Beast's Den 4-23-18 Hr 1

The Beast
Monday, April 23rd
The beast reacts to the crushing Heat loss Saturday afternoon, wonders about what moves can the heat make and takes calls on the loss from South Florida.

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I mean the weather today is so perfect that some of the feelings. This series done during his lighting it's dark it's cloudy pedal in my brain after the game yesterday. It's the beast. Did say. To grit two hours we got here. Think it Audi a four hours. Because the University of Miami is supposed to play today. Handed it to double header yesterday instead which they the moon. We lost two out of three to that the doesn't bode well for life in the post season anyways. I asked I thought I was gonna come here to four hours life because of. Now it is as a technology has grown far superior it makes it actually harder. To call on a bulls at the line of scrimmage on what you wanna do on the radio station. I don't wanna go through the hole. Inside radio thing of merging from wide orbit and next gen and spots and plays in all sorts of stuff but. When the university might be decided at such a late hour on Friday. They say at 5 o'clock. That weren't were not doing commercials broadcast Internet. That we're not doing it again today ordered a letter Saturday it's really hard for us to kind of push the battleship at a different position so. I was gonna try to do for hours and make that figured after the heat game that be possible plot due to. The way things are set up. In our. Automation system. We got two hours the remember either lovely ESPN radio. That's so it's going to be. So you got me for two hours and I completely want event. I wanna I want Nadal would every guy you wanna kill whites like kill Whiteside. Wanna kill the officiating to the officiating. What Tyler the offseason drama they out to you want to about how riles. Has this police strapped in with two contracts and Hasan and Tyler Johnson that day you don't know you do it. Whatever you got bring it now. Now. And the heat go up to Philadelphia went on. Sure they've done it already in the series. Like yesterday. And American Tony kept talking about it. On the. The telecast. Whereas. The heat. Heard over. Philadelphia 26 times. And just could not get points off the turnovers. The heat only turn the ball over nineteen times in Philadelphia scored more turn over point. Then they need to. Also. May I point out. Four point loss which by the way I picked the the heat covered the three and a half that didn't quite work out my appear. 00 for three in our car port picks. Stupid hockey. The the Miami Heat. Missed 123. Free throws. Missed 123. Returns. This. It does the the. The sixers. 27 of 35. Britain's. It does and if there's one do you wanna point out over everything it's obviously that. By the way the issues that I had in particular at the end of the game. On the movie screen by NB a wasn't called even though you know they've been calling them moving screen. On Whiteside he gets hooked to his problem. That same play. Well there's one where he stuck his leg out bigger and he just like. I don't whites and after the you know what I yesterday you had a bad game instant no no he did and and eight he he seemed to be a better mindset but he just does he stupid things it's like you know due to. You can do. You can't do it and it we're going our runs he had a reckless tools to movie screens where will we restore and I did late moment exactly and then I media the other cut on the free throw disparity as I. You know eight point two turnovers you can point to young nineteen point fourth what do you you know point. They're run but sometimes that's that's basketball let's say it's a very good team I think we played very well we're very good team. Sometimes unfortunate might be as soon as as simple as this thing you know twelve and free throws and that kind of disparity in free throw line. You know it's good opportunities for some freebies they aren't able to capitalize on an end up having you know whatever it was fourteen or makes and I us. Listen when you're at home especially at home got me through yet making freedoms prisons I can't speak. It's just there's no shoes and you tell from the beginning that it was going to be a bad night because the drug is when though and he misses both the FAA has no I mean I understand it. And so let's get into Cardoso and I will say this though I will say this. That. I think Brendan Tobin has a right do you see is tree yesterday which one and I don't often agree with my mid day host. Brendon Tobin although the heat knicks one is up on yeah yeah I think it brilliantly summed up this series. We find it. Let's see. Where's this where's sneakers to summarize it no no I want the actual tweet where is it. God total where's your tweeted I know you listen in the car. Calling in what was your did. Call another guest like television if you listen in the car. What was your ear you compared to the next series but I wanna get the wording right. Is that a lot of terror phrase and I can't find your damn tweet. By the way. Josh Richards and eloquent and ugly shoulder injury. But he came back and played and he's gonna play game five you got it is this heat sixers series is a modern day he names. Or romanticize it continues from all the antics and competitiveness but right now it just hurts it to her it's like to get out and that's complete Jim because. What do you think does that literally is a battle only justices begin meeting needs ditches. I mean. There it is a physical series and I'll love it now that begin to sit in the crowd was not who I don't brag about their long and now I mean having an end to go from here but anyways. We don't have felt that it now okay. Nobody in the crowd was really into it like it when that's skirmish happened and everybody was asleep again government to play a game before so loses something surreal for me yet know and it. That's what's with the bond between the cardinals was getting behind you potentially and basically almost trying to save your season in years to come tentative. This is the this is the bottom line. The heat don't have a star. Notes kind of the issue I mean as much as we want to Wayne wade flash back and there's times when he does there's other times when. I hate to say. He makes bad decisions at times lately like there's just a couple times where he eat like he'll take your shot you're like down and drive to the basket I mean but he was in there weren't there was times that you job to Baskin was getting phone calls the other. What are you trust more what he does more I mean granted he and the one game where it seemed like everything went in. I old idol. What utter I'll put all I have down on wade driving to the basket trying to foul over hand taking some stupid shot from. When he summing feet away acting protective energy midrange or because he's so much oldham and out okay and not as fat does not even like very easily taking shots that are just inside the three point line didn't like that's not his game. Man but the shots that he was taking were mid range shots you take the live nicely which she used to look to take all the time I mean at least he didn't do that. And I don't trust we've got often at the landing was immune to the missing. Listen in crucial regardless and you have the greatest repulsion either way back. Yes. There's about like this team does not have a star. And what I am. Incredibly. Depressed about. They have these contracts. I don't I don't know what they're going to be able to do they're like this at this this is not like next year there'd be able to do something I don't know unless. Pat Riley and the Ellsberg have some sort of trick up their sleeve. But they've got those in the weight of a suns contract. Just rope around their neck edit and I don't know Blake who's gonna take that guy some will take you know you would know your game which and he knew just saying no because you knew you'd think in tees up that the number does someone who. Will be willing to take them. The only thing you can do. And I I'm not a cap all just. Coming this makes sense not to think about this. Unusually it is not there command if you wanna get another way invents and its history six Osama not the phones are open for wants. And 67974. On the tax line. Would you. Be willing to trade. Hasan and and a young and gonna have to be and Winslow or. But does rainbow threes. Put it's gonna have to be someone of young. Nature that it then has time left in this league. We will entertain him for some expiring contracts. Because that's what I think it team would be willing to do is like hey. I've got contacts and expiring guys and I won't be of the sign. You trade them you basically have a couple of guys he gets free year in order to free up space for the next year. That's what scenes. I'd like I'm not again about a cap on just I don't know how all the stuff works it from the intricacies of the NBA. A salary cap put that seems like an idea that may possibly. Get somebody had to make a deal is if they can get rid of expiring contracts. And not have to deal with trying to sign people. I'm just saying. Throw that out there I listen. I want you event anything goes whatever I'm not gonna call you crazy. Now there's a lot of people that are killing slow. And sure if you wanna critique. The coaching you can criticize and I should say. But again. He's he's got eighteen old role. Players. The Miami Heat are team of. Role players. There's not one dominant person. On this team shirt and continue overnight tonight right let me read score on tonight David steerage just like maybe it's inevitable that Armon Wayne ellington's night. Maybe it's Dwayne Wade's night. Whatever it is but there's not one guy. That when you go out there every game you know he's gonna get hits. That's not this team. So you want to criticize the coaching that's fine. And maybe you'd think a couple of adjustments would have made a difference in the series. I don't look at it like that to bring back after the military given everything else got a little bit smarter. How would what we do I'm in how we do it but this is not that far you know even you know even the connect you know game three. The close game always sitting in when they they pulled away it was a close game you know and fourth quarter in and so the series has not been as lopsided as. You know as some besides getting one. The picture of him while working out after the game last night. Kind of sad to think that might have been the last time we see. Playing on the court at the American Airlines Arena. Eight it was I don't know anything. I know nothing. I known nothing. Which you can pretty much say about it you know my entire life. But it just seems like it's going in that direction. I don't think so. You don't knock okay. So like. Based yeah. Hey. Sorry I just had to get an honoree. Should one or two man did a fourth quarter. Of them deter recorder but yes it in the fourth quarter. You're not the only one thinks it and they're their own coach. Putted as well. Arms shot that we won this game we we really didn't have a right to win the game we I thought that defensively in the first three periods we were at a C minus. I thought that I turnovers weren't half and yet. You know we come out the other side with a with a win against so amazing sort of organization. Of of winning and culture and history. There you go Brett brown in his Maine accent. What's gonna. I went to South Portland high school. Not Downey snot out aced you made as will know what I'm talking about. He went to be you know. Cost the terrier to modify new. You believe that took away their football program. Dissent. Nickerson field off. Sorry. It's got the phones somebody sixers he's o.s have an ID I want you to vent just what every guy. Every got Abby don't be stupid. But you can be borderline crazy Nikki between. Right Damien. I don't want it that particular all. You hit it right on the edit it out of one to roll it and I being. Where it is all that well last year where they went on that abbate is booted it up and MacBook. Is panic given you forceful. That is would have killed me. I don't either. In beta build but did not appeal. At the end of the day unique talent the whip. It is not the way. It put order creative output. If you look what is most important game if it does that every day about half time. Begin at one airport quarter. Philip LP out of budget out of it to Asia they give them credit. It turned it up one notch. I look we're winning this series 31. Well in Philadelphia has stars. And it actually bend citizens is a legitimate star in this league do well and beat ISIS' are. In this league. So. Bad but I can go to much what I'm my. And as much time visual man. Oh OK thank you Davey Johnson. You signed that contract that too because he had a good idea and have anyone good yet don't be a good. They remove. Like James Johnson is the least of this team's problems. Right now as far as contract. First contract. And that's not what I'm not right I mean I'm not talking that maybe he hasn't had a great year. It lived up to what he did last year what have you but I'm not worried about that the CI ordered about money you spent and what you get back for that money. And in in that case you have to look squarely at Hasan and Tyler. Oh yet that that island out like that individual bad evil and Dion Waiters is always into it real as we don't have the play. But com. I think overall. Beat you eat the beatable that is that it went out what is draws. It is political yes sparked it but right now I and will be lucky that this is big detailed picture why because that he is getting better educated he was going on right now. It. The end I agreed to anywhere from man. I'm from Trinidad at the big. He had training look at it the no doubt thanks man appreciate your appreciated. Love me some Crimean accidents. What. And yeah. I I I. I'd say but I am pretty sure that I was born in Jamaica my parents adopted me. Pretty sure that's what happened. Johnny what's up man. I expect McCall may not eaten good and if you're short you are in the incident and why buy a new poll. Well Sergio and even at the end of the year and has struggled so much army to open over out of old hollow to a basic. Also looper got an economy whatsoever. Which is accurate down on him that he had become a problem anyway but. Apart Ilyasova rips the ball away from him and he shall bark up that story out of I mean that's just yet submitted the million dollar well. You here today is. I do think the sunlight that hasn't talent and he should be a little roll out of bed and gave the game that he had yesterday which was thirteen. And thirteen so a double double right. He only had one blocked maybe should've had more in four turnovers but he got before personal files that runs on Whiteside and I hate to be. In politically incorrect. Put him to use an old fashioned term so don't hold it against me he's a mental midget. It's unity. And proper. You know even a depression of oil Ambien and while. I'm that Arafat did not like fuel. Or long period of time or. We're so open buy position people people like them beat the judicial to replace the initial view. Cooper why you get the ball or get wartime that upon you haven't quite. War position altered partly due to quickly. When a guy I would. A guy who boat building you're kind of upper. In 08 is taking that kind of money from the organization is the big. And here's the other thing I appreciate your phone call is. Weigh in a guy starts hustling most hosts honored jockeying are getting physical. He loses mind. He does something stupid. Late he can't. He can't just play within the constructs of the physical NBA game without committing a stupid foul. That's right back to the mental midget thing I mean he talks to fished so we really shouldn't be surprised. And zebras. Zebras. All I would love to go into the zoo now Ria re field trip. So ask this question and I don't know how I feel month this question one and Deion say waiters have made a difference in the series. And the answer is maybe. Because sure. Dion can make big shot. Dion could also Dion. So. I mean I guess it couldn't hurt at this point. But. I don't know of Dion healthy all year and playing if you even trade for Dwyane Wade. So. Natives that would happen I don't have any idea and he who have to agree what's to come off the bench like he's doing now. You BP owns mentor. And it's who quotes. Deon said he didn't want to play were doing it on we taught them at the beginning the year that he did he did he want to put the plate and Rosie is chance I. I'd be really surprised when it comes back. My accident just I feel like he's like okay. Like I don't think he expected to be here until next year so maybe you have drag it out another year. He came back. He made a difference they got the playoffs. He had they give us and special moments. And he's back here Miami he's got a hot. Ridiculously. Amazing life. He's got kids in that he loves is great dad. You know what does he need to put before. He's won three earrings. I mean what's left in the populist. Especially when you look at this team I'm on Toniu. I'd go understood like I I. I seriously I more intrigued by this offseason and any other because I don't see how it's gonna happen. But the heat are suddenly going to improve themselves drastically or real make moves in Vegas they don't they don't have the salary cap space. And they've got contracts hanging around their neck. They have a bunch of role players. I just don't know how it's gonna happen I don't read negative Nancy or Debbie downer and all I want female there. Native. And those things only few know how to think about it Debbie downer maintenance theater Q1 a lot of mail yet to beat David down pizza. No but I did. What's so good to have mailman that means then. Negative Nelson. How about. The mutiny. Nature. I'm such a hot take it has nothing to do sports but I'm gonna wait to land targets and because I think. He'd be he'd do a more old school and you. So I think we get into an argument. I do wanna say that. And a lot of you are going to. Jump on me. And I understand it. Is. I'm the DC guy on a marvel guys. Okay this goes back to the comic books and like my childhood and before the movie yet like there was no movies okay. So this this is not based on movie making or who has made the better movies or us up this is certainly goes back to. What I was in two as a child reading the comic books like I knew I was into Batman and Superman Wonder Woman the flash like all. All of that stuff. More than I was into. I mean I was in the Spiderman. But a sudden Spiderman I got to know anything about Iron Man and you know black widow and you know fury and all the other stuff eight it is the pushed shield I didn't I didn't know anything about any of it. Again I watched two. Though incredible Hulk and I was little kid but that that was just you know whatever. So. This new avengers movies coming out in looks to be amazing. And I saw black panther because. It's there was enemy it was amazing piece of filmmaking was amazing movie one of the best. Superhero movies action movies I've seen in a long time like I love that movie. And have press out of the rim like you know what. Well I'm not gonna go back and watch every Iron Man Captain America that note all goes together right if you watch this goes into that that you watch agents are shielded imaginable baton I've seen both guardians of the galaxies like I don't know and the army and I get low key inside us and others like I get all the stuff right. But I'm not going back to watch every movie 'cause I just don't have time in my world when tuning but. I I told Zach my son I said listen before we go see this new vendors. We got to at least watch the first to have vendors right OK we need to at least somewhat get into that. So I got those. We watched a person like I was really good. Now. Again just 'cause my own allegiances. I liked Justice League better. Not not the movie not as a movie not from a movie making standpoint not any of that is because I identify with the characters more I know their back stories more. I know the details about the more. That I know about. You know Tony Stark in Iron Man like I just just that's why. Room for example obviously Marmol doesn't matter. And I also that it it was great to watch the next one we're gonna go whatever so maybe jumping on the marble bandwagon a little bit. I'm not sorry in no way shape or form in my given MI Wonder Woman. You can try like hell. Gelb the ball. Off she's has really is a fellow member of the tribe. She's. Powerful and strong. I'd given up on that. And given up on that she's perfect hole. Amazonian. 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It's just a good eclectic nice. Soothing. Good vibe they have going on and it was perfect last night when I was on my porch with my cigar and my. One drink in the week or. Several actually because I had Mercury today that was. Not an official my health in anyway she performed Nat yes and I can imagine mr. Jenkins now well I really I just had I had I had one vodka and cranberry I did. Put it a nice floater. Ever clear on top. For a little buzz but he didn't even it didn't even really. Nothing really happened. There. When I start breaking out the expense of whiskey is when I start. Going. Deep and bad things happen. Is he who. So the heat are down 31 it's a precarious situation. Now they're forced to go win the open Philadelphia. And game five. Now do we know is that games I've been announced yet but it was either eatery thirty. That the you know depends on the moon. On the spurs Horry yes that is correct you are correct sir. Quick let's catch you up so. Yesterday in the NBA. Obviously the loss right so filling up three nothing New Orleans swept their series of Portland won 3123. Houston leads their series Tutu won the Minnesota won yesterday 121 to 105 kind of surprised demise. And Utah. We need Oklahoma City 115 a 102 and a mellow. He missed a shot. Did you see this. But it Melo missed a shot that hit so hard off the backboard. The entire arena while screaming. Could hear it. I'm net yet I find it's the Jeff is somewhere online. My team missed a shot so bad. Make it in you can hear it early I don't know like in Texas from Oklahoma. Know that when Utah but it so you can hear in Colorado from Utah it was zap that. They Melo being mellow just give a lot summing up there it's gonna just clang. Bat. So that's what we got knowledge from yesterday today. Here's the action and here's the game you need to know about because. It goes it ends up winning. Ball regardless what happens. You all know San Antonio at this point amend their coach's wife passed away. Coli checked out I'm not giving San Antonio much attention notes at home. William Boston and Milwaukee coming up in an hour 50 minutes of 1 o'clock boss is up to one there that one's in middle Locke de. Following now on on on the ABC is a Golden State at San Antonio Goldstein up three games to none there. At six tonight on the TNT Toronto on Washington Toronto a two games to one there. And then also the TNT one I would be watching tonight if every show I love is it wasn't on tonight. Cleveland and ND Indiana. Indiana two games to one. A gun I would love to the pacers took answers. Of Ozzie and curiosity as we go to. The only thing that get help if he loses trillions Philadelphia is Cleveland losing so that I could help. So tonight we've got homeland. To episodes left of the season we had Silicon Valley. Which is one most brilliantly written shows on TV got element. And. West world comes back after two years. Now it's been so long. Since must roll was on that I had to go get the last episode of the first season. I'm gonna have to watch later before. We go to the next season was ruled brilliant. And. Highly recommend that show. So there's a lot of TV watch in the bee sauce tonight I don't know I might affable the second TV over. Just to deny unclear when and just heat watch clean and Indiana and hope for the patient when. Got so much. So the the the militant you're talking tomorrow that the whole healing completely. Missed the shower hit off the backboard yes yeah I decide. Photo on the seem like it than if you hear the audio human departed out. Well then. And I just isn't good first conceived you can hear what I heard on the UD you could you just you know the bag board yet it's amazing. And. Yeah. And. Some ten. You wouldn't. It recruitment from. City in wouldn't. About these Murray and I'm he would he. What are we don't know. There's a lack of room. Did you do you rotation. Into duty to report. Okay. I don't know how far I don't know who spoke ingenuity put all of the beast now. It through that critical just talk about rotation. Obama. Mutation that. The phones looks like Rick wants to talk about rotations. What's a break. Oh I'm great rank. You sell some pumped up this Sunday. I'm pumped up I don't know what these days of the year. In Miami Heat and an excellent meter there over achieved the market that you are a lot. And and Watson's boat from Cotto he's here which we want you normally put all those years when we spoke it was real purpose but but. Very they're more appropriate there's several trying different they. Never get out of his normal. And sometimes you've got to work and open a little bit just to change result. How would you have Gotti is his norm yesterday. Then I'd be even though would have been very limited amount that aren't. There comes a point aren't wired world war's happening I use my boat so. These old hit movie you know but no luck on that don't make sure well. You tell me you do you what do you do in there. Just Morrissey residual people have been bit. By the court of. Yet you know what I've been one of these guys that kind of agrees with you. That when it's a game like that where the physical nature of the game seems to be a preeminent factor in the game that I. If nothing else you DN. Just just to say hey ahead. Enough of that. I don't disagree with you on that the only thing is. Is. The heat we're winning that game and it by the time I got to the point where maybe you'd think about it it was too late in the fourth quarter now you're playing catch up and you can't have you'd be in. Well offense. These are not just talking about yesterday unpopular bow as soon as this kid. It could cheap shot putters put it between blatantly suite that is great talent who. As little bit involved what were the years I really acted cheap move you don't do that. There's no about it and grandma. And nothing was done. Not only is that if you don't they would that he didn't want to had been turnaround. You have no right to edit. We don't our corporate cop. There was not a and we don't want to culpable we don't get vehicle. But unhittable art art. Okay just what will mark Woodward. Were also out the way it does open up their work at all but now we want you to be reviewed all of and that what you the leader of the eager to you know war and our our. Go to beauty. That you open for 12 he was thirty operated ago. It couldn't go. I know I mean I I was watching last night like he didn't even have the warmup pants on he had a short on ready to go at any time. That in terms of rotation but. Are obviously. Who unloaded it present stated here. Were put off he's had surgery. He's so perspective. The second game. It is time to start somebody yells he's he's not getting a good start and are no I don't believe it or. But you've got to make something there deterrent negative stepped in with Tim but our limit that we gave. Pretty negative nineteen were and we start respecting our. But numbers don't lie. Yet Tyler Johnson not not have a great series got no points yesterday thirteen minutes. And you've got it when you look at about it we've yesterday mr. bunch greet. Garrett has happened is part of the game. But still have a great opportunity we knew what when we're we're down one go to war with one birdie. You put your best. And there's even. Product possessed you know you don't have to do timeouts you Richard Barrett eat better and they're being there. I don't want you gotta go there are a bit iPad even their. Even Geiger played and he's got to be getting there and you've got track that number ball that well. Eight. Listen I think Assad needs to be in the air but not when he's acting like a mental midget and can't function. Well you know what I sources or yesterday is that he has you don't I meant so there's there's no question that's why he knew available to eke out. There's there's record previews of coming over here you know it it is what it is that they say. But we used to watch. That he had a couple of to work rep. I would start to get back back back. Not a big deal of it at that we're gonna run one play and look where that guy I would give it a shot but unbeaten yesterday. One hard trap that. One heart. And I will be where we're pretty nice there. You've got to look back you don't but Walter White. Because if you look at what Billy went it went after being true wonders rewrote it will. Pretty much we. They we aren't. But what are haven't challenged Britain contributed to fool so why not go about oh we don't. Which there it was the debate on that you've got to be more aggressive and is it war. And it you don't treat such. You know and I have is not a the only water aren't good but we don't want to Arian. That that is as it was part of a mental weakness. That you really big big you're you're reporter is it in order on what is it. If you look at the series that we thought we had. The the response. Again it'll spend a promise in that way at least one. Expelled from what we're patient you've got to get away what you are. And goes on in there were no matter how critical. You're the period but apparently not to break that chain. I'm Ed appreciate the focal awesome point. This. I love phone calls auto on the weekend especially if you're venting after he gave up six minutes of a telephone call. I mean it's my fault listener ducked out earlier but. He didn't really give me a chance I mean that tied neck and intake of breath. I don't know I mean listen it's it's it's my eight. Yet it is kind of my fantasy to had you done is go out there and and knock some heads around. For a couple minutes I don't know how effective would be in the long run but. I. Am at a loss. And seat about. This game on Tuesday. Just hoping it's not a blowout just hoping that the heat go up there was some fight. I mean to be fair. All these games have been relatively close with the exception of game one. Well they've been close up until. The human outplayed in the fourth quarter of last two. Yet but as recently as last on the and it is not a chance at the end compared to game three where. Been no chance at the end yet true melt. I take a break. What our down one hour ago. The based on a sundown take it.