Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 2

The Beast
Sunday, August 13th
The Second Hour of show has Beast attempt to get some spy reports of canesfest but get cranks instead, then goes in depth with Forbes' Mike Ozanian about the Marlins Deal that ends up with the Beast having a weird vocabulary fixation for the rest of the show, and deals with some more South Florida response to the Marlins news as well as some revisiting cranks

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Yeah. She's just under. Yeah name. Steamy day. Aside from that means afternoon. It's. And just can't want and it's our time and again and number itself but it's tough. To change. And it's there an element and Hillary and touching a low voice to him because I mean I'm an ego. You need to hear me. Some run degree by the Pentagon for us show tomorrow spark Peter through and I know we are used to big crowds but like when you're sitting easily pack. It should not take me 45 minutes to get two Beers. At a double as he's. Every standard that served alcoholic drinks and was backed up so long I mean come up with a better process please changed. Like him I'm at a rock show I need my alcohol. Worse sometimes but you don't sell the other something you know I asked mr. Problems anyways. Listen I got to do this because this dude is. Hardcore. Fan of the show. And also I feel bad form Belmont and more. A cruise Jorge cruise you can follow on Twitter at no choke crews and OC HO crews. Given his girlfriend pat moving today in the blistering hot sun. Listening to the show. Now let's just get to the bottom of the relationship. Whose idea was to move. At noon. At a blistering hot day Jorge Jorge was a U perusing your lovely girlfriend cat because it was due. Listen man. Don't complain about the heat but imaging girl. I think we need to reevaluate all of it. Just I mean just look ordinary techtag you're wonderful you're beautiful you're amazing I'm sure your everything that George has wanted to. In a girlfriend or significant other what have you and maybe you know hopefully hold. Proposed tie the knot no no pressure gorge I mean but you put a ring on dammit. But cat listen if it in if you told a man listen let's move at noon on Saturday. When it's four billion degrees out and he's carried all the stuff. I'm just saying maybe ease up a little bit released chilies like pat his brow or get some like. Solar p.s are frozen lemonade or someone for the guy. Just saying. But I know everything works out you guys. On this move and on your relationship and you know cat it. Doesn't work out. Paula or something doesn't. Harm. To an enemy that too can mask or. Sears and you listen. When you when you move a knows from experience to do either way early in the morning or later in the afternoon moving at noon. Horrible idea. Past tiger say. So it's a 3600790. Is the the phone number two million Coral Springs auto mall. Tech sites is on and on some four. David real quick before we get to tell you what's going on in the world sport's dog eat what's going up and abuse. You know just chill and Amanda good they're really show will. Yet not yet it was off the two Zain. And an external created their repeat do it not that are not I smelled a lot of stuff I mean not only the herb page but also a lot of BO as well. The cricket. What I just called into actually you could what Stewart spent by. That's under 100 moves you know not this forty dozen eight people as local liquor store pick up some bull trend rump. Maybe your company's current business realised that in his girlfriend you know she's making a move but there are calmer day. After putrid they bureau. It just you know code off. He'll fill the rough from the Romberg and all must yeah period released the numbered year yeah I knew exactly. I would like to release my Romberg. That's horrible advice what a horrible advice would place. Ms. Connelly gets slide. Let's find out. Just like bringing. By the legs wrote quit taking a look at your PGA to reach a leaderboard because it is due once and our thanks to the fine folks at at a watts golf shop. Of the ninety day a 100% guarantee Kevin can Isner and Nikki multi alma. Eight under par they tee off at 2 PM they're tied for first place Jason Day behind them. But two shots him Chris Stroud and tied for third. Francesco Molinari. Is. Louis Louis stays in there is three shots off the lead and then he Rickie Fowler Dustin Thomas but to others five shots off the lead. So. That's what we got going on with that if you missed it it looks like now we're trying to get confirmation arena were reaching out several baseball writers Barry who. The buzz will join us at two. But it looks like this Marlon sales finally gonna happen with Jeter group. Who do Sherman investment due to open New York is the big money man in this whole thing. Michael Jordan is a part of the group so you know they're gonna be outfitted correctly as far as nineties go. And it's. It looks like it is gonna go through for one point two billion now Jorge mosque. From what I read this morning still try to make his way into the sailed a group. And also John Hayman. Reporting that. David Samson. Could still be a part of the team which I am I listen I've nothing it's David Sampson I have a Menem a couple times. When a court to the other station we were the flagship. And EU's was fine to me. And he does larger more commute the whatever but I just that we need to clean cut a sweet maybe. Let's do at the next break the next segment. So I want fifteen. Not perfect remind my goes alien from Forbes. Is going to join us on the show. He's been followed this up my own story. And we need to get to the bottom of the. I'm looking for speier reports of the canes and dolphins spy reports. And you got nothing. Yet nothing out there. I need to sit 67 us support gimme something you're Medicaid does right now give me something leg looks good and it is thereto without without their pads on. You went to dogs and again you went to the pre season game who will what did you see. Come on people been really guys in the year. So awesome and follow them on Twitter Arnold do you follow me on Twitter sent me a message. Just. I mean. How much most of all you've I don't know your handle. No I missed you last week. OK okay non. Well that was informative. We do better bill. Do better. I'd Michael's eighty in from off form you'll join us in the next segment to talk. Marlins ownership. Correct correct John Antawn seeing her go getter. The Marlins stand another dog last night he's at forty. Oh lead the majors. Listen they've got. That played a 114 games. So they've got 49 games left. And get to 55. The F fifteen and 45 games one every three games it is average. I think he might really get there that's what Tobin thinks 55. But who the home run last night. Over there on the left side. Dude is just an honor to hair. Listen whatever he's got into around whatever. They love you may or may not have been too. With LeBron. I mean whatever it takes. Now lives that was courtesy of our fine friends at fox sports Florida preach at them. And there are written permission to. Carry that call. What oh what is what is this about. Aaron do you wanted to follow you on Twitter is how you're doing I don't know some people are sliding into my Twitter like big gate you know. I don't know what's going on here. So Zetsche is a radio seashore and I heard it was peaceful could find a did you told Google it's somewhere else. I listen. Here in years ago and now now now now you've done it. Now you've done and now I okay you say is based in which you texted him yet what the hold on person to do this. Okay double me you were talking handles the pool. What do you think my hand to lease. Eat ease of cools. I am okay. It's gone home I'm. Barely an hour. I missed a couple a missed two feet and missed all know you re going to join together whenever you. I don't know I've got to invite who did not give me it's not what can you do not broached the issue Kurdish Google might. I recently down in Miami against Cuba might you'll pick which group might you do it's not a lazy Nelson road all sort out the Amex gold card I. I go to capitol I don't okay. Yeah the real. Today. I'd rather own bid and we are both so I guess it's around the plate again Foley won't feel relaxed and it's over at Bristol right. Yeah. Right now. I am up from a morning show to come to him well good. Gracious he's. She's in Europe right now it's rare to wait till she gets back next week but I can do that though I'll bring. I'm glad. Bring you know brings globe bring. You news. And I hate ads that show them right. Hates me so I don't think he's going to come no it's now I ate my and that took four letter word. I ate it at four letter word but I don't think it I I think if you love LO. We don't ride. Chaired kids. I mean this needs to happen. Not meet bill. I'm not meet the number one chronic at South Florida radio right now. I mean we've got a million we've had Gilbert. Job. Rhonda. Got the guys we that a married product. But bill is dominating right now on the chronic level. How do I not dig into launch online in the prime rib or who's what everyone shat tow fled whatever it is. I'll get a cup of soup does that all mean these days. But. Whenever. I thought I need to get inside that head. But I need to know what's going on in there. I don't know he's a genius or lay it. Mentally unstable I'm not sure which one. Maybe both. I need I need. Get I need to figure out. Now people are now seeing only go to lunch. If the station sponsors it. Listen into our new big event. Would build like come out meet bill. Maybe maybe were you get Billiton LT. I'm sure he would like that. It would probably come Monday that. I mean I know let's do it. Make all the co host LA beast isn't just talk in himself all afternoon or Beethoven Colin from Jacksonville or rely heavily limbs. He dug them really Ford or iPhone listen I love Tobin. Tobin has the most deadly no offense and to honor anyone else. The most dedicated employee the radio station. He would do 78 shows a day any drew a don't don't even try he drives from like parts unknown to get here in the middle of the night. Yes I'm now in he's on the space like every day I'm surprised you never show that day. They want to get him on there suits who couldn't get told him you know. We got to guess why you want more. Littered don't want to talk to myself. I'm talking to you. Know. On the way your campaign and then as I mean I mean kind of. People are coming up Peter reasons that soon some fox camera okay. Like I yeah okay I can tell you. Stella a year here. For all you UK intense. I'm going to give you the stats of theories has from the scrimmage and then what we didn't see the scrimmage. So me giving you the stats doesn't mean much like if you want here we go. Let's see him. Okay quarterback stats. League road Jerry to 14181. Yards three touchdowns. Here's the highs and Evan sheriff's at a 14132 yards and a touchdown. The boy wonder and cozy Perry six of 1568 yards and interception. Now lot what are my clothes do with that. From those stats and tell them only grows hair to be the starting quarterback in an engrossing Perry's Abbas to. Welcome to stacks. Move the screens that I yeah I mean I didn't watch I don't know who they are going against I don't know who was against two and what they were doing what the situation was grave but it screwed stats most. Scott pageant four tackles three tackles for loss two sacks huge. Dario seven catches for 92 yards Richards among richest three catches for 91 yards and a touchdown. John did melons thirty Malone's 32 yards and a touchdown. Harley 56 yard touchdown heard in three for forty niner touchdown. Did in Dallas a four for thirty yards. Mark Walton bruised hip. Mark on seven carries and nine yards and a touchdown Travis homer eight carries 55 yards and a fumble trail on grave five carry two yards shock not not getting it done. Really five tackles an interception there on six tackles shackled and four tackles. Young two tackles and an interception to Quan blocked field goal until Jackson two tackles a sack. There you go there's all your staff to scrimmage I didn't see it needed to you. So I don't know what you wanted to do with that. Scrimmage it's the first scrimmage the quarterbacks were not lives. Who knows what situations they were in. Like having the stats about scene it is just it's it's not. A great representation of what it wants by. There you go with that they need to be eateries for the stats preaching it. Let's give credit where credit is due. Need a break my goes alien from and make sure it's a zany and not pose any union or some other. When you come up let's do that he's from Forbes and got the Marlins ownership situation. That's coming your way next year and take it. New. Rip tide music festival managed to back in better than ever power buy full. Born Benoit December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale meet Saturday's features. Kgo that Weezer and human Mandel will report to demand more. Sunday against Casey has such a man cornered the grand more standard time to attribute different looks more and more to be announced. But I like it. I know whole release of three bands that have not been announced yet. That will be. Sometime this week I think when the contracts are done this thing is coming to gain trust me wanna get your tastes just trust me please. And this is not maybe Michelle was me telling the truth. Don't front you buy at a Darlene accident attorneys call 100 some more some pretty that's what it hundreds from 473733. Underground music. Food share bay around Leesburg responsibly tickets are on sale right now go to the deal Miami dot com. While waiting for Michael zany and from Forbes business. Here on the air. You. Yeah. That's that's the only guy c'mon. You're on the air. They get a look at our guys came and let's send I don't know garnish you would this sale tomorrow and beyond so we are no problem with Jeter color on board but I have an issue. We're in keeping Shenzhen and ill to be honest. Yet know why you know what I definitely I agree with you. I think we just need to do go clean clean slate on this one. You know I I ask you like your number or seller these guys they are to be on the switch in early Geithner are are the reason why. I don't you know I'm not gonna renew my tickets until guy to gun. You know I mean I I don't I don't believe they're not there should be in our future. We should be clean until later she'll be a move forward or the organization. I want David stand sin and Michael hill staying on keeping their guys didn't play that haven't done nothing. A global disorientation and I'd put it put the minor league ten years. Ten years. In the patch where it worse minor league system in baseball. Yeah I know I know my future your future we might very well and I totally I totally agree you may appreciate the phone call let's go to the arrived fuels and doubts his communion towards gas line. They're truly steps be odd man. Good convenient and joining us there from Forbes magazine does an amazing job of covering the the business of sports and baseball ownership in all of golf Michael zany and Mike in default on Twitter at Mike losing you know ZANIA. And Mike how white man. Great how are you today doing wonderful so what is the latest with this Marlins ownership situation. Okay you ready. I look at Madonna follows could a lot of stuff coming out a lot of it doesn't quite make sense to. A lot of stories partially right partially wrong okay show. This deal that's gonna be presented to Major League Baseball. First let's get to the price. Right here you keep you reading a lot about one point two billion that's not the real price to the real price which is. What's called the enterprise value is gonna be less than a billion. What the other money pushing it over a billion is all without getting too into the wheat is working capital adjustments things to cover net operating losses all that kind of stuff would you want a number. To compare to say the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium which sold for two billion. The price for the Wallin is going to be under ability and I don't everything more specific than that I'm sorry about that. Go to get well read what I don't Mike in between about does that the Forbes. Estimated value of the franchise is below a million. We had yeah are related valuation did not he would end of march a day you more on that nine iron forty million. Not open to B 98920. But it's gonna be less than a billion. And I mean nobody is ownership group. You have it the controlling owner. Or hey mark. He's in a plug in his old war aim so we we had first heard was this charming character. In 00. Not not not accurate. But still controlled the game Sosa is a laid out forming. I've got to put in the most money. Problems upwards close to 300000250. To 300 Germans gonna put in 200 to 250. So to me. He will be involved in that was another thing another story had come out that it was. Possibly mock them coming in and were sure it was that night exactly that he didn't really his body is that. Sharma and does it really wanna be there all the time right he wants to be in his shot was right around is that baseball likes them a lot. He had direct I don't know the man never met him never spoke to nobody had a very good rep from the people that I spoke to it. And they like come alive and wanted them to be part of this. Not want to be hands on he wants to run it which he is going to do. And he's gonna put in the most money. You read it like baseball then want Sherman to run it important like that they trigger for a million which he had increases up to eyes of the other day. Is if you go to wanna be there based all the don't want Jeter run this business because cheaters never run anything in his life. And this is going to be a difficult. Business to run at least at first. So everybody kinda getting some this Jeter will be involved he'll probably be president but he's not gonna run the business. Much is running it hands on control they like his local ties to the community down there he's putting in the most money. Sherman's taken in some money this also loves baseball because. It'll deviate from either mock or Sherman having to kick in a lot of money saved for 500 million which even if they could do. It would have been represented too high a percentage. Of their network. So they both would have been. Had to put too much of what they own into a single asset being the Marlins so this helps there. And I am personally I'm. Two very dubious about that Michael bell investment that was supposed to leave for being 175. Million. If that gets presented as part of the financing to Major League Baseball IE would. Doubt that that gets approved. Because it's basically. It's it's almost a bad against the team because its preferred dividends in this particular arrangement would have made it mandatory that is let's say a quarter came. And he had to pay the high interest on the dividend didn't have it you have to give it this far and all common ownership in the team in baseball doesn't want that to happen. And I am hearing that David Samson is. Eight. Come on. That's what I'm here and this is as you know it's been a very glove. Fluid situation. Your power or your color you call the bizarre and I think you're right but I ask you this question does listen you know your business. Better than any of us there's no doubt about it. Obama Marlins fan. My excited about this ownership group is this could be a stable ownership group the U to have the funds to be a little bit inject money into the team. Calm and ten this. Can this organization turn around any losses that it has. Work out better television deals. And to be a more stable organization. With this ownership change. Three questions you gave me on the first two I would feel very strongly yet so they it's a very stable organization. And the reason why the actual purchase price is less than a billion is because it's gonna take on top of that. Another 2300. Million to stabilize this franchise and the good have to spend a lot on marketing. And you know a lot of the contracts on the team's. Besides stand our back end loaded. The executives there are some of them have. Expensive deals so. They wanted to make sure baseball and I give rob Mann heard a lot of credit for this that whoever came and had cash. And had cash willing to spend. On the business in the years going forward because the original business plan that some people were floating around on this. And they were presenting some of these banks lay he was Citibank and may be Morgan Stanley is while not positive on. Actually had as part of turning the key to profitability. Cutting expenses. And that to me is. Very dubious because. The that would have meant cutting payroll that would demand not a good team and that would have meant no fans. They these guys have the wherewithal to put a competitive team out there. And so I think that's very positive. Will play you know go forward I think look. They can get a little bit of money from a new naming rights deal on the stadium it's not going to be a huge deal you know they can thinking they can certainly get that. Little better local TV deal I think Leo what about 20/20 one million not gonna be 75 were a hundred. You know but they can do a little better actual war I sit. We keep paying for this team is attendance attendance attendance at candidate you build that. Then you'll have a stable economic model. Going forward. They're gonna lose steam today scheduled to lose it will in the neighborhood of seventy million dollars this year. For the million dollars in debt. So. They need a stable. Cash flow stream in there and the best way to do that is an attendance that they get the attendance. That also will subsequently help them with stadium advertising is so. That's how I see it. Toggle the Mike goes Iranians from Forbes magazine you can foam on the Twitter at Michael who's Iranian always great stuff. On the business of baseball business ownership. All the financial stuff that it is way above my pay grade that's for sure. Mike guy I really appreciated I guess I'm I'm guessing you'll be working the story all weekend. Through through through the end of this thing. Yeah I I expect. Of war. Firmer announcement from Major League Baseball after the owners meetings by the it's Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week in Chicago. So I I would imagine at that point baseball would announce something. Will. Well who would be sort of firm in terms of what this agreement is but this is what I X what I said today's what I expect that to happen. Thank you so much for your time man appreciate it buddy. Thank you any time will do but he. Senators are Jason Sousa Unita. They Yahoo!. Was I wrong I mean he calling body was right. Mean I might have been a little bit of a petulant child they're going back Adam but every music anybody. There now OC at OK. As picture he doesn't look like an old curmudgeon mile slate a younger guy he sounds. Sounds old soundly might smokes heavily accident. Devlin you'll look at. Maybe from the islands. And back. Buddy. I. I don't know what he was doing there maybe he would like you wonder refer to meet you know who I was I mean there's all sorts of reasons but I I found it odd news like Peabody. Body we could do would to what are we doing here. He does know stuff so. Although part of me just feels like we just talked to some guy named Michael as any in that actually lives like in Fargo and totally not the same guy the rights reports. You know that's really the beginning. In the hands on Blake who we got a mom like maybe like we just we're getting hoodwinked. I thought that honestly and the reason we break eligible and you wouldn't say you can hit it. You agree producer mutt I you know that the number you gave me. With who was house members that's why we will begin to expect posting to the house number. That's why you gotta actually see me just teach him a light meals and you give people some. Protection and is great it's wonderful to good first option tween is great. What it comes down to the nitty gritty of doing old fashioned radio guests booking yeah I preferred to do email and all I know you do because it's impersonal but you can sometimes will say they have built in my email header has. Official stuff wanted to know I understand that sometimes people don't respond you got to just make a phone call. I to track people down in their hotel rooms I mean I listen. Don't get to start. Okay. But. Anyway when he called I called house member body didn't pick up and he called back. Because he just returned to Somalia caller ID yet basically Cabrera Howard you know he call you money now. He just he just sit alone and I Africa we will after a couple minutes. But I think I didn't see your name and that's only my man came body. I. Unsuitable products before do you brick. Aren't on Monday you know a lot of people that I'm bolt did way debate the issue embody different. Brian what sir this year yes. Capital grille and Tuesday. Spoke to them so I don't under your name. Give you amber and I can't match and boom won't be watching and Iraq. And it is sent. To block shots. We're going to be there are OK they're going to be charming man. Gave them our timber and iron in there can be on the ask. Yeah. Should go ahead and I'm tournament. Only two trillion. But I'm sure right now I'm not paper I've heard usually owner bill I've heard using the Internet and a burn your screamer. Well known. Well everything was good but you can't put the hole and that word. And it makes it uncomfortable. I dumped it he said we call. It's asks you just can't add. Hold to that word it that you can't put those two together. That has to that have to become ill I listen. I look. Seriously and give the number given that and moos did call in number is too good tune restaurant not a good idea not funded with capital girl wants to call and it's on right but they know but in my colon removed forms all. Listen listen. If you're out there if you're in the capital grown vertical. Resemble little lunch be bill amber I mean the whole crew. Coming down. Goalie goalies. Date. It's it's refund time I can't wait for us. I've never been more excited. Take a break could more after this. On the ticket. This time. We're stopping discipline her horse. Present the memorial family birthplace may be lone man. Friday September 15 from 7:10 PM museums discovery. Then so I didn't downtown Portland CNN. Don't expect any new parents enjoyed evening filled with the activities learn about the latest products and their growing family exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and chances to win. Amazing prizes spot by navy air conditioning it. The official sponsors of the storybook photos station Virginians more info log onto the scene Miami. This bill still talking over there on the phone stolen. So I went head during the break guys I went in the back where Antoine is just started answering phone calls you know screen phone calls whenever bill call then and he started he didn't know is me. And so then he started he did to Kerry is doing is psychologist Carriker. Right now. And he went off into a places I could even comprehend so I just put the phone down and he's still talking. Like he still rambling right now as we speak. Still gone. I still still gone. And other things I'm not a nice person for doing. Jewish Sean Connery. They put on political. A whole room. The blocked. One might open tool. Are you ready. You can't sit and Billy can't swear anymore my question it should be well gosh I am revolution and ignorant. Obituary. I see the same council on. Shame on top. As we go gosh. I'm very old and how Galileo Miami I think it will trail on top and he couldn't. I don't exclude outlet yeah India is an independent or another Indiana Jones has had its ball combined loan to. He actually double. All. Socialism they have their draw. A pension actuarial. Revelation so that. Won't get it. We can't go to Tuesday and all year. From I didn't know little mom. And roll and play and there's a lot bringing in short rhetoric. With bill yes I'm happy at radio all others present and I didn't mind going than a hundred. There's rumors that Justin Bieber Modano. Is rumored Justin Bieber Madonna were invited to launch had there are cool. Well cannot be ruled out Al and I might be you don't realize how I would connection sure don't. I just I. I might even out today than yourself who notion I don't you know all yeah I know why I was sitting behind the board right now yup. I got shot to elect. I would have remembered today. We didn't you should do what I thought you understood yeah Morley Ed you wanna start producing my Saturday show. I am only good trip with ergonomic option because. And I walk it can. Well I think what. You will mean up to management while I'm gonna get credit capital group back issue let's talk to wait till. Maximum. Noticed that little girl UT yeah yeah and well I'm not sure how Barack. And I'm out of he's switching carriers no matter it's not our problem and it I can't guy. But I don't hear from common we're sorry about that lowers base. It's all brand around and talk you meant mom you do the best flipped and Murray had to go to capitol grow we wouldn't sit down you won't throw down. Yeah I mean let's do it you know write bad slow invite Amber's. Gonna. The anguish with the old robber will come is that the test me so I don't think he's gonna show. Well. As long as you do and I do OK we can do what we do it only takes two to tango. I was bad what you do now I didn't mean that. You know what we can create. Com we're pain. Beautiful. Is W effort won't say in this studio around within earshot. Second taught him well. And from the day. And trying to have fun on a Saturday. You gotta go must give up when your dirty mouth. And it. Now I'm gonna add to quell. She going to want to deal. Offering double tax on. BC sought once again exchange station could fears circle isn't the syndicated radio hopeful that. Am just citing. Gary Jackson coming up at 2 o'clock here. The buzz won't put his tough talk about Marlins ownership cain's dolphins all sorts of buzz related items. I don't know man. I can't leave look at. The fact that David Samson and Mike killer going to be still part of this organization at least according to Michael zany and that's what he's hearing from Forbes. It has me a bit we will that are due to be out of the like we needed clean and free can sleep. The Marlins have zero minor league system who do you think and in charge. Also policy resume Robert Maguire the biggest let down kickers and NFL history. I mean senator. Spending seven seconds on a topic would be seven seconds too much. I'm Marty spent most prominent topic by reading your tax. Although we read like sitting next to each other. Leg in a bar. I'd be I'd probably be all in on those hot takes. You what's odd is when I went Matt Barr. And I am really into the red breast Irish whiskey and when you really should try it once it's Owens and his legs off so did. Once that happens. My hot sports take eerie. Gets on fire. Like no leg out weapon out stacks and lineups and like stuff letter and even now late just in there. Well what I'm doing the sports show. I attend does veer away from the sports. I don't know. So's you better bring it stronger I'm switching to it Jozy and Don bell is the station go to that the my former broadcast partners go confined co listen to them talk cain's. You ought to. Have fun enjoy the. Leap you be used to by the way 56 is came to us on what they sure glad the pledge of vision actually showed up for on the did somebody. What are the dolphins can't the other day we are broadcast it live in a tent when nobody there. Flagship station. Source is some truth but not spilling your right. If you're gonna text in and make of trotted. They're economy are telling could you at least get your grammar and spelling correct. Oh no. For one moment lead us us. And we have Barry Hancock or you're gonna get your hard core sports in a moment. The game Barry's gonna bring it on canes. On dolphins. On Marlins. Coming up in a few. So. There's this like white supremacy rally going on. In Charlottesville Virginia. Give. Economy still at this point in this country. Just with are on every side like that where we're still. Doing this race thing in. I'm better than you and get out of my country in. My power re still here. How how how we not down yet realized well this is truly like a melting pot will some of us have adapted well okay you know tomorrow examined as you know. For new suites or it's a Big Three to say an illicit and they can say all they want it's fun I broke this today they've been the right logos whatever Blake Lewis and our ass hat showing up in Charlottesville dressed in your desert demos with the gun. Late what does that supposed to say enemy. When what message is that projecting that was it beautiful thing about that is in the morning doormat but also that people are. Dobbs and does that mean he was shown up to approach has been BB and B in the air by the way. By the way I totally here is some tweet I saw earlier. Those of you parading through Charlottesville with your. Confederate flags and a Nazi flags and in your doesn't cam lows with your guns and white collar and the Jews are taking over the world and all that stuff. You guys. And girls UV you should be flown to Guam to protect us from the other nukes. North Korea has many believe probably happily go. No I don't think so she and that's that's the thing is I don't I don't I don't think they would do a book that they should they know they know that I let anonymous in the Harrison man America nightmare right exactly don't get out there. No don't get to go in Texas and an oops. You take your they are fifteen go to Guam and wait for him to come in its price unit out there AR fifteen ego. America. Descent should work. Should work. I got through those other two. Normally don't like to move. Matching competitors and all that stuff and you really shouldn't like. Someone that used three arias. During traffic Pam Warner. In a little bit of a shot to a decent DJ stuff over on a big whatever the heck it is. And congrats starter and to Wear masks and competitive mix in the ready no pun. Who's on this morning I think. So I mean congrats are you thinking when you guys you want you Willingham opener are you gonna wanna show. Bio hatter on sometimes she's she's she's she's really talented she is to get your free return for lady you know she is. Surrender people actually now's the cheese I know her outside of work and she's just a great person single mom like. A person. The dog and whom to sang but. No she deserved break in and she got it and you know she's been through some trials and tribulations and I'm glad that you know choose to get an opportunity. So it's good bit of opportunities all of you. Composers out there that. Keeps tweeting that meet or use so could you do your job better. Well I send me your send me your tape. Said that your your your your podcasts. Send your resume. Get it to mean let's say. Let's say. C'mon put up or shut up you don't you think you're better than anyone org you went to the Saturday shift. Go right ahead. Why do the job. I would love. To see you tomorrow can bring it can do we do a radio over the hour of American Idol. Yeah I mean we legalese there we do it yet another I mean there has been the mute station have done that before. Always a play I mean it doesn't get admitted that those tomatoes originally on the station came out of that sort of a situation. So yes I mean feel free centers like Brian don't London Send it in. Send a resume send a demo. Bring it on it and always looking for talented people what ends up happening know. Nine times out of ten because I go and check. Like the mailbox when they were people sent other stuff is. Are all talk and you suck on the and I go listen your demo and you can't put threes three words together not that I can. But I'm just saying. Generally speaking to all the people of who have come to try to beat Mr. Big radio star. Would end up making it about six days in. Dubuque. Just say but feel free mailboxes open for you if you wanna come trying to take my gut feel for. I gotta take a break we got Perry Jackson coming up in just to view the buzz will join us you'll break down everything. I am so looking forward to the segment. Back after this and take.