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Wednesday, October 25th

The Beast and Harry Rothwell break down the Canes' win over Syracuse and look ahead to the upcoming game against North Carolina. They are joined by Demarcus Van Dyke (DVD and K.C. McDermott. Also, they play back a speech from Jimmy Johnson when he was adressing the 1987 Hurricanes. 


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. So canes fans it's time. Two hours on the orange and green dominance want me. Now stories from the the grass it's all teens. Sponsored by top. Thomas and pearl accident attorneys. And Thomas and her. 877. And I know how that's 87799. No point 357. Times for all the king's radio and AM seven. An FM 1043 HT do you wanna buy tickets and. But I'm from sand bar real. More and more. Had voted by the money. Instead of course home of the famous fish taco. We are all gains radio in his movies Ryan flooded now listen things are a little bit odd tonight right. If it's Tuesday night on a Thursday night would explain that first the dolphins are playing Thursday night football. And while we wanna be. Sand bar when it's packed on a Thursday night legged all uses. Fighting against. Adult fans like me they don't wanna hear my voice. Talking way and the dolphins are playing. So is it again listen listen listen let's be honest. Let's not fight against that whole thing let's move it Tuesdays that's why we're here on Tuesday because he played Maher right experts. And I'm here right now Obama solve our editor Gary our road team of Jared and Danielle. It's an intimate crowd is horrid outside. The weather is not delightful. But we're still here at sandbar we still got beer and food and and we still have a propane in the house to mark his van dyke you'll be here also. Harry is running deliberately because as the proprietor of all cain's. You'd stayed to the end to shut the store down seven as you know like put the gate down and that is to drive over years of the beard like a few minutes. Lot on on the other hand but of pro games mother to host he's a professor. At the human body is up he literally is professor blocked on he's got 78 degrees. He yes he because of Irma who will be we plan shows. We originally didn't account for Irma. But herbal pushed the class schedule at the university money back so he was not supposed to be teaching tonight but he is teach. Long story short right it just me talking to you and the folks here at sand bar and Gary's hanging out. And in the promo guys have got a bunch of additional legs give out so come on down if you're around town. I need to let you know there's there's a non paid endorsement I'm going off script on this one so and I don't late to the whole thing on this but. When I finds having really good. And legally you know about it and so I found my new favorite place other than sandbar but listen actually drank so much of the beer and the boos and eat so much. Sometimes right before the show. I'd like to get a little hit or coffee Demi upbeat going. And right across the street from the back door. Love San bar right across the front restaurant right across from the tavern is displaced a panther coffee. You probably know it already could you guys are hip and cool. But that they have one here they have to win would have won beach once it hits the lips but I once again excellent so freaking good. So I'm ready to go for all gained radio and don't forget this when there. Is football games and you're here at Sam bark like I tell me tell you right now come here third tonight once dolphins. Game on Thursday night. And when you're here to Thursday night not only do you get the fish stock which is here every night but. During all football games five for twenty dollar Kuroda bucket five for fifteen dollar Miller Lite blog it's. Three dollar Miller Lite parts five dollar mode dale applied sport other fireball shots and of course. Everything else on the menu years Anbar is so good so tonight we're gonna definitely have to markets van dyke be here. Also ruled out joining us via phone and we'll be Casey McDermott. The kids left tackle might have some other surprise guest WD here. From Jimmy Johnson. At some point. But not yet I think we're gonna hold off on that Jimmie Johnson. And 87 football team had a reunion at this past weekend as Miami. Went six and oh on the year. And ruled Jimmie gave a rousing speech the night before and a pretty private ceremony that. Our man Harry Rockwell is able to attend given permission to to video and we have that sound for you played later on the show. But let's talk about these games for ticket because. Here's the deal. Since. You've won every game and you're scheduled that's all the can be expected. The team is not perfect. And I don't want to discuss whether the team is back. It's not a discussion I wanna have. Listen if you have to ask if they're back. They're not back. That that's the deal right if you have to ask the question league we continually asked the question. Are the keys back now somebody families out there and I don't blame you. You know maybe here a little too young and you weren't around in the the glory days that's fine. You're you're saying hey we're back but this is not a pack looks. Back looks like you your. It was going to use the phrase that the defensive backs used but I can't sue in the area to hit stick boss. Talk of it. Anyways when that's going on. A 1247. Then your back when you're stopping opponents but your back. Now so we're gonna say like LeRoy today is like a pocket 2001 yet a close game with Boston College okay it was one game on the road the rest of the games you stop people. Washington given to the Orange Bowl and got obliterated. Right on that night game where Jeremy Stephens the tight end and his family were embarrassed. Terry Stevens has done some stuff recently in his personal life where he's been embarrassed that's neither here nor there. When you see. You have to ask. So I don't wanna talk about. What I do want to talk about is the reality of where this team is right now. The reality where the schemes team is right now is they're good they've won every game in the planet North Carolina team that is dark horrible on Saturday. As the saying goes they've got guys on scholarship to U. So this now's the time to go up to Chapel Hill and think you're just going to. You know sleep locked in there to that stadium and in roll over North Carolina without. Put it up and after. Right. Now they have a quarterback tandem that's not working out well for them the quarterbacks run around. So that somebody keep track of the deal would decent run game their defense. Not wonderful but not like horrible horrible although they were horrible against Virginia Tech and couldn't stop anything. They're pretty much team that is nose or season's over. So you don't know how much you're gonna react to that are they gonna give up or they gonna fight for the lines uttered. North Carolina opened the season losing by five decal they lost to Louisville 4735. They beat Old Dominion. Sony be proud of 5323. Duke they lost 4770 in the big robbery. They lost to Georgia Tech 33 to seven. They got hammered by Notre Dame who I'm starting to worry about a lot more 33 to ten. They lost to Virginia twenty to fourteen and certainly they got hammered last week another team I'm really worried about the detect 59. To seven we start what's on the Virginia Tech game is going to either be 330. Or seven or 715. Or 730 or eight so pick one of those it won't be immune game. So. That's what that's what North Carolina has done so far this season. Listed. As Miami team should go to North Carolina and win make themselves seven and now but don't take anything for granted. Still some some things to work done you still leave more consistency the offense. The defense I think is getting there. Obviously. You know injury wise you like to see if and Yvonne Donaldson is is back. And at the it was somewhat back to practice this week. What you like to who you are injury wise and you'd like to obviously. Being more consistent. Stop the penalties. And let's get more consistent the first half. In on offense. Now begin Agassi. So that's what we got going on our. We're going to take a break and we just got here but we got plenty more to. They break the other side the market's main dike. Maybe here but he spiced up the rain so it may not we may hear from Jimmie Johnson. We may hear from Harry Rockwell who I believe could be in the house possibly quite possibly. And if you wanna texting your Keynes thought questions hot takes you only do so in the polls for the LaMont the tax on 679. 74. Or you could be that guy that's like beef and AT DD year about the World Series dating community here but the canes. Why is he talking about. Cycle against her shop because these two hours are made for Kate stock that's why we will ultimately join the World Series in progress coming out. After the show at 9 o'clock so you're driving around with the windows down although you'll get wet because the brain. You'll hear the World Series at 9 o'clock. Right here on the ticket we're going to take a break we're live in San Barton grove it's all can agree on and seven IDF that 1043 HD to the ticket. Do all the king's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl vaccinated during this call 1877. 8779. I know point 357. Brian London live sand bar is. Get to be dinnertime here things are looking good drinks are looking good everything's looking good don't forget when there is football. We haven't quite got to the match in season yet Sonoma no football tonight. There's World Series tonight though but when there's football going on here it's embark. Which a lot of beat Thursday night to all the to play one talked about the sand bar -- an awful blog and it's five for one dollar Kuroda bucket 515 dollar Miller Lite buckets. Three dollar million light parred five dollar mode Daniel Pipes four dollar fireball shots. So get on out here to say about we do of the biggest prize wheel here tonight we have our four or do you just prize packs. We thank them for their stuff so we of that going on the mark van dike will be here at some point in Iraq will be here at some point batons to teaching class. So I gets he gets permission slip tonight from here now from class. So this past week when Miami played. The cues. It was the thirtieth anniversary celebration of the 1987 Chevy to team and the night before Friday night. Jimmie Johnson and 8070 was invited to the the Edgerrin james' room. Up in the football complex. Have little gathering have a little team meeting. And Doug Jimmy addressed. Everybody. And our men are Rockwell. Was invited. To come be a part of that celebration. And given permission of video that celebration and that addressed by Jimmie Johnson. And he has. Given us that audio so that we can play for you guys so without further do I believe this is exclusive here's Jimmy Johnson. 1987 Chevy two team a reunion. Friday night up at the hat. At the U. Maybe. His work. I remember these meetings. That we had and Arlo lord George and by the way of life and then yeah. Facilities or so much better than. But we have a Thursday night and eighty. Well players. Nobody there are no assistant coaches. Just the players. And we go around the room and we would talk about things other than football. We cannot say okay. Melton. You know what you're gonna do when you in this U verse. Of course miles an awful play pro football and ladies understand. I'm a former coach I would definitely people. I want you don't do it here. Every goal each man has Keller is when he heard. You know how are your grades we would talk about things other football. And if we started this thing really. Kind of if you go straight because Thursday night pro football. You know Friday night is not a hell. College football's. Thursday night tonight because Friday night he got hurt before and don't get you off the street and he's not. Videos is that at 10 o'clock meeting. Have my goggles. Here I know what I do your stomach up when something you go home and I don't. It's reasonable to me the sometimes I talked to people around the country. And I say you know listen we lost to record should be warriors. And we were planted but because we were independent. Every other week it Michigan and Florida Florida State Oklahoma. Penn State's South Carolina. Tennessee. I'm me. It was a it was a plus an amount as. I mean it was a very difficult schedule public calls we get there at us but we're recruit good players. And we were on national television every Regis it was not like it is today. To where. You know television every game's you know held us back it was one national gaming a couple of regional games. And so we had great visibility. And we did good. So that's what I remember about University of Miami and that's why. PO I coached. Thirteen different colleges a couple of pro games. The place outlook. It right here. I love this place. And yeah we Houston 2000030 years ago. This is their greatest time of your life. Relish this. The British your life. Let me say this. I think they're owned track to get back here. Like James. Rex is doing a special thing. Recruiting at best to keep getting great players. They help with coaches and he. Great players. There's just thirty years ago. I give you one last little deal. We'll talk. Like it was thirty years ago. Like or don't play noted he's. No. Notre. Everybody's watching you. Everybody's saying oh you can't beat Notre Dame. It's all in watching year period. What Tennessee do you put your mind. He can't take it to about four. You know lay it right here on this floor. And I say. Yeah. Well we'll morning via. What is it. Well someone in the other. Building. Taller. Orchestra about apple. You don't walk from one end to the other it. Check out to about four. And I put up ten feet. The bigger. Could do both war fortieth veteran. Gentry don't. Don't follow don't fall don't fall. That's what do you mind. You've torn your them and we're playing Notre Dame about kids is because we're better than male. Make endeavors will let you. Forward us. Yeah it's bad because you're the. Yes go. Did he. Okay my name on him. Don't let your well for us immediate neighborhood. Applaud your home. And I'm sure as night doctor Malone Jones. Your big bad as a player you want to do about. Spots in other words you back a bit. In the it's always your mom. They talk about how we had swagger. Some swagger coming in the right. Yeah. I'll visit guards. That is actually has no end. It's. But it singer my. What you believe you can do. You know they're I think well University of Miami. Their graduation rate was like 33% when we first got here. Got a lot of inner city kids. How we treat you. Black college graduate who. We expected. Him. Do you get your education. To get your diploma. To make something of your life. That was what was important to us. And I think that's why we are successful. Forget about how the players were from and we had great players. Morally great players we have great people. Great people that it worked hard. Work passion. The bully. That we were gonna go out there. And we were gonna be successful. Something on their bird problems. Brad you guys. Proud of what you've made yourself. Proud to be a small part of now. I got to catch a flight I gotta go six hours Los Angeles are OK okay with you I'd love. Which didn't have a ball. But again. Murder trial the. I had a good Jimmie Johnson addressed an 87 championship team the night before my attitude on the cues. In a special celebration. And her rob well for volcanoes here Perry you've got to be there. Gives you lucky few chills when you're adult Cody and guy in our our virgin media and a couple of these differing you know stalking each time that it's special you know he definitely is a coach knows how to motivate. He knows how to to get his players. And it gives life lessons as well so he knows that on these players even thirty years later. Still respect the you respect him and done you can see by the way the players reacted with them. That there's a lot of love and admiration for the guy. And it. You know the one thing I've I've heard Jimmy talked a few times to. And every time he always gets in there. Thus I coached a couple of NFL teams that once Super Bowls. The font this time ever have is at the University of Miami. And he loves the university I mean it really it comes across as he got he almost Ehrlich and tears in his eyes that you know feeling good but this is the place that. So many coaches have come in and they left and they always talk about how Miami is special to him and Dennis Erickson saying waste a wearers it's akin to ensure. This many years later so that it is special. Was practicing a special place for a special place sandbar on the growth there's no better place to be if you're in the area or you're out of the area get down here. Over the fish taco. Always amazing specials when there is a football game. Going on here it is the place to be as it will be Thursday night. Yeah we decided not to compete with the dolphins game or you know what you guys comes sand bar and go crazy during the gulf in the game. And why you're here don't mean outdoors just get the fish taco which of course they're known for but. During the luggage get five reporting all the corona bucket 515 dollar mil like buckets there another room like clients. Five dollar mobile parts portal or fireball shots and don't forget tonight and every night who evolved into radio we of the amazing ideas prize packs and we've got our promo team Dale Jarrett out here. With the we will no doubt about it I'm gonna take a break at some point we expect the markets van dyke to locking the door. Possibly 8 o'clock we also have Casey McDermott is going you would join us on the line. He might do that next. And Brian yet end of Mel Bratton as well. On the phone so we will look have a plethora of guests we it's all Gabriel live from sand bar in the grove by our names have an idea of a wanna vote three key to the ticket. Do all the. King's radio morning M 790 NF. FM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Factor at all victory alive from sand bar drills that grow. Killing another diving vessel Bob by Ford is coming of Fort Lauderdale beach suffered second and third there's music Saturday features JG Elvin Weezer aggravate. Man in the wilderness. And more Sunday it's boys to men accused in the sunshine band. Foreigners Lou Grant sultan a couple of and more. And of course a sports bar the seven nodded to get sports awaits us. It's sports bar right in the sand Rita watched all the football games ripped not presented by and a darn will be an accident attorneys call 807473800. 7473733. Tectonic but he Amare Fort Lauderdale beach. Eight DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. And by underground music tickets on sale now at the dig at Miami dot com let's go out to the right fuels. And downstairs convenience stores desk I would literally step beyond you mean the guy that was. Here this weekend celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of that 1987. Championship team. Was there for Jimmie Johnson's speech in the head during June room and one of our favorites Melvin Bratton Melvin what's going on man. What got rabid dog right outdoor event. We're doing great I mean we're we're celebrating in the past obviously at that age seventy and now. Wish I'd seen this weekend but we're also celebrate the present those things are going pretty well so far this Miami Hurricanes team. Bad loans roll it roll Jane who all look to roll out we are very excited about market done. And just to hold environment and being good to go to gave doubt would be put on a winning in. To break the curse of the their years would ought to think. Be being used so that every it has been. A Beirut you're rat out a lot of weight go uh oh Waco. You know so give me some perspective you've been around his game a long time. There's a lot of canes fans out there that went on walking through the. The the stadium light and we're back we're back. You know what it's most to look like. I don't even wanna have that discussion I just want to take every game. For every game. But we're idiocy. I don't I I think we're I think everything's headed in the right direction and in maybe this is. This is like an 86 this is like a year where you're on the precipice of something special but here you maybe not quite there yet where do you see this team. Well I. The comet that is a player of the new vividly recreated but still it was crazy. This being. Done and have. That out names are the superstar their goal. Go to guy that you expect duke to locate there in the market order rated there that you immediately go bare so are dead. These guys would just like that I blue collar workers. That that that you don't his car to work and they're really get their planet behind vote if it weren't aware that people they're really really put it or go. What it was big news about his being. They don't know how good they give people what I like being an overall. Like even burial burial to navigate these Erica but let gave that that gave you what the gotta go ahead to carry the load so. Got guys who really. Are being they're being mart Kuwait they're doing you know of role that they don't really realize Ottawa got the wake up and realize that they would not give. This dictate in my before it could be that these these kids have read it that got this cool we ought to expect that we would that help at all. So I think these guys they are really really. There are good humble guy that covered in and there are no stars that point where you expected the old beater support. Brett bear it. Eddie brown at all whoever does not like that god will drop coworker about love it. Why yeah illicit I think maybe it mentality their blue blue collar in talent though I think there's a ton of talent which is what has led to. Their success but I think what you're saying is they're not even enough to not let it get to there had because they don't know how good they are. Right right exactly yeah they date date date date the guys that thing ready guys they don't quarterback you're apparently he had done a great grades our army. The thing to be getting global warning getting gold Pickford down. Boulevard on the run to keep to negate that knock it wrecked car we look I the bad weather like. And try to of them this dude been how big result because fame hardly ever get to be quarterback's gotta be mobile. But I've been gathered if they'd they'd there period it very gifted doubt that I'd say that but. These guys that don't wake up right now to be you. But that no matter what the score is you've got to have found this repeated throughout the war about. Like god that ought to think we know they appreciate what we're reported big so what is. So pick whatever 48 big bracket today. We will let app to app of the art Cabrera route don't don't go and at the last bit upbeat guy out here. I think one of the things as is this team is learning how to win were few years ago we were learning how to lose. And if the when he becomes contagious where these kids then and now they feel that. The aim behind is not a death sentence but they can actually come behind from behind and actually won again. Yep they did exactly that programme in the same exact date has been debate that you gather leg but it has its economy out of wanna wake up. So no I don't wanna make good that the got good feet and that took the decision to play and written that you grew about a product got out of that video being. Of affairs revenue. Bet you probably given of them that the browns profit that would set a bar put together. Think about this. Mellman I don't think they played their best game yet I think it's gonna come pretty soon. Well we got a few real bombs Dario rolled out there columnist commend them result. They have but it got a big one game at a time we know we got there every game now in the trap game you know to their credit go to a bit David went if I beat. I guess but we caught Beckett Haiti's road where now we're like a normal role would Wear my whole thing Arab derivative. I'm like what you're backyard. It's turning garbage over and walk out front door you know that the my bet that we had bags did and out to give them pay beta beta go to waive fire it. If elected I hope feel we don't care where where though that the market that we had day and a half they got beat that doubt right now. We have some leak at Florida State that last drive he's asking the crowd to get laden and make some noise is. I think that's the mentality the student houses that they don't care where they are they're coming out to win the game. He had met at a burger I have thought that recruiting. They're coordinated our rhetoric revival that have a beta code that goes amok that could be due to the role. And continue Leo we give mark Reagan's first you don't have to ever sit still like that he's been reviewed appear. I get a more fight the grid Atalanta where I live about Bart read it anyway I got the job until party look at that yellow book they're getting our. How glad are you gotta get real about it via somebody that I get more breath. Appear that video it did a by the Miami who didn't like that well but I its doors to our route do. Talk when Melvin Bratton here and on gain radio we're coming alive from a sand bar sports grill in the grove. Melvin listen. I don't want to look ahead the players doubly aren't looking ahead you got. You get to North Carolina this weekend they're not that good. So hopefully bodies eagle there and take care business but then he got a couple games coming up. That are going to really decide the fate of this team whether it's the Virginia Tech game decide in the coastal that if they when that one. A Notre Dame team is gonna come in here ranked after a big win over you USC. It's I mean you went out one in I talk in bigger than just went coast. Well like it would do it to that we already know I would not look out of collect big city today. That gave you sparks being brutal fighting guerrillas that list that was imminent ambush that what do you know claim that big there have been looking forward to its exit date being. They got a lot of Webb and Leo I was a young kid the reserves that they know the did it get bigger the right now. They a lot of weapons are on topic that they have edit that it had so we've definitely got to make sure that we speak unit didn't book or Notre Dame. The quarterback has been dangerous knows there are being mobile quarterback. Boatload of being that we got to beat duke in LA. It was going to be a group that he departed site that let it get outward cost it was going to be played the next big rock. So I think this. At the height they wouldn't give the bill that I think you look players have been. I'll auto sport the market got a good job but they don't like game retirement not that good it'll go. I I'd on the severity interviewed debate the Cuba humble that maybe they're not baiting thing Brad. About now what about today's we have artists got Owen. Damn good game or whatever it is pre game away well at that just. But you liked David Doyle one game at a time after my debacle that was still. Melvin Bratton to address here and all gains radio. Listen you talk about Mark Richt. What he's brought to this program some stability. Some sort of rabbits costs. The ability to recruit the ability to coach. But also what he's expired in the end I think it's been a team effort of with the athletic department. Of finally doing that the fund raising an important money into two things like. Now we're getting the indoor practice facility in markets pretty much getting whatever he wants what every needs whether it's extra staff. And it's the kind of thing that maybe didn't make that big of a difference back when you're playing but nowadays in college football. I mean you need to have all these quality control guy you need to have in Brooke indoor practice facilities need to have. On the health and nutrition stuff is pretty much whatever mark asked for Blake James has said yes let's do it. You know I got a chance to really probably. Well Friday the first animal we've seen it done it they've got it down or in general. I haven't yet really talked about it was like that boulevard and I have talked to order. That he leave or an agreed also when you got. The management and upper management that have been on the same page deliberate lies but he's just like an ability that Green Bay Packers the cowboys. Back in the days everybody's on one thing in and out fully yet we don't try and no cut budget cuts corners. These guys rolling out a car review ordered papers lab. Yet to come back and be the role metadata rule book and debated you bet is that the varsity hat they figured it. Very very I mean I was really impressive out they pull out of the hole that they gave us like that mean everybody would you have sort of who built. They have that the bad couple right there that we had to that would excite all you have to. But they know the great environment built. They gave the gift bag that we are certain to add that rig river don't spin it that predate. Don't go don't get ugly built people are really. Within a hundred every bit they give us your Tamika go probable that we get repeat. We got ridicule are being located at what people Wear my guide it'll come support and but it opened the doors won't man and we got that accurate got a practice but by age by. I've got to Obey or apartment is how. He's been treated and then all of formal got retreat I had thought man I'm Obama mollid we have got there. Melvin has the agent is history yet. It got pretty good every RD bird I gotta hurt it there you go up where it. Pretty simple all right now you right now like three part target though bill but still getting input I give an old local. That being when he that it tackle well so I'll build the paper it did would go through. But it's pretty good about that Obama called you know like that so well beyond doubt that what is right I'm Apatow rep came good. But right now correct and I'm I'm I'm I'm happy that there's not a job for me to become the Dow did not have been the right down the pass it could be cute girl. That's awesome and that that that really truly cool. Melvin listen and we appreciate the time as always you're always welcome on the show. And I'll always appreciate your your honest assessment of everything in. I'm glad that we could just celebrate this day 87 jet region team that you guys get and as a reunion this weekend. Particular area Richard wrote love you got a great job keep doing it exactly that this approach that go. Know when a particular other issue we talked about earlier today so you'll be in contact with someone soon. Retired member. But dates Melvin appreciated. Another Bratton to us here and I'll gain radiant. He's especially he's one of the best is he really was you know this group when you go back to. Him. Some of those players back through the attitude just don't actually do some homegrown guys well actually go look it. You know what Miami this is this is something. That needs to be. I don't think he'll be overstated. Is. Mine is constantly in the Baghran that route right there the rest of the nation the argue this that whatever. And it started back at Melvin Stephens and Alonso and all those guys but look put all those guys developed into. Right from the most any you know like even when they get the bat around at what's that they were bad guys they're Russian a lot of that was you know you're on the field at an attitude I remember when I was at the U and there are still a lot of professors at or around. You don't back in the days they were. You know hey you had Michael Irvin classless. Play never showed up no use in every class and it was a great student what marriage yet. Well that's always been overlooked athletes not just your overall I think around the country to run a good student athletes in other summed it. It's it was a tick classic North Carolina some like that just from skating by the cut off level that. The greater Pitt whatever. But it was made what you look at what these guys turn into Alonso with his executive role NFL and opens an agent in doing good things there and. All these guys you know speaking of that you know coach Rick started this networking for the former players run on October Bain like his first. Success story he's working at the Biltmore through this program got hired wow there's two or three other players that came to that event did he had earlier this this spring. And they've been hired by by groups and the working now so it's something that torture believes and that the players. Need to be taken care of and given opportunities and he's gonna help try to find people in the community or in the state to help them. With those job yet that's awesome that's that's amazing. Margaret had a cane and let's take care of zone. No doubt about it you forum yeah no doubt but we're at daybreak we hope to mark has been van dike will be here. In a moment where your sand bar at the grove. The mirrors called everything is awesome you wanna get down here home of the fish taco. We'll be back after this it's all teams ready alive and and have an idea from what reports three Q2 to six. Do all the king's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl vaccinated during this call 1877. 779. Over point 357. Welcome back to all gain radio that he's bright light and. Roswell from all gained flats on. From proteins dot com we're live at sand bar grill the grove home the fish stocks go. And Miami's best to sports bar real Utley Ryan fuels and downstairs community stores to guess luckily steps beyond moving into and is there at the senior. Offensive lineman left tackle for the University of Miami Casey victory Casey how are things going this week meant. There you are pretty good you know which earlier part. So important that Marvin you know been up north armed yeah. So. By the team is undefeated which is good you know it's always good not to have a loss in the record but certainly. Not I know that coach Greg didn't you know coats Jerrells and and everybody on that also the staff is preaching listen we're not perfect yet. None on and that's something that we've been preaching all your. You know if we. Reminder of their abilities of your boat off that the country. And we know that but we are extremely so player you know don't do that that's what we're gonna we're charm great. So from an offensive lineman this point of view. What is their room to move on. Don't know what you're doing there is mostly as a Abbas or go to church you know. Urgent and insider you know contact yards or keep your head up but you know so far as you don't really have a whether or. There reported reload cuts which person they're. There is sure Kerry Allred why we didn't know portable but it current practice. Listen I know you guys take pride in your past probe but in the lesson I've talked a Brazilian off on the line and in my day. All the love to be done of the field and block on a run on a road nice run play look I'm more difficult this past research has dated a decent job of of sky mean Travis early on that but then things started to break open later in the game. Was that just duty you guys wearing them down it was that dude that just some there's some some mud changes at half. What got the running game going against accuse. You know beware of the never stood there you know stood tomorrow or on the ball more work arms armament you know where those who are these front doubt they're there are. But you know are we just we just registered voter and I shoot a renewed through the first south respects to a better. The respect and I. I. You know what to Montana full football this Sunday want to last night's game and this team in this kept coming up. There's there's an offense on the one yard line to a yard line. And without a doubt the analysts as saying listen this is an offensive lineman screen right here get him on the goal line let them do. Pushed their way out of things in a letter running back driver out of the middle into the end zone is that is that you guys just love. That just listen we got two yards we gotta get two yards we gotta get this guy to pay dirt. So we have lieu of that and at Peru which I do you know third game it along with all our. You know situations where are due to some clothes are well above him and put an onion down you know. You know that that more and does not reply was number two it is better at it all dark sport. Obviously you know a big part of it we got its queued up for our. But at the end of the day all of guys similar but mr. under emerged or and that's what we've been improved on a personal thing practiced. So you've been all over the place in your career at Miami a starting guard then you're at right tackle now higher at left tackle. Do you feel comfortable left tackle ended. How do you feel about you know it's gotta be positive that you've played everywhere and how that versatility. I'm actually a couple of dark by the is reform about especially. You know all in all. You know it's also very they have reversed so it showed you what multiple persons. But than that and it's something nice approach just showed trust them. Atrocious to trust you do what you remote open and different spot Obama aren't that just you know you don't know both sides of the ball and that's slopes. I've done a good job of children trojans are able to and they're dressing me in there approach student are aware that there aren't that we're more on what what are. Now when you go out there and you're the left tackle always wondered about that. And actually we had Bryant McKinnie on the show last week it was a pretty good example of the good left tackle right but he is to he's a monster that in the early to get by I got when you're out there and you know listen. I need to stop them know they're gonna probably have their best pass rusher coming I mean the last line of defense between me and getting my quarterback sacked. Does that put any more pressure on you or do you accept the challenge out in a positive manner. Such a child or part of our you're not going to be successful that there are you are a lot artists are almost unreal fought there. That's our yourself speed yet most went you know Deep Purple for the foreign you know. Except Johnson you're gonna go against the book the earth are murky New York there's the press that you care mission and the reporter. Casey I know that one of the things that always makes it offensive line good on a good team. Is that cohesion that communication. And it looks like it's happening obviously in the bottom and Allen an injury here comes next man up in to fill the position. Line still play in the same but just talk about the bond you guys have the communication you guys have. And the ability to be a close knit unit so that what you're out there on the field. You know it's like it's just five men out there doing their thing together. It's absolutely and work our offer I cheered those who thought it meant that. You know one thing that we want turn around so much here so we got to improve or nutritional aren't mature content page. That goes along with what used to be cohesion of the group you know we're. A much tighter group that we were last year. You know notes from that without going down and there are other archer refused to work we were all together you know we've China has put the little more room. It would proposal are now world you know. All very France and hang on and off they don't know me out each other. Richard Owens says child won't call each other of richer with Boehner saying that carried over to fuel. When he knows it's called looking out for her brother overlooked opera world order we're gonna change of direction we're gonna. They're gentle on my deck and lombok and we got richer all I was not mature all of it based not on that we've done a great double there's so well. I am not I don't wanna get in troublesome intended that's fine I totally understand Iowa regularly state secrets bowling in the asked. I don't like golf with a line that they've got out on Thursday nights at me like 7000 chicken wings together. You know guy and got all sloppy and barbecue sauce because that somehow. You do makes it more cohesive I know guys have gone out and eaten ribs or some other thing on Thursday night what are what are what are you as a unit what are you guys do maybe weekly or try to do often together. Maybe it's it's you know in the offseason you went fishing but what what is that bonding activity that you guys have. That it has really helped make you a cohesive unit. There are there's talk which which are more you know we had a couple aren't that are at least. There and our our we are known by guys that are about when you're married and ours are accused sort of ripple. You know just just having those little time together and then not to which reaches I don't know all knew what are each other they'll have a lot more on the other room making sure. It's a real quick we have a group we were grouped actually undock but you know one thing that were jacked actually also a lot. You know young cart joked so each other and and some tournaments yours that just you know focused together and we don't adopt more room which talk about football it's a long life. You know she bit are they just each nutrition correlate those stepping out of the ball ought to talk more tight knit group. Yeah would you know bid back in the day I was sideline reporter for for the hurricanes broadcast those travel with the team and eight on in that and I got to I got a chance to kind of step inside that offensive line meeting from a couple times my friend Don Bailey junior we've be sit in the back and there's. You know Romberg and McKinney and Vernon Carey and blocking Gonzales and they're just Boston on each other and you know and to try I mean I I don't know how I survived without cracked enough. But what it's like that though when you guys a girl you know having fun. Meant it it leads to winning. Dudley Goran would at least there the more and Natalie speaker French or church ought. Something that. We've we've talked to Robert atop our senator talked Brian Terry in all real well on saint Thomas there are tight knit group. You chimp bit tight knit group of mustard you're going out each other I do that with some. I so mark Walton goes down with the with an injury that's horrible but Travis homer steps up and value into running back back there is is there any adjustment you have to make. When it's a different running back different style different ways gonna Godot waiting to see the field. Apps are not you know. Next man up mentality and our opposition were planned. The other day and other matters back there and we have a ripple bought our arms to do well. We don't do that no matter who's going to be back there are going to be successful so we don't make sure that we. You know lineup are so I rhetoric excuse it. Believe his obviously you know listen he won this job in the off season. You guys are doing well start to get some you know you get some play makers Babbitt the mind getting healthy what do you say about the job that you're starting quarterback has done so far of the season. A great job you know he's taken. Is that your leadership. He stated we look to state beeper that he noted that you were to happen or happens. You know he's so and or sword and on out sealed and that when when a leader on this team. And Tulsa what does North Carolina defense I mean if you look at the stats listen they're not very good. They don't have a winning record. But certainly they've got to have some playmakers somewhere. And obviously of the ways. The ACC is going you guys can't look overlook anybody no matter what the stats and the page. Our sisters do what their defense. There are good team there ever really get beat that. You know edit this up when you know slot game does not gene that border up there roll over. You know strip were common in the tower and dessert you know your chart beat up there and try and upset a literature under panic and the soccer ball or. All donation to championship didn't choke. No there there are a good skiing. You know other there wrote down or this year but it. You know there really had to you know we're not gonna take lightly. Yet no I and I think every canes and as with you like don't take them that no lightly like get out there and you know kind of kind of put your. Put your a stop on line against a North Carolina team on the road. It's a new game out there. You know who knows what the atmosphere is gonna be looks like you guys have to bring your own kind of swagger. Up North Carolina but I I feel like the way this team is playing. Right now that you're able to do that that you guys are just haven't so much fun that he'll bring your own energy and excitement. Or an end and a charge from offer approach must seniors. Dornin there and and so on all the young guys you know the proposed suppose we were supposed to come on what one game you don't jet. But we can't take any Q lately you know checked on her expect that. You know just over two because there won't it's slipped on her next June and they're being very notebook which are. So I had an idea and who you let me know from out of my mind are not so the defense poses takeaways in the turn over chain to become a national phenomenon it's amazing that's great but I feel like the offense is getting left out X especially off with a lime and I know you guys like to kind of live under the radar but. I feel like desserts so I feel like. If you guys make some sort of a pancake blocker just completely shut the guy out the line. That coach sales comes out there with the model the metro rail and hands it to you. You know return out of minority interest. Yeah that's kind of program that goes you know and out that although we don't require group known as well. And it's something that Canada originally so you know from the that we do on her own well public I'm not I'm not gonna get it out of you Emma you know we could. Are the real sure all was well I'm all right cool well after the season but it's not a giant pancake is because if that was the case that be awesome. Now I I'd be really cool. All right JC what's the key for this team to continue to win it and to get to seven and oh and two continue to have success. This weekend against North Carolina. There are job under so thought. They're Joseph emerged juniors are now under China's no well at all. It got there are two arms and upper an original play. Don't dominate intimidate her under the spotlight gently in front you know you know count when we talked earlier this term empowerment are making quit. Now that's the only this gene you know so I don't know mr. Last question Michael Badgley is mull it should he keep it or not accurate particular literate there to let ago. Obama got a amazing and it's the most amazing thing I think besides attained I cases I appreciate a body double talk after the season you let me know the secret I want done on a promise. Art Casey return dharma joining us here on all came to radio. Nice enough to take time out of studying film and getting ready for. North Carolina join us here on all Cain radio we got so much more to get to it that caves and North Carolina. Saturday. Noon start. Up in the Chapel Hill. Interesting to see what the crowd is for that one. Guessing. Not much. As north Carolina's. Abysmal. But Casey tells you had. Got to be ready. They got athletes Tim right there in there they got guys on scholarship to and I'll take a break we got plenty more to come here all candor radio but you by Thomson pearl attorneys were live far from sand bar grill in the growth in major Holm the finish Chicago motive best sports bar mighty about the monetary times it's always cranking here at San borrow back after this on AMs of an idea for what a 4322 to take. Do all the. King's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Football Friday on the pick a bit about multi Charlie all season. Long get ready for the cave for the games. We'll look at the dolphins their bony injury updates he's been given more bumpy Charlie they're always the number one draft picks up my east go public adjusters. This place is sand bar grill the grove and Lexus of North Miami football Friday and in some idea of what a 43 key to the ticket we are packed sand bar in the grove. The beer is always cold the food is always good a very good I had my usual Turkey murdered Obama thank you blood in the taco Tuesday here you have some tacos DVDs gonna take some to get all we dvd got a strike to mark thread that joins us what's up money. That I go not that ice sorry coat. So I coached immediately suspected co hosted the U I don't acknowledge the dvd I'd go to the market midnight. He's coaching that is today. Judy Collins. They got campuses of new York and down here in Miami. And they're the avengers. Wright was of a storm volume units over storm relative to the other one million lenders look at so and I'd like idyllic coach. I like your lies is different you know he can from the district of further down it's. I love politics is gimmicky as a knobs I got. Well my use of a football I have my name the NFL even Lily so is this is a citizen gets Hamels can you give him a run you know. We will if you keep them at that can run the team I think so I wanted you to get the questions to be about right you all know and okay. But he's still got it right yes they got it never use it as well. I think you'll lose that I promise. It is but my cohost in the mid day show LeRoy Morgan played for Michigan. They for the browns played the vikings running back. He hit his famous saying is there's only one person that's never undefeated. Father time Alia all the time and he never never exceeded so it looked at but hey you still got it now yeah take advantage of what do you think these I know you've got your own coaching going on but the teams are undefeated. And thing's fuel. Pretty decent down here and I love on the watching on the Lawson got my run I do you know defense is. Yes they did in harm anybody making their case in if they're playing good coverage. I'll watch the game is Saturday at the stadium in Alice and I want to level you know would the fans are rowdy fans. Have in the fiercely on my face and everything you're doing you up again on camera and I do it to me you know defense stood tall a lot of times in Brazil and he's. He got eyes in these things and I'll do it pretty cool just isn't as if it's not about elections and a may seem like every game he he keep the same was on the Davis how low he's the same guy you know. If need be to be done I could be that bus own poison and we online at a drive I think when the bill would know who problem like it here. You know it's funny because. Mine is. This line of quarterback to came in with these between NFL quarterback he's we NFL quarterback here via a quarterback and for one reason or another things might. It is one way or the other right it. Now granted you know to Corey had a long career candid the case in Steven's been. Hang around and it fell in and get his shots. Now Brad you know he just got released but he's been you know he's trying to do his thing. There but the goal of this goes back all the way to. You know properly and they are out right and all these guys write everything in Eritrea on these guys. Luckily he is so you cut it. Comes out of nowhere yet and when yards but he won't act we are going got right yeah maybe like baseball season but we're here yeah. But he ended up yet and and it's like maybe that's maybe it's helped that we that. There wasn't this pressure put on him again until the next great you have quarterback it is. Just Welker play and you don't have to be the next Ken Dorsey or the next you don't redder than expert Testaverde the next theory goes are you just got their people he ages. Play within the system right did you don't have by the way. He kind of fought the system consists of senator Ewing played yet I don't know if he does sort of Mark Richt basically you know last year said. And Lee menuing following what we're teaching. You know I can play from the basket as you look at the other gaffe after spring ball every once or go. Perry's the guys in the coming through prayer plays and apply it. We have like after this summer fall practice and stuff it's like. You know movie earned the job. Yeah and and I'll tell it on the affair in the country to Miami for immigrants say this kid is really stepped up played well he's got some bad moments you but for the most Morgan finished games where he's finished in the last three weeks he's I mean he is. And things that cool as can be up there and no sign of panic or you rushing it and he believes in the team what. Meting out front of you listen to her afterwards he's talking about how we got the huddle and all the guys calm down relax. And like he's a quarterback is not just make him throw but it's been able to lead the team you and I think he gets a pluses across the board right now I got through that. You talk about the defense and obviously does Manny Diaz defense is it looks like it's it's one that a lot of guys loved the plane. And but. You've got to admire the athletes they have out there can hit. That defensive line you know both inside and outside is amazing is that a homeowner aid to because they're both they were they were taken. All teams are oh yeah now flight one. Nothing is definitely it they got my. To to go good to go back and forth. The lie that or you're not to find three better linebackers. And then the secondary is really common enemy Michael Jackson. Equally young at you know red line has played well all eyes. Yeah the like this young kid Trajan Andy I love him. He humorously I Dogg right he looks exactly. So yet they're well coached but these browser they're all good players and it is or the great thing about it in 93 plays of office was rumored that much which. Yeah it was like and treatment for a and its it's they kept moving new guys and so the great thing about this season is that comfort. Pressed on Tuesday is that. He's played a lot of guys thought so you're getting experience which means you're gonna get better you know you don't start guys have never played in the game before we get a lot after you play. And I think only bodes well for the future of this program. Newly young is one of the best is is if you look at. Via the advanced analytics. Passes completed to whoever he's covering he's one of the best corners. In the nation if you look at those at risk Alexia. How hard is it when your targeted as a defensive back. Oh win. The other team. Knows that you're the guy. Do today. Do you do off deported the wanna stay away from you or is a quarterback get cocky wanna challenge you. I think sometimes the McCormick a continuity if the better you wanna be wanna try you want about them tea and a decent hasn't discussed it he got there. Heighten the lowest rate of welcome he's known so. I've I feel like you know united Nestor a few weeks quality of thoughts heartening to see obviously how how how good to see about the if on the what about Ryan Williams is what I'm receivers we're gonna pay I beat you I keep beaches I recollect this I can beat him he's not that good that was indoors as I can it be you yeah and you know that doesn't what's happened that Leah I mean did you file your college and one new how fast you're hungry you're did you do we do you get out their receivers like. I got Aaliyah and outside that mud yes they may not a fan there much of what it sounds like that would. Given the ball right there wouldn't say it was time. And they could just speed up arms and slowing down and pick them how do you mentally prepare for game like that when you know that you're going up against you know one of the better receivers in the country and the other is going to be a little bit of trash stock and other stuff going on. What they 1000 mine you know going Brett is going to spans go like Benjamin sand CEO now but it was comic like a pick they welcome saddened because a polite term of art when pressed on them. Covered my whole life nannies you please. He's fags quake in night go on a Saturday I've already seen and I was happy SP so. Month and a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I was going to fans got a prize so that he was cable. That's the way it's supposed to be them yeah right practices are tougher than the games in fact that's the way it's supposed to be remarks van dyke sort of live. Here at sand bar in the growth by the way we got the World Series on the Dodgers RD up one to nothing that's overused in game one of the World Series you want to hear it Samar will be too in this game in progress. After all came to radio. Plots on the turnover chain. I was out on that at bat that. Every turnovers you. Boy. Voice note note voice of two former cart still does he had a six times. And sit and Michael had a twice in one game getting that was really heated it's you know it's weird it's not weird to me but like. Okay it's Gotti it looks cool it's awesome. But it seems like it really motivates those got there might could like they like like something as simple as a necklace I like what coach Rick says. When a pat down can change well yeah no doubt that well. Evidently who ought to tell dad I'm gonna breaks well we broke some news of what we talked to Casey McDermott. There's an offensive line award that is given out. That we don't know. And I asked Casey if he would tells these it now. He said maybe after the season but all doubled since there's so we it was though to opera deployment of the past that we. And friends where the dock where if you. It's probably got some in the community and on radio well. I asked I I'd maybe couple Davis hit as it was in the gold literally sitting now as the president giant pancake that would be good exit no. But he wouldn't tell me what is so there's something out there for the O line to entice them to. To get their blocks down. But it's it's amazing how the little things can motivate six I was Watson. Gaming. Demetrius Jackson and deception yet and equal what it is he like he was trading what's the Soledad at saint Madagascar before the quarterback it look at it I'm sure he's got a achieve. You know if they like you're ready to go to the allies that saying Neitzel counts and sent him yeah he's wanted to be but I don't think he got the chain will begin on I you know in the chain if you inner if you fumble the interception. Mud. You know otherwise you given the changes that are right back I don't think so. And it was an old boy Jalal Rodriguez is the keeper of the chains so. He's got that thing going down to the little briefcase he wanted. I mean that's pretty soon I mean it's it's gonna get to the boring have to bring that thing out of breaks. But this might seem so they're they're they're undefeated. They're playing a team that's really down this week in North Carolina. But this is the kind of thing whereas. All the fans on values to beat this team protect freedom 59 to seven but. Listen. Today they got guys on scholarship to granted they have a budget injuries they've got a they've got. Dual quarterbacks that run. So you you don't know which guy's gonna be in on which series and all that stuff. Which didn't you know wreak Havoc with the defense because you're preparing for two different guys to different styles all that stuff. How do you how he prepared. If your team and ever expect to win. I'll tell you got there like just regular game you know what they're the same intensity. You know. Saying the same thing of course Rick attorneys if we did by Dan. Doing all Saturday's. They elect you just say this game when a game that got called kind of common trap game. If rights and he's a book about fifty points but Jamison got about in the good job at the the clause Y 00. The school and we went out played a complete game you know yeah there's one of those games it. North Carolina has just. Heard from via their mash unit right there there's more guys on injured reserve over injured out for the season yet in most teams try to get fired sixteen that combine all the players throughout the news or did not match up with a route thirteen right. Yes well you know it's interesting from their standpoint because their season is over they can't make bold and they're not going to be bowl eligible so. They're coach is probably you know what are they fighting for you know they're fighting for jobs yet you know all this stuff. What you wonder with the team's psyche like that you know if you're Miami you can't just assume that they're gonna roll over. And and saying mostly guys beat us up like we detected last week you know where you've got to be able to jump on him early yeah take the fight I've ever seen them labels don't. Maybe we can music games in the fourth quarter. The Arctic came away at our I used a ball to you gave so late yeah like George operated we get an endorsement when we stadium yet let's get stressful because every game that seems like it goes down but there's a lot of stress. Last week there was stress that you make one that's about ten feet wide if it if I can't the little ones not doing it more volatile month from it and we've got them one game listen I don't wanna embarrass anybody. But if there's a game I do whatever we could just. Have a nice little victory were elected you know we see the back ups back up quarterback coming in in the fort Motorola's. We just fine but we don't as we all these guys that we overkill on there we do a little bit over the picture of the court actually my idea yeah. I did I don't want to bring that up I don't wanna jinx okay OK okay but. New York. And superstitious in that way and I remember we were sitting at a location or show us really disrespect you don't know he did need that and anyway it disrespect university deserves payback ebitda is not hurting Harry thank you don't jinx it is a jinx it's a common it's a very superstitious. Don't swear you're lucky underwear of these two before that yet. Occupant. Is it that the market midnight for what we're certainly elements that until we get out here we join. The World Series renting a break though will be back after the market pretty alive from sand bar grill growth. Back after this and aims at an idea that would afford three HD two to six. Do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action it did during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Plus the fact all different eleventh day of our building program not in the best Obama for coming. Fort Lauderdale the December 2 and third music Saturday featuring pink elephant Weezer and commitment of the others had more Sunday were going. Old school boys to men in the KC and the sunshine band Barnard's Lou Gramm sultan a couple of anymore. Up plus the sport party unity got seven out of the exports a aces a sports bar right the sand where you can watch all the football games. Rip tide is presented by Anadarko Levine accident attorneys call 80747. Free. Eight hundreds and we're 73733. By school if it's going it. To be good at least goes public adjusters LE 55 ECPA or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com tickets until now to Miami dot com solid data from east of public adjusters and direct on the street over at the pump that we look concert over there. Our sisters as shark at a good time walked the moon was out there are some good two and stuff always good to hang in the grove always get to hang demarcus van dyke. Are coached and I think it is joining us here. And showed the mark his son is coaching it is today junior college over there and and what highly in North Miami whatever it is highly of the Hialeah via. Played a violent apart. And it's a two year school right through its media its own way is even when his coup if you qualify at a hospital. Right and then and then you guys go on from there to try to find a division one college or another college to go to the last year and my god they've got to you have two kids will want to went to Colorado red he was differ with him after an no the cumulative that the union. I think this year and we articulate FIU did this past spring. Right so I think he's you know you guys that I think is party. Division when I know who's won the argument of an A guys and in most that the kids that good as there these local or do any kids come from my eyes danger of data anywhere else you know what what's a cue from my local kids you know via a few guys like the DC area we're keeping them Bethea. And keeping text. Did you get involved Rick is a recruit or how does that work the opportunist town like yours is different. Division one schools in and we become and we get by the guy that didn't qualify Allegheny give me warning if I had the I beat you off what you two probably still when he goes he wants to come this was amassed what two years so. Way to beat army that was a sign they blew it. Obviously and it's a public me zoom in on time so you play. Right now we plan we played it was military to congress that it comes into a pretty good. Place no comment. Mocha off while we played them via advance for a you believe north Florida. Kirsten. And we played its debut as well there are a lot of junior college football teams in the state. I'll only do because you stay afloat it's brand new right yet remotely for you is there yet as you mean I don't know in my Californians are others like they do a lot of junior college exactly but in the order marching down or anyone is but on the one but the campus of New York their team was like in the top five or something did a couple years ago or some like that it pretty good you Hickel Tuesday with the old seat on the ground I do Merkel was there as well he was did you applicant when you are like our team if this that's cool that's critical line supermarket -- -- us here. On the on the show you think you stick with coaching. I'll write downs on the lot right now I know dishonesty. What it will take you know it'd take you to the visual and that was because when the delay was taken to recruit bosses of items on the Ciba like when I talk to my plan would go and take seriously hot like that but who knows you like. Do you like to grind of it yeah I like it deflect football you know just like I like Beckham and recommend that bill you know early and 6 o'clock leave tonight 7 o'clock. And watch a lot of room watching a lot lot of mail on you know it is meeting trying to use gamers like them not. It's Christmas so it. If you you handle all the dvds quote uncle's cornerbacks and quarterbacks in given the special teams or any other responsibilities and kick off team is Malia so what. What have you what have you learned about yourself. Through coaching. As good as your question. Our bodies say. As a coach and you'd be. More patient. We kid you know particularly yelling at the U I try not to that putt. I mean I think I hit every pitcher. You can yell at it even you'll always been one of the most gentlemen like guys that government put it in front because you've played the game at a certain level yet and you play the game a certain way. And that's what you know yet and so we retirement earlier is gonna like as a player you're always kind of like. Now I know why the coach called me enough letters yeah because they're not paying attention that I follow when I'm outside the asked them out to the other side now you can understand that that isn't so it so for you it's it's trying to kind of take your passion. But realize that these future coaching. Are the markets van dyke near there then. Yet there but I requirements I have made their kids you know. They listen to coach booted if you've got some dues are targeted facilities of the you know from. And colleagues and I had not been my DB coach because we won the greatest quote my grip he you steal that they you know at all in that picture up about it. And I taught them what the week notice in my room talking to analysts will be noticed the pick their brains and are different techniques don't like today and Russell mead you know at this level you know coaching gotta pace nikkei's does. Did learn media house we do a party learned anything you know right now and professor of often basic notes on my done that route concepts you know the route tree a land there's been like that the personnel to America so. Have to start from scratch my first got him but overall they with a group was good rule you know. Thus far corner best right now when northstar and demo lost in Gaza he went guys so hopefully did you did you offer some. Yeah muy we asked you if any of them could beat you in a race and time you sit down now he's still having fun. What you made abilities and speed. But you certainly can teach the technique that yet there and and in trying to translate that from your head. To them is got to be. Kind of the hard part right. Us some what you know just kind of break it down to them telling them you know what I learned in how how can I explained them in and defend concept this kind of hard being good. Now go and I've not done socks and I would compliment boy you know tees might why does topical in the fifth shone through as well. So let's let's take that little trip back you you've met some guys you played with. Travis you talk about sand shields. It's odd how his career went because. He would have been one of the past deployment of a accidentally did. Did you see that coming when you got hurt college do you do you say. Viewers that use of sand maybe go the other side of the football. Yes. Was crazy that this. You did is but if you keep a team right ankle growth and to this day in the grip always says every taxi sand. Sandy old me a million dollars he putted concert. Because Sam compliment him pizza stand in in what may have like looks now I can't because he. Played man. You got it in the first day of spring ball he will be he will use a cornerback he's not the biggest business. And I promise you'll Gotti victory immigrant and not rock and sand was right like Reynolds that put light stuff is depth and so involved and they look back. Yeah. He's he's gone and cynical and that he does is it naturally he's like receive movement I think that was Lisa defended a move out thinks a decent that I saw when you. Yes I mean that he. You've got so much of lettuce as the games that breaches and I am medically how right. Avert a coup being president no doubt about it I mean that that's just an amazing story. Give any other group there any other guys that you played with in college. That you feel like looking back. Were in the wrong position under utilized didn't get the chance they deserved. You know maybe just rooted in the potential maybe to play to their potential or or what have you because. You certainly there are you guys are kind of talent and just meeting get to the place. We needed to get US team. So looking back was there anyone that that maybe again just you know it just didn't get. The place for you thought they were gonna go in the signs are when they came in as a freshman or what have you. I don't Cohen if it. I think we got accidentally got no our mom sees him appearances where at a time. This is awesome. Because this is how much does so much about and if you put yourself like yeah he's looking it's tough question. Not me yeah I think that's the plea that he no during games enough class today. That have been made plays you know Hamas in the a pitcher. Obama house and house lack of if you McCain split in San. Don't documents that's operating heft of that. A life. If they wanted I was tickled to death if they had to return well you know I think less of a few more no more anti you know in what coats who. Well you know as in the past I I would loved to have seen in the race between Devin in you both in your prime ticket it. Take a couple of years or whatever and put both see the that race yeah that be unbelievable to the markets when you have that was gases that when ever worked for us the story. We to make him on the racks that they got an excellent player in Atlanta really. I believe that like at least the Eric Bledsoe is in the salon thing query say it's common idea anyway is these. No I don't know him know over the video footage and I'm happy cameras back. Exactly as it's back and it leather helmet days. Rituals stone in the back remove that the Germans could that you got four interceptions and two fumble recoveries. What's what's the most memorable all of you war. Turnovers. Obviously the Clemson when our non screw you to Hopkins. A because. Close race he was like you discreet coast lands like clavicle sometimes he was on a silent running right next in light. He needs to not let he's been sacked the debt in the sat. And meat is it going to out jump outs he did this may it like not the Bahamian grandmothers came in as possible online coverage of think passing is a little bit with my. Welcome to Q2 21 the house. I'm like I heard you are just you miss it is possible enough dose highlight them the most if the time we took most of the only man I've discussed going. On the Q what it is sleazy you're gonna get out of town right there yeah he's he was this press you regress as yet no doubt about it I mean so. So that was OK it's over an interception. Covered a guy and punch it out. Adding that innocence vs Pittsburgh was cool. I thought I was limited to the touchdown by my best friend Adam barely beat him Buckland. All it. I get out of here out at the very bloody it is a blood unit that we do want to stay off my native bluntly about Paducah. Like I was in other lane somebody that on defense that you would not want blocking. If you're the offense and there are and you just threw an interception someone come and don't come running you run out and out for sure Allen Bailey he's. Mommy is found in the spring the first time ever met him acumen restore on a visit and I used. He didn't like a high school kid yeah I mean he was huge he was a man jobs he's probably one of the biggest players I ever saw commend physically ready to play right in the nicest do. Ever like my first time meeting was. When I visit down here mine and a coach Walton the titles like. God you just you know like he doesn't say much if like thoughts and thoughts on some of great iPhone with whom. In the how common the stuff talks of it hit a it took over the dvd appreciate you coming out and let's do it again later on in the season when you have free time would come on by we'll Nicholas from. From your former teammates by two as well. Harry thank you very much in these Deri bar appreciated Jarrett day he'll bring to the probability that Raymer Eric clouds and back in the studio. Perceived threat everyone here sand bar. Next week we will I believe will be back here it's hard lets you know people. And we. I think we'll have to repeat guests CNET style model ingredient.