Ariel Helwani Interview w/ ZRA 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

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Aerial Lonnie ESP and he's he's between year and then a reporter writer out there. Aerial things a lot for joining us again and it and I should mention here remind you went out here Romberg he told me that you did it ends up continuing your streak. Of it's hump and and any reporter and writer out there is that correct. It is clear that they haven't done so. It on in a row. So don't you know full on open only to companies and then the allotment. You can answer to stagger for community it's a reporter who he's not in the area really stuck it to me because last comic questioned why he Adam one at what what the streak stopped so far. Yet you stuck it to me one and again. I don't wanna put their photo and find out who are Portland but at both the city don't believe that this is so it is. Sort of like you know when when people come to both former club and they did this very little celebrated you know on the on the on the spot them to go to Newton ma. Great very good L Lonnie here lesson of course area on the bad guy it's him in sales on entrusted a new ups or drops today on ESP and plus. I'll look how big you know continue what we're just saying there how big of an upset if an upset at all was it that Daniel Cormier beat Steve mania two to this past Saturday night. On the field in the city of about. I found. We are going to that it almost stopped the middle of the Obama op. You know I I've known criminal court is going debated whether the ball I'm about one on it and be better than about it. If people forget is that we would going to organize who have been in the north graduated you don't hit it. This group photo opportunity. Cooperative ways the most popular market he could have fought for quote it was I don't vote on. I am at though what he'd be put out but I do you want it. He was the number one contender in the heavyweight division the only read what you let the heavyweight division but because it's spread in the lot is that the champion. They need a qualified up so that will long overdue and for anyone who's been following his career you know that you know he'd keep Killian bell the eight to buy make the light heavyweight limit. Have you Leo Laporte can't for the ball or power or very quick. For his size he ended up weighing in. A couple pounds more than he paid ever was worried about that but we start Saturday to how strong he is yet heavyweight so. Now I I I I I Billy people thought is that we did it by the recruit people that he is about as good in the world and. And now clearly we know a Brock Lesnar Daniel Cormier flight. Is on the horizon but why doesn't. Why are we talking about steeped in its rich who who had the ball for three years why we talk about a rematch. Well. You know that's okay would that are out because you didn't say why are we talking about them or go to the weird thing about the brought to which it was. You know I'm fired I have other issues with it but you know the fact is for the bush and all that ought to get all the top spot that you that there are a people who work. Very quickly clarity about the sport there's wanna keep that he had the sport and act on that when I don't really mind. Boy it was a little bit disappointing was that they literally expected that there. HH Juan Ortiz hit a lot you just kind of swept under the rug right now have a JP that you like they didn't show much camera and we like that and I beat people belittle or that data that you have brought a and you know he's he's referring to evidence derogatory way as if they deserved deserve the problem what so. If you wonder why not hitting it immediately but well that's because the book what the Pope he's infinitely better on paper you'd be early indications are that the it'd be great on paper beer and what people. I think that the because there was no real rivalry there. But look what brought great is able also debated and have the best relationship with you at sea brat says. But the crisis that may doubt and it's a great guy fire but all that. So you know they tend not to get those people opportunities. You know they they tend to move on it they can have political wives went and that hope we produced they keep back in the federal. Victor a so so yeah does it take some credibility away then from the USC that instead of going after the the you know instead of it in the most deserving fighters the guys who who've earned the best opportunity. And certainly stated mission to mean he probably deserves a rematch. Does it loosen credibility for UFC dad's like yeah like you said this guy's been swept under the rug and forgotten about because it's a bigger payday out there. You know I don't know the credibility because the other but it is going on. What are. Wouldn't they want Mike we lease and don't forget that this sport was just the short term and over the bunch of quote quote Marshall market go to get it he was bad battle climate. Well we're not talking about you know 1920 baseball or anything like that those that there isn't Dirk despite. Element pulpit that is the fight game. And rules the remote caller that record be broken in order to make the most amount of money pot will be yeah he is the reason why I brought. Who you know practically had a lot of fight in Tibetan and although he did he mark hunt that was struck from him because he took the part that about the word. He's like he's just standing there. It on the bird took getting it asserted because ET about the dog they eat that thought that the point. John jones' bid is it out kind of barriers out. Well to rout these out it had been that kind of the are my big issue bubble but it was that as of this moment. Well but he. They beat fighter get so it's what. A that the pension bill fulfill. And I despite that a little bit strange there are reports that. Celebrated it is I look should be mood like literally like Arabs of the open so that he cannot bite bodyguard buy it peaked that month. And we'll kind of meant that literally pulling up people of the statement is that we can doubt that O'Connor you know stupid don't get the book. If ruled applied to different people we do that but I get it is we're talking about it at the that this biter for repeat the N word like bringing when there is celebrating you know. That you would look arbitrage. Yet it's SO desperation on Dana's part to try to go ahead and get that attractiveness to back to the sport when there's been a little little lawless and in the big time fight. Dana has always glove box. Might be he would he would knock on his door you know if there have been buried here occur com or are they want. So I don't want they desperation. Approximately gigantic Charlie the guys are keeping quiet. I'm aware it was bought at the air he's a little bit unhinged. And the probe already cut out the word. It's and a so like it'd be busy very few people that green or equally been able. And that that he'd afterwards and while that and I always lots of people the wrong way. But what you consider the alternative yet they are very very talented and deserving fighters. Who should be in in talked right now despite got a court in net. And I would not bad diet I would you know complained of those guys got out to be is there certainly is a bit. But the dispute over a bit of business. And you know we implode especially over the five to two years that it you know if you if you try to get help chart they found merit if you can believe it you'll back away. You're gonna have our side. But I can speak up with the guys because culture it those are the guys you're gonna get it and that is until about education about. Some of the suspensions are upheld could we possibly CO Lesnar McGregor. Car basically fighting in the same nighter no. I hope you don't let bursting at greater on an and and DeSoto definitely causes and everything but most of those two massive draws would not be Dane is wagering that. What you don't anything about the possible but got both. They're very bad those kinds of drugs you know but let but the rest of the world. Biggest paper view point. Which means they get a cut of the paper you'd go to bed for the tape because the more money they make that a lot of but it is he don't get it could be quite that the Buddhist or subject without. All that to today. If you if you wanna put that the united an out is if both popular you are particular drug you are the four point he'd get. Is it they wanna put that pie it was he babble. You know being like Greg brought in Connor if Europe would be I would spread about I don't need to start the deck like that both were directed at lunch or on the road. So you know why why double down and it's put that quite a more. The new episode of Larry on the bag guy aerial hole on HL sun and drops today on ESPN plus. I think you know look Brock Lesnar certainly going to be training fur for a USC fight. Yeah as men on WB TV and forever who knows when and how he's gonna wind up returning. But I gotta tell yet I he steps in his first fight back in however many years and it's taken on the heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is an extremely experienced fighter. I think rock legends in big trouble aerial. Got to tell you what display reminds me remind you flight that have the arc is long ball well he darkly here go to my if they Weatherford the greater because. But that violate its terms of you know. They were the point of view. That was the biggest fight that he is part we have a new book would be used by idiot what they have. For Daniel Cormier is the big despite that he caught we have an adult that he used by the department have I would be out movie shock. It brought let there be an equally elated that Danielle is is 39 but he would like hitting its stride right now I think he's one of the greatest that beat even the top two or three. An and order beneath that. And you're gonna have brought but they're who by the way it was proper restraint but like is special that they needed an awful lot they. National champion all American all that but he course is that soda but is better days have kind of a look beyond it. He would over the most complete ever make butterball plant about it was really that you know what it hit. Cormier well they hit. Quote it at an incredible chin. And Cormier is a phenomenal two time Olympian you know rep where to look where it brought the way they fight they catch him sure but again I would be shocked the were hurt but Danielle like but again. Don't don't bug is but he gets that it got a bit of but he get in even a big heavyweight like and I'll go to Boca if those particular matchup but they're. If you look on benefit if the ballot beta you know that do you happy about that either they either quotes but it has both would be viewed sites are. Finally aerial again area on the bag I knew episode drops say on ESPN plus. How would difference how has the relationship from maybe several years ago to today. How is the relationship evolves between Dana White and Vince McMahon. You know if you go back Dave Byrd that it is it being awaited occur hat he's always been. Rather complimentary event you don't want him pick the I would been either want to find in Haiti could go on he has not done that and I have I ever really gotten out of the outskirts of grain here I never really heard of disparagement by the he had a hard look respect the open. It has won immediate had addition to those voters if he would ever made but it box is going to the art after the world. But there. Is one of those guys who for the most part. Out of respect. So he came formatting or greater attention approachable I think it'll be. Well look look look at that began. They used to for whatever reason I have this really great relationship become the proper like they're sharing all the time he's going back and forth. And this notion they're promoting his appearance but it is but the appellate body wouldn't want throughout this week. It dated the spar row what you need in order but it it is it is so. A ball about her I don't know if if if if it's ever been dotted of course not treated aberration. It. I told them I'm available on on bike that there was you know if she spoke. For the most part I would not buy it been so he didn't want any any territory category. Aerial smoked meat put in want to shape thirty Grand Prix or super six and which one are you goal with with the smoke I met with ten. While that that the real trip Elaine respond very underrated routine go to orange you look what's happened the walk away from the tried chip which is all it like that toward their peers that they like a secret book what don't. I've always been. Gucci guy and then all of those the spoke meat and all of it he try to get me fired here and I would have been it equip all of you know I think I'll that it from the rat. Okay okay opener ESPN plus new episode today area on the bag guy era Lonnie and she'll sign great talking again Arial thanks a lot man. Thank you guys every day.