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Thursday, October 12th

The Beast, Harry and Planton break down how the UM-FSU game progressed before former University of Miami defensive back Charles Pharms joins the show. They talk about the experience that was UM-FSU. The guy talk second-half playcalling, Malik Rozier's performance and preview UM-Georgia Tech.


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Thanks to all the kings' radio. M 790 NF. After a 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. In 7990. Point 357. Defense sports bar at Miami and go home of the it's not go. During every single football game there's much tonight one of the NFL quit college do mine as well played Georgia Tech tonight number that have their back up pushed to Saturday but. We have just in case you're interested. In such things. Texas State they should he armadillos but they're not if you get that joke that I love you. The bobcats. Taking on the they want to be called Louisiana there they used to be Louisiana Lafayette. The raging gave in to get the bulldogs. You'd gone to a ballgame tonight. Oddly no implications for the University of Miami but still a picture degenerate like our midday port up Robbie you entered into that. We do of the NFL game as well it's all been slowed. Shown here at sand bar. And during all football games. Five or putting on Flickr photo bucket 515 dollar Miller Lite but it's. Three dollar Miller Light my five dollar mode Dan applied for dollar fireballs jobs. We've got our problem to deal with Adrian Sabrina here with the ideas prize wheel. Come on down in the will earn yourself we got away there already back and he got we got a winner. Tonight's sugar you let that three stride why they've got a nice flag right there are Harry we'll let that go for it now retail 6060 plus sixty bark that. And he is of night's concert that's a beautiful lovely striped polo yet no doubt about it no doubt about not no doubt hello what are no doubt about it. It has not been my week. It is not in my weep boys. Let's talk about this game. Miami. Florida State. What a 42 want me or does not need our good friend Gerrard was always hear it all ingredients that make sure we get it all the points that we need to get in. If you told me it out but I'm literally copying their art and hospitals under. If you told me that we were up by more than a field goal of five minutes left. And our defense is not the field of I feel pretty good about it I feel pretty I feel pretty good about. As many DS defense is front seven. Being able to shut things down. But. That didn't happen in Florida State goes down the field they score busted coverage right down outlaws now minute money for. And you tell me that Mark Wahlberg. And Amman Richard dessert and and a little bit later in the drive to bond adults in this cancer. Yeah okay you don't cover that he has got a bit of what report you gotta drive down and score Brack I was hurt two probably before. I'd tell you listen I love the you know. I don't know much about one that's tough scenario. That they got it done I think was a brilliant play calling really. But mark raked. Those plays Travis told her I mean nobody expected runs in that situation. With how the clock is moving into what will feel they were I thought they have like five minutes where they are rather there office there was no role. I listen here's the deal and they have a two minute drill at the practice everyday practice every week bracket right we go through the two minute drill. And they've got the script they've got the plays they know exactly what they're gonna do you doubt distance field position defense all that stuff has factored in Mark Richt. Knows what he's gonna call doesn't have to think twice about it. He goes right to his lacy right to a two minute drill makes the play is ready for that situation. Ends. It ended up working out Blake ended up making a beautiful throw. There about it's about what are the belief quicker way and I think I thought about it. When I'm gonna talk with. I gotta give Ron darling because he played few plays in the game one of the maybe force it equally. And then the next play. Was his fourth dad's behalf of the season we've got to do on the contrary every report I mean. Little used outlying. Gets in there and on and on their best corner right. On her class who wants water and who was shot and down all our other guys most today and makes it a street. Ending neck. But I still quarterback who believe if you could not cool cucumber yet he if he's there asking the fiesta Atlanta and he says he won't do it. We want to hear you guys remember the best practice first I'll count all week long because they want they do that that. It was going to be going all day all long but the guy goes out there makes a bullseye. I like that makes the catch the pulls away all the of them and just make sure I mean this video's been up to the picture's been up there but. A you. Stafford but geography Byrd was that the goal line. It has the video and have still got. Of playing a team across the plane before his views doubt no doubt about it. Let's ESPN honey not have a pylon and he hit back so that would you wait 78 minutes earlier the other thing a little tired of of the quite muted the light. I mean did you ever rule that it is a phone call. That would you know little delay but if you can't make a decision in a minute or two minutes it's. The way it's called while they got a fax it to Greensboro. And wait for the facts to come back from green actually wrote a panel whether it was downloads don't matter of months or use dial up a month. What are what I wanna what I wanna bring up is the fact that with eleven seconds last GAAP. Mark Richt doesn't just run it to the middle of the field sort of pick up a couple yards call a timeout you've got one timeout left and take it overtime no I mean he Eagles through the wind and yes if it's incomplete. EQ you still have that chance for field goal but that's that's a risky blank. I did have this butter I was in the press box normally echoed down the field of positive slant. And then we became a more over know it when I'm yet but there. Go ahead could be I I made it back to support elders' crossing the goal right corner. And then ahead to what Hillary Clinton and I'll probably got there it at that at a at. The watch the eight previous lateral nuclear at this. And he went right to look at what. Viva they're gonna come over that touchdown my dream gonna watchable duke game at. So everyone pretty much Ernest is that they are we all federal state in the press box because. You don't have time to go down in valuation and it wasn't Tallahassee there's no easy way to get that you gotta go outside the stadium. Back in the stadium knew it gave over the river through the woods to grandmother's house to go before you get to the sideline from the press box so none of us were gonna make. At times so we consulted up there. And watching the game from down below are from up top. I had that that feeling in my stomach. This gives it to come down to a badly hit his head who's gonna come that it it's why they have that you it hasn't gone to a win -- yeah I know if it. It beats any any cheers heard gasps or any being in the in the press box when that when we scored that touchdown. There's noises made euros immediately again follower. Well right. You know like I didn't brought to you now know of course that you're an impartial or any member of the media well because. I looked at as do I got. A game plan I guess I'm sorry was it. The folks at Florida State. Not everybody up there did a great job posting those great press box wonderful meal good popcorn. They got dove bars all that stuff great stuff. So if you. They make an announcement notes here in the press box well I forget what happened the last time I went up to a game but our quarterback threw an interception and I swing my fist out of the baskets. Ended. In the entire mess monitored and of course we here and no. And very minute it in the rough spot like one of their people came over and talk to death about it why Arab member weren't sure he really hadn't. And like definitely a part scored currently have to their media regarding golden like I live in doing the way. Don't let what counts. And I remember 98 UCLA. Has in the press box we were cheering the whole time they were gone over the loudspeaker no cheering nobody cared. It was a Phillies were a little with the fiftieth skirt different so that's why I ask is it a little leather helmets and I think it if a GOP. But now highly that the defense. Vs the run was a little shaky inverse is an offensive line that while we are those that are those two running back floors to the real T yeah man yeah. Especially number night. Acres yet acres it a bigger guy the bigger one number nine was it was a load and fast and tough to bring down right. Listen you. But just a bit less than any rookie quarterback you've never seen. Anything and but before that you take a way that situation having yes that hurt them. It was supposed to portal title hunt right they were recorded the season and not have a our opportunity to have a book that every possession right still. If you wanna sit there an asterisk on the win because they didn't have now they're starting quarterback. With that. They got three losses. Alabama they're pretty good. If she stage proven to be really good is truly a regular guy Kevin Patrick. Coached the fine line there. And then of course you know they played Miami Miami strip this year but. They've got a lot of tell a team and where I think in the fail we kind of format faults and the security radical theory kicked their butt. But any time by the importance they placed a rivalry game they bring out the best of both sides and that was a dog fight bird for sixty minutes. Beast when you're looking at a couple years ago when you looked out the on the field and and you watched Miami Florida State there was. Any obviously considerable difference in society's annual classes now when you look at him you see that gap closing you saw he got up there there's a definite I think. And I don't I'm not there for quite fair let's put you look at the lines are definitely closer both positive and yet look. If you broken duplicate Florida State. Because there in state right you look at Clemson yet look at Ohio State look at Alabama both teams that you compare yourself to. Like are you there yet for night a day you beat one of those teams. In Florida State. They're down a little bit you know who does what they got going on internally. Lot of people can't forgive those dead a lot of people at the orbiter fired on the offensive line coach flyers that line. This guy via I mean what have you another look at that there. But do I think Brett the level of Alabama Clemson Aussie no no no we're not but are we at that next little. I think so yeah we're I think we're ones that bubble you look at there. Those teams often to the defense of lines and it's like an NFL now I'll listen size and speed. There's still yours you still got some tough games left in this that Malia and you know. I won't I won't. Tell you signed sealed and delivered. Until we can win a game. Whereas the the past we would have lost like we're North Carolina we've played Florida State very close last three years and I lose that game we go into the tank right that's right well. Now let's see what happens when you play a really good Virginia Tech team. War maybe you don't get up for North Carolina because they're not good while give me Georgia Tech this week actors such an emotional win are you gonna show up I mean this is a classless wrote a woman is physically imaging and and that soon. And you're hurt you don't have red wine you don't have the lady that hurt your defensive backfield which is already hurting right. You know Richard you don't have Richard searches are well he's questionable and I play not sure he's not a 100% but you don't have them on the don't even know he's a freshman. The guy's been a bad months. It's you know on that offensive line he is one big and I saw him coming out of the locker room that is the big give man I mean he freshman you prefer it. Hue Vietnam he reminds me some of the guys from the past. The Ricky prairies and the right mckinny's record record besides I mean but even with McKinney sweet honey whitlock who wanted to get relatively fewer than it was Rodney he. The blade is sharp high school not football. The adults of that as a as a what 1819 year old kid. It's crazy it's getting them back or. Get some more like that it. Would they build those kids like that I can go to the factory and find 15 or maybe didn't make it refurbished you would turn you into one I have to. Who wrote to me at a at a at a thanks. I've got the weight class. Nor does bring about some leak though not an athletic ability optimal week. And other easier route here he is. He you know he's he's having now won. Sort of overthrown interception of the game ease of which he's up for the man every award for graduates plus he's got way more touchdowns and interceptions yet. He does seem to get. Opponent streaky he gets off to a slow start at times where we'll start sort armies of throws it his footwork will be right. Mechanics are sometimes a little off but we. Into his zone he's awesome he's incredibly accurate and the best thing is. He's making really good decisions about hey I need to get out of the pocket run yet. Now a lot of times you don't know what's it called run was run pass option. Is he just doing that to escape like when you see I'd like this liberal out of the pocket little or make the throw well and they did that one base hit but you know if you Mark Richt. You know how how much do you risk doing that when you don't wanna get your quarterback Brian is inevitable but back I was coming off the left side out of all of you long. You know we nicest couple of them tripped over a little bit and make it that way the the the other thing is is on his interceptions. They've all been to the right guy and to a guy open it I mean teacher on that they vs Florida State was. Was pretty open if that's if that's a ball would relatively. You know closer to teacher it's definitely potentially negate that rule it out yet to question always go back to as it used to order a supply was the right Hebert went into. Otter bites of verse that is the million everything that and haven't hybrids to break. But do you live from the sand bar grill in the grove we come back. Great former linebacker viewers about told farms. To a close so that in the right back Steve but even me. Linebacker we'll. The river I'd leave for Steve. Spent the long week for me have had some troubles as elicit audience knows if this and trying to get it all back together right with a long trip to Tallahassee and back. And it it actually not to to have had an interesting time in Bainbridge Georgia went right it had witnessed some things I would not like it you realize in the movies if anyways. Several drove home of the big stock go all football games we got one tonight but we get the we got the other baseball playoffs on as well altered I'll put luggage fire ever put a dollar brought a bucket 550 dollar Miller Lite buckets. Dollar Miller Light on why don't vote at all might dollar fireball shot that he does Rod Wheeler is going not to bring any greenery here. Through Monica mountains in loads reelect you wanna talk about it on the air. You know she took a picture everywhere I have eyes closed. That's fine but. What is going on here it's a bomb was ladies night tonight at 10 o'clock. I will unfortunately out of here by then and I'll plots on lives around the corner so. Adding and make them come by means it this is now the police to be again on Thursday night late here is your life around a year but I will be back for ladies and security went on to guarantee well. And she's definitely not listening off the fifth as well so we're good to go pick out there. You know go to public at 10 o'clock. At that grocery shopping done. The nuggets built the baby is if it exactly if I back after this and it's. Thanks to all of. King's radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl actually did during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. All gain her any live from vampire drilled in the grill. Mine is meant port hardcourt admitted times over the place not go all football games we got what tonight to get on down here. Five reported on a grown a bucket 550 dollar Miller Lite buckets three dollar Miller Lite plot five dollar Modell applied more dollar firewall shots. Plus we got he did rise in real Gerrard is one we got a couple winners so far. I think we might have wondered you ride. Max loves Sabrina AJ and they're here at the AD is brides who we'll if you wanna speed to try to win we got. Really expensive school it is lack. Here at San bar but yeah. I digress. Yet talked football the real pain. These decked out tonight because Debbie to bring on. So he's got to bring the plane. And he brings decades all the time went to purchase. We're troops are Charles do you admit it's mired. So fun former Miami part of that group he he was part of inventing it yet placed the call Charles wood in the volatile manner the reaper. Charles how good does it feel we beat Florida statement how good is that. Feel. Really is excellent user I was there I came in that area noted I was flying me. Symbolism and I would choose between hurricane and only fans and alumni. Picked me out. There he says about the at this spot for excellence it's twenty minutes up. We don't party for you well well well the party were drugs it was there was their partner and I had to avoid competent. Got a double play in the lives. From Houston in two doubtless. From Dallas. Talent. And I'll be years I've been you know. I mean walking around and there nightly. What if oddly just really that much to him grows in the movies and images and economics I know that price today. Because angry at me I thought. A lot of young some yes votes they just keep grow. Which C a practice Charles what what what struck you maybe from practice today when you were there. I mean the guys move around it and also I really an assistant coach Rick is we'll make sure they have this. And also scores of faith and indeed NAFTA. I mean this we in this do. I'm me and I didn't know about to lose it was in the famous back of the girls tell us what you played it kind of gives little background what you did. I mean when I first came humorous moment came out Houston Texas Jimmie Johnson greeted me. Did he say you beat number two coming in outlook okay fine them I have. Visited. UCL a lot of different schools I have our wrote universal mind me. When dollars and two grade I had already passed my SAT in this world war ago. So I came in and I started as a true forest. That that upper upper back in those days. One under army I can't be in new life. People in Texas what was he doing on the you know they don't play beat Texas I'm not worried about how will play. And and I'll make sure I play I mean it's just I tell mom and dad Aminu. We gotta say for your colors in the Arctic here. So. When I get the feel it just in the universe my absolute spectacle is Johnson and those of our word and I mean we want to hold. He noted name of fight that's normal whatever that first year and then the second you as the volume was a master of your peers. Yeah US Europe the you do in a pretty good run I think. You know you need to get to greens. To rate 8991 that's. And I mean a bunch of huge games I mean all the big games during that time. Her. And you know back then you Florida State was always a big game on the schedule. Well I think the gators the gators still plans that that are not yet they they dumped us about it. And then I ran off. Now and I am asking you dump those by doing nets news. They still saw I was out of one and 58 straight no you don't come and Obi. Matter of fact. Dealing with the writing a book the house page they go so I know you'll come and I house. Was as smoke goes off it no matter you don't come I don't Penn State Florida State Notre Dame on May grow we've. Notre Dame us out here. We've seventeen you know you come around here. Two on before we talk football. You're from Houston when it every is everyone okay after the hurricane all the flooding all us love. Mean everybody is okay yeah I mean. This is like here I've been I've been around you quoted. And actually I've been looking at what's happened here I know what happened Khamenei was like a late. I mean they still we don't know exactly win. You know this week you know. Their degree. Is or is heavy trash. Even in his book recycling and is something that you can just put in week. What other articles because there's just not enough space right so. I appreciate that I mean. I came down I had left I ended up leaving early when Andrew hit here. I came down and somebody actually did take me down homes and almost sank to see. I've neighborhood homes destroyed tonight on. Right now. So. Glad everything's you know go with you and and whatnot and let you down here. So talk about this team right now is undefeated and they just won a big name. But you know as I think it was bleak rosier. Said. In the post game press conference like. This is in our destination we can't just we can't just rest we've beat Florida State. How how do you keep your foot the panel how do you keep it going Heidi stay motivated. I mean now I've talked to young guys I've been around the world uses and I'm looking straight as we know you won't stop. You put office into submission field and that's just my thought. I'd say yeah don't offer you got a fifteen moments. As for his speed. Get it done no away. Come up. Nicely and those who yeah we devolved Kamal no. It's when you kick off our. Mean you'll write from is no net. I don't I don't know. Is about winning. Solemn note here. And his defense has been you know sort of lose what the team. Has been counting on in his as you know we're grooming a new quarterback that now we boss mark Walton. We didn't have a Mon Richards. They've had some breakdowns in the defense to back feel the last four and all four games essentially what are you seeing is that just a mental aspect is it. The guys I mean it's all it's for new defensive backs essentially making up the back field what would you what are you seeing from that aspect. It is it's about this. Ominous about me sometimes even the bad we don't jump routes. It's not about. Me you can get the tunnel which my things like that but it's about methods this. Are throwing them in the days not about picking a balding news school and school. This argument. On the best part of we should do back in the day is not a bomb scored touchdowns than anybody else we're concerned about the I don't know. It's about putting off some good position to scoop. We have no time there's no I have my team. And that massive U. Team is team and they feel it's not I didn't do so. Everybody is sick collective. I don't mean and that's something maybe in new new generation I don't know but I'm notified that coach Rick Amin. He is still discipline and I respect I mean I was at practices and came with Lisa thanks for some lessons I have links. And ideas look at defense and whatnot now like the way they move or. Sales for the ball voters feel about finishing this knob on this intact. Lot of missed tackles last week I mean if you know it is an hour. Spot they ran don't know we'll talk yeah talk about that because. A lot of guys like to lay the wood but then forget to put their arms around somebody I mean years we'll be in the hunt and I found a woman are you right. Is not a hundred you can just that I have ninety. Right I mean we're talking we laugh about it. I hear him in the back when time is this Wisconsin these bags in the back fascinate unisource next yeah. I ethnic ethnic and let the comment that good news is this about me. It's about pride that it is to borrow Islamabad. Universal mind in the if you hold city. As Marco myself well enough that I don't. Am I going to be an award movement Harry Knowles would go small. But I feel more love you sometime he text so. He uses hold on those. They can do it. See you guys they will be here and I can go. Position but it's about things. It's not about you are what is it about that tech right or is it about after. It's a bit about. This technique and it. Knew we had stuff to Wear attitude was you withhold. We'll have a right attitude if they do Nancy was you know full well for this climate effort. It's about money to the ball is massive stones some other instruments tell. Both the body's response received threats aren't you get in anybody's cap on the ball within swarm out of those warm like you'll be. If you want on the field at some months. And worked worked to get the name or reaper who who who called you reaper what was the story behind it that nickname Carl's. Martin had him he was titled show okay well as to Tarawa. We problem okay then fine you know my. Pocono where all that calm morning for the attitude. And I'm gonna if and that I really listened spreads through two of them. And I will work Kolb like the game out of the game was great in advance or whatever. What is or is. Going to just well obviously. I mean I use it's it appeared the Iraqi hot and humbled and proud. You know mistakes. And that's what it does what was it any time when I was here last three strong game corner. In the second. And is about where you. Reserve your room mate. Well. Lamar Thomas. Was my roommate and mark well. Parliament must been a quiet room. If the candidate. An interesting you don't yelled at my sleep early right now it's hard enough and real quiet never talked about girls you know visitors. Yeah equipment that's that's a product and hit an about. Good at that permeated being Robert Bailey was a roommate of mine Netherlands replies. If it was all about pizza yeah. Ha ha ha ha. I'm paid to talk and and while the game and we are quiet move while marvel. At it at the put on the football visible yet. I'm not golf well organized. This wouldn't be. Is reckless with that group of characters as remains Michael bars and Robert later. Is there competition. For everything I can acted as I can imagine. Like the Mars gonna fight you to get to the shower first series you know he's you know he's gonna battle UD to get to the door unlock experts because you don't wanna lose. Okay the YU who's our army seriously if we lost again. I think many Boone and I don't take yourself. So we don't we feel disappointed. The wind and I can wind and it feels about prize Sony it was about it. I mean so it wasn't about it was about fighting over it is I've known it was always being in schools if it was pretty big games for you to. It was pretty game four here period. For news for you here. Well applauded 58 straight that that historic. Stadium that I steal the baseball stadium I go by you know my. Com or go to. On them go but I notice you're on the Oracle's. What do we play. And I can play again. Penalties to watch that one on TV. He sent his poor dad I have been there yet either by the or. Marco it really is nice baseball park avenue and got tickets for the home run derby or might it gone through that but other that a part. Tells Miami's playing. This black heat triple option offense moved on on Saturday Georgia Tech they're still running in this antiquated offensive. You know now this time. Tackling and all this stuff is gonna come into play. But what's interesting is. You've got to basically go from one week facing one type office the next week I your face something completely different. What is that like as a player is partly we gotta we got to put the script here we got it goes. I mean everybody can celebrate or mistake but actually she loves it is done by my Monday. To a state that games are you old. I mean you have to focus on next June on communal living in their happy little. And then you get beat the next week. I'm an option amendments we were an option it's so useful is if need be inducement to them. Some each man has responsibility. But yet still today is not about trying to achieve it would be something else everybody seeks to their responsibility mean will be successful. I mean don't don't follow out of script the way it did before me though what do you. It's also about discipline though as a DD right because you know they're gonna run fifty times a game they may throw six or seven. And your board. Or you've got to keep broad enough and making tackles or are setting the boundary and then. One time it play action. And if you're not if you're not paying attention. It's a touchdown. Mean that's why is this for the week is about the matter what you that I always do it to you got to be focused. Army you gotta know when is this true I mean it did to the ball right hits his what was going on on me. A lot of time to move my immediate 90000 people in the stadium. But. Especially for me a different people. I'm in his home. I mean the crowd is there but I'm in his own me right away no in the mix call this was secondary. You might get a crowd of some time. How America's Boston folks here trying to staple. But well let's get one more before we take a break. Well I was gonna. I was gonna actually ask him about the seminal rap video and during. Which which season was that I was 8888. Or 89 so you were around. You know. That was a personal challenge you guys you went out in the Orange Bowl shut out Florida State what do you remember just leading up to that game and and when you're a player here nineteen years old. You see these as these Florida State settles doing what they gave. Mean was it was it did you take it as disrespect. You you went to the University of Miami eerie to start you know these guys are bunch of idiots let's go kick their butt on the field. We all thought you. University army had just willingness to. And they come out with a rap video and Jamie and his colleagues into the office and that is okay. Who relies way. So loud guys. Aren't. So you think you messages. And so that. It was disrespectful also in other words what they. Star Wars type of race. It was some get is aggravated. And ourselves thankful. Partly motivated tomahawk ICB. I mean I get excited about. Our menu was now in this in this. We countered this and a coach richt doesn't play the music but he's here to store every week orchestrate. You have to lie about bigger player that Jonathan it was kind of like you knew it was after a few weeks let's keep going you know. They also play practice a couple times as week up and people orphans others have been a little bit of one song for theft ethnic. Doubt about it Charles Angela for coming out and always loved spending time with his Sharon stories with you know we appreciate them and as always listen I think you guys. I am than not. My god bless self rule. On the university. And then I just thank you. Statesmen appreciate girls bridging a break we'll live sand bar in the grove get a quick brocade report Harold talk about going on the ball game. We'll wrap up the show and get to baseball right after this and gives them an idea for one of port three key to the team. Do all the king's great. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl accident during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Back on Jay. Slapped on standby to grow. A moment of his duck no it is funny that sport Barbara by the Miami new times. All football game is whenever the ball game going on and that happens often. We yellow northwestern now cities though we got going on your serve looks like the bulls were up thirteen to seven right now I don't Ernest is happy about that brown pulled it. Whenever I have a blog on on. Like there right now between Carolina and Philadelphia that is the way yes. Then that we had battles we have five for one dollar wrote a blog at 515 dollar real life buckets. Three dollar Miller Lite my final vote in the applied for all of viable shot. Plus every alternate radio models bring it. He had deepest. Who rides real close to read it Peter out here you're enterprises. Left and right have a good time. Three winners tonight with nice that the his poem it's tough these Six Flags where there was some walks off pigs you but it's right there and an aneurysm invented as maggert tees yet we all sorts of them so that the important thing is a couple of that is about or hear will be here next Thursday night as well. So before the case because there excuse. The kids' homes and went to vote. The a a lot of times we've played Syracuse now I know I know Milan done. I before we get a few minutes left who wants to go first Harry or plots on what's and with a aerial gophers. It appropriate support what Tom broke in report number one we've got yes. Which brocade offensive lineman was raided the number two guard by pro football focus for weeks five. Friend of the show. Friend of the show we'd had him on the show we actually I'll give it away we Adam actually this year this season on the show. Going at wahpeton I wanted to at least hit they hit a I Jonathan police yeah. Jose a hook or some like to call Jose. But John that Louisiana was drained that's second best guard from week five in the NFL only behind your. Your New England Patriots. Beats Jack Mason so that was a pretty nice to see is busy for someone that's been regularly don't buy her way. You still an okay era this that you actually it just to relax gas documentary by the way you're the fact Dana you're gonna get to it but. So I what do you look he'll look up passer ratings that today who we are comparing. Blake portals and and Eli Manning she's you laugh and carried. Harry tried not to me that there he is if I do enough that radio for all episode a don't jump on. But. If you go to the top of the passer ratings including everybody that sort of passes here. Yes O'Donnell on your view is number one goalie that's resulted in the touchdown that was last I was on Monday Night Football they might I was watching it and I was like. Do you think it's going to be cases can BofA and it turned out be vague I was going crazy is like we will report stated it. Quarterback in high school I. I. You know that your time in well. Regardless. Analog pads Miami's. It's been a lot of times Miami threw eight touchdown a regular season. Touchdown pass in the NFL I Clinton Portis. Rule one out of the back field and like old Satinder something. And quarterback wise. Hey you got to go to Ken Dorsey deal last time he threw touchdown. Plan maybe Vinny Vinny Vinny probably had one after Dorsey for the patriots and things for the Panthers. I think for the patriots he actually broke the record and team in towards the end of the game hornets beat your records Frank Gore. Now number seven all time. NFL rushing leader passed Eric Dickerson on the on the right I'm sure that it does your he'd get up to number four yes you act now is is wait time is is dwindling a little bit their rookie running back Mack had a pretty good games so. We'll see how that works out but. You know frank frank did have it is moving up the charts what's streak at nine the street is app. At eleven. Guys and that was helped by. Gave it a joke coup and do Johnson or you wanna just call the browns because. The only two touchdowns scored by the browns this week where propane pat O'Donnell account and and and then subsequently paddles on on Monday Night Football yes all three. Help the streak continue Brad Qaeda inactive for tonight's game something was asked me why is he inactive. These inactive because he's on the 53 man roster for the Carolina Panthers to snap was the way that they were able to steal from the lions. But he's inactive and we actually. He we try to get them on the shows most of last week. And he's in the film room studying until about like 10 o'clock every night. I don't blame them yet but you know why I mean within one who's number two right now for the Panthers. But it's only Derek Anderson yeah that's right he's like 110 years he's a 110 years old it basically qaeda's number two and that's what their grooming them for. On out and Carolina so off. We'll see what apple is quarterback coach had to be a film ducky himself yet just you know. There's there's there's of those small connection yet exactly and who are believers here facetime right after the photographed in Florida State route it was Brett guy right. Harry Harry looks that'll mean you got three minutes ago. Three minutes while it is still the change at all gains with the change see the turn averaging T is just selling selling selling we've gone through orange black. Brigade green in two wearing green on Saturday for the game tomorrow. We ready as well. Basketball gear. Vice swipe church shooting shirts and some goodies that are the Basque rock collection of very cool we came in today. Pit stop right got a lot to the kids though. Everyday there's boxes and boxes of evidence out there we go five games out of six coming up we've got to get loaded for all the way to you know it's coming to town. We all worried about if needed to stuff will be popular. It's it's more than anything it's it's really done a meat per for the most part you know. There are these that was very well received and it's it's deliberate and the shoes right. The shoes yeah by the way we have all of alpha bounces that we got in a hundred pair the other day were down about 45 there. So if you are age now amounts to better calls Dora market buys or Barbeque probably out before the weakens over. But there's their shoes are awesome they really all right never work but Peterson so they took over for the school and now. And I can't take it off they're just very tough bounces go to lose. You name it there are what matter now the bouncer and Alter the news or Alter or you know to boost by four tires that siren and everybody's mad because this year might even get an ultra loose they got out about. You know real to Brewster hundreds gently out about a 180 plus so. It's them that today's. Pop up every stripe like his. You know all these as the number two of apparel company. And doesn't. There are confused about me too company earned on about shoes and they they're they beat out Jordan. I mean after we got a lot of people who play for tonight's show it to peace uncle Blake. On the lake of lake games coming out and join us here on the show. Got to think. Golf barn for goodness of the show. Tyler got the air for goodness on the show are most teams Sabrina Adrian to enjoy group. Our our engineer earned as good a great job Ramsey. Purdue and a great job our boy Brett here sand bar. All he's doing a great job will all fall back studio did a great job which buttons like Padres Harry let's not think you guys. We'll be back out here next week next Saturday night before the nit pick out there you can do it all over again. Have a good night everybody baseball going in progress coming your way. Next.