Adam Beasley w/ TLB 7-20-18

Friday, July 20th

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And we out to be Ryan fuels down Disney stores gas line true at least that's beyond even though finding by The Herald it's. Dolphins reporter Adam Beasley are body he is back football is nearing Adam are you excited under the easily ruined funny about it and I use our body and I. LeRoy I can't stand you beast. Look at this would be the slogan Russia plus one for Beasley believe what you believe you think if the food that's that's you you love my in my picture of coach Brock. You know are you out when you might hear you'll do nightmare fuel. Photoshop. Yeah we know we don't know where we we too were rejected group text and while doing the show he says. Next well. And of coach Brock he. He's like everybody's friend man like Emma Dole's coming out there like facetime in the next they'll be doing shots together man it's going to be a good bees he's the players' coach. I mean are working sixteen not so much is seventeen roll we're gonna keep up that quick no answer to but it's crazy because. Did I was older. And gave it coached them. When goals are. Often the thirty you know I think it was forty. At what point layup because in an interview later that your man advantage but as you. At what point does it come to your body with the place. Then age. Is not what makes you weird. Who great it is it's more along the lines of look. I don't want to say it like it is all for naught if they don't win. Went out again. I would guess I would say up. You know that's the Whitney because when Belichick took over for us when he came in Cleveland he was under fort. So. The home moved a little bit but it does that there's there's a difference. Like for example. It BP you've been around football. Did agree was known as a players coach. Right apparently hit three conversations with the degree to five years. Because because what he did was is he spoke more if he had a problem. He will go to your position coach in the next guy would come to you on so now I will say this relationships that you have. With your position coach. You guys might go to dinner go wild. Wood every you know as a group. Stuff like that. So your position coach guy which you don't pick a bit like this. Why is Bo and and and and wait so close. Because those image we know what they're close in age (%expletive) in it together win wait we would wait for god to delete the smoke was the guy who worked with. And so those situations and so but it. Never. And I would ask you if you give it to tell you Lonnie young football coaches that. Oh yeah. Many of them might have McVeigh's probably one of them that has the kind of did. Leon. Great there's a decent lie in the. But you know I mean that says that one coach thank you. Yeah themselves. Did you know why doesn't count we it would him is what does comes via. Good GOP already locked into places before loser he reinvented himself. You have a parallel with conduct I remember when I think. They had that frankly it's kind of build a player off the roof. That would give a quick. Rick in my day he'd already failed. And with the jet yet but William with New England when he was in New England they used to call training camp camp Carroll because he ran it like it was a summer camp the or water sports there is you know the lewd water gunfights. Desolate. If you win in this great. How great it was in Seattle and guess what it does come to a screeching halt now. Maybe. Oh game goes I don't think he's gonna change to outfit its entirety but even so. Didn't believe you know them do it. Honestly I think the entire that they are higher plan that's been completely ripped apart and that's a media among the betting public that. They're very they're not players but let's go to players that they added that items in the eyes of many. They've got the players he wants the system that we think that he is not been able on the first two years you don't want so really this is it does. But you know it's supposed to be and we don't know what would have alive help Donald what sense but it isn't going to be eight years of failure. But the Miami Dolphins. Not going to go that he would go out this way. He is going to coach the way that you believe work with the players who believe this. The dog thought and the idea of you know the yard. Did die. But not panicking what they went there and if they don't five and eleven because they get fired but I don't think I get upon. Ability nobody is going out that way I'm really I think that higher. Going back the owners' meetings. Back in March never is you've probably got five that. I might be here I know what I'm doing an odd about a player inaudible. I haven't had a great player the right or certainly left Europe to the well. You know it. There are out earlier that the public. For a public vote. Now. We're to go bees. Yeah that era did you announce your Mac it. Or wouldn't be so quick. And finish it out. Navy's yesterday the dolphins got to step and a little bit with his anthem announcement and then a couple hours later the the NFL NFL PA put out their statement. It it would just kind of unlucky right that that that that happens on the same day. I mean it because the dolphins were the first to put out there policy and everybody else has one but. It didn't come out yet. Yes I got hosed yesterday content yet they'll do the dirty yeah. But leave mandated when teams start going to have to have some sort of happened all. Have a code of conduct. And it happens. Quite frankly I don't vacation the last five weeks they really hadn't thought there about it. So they put something in writing this conflict is codified what you know spell at stayed in the role that. You or you could be found in violation of thirteen code of conduct policy. And you quote based suspension of the sport games. And the bottom of the one that paycheck. And that's because Nadal put on paper and the media all of it. Italy did it look like that all the good and suspend a player who will never happen guys I would be absolutely. Don't OK what what what put the implant that battle that if we are you. And within twelve games they're they're 75 have played for a playoff on. It will take it because he's been something that really bothers and they don't like that then you honestly think they can go will be on the bench for the next game. Absolutely not there's no no chance no chance that they're going to be sitting players down with its and it bulletin hi I'm sure there are a lot of things players bought. And immediately hit it the guy on the if if he forgot about that in the and the app anyway. May be an example of that perhaps but the bureau. You can't that he was going to voluntarily. Over the past the initial voluntarily did their work. Thought I'd be wise. Is about the abuse these things are obviously. Reasons for suspect is you know five and a bit involved but it will suspend a player hurt themselves competitively over speaking their mind over looking quite. But equity capital kind of hit the ball because they demanded the paperwork and then when there were put back when there's you know five hours of this business. Crosstalk broader audience yeah the local media on pop radio you know open okay. Why are you don't happen immediately for a little bit short term but nobody else an ethical groups because they saw how flexible with that there was this this. Honesty about what what happened it was bad timing but often if they didn't have bad luck it's had no luck at all I mean. But I don't think it's about the issue at all because this is gonna have anyway I think that velvet did gonna be yourself and now the question. Yes bell and the PA agreed on. You got through the Ecuadorian of one. Because yes it that there are a lot of people angry about this but I think particular you'd call it a bit of yet probable part of the issue. So I'd want to wait a pocket ever elected president on this issue sort of have your own benefit pension and other hard. Apple's behind their back. Fill out golf and then it's still qualify but the complaint about because the people. Political pool perhaps. But do I think the dolphins are going to. Suitably punished their players which beat them by an important. Racial issue I do not think so. Serbia's do you think there's a possibility because you know all the stuff really did start to happen like two years ago Ross whose views so pro player U's use very very supportive of his guys and I know Ellison progressive and to and to helping. The cause that they were trying to you know make known. You know I understand that he wanted to mourn unison with his owners because he probably saw it and a lot of dealers thought it was hurt their business but. Yeah because he's the one who took the majority of the blow back him because it doesn't seem like Israel solution. That's gonna pleased the president nor anybody who's against this. The chance that that Ross could just say bleep did you guys to do that you want. All our players to be happy and then they can do it do they want analysts get that side back and and has good graces. Barcelona in order to effectively market. If as a group the government plans that fit that they've just got debate that goes well beyond the path to stop suspend its. But regardless back but we told you don't have the players feel. Then that you as always OK got that bad I don't pay per play and billion dollars this confident that it analysts. But then it didn't they want to win so much perspective now operative Adam to Adam did that matter. But that is the reason to do with it because as Steve is he's been as an issue that is corroding the audience. It is eating into the bottom line you know they have 250 bundling dollar revenues they're flat or decreasing their audience and it's just birdied the brand of the national football. And in the wake didn't see this. I just what it was appointed Michael McManus wanna be bothered by the thought well that's it really has provider of on I got to know pretty well over the last couple years. Certain things that you took talking about Lang certain things filled the capitol and you know whatsoever and I don't think it's that he is that better than you know opposites. Border out there but I don't think he's the best up and authorities credit so it's possible football. That's why I was security beneficial for abused and I feel like them saying do what you want is Elvis assay were more voters honorable and overs on. Protests are rules they do there Lanka's it feels like it's morbid distraction. When they are trying to make players follow rules that it is just saying that -- you want to do this you know for a minute and then let's go win football games. Yeah and then you have you know people banner protest that they have the feeling you know what I thought it I understand percent so I'll probably sympathize with that opinion. But there is if there's another side it was in there they ought to be a good chunk of this country BB majority of the country he could have spent. And I don't what about you guys do either but. There's there's there's sizable sizable portion of the country that he has this but but but you know and just out of the way I explain what's really about. Do you take on that hot button issues that they've played I don't know. Yet it's often mean I I just think I just you're bad for Ross and in regards because I feel like you that you said he got railroad a little bit and then. Once once it got a little bit here yesterday they all backed up it just feels like. If they don't either just if they don't go the route of just saying hey this is not this is not a winnable fight let's just let these guys do it. It's always gonna blow up again and it's never gonna get fixed we're going on three years now. Yeah I I think. Every bit it'll be an issue until. Obstacles are often more because yes there will be people who will be very angry about it but it won't be on CNN all the pot that the president is every NFL about it. That's that's what position or is about as what went so it's a bit about the deposit is very using it to his advantage politically with this past cynical but very badly. This is it if there is no way you know spoke with the area and it no wind to wait because either they were quite a spell out prepared to NFL or something. They're you've been for the players you know well there is more like about just fell out. They're players or compass spokesman on social media ought to be there really is no wind the way. Those diabetes present a mandate okay.