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Friday, November 10th

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Team spends its time. Two hours some orange and green Dominic Swann me. Stories from the the press it's all changed. Sponsored by top. Thomas and pearl accident attorney. And Thomas and her. 877. And I know how that's 8779904357. Times for all the king's radio and AM seven. FM 1043 HT do you wanna buy tickets. It's the season Bryant London alongside lots of ads and rapists for broke is not calm the third musketeers Harry from all changes. Stuck in the US want traffic he'll be here momentarily. But it is. All change radio live from the best sports bar in Miami. Sand bar in the grove where it is often tonight. We have got all sorts of stuff going on forty kids it is Miami. Is Notre Dame it does not yet bigger than it is both teams. Are vying to get in there. To that final four and the winner this one certainly as a great opportunity. To do that and just just a monster game that. This weekend at the rock and the ticket will be all over the place over started off tonight here it's sand bar tomorrow. Curtis and work will be on campus at the rock plaza from 47 bringing you the vibe of the campus and it's Saturday. Gave gays in town I'll be broadcast live from all gains. Up from noon to three and day to. On your trip to the stadium if you're coming up from up north. Stop my twin peaks and Davey right off the university. Right south in the 595. And Greg like exactly why are they will be their broadcast lover bring you the vibe of Miami Notre Dame week. Writing our names of an idea that would afford three key to the two people were paired Samar the grove home of the fish taco. We eligible market psychology and the NFL. It during every football game we've got five reported dollar corona buckets five or fifty dollar Miller Lite bucket three dollar Miller Light lines. Five dollar Modell applied for dollar viable shot got the deepest. Prize packages in the house gets a great deal is geared giveaway and especially the night my boys from the ticket from a team came up big they would dig they would dig deep into their treasure dressed. And they got Coors Light delegate passages. Off. So good that course like to locate and size of course there. They got here they hand roll cigars. They all sorts of stuff it's it's gonna be just an unbelievable weekend let's bring in my partner in crime right now until the third post here gets here plots on. It doesn't get it better than this poll like I mean when was the last time we had this piece I did but 2003 yet. The the lead I mean to go from Virginia Tech which was a huge game and just get that much bigger this week against Notre Dame and Notre Dame football teams of Brokeback. You know some a team that may be reason fans don't necessarily remember is playing very often but we've done in the last few years and we haven't faired well against them in and and this is definitely rekindling that rivalry yeah Notre Dame come. It would just one loss to Georgia by one point twenty to nineteen. Earlier in the year otherwise have been blowing teams out killed temple 4916 killed Boston College 49 when he killed. Michigan State. 38 to eighteen at. Still live in Ohio fifty to seventy beat UNC 3310. Beat USC that's not my 4914. Viet he stayed back up I 3514. And. Beat wake as far as 48. 37 it now they've played a just three road games so far this season at Michigan State East Lansing that's a tough spot. Pretty tough spot a spot the other one dean of Boston College we've been there alumni stadium. And then sleepy absolutely no idea what. We tell you what. They have not faced what they are about to face. At the rock. On Saturday night. Gates fans are going to be out loud and proud if it's anything like it was last week but not against Ahmadinejad. By Notre Dame is in full hour a ride on Saturday night and was it Miami's an underdog. Notre Dame on papers got the bigger team. But there's no or else I'd wanna play this game and that our place on a Saturday night you bring it seemed into the 305. You've got trouble. Yeah I mean it that brought the last Saturday brought back shades of the your evil beast is the first time that I felt that we truly had a home field advantage to me everyone was. Out of control to the point where even we had. Some ladies escorted by four cops but that's another story I guess. I just kept telling my students is that I do not wanna see any of you getting Kerry by fourteen good lawyer in you start jumping that's me I'm not out now because it if you ask me it's all her fault so I don't want to set up a bit in the city of Miami 300. But but I will say it is I mean that the stadium was totally rocking last week and I expect it to be even crazier there there won't be an empty seat I don't think in the house and and I don't think Notre Dame exactly knows what they what to expect from this and. And this and he's here these boys from Notre Dame man these boys and south man. David felt heat and humidity like this week's yet it's already pulled up north. It's already hot chili. They don't know what's about to hit them when they run out of that tunnel on Saturday night. It's not just going to be you know it's these fans but it's going to be old walled humidity and heat that arcades are used to plain and in the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Are not and they got some big beastie boys and off at the line they're good. They get a couple of NFL talented guys on and off at the line but yet it's a little bit tougher. To start of messing around with this tough athletic US defense of line. When your place in the heat and humidity yet come November they're used to playing in the N cool weather not cold weather you're coming down here it's gonna be 8085. It's going to be muggy. Third fourth quarter it's gonna really test both of these teams and you know is this Notre Dame team. These when you look at them and you look at the stats they just run the ball. Hey that's really have any idea what your quarterbacks we only got 12100 yards passing. Eleven touchdowns they've got more. Yards on the ground between their food their top two running backs. So there you look at it. Just got deserves top running back is already runs for over a thousand yard yet and their quarterback Greg it would bush. Not far behind them at 700 yards yet an end and the and I think the key step for me is Josh Adams is averaging over eight yards experience you gotta limit the wait what we did that many theories in that many yards idyllic scene that's been able to limit them running at all has been Georgia. And what you think about Georgia's defense. They're athletic and fast just like Miami's. We've got play people gonna go to on this tonight though let's let's give the fans the line when we got going tonight we've got already coach markets in the house with his family so we're gonna have. Coach Greg mark's former defense of flying coach of the Miami Hurricanes in. Former defense of linemen and UN sports hall of fame member. Coming up first at around 715 then will be joined by the one and only Joaquin Gonzales yup he said dominate yet and brought back in the studio you gonna have to keep your bigger than dump button. Be that lucky not maybe 45 times. There has not the time that we got lucky dog where he hasn't done. Did the FCC to look at the final gun misfired yes. By the way guys aren't here yeah. I think. People want to go to the game they want year and it's been crazy. Great crazy but crazier Carrie that's lovely couple minutes late and that's what you like my day job the president's original lesson. I got surprised response coming with speaker. Chris Myers kinda houses well it entered Gary Bart you may have to go run to RadioShack up like 27 lights goes if it's about getting crazy I've been here. And then we'll we will also have finishing up a list of I guess we're gonna that he believed coming on at. 8 PM POT many lately on and I believe we're gonna get a call it I don't have a team meeting tonight and they've got film study. And that's where Ed Reed is right now help them watchable film don't tell by. Bullet I believe we that we should carve out a few minutes board the defensive back Michael Jackson. Give us a ring up on the arrived duke and geysers QB is our guest line we'll see if we can make that happen. But guys it is mine and it's freaky noted. It's old school we're up to get it on credit markets in the house will get him on the. Right after this on a seven idea of the one of 438. States do the ticket. I do all the king's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 each teacher who that ticket sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident attorneys call 1877. 87799. No point 357. We are back here. Notre Dame is Saturday and don't forget during any football game here exemplar. They're up for 520 to run a bucket 515 Miller Lite buckets. Three dollar Miller plot and five dollar Modell applied and get. Get a chance to Elvis glad we have that from a deed is a lot. Tonight pours like tailgate passes if you game it. To the course like noted the stadium they got a mere forty and they got hand rolled cigars or and it's nice. Cool and other got booed it's unbelievable you don't want to miss it. And don't forget. A basketball started soon Panetta because that's why years yeah so. We got all sorts is dumped forty here at San Barbara let's pick us up gentlemen we got her Robb wolf all paid a lot of bouquets. And right now we bring on one of our favorite people when he walks in there's hand and a fleet of women. Following it and it it. Now that you might one hurt yet clear who aren't that there's a lot of that is all right well let's go right next to clarify that I don't. What does that what does he gets up and well at least you'll ours don't get an enlarged a great market but you also do it your family consists of Q&A ton of estrogen. Which they totally behind Greg Clark former unit rather person in my defensive line defensive line coach joins us. On the show it coach we'll get right to it man it's mighty Notre Dame. Free in Miami Notre Dame. What do you got. Let me tell you it's. So amazing to watch where we've come. Program it's obviously to get back to this game meaning what it means. You know we're playing in the mood late eighties it was always. You know for the either for the national championship or or to get through the whole game but we're messages it was so great to see them. This game as this kind of mean to get the roots there stern of some fuel feelings. Some you'll. Analysts say feature because I've got a little older and I write. But the old rivalry you know and if it's just. It's America it watching it just watch these TVs at least 32 days have. But Notre Dame Miami. You know pregame stuff. What does this game I was this game different it's a rivalry game how is that different than the FBC game. Well you know I think when you when your name peppers she would play him every. You know and it's it's one of those things where you know we have a mutual respect for each other although we dislike. Each other for poster put others. You know the other ten games in years you you don't mind of the women for the most part it's overture films are afoot that we'll talk about that. Notre Dame. I'm I'm a fan whoever their play OK and you know it I think it was due to differences. You just these images in the way the game's going out with them via. You know the Catholics to Google boys the establishment. Of us the end I don't succumbed exposed him pegged as convicts and being in the wild renegades. I think he got. Is there to opposites collide again and that's that's worthy of passion that comes from what we've seen here. People really get to all the other stuff that always around the serious. I gotta talk a little football with different sector so this game like many others whenever you play team that's from up north. Comes down to Miami's speed it up close is an against their big. Beefy offensive line. You politically matchup like that he coached and play matchup like. How does that work this team Notre Dame. Run the ball like crazy is the five guys up front for reverse C here's what I'm sophomore whom are certain and a dollars if not more. Pretty deal with that. Well it. You know we're pretty good up front to back. On defense have you ever watched this season we've gotten better better and better these kids they play hard they play fast you give him a lot of different looks. When when when you can feel confused and offensive line we're confused you know fits Wear them back pass to make one cut and go. And if you're gonna have success and that's what we do we've been we've been not just sitting your base defense moving coach Diaz has done a great job of using puppets is change in August you can see a lot of guys coming back when that happens you'll see a lot of guys coming free and making it's in the back field. Tackles for loss and you really really. How you match up against though oh power run team. Is you got to move because you've got to get that you've got to be able to give him different looks. Good use our speed and use our depth. And obviously it's gonna do warmer than there used to so if you can if you can. Consistently do that early and make him work harder make their engine run little hotter I think we've we've you know you Wear him down as the game goes on. Closes the week where. Whatever you did in the off season. This bars. Get your stamina up get your strength they'll all that's all that work that gets put in. That we don't get to see that's like this week is what it really needs to come out well for sure in any you know obviously the emotions of the unit here in the everybody's going to be governor behind the numbers we play hard it really comes down. In this -- game is to keeping that you can you can play in the game I mean just like is that all the work he's been put him. All the conditions and are gonna get many better condition from now Saturn and neither team. So it's about how you can go in. Slow your heart rate down play the game the way your coach the player and and play with a passion made him play. And it's gonna hit it if you're gonna win one of the team's gonna come and look to and they're gonna Wear down. I mean just talk. Though it was part of a couple players have been historically and one of the things you say in his report for the drugs in the regular week. Really nothing different now we don't know his fans and even you as a former coach of the pool player we can say that it's a normal week we don't know is not really normal week. I mean you see all of the writing on the wall and read it now with social media it's everywhere you see this town with the buzz about this game we. Today it if we were talking earlier you back in the day you could shut things out right then there's there's no there's that you may still read the paper don't watch the news that you actually. In it we have time to do either you get home by eleven that's going news spoke so. So it's a little different obviously kids are seeing this in the Trulia. I think we've we've coach Rick and his stance demeanor. Can't even Q there are I think that the team has taken on the persona a little bit we're not gonna let themselves get too hot. They're going to be hiked its a big game obviously they're hearing all the rhetoric and all the talk you know look all the old. Players and coaches come back and talk about the rivalry. Put to them it really is just about the next to those inside the lines go play the game like they've been going on here than you thought about was the problems in the way that please go out of the that really wasn't Brussels last week the patriots have a great job this week to review. Most of I was surprised last week it was an Orange Bowl no but it was Arkansas loves those billboards coalesce to listen we're never gonna get. But Orange Bowl ask isn't all the best you can ask Paul if they don't. PJ brown former player was in store last week you called me yesterday when jobs dropped Harrington and have to be dropped into a black boxes we can. You know what I don't know sort of throughout their life. Chuck Todd. That. Rosalind do you call. Sunday morning he couldn't wait for the state started I mean the hurricanes that are true through that they want and what. I would say it is it's these players know what they're cute but now the fans just. Jews don't like what you guys you love going on the road experience. Boot you because not large job. Were you like being in the article what was rock and roll reject the peach they would say these were all over the country to provoke more games he's about one of the most important game as far as. Crowd was one of the things I noticed was. Good food harder on horse. And you know in the first quarter were to come here. We're protecting dividend and they were some people were talking about that when the players went out to warm up. There ought to be seen on it and yet and that it Breaston and got him going too because they realize that tonight was gonna be special. Well well I I heard inserted rookie Greg let me just add to that and I remember. Back in the days. Bill and out of wanting to be there to watch their warm up it goes to warrants that one out and the speed you don't. Catching footballs to get tied the game is tied it or break mark Ria or get the fifth grade at Clark was off obviously doing car. Cartwheels of and that's what's good he accidentally or Greg actually we know it does is executed the fitness with this and but Dow's market those beat and that means that stadium watched the players warm all what is it about nighttime also. Well and that's what doses of just touched off a don't let these. The most memorable time whereas there was almost no I was I was I was fortunate enough to be a part of a lot of great games a lot of wins you. Home on many different levels and coach into to playing. The most impressive game ever from a crowd standpoint. Was they 89 game we've played against without we showed up and it would do we walked out in warmup which is an hour before the game. And and it was 65000. Strong in the yard hole cheered us on for warm ups. And you feel that lectures which are saying is the kids the kids who feel that I was declare this accused young men that play into that will fuel that. And I units and that's that's an advantage for us all I believe I've citizen. All week long is to beat this game. As distinct feel that gave him an idea as far as the game that does it. Probably do with the wolf you know the championship is you're talking about just a football game at night under the lights. In the air tonight it's time to rock and roll of the eyes of the Notre Dame brings it out we've always thought that. Ma you know the mornings at that nobody was there one of our bitter enemies. 89 was one of those shootings immediately was. To answer your question about night time games there's also goes for the crowd that is is there at the show before 3 o'clock. Okay some games and five hours of my jugular in five hours of you'd be ready for the game I didn't routing for the game and it shows do that right now I think it just like the excitement level. I user people's over warm ups because it fits the show. They wanna see this of anyone they wanna be a part of the whole. The whole experience and that's and that's what these games bring out it in Miami fans and and obviously that translates into the RO always touch them or that particular rather. Believed to be done it and you can always look over the hedge there you can see the guys did a pretty close to. You know you got to try to run into the end zone we'll let everybody that I wasn't as loud and articles like don't. The difference and experience yards blows the crowd you viewers you could have a conversation with somebody 25 rows up from the field. And Pena and it so it's a little bigger and ever and it in the state of that you just very impressive. They've done a great job with that and obviously gets loud what you did last week when that you don't have that crowd that's actually interact and work well I don't know the chick like yarn. Unlike Allen and those other businesses like you know I spent a lot of times that press box on hanging off the the second level he's hoping that the press box but still beating up the second level when it became was a little bird at the it's we got Greg bark here on all days radio I think we might we might do little double dip here in a second but before you head to the first break. And then bring on our next guy. He's wandered around here somewhere he's got a shirt because most previous for all. How everyone knows him outside his great blocking and his good looks. But Joaquin Gonzales is out here with the circus is locked uses dominate blitz I've had wanted to get one for years. What. I mean you go to achieve that he was on. You remember him when he came into. The brunt a lot of passion. The University of Miami. What do you think walking Gonzales coach. Mark what do you what do you think I think of a hard working intelligent passionate. Human at first but then when he came to put that helmet on. There was there was a fire and competitiveness in him that he would go out there he wasn't there aboard the biggest the strongest sort of presence there. Put every time we blow against them practice our guys knew they were and were they have for battle and they're gonna give the best of him. And you know not only that takes to that next step is the best practices go we've. The guys like lucky that's what makes our team. Our team you know the battles on the field you're talking about how good of the battles we don't see department that's what it hit me till the prepared for these big moments. A lot of our guys and they said in the press that what they're in the heart is the hardest. Time they had was in practice the week before the game games where he's and that's and that's what looking brought that's what Beck group brought him. You don't obscene and out of this group that as a play this year as well great day quick break. On the other side Lockheed will dominate these airwaves they'll join us with coach mark well the big gold glove hurricane reunion coming up. After the live from sand bar in the grove on names have an idea that one of court created through the thick six. Do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action it did during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. And we are back here. Here on all games radio let's get lit up for the kids say here that grow. These violent but I'd Drake as Kyra well from all the gains. Really you know that backed up here every Friday with us this guy's kind of friend Brett Romberg on our show. On the morning shows want my vote for it rubbed the taste of perfection or what it looked at Rama Rama that is not just aids. But nurtured. Robert is on tomorrow morning from Huntington, West Virginia and we're sorry about that blood. Way to get a TV their rent mom. But we bring on one of its former line mates and Greg Martinsville with a Joaquin Gonzales puts up money but. The we it is it is Miami's it is Notre Dame a valued at Notre Dame. They were scared like the gators I think. But you grew up in this town and you know this rivalry means. So you think about this game coming up Saturday were the emotions start to come out. You know being a hometown kid growing up here is you. You couldn't help but be part of those games you know as a fan and be quite honestly do those those type of insulin that. He'll live that fired wanna be hurricane wanna girl who played football or this team so. To have the opportunity to to play them now even though I that is why I was here is something that you get excited about and really. And I woke up two days ago and I was like I was praying that it's he'll be on this team and have an opportunity to to. You know to play against those guys because it's. It's games like these that's why Miami is Miami is and that's what people wanna come play here and and be part of these big games and it's great that. You know our program is back in the in the national. Limelight and be talked about it is you know possible contender in. It's great to be part of that and leave the game like this. Don't you talk about. The team feedback national limelight. It with that. Comes all the stereotypes. There's always been thrown at Miami the thugs. And why hill. Bring garbage swearing and I might find onstage at the program was a black mark on college football. And it is and I loved it and who doesn't love black marks on over the quality. And that's a SO does that mean that's got to rev it up way would now it's it's us against the world mentality again. You don't like it. I think last game when you look at art from the defense side of the ball you saw it pretty much for the sixty minutes that mentality that were out here to you know. We're out here who picks and heads. And god couldn't he didn't love anything more than at the end of the game being so we're we're stroke is still running to safety blitz. We're running linebacker stunt that's what you him football's all about them. Yum I'm here I'm getting jacked up just talking about it. Because that's how I made and that's how a lot of my team and played and that's how. Every single generation. Of national championship caliber hurricanes football all pleased with that chip on your shoulder. That passion that buyers that. We're not just gonna beat you we're gonna come here your. And a lot of that limelight has come with the turnover team coach market what you what you were on the defensive side both as a player and as a coach. What do you think about it the he added emotion of Marines he added sort of attention its product nationally what what are your thoughts on pure genius. The reason it's it's true I mean look I'm a great. Motivational. Flashy gaudy in your phase. Wait a in a this is the pelvic thrust of this vehicle is as good as 2017. Over it brought back in your member court as it goes on it. That was all know that was Abu. This is this does turn over chain results. And I also enjoy the music becomes low wouldn't turn over to him and actually listen to hold a three times today and already averted if the balls on the ground about it. But in the the that's lines supposedly has the road they they they won't tell me what it is haven't asked you but. Backing your daddy you guys we got like gold match around or something like that likes of the have been handed out. Not you know offensive line they don't get enough credit for what they do endorsement and I think you know the our pride was the board Dickey who had in his room. You know which was kind of greeted few on metro rails pancakes. You know X exceeding an effort to get a guy out of the screen. The sog and we took pride because it was a tab that was kept kept running for all twelve weeks. And it was the pride in that competition against your fellow teammates the biblical Robert McKinney. To have the most points on that board. Mind you it was with a dry eraser marker I did see Robert Baer a couple of times Ryder Cup or not figured I didn't hit it. But. I don't know if I'm for long enough to reporters at a time period. Accidents are over ten like coach martz had meant what she is having Cuba it is sold body and it makes people that hate Miami Heat it's even more time. So like you said for him if I. We're on the stump but in Italy we've got to move we've only got to dump snow and it's got. Scott go back in time watching this game it's it's I mean it's so easy to say that the trenches will be really important. Really. Modesty but the one against noted golf at the line but. The other way around here at notre Dame's got a really great defense at Miami's offensive line that. Has. Themselves especially now that Yvonne Donaldson that young guards back in the lineup and he is on specimen. I wouldn't say they have a great defense and their high days they're ranked fiftieth nationally. And I think that we definitely have some opportunities offensively who do some real special stuff their secondary. Really pleased well into our speed at wide receiver I think offensively. Coach Rick we'll have those guys with a agree. Planet and be able to take advantage of our opportunities obviously the marquis line up will be beer run offense vs our run stop defense. You know. It's the best of both worlds there are so I'm really excited to see that we're. This is the type of game. Wearer of that the best we can kind of equate it to normal people that never played the sport it's like. When you know something's gonna hurt but you're kind of welcoming welcoming that paying because A I know it took her but I kind of wanna. I want to feel the pain because I wanna give up. And that much more I don't know how to explain you've never been in that situation. You know that read you get when somebody's been pissing off for so long that lasts 12 where you just can you're putting kind of blitz that you turn around and smack somebody. This game is gonna be. Those soon to buy second bottled up for sixty minutes. Anything you never felt that I suggest you go out driving a rush hour traffic anyway. Took a moment stub your toe wake up and take a glass of sour orange juice do whatever pleases you long. And that feeling of retribution of trying to get back at that person imagine that for sixty minutes nonstop and that passion that fire to get back at that person. That's your legacy on the field this Saturday. Vertigo heat coach pat Hickey editor control well woman as a player and as a coach what and that's that that's the test that's really jam. There really is because players are going to be and I think that's where Mark Richt and his. Is his miss demeanor and his stance demeanor bring him back down level please get this it's go to be. 657080. Individual battles. And you and as as a as a as a coach and as a player you got to win the majority of those individual. It took two in order to make to the defense of the office of the what are your love of war. And keeping that he's accused keeping it in the middle of the road obviously wanna play at a high level wouldn't look much intensity you must get you wanna go brought to me you wanna go. Put you make that got you whoever it is apparently he's gold fielded the ability you've been there but you gotta be able to keep that heart rate. Two you know a level that's sustainable you still have assignments and he still have a job to do it though so it's it's got to be under control with it that's where you bring to focus. You know it's gonna get crazy Bieber like their hero firemen out the smoke. And and you got to bring them back in and you know focus back on to on the task at hand OK we practical everybody's got to run them lately and it goes from that kicked off. Play the played played played just he just got a man to throughout the game. We eat you were coaching that you're player in this rivalry not a coach proceed playing a lot when you were coaching that. We get about Saturday what would you rather be doing playing or coaching a plan for sure you do with. It's still good out there are you open I think it's just it just don't pure adrenaline and that reality it up and and it Conan the British oxygen Mets got a underwent a if you look at the rundown I'll get golf community you know in my head but the outlook but he frequently. I think you're out there boxing. There were his words when you I would that's in the small little box from me and I can do so consider it you know. But I think he's more of an offensive lineman yeah. The reunion a couple weeks ago we Jimmie Johnson he was talking about like maybe an hour with the wind coming in the door you know ultimately though. It's it's funny though it seems like the profits of wind and swimmer. And a lot of that these are the linemen got bigger super wide receivers and running backs looked like it looks. I mean it looks like you played today I don't value experience I told them that we'll break smoke and mirrors really spoken and like I go to soon to be exhibited his wife and through the reserves in year old daughter got a I got to show open the door looking to market appears Davies who would show up. Shaken her hand I don't imagine. Mist mister mister mister march. My name is that the. I would even get that out of turn right back around before like you know you you're you're definitely ready to get on the field. If you're on the sideline yours you'd have the opportunity to talk to the team either you know before the game or her Friday night what what would be your message. One thing that I echoed actually offer for very long time since my junior year there which was. Let's win our individual battles let's try let's not try to catch the blogger off insolent and can't can't avoid capital mall. That guy in front of your defense then when it's third and long. And situation of games where you're happy go away if you're double teaming victory taking back the backs and linebackers make sure you're doing your job and you're dominating your position. If we win enough individual battles we will win the game has focused on north forget about everybody else's. I like coach mark said every. Everybody's going to be fired up I mean. People that don't even play football all right just landed here off the ball and are going to be jacked this Saturday's you don't need that. You don't need to add that hug you really think it was raining that rein that in and be able to control these guys like I said I mean we had an excellent coaching staff bookmark here. And they knew what buttons to press the and and that's the key of a great team has been able to harness that energy in there and unleash it. When needed and hold that back when you don't need to. So that's what I would echo for the team I think get me this year this this week in the honorary captain picked a better guy who couldn't pick a better guy that deliver that message and and that's how we want. Publicly that the elements of nighttime. Home game humidity. Heat all of that stuff. That's not x.s and o.s can factor in maybe help Miami this week I think. It'll definitely help us this is what we're used to I think. He's been an 8 o'clock in prime time the fact that we're even know that energy that the stadium's corner bring which if you were at Virginia that you felt that. That you felt something like glimpses of what he Orange Bowl felt like you know it's a little bit different five but that that. That craziness for the fan base that definitely. Made a difference in the game so this Saturday. Don't doubt that the home field advantage will definitely play into into into bus went in the game. Watching ordered game may become out in the second half a little bit less or more aggressive just because of we win this. I feel like I'm in off the line receiver Chris Meyers I locked into well Rodriguez just locked in at the keeper of the taiba let. It's. It's it's getting too big up and hear the gun and I don't know what to do to help us at the university there forever until I pulled you didn't quite a French Fries. Take all the French Fries you want to coach from a defensive standpoint our offensive line has been kind of up and down and probably had their most dominating performance last week what you've seen from them and I wanna get also want these you both. What you see from the offensive line. And how the progress this year and and the task in Canada at a pretty decent Notre Dame bee line. Well what what I've seen throughout the game to development. You know the beginning of purity and some of the lesser teams obviously that we played down to. Lot of mistakes level of the states. Feel each other out trying to like OK if it is a symphony out there it's step step step step everybody's got everybody's gonna move in the same direction taking care of their job. And when you when you have interchangeable parts or young players coming in that that that aren't haven't played together. And in these situations very much. It is it that takes time it takes time to do you could you can practice. And we had some relations breakfast and we pregnancy each other as hard as any team who would but it still wasn't game. It was a game speed. All the time so that I think that that's what what what you're seeing on the suburbs of life. They're they're Joan a little bit together feel more comfortable with each other. Independent and are showing their company they went on dominate last week I was extremely impressed you know with what they did and and you know hopefully they continue to grow like that it would likely but they show. And Martinez and offensive line means you've got a quarterback back there that as soon especially last week some legs any yet some. Some called drop please that touchdown it was a called draw other times. You see him get out of the pocket when things are breaking down what is it like to have a guy like that hasn't riveting block for Dorsey and I don't. I axiom you have a guy like it's eats your would your life and it. Hello you know it's it's kind of like. Excellent and that happened that the at the other I mean there's. Pluses and minuses of both sides of it won the presidency with our offensive line which I noticed it tablet Virginia Tech. Is us taking care of the down lineman he didn't see that early on in the year. We're on the double teams you know the guy that was slipping up linebacker was coming off early and then you have the three technique making a tackle for one yard loss or just. You know getting back in the line of scrimmage. And I think quote clearly what he did a good job of his making sure lets think here that down linemen hobbled he was when he puts down and being in seconds that. Second and six and we found that it definitely opens up your label. And you saw a lot of that it opens up withdraw from the mobile quarterback like you did. So excited about that and also about the passing of my thought it was a basking enough protection why there was still some early breakdowns. Like bookmarks at the guys and younger only gonna get better and I think. The quarterback did a great job in in recalling the Mike a couple of times I'm sure you get noticed that. Where we reposition the Mike and got the opposite lines 41 side making sure he would take care from one side and let it is hot we need to have strong side. So we did see that early on in the year these guys are learning and growing and it's exciting to see that because. Again offensive line it's not about having blue chip recruits there we've proven time and time again it's about five guys. Like I am closing like this is a lot harder like that in these guys are starter throw some punches and it's nice to see that. Before we get he does he was coupled his respects no break on the game a little bit little bit that you predictions what I'm saying. In the long would it aversion. Good mark. The most confidence that I took whatever. Principal mark. Listen and if that I'm not so. We got so many blades it will be in the house. I think that when I think about it but he blades I think of like the OG like yeah okay there was it read the response tailored we've had some great ones back there. But you think of the late Brothers and expressly Betty. That together brought it. What are you what are your recollections what are your thoughts. Who Benny and the jets yeah do it. They were that was a crazy crew right there bird extremely down the barrel pulling into overpaying bending. Thank you you think they were probably people on board so they they have a lot of jets for Betty but. About what I what I remember from beneath him what he brought he brought that. That leadership from from the middle of a field just like it dislike them. It read that person has to be shown to. You know maybe you meters thrown. Leaders that middle of the field just like you do Mike linebacker that's where you are you need tackles need to be strong up the middle that's what he brought to the table BP raised the level play. You know alone though the whole. I only need a spark to start a forest fire those guys were always created sparks and one big hit this changes the whole entire units mentality. Before the defense once that point you could you know you've made a mistake you took you to take the chance to make the big play in a few minutes. They were cleaning it up for you had that. No I bullets. I think boys loosely and when it when I'm when I'm involved publicly. I think I lost my man card years ago. What do you think but this game I mean you know what's the combined none of the Talking Heads are picking Miami and I know good read you like it that way. But to get a big I think Miami wins by double digits. Honestly you honestly feel that Miami's intensity we're gonna lock down that run game. And the opportunities. And chill. Offensive standpoint are going to be the difference Rick in the game Talking Heads all they do is talk. I'm not very many Talking Heads play the game of football and we're ready to kick somebody's ass. Hum right of I'm thinking in the same things we thought matter right now I think you're gonna see you. Oh. Lot of excitement coming out of the tunnels are gonna see maybe some early mistakes go back and forth on either side because you can settle in and hormonal I feel. Very confidence booster seat as we we're gonna Wear them we're gonna stop the run. And we just have to take over the second half and I see as a runaway wooded 1014. Maybe 71000. Of them. While. If that comes through. I will be streaking through Miami Gardens and I may streetwise and again I mean I think it's going to be. The bottom of the green and making a statement that but I will be just streaking through Miami Gardens which is always fun. It's it's funny it's this you know what why is that weird to you guys that we're gonna be ordered anybody who is not. Here that I mean that's about it's it's what we're all about Yemen and you can. And that there'll. Don't understand where the same Talking Heads that we're here. Suck and are you know was it when it was 2002001. And stop this that take pictures and take autograph and stuff like that so now that we're back now question whether we're back or not. I don't we haven't won Vizio we haven't done anything but you know what. Get behind the winner of the winner here at the University of Miami no. Mind. It and it's only gonna get ramped up now we're only got a little one now we're down we got another hour to go up many layoffs. Will be here. Irons now the secret Angel Rodriguez just wandering around. And here. Hey there is Britain dvd and out here greeted to a trivia question of surprise is. And if you're listening to on the other side and hopefully DOT Betty blade he'll be here much more economical great audience have an idea but one of court created to the ticket.