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Thursday, October 19th

The Beast, Harry and Planton are live from Sandbar in the Grove for another edition of allCanes Radio. The guys talk Miami's win over Georgia Tech and the upcoming matchup with Syracuse. Joining the show are former Hurricane and current Seattle Mariners 1st Baseman Yonder Alonso, current Canes Kicker Michael Badgley and the legendary Bryant McKinnie.


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As do all the kings' radio. M 790 NFM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl action it did during this call 1877. 8779. I know point 357. Back here and all gains radio live bombs sand bar grill and the row. Over the face stock fell football game when there's a football game going on recently at college and NFL games tonight. You you get great deals here on sand bar. Five for one dollar throw buckets five through fifteen dollar balloon like buckets three dollar real light -- 55. Dollar mode deal by export all of viable shots with all those specials. Let's not ordered something else which is of course like him. A foot to get it he just tries really going on with we're usually are for official at the prospect I think we've already given way they're all the the the prize packs of popular here big crowd that night at San bar yeah we've got a great crowd out here we loved right Istanbul rears Anbar it is truly the best sports bar. In Miami we've got all that stuff and how we got we're gonna baseball on teetered on the NFL and in college when I save baseball. I know somebody that's gonna be watching you tonight that is the gentleman sitting next to be one of the reasons. Inductees the UN sports hall of Famer. Former University of Miami just faster amazing player. And has been in the major leagues and do it and there had the great you twenty home runs younger. Yet just last what eight home runs. First base for the Seattle Mariners Yonder Alonso. Younger thanks a lot for coming out man them in my mind. So I know it hurts watching other teams split the post season right it's got to staying. But. Get a pretty good year for yourself. Yeah definitely you know first off from that that that question because he's been so it's there but it's it's also nice too to be home obviously. It's a long season and yeah had a pretty good year in you know I'm looking forward to continue to rebuild them and learn from this year and you know take out the positive and and most importantly the negatives as low and and try to learn from them but doesn't enjoy it a long season. Tough season with my family and everybody and obviously getting treated how quickly we yourself. But man so many good things that came out of it and just ecstatic for for the offseason and they get ready. Earth or wherever it takes talk about you know your your you've been in the legalese for awhile now but you know it's got to. Got to always think when you get traded. It's got to you know you gotta pick up and leave and go somewhere else and the baseball season as long as it is now you got to get used to a new market new team new clubhouse all that stuff looks like. Well it is you got two ways. Me neither just crumble and since don't wanna do this that are. You know why do you guys really glad I packed my bags there or you can say you know what a great opportunity is at hand and so many great things come from Seattle beautiful city a team that was obviously two or three games out of the playoffs and you know you're going to to a veteran team. A team that obviously. And a lot of experience and and a packed house every night. And men there's nothing matters to plant farm a packed house though there was every night and and I enjoy it and it was off. Just a real opportunity great month and a half. Yeah Yonder you have to work well number one I can't believe these three innings in the Major League yeah Felix's heels but I think he's got and I know it was just yesterday you were. Bashing balls over mark light. Feel that it's unbelievable. How the world around with the teams you pretty much I keep going north and and West Nyack to analyze I realized I was like doing is there a team and I asked him. And that there so I hope. Another big expansion so gaga to go to and on a team in Alaska and so quickly and did you get that one of you don't want your most healthy seasons number one. And obviously what are your most successful seasons with what you attribute you know that success of your ability to stay healthy this year to have as many plate appearances and and as many home runs is needed. Well I think number one is my family you know as they would. Have really nice home went up when I got there from from work and he knows it's nice those nice to get home and just to a moment and just relax and term as much as possible. I was trying to wanna say I have a little team around me. Just to recuperate as much as possible and and honestly my attitude my my mental approach to game. You know I let little things somewhat father Manuel was prepared coming into the year and and yet I really big things. And astronomy and agonize I mean it's Bill Bennett so. It was one of those things where we're in my mind kind of just changed a little bit ME some adjustments obviously with a game based on my swing of things like that but. After that I just competed on my butt off and I knew that. You received. Yeah you're maternity platoon it would Danny Valencia a little bit at first base right. University and University of Miami crime or something I don't know what that is yet I mean we really see elect Barack hey hey hey you might as well I mean he's he's my best friend he's going to be. He's he's our closest friend that we haven't. Results from. But you know obviously those greens over the the offseason spotter and it seems that the fans and let the other man that would love to see that first basic home runs that save guilt. It seems like the the Seattle crowd really took TVs out there. Yeah I mean I definitely took the crowd really rely responded well I did loan. You know it it's kind of sucks because you kind of want the season to have gone a little bit more right but that you're so exhausted that he played for eight or nine months it's my turn. You know enough is enough if we're making a push me and of course not you know sees him and but. Seattle's good for me it was great from my family. You know and I feel right. I would like to come back there but again I'm I'm options. Sky's the limit and the doors will be open we know how do you think you mature as a player. On and off the field since you've you've been in the league. Well I think and everywhere. There's there's everywhere is a maturing. I think for me it was more about. Just getting ready to play the next game the mental approach of it. And learning with was just younger guys coming into the league as well. And it's for the very best laws so I'm obviously. Said to myself again last year I think you know I'm not that good. Trying to I'm going to my free agency here and eat me some adjustments. I need to make major improvements in my game become an appeal first baseman and via high level caliber tablet guy so. That to myself I was very honest with myself and you know I think that's one of the hardest things to do an athlete you know most I have to say you talk to our. Some of them are hard headed and they just want to speak to their ways and you know diet for me it was lag now. I'm going to be. I'm trying to. Borrow things from from from some players and and see what you get from them but I'm also the steal some moves from others and try to just like becoming. Good thanks and into my own game so that's what I did I watch a lot of video and and I set my summer. This is gonna work out because it but this altogether it's gonna make sense of I was confident with the so who are lord of the guys out there that you looked up to that you look to for inspiration. Especially first base dinner or what have you done real cars it was necessary in the same position and I think it was more. About via mental approach of it in the Atlantic city's so I wouldn't mind I think those there was about a four guys and and the first out of office management. Where we're we have every single day pays him and getting out there conference that influence yeah yeah who was my teammate. And we talked to date. You know when my swing. And it from the the veterans that if things don't talk to Karl boat. Cardinals cardinals help me out about it. He was that I was there premieres in game you help me out a lot that's and it's not a bad group but I had to work really good guys. Man it was great I can do lots of credit for just being that type of person to wanna learn from others in the spirit of the game. So many people like you said earlier they're into themselves right and they just think that there's nobody that is that they are. So it just shows you that it's paid off what you did tonight I commend you what I think. I think to like there's been going and all of this right and expressed in units in such high level. Your very your understanding that made it here you understand what I'm good. I think good for a long time down here and I've obviously had six or seven years playing in the league so there was a sense of I'm good right but but there's another time another part of it that's. I've been here but I mean give me a chances and and I really haven't been out fortunate enough to 2008 the year that don't wanna have. So I feel like I'm thankful of anything draw the chances he gave me and and I was able I'm just one last chance and put it all together. This kind of money goes a little bit and understand that if you're going to be good and you know of labor you know 1012 have a really really really victory here. Then. You see let's go it's time to do so for me uses all the batters he got to make some adjustments and we'll get it. Younger we we talk all a lot about the NFL players you know there so many hurricanes in the league in his locker room and board competing every Sunday on the field but. Her a lot of proteins and in Major League Baseball have a lion and you've had on as teammates and is here Danny Valencia and in the past what is it like just having. Whether it's Cheney or someone else that you've been teammates with in the past are going up against them on any night of the week what is it like having that bond on the baseball field is here all the time about Campbell the. I think there's only seven weeks in a season. And I. When he fiber 24 of those weeks I saw somebody from Miami. And I think it was so great either we had breakfast lunch. Catch up well you know I think what's crazier is people don't even know this is the amount of guys that commit to Miami that you don't hear or read that and I think that's the preacher part Ryan where. Let me tell you if there's at least two and every team that's committed to client or they wanted to get an operative and I want to get it behind our. I mean like that you know obviously the most famous story aired here. You heard it was you know Iraq was on campus and learned he gets it Paulino as he's walking to class basically like. Paying three good go go join the other mariners yeah baby steps in the class you know he's on the same team with pat Burl and all of those guys. I mean whoa we're in the united knowledge you Gonzales he views as of the Miami. We had a good case for the time period is. On everything from opera houses mean but Cameron Maybin wondered about Bryant and the all these guys that high school. And he just never hear from these guys right sources say. It's crazy to think how many guys actually committed to Miami and to stand up there hasn't won a first round second round they're so talented but if they wanted to come to. And how difficult does that meek you don't your coach coach wears his job because you know he's recruiting these guys he thinks they're economy. Last minute they're not coming. And you know you you don't end up meeting with the type a talent they you know initially hoped for yeah I think I think not only him but the policies regarding which you know tomorrow. And JD attack the whole staff is. He uses pretty much. On an educated guess that there and it goes between third and he's probably aren't we can get these type of players he's kind of there's there's hope that it signed. Obviously the first runners in Condo but the other guys you know they're gonna signs or you're just kind of guessing and hoping that they don't for the other you know. We've been talking about it for years is you don't get the full complement to scholarships for every guy on the team right some guys headquarters scholars of all that stuff. And it's a private school not cheap to go do so. You know there's there's other schools weather means state out of state. Better that a guy you know his family maybe they can afford and there's all sorts of decisions that go into it. It's a tough deal with the College Baseball. Oh yeah a 100% I mean it's. It's such a tragedy and just have no idea but you gotta give them getting him a lot of credit they've been to the World Series I think point four times. And his career there and they want and always room on the first ACC championship there so. If tiger predict how good seasons and last and I don't think it was those that but. From what I hear the recruiting class very good and I think like the pretty pretty prepared to make a splash this is so important what. What do you tell a guy who's maybe in the third to eight round younger age do you tell him go to school get your degree played college or or do you tell him listen. Take the money and get in the minor leagues as quickly as possible seeds can work your way up I think each player has its own story has known ways. And future. For me I see myself like it's really not my decision to say anything to the young kids I think it's more. The parents to make that decision. Because that's me knows my kid. I don't care if you the first runners took on schools though. But again that's that's. Our lives and the way we do things but I think there's nothing more important than having. Few years in college and really understanding what the college life is the bottom and you're gonna mature as a as a person player and human beings so I think. You get prepared definitely like them and let me tell you in my daily life is not fun and it is that you better usually that Donald letter enough fun and now we're all my kids are you going to so. For me is definitely. I would go to college if you have if you pretty good in the very front gonna have pretty nice schools militants and I'm hoping that that they would go to us. Younger just tell us about get the call about being conducted the UN sports hall of fame. To you expected to do you think though now help me go tell us about the whole situation. My best friends and well life and I assign and last line and there are don't know the numbers picked it up. They even use that I was inducted in match I was I was shocked and just what a great honor and you know went to school there and the only whoever you wanna go to so. I'm still pretty numb to the holes the whole situation and it's really gonna hit me yet to win when my career we've gone back in the fact all the accomplishments that I had and just. You don't realize how how special something like this as I mean. When I used to walk I used to walk the ball game though. Every single morning right our workouts were up 5:30 in the morning and right next to the hall of fame building so. I would always look in their though I'd love seemed the big trophy that was in the front. I was like man how cool is that enough ram and my game that the sooners were burning out here well it's. No. No doubt about it first ballot. Entry definitely no doubt about it but. Got a pretty good plus do you talk about the guys that won national championship in football. Night poker. Frank Torre Devin Hester one of the best college athletes I've seen anywhere in. So you and Cindy beavers are that you got to get a good last year go under with us and I'm sure and played great. Former baseball players will be there to look to support your time examiners and you know unfortunately banquet and gets their parents and I. Yeah but I think we're gonna do something and baseball's fragment. And will be there and there's a lot of good program and it about that episode and you'll know that Jackie and forever. The million dollar inactive or remove them excited about her mom yeah that really you mean just for the audience that he's. Truly smiled in relief you can bet that it now he's guilty on its really speeds up. Miami news is my life and is it really is about the era there really is meant every Saturday night to sit there and bass was on it doesn't matter what's on just there are lots of it. Like turn off my phone payments on life a 100% everybody in my house that came alive we've identified. As it is that. As is due to make an antidote is actually there's beaches in California so I think we're all about Miami and then after that. Got her going into this off season now I know it's early but are purity test specific things you can wanna work on her know that there today it. And when does that start I mean you ask a couple glasses of wine and then. Maybe get lonely and a month or organizers on started this Monday's. Yeah I'm back to treat them back to rehab in America is getting healthier. He knows little mention my name month season and I column eight months he's because you know people don't realize this spring training is hard to Minnesota. And then. Start going obviously I have my my phases through my training in. Doesn't phase and ran and it is what it is part of my job as my lifestyles armed and prepared my next my next season. Right I mean NASA's normally it's the view of every game or moment I'm gonna ask you this question from the top of the Miami. Is there one that. Thank you remember. That. Every once in awhile and maybe drive by the line either. You're talking at three years do you remember I guy brings out. I remember my most of my most memorable about it wasn't in my hand. My most. Obviously my announcement Omaha Holtzman and I think after me was like you know we didn't get to win it. But today I was I was I remember going into the batter's box and Alison you know this my last at bat. And no matter what it's going to be it was a good night gave it all I have time. And under forget my act here is going on my eyes on that. I was like you know just don't tracked him you know just don't check out it's an asset that gave it all you had to get to. Team to beat you to these colors. And out you know our war this is through some very proud so. I didn't I was 02 down notes to and Stanford. And and that's to be tuned up and it's the second highest tiers is going I want practice the next batter struck I was walking. And Alec if things in my head it's like my Jersey definitely. This blue pill holly was gonna be the last time I had just gotten drafted him in the last time I was ever Wear this is. I don't feel like is my father's team so I think for me personally that's one of mind. Police but the funniest one was probably. And we that when I hit a walk off its plants and he knows me I was June so it was a long confidence Carson. And now for PS. That was the funniest post partisan war. And feeling good feels old white guy I had children yeah. The other congratulations man and you deserve it no doubt about it you can definitely make you mark your view do you live you live the orange and green Liberia we loved watching you basically every guy in the majors. And gut check that stat line every morning and God's people the hard work and I absolutely appreciate you very rowdy like yeah no doubt about. It underlines owed to it as your at all gains radio we will take a break. Will and will join us via phone after this nobody bats we will do it hasn't been asked with visa animal. That and more after this at all injury alive for example in the groove and aims of an idea what we're preached to him. Do all the. King's radio. M 790 NF. FM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl vaccinated during this call 1877. And 79. I know point 357. Don't all Jeter he'll brought to let alone from Thomasville attorney who live and Sam are. Relative drove home all of them. Great fish taco and voted by his number one sports bar by the Miami new times to us on the Ryan fuels and desert community stores gas line there too he's got beyond you mean. But ticker for the University of Iowa the senior at a summit New Jersey Michael Badgley. Michael it is you guys are coming off of two tight wins here. I gotta have a little bit it competence here headed into the Syracuse game but obviously watch what Syracuse did to Clemson you guys can take nothing for granted. Yeah you know going into express any species being all these gate count so. You know voted so weak like they're they're going off what they're going we know it or comment by heart. And you know we just got to continue to have your hard worker iron you know job done. So take me back. Its fourth eleven. I know we we did this after the press conference and you're done and all week it's fourth and eleven. And horse and you're taken all right. Eight can I go out there and and and make this gig a war. Dismally complete the pass. The the pass he didn't have to make to kick butt you told me shadow you'd L ever asked every game could you have made that kick. From wherever was on the field and you feel pretty confident that he could've. Yeah I think you're that in that particular fiery game I was already go have walked there and I know that our coaches vote but confident that that there are out there and other he would have a competent than not than. We know that Joseph bow and offensive lineman expert sort of are confident that we put that big bill so. I was doubted our I was ready to go do it. Fourth that put them on whatever was you know out so. As straight talk and didn't make it a play and that's exactly what they just so those who are notified situations going went. He asked I asked about the field conditions 'cause it was certainly coming down. Towards the end of that game and it was wet it was soggy in the field really hasn't and I agreed all year. And you had a good answer to that which is. Life isn't that great on the practice field either be into you get to indoor practice facility or you can use to kick in and some pretty wet fields. Yeah you know we've got a scrimmage in the summer we've had practice where it's been raining. You know we got got a pretty good practice though you'll hear. You know in terms of you know prepare you spoke for. Great game and you know what he'll do what all we were we're pretty confident that we will go in that category so. I didn't it was their public companies that think about what we were cop though they don't expect it. Listen and you been pretty ten good over your career. Started back as as a freshman. Making fourteen of 1825. Love thirty is a sophomore to what you 126. As a junior this year you're nine out of ten. What do you attribute your consistency and success too. Objects. It Syrian oil starts with hard work just I pride myself on that you know beat. These certain guys you know are taxes and I want to beat them. Oh lucky streak that would certainly now wait now with more on just you know to try to. They'll compete we've got our current product upon that and just you know just. Always speaking of my head at that someone working hard or someone doing something else that I just. I wish I just by myself on our work I had spent so indebted to him. You know he put the work and you get take care of the little things they think they care and so you know look like that so. Just having the the mental edge over a lot of people I feel is the big picture actor and not through. Michael Badgley named ACC kicker of the week the ticker for the mighty heart came whose 44. I kicking field goals against Georgia Tech help Miami pull out that 2524. Win of course hit. Hit the game winner. Michael eat could wreck city yesterday. Which is a yellow pretty good but we're not we're not killing everybody we're not out here stop but everybody we got room to improve. What's the atmosphere that locker room like right now about you know obviously. Listen I'm sure you guys are happy that you don't have a lot yet but know that there's a long season ago. Yeah you know wanted to bet there is it there you know we get that we get that victory or already come on to the next game so it. Expert she received their huge win on Friday and you you beat Georgia Tech. Daycare business than you get back all about a product you're you know what's come back. So and turn the Renault locker Leo we're just. Or tour or just preparing each week not differently you know our goal or cheer was when the vote but when he EC championship. So we just keeping that edge and having everybody on the same page. Practicing hard working hard in everything don't really feel on and off the field. Well just being consistent and even everybody walked then. That's just been. It's good on any other that's another thing is maybe they were well on this here. And go enjoy it you know we're that a matter how much you won't buy wanted to get the W when you're on the next week is key moment on. Now just. This powerful well we'll. I'd badge pressing question I have here. The hair man. Blair just tell me about the evolution of the hair. Spoke off warrior. You know Conan. Over and that training camp I cannot I was thinking of a mile hockey playing days and you know kind of bring them one into the locker room. You know I just I just asked at a Toronto right through it but it's so weird everybody it's people like it. And then you know thirty times or try to put you know this year I think they don't really keep it around and but what enraged so. An hour isn't it correct me if I'm wrong leg up IC mullet but I don't know what you wanna call it doesn't have a name. We have therefore it I don't know remote let Detroit go for OK I mean we got the part we did the party in the back I don't know what the business upfront. Talk about. Yeah I think got to shape purple boots on you know long but. There are just. Well on behavior found the water and he laughed well I mean. You know a lot easier from New Jersey you deeply double play hockey be those guys are super superstitious she can't do anything to you gotta keep going into as far as you're making your kicks right every you've got to V can't touch anything. Yeah. Our area I'm a little superstitious but I I kind of put that out the window you know I'd just so. It's actually there's one of the tools they Unocal lineup what each other but you know I'm just going out there I'm kicking the ball and I just know that all that works from the practice said. Auctioned stuff is gone but then I guess they virtual say the remote if you go back and. Now it is aired in a listen you guys are gonna make a ball game hopefully it's a big bowl game hopefully it's there's an ACC championship game. If you're truly taking some inspiration from your hockey playing days and we wanna see a beard for the policies and. I call. They're followed Taylor growers but it's they would be raging out like your days are gone but got a baby face. Bible. Well the work that well to work on that. But listen right now there's none there's I know it's not the same position but. There's a bunch of former Miami punters in the league I think we need to start getting some money kickers in the league investment expecting you. It's does that we gotta you gotta O'Donnell vocal wash your right not so. Don't know they will go go all the award ticket for oh good so for about Syracuse urged. Eyes would not talk about this is you know obviously we talked about beat the confidence. Of the team and obviously seen Syracuse beat Clemson. Bomb and it's the next game and it's all that stuff but. I you know that I will say this though the you have to like the fact that. Yeah you get a couple road games left but it seems like most your games are at home and hard rock stadium whatever you wanna say about. Percentage of attendance whoever is in the building brings it in you guys love. There are you have played this rocket. You're Rudolph when it started rated B like we you're better off that energy and everybody was going crazy. You know people get there what they want what you know each game we feel you'd build a more more and our fans have been not to look great so it's actually a state. You know they've been traveling Linux it's. It's an awesome those guys have been great. Hate you does you know you try the onside kick start the second half. How often do you practice those special situations whether it's the onside kick. Some sort of fake The Hague quickly got to run on the field ticket game winning field goal. How often does coach richt you don't practice all those special situations when you guys. Armor it's something that we game play each week so we'll see something and summary is planet will be part of that week's. Practiced work. So it's it's you know when it will go on the or special scene that'll beat both they'll they'll. Well yeah and it's it's something that you know you work on you know what kind of wanders on my own Qichen and bump in the view. You know just like yeah it's it's not much but yeah each week different with a game plan animal practice every week. Correct me if I'm wrong. The cute that onside kick that second bounce right you what you need to get that second bounce that's oral report. Or in any Q or kick it. What do regret to get a second bounce particular trigger just. That need to remind down and do my job better as you know exposed to be one of those. Just those going to make you know just trying to be a playmaker and create an offensive position that we would have loved to have against. You know two inability so many but now it's just that's just one of those you know explain that you to a game and Metallica don't eat out just one of those things which culture before. Now it's did he make the plays Tony's number one of the Maxwell. In which it when you can when you go to situation like that which is completely different. Then taking a field goal kicking off everything else that you do. Now do you do you nerves start to play in or you just try to rely on your technique your. Because. I mean that's a that's a Dicey situation man and that's one of the most Dicey situations and sports. All that's there didn't he go back detect fake there you know record but he can't he work on what made individually at practice. So close that either you trust your what you've been doing what we can trust. Which are your real ability get your head around what you're doing that they expect it to achieve great ago. You know in terms of eternal mirrors nurturing this an adrenaline pump and you get ready to go well. You know that's one of those things were. Just got to react you'd perfectly and not panic just what. I would make a case by the way that if you did complete the onside kick in maybe there will be one up the road. You should get the turn over ten. They they've been off the moderately low yet but nobody wants this. You badger looks so good on you. Looks so good on you have been arbitrarily director of a couple of data yellow or what color there you know. I've bloody well listen continued success we hope they have the best of it you know you guys gonna go out completely focus against Syracuse. Take care business in front of a great home crowd this weekend we really appreciate the time. All right thank you thank you very much Michael badly the senior kicker for the University of Miami tourists here all Andrea look back guy. Dude shows up to the post game press conference. That the mullet rocking and got a gut the warmup jacket on when no shirt underneath. Zipper halfway down the chest. Just completely rock in the New Jersey look. Package that you'd bags never stop being you bloody. Amazing. Biron to your bravery at so much more to come it's all canes radio will preview Miami and cues. And I ordered a lot from sand bar grille in the grove it's your home of the fish stock though and of course all sorts of beer specials. Here when there is football like there is tonight plus. They were voted best sports bar Miami by the Miami time so how about that we'll be back after this on all in jail on am 79 NFL 143 G to the take. Do all the. King's radio and AM 790 NF. FM 1043 HD 200 tickets sponsored by Thomas and pearl vaccinated during this call 1877. 8779. Over point 357. Back your old game revealed to be right. Glad that Andre gets Brookings dot com or rob well. From all these real live from the best spot in coconut grove sand bar real great crowd tonight I'm here watching a little third on Thursday night football bowl. Of the NFL and college. Variety used to with a seven nothing lead on them meant visit Oakland leading. Pick the city's 63 love baseball after this and got that being shown here at sand bar as well but most importantly we got a jam through it man. The big and is there. He's involved and everything when it comes dude I just anything you wanna be involved in because he's awesome is it as brightly Diddy. He makes me look like a little person with Diana you guys I think it Brian. Eczema and Howard hit a pretty good things have. So. You're always involved too much stuff to get a much stuff going on we'll get to that but first of all. We got to ask you most important question. That we ask you which is how Serena doing after maybe. Pretty good we're gonna hurt you back to tennis court. So Lucy some. It's got to be challenged right now it now a talent like what what can I do after the pregnancy definitely thinks he needed that because. She's done it. For so long and of these announcements by optimistic outlook and it was about me after bird season my parents in this kind of cancer. We've kind of challenge yourself to thinking it too easy for anything I don't know because it's easy like with dozens if you can't get born with. Going the same thing and me on the how challenging can be comment awhile but economy ups and it would be easy right now for some time. If she does have an update as it was because of that she had an off days later. You know the same way she did she's two and in Britain goes. Did you and he does what you wanna championship. Those couple years you were just cranking aliens. Did it ever get boring did you ever take the foot off the pedal well with us know who we know we only that once season and ship by force and chances to win back major and one year. We know one time to get that opportunity. In the season so no different did the one game at a time trying to and that one's feet. Good answer might stump you and I can't I don't. I'm Brian Kennedy joins us here on this radio so the Florida State game we're having palpitations that came down to the last second. The Georgia Tech game. Yeah down last second put teams undefeated and you know the only undefeated team in the ACC. And nothing's going so okay. From Miami Hurricanes in Beverly is enough I'm glad that they were able to get over their home and be floors they finally after seven years and then. I knew this problem would be tough because there's an emotional. New game where you know things get physical and kind of give Missouri also I'm coming out. People will be a little more strain didn't know the game after Florida State. And they probably work is the family when incidents would elect by the team they still find a way to win you don't like. Figure like hello guys were down night is over like they continue to fight auto accident and as you see the list of games it came down to an area. Meaning you were part of a team that had to break the streak against Florida State. How important was in 2000. You guys broke the streak how important is that for the team he thinks is very important once you break that streak. Pom. I think the momentum could have hit to a lot of games now because you got over their home and that was that was the major hub for. Our team and our school. Nothing of the seven years announced today. Conflict is finally thinking when these games. We see from the offensive line currently when you look at them and left tackle he's an exterminator anybody on the line what you see compared to last year where they where they struggled a little bit armed. You have guys who have more experience so. There's a game that has been on you've got some guys that come in and there are no pain in the rules themselves become isolated jungle better than you know. Coach. Cereals thank you is so fitting system which in the Clinton. Up right before we get back to this I just. I had this question one and around in my brain and I thought I needed to ask you because I didn't wanna forget about it which is. Vernon carries it is it is an amazing basketball players now being recruited by the University of Miami and it makes me feel really old. Right at. And hit through right the did this to the song to me I think slots if you really busy really sixties thing you. Since then you I didn't think there was a human he's going to be talking at Collins isn't it before you drifting. But while. Yeah he's very athletic and he's the number one in France right now on the best course or are you guys on burn like hey you know where he's got ago Veronica lets them. Making them citizens regard you and I'm October gas burner up in Vegas though it's not a good father a different he doesn't want you know and doesn't know. Courts have to do something because when you been in congress so we're kind of listen. Heard him give his opinion please leave and ultimately two units on them but so you obviously you guys have all seen this kid grow up. The only do you know. That he was going to be. I kind of figure because furnaces for his work but it's once I had no idea that the cute pretty talented because it doesn't mean they're athletic and does it seems like he's really the parents Evelyn because. Well I would isn't it seems that the bullet that and that's above point group. He's going to be able to me about it the better. Player overall and his status is what we're gonna know looking at one that we know let them know I think we will. Who don't currently only one we have coming up at the same thing and yet. Its editor of the creative use of tourniquet on that's five and Bryant do any good as your relatives radio. You know you're further removed from the NFL you for the removed agree here always involved something you get back into music a little bit here. I am mom. Back in 2009 and another project. Artist doesn't beat his first months of economic programs story now with them show. If I'm Miami and I wanted to cast members and he's gonna show as well. My trajectory of the game this show's about music and consistently dead. I am going bad we expect him. And what what. Like where'd you get. What made you decide hey it's it's time for me to get back and his passion that I have had. Well before you can show me pretty came to me about going to show. I was very human human music that music that was one of my past. The ones who write and I took over a long way from before and you know like I'm ready to back into this time right artisan the right person. Was to promote and then to show him alone and filmmaker gets majority of the mountain summits in the season. We got him he's so someone trying to find the right art. We're we're we're do we see their children yet lawyers in January of VH when he beat him. Do receive regular commercials coming out in the continent members. It's the first. This the first time the French does come to Miami so on this already in New York landed in Hollywood now Miami's when you first first engine. That's awesome. Speaking of music. I'm sure you're aware. Did that please pretty good defenseman for the university slightly yeah. Jack Thomas number nine he's got some stuff going on see dozens of his dorm room that I I didn't realize as possible because. Who's your dorm rooms are pretty small but still he makes it happen. He definitely hadn't been putting out here. I mean people like Rick Ross he's. And invoke reasons accurately pizza Letterman. The it is great the good judgment that Papa I've seen them like a week or two ago. And he's just go with a low real quick game and realize that was him it's vote and this might have happened elements of the talk them along because. Make some great. Tracks. Yet no you know I wonder. We always wondered like hey hottest had doubts football in music and school in school but he really seems to do a good job of balancing it all out because. And his play hasn't suffered his music hasn't suffered as far as we know his school hasn't suffered so he's he's he's figured out the method to the madness. That we had and come just to be because they don't have all of that going on and be of but at the type of music and it but others it is amazing because. No reason my people wanted other breezy with a kind of juggle all the books of history. I have a lot of respect for her sexy maybe he would beat somebody top people and injured. Yet been noticed no doubt about it. You also quietly at the cart thing going. My right. The moon services and have formed on my right in my car right. Arms and have form that you basically just prevents us we. So my dad and you just don't pay like we choose to pick up. Troublesome for. Kyra could use that in Bainbridge Georgia as it tried to hit the opening party in Tallahassee. Could you solving mysteries that. I was trying to over in the in the lifted no one would come pick me up. Let's bomb Robert will be all right so we'll look that up and what else what else get your foot into those those who do work it was yet yeah. Look really good man and everybody to get it some of them now that the two British team already in place. Those cameras handle you being so large and everybody else and so. Do green screen right handed is just the cameras and photographers and me. Something you've got to spin on boxes that get that act because they can only just happened one time where we are so cool they're reverend. I'm sixty you have some girls that are short again in the spot where we have. And had to stand up and let us that the B I like he. Wouldn't mind and I'm reasons. Stand up boxes that gets him atop cars aren't at their word Il's idea. I would have to Wear heels and standing. That. Brain you're here now what four years. Removed from the NFL's before you eat you missed it. My improvement now competitive and I kind of did it but we do so. I'm doing my retirement there you guys and guys like to get two minutes left. I apologize for. Next time. Doing an hour with Brian the next and beyond the MacBook. Where governments as you can and you never have to does it it's like the and Ayers is is enough. Global give him identity we'll do and others and Brian. Coming up talk well you project all the stuff. Me you know what let's do it a little later in the year and before the show comes on the book that shows them yet again and it will it will sequel titled doable our coverage units who go to collect real. Yeah yeah. Again please view that I could use all the terms that I don't know played before I sit idly he's. An accident we were in the his he has. And that's a little old don't yeah. I don't know what's going on ordinary in the hazy my org and I was like that's like a 97. Terminology. A gamble that like for you. You right now he stays still active on the social media event. They it was seeded American cities I mean different things. That's kind of how and in. I think you do what it's supposed to work in social and and that's boot meant that I could get some instances definitely so. On the zone is gonna miss me. When glossy I'm actually put together what we can talk weather later on put together. She's your registered gives them more still working on. This morning you not Wear him. I'll tell you more about it. Listen listen kids' part of the feedback experience you'd think you'd Jessica Gomez and tackle. Huntsman on top notch resort and blue foresees no one is one piece we gotta get all the radio tag along on the back experienced night I did not survive I can't handle. Harry and I era. You went a few. Yeah OK okay yeah today Stephen Morris Yonder Alonso. A Michael badly everyone of you for helping us now Bryant McKinnie for coming down our promotions that. Read here at sand bar the entire groups out of this in the U restarted from Vienna on the banks through that as well through that then maybe on awesome job. People Jackie next to. Tuesday night. Hear from to Tuesday night near sandbar after adjusting for the dolphins they're tonight's game. And they'll we will see you then we'll have all of the kitty back from allowable and go get on the social media climate and the alliance from. That's how you do them good stuff can't go. A few minutes you regret it.