Aqua & Orange Pregame vs OAK Podcast Hour 2

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, November 5th
The guys kick off the second hour of the show giving their opinion on the Jay Ajayi trade and why it happened with DJ offering a story of a similiar situation during his playing days, then the guys talk to chris perkins for well needed perspective on things, and they also look around the rest of the league. 

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Program doesn't count on kickoff. Three dolphins in the three and five raiders' kickoff is set pretty dirty from hard rock stadium this evening Gregg like cancer alongside DJ Williams. Coming up later this hour will discuss what to look for from this Oakland team the next segment Chris Perkins will join the show. And if you're just tuning in DJ Williams of course. In all Miami Hurricanes here including turnover changed doctoral its internal televisions turn over it saying hey that's it says the eight no hurricanes bright the other everybody's we. And so formal says the dolphins can duplicates of that success this evening. Against the raiders so but right now we're gonna focus on the headlines that the dolphins made this week right before the trade deadline. On Tuesday morning the surprise of many. Miami dealt Pro Bowl running back. 20184. Round draft pick. A shocking move took me by surprise before I did DJ's reaction what's listen to accommodate Adam gates made. At a press conference last Friday that perhaps. Told us this was coming misses from last Friday in reference to. We got to stop trying to hit home and we'll talk politics for five yards organ and it comes on everybody doing their job. And actually certain my hope. And with a home runs as does that responsibility the guy that's honoring the right do your job. Let's get him some hard. There you know so Barry Jackson their asset followed questioned giving huge guys name in there and Adam gays chew on in the sense you know he's. It's he made it pretty clear was that would DJ. I understood it was a happy Majid Jai and I know they've read a personality conflict behind the scenes even a dating back to last season before the season opener when they. Left him home before the Seahawks game. When I never thought that they would trade a guy coming up his first probable 2.4 years old for fourth round draft and what was your reaction minutes. I mean. I could. Care here's our goals. And Ferrell is. Production business due producing. You can be loud obnoxious. You can be disruptive movie you can you can get to Terrell Owens all. By war you can Ochocinco. You know Ochocinco wasn't like disrespectful but he. You don't as a distraction at times you can meet again. But so does your former star diminish it's no longer cool with no longer accept. And what happened last year between gays and Jai. You detail that you know. Jason really didn't like or take to a personality. But again would that he had last year you 300 yard games. Was conclude team so it was horrible situations where hey. You know you can put up with you can put up with that type situation let's what did you performers go down. You're out I'm not a plate would. A guy named Todd devote nobody knows there are no we just use undrafted free agent in Denver. Somehow he made it team the first four final weeks of the season. He caught to a two tests now she made a tackle and strictly as a wide receiver tackler stripped fumble. Own special teams wherever or weeks later we got to meet them. 7 o'clock in the morning mean she Mike Shanahan starts immediately. Tied to vote. Every day you come here or smell like timber. And I'm. I know you've been drawn every day but you know what the first four weeks you may play a fact. Done. Is over. You sit itself as well as it. He's you done it for an old C I. You we know yeah we know especially Todd demo knows if I don't make the plays week is over for me and MS have a situation. Like in. There's a conflict between personality between player and coach. Org Tom you were really put up with the is it this players is lights out helping the team this year. But Johnny didn't seem like he still had that same hunger. Inside of me you know. No wasn't that I won last Tuesday due to be clear is my my take on this is your guys to over 12100 yard season his first parole you mentioned three. 200. You are plus performances. And he's owed 44 years old I. I'm just not. Appointed Tom were to good dolphins. Or eight a bill that they can you zoom giveaway tally places where I don't know that case is terrible coach that listens but is putting is a. It's a combination you know it's a combination though of of both and I think the reason that a Joseph IE. Is gone there with X it is okay has altered the line isn't playing up to par. World. Beat at running back that sits down with the guys studies with the extra yeah give him give them the war to block where you. You have the pool greatness out of guys from time to see what I'm saying when. And gays feels that a giant isn't that guy instead edge guys that guy then just sit back at it like they are now blocking for me. No school would be a guy that won't accept that. Adrian Peterson try he won except his old line blocked in my sometimes if you're confident in your ability to stand aborted table a best. Best at what I do but I think you guys help. You know I mean it it just listen just get into the second just to get three yards to the line at that I'll do the rest you know you have those type of guys. That you don't know that they have that in him in a giant isn't that terrible guy and I think that's what cases the report so if you have a giant was that god it was stand up on the table. And you know not beefy not not do it every week fourteen Cuban but seriously to heart isn't our repertoire wanna yards last year. We are yours twice. Like Ahmed do. Her main target comet do but I can't be good to what do you guys come on fellas. So let's let's get back in the groove do what we were last year and this team isn't that type of guy I don't see him I'm not a lot where woods is. I'll see him in public ample times. Smiles a lot he's laughing joking is cool to meet you doesn't come across that guy. That would just scare off which is you know is often to lies behind. Well. Shed more light on the situation not Adam d.s. Obviously spoke about this on Wednesday the day after the trade went through. And said this about his relationship with. I mean we've had ups and downs with us a lot of players just kind of get on the same page and conscience and lost the I want you things you try to use. You know what we're asking me do majorities aren't yet you know a lot of really positive. That's really really good ones just time for her bias is this kind of those rulers. Adam gates went on to say this about the timing of the trade for the Miami adults it's. What it is time for us to move on we're who we're nowhere conversation about. Orient you know I thought this was. No good opportunity here kind of puts fewer results were fourteen threat. Yes younger players there that we feel like we're gonna move forward to this kind of situation. So a couple things here the first thing DJ how bad do things have to be behind the scenes for this. To happen because right I mean if it to. I don't think they move on program clearly there was a personality clash basal at a decent spread things but I guess you don't know what were were. Balancing the talent. And the the trouble that's cause a wise man once told me you know. Talent trumps trouble until troubled trumps talent so. You have to wonder where that balance was struck between Jai induced. On the six. Well. Like I said before I think the situation is is. Case is trying to find guys that went to the right way. And now we find guys that weren't due to right way towards everyone else to do right when he's looking for leaders. And I think that's worth what would clash of personalities was between two because. Gaze fell like Joseph you have the talent. You you have the intelligence you you have all the that you need to have to be a leader on this team. In it if you're not gonna eat that I would rather. Get rid you bring someone else in. That really will most of Google shoots because the problem with his team right now is intent on. Beyond which the problem with his team right now is how I think is leadership. And so he's making like he did last year he's making a statement. You know he's get rid of guys that were either starters either content guys are starters who trained guys that have daughters let guys know like. I won't guys that wanna do the right way out on the open leaders like. And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid I'm not gonna keep peeled his roster because. You know you've got your hand and and organizations pocket I'll I'll I'll I'll take that he I'm not worried about taking heat because he really feels with his knowledge. Of the gain its passion for the game if you give him through three guys that wanna do it the right way then you'll be successful. So. He's banking on himself more than anything every guy's that doing the right way I'll be successful. Certainly he sees thinks that Denny injury and debut woes do right way to what they are will. Take action that a gay son and another uses satellite try to get to this press conferences say they removed on. On business there have to say and you know this the JJ stories you read on because no longer on the team. But he said we have some guys we wanted to younger. At the position. Kenny Drake is seven months younger Majid Jai Damian Williams is older gentlemen as younger. Joan of on average I mean hundred itself that they're getting younger than resistance of I guess based on to get to the next question that's exactly what he did have Michael and I were talking about here now listen or I think the rest of the season DJ. We'll probably do weekly updates on Jay dies rushing totals were with the dolphins to Bruce and that's going to be natural and also looked ahead to next year's draft NC. Who did they get in the fourth round. To take the place of and the present the future of the dolphins running back up position is Kenny Drake can Damian Williams is Norris parry as well probably those first two. Arm this is what Adam gates said this week about his running back depth chart without. Like three guys that we got killed. And we'll going to be able not maximize what that you'll. OK so pretty quick to do the point. What do you think did you what are you expecting. From this now corn crop running backs in the gulf it's. I think is gonna be a situation of running back by committee on it is also almost like open trying to. There's there's no name starter right now there there might be a guy starts a game but I think what he's trying to do is he's got a bit find out. Within the next two games who's gonna be his. 13. Down back. Or first and second down back do you go find out which back is can be is third down back also believe that. Now what did you I'd missing that you've got to dial up some more plays for Landry to be in a bad fielder to the gay. Do you get the ball from Todd Wade may be more bubble screens extended runs. Or you know reverses a sweeps little wildcat things like that I think I think he's got to get a little exotic witted. Rome. Also while looking for which guy and threes going to be a starter. Our number earlier this year gets a saints knew it says that you thought Kenyan dread pose a matchup problem for New Orleans now. That ended up being the other shut out of this since so many elements could get much going in that game but. Kenny Drake does bring skills of the table which I think is exciting now the only thing I would say though just in general but this entire scenario is that. Typically get a move on from someone. Read any line of work you would hopefully have a replacement in mind that did you have ready to go so we're just gonna cut ties is someone you like okay. Wasn't beautiful enough on Monday night prime time. Isn't isn't. Has got to make a move the latest Vegas bowl against my point is at a gays as we just talked a Kenyan drink more than Damian Williams yeah in the sense that. It seems like they feel like they've got some guy who is ready to break out. Now I would ask you this DJ when you look at the breakdown of offensive touches. By the running backs jade giant at a 150 to either receptions or Kerry's. Through seven game so David Williams had twenty offensive touches through seven games in Kenny Drake. Has thirteen offensive touches all season so it's a question from a sitting here just looking at that information to save I didn't know anything else about it. Why on earth wasn't Kenny drink more involved that there's so high on his ability to now replaced did you. I believe because they they knew that stage I was a better player. And so they were they were trying to give him as many opportunities as possible. Or we we all spoke about judge he's tied back they get stronger to 1820 care. And so you you kind of have to get him into dad's old for him to be. Productive. So he EU what we were we were re week eight. Okay Tony carries a game ball by the map right at a store sixty carries touches. So by the by getting judge I'd be as best as he could beat. You have the limit that carries little guy like Drake I thought that they would use Drake a lot more. In third down. The reason may be he's not being used as much is made protection problems and hip belts if you can't block a blip you can't block on third you're not gonna get a and you know I mean now there's no chilling now have no choice. From. Drake has shown flashes last year. Of you know help this team whether or altered or special teams certainly in the return game nestled in the guy has itself. And now he's got to get an opportunity to show it again. This job is open. Whichever one out of three guys produces the best. You'll be named starter. Well there you go and not only that you lose the opportunity to showcase their talent they get the opportunity to showcase their talent in a showcase national game on Sunday night we'll all be a problem so this is going to be doing well not really injures and this just a perspective on the dolphins running back situation in general and I convinced speaks on the offense and the offensive line the dolphins the only eighteen yet to run the ball. At least once inside their opponents five yard line. Each of the other 31 NFL teams have at least two carries inside their opponents five yard line. So what do you think it is do you do you think it is they get there don't they actually don't give. I think it's probably more the latter there does not getting their very often but recently saw. In London to age I didn't get the ball and Jay Cutler was picked off at the goal line so certainly they needed get there more often. And then provide those opportunities put a coming up next. Gonna check in with Chris Perkins is gonna join us supreme with the dolphins and raiders on some of that football you're listening BR one more pregame show on am 790. That's a model for three HD to detect. Doctor or pregame show. Like to zero outside DJ Williams who look ahead to tonight's dolphins and raiders contest on the hard rock stadium. On Sunday Night Football is going to be exciting back to back nights nationally televised games for the South Florida football teams at hard rock stadium for more on the game this evening we go out to heal Ryan fuels and douse. Is he views towards guests lined. They're two released SP on convening in welcoming Chris Perkins dolphins beat writer from the sun sentinel we heard every weekday right here. On seven out of the ticket from four to seven perk always good to talk to you are you doing this Sunday morning. Pay I'm doomed to a man I'm still wondering how the dolphins in the four point night but you know whatever what I'm doing. Good good to hear and I know we're a little concerned about that is what just wanna paint a picture of Rupert forwards on dolphins raiders. DJ Williams is sitting across from me and he has not wanted like demand hurt does does not plausible and would soon turn over chains around his neck and a and a guns bullets in the super. I. My. Alimony a part of an eye on it right now. Lo ul is Beasley can't wait so our so our outlets that. Not your bees it's. I we'll bail you out not even gonna get into that but that didn't get. But yeah. Clerk well all of lots has certainly happened to put this dolphins seem since the ravens game armed. You don't you are on the air together last Friday. Oh reacting databases explosive press conference in which he called on everyone associated with the offense including. Did you ever imagine that time that just a few days liturgy a giant would no longer be wearing a dolphins uniform. Bad move not. They're equipped looked. The biggest shake up under adamantly administration I think or or coaching staff or program or whatever political bit bigger than cutting the reopen the linemen. Hum from a personnel law simply don't talk about the bigger the recruits Kirk. That it would be often have I been at the bit with their most productive player from my upbeat than a global player. Midway through receiving huge trade him away and trade giveaway or what we're okay. And really. I thought I just don't see how we hope you become a better team on the Il now I do understand how it hoped. Come eat better in all when you're talking a lot because Jay had died with the political guy didn't wanna get on order. And Adam gates repeatedly born. You don't let me get onboard you'll get your butt and so they got rid of G-8 but. Steel and how what does he goes Portland. Kind of segue into wells who asked you never last year. When he got rid often slimy set things up a little bit. I think it kind of what team up. Now with dismal which adds I like. Do you foresee that happening again or do you feel that the impact of losing his talent. It's just will not be possible. What. How opinion great performance I think that let that guy and Damian Williams that whole being. Hypocrite but being does not work on the you'll hear that statement but Adam date may. I don't know how how quickly and with that yeah. It were last because between them. Game winning streak and and they ended up in the big in Berkeley Neil Berkman spell eight. So complete bit of L com based. That you can write that it between Goldman and finish his stroll along been getting rid of tea what would it being. This he averaged thirteen point per game but the equipment even getting rid of but it was not a bit in her life. To me that you'll need it they let him make all the statements well good. It it at the end of the day you're not a better team. Not put that statement of regret and. With the all that being said perk what are your expectations for the current backfield with Kenyan Drake and Damian Williams likely to be the ones. Toting the rock decision. Man that. Question I I requiem and make some ways I don't know how will go to yet. Betraying who I don't know how will perform. There it looked on but. You know I think that both he and in debut and have an equal central and the ability to. Are you call fifteen will your book whatever that you beat them win the gold. I just don't know what they been continuously. Just and you know the ball and it hit the chain in the late from the look they couldn't. Go to a respected and well respected that a weapon or something like that. You know now the open is getting a lot of working court this week ripe with you consider that. You are the problem we don't start let our the ones they backed up Cutler back. The new running back to. Go there are a lot of work and pieces but I aren't really it is being more. Hope all of a whole lot more have been. In trying to get him in the out and they eat them boom on being crap that we don't router but they. Chris Perkins dolphins beat writer from the South Florida sun sentinel mirror every week day right here on seven and a ticket reporters 7 PM joining us here in the article warned pregame show. I you mentioned Ted Larsen did you think he's going to start at left guard and in how big of a difference do you think that'll make for this group of front considering. When you finally have all the pieces that you envisioned for the offensive line. Well I I think it I think pretty art why don't we let debate in my I think that'll think that they're gonna. Yeah apartment on the intent to reserve. Or a couple of reboot double was better than just state is number two. I think that while it probably went straight rental and her back up all into like the blue coat you could score in litter but legally. Let it opened the linemen active. Perhaps the papers. Welcome back up tackle so bet bet that blog from beat you know I get kind of the logistical standpoint. Also with with Hitler could be in your best player remember that a particular Cutler reader doesn't have they beat. He shot you could create. Show or hit. And I don't know we don't know how how strong local real or or I look pain tolerance straight to Cutler had that a good. How W. But you know I would rather have it lower than your beer then this just that that there though. Yeah I would I would expect it to Portland that the order and we're wrapped up alternate. Maybe that the bit better run blocking better are actually sold. You know kind of become a factor or the they'll have it back Ursula I know he would have been by. Again at the apartment I don't know friendly and quite correct. Since the exit of Jai a lot of the Pope is in questions have been. Geared towards all fits. And I'm familiar round the facility. What would what is the climate of the details how how how how does the defense of players that you have spoken to. Take two. Much idea trade. Ever. Heard the message that read if you did you learn on war. He will get rid of Adam gave so. Occurred and how they're great and it definitely you know cigarette lit well. I had Bert. And the didn't do. War elected that you know can put more on your plate and he we know he bit got in trouble lab thinking that Bill Bennett. We need to warn that action and so city dialed up close a couple more quick there's been an crackers in the bit at the increase your beat this beat him. And deal what failed was he needs to stick to what we're doing let off and say you're all pretty special but it was special. Oh. You know look. That the heat than they do him good date I was. Bill eat there at our NATO with the captain. But. The woman though that is eaten now. You gotta. They're Clark currently looking Michael Grant you the more who were out there and they can do some damage those that spoke with the past us but I. Oakland beat them eat good art so. Indirectly the passing game component he played rhetoric. You don't say strips quote it was a little. I think. I think they're beat them is that they were in kind of a little were being shot at Bobby McCain with a late game interception and I think they'll be their normal. Played Dayton bill. It's stay with the judge you mentioned get on board. What do you mean by that late is. What what does Jai and not getting on board of it was there something specific that gays warned him to do have you heard anything like that or just. In general with his attitude around the facility. There were two things number would you always go to hell always fun to get the testing Allenby who spoke being good Adam spoke. Yet 15 dollar gain in they'll try and gain twelve dollar and other content or so in five. Get the war by ignored it the first day own ink with a it between tours up even with the chain but we're hoping number who want to talk about guys doing their homework not that you're holed it and and all the outcome. Oh don't look. Been here so. A guy with local political whom bill didn't do enough all the you'll go that will be split by Vietnam War. They played better beer. Professional at eight the game hold a live at the day you could be that facility. That Tibetans that would sit. Partner know you focus a lot on the a Miami Dolphins now bolt on offense and defense but. As you examine this raiders team certainly did fall well below expectations of the three to five record in. Statistically they're kind of a run of the mill teams so far both apartments in defense but. Oh who scares you the most is a dear Karl offenses it plume back on defense what stands out to you when you examine this raiders want. I think you're a real America and then Bender well it. Eat in the uncle Leo and move but I don't know how much. And they come from side to side but. And it could have to do with Jay Cutler and ambles you have and any kind of shot that they might take. Those rear. That was that was further restrict use motion further they you know. Left hook up this crook to have that you would think the judge Paula is that it was a lot. And it at a date to be a part of that is because that trust is a reflection though. You know collegial let it it will. Our other either you know there card is though not weapons out there about being hit by. We didn't deep into the open he then I think you'd better equipped to handle render all the ins in the the Balkan awkward is able breakers then to look. Reverse Greg or her back then respect and aerial bow. So the development group and it's been it's a bet in the afternoon but I got to control illegal met in gotta have that we have. That's for sure I'll make sure you read Chris Perkins worked in the South Florida sun sentinel listen to home every week day here at seven on the ticket for a seventh. PM may perk we appreciate the time is always and look for this game tonight. But I do do you what do you. You know turtle which made the call. Dad to her that I don't work but aren't they sparked. There is crisper and so does trooper to comparable to sunset going here at seven and a ticket. Mahan DJ we've got some breaking. Inactive news in the NFL and for fantasy football people this is gonna be a big deal include from my fantasy squad will tell you. Who's out. The next possible focus on the Oakland Raiders. The dolphins ball report tonight as you are one or pregame show rolls on here any of seven on inept immortal for three HD to detect. It shows me. Sunday Night Football showdown between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders Greg like cancer alongside DJ Williams in tonight's game marks the 33. Fourth all time regular season meeting between the teams. I mean Oakland. Are tied. Who's 1616. And one record against each other in the regular season the raiders to hold an edge in post season matchup with the three. And one record we're gonna talk about the raiders in just a moment but. For fantasy football players and for anybody you just balls league closely just to let you know notable inactives today Zach hurts the tide in from the Eagles has been phenomenal for a fantasy perspective he has outs today he's an active. And in a big surprise Leonard four net. I guess. Doug grown so that he violated a team rulers infraction there and they are benching him today he is inactive. So Chris Ivory TJ yeah Holland and Norway game if this game is against the Bengals and check the location they are playing at home against Cincinnati. So I don't you know now at that as this sounds I'm just speculating but that sounds like order had been game day. Meant something had to have been on Saturday most likely Saturday evening. Maybe ms. curfew. We don't bitch curfew like I mean it happens you know it's my and then his second time problem we have some are better this. The biggest. What's it say about this these two weeks ago. They decided to hold him out because his ankle have been untenable lingering issue. So they held a lot of the game against the colts then they are coming up a bar I DJ civic he hasn't played now this will be three straight weeks between. So yup the colts game is the ankle problem bye week and now he's up playing today. This is a guy who had scored a touchdown in each of his first six NFL games and has been one of the candidates for rookie of the year you think did. Torre star of this magnitude. At least early in his career that this would've had to be repeat. Violence would soon be talking all that mess about how easy it is. Haven't struggled off the field. I'm an off duty Suzanne seems so way it's a complete packets there hasn't been done wrong putting his foot down saying hey. We're gonna go with our other running backs today after doctors take this seriously also own notable actives and will continue to update this specially in the next hour we were famous segment. On Delanie Walker Corey Davis in the titans Emanuel Sanders from the Broncos those guys are all active today. Bob let's get to this 2070 version of the raiders. They entered the day with a three and five record as they're coming off a 34 of fourteen beat down by the bills in buffalo last week. DJ after finishing twelve when Ford last season the raiders enter 2017. Years. A Super Bowl favorite lot of hype regarding their possibilities of making a deep run in the playoffs but. They have easily been one of the most disappointing in the team new teams in the league so far this year what do you make of this raiders team up to this point I mean I'm fortunate. You know they lose your best player car. And that's why the holes were so high about this team. It was what he can do and how he control remove that alternates have been down to their defense last year with middle of the pack. Type of defense but they may play big plays when they needed to but it was really call our car was engine that really drove this team and you know. For him to suffer was the back injury yes it back soon to transverse process fracture broken back. If Kim was but he only misdemeanor support that game and they miss one start well she's play. Yeah but but what happens is is you know EEE you mess up to chemistry. And he probably rushed bad. Because you know they were doing man will and so now you have a guy and it's not a 100%. But he's the leader of that team so he's out there try to do what any leader would do army look at their Rogers he should be having season ending surgery but he is probably copies opted out of that to have another type of surgery because. If in six to eight weeks of his teams in a good position he wants to come back ain't got a committed a guy like like that wants to go down with the ship and I just think that. That's the reason why. The raiders are doing well because I guess it did did fizzles suspect who is hard to expose a deeply because all kids played so well. Particularly in the fourth quarter last year they came back in a lot of games and and included deepens that hole. Well he did sign the 125. Million dollar month extensions. I don't see the young the bag. Got a better and that's what he did. This is look at a map or the defensive coordinator from the Miami Dolphins had to say this week despite would DJ just explain about the threat of deer car. He's really really decisive he's really here with. Seeing corporate seeing what he wants and get the ball like in it is to a guy that's I think that's part one of the best strengths. He throws a nice deep ball and that's that are gonna take on and on number 1010 to twelve shot by game and they put the ball up for the downfield and Muni stop the game couple weeks ago at Kansas City where means connect on bought those and and and got bigger receivers that that can make those place I think you as a good job of again being decisive where we're going to ball. And and he can he put tonight's ball down feeling to discuss opting to go get that. Does like to put the ball down field through a Mark Cooper the pride of Miami northwestern high school and Michael Crabtree cheered court down the middle of field. I think one of the things it's been missing for reduce. Team on the offense is subtle balls that balance because they've not been unable to consistently run the ball effectively the ranked 26 in rushing offense. But it's called a suspension Marshawn Lynch does return for them this week and Ndamukong Suh spoke. Well what it's like to face beast mode on the football field. I enjoy playing gets more so on seem to surprise B minus six or seven term when he gets them the running back respect spent time off to with him. That Nike shoes and if there's a great person I've received quite introvert like I am. Put enjoy have fun oh lead running back or so before in it's going to be tough we got to game tackle him. And really make sure we can shut down their ruin that run games we just cornerback. Did you what do you think do you think of which is returned just a one game suspension do you think that double spark this offense a little clip for Oakland four. I think that Oakland really kicking themselves and behind my who would let go to navy as merge you know not giving him. And lube it a little bankers life and the number you know sometimes you have a guy that it reduces it does a great job in. You know you may not he's in the lead. But sometimes your caught a situation where you may have to you know come out of pocket give these guys money but when it comes the Marshawn Lynch. You know. I think to lay off has affected his game a little bit more being you know he thought that it would be football type sport that you know. When you're out of your out of hand I think he's still taken a little bit Tom for his mine. To get adjusted to his game his body heat adjusted to a game I still think that he's one of the better backs in the leak. Rome but again I think he's that type of bag that he needs to get really good groove he needs to get the ball twenty plus times a game. He's he's a thick back he's very physically brought down heal me and I. Stiff forms like you know god what's your Toro. And I think the fact I hear him come back it's gonna help the team again because. He is he's a raider he has he's got the idea any of the raid in the way that he goes about himself. Connor on and off the field. You know he has that mentality he. He is that stadium. You know just grown up that area in being able to my brother without play cosmic cat out. Nice to go see some of the games and you know good guys and amazing town amazing that I think that lay off. Kind of hindered. His comeback a little bit more. Any fault by. Since week eight there's still time let him get that grew. But again you got to be more challenge can't can't give Marshawn Lynch eight to twelve care you gotta give the guys is weak Cary range. Indian hill where down to defense. Yes you rally the way you describe Jay jiving it's better as the game goes on arm all right switching defenses so the ball demean you played with Von Miller you've been around this team and seeing great defensive players. Where does to a Mac ranked among the vivid for a great group of the principal are. I think I think a little Mac is. It is right there own bonds heels. A home. I think I think the little Mac. Is more of a complete outside. Backer. Meaning he plays the run any plays the pass. They're very well I just they would bond does in the pass game. It's so far beyond anybody else's way she could get between him in in everybody else bush. If you look at colonial Mac can be the guy can do at all. Rush to pass. Play the run. From. Young just kind of get into his own get into his body you can see over the last few years that. Not only has his game his game grown his confidence grown. And Il wants. Once once you realize that the sky literally is the limit there are a handful of guys and is filled with skies and then. You know it works sometimes it takes a second brew that the thinking in. And nothing has happened with him and he's tribal guy that he knows that he goes in week in and week out in whatever office alignment that they have or can't block him one on one. He knows that the guys at the chip what a bad chip would Italian. Don't want what type and set a world war would have backs that. Double team him sacked and he he has that mentality now in his refreshing to go while they're as a player. In in just know that you're gonna be able to dominate this guy in not only you know he knows. In these are a little mind games are played those tricks and then you get into the dissolved where you can really have followed you're not really focusing more new job in which you have to do because it has come so fluid console Mechel. That you allowed to open up and have fun in that fine. Chuckles delta two other players not being. I think Jim beam around Bruce Irving. Has also helped his game could give Bruce Irving coma. Away from that this Seattle deed he's way ahead they were swagger about her whole squad or hold deep differences you know. The confidence they brain dead intimidating factor I think you know at least two guys together. One's a little older and other but you can see the effect Bruce Irving's have to include human. Well that was certainly those are the two names are we watching for didn't after the passer. One other thing demand to afford to quick time out amazingly. Through eight games this season the raiders have yet. To recording interception. So that that defense in eight games as yet to record interception did you verify fumble recoveries rubble wise they're 28 in the league in turnover differential soul. Jay Cutler we'll see if he can keep did that that category in the statistic sheet. Clean tonight but yeah the raiders dolphins were getting ready for this one in the next our organist checked in with the Miami herald's Adam Beasley renew talks offensive football and of course will divert dolphins raiders predictions. For this evening but coming up next will reset the main storyline is entering today's contests and discuss. Jay Cutler's return his Miami starting quarterback that's right here on the op when George pregame show on M seven I mean at the mortal for three HD to detect.