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Friday, November 10th

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I do all the kings' radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Day fan does not bull what's B to the pig spam. Listed. We've got became spam official manner that's been signed by a gazillion people. It's going to be marks from all gains store at 5 AM Saturday morning. Down to game day it will be on game day if you wanna be in the crew. Meet lads in the whole months down the back of all gained 5 AM Saturday morning. It martz gone down a game day and let herb street those boys know what's up about the kids fans aren't. They gonna government maybe with a distorted again Chris Brown. They followed the announcement when it comes game he's gone again nice thing. The ultimate unequivocal public board and we can of December 2 third of course record LP. And when you're there victories not on the big leagues seven not to get sport polices. Watch the football games and sports bar with your feet of sand Saturday features cage the elephant Weezer and McMahon in the wilderness of more. Sunday believes the magnesium besides I've been part of the grand bump up well and gore but it's not that bite and are currently being. Accident attorneys talking hundreds of 473 that's eight hundreds of boards seven. 3733. Michael and it's going it has to be good and by England locker giggling is America's oldest brewery Yingli locker respect. It's earned. Really not until now the buy dot com we continue on all need to radio. It does get out of people here at San bar yesterday and right next may limit their god multi level that because used to smack my -- a lot of his famous Chris Myers. Momentum is so lucky to be we're lucky to have in the town that I'm doing a lot of great charitable stuff Christmas when I'm a man. Not a mood judgment to be here. Do you miss my body. I miss your by your attempt at. And there's one thing we have visitors from minute ago I think that so a little with the Philadelphia area out on the town that we can for a terrible thing for Alex though again we raced up the game TA got it golfers are today that we played in. He met here you guys are on there and when tonight here at sport everything and obviously going to gala Saturday blood. If there's one thing aside from actually playing in the UB that I and that's that's potentially beat locker room post game. And being very inappropriate review. Yet no and you know this sounds very weird well we're excited as these days renewable that we were at Hollywood there be lawsuits but since we're not. And the statute of limitations has done I think we're okay I'm close family friends with with hairy his and we just felt that he knows them very hurt in the guy. Losing it very inappropriate awkward now it was I took me I loved leaving the locker room with a secret letter to because. Your towel and how hard that her anyways it didn't leave any permanent marks that you know. Chris Myers. Get back on track of the Miami Notre Dame. I don't eat it up to play them. And now. I get a chance but you would love to be that history I would you have history against Notre Dame the only reason. My history is this remarkable that yes giant model that stellar play from meeting Friday night. Was very fortunate with a couple changes for Miami. That's a baby full load it up on the cover of sports illustrated magazine filling up and down the elevator and I'm very fortunate to grow with the speed of Miami and had the team's doing well. As of may be fall loved green so when I got to the point of playing high school ball. Obviously it was a no brainer that but Miami offered me or maybe it and I think I got. Yet we can commit to them. That was a no brainer so. That's the tradition in the rivalry. Miami Notre Dame the whole quote unquote Catholics first topic situation. I was I was. Very very key to that very very I keyed into that and I was very. Passionate about it if you will. And I was young when I got the plane I never got the leader dean and now we had a very very successful like you know early 2000 dollars and a hurricane. We did at a later date so when this robbery panic got revisited. It was very exciting time and didn't hold thirty for thirty Yani and stuff last year. Didn't go our way. This is the very second time for a long enough pain and in the hole would have we'll talk about. Miami being back and kind of doubt it's about. Gotten beaten back to level of these beat top ten game it's it's talking about. Who The Who we think that change the dynamic knowledgeable about the playoff situation of being in that. This is where you wouldn't be as long here in that mix come last because two of the season is where you wouldn't be in this game is can decide. It's mind. Arsonists who went to Miami wins on Saturday night the regional bee line. Line play and that's on both sides. I I narrowed down to and everyone talks about on every single source and the other day off the line with the front seven in my Americans I think that. That's going to be deciding factor in I think. What you wanna call the turn over team whatever it is. That the defensive effort of Miami's. Which obviously. Do over again is that there. That the Mickey or change the keeper of the team is here tonight. I think that their front seven of Miami vs the Notre Dame offensive lines in the determine the success of this game they've been it would have. They're way with a lot different teams and and at Georgia at the we'll do as long as fit as as blame me if you can hold them to a certain extent. The running game and be able to control the team and get the ball back to Miami's offense is going to be that he'd. What's the difficulty as an offensive lineman when you're dealing against. Not so much to be who were hurt one of the stronger defense of lines but a quick front seven a fast front seven that Miami has. Yes I mean have a replica that's like seven is almost more typical of having a strong big front seven. We have pressed on seven but you can always you know out power guy out whether it was at the Q. It is is a whole different ball game whenever skewed view is a football game so Miami's been able to do that and when they can now. People and that's where I think in my hands they had a strength. Hopefully they do have is speed and it's a lot of a lot of Palestinians don't have that and and that that meant the defense. Has that and and be able can get these turnovers and forced freshman quarterback to connect to the ball out early is run through. You know coach richt you talked about this offense and you've probably seen if you watch the games. Based scheme to their opponents very well. One week you're maybe a little bit more most all this past week it's not gonna spread five wide empty backfield. They're doing a lot of stuff on confidence and that's gonna make notre Dame's defense wonder what's coming now. Yeah I think it's. That's that would be said about coach Rick so like I mean. Not a lot of college team offensively wise. Scheme against her defense that played. I can get because to the big guns that you did do I think bush that is able to Kennedy a schemes or plays gets everything he could he plays and sometimes that could be a detriment to your offensive terms of haven't learned a new scheme each we keep having to do certain things because when you're up as a player and a you know I was I was fortunate plays for a long time. You know you write a book. What what's your read what right and Miami had a couple games this year within its appetite so when he gets tight which your bread and butter plates may go back to. Right and they had some success and had some injuries that this game is gonna be backing this can be able. Either side so it's gonna determine with both of them are planes are on needs not to that's what it comes down to what. Running plays. We're those you pass plays and if you do the first downs. That's what I'm really really keyed into watching the game from the stands. We're the red butter replace a Percy get down in the third swords were those Catholic yet. Kristy you grew up in Miami you you went to your fair share gains in the Orange Bowl last night and weighed in on what what what is it about it nineteen in Miami not necessarily you or wolf is not there anymore but. Playing at night in front of this town for this city where you know this year. The hurricanes are the team room of of this era got out dolphins are factory the heat it's still early what was it like having having the town the city on your shoulder. Is that about death of the players right so like. For for the fans that's what it is right right player you can think about that you know you just Greg Martin here yet what he Gonzales is it guys that. From convicted ago that they can they go over. All Americans here right and they solve these high stakes games and they haven't had been here. In a wide right it's been a good 101215. Years now he's actual he's been resistance to determine the fate of this actual program. And you go into it just like. You watched it Thursday night game winning games and making right. It's candidly all the excitement the energy it's all there what's kick off happens it's there that it. It's just another game get back to playing the game as long as you and I go to your your ex knows you go to your sanity we think it is but it is right. We'll give you wrong. In certain key portions of the game a big third down with border whatever comes it's it's huge. The give Iran but like the whole span of the game if they into the game. Terry you know the game there is not in the other game is I mean you played at the beginning. It's not but it needs and that's that we get a tree at the latest but he is a player beyond your guys when you play the temple. Bruce played in the national championship game. Harry you get prepared. When he went and your take on my. It's as though it at that you are right here I mean I know that during the coaching to just another game. Sir what you guys listen to the media you guys know that you played against some of these guys who you wanna show Obama so the problem is that player on the the rookies aren't the problem is the player. If you get too hyped up especially as an offensive player and you know this as an offensive player. It's controlled General Motors off it's dark it's controlled aggression you got to control yourself right until it's over hyped you're gonna get. We to a I've been at your side that we knowing the players who over hyped prodigy patrol. That field. For what the first guy pitching you kind of settle back it's tough on the how to coach by trade so I can't control that I had no clue as a week later I'm going to do my thing. You'd understand and it it's a Learning Tree yet to be a part of those needs experience. And that's the only reason why I'm like. I oversee the vehicles you couple that were. Hesitate in regards it as CM harbors. Let's game this young team. He had been through these games at the top ten vs to the today like Eugene you guys learn how to win. You expected it would be did you get used to okay he did because it was a built up over the right here it right now you've seen this team they've won thirteen of the world. And you see things happen this year there a couple of years ago they would have been able to tell. Not saying that can't happen who have all the pit. I was nervous last week her speech that brown was never a lot of other wireless B tech because I thought that was going to be cooking the Notre Dame right. And that was set up game that. And it didn't happen in the point help. There that I thought that's what happened I think we're seen as a team talk before our very eyes like your team did in 2000 listen thousand residents put it did break. Loves to say that. What we're gonna do is we're at the quick break and then bring Betty later on with you got and then we'll have generational post generational hurricane. Top mother and generations. Good. Please get please that it provides not only so again now last night and then all of a sudden this morning going as the alternate routes well it's definitely a home team stuff and then. Jewel because obviously we're two teams that what yes I said you know what the school work that would be the week it's one. Oh it was there in mourning we're in their client team who work five when he came. All the players and they're in their treatment with the again like you know your typical assign things at 530 years is clock in the morning. All of that because earlier 3:6 AM right I mean that's my thing it's like when I don't think it's I mean. The operation times practices but there are different nowadays that really pointed out that need to have. These guys did in the college guy that did you go there I doubt this there there. 515530. In the morning as 171819. Hits that's dedication that these are. We have been quick break if you're here example our you know other trivia question during the bravery to bring many blame the original. Well she's honest you know it's Miami it's Notre Dame are talking about a right here live for example on the road. On hands of an idea but one of 438 to do the ticket. Do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HT 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. I know point 357. And bars in the. Tonight. And I like the old school of the growth is it's an old school mock match up Miami. And Notre Dame we got. Chris Myers still to my left we got lots on the Gunner up well but now it's I would bring in the OT. The guy that does set the tone for that university money to put the backfield. Line. Beyond you won the Thorpe award he's not football hall of Famer he's in everything east of. He throws award he won it if there's a ways to be using it. He's the best. Bennie blades joins us here in all games radio makes everybody Blair. I. Many thanks for joining us IC at Miami. Notre Dame used a one. I ask you. I'm doing this I have been lucky. Run radio you know lists they told me I wouldn't do the holy. And noted name of the two of them wound I know my name who's gonna act there in choosing. So it was. The old city Johnson winner. If you don't want to play with us will be here to publish a book. But. You fast forward now the toll seventeen. A lot of these kids. Haven't seen him lately. In every day you know you read the history of that round. Match anyway. On Saturday. Didn't really. Loose golden dome isn't coming in here and things but football. And we. Best all of this includes its push us. This all behind. All the history all of the everything that goes with the matchup does it matter one's. The kickoff gets in the air that first hit happens you know that that. None of them was would have attempted. Football is like being an in a box. You can build up all hype and who. Doesn't dreams. Love. What's wrong skip dope. Is my. And and to me the biggest that is that is out there that's a Wimbledon. So Miami obviously they know played pretty well but Notre Dame team obviously the best people face all season. But I guess for the wreck you look at me like I am pretty insane I love it if it. I love when people put. Notre Dame. In that conversation. If we get into me and my. You put in a conversation. With the one loss. And it is like this is God's gift to college football all right and I look at the Georges it is Alabama they have enough. I looked at through the minds we have news. When did they do these team and we're still attend battled an enemy we have one loss. I do I don't get you don't like it was active. Let us lose first you say within a mind that we thought we were. You you keep down those and I take what these young kids they got a dramatic improvement overall you. What it was it's something you always felt that Notre Dame was always. The golden child always the ones that not necessarily you might never wanted to beat them. You wanted to be dead but what's it look at something that added fuel your fire and in case you guys are. Agassi who know little or no record of truth to Notre Dame. I wouldn't come true to receive the woman's. Tim Brown. Now you've come from California homes to and from mine. And when you kill me and I'm not good enough to play notre. Really. My brazen and say do you just study shows and I'm not gonna have to realize because of the way. That W I'm proud key itself houllier. So slow and couldn't advance after the in a film comes football I have to do. If you look at any roster and in Israel is just himself we'll look at it in Iraq and we collegiate game is just unstoppable. So. Of their home so I could go to motivated cliff Williams and I played them and I love the fact we have quote Jimmie Johnson. And Jimmy let us be filled a bunch of kids felt fueled. If we school. And we disclosed what if what is your role he wanted to school another political team. And that's what about it's about putting you in the ball game it won't do me I don't give you a second team thirteen fourteen. But it won Britain's. Many. With this rivalry. Has come all the things. But the national media Izzo is it about time. This treatment for the mind is the black mark on college football that. That it Miami's program rotten garbage to college football. Well all that stuff. Youth you dealt with it back in your day and now these kids are dealing with that ends. Act like you said bang your grades dropped it like everybody else you want to clap like everybody else these kids are doing their thing like everybody else is just something about that. You are who will quit quit the action. Of them. Will it seemed everybody loves to hate. Hate me they're just watching him out in the parking now. Much in my own view if you wanna fight on the level I don't Wear out. That five. That's the way Miami after proved every year and hit it good. Now under it to these kids love it over achieving. Its advance college football. How to totally change me mad at college football. Alabama's championship belts and much other teams well all sorts of stuff we get a chain and make fun of the everybody has to do whatever it. Motivation views for their football program. We came over the motivation is the movie night of kids in a total loser. Those kids look forward to. You know NASA TV and put a total turnaround and it. And how to weave an old. We do internal to. It is far. That it's okay. Many lives what does your idol favorite yulia Chris Myers is well this game. Listen we've heard I've been here about notre Dame's offensive line and how big they are there's this entire week. But I'm the speed and athleticism watching what you amusing thing about Virginia tech's handling yeah you still have to play the game. You can't block which you can't. If it did there's no different than 2017. And there were little vacuum and 1880s it. They say it of the movement dominated house won't be yeah. Mays still mobile music career Davis. Event is about not going to be small. OK we all loved didn't want to know and make an attempt. At all we'll we'll get a symbol that's all comprehensive. And did hype and there's this running back like he's an incredible human hybrid Toby. And me. About these young kids no I'm just this one week alone. I'm so sick and talent he had and a little this kid is a problem. Guys we know he's reducing. Hone in and then when a sudden I am doomed this. All the best as we just watching him. Yeah we usually up minimal completely one to go coordinate with the game I guarantee he's got balls please go home. Chris byers done. I can't I can't say yeah I'm like sitting here walk like a it raise presented and I wanted to act because. This is actually almost two decades of did it is it is an NB a group of blue back in the late eighties but I actually I'm sitting here now when it wrote not one. All the time in the film was like. Allegedly you have to almost pitchers are you both played at the highest of levels idea you know now you acknowledge and give it it would credits to move ahead with your dad got the dating here he let. And on the ground. I think about it I. I thought. Very. Yeah it's okay though I was very. Forces do that but yet it the thing is like what makes us so like Tom seventies the respect. Miami has changed from the time you play the town that I play at that time and out. Knowing gazes back to my head and don't expect it change. Fifteen years down the road because it's never gonna change your all you have to earn your respect and I think it's why Miami is Miami because you always have to keep earning it. So when the freshmen come in you have to understand that's the dynamic if you have to play with. Fortified years that's always going to be the way it is it's not gonna change for your respects that's the way guys earned the respect is is it is doing it every single day. And yeah you had a chip on your shoulder whether it was from the media whether it was from being shown for Notre Dame then you're telling you that you couldn't play for them. You've always played with that chipped it it it's just part of being hurricane days. Part of you know being down here in invincible really cool game. And what would that Alabama would analyze these and over each morning to you. Which is all the private school and vehicle gave its own people look at this is. You guys who don't mind who will be key. Yeah we do. But also from dying of the national championship. And I took it won't do when you come in my game come to Miami. To win the that you when your helmet. Will read. You come down he would be the best of the day. There's so many governors in the locker room for the first time. Even on recruiting trip got most of them breaches like what are you. You're at all I'll hold. A tradition that's been here. And people talk about. Moving to. Those guys have moon is like 67. But when you talk about my game tradition I didn't think we got them irrelevant and fifteen you and I take. After this year. This year's team has done person that they wanted to quit. That we had back in ninety flat and we have talked to him two weeks ago that it is if you. Those kids Hannah Clark and I and they understood. What it is to come to mind. No they hit it paid you know it's still not didn't do respect they deserve that they know that today and a lot didn't try to prove the world. We deserve the United States. Many blades one of the best ever in the history of the sport joins us here on all of these radio. I know it's not the awards bull but it's 8 PM it's nighttime. It's our home. It's different in the 305 in the game like this. Not sure those big bullet Notre Dame are going to be ready for something that's gonna hit them on Saturday. I'm of the government. Not not only put this thing. Companies do as well all these pictures out there. It showed the people who self beat Indiana. Myself scores on about. When I when I had to be here. You know I'm going to be. And take it you're gonna to be heard he's got to kill you Irish and we'll do that. Basil from the tailgate party to posting blogs gonna talk crap. Fought wars in between. Definitely football. Yep that's what that's what is. The biggest debate is what will be used to bring to the dynamic of the game. Was unmasked. And obviously if we want the city this is the everything. The network hard run hard rock needs to be speaking driver every single week in need to be. Life hasn't ever been since we've been played there is the biggest team that's been going on. But that is the biggest game on the platform of hubris in Miami since they get into our right yeah I. And they gain weight gain is never being on campus. And they picked. This week get to line up eight big rigs. Drive on campus. And the tiger what 5:6 AM Saturday morning that campus. Pack and they could be renewal they could be known what Lam is about us right that's true that's true I'm pretty quick break. On the other so get mode many who got dressed up flats elegant Harry might do little trivia as well we're here for Michael Jackson I know one thing. We're not just in shots. Because. At least if for entertainment purposes only NASDAQ quotes yet because. We know it's the water we have a bunch of teams fans in attendance. No we did get drunk go up and here it's a Thursday night it's Miami it's. And it's odd and old victory on ends have an idea that one of what 3-D didn't think sex. Do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action it did during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Here at all did radio it's a big league game 00 week. It's gotten crazy up here at Santa Barbara loves to have I would love Brett look everybody out here. Ran he's doing his thing we have a great promotions team doing their thing. Nobody looks like masses. I was Dawson boards like passes of the tailgate we also have. One more or deepest thing purity giveaway. Possibly get rises if you're in the area really don't want extra segment tonight because many is so we want more food and intense. The the fans want more. But we got Michael Jackson and it was called just after 9 o'clock so ma'am one other special capital of two of a clue you in in the second go ahead of okay yeah we didn't want to give me well enough alone and even run in there never actually being debated again it was like. So my voice get more if I got that parents against notre it was target these are put it whatever you want it. Many lives he did the death penalty radio. What do you what you've got a chance to talk to the team gets noticed a little bit a couple of weeks ago what was the five. You get these guys I did not an idea. It really made me feel old because he could look at an alternate slightly way I look back it's a mature and hoping it yet. It's easy okay America like that now because. I'm talking these. And I couldn't seem like we'll sit in the back right might well me and you with my younger brother Wright does it. Every boom and I see because they call it defense 86 game two they want to new. To disprove. The number one best defense is dedicated to. Didn't do much in the replays could beat this thing to. Good ideas Bougainville home. These games doesn't do Hawkins could be the best. Signaled. Here yeah we play. Cleveland 1 o'clock 3 o'clock in the black. Kid and loved each other. Was it Jimmy is it really started. All eleven guys get to the football team defense. Every body gets there. He's easy easy when it implemented. How it. Started running and Jimmy made shoot. My first rip him but it subsequently. Missed throughout yet okay. He told me as long as he was at my name is not completely you know you cannot not be I don't know why you view that because your brother. Boy didn't prove them wrong so when Jimmy 86 Tim brought me exactly what you're gonna be the Captain America. All of them that the host to the ball every single minute. But the one guy missed a tackle. You never know. Committed enough. And that's what I'm on drugs and witness to the the course of the kitty the newest task. But everybody's running for the ball ripped through political group. We have to live with the group of twenty minute. Everybody in Halston. And make it over it and who's just done with the the game. He's still yeah. She never let go into the ball. But it wasn't just about I mean in state whose Buffy mentally. AJ and those practices attending ran they got you mentally ready to take on whatever was coming in Wales that is. We will we don't have food in June. For me hook usually the game. Get booted my group grip here and leave them. I've relied Charlie you know red. Never anything. Okay the only get better whenever I. And there's so. About when we go game and embrace open but it is we've got to loosen up. It's gotten you know and secondly to back. The FN FL record but. If you. In about an hour and a half practice. To physical and gotten comeback is to hold off. Spent a there's there's executed to perfection. Want to have that much of themselves and give it to perfection won't. And that way. It below as well right now we know the first team dad but it does he get possession of man. Only fourteen didn't. Hit me this and again to being head to believe these two this is a post. That's what I love them more room. Different. Do anything with the in the people who can keep them. You guys just. And you assume. Being hurt you and I remember them a lot from him made me kind of or which group he's been. She moved to. They can be OK a lot of love a lot of vegetables you got to talk about much so Brian. Because when you look at that. Let me ask these these same that the different about it before coming out of the panel in and so. This. He had to say demeanor as diet so he's improved a little different to me. I mean I would excuse nowadays. And they don't play the game. And so. That's been hit back. There this way. Now David Cone. They do cold sweat. Let's say what. You've got to be ready for next year. Okay because. You got a combination there right. Oh. Crowds slant. And that I I can't wait. It better than what about the two guys that are marine safety right now for the University of Miami they're the people that make him blades. They will show that's why people so that passion want a more quiet leader. Another guy a little bit more out of what you've seen him to receive these are in red wine into on Johnson. We will do what I would I would noon. And confusion it's. You can. Maybe we won't lose. It's tough ones who. I'm gonna be. Face. Truth to. Just like I kill me. We would be the image it. He needs of things but I didn't come to what had good grades. And once you've become the face. Cheers the night you didn't counterpart. And pick who would you watch it being. Practical lunches. OK for the wounded. And dead at. Do you probably don't then they're like this and I'm Joseph Biden is and who took. Because when you can get this done. Negative return of the team a guy who cheat grass. Disorders like the logical. The short time. Taking ready and run it. No he. Bring back. Listen I'm amazed that. Yeah this need to do you think you all of whom. Because. We're not going to Jim golden rule for. This morning and I. Daisy chain yup. Little listeners men would have missed one line you. But I got I got a question we're probably change who you want. Well if we just kept the incessant what you want and did we went to. Forceful moves and full recoveries that's another team couldn't. They don't they they can go through yeah more movement but my eligibility is up its Internet. Many people think you're. My went through it before it lets you go we do those muscles and my guess the other side as not much fun and I've been making eye contact. Which prediction what do you think about this game tonight what is. You can feel. Hill in the. I mean it is I think I don't think my pills that if this you'll and they were used to be that if we don't know why I know that you want them in my backpack. Bring your terminal we don't know which was nice that night it was this that. Net. He hasn't been deposited with the outbreak when you know the other night who peripatetic sort of the fourth quarter were breaking point smack in the thing is that when. Blue state. That's tomorrow who. He's he did its job they wanna see people mostly from the beginning of the game to be in the the fans on the other side. They wanna have a reason is that and I think that each week we've grown to love this team and respected. Not now this team. We can prevent you from point a little about we were having good games. But granted most of your point about that they put it today we're building admiration love and trust trust that is just what this thing. Mean nowadays the he's constantly. We can play with your endorsement would even bigger for the it was a USQ. Whose four game won't I think it was about. I think the mood of the country. How to get food and we every day and needed any day of the week so. They've about it outfit who we know. And the mood of the players would learn to win. Game like that it gives you confidence. For when it's really time to play good team like Notre Dame this week if you're not afraid you're down by him. People. Had to do if you can't. Who's captain. Out of the game. Jim Jones can't sing when they teach you down. You can do. Normal. Event OK. And right now we have got to the porn. You can do when he went down these kids believed they could come back to me. And so I'll take their hands. In days so even if this Clemson University. Puts that in a game and move on to win. And that he thank you so much for being so generous with your time and it's always what are you spread the gospel like the football pastor. A payment we we love and we're ready to go and we look at the game the rodent that you some Americans he is always great to compete with. He had no doubt about it many. Legs don't answer it I'll give greater we're gonna take a break we got a couple of surprises coming your way next. They hurricane is gonna join us on the phone and isn't it special guest line. My dear it's embargoed all do. Went there and all gave Brady a lot of folk Aaron all very aliens have an idea of what a book reads he didn't think sex. Do all the king's radio. M 790 NF. FM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action interference call 1877. And 79. Oh point 357. After talking radio these violent and live there sand bars that rub it had lit that night. So many players or players out here Chris Myers and Lockheed and Bennie blades. And another special one of the order to get twos and a special guest coming up at a moment but first but but Leo Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line that. Which they are truly steps beyond giving into and is there the defensive back to the University of Miami the junior Alabama is Michael Jackson. It's been an amazing year for this hurricanes' defense. Sparked by the turn over change sparked by a lot of good plays by you and your defensive back crew tell me how good you guys are feeling as a defense going into this really tough game against Notre Dame. All proposed here on the other and you're both monolithic group where he'd prefer to go we have bill we do is go to go to so are. Spirit which everybody has been about on the Iraq is not there are Obama in the library you know bear the somewhat similar oval this Cephalon you don't go out. I'm obviously though the turnovers BM besides hence the change you've done your. Sharing gotten a bunch but everyone's looking forward it seems like you're being a much more aggressive defense in that aspect that you were last year. Lawyer who occurred. You're not really part because it here oh real change like there were worried are you guys are doing some of that that we had to go get the ball. By then make that pick the cocoa and have a little women and by whom get a what I do it again. For a vote in. So obviously listen it's another primetime game it's going to be packed I don't have to tell you what's on the line and what's at stake but. Do you guys get pumped up from these types of atmosphere is. Oh you're always going to pop art art beer the very certain very well. I'll. There are clear about what they're back a lot I would gain big. And this American life are wanna put a notebook that can't deny we hear so the boot to provoke. Tell me about what have you seen from Notre Dame on offense good from watching film how tough they going to be. Other Romeo rare bit MacBook they want to ball. There are rip Brooke who who he would remember don't lie and a great guy. You know I think one of the things that is made this team. Special just came out of debt seem out of guys that you guys can roll in there I mean even when he started in freshman like to Vontae into the game. No matter who's out there it's it seems like no what's missing a beat does that does that click with you guys that you guys have a good rotation going on. Well there were further apart are mutually and part of an there is no light once thought it all of the well. Senator. So why are you are goes down like that where he spoke well. So another Cordoba on the buy all the votes who treat he told as if you don't mix for the person that food you thought. Michael Jackson at the university body cornerback to us here on the ticket. Mike talk about practice. It always used to be said from the old school canes a practice was tougher the games because. Yelled you're on defense you're covering the guys that are you know better than the guys are your face it on Saturday. You're facing a really tough receiving corps when you go ones first ones in practice how tough is it to cover your own receivers. Although very well could you would hear of somebody like the big buddy who you've in my mind to a can be real simple and you've got the knicks who you might have the market site built promise the funny food equipment we will. Both use it's feet and Benedict are you Micah. Up the Mitt a book forever you're my Amara duplicate it. So is why you have a bad example and hope everything he could lose big. You didn't mention Michael you imagine a fan favorite Braxton burials and Zairean. You know bad news and our president is different library. Where there is no matter who you're like the play that you make and cracked the early in the game that I don't want the nickel plate that I don't invite you to make him look spoke up. How much easier does it make your job when you've got a front seven like you do those guys up front those three linebackers everyone up front it is working their butts off. Or make the moment Peter because you know there there are gone under the wire and then there are fit all you have to do get all of our as the next great. They've run a bomb again honestly believe that there are spot the on again so that when you reckon their main focus on a prayer and good. Feet below one estimate they've they have you know that it may yet but wouldn't be. You know I I know that all the fans toward about the rankings and all the stuff on the playoff rankings solid stubborn coach richt keeps saying listen. And we keep what they will keep moving up if we lose we'll all move down in. It's pretty simple when you think about it. Well oh what a well fought double clear that the battery life if you want if you want people were this morning. You go figure but he moved slightly you're there aren't so. So all the noise that's out there about Miami being back you know the fans going crazy and all us up to try to block that out. Pat how does that work. Our newer place but we are are there American. By and all these. The whole entire life he's been. Lugar picked up they can improve though I make people not that it happened. Oh we've been expected it would biblical. I'd much before we get Johnny here I guess I got asked this question. I'm sure you've been asked at seven billion times and I apologize. Is there a chance. At some point. The rest year career here Miami. You get a turnover and you move walk over that turn over chain. Soul helped them. Very further about what. Seth I should give it as you've got to love that maybe okay. We have a home my prayers are followed by you'd rather than the more you'll. I let her own though I never tried it equity. Okay well you know listen you know once we get to this game whatever yet. You know maybe on Sunday morning you know you wake up every may we just tried element see if it happens. Mike appreciate the time and we so appreciate the way even plane with a love watching you on Saturday is and the whole community this whole town is behind you guys. You go Michael Jackson the but the back to university but he's won the turnover changed four times. This season leads the team that. In motivated or so ago it was a Michael Jackson beat and beat. Through let's beat Notre Dame and the reason why would bring up probably Michael Jackson wanted to because beekeepers to change. You know he. A lot more than just at a he's one of the I would really like that what he does you if you really treated a lot more. Mortgages and I think he could ever do this guy was our. They're coached anybody more important that. There's going to be and exactly they're great senator for the University of Miami. He did have a sweaty backs that was located at that at but commute one of the directors of operations for the university of bodies duo Rodriguez will rock climbing Kiki McLean. Too well. I guess you bask in the glory. They pitched a heck yeah I'm on Berber fortunate that coach Diaz not good. I was the next best humans we're acutely. Just a question a minute ago why. The Cuban trade and then why you were able to do what's your answer my answer was no made his move you on game days right so. Cuban has to be queuing queuing out. There you go visual effects there's no better reason I think that's a good answer it's a very good answer it's being over the country I can't I don't even want don't even tell me about. I don't imagine game day there's going to be some sort of shenanigans going out to change it. I I don't know I don't see it live for myself but. From the day that the idea people. One that you were really really we're gonna do this then once the player and now I really feel like the players. I mean yes they want turnovers to help team but they want to hit me. Yes absolutely. We actually broken in the you for the staffer. Every period about how we figure provisional rather how to pick sixes is guys report silence. We'll short ticket via train on and mechanism was pretty funny actually but yeah it's no good there's no end. There's no surprise that we've probably had double about turnovers we have clashes created. Check the record that it becomes a kind of a pack mentality driver's side bodyguards were being you know beyond TV beyond sports center. And and we were happy with the principal author and do today. We turn the ball. So I'm guessing that you get a ruling responsibilities and that happens on game day your sidelines of the things are happening quick pace. But in the back your mind are you always like I. Like you and you're like the Secret Service they are. Military member that keeps the nuclear codes because I think it's always got to be with you girls like there could be a problem like so no matter what you're doing. You gotta be ready to put that gentleman is now. So legitimately every single time we salute you for its drive I stand and I repeat back toward the chain is an idea where that's really get some traders. And that's of icy behavior resembles turn around like if you watched film are here and you'll we have sound from with a dozen of respondents remarkable and we're like it's going to it was. Coverage remember crazy and wonderful one random body turner would await reaction be we're back there are people functioning and the. First oval at times jolt you guys got a little too excited. You have to almost needs them on the field the helmets were coming I wouldn't be worth it. We were there discussions of then okay this is how we have to. Do this yes absolutely it could well it's obviously. My phone books because I'm getting through student excitable. If the thrower on you know in the weeks back from red wine rivers and on and good reporter for the job well done. Let you know. I think was written to him. We have yarder. So new approach remain very clear in his own way like me. But stand up you know I was on the sidelines but from you always often silence on the field because obviously in close him supported only cost you know. Some very valuable I don't know if you can. There is none like Alabama's complaining because they have that the belt which you know still wrestling. There's like a red joke there somewhere there's a there's all sorts of things older I think Tennessee in the garbage can look. Kind of weather season if I don't adequately. Good idea. My. In reality. Nothing really represents the real fine in Miami war. Did that today yes I think any team could have. Roughly double blind two but we don't it. I think every ounce of courage and gonna bring droplets were last week we talked about muscle medical. Officer with her about it. No forced more than the number one reason why the change that's coming on farms where you know right here and we're 53. Which probably has been yours as it is right now. You know what drugs report turnover game no doubt no doubt it definitely sober but you know what we're talking about what's in the room what those who felt. How does that kind of supplies to those who program. Support you right where's trusting the doctor to receive up. Don't know. That that that train when it presents swagger. That the style the way that the university and the community kind of rally right through it really speaks for. She's sort entrance our community our players' vote for rates because of them. Sales no doubt. I'm over there you know before we let go and before we get out of here. You're on your night out tonight and asking too much work we just give us a little while ago we've got you know this week we got. We've got a group of great to practice participant also. We're about a television previously received before and no sooner games. I think we're due to the Republicans are confident. That you respect Notre Dame but I think there you're excited rocker flipped big game in November on national TV show the nation that mine here we're we're about. To all Rodriguez. Is one of the director of football ops for the University of Miami music keeper of the chamber music it dying. You'll yeah. You'll hopefully seeing a multiple times and only dad I've gone now on Saturday before the big screen as it screens the big screen now focuses our run in and maybe you're like your little dramatic would you put it on I'm not a lot. You take it and you could sort of slid in there on their shoulders that looks matter they lowered the traitor when your players and fifth at. If we do. You don't deliver that change it if it. We view mr. king dice yards long beach's name dropping and how CDC has. Too many fire while I'm here in Africa as well thanks a lot and we really appreciate it appreciate everything you for the program and I forgot about it. So does it's Miami it's Notre Dame. It's time. It's only on the phone it's not managed we've got a great idea here at San Bart get ready for this thing blood with those what do you think. What a personal we're gonna think Koreans agreement the failure greens and only when the game now yeah I mean I am sandbar for hosting us yet no doubt about it but I'll get between Chris byers and Lockheed and Bennie blades to bring a liar too well DJ was in the house. A bunch of people came out tonight to make this night special the fans came out tonight right here at San bar doing a great job of most everybody Ramsey. The promo team. Dale Jarrett and everybody. There is warranted here and run the about fellas look what we got a minute predictions. Penalty for the next world. OK Miami's gonna be able to stop Iran and try to make the path around the basketball. But none. I think Miami win but I think it's a close. 27. When he mind. That's Michael Vick makes a lot everybody we got also snubbed them anyway near the ticket Ron thank you adversity of the extra fifteen minutes Garrett thank you. Look you an idea Bill Gates went out.