Beast's Den 8-19-17 Hour 1

The Beast
Monday, August 21st
The Beast open his den with his lamentable loss of his Spanish tongue which leads to discussion of how regain said Spanish including a viable prank method for those who go to overnight camp, then talk fins with a bit of good old fashioned female objectification sprinkled in, and wrap the first hour of the show with talk of marlins sale as The Beast wonders has there been a great player that was also a great coach/executive.

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. So it on May. And Brian London it's possible. Why might be lakers. I'm gonna sit here pretend that I can. We don't speak the Spanish. I mean. I'll move. We'll keep them honest and speaks little Spanish spoken and not well I mean I shouldn't. I mean for God's sakes. My parents paid seven billion dollars for me to go to sub prime and high schooler I took like intent of Spanish. And then I moved down here. What would think at one point coming out as a freshman in college. Those of you old school of Miami people will remember across from the U please do you velvet Kreme doughnuts. Had told modified did spend half my life there before it was not closed. There was also one. On pastry I believe. And. We would go there to study. Crap that I go to the donut shop and study surprising. It sucked. Oh hole made a hall Eric. Anyways. What is happened the mom popular child by the way I mean there's there's mojo donuts is a lot of like boutique donut shops. But I'm just talking like your regular old school mom and pop donut shop late that they're gone. I do you wanna hold painted on balance percent. But I want. Go back to my you on days so what did Thomas spoke late Spanish and well enough in that where when it came to my group of friends. Who go to vote cream to study and many of the workers Errol we spoke Spanish or re would order food or whatever I was the guy. I knew enough Spanish guy can get a spot. Whether we're going to out of Sao beat him when I was in college some speakers just getting going it wasn't wasn't what it is or even ones. Was there still bunch of all members of the tribe my peoples living over and Morton powers when I have got down here. But whatever we went out to grow whatever I I was I was translate browser guy I spoke pretty good Spanish. But you know it's something like where if you don't do it enough. You lose it when I lived in Kendall. I can't speak Spanish right moved brawler. Gonzo. May not limiting Cooper city. I am so rug in my. Blood to white people. Some black people. Hispanics. But. They all speak English like there's no reason for me to break up Spanish. I'd like to. Go to the Rosetta Stone goes on the you know I just go sit myself down and Vicki bakery for like twelve hours. Public 48 gather at the latest I Guinea Guinea the the sweet stuff goes after the surgery but. Hendrick isn't having a latest on the sit there and it's absorbent and may be welcome back to me. We look closely wouldn't sprint radio. And I'd like I could do that I could. A good idea. But. Friend tomorrow from my mother told you my friend. So friendly to arm bands on. From my mother said you should be dead horse brands from a little afraid that I'll wake up man known only. Give that would help he'd have befallen. Him but no English Howard school they would spend a minute later on it was yet fun. And then go anywhere. I should you know we should do. Oh listen and it's eight months my Jewish people we go to overnight camp you know my son's completely afraid and I need to get him to the point where he wants overnight camp. That's a wee girl was our kids we loved him so much are we gonna ship them off for two months is someplace. In another state and go you know spend time they go do go be a boy go be a girl go go out there enjoy life. Ands. We used to pull all sorts of pranks some. Don't worry I'll get to this alerts at some point relax. But at the summer camp we do all the prank right you. You put the kid's hand in the warm water they. What so's sleeping you can talk in their sheets and blanket a certain ways of that they couldn't limbs and a straitjacket that couldn't get out of bed. We would take Peewee would carry people's beds outside. Into the wilderness while they were sleeping. You have some news TV is little such and such and yeah I mean but that's what you do when you're when you're 910111213. Fourteen. Certain important. Were held and what delays that tonight does something I mood but I am due out from mammoth iron Bourne knock out to eat I don't know how and the we don't protest. It and. Don't know and I know yeah I had no idea at night al-Qaeda and you can so our than we do that and upload. So reasonable for two weeks. So great frank I'm thinking nowadays. Would be every night right if you at a summer camp. You get your you load up some kid's. IPod I'd touch iPhone. Android whatever. Wins like the Rosetta Stone of likes watch Healy. And you just run that every night that kid is asleep. So by the end of the summer are speaking fluent Swahili and have no idea why or how. Debbie great prank. You have to keep uses sound sleeper ball a lot I would find it. Someone who's way. Move from one of their overnight can't listen to diet let me tell you let me tell you aren't when you're living in a bunker. Right in a cabin with 91011 kids for eight weeks. I Wii two or three. Like you've got everyone pecked. OC you forgot 10 yeah oh yeah I mean nothing Gonzaga because what happens is right. So like what happens at the overnight and he's in my camp camp Kohut Oxford Maine 10. One an old and you don't know. He was not the most you know meanings of me can't cola witness spelled KAMP. Co hut KO HUT doctor mate can't Kohut. I'm a member of the five year club loss. I get a jacket and everything I'm on the clock when did you get executive. He's the word. Now. I'm just maybe you can bigger reasons and now known other Jackie was given immunity to anyone when I lose a dollar 99 year 992. Apparent. In any event. Via pin cohort where was oh so you know. Yeah you get to know you get to know your surroundings and can't go and doctor bing. Whatever time I wake up was a real time that was weather's 7378. O'clock after. It was a half now they give you half an hour wake up and yet roll call before you go to breakfast. And you'd like readily would play like that that they literally had a kid on the balcony of like office building the office. Outplayed them. I didn't didn't. Current tournament in Europe and the long. So. Tarnished my purchase. And and readily would like wake us up. Now I had to set an alarm because. I want to be up. They had a group called the flippers. The flipper from wake up fifteen minutes before readily. Put other bathing suits. Brought down the late. Run into the lake dual flip and then run back in and be back by the time readily play their public flippers. Release immediately if you were if you were flipper like you you know you you really we're Donahoe. I was in a flip around like an analogy that the weirdest tour and then I'll take the extra fifteen minutes of sleep and didn't play or bloggers that you take away Lebanon there was literally there was one day we all had to do we end of the all can't flip. And so everybody in a wake up fifty minutes before readily put automated suit go run out in Maine. Let the water is is not. I'll warm. Like it is down here like on the one Little League. Oh a barrel water is freaking freezing expressive person in the morning to for the sun hits it right. Especially in the early part of the summer. Gagging and yet I mean he is coming Celia overnight or into you know it's just in a may legged night it's fifty. Right but. Leaving here if you know humble person in the morning without signing it into it is not you know it's not the same like not the same design it's like similar paths shrinkage first major inning. That's the difference you didn't have to night and I did though yeah. Comics what you do if I I can't do better. So. At. At one point in the all can't flip or everybody an ago. And run into the freezing cold water a dual flip it and run back in get dressed and I hate that they've edited and in his alias. Sell porn is Ridley would wake you up. You get up. And then you wouldn't know the kids that would you would buy it by the second or third week I mean you'd you'd I indicated. That literally would sleep there readily easily all the commotion Exley two alarms like just late. And that kid. That it was get it on them in the middle and I 'cause he wouldn't wake up for anything he was gonna he himself. He was going to be straight jacketed in his bed I mean we were gonna put the shaving cream out of hand and immune to hit his nose I mean the whole day. That was acute. So you'd be picked out you be the one that we use a Rosetta Stone. On and he would know sly Healy by the etiquette. Okay. Norms and that armed and Obama camp I'm debit on some Kimba Wood who was always ago. And go to overnight Newman would what evidence that. Too low. On the right but over I can't mounds is the vacation is not. Does not now now on. Wolf I mean it's structured and on August beltway you know bid to hold them or make him give your Wiki parents. For the first time I never had that. Madison McCain who always as anybody who met you you and that's my kid does he does you know he goes off to a place you please what is board doesn't swimming come back home. Mommy mommy is also a counselor at camp never got to wait for mommy saw that to ship him like a thousand miles away adds that horrible idea I need to lose at all none all right I need I need to ship him 15100 miles away so we understand life is like Belmont. Mama let that happen I don't help the data and I think she fight you tooth may have where she probably would that's why. Again are probably not we get them. It's still out. We have sports yet do. The dolphins for pre season game the Marlins are gonna get rid David Samson our students like second sorry it's W the second pre season game we saw Jay Cutler for the first on that tornado. And political series. God did Sam Young just who he's offside again and some of these then young. The outside again and industry get in my industry India mark argument Jesus stack. I don't I'm not even adult and sand like I carried off because I just for once. I'd like to be competitive like let's have let's chat let's golf and be contenders would that be fun around here. And there bears and young jumping off sides again. I love the idea of Jay Cutler because I I love his persona. Oh and love it love that which every player is like that would be amazed balls. Tell that to get to. You have a scrimmage right now we don't have reporter on the scene because everybody is busy today. But I'm one. Yeah like Ernest who had a go at a town last second. Zach to our days gut. 78. Crunch classes that he teaching right well we'll all talk is on light today. So we don't have any anyone looking good Roy listen as is and Roy from the low tarter to the report he had something going on his wife today. He the composed. None bad. Weather next yet. Don't go. They got a kid coming and one didn't want to see I didn't want it's out there might tell apparently they talked about on the unloaded technology bullet apparently they get a little girl on the way and saying only a couple of pero. So you know we teased. He's he's not gone and on the weekends because you know you guy goes out yet again created yet you know I don't know. Bill Emilia and I don't know I don't know what I understand I. You don't give I don't know and now. Yeah okay I'm pretty sure my below Antawn out there you know I doubt. That secondhand. So wolf well all see what comes out of the scrimmage from UN if it's addressing we'll track got a map order something like that come on and and recap at forcing another media wasn't allowed to watch anything because Purdue paranoid. Really paranoid college football coaches just like Jim Harbaugh Michigan who refuses to release a freaking roster galas Gibbons met. We will will get into a lot of stuff on the other side after this and take. As we nearly suffocated their annual landed Levine John Clayton fantasy football camp. Coming your way from today it was special guest CBS board dot com Jamie eyes and believe didn't matter. That's right Saturday night guys putting six week from tonight. That's sort of things got him barred from 693. Widths of exclusive one on one time. Which John Clayton Saturday afternoon just registered out you might dot com and journal of the accident attorneys call 100 somewhere seven. Free that's what it under some 473733. Squadron Bobbi Harley they're always number one draft pick him but rip it energy fueled by Craig jerky in my Chevy four by four. For more details on attending for freedom you might not come and we're gonna announce. And be a private little Clinton. After the John Clayton Jimmy has heard about. It'll be almost time for a Mayweather McGregor. Over at gulfstream. Let you know where. Guys it's going to be hosting the party. Doesn't like to get out often he wants to get out for the well. A party for a. I went. And it's is reeling in the bucks I presume as I don't know what you're gonna know nearly wrecked. Yet they can no no no one heard that right knee noted that Dan's going to be hosted a Mayweather McGregor learning is that Lyle Allen soliciting. Friends and hey hey somebody's listening though that we act don't put their bad did you outraged talk. This ball. You know there my man that we go to one hour and can't goes up that's popped up. You can actually got absolutely no chance to catch up its. But crackle. Okay expand any crack that was. Is not helping. You know eat in normal out hot house test. They can hoping that you whispering loudly and you're before you don't permit them aren't. Crack apart you know or will show each on on. Would like crazy. On the face grand. On institute. The snapper. Yeah holes to answer some new X million Alex's. Are all Haas a rod to. As did my good friend doesn't salaam I don't know what it is and watching. While and he named app of the I don't know what it is but so until we went to console would text in and tell me what the hell is new app isn't supposed to be on. We got a memo from the corporate well logical secure your handles on the new found that every Wednesday I'm glad we don't want more. Raging in the Buffalo Bills have worked out tight end chase for today former can that it is going to be the next case Jeremy Shockey. Ended up in the next Ivan Mercer. Exactly. Worn number 86 he was a tight end going into that season before we knew what Jeremy Shockey was in day. Shockey. Dorsey to Shockey the drive. All history now. I at least into the dolphins for a moment. Yep. Jay Cutler. A public when he fine. He had two series. He obviously knows the offense you looked comfortable. I love the no huddle a little little in general. On that perhaps because of that caught the ball fan and and that's often. The way often as a runner cultural battle. New word the barrels of parents who quickly it is. Do you often is Conan yeah no I like you know like I like the fast pace. He obviously the offense he's obviously looks like key is found. A friend in Dovonte Parker. If you off at the line can actually now what we saw on. Thursday as far as Joba to lie goes I mean that was a ragtag bunch and I don't think will be. What starts the season off game one. And there's all sorts of. Subs. Playing in that first series yet. And god send them to top began. The whole two legit guys big play. That hit the hold to I swear. That guy don't like as it is because. He was supposed to go to the U I remember semen locker room come to visit McCain's he's gonna go to the UN and Eden and I don't know where it once noted in some. Upset. Got away. But I like what has happened to color. Does get a gunman his slender. Ella. But Clinton to happen he's gonna make us. Well yeah you gotta be patient dolphins because the alternative. And Matt Moore is is it's listen. It's not close. These are no no no it's not close to college been a good. If not very good starting quarterback in this league that are the long time Matt Moore. Has not so. Yeah any patient dolphins take color that is is is the type of guy he's the gunslinger. You can go out there he's gonna get passes in the places you didn't think he'd get it and and then at some point he's going to make mistake and you have to go to that. Now the question is where that comes and why is do you have a defense of good enough to handle the quick change the turnaround an interception. And make it stop. Because of him of that defense then turnovers really kill you if the other a decent defense a good defense of a very good defense a great defense men. It's. Then you can you can deal with it you can you can put up but the mistakes. I put up with a totally survived them. Like let's not become the. And let's just hope. That. You know. The gets protected. I have a major announcement. This just came in via text that is what hold on the B just to a major announcement. LeRoy Allard has finally be better applied. Do you Twitter. It's only been four years we've been trying. Josh. You know long been trying to get LeRoy verified. Into what is I would use disputed Lanier and flows of pro bowler and host a radio show Maddon. Log verified. Called and verified all the rest of us from terrified. LeRoy couldn't get verified. But he got verified now. Back to the dolphins. My the only one. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. But I saw Jed guys start of the why is he out there. Like you know moves for one series but why. It just let's let's. Back off on that. I I didn't want ice. I don't know man I'm getting really queasy with concussions and whatever. And I the last thing I want is used to it guy get bumped the wrong way. Because one Tobin would go into the jar and need anti depressants and two. They knew just don't wanna see I do is I am sorry man I know it's a brutal game it's tough game it's a rough game it's a physical game. These concussions man and Tanya I'm starting I'm. Get really wary. And I guess there's no reason for Jed guy to get run in that game. Give another week. And there's no reason from Libyan. No reason whatsoever. Did and then I'm actually don't need. Run king knows what he's doing Larry block he's fine he would you know like he's a game of the week this bid to draft proposal didn't change the play. Not this one. Now and that's one of two Toby wouldn't go on these are because he will blame everybody else to keep himself out of he might he blamed gates he bland color he blamed he would go and try to IE eight was not active he would go into the jar. He beat Oprah okay vet but if he got injured begin because he because he. Government run. You blame everybody else. To keep the roads are. So I saw under the age of the dolphins now obviously the turnovers. Special teams. All of that stuff. Sickness that me and groups on deviancy blues I mean they've got some stuff to work out. We'll look back at station and they didn't do that again because of there they go there will be in the first. By the way all the member we were. All upset because of break one McMillan getting hurt on special teams yet. Do you see whatever the first round draft pick in the New England Patriots. Well he. Got hurt playing especially in the practice. Towards ACL done for the season. So. Something you're injured anywhere yet it's almost like it meant that they injury thing can happen no matter what. Listen DJ. Romberg well not Robert. DJ and and and and LeRoy you'll tell you when your rookie. In your in the NFL disputed numbers you played special teams. Ands. That's an aspect of the game that they have to practice they can't not practicing it. So you could easily you get earn special teams get her play middle linebacker you get hurt you know. The breeding the wrong way. What does Duarte what are you talking about. I call. It known the first round pick. An essay that I thought it is a rookie. He severity. You were talking about the patriots first round pick a low as of the yes. Marte you're right he is the third round pick not the first try to relax their chopper go back and pumping whatever it is if you don't let this hello Lou if you listen don't get in the room where. He's got clientele 1 o'clock. I know I'm Jones's the dude grab whatever these to be listened to us why he's doing where he's done. Exact. Nothing more annoying than people Texan and I myself wonder Alicia. Try to show. In a village today in Indian gaming and lose to Obama I know what other do you know is hoping to be a hot blonde it's on sack. Palmer how 100 number non amber. German tax she wouldn't thanks if she's in she's in France yeah. With Purdue he would be taking correct when he won them one problem to extract an ad to be out he is this gonna sound really odd oh don't do it. Not that into problems that Kidman is praises. Like a Mormon. I'll just say and they get through where you gonna say figure there are more for Burnett you do not wanna win do what you did two weeks ago again. A more from Burnett personal question Burnett. More Roberta person is so why did you go Bob Marley just stood emblem and yet he had just there was zags do the studies that out that but I'm really not that's not my style really. Some I. In how one is I mean if I want to come off the rolls on leg at a high and I didn't have not into the bar read look been female for some reason. Now if there's a blonde that Barbie on the Barbie look if you hook you don't know lake if there's if there's a blonde that. Isn't. How what's the best way to put this thing you care please think carefully. Worded and carefully leg of a blonde. Shapely female okay yeah. Like that might be enticing but still Burnett's but that's why do would curve being yanked from him actually here right. I just got that blondes. Liked it may get dirty blonde. Totally into you later Adele situation or light. More metal barn where you know like I can't dealing a bleached blonde then I'm Leslie and I think I didn't ask it meant to let you could take daddy air beleaguered dirty blonde would select and the Obama well. And a darker than that. Then I can't comment on children and the point. Not really be an active detour pretty dirty line. OK like I can that's going off on Digg and articulate that play and it's Ellington and be polite behavior of your bleached blonde like some. You know. Model us blonde like Aggies who you don't walk right by and something that would notice youngest collection I am I think. Like we there's. Not to mention names that don't really going in cold blood. There's a very tall beautiful looking blond. Woman that works in sales. For the other stations. And a lot of guys around here we go letter thinks that she is you know whatever and I think she's beautiful whatever but. It light it's not my. Saying it's just. Like it have I think there. I'm sure you have to go to the game and when not shooting at the moment. I mean out pole pictures and you. I think I'm more Herbert a person. Now where it gets addressed his red hair like the gender situation I don't know about that. I don't. I really thought about it. Read his. And I don't folic freckles with a aversion that. You. Candidly describing it. Well that's different I mean if you're like that kind of redhead. It's curves and also a rabbit. That there wasn't a rabbit. Have you seen prayer under a bit yes seemed 400 I knows that I know which you laws. As a cartoon. And don't just say no way he Julie you said she's not a right wrote it with. Lejeune now. Masterly there's his cart and has been that most kids that made their first exposure to. Jack torture says a red heads thumbs up although his car for an adult and as a rent and do does he does he not. He had nothing to do right now you when it was all right yeah. Now. Black hair that's it's. Some men and it did do know Brad brown thank. Right book we don't X these now this comes in this is good obese police he doesn't do it for general to a game thrown but I don't I don't wanna do police he equated dragons. She's an extra special. She definitely does it forming. But I don't think she's a natural blonde I think her Harris colored partially. I don't know that for a fact. But. Now if you are not a natural blonde and you go blonde I I can picture you with a different color hair and make it okay and I think that's what to do with her. So yes police he doesn't really don't have these pull one over her oven plaza and keep any woman taking control dragons. Has got to be crazy in the sack. And that enticing all of that and if you get word now you know dragged the intermittent. Yeah but also the new of the threat of like if you make the wrong move. You know you'd dragon a burning are absolutely game. So I'm Russian roulette. Will yet if you think Romo like me the likelihood that they did not act in a you know kind of a one tooth mark. It's somewhere and dragons gonna burn you out. Will this be careful he's hot go les is out to be careful and I don't know a lot of as someone. So one wouldn't let me know whether. Actress or whoever dragons nag deserving Q no the actress I'm not they can carry her. Kitchen and at the least bit important that you get so wig. What does she look like in real life I don't dig to get a goggle her during the break back after the in the day. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It. Good peaceful rest. My hometown. So low. Yeah the target thunder and and with a big sweep the other night. Saying that he had learned. That the new Marlins ownership would not retain David Sampson and he would be adamant. Don't know about Michael hill I didn't I didn't read anything but maybe that's stories out there. But he needs to go to they'd agency to start off. Now and those very loud noise but that's who knows me. Is appropriate. True but. My question is how much faith. Listen. Nothing is going to deny the fact Derek Jeter's one of the best baseball players of our generation. One of the greatest play the game. That doesn't always translate. You don't always you don't just because you're great player doesn't always mean you're great. Tell and evaluate your general manager. Coach anything like them right most of the great players who become anything but a great player don't really succeeded. Other parts of their sport. I mean that there's pluses like we've seen the Isiah thomas' that hasn't worked out several times and summer play as is most able to let him like Magic Johnson has org I was coached. Jordan and the work out of them while he's an owner now what not that's my friend play good but. Okay Larry Bird had a pretty big good run give these are rare and unique. You think of anybody else can succeed after it was a great in this sport succeed and exactly great in their sport and he's seated after I'm trying to think of great Elway sorry to LA yeah PO LA is certainly one problem. Our alt. Narrative on for fewer Orlando to dock yet though and talk to sort out to the textures examples of great great players hall of fame players. Who succeeded after playing in another role. In the same sport. In the says as opposed to like what like Elway a coaching hockey. To stand together mentally Pacific has an emotional disorders like. Lungren was get a baseball to line. While it's finished up talking. You just mentioned Jordan baseball. We can't we can't go to. Then I'll go off and attention on how he was really played bass Balkans was gambling and the result thing you know to show and all the other direction. Jerry West gets brought up. Mean he's a logo. Mario LeMieux has been good management Steve Kerr obviously. Steve Kurt had a hall of fame player. Using good player he was he was clutch player in key player but not a hall of fame player. Say they would Danny eight. Right entitled the Celtics but not Larry Bird or Ken McKay element Johnson. Town is and then borderline. In any event. What this comes down to is so now organize. Put our faith Sherman. The rest of this group has put in their feet and Derek Jeter to run baseball operations run this franchise. Not saying he can't do. Understand what proved do we have that he can't. Obviously everyone Sampson and hill that whole thing done. And everyone and is happy for fresh start they need to rebuild a farm system. There's just nothing down there. I just I'm wondering. If you hope that Derek Jeter. Makes. Zidane in soccer's a good on the way it is in soccer happens. You wonder. What Derek Jeter it will be light. In the front office. Because again it doesn't always translate. Question comes in on the uncles very normal tax. Bonds are now just seven years behind two under for gay two under for four games behind before August 31 become buyers before midnight 31. If there's a deal that we had I think they make it. I don't know if they can really make it true run but if stand can somehow keep up this offense although he didn't hit a dark last night. Or the night before they before. Maybe. Possibly. Bill Parcells was a hall of fame football player. No sir you don't get to show. Someone says he's the bar set solos almost impossible for Jeter not to succeed. Okay well. I guess everything you want this to every Tom Donna bit for the rockets good player. Great coach. A riles and have a hall of fame playing career by any stretch of the imagination. Much better. Once he left the game as player Phil Jackson. Pretty good player for the knicks. Obviously great coach not said in the front office. Okay. Tunnels and who else is up there be of any other suggestions from any other sports feel free. And guess there's big there's got to be baseball managers. Like Nolan Ryan has been in management use a great pitcher hall of Famer obviously. Two. Two. Trying to think of wells. I think baseball managers there's there's been a botched. Toward right yes good one. You sir. Pint are not included. I just wonder how much faith we have in. Derek Jeter. Who run baseball operations. That's all I wanna know let's chime in on the tax on to some runs on four calls brings a mob attacks on. We have the second hour coming up on the way. Anti hate duty but I think we're gonna go the reopened phones. 786360790. We open the phones. See brief find any oh. News from the team scrimmage. It gives a good one pick up obviously great tight end in the NFL became a great coach Frank Robinson is a good one. Dusty Baker is a good one. Yet to come strong. But I like Herm Edwards Herm Edwards was a decent player in the NFL and you know. Just I mean. It it's I think we really did a deep dive into this you would find more often than not the great players all may. Great front office people but. I don't wanna sit here and bore you with that. So and so is Mattingly. Books still. He really great manager. I would say now. Tase these. Blood. Books still open. Take a break. We will. Get back in the simple ball slowly on belt situation. You see this. So you haven't let me on now. He is all in on himself tell you all not that that's the.