Beast's Den 4-23-18 Hr 2

The Beast
Monday, April 23rd
The beast continues to take calls on the Heat loss, then takes a moment out to make a hot music take that leads to beast taking a shot at Prince?!?!? Then it’s all wrapped up with some draft coverage including who calls Tobin’s wife if, no, when he get Tased for trying to get into the dolphins draft room.

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. That's always tough when news. It's competitive so you wanna win every game. Down used to have a so. Women and go home for. And you know it is. Come to the few that there was this so. You know it's right to. Did and through to the next. The dragon yeah. They really Williams there. Except in the fourth quarter yeah nudge junior was lost in the fourth quarter. Maybe make another Austin Merck commercials. While Merck's. Trying to get to new suits they listened and they have to snazzy suits and a little. So frustrated. Just frustrated. I didn't tell you this though this does not frustrate because it's really cool so listen you've been even downloading the to get that. Maybe going on to your money dot com listen to the stream there. You had some other third party situations. Also two ways defined the ticket now you can go on year. I'm not to say her name but you know what I'm talking about. Started a and as saying there's an X in the middle all. Acts. Your Amazon act though you're a good dye your echo whatever. You go on there and say hey play seven on the ticket and she will. But the time of this the radioed dot com app. Is officially the new home of seven under the ticker. Are you went public other well team and Japan are raw meat. Treatment over there are. Yellow and we don't want those dollars in those dollars. I mean we probably don't but we're not lawyer bill I mean it's creepy I think they give up what I. The other elect while Leonard beat out the current roster indicate that we're not respond knock export Peter. No no I I I agree with you in in so like listen Riley Ann and Andy Els berg. Who is the cap baldness does is command to crunch the numbers for the heat. The medical mob was something I don't know what that something is I'm not a cap all just I don't get it but I do know this that. Things look leaked from a from an offseason movement perspective because. They simply. They've got. Subtle let's let's not dragon con Johnson's contract no salary cap space. And what he is supposed to do. And who's gonna take. Who is going to take us on I 98 million dollars. The league is moving away from the prototypical five. These. Alien like creatures that are that size but can do everything. Who is going to do. It's gonna do that. I mean maybe you can console and into it I don't know. I'm Antoine ornament Imus under still raining out. Now. In the fund. Let me know in the and it will be paid. Got me out of bed this morning much earlier than I wanted I have not slept well last united. Just not at all. Last night I was all over the place mil a night like I don't know how this happens I don't know what I'm doing in the middle of the night. But my my pillow and Obama's I am one pillow like double I'm all I used to be like a multi pillow guy got three or four polo guy. And then I realized it was bad for my neck to promise of public that so I've won a really good pillow like one amazing pillow. And that's my pillow. And it ended up on the floor in the Melinda and I don't know how that happened. And I was all over the place that I got up to get my pillow off the floor that I almost a lot of bad than not my phone off the nightstand that it was. Just a rough night. To really right it's because of the heat man they've ruined my whole day yesterday. Really didn't. Got through an hour. Have another hour ago. And I don't have any answers. I mean they see. Obviously need to go to let nothing get away and which they they did in the series and you've stats when he felt good about things. But now the series and radically different plays where in valued trying to dig yourself out of a 31 hole. And you realizing. As you look at Philadelphia. That they're constructed in a way that a team should be constructed. They have a superstar in Ben Simmons. To have another superstar and do well and bead. And then a bunch of really good role players. The Miami Heat do not. Have. The superstar. As much as I'd like to put Dwayne into that basket he's not anymore there's no young superstar his team. And I am looking at the rest of the teams. That are winning in the playoffs. They've all got somebody. Right. I mean. The mode of somebody. No it. I mean. He got. That C Utah you got Ricky Rubio Mitchell right. Oklahoma City we're familiar with their work with Russell Westbrook in and and. Company. Rockets I don't have to even get into I wouldn't really make category. Okay. He is. Above role players status. Stevens has barely but a little bit above role player status. Certainly. Jimmy Butler. And the cast on the timberwolves got some great talent. Obviously New Orleans. Rolling right through Portland. A bunch of talent. Just one talent. OK but he's a lot of talent he had 47 points yesterday and understand and is there anyone in the heat that's gonna have 47 point I'm not. Did you know I'm compared to ransoms and do you thin on talent and is only one person. One of them could have or should the behavior are missing one person. They're missing that one guy that you want to get forty have a guy. First why you know. The last boom glassware and Miami Heat take it a surgeon looked this up who was the last gotta get forty plus. On this team was a Wayne Ellington some ridiculous three point shooting night probably. I don't even know how to look that up deed to school that what do you do. About it waits to go in and see Yahoo! Sports put out I mean yesterday. Where they had the Broncos yesterday before they have LeBron. Soaking in the locker room because he he got the fifteen custom made suits the the wrong in our late you know. Blocked their way into the arena and twists and it it was a mean it was like. On on one side is LeBron sole gain looking Diana's phone. And on the other side was a picture of Google was LeBron type Maine you know how to return fifteen suits or whatever. Bomb. Yahoo! in it is a search engine first that's what they they started as one would think the people from Yahoo!. Would use their own search engine. It is in this asked. And they won't with a competitor. It's like mcdonalds trying to make a mile above Fries. And using Burger King. And so. I mean how do. Some executives got so peeved off. I liked us before we were a sister and brother station to be to go to the tool together if we want to point out. How great our morning show was and we used euros. Like Maine and it's. You people. So not. Like what ever young what every young and came up with that idea they had two leading to a Hewlett that's why weren't using Google. To get. My mom or pop up he. Might want you to the radio how important. Well. When news is zones in the background or something's noise. No. In the area. Are you out at a restaurant and. Yeah and I am a club didn't at all at all club. Oh. Good causes mom make in the meatloaf. In the background. What are you looking at me like that. Why you look at me like that stop knowing that why stop going man stopped and we got Burma on this before you remember that right. Really talking about people are rumored to be dumped it would you remember I don't remember anything impact. By the way bill please stop calling my office. Stop to stop please. Unity on double you know you just insecurities and continue to do I mean that's all fighting game a toll of the authorities and also to have all your information. We don't do I know I'm just saying. What you do Owens nothing. Like I love bill put just leave me alone. Like just let. Take it easy. Oh who Antawn rush to pick up that phone before I'd pull my little game. So as to why you putting the on the corner beast why I'm not wondered if you want to call it right now he's going on the air. But I would prefer he did not leave 700 messages in my office on. Yet he don't have a star that's their biggest issue. I don't know. On now the phones are now there lineup now I've been sighted people. I've been sighted people ads on you have to work your screen phone calls and judged LaMont was low let's go every guy come on patrol. Adam. Adamant summarize what's up. Yeah I don't. I want to talk about just went law like a lot of people and credit has not series how well he's played by. EE here we're really care. All shot well I am detecting and adoption 30%. You know ultra or whatever in the second half in my even yesterday you know people talk about it eaten by. I thought he had one of the worst and most crucial. One minute span and in particular where you missed two free throws. And not a particular spell that guy mate to repair and turned over all that touched down at. You're expo is simply too much when you you know to call on but I. The bottom line it's not a threat to score on not sent to an Albuquerque after he expects are either all bets that nobody carts. Don't when he does it's sporadic we make you shocked everybody. No cheers them on wide open in wide open or leader. Like James jumped in and other guys getting to play the other. I'll listen listen James Johnson I don't know that he is necessarily the name you wanna go for I think you're gonna think about justice wins so as I I really do think. Somewhere in there is is he's capable. Mom and certainly. The defense of aspect of his game. It is something that the coaching staff loves. But you're all you're right it everything you gotta be able scored wins league. I'm not given a bottom yet he did have a bone headed men like you said yesterday. But on the other hand. Win foot up his brought their for the county the guy from duke crews not necessarily known as that physical player has brought it right back. How to create art I think it speaker is great and I think very trap and I think she anemic cute or you are out. I don't get why everybody gives him so much credit. Then he got on to gains they like oh my god these are reproducing if you look at the percentages. And our leadership in less than 40% spill. And and he still liability on the open the war. Even though he's wide open and why don't I don't eat the marker and all that are pretty LC. And I see him as a situation all the standard and yet spoke played some certain that the game you know sort. I don't know I don't get it. Well you didn't you know pick up a spot redolent. I don't know what to do now I was gonna say is a limited so getting in trouble so I won't. When we come back I need to get into discuss with the Antoine. You variant on we need we need there's the we we need tool. Material for this what is so during the break inept effort to songs. The Samsung up by two different people. Can. None hot today. Yesterday or Thursday. Paisley park. Released princes recorded a studio version of nothing compares to U. OK so that's out there so find that. And let's compare with the one that was ahead which is Schmidt O'Connor nothing compared to you. Now prince wrote the song and obviously due to be fortunate but his single was never released. And I am a hot take. On prince is nothing compared to you. To shenae is nothing in Pristina. And I'd like to go through this with you. On the air in the next segment so during the break. While you're not yelling at Steven. CB you'd find prince's version that was just released Thursday make sure it's not like you know pirate currently the wrong one. And then it's not mean our sister but she made to apply to be in our system is I'm sure they Glenn a light or Peter one of those stations. So let's do that. As I I I ads were shut down the NBA talk for one segment three and of shenanigans and it Jeni and for once I winner also done a good Sunday bag after the cementing. I. Yeah. Series. He makes a run that play out like I need hours while tonight. Miami actor the whales are heating up and so are the same with the Miami accurate log out of Miami after a dot com. The Miami actor white hot heat our every weekday from three to four Zach Martin right here on names have an idea of a 1043 HD two. The ticket. To be back here. Taking up till just before one that we're sort of gains baseball blood. They decided Friday at like 5 o'clock they're gonna change that game from today until a double header yesterday. So Pittsburgh's Arnie got out of here Miami got one to him seriously not going so well McCain's baseball front. So. I was supposed to do show up until cain's pregame and then it was those three in baseball but that got all screwed up so instead we'll have that's been radio for. But to be fair they were right it did bring it to look barrows are. I don't know what is doing in the gables right now I know when I was driving in it was lightning and thunder like Cain in this well stop. Because they met mayor Greg and when. Slowly. Nickel back. What you what what what to someone nickel back. Man during the Caribbean overplayed. They put the gift to your music but to us. Just too much I love the match and dragons my love to do what is it concert at its didn't ask you move saturated if you don't mean oh well I'm sure that's because Arizona put out as good. True it was since like I I mean it's good we know it's my Mac is just bet there there the groups who. Brand for advertisers. Every song they put out is that in Austin on pad. The rain is pretty much move out of Miami Dade County hasn't taken it on the game and pretty evident. Grants and currently badly to cover that whatever they're ridiculous item is. Ought to get into a hot take a music musical hot takes its at a basketball for second. So. The other day I think Thursday. We got a little bit us saw some from the the estate of prints. So we all owe all those of us that are light my age older a little younger we all remember. The 99 the year or so 19901991. Version of nothing compares two U chained O'Connor bald head. This year I went on Saturday live toward the picture the Pope up. And great song love that song she did a great job with it. But at the time you know we knew that printer itself. But we we never got a really here. France's regional recorded version of that song. We heard it live a couple deeply we play alive a couple times but we never got a year. The original studio recording of prince has nothing to Blair's view but has since been released. And I listen to this morning and I am hot take so Antoine let's let's start with. Start with. Chained to a Scotia native. Ocean they'd. On on this yet here yelling so the Zorn we don't know. Okay. It's day. I'm not gonna say the ultimate sort. Turn up element and it's. Got such a soldier who has a love unit. Yeah crazy. Little bit them. About ray gamma coming here it feels really good. This is that sanitation. And vocals. CC. Look at those tickets here. Sandra. One of course there. Okay. But there's a virgin right now let's listen to prince's version. And we'll disgust. Possibly. Should take. Do. Way. Now granted this is recorded in 1984. So you got to take that into account. I don't like with the doing here at the melodies. Yeah. Nine. Iran takes its version a lot better. Now if you listen so those. This is this was. Recorded that version of the lord 1984 which was totally in the height of prince craziness. Right. And would that sound. From that recording. Kind of foreshadowed what prince got two. In the ninety's. When he's with the new power generation. Right. Like that sound right there. Is a little more emblematic of well what was going on when he had diamond and pearl's and and all that stuff of the new power generation. More than eight showed off what he was doing. With a lot of the oh and you know drum machine and all that other stuff with the revolution. So. Even the revolution is. The prudent recorder where he grew were right so I'm just saying is like I like he was foreshadowing where where his music was going to get that. But just of comparing should name it version approach is version you know Fritz wrote the song of the composition is great. I prefer she needs version man. I don't like. King. I don't. I just. I don't. And I love for like a huge prince and I summit concert three or four times. It's all three or four concerts and I've seen from Princeton new bar are the best shows ever been to being undone he's the best guitar player ever you know bill. I'm just I don't you don't do as a viral you might just saying I think she made version is better you're not and a guitar for you know good just the price of this pumps mount. Whenever you bring in Cuban picked Jean from mad dog eat. Now. Rob and Hollywood is spewing some sort of awareness and Texas chain of course is normal budget we to a democratic lunch with Robin Hollywood. We grate on you Colin. Now the product on sounded. A new product launch. Jim I'm going. I'm ranked number there at no I mean you know if the company will pay for like private security. Wednesday won't while do you know who you were former. Oh yes I know trust me I know. And is that well I know was there was there wasn't allowing I'll discuss it with the do you actually discuss the military's don't say that in the remembering and everybody I'll discuss it later I don't know what's there today later like a month later in like three years on the road later and I'll just lay there. Sauces cool story broke back to sports stocks now again we sports. Nugget of something else it's the least I do shenanigans. What you listen if you didn't if you don't realize that. Thank you listen you know we we do I mean listen all you can. You should know who have been to beat those as a big fight fight means that the French Immersion in the recorded version not a lot of live different. Again lied to prince live from that song really good. But recorded original studio version. Which again 1984. Predated us it O'Connor by six years. Took technology of everything different sound different whatever she made versions better you get a better job on that song when the written for her. No it was written for prints. Are. We didn't work out so bright as the ball prince wrote Brazilians saw as we're gonna find out over the next decade. And yet seven Brazilian friends saws and never made delighted that is identical numbers William. Join come over the. Make some questions. Really. You think you're funny and funny how my ha ha. Doesn't got a Mitchell's OnStar that helps our. Not officially nine Vietnam all star that you saying no but he's really good he is really the I have you know this reconsidered break down the heat. A we will acceptable will round of the show that we can do it six ways one way six wins another way. It doesn't matter. When it limits some foul shots they like it all you know what good does that do they don't have a star that what is the key to at all if they may. A club more files does not we haven't it's gonna go have a guy that could score 48 none of it would matter what if dad if if they had a guy who's were forty. This is this is the it's it's hard it's it's through one of the way probably gets all moot point. That suit that that is their biggest problem they do not have a guy that go out there and score forty. We get that's a lot of teen drama. Only half blue team that we have bag got it correct. So do you stand alone will moan from my million dollars like okay. Will let. Now they give the most money too is incapable of doing. Well account like I said earlier we're like it's it's it's been you want endless lines and there. One thanks and welcome them gives it again that's one's so I said that. Three diseases is quickly to market. Basically they'd pay as I'm known of the party could. Makes amount of need and expect they don't do so I think the basic. Agreement amongst most is that the heat. Connick got scared to let her son and Tyler walk. Once he learned it from Bradley how log me here is new and wanna do want our war. All that means they didn't want Tyler linesman I see owner and you know. When you into onboard. Now onto isn't over the border right now. Opera and worked in the chemical infineon excellent text. Oh I'll take a break hot takes to finish publisher after this. Now we thought it. Possibly. Our NFL draft Joseph would only beyond our sister station WQ I am. The way plug in analysts think he can pull off some beaten Philadelphia team tonight third and we're not good at he game. Which we hope it's not the case but if that is the case then for the first time in the history of South Florida. We will have. 8567979516. Taking QAM. Sidled past this monster ridiculous draft show it's all brought to buy Big Five Rama. Florida made you burn Cuba inspired round we'll have recovered from Athens champion skating hard rock stadium in our rap artist Dave and buster's and opened flat and Hollywood. Did secretly wants sport's biggest draft coverage of the rugged but I'll be Charlie your number one draft joins. It is Christmas in April animal trap and all the governor will be here on and have an idea of what a 43 G to the ticket listen. Yeah we got caught on to so you're you're you understand you comprehend it you get it. From a coverage perspective. Yanked. If you're listening to the plan. Wolf for all on. On the ticket if it if there's no heat games. Dissolved I'm just gonna pretend. There's no he did what if there is he gave obviously you'll get your he coverage here of the ticket you'll get your he pregame meal like Gator he covered all that stuff. If there is no heat game. You'll get your car's in park right up until 7 o'clock. If you listen to the sister station the clam. You get your your. Hockey Crowder watched Dave and buster's and Hollywood. From two to six and then from six to seven you'll get allow its gonna right now it's 7 o'clock. When everything merges together. To become one. It was a Spice Girls home. Could Spice Girls are pretty sure is by spousal. Two been. Portrait from a quote. This. If he'd only got 1 in at 7 o'clock we started off live from Davie Frito. Acres or roundtable. With the perk. Beasley. And Omar Kelly which should be intriguing then at 8 o'clock the draft show starts. And here's what we got going on okay. The main sat. Is that dolphins headquarters and Davey. It'll be the big go or let Ozzie Gary and LeRoy hoard. Together. So big though that does Gary who likes to blame Al paper junior junior has turow says the exit GM. Is gonna go up against a guy that played the game of football for ten years. And likes a look at things. In her read reality a realistic logical point of view that could be an interesting combination. Then at the second set. At our big party Dave and buster's Hollywood Oakwood plaza come on out. As what we got for you got out Donna there just to move things along but. Our two analysts on the draft. Out Dave and buster's. Butch Davis head coach Jeff IU and his voter data guys just became an assistant athletic director their athletic department Ken Dorsey. Ken Dorsey. On our draft show eleven Dave and buster's in Hollywood you the big deal it is a big deal a gag. I'll be out there to really just. There for the free drinks. Permit yet we flowed the and then we have a farce that if you go to the dolphins party at hard rock stadium. You'd get another crossing streams right guys that a bit of both stations. Chris what are your hand and Curtis Stephenson. Will be together. Think about this yet. We got freedom. Ya work we got easily re oh mark yup they go yeah LeRoy we got what's. We got out estado yet Ken Dorsey we got Curtis got Chris. You'll never hear a better draft show in the history of mankind to what we've got coming fortieth or tonight. In the B movement as removes the everything's going on. Adult we could be making moves we gotta all covered they better because we got reporters out Davey we're told it could try to sneak into the draft room. The bloom trial and he he swears and he's coming down to dating. He wants to give gays appease and his mind and Mike are you sure it's a good idea is like yes it's a great idea. Of Eric I don't think that's a great idea. I hope we watched them right before he gets there or friends with us Amman is gays might. You may slow shot to court tomorrow. Off the dolphins have a good security team I don't think he's getting the draft form. If he does governor of the mighty fans I mean. Maybe they love Tobin shenanigans. And maybe you but he talked trash about gays every single day. He's still upset about the that the case has some sort of bias against British athletes alleged guys leave. Like the only reason your problem right. Like so Tobin thinks he's gonna infiltrate did the dolphins' draft room and gained gets to bridge. If he's the dean bomb on the arm. I don't know man Tobin seems like he's got skills. At a particular set of still skills. But obviously and needs him more than though you know not not not even close to either. So yeah draft guides you to be ridiculous. Sosa is all of that for a seven win Max dolphins team. Sir sir it's it's the dolphins though yes. And in the way he planned wouldn't you rather have distraction. Yes. I'm not prefer heat to be I would I would love the heat to be played third tonight and then on that Dave and buster's and put endorsing. In a draft don't want you want to strapped on one team in the heat on the other TV as I would love to be happening. Have TVs because this is TV or score in two people bosses yet correct. Maybe go play some ski ball in between pop a shot. We can get to it pains me kids pogroms Buick or all's draft night and adaptable in LA and you might like literally it's it's always there or where were they or you'd week do you like to do TV like listen listen. Divide to pick up some six year old and toss them. I'm toss them into the problems. That is funny. If rob gonna be there. No rob I don't know where rob is going to be I. There there may to be too much action for rob believed his gambling that. Wherever it is cousy. There's probably shot with no shoes on one trying to you to press TV's good showed him buses and take arms uses with parmesan. When they must whose luxurious floor. Yeah. On this thing about I bet that was there for Robby is shoeless pop shots and was now he is always there were during the program goes a ground he is such case. He is wow he's such a superstitious lot national individual. All this is true and taking into account Tobin determination. Ode to take into account as far as Thomas gill don't neglect continue to count the crazy determination. Yet now there's the debt debt you get to him play he's our leader certainly has for he is certainly for five cent to sort of a picnic so. You know it's fine but ever give you either him where he is right now which is way above his pager went for. In a given her even further because they'll keep going and actually we have put him down. Or it's all fun and games until we get a phone call that the dolphins have had to Hayes Tilden. Will weep for Seattle coffee. I mean. Will get the vote I'll call but it might be Monta knowing that your your your when he hosted here we had. I don't restrain him. And he'll be taste. I think you want but it is it's gonna you were Taylor it and they were straining on Travis your gut out they'll just really listen we edited as we have put down elephant art. How to put that news is thoroughly mapped an awfully nasty. Turn while the dark. I can see that happening. Days what did traded a rat bastard. All open to art. The corner did who. Looked. My body my my best friend just in such and what many would call puzzle because the way for. On the other columns under whose homes were still not me. Page Dianna speedily right design. I'm sorry on how Leah Leah Gibbs apparently were that you know we were gonna put. I just feel like your idiot husband. Okay yeah he's he's not going to deliver news delivered to them design. Ambrose to go to their words district appointment hey you. I would. At closings and is gonna get to rewrite uniting here we talked heat for an hour and a half so we're good like. And I'm too depressed and keep talking about it. Idea when we think about this UCF knowledge they migraines. Consoles undefeated national champions which you know I get fine. They made the move further where they put the inscription on the other on the facade and their stadium of 2017 national champions. And I mean they're taking this all the way. Of this moment won't it and get a stop on. I just think I don't know. At some point Trulia who is found who's gonna go to the hey pat you can't do it like at some point it's a little. Tacking. On the other hand it's like this is why I truly believe we need eight an eight team playoff. Because you can truly have. The winning durable committees is ever ready to play. And be don't want well I don't what does that mean. I mean it's the first to have an we have a comedian decide who's in who's not well how would you do it I mean. I mean look at that that they instantly turn and as a committee. Action. They'd better committing half. We we need to do is eliminate like. Doubt it but I think that's why be good eighteens like I think you're going. As far as like you didn't go. If you went to eighteen and then had some rules that leg listen if you're undefeated. Even if you're not enough power five concert like you get a you get an at large bid. Our our consulate. Conference. To counted as a conference with the power Fatah conflict. It's a good press who who would you put the power five. A sinister concert of the of the millennium. Well beyoncé she took over Coachella. Well yeah but beyoncé the compromise social table holding on. Rails is that isn't. Is it. A large print now will the world look you've worked I don't know starts with the sounds like oh looks like. It did for me next new owner yet. We also wanted to elect its. If you get the count and so are proud to do. You know. The Matty will be announcing first I hope not I'll be out again first yet put girl first or even no second 99 out. Beyoncé. I think we got it and aren't I don't mean I don't know lawsuit the last. Who before. I don't know that's that I mean there and there's some tough decisions we may we don't have our our amounts Obama does the compliment is live your love Larry we have we'd have to tie it after the committee I don't. I mean. I don't author Tom my head there's way too many options. Right. True and also like to like house Kendrick Lamar lives. No I do see that's I don't. I don't know. I mean solid and leg they're gonna go old school Coldplay U2 Foo Fighters. That too late sell some ozone really old to go Bruce Springsteen. Oh Paul McCartney right you re gonna who it is the power that Carl Bob read a slightly that's why the concert committee would have to be made up of people from and like different generations. Equally represented amongst the different demographics. Will really be equaled a well yes I would have to be there we would have to make it equal. The council pop we have put your nuts not to cut just pop into it's it's more OK you know council music via. The counter counts. Par five to give you special rooms and his god save number one leg like just without a doubt. 'cause I betcha there's a lot of logo Foo Fighters. As the mayor as the main act yet. I mean you could bush. The B two B I would kill you. I'm sure they want to I mean you know put the way to be I was kind of skated. For as outlook of can saying her name wrong is becoming due to inability to podcast a show. Yet we have moved your din is still has paid on the out of Miami as sort of the two hours. Of so the Shelby blog doesn't. It to you want this and spew attacks in asking. And because you have done in awhile. I guess to garlic in gag gift the internal work amounts on. Maybe who have intern anymore we won't have interns and like two weeks will be dealt with and turned forever. For it's yeah. That's what the new. I don't comment. You never come you just don't say it correct. And they'll say no comment. Starting now. Nobody yeah yeah amendment right you're in the beast of burden yet again the minute I know thank everybody. I don't have time for comment on no interns. The dog and go disarmed no. I'm not what you hit the song. It must ever ready to navigate it get to it usually better ready before. On our gonna miss it now really have thirty seconds of goodness gracious. Other yeah. Move. Thanks Steven based ads on days W called and listen tested all that stuff. We wish we can bring you hurricanes baseball that they put double header yesterday's and several previous V and radio I'll talk to you Monday. That's tomorrow from one to three whip my. Cohorts totally Roy and Robbie. Moderates and everybody else USC apiece.