Adam Beasley w/ TLB 12-11-17

Monday, December 11th

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Just thereof of NASA's biggest was guess slide shows just dug in there about Adam Beasley and dolphins taking on the page it's night Beasley. Will this be another primetime massacre. I brought up code is good to have you guys procedure had me on. These. Swear you can probably do so will be right. Carpenter COLT point home underdog you don't you that Barry all that is a really really big number. And I can't say that I blame the betting public is you know what every time they play. In prime time they just get dropped I mean they get beaten physically and mentally emotionally spiritually. It's not good there really isn't and that's forty does that pasting in the the ravens put on them about a month ago I think it'll take that. Is v.s you know I'm a little bit biased about this one but I'll put that aside for the moment and ask you. If tomorrow we wake up in the dolphins. Have won the game the reason why will be. Because state. Put the kind of pressure on Brady had that they did in the last time and then they don't have stupid turnovers and mistakes that hurt them. Because Britain really got crap kicked out of outlasting meters at the quarterback hit. That particular the Bob Keane. I believe was caused by heat relief and assistance and get out of twenty. For the dolphins who couldn't capitalize on this bill lost. But three scorers. They had a chance but was that they were down eleven at the ball. Rather own forty yard line fourth quarter. First two plays sacks and then they've incredible run down and and that was that so. But I don't have to have that same kind of pressure tablet could have a big game Domenici is gonna have a big game. Maybe Charles terrorists they we remember it right the first round draft pick. Yeah the couple. Sacks this dude. You have already got them very happen. It definitely helped the coaches they loan they they they rave about it to say is affecting the quarterback he talked of the map that matter but that other stuff that that the matters that matter. Let's go like a permanent. And yet want any 12 it is used today. Profound that there 2017. Ed rusher is he is the fewest sacks over the first round pick. So that I could write it that easily get better and no better time Mike presents for it to get better obviously there will be without really pays for the rest of the season so there's gonna play a lot. And yet impact on the game is going to be good for the. These is is this. Offense wearing down on the defense again. Well I think everybody has that. Right I think that happened multitude of. Well and that's my point this is now been a couple of years. Where you get into December and in if they should happen to go for the net net. It gets crunch time in the defense has no gets. And the crew they're the offense is actually start and can't figure out you look at their stats from. Both it's your last year. Yeah this error the first eight games of the seat in the first half this season in 20162017. That was something like sixteen points a game. The second half of the seasons that moved up to 2320 Portland's Steve Suter scored a I put down more now make it two months ago went directly right does that even matter anymore because the defense is just debt now I think. Last week that was a really really good a lot of different ways for the for the dolphins seeking power got confidence. Pat struck out after. That a quarterback. They they really look like it the defense we thought they would be all along now quite as good as the quality opponent the Broncos are straight garbage in the little bad. So can you do that again and that is he consistently what you do but look depending on who you listen to believe that either the first or second highest paid defensive line. Indiana felt stature kind of number to kind of bigotry and number one. But the problem I want it to hide it depends upon football. And I owe and can't wait they've really had no consistent pass rush and actually I think in my opinion the most public part of the season. Each year we don't you're thinking this is the year of the defensive line because he's really good. They earned it essentially and and and and I have an impact on each and every game they play that this has happened this year. And this game is going to be even more frustrating because they are not gonna have a chance to get. The ball's gonna be out of Brady's and so corny. You know if it makes you wonder what are Heidi good to do in the secondary because this is your is one of those games where you know you got. Little small receivers cross in the field and then they'll go over the top two or three times and guys usually wide open because your word about the core customer. Yet that would patriots do. You know I think what will ultimately crop cropland. Minister that suspension furtive WW move in the build him. To battle the dolphins. It's crazy that this is not guys. Obviously that that the patriots are used to playing without our 1000 feet it wants Super Bowl well Robert county. They're 25. Indians which is not played that great if it won 80% of the games we've played without. Probably the second best offensive players so to speak to you with a lot of coaching that they have there and Tom Brady is just like you'd really good about that. Today at age forty. People like when you retire why would he retire he's playing better now that he ever has in his career is gonna win this third MVP. Especially since Carson once the opportunities and at that it for the third time in the NFL MVP this year. I think his numbers against the dolphins are bunkers obviously didn't play in the opener last year because he was serving his suspension. But I under decent passer ratings like 110 Paulson and yet we times seven touchdowns and one pick in the last three games. I've you know exit won the Bob Cain taking the last three games against the dolphins didn't really really good. And the patriots think he's going to be really really good for awhile because of the of the trees here Cisco backup quarterback so. Back there one particular problems that you keep thinking man this is the year that Brady's gonna get old maybe we can probably making a move now. At some point that it happened in my happy if he. Bees do with John Carlo out of town bigamy case and Ndamukong Suh is the biggest name as far as an athlete goes in this town yet. I find any kind of goes under the radar like it there's not more. A hype about Ndamukong Suh is one of the most talented defensive lineman in the league one or why is that and is that just a matter because the dolphins can't get right. You know I think that's that's number one is that the dolphins have been largely irrelevant I know that once again last year. But there are regional team and there are you know even even that's questionable of their TV ratings. Are you worst among you and you any city has multiple there's a single and felt seem like Elliott all the team's New York has multiple teams San Francisco Bay Area has multiple teams. But for just a city that one team. The ratings are in the basement every year and I I think it speaks to a frustrate campus and they inter. Dealing with the crappy product to be honest for the better part of twenty years and I think had to do what kind of demographics the city were younger. That he really took a lot of a year out of the out of the sails of the Balkans without running it had I don't think they've won a lot of those stand back. So yeah I think that part of the reason just playing for a team that's been marred the irrelevant. I think his personality has something to do with that although he's kind of warmed up once and not a couple of years. I think playing defensive tackles kind of an odd. On this position to buy that means we think that we could obviously won't install on got a decade ago with but recently ruling what what. But we eat everything we have Republicans do. Molly's. He was dollars and you got there. Needs to know how much our powers is just because he put his position that we really don't think the did you tell Ryan mallet. You're has Prilosec. I was not install I give million dollars and only one. Reason he plays a position that if he does his job really well. Everybody else benefits but if everybody else doesn't take advantage. And his work is lost. Yeah and I'll I'll I'll put this to you guys how hard you think is that whole intent is going to be just because he's put them. Some really rapid relief that he senses and Miami. I don't know like we here's a clip on the morning show he feels like the winning thing is as a fad that's that's starting to go away but. I certainly do feel like this I Alamo it feels that this is almost it's almost worse than being on. May be a disappointing. Detroit team that was Megan of Wellesley it's it's like he says it's it's feels mingling to me. And that's that was that the fight about but again because you look at political football focuses the world you know this guys. They face to his office he's never been better display that is fine. But he has such a negligible impact on the team you know. If if a quarterback went out of his mind you'll see if a quarter of play out of mind you'll see it that offensive tackle where out of his mind that these are middle linebacker as a want to tackle right. Well and to our outside guys you know get sex and nobody's getting sex did to the naked guy you can't tell. What Ndamukong Suh is doing or that nose tackle is actually don't. You know Elton. Not radio demonize the all that would get that would put him on the road. The holds so. LeRoy picked the dolphins into the points. No I don't think that's our reports ago that he appoints these. Are very important question. Who is cutlery. Thank you modestly it's over yeah Munson announced that point yet you know miners and the point. Well we could do from girl Sandra Bullock yeah. Yes. My husband and wife for Adobe and the guy from girls is it is is is installer is. Out of driver. And a lot of ya go Z Star Wars that bullion signal well why should go to one. But it is still open it is that the last one was pretty good I didn't do that halo what I like more it was like kind of prequel. We are one. Yeah I enjoyed. Yeah those did. Now that I and then the premier Wen noted Dodd. You don't. The image eight of the care that's who we got it almost always did your 85 Star Wars characters you go to. You blocks the. Don't know it. Yes so I think we're trying to get I was too old cigarette. Yeah hunt skywalker. Right my wheel house would know what 5% kinda just like. Did you actually. I was all on us it's less MBAs. What you call Bill Belichick Bill Belichick or you call him bill bullets or. Named Bill Belichick hasn't. I don't mainly because they just league apparent insane and wrong on the all time go watch that video we have to read it it corrected just like five years into. Well again and he was talking about his dad is always Isetan that he mentioned his dad Steve bulletin. Bullets in the match. And double but it did these brilliant man. Zombies we've got video and abuse outlook.