Aqua & Orange Pregame vs OAK Podcast Hour 1

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, November 5th
The show kicks off with a happy DJ Williams still celebrating a big Canes win, then things take a turn as they recap the 40-0 blow out loss to the Ravens and the ramification of said loss, including going over the explosive presser from Adam Gase, plus DJ offers his opinion on the Kiko hit on Flacco and if he thought it was a dirty hit. 

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The puck away and orange great games ago. M 790 NFM 1043 things he choose that ticket. The rest of the. Seventeen popcorn award pregame show on your host Greg likens broadcasting live from the seven items. Good studios here in South Florida and I'm joined as always by DJ Williams former first round pick. On the Denver Broncos. Successful eleven year career bold endeavor Chicago boy I think this morning maybe most importantly a proud. Miami hurricane we're gonna get into dolphins raiders over the next three hours. And this Sunday Night Football contest but I just wanna paint a picture for everybody who's tuning in as we get going here this morning. DJ not only do you have a turn over chain on you have to. Turn over chains on in honor of the big twenty to ten Viktor for the canes over Virginia Tech lesson you you're flying high right now arts. Listen here there. A lot of a lot of people doubted if while we were you know mean to win that game you saw what I mean you only do we win we dominated expressing a deep inside a ball. They don't offer is made a lot of costly turnovers and we still were able to win by eighteen points I just show. We are legit our record. It's a legit record you know can't keep without a conversation. And I'm just proud to guys. Like that they went out there had a great great game and honestly. Own. This the game is really helping make that turn put a program. You know again we have no views game tomorrow evening finally they give Miami a game day against noted saying. Give it another tough test but just happy man just had before. The coaching staff for the players put a community you know I was able to make the game but you know I watched in fossil. Our prop man it looks fool. People excited you know I I patrol social media look at everybody and I live by cares it to the fans and it was just a beautiful site. And dozer dime live turn overture is gone there yet you may dom I turn would you honestly so. Among the officials turnovers and got my letter two weeks ago. Dharma is the only official brand. That's allowed to make turnover chain right now I mean there are many out right you'll beneficial merry got to go to WW dot com buy dot com. Are there you don't do though the homemade stuff pregnant don't forget this is this. As memories writer oh yeah and everything it well it will our middle look good I can tell your right now there are really good so. Man you're you're right Notre Dame now comes to town next week as is college game day another ABC primetime game in. It's an exciting weekend for football in South Florida because you not only have McCain's. And Virginia Tech last night on national TV to showcase game but tonight some and I've football's showcase. A hard rock stadium as well the dolphins take non. The raiders Miami comes in a foreign three Oakland at three and five kick off at 830. Tonight and coming up on today's show and review everything you needed help. About this raiders team. Chris Perkins will join us next hour Adam Beasley will join us in this third hour of the program also talks a principal ball close we'll have notable in actors from around the league. And I'd any line of news when it's released for the rest of the NFL's action but. It seems a long time ago with certainly a lot has happened between then and now butts up before we delve deeply into this week's game between the dolphins the raiders. Unfortunately. Let's review last week's embarrassing. Forty to nothing loss to the ravens on Thursday apple ball. Justin Tucker. The ball is we are. Weigh on Thursday and I blog takes the snap the flag is down dump that you make players on the field like. Is five times. My dad takes the snap and running through. Right right instead of Plato taught him well. 30 his helmet comes off. A penalty on Miami flight school. The lead going into those line. His helmet came flying off and we just words and I was like saying. Not a risk. Aren't you running for. Now in play action. The right. This amendment is in a minute and only fleetingly. It's on. Just doesn't expect guys most guys. Stosur. What's. So I. Peterson's chance. Right by the sooners have been. On the ball itself is uses these are ones you don't. The new week brings them expected to turn on this fine balance right now. Moscow back. Right now on the final snap of the game the ravens. They shot on the eighth game of golf and lopsided fashion. Won enough games so far will put yourself in the position where it's just you can. There we just got to play better and right now we're still consistent. Hillary we actually. Stack more. It's never it's never going to be right. Right now we're just. That's a game relying highlights courtesy of the ravens radio network came just an abysmal performance. Forty did nothing to Omar on Thursday night football DJ just to provide some perspective dot the dolphins shut up for the second time this season. Like in the first half for the fourth time in seven games this was the most lopsided shutout Baltimore's history. It was Miami's worst loss of the regular seasons is of 41 to nothing beat down at the hands of the colts. In 1997. This is about as bad as you can get a comprehensive loss what stood out to you about just how bad things were or are in every phase of football for the adults. You know before you get in the that I wanna get into that Kiko Alonso hit yes I'll ask a lot of questions about it and if you remember we basically ended our show talking about Joseph Flacco. Then you know I gave you break down and I told you he's a big strong guy probably has a stronger dormant in the trail. And his team won't you see that at least by times again he's got to say his twentieth go to the next one and also say when he leaves the pocket. He's not looking to get extra yards he's gonna get down right and known Kiko Alonso as a player watching him Smart guy. I think he knew. That is well. So when I hear that interview about you know he kind of slid late you know I'm I'm not buying but a linebacker. And I'll beyond which you. If I'll probably in the same position I would have done the same the hour try to give me a piece of him before he gets down and the problem with that is. You know he's China go down and so I'll like Keiko could've kind of changed his directory port instead he went down to dig him out. To gain on the linebacker so while come sit at home I'm like oh yeah that's of blind us to flag. At the same time I'm thinking 8080 give him my love I love it drugs wanted to draw. Listen that that's what the sport is about and involve putting a position I say I do the same thing probably nine and ten times. By the way define was 9115. Dollars which is stunning enough a random amount. But at the same time. You didn't get suspended I know that did the initial reaction might moments afterwards like maybe it's ejected and he's probably he would get suspended. And then every kind of backed off that and there seem to be very mixed reaction in terms of whether resist the bang bang play in Flacco didn't get out soon enough or. As your saying Chico's was head hunting potentially a little bit as a defender. And his mentality there either way they got hit in it didn't matter they didn't in terms of the outcome of the Asian. Is it calls by by forty points and the starting quarterback wasn't their best player on offense wasn't in the game residue was booming and run they knock him out there the second quarter yet Ryan mallet players all second half and it had no. Bearing on the outcome of this one so. Interest and get your perspective on that as they've told linebacker in terms of just this dolphins team some a few other numbers cheered yeah. Just a liberty no entering last weekend. The fewest offensive plays with a lead this season in the NFL's is entering last week. The dolphins ranked thirtieth in the league. They had 32 plays on offense this year in which they've been in the lead the two teams behind them in the rankings. The 49ers was sixth place way way 32 plays in this wireless the 32 plays they run the entire season in which they've had delete. Drew praise entering last weekend and that's crazy for them to have the record they have four and three yes the other two the only teaching is right below them. Teams would no wins in the forty niners in the brown. Now the browns this these numbers change a little bit because the browns were ahead for a little while we are entering last week following the dolphins game the 49ers had run six plays. While having the lead the browns and run just two plays a lot in the lead the dolphins were the third worst in this category but there's still foreign three and also DJ. The dolphins this season in seven days been outscored 152. And 92. An accord has ESPN's stats and info the minus sixty point differential is the worst ever for team with a winning record. After seven games army and so it just basic question I would say there's two sides this right I mean there's so Ford Torrey. Ellis Milan Italy tonight they're firing three in the very hungry and it seems what. Teams would. Big fourth five country where right at the midpoint of the season the other side of it donors mean. One how are they where they are brand name can they sustain this because this seems like. A losing proposition over the next nine I mean sooner or later gonna catch up to you want to start playing better teams. You know numbers matter. And if they do let's say they'd they do by some chance made the playoffs you're not going to be able to win games and play off to bow tie but number two you're going against. Deal leaked you know me you're going against the top eight teams in NFL. So they need to fix this problem they have a great situation because their record right now still allows him have a chance. But they don't fix this problem that record going to turned upside down you're gonna start getting more losses than you do with this. Right and knew he could catch up than pretty quickly I guess that the big question now on Warner and discuss more of this next segment is really here hunt for madam gazed. But was this loss on the reserve football on debilitating one will ever carry over effect were. This loss is so bad that it turns into a couple more due to carry over effect. Guys got straight well that's true but we have had all that or will they bounce back is it easy to kind of put this Saudi minor move for William DJ's thoughts on that. Our follow up for the losses did you just referenced it Jai has been traded rude talk all about that to kick off the 11 o'clock hour. The second hour of the program but so he's dawn east of Philadelphia. Jason had a fiery press conference there Friday the day after the Thursday game and Jay Cutler's going to be back is starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins so. Lots of changes over the last ten days or so obelisk sicker quick time out. When we come back we are going to replay the best sound from Adam gazes. Fired up press jumpers from last Friday you haven't heard. How he called out his offense stay tuned I don't we've ever heard this from Miami Dolphins coach before that's coming up Ernie a seven aideed FM 1043 HD to detect. Like zero loss at DJ Williams looked ahead to tonight's. Meeting between the dolphins and raiders on Sunday that both ball from hard rock stadium coming up next segment will be around the National Football League discuss some of the news. Including to Shawn Watson's injury. And some of the trade deadline. Activity that we saw outside of the jade GI's situation. Column bear forty nothing DJ and we're gonna hear from Adam Jason just a moment because he was fired up this was one of the odd maybe most unpredictable blood awesome if you're in the media press conference is received from a dolphins coach in recent memory. Before we get his thoughts on everything that happened what what was your big take away from that debacle on Thursday night. You know what it was simple I got fouls watching the game I'm Bridget Jones symbols possible. They're dots were bigger than our dots. We're faster than our bats and stronger than not dots it was time to time. A home there were tight shots in. You solid dolphin player standing next to a ravens player when all things the defense special teams wherever it was and they were just bigger. Usually win. A team. It's just physically bigger than the next team the team has speed to counteract. That would be bigger they were fast and they were stronger arm there's one play that. Jarvis Landry while body. Jimmy Smith and it looked like. What does he stand next to it you don't and the I think that's why the dolphins have had a tough time of beer in Baltimore. You know for for the past was it 810 years or whatever times. Because there's just so much bigger and stronger and the dolphins can't count her out with speed because. The ravens have just as much speed and they bait and they got pushed around. They got pushed around there once they got down bad debt ratings crowd got into the game was. The defense into the game and they just physically physically got out match. They dated and don't listen I I think what if we've learned anything from doing these pregame shows this particular season. The stats that we discussed entering games in terms of what teams are allowing me would you still let out the window because yes it's gonna say it's the two jets games in the ravens game. All of them were very susceptible seduce me to the Ron and the doubles could do anything against the run against any of those state. So you know I I grew to complete I guess there's just the ravens have a prototype. Player right Ozzie Newsome and on down they just they have a good tip. Does it tarnish uses it its cookie cut from the ravens who the jets. They they run that 34 scheme where basically. All five guys in the front. Can play anywhere line and everybody's about 300 pounds nearly got these four techniques. Port technique is a defense Lyman headlines Obama guard. Right or left side. These guys are all 65300. Pound 65 retain you know and there interchangeable when you go to the outside in. Ottawa says on paper about a real slow whose real slugs bowed to a five to ninety. Now at least you don't when he came into the league he might have been 265 but the guy's huge down the strong. And they they know that they have to have played that type of intimidating game and it seems a work special vigil born early in the game. Well maybe they did that and they they kept their foot on the gaps of forty to nothing was the final and in a follow the game understandably. Adam gaze was a very happy the a's post impressed opera it's you know he wasn't happy within the next day. Usually the way it works is you have you don't 24 hours or 012 to forty hours wreaking kind of cooled down you watch the tape didn't cool down a little bit well. Adam dates knowing that his defense is now ranked dead last in both scoring. And yards per game. Wasn't happy at all. And his press conference last Friday was an eye opener he went off on everyone associated with the offense really hear a lot from him before you'd DGA's reaction let's first start. With Adam gays just his general thoughts when asked about the off. Compass and tart is part of offense being awful that's underneath the media there who don't get to address social settings do better job. Because obviously our players unknowns directly from the reflection on. OK so at a gay Smits is the players also mentions the coaching staff needs to be better reasons to direct reflection on them. He went on to say this about the best players on offense DJ and it's what got us on me. Not studying art and. You don't need to retain information things it's when our commitment to working. So and that's what comes down to can't remember it shouldn't and a phone. You know didn't dating guys who actually take the stuff homes Soviet Americans wanted to own meetings. So. Whom we got to find guys that'll actually put forth an effort. To actually remember this well can do it serves their best players. So he's called out the best players don't wanna hear one more threat of decent for Richard Dalton as he is an ass like okay. If this is a problem was some your best players how widespread is this problem this is what he had to say. Because on defense defense for a special teams listen Erik maybe that's who she is easy just demonstrated its. Well offensively it's it's true they get too many guys that don't want to take on what did you. Or two more games played that snug him to be our best player you don't are calling his name. He's that terrible guy ghosts are calling using names and what was crazy about it in what he's saying gazes. There might be nice little subtle checks throughout the game skid medically. And practice that they may install. And to the average and you can't detail you know you can't tell that hey. In practice they beat me they say they were gonna run this play. 22 yards outside the hatch or were gonna cut his route down by two yards because. Their backers or you know their DB is practicing deep insult us and I know. Week in and week out we used to run and at hand but this week we're gonna run and eight and all the little subtle things that. In effect to gain. And in determine the outcome of win and loss in excellent and that's what he's saying because the players have an understanding just what they have understanding of the playbook. But it's week after week. You have the same play well because of the way the defense may run something to do sometimes dramatically there's a little tweak it that Clayton and you have to be intelligent enough. On the fly during the game's best that you ripped it. That that you're supposed to cut this route. All we are short when you see high say he. Or what's easier coverages balls that make us small adjustment you've got to do don't apply you have to be able to do a great teams do. That's why New England is is is is always in it because. It's not the talent of the players. Has the attention to detail and they go into each week. Win their game plan but as we just not a whole different play a go to yours as we go to New York that way that makes a big difference and that's what happened these guys. All that no place was a small little subtle adjustments that they're they're not able to do wanna fly during game. Because on the surfers when you hear him say this it sounds crazy to seven games into a season and really let's say you're not happen to this offense 'cause it's largely the same players. Then it they don't know all the offense and not doing their homework but as you describe it. That must make Adam gays even more upset win you know during a given week he's providing these subtle differences to some of the things they're doing to try to get a matchup advantage and nobody sees you pay attention. What's crazy about it is he's putting you in a position to make a place so why would you do. You know why why why would you do it let let's say there is some type of run play in my job is to keep force which means. I keep out site content I keep everybody inside and that's how was drawn up on paper. And let's say welcome week watching film I we see the coaches staff sees it hey we know you have force but you can beat this guy inside. Go ahead and if you keep forcing make a play so all week when we do we actually we practice your regret we rented a new position to make a place I'd get in the game. What happens opportunity is there I stay outside. That back that linebacker that's behind me. Or to the silently things that I'm gonna do what we ripped him practice. So he plays of the the play like he spoke to do it next you know suggest down the middle. In that it's just frustrating to a coast is like why would you not want to make a play why why would you not. It's into the smallest details if I tell you. If you do this two yards or yard inside here it's a touchdown. To test that they can't stop it why would you not do. Right it and that's I think what his befuddled. Perplexed Adam gates at this point he wasn't done. It's also had this is say no when asked about how players perceive him when he tries to in meetings correct mistakes. Whether you wanna lose full process of all this is about. Correcting things mistakes that you made. Understanding. The wives and they're trying to do in when we win. Weapons' everybody brushes and author of sources on the road. Just tells of an outbreak there are atoms and well that's what happens before and all of a sudden all those little things. And issues. Have been talking. But when you're winning. You address something guys just think you're just party just want to pick something okay both went senator's retirement and losses. So maybe at some point what we're seeing my exercise. Sounds like when Adam gazes implying is that based on ten wins last year based on some of the Pro Bowl performances in the accolades that came with that. Entering this season the guys are reading their own headlines and if there had. Right so even when they lose it when they win it's like okay we don't need to correct anything we got the W that's who they were the tale of the last season went to the playoffs and everything was great again. And this year it seems that that mentality C Dover and Adam bases that is would set. Well it it it's natural. For a player after you win. Two riding high and to feel good. The normal clear when you wanna be great. When you wanna be Jerry Rice like when you wanna be Ray Lewis like Michael Irvin like. These guys winning just isn't enough you strive for perfection. So you would you do would you take it. Oh look at big game film where you want justice hauler or more. In an embarrassing loss you try to figure out the small little things that you can do to make yourself better asking a lot of that has to do with. This team being young a lot of youth on his team in certain positions and there's there's there's several guys that are kind of cocky. You know you guys are caught up into the social media world and all these other things. And you know lucky for me that that whole social media wave didn't start to tell me in my career. Guys there are reload this is your jobs your profession. When you leave the facility. You go back home you study more you don't just relaxing yoga there's a short window when you don't play this game. Whether injury or not injury. It doesn't matter you know that the average the average guys careers during had years so why would you dedicate as much time educated to being better to trying to be perfect. I know being perfect is impossible. But usage try and strive there was someone tries a correction you don't brush tomorrow. Your coaches have your best interest in mind and I played good guys that felt like man Nam and a coast just beyond. Yes that's. The did you do. His job to do his job depends on you do when it right. In a building depends on you don't want Iraq. And in two guys understand that and give that. You know you're gonna continue to see what happened happened op I've never been upset by coach to Richard Smith my linebacker coach. Believe the Atlanta maybe. Could get stripped fumble. Get up and celebrate you get to the sideline to look at you say you shoot a school. Like did serious not not not like jokingly oh you should of scored next time Bob Bob Bob like. If you threat but oh did you see what it does it. Recover. Where you want to do I want to this war mom and actually and he's in you wanna perfection should rise of action in. It was crazy I got him late in my career. Soul you know like a nine year guidance I'm became mean in two until people today if you would be in my linebacker coach. From day one. And in a pill I'd probably be twice as. Because. Every day. Every day to a guy as the days that you wanted to practice should look. Is gauging everything Jews to the days you do one practice you hate them because. Should place. More on. What. Your noodle like high schools that. And he was just soles of his ways but. He realized there's only one way to do this did not though. It is several ways skating. I don't know there's only one way to do. In eulogy to do right because he believed that the more times you did it right the better you were gonna be successful. Great example. And in your right I mean that added second goal one way or the other some guys will eventually to an amount right yes there's some guys. Are open to a sluggish at best when he couldn't two he doesn't stop. Doesn't it doesn't it doesn't matter but he's going to be overboard over Rick Smith what are you what this guy did tools want to. Practice he brought a saw eleven was like. Do you have Aruba. Old Saul. And I and I look at it in a group of linebackers and I can tell that nobody's heard and I know what the it is before you basically punish. Everybody for ones mistake we are unifil slaves now because one player wouldn't run to the ball. He was making. Older guys the that you guys run sprints in Sydney like this is my eight year leak. Because the rookie didn't run to the ball you're gonna make your runs it's got him right. You'll get a right if you tune me out. I'll put pressure you legitimize and I think that's the problem is and it comes to a point where you need a healthy you need to that in the among a sea by a defense like they are they're they're getting a job done that you need to landry's Judy Dole's guys start doll cousin guys. Dole's got jumbled you need those guys that make guys on the team not like him. Not about like compete right now it's about winning games so until that happens. I don't continue having these tribal outcome begala talent that's why they're portrait. The gala talent tunnel which is somewhere as we begin good close games not gonna work. So I guess that leads to my next question before we we take a quick time out but it feels like. Adam DC is now want you to come on you're your former linebackers coach for desperate but database when I was kind of drawn a line in the sand so to speak. Or he's saying. You're the whip clear enough yeah and all along those lines I wondered DJ and you can speak from experience being a locker room. Could backfire on because like I could see some guys say hey world would you coach we're gonna make it work in some guys are saying all right I'm I've had enough of the. Spasm as as a coach you're at your authority figure that's like don't do you compromise which are key it's no. This is my rules this what is this your bed time. This is what you do take out stress jewels and you feed the dog you don't compromise that your kids. They have already figured he is at forty billion Cullen. The players can't but he's authority figure on the team sold. If he compromises any type way he's got to lose to hold ship. It's better to lose those guys. I don't belong ink and keep to the the handful of guys that really wanna stay there that are willing to do the right way doing the tough way in going with the daily daily grind and a compromise yourself. In have they added a whole team. The guys doing to what was the Michael singer Mike Singletary remembered Blu-ray I got ten guys one doing the wrong way. Would allow more accepted that's really what it is. So it's burning digital tuner amount of you won't soon. You find is still watching the games of the on the because you have his job. Eat eat pizza he's a great coaches are great pedigree and even with all this turned away everything is born on this a winning but they got into the playoffs last year so he has a good resume if he's not gonna give fire within the next two to read is my personal pain due to brake coach. Up militant organization to give him time to finally weed out to the players and neat well. We certainly did that with the E*Trade coming up to start the next hour. We will discuss that in more detail did DJ is taken whether that was the right thing to do but up next we're gonna go around the NFL would examine the ACC of the bills and jets plan Thursday night. Plus we'll talk of the big injury news in this week that's coming up in the art course pregame show on AM seven ID Napa 1043 HD two to. Like zero alongside DJ Williams getting ready for the dolphins. Sunday Night Football appearance since 2010. As they play host the Oakland Raiders kickoff at 830. This evening you'll around the NFL just a moment DJ. Before the end of this. We're sorry to have to ask you what is the word of the day as we do every week on the out north prediction. Man this border duel race and so I was speaking to a dunes a pair remain. Your mom back recruits and secret charges. In judo right now and almost a dozen boy. Com. Torture middle linebacker in right now I'm talking about don't you dirty. Hard he and just you know. Striking fear James Harrison type of god go over all these things that lesson as a boy here's what you need to do whatever he's like what we're doing as of Tex. Number and a lot of messages he takes me back stateless. Let's close let's big brown announcing that they like him and got you to shut. This so I'll find out sailors means OK. I could she. Okay. Like slicing enough say it could say less is not sick but I looked into an area like this can't be like a real ring so win. Actually looked and saw. Michael wrap portal as its ground. And he had a right owned. The last week did check market wrap reports 'cause someone. Actually told him as a said somebody was asking him questions and he thought answer his questions and up to be answered a few question the guy since they left that really really sailors you asking me. Isn't this. So yes or less safe less sailors and he's okay and gas accounts interstate. I have to admit I have the same reaction is exactly like you use your gave your whole spiel on a domino like silence a Billy. Who were doing radio didn't hypocritical but it could. It's okay to sink man I gotta say DJ I learned something new every week this were the days so say let's assume will will corporate total the next. Kabila is is your is to not register will mean so much you might say they're Michelle hole which means. He allegedly the the atom gates react to harassment dolphins out hits and that's. Hey let's. Let's look around the NFL is sort of the Thursday a football game on the jets surprised the bills' 3040 to 41 a strong performers by New York disappointing effort by a ball falls we look at the AC standings. Papers are six and two bills five and three dolphins for three jets four and five. Com I know that we have been impressed with the jets and two meetings we've seen them against the dolphins. But the bills went in is pretty heavy favorites on the road and the jets and our I have any of that this New York team as a modified them. I mean and just think about it. Coming into this season. We talk a we people spoke about the jets possibly being the Cleveland Browns to miss you know may go only sixteen. You know two weeks into the season. People like yes they are that the the new Cleveland Browns. And looks like they've given up and actually you know they turned things around bright and hey they. 38 steel playing the game. And you know last. The Nile are you sling around he ran warnings run like he's having fun. Answer back the clock Matt Forte term talk two output at a map Portuguese he won't I would you know Matt Forte is very patient so. Nice always make Obama listened. It's hard task because you got your right foot going left you left put it quite right I have no idea when you go with what you run left right left part of red eagle straight. And he had a great game. The other night got an insulin twice though and he complaint. He was like you know he thought he wasn't being used enough in the gulf is but you don't have the godly Powell who you know. It's good yardage is a great back into the backfield work. I think Bowles got these guys playing and just aren't buying into the system and you know. This is moral situations where they're more than just mathematically still many. You know stressing his division I student. We may go against New England who they already beat. Technically. Already did you know they're gonna they're gonna have confidence. You know and in his game in aggregates of team. Beige they have been a tough team from transitioning quickly terrible news this week. As Texans rookie sensation to Shawn Watson was lost for the season due to a non contact knee injury in practice towards ready CL. For perspective your password. 16199. Yards over six games tied for the NFL lead in passing touchdowns would nineteen it was the most passing touchdowns over quarterback's first seven. Career games since 1970. Surpassing the mark the hall of Famer. Kurt Warner had set and a Texans it's worth 33 points or more and each of his four starts in October. Just terrible news for the NFL there's more for Houston. When you tunnel one of the bright young stars of the National Football League BJ. And in I mean that's what's. That's what's almost agreed about this gave way. That is the army where missy. You gotta you gotta. Got to value your time in every race in because you never know what play you in your season but only in your season. Could change though that the course you're career. I mean this let's let's look at two other quarterbacks you have RG three. Came out like gangbusters here of the year yet knee injury may yet Teddy Bridgewater. You know any it is unfortunate and even Andrew Luck and Joomla yeah I mean you have you have you have guys that have the skill. They do everything right in the is something that they can't control. Injury. Creeps in income can Alter the future so you know I hope I hope this kid comes back. From a 100% you know with technology today that ACL. You know they they repaired knees England no Gaza cornerbacks 67 months later. Bombs going to be itself roll form but you know by. Ways team misspoke about me as a great. Great support from his team. Source family and everybody don't support him in IR rated tweet. And you know he he's. Eyewitness Saber he's excited about attacking his rehab and coming back. And get back a few. Right in the timing of this but it's not good time for them this season but he'll be back. Plenty tougher next fragile word of warning you gradually access to your resistance the NFL is certainly that's a fragile thing. Looking at the headline names that have been lost the season is here -- Beckham junior. Aaron Rodgers JJ watt Eric Berry delta and could join settlement David Johnson Andrew Luck Joseph Thomas and additional Watson. I bliss in the league continues to be very popular. But this is this is tough minutes Bethesda had dinner with with all these guys who you see in commercials and were some of the faces of the league. Being out for the series. And and that's that's something that the NBA doesn't have to worry about a lot Major League Baseball soccer they don't have to worry about a lot like. It was football it is such a tough game demanding and does go on your body even our practices. You know if you look at other sports baseball practice. C'mon basketball practice. You know that they're not be in his co lead to a lot of running for conditioning but you know guys are going full blow trans. Block your shot and don't go in your practice England that. Put practice it is because there's only one way. Train of football doesn't go a 100% and you know it it it's just that type of sport to win that's why money's not guaranteed because. Guys guys go down every day guys the I mean there are guys right now in the league right now that are literally playing this season with eight weeks left that had injuries what they should give surgery by. Because they're just so war dead either by you through it. There on the bubble doing it for the job what they're trying to get in new contract. You know they're they're playing hurt him playing with these injuries is is just the nature of the business is so hard to gain and you you you hate. You hate to see it happen to do the superstar because they are. You know I mean football team is made of a mini god but the superstars. In the personalities away. Track. The plans to this port. Certainly are and those the guys did a lot of believe in the fringe fans it may be don't tune in every week on a wheelchair races is you know I saw that commands that's great you my friend no more about them in their social life. You know to social media and TV and magazines than you do on a football Cuban Steele is appealing to you 8888 it gets that person into that seat maybe once or twice a year for game. Couple other prisoners and mentioned Dwayne brown was traded from the Houston Texas the Seattle Seahawks left tackle. I made no sense to me I mean Rob Lowe traded from the patriots. To be Sampras has to 49ers first second round then that makes all the sense that makes no sense to me but it makes lawlessness 'cause everything pitchers do makes it but nobody understands right and an easy Hugh Elliot. Well played this week you literally fallen on here in the suspension continues to bonus content like until like he's like. In court with a pseudo long. Doing during the trial and did the camera was to go down here as clean to lease act like. He's literally. Into court. And me OK and energy you know it's at a facility are impressive he didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday yes he was suspended. Friday the stay was granted by the court and then he was back to practice announced in a play on Sunday and today is lawyers who. An illegal two months situation. Put a suspension or me it was then you're with Mel telling you would know who is his lower body does many good color good lord. Up until Jerry Jones throw his lot to do with that I'm well thanks a lot in this since there's eight coming up the second hour of the program Chris Wilkens soldier or is from a course seven other ticket himself florists unsettle previews tonight's game will focus on the Oakland Raiders. But up next we'll discuss the trade that hit home and sent shockwaves the dolphins fan base is Jay Jai was dealt to Philadelphia that's all right here on the 790 and have the moral for three HD to detect.