Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 3

The Beast
Sunday, August 13th
The Final hour of today's show kicks off with "The Buzz" Barry Jackson to further shed light on the marlins deal as well as tidbits on the fins, then the beast takes a moment to tell the story of how he got his moniker as The Beast while also remember an old teacher who recently passed, then the show wraps up with the "best" stories from the world at large with In Case You Missed It. 

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. They fancy football player when your lead come to the ticket third annual. You don't take advantage of football camp as much a guessing his worst dog comes Damien Eisenberg. Saturday night August 26. Sporting. And wins an exclusive one on one atomic dog lane Saturday afternoon to register now. And you can Miami dot com Ed Garland reacted and attorneys call 180747. Free at 187473733. Sponsored by. He's goes public in just didn't buy guttural South Florida in my life storage more details on attending for free got a bit of Miami. Dot com. Sources say daddy like he listen that happened last week. Eight it just slipped out so to speak the data liking but joy. I love join little legged sister that Vince it's not there's you know no other I want your head. It was a little bit of her recent assay ID like to equally. They get they get back. Didn't mean it like value like if I hit play. You had any means some like father and daughter situation he's in no no no that's disgusting noted in media right there. Now want to do that well no I think people did take it that way and I'll be with the guys go the way. When there's a lot of things that daddy like keep. Right debated taken as a father daughter and I think they admitted what those people have their own issues. With their own. But I don't know Morgan capital grille Tuesday it's all set she called me forget ray and see there not. We have the buzz what are you don't we get the ball on line really got to get carried out when needed tock. Marlins also McCain's. Is. Is that means all the table. Yellow stuff going on only one person to go do we have a lot of stuff that's the months. So we need to get married on me just real quick the PGA Jimmy Jim leaderboard some of the leaders teed off as we speak. Up at Charlotte, North Carolina is where their play in the PGA championship. But tied for first. As a dealer in the PGA Jimmy Joseph the leaderboard. Is on Kinsler and Hideki Monty ala. Tied for first eight under par. That's brought you by Edwin watts golf shop on the ninety day a 100% guarantee. Got to go to Iran feels does it really is doors get slotted who has just beyond committed there the person that covers everything in South Florida. There must he he's he is cloned. Thirty there's got to be clones of them can these everywhere he is the manner through as the buzz Berry Jackson leave home on Twitter at floss sports was. Barry how are you certain. Our Brian until the only person beside her mom calls you Bryan Wright there's a couple or we lose never usually what to do it not for good reason. Are okay yeah I wish I get a clone myself today to beat you M although people couldn't see the scrimmage and a mark grip separate reporters afterward that dolphins today and following the Marleau and sales story which has more twists and turns than any observed. Book or novel or romance movie. OK so let's let's start there we had Michael zany and on from Forbes is a little bit earlier. He was odd he called me buddy. Wouldn't so I'm not. Sure what was going on their blood. Evidently Jorge mas could be involved in now there's reports and buy it that that. Did David sands that it might kill might be staying I am perplexed Barry gets set us straight. Okay well in agreement was reached last night and sign date purchase agreement was signed. Tour Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter to become the new owner to the Marlins in its forwarded. Two Major League Baseball now that agreement needs approval from three quarters of big league owners that vote probably not gonna happen for a few weeks the owners are going to be. The next week the matter will be discussed but have voted not going to be ready for several weeks and that opened the closing. Will take place. The first week of October. Now I as far as the reports overnight by Bloomberg that's organ must could still become involved mosque is still interstate. Involved but. There are a lot of obstacles here want is so cute cheater and Sherman wants him now Bruce Sherman increased his investment in this bid this. As a sabre for Derek Jeter to be able to close the deal so. It's for Sherman's bit of about 400 million which is about a third of the up one point two billion dollar price if Sherman can lower that did it. By bringing in Boston money I'm sure that your room would be receptive but much this should be a no go as far as cheaters concerned gift or game marks. Insist on some level power. Now about a month ago beast that conversation between mosques and Jeter. And that much action Jeter to join this group and Jeter said no because Jeter wants authority. Not only on the bench much outside the operation for the baseball side as well and mosque one at some level of control. So much has spoken with the Sherman Jeter group at this point there is no deal and placed her in to join their group. It's possible you might. But I think it's hard to envision the mosh joining their group as the control person which is akin to the managing general partner. Because then Jeter would have to cede some control Jeter also wanted to. So that's where things stand at the moment so what's the moral note they haven't signed agreement with Jeter in Germany are moving forward with them as much wants to join the group. At some point later the Marlins would not stand in the way. And as far as Sampson in my till I didn't I missed that aspect of. Yes like I could have gone on for nine more days but just to briefly update you on both of them. Mike hill has three years what on his contract it until I gained attention grabber has bought the the anticipation that both schools stay at least initially now whether they stay long term and very much in question. I know there been reports its stance and has been assured of the job the my belief is that Sampson is going to stay its president at least for now potentially much longer however David. Has not confirmed that Mike chose not confirmed that he's going to remain either. I do you know that Sampson Jeter have been all good relationship during this process. They dined together at the force decent several months ago. And as you know for all of the animosity toward Loria and Sampson. At semester actually has done what he was charged to do which was to get Jeffrey lord stadium. And commanders are being rude business standpoint Sampson really is not the blame for the seems. On field problems because he's not the one taking corners. You know a lot of the blame there could go to decisions made in the draft certainly. And its new free agent signings so many of which have not worked out of Jarrod Saltalamacchia. To John Buck. You know list goes on and on. About layer does move Michael Morse. They're just been so many mistakes or personnel that Sampson is responsible for any of those teachers responsible for the business side to even though people link. Sampson then laureate together and want to throw out both with. I don't think keeping Sampson. Would be problematic because I don't think he's to blame for the on field product because you're not involved in making player personnel there's. But the message this question is I think a lot of Marlins fans I have curious. Thoughts about the switches. Will this team be on a better footing that it has been. Under Loria under new ownership and ten this franchise beat financially viable. Can they make more money from a TV deal is there any I mean any realistic chance at attendance in a proves on a consistent basis. So that this ownership group can be and a strong footing and maybe this franchise can actually take leaps forward rather than backwards. You know I I'm not encourage east for a number of reasons won the contract is the worst in baseball. And it runs search when he twenty I don't know what incentive box as who raised the bar on EU right. They which they annually in the twenty million range book for the contract expires that's why each one each and even our analysts Amare wants to just come up with their own TV network. Or find another bitter to it against off like Comcast for example but I don't know how the moral do you anticipate making a huge jump. If you Europe that's going to increase certainly important point I don't know that going to jump from twenty million and you know. That's always going to be a problem. Attendance I think it's always going to be a problem in this market and what the team starts winning big and winning regularly I don't think. Dirt pierce presents its lower. Is gonna make the average attendance jumped from 20029. I I don't even think it's going to be addressed by the 23 or 24000. Unless he was one. We have those two major things going against you because that need the Marlins revenue will remain among the lowest the baseball. Now the payroll that's your 250 million. And if people who have seen their books that told me the Marlins are on pace with sixty million years ago. These are not made up numbers by the Marlins this does sit these are real law. And because the bat I just don't see other one be able to speed long term analysts say they every right move. In finding a pitching staff the portable. In getting back challenged purse they admit they trade him they would essentially have. Have to be perfect and everything make due with the financial can bring that out I don't expect her Sherman and Jeter. To come here and start spending wildly increased the payroll from a 150000250. Million if anything I expect the price this payroll to be brought back. You know to a more reasonable number for this market. Farm system that still among the weakest in baseball even with the three trade to that your Korea they also Ramos it's still really weeks there're two. Potential big league starting position players who are not can't miss guys. Brian Anderson and that's not a third baseman Ben Nelson slipped to third baseman or system. Who could be Major League everyday players. They had a few pitchers who could be potential starting pitchers such as bill and heaters but they have notes stand in the system no can't miss players. And our of their last three draft picks number one overall or number one picks. In general tie or coworkers coming up on the John Braxton Jerry catch on the John. And their first round pitcher this year crept. Let's candor and that's why hasn't touched it all yet so we had no idea what he's going to take. So that we could go an entire decade peace without its franchise ever being over 500. While. So bottom line before he moved to golf and real quick is. Despite the fact that fans may be optimistic about an ownership change and certainly it'll fill cathartic. For them to say goodbye to Loria because a lot of them have ill will. That won't necessarily change the financial predicament that this organization finds insults and. Correct I don't think we're sure Derek Jeter might comment your start spending 200 volunteer conflicts. Sides up on the dolphins you're out there today L what's going on obviously Agassi final ride to and hill I think you lose your colleague Armando broke that story. That he will have reconstructive knee surgery will be put on the IR timetable is to be back from the beginning next year although you know we've seen. Things happen where it's earlier or two later you know depends on how the surgery goes and what not. Jay Cutler I guess the year stopgap. What's going on dolphins land. Odd color or to text today both in the end I would be too worried about that. Gates was noncommittal about whether you place Thursday against Baltimore art rock stadium lease that it will depend on how much you could set the offense this week how comfortable he looks he says that she's not comfortable Matt Moore starting Thursday. Couple of other news notes beast might call war get first crack at the middle linebacker jobs vacated by Eric on that note season ending knee injury. It's holes jobs elusive peace prize she will be starting middle linebacker to the Steve blank by Alonso and immense. In these slugs it beats flounders. In the dolphins will go outside and look for news starting linebacker be either trade or free agency and the last quick nugget for you might count see it is mostly work today. Since he last last season with a hip injury he participated in the team drills pronounced himself ready to go that he will definitely play in the regular season opener. And that he'd be able to play in the preceding indication we had made that decision yet about whether we wanna give many worked are increasing and what about JIE how does he come along. Still a concussion. System so. Is still low JH IA it's it would be worrisome report two weeks from now he's still not practicing at this point I don't think. There's great concern. Yet to pass a lot has to get out of the concussion protocol abuse not passed all of those yet. Up real quick on your mama know you weren't there that we we both saw the stats that tell your colleague Peter tweet it out. They grow shares and have a good day but again it wasn't alive scrimmage with the quarterbacks. We we don't know what situations any that was end with the media was not a lot of watched a scrimmage the sand we're allowed to watch a scrimmage. But. You I mean. It would not surprise me is my own personal meaning. If the first snap of the years to get my family grows year but if you would it would it would surprise me if we don't see. And cozy Perry early on that in some former fashion. Quarterbacking this team. Yet I'm lucky on that this arsenal because there's no question he's capable big plate during the once scrimmage it was open to what they brought in nature terrific place for touchdowns. But he also capable both of them at stake. Which as you know be strides with our coaching staff great you know if he can curtail mistake and you're right I think it got these jets start tonight. Mary Jackson. Follow on the Twitter flower sports bonds there's no one better in town he's them Tony there's seven of the seven marriage and it's. They're everywhere he's at right now right now is another Barry Jackson. Over at the panthers' practice facility Watson skate. What white and brown slacks won in black. Secretly inserted Avago money appreciate despite. Did the bloody thing Barrett. And I do not. See you back in opponent I want I want ask him I'd. Probably bloody. Bill. This bill. So who do know that they were really gonna have to. It got here in New York. But I'm you know what she ruled the world are dropped 20 it just makes you let me tell you look yeah. And he can listen to go to. I'm the one. We're not going to lunch Tuesday because amber won't be here to all through to your done for the day because you Schwartz Alex. You're in China. Ticket. On the IBA content. You can do I wait women's empowerment ground. And I admit he made clear and passed out on. They're special. I mean they're very special. I mean. Very special. It. Yet another segment to go of you wanna give en us a busy streets of those have a ninety tech's 67 I had some four on the closing LaMont. Are hundreds excite you wanna bring hot takes. About anything in the world sports feel free. And then now we'll do that and that we've got a segment of in case you missed it where we just talk about weird stories and have been. Throughout the week if best Britain bill don't colony again and you're not get a nod again and you knew. You we had to dump you twice. It's. Just don't. Back after this from the ticket. On May steal back here. More coming your way December 2 and third party made my reservations. On form Riverdale beach Saturday grit a lot of PG elephant leave your hand grip man in the wilderness for Portugal to Matamoros. Sunday Casey decides to advance martyrs blew grand more day at a time. There an amateur he's a prince Loverboy Shannon Moore. I know there's two or three bands I know of that apply to sign contracts this week it'll be announced the blow your mind. Get your tickets now before I mean you trust me it's going to sell out get your tickets now once we get out to the fans. Don't rush to buy and I don't mean accident attorneys you know them call 80747. Three batters over 73733. Of those guys he's a Republican dusters social blessed. One way of life organic to Q a please drink responsibly did it until another of him I mean dot com. What's it is it could jam what he would what is this recall this what is this. Tonight Alex it's kind of orchestral what's going to be. This is clo. Clo got it veto yeah. Bright lights bigger city I wonder remove the drummer is on this track because. One of my friends going up. Eric Gardner. Has done some drug and work for him actually was the drummer when dolls Barkley went on toward Eric Gardner was the drummer for them. Really great drummer went to the U but I knew whom we should that means that we went to nursery school together like Hebert school together. Really great jazz drummer and rock drummer. Met so many friends have made it the music business and I wanted to be musicians and here I am doing. Average radio bests on a Saturday. Still can't go get back do it man I got keyboard on the other day those you that are my FaceBook friends Sami. Horribly getting through Bob Marley songs on the piano. And I was practicing and last cited some Lincoln Park there might be another video today you'll see. And then the promise that really my main straight is obviously I'm a drummer but. I do like to write songs and do that. On the keyboard. And I'm not I'm not a good piano player like that I didn't stay with lessons in the long enough to be good I mean I can get why. I can give pilot Jack and I can definitely play by ear a little bit and and works and stuff out but I if I'm not by any means good. On the keys. And I'm definitely not a good singer. Blood. You know I can run a little bit. I can act in that but the drug users is what I'm. Extremely proficient on and the bomb is that who we moved. I had to pack everything up from a drum set. Put in cases. Boxes. Are all sorts of stuff and its decision in my garage right now and I am it's it's in order to. Putting a drum set together. Especially. You know wanna change in my drum heads like get everything freshen right like it is such a process. That it's one of those things towards an amount you feel like you can't climb. So I keep walking in doubt in my garage like okay today's today muted and I just don't have I don't have an Indy is much is I wanna play. Because replacing all the heads. And just getting everything right. I've added a couple new pieces new symbols. Probably Tom's. Another floor to calm. All sorts stuffed my kid and I beat it just you it's going to take. Hours upon hours if not days to get it right now and I just don't have that patient. So it's been urging me. And that's premier edition of the beast. Gives you his entire life story. It's got a guitar John excel. But I love that there aren't that these. He why aren't you just hired some guy who like 25 we are really good drummer who's out on all the tuning techniques just in my cup honored by monitoring it drowns out but you have. And I need I need you to hold his man like Elena Dubai will finally guy. I think it you know it's a price it's a it's a process by which leg I it's it's your baby you are doing yourself like. You know art period I want my I want my trip to sound a certain way and Alan duke myself now listen I mean if I was you know on to war with some great and and I had a roading. That knew exactly how I liked everything the sound fine but I'm not it's just me in my garage don't do myself. That. My or court session this or criterion barely remember Chicago mom who spent ten days in the studio and 120 dollar. Julie in preparing your drums I just thought. Yeah they did it take damn much it's probably cost them like 40000 dollars to get a drum sound people don't realize they're listening to a certain artists. Almost I'm goes into organs are wholly ignorant dumb down. No no doubt about it I mean at everything them from the kind of heads the use kind of shells you have tennis Dixie used. But kind of remove your antenna dampening that you have a mean there's so many variables. I'm I'm not gonna get that that crazy into them but I want my baby goods does sound good. There's got to guide they went to University of Miami to divert earlier better. Also I exceptional drummers and wanted to eighteen and one days it play which I am and I'm glad god yeah. Oh my god he wonderful person integrate any any possible and it also best drama ever played within ever heard. In what universe in my hand that he's got a master's degree. But down. If they have one common them and nominate a monster drummers are playing partners in Miami they are Jewish and why is Jewish guys make such great drummer. Did a good question. That is that is a good question I wish I could answer but you're right man. There there was a look back and I was at school there was you know they were WM has been known for their jazz program and there's a bunch Jewish drummers in the jazz program back then. And it's it's any Russell tell this story about you know he relatives or tribal people want the Middle East and a they had at certain rhythm by. Just a funny thing that he sits down. And teaches us something recanted. Normal human being just don't have and I daresay. A lot of my god turning in my sports channel and I Eric I talked about turning on so I loved them. That's brought appreciate it. Most able don't let you do appreciate it man. Most them or else hates it early target about the east John. You can go to America aren't all remember that they are are. A jury that picture theatre royal Dutch a couple of little big. I mean. If you dinnertime upon merely get under my skin like you that are. Personal. While the big Nader sounds fun. The current size my stomach after the surgery would not allow for bacon in hearted try to eat one a would bar from Medialink. To. Like go bigger home like you should've said that my face was and some sort of an ice cream Sunday's situation cover would talk Lynn. More than I'd catch a ball over my phase I mean c'mon do I think to do baby had a good day. Do better. We do a lot better. Lazy ass by drum key drill bit in zip come on and off I have all of that that's not the problem. It's getting it to sound good. So once and I got my mic my nickname do I have to go through that Soria and you know what I actually wanna go through that story. And can you roll on this because I'm gonna send this to my high school. Because. Some. Let me know and hear your view you'd aren't so. It's the eastern Saturday in the to get. I went to. A public school in Massachusetts. Through middle school. And I was I was always you know always tested well and I queue up there and all that stuff but. Just like my ability to be a good student like I didn't put a lot of effort into that. So my parents ought to be good idea plus they were illuminating though like the music program at the high school. In my town. They're cutting arts and all sorts of stuff because. The old people didn't wanna pay taxes for the young people have you know good education. So. I've read side I was gonna go to. Private high school. And obviously if you know anything about New England there's a billion different. Like amazing boarding schools to go do. Phillips. Either and over eggs that are up Brooks academy. And in Heber. You name it a groggy and fear field exit it's an eggs that are. There's a billion did they use these renounced the governor's academies called be called governor governor. There is. But the BB NN there's large academy. There's a million of them it's prep school have an okay. I didn't wanna go away. And board for high school when I want to still live at home. So that it was narrowed down to the day schools. And there was a school up in a little bitty town. About a half an hour north in my house in island twenty minutes north of Boston. Anatomical somehow through school cut the pay every school. And as soon as I went there Thelma that why it was very artsy. They encourage creativity. In coverage encouraged. Individuality. Encouraged to free you can develop your own thoughts and taken your own and do your own thing. I really just got a good vibe from it a good buzz from it. And so I decide to go there. And the sport you know you had to play sports. You could take one semester and do something that wasn't sport related you can do drama you can do music you can do community service but he had to do sports. For two out of the three seasons. And so in the fall I played soccer. And in the spring I played tennis. And in the winter I knew. Did my music thing and played in the orchestra. For all of the other musicals we had. So. Our tennis ghost the first year was mr. stating he was great fun. Then he moved on to other things. And then in came. Campbell professor. History professor named John Lesnar. And he exemplified. Old school New England just like you looked distaste it was like when did from being out in the water on a sailboat. And he lived in this house it was like all wooded and you know old school England and he smoked height you wore tweed jacket he he exemplified. New England prep school. He's an amazing man great history professor. But he was our tennis. And he kind of took the job you know reluctantly but wanted to you know be amend or frost on the tennis team. And he was very still Ian. He wasn't very in your face coach he was. At practice. Someone that would just kind of sit in this chair smoke is pipe and watch just you know play tennis and maybe make a few comments here and there. Now is it. And he would divide us over to the house and we would is his wife would make this lunch or dinner and you know we'd be with his kids and all that stuff. Just an amazing man. And just part of this great group of teachers. And a great group of staff. And eclectic bunch of students at the school that really shaped. Really shaped me. I really came out of my shell there and if it wasn't for going to period I I would never be doing nests. I'd I don't know what I wouldn't I be working for my dad in the meat business. But that school encouraged people to two good. Do their own thing mean to develop themselves and away. To be the person they wanted to be. And a professor doctor glass there was really part of that so as it relates to me getting my nickname MR radio and in the days. As the story goes one day during practice I'm playing tennis. And if you imagine I might have been a little bit thinner back then and able Ronald but more and actually had pair. I'll play tennis we're we're we're just we're just playing in practice. And I had a bit of a temper. Out so my racquets no drop F bombs I'd I was known to be legitimate tempered tennis player still I don't know a lot of patience. And one data practice I just lose it. Chucked my racquet I'm drop enough bombs I'm John McEnroe Virginia. And here comes doctor glass that he gets out of his chair which in itself for him to get out of his chair like stuff spoke despite. During practice like John Austin like oh my god he's gonna speak. When he opens at the gates. To the tennis courts he walks in and were at everything stops because this guy never the never moved. He would say some stuff get to the practice we would stretch would play the Vienna practice he would kind of dual speak to and that's it there was no. Wasn't your face was like getting your face coach. And he's walking on the court towards me you know like our own. And. This man who is quiet and reserved. Just says to me out of nowhere. Mr. Lundin. Could you start playing tennis and stop acting like it GD. Beast. Except he didn't Seiji deeds of the works. And then from then on I was teased news news. News. And when I got to college needed a moniker to beyond WV UM. The cut the UN radio station I won't be used. That's Oregon and a complaint tennis from being a feisty tennis player. That I grew into the nickname and fit perfectly. Yeah if it wasn't for the primary school wasn't for Jon Lester and great professors and doctors and teachers like him. I wouldn't be here doing this. I wouldn't be half the person I am. And Diallo a lot Tom and the reason why I'm going on as far as he just passed away from stroke. And so. I send my condolences to the lesson of family. Wife kids. Beautiful kids beautiful wife. And just amazing person had a profound impact on me. So I want to. Doubly so my condolences out and hopefully it'll be some sort of servers in the fall that I can attend. You know it's it's really rip my wife's a teacher. And the one thing that she you'll always talk about is how much it means to her when students come back. Receive her route about and say hey thank you for being my teacher you were such a great teacher but that means the world turn. Makes up for the crappy salary that Peters may consider Florida. So. You know I'd like you know hopefully. Let doctor Lester family know how much of a great teacher wasn't how much of an impact he had on me it was it was wonderful I let alone a little bit. We do you in case you missed it missed it next and god only knows what's on the phones that Marcum you have to listen to get. Are completely Exxon they can't. That's fine. Jeremy. Precedent. Talk out there we don't need us behind the scenes stuff he says that I am line should be it would likely is instrumental. Alexander. The chicken publish or shopping is a pleasure present the fifth annual Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kiss club. And fairly exposed that it is September 16 the museum of discovery sites in downtown Fort Lauderdale featuring over somebody fun activities for kids celebrity meet and greets Carriker photo ops and more. Cosponsored by the lobsters. Oh man I don't mean accident attorneys call 1800 somewhere some free what a hundred some 473733. For tickets and more. Log on the losing to Miami knockout. And don't Levine and they must be doing well they are sponsoring everything. I love those guys have met those guys are great guys. Mostly men you get an accident. You need we'll help Enron the means they're forty man they're gonna get it done for you but. There are they must be a gigabyte over that. I'm not. There it is advertising works. You get your name out there you business does well. If it ends up working. And by the way this will surprise most of you because you think that you know Netflix and pandora and do all of its did the wave. The number is still the number one medium. As far as a reach into the United States society uses radio by far not even close. Mom let's go zones Eric is in Broward County. Hey speed out of a random question for you. But it's on has been bugging me for a little while also earn an answer for political cycle aren't silent sit like that picket every morning on my way to work and Ari though there's like an obvious tension between that and amber and sometimes it's audio. But sometimes it's not and it's like I can't be the only one thinking that. Politeness I'm curious like. And say that ordered what what is what is. You people today. I can't say the bad words on the radio you're getting good results fired. Yeah. As far as on chemistry in the morning Joseph I think there's great chemistry in the morning Joseph now if you think there's something between does dazzle and amber. I don't know why I haven't picked up on that as far as I know at all to those who tulips I will say this. I'm gonna try to say this in the most kinda way possible. They don't want to be misinterpreted. And Zach has low is a bit of an odd person I mean we are everyone in this industry is on. Mean this business you have to be odd you have done it a daughter in order to put yourself out there and be entertaining. And do we do. You have to have some sort of screw lose yet to be a little bit different okay. I'm. A bizarre as an individual. No doubt about it. That flow. Is all so little bit awed. And there's times. When. He's really outgoing and great and wonderful what other news other times when he's really to himself and reserved. And you know all that stuff as we all can be. But maybe what your feeling is just. That is as no is that those mod in the morning maybe that's what it is I don't think there's any issue between Zaza whenever I think they get along fine and Romberg and Tobin. I think that crew is slam and told in and Romberg and Cameron's as though is like tighten it doing well there ratings are great. Kicking ass some of the competition. On the news any issue that we've maybe you're just sensing. Light is as those little lobbyists. I mean I have it. You know Holman has it we all have an order it's good news business. Is you know awful about it. Just saying. To me that's what your center. I know and held a flag were out the soccer field he knows as a came over and shook my hand here. You know set higher something. I didn't unlucky by Ian had got. It isn't on. Anoint a cells are and understand why wants to Iowa. On und I'm that guy so I again it would understand. Chris has a question. Love this was just do. Questions about the station. On board not really about the station but. Last night I'd go to my girlfriend does Salt Lake productive and yet not like it should I be worried. Yes you should you should ditch her immediately. I mean I don't know I don't know I don't know no no listen listen you where she is she there to adopt or you know I would see how Oregon listen next Saturday you have her call into the show. Okay we're gonna get through this because. If she if she does not like that movie. I mean UA bordering on it. I tried showing her that's like they're critic can send this bad move your ball commented on the Internet yeah there now. Say they would back otherwise same thing with all the godfather. Yeah right I mean there there's certain movies that listen. If if you guys can't agree on if she's not into that. Like that you've got there's problems on the right. I'm well pink. No wardrobe. No seriously just how do knowledge Shawshank. Really. Dave. What beef went about. Hey man just for the record ran up that you can you take that Bono 101 late concrete. Thought about that. Obviously he would he would have more speed than me because he'd try it weighs half my size but although losing weight. Bomb I don't work you got to lock those select a leg maybe I can you get him in strength the only tight battle I don't know. You look at it mostly a pacifist so I'm really not into the physical stuff but you outreach and I mean I'd have to I'd have to defend myself. I ID be taken beef now I think it click the pumping right now column I'll. Not give her you know go give a listen listen listen listen. Rollins trying to get along get good ratings make money and and do good radio for you guys. I'm you are rating and stroke can be viewed. Where can I compete. I I do that that's in the come to my own home but that's different start appreciate either. And. A dole won one. Billion are. We built. Buddy I love you seriously. I love you. Late. I want to get to know he's so badly. I want to do this like to the capital growth. Use ward twice today. How my school. Seriously how my exposed do. How do you in the air after you scored twice. So as the beast or get it puts ads as a hate to eat maybe he does that's fine. There's a lot of people hate me. Lonrho lobby. It led don't know me. Just a lot of people on the world. Yeah exactly. Who. Created this. Let's do in case you missed. There you have heard the news has never went off there. Good news for change what do you say after coming up canceled us I feel bad about news and pleasing baritone so they don't listen to and from. Don't mind the only ones who realizes that the story is news. I TRE just in case you missed it. The first story it's dateline South Carolina who. This is not a Naples pulled you. While most concerns surrounding this once the clips are concerned they classes that may cause serious eye injury is one state is actually warning its residents. A something more sinister. Beware of the lizard man. As a clips is usually Contra stories of the paranormal paranormal or bizarre. The South Carolina emergency management division. Tweeted out a map showing where lizard men have been cited in the state in the past. We estimated time to reiterate that this is not a prank. According to the map there have been seven previous sightings of lizard man in South Carolina. Although those have occurred without eclipse overhead the the South Carolina emergency management department does not know of lizard men become more active during a solar clips the post reads but we advise that residential Lee and Sumpter county should remain vigilant. So you click to view the August 21 clips from the great state of South Carolina. They can of lizard men repellent would seem to be must. Build. On the gimmickry right now from the official count of South Carolina emergency blood management department. And its real. And it's. I mean this. Listen. I'm surprised that the state of Florida but we did out about the skunk gate. Or that you become brook. I mean we weren't of these things when the eclipse comes up right. And and miscue. Speaking of lizards. You like California. A California man has filed a lawsuit after he found two baby deck goes and has air can which upon drinking resulted in severe illness. A pet. You know before I. Let me just. Maybe there's an explanation. Dude named George to the says he bought the cans of Heineken. Green lizards from a Ralph's grocery stores did on fifteen upon drinking and noticed that politics. Shortly after consider the very experienced severe abdominal pain and vomiting. He went on to the emergency room where he was given xanax and so friend for the nausea and Bonnie but was forced return to urgent care two days later for some symptoms. When his daughter examine the Canty found to leopard get those that experts say were probably live in the beer was originally can. Because there's little to Neil note. Decomposition. Area. Massoud says he suffered extreme anxiety post traumatic stress since the discovery and that his result in this and weeks of work. He's suing Chanukah on akin grocery store. And an unknown bear children. Surely that freaked me out like fingers in Chile that goes in Wendy's. And sorry tech goes and beer. Some drunk ghettos and asked. Oh a switch. I had this one's definitely address and we go to a Beijing. The blue plane ride Beijing what about a 24 year old woman is under police investigation in who's who China. After she attended a mail her newborn baby go an orphanage wrapped in plastic bag. Baby is currently in stable condition a hospital. The mother's surname to move was in custody for suspected child amendment really suspected. Luke placed the baby girl inside several plastic bags Wednesday in the refused to let a Korea inspect the content to the package when he arrived to get out local media reported the career already on his way for delivery begins suspicious when he's had good movement noises from inside the back edge. Which shocked but alive baby when he opened it according to local media. I mean. Listen not all of us are meant to be parents. Right. Adoption is great. If you can't yourself be apparent. Rate. Knowing your baby nor our pledge. An idea. Just. There needs. You blew out. Windows company. More. Elan Sioux City. All ccb Iowa sorry. Started to get government. Authorities say a man who try to deposit what he presented as a one million dollar bill in charge of drug possession and Iowa. Criminal complaint sister city police officers were called the north West Bank. Thursday to talk to many dreaded deposit the bill into his account the officers asked 33 year old Ted Strickland. Whether he had any more of the bills and that it baggy fellow when he emptied of pocket then places the baggy contain methamphetamine. Do you the US Treasury Department. Says it has never produced a one million dollar bill Iowa court records say Strickland is scheduled to be back in court Monday. The attorney as a returner called Tuesday when the AP. I mean. OK you know Michelle to the Bank of America down the street with a one million dollar Bill Clinton to put that bumping into the gym who happens. There are enough to figure it out blown triggered off. You need it upon a sudden the million dollar bill or you just begins a double B right and no problem. I mean are we surprised they tell Methodist forget. You know he braided did did did did they say I deposited the debating them. No but has prided that they TM is there's no way. You that you don't think he went inside we lined the teller maybe you did all that's even better. Again am I need to deposit slip okay cash check our cash. Okay yeah how much a million dollars. You walking in either balls would be put you or me is ready. Oregon teacher he checked cash in the rule a million dollars. Yet I don't know what to do that it struck us. I can't does it hand. Period poked. Good. Top four for four. Ever met and never mets' amazing accuracy in. Eight in studio trashed and basketball is unbelievable when. A lot of thanks. To get to. Michael zany and call me buddy from Forbes magazine's man. Let's never had them on again. I didn't know that was a real I don't know. I don't think him Perry Jackson the buzz is always next month thank you Trevor thank you. Those of you put up with me every Saturday I love you I think you haven't acquired taste I understand that good stuff I appreciate you very much in. And get my condolences the damage done lesser my great high school professor who passed away this week. Baseball Bebe embedded Betty good to me coming your way next in must USC piece right here in the ticket.