9-7-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, September 7th
Leroy says the Titans are a bad matchup for the Dolphins. What does Adam Gase's gut sound like? Heat fire fishy CEO. Kentucky Soccer got in trouble because the Foo Fighters played soccer with them. Jalen Ramsey says he can play in the NHL. Would an NHL player have a better chance to make an NFL roster with 6 months training or the other way around? Trump has a hard time saying anonymous. The guys make their Doom Picks for the weekend. Beast and Tobin agree to a "post off"

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We look back everybody. Don't they like these are live from the Seminole hard rock hotel room. Yeah September hi. And Sunday through Thursday went out and about every thirty minutes from 10:30 AM to 2 AM qualifying begins at 10 AM. Rhode. Now. Also got tonight ally and talk about every thirty minutes. You're here really as Robby does he loves the late action. They got that going on to what we want to. When we went up boxing last week you sit in supple with the horrible stuff. Plant had to kill time looking at your house so it was at home has doubled back. Never never never not action. Of that action that's what he's up he's always up to about an innate. Manson dolphins have the Tennessee Titans. On Sunday. I think a lot of all the teams that. They could possibly play. This might be one of the worse. Because of all the obvious running up to that have which is just. How big the U how deeply offensive football and it's almost like very simple book. That means they're gonna robredo attitude. You're gonna run to read option. In go to Rome play action is basic fundamental football. And that's what. These two young linebackers. Have had problems not Zain if you're not gonna be good but here's the problem we deeply in my back. If you look first. They use there. It's over. And I don't know where you're going big big big big problems ended up. It is because they're young and they're not familiar with being yet so if you look. While that quarterbacks audio. That you 220. To a 25 rounds. I look at this game and I just feel like as the dolphins don't go to the streaking at the doors blown off them. You know lose by like that outlook on it say about the dolphins lose. Is a couple of teams always blue Obama. The ravens to. Agree because the problem sport it Texans have a huge winning streak on the dolphins Texans. It I don't know maybe it's just I think it has more to do wit. The other team's defense stifling the dolphins' offense maybe. I just you know I just because a lot that we don't quite know yet the line new pieces fitting in. And as as Beasley said yes that he mystic about the tight ends by now that mark he's raised on for the year I mean it's getting even younger there too so. A lot of guys don't lose in new spots for them but I don't know over have a great feel one way or another after this because. How do we know how good the titans are and I don't think that. You have this deal our rate if you if you beat them. You're definitely in a great spot. But if you if you lose I don't think all of lost either it's you know as you very early it almost feels like. Analysts say it feels like and a new star for Adam gates but. The fact that he's gonna have to help more seasons. Knowing his system and there are a lot of new pieces on offense a lot of new real key play makers. It does almost feel like a bit of a fresh start for these guys in the defense is a lot of new planet is outside like Rashad a sudden Rashad Jones and cam wake you mean. It's pretty much at George Phillips I mean it's because Keiko. But there's a lot of new key guys who are going to be out there via here's oh. Here's who's always been terrifying. About the first game agencies. You have some. Teams this ruffled. You have some teams that no matter. What. Is going don't. They're gonna continue down a path because they've had success. Do you have some teams. That a relatively. New when trying to build something. And you pulled the trigger a little sooner we change. It adjustments. And stuff like that now they big game plan of working on this telling us you don't. We took great season comes we got some four yet they've been telling it is all okay. Don't worry about it. We put him in bad situations we start game plan to be different. He hopes I mean like look they've they were doubts have been around slate they had to they had to mix of the corners because. Mean the other opposite corners power as a bit of a disaster that what Bobby came on the outside and it gets mink on the field which is good. A big. What they have to do defensively this. They have the plea to guys. Who are the best and find a position. Depp don't just what about big make a badge again I always thought that he would play. In between. Him and of the two safeties. They were gonna have to be to play makers and they were gonna roam around the line of scrimmage and do a lot of things kind of like. Troy Polamalu would where he was never a deep safety was always around the ball. Make it plays Condit to do to view a look at this your you know. There and have the plea. Defense. Politician. B you're going to be to gonna have to take extra guy. It put him in a middle out of field because that's where they've been vulnerable for the last three years. And how to work it like that remember about a ball drop back a little bit almost like excellent back but not really and just kind of plague games. Where it goes deep in the backs it would make of this Patrick so that you give them a chance to make plays because guess what. If there's any position on his view you know you don't know was that it happened. Back. Let's get the headlines. XX WE XY AM South Miami W Passat Passat and pitched eight Miramar. Radio dot com station. Hi this is a football weekend so we'll start with the the hurricanes pleas of interstate 6 o'clock in the rock on Saturday. You can hear that one with a pregame show Rihanna to a nurse's station through them and aren't any six month sentence. We of the dolphins. The move when the titans 1 o'clock on Sunday near the nurses decision humans will and his country. Well thrown up plugs yup I just won't let everybody know it was sounding equivalents pregame shows this week at 10 AM on our stage and the up if you guys one and other. Bit of flavor to get you going for the dolphins game which means. The roll back. A play and start time of fighters Peter Sundays at 9 AM that is true that is correct that meant was that I artistry goes nowhere and watch and you'll see paper view tomorrow wanna listen to recap partners through the next morning thank you got it. A 128. That's auditors and then he's on the tone payroll as a relief to the dolphins. Vs Danny Garcia for the that a BC welterweight championship we'll have a boy yeah my way to tell me and I am. What's that did to make weight he didn't equity in fact he did that little extra emphasis when. He made one pound under the weight that he had to is that without doing the ms. Whitman is with rapist by every Emma you have CT 28 right. Yes objectives which it was Gina yet. I as far as the dolphins go to audit Parker is out he's the only one that's listed that will now play at least I don't know. Parts of the Mitt BS Sunday but he's good for the gravity deeper blue dog reported at a Adam gays. Us that it will be a gut feeling for him as to whose bracket quarterback will be us while there fails I still don't know you. You've got will be probably be PF to choose to be tobacco quarterback that got adversary rock house Weiler. Yeah it does it takes and yeah I mean what I think it's right before you go. The movie that he departed ways with their run. I and I can make it big god and you part ways with the chief revenue officer Jeffrey David it was a moment that a Ponzi schemes situation in Belgium and out and Sacramento extremely David. Quick question worst Bernie costs covered it was different. What we're gonna go. It don't worry make you look back you'll be back it's definitely not in Scandinavia somewhere but did not pay off gambling that with the heat's official mascot don't worry a lot of both east and Scandinavian care. Jack. As relates to the heat Ray Allen going into the NBA hell fame. You are just vault him I just well I know it's just basketball just mass Somalia. David that this do you have a yacht bigger than me not go to Mickey that's all right that was me amulets and it's a wise business investments all right. It wears an American Airlines money. All it's to handle our that we got in the and a fun. Now that I around. Don't and speed is so this story get like frost mine a box my big big bucks what is it's the incidentally being stupid again. So do. Back in the spring in May the Foo Fighters are in Kentucky their way to show rough terrain on the Kentucky campus right. And just for fun they they happen to see the soccer team in the soccer teams. I don't going to let it informal situation. Leg you know work out I guess so like hey let's let's go play soccer with the Kentucky soccer team would do to warm up to do get a little run in before the show. And what happened is the coaching staff joined in in this informal soccer team. And it happens me during a period for the coaching staff can't be on the field with the players. So the Foo Fighters got the University of Kentucky. Levin with sanctions. Yes yes. So stupid I mean. The biggest rock band in the world. Just wants to rule in soccer OK okay we've been struck in the world's going to be at a time. Bet that perspective of who it one of the biggest rock band yes now you're at it again what are the biggest rock band in the world haven't been to campus just wants to play around. You and we're have a little fun. Now you're on sanctions this is stupid. The soccer team movements the socket most feeder club. Kentucky Kentucky that it complied people like look at the wouldn't like crap is illegal they had to self report that. Tony got pictures with some reported group who fired what we're able soccer correct. Elect and if you're punishing body like the NCAA is somebody gives you lay up and take it. Now now members of the men's and women's team have to sit out supervise have to sit out teen activities. Like two weeks or something like that I don't know it's. Stupidest thing of their pursuit like soccer it's full slider and his record will soccer stars. It's a fall sport solos like their spring training it was like they're there you know spring practice for a little bit bigger win home hey. Mom dad. Comfortably soccer would approve fighters right why are you oh we got sanction to correct. The yes it. Disputed some funny stories it's a German Ramsey's take. Photo back in the street right yet. That's untidy room knows that's not his biggest what's Steve going on right now yet since he never sounds of this hate Nash stress off. Jeff Ramsey told me the content can probably cracked an NHL roster with six months of training. And ultimately hockey yet how you players are not happy with us if they take everything seriously. Well Ed because I'm also more foreign and don't really. Care about football's only to Don Eaton who owns a warrant are at four and like this Jack Michael from the Buffalo Sabres says I think it's insulting Farley. Ross players who dedicated their lives to playing in the NHL to think after six months you can come and be one of the RUB. You can complain one of the hardest sports in the world mean it's ridiculous. Ignorant to say that. In ash just a note into your he obviously. Doesn't know what your true. He clearly do not know Bobbitt jones' kids Seth Jones he's the advancement for the Columbus Blue Jackets he says that you can even learn to speak and six months. Agree. Alleged label warns quality leader Willie Lee what's cool what about the whole macho like an athletes and athlete. No skating is different though. Like whatever they wanted avid athlete I mean say if you have a guy who's a receiver. That you probably hit a baseball. If he could probably shoot a basketball. OK when you start talking about skating while swinging a stick and a little public. Among them we'll go out on a limb and say. Did you can't just picked as a saint Louis blues weighing. Live the mere tennis seeing cool. I can do it in your milk them only in the world he is more chance to clean in each ill in six months impossible. He and seeing that eclipses. Our sport. I've unite you would you do go portable skate of course you do and Google put animals of course she ran that commercial. That's rehearsal. What you want to programs would Roger Clemens in the path geno you know that. Complete with an IQ UJ Ramsey right. He's on skates he's platelet Ross he's playing highlight these don't under the burden in you have to do to hockey. We're not all vehicles were medium objects you do the majority did in six months bullet in six months more likely. Sasha bark off makes the jaguars. What you Ramsey. Meet the current partners. No object so months markup does not make huge part of being in the NFL not happening. Know. What we'll go play on. Mean you can go cancels to keep you run things that's said that's a jail insane. No he's eighty escapist because he broke fans who would about the stake in the park you gotta swing it. While the browns go backwards forwards in skate pulls people like admitted he has is communal stories and you cracked the roster athlete as an athlete man. Hand eye coordination hand eye coordination who it's who doesn't know. System and I'll ask him a capital a day but I'm asking you you have to pick one. What's more likely. To you and makes the Florida Panthers. At that makes the Jacksonville jaguar what is Wichita bigot that. Let's X five moment anyway. And cut. Answer well. Six war he is. Giving away Q let's go one. Aron act led 216. Pounds list that's let's use export them to England. Shooting guard safety. The receiver O. It was that big dictated delete it will record is up and realize them. Was. When you look at college. It. Children 61 like to to want me feet and twenty. Eight to twenty night winners you know of course. I would date here this hubbub. Nick Butte stats six. 218. And you. We're we're going to quarterback you know ramseys who always. You know worried he went to school robbing. The extent where you go to school musical were all been so all and it's salute the Ray Allen today. I believe it or not the only reason why I'm saying this. Is because there's too much stuff to learn. OK. I would say. Hockey players have an easier chance of playing football find the spot here. In Jim Ramsey. Because at some point in soccer your position we've got to be back who. These hand eye coordination round right but I don't know how fast they are in them at Dundee matter. Gazette six fixed even if you are a buck eighty. Right you might give productivity security and it appears no alleged that ran they'll play goalie. You just put him in a pipe let him get scored on what time is over got to read skinny new at this promotion do. Oh. It's just it's. Like. To. That's that that's what's at Johnson's syndicated schemes that. Primer can run play linebacker. I don't know man but you don't wanna do. The majority of fund accounts that the Goldman of the Panthers can't believe them pounce on yet. Here's or do. You mean LeRoy Robbie. We're gonna go down to paint as media day at the jugs machine. And see what it does have the best hands on the ice are now on the ice obviously. I completely natural environment yeah it's. I used to take figured he wasn't. Really. Don't know what lessons we could be at the end of Chris newcomers didn't know by Obama. You know you want to read again extra exercises she sent via for figures in a critical question requested. Are you really get more excited that you just glide onto blades. It is a rough but it is torture clogs. I have a hard time the league works at we will wait I can't give anymore. The legs and Annan ornaments and of them bullet makers and that's that's why but. Of the exercise that Don. The story around them as she's Madonna Gasquet. At the Lake Worth rank and I'd go somewhere in the icons down like it was some of the worst pain I've ever adamantly. Thailand the republics. As he could gain or your arms you'd be great oh. It's. All right we'll realize boy there's a different type news vessel. Music that's powered by a court. Thoughts on their abuse gathered Sunday that I think our headlining Sunday Sonny Garcia great days right in my pocket and the budget of not these alternative bands that are. Gonna kick ass man. Sat idly doing what they're lined up for Saturday is unreal. If you're into the stuff that's when the start it's just completely unreal and Friday's throwback in. Who doesn't like Lisa Lee's in the culture and African reunion the jacksons the last from the Jackson Brothers played itself what it was 1984 Olympic record there. I. Out of apple ripped out by Ford Portland beat. Now that. I've put out a poll. Better chances six months of training Ramsey on the Panthers bark off on the jaguars. Early returns as Bart come on the jaguars. Yes I did I'm just. Might yet because guess what. Picked upon the position he paid thirty ground Heatley tied in. You've got to get him back coordinating the robot destroyed up to many until this one texts or I'd send. He says it's Butte stats 662 retained given six months a long way. With his hand eye coordination probably be really get the to play right guard easily what the people understand though I am Ali I've a question. Yeah and I LeRoy I will go to you on this OK yeah now to try not to be biased. And then a guy. What do you think is easier driller OK. An athlete that is amazing hand eye coordination but can't skate. For a guy that can skate. But has been like if that did not lead to put heat and have been measurable that's correct. Badly. Because one reason why used to eighties that we could you pick things up correct and in so. It would probably be easier to teach him. Now. I think it. The transition would be easier for the hockey career because I'm making a bunch of assumptions. Let's hope I can please know like pure war. Mine could barely hear you well. I'm gonna ask you this question and a hotly compared hitting in the day chilled to the hidden in the and a bomb ice gives grants doesn't. We knew you win you've got ice though you do not hitting solid ground. No no it won't be but normally again and again which you about it. To glass you know the general every. Know in football everything he did give that much. And when you sing give. You talking about when you get hit up rightly that. You know reboot what you call. Barbara rinses blow it on might not get hurt more but that's hurt. Okay you want it or what about grass. You I don't current. You slide iceman issue because we knew it. And you give it ice is orders of the initial which I know you're riding you're not. A ditzy Richard zednik in his throat cut. On a home that was scary parts well which had conversely they are thinking Bradley was stuck at large shock was the goalie. Who would know that I remember. I remember the Richard that I think is of Bursa interning at 790s I was working as a turning up at this game. Who do I hope that. You're you're in their right. Know yet like if you look at it if if somebody. I'd like you. In football. Shouldn't give him. Grab at all brick if woke him the ball game OK let this not well. Sometimes against the point work. It gives all the way through lately and not because this is more this is gonna do what we go out to the Panthers a practice facility with a jug machine to see who can catch. At the same time we're gonna vote LeRoy in hockey outfitted. And haven't visited. Yes it is likely to hit the wall meaning he needs to prove he needs of children and it all pulls you know he's got. Just love it he's in they would check points and boards. You seem to be had been a lot of ideas. Ward guy. Who some have said it does Rambo and we can elect them in the Mighty Ducks it's gotten to the goal is to do that stuff. Followed like Colbert is now Angus or something yeah Goldberg's look at rock and last night that Goldman hard and those users who went so far and then. Let's. Wait a few questions if you're standing still on some scary via. If somebody comes and hits you'd be up vs spending on some instant cleats or perfumes. And somebody comes in its usual. What do you think it's gonna hurt more. I didn't know that I. Gonna give you going into the boards or not too so I'd rather get hit by like Sean thorn I'd rather Shawn Thornton. Hit me into the boards then Ndamukong Suh. My food. I would. Plus the Ezra and help the right there performing very. But the other issues the pop that thing hurts if it hit you. Like if the football that you wouldn't you know by mistake you you'll be okay commend your receipt Tory holt finger. Looking great going at it Arctic. You'd be a civil hearts. So while Wheeler broke with preview. Not the mall before but let me make an impression. That there. And it. Is. A yeah. It would be big. We just him speaking of clubs a president. This is abuse. So I heard there was more than came out. From likes them anonymous staffer I ended the lives of Diana broad enough that idea and so our president who is at a rally is today. Discussing sauces. And has some trouble with with the certain word. The latest act of resistance. Is the op Ed published. In the fairly New York Times by. And an ominous. Really an ominous. Gutless. Coward. A mom and it's live our show mere rubber down. Had not diminish. Her apartment no. And among us. Listed with the then leader of the free world an anomaly he really an ominous shadow monitoring and that it gives. Of course. Is we'd Jones he's led. An album ominous and really a model you listen to me stock market. Economy. All great. Albright doesn't matter. Hippopotamus. Solicit this Stephanopoulos enemy. About the economy is government better stock market and an all time high. You know every. Night you know it's cyclical right. You know let's listen me listen listen the economy has never been better. There's and everyone has a job of not one jobless person but here's the thing. Trump volumes that it is an amazing trash talker I mean he can and so all of my guide humanity him. He's known he's even when he was president he was hosed down out isn't likely left. An apprentice. It was amazing. That being at the pump is. Normally for the wrestling he'll. He's got to stay in character and stale points when he says that the ailing New York Times. Which is a funny and so I don't care I mean if if if people get it is a funny it's just. Luckily calls have been failing. True or not. You can't then followed up with saying anonymous as hippopotamus like me saint act the park after saint pay attention to details. Yes the exact. Anonymous. Access to moments. I'm an up bump and a difficult to judge slams on what. I'm ominous and and homeless. And pat on an ominous enough. That that thankful what's on run in LA is active resistance. Is the op Ed published. In the fairly near times by. An anomalous. And really at an ominous. Gutless. Coward. But on their part of the Quebec does he start to get the rally don't like him fairly New York Times densely Obama murder agreements. Like one. And I think you'd. They use the mean you have problems. Woodward which happens to all of us yet you know reunion if you don't try gays and eventually to do ya if you don't know how to spell enjoy and you spoke with the disease and just keep rolling keep going just keep roll a man listen just enjoy yourself guys guys. Economy has never been better. Everyone has a job companies are making money hand over foot. Tax breaks have been amazing and report yet it over fits and obsessed whatever I'll tell you who's in the economy not doing well is completely crazy man I don't know what you guys are doing. Of that is the comes not Golez Goldberg from the mud dogs who do and I. Posted ads like this right didn't come come. This them to comply Boudreau is like a daily Alvin from the Cosby and Alvin from the copies. Tyler Perry's put him in movies and shows. On Camille filed is mortgage Trader Joe's not bad for Goldberg. I feel badly want to make a Mighty Ducks poured it all just so like I hope and not make anymore and I do it again Iraq. Anna visit you it's Mighty Ducks for its and and and and coach Gordon Bombay he rallies the troops to win a charity game to bail Goldberg to that goal now again. She looks for well I don't think he has an empty too late no teeth. Because there's I don't the easy job owns it. And and and secondly. I think he needs a haircut more than rob. No no there's a couple of more book and he did a couple of the issues they have deal in the losses on him. We needed it indicated that it didn't do it looks and acts. So real quick and two events and as I'm hopeful they got out played football and hockey vote and ice ice hurts more Buick. And here's another. It can hold life. Board shake and absorb some of the game getting slammed into boards doesn't hurt as much as getting tackled the program. It hockey when you hit a weight is not behind you put football. It's hit Volvo way. I have not people above where he announced today. It gives all played rip my board. Levee on the Sunday a lot of three devoted man I would like a really happened is now we got to acknowledge every song. Let me just say this week you would do it should go. We're professional and user. Two biggest oldest courtly does this way okay. We owe one hash tag third hour right. What's the one thing that needs to happen brass tag third hour. I don't get us on national television and have the biggest on mine is what's history knowledge that's now. That's that's. Who's crazy crazy for me to think that this up its its its its cash. Currently have equal more so in other words the more ways this concert. The more people buy tickets the war revenue we generate. And the more money either is for us to a third hour so we have a code words like is their code hash tag there's an hour and you rip Todd buying. There is. All right everybody tied it when you retire to its hash tag third hour yet. Do it. Actually I knew if your member of all the clubs for all the different stations. You'll get a chance to buy tickets early and much cheaper. About about you and says that the repugnant awesome it's an awesome awesome time to slate. We suck each game and we're not win I'm not the shark and opted not a religion that. I can hit the post on any so we find that posed on Andy's on Monday you and I haven't post off. Okay no problem post idol kicked your post. It destroyed and should I greeted the BBO wise man. Leave it more. Yes and you wireless of the unit on the FN dot U residential signal we pirated ars ago we got a radio we were hosted breakfast the basement. Please. The better shows that properly raised brick through the beast Iraq right now. Rock the Olympics terrorist act. Then Dane in the day ended down the middle by the way on this on this poll I know I Lindsey Graham receivers bark jobs. I've got a chance with six concentrating guys go out Brennan sports a little retreat at seven under the ticket I think Barco we've. You bet it is ready to seals go out to Barco. Plus one. Joked before the skin there but a good one no parts of studio two he gets it. Duplex is our lineup the five week month. Beasley in the way after week one he is too while the rest of us are one and two surrounded what she kicked things off here man. What are you got RS sort of with Seattle. At the Denver Broncos the Broncos are 83 point home favorite. A check this out the Seahawks. They have not covered in six straight September. Road games and Russell Wilson's always do from week one clinker. I'll take the Broncos to cover of free points in the clunker and Mexico yes. Anonymous notes and nine and it's the optimists. What's the what's and that's around the cowboys at the Panthers the Panthers are 83 point home favorite. I don't trust Dallas on the road Arctic Carolina recovered reports they're really good at home Pampers. Fair enough to Aaliyah was to last on our at second game of Monday Night Football LA rams at the Oakland Raiders. The rams are a four point road favorite everyone's down on the raiders precedent critically a Mac but. The rant caught a girly have not played in the pre season there's going to be a little rusty and had a plan that infield they're not used to that moment to the raiders and the four points at home. Don't feel baseball card. About that would be on the road. The 49ers and the vikings. Vikings are six and a half point favorite. It is not supposed to be here. Let's. Who was the epic game. When I don't realize. Problems with the parent but you see these are frustrated with Gary Anderson has limited comfortably into graduate again at a Gary. And now c'mon. It home on until well and really get it the key. That's fine that's fine. Maybe not in the locker room when it's just for you guys at a dinner. No one's bleed talk in the kicker though because. When it made the final drive. We get a safety advocates of balls with his bread basket you can Wear breakthrough in the game would have been over it so. It. Was next tight. Or visiting the dolphins. It is the is one half point favorite. I'm terrified youth because the things that I've been to before. I'm gonna beat the titans. Simply because until the dogs from to be that they can get in the middle of the field. Those young linebackers. Can commit to so bullet defense. You know I can't speak to deploy. You know beat me to be better rocky paths and the region which stands on it that means we've both moves. A bit of visiting the Packers. Now I know what the hell. May I believe that Packers almost eight. Point favorite over ABT. So I'm negative smears three road teams I don't. It's this is this is it's hard to know exactly when everything is right now ideas that I got I got chiefs at chargers charges are three and a half point home favorite. She started new quarterback on the road. Even though is that a year under his belt Watson. Not go without for your first you purse on the roads on the take the charges at home in the points. Or don't let points if you watch the quarterback that nobody won. I don't know man at. The bills are at the ravens ravens are seven and a half point. Home favorite now. Normally at citizens do steep the ravens' Joseph Flacco dude sucks. However. Opposite him. Is they did Peterman. From friends. If that means I felt about the cognitive side felt. But his last start. Was a disaster as defined in the pre season that bell and Josh had a statistic where the jobs Suze they'll fight off the young the the young lion. But is not available via off T sizzle. Tsonga who laid the big ones is open and it doesn't matter you still got stick he's going to instill fear. In needed him and I would go to the ravens and mileage I was a giants Jacksonville at viewpoint wrote him a kimono. Come on. I rattling its coaches. Hugo you're up. I really quick blocks at say its books are horrible it's in a New Orleans the Mercedes-Benz superdome with a big number nine and haven't been going up money's been pointed on tape and I'll take the saints. And home. Jets and lions I have one rule when it comes to get some lines it's in Detroit Detroit is six and a half point favorite I will never. Ever take the jets even if it's repeat seventeen times over so to lions. And my homer pick Texans the patriots six and a half a big to big number but just to them grow to the patriots. Very everybody have a fantastic. Weekend. Enjoy all of the real moms what's going on this weekend so have a it's so much sports so much sports and remember fighters during Sunday's at Nottingham football time now boys. Right on your Sunday morning we'll talk to guys on Monday.