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Thursday, October 19th

The Beast, Harry and Planton are live from Sandbar in the Grove for another edition of allCanes Radio. The guys talk Miami's win over Georgia Tech and the upcoming matchup with Syracuse. Joining the show is former Hurricanes QB Stephen Morris.


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So canes fan. Flowers on the orange and green dominance want me. Stories from the the rest of its own jeans. Sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident attorneys. If you think injured in any. And Thomas and her. 877. And I know help that's 877990. Or point 357. Times for all the king's radio and AM seven. FM 1043 HT do you wanna buy tickets. And good evening everybody the bee's Brian and from the awesome news and Smart grid. There were. As you know moment of fish stock of everybody's number one sports book by the Miami new times. These violent ones that plant and Alison great gifts from proteins dot com and Iraq well from all canes dot com sandbar in the grove. Home of the fish stock and we've got a football game tonight. Which means during all football games five for twenty bucks to run a bucket five for fifty dollar Miller Lite bucket three dollar Miller Lite parts. I've dollar mowed a part four dollar viable shots and most importantly we've got the deepest. Prize wheel in the house were given away for official you're Madea's apparel prize back in as the good why does the good stuff is expensive stuff. That you want to goes by the bill goes to my boy Adrian in the Wheeler had a good time fellas. Coming up another great victory we'll talk about that second lap that was our guest lineup tonight. We got a good one beast. We're gonna seraph tonight with us even more securities how. And then now I would say busy anymore no now you're probably the only answer is no it's so easy anymore and I. There we got. Reason. The UN sports hall of fame inductees Yonder Alonso yeah come in tonight and then we'll close up at night whether or third life against frank McKinney. We maybe I have via McKinney experience or whatever they call it every time so it's. With Brian and then I think we've got to Michael Badgley also coming that we got we listen UF has been great this year again this current players so. We should've Michael bats in the fall that will be great. Being game winning field goals and rocket them all. I'm inasmuch as I got asked him if he considers it a mullet or not beaten us the most important pledge that I think I could ask Michael badly. Harry. You just Gaby a stressful because lately it's been a little stressful but also in a little extra slow to do away finally. To be alive in order to win and our enemy. Koreans are excited I mean that place sort of rocking him to order form. And then just going through the the motions of getting down their kicking that field goal of course it's gonna the fourth down miracle that there. It was fun if you need to catch. To be had in some sort of crazy miracle the miraculous manner that we've earned our guy darling I'm your guy. Or Braxton. Good athlete orders are going to did Darrell I think that's why the start I mean he was the I don't know to be able to because LaMont Richard I was back you know put him in the now we gonna come out and get a yet dad got pre accident here and then can hurt you nine hurt and he got the huge catch. So it starts to get like okay who cover I'll wait Travis homer in the backfield yet okay good that he's gonna run for 170 yards as a backup. One thing I do want to let you know about is the of people read really get into the game and it's that organization that's really close to my heart of hearts. The US sports hall of Famer. Obviously really close aren't they use their latest class of inductees. Announced which includes former coach Larry Coker. Was nice enough to. Re tweet being like Mike we like. Mean 1:1 in the morning. Coach you I mean listen. We need to talk to Diana you need to be you need to have something better to do that 1 in the morning and then like you might weeks I don't know. What Larry Coker Devin Hester. Reformer or its employees yet Frank Gore got Bruno Yonder Alonso and a plethora of others. Immediate restart got excited about that yet EB goes Davey goes and that's a good one really we love you mortality in their habits Olympic golf tournaments coming up Friday November 10. Biltmore golf club but doubtless it I think it's were all sold out as far as playing well but. This could be a ton of people there you're going to want to sponsor this event they're still a chance street spots are awful if you want to get involved in that. And it's a great cons you gonna wanna call the US sports hall of fame. 3052842775. That's real fun doing four to 775. Who knows we might be out there roaming around serving as a they call the girls drop the appear carts around. Again I just look at the January. Let's not talk about the violence that night I had to area and I'm gonna be a black romper. Development. If you need me to be and another premier card from don't want beast does appear cart early and I mean whatever takes now I'm just there for the guy it's not gonna take that OK but I hit it. An economy that people. I'll it. Right. Let's not yet another it was a close game we knew Georgia Tech was gonna get the rushing yards the Miami helped them under 300 total yards. I'd only like 225 rushing yards which for Georgia Tech. Is nothing is is not a lot and it after the first quarter it seems like Manny Diaz figured out it was able to keep them at bay enough for might get back that didn't win again. Defense is not a problem you know from the three points. In the second half your time of possession but usually they still every team on. Wasn't bad at all actually and it's it was the offense for me. You know I don't place blame we want and all that but I don't think he should come down and had an embodiment talking about the onside kick from talking not just. I've been seen data see I wasn't real clear on the play clock. I was there are some questionable play calling but you know what here's the thing that we get and and and we've been doing in this in this town forever I mean I could never taking. Whether it was Gary Stevens Larry Coker what was called the police to ask for disagreed. With what they were calling it. But here's what I know they feel a lot more than I do throughout. What is supposed to work against what we're attacked is running now here's what we found out. After the game and many he has been I mean Mark Richt admitted this and so did I think homer and the only growth here which is. They came out with some defense of packages. That they had not shown it all on tape. If he reportedly AD would let whatever one's doing right so you know that takes a little bit. It too soon. To kind of adapt to yeah and I'm OK it is our view and we did. Not really is certainly Sully the. Is before the game stars are coming out of halftime yet but our second half that much better. And I think part of that is what he says an eight week takes us a little time to get a just and make those adjustments it and we sort of wake up in the second half we kind of figured things out. You know listen Walid doesn't get off to the greatest starts now I'll talk to Stephen about it but. You know it seems like after he finally you know recognize all the defense is defense of what cities going to see. Palm any settles in he kind of gets whether you call it jitters or nerves or whatever it is. Beating Andy stops short army and east and uses good footwork our that it becomes a much better passer later on in the game. Well in the fact Travis rumors running the way he is right now helps a lot no doubt and give us talk medical and it runs do docked at a couple. Couple good runs and then. The other receivers are for the most part make it plays that we had a lot of true freshman playing yesterday our on last Saturday I mean. Partly in Thomas both got a lot of playing time and that's. You know that's good but also they're gonna make mistakes so it's not all on belief because you're gonna have a guy ran the wrong route or not run the right adapters some of my dad. Yeah no doubt about it Harry. Syracuse is coming up. The beverage and offense are we gonna do like a hundred plays in the yeah I mean they're gonna they're gonna try to there's going to be an arrested and try to get after you. And the best the best offense for that is a good defense. It's all right that's the best demons that the dolphins drove the ball on them William keep them off the field. They're coming up when flats on against Clemson they're gonna feel like. They're on top of the world they'd be arguably the second best team in the country other than Alabama. Now he was at their place on Friday night. I'm always gonna say this if you are a great team. A Thursday night or Friday night game on the road is a recipe for upset city. We've got to happen to us. Other teams have had it happen to them. It's like ESPN knows that if I take this rape scene and put it against a lesser team on a Thursday or Friday night on a short week. That something can happen we get a better TV and that's what happening clubs. Yes and you know how I'm actually okay it was Syracuse winning that big game I expect more of its anything that I'm hoping and I expect more of them may be a let down or you know they're they're coming off such a high that. Can they maintain that or is that just basically made their season. But I think it also is good because it will Miami up. And it woke us up and and we know what to expect now we know that anybody even once in who's favored to win the ACC can lose on any given well. I'm not Harry the kid's been lucky in the sense of an emotional sense so you get the Florida State's huge win haven't beaten in forever and now. You gotta go look at tape of Georgia Tech you know that game and we need all entire new defense is we are right we got to stay well. I just as they well heated up in the hazy couldn't eat goodness gracious and Emma. And now Syracuse put on the U but it it was Syracuse and they just being. Arguably the team that was the Crandall. Natalie coming off the championship in college football that of the ACC. So that's gonna keep you alert no way. So for Mark Richt those are great you know occurrences. Of for him to be able to motivate the team this week. Well you know that they're still fourteen point underdog I believe so I yet that the we should beat down I mean the fact that they won the other night. Shows like you said Friday night game could be a trap game for a team like clumps it was a plus the loss of quarterback which. You know we all know the use at quarterback because a lot of problems for the rest of your office. Yeah no doubt about it. The one good thing I think he's in Miami's favors listen it's hard to get cool others are accused they year they played a weather controlled dome. I don't think there that the one good thing I'm in the favor is the heat and humidity it's still hot out. My dad calls me every day as I leave work at like 6 o'clock and it's not all agree it is like does it still on my dad's 88 degree to 6 o'clock I think it's because I go. And I and I added that that definitely played a factor against Georgia Tech not only the rain I think the rain help just because it's a lot more difficult to run that offense. Under those conditions but also you know what I mean it's weird because you think gay unions you know I don't know it an offense. You think you would have. The heads because the field led tiger run and pass now they're pitching the ball so much. That can get tricky no pitching reverse is all sorts of different things not just street die user or runs that are that are easy so. I think that definitely putting our favorite who aren't like that fueled. Yeah now one early in the I mean in favorite places they replaces Simon and we we have the game in the next five weeks it's the golf when they replace the sod on that field. After the dolphins pre season. And I think it was after our first game there replace the side. It's not good I know they're having real honestly is winning you because of blue room. As good grass the side isn't getting enough sun and they pavlik is like you you daddy you I don't research on this I haven't researched it but I know if they've they had to create your own last year they had sources. Yeah last year they had lamps. To give light to the grass. Yeah. Yeah don't. We'll vote photos of it yeah you have got to appear on journalism. Sorry but now though the one thing I and they even got you worse is that. The he didn't dream well I mean that gun now usually drink no one thing is is there were hard rock dolphins that whatever was but it was the mood in the stadium has always cling to stream while yet there was standing water in that we're thrilled with that rain was coming to drink veteran I had a baseball field. I can't rat Samar the growth it is the best place you were you wanna go nowhere else is TVs everywhere up football the night. NFL and college that means there's a bunch of specials going on plus it's ladies night after ten I won't be here but. No worries anyways. Most ignored any from a -- it not that she really password for the ladies yet they don't have to worry that you're here well yeah I mean for the ladies ladies don't have to worry that I'll be here either I'm so sexy Andrea let me get past that if during all football games five for one dollar corona buckets. 550 dollar Miller Lite buckets three dollar bill like pods bottler mode it will bags. Four dollar fireball shots and most importantly the deepest prize wheel is in the accounts given oil always for official you have dieters apparel prize back. Gusty Bible aging goes to the trauma teams in the wheel maybe got a chance. 20 win and indeed surprised that we get our boy lives with our IT director of the station any huge gains fan. He lets me know that according to his sources the field was the replaced once again this week. At the rock so maybe you can check with your sources has his sources. Moderate light on the field fighting was was you I I used to have sources I I no longer have sources blood. I can might be able to get them back apparent possibly. In any event Richard brake on the other side. What my favorite guy is a guy that can chuck the ball all over the place Steve O Stephen Morse former kid graduates after this and all ingredient. Do all. King's radio morning M 790 NF. FM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident in turn this call 1877. And 79. Over point 357. It and we're back here at all victory over the these Bryant like naroff long ball he's flat on her broad gains. We are here at Santa Barbara is the best sports bar in Miami. They are the home of the big stock though. All sorts of special during football games we got to the volume. Tonight still. We have to get special for yet including the five for one dollar brought a bucket but we don't know the Miller Lite buckets three dollar flu like minds. Five dollar mulled mode they don't apply for other fireball shots in the sport that we got did dieters. Slack going on it is rivals on here take a spin win one of the four official UN ideas apparel prods backs. Most importantly sitting in between laps had a direct cost of Harry. One of the best quarterback to play at the University of Miami it's like it and get it done for and harm. That is Stephen Morris giving Hawaiian and lament thank you have me do it again did you know if it is one of our favorites we'll come back. Preval what it will woody update what's going on. I meant you got that you know with the colts and they got these the and unfortunate situation but they menace the name of the game is how does business isn't. I got a chance to come home and spend some time my fiance plan a wedding in figure out our house and get that situated in order and figure out where I'm going to. I how deeper you into the sweating planet because platinum been there I've been there haven't been there taken. The book get out of control to ride on it what right you see the person I feel we are stable C handles everything basically announces their moral support. You heard earlier he had already faced Ramirez in there and of course to escape. But you. But listen no matter what if she comes like listen we need to have. Luke Paul Gary Abuja just like great idea. This Torrey what time did you realize that operates I'm not throat and makes their. It could days if my life at a account that the flowers into in the political centerpieces for the tables out. Off. The low volatile it anyways I think everybody love you mom. So you're obviously you open it to get back in yup pick the job. And it's it's it's a business so it's tough but what do you do what have you have you how do you get yourself to the point where a team is gonna give you rink. But besides hoping for someone get hurt Yemeni. Gotta have a schedule a daily schedule a single day and try to stick to it as best you can. One thing I love doing his breaking up again and out the workout over and over here. At other workouts while women these great guy and a great spotting and then unfortunately has some good friends that this one. Ruin their hands in there nobody cares for me in. No they do a great job we go to local parks images do all drills and have my practice groups and our go through practice every day echo through. Game like situations and got to be prepared matzo whatever team causing noses we're going to catch. And you call me I will totally not go to the office when dangerous path that you'll also totally drop everything that's thrown in your direction now. And maybe I'm not ultra. Don't even know our eyes away and don't forget it forget about this on a cocoon global they've got a new Greek Cypriot area you know at a com. So is ours you what you learned about yourself as a quarterback being in the NFL for the last couple years what it takes to make it on that level. What does it take to make them levels pars from. Knowing yourself knowing what you need to work. I think one of the biggest agency a lot of quarterbacks. Succeed in and Palin is one having confidence in themselves. A lot of time you see quarterbacks who can make the throws to do everything they can do in. This is unfortunate that situations don't work out Foreman it's his goes downhill from there and is as a long season I don't think guys understand the definition of a grind of the season. It is day in. Day out night in night out every single day Monday through Monday. Where eighteen weeks and it's a job right now. Yeah it is going to be tough offseason that you know that's that runs and all the time passes you have to last week to pre season is when you actually start the regular season. Preparations and that's where you get eighteen from so is two weeks of the first week and then this is continued on every day. And it is the primary got to surround yourself with the people. Mentally strong and you know you got it to bounce off whenever I've won us the same all you suffer a great game you know that you know this is in out. And when you're out the other so. Seed Indiana hello Lou pre season again though this this season and and and you don't just. It was crazy because what sort of led to you getting cut was getting closer or set freedom to to the patriots numbering in in and bringing in a percent. But I'm you know are are you eligible for me a practice squad right now no we and I and I think OK that's what I thought and I figured that's part of the problem is that. Did you you'd have to be on the 533 man roster to be with the team. Yeah and you know kind of glad it's like. It's one of those situations where you're undrafted kid. It's hard to get opportunities and even when you make best of those opportunities sometimes just. One hard to change people's mindset about what they have and it's in their mind to view and it was just hard to get us out. You know especially in this league and especially with this competition. Sometimes it just doesn't work got to weigh in what do you do about it and I missed out on something else with this try to make something else happened and none of the best minds that you. What what's the something else that this doesn't work now. I may you know I don't know this I dabble here and there photography and the biggest thing is it's fun it's a great hobby. I got an opportunity to take a lot of photos in the cozy hates it I really enjoyed doing that and then on top of that you know she's a real estate developer and architect and we're always talking about getting something going create our own business and develop home to build homes and something like out of my movement. That I get I don't know lack of home building around the fountain and it now so I come to view full order. A little bit of quarterback now thought OK so. Right now the university money doing pretty well as you may have noticed talking on via the the in a cocoon yet. The little undefeated season going on right I'm doing great. We grow here obviously. The quarterback. And there's times when he you know he's a little bit inconsistent maybe struggles slows maybe shorter armies of the rows full works out right. But it seems like. Once he settles in once he gets the defense is of looks down that he really becomes an accurate passer. For kids it's and you started young. For jaded that you know he's been here for a couple years this is really like 68 into his career. What is that like. To have to kind of you know. Be the leader be the Pentagon terrorist team and and to be relied upon to to be the quarterback at the University of Miami. The Iowa I think the biggest thing for him as we've all seen that he can make all of growth. And in any situation big game. Practice whatever the situation is I think we our ability to make the growth and the thing that I would say about that to answer your question is it is sometimes it takes a series it is sometimes it might take. You know quarter. Especially if this is first season starting in. I hope he doesn't have any pressure on them because the only person he should be feeling is precious to be business. And not worry about what quarterbacks previously have done what the quarterbacks behind them right now are doing. The biggest thing is for him to just focus on everything that's going on in that specific play and being the best that I can be at that went. I mean you're always gonna fail together okay you're gonna lose games and in this case they're doing great they're winning. Every game and it is it's great to see that is great to watch these young guys playing out pretty. The best thing about it is they have a coordinator who understands it and hosiery and he's done a hell of a one getting him ready we seek out. Well you know there's he's had pretty good success with quarterbacks coach that Rick obviously. You've you've seen them in the league. And so he he has an idea I think. You know coach Rex stopped calling plays for a long time now he's back in the group of just. You know and last street calling plays for Brad who's different quarterback then then the leak. Man I'm sure that that probably takes some getting used to for the coach as well I mean let's be honest. I mean it's it's it's it's something just like that it's it's more. How is the Steelers quarterback today you know what plays we gonna call housing unit helped him be the best house ago was move the chains keep going and I think him and believe have a great list of to figure out all out. Stephen you you you talked about the pressure you were quarterback here quarterback you. And followed to quarry who who had a very good career you actually have to come in firm on a couple of occasions due to injury. What type of pressure did you feel I mean did you did you feel the pressure of the G knows that the season and the guys from from the past or was it. Just the pressure of a daily winning or what what or everything. I mean yeah you obviously understand who came before you and you never want. Say that you're better than this ago worsen this guy you just wanna be the best you can do. And I'm impressed such you know that I is that big of the other last year coming years ago and we just sat down and talk a little bit and it was pitched in here. When he was saying about how the season went for me and now. The season's gonna continue to go in the NFL and Howard is going so you you respect that type of stuff you do look up to those guys in. You ask questions and on them what I don't think you feel the pressure. Of playing quarterback at the university I'm that you cannot feel the pressure you have to be there homeless person out there. Because you understand how big. Every snap and it and every game is. They released aren't good job of showing being promise of what he's gone under. Two drives in the last two weeks your fourth quarter of its schools can be like he's. A veteran who's done this a hundred times you must also you can see him make the throws in big time games in big time situations. And that's something that you obviously want. In need in the quarterback and I think he's delivered in every aspect of that there's always things to improve awful there's always things get better at. For the moment you complacent you know it be done and I don't think he has that I think he wants to be the best thing. So when it. Doing really well right now. What when you when you're when you're playing quarterback in here maybe a little off on your throws what what would you want what would you tell your offensive coordinator coach. To maybe trying to get you back on track is on track as it you don't throw screen bubble screen quick slant or. Or is it just you know listen who has played him and eventually all. I get it for me. Back in college sounds like I'm going to deep to her as a fellow. It's. Any uptrend doesn't argue that right when I was in Ohio with the coast of our ability to do with and as I feel like that kind of healthy just seeing the ball and aid getting out there. And acknowledge though when I'm Norma have my take them here so let's call plays that if you view shot. Or just a good completion way to get things going. But quarterbacks I mean obviously listen there's an arsenal in the playbook right and and you can got to know all the exit let me call anything depending on the situation. More plays that you're more comfortable with then maybe another guy would become their list. So for you if you're going deep but maybe from only gets its death counts although he you know the last play. It was you figure that out right week in and week out to quote. Magic coaches. You don't go into the game Hussein like I don't know about these lately you can column in the game's on the line like yeah yeah yeah. This is what happens as a religion race and I know he's gonna call a timeout if I did you get a call out its you don't like and is it really import car. Time because and so you don't caught his plate right so we're not gonna run this play without physical abilities and needs to be like that you need to have that communication between quarterback. Any head coach and our visibility and quarterback coaches in these via open dialogue and you're right in my and I beat that mine is let's go beat. I'll take it down if he's not there second or removing my BA does get a little flat out right here that if those latter did you know it let's get a completion. Danny that you got to burials front and around the utilities shortened let Leo -- and get some nice yeah yeah you know that's good by the way. We're gonna daybreak but how music outfield seats on C Allen having success the tax Bill Clinton still is a working his way in with the patriots fan. A bunch of guys who played with or art or find their way now. Is awesome turns we on numerous gonna break out of Jacksonville accessible had the money to spend and it just worked out great for her to be in that spot Philip. Was kind of odd man out in and Indianapolis and as soon as the trade happened I knew you know something's gonna happen through those we have fourth quarter rectify quarterbacks and I just doesn't do. I can be more happy that he's going to be a situation. Where you give to learn grow develop. And be used in the right way over it knowing. And we we had him on the show couple weeks back in and we ask Philip you know what went to Q how did you first meet Tom Tom Brady. He says you don't just sit on the chair get taped up after my work out in time disputed this guy comes up to me passed me on my shoulder and says hi I'm Tom. And I think it needs like that's no limits on the rules were if this. Is like and building I know who you are could get into. But it's a great situation for him now in every line. It felt really that's the holidays usually Tom yeah yeah yeah you don't do that. But the scenario. A. Yeah man and then you'll see some of them very much. Every your playbook and I've lived your quick break we'll be back but it all came to radio live from the drove on hands of an idea the one afford three HDT to take. The. Do all the king's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. I know point 357. We'll be back to all of gains were radio we're live from sand bar drilling that drove in Miami event sport but the TVs are on. We've got football coming up with a college and NFL variety also appears battles going on there of course the home with a fish stock of these front runner rob well. Small gains but of brocade stacked should not Yonder Alonso is in the house Bryant McKinney will be yours and also doctor. T ticker Michael actually on the phone but we're continuing real quick let's get more before it got to fly and Harry you have a question for Steven and I feel very basket. All over I. I get a question that I don't listen you were talking about check downs and I always wonder and game like I was at quarterback pick who he's going to another he's used to play itself played. Is not there. What's the check their procedures. Right so. Browser at least. In Indianapolis it was either split field reads meaning if it's too high we know where that ball's going and we'll go one to two. And it is the wolverines that is what is your feet tell you to do. If it's open on the first interim plan the ball comes out in his second hits the ponies to go through the second season if you're taking more than that. You're probably dragged it down if that is the about it as well as its its its and then boom. I had no problem right and it funniest thing is is how weird this sounds you have to trust your feet. To tell you where the ball needs to go if I'm looking to my left and I'm WT. I'm wrong something needs to get out you know the qualities to come out running a second look it up. So it's really. Depending on the type of player that comes in trusted the final check down make it accurate though the move saying how important is that in your head. Is very important I think sometimes. President game these data sped up a little bit so. You might have elected to second clock here but it really in reality it's more than those that they're trying to take down or wanted to front it's now. So it's it it goes clever back. I've been on me you know watching me. You watch college and you're amazed by the athletes and so these guys have played you got behind him Hopkins in and Mark Jackson all these guys. That are that are there. Pretty great athletes. But then you look at the old school quarterbacks Tom Brady you know who just has a clock in his head and knows when to step up in the pocket that you might be like you know what have you and you realize. Aren't we got in the mobile are important but also I think just moved within the pocket they are important as well. How much have you learned about your ability just moved out of the pocket adjust on the fly. And all that that you've been. Cannot tell you obviously. It comes down to protections nor your perspectives and an hour and I'm not kidding you at Indianapolis had about more effective. And a lot of it was an act to protect so you have a run and you haven't run. Actually protect enough that's when you run actually play action game the biggest thing is no way you weaknesses so firm. We don't my rights I'm not gonna slot tomorrow. Right almost becoming more to my left I'm Armstrong wants out on the books that's if I say a man seven man or six of five man protection. You have to know that inside out what makes you hot. This is safety coming behind notes is him and the will come so it's it's more than just knowing the plays its knowing what you're good that defensively. I mean no it's good offensively and know what the defense is very. I would need to have thirty computers yeah computing all that stuff on that nobody's got 52 play clock in the tonight the guys that and that's my tent at a you've got to go and now my nine years at UN couldn't solve these. It's just that I don't think that that's and that's and that's why is impressive but possibly live in the young guys do. You know started young you know you filled in for two more that you played six games your freshman year. Five games you're sophomore year the venues you know you've got. Your time and you really. Grew into the system depth and and really start to feel comfortable. And it really tells you exactly the quarterback has shifted its. I mean they talk about hey you don't play youngest and off the line and that's because of the physical nature of the game you gotta grow into that position but. Almost every other position on the field really as a freshman or sophomore you can stepping in and be okay but the quarterback does sound and it's tough. You know it doesn't happen overnight and a lot of people always want overnight success but did you get the bill. You're gonna have those games like I had in North Carolina for its pages like I don't know what's going wrong you know it. What is wrong this year that a true freshman is a plane definitely done that so many years and I had to go to and it is true is is growing pains literally. In every aspect of that word. Sometimes is is gonna do well sometimes not so discussed it would have. I forget it let's get a lot of air supply let's go what we we had to quit I don't. Well one I wanted to ask these beauty you know. Got broke names all over the NFL you've got to be a teammate of one of the greats and for warranty. Damn well what's that like such a generation gap you know he's he's definitely older. You've got that connection what was it like having him in in the locker. That. It was awesome man who's playing with a future hall of Famer. Frank Gore is unbelievable to see you want his work ethic. I'm telling you guys like you have a Sunday game and you know he's trying to get the ball as many times as you wanted don't ever taught him about his aides. Or how many years has definitely come a time to start don't. Don't mention it at all. And he would take a beating on Sunday afternoon Monday morning he's in the facility run on me like. Guy trying to kill himself running in this indoors no matter what it is outside. You can't talk to him about. The canes right now that's all he's gonna talk to anybody's male voice are the it's all about obviously it's obvious easier and a business. He's still the same guy and he's passionate about his game he's passed it about team he's on and he loves his case and I can't speak enough great things about. So by our next hour proteins question is if we we are talking of both couple weeks back in his his favorite memory was that bomb against North Carolina State. And he cut at the very end courtesy of of your arm chucking it like a I think it was basically sixty yards in the air. What what's one memory that you you remember often that you think about when when you when you think about your case is being my. Personally against. I believe it was Maryland and to hang. Donovan left corner of the end zone. And coach Whipple called the same play twice for the first time I've complete with the wrong way I think as a true freshman. And had opportunity Hank ran a great route to it up from the kids that was the first time I really felt like man. This is college football like this is what it's about you know we busted RS all day to get this win and these guys finally. You know Davis that right look to run this play and it worked out perfectly men in the celebration afterwards was the story. Heatedly always appreciate and and hopefully. You're not around in a couple of weeks roster down after the show. But if you are you I'm resentments in the past couple of head to head shot. You don't want. Our throats even allows me it's even allows me I will go I will skip work today and going taxable. Elected I would be if Oregon fulfillment of fulfillment of them a great I don't draft the Indian on the I'm not the NBA the you did and I'm really sorry the released. You can look at the wedding thing legacy just duck and cover look out yeah get the best advice record okay. Everybody gonna blow the Israeli or at a price break on the other side is guy had a career year hitting home. We will we will talk to god could pass the baseball like no one else. Yonder Alonso. You'll join us after this the only one of the latest inductees viewers mortal being he'll join us live it. Samar go to Bryant McKinnie just we didn't have social media and all over the place let us know that he is on the ways of the big bands on the way. We looked up Yonder Alonso and next right here and all came to radio on aims of an idea what afford to reach to the team.