Aqua & Orange Pregame vs OAK Podcast Hour 3

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, November 5th
The Final Hour of the Pregame Show Greg and DJ answer some fantasy football questions, talk to Adam Beasley on the fins and his ever increasing bet with DJ, and the guys give their final Predictions for the game. 

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Weekend of December. When you're there may. Please stop by the it's it's. Saturday to lose his feel for the reason Linda McMahon in the wilderness and more Sunday voice command casings on Sunday and borders movement sold a couple of Chris Dodd is presented by as the automobile accident attorneys. 7473. That's getting 1773733. By associates MB a multi specialty. Delivering innovative care and by rhythmic energy fuel relay did you feel people's tickets on sale now. But the ticket Miami duck tough. Welcome back beyond towards pregame show its hedges in the room into words that apple. Cup only a little painful for a bit of us. And and I am so far today are mom learning what's. Save less means I use the bags you are you didn't know of when you're out in the hallway and it's one said good. He saw some people earlier today coup in around the system so I mean. You don't like you've got to you've made a real him. Packed on us here yeah it doubly unemployed to where you know I'll listen to somebody's gotta talk a moment. Is that a whole sentence in that one of those words was relieved pardons English language but. I understand everything you say. That's crazy. I'm trying to get the one right here understand and if you look at people sideways or gratified heads on they were getting ready for Sunday Night Football this is exciting the prime time game dolphins and raiders from hard right stadium Miami. Of course enters the contest at four and three Oakland sits at three in five. On SDJ Williams I'm Greg likens coming up this hour we are gonna talks of fantasy football severely lineup questions you need help with you can texas' 67974. 67974. Also Adam Beason who joined the program next segment and we'll have our predictions for tonight's game. Two more national TV games in a row for those dolphins seem of course the first one was last Thursday night. Against the ravens of three in a role overall. And that kick kicking off a stretch. That is never have more for in the 52 year history of the dolphins who have three consecutive games on national TV no DJ we spoke last mighty bad the well the idea that depending on how I I you know I've got a stat to back that up in a moment which are gonna give to you but. You spoken in the past in a wooded. Means to be in the national spotlight and used to be the money that football was a marquee showcase senate bill property every week puts sun and apple bought has certainly surpass that. This in Miami's first Sunday Night Football game since September 26 2010 when they lost the New York Jets 31 at 23. The dolphins also played the 2006. NFL kickoff game at Pittsburgh on September 7 2006. On the first regular season game ever broadcast by NBC under the sun and a football brand. But overall the dolphins are nineteen and eight in games played on Sunday night including thirteen in five. At home but though the bottom line here is since 2006 and this is on the second time to NBC has featured them. Would there be on a Thursday or Sunday night of the player's perspective DJ. How special is it now to appear on Sunday Night Football to be of this is the top rated television show in our culture. Made it whether Sunday night Thursday night Monday night. You know that first game of the season the Super Bowl. I think he's you realize is that at that point in time you are the only. Game plan. So. If you would enjoy football do you love football. I was gonna be union they're gonna be. Few other million people that don't even less culpable but because where they are whether bar restaurant. Someone's house. The game is on you saying you know as a player you use these opportunities because a lot of times you know they're married or view. To get exposure. You know where the forty team here brand yourself. And you know when you can make an impact or only gain. Like this it can carry over in leading to huge opportunities. Bomb they can make you a household name I mean. Let's talk about. OBJ would that one handicap its. You know there that was perfect it was in prime time game now it was a prime time game. It was basically it's a touchdown against the rival slowly it was. You know couldn't get any better and after that that game I'm sure you know a guy game a few million in two Graham follows and so. The players you just get excited because you put so much work it is so much time. What these three hour games so it's it's always great to have the opportunity to let everybody. This possibly. Into football be able to see what you have to offer. Would give an idea of how it hasn't turned out well for the dolphins to put it nicely. In national games. This is via Barry Jackson the Miami Herald was true for work over the last eight national TV games that dolphins have been outscored wait for a 219. To ninety eight's. Through 1998. Of the last eight nationals the loser Manson. Is is losing is getting embarrassed. We do that yet you're looking. At a blue bolt blew out is like five times worse and blown out you got booed out I got that for mom. Who wasn't I used to play when they used to always say I remember. He would be he would do to Matt we play Madden. Dre block. Reply Dray Bly deal he's got blue to try to North Carolina aren't and just get so upset he's got a guy he beats you he touches and when you play gotcha you like you mortified in my don't trust you then you've been a little touch and you know he got tired of the but that's embarrassing if the bears in Bork. Players coaches organization and in. When your own primetime games those who vote those terrible losses like the loss they had the other night though those of cover losses they're in guys' careers. Huge ups. You know and not just players coaches. You know of people. It installed administration by every page can have that because again all eyes are immune. You know army is is is very embarrassing you can't hide from. So that resume my next question psychologically. Really be a challenge for the dolphins team tonight when we're when you lose forty or nothing like that how difficult is to bounce back is easy just are a race that and move on the next one or will there be a carry over effect in your mark. I mean behind will be like it can't be a key area like you have to you. When you lose like that is. You're not of say in a green on the plane ride back I gotta tell you exactly who had guys can draw. But that's the type of game which is so bad employees get drawn incorporated paying. Out you sober. You make sure that never happens a game you. Do you listen to everything your coach is saying that we. Jeremy you're going to bear and you're a genius he egg whites is tough you know you you when you lose like that puts you. It puts you on the right track. Because of the way edit fails inside. The ways that your perceived the way that you hear about how you in your team has talked about publicly. Is very embarrassing and again I always say it is my football is unlike a lot of other sports where when you lose you literally each got beat. You beat up a credible were. General. And its forces you. To listen to the coast and I forced you to pitch is too little details you can't be that hot shot. Then your coaches' all America going to get close to has ordered you can't wait moms do an excellent but I don't know. You say lineup again as a player Arco to get Iraq. Because they're not there what are you lose business for when you lose forty did nothing. You don't have a right to. Disregard coaching you don't have a we're from coaches or players. Anybody says anything to you because they're all of that together and there was not one player that was stand out there and is that there wasn't one player in the game he can say he would meet. No it was all you've got mired in some guys more than others who might play. Did anybody make a play do you even have a deep inside you never know 66 can be sparked and changing though the momentum of the game you know before a guy and cancel. Everybody is in his think collectively. Well forty upping your right everybody's at fault there. One of the other big story lines entry tonight and it person's first edges while publicly apologize Jay Cutler. I'm an all up to this because I was all while more than Matt Moore train price of. Oh my god this is yeah I was I was I was gonna wait to get hurt and didn't hurt courtesy of hurt. You wanna Matt Moore I did I want you got mad bull yeah a camera well at least you won't matter and he played like tobacco quarterback do you without these children a memo to me or does not understand what Jay Cutler's Minnesota and here. Cutting them. It unless. The late Matt Moore be around for a few more years he'll give it again. And he'll do what he did against the jets. And then people start talking about started in the immediate as cents. Gig going on and in the big like the bright lights Monday Night Football team Andrew Jackson to. He's good in spurts but no one of those experts did not occur on there's an apple also. I have a whole does a nice I have to own up to the Myron my mistake there was call from Matamoros they couldn't get any worse than we once we Jay Cutler blood. These ball not heavily on the fifth we won't know Mohamed that these aren't all Jay Cutler will start tonight for us all just. Despite the fact that he is dealing with cracked rib about love and remember he was questioned about his his toughness and his durability. Have guns well this is what he had to say earlier this week he was asked about the possibility of worsening the injury should begin here playing tonight this is what he says I was told. There is tiny risk. I mean having his arrest in every every time I go out there and Jimenez had touched upon whom we see each and every week you know guys can hurt and you know that's part of them. Our rights of colors going to be a tough guy tonight now DJ I I wanna ask about him when asked you about this office in general because he is sees the one run in the show tonight. They're averaging a league worst thirteen points per. You what are you expecting tonight as it gives you know in the past we've done the show by Sid Davis the statistics are really bad. It's we will still early they could still Basra who get a seven game sample size nearly half the season and there's still we averaging thirteen points a game. What are your expectations for Cutler in the office and. I mean. I'll be there they're gonna be a tiger team is gonna blow it out to walk a guy that's just not there ideally right now. Symbol flex hum. You know OJ still get accustomed to an offense you have so some of your best players you'd you'd deep threat don't want to Parker in and out. Of the line up on just lost your star running back. The dolphins are gonna be. Three yards and a cloud of smoke tied a team. J.'s come over injury a rib injury which no effects of quarterbacks or emotion doesn't matter which side his own. You don't want him standing back in a pocket doing five and seven step drops with the possibility of clue Mac. Our urban come around is there how many into those ribs so you don't see a lot of quick passes UN SC. More runs than you probably would they. A home. Courtesy extended runs like screens bubble screens and things like that. For a few reasons to get. He still probably a little banged up and injured you lost some key players. So it is hard for you to go out there in in just open W two alternates. I think that they're got to basically. Stick with their game plan and play tough defense. Get first downs instead go for touchdowns and offense. Controlled the clock move the ball down the field. Eliminate mistakes. And keep themselves into the game. Into the fourth quarter because we've seen this year in years of hasn't. I forgot this tissue she told me but when they're in there. Deep it into the game and fourth quarter. They had their winning percentage is ridiculous and so they have to find a way to keep themselves into the game until that point they don't let it get to that forty did not commit when he won enough that. Writing at least twelve. Wins in a row now when the decision is seven points or fewer. So immediate under random gay seized they suddenly have his clutch gene that they do that comes through when it's a tight game we've focused a lot. Admittedly on the offensive side of the ball over the course of today show because the Jai trade because so a lot of the changes are occurring there. And to be fair to the defense the forty nothing lost they didn't play well. But also fourteen of those points came off of pick sixes so you know these 2626 points is on the defense. What are you looking for from that subtle ball Vijay that's your specialty. They have largely been the driving force behind this team winning four games so what are you looking for that side of the ball tonight against her car. Crabtree Cooper Marshawn Lynch. I mean not all I look for them to be who they've been all season but. They also have to understand that. There offers is of them give him much so instead of being Debian but don't break. It's time for them to make some plays just Aldrin set altered and some great deal this is time for them to go hit some points on the board because. That's always going to be on Wednesday. May be they have the talent on that side of the ball. And my guess is the if it's hard to say anything negative against him because with Al room. Right now the dolphins our own center is being honest without him the dolphins right now considerably. They have to take on that idea and easy to where we are we are the side of the ball that's gonna carry this team. It's it's not just. Setting. Not setting but it's not just stopping all produces its. Becoming office as well whether they gain its global recovers and assertions take him always back to the house or. Creating great field position those hidden yardage that you know he never shows up in the stat book. And I'll a lot of times there's more defense the players on special teams and offense. Those guys need to make a you know I I look at most deep the most special teams as you know defense because. They're swarmed would be to the players and so is those two phases that need to come out and help this offense. It sucks to say bush. Doing your job isn't good enough. In his situation you know and in most cases you would love for everybody your team or side of the ball just do their job they have to do a little bit more right now because offices struggle. That's for sure I mean when this day days the NFL or the offensive numbers to the room revenues thirteen points then some of that burden falls in the defense. Well said they're DJ. Coming up in just a few minutes were to write a panacea Pope walloped it will give you latest on inactives inactives and talk about some of the story lies in fantasy this week then. We're gonna check in with Adam Beasley in the Miami Herald that's coming up here on the HDT detect. Alongside DJ Williams Adam Beason joins us just a few minutes but first. This fantasy football update on the hour what George pregame show on the ticket to sponsor my manager. 180747. Free. That's 180747. 3733. Now for those who are didn't their lineup is ready to go you must know that the bears browns chargers patriots still isn't vikings all have byes this week. So that's certainly has a Puerto Rico and some are your plans and hope we've already. Acted accordingly in terms of inactives in actives it have been announced for the 1 o'clock games the notable in actives includes Zach Kurtz. Jeremy hill. And Leonard four net violation of team rules for the star rookie running back out of Jacksonville who apparently according to multiple reports mr. team photo. Mr. worked out missed. Treatment so format is inactive today because of that notable actives are Delanie Walker Corey Davis Emanuel Sanders marquee sleeve Mike Wallace and Jeremy Maclin. Also. This you've been used sleep on Iraq Aziz you'll Eliot. Has been granted a stay for his suspension so he will be active today and will play for the cowboys later on. Against the Kansas city chiefs of certainly. Lots of new ways and names to know in regards to Tennessee Opel on this update on the okwu north pregame show on the ticket sponsored plans are Levine accident attorneys. You've been injured an accident just call 107473. 1807473730. The were OK let's get down to a right now time to go out Leo Ryan fuels and bouncers can be sourced guests lined they're truly steps beyond convenient Adam Beasley joins us who covers the dolphins for the Miami Herald. Is 700 tickets dolphins in Saturday could fall on Twitter at Adam H easily. And Adam I don't think DJ Williams is ever been this excited to speak. To ask Al and alto hurricanes' game last night. No it's not over results birds. Yet it's not over took over meet Erica when Obama nominates its first it was Rosie does. I would data. I underestimated European defense tonight over. As you suggest Montero would change making noise. It's a dream about but listen. But only it were a month delay though there. To have me. And it instantly right now. A moderate integrated. Eight degrees executed who literally visual DJ does have to turn over chickens and attendance at her. I do a big. Company like it took over chain when I was playing this is how what route to a. Yeah it also made us enjoy users are it was a great win for the hurricanes last night. They are clearly the class of the coastal. And the only way I get out of this is a Purdue and you will welcome here. I can't really the only way you get them. So I'll eat you like it we Ameritrade said. Not on the new media the. You sit Welker or not you go much lower not a martyr airport because that's what it. It's we've made it noted that they've beasts big time football game last and our drug stadium another one tonight is the dolphins and raiders of the battle. On sun and apple ball all her talk all about the game but I do wanna do. Go back to Tuesday morning what was your reaction when you heard the JH IA had been traded to the Eagles. I'm like everyone else so Stalin. We knew that there are some issues there right did it it increases back in the opener without. Sixteen. A guy Indies haven't always been on the same page but it with a coat especially coat with a 1000% job security. You're usually going to be odd man out. I was I was pretty shocked that they would make that move at this point even. And I know Adam is very you've got to where attic like the old into the country another Oscar. It last year by country albums alignment and one day. And look very good guys got it issues we note that. I I know people are you know regulars his career production by that's guarded a clear crowd can't predict. Other street tuner yard gains and yet you can't get dismissed there's there are real let's go out. But he hasn't had a consistency to their look orbital laboratory argue north called York. And and I did last week would have. A two yards and last twelve carries their key areas extend drinking beer that for a fraction of the cost and headaches and at least long term because the guy's gonna won a contract. Probably after this year the first period ever negotiate that this year guarding the combination of factors that they're the reason that you know it may be anybody that advocates the attitude issues. Health issues are still very real cartilage or not regenerate over acne problems long term. And the fact that they just don't couldn't measure up very comfortable all all or alt a football. And isn't engaged banking. If I can get an asset or are getting rid of the editing where you sort of a long trauma grew concerned. And the look beyond the are the flip side of that is now where's your offense comp and that's kind of worries me is that where you're going to get production. Rob you can't be a pass first team this just cannot do what we've seen time and time again that hurry up style. Playing the line of scrimmage on the all over the field worker rights and you'll certainly didn't work with Jay Cutler. The word that your offense come from begin to find out tonight. Yeah and I you know reading your colleague Armando some girls column on the matter Saudi he brought a clinching point. That is perplexing that they make this move earlier fourth round pick and no Los the replacement available. That matches what he brings that Tim and I understand your point that he's been consistent but. With that in mind what are your expectations for the current running backs it still remain on this Ross. Well this is a nine game operation for Kenyan court I don't the gaming Williams the long term answer right back. What Kendrick might be. People forget that he was a third round pick a lot of by Annika go I'll just watch the coaches show and and edit crop of Welker and get around age. We would with great urged. So he has potential and we all think of him as the slight kind of little guy at 200 and now. I'm back he can make a living at 210 pounds or between Apple's. So this is this a nine game audition. Or purpose for Adam decide whether or not Kendrick is their featured back to doubt he's the problem with that is there an ethical playoff race how can you be doing this kind of experimentation. What are you really still have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs bsc at god awful guys and are you guys look closely at the standings. But there are essentially one or two good teams that reopened just. Hot garbage wryly it's eight I noted that though he tries to legislate parody but this to take into extra early the only team got it. At this point articles in the realm and I think it's gonna stay that way until well after Thanksgiving that's gonna that number. With your urge to be achieved with legitimate playoff hopes and it into the Balkans and you've you've you've spent ten million dollars and a collar and yelled loaded up. You traded away assets are at it to the wind now. What does that say how can you be experimenting trying to burger who you are economic playoff push. I know that the media work last year unless you're like in a bottle I don't think you can count on another. Sixteen winning streak to eight at nine Revver or lawyers. Happen every year we can't expect all these breaks that god that he happening they need consistent production. And and there's a bear to where you think by Margaret running back out Huckabee up on. You mentioned Tim Drake is 210 pounds that sounds like you know an average person it sounds like it. It's a lot but just just play the game plan against running backs and also watching his style of play. To meet he seems like more of a slasher type running back then a downhill Palo lead time guys who do you think that. The dolphins may change up their right scheme a little bit youths some of that fanaticism old guy like bushel on all of us are like I don't see. When healthy but you kind of get out. On edge and guys do you see foresees the the type of wind plays in the scheme change a bit. We are right they got a degree in space that's when your best. You might not be guided its record yards every time we keep the ball but it average annual report five different speakers at the dynamic equates. I don't know honestly DJ what what they're ranchers small and because they don't. And you can tell he exasperation bleeding and anger outright each. And Adam he's always follows a week ago Friday the day after that ravens' game. Eight they just don't have answers and it can't come down anymore. They have players that in an edit in emit governor party and the guy that just our parent like. So they can't do anything exotic at all and could that get to the basic stuff. And it is truly excellent I mean regular you'd certainly know more than anybody and start this off what April. April's Wendy's also in the nation current start I know they can't really key stop until until May and June when you get the playbook. Let's not on and on days they sneak in somehow chosen Canada practices where. Well look as players will say hey we don't call that compliance guy were not balls being Dolan is. Right and and Edwards seven months seven months now in that process. And they still can't do the basics right which to me it's 121 that that could go wrong players. Or to the cooking it better and maybe the company could vote. Well certainly bring up also this this because of this idea is. This is different when you're agreeing okay you know you're a Minnesota. And it's November and it's twenty degrees or forty below and you know 8 o'clock at night on iTunes. Albums is going to die that the monthly book. It made him. You know and like you say it may be. That the role players there there there mind your thought process because you got guys that don't understand. How important than how short this season isn't. Getting the proper rest getting into your playbook in in May be out chastened hand. Well and and and that I think it might be function also. How we know he is yes they're starters most of their starter role. Amway economic and to get collar connect service to our veteran guys. My count is certainly c'mon what trot. But the court this team is really really yell. Who really lucky on and that and that and that happened new coat and over they want their guys go out. So yeah he maturity might be an issue. But come on man you're making at what we're gonna commit an act million dollars here. The place sixteen games you can't get your head right verse sixteen weeks out of the year. It's that the season is what it's it starts September you don't look at oil and you years is that you might or month long you have eight months ago chase ever eject. And the or month that it could be especially in the and that was the most jaw drop and our decision that under the agreement Wald is able to those who disagree that there's cow. He. Certainly on the offense there's. Started Landry and good player and those good wired bothered Parker the every authority to be a really good. Why is it not working RR I just don't know and yet you could point the quarterback. Or certainly when you lose are starting quarterback you know August they're gonna be behind market bad football team and Ingrid is her for not grown and almost even. Humble and there's way too much out way too much now he'd be very sec I'll. At a visit covers the dolphins Miami Herald seven other tickets dolphins insider I agree with the U law on all of that column I'm curious with a lot of changes from last game that we saw the dolphins sued the game on the offered subtle ball Jay Cutler will return. Ted Larsen potentially is inserted the starting lineup tonight to Bob Dave Parker expected to return. Do you think that that combination of factors could spark a unit that is only averaging thirteen points again. I think it'll start reopens on and and they got their but it and I think that Jimmy John Fox a saw my college or Jack cleared out. That that they have the worst open line in football. And it's hard argue them which is stunning considering your reaper got a monopoly on your reverse trumpet and any unit it better be. And it's terrible I would really really bad so yeah it's it it be great if they can throw the ball around their colors LP on the LP. But that can't happen if you get eight year old every every other snap over the drop back up their every concentrate touched the ball he hit two yards on line skirmish. None of that stuff matters. I agree with you here and deal Reese focus so much on the offensive side of the ball and DJ I've been talking about that a lot today but. Defensively. What type of impact and we won't notice and so we don't our apple will begin tonight but could the possible absences of Andre branch William behaves. Have on this defense and all that enter status is improved as the week when Obama certainly both questionable tonight on the defensive line. Yeah I mean Andre branch and William Hayes are the two biggest reasons on defense is much better here. Willie Gonzales into addiction branch playing great this year they're doing the basic Spain hasn't even sat yet they're not let people around and I know. Obviously anybody in compliment of forty don't yet. And it even though they're looks bad with two of those touched on X six's. You did the defense on the fuel all the time I think you can kind of throw that one out of by and large this as a pretty good defense not it's because. Ranch. Way eighties all those guys even Charles Harris are doing a good job yet now that you guys around them so yeah I mean. But the raiders they're they're up and down we don't know they're there their they're there they're probably the most is when all right now because they have more talent than the ball. Our that's really good football team they could not beat. Recurring import. They could not year. And I know mark from branches and these are more common to eight years ago but he instilled that don't under a lot of diversity and at all since. If they're at if it's two of their three best defensive end don't play tonight you're right Greg I could be huge cause for concern I don't know how they schemer. It raiders I agreed to did indeed most disappointing teams of four on the season considering they entered the year was Super Bowl hype. All right this is a business related question but I saw that this story this week that there's a ticket price increase announced for the dolphins and I understand the business reasoning behind him in Stephen Ross shelled out half a billion dollars to. Fund the stadiums we need to get some of the money back but is I could think of better timing to announces the following a forty denouncing loss. Well what you're assuming that the announcement was intentional. And I know you're notified ticket holders it's gonna get out but Alec they went the press and a lock step up during that span. My college Barrett Jackson got wind of it and plug up the story but yet. It I didn't accomplish the bad event that he needed to really battle principally right now there's not a lot of good fuel which is only get four and three T that you don't really feel good about this team right now. And then they have to get there are counted in order on the business side figure out OK what are you gonna charge acting you've received orders he had noticed. But yeah I agree with you maybe keep that letter in the corporate and other week you get a win tonight on national television it's at five and three. During that particular play operate that he could say hey guys some of an extra 10% of the efforts got a. But yet they optics that are actually awful. Yeah that's my hold them I did business is business and knows a built largely new stadium they then that's kind of blew the way it goes on well. Let me let me let me ask you get yours isn't it voter who bought your entire family your life your kids. Did tiger's is how ready are you to Rio right now. Al what. Well that that's the part of it too is that there's been such. A visceral reaction to that because he's he's a fan favorite like what we know he's been a guy that he in a version of the first time. That he's been easy to get behind regardless of what was to come on the scene the fans see him do his running style I mean that's a fun guy to root for. Well what's crazy is that they get put it on Twitter it is spam of oh. Six weeks you currently in Iraq will be of the NFL. To persona Grata right because he was the key what is. He's fate of that moment in game and obviously you from London he got you've got banned there easy the actual girl. You what is the guy they were ocean. On the continent of Europe couldn't look at this look at this guy and eat it all and when are all along right with that. It now he the backup in Philadelphia that might play it. When marketed product carries. What an incredible ball great and I guess that just speaks to the power yet bell. And they called not may not belong to you that because you can totally and at the grassy. It on whatever the girl warning here for her call stands. Biden mortars it is here in the opposite side of ball. Because you can get economic and suitors eager to your actor can't wake going to be your. Harold they're going to be here at your but I'd campus are companion oh I can't tell you would any degree of certainty and Cornell but decided football computer out. I don't show you you've narrowed it down folks it'll say all things along images itself. The. Yeah because I means Landry. If you do in the golden merits alone or. Are still to be there but that battle and everybody else in our group console because use spoke cheap. I would say you're on red alert do not buy a piece of property up our current open. But what else. Yeah I guess at this rate if they made jerseys for coaches in Dubai d.s one but the it's in mark my advice is when people ask me we couldn't buy. Dan Marino can I. O'Leary's soccer or if you wanna buy yeah that group that occurred in that you write Mercury to those are your hill I mean. That gives you get anybody from the December 2 team aero or Marino in the eighties and you're you're really good check. Yeah I think there is this type of throwback my partner unit and it is. Those who is sweet yet those are great series here and tighter their their other home game but. When he added those are pretty much speculative you know. I'm with you pay these we appreciate your time is always he had the stadium did his job and once you're oh what's what's if Seagram because. A patrol he. I'm on Twitter on moments ago and but I got good news deliberately coconut. Yeah next month they're open the Texas road house. It. Sure there are boundaries that we don't want meant. There is Adam Beasley is terrific job covering the dolphins the Miami Herald of Corus seven out of it it's dolphins insider you can fall on Twitter at Adam. H Beason is alias has three control. Between DJ and anybody else who wants to patrol. At a b.s by the rule quickly people other than got a few different xmas is about TJ McDonald the safety from the door opens. They've only put seven game series suspended for the first half of the season so after tonight's game their eight game he will be olds will return. From suspect so he's not Els will tonight you know it's week nine. It's everything's all messed up because the hurricane earlier and everything but always seven games so far so low we will what will certainly be talking about him next week we do DR north pregame show. TJ we've recess time one more segment left we've got our predictions coming up next here on the aisle more pregame show on AM 790 NFL world war three G to detect. Pregame show right. Williams your final segment. Some vegetables showdown between the for Miami Dolphins and at three and five Oakland Raiders kickoff at 8:30 this evening from hard rock stadium. If you miss say the show as we know were on relief compared to what time the game is tonight we will have a podcast up. On the ticket Miami dot com seven out of his website will have that for you solo we will. A few missed anything you want your DJ's thoughts on Jay Cutler JH IE how they bounce back from this forty to nothing loss and how they fare in prime time. We will have all of that it's for you in our podcast so. In in addition that DJ I mean. Video I just had to say before you the predictions you're you're looking sharp to come from too good I must say you don't usually look sharp and there's something there's an added element we get. He's turnovers is this is the swagger is is is is seeping through agreement with the way my team played last night you know I hope. I can apple. Year ago eight just suffer some perspectives they give the dolphins do win tonight against the raiders. It would be Miami's fourteenth win in the past nineteen regular season games which would be. Other best nineteen game stretch since October 2001 to October 2002. Also marked the team's tenth win in the last twelve games at home and our right stadium. And it would give the dolphins. There oh wins in the first three games are art stadium for the first time to start a season since 2002. So very ago and it's great monologue despite the record so bad all of this in their last last last lesson learned that. If they're still having a decent seasons and Tuesday with that in mind. What do they is gonna happen tonight between the door opens and the raiders. Walk out of I can resolve the problem slow you know Marie from California Bay Area. My high school basketball coach now has he should take lead integrator gay men in every game meet soon to be loss. So until we got dinged DNA take you know more so than if we want the dolphins do the women's game you know somebody give me a ticket. We have ticket intercept is answer but you know after this the showing that the dolphins put on. The other night with the ravens. And all the turmoil is going home this team the trades. You know coast China figure out who really wants to be there I think too much is going on. I am go to go with the raiders I'm gonna say is going to be 2417. 2470. And I hate going gizmo manages. That's well yeah he's he's back in the saddle Jay Cutler rule started quarterbacks you go to 44. Seventeen. So the dolphins bulls owe more than their average of thirteen boy okay so that guy and that's a positive development but still lost. Are on national TVF for the his dolphins seemed calm and this is where my head's at now I'm with you DJ that does so much has gone on. Sporting upping ante there will be carry over effect and I just think that we've learned even other for three the pissed off was seem isn't as good as we talked there're going to be and there are a lot of factors that we don't have enough time here remain the segment to get into it but I'm also gonna pick the raiders. This got to prove it week right. If the dolphins to turnaround a win and then also have a little more straight against the raiders 28 the dolphins thirteen salute the you're given maverick I've given our average. If that's a little less deserved of thirteen point once off. Offers a different Tony thirteen raiders I hope I'm wrong on that. Bobble will see what transpires tonight and hard rock stadium again if you missed any of the show we'll have the podcast up with the ticket Miami dot com DJ I'm also just gonna say you did you do terrific job today and my response all of your points. Say less. Appreciate it already that's negated that is the that in there that's gonna do a force here this week got additionally our north pregame show for executive producer Antoine Jefferson micros DJ Williams. I'm Greg likens enjoy the rest the NFL action this afternoon and of course dolphins and raiders on Sunday Night Football. You've been listening to us here in the okwu in Orange pregame show on AM 790 inept immortal for three HD to the ticket we had ESPN radio coming on next and hack. Next time we talk to the hurricanes may be nine in all. After the Notre Dame game next week everybody enjoy your Sunday we'll talk to next week.