head coach Adam gaze was thought process on that was we return next you're awesome and I did take the horse. Through a couple things we can't felt he handled business in here and loan. Right. Adam's case. Your coach of the Miami Dolphins. We're back here on 790 the ticket Lawrence Timmons is also back in August of that in a moment. They what else is back there and he's puzzled by Ford December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale beach. Saturday be just kgo that Weezer injured man in the world does Portugal the man with joy away even more Sunday how about this lineup KC and the sunshine man. Supporters of the Graham summed up more they in the time with a should be the prince Loverboy. Tito Puente Jr. and more tonight in his. 1800 some ports of entry that's 10747. 3733. Spots by the iconic. By high Amare Fort Lauderdale beach. They DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and I watch a vodka on his luck on the price that is want to sell now. For the ticket Miami dot com Thursday its laws that many of borrow money ailment is it with us through two out. The afternoon can always text shows six have a 974 at 67974. On the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line so Lawrence Timmons is back in the mix for the Miami Dolphins then this year could use him. No this is new this has become a he. Odds saga. And it's been played outs and we know he's gonna be back with the with the Miami Dolphins put I'm just more concerned about that. That whole effort I saw Sunday against the jets many that was very oh arming and you could say just one of stinker that they threw in there one bad four quarters but I'm really into it to see how this team bounces back going across. The ocean playing the saints team all of a sudden is they can score some points and they are very hot they just throttled Carolina. The other day and this might be a little bit of a scenario where they get off to a start similar to what they did last season. Yeah you gotta try to who rebound this week in in London and and I don't know how much of this maybe has to do with the fact that these guys just feels they've had been on the road forever. The whole hurricane situation you know having home opener wiped out no bye week. Lawrence Timmons it just. It feels that this season really outside of getting lucky against San Diego that they're the kicker missed that feel we're dealing here feels like everything with the dolphins this year's just been. Arnold does it feels a bad luck a little you know you used at an early on. He Eric Cutler in the heat somebody looks terrible in the first half against San Diego low with the office or just not really on the ball anywhere there's no consistency on that and then you you get lucky when that game and you come back in just flat against the jets as a dolphins fan I'm just kind of like man that just feels that this season just isn't meant to go right. I feel a little bit snake bitten it. Sure that I mean it caught a break they haven't caught a break every and to be fair but here's here's where I kept out I found myself in a really odd position on Sunday. And I and I and it's you tell me if I'm stupid or not. Okay because I felt stupid NFL duped by this team. They've gone through a lot of stuff. They went out to LA in any I think the charters are pretty good. No they're decent like they're not gonna make the playoffs but the winner of the that they are real liberal quarterback jets never quarterback got real players. Like game I know they've the missed field all the committees he lost a game. But that's life in the NFL. And I just thought coming off a playoff season last year and just Adam days lot of faith in him what he's doing. In the end the show up against the jets. It did not do anything right. Again I almost felt like we were we heard on that with this golf continued hopes and rental reached it we saw so many let downs over the years. The total bad game is wanting to lose to the just point a seventeen on a bad call in the game. Right some like that but they just got completely manhandled and he's got completely embarrassed by. I think is the worst team in the NFL. Was also Don and I just bought me an. This is disappointing I thought we are beyond that and we ought to be a beat people Texan Monday and yesterday all same old dolphin same old dolphins. And was I stupid and believing that we've kind of moved on that you know it's like it's like one of those things where we should be past that. With this team a little bit or. Am I wrong. While. I am new to what did it offensively and in it was morning and nothing to that that last second touched directly via I I just I just feel lake maybe the offensive line and who we we talked about it so much in the pre season right. You don't address. The guard positions you don't really go out and and and beef up the offensive line you can accounting on on a bouncy who who's who's dealt with injury sort of whole career. They just couldn't get bush couldn't really move the ball all against the jets and I and I was just. Watching that game I was just like man in this team maybe just isn't as good as we top tour. You know that might be the case I had that much I just thought hand Namibia baby I was stupid maybe I just came across as I thought that it not this or the talent. But they're playing the jets and oh the jets are very good now think the judges need to it was a matter motivation or beating it was a matter of that has not being right woody forty sort of I just I just thought I'd like they should not go up there and lose the way they did I just thought from the cold deal culture. From the preparation from the mindset from the motivation. I just thought you go up there and you handle that business against the jets. And the you'd say they were higher than had a medical practice in and you chronicled everything they've gone through a back and forth. I just kind of thought that they were more of immature team coming off a playoff appearance last year when they battle also sorts of adversity. Always a discount and I think that's a made Adam I think that's what got Adam gay so pissed demands was the first time they didn't show up right it is. Okay now we're back to that we've taken two steps back it's telling him and you got kids not get a budget nieces and nephews it's kind of like you know when you've got to grow out of something. And you go OK we're beyond that were beyond the terrible twos are you throwing food at the dead the dinner table or coloring on the walls. That we were we're gonna make mortgage we've gotten past that. What was that usual one day there's a Merrill on on on your audit. What. Why you like we've got we've talked about this this should not happen any more that's I feel out of gaze was so upset is that. You know we we should be the jets we should come out and play at least. Hardy be somewhat affect them other than what we saw on Sunday that's all I agree with you I guess ice I just sort of stalled after watching that this is sort of what how I thought originally last year when they when they went on their run and another 18 and nine or whatever and made the playoffs. I was gonna thought they were fortunate. Okay and now I kind of feel like it's the other side I got you so they catch a G and there were that good last year no I think he over achieved I think most people who who see the dolphins outsiders who are necessarily transient they think this team over achieve. And they were fortunate to get that does succeed and in the last playoff spot yet Emma get a lot of the inning ended Sunday stuff. Politics right till the calls for LaMont detect signs that the double techs are terrible team if it comes out out on fire can annihilate better team. On an off day compliments that the counting the jets came out were on fire. Never discount and they just kind of did there are they showed up yet they show a did not show up at. Uh huh another Dexter writes in where dolphins fans are being stupidest thing Cutler is better than ten hill. That's true I agree with an under rating ten hills value. I agree I think you know we we made Jay Cutler. Out to be is tremendous quarterback and I never really understood were all that was coming from because he had one decent year without him case. I just I. I don't get the guy still what easy 34 now 35 and he's still. Not easy eighteen games in right through his career. Or nineteen not a mean gays and I had about color. Just stellar right dancing mood there's still learning the burning offense or one nobody had that one good year and it wasn't even necessarily that great in the year but it was a decent year which in Chicago case. I just three weeks sort of overrated too little damn idea that might be too bad that that's kind of that's on me when ousting him that I overheard overestimate this team. And the quarterback was part of it I thought they'd be fine retreat color not thought he'd have to stinker gains at Heathrow you know they lose a game with him throw a bad pick someone that. But just. There's enough talent on offense you figure this and they got to score more than six points. Against the jedi in this and there really any score that's like a shot ahead in the same deal with the chargers and a new four field goals of mean and just. To meet this team offensively it's it that that's where the failures and what you have to see what you have the Symbian the where are your words your bar said that's Emma I thought they could go nine and seven address I thought I. You know. Just break over 500 and and maybe sneak you know playoffs running and at best test and I were a Democrat you remake of field goal Amos Google lieutenant six of those 97 but you're in the mix and you know and now. White enemy we wanted to come back to London and you know we all know how the scheduled kinda. Might amount is because we don't know what some of these teams are look like but as right now they're gonna have. They're gonna have there have some tough competition their coming up. Yeah schedule the schedule it's allowed to better and and Andy this you gotta kind of make up now for the is just like he got to beat somebody wants possibly now us. I was despite bad to watch it Armey let him lose the game. Yeah that's right you lose the game in the that somebody falls down on special teams of the guy runs back to kick yard kickoff return for the jets here okay. Like it just looked like they were that they did nothing right it was kind of lost the zaps. Your excitement for the season you kind of go back to thinking man we still that we are color make this is not. This is not the ideal situation is one of those deals where the demand is still a long way to go know another they picked the made some ground up on that front that's one. But you know textures. Are right in a lot about the about ten hill immediately did you played did you play great I mean like nobody played nobody played well I donors to elect. It was a double the line that bad that's why he was that bad they can't run the ball and that's why he gave me just seem like it wasn't just one thing. They give your enemies I don't know what's like what you do with that. I just don't get three and outs and and in the office is not being would move the ball off when you got right so many good receivers. I mean you know I understand the jets strength is upfront the defense a lime and that's what that's where they have. You know the majority of the talent I just. To meet got to do with the law what do they bring Lawrence Timmons back not surprised at all. A buddy no you because you guys are another gamer to may be I think you're desperate and and you need you need a lift in and the guy says he's ready to go so eager to go. Yes I thought maybe you know you. Another pain just dragging it on to you wanna Jergen on display and you want to you need Lawrence Simmons B Needham the play dead and he's good to be on this roster that I read what I doubt. Yeah if you got his roster week five the monitoring of cinnamon retrieve very depleted to you know when it. So if you were gonna bring him back code to sand dollar K your bad guy we're gonna make you sit out two games and so three games it's like I don't know that there is that there's even any lesson to really be learned here you know I don't I don't think you know you don't make an example out of money to the roster single. You gave him give him debris you know I don't think it is and turn around and see that. No known and on and we've really that we know the whole story right after the fifth at which is the kind of odd what is going to be Jason who has been he's he's a good guys is just a weird. Situation. Yeah and I do and in I said from the beginning a city that was on the criminals a thing. No nefarious going on as if she comes back and says listen I screwed up I'm sorry. They're gonna recommend. You need it with a track record like you might look at him a little bit differently now polite with his track record into the locker room. And players forgive players' lot more than management does. What if you came back was apologetic. So listen man I lost my mind for a few hours there I'm sorry I never happen it will never happen again blah blah blah. They're gonna bring him back. To me if you was serious enough he would have been caught they would just got room and it would have been living on our just we're just. And roll we got a lot to get to me tomorrow is it was of via Miami Herald college basketball. You're very familiar with that seem correct yes call man what did you think of that news yesterday also Rick Pitino. It's like his days removal are done and still more coaches could be the next is this investigation is ongoing idea FBI but the first. It was a shock wave was vote. This morning this afternoon as one of the the legends in college basketball were Tino is out at Louisville gets that story. In no way it means locally next here on 790 the ticket. Back here on the executive. Got a lot of text to get to the calls to come on a sex line. First the ads and many of our of the Miami herald's. He's been with us all afternoon was up to get to. Reminder road trip with a robber is back this time it was special guest host. We're going to see that came in Georgia Tech on October. 14 the beast is going to be there as well. Going to be a hard rock stadium. And you wanna get on the bus register on line now that to get Miami dot com. Nine winners and their guests when a pair of cores like dug it passes into Davis of the games that my Coors Light whatever your mountain climb on want to buy votes and rom. Time I've clothing and wisdom concierge dredge announced that it Miami the Dutch town of leg room trip win rift. Romberg. The Marlins by the way. Have scratched out a couple of runs here but now they Treo eight to three. As a Colorado has put a couple more on the board. Out there in Denver really the only thing. Right now I mean it's just not used to sit and get the sixty convince you that he pretty cool. He's what 58 right now right there so let's and of course the sale was official today for the cells officially as that's a big deal will book we're getting it now but as far as is watching the game we have the game on in yeah in studio here and I have for some offers and the reasons many Obama for a little cash after the most lodged Marlins baseball at this point. Did have if there and can get to that that magical number of six like 859 is an unbelievable moments in which hit a sixty minute. It's a little ever does so few guys have actually actually that's all updates you on that and that the sales an official no surprise there. That the the cells gonna go three at some thoughts on now we're gonna get to hear coming up in the in the 5 o'clock hour by the biggest story nationally. Is as what occurred yesterday in college basketball and trickled over into today. As global you saw this one coming tomorrow spiel morals or should you knew Rick Pitino was just as great as in school six order they are the guys great university six as great as Ricky. In the in sidestepping scandals this one was not able to elude him no and the big press conference today they placed him on unpaid leave and his attorney essentially said. He was fired. So he's on unpaid leave and there you know there's a lot of right now it's about. Protecting money for the university in showing cause all these things because his name wasn't mentioned they report put blue ovals that we've we've had enough of your act. And then the AD was was put on administrative paid leave so basically utility to Feyerick in he's so much fire and Rick in Hendrick in the and so. Ace who you're both going to be fired here. When it's all said and done. But here's where I go when people trying to figure out we had Dan Wetzel on. Who's been all over this this story we had one yesterday into the Euro Yahoo! unbelievable article and this is his kind of tip of the iceberg. But and people are her kind of trying to put together and figuring out. What all this means. And I said just like the cliff notes version. Rick pitino's buyout. Is 44 million dollars who. To buy him out of his contract while. So when you talk about funneling couple 100000 dollars here or located or you talk about this and talk about that. When I put that number on your table for college basketball coach that's amazing. You there's no wonder why they were there there that were in the predicament that we are in college athletics. Absolutely so much money involved and that you companies and everything I mean this is just a matter of time I cover college sports long enough to know that. That this is going on behind the scenes the issue is always how do you prove it right party through the paper trail. And the FBI. Who has the resources to catch these people much and they do much better job in the NCAA does. Was able to put together staying in and love this thing's going to be ugly dude I this is just beginning my guess is there's going to be a lot more people to go down besides Rick Pitino. You know I know the universe of Miami is linked to this and and Jim Larranaga has come out and denied sort of knowing anything in and the whole thing and he may very well be innocent but I I think. You know you talk about ideas and all the idea to schools. Nike's schools say you don't think it's gonna happen eventually to have some of these people yeah I mean they're all going to be linked to this yeah. A mean allegedly this is for the University of Miami this could. This could be an issue and Obama a lot of other schools they were just they paint they fit the profile university seven I believe and correct and put the aegis in this is all. Evil things. This is how things start like it's crazy. Where we get to this you mentioned. Like who cares about more women who cares put. Well this may go on forever. In the FBI become just stumbled upon this mean these they Baylor that has again another crime here well there investigating another crime was one of one of the jump that was rested yesterday is a money market manager. Air for another you know another crime and what have you. In other fraud corruption case and he said oh I got some information on the Newton and he just cannot open that you and you roll in on each other and and here we go in the FBI's been been stiff around college basketball for two plus years now. In you met with wiretaps in dirt reed forget about if the school paid. If the school paid player ax. To go to to go there in the shoe company was involved right one player 100000 dollars all that stuff how about. And that than you would say oh they're guilty what about all the other schools that were in competition for that player. We do it just a completely trickle down effect and then after the FBI is done with the big fish. Then the NCAA Khamese these Rubens and all the bad that all of our work for you now audience they were gonna come and always are in a similar sort of are living down here on probation you're not going to determine. You're not doing this unit shall cause this coached and then it's just going to be. It's going to be insane because. I mean I think maybe a lot easier Manny. To count the claim programs. Then the dirty within the dirty ones. Well you that you start off from the in the shoe companies and an and it team a university that has a deal and it seems like everybody. Please major college sports now does you look at the shoe company and who were they linked to and I guarantee you. Whether it's an assistant coach. Whether it's the head coach somebody on staff at the university. This is just the business this is the way it works the shoe companies. Want athletes. Who are gonna make money for them by a warrant issues they wanted to go to whatever university has that connection if Miami's an idea to school when I worked pretty it is. I want my guy going to be is not only ended high school 1 morning in college on Wayne as a thorough. And so this thing's been going on for years but how do you prove well. When you get the FBI involved suddenly he had cut everything you need because there's that they're that they're the professionals who they know how to catch people. The NCAA has proven over the years that there are stumbling massed there are many times that you know when the universal memory was in trouble with their scenario a couple of years ago. You know I talked to several people the answer Blair went to Indianapolis. What when Al Golden and and you know everybody was up there for the mission Miami testifying in and giving their side of the story and basically. Everybody would insulate told me look we don't have subpoena party get these people talk on the record we can ask them and we but it's different analogy got a government entity involved. This is what's going to bring college basketball in college athletics to its knees how hard. But in that's the qua and that's the question is. Is is gonna go down as the greatest scandal in the history of amateur athletics worth. I wanna call amateur athletic slow I think what's gonna happen now isn't he everybody's gonna question at amateur athletics to the point where. You're going to be able to say look the good all these examples and this has been going appears everything we've heard. But couldn't prove has been going on for years and it's gonna touch everyone does have a from guaranteeing it. There isn't a college eight in the consciously major college sports. Isn't connected some out of this and and enlist and I talked inaudible he players and off the record about stalking and they told me look it's not just the eighties. Is that it's not just the it is every everybody does this and so I don't know how much information the FBI has been a guaranteed it's two of its it to your staying. I'm on a bed there's going to be many more schools and in mourning the problem on this let's. How men and a sim of this last night. Let the conversation between. The head basketball coach and there's over 300 is 330 something division one program written. And you're so I mean there's there's you know you got the power five because basketball you have so many other big schools whether it's Butler Georgetown. You know hundred schools a major currently major Cobb major college names it's you know. How many conversations were their last night from an AD in the basketball coach. Everybody's and regret any age going. Coach is there anything I need to know about. Right everybody everybody had that conversation last week were. Right and just kinda is looking at their phone records in wait a minute that I call this guy in my in my university cellphone number. Everybody's doing that animated talking deal about the assistance or anybody linked to the program. Is it by the head coach right in the AD brings a Minnesota's. And you know anything I should know about any thing. This is not just the big stuff for either Manning. This is this open get open the door for all of the other. But little stuff just may be medium sized stuff. Or minor infractions or some sort of fractions that defensively can comment you know plane ticket for family member to come and watch it to play that's illegal mean. I think you're obese on the what they think. Kids and their families cannot take from a university. Lately that how it absolutely other rules to share announcer this so. There's a lot of that that he'll realize he had almost been in almost past that made a step back percent in and just examine the intuitively rules to begin with my experience and just say look there's no way we can a police this. And B is it better just get rid of somebody. There's always going to be somebody there with a checkbook who has interest and and you know this is quote unquote amateur athletics but there's always going to be an ulterior motive. And some is and other that your book and we can't police is heading into religious tests except that at this point is this is the way things have been running for ever read this is nothing new that's that the other thing I mean if you think your your shock that players are organ paid to go to school or some like that. I mean it's funny because we had a guy mention. The more we blue chips even though yesterday on the show and it's late it's funny how art imitates life. That's that's kinda how it goes I mean dashed a premium kids agony tractor for his old male like Ricky rode in the you know you get a coach and he needs to win and it's big money in it really could do it but I think we've been I think we're sort of overestimating YouTube is is is the are underestimating the interest of the shoe company that that's true yes they're the ones that ultimately here or are organizing this because case mean eagle back everybody in the neutral view Anderson how long they had that ninety check mark on their originally as a mid eighties or whatever it's where it's pretty much when the stock some sort of really sort of the beaten to begin. I mean since then you could say shoe companies have had an interest in making sure the athlete when they're high school college or pro is wearing their switch right and so. It's been going on forever and ever every shoe company you would say were all these half these guys don't make it but the death of the team as a matter to you because they get one guy or two guys that joined now and then you get fan base too to want the scene right. That's we make you money if your. The kid or his family when he sixteen. And he's one of the top kids in the country and playing basketball. And yet he might not turn much into anything but Soviet did you get that kid that turns into Kobe or turns into LeBron. Returns in the Dwyane. When he goes to pro Mike pitched jurists it's a bonanza man. Go to go to the house in the in the high school football or basketball recruit and I guarantee you the open of the closet and you see yourself how did you buy all of the issue. I'm an and and everything they've got every single issue that's come out and and they may live in a porn neighborhood. But I guarantee you they've got every issue and and and they got it because they're an athlete and in its and it's all legal. And having a lot of people are surprised by this bud. I just don't know where we go from here. You know just kind of do you Troy your hands up to disable and isn't is going on forever it's gonna continue to go on or do you kind of say. They need to revamp the whole system and then you get into a lot of you know a lot of complicated issues. We got a lot of other issues to get to it to the 5 o'clock hour here's the thing were also plug at the headlines many tomorrows in with us for back after this here on seven under the ticker. Platform. Residents of hotel casino are presented charity poker tournament benefit feeding South Florida's hurricane relief efforts in association with former stars you. The event kicks off on Tuesday October 3 at 6 o'clock with the player party and silent auction win more than 50000 dollars in cash payouts and prizes visit hard rock holly dot com. Curtis Stevenson and many tomorrow of the Miami Herald Manny is in with a all afternoon a lot to get to a lot of text to get too many other people are fired up on a variety of subjects we haven't touched on a lot of other things that which will do so. Here in the 5 o'clock our bloated Samir tax on the calls result monitors on 6797467974. In the Coral Springs Omaha on the text line. But let's get to this one right here and it leads us right in that here's the thing. The Miami Marlins sale has been approved today that is that is big news today here in. South Florida a major chapter in a complicated one. Will be closed on Jeffrey Loria is ownership. Good riddance most would say and I certainly would agree. For many years it was said anyone but him owning the team well now we get to find out. So called baseball fans blasted the Marlins for good reason mind you. He and his actions were the reason they did not go to the games that's what many fans have said over the years. We're not go to a game by a souvenir peck would not even watch on TV. Because of Jeffrey Loria baseball was dead to them as long as Gloria found a way to profit from it. Well that's about the change baseball is going to get a fresh start and it desperately needs a reboot. Of Sherman and Derek Jeter. The diamond is yours. What you got simply changing the faces in the owner's box. Will not change the fan's mind but now at least they will listen. And that's the thing brought to buy drone nerds at the Joseph nerds dot com and you promo codes as over timbers and off. On anything to do with drones including repairs and customizations. Again that is Joseph nerds I've come promo codes dazzle a ZASLOW. For timbers and off located narron Shura. You're local DG I authorized dealer owners dot com. In South Florida's high in the sky. Convincing offseason many for the Miami Marlins rights you know I guess they asked those units today. About he potential break of that outfield and since it's going to be very sad so I think they sort of know. So it's gonna. You know it's as. Jeter they have a plan. I would hope where I mean I mean it'll just come in this thing half cocked in the on discs give to a by the see the pins they'll play and what they wanna do and how they won the bill that's. The ends. We need a complete refresher course we know the minor league system bad scouting departments and battle there's. They need to get the payroll correct. I think from what lets the fears is that you spend money or running or not. Little I don't know I I agree but I don't think I don't think just coming in and just spending and his blowing a bunch of money on players. Is going to solve anything long term spending on the scouting department right its spending on and you're drafted it's it's doing things the right way Wright Edelman adds Gloria did try that he signed on site and all those guys are you know. Our Jose Reyes and Heath Bell mark early and to sign on the dean Arenas Diane. And that was a disaster so just because you could spend a lot of money doesn't mean you're spending in the right places so these guys have a plane in. But yeah it's kind of and I understand I understand you half to. Maybe scale it down to build it back up so to speak. Unlike the last thing a baseball fan if there's any left in this town. In his dressing Marlins fans wanna hear all we're gonna trade Junco stand right organ trade ourselves on. There are and we got to reduce payroll by you know forty million dollars the next doubly years to kind of get things organized around here. You wanna kill baseball you do that right away and we'll I think what what most Marlins fans are disappointed. Width. The lack of success this ranch has had over the last thirteen fourteen years I think. Sending the wrong message at the beginning she is getting off on the wrong foot. That places and deal on most nights you're not gonna get any fans to go in their record here over forty million dollars. I get that I'd just like you to the the other part of it could be lights. Yeah they're not get any fans anyway. Right and they like from from their standpoint they get say but I think there was excitement when when when Jeter when your readers would be Jeter right and there was sort of well I think those. I'm because a team was actually sold. Every color wasn't apart anymore that was and that's jitters a name like people like Jeter like you just not some some the only name that has a billion dollars a Jeter be watching. Recognized Jeter and I think if he did a Q rating on Jeter and Jeter is like ability he's probably one of the one of the higher guys as far as retired athletes here. I knew you say something he'll Jeter's not got people like by bum I just think that. Boy I it just it is going to be a tough sell here early on but from their thinking of is like. OK these are causing sixty home runs and were still you know 810 games and a 500 and there are still. Ten and does dribbled the ball park so we trade on what's going to be EW the ballpark. We'd go over that. I just think you got to send a different kind of message you hold on your best players you gotta cut payroll and other places I don't know how they do that and you got to restock the the farm system where I get all that. I guess I just feel like. I don't want these guys coming in and just. How the union and the repetitions are sort of out there very Jack's dream about the southern new enemy payrolls and probably go down. Rom I just. That it to me it sends the wrong message as the first order of business not just an entry these guys and it's a bad look it's about but it but if they bring that team back as as a that it still sign a single person. They're feels that honored to have a million dollars which is which is about average nominee which are today's problems and that team that you brought back like where you go with a team next year. Honestly know you got to meet got to spend some money on pitching at some point you can't be can't just keep charting out. The same guys that are there and kill but to do that the lasted. Trimmed yup he takes I get a UN have to make one move but I think it's got to be a Smart move and it can't it can't just be a salary it's got to be grandest it's making your team better and a number of Soviet it's the offseason but. Sale has been a proved that gets us to headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Yep Major League Baseball approved the sale of the Miami Marlins are Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter's group tomorrow by the way trailed Colorado Rockies at nine the three out of Coors Field. They are in the fifth. Inning Miami Dolphins today wrapped up their op practice and AJ did die did not participate. Still got a a bad knee also jordin Phillips he was. Also did not participate. With that ankle injury Lawrence Timmons he is back with a Miami Dolphins and expected to play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints are being 930 kickoff. Over in London college basketball news after the fallout from. Yesterday's FBI investigation. The university of low level has put the best ball coach Rick Pitino on unpaid leave. His attorney. Essentially said pitino was fired also eighty Tom Jurich has been put on administrative. He believed by the university. And the Miami heat's. We'll take on the Atlanta Hawks at 6 o'clock to open a pre season as their training camp. Gets under way all week long Atlanta on Sunday it's it's part of Porsche we hear all of the action right here on your home of the heat's. AM 79 unit from 1043. HD two of the ticket 6797467974. As I ridges on the Coral Springs. Auto mall Honda text line. To its rights in many the excitement is there because the sale Jeter comes in because payroll might as well move the team to another city codes there's rights and there's been. Zero player continuity you starred in snow and like a player in the moans of restored we ship them out time and time again. If the Marlins straights and you'll end up being the seg or straight Hoosier based more on the Cabrera trade I'll never Marlins game again. You know I got I got tobacco. You know I mean I'm not disagreeing with that flawed but like the this is. This is where I come come out of from. I don't know of baseball will ever work in this town to this point it has not worked well you gotta make people fall malignant. OK that's fair so how do you do that. You do that by building a team and holding on the players that means something T that are good players OK I I I did that but if on this new ownership group. They can't worry about the last fifteen to twenty years they have to worry about the first day that there on the job and what's best. That they believe is what's what's best for the future of this franchise. And what I mean by that is. I don't just want a flash in the hand yeah let's go and and win a couple of years build something that's sustainable. And then you know what if they're building a winning team and a team that wins 8085 games every other year the ghost of playoffs we'll see once once in awhile. And still nobody showing up then we'll have our answer to that that nobody really cares what baseball was town. But that's the unanswerable question they've been around since 1993. There's two World Series championships. And yet. People ask me all the time they tell you from Miami a from the it wasn't they go they want them at all those games. He didn't stadium there are alike simply go I get up more so that anybody hurt him in the town and they goes wilds of new bar ballpark. Nobody like baseball player and you gotta go into the history a little bit but that you get to the the question. Does it do people like baseball down here do will they asset I don't know I still I have no idea. I think a lot of ways registration different parents ports because of TV because of being a little watch games on your phone. I look a lot of stadiums and sports an awful. During he'd go go look around Major League Baseball. And look at the average attendance numbers there inflated because they had a couple sellouts and maybe a couple series and I know people short of those games. But on most nights most baseball stadiums I think have. Between ten to 151000 people. That's absolutely true but. There's still interest and a lot of those cities this year their TV deals are lucrative the radio deals a lucrative there's more interest in general and I think that centers on here I think there is a lot of people who. Would love to follow baseball here in just haven't allowed themselves to because of Gloria are you an idea and I think. They're Jeter the idea of dirtier. And the idea of disorganization running like the Yankees and maybe it's not even spending a lot of money but just running in the sense of they wanna win right that's the priority of of of winning. I think that'll help bring people back to the ballpark it's government given a chance and in this in this in this microwave society we live in. That's you you can't build a fan base in three years no we can't build a fan base in in a couple of season you're talking about. Kids it at a generation. And pulling your dad with the games and then you growing up in Macon a couple of months a couple of dollars. And you go buying a couple of season tickets for your own yo you and your friends in your twenties in your thirties and you have kids. And it's obvious you have done a great job of that and that's why. Of their fan base is so strong. You know the Panthers in the modest kind of came in the same time for the most part. They haven't been able to do that. You can have a bad season you have a couple bad seasons but it's it's the faith in the front office it's the belief that. Whoever's running your franchise. Has eat your best interest at heart and for and for too long fans on here felt the Jeffrey Loria only care about who pocketbook and and it's true and that's the way the team was wrought and you know as a baseball for any baseball is a passion sport it's a 162 games if you don't love baseball you're not watching you gotta be in love with the sport. And it's hard to be in the with the Marlins when you got an owner so many years who eat just eat you couldn't follow those players because he knew the moment you did. They're gonna be gone. And in so you just want your heart ripped out every every other couple years. No and that's exactly what's happened so we'll see what the first order of businesses for for Jeter in the party fired. You okay within the Garrett Tony Phares on the hawks the government against zones because I know those guys. Unused drugs are good people and and and Jack. You know I guess he was open to manage again maybe get one game to become you know the oldest mentioned piece of writing a story of float around and let him do that Poland right that would have been cool knowing Jack look man. I understand each new ownership new direction all those things you gotta you gotta do. I just hope Jeter's this is that what worries me is a story of the east is gonna cut payroll and that this thing could on the being the same things lower it as long as it's not that. And I think baseball has chances and another inning just him but he went into ownership there's no ownership and your children do the things their and their way right and got it would have been with new owners have. So these guys are inning on they're hampering their own guys but. Visually offseason no doubt as were the the tail end of the Major League Baseball regular season as far as the NBA season that's getting cranked so we got some thoughts on the Miami Heat. Many just came from he'd practiced regarding training camp he training camp the training camp and they got the first pre season game. Sunday against the against the Atlanta Hawks are one of the worst teams in the Basque Wallace that made you read some of these NBA. Just MBA like predictions. It's staggering and they go out to Vegas and would like to win tolls. And my got regularly use the deserves his heater 46 wins is that the 44 record my friends for an iPad takes 46. I'd I'd you know at least some money on the 44 and a half and in the US were before. It was a forty it was a 44 of 43 and a half to 43 and have a sport right now I'd take that before I'd take that that's what I saw that as the WG take that is the question. What do you think what you meant. And yet I'm still trying to cobble together as much pennies is like and right. I'm still trying to put together and as my finances. To. I think I yeah I think that's that's a very attractive to take the over in that scenario do you not 43 and a half. I mean that's where there had just handed out money in Vegas now. You know there's a reason why maybe they knew about do you ons ankle on well I'm askew you don't do what what concerns you the most outside of the other angle at the latest on that for new. Coming up as well but just real where's where's the pot holes in this deal. Where's Leo which we we were gonna talk a lot about the good. About the heat stability in the coaching staff fan the gap and young players in the way that all those things that he's good. There's a reason why. Dude you bushels in hand and a much better than than last year we'll get to that coming up next right here on seven I didn't take should. Back your chickens and tomorrow in studio with us we're gonna get to a couple of text management combing through. The amount of Texas and filing in here on the close result Honda textile at that moment then we'll get to US slimy heat as well Jim believe. Pre season starts this week in the delegates 1000 dollars slam dunk is back. Your chance to win 1000 dollars for giving you the chance to win four times a day at us and for the code word at seven and 8 AM and four and five right here with us. Then Jackson to seven to it one at 72881. Of and you could win 1000 bucks straight cash homey. Starts in his Monday on the ticket resident veterans may apply they'll text and drive this is a national contest. Realized things going on here gradual or where this. On this Wednesday afternoon. Here on 79 these tickets. Miami Heat man what what's the one thing mad. Concerns you the most talked about Dion Waiters and it says ankles still bothering him a little bit. Then that raises a few eyebrows the camera now you know but I would think deceit. Kinda knew that a little bits what they were doing the severity of that injury withdrawals chronic or not. What when you look at this team what would. What can really hold this team back because everyone just saying obvious team at the very least the very leases is going to be. Player in the Eastern Conference and then let alone may be to challenge Cleveland or Boston or whoever. I think that I tumbled the low end like this the basement for a lot of heat fans is a 45 wins we're gonna be we're gonna be as good as anybody on any given night. What in what can kind of sidetrack or do you rail that thinking. Why any of the few apparently tried to do this summer and and that was upgrade at small forward position. And that is really the one position in the that this roster you see yourself. Does he have any leads wing perimeter small forward which is what every every great team in the NBA as one of those guys whether it's LeBron. Whether to Paul George what's the ambulance made up that that's what it's made up of breast players 67 wing guys write 67 wing guys and and so you look at what he has and a while they've got plenty of depth of the position. You don't have a guy right there and you've got to born at the point that aside the senator ER on Dion is healthy and on he can be really good as as the number two guard shooting guard. You don't necessarily have that elite wing and so I look at this roster and I say okay who can become an elite wing or close to you know of equality. Wing into your tired about just as wins those are the will be shot. There that doesn't have those the first name that their most of them you got Josh Richardson who just signed that big extension and and 66200. Pounds you're wondering can he really. Hard to those you lead wings in the lead does great on on on smaller guards disease longs at the larva can he bang with the LeBron James could he. The article why Leonard. So to me that's the one area that you look do you look at this he Jaime say OK where where what are they missing it's that and I think ultimately. That's probably the one position pats looked good at saying how Doi address that. The tree could you play with you just that but James Johnson in that and just with the with the Khalil an exciting and did you have a lot of different. You have a lot of different I would say. You permutations and Erik Spoelstra to play with there's a lot of different variations of this roster are a lot of flexibility with this roster right well. But that's the that's with the heat are they to mediate the heat strength is their depth the numbers they've got a lot of guys. Embedded deep rotation they can shoot the three the played. You know ball also the wall defense still hard seriously hard that's that's what they are but. To win in the MBA to really winning the NBA you need that guy who's gonna take over in the fourth quarter and separate you from from the the team's. Do they have that guy I don't know I mean Dion showed flashes of it. Wore on showed flashes of it at times hitting some big shots. Hasan in the fourth quarter really isn't an offensive weapon generally go to does that don't want them free zone and so. To mean that's that's what this team is missing and that's apparently was trying to addressing to try to do it last summer the summer before rather read one after Kevin Durant. He did this summer going after Gordon Hayward and and so. No I don't think you can put James Johnson at the three and have him did you just it's it's from an offensive standpoint it's a guy who can take over a game. At that wing position. Voters are lower rubbed off doing that offensively not I. I understand that then that's I think defensively he's fine but yes Kenny Kenny gets you an often team can he run an offense at times and play the break yes but as far as say. Well Woodward were down six we need we need a bucket go big go get this one right or there on out there on 110 run we need to who. Go get this one right we just short of the offer for fifteen years there was. Just throw the ball going right and then for those four throats or LeBron or let him figure it out throw you'll throw the body and Christina bosh little relation to let you know whatever was put. That guy where you discovered on the floor. And at their tenure on the road in the crowd's going nuts. And it's it's it's at 120 Rhonda and the places bonkers and you can just throw the ball over to your guy and say get us a basket to stop the bleeding make your own shut up for five minutes. Right and and that's and that's what Riley is missing right now he's he's got a lot of good pieces. And I think. Eventually you can trade some of these pieces to get an elite point and it just depends on what right scenarios I know you don't have an answer but I'll ask it anyway. OK. Now I get to Carmelo to is that that's situated. Who's the guy. Agree question that I don't know I don't know I mean you you can look up and down NBA rosters I mean look obviously Paul George would have been phenomenal. Right because you knew was getting out of Indiana and if you if he wasn't so you know headstrong and wanting to go to LA and play in LA eventually. Then then maybe you make that trade or you you you push the envelope with the pacers and say we want him. I don't know why I need to eat you know an engine wigand's is that Minnesota as a young guy who. Unity Minnesota's nucleus are they in down. I don't know with the trade as they struggle this year and things don't work out maybe Jimmy Butler is the man they say forget it we marine engine waited and he's a guy you wanna get I don't know I generally have an answer for you. I think he's probably trying to identify that high now I'm sure pat Riley's thinking about possibilities of who. We that'd be future wing is. That's that's ultimately what the what they need maybe it's just a source or maybe just as was the figures out how to shoot and score and he becomes exactly I don't know. I haven't given up on justice. Ivan given up on justice and value to simulate calico. Leo's like yours look to me like your your trade occurs if you're nuts man. Now these are returning acquire liner no I'm not saying I do think he he's a guy that plays you're gonna wanna keep you can't put it that way. Yes will you need just as Muslim becomes a guy that you actually have to respect he shot and right now he you go back and look at the film and I watched so many games the last two years. Not just one I was there in person but on film. Look at how many times guys is backed away from justice and let go ahead shoot if they formed five there to sag off of Hammond and just help and offer but he also. There is missing the just is Winslow. If it is is ten years ago. Nobody on the right pass shot you'll figure it out. Of the way the game is played now with that three point line up. And it shows spread it out like that eighteen foot jump shot is a relevant. So it's either of the two best shots in basketball. Is the fast break layer for dark. For the Zurich or the open three that's all I've only ever want everybody in the NBA is trying to get to two spots easy to off the break dunk lay out. Or an open three meter ranges bad shot. Right the justice to bachelor right at you when you look at all the metrics and everything and that's where Andy you know in in these kids when you're coming up and it is the Kosher tell you. This is what you wanna do what are you working on the most you're working on obviously. Those two shots we just got a little something from Dwyane Wade here Manning. This is from his Twitter accounts and it's it's a little bit long about three paragraphs. But this is what he had to say against officially signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers so he once the whole world to hear his side of things. So here's what Dwayne wade. Had to say this is this new Twitter of the 200 characters of Dwyane really take advantage of the 280 I when you went all out so let's let's go through this together Manning. I've always dreamed of playing for the Chicago bulls and I feel so fortunate to fulfill my dream this past year. The team is now heading in a different direction which has made me. Reevaluate where I need to be in this phase of my career being a part of a team that is now in the process of rebuilding doesn't line. With where I want to be right now no matter how difficult that does is it may be. Okay we'll call that. Sure felt good rather raise their main reason law that right bulls they're rebuilding he would be a part of that we got. Right when it continues in the hopes of pursuing a fourth championship. I reach a deal with the Chicago bulls and I'm excited to share that I will be joining. Be joined the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. There's no better place to be right now to continue to play and compete at the highest level Cleveland believes in my talents. And what I can bring to a championship contender both as a player and leader I look forward to reuniting him playing alongside my brother LeBron. We've already won two championships together and I hope we win a third. Aren't so sounds right mentally into it just feels so weird reading Cleveland Cavaliers and doing is that it it's gonna feel weird it's gonna feel the same way dancing in the bulls used to point operatives and he didn't tweet that you people on a relief I mean look what he used the link to Twitter via blogger has tag the land. Welcome. That was from doing away with the ordinance is buzz is his. Even on joining Cleveland to all the fans are really our last paragraph here from doing this was an incredibly difficult decision and I am very grateful to the bulls organization my fans in the Chicago community for welcoming. Be home with open arms it meant so much to me seeing my mom on the sidelines cheering me on as a pool. I am so proud of the work we have been doing in the community and we plan to continue these efforts. It's been an honor and a privilege to play from my hometown Chicago holds a very special place in my heart and always. Be home to me. I so he bent over backwards peso in this thing to say how great Chicago is because he took forty million dollar showed them. And they are garbage last year so it's not his fault but they kind of fill molded that filled little bit. Legacy there Kansas leaving with the dead and I'd say he had to be my money. And ZLC yeah so you want to soften that blow a little bit with the bulls fans. He had an and his Chicago's always going to be home for doing it so mean he's he's he can't go on about known right he can't he can't really see anything negative and and they made the playoffs so it's not like rush to complete failure. No but I mean that's you know like that it wasn't all his faults. No either you have some injuries and that Chicago saying just did not work out. Is look in the end I wanna hear his statement when he retires you know I wanna hear what he says it was was leaving the heat a mistake that's what every heat fan. Wonders and and will he regret that you cover the team for years you've covered doing since he stepped on the onto the scene here I do is do you remember all this love for Chicago before all this now. Nine bright. There are so let's talk and it's mostly pretty forty million bucks a levee to get content like that it up at but they are doing kind of felt like to Canada skimmed the bulls little bit. Maybe maybe a little bit of a bit empty feeling but I know it's no way they give the contract moments and it's wrong or anything. But you gotta go over like okay ship out to those for the the other night. He did you set out a tweet is a dream thanks bulls fans a dream fulfilled. Like Sunday in the middle of the night tiger on me you know like 1230 at night right hills I don't that's it. You know like your ball's in your own it's always get that's always got to be it in at me like boy we get what we got sixty games of this and it was just like. Wham bam thank you ma'am that's always that's always kind of got from Dwyane Wade here coming home is this why wanna help bulls fans really feel about doing I mean you think about all the times he beat the bulls in the playoffs and in the season means we get six teams out of nominee seed right. I don't I don't know to me to be but it wasn't all is falling I don't think the other coaches a massive Lloyd berg. I Jimmy Butler and wanna be there that it was all planes fall but I do think and I've defended went on this part. When he left Miami yes it was about being a little bit disrespect to by the organization he wanted his money he wanted to be the man although you know it's apparent to us right dragged putts. I do think going to Chicago he thought did just went. Yeah I think he's this is probably the second best team in the east right yes and it's an abbreviate this immensely this thing you thought pay. Jerry brother Rajon Rondo gets the young guys Lopez like Wii we've pretty good here in my bag when some games here and it blew open space and they were awful. They're awful art so we got that from from. Many we got a text to get to let's let's get that coming up also hear more from Adam gays coming up in the a 6 o'clock hour. As Lawrence Timmons is back to age guys got a bad knee that up rags today. Although I'd be shocked if he did not play against the the saints say it's important me a little bit man I don't know that Mo Jo they got. Head over to London plus Adam is that it's in that continues. To cry about the jets game and that's also a little bit a little bit concerning. Because all of a sudden the saints looked like a real football team have to be in Carolina on now on Sunday we'll hear from mother head coach. The dolphins as well coming up right here on 790 the ticket. What router is back mr. A couple of special guests now oppose. The movies to be there and they're bring in the and hanging out to go to the gains in Georgia Tech coming up in a couple of weeks October 14 that are Russian city of one to get on the bus register on line now the. Good Miami dot com nine winners and other gasoline pair of cores like until it passes into decent against cosmic cores like. What ever your mountain climb onto Muslim portray Enron dialect pulling in was in concierge urged her now the figure Miami dot com Curtis Stevenson and Manny Navarro. Oh you update on the Marlins here but there and spank fourteen to three now. Couple of touchdowns put up by the Iraqis are trying to wrap up that second wild card spot and stand by the way is all for three with three case on record so we thought he would. Have a little bit better time out there in the thin air. Of Colorado certainly not the case. As though wrap of the season against the Bravo was. This weekend and and then we'll see what the off to the rings as the big news regarding the baseball team is the sale. On the team has been approved by the owners in a Major League Baseball soldier if you're out her Sherman and their tutor. Will be in I would I would say immediately right raft to see how things start to make that transition it's going to be. Those guys gonna go on and we're done with those were double them and now we at the we get the new guys. We get so much that we need to get to dig my now. He was on ESPN this morning he was crying his eyes out port Dickie V about how sleazy college basketball as. We're gonna have that for you coming appear in a few moments but there is there's so much stuff with wade in the dolphins and we got scandals everywhere in Marlins ownership and everything has been going on here. We've talked about McCain's football team and got pretty pretty inching game Friday night at duke yeah Duke's dukes and everybody tuning those who have thought of forgo. Be North Carolina Saturday and it's a nice wins mailers. Down but the B go northwestern is not centrally its a nice wins on the Resnick David cut of the coach him up there actually gets the run they're second in the country through four games against the run. A Miami you know what's on the football mark wall and it's been amazing albeit two games we know Marc Marc can bring it. Here's the thing and follow me on this to the kind of Jamison who's watching the second half against Toledo whose regular toll as a real team within their looks good Mac team rather decent they're gonna win a lot of games this year material they've been above actual game ranked every year there and so that's a legitimate opponent we all agree on the but I'll just say this. Cutting mode may believe Croshere as a quarterback. For come come you know water high water he's gonna be the guy like to the cosic hairy stuff for. He's got a player this and that I have heard loud you'll say that. But I think we're way I am way past that point I'd seen enough animal leak that he's going to be the guy and that's saying he won't have to import games. But I saw him throw it and I don't care if you're throwing against a year. He fit that ball up into some really great windows he was on point Saturday. I as a passer he's come a long long way he's gonna get his best playmaker back and I'm on Richards on the outside. I just think maybe you're already there but I just think yeah he's gonna be the guy for there for the red. So the season here I mean inning though I think that would would prevent that is in any injury or parental or or him just really having a horrendous. Tuesday ten steps backwards and turned development and being a guy who takes too many chance to storm balls on the field. You know get picked off at such and such I think you be if you reverse of that guy but I I don't think caddies passed and on the world NCA. And apparel so the dolphins and they took a step back I don't think money grosser is gonna take. And any major steps back here. And you saw he saw the running game so I mean that the play those called back on the case you McDermott you know holds. He had a great run in the the other one that actually counted and mean. I defused a great I had to see you really look good now but this is test spreading those out no doubt for some of the road your first conference game. You back to the scene there so called crime two years ago you thought you played duke duke certainly felt it was a crime right now. Because Obama god they got the only job of that gate but. Like duke the days of just joking around about an opponent like to Carl for like two to legitimate team duped his portable bugs are winning games gonna listen very coach Wright and Indy did say that they're probably dead. How many jobs if you were there wanted to yeah bigger jobs he could go anywhere in the ACC I think and and probably did the lower end SEC schools retirement heartbeat right about name on the table right he likes do he likes being in there. Not a lot of pressure you when you're eight or nine games your cool you deal with you know you do. You know Dylan lot of real crazy garbage that a lot of of the school to boosters and everything going nuts. He's the second banana on campus. You know Gerber to basketball sleep bright lights out but that'll be Neitzel does in the new good Florida State and I don't know what to make a Florida State right now. But. Analysts Florida State and still have players yeah I don't it doesn't mean I don't care for 60 and 25 it's poor state. Anytime the seminoles Joseph up. That's gonna be a game. Yeah obviously there Hurd with the quarterback situation with the seminoles are still I mean look they've had the top. Five top ten recruiting classes and how many years and are knowledgeable official they're so. Yet they may be hurting a quarterback and the offense may not mean no longer have dollar and cook and and they're not harming the way they used to but. That's a team without the edge of official figure out the office. And forgot the play call and we'll open. So amount. You know that's next week and they were Tug hill Georgia Tech is also here we go we're indecency play you know this is it I mean this is this is this is what it's all about it in the Charlotte. Getting to the ACC championship game. Virginia Tech and they got Clemson on Saturday night a huge game huge game we'll find out how good Virginia Tech is it looked pretty good to the good yes then comes as a great. And pubs and clubs and doesn't insignia and instead spyware that team for sure you know but the you know our results taking its way wiped away then Notre Dame which is take really not a conference game. So here on out the ACC's place starts Friday night for Miami. And it's one after the other way in which one after the other for the for the canes but yummy. Like a but I don't know like they played two games at home when they beat the tone in Toledo. Right so LeBeau will find a lot more were you worried they give a thirty points to Toledo met at an offensive to Yugoslav bat song right. Right they got to the got to do a better they got to do a better job in the secondary dealing had a rough game. There's no doubt number three he was there and you know it just me my eyes deceiving me would soon deploy and more is owned the geyser or wide open this sort of a little. Well yeah I mean I think some guys couple more bowl coverage especially. How exactly what theory and but guys just look the guy should not be that wide open no the other thing is I think getting passed a job build a better. I know how about a period and you figure they would be with all the current income correct that's for the next thing to me I've seen the league play extremely play at a high level. We know market do its in the old line dominate one has to. I've seen other receivers stepped up Braxton FC heard enough from Herndon. You know she of the linebackers. Safety play is OK. Next causes get after the quarterback will be more. Yet he got to mean especially me she sees it in and they're gonna face some really elusive quarterbacks right here in the coming weeks guys and it you know. But you both ways and then once you get that. Golan Daniel Carcillo more than turn orchard Newton whichever I want to sit right we all along I wanna turn overture I had not had one of I little down through a highly with the news coverage and eminence that's gonna be on everybody's. Everybody's holiday gift lists is going to be the turn over chain of the canes can get it to nine or ten wins to get to that ACC championship game man. But yet it's while the teams like. College football everybody. Is played like almost half a year Miami still were just kind of trying to get going again. Yeah I mean it feels weird unit to two were almost of the in September in which were my age two games tuna right just weird he's played four games and all is the minimize nutrients in one game you just kind of thrown out. Mean because it's you know it's a lay up in. In in both soon put him off Friday night. I Louie battled real hassle fun a little bit more than to get the big daddy against against Florida State should be. Dahlia was announcement we 330 kick off the next Saturday are how do they are seven. Obviously that's going to be I mean it's melting thirty I don't care what the record that's one of those it's cliche but throughout the records mean they just say money for at least it was it's generally admiral forces won the series in Florida say there being the awake this week. They're gonna get right against wake I think and then you know. They're gonna get there they're gonna get their mode Joseph back a little bit right there's they're gonna score some points this week too who any other MB a little bit revealed that a cat or Regis fine here. Coming in that in the Miami gable cell Miami looks Friday night up in a Durham against Duke Blue Devils. We got to get to or he gets this film that we are here's the thing open of the 6 o'clock hour it's more your text. Well of course result monitor assigned many a lot of tax free of a man 67974. That type text Joseph 67974. And dig by now. Part of me felt bad for Dickie V when he was when he was asked about this car rentals I'll get us more Mormon and his troops are as sole I don't mean. God the kid growing public Dickie V he's been bald. For fifty years. We all loved it did the right at this point he's kind of a cartoon character. Well I. You know much of those dog basketball he has been the pied piper an ambassador for that sport for years and it's almost like. He was told today that that Santa does not exist right and if your kids in the car don't seat senate does exist widgets that they were just using as example. I mean he was just heartbroken when you hear it in his voice Burgundy it's that come and appear next here on seven under the ticker. It's way too soon. Here on seven that is addicted. Curtis Davidson and Manny Navarro is into us we got a text to get to. It's 67974. Also this hour to loaded our premier from Lawrence Timmons. Where is he tapped it back with the dolphins who got word was uttered a few times in the dolphins' locker room. Back with the team. Also did bite now. Incredulous to what's been going on in college basketball was Dickey before you put this that's always long for this football dates injuries who's not. Who's not studs and duds in more than a month in his are moving in Jackson attorneys have you been in an accident call one and hundreds of ports of entry that's 180747373. Victory. Sponsored by auto director right cars always the right price in buddy's goes public adjusters we've got your assets covered. Call 855 Diddy CPA or visit these to a public adjusters. Dot com. Lot of things that gets you it's been a busy busy a couple of days and that leads us to. Here's the thing. And it's a big thing when it comes to heat nation Dwyane Wade is they have. Say that again Dwyane Wade is officially a Cleveland cavalier. I know it hurts everyone. But. We all wanted the happy ending. With one of the greatest athletes to ever perform in our town to occur but at least as for right now that won't be the case. It's only gonna hurts. If you dwell on it's sure wade LeBron and Kevin Love and Isiah Thomas should have the cavs in prime position to win the Eastern Conference once again. But I'm more focused as a heat fan on this year's team. Wade tugs at so many parts strings but I'd say this. Maybe the heat are better off without this. Yes he's a hall of Famer one of the greatest two guards of all time we all know his assassin like qualities that close or finals MVP. We also knows best days are in the rearview mirror and I'd rather focus. On the windshield when it comes to the heat couldn't at this point. In his career. Can handle his creaky knees and his random DNC's. And presumably. On the surface. That's a good fit homecoming here in Miami. At least at this time simply was not. Here's the thing is Roger by drone nerds visit drone or stuck on today's promo codes as low for timbers and off on anything to do with drones including repairs and customizations. Again that is donors that come promo codes as low the ZASLOW. For 10% off located in amateur your local DG I authorized dealer drone urged a Tom South Florida's I. The end of the sky. Most of the fables are these the players they were they were applauding for Dewayne wade here the last couple of days many new Bennett Liebman. By either side the last dozen sales is media day on Monday and possibly the training camp. What do you think the general interest was from the front office IE Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra for going. Having mild this probably do the best way to describe it I think had Dwyane accepted a bench role. Com and and you know just sort of been happy coming off the bench here or not cause any waves I think they were taken of it. Again it would've had more to do with the health of the roster. I think Miami would prefer that this happened in February because by then maybe a couple of guys be out and you would need it went quick right now they just don't need them. And so it would have been a luxury to have on the bench a guy who could provide some leadership. He played 1520 minutes a game and you know maybe more when you needed him to and look at the and he he's gonna have a much better opportunity to get on the court and play. With the cavaliers and we'll hear and maybe that speaks to how much deeper the heat roster is in the one at Cleveland. No number there's opportunity it's funny you say while it was a great opportunity he could help the cavs. There's a great opportunity weekly you're going. The favorites in the Eastern Conference is on some hard numbers are right well you don't want you guys are right in your over the heat William and not really clear how much video and he does it's it's that's kind of funny to say right you know I don't offer acquiring as much talent as as is as you possibly can. But I know nobody wants to hear this but I will say it anyway. What was the best decision for Dwyane Wade. I think the best decision for doing was Cleveland or Oklahoma City I think Brian one of those is here no I was not here it was not here and and in the end. Dwyane thought about himself and Andy and rightfully so it's his right looking he won three championships here are on the key feels the need to over the city of Miami anything. Does he wanna happy ending he won it you know sort of come here and make peace with fans and say hey I love you and don't forget me sure he would love that he doesn't want anybody in Miami to say. He's a trader in. You know at him and everything else and say that they they want you he wants that happy ending and I think it's still could happen a year to from Woolsey. Yeah and if your plane and I know he said years I'm honoring chase from this the who doesn't want another ring who does a lot of play on another big state they are doing right now they've all these options are going. Any it to play with your best friend in the like of course is gonna go to Cleveland us I was surprised by that now are I wasn't either and and you know it was either. Going to be with LeBron this year or next year but with LeBron ends of the value that whole scenario with Paul George and and and you know Bobby enters and see what happens. After the season had agreed to some this year to be even crazier next year 100. I say. I was say it it will be crazier because LeBron right in the and the ripple effects that he X I think he's leaving. So LeBron affects so many other guys decisions I called rich yeah. How funny it is an MBA Jimmy's turn the Emmys knots. While the lesson well like the MB it will what was the story line. Move was it last year with Oklahoma City. Right Villa they lost Kevin Durant right it is how can they recover. Home I got the snow is argues they're gonna lose Russell Westbrook right around the fear now listen they've got. You know two to. Two all stars right there with a nom nom who were saying maybe they can beat the lawyers let me leg last year was oral Casey. Small market team can't win can't win the big the big boys rape them and look where they are now. Things change quickly managed to stop it it's the nature of the MBA it's the nature of the MBA it's that the league is built that way. You know everybody signing these two year contract with the second year being a player option it's just. It's the way it is and and and I think is that a lot of rest of the Olympics I think I think the fact that these guys built these friendships on the Olympic teams on the national teams. That's was led all this because I think of those guys were playing in that inning it was different it was back and it wasn't. You know before the dream team in 92. I don't know that you would see this kind of put him I think I think. Friendships are forged a variety of ways having now might you might be on the summing I also think that. In this day and age with him goes back to the shoe companies in the come to that in the second event that with the amount of money is made off the court if you're Kevin Durant you can sign a one year deal or two year deal. And remain mobile inflexible. You don't have to take all the money it wants me if you're LeBron you can say oh I'll sign a one year deal with a player option amok and a sign that the five year Max Romo locked into one team and if you guys go. South. I'm not going with you I can get out of here or right to remain flexible Dwyane Wade but with the heat Dwyane Wade also gets old AA and the roster down here I don't like like LeBron presumably that I can get out of here right. Well I think LeBron is sort of he's taken the game to new era because they play and have this much power before Ramirez. When you look at the way he got himself out of Cleveland the first time right and and you know it's common Miami's in the form the super team with. You know I don't Dwyane had a big hand in the output if LeBron is and agree to it. It it it doesn't happen and he's he's kind of wielded that power the heat moved heaven and our estimation that you get those that Big Three together now everybody else is doing the same thing. Lot of great testament a lot of great text that six of nine civil forward on the cross resolve on attacks now we have to those the first into the headlines. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. All right we'll begin with the Miami Dolphins. Wrap it up. Yet another day of practice and preparation before. The London daily it's a New Orleans Saints Sunday morning at 930. With a bum ankle Lawrence Timmons he was backe spoke to. The members of the media we're gonna have what Lawrence Timmons had to say on his suspension. Coming up here in the next segment. Moving on to college basketball the university of local made it known today there for Tino. Probably will be their coach moving forward you put on unpaid leave by the university also athletic director Tom you're at she was put on administrative. Hey leave. In the wake of the FBI investigation. And the corruption and fraud scandal that broke yesterday. Moving to baseball the Miami Marlins. They trailed the Colorado Rockies 413 to three deficit that games in the the top of the seventh I believe the mama got one here in the seventh two in gymnast to attend run deficit fourteen to five more dignified and very avid. As yes once ever you know rather when your records management and so mileage on Carlos in is still homeless. Out in in court for the big sell guard in the Marlins is Major League baseball's approved the sale of the team to Bruce Sherman. And Derek Jeter the owners and major baseball prove that still today so it's official and also the Miami heat's. They continue their training camp up in Boca. At FIDF. Eight U as of the take on new and hawks. Pre season game and number one will be Sunday at 6 o'clock of course in your all the action right here on your home and he aims of and I mean if from 1043. HD to the ticket at a little the other red white scrimmage were also gonna have. Covered that on Saturday yes. So that's that's become stable here in the let me ask them an amateur for you dollar union and if there's any tickets left at this point. I would guess not at that price yeah does that. Mean and money for cancer research done Fleming great stuff and everything they do and just. Amazing amazing putt Dwayne wade certainly we a couple of texts on Dwayne which shop on address of the calls from a monetary signed here with Kia. With humanity first some. This one. That says Oklahoma City that one year experiment could be an empty roster next year. OK that's fair that's a fair point but what she would vector works great big heads pretty good experiment they have for a year. Absolutely take your chances of that I think is that you look at and really the the thunder have no choice because they don't surround Russell Westbrook was something he's his canoe opt out only so to me they had to they had to make a run had to make these moves. To try to keep Russell there. A couple of a couple of other text here. Why is nobody calling Blaine a bleeping liar to Chicago always be and home or his kids in school in Miami yeah arguments we read the Dwyane Wade. Ways but obviously with his farewell to Chicago. And he went on and on ago upwards and downs thanked everyone up and up to filling a dream. Well playing for the Chicago bulls and I do think you felt will be guilty about how that played out 'cause I was. I'm very on ceremony you stretch their basketball for Dwyane Wade. I don't know that in his heart you know people are sitting here saying this was his move all along on the he was just going Chicago as a pit stop to rejoin LeBron in Cleveland at this would soften the blow for defense Yani Arianna. I think when he signed that contract and he really did believe that him and Jimmy bother going to team up and they were going to be a good team in the east so I thought you know. I think that's who he really felt that just didn't work out though. 6797 forward to more of your text you mentioned where is hard is this. Dick fight to others got to this broke his heart. College basketball's corrupt. Shocker shot I mean yes I mean I gotta go lie down after hearing some of the some of the news yesterday. But the big story was Rickie Lee. Rick Pitino he's out at Louisville that's gonna happen it's just a matter of logistics and legalese as far as how much money there and have to pay him. If they can show cause or not 4440 women though just 44 million dollar bout on you five million dollar contract while this is college athletics he set himself a nice that they didn't. And he's gonna get all that he's one alimony yeah. That's that's that this is truly a set up for a battle on now on that front but de Beers dig by now. His is the ambassador of college basketball grammys these is basketball or college the white college hoops these mascot right. Yeah I mean at this point he's a little bit past prime but how do you know love the little Dickie V. And here's what he had to say upon the news of the FBI investigation and a sub skin subsequent scandal in college hoops. You don't consider somebody current you know I've we're about a where temperature we're hiring staff are the guys took a look at about people currency. Let's get our economy jubilant here it is quite a good break this is all Rupert. I think this guy looks like I do a leader you aren't. We shall we call out all the rich are we all I owe her one year. About what's transpired but board and room staff to death just like that you did not want the bulls are marked the act. Deborah Jean uses but it is true here. Yours fuel at all it was started. In August they gradually re class supplies. Goes Robby are in dispute the public and without a high school I think people are in dispute Wheeler at a world dollars it would choke. To choke. Out to shall. And it stuck. About it we saw that on what wouldn't we deplore we be so short a man directed two short. Out of the doubt to do something about I will not rush but it that this dust at the funeral and now it's it's a shame. It's sweet sweet spoke on it Utley and it really one more. I now on yes I earlier today. Tell you mean Dickie V care he loves it let yeah this is his passion yes that he cares and I grew up watching the TV and he's called so many games all the great players. And you did this in. He's worried he's worried is gonna. To the sport right but I'm just like Dicky V your former college coach years ago that the correct you patty you've had a front row seat to this you've seen everybody you've seen the shacks at LSU. You've seen the Jerry Tarkanian its pay and and that and you've seen everybody everybody it's come through there. And all the shady guys that have come through there and everybody else. In light. You know you can't be that naive and can't be that surprised that this is this was eventually going to happen. Can you. While I just wanna be blind because you have gotten a way to do that for how many years now has been decades since the has been going on I I think. Until the FBI came in he just there are no reason to really fear the incidentally caption these guys religious lead paint the they ran around and did this for years without worry because they knew. Unless you really bad at hiding it. The NCAA it was an inning catcher but I've heard that I tell to and I like did you realize. I really do and he's a great I mean he's really great enemy Iran and that every year the final four and he's always nice things I thereby take pictures and and talk to all that stuff. Like he's really a great ambassador for the sport but I've heard that he's the year after year went to defend coaches for scammer every c.s or at all he would never do you would never do that all. And he knows. And it's just like I don't know if this was his breaking point or boiling point for him and his aides majors as screw it. I'm just giving I'm just gonna tell like it is but it does sound like dude you're a little bit late to the party here. You know. It's a means of Liggett again like an old guy who she is disappointed that this is he's word is going to be the legacy of college basketball but it is arming. Look to meet you talk about university six and university seven or you know the the FBI report doesn't c'mon name anybody by name but. They're going to be a lot more universities and a lot more coach you know coach won coach to coach agree on this list here I think in the coming months I think this is just the beginning. None Iger and news wonder and they it Rick pitino's buzz biggest names you can get right in that sport. Seoul they've taken note Al wreck. Had a lot of this is Rick's like third strike. This is what most of his career is over at this point. I don't know that's finishing question I thought about Ian he's got a house down here and Indian river spend a lot of time down here. You know son Richard came through coached a fight you for a year that went to Minnesota. These 65 years old estimated pot of money. But what we get we still haven't seen what the FBI actually has. Right which amends out right that's true and it's true but use whatever that's it like Anna Maria seems like fluid goes so quick to just say forget it it's over. No but a few kids there was just like it'll after the hooker scandal broke out there and then his own scandal. With is that with the extortion the goals sleep and you know gives them. Loud laugh from. Wife who has from married to a guy on his staff writer and that whole deal it was just urged that bulls cruised to a rate adjusted our. Seoul. I just wonder like is that it lays that if for him where is the surface where does he resurface and for you is Alicia. Let's not crazy and senate that's that actually that's not a bad idea FAU I don't mean right. He's aware does you have to do that does is that where as the start go back to that well I guess and Yahoo!'s woes between this out earlier today but I saw the woman that can. I guess he reached out of UMBA teams in mine and in the last year I'm and they went into and out now because of that is no deal the go in the in the money and in becomes the Petit and he was a failure in Boston for the most part and you know put yeah I don't know where you gotta go. Like we always seemed like drills and the office next to hit this and FIU had Isiah Thomas before I think you know right. You know but it's a these skills you never see what was it like on the coach again. This is who was given a second chance of moan don't usually right you are but where do you have to go though but does he wanna go to 44 million dollars red eyes and I think it's its drug for him he wants to get back it's a drug you know it's. It is plus he loves being a team. Please be on TV in the Savannah I can take this. Will determine obviously you know it's. Woodley will always go like leg betray you know get that scandal where he argun solved western Kentucky back to mobile. They indiscriminate monitor him which right correct and I'm just wondering how far is the is the pitino fall going to be does he have to go down to. Low level division one or can't all of a sudden. Is you know Colorado resort at a school and human job or. Texas I am gonna say come on now you know that just I don't know I mean as long as. But now report will go a long way in the making your decision your right about that I think who got to see how about the shoes and gays had to make a decision on Lawrence Timmons who was he's back we'll hear from the linebacker next on 79 minutes ago. And told the post drove propulsion. Don't don't don't don't don't proportion. Told the post. And hope for pension. Back here and it's yeah you're gonna hear from linebacker Lawrence Timmons is back with the dolphins. Can go play this weekend. Could be shows up. Against the New Orleans Saints started Stevenson many tomorrow with you here. We'll figure out until 7 o'clock football fans joined it to getting cores like. Pertains watched part of this Friday night at sports grill off sunset drive in Miami at 7 o'clock. As you on takes on dual core light specials all day push on a chance to repair cores like cold zone tailgate passes and to destroy your home game. Cores were in Germany great Dierker responsibility cores like whatever your mountain climb on please drink responsibly. We've we've talked a lot about everything today many didn't miss anything. Now no I I would I would on and on on a hotel he trends to go to Twitter and look at doing and we do that cavaliers Jersey but it is out Niger we miss something that's who passed. Dwyane Wade and and getting his photos taken in a Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys they're not Photoshop and more this is the real deal folks from so we'll get to. We have is a mere text messages here very very fired up at 67974. Variety of subjects. But Lawrence Timmons right he's back. We were waiting to hear his side his story what exactly happened. What is up so this it was the exchange today with the group of reporters. And in the line the Miami Dolphins linebacker mistake to listen. I just don't see so are so fans Miami Dolphins. Two months be back here of sorts position. I'm just happy being I'm it's. So difficult to do this. It looked so beautiful here. I'm just happy to be here separate bedrooms says. She. I'm glad pills would have it he does have to give myself. If he's talking you know until. Just being here. Did you address the team. This thing up here. Part was that kept me. It is not a conclusion. Q yeah. Seventy. Do you feel badly about what happened. I. Hooks. It was a one time. And I consider it yeah. Have to give us. That and yeah. Gotta look crazy out there her Auburn on Josh Freeman ask him questions Chris Bergen within their Barry Jackson was and there. And he's having to be here again that's ago to answer right there is very. College champion I thought right right off I just I would understands the wanna you find the right that was the next step brought to Cincinnati. I mean out of and you're running New Orleans. Just happen to be here is happy to be here. Some okaying like. I was kind of we. Now's got away India when you when you disappear like that. I don't I don't care it's a personal issue or not you gotta you gotta call some excuse he can you know you can't just say got giggles a global gives and gives them something give us some morsel of why you go on to some. It doesn't have to be the truth is give a slump in a lot of and I mean like I don't I don't think it's funny because this is you know when. People the media site who cares what we think. McGwire we poking and prodding but in Europe he deserves to the feel like you'll as the fans right look at the fans are solid and we are you know members immediately if you cover the team on behavior conduit to to the fans and it's like well why should have to tell you guys will know it's not me I could care less that he doesn't want to tell me like the fans and old better explanation and on the you know I'm just happy to be here right just so who cares about you guys cover the team well well it's about the fans here and something like him want to some personal and running the dolphins are here to support me and I hope you guys understand and I'm sorry it was gone that's led to say. So this that that other you know Marshawn Lynch to have an answer that was. That's him basically sticking the finger at everybody that second ingratiate yourself back into the families and relatives I had to basically say knowing knowing you miscarried. The that's did that basically accomplished nothing to them by doing that to fake apology. Ray McNulty and every detail we don't go work for a conversation Berlin hobble explanation why in short to play your play game. That their own that would they page four at all. No punches. Some personal can't talk about it apologized to the scenario the very least are rising just cut his ass on via across result monitors and after that. Yeah immediately. He needed help this situation with that. Yeah that's the funny part is he knew that he made it worse. I really go make the situation. That's a better idea of legacy on the shoes would probably be worse it. At least at least I don't know you got to cope with some and better than I'm just happy to be here that display the song. You know. Our hearts axis. And and and like we cardinal parts of the story. Deals goes your way today in this and I mean we something yes come over the globe it's something else. Even change the word happy hey I'm glad to be here on a static to be here I'm joyful to be here at just a little bit a little bit of some than here 67974. On the grocery dumb on the deck signed. They're 79 civil war yes yes so remains the moral of the story is he seems really happy. That to be here so he's going to be playing linebacker for the the dolphins. I am very curious to see where this team goes from here. Then they get that wrestle starve themselves ball the string of bad luck in the bad timing in the schedule all those things. Nobody cares that league is the in New Orleans they'll look and get back to they're looking to get back to 500 or over 500. Or BM that they're looking did a nice win on the road against Carolina. So they're looking to get back to a two into afternoon due to schedule an area because Americans were were thrown off on the veterans about the there was played some advocates that the local teams. But yeah there one in two. Played. The dolphins I just don't go to make of of Sunday's performance against the jets many I just well I think Somalia another leg. A against the saints and it and maybe you can blame it on well unity of the flight to London you haven't been home but I I wonder how much blame you really put an atom case now is has he lost locker room if they did they go and play the same way it's saints. Right that was a lifeless team right on on Sunday though isn't just a tired team that was just distracted team. That was the team that had no energy no emotion. And the lack of a better term looked like it is not clear right. And you can in every team will go through that one correctly he'll have a night like that absolutely mark every you know sometimes it's just the bad. A bad night you can absolutely but they better show up and and show some effort this week. Right but yeah the good that there's no doubt there's several have a terrible gain a terrible half terrible quarter where just looks. Awful and make the opponent played in that little bit because the jets or our bat. Soul. In that just tells us that rather watch the games aren't just get a drive going. Diskette drive on it gets of the positive and in you can figure out a way to get back in this football you never happened. So. I is that where do you go from here for got a means that gazes the whining about the performance. About the team and like you can hang up like Anderson test what do you do about. Right well usually that the rule was one for hours or you'll want to anger for torn Ferraro I don't know about Dan and 72 hours it is not couldn't. And January little bit about how much is that's why I'm saying. I'm beginning to wonder now. It's a sort of prevent them in the back in my mind. In the domes c'mon have another performance like this do you do you worry about than Jason and what's going knows him I know it's early it's only been one game. But if he's if he's still talking about that today. And then to me that's on a good time. At such a rights in other calls result monitors say it resembled Philbin steamed toward the last few games of Centre left leg I thought of over there in London active and it's the jets as a matter of fact. This looked awful and let nobody cared. Ian and I know those games. Happen. And maybe this team just was exhausted and all those things it but it was just I I've seen two teams. Two games. That's what we have to go off of them just kind of wonder what is the better majora what's the better representation of this team. Because I thought this team is pretty good coming off a playoff appearance years ago and I Anderson last year is last year and everybody's different and everything 00. Blood. Yeah had to feel like the thing was going in the right direction yeah absolutely and now I'm going. Okay actually is going right I've just got faith I still think they're making progress here but Dallas kind of old Lego. Wells are really shocked. Shot to the system watching that Sunday. Maybe the show of Sunday this week in and they'll live better I mean if they do that. You feel better about this may lead to storms are to steam roll into you know snowball into this. Negativity is it's thought like that now for awhile and and again. Had they lost that game the chargers where would where would would you feel and I know what is dolphins texture rides and we play free those questions to his presser that would put. Feels question right. We better place for your question who's gonna neighboring hereby out of freed only come to an excellent one trying him. I mean that's that's frills baby right there when it comes asking the tough question at the press conference heard there have the freedoms questions that I covered the minds of freedom for for awhile to his phone sits there and need to go. I don't know Frito he'll be in here it's at 7 o'clock knows differed goes down we'll find out who's. Who will be joining him likens Mamie Greg items they had a full house yesterday a very Jackson in and at a Beasley so that information we'll come back gets the dial final thoughts from from Manny Navarro of the of the Miami Herald Dwyane Wade. Said goodbye to Chicago and hello to the Cleveland Cavaliers when it's a more MBA thoughts from you before we before we. Say adios here want to pump you for some NBA interactions do it as boy Kimberly seasons already started here at Columbia discovery or funnier. It is will be great year I and not just for the heat rising across the board. There's so many interesting story lines summoning fascinating angles and so many great players it's just the NBA. You who you would say. It's not gonna fell. But for what they do it's pretty darn close. Yeah we tried season Tuesday test makes it all to mirror what the NFL does in the off season and and keep interest scenario an actual games are now. Altered route and these guys are any good and who's good who's bad. Coming up also the the Marlins are added that put they added a mogul yet once fifteen and nine now right center field goal here. We did check in honor of her body standing here as having get to six in the big news during the Marlins is the sale of the team. Is official. Souza we're gonna have a going away party for. For Jeffrey Loria David Sampson is that is that getting in the in the is that in the works all over to Arnold trying to put something together. But what is is a leg off a final day we escaped last game of the season they're gone after that is that is the devils get a clean out his office. You know everything's gone he's taken everything with them hopefully these settlements golf should do. Now believes that many come on leave that I leave that man name. Almost sculptured IRA reviewer there sculpture Dodgers earlier not a sculpture I'm kind of a sculpture I want to Jeter comes in and does it in read does the hole through the seems to get a taste that every month since mouth well colossal that money looks like that -- best. Through yeah okay. Are tied with the Compaq right after this 79 that they. Back here on the ticket every Monday on the tickets go to great autumn off Monday rewind a full recap of the weekend games. Benazir updates injury reports in more carbon agree bottom off from the inaudible the price you want Boswell bellicose public adjusters Coors Light. And the Florida lottery. I can't get. Get dead Dickie V sound out of my head I really can't you just yeah actually he was crying and then Miriam what it means tears streaming down his cheeks a guy is. Think he's been doing college basketball and involved god basketball it's like he's been married for fifty years. Your married for fifty years or seven years older Sony five years old you're married to the woman. Did you read high school for fifty years and for fifty years she's disappeared she's kinda gone out and and disappeared in and there's strange letters from different men that show opened the door and there's these weird phone calls for fifty years. Right and then all of a sudden. Leg she says I've been cheating on you. And your like real. My gut that that's I felt about did you feel like all the corruption all the sleep easy stuff the man on a college hoops. For first in the beginning of time and this is what like he's like like all to simulate and this is this is I'm I heard the final hours I hear there's rumors that I didn't know is true that. You can't really do that. Okay and me and yeah now and that's got you feel like we're in Britain where you've had during all this thing but does have this huge scandal. Many you're I've heard things over the years everybody has only to lose around these athletes noses run and it's it's easy to see not I. I don't can prove it nobody wanna that's always the address is the issue or did the NCAA can improve threatened to right so that's you and I. Our source of the story right give me of yoga your drink some aid on a Friday night I stories. We think it's easy he knows. To keep these heard in his score sixty years drunk college hoops go back the Magic Johnson or Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing and Larry Johnson and Gilchrist a blatant error and should chat. It's all the about about it. Order it's not his job to do all that would you don't think he put to a Judy Garcia. Most of that is going on here on on that notes. We have a message from the university of Meyer president Julio frank. And this is this is hot off the other presses here I have not read this many know so we're gonna read it matches and you just handed to us. It isn't from the president of the University of Miami Julio Franco I'd imagine this is in regards to what we're just talking about a college basketball so here is here's what it says. Dear University of Miami family. As you may be aware of the US Department of Justice announced yesterday the indictments of ten individuals involved with. Men's college Basil across the country on charges ranging from bribery to wire fraud. You receive mine was not named in the indictments always any university employee charged are identified however. We have confirm with US attorney's office that at this time is investigate a a potential tie to one member of our coaching staff. And a student recruit them. Okay he continues the president you have. While we are alarmed at disappointed. We are steadfast in our belief that we must also act with the highest level integrity and commitment to the pursuit of truth. To that and we have pledged our full and complete cooperation with the Department of Justice probe. As well as to the NCAA with whom we will jointly review. Any relevant matters the legal process and any and suitably joint review politely takes in times like urged patience for all. Who love our university we are. He's strong institution and I can assure you that we will. Do what is right even if doing so is horrid thank you for your continued support of the university. In her keen athletic sincerely Julio frank the president of the University of Miami. All right to the news is that they confirmed the how layered coach who are in involved in this scenario we don't know that that the player or the coach but. And they've confirmed practice starts Friday heavily for the University of Miami be an interest in practice. And I don't know I don't know bridges before this happened. Days they might have they might have had in might still out there best team in the history of the program could. Maybe not anymore right right numbers deal as of I don't know depth I had no idea. Bought like going into this year that it has that potential. Definitely it's her team and maybe on the high in one of the best teams to ever. But they were hat. Biggest anticipation for sure I mean in Cleveland this vision so aren't so. Least the big knowledge of it and this is the president stepping in making inches and late James or even Jim Larranaga the president says this is this is what it is and where are trying to figure this thing out organ before often. By the way Dwyane Wade tiger spoke with Tim Reynolds the Associated Press so there's a story that Reynolds put out with some some quotes. Exclusively from doing in regarding why he chose Lee. Any anything that catches your either well. We see here when he basically said I'm all about the challenges is Dwyane Wade speaking the Associated Press. If I didn't want to challenge it would've stayed in Chicago but I want the challenge of being back on the big stage and playing in those moments and seeing what I've got. So knock and talk about what I've got I want. To go out there and show when the lights of the brightest in the game two of the biggest that's when I'm alive. And I need that wades into a hard look at going back to Miami this in the sales pitches from Paul George and Carmelo Anthony Oklahoma City. And even considered Santonio. And got a call from Golden State in the end he wanted to play again with James LeBron James someone we'd. Pulls his brother. And this was the big decider and LeBron LeBron and this is just an happen overnight either. No limits on about this for a while they pad their offseason we're Rex together running. In doing you're losing your bought out it was a matter went right league brought on December and January are gonna bomber blows isn't. By the way Chicago they really want all my god we wanted to model there's less than those that locker room and and right. That's not a valid those guys like that that's a young team their dislike the decide to skip out of year old man they didn't. I mean like public. How are they gonna help him. A joins us let's be honest. Dwyane is on. Twain's own agenda is sure absolutely he's and that rights and and you toss I'm all sorry you're three time champion ye you you know. You can you can write your own path the same way Carmelo is he getting himself out and you're in. Paul George and getting sulphide Indiana all these guys ultimately compound the hour here that's what's changed in the NBA the last ten years him but I for those young guys in Chicago trying to make the names of so it's like to studio content publisher like just. Think you would unit reuniting Jonas and you don't you practice like their dislike this device we'll try to beat you down the road but. Yeah Cleveland I just how much does Dwyane have left Kenny some minutes. On any given night I guess revealed she win in the fourth quarter net to begin with because I think. LeBron always in Washington is around salute you can take issue or off the floor when when when planes in there. Let you know maybe the nights that LeBron needs that off and wins again takes over I don't know maybe that's sort of what is being brought in for just one of the many fascinating story lines and you'll be covering throughout the NBA season also UB back in tomorrow. Current right yes all right so I Emanuel being in studio tomorrow. But should be should be a lot of fun thanks to many of our allows and has always. Thank you mom and a everybody that listened and of course it's accident as well a great job value we got a role in Friedel is coming up next on Kirstie was it. Give it right here on 799. Tickets.