Bam Adebayo w/ TLB 7-31-18

Tuesday, July 31st

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Let's got to get signed there are signs. The man the bam. Does your clinic this weekend you guys can register for a put the link out now. At seven under the ticker on Twitter you guys wanna register there grades three through twelve can go to band camp this weekend it is that Revere preparatory school. In Miami 8 AM to 4 PM this Saturday that's really cool it is to benefit the vamp foundation which is the mission to change lies for single mothers. And they join us man really appreciate it. I really appreciate I mean here. So I came in to talk a little bit about you you set up your first camp but your foundation this is this is the first you get established since the league get your legs under you and I wanna do some cool things in the community. I'll why why did what and why your foundation to benefit the single mothers and why this this way to have that done. Owned. Thursday's there have been emit benefit. The same day because I grew up with a single single parent followed him imam mosque. Our view which is who have this single parent and I know they're going to do so. You know this. Give them to have out of it and you know just make in other words you did come out of that ball is that camp is all about. Debate be education like season and bat well. All all field they went by and our units some you never thought you'd be which is something that I never thought I'd be. Well who Mans is that the PG AQ I was mollen dictate. On. You know a lot of a lot of fog and smoke who alive is he that he would. It is do they want that the fact that camp is now the key is possible for the ball and the single bet. This article man so what was when it when you got drafted by the Miami Heat to Ochoa had to be amazing for you and your mom. Burma than you guys are gone through what was the one thing I guess you want to share with her. After all happened. One thing I would have this year route. Not bid up other day. You know did. Just seeing her her get all of the relief and stripped away former Nat did have to worry about it Morrison's father. She knows them back Ahmad Omar bin Laden dead must have paid it off and you know she got there alive or elect me. That's awesome man to talk Alabama out of bio. So at this camp I've I've seen these kids are as always follow and get interaction with the kids. Bomb is ballot I gonna go there are you going to if any kid wants to challenge man are you going to humble them and dump on their face and block their shots. Or you're going to try to make them feel good about themselves. I'm definitely going to humble compute. That I group is based they're competitive the most competitive in. The younger is so numb uranium how much too late though. I'm very may get away in their good riddance political my parents found me you know talk about business from that. Irina we we've treated at the link to the camp if you're interest and also put on the ticket FaceBook page as well bam. Odds double your offseason and what you wanted to work on this offseason and how you've got about doing that. All the mud ball in his bid being more consistent and be more peace. So. You know working with the great staff let me do that watches barely. We're going being. Because I'm medics were you watch your form your perfect form. And you did you know that routine every council thought there. The supplement who wrote. And then you go out there and silence I would do on the court bowed but not a bad on the loose that open yet so many ways and they want me to be more aggressive and Moffitt. We knew it was called cyber medics. I would what do I feel like we're in the future. I didn't want a person yet he no doubt about now we get a conversation yesterday. To get two side tracked about. What non football player in town what athlete would make the best quarterback. And I I said you. I think your body's built Ford I think you probably haven't done of an arm I think you're an athlete as you can see the field well. What do what do you think you do you just in case Bryant and how those down of the dolphins offered your contract you re are you in a what. On doubling. I played a they were quality in those who and I monopoly quarterback both so low. You know I had a I literally is behind now. Did they go. Told he Tobin. I meant a lot some zinger at the malls gave me was read on the putt the balance. That's very impressive as some very that debate all like if it's a moment where you throw into the stands so good on you now. So about some early this gym and you got you got the opportunity there to two run a little bit offense was that important to you when when you sought to the coaches staff and they're going over what you want to improve on. You get the opportunity to have the ball and hands a little bit more how much did you enjoy that and and and how do you think it benefited you. Phone it in Ireland may be better. In mainly focused on the remark he made better by ideal playmate who but I had also scored so. It may ma IQ rod tremendously and it may be a better a better teammate. And had a in you have a couple of impressive pieces around you I was bet everybody is raving about Duncan Robinson airplane mode. And what he was able to do what do you see from him do you think that this guy is is taking a step and can do things for you guys this year. And and also doctor Robinson who kind of came out of nowhere undrafted and didn't seemingly missed a shot what did you see from those two guys. On. Phone from bear. This being a mortar a home refer to guide there. He was gone around sure about it though. But our staff has gotten together so what they want what he wanted to call. And he embraced that those go in the date that within the doom we'd be well for older and as saying. On plan BP he went off in new book how to make that a better so I didn't he did and don't own. Dot gain yardage book accused. Bowen who brought this summer league. When you made its first it out of our you have to get off and dunk embraced that role though no one out when our kids yeah I got his feet. No policy in. Notepad snubs. The lady go to a movie we told them from the get go. Yeah it was a present there be plays where you're you're like out on the break and you already on the comments did to shoot to have men and realize like gathers this guy is almost like he's fitting right into today's MBS. You. It. Even being so close so don't know because it Laura you can also make plays. Don't Adobe and dominate the unique clear on I didn't song is sung game on my hat. And you know we only get better from here. What are gonna bam out of by usually doesn't go register perot's camp band camp. Adam dot of them I dot com if you guys want to get out this Saturday at 8 AM to 4 PM grades three through twelve. And yes he gets some lessons from the heat since it I wanna say he wrote his incision which ignores that second year mats it's going to be. What you wanna see some donuts here's twelve of it's here to. What are you wanna see a lot from your game this year because you know you you come in as a rookie and you while you while you're there with a lot of veterans a team that was near the playoffs and and you got in there on a roll man you were. Locked up on some very import matchup you're going up against MVPs. Do you wanna see what you wanna see flourish this year is there is there a next thing that you wanna really unlocking your two. Oh billion being more often must look is it may employee. It some can't. As you all do all the kicking a dead heat with you know I was due to. But I need to put it seemed and the team wanted me to do that which you make plays well. Wal-Mart built it's only April may have to be like you got it. On all settlement the issue on the Internet Explorer. That would do willow do some rapid fire before it gets out here. Everybody knows about the Rasheed Wallace you work it out within this this offseason. If I had do if they've been to work out at any. NBA legend or current MBA players to get some tips on other than her she lawsuit to be the next on your list. I'm gonna really. Seems and he. Seems they are. It's not as not to be is that. I've always looked at the demo that you don't. That fierce demeanor. The patent for the game meant. He he lived up the identity in did you work any you lose you know GameStop may complete. And encourage you teammate and admitted he made better. Does Alabama out of by you have any inches like us on what sounding going on on the sub par because it looks dangerous. I'm not. I'm just spoke a day. It that far it has. That the that it that it is not a day had Obama I did begin late on the night right now so I'll back off. It was the weirdest guy and he locker room. All. Although we are Paramount who is so I'll they pose little pea who's got the most moments. There's a lot of moments and 82 game. It could end of the severity. Well said let's let the assessments buries our audio is going to be the vet non answer down yes no doubt on its he would too. I see you guys are aware and each other's jerseys this policies that seems to mile a trend who came up with that and why you guys doing that. All. Over the content of us support these support he's done so whenever we get a kit with my you don't you don't. Know you care about each other despite the Clinton bonus though nom British view money froze up or whether shirt. That's critical as is indeed they don't seem much to deal with the NBA guys. I'll file before it gets shot here. Thumbs up thumbs down. Because we we've we've been raving about Joseph all your band we've been very excited about your rookie season and very excited to see what happens. We have Doug do with the nickname has to attempt Jordan because of your awesome dunks. I believe it was a one point this should doing Casey said that they of anybody sees it being that Shawn Kemp he sees it being you know and and your you're you're. The Jordan part comes from our cohost who said. He thought that you're going to you were going to be flourishing more in the NBA much like Jordan did so what do you think about the nickname has taken Jordan. I don't screw me. Yes it's. Thumbs up yeah. Well we're less complex has just been. Yes we appreciate it man go out get out to his his cancer yuck what a register for go to bam camp doubted them bright dot com. It's out of our seven on the ticket Twitter account it's on our website at the take Miami. You guys can check it out there about nobody is going to be there this Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM you guys register grades three through twelve. So awesome cause for the band foundation which is the mission to change live for single mothers. Some the very near and it was on appreciate demand really thank you for the time the authority you're to. Ought thank you up. As them Emma by a man.