Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 1

The Beast
Sunday, August 13th
The Beast attacks this Saturday with the joy that comes from the news of a possible new Marlins Owner, laments his wife's use of bed, bath and beyond coupons, lets South Florida react to the sudden news of who in the current marlins organization MIGHT be staying, and talks about the Guns n Rosses concert. 

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. How are you. Regan toasty out no it's loaded toasty. I among the full of my dad on my way down here. And I'm prepared to companies to town tomorrow. Because. It's that we between camp in school. And my wife's a teacher so she needs to go back into the pre planning paying some compared to come down to spend time Zach. And though it's good LA you know I give my dad takes a bowl and they go meant to golf or whatever. Some and ads like Coke you know he always like what the whatsoever like we all know the look like who is like in August. My duty it's it's it's crazy hot. To use the term from Biloxi blues it's Africa hot. And he's like Walt always top arraigned that he gets cooler light yet but in this instance it's it's it's not. It's not it's not getting cooler it's it's just pot. It's twenty balls hot. Welcome me on a Saturday. But it adds one I might have to actually talks ports today. Like I mean I'll consider it all consider hot sports page today. It's on the agenda. Possibly. I do have a lot to get to. You don't need to be all over the place. Listen the Saturday show. It's it's an acquired taste. A lot of people like get. There's a dual led. I don't care. The ratings have been very good thank you Antoine. Went to took over we steady the ship and. Things have been well. The ratings are really good. I was second show you all the ratings the SEC prevents me from doing that. That's neither here there's not even about that it should that this Saturday show is about just entertaining you. On a Saturday. As your mowing the lawn as you're doing the honey dues. As yours stood in the car to your wife's and paid in Bed, Bath & Beyond for seventeen hours. Using a hundred in ten of those 20% off coupons holy crap. Antonia familiar at this process of the Bed, Bath & Beyond. You don't look at a Bed, Bath & Beyond to have a guy like you don't go and get sheets third Lennon's often. You. Mean maybe you are maybe urine delay duvet covers yeah I don't wanna judge. In my family. You know. Bed, Bath & Beyond big day old depot that's a much book about me on the day buzz wanna go see the beyond part Durbin allowed seemed beyond. And add the Bed, Bath & Beyond the at this always would come back on strip I wouldn't come back I don't know not a bit better of me are guys going give my lends itself more mart and whether that's fine but so that methadone and just a little trip to titles chance as while out of a shock that. Does he send out these 20% coupons you can find them all over the plate you've bottom line and you can literally bring in a hundred of them. And they don't care. You didn't use all hundred of them. Well you gotta wait there as the one cashier because god forbid we have more than three on. Since they're scans and there's scans scans and scary and that's my wife basket Fuller shot Keyes we don't need. Used in New York, New York Jews say charge he is the Boston Jews say sought skis. Same thing. Want to hose arrived drenched eject on the Irish. Still we don't need stub it's crap but she's got 800 of these 20% coupons. And I'm just sit there like really. Like listen money. I need to think seventeen cents. 20% coupon not necessarily like I'll give you the extra six cents or whatever it is. We that's that's news on that put put you to iPhone due to some go to from then on bottom of art have been I did that whole walk around the store. When I'm being asked. Do you think that's just get this is a 750 Caroline and unity to predict. It. It do you start to embarrass mr. Well you can't do that you Don sure right now but. You know. What do what are you saying. What we're Pope. I came out and try to tweet the were on the air I can't. We're now tilts. Freeing. Tune in at 79. So here's the hot sports stuff. Oh yet it's a plethora of stuff and at one of you could find any sound that may go with any of these stories right hand held done officially put on IR. He's got reconstructive knee surgery Barry reports he should be if everything goes OK be back to their. Started the next a regular season. However. I've seen this a million times. Yes. High percent of the time that surgery were these days is. Pretty routine and everything goes great in the rehab is great in these guys. I think John three days back in the dolphins doctor and he's one of the best knee surgeries in the world. And you know that'll be fun but there's always the case is like Brady where there's infections involved in the need to go back in there you know all this stuff so. I am hopeful that ride Danielle back in the starting next season but. Let's not go all in on that. So they have Jay Cutler. And lacks week's discussion. Was. Jay Cutler verse on cabernet in Kyle Orton ended Brock costs while they're we were talking quarterbacks. We the dude from pro football talk on all that stuff. And I really I really want Colin cabinet to get a job again that's that's basically. That's basically some actual strongly about I think most of us do well not right PNNBC. Would have to Charlottesville Virginia last night weren. All. Don't get is the white supremacist and a big rally they're out even better one today and what they're always there and an outbreak in this is different there they don't want the just won't get to that later okay. We'll let me just tell you for all those people that believe that you know that he should get a job. And that we're Shane and he's a right to work on stuff despite whatever believes he has nearly and in all the stuff there's plenty of people out there that think he's a double. In any event. So we have a conversation but. Way you take away my emotions for white collar tapper at to have a job. Eight comes back to this. Jay Cutler knows how to negates the system we're sitting here in the pre season. Like they don't have time. To teach current cabinet the system. Don't have time to like that they get him acclimated. Jay Cutler knows the plays already. And that's vitally important to be ready for game one. He saw no action in this for pre season game we'll see if he gets in Thursday against the ravens. I believe in the N Adam gave my ten a bomb they made the right call bringing in Jay Cutler now the question is what Tuesday color. That's the question. Can you limit his mistakes. He's the upside the cheek color had a one point and not. The downfall that he had a one point. But this has been a tumultuous. The accident right. Three season the dolphins I mean. Lose guard right. At a place at. Now he may be back running on the side or whatever but until I see that guy take it head. Who knows. I cut two tips. I agree with LeRoy DJ and Romberg and all these guys who played football listen you're a senator need to band hips. Okay need to again hips. The most important thing. During that squatting position for a lot of the game. Now maybe you'll be back. The tough injured or habits or your catcher with boss kidneys. Like Jake. Though what's his name from. Major League was last name. A couple of I have DB. Major League. The tenor. No that's full house. AB ones. 67974. On the goals re not a mall that text line. Others comes in you guys really live in a bubble bubble if you think most Americans think cabinet should get a job yet no Iger I disagree with Antawn of that statement. Seles is broad 20% off on each side is an extra percent up from it the entire purpose yes. But they may you'd go through this whole thing of needing to have a coupon for every item. You don't just give them one coup by his neighbor toppled her to do it Taylor Tate Taylor. But his name beside regularly right hopefully some legally Willie made days. You may run like his but you kept OK anyway it's. Thank you sir in the 786 for that. So yeah. A senate Austin have somebody catcher Austin needs it's it's tough. If he's if he plays it all this year it would be Americo. There's no he's played sixteen games I don't know he'll be ready for game one. The dolphins lose re Kwan right. At Mellon. I don't wanna sit and argue about whether he should have been on special teams all the stuff like cool mind. When we're all sitting here I mean and that's the idea Sports Radio they were gonna sit here and play coach with the text machine her phone caller. Whatever but. Most of us now and there's a lot of you out there that are that know your football and there's lot of coaches out there are too high school coaches optimist coaches and your football. Being. I mean no fat slob oh. I would like I mean a senior question whether rake on the militiamen on special teams I mean. I could just for the sake of having an argument which is most of what you hear on Sports Radio as let me just argue something because that's what I deal. I'm not into that and not into the fake crap like that a knock it just give you spew hot take. In order to get a rise out of you that's not me like I am yeah I mean he was on special teams should he have been that you need not amend the that's for the people that actually know for altered to deal with it. Like you lose him to linebacker. So you better go pre season. And you haven't even seen. So this dolphins' season has a lot of intrigue to make canes by the way going through their scrimmage. All right now just finishing their scrimmage. And or bots have cain's best if you're going out to cain's fast. If your if you Danny Dietz on the scrimmage if you're out at hard rock calling to the show and talk please over the phone lines of its history 60790. A look at for canes fans. And and dolphin fans that have been out of practices not scrimmage has been somewhere I need a little info I need you guys did to give me my spies. Give me some info. Only people who live in knuckle drag America wave cap prediction not have a job yes I. We have all that going on in addition to the dolphins. And saw the dolphins the Marlins sale. Reported yesterday first I Barry. That it's is huge Sherman. A long would jeetz Michael Jordan a bunch other students. Have the one point two. Billion dollar offer from the Marlins that Lori is supposed to accept. All the people were disposed being last night to Major League Baseball they have to prove it. Now I read an article Michael zany and that's his name right correction from Forbes he's been on the dolphins ownership thing. Prolonged time he wrote an article this morning at the Jorge wants now to dolphins. Our Marlins he wrote an article this morning that Jorge mas local odds Brodeur. QB and and problem of the U of course. Is trying to win lose weigh in his ownership group ended. Oh we'll see what happens. Really talk to the buzz Berry Jackson to write ads on yes so barrel join us that you were were effort in Mike goes Iranian. Because he worked for Ford she knows the business side of it it'll give us some laid down there are so. The Marlins are in the final stages of finally being sold and I cannot wait for the day and parade happen. Meanwhile. We've got a lot to get to we have to give you an update on the golf leaderboard PGA championship. We got Mayweather McGregor coming up next week next weekend week from tonight I think they'll wait what's today. Two weeks from tonight right yet two weeks from tonight. So want to get too. Lot to get to a Saturday. Plus hijinks. Plenty of projects and don't real later on in case you missed it. Antonio looks sleeping. Be sleeping. Looks like it. Her looks good today. Section as usual. I exhibit on some boy that goes regatta on the tax on top attacks coming in to your calls of its history sees those OpenId. Get to. All sorts of stuff after listening to get. Yeah and and now we're back here something games. A ball player fantasy football players then keep the ball players. Wait no you're leading company in its third annual at a Darlene Johnson played Tennessee football every special guest to give Ford dodge god Jamie I didn't. It might close the sexy cat yeah. Syria burgers section is ahead in the media. Saturn an August 26. More McCain's gulfstream park's 69 it is freaking afraid there's no reason for you not to be there to. You're going to be safe yet John Clayton did you guys Merck for three hours just. Giving you hot Tennessee takes an advice plus two good wins an exclusive one of one Tommy John Clayton. Saturday afternoon just for the event all you do is to win the one a one time John. Is registered out to Miami dot com it's a grudge Miami Darlene accident attorneys call 100 some foursome breeze. 100 some more 7373. Three's body by Bobby Harley they're always number one draft pick by rip it energy fuel like cream journeys. By champion four by four for more details on attending. For free go to the ticket Miami dot com. The committee great event always as anyone even on that. They're come in you're coming this year. You lose and I got you under my wing man we're I go Uga. Well it would what do you put what is the sign language that you're giving me. What what what do you have I I've told it gets seventy appease the sound I don't know which when you referring to. I love Antoine. None I really do like I I might adopt him but he already has on families and on the need to adopting but. I think you'd be fun. July wake up to the morning in the morning and likes the Antawn in the kitchen. Make trillions and Jews. And I come down we just kind of like to have hot sports take time. They'll be fun up our body really like I don't wanna even read what's on the Texas she Garland regarding Colin cabinet. Again. In this country. I love everybody that's on gonna say I love every. I I I just can't. I mean I just I just can't. I'm looking oh here it is OK so we talked about break wanted to really get hurt on the punt return. And I'm not a coach so I'm not gonna sit here and flat it'd be all flabbergasted about a lot and learned burglaries in the game wanna rush only go Brennan Tobin stated guy impression I don't know. So I don't know this person is but I would like to make them the honorary football expert of the B show serve from the 954. 798. Deputy about your entire number I think it's having any yet there you. But he is a former grad assistant to University of Maryland. He Rand punt blocks scout team. Up against the punt team every day in practice. Linebackers are the core punt team freak injury unfortunate but it's part of the game. Yeah I mean I think LeRoy basically tell the same thing there's a lot of you out there I mean hot tea is should not. And let me be be. I thank them. Any critic Cody have easily got as. Gotten hurt. Played linebacker and defensive. Line. And that will would you say he shouldn't blame lie Bagger got a position they should about a minute later. When he got hurt. Ms. when wide receiver. Yes there there there's. The question come do you want football or not. No I mean that's bullet so I think it'll say though well I would say that is ready I won't I won't deny that's a whole another discussion because. You know Jay Guy gets could cost. Right. You got to guard that goes down injuries happen this game is a violent freaking game of we don't understand that by now than were kidding ourselves what you have bled to the fans are in my each in the men out there for the coverage and no it well you know what I'm getting into is. The sport of football is a violent game these guys suffer injuries they could suffer the same injury. At doing a million different things in this team this sport where contact is part of it and if you're gonna try to like OK yeah. Don't throw like Tom Brady. Or eating your franchise quarterback. You know does he need to play the more than one series in the pre season now you get ear you're Smart with that. Our guys that needs some run a rookie needs some run you need to get tired and you need to get practice you need to be on the field. If you're gonna play this game of good putting and putting the turtle head into the shell. Think that happens meal and going cold water anyways. Then. What do you can't play at all. Don't let the sport. Go play baseball. In my early years in your home. The thing to zero lead Houston with the idea brick homes in die young arm of content. To be the brilliant and all that I was I was let's listen told and you need a lot PT blinders everybody's what speed blunders great show. They give you my good dear best friend Alison turner. There's probably not listening but you can all tweet her because she is that the reaper for the delegate I join you broil follow our Twitter. By the way underrated Twitter follower does it's we've done much but what she does treat hilarious. Go to we at Alison turner that I'm telling. Everybody out there that she's my best friend and she once again every show that she's ever recommended to me has been dead on. The affair. Amazing job. LaMont made you show a low and into early. And now he blunders amazing job. But if you really want to Birmingham copycat accent. Our third the brother on there. Gives it he told me need to go lots or just wants BBC America and be done when it all up Walt that's great there's that there's this. I. A time when there's challenges that wrecks it discussion and or any kind of stuff going on and England. Also out on BBC America late night they had this like really old like honoring. Like nine year old. Present her as they would call it in the in England. But anchor as we would call here. And used is. Let's go out tomorrow and how. You. Someone not what you. It's just it's amazing DV. Amazing dollars and would think about the Marlins ownership situation. Are you happy Jeter's involved. Now what a lucky viewed. I'm input and and 25 mill my own gonna get to run the team. I mean if if you man's mind renting now. There are John Hayman. Was a trusted BA he's another guy that we should track down to some people down and one OK okay how you doing over there. Giving them any therapies amateur extra during the break all sorry I mean it's. John McCain reports that Jeter has told Santa he still really part of that it. Doing what's. With Rick who do you do when gray metal. Like if he's giving good press conference fine. No glee can we have it like a total. Might change like and. Maybe may be in this is that they are you may be. Laureates at the bit about you know moment to deal of the White House need to be pressing Terry is right now don't do that. Did you do it is dvds might be earlier pres Barack. I mean it didn't say I want to be like the the spokesperson in a or maybe be in charge of it tomorrow and charity he he's pro dodging questions and he can eat meat and Billy the marlin giving the press company that he is to be in the the marlin costume. You do merit if you want to sell hot dogs. I mean there's plenty of religion in the team that I would note note that will be fine for him. But. Being as part of the baseball operations I think we'd like to go another direction pleats. On the phone off. A year on the end all of we have like speak with Brian Jack. Do you generated off please we are coordinated and oh okay yeah it's beast man real we go right to you're on the air and on. Eight that the might be dumb. You know what you get questions and they're not there thank you secretary connected Bob bribe you when they wouldn't fit it would it would try to got done with Jeter and everything out so happy. But when they had bit the movie your rear were still going to be here all will put my weight. An odd ball yeah always I do it I don't. I don't get it. I also have bald and flipped us something we don't win it but I deftly put something. And yet goes and makes a sense like I wanna I just wanna separate myself nothing it was nothing against David Sampson. He's done a lot for charity he he he's tried to do his best despite the fact that his owners adult. But let's just say that it would go yeah let's let's start a new let's start fresh let's play this Lysol all over the place. You know I thought you know the proper word I'm looking for. Beast is a purge. It may be heard like he'd let let you that your device coworker or copier company. And when there is that in certain cup is what the code that keep believing it to be everything that is that the and dial back what immediate all I'm happy that he didn't they were due to bad the only thing I would say is. We are happy if fans. That you know you don't almost bride at double the system of where. You know back in the day when it said we didn't put a lot of analytical do we get to the building code maybe. Om and your bag so we got to replace him with anyone well if anyone doesn't fly bought. I think. That could go only paying about ownership group that I see that it would be a negative Jeter is as as a leading the charge and everything is great. It where you have. A lot where cook. You know because he's got a raw. Massive industry themselves or they would have the millions of dollars to put in to be part owners they beat these people all have wouldn't in the water whatever adventures they're doing so when you have what happened. And you have however many did anybody want to put their piece create and everybody knows. Hey I was greeted this that was great that's so I'm going to be graded and that the baseball being. And sometimes I think Eagles get stepped on its its its scope people some are probably guys it's got back. All ball need local baseball ball. We don't know what to do with. As a bar that's hard to do what you didn't secure the subsidy this. That's the only negative I look at it but the below the other they didn't open the pod of the market open to being out of work itself out. I'm in pretty good vogue yet gotten to appreciate it meant. It's gone to Iran. Would I be you. I hated cats I remember how last night saying. That nobody wears and the Marlins here in my area. I did I did not catch that. That's totally wrong and I had much Paramount or tomorrow or insurer I had much better thing to do my Friday night than blood both Scott and Paul. Yeah tiger's career and another thing I'd like this they believe earlier lol. Do you like do we know why he's weirdly Z a M I guess it occurred on the art. I think anyhow you must have a fetish issue that he might have. I know you Melanie that I'm Doug and announced. Blow dart are to be. He's going to have the Marlins to try to post start and bring in. Green is Serena now now we're not do in the orange carpet again that's not happening thank god. What Thibodeau Lawrence junior delivering an amount this year. You know I don't know it's a good question. It depends. I don't you know I may one those blood for how many years now than ten. Right back her back to repair is I still don't know whether I like them or not end. I do like going back to retro gulf outlet wrecks or anything. And orange is not a part of retro but I'm willing to give a chance to they do that. RB's you're actually really nice and appreciate you. Unlike John thank you run. Europe army Mercury look really look like I did you listen I it probably had an ass RH to know that is. Now it signs the male version of PMS. PMS it's up there you have cars were you remember that yes you know SRH is. Insert mill. Love bodily fluid and retention headache. Although young Turks yeah aren't ever you know birdies they're out there and only a couple of tears. In my house it's righty lefty. 7866. Those and in 960974. On the coast rely LaMont a direct line. What. By shaking your enemy you know I didn't do the the leaderboard and I. Alum of that next right here in the big. Two leaders. Right now telling his hair and Hideki months diablo or tied it at eight under par. They tee off in about an hour and twenty minutes. Yeah now all eyes on Jordan speed to do the to win the on the Grand Slam youngest guy that would all four attorneys. But right now I'm looking on the leader board there. And nowhere is Jordan's peace. Rory McIlroy it is. At chew over. In 31 place I don't want honesty during spring got past him. I must have I can't if this. No there is he is love tigers executives at five over yeah I don't I don't think you're doing it the cut was at five by the way. Knows what led once golf shop home united Arab to guarantee. Appreciate them. Although I don't play golf because I don't patients I have no patience. Just a little pay Shia elements yet. While they log in history days 109 range and just child and and Iraq and not to see it was so Manny around. And now you don't lack means dug in the ground NASA those gains down Jane mum made his then name is. Hi gang doesn't have a good game exactly the yield. Yeah and have allowed me near Jones-Drew it's gonna get really bad. I need your room. And you. Earn. Wind and you Newton. You never had Jeanne aren't as night it was out in my top five fractious multi. It was only knew. If you miss it does screw you. It I mean it was just unbelievable. There's there were sobbing cathartic there was a moment for small. Like the clouds are clearing in the moon was out over the stage. It was dark. The plain black holes sine you like about Chris Cornell all day and like I am I mean it was just perfect it was all just. Perfect. But still a late there's something cathartic right. About. There's I mean I'd seen Axl and his band of merry men ruin every called Guns 'N Roses before they got back together and it was fun at played all the hits and you and upper. It is the second time I've seen this the reincarnation the them both the the reunited Guns 'N Roses some in Orlando last year some moans park this year. This got a wrist and has America's they've been playing together for years. But there are slight. Normally for me. When you go see a band. If it doesn't have the lead singer like it's not I don't care like for instance. Just same. League let's say all The Beatles were still alive. And you had a George and Ringo. With two other dudes. Not Paul and John like eight it's not The Beatles like it ends late. The oil legend Connie get a limited his journey Kazaa is due to the Filipino dude is so good. But otherwise meet you need to lead singer to make the bet. Usually doesn't matter. About everyone else like. You Ellie Billy jolt replaces longtime drummer liberty to veto it substance abuse problems and I love liberty DeVito as drummer but when I go see Billy told Alec I don't miss him. It's okay again I'd I get through. But there's something about. Axl slash and Duff. It just makes it Guns 'N Roses like whether it's. Sweet child of mine Libya that's on whether it's welcome to the jungle when slashes another east teasing music NN NN at. These weights the content written. Debt and that is just plain that. And and it and then and then today I mean it it's awesome or unlike rocket queen right like Duff slap in the base and on rocket queen like Eaton just it. Makes it brings music to life how it should be with those guys playing they'd be originated those songs. To have them played on those instruments as it was meant to be played. Was amazing. It was just a great show. Unbelievable. It was in my top five rock shows of all time and our young winning hand. And out and we don't dorks that the competitor but you know assume we'll all be family. Young winning hands in the stadium. And so I'm tested it before the show lakes I mean one side he's on the other side so I we I never saw him though we I was just text with them. And in young Willingham is so knife life. In many things. I and I don't you know personally like. So I said dude your I'm telling you you're about to see your real rock show like this is going this is going to kick address. And he does what he writes backe those I don't know man the killer show I saw on Vegas was really awesome. And I was like. Okay. And elects three and a half hours later as relieving after just being. Just blasted over the head with hardcore GNRI. Text and I go you said killers. And easily yeah you're right. I mean it's just. I can't. There's I've been to a lot of great shows. But there's something about. A concert you go do with a player who literally every song in more that you wanna hear from a bad. It's the original dudes do it and I mean granted not you were doing drummer although dizzy reed. It's been their keyboardist for 25 years he's still there not hot check Melissa on the other key is Dan and Richard Fortis listen. What I love is Easter Island to be there yes. Is he's got some things going on whatever. I don't know what his beef is he's out there like it's okay we had go to guilty Clark on use your illusion one and two tiller. Richard Fortis is fine to play the other guitarist. He's he's he's quite agree guitarist is fine. Yeah you need for Guns 'N Roses to be Guns 'N Roses you need Axl slash and Duff. And then you're gonna. Just say that's a little music and lewd act or maybe I'll do another one later don't really. Right so. Hey there there's. I don't wanna. I wanna worry anyone. Boomers start to get some reports McCain McCain's had a scrimmage this morning Cannes fest is is happening in a little bit a whitish fire report 786360 somebody who looks good pads. I need if anyone's going out there I need a mark Walton citing. 'cause there are some rumors float around. That could mean that he you know simply needed to trickle water. I don't know. Don't know what that means. Perry Jackson will be all of those in about an hour he maybe you'll be able to clear summed up but it isn't spy reports somebody 6360790. Six and on some four articles from the LaMont the text line. Also if you went out to the dolphins pre season game would you seek. Anne's. Marlins ownership. Looks like the things getting done. I rule. So boom were striking out I don't know it was eighty and Antoine Kazuo column you just gonna continue to hope that. Like he gets the smoke signal or somewhere in the column to be actually like pick up the phone call now. You just did just call. And of itself Wellesley with some dude game Mac. Tell your sorry in the wrong number ten minutes are. Our playmate sailor loses might lose did the beast whose high maintenance and can be an ass maybe collier I'm sorry. If you want but to do that. Well we give us and for Matt porter's take you to George Fernandez or between does that make Matt Porter says a mark Walton bruised his hit. Suzanne. Okay Roque just bruised hip hopefully that's all it is ovitz and Mike county Jenner of hip situation. The Buccaneers have ray waved to kicker Robert a YDO. Hash tag to say. To get a break back with a lot more after this. And a bullet.