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Thursday, December 7th

Hour 1 of allCanes Radio from 12/7/17 with our Ed Reed Interview


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Two hours some orange and green dominance want me. Stories from the pack. The press it's all teens. It's sponsored by top. Thomas and pearl accidents are turning. And Thomas and her. 877. 90 hell yeah that's 87799. No point 357. Times for all the king's radio and AM seven. FM 1043 HD do you wanna bus ticket. Alongside her Iraq well. Plus dollars and Drake as will join us momentarily. We are alive in the studio tonight we are not done it sandbar in the grow overtaken. Due to show tonight. Kind of talking about. What happened in Charlotte if we have do. Talked to Ed Reed tonight that'll be a plus. There aren't a couple weeks off we'll hiatus. And then we backed down at Samar on the 28. To get get you ready for the Orange Bowl. And they'll see what happens after that so that's the that is the schedule indeed but tonight we do have. Who is zero. Now he calls himself coach on the on the Twitter. Is ZC I know he was with the bills for allow. He's no longer with the bills Y know that I know I didn't know I don't know his youngest coach. With his troubles to my school or from the cancel out look to find that out. But guys. It. Didn't go really as planned open. Or didn't Charlotte. I really realistically were you thinking that was going to be oh victory I told you if you put a gun in my head as it console is gonna win. Com I didn't think you would be 38 to three win. Not I casualties we jump out on a minute to play well and when the game or we are did you blown away and it was cover other yet it it was a lot of the other numb VMware kind of unfortunately. You know I. I don't I don't read anything lately I'd heard before the bowl game that police shoulder is still little. It's got to be guys dings. They're not they are not disclosing hounding his shoulder as you look at at some of the throws he. Just his emotion his throwing motion on some of these throws. His shoulder is definitely not a 100%. That a reporters at dislike here that senses there's been an that you are a 100% in my opinion. A ticket rock I think has announced it after eleven weeks in a row I think the team is is physically just tired and in either a two point and you know again I think we had a great season there's no denying that. But I also believe that. We still have a little bit ways to government was they were back where backward are well known Clinton's team you know you have to kind of brand yours are Georgia and Alabama you know the teams like pat. That have been there consistently over a period of a couple of years or more. That's when your back. Here's the deal is that ever what they were back I never said were back because I do I've followed the team in the league rosier senate. I forget what we was made it was a Notre Dame week but maybe was Virginia Tech week I don't nobody said dilemma ring on my finger were not back. So I'm gonna go by that. And Mark Richt has said it over the last couple days whether it was on hurricane hotline on our lovely sister station WQ I am. Or on at the Orange Bowl press conference we can say that and yet I am again it is that we're were altered tones of the tools to another station. Well I I've been gone back and forth the backfield discussed in this weekend but on the or was adorable press conference which is lessened the EE miers and current talent put it on and off. Injuries. Are killed them because they don't have. Among Richards and Chris turn and go down you don't have the same caliber player behind them. Can't and they just don't have that don't have enough depth and that's why are greens so important there's an early sign period between and toward the us in the 22 something like that. Where some early enrollees are gonna come in they just picked up this quarterback. Hopefully they get this defensive back. From open Connecticut he's from down he's from down here but he goes to private school in Connecticut. There's a couple of other guys out there are like the tactics are hands of the world or the as Sante Samuels of the world. Who could fled. To Miami. And now be a plus but certainly. I think this team is on a sick. I think you could say this wins confidence. Mark Richt has the program going in the right direction that down would want to question would you say that this team over achieved this year or no. Mean they did what they were supposed to get. Can only towards little over achieving no I don't think so because I thought it would have I thought they would have two losses. At this point they have two losses. At this point like there's a. Maybe I mean are you saying area that they over achieve by getting to the ACC championship game. No I just think you know being I don't know I think there's some luck involved there there was some mom opportunities that they took advantage. You know you take. Pass away airport Stater or. Unbelievable catch against George turn him. And you're talking potentially four losses at this point let me give you can't because I mean you can go the other way too in other seasons I mean that's right there's no there's no Matt Walters had read against Boston College I'm just saying that I think most of us all mine three tenant who's probably won't we were open for. What I think the way they won their games in the you know being ten and 01 game left in the season I think everybody was. Overly excited and expected us to win the national title and I think. That's where they'll well we got me back let's listen those people that thought the mime is gonna win the national title that's a whole different you know coliseum should look at what goes here's the bottom line. The number two I think if you yes fine I don't camera it's I think if you asked all three of us. What what what I mean when we might even have it on tape go back to the first show what's predictions about the season get to the ACC championship to lose. I mean if you told me it would seven and that was it that was the main goal I thought issued going to be busy in August of I just said. Here's exactly what's gonna happen in the season I don't know how it's gonna happen but the end result is are gonna go to the SEC championship game they'll lose to Clemson. I USA called sign up right now yes no question about you said okay yeah I tell you know like. It would kind of said when we were talking back Virginia Tech. You won game Virginia Tech at Notre Dame which when we want we're all of Virginia Tech because of which you're in the it's easier to drain yet but. Analysis said if we wind. I'm gonna get real greedy you don't wanna give Notre Dame and when we'd kept going further and further we wanted to get greedy here agreed reader wanted to be as per we wanted to go out there to biggest Clemson. Com yes on the question is are we close are we real close or we just really tired that's why the last two games we really not look like awful football team. Elise I listen I think playing eleven of football games in a row eleven weeks in a row. Was a huge factor in the last two games yet. Because I think both sides of the football urges on mentally as physically mentally and physical. And the other thing is I. You know again in depth is still an issue quality depth of I mean how many freshman played a look at the list. I mean that it red Germany guys. At all this year I'm a more I look look really good teams and also generally under the freshman right. DJ Johnson. Okay trait Trajan Brandi Brandi played it on my Carly played Jeff Thomas put it on mark caller plated ton. And Kelsey Perry redshirt. Two under wilder you redshirt you know right in large unregulated I don't know your right he he played late because. He played. Yeah he got in yet DJ Dallas played a time okay Wayne and speed and play Kate Wheldon didn't play Zach Feagles. Your punter. I DDB assi he's a lock on quote Iraq. Robert Kearns was hurt would have played via idealism was hurt could abused him. Derrick Smith played but I think you know. There's another walk and another walked on. Cold and Alford I don't think he played. Michael Carey fullback I don't you played. Bradley Jennings junior linebacker. I don't remember him playing and put it. You know Thomas earns a freshman linebacker. Calvin Kerry a freshman wide receiver didn't play in the Mon dolls and he played. Daily on Herbert. The pressure off of love and I don't think he played Corey Gainer played. Right near him. Exact dykstra I don't know people that are not our number. A couple of off on the blog and I don't think pleaded no I mean most of these guys played evidence and joke oh would've played he got hurt. Right now. Yeah most of these guys are jumping garden played. Mean they'll that you need to get a chance to redshirt. Many of these guys gorgeous or medio has been released top ten team. Really had one running back we how to use there's just it's him almost impossible to be able to be successful we just one running back yet. Well I mean. Yet yet one. One and one real running back the only did you Dallas did a decent job when he was called upon. Oh he did but that's thrown a true freshman in there and pass protect. Things and issues day he's limited in he you know the leader in the civil leader regatta in the season the more he contributed that you couldn't count on him. Right away when mark Walton got injured here's your here's a good news. Okay. There's eight seniors. Yeah. And hopefully a couple juniors don't go well. So do you you bring that up and that's a good place to you what I does that read coming on. He's coming on at 740. We obviously another segment before we get to add. Idea ask yes we should unless I get a last second arm -- effort in someone but I don't wanna get your hopes up but we've been in Constant Contact so it's a matter of some fifteen or 815 by. Might well if we don't have a surprise guest on the other side we will talk about. All of the juniors who may go and what their scouting status is. Barry Jackson wrote an article about that this morning. So will get into that and more. On the other side so much to get to on this additional market to radio. We're gonna talk to an agreed O Cleary didn't. Either haven't for one really long segment or two segments. I'll be nice until at. LB now the united it's been nice if you're nice like start. Rubs keep asking questions and worsened by cowards is we we don't go we just in the last half hours is along commercial break yet cracked. Do that it that it back after this all came to radiology. To help fly he went to the holidays big ticket courtesy of drone nerds he's giving away a 400 dollar gift card you can find it. DJI spark that price we do stuff. Three dollars towards other. Fourth pro life and overdo it though nerds dot com or visit either Revere locations and having tour or my grass. Mean dot com kronor South Florida's high in the sky. Track do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action it did during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Tonight. The executive producer of the show comes in huge. And you know not only do we have one Jerusalem Famer. Coming up at 740. And Ed Reed. But it 830 another future hall of Famer. Frank Gore. Yeah I mean. Two hall of famers who might now want to own number five on the old time and a tell all time rushing was written and a. And I was talking to EJ the other day party or are no Charlotte and are talking about offering just keeps on going and it really is amazing it mean AJ had a hell of a career two for eleven years and running that. It's very tough running back to be able to last that long and after he had those two surgeries it really is one of the most remarkable sporting. Are we wanna consider. Feats of of any player I've ever heard of. No I mean it just it not only the fact that not only the lengths of his career but success so I mean. On teams that. You know we're never exactly good. Except for maybe one year with the 49ers. Are from other than that I mean this Goldstein that he's been on is not what. He expected right now and the 49ers. He never really had that great of a quarterback. For most of those years so. And he's in the you know he's been the focus of those offenses. Yet know he's historians. Is only long so stoked that we get top two that's awesome. Great jobs that can't play get peninsula. And guy like do you just give me an angry at me. Let's just I love this so. Should we just pass over the game like like hey we lost and we don't need to really break it down. I mean I had Fuller yeah. I think it's just Ariza did talent wise depth wise were not quite there yet but we're were moving in the right direction and I mean we need help in certain spots and anyone that thought we're gonna go in and blow Clemson now. Was crazy you know you always staying well of if that Jeff Thomas ball was completed. If we recovered at some rural family had a should be called PI at the very least. If we have more lead young recovers a fumble I mean. It's AB get if you get those sorts of plays then is a game different it was sort of a remind me of Notre Dame. In the in the down at Soldier Field where we've hit a couple of those plays so. But again writing bottom line or does not there yet but we're we're get there are so let's Uggla this okay so there's eight seniors. They're obviously gun. But there's a bunch of juniors. The good thing is that it's seems like Dequan Johnson is going to come back eateries. And others have reported that he is definitely coming back we've got to release from the school yet or anything like that but that seems to be the notion. Unfortunately it seems like Michael Jackson is leading towards leaving. And that hasn't been decided yet which I think would be a horrible yeah decision is he who is your junior yet. And I mean he had a good year but. He can easily go undrafted right at that position correct so. I tend and then now you were about defensive linemen like Kendrick Orton Richard Macintosh charging Macintosh. Those guys if they go pro and it's no they've they've applied to the NFL for. There letters or whatever the heck they get back the ratings their grades. It seems like those guys will be. Second day guys. At best right so we're talking third fourth round at best. And you can easily fall and so. Are right and now easily nominated team. Were correct. Let's see you another junior and I think that's been hiding in that position. Is. The is the more most crucial for this team and and we. Got a really hope that they don't leave because it's it's you know you can recruit a bunch of defense of linemen but that's that's a position especially aren't on the inside a tackle position that. It is very difficult to come next year. You do you do get Gerald Lewis factly EE you don't come from high school and start at DT. Thank you just don't do not now not so I mean the depth behind them we lose Motrin I believe yeah yeah you get Willis back and and there's some other guys that our debt was really yet end and then are you forced to move guys from the outside to the inside where they're not really. You know. Supposed to play and you take a cousin issues or you know a couple shows ago we had John bees and on and he was talking about. Even earlier where they should go when he saying you know Roy if you're on the first day guy you really shouldn't consider leaving. Yet no egg to. The role and everybody wants to argue that no no no just tell me did you wanna get your clocks started and get to the second contract whatever. If you don't make a teen to begin with. Yet I mean if you go undrafted. And you don't make it team. The rudeness forget it forget about making it your second contract and you don't you put to him first. And then irony here your first and I understand there's like mitigating circumstances like mark all okay mark Walton. Right now according to Tony Pauline is a draft guy and a bunch other people that Barry Jackson Todd do in the buzz Barry Jackson does an amazing job that are off guys and that's my favorite I mean yeah I mean you just just just. Listen you what if if you're well Miami sports and you can only follow one person on Twitter. All the buzz and put the notifications out to be fine. But. Other we're glad to have as a very big contributor here in the ticket. Dare talk about mark Walton be a third of probably a fourth round pick and really hurt by the injury. And that could you know if he does if he's not well enough to have a great work out which he may not being. That can really hindered him well and NIJ said last week he thought it was a bad decision yet four mark Walton to go early. On the other side. Because of injuries is that three you want ago. Mean look at Herndon. In another scene that is startling drug because he's not going to be healthy. Yemen earn and you know it wasn't my turn and had an option to go early last year in and you know get drafted Brad mine in joke through an erratic and I mean I heard it had no choice he had the I mean I mean he had to come back in plain out last year the domain. We all thought he could be honest I'm talking about injury wise in just a good player by name I'm saying what you can get I mean listen these guys they. I mean they get her locked out of their dorm room you know I mean we we know I didn't understand that's probably the reason the guys say they'll let me take it like it. On that point like I'll get okay I'll give you. A running back you know running backs by the position the feel that it's her the most I don't know that for sure. Factually but it just seems like in watching the DO four bullets most okay you're running back again understand you saying all right the chance I get hurt. Next year and I don't wanna rescue. You know if you're mark Walton and and I used January by your family and all this other stuff. No there's insurance policies there's financial aid things they can do. It because if Jimmie a fourth fifth sixth round pick. Then what and what if economic team because. You know teams aren't guaranteed. To keep a late round pick. Well we're we're gonna talk to got a little bit Ed Reed. And he came back his senior year and will be great. Asked him that question Margaret you know guys it come back and put the effort back into it for their senior year of the guys that helped build the national championship team. And every year you've got guys leaving early and you know you Bakken of those that made news in the 2002001 defender how many guys left every year we were still able to compete. We had about that's the thing about death is that. That's and you were eight well it caught up to you eventually capsule like once once once all those guys left as it was it 2004. For the 2004 draft for rehab than I am the most first round draft picks. That is starting to catch up as and you you could replace it he could replace them fast and we were just getting the talent either well yeah I mean the town's gunning was was getting horrible when you would just take a five star guy. Identity name's Lance Leggett and what what. And just signifies our guy but you know he wasn't attain or he didn't it would ever. Does it mark breaks and today about recruiting and about this team is he needs more Alfred. And out of his car now will leak it now and also. You know I was trying to think about that league are you caught the leadership let you know you think under the leaders on the team are. And it's it's really. You know ego a most of the leadership is on defense I think you know obviously figured Casey McDermott and some of those off of the linemen. A little bit. As well. Like when I think of vocal leaders know your team about Chad. Yeah right you thought you to hear your act yet you think about Shaq if you know guys on defense. It would seem to me that I feel like he's saying we we need some guys on offense that are leaders now whether that means bleaker not. I'm not certain supposing during the year and did a good job of calming the team down and you know for a state and a Georgia Tech and it seemed to take control humble well listen there's. There's one thing about being an alpha dog in a game or being a leader in the game and being calm cool collected there's nothing about being that guy that's gonna push you wouldn't practice or push you in the offseason right we got the stories from back in the old days where do you mister Pratt and you got degrees you didn't. If you can go a hundred Jimerson practiced you've got degree I mean they. Are so who was it was. All Phillip was telling us. You'd me if you if you miss classes he missed practice have you worn if your dragon gas and whatever leg yet you're. I mean that I didn't mention adding value that players would punish you wreck idea. And it's not an easing and it's not they would you would just be. Punished in in a way that only the players could punish you Nate Webster find you on a tennis court Tokyo. Out of sleeper in which in the sleeper or AT Eli did you know law TP go all in and then the end of the shut the lights on anybody. It's two front and hope the janitor comes in their savior of seven hours later well and the janitor and then I butch sort of put a stop to Manila but numb. EE you know and and maybe that's that's one thing that this team is still be building they're still building leadership. I think the solution a huge offseason. For that because now guys like shadows linebacker gonna become juniors. So they're gonna be upperclassmen. Right. And this offseason is is really about them taking the next step is they've had a little bit of a taste. And ten day take the next step C. The thing that I also going back to the ACC championship game that I worried about going into the game and I would I'd talk about it. A couple of times was Clinton had it on the biggest stages of college football yet. These guys have not. Do you think the stage was too big for him do you think they need they felt that I have no idea I I don't know if they didn't they didn't play. I think having been there. Had been through it. Is some kind of help I was talking to Damione Lewis after the game a little bit and he was in the it fell to the team got a little too high at the beginning of the game a little too fired up in honor of suck Kasey McDermott. Running down the Fuhrman or there's a lot of energy coming out of the locker room gone play that game. We've talked ready for once you get hit in the mouth once that it doesn't matter it it really doesn't matter and if you kind of mix all that energy with. Four I don't know how to space like you know beset as a the Clinton been here they've they've been a national title a year ago they've been in this game this what the third year and wrote. So for them it was no big deal. Products have their coaching staff has the program as a horror as exactly that is not just the players and eight it's everything I mean. Downey your support staff yeah no doubt about it so I and I I think that stuff really important. Even if it doesn't help you wanna play by play. Basis or what have you just having some confidence of I've been in this situation before I think the biggest fan this year was is we learned that winning feels good. Results are positive we beat Florida State which we hadn't done in seven years B Virginia Tech we beat Saturday. We got these he's championship and I think all those things are steps in the right direction and I think the players. Will benefit from and understand that the feeling of being a Florida State or a Notre Dame is so much greater all the or they put in. In losing to Pittsburgh or losing. To a Clemson in the championship game yet and we want to close ones. We finally won some close ones I mean how how many years is it a line where. Every close Walla lose in a lot now when an acting bad I think winnings contagious I think your bills or character in the east this team had. Shown a lot of care to but I really do believe more anything else it'd the end of the season. They were just tired and there wasn't enough depth to give them the opportunity to overcome some of those things. But I but I think also beast does need hit a good point that they could treat mentioned I think that offense needs a leader and I don't you know nothing against offensive lineman. But I think you need warning your sports want us tomorrow we know I think you also do it that that was a different time. I think you need you need warning your stars I think he need to look at a guy like a moderate true jury got to look at a guy like your quarterback. To really. Leads that offense at least ideally your error in the game we had. Up until well I mean bush himself like that none of it okay so I mean were always gonna compare to the 2001 team right. On Dorsey was not he wasn't the vocal leader now the outlook of lying there. Yeah we're the we're the reds and Joaquin but you also a Clinton Portis you said Jeremy Shockey give it a game and those guys. But Clinton was vocal but was he a leader. No Shockey was. Shockey was a rod rod guy my friend Harry likes to say. But the leaders like the guys that have little jittery watching Gonzales were right where Ed Reed and Joaquin. Offered the line. You know and and somewhat those. The de fund to play. It's on to another thing is when you recruit they're in the forty times a vertical leaps how many receptions interceptions whatever was. Are naturally going on Sam Wyly was a true leader in high school. And as a senate summits learn or something has developed. And I think that some guys are not really good for that role if some development and some never never world. No doubt I've written a break below we come back somewhere on the other side you'll talk to arguably the best safety in the history of mankind. My dad's and Don and understand us and under is not an understatement. Certainly from my money the best safety I've ever seen playing college. And you can make an argument it is about safety there will play in the pros. The only other guy that I put up there in college. The only other two guys are both Miami Hurricanes Bennie blades and suntan. And in the pros. Sean Taylor if you if you still with us could've. Go to Russia could bring up there with the with Gregory exactly why I don't I am. I respect Troy Polamalu but I think Ed Reed was a better what was better Canada right so will be back with you read after this in the. We don't forget to myself. Well from all get glad number twelve days we get sand bar and grill for all changed. Radio signal will be presented it. 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Your way India you can hear plenty of sliders for that here too and airliners for the kiss country chili cook off. We're all one big happy family all seven stations although we have. We have at our com north we better come self. Two buildings seven stations one happy family. Sounds like formed yet as the season ranked and I doubt about it I really the phone's ringing tonight feel better now. Not ton the sigh of relief that putt on this one out is on believable. We're just gas. I don't I don't think that's that's. Come a long numbers are other drivers having a long conversation. So part of me feels like. It was a critical that you all. Either latter he ordered a pizza and he's the order wrong in these kind of fix up knowing Jolie's during yeah. This is why we're waiting let's talk about something's coming up at all kings next week. Oh wait lately hole on 12. We're on aggregate I. Such Iran feels announcers convenience stores gas line there Tuesday it's beyond immediate he's all everything he's going to be approval ball primaries. Two Angel Famer he's a hall of Famer and life. And rejoins us on the show what's up he read. It. Nothing much man we're just we're trying to try to lick our wounds a little bit after the ACC championship game yet. Try to look at this Orange Bowl against Wisconsin trying to tonic title ahead try to be positive. I mean I've grown you know respect the work you know we know how that goes on and that the children are that we didn't you know. Then a minute guys and a great deal yeah. He didn't have been able gaming can do when you get. Very deep. Ed you value around the team a little bit of this year you've got a chance to meet guys you've obviously watched them. Just your perception of the job that Mark Richt did with the team this year and and how they did the season. Great job I mean like it's a great job great season. You know I mean as a lot of things that we can learn prompts you know and Indy pro coach commented we would together. Would beat guys did this here have been under he denied a note and you know. Moment I mean you can act but the ability to believe it. You know an effort that they've put into what we've seen in the last few years. There's no doubt about it at great job buck coats is that the note did. What was it like for you read today to spend time with them I mean you know there these guys were babies when when you're a star in and obviously they know what do you know your successes in the NFL and also as a Miami her team but Opel what was that interaction like especially with the DB's. And there was off you know mile long and a bit of background to do it. It met bill Lindsay you know I know from watching them go to the Procter and solid. I was really trying to be out of the way. You know I'm merely a big week Notre Dame week. You know analogy school you know not that I don't want those guys are in the and they did it go to you know you do in your routine. You know you do what you have to do to try to focus on that big gay men and all you wanna do is make it Big Brother is prop you know going out to try and trying to give you know just some some low points they're being there when you can't. And rejoining us here on all cain's radio and obviously a big part of the character of this team was the defense especially those. Defensive backs they really fed on that turn over and get that turnover chamber I don't think. I don't think their mentality was hey I need to get the turnover chain I think the mentality was I wanna make a big play for my team and if I get the turn over chain and that's great. Who need. It at that parent I would trade promote our practice made that. I've been cited the whole world go to an event that that if you read do read as the Cotto Miami you know we we bring to this you bring. The great thing like that. Through table when it saw this spot competition. You know what you each other motivation extra little. Oh we saw that I got this year I don't think it was above back in the current coaching like you will make it out beat. You know being that but it helped the don't we appreciate it took the next you know near India goes those young men around there enough that are being so. I mean did you could definitely beat him. And meet some locals stood the loot boot the you know when the game and that it hope that there would imagine they could do you know. You're warned that turner will change quite a few times when you were there had. A bit but yeah. We're good we're good at it bailout though I kind of felt good after you get six turner blues that you have with the change per week take homers like you know. Which is like that yeah. But today morning that there in the years ago and they wanted to years Abu. And you mentioned though the cutting of that chain is that something that you know certain fans take it to harder than coaches should take you don't harder or even the players is that something that. Should I send us or or or light a fire under duress for next. Part of course why don't you do it don't they're not that is who. Like a picnic wine decorum now like to do it word to mind that. Right now. But these million to deny you go to the bowl game this yet enumerated mileage that. And of course like he was say elect a true very a little place. On a national championship. You know so. Of course you don't take them out a way of course you look. To get them everywhere we look what a nut and Omar rookie year and a first team freshman year in Miami and blogs they. That's what you get as we give me screaming numbered from a year. I come from the government from the urge the year. You know what I did you complain when someone I like it but it. We were talking about that earlier that that losing is it is a hard feeling to have you don't like to have it so once you start winning. You start like in their feeling more with the all the aperture or no we. You wanna win in his native Eric Wright that it needed him that I think we went with me. It was needed at that are Kuwait though was the best thing don't don't don't within that system. That's made it work even harder there's sort of that we had some W stronger. And I know mr. Odom is that a good bit but it could argue. Auto reply. And you can't let down not a week not a week out not what we expect out of a little bit. And oh Henry joining us here and I'll came to radio the beast flats on Harry Roswell. Ed you know you've made a decision in your career comeback after great junior year come back for senior year. And try to help this team win a championship you succeeded at doing that. All these juniors now organ and try to make this decision Gallic declined Johnson has already said or at least reports are he's coming back he wants to win the title. There's a couple other guys that are maybe 5050. Would you like what if they called you what advice would you give them about that process and about the decision and and all that stuff. I mean who who own you know used to always in the life. There's no circle critically low left at the beef could include thorough course. On video at their where you go to beat job that we projected you know in your commitment that you go on the record. Do you got the way you're supposed to or boot Panetta. You know so that that's something that you've got the got to look into. You know it just circumstances. Where you go in in a good fit so. Heard sector around. Today you graduate or post graduate and a little problem back then bill. You know because. I mean men and at the Arnold football what we get right now. You notice I did it. Is the young get out of these guys you know who played in the longest who understand how to be the first to know. You know Vick if Vick it leaves whom they can do that if you if you're ready to be of perfection. Yeah nobody cute kid is still growing they need to grow you don't need some more football but there's no. You know I think they got neither yet they've got are are really wanted to win and that's intemperate give me and I knew we could. You know they thought they did spook. Now while it is in a different place. In our local law clearly different but the big you know I can't speak well in the demand wonder you know making the that you put him in an imminent timely. Emma got. Going without. Is that you knew you were good enough player that where the UN this year or the following year you're still gonna achieve the goal he set out to do. But rather broad no that's not a that's for sure yet. That I knew I was able to put into multi year you know I had already gradually. You know I was I was Richard he you know IR graduated. Right before to see on gold. I was already in the mentality whereas on the BO football you know I was I was already pretty much in it that well. None of that come into the universe Jemima day. I had my own. Output in the bill lived in that they don't know what the year with dedicated all of our road to the universe don't need the hurricanes in the I was. You don't vote you. So it really delicate sort of they'll look at where your life. And edit it sort of all came to a culmination. This season you you were inducted into the ring of honor and an honorary captain and and honored because you couldn't make it DO previous game honored before the Notre Dame game. What does that mean do you have. To have now your name up there with some of the greats. Permanently at a hard rock stadium. Men are always up early every minute but. Note to move the bill among those great that you want to be a month or that's what you did it well as well what little calls but in that goes by. You know those little guys come today or are there had been great up completely outplayed my mom brother the guys who worked out with Chris camels. Notre Dame Lewis marquis there's been overlooked Dean Martin the blues you know those guys from any. Those guys you train would you Reggie Wayne in those and Panama over brown mark suite mate. He knows what those guys who really pushed each other. You know as a reason why you see guys that much so we're you when you're going to be hall of fame her roommate. Hello in our roommate Judy could imagine you know you can imagine that it would. You know really really point that out that Brandon is there. You know and now it's come back. It comeback do you like that. You know Mitt the bush. Are included the enjoyment out of black bit on the battle as honorary captain. You know that such a great karma. You imagine being on the sideline and what do you remember from your playing days of having those older guys on the sidelines. Talked into you are not talking do you maybe just giving you that look that you knew you had to maybe make a player to. How then is the Clinton billion sit there and buried. The back. That the best motivate you know recoup institutional Harden who. I mean that who knows so I'd item out there right there man. And meet them. Present and. Two more before Rio we let you get out here and we appreciate your time every doing this colonel came to radio. What is this which is. I know you love interest in coaching at some point in time and he's on top of the bills. What's what's what's your future like what are you what are you wanna do with your your football talents. I mean I really enjoyed this year being able to come home our Miami it now while. And and and talk to those young guys and just this talk a little bar lights. You know so much about coaching I mean from when you go eager kid different people and help these young men. You know try to help them. Be better in light you know so I enjoyed that enjoy. You know been a consultant told so it is not so much more. Looking more to that I'm doing some business but by disinterested in this movie cockpit notion that comes out February march. Note so there a minimum. I'm able to do more community work for their favorite now. Right now Doug in the park there are in Louisiana. And Lou we've. Open now that despite. Cirque gracious and who are armed revamp the Baltimore. I you do insert a call dog cheeky great blink thought the old ballplayer duke the blue he actually worked and it. Any. It's also saying we couldn't give back that is now. You know and do that so it's a lot of things by the busload break in and doing and community right now. I well before it's not air plots on that we we need a drug in question of the week for this one edge you know we are talking a little bit earlier about. Winning those close games are having a little bit reluctant and we always ul would always comes to mind is busting call agent the ball bouncing off of Mike rom sneak in to Matt Walters. Arms and then being torn out of mountains of America Walters arms by you were taken into that house. I mean how much so of that is luck and and how much of that is just your preparation. And and you guys working hard to get to that point. The problem I have bird is oh he thought in minutes out of the picture here with the yeah yeah right arm and repeat it. If I want. And yet there and then I mean that that's preparation there's only entity. You know home. There tomorrow might trust and that come on board room you know won't be in that Canada. And then he don't grow like. It. All right and let's let's get on a plane man real have you on the line takes a lot so much. Happy holidays Fiat Gavin and is it. Safe travels. Yeah I went as soon as you said. You can fasten your seatbelts and in the there's no zoom overhead didn't know him we will surprise ending was. But I heard there's no overhead bins and coach. It may here is C was 3-D. May be was an airline like jetBlue doesn't have. It southwest in the first lesson. He really travel with the people. He's hallmark you my all time favorite male and you know that I was fortunate it's been a little time where the when he was back that we can Notre Dame and talk to Oprah little bit and really just a class guy and just the guy that you know I will always stay at my favorite game. Yeah I. Mean. You whatever someone asked me who my favorite chain is I it's impossible for me to ask the question yeah. For odd reasons it usually Israel and Marlee because I'm obsessed with Bob Marley and so that Doug my two obsessions that together. But. I can't. I couldn't tell you that it's not and read that's for denture. And I think. I'm member of the days of covering that team in covering him since he came to school. Well we overlapped. A couple years at you. In college. That I jumped in to covering hit the you know that team. And I remember when he came back and she needed a point. Every Wednesday. No matter. What was going on in the world. Come in and talk to the beat reporters talked to talk to us would sit down. In a circle. You can ask them one ever. And he wouldn't he would stay for drilling had a few questions I'd but he would stay for an hour if you wanted to. Would enter everything. Always tell the smallest face. And just. You can you can already tell as a young man that this guy was going to be. Aside from football to special in life you don't say India and and he's become that he's just amazing. Ira take a break try to catch our breath a little bit. Where new cobble quick segments are rule figure out some time and things on the other side is we got. We got to get ready for another future hall of Famer and Frank Gore I mean 100% right. Yes there's no and ended their share beating you know quite as you do first ballot if I mean if he Arab butter flour about a mile buffer split. Trevor you aired a thumbs up thumbs down drivers in my football analytic person trait or hall of Famer. He says yes cars that are this. It wasn't quite yeah. Leading up I think I think I I think it's got to produce comes to mind I think I think what it's also done you'll look back in the numbers and be like while. Sort of break left and wanna come all injury right here in the take. We're continued we give away. Listen every weekday for the quarters he ticket window fewer chances to win tickets to win upcoming TV we give away all week what you got is into. Told myself. Visual IP solutions partner for the Miami Heat and light Corcoran Cisco's Chirac's VMware citrix. I'll supporter. For more information visit them online at according to court dot com the according seat ticket window weekdays on your. HD you bought tickets sponsored by holding your vault dot com to get the most. Futures structured settlement through a lottery tickets call of the 33. Her tail BMW a.