Beast's Den 8-19-17 Hour 2

The Beast
Monday, August 21st
The Second hour in the den Beast talks some canes which leads to Beast railing on the current crop of paranoid coaches in NCAA Football then recalls a great UM coach of the past who has similar traits. The show then slides off the rails as South Florida, both sides of it, call in to talks sports or whatever happens to be their minds at the moment. The second hour of the den is wrapped up with some more randomness from South Florida.

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Pain as a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Please check yet so. Watch didn't television save peace game. For a new one yeah. Mike you don't get along. Mommy a snowflake. And any mess. How little item up Greinke in Miami Hurricanes is marina. Effort Susan Miller and they didn't have. From a the Miami Herald too low. Catch up was intoxicated and had second scrimmage of the free season. Today. We'll track her down and a miss. But here's the breaking news. Mark Greg tells great. Borders. Today's second scrimmage. You will be announcing a starting quarterback on Tuesday. What does that tell me well in the second scrimmage. Two guys got reps with the first team Malik wrote Jerry Hammond sheriff's. Wrote jeers 725260. 260 pounds hello 260 yards two touchdowns and an interception. Sheriff's thirteen of nineteen to 27 yards two touchdowns. And an interception. So. And cozy barrier island the second team. Rosie Aron sheriff split the reps with the first team. Margaret says is announcing a quarterback starting quarterback on Tuesday. What do you think it's gonna be the one religion does a rail of the first team together or the second team. I'm guessing is to remotely grows there's going to be starting quarterback for the University of Miami Elise for snapped number one against us and cook and but I also do believe that. In cozy Perry's gonna get Iran. They're going to get him Ron. Whether he gets a quarter I don't know how Mark Richt does these things whether. Really you know he gets the third corner where they're he gets the second quarter whether he goes in and out depending on the formation. I I believe that he goes he Perry's and get some run. But she will not take the first snap of the University of Miami in my humble opinion. Mark Richt will announce a starting quarterback on Tuesday. Or by Tuesday so can be Monday. To say so we have that news. Also. Let me on L stories. I don't know man. Adam positions in football. Where. If I played that position. And I was confident in my eight. Abilities. And knew that if I could have a good season. Given everything going my way I can get a ton of money more than I was being offered. And I would bet on myself. I'm not sure running back is one of those positions. Running guys get hurt and get nicked up. But let me I'm bell was offered a deal that would pay him twelve million a year. His agent recently said to the club hey we agree on it. There was a report out there that there are about to sign it. And oh breaking from the dolphins. And Joseph shatter reporting that the dolphins and added a linebacker Rey Maualuga. For her a league source. So there you go added some linebackers. But back to Libya on Mel. Never ever built his agent says. His agent says hey we agree on the deal. Who sounds good five year deal twelve million here or maybe I don't know how much guarantee maybe 38. And valuable ticket and then let the ons is not known Nene I think that the new better. You know what I'll play this year up crude CL. All screwed TL. Sounds great in theory. When a basket nick dodman. I'm just by. I've seen it way too often. Very rarely. Do you find a starting running back that goes all sixteen. They get nicked up. Now I appreciate living on Bell's confidence in himself. I don't know of a return that money down. But I mean I appreciate news conference. Just I don't know if I would make that move from running back. In the NFL man any kind of guaranteed money you get. I know it's hard to turned on it's it's kind of like the decision. That a lot of situation. Which I. I'm that guy. That. Every Wednesday and Saturday are sometimes Tuesday and Friday and about it whether I'm in the Mega Millions of the or the power raw. I go to Lotto calculator. The 87 Lotto calculator online and new breed a website where you tell what state you're in and then it'll tell you. You put in the amount. On the billboard and that it tells you a lump sum payment is and also what the in the annuity is after taxes all the stuff on that guy. Now they always tell you take the loans even though in the annuity you end up making. More. In the long run. With the lump sum you have the power to invested as you want you made you better. Investigate yourself and letting. A lot of people invested forty. Plus. You can't. If you take the annuity. And you pass away that's it like it doesn't go your kids. But it really goes to you only. So they always had taken lumps. And messing yourself. It is always a decision I fantasize about making examine when lottery some other welcome nor expect more about it. I will win 500 million and come nor the next day make a bored out schedule. Eloped and shares and I'd. And who I love this too much and maybe hagel enemy usually go to cruisers some thing here. You know what have you put I'd come back and I'd work. I do much Saturday show I'd just all of you off because I know you sometimes. Do my thing. I would doesn't get hot tub though. My first purchase even before a house or car would be a fire pit with Adirondack chairs around it and hot tub. Ash tag descent. But. That's the decision to let me a bills making. Does he take the lump sum up front or does he invested himself. And wait. For a better deal done line. He's decided to wait on a better deal and not short it is a great move. What held the line. God forbid he gets hurt. He's going to be. Just. Upset. Let's see the K Kahne scrimmage stats are starting to come out here. Let's see if I'm able axis a certain now of course it's stupid. Password protected. And you Gary Furman. I mean it's steps they're gonna be out there aren't paying. And I get an email to me. To blame the media have the stats that I can give you I don't understand what liquid read it and what why why. Why. Why are college while coaches so freaking paranoia that brings me to the Jamar mosque situation. In Michigan do you see this. So Jim Harbaugh. Units khaki pants. The roster. Of the roster. Then he has up on the Michigan side and that has been released to the media is the one from the end of last year which includes of course all the seniors have left. They refused to update their roster. So New Jersey paper. Filed a complaint under the Freedom of Information Act to get them to release the roster because machines a public school. Blah blah blah. And I guess you don't have to comply fully fifteen days or what have you and then by the time they have to comply to be game week anyways they would release a roster. It just stupid like what does it matter to you. Think if I'm trying to write a story on where this goes some of your players. Connecticut I know lake what you list of mass highway was or no that's that's top secret. And in. Como. Oh and are loose in the roster and are losing depth charts and I do not told. UN is going to be good good good. Get over yourself. Why eight I don't understood this what are don't comprehend. And I didn't do a million paranoid coaches. Listen if you're good you're not. In the U lot of beer loving and you can beat the other team or you can't. All this mess around and chicanery and all that stuff. You did take you bleep it okay. Like it's seriously like he. Like Nick Saban paranoid out yin Yang pro running Alabama you get all five star athletes. Good to go out there and kick most teams asses it doesn't matter. You could probably give your playbook to the other team to its okay their asses. It didn't matter. Like you know when the U I was winning championships and in play for championships. Practice was open and everything was open and give guys didn't know one cared. You don't lie. They said no we're gonna take our team rear roll up there you can watch you can film you can diagram whatever Value Line. We're gonna kick your ass we don't care. But nowadays off on her. Now I mean god forbid you know with the second team pullback is holy crap let's get a completely ruined everything Gloria. I think what he's doing. You being a jerk just to be a jerk for no reason whatsoever. Oh by the way I need to tell you morons and early show anyways. We can't talk mode a good dude you know what. Trust me big gets out some X ray tech calls a friend who calls Friday calls a friend we know your good somebody's leg is broken. Get over the paranoia is ridiculous. Now listen. Might. Figure coach of all time Bill Belichick is the most parent of a mall and it's ridiculous. So lighten. I just don't get it. Read over the phones. So you really roll. C'mon you can do it adds one of the month. You can do. No. C'mon. There you go could free you what are you doing. What do you joined there. Usually the phone open. Take it. You're on the air. No. Known. Received these things work. Do you up. Do yup. On or off the. Do in my view up. Look I did your ears. Bibi will demand. I'm Miami air yes you are sir. I want to be Bieber and the beast column Frank Robinson player manager. But let me start with there's some increased while on the diesel and check it. Doug abernathy is the best RBK he also is the best GM that there could ever play. Doug abernathy is mobbed BS shelf and they'll ask blood be. She's so lovely to hear that good. 798. We hope he stayed with us for many days and gives the least Brian London now. So where he's come on everybody involved in the studio everybody and go live from him who meteor man let's do began. Joseph got burnout he's the best start BP see also we likability you know that there could probably. Joseph Glover who don't via mobile shell. And the best bloody. Hell below what you rip were. 79 DD we hope he stays with us for many days and drew a policeman I am loans and shocked by the way he. I'll build distorted mice. Fiery you aren't. Quit the whole Libby called the station 7000 times knew the boss was announced. That's not gonna end well for just saying. Met one take note of that. Less soreness or given your real name and number again. And both. Chris. Who credits we. Lose. Work on our brother little brother live right next Big Brother Cooper remember the court. Nice nice nice in my of their loved loved loved day low very Amanda beautiful Iran it is it is night. Damn man bomb gamma and told Harlow about same in in in the dolphin man you know wouldn't look Saban either complete Derrick how I live I heard yesterday. You know he was talking reporter out against it and it Blake they let me I'd be like that format but after that damn question you know I mean. But I would really I wanna do with this guy is guy is a millionaire. These you know anyone want to bet you know in the country. I don't think slow such it's a terrible error and no word format might you know they are too important bill. What is real I mean there are all paranoid they're all crazy. How well they're all crazy but it bears so paranoid that is. You know the other team knows their depth chart knows who's playing well they'll have some advantage. But did anybody really think they're gonna go on there and then be Alabama besides maybe one or two teamed up. You bet that's logic you dated a lot of times they get so caught. Caught up in crazy they forget logic. Men I guess there are one of my favorite oracle the dolphins the bottom I heard are mixed reports about the game about about color you know I I don't watch full volume the thirty years old a watchful Bachmann well about thirteen so you know I love football but a mop. Ordering the Miami so I you know I love passion Obama Miami screens. Then you're out there I think I would play there's not a bad way we don't god that I can end. You know end and I don't know I've you know I've got big bumper I heard no you know watch the game let per mile ESPN reporters and then from local Biden spoke that I heard. I hear like make a fortune out basically PPP a beat you know he was saying these more than bag good way and then the other you know you want him. You know he'd play he played live for my point of view he played plenty well obvious Dell for the blind to not play well for him. There's penalties but that's not going to be the starting dolphins lined listen. As I mean in less humor any college have a thank you can't do better than Jay color he knows your system he's a veteran nick your quarterback goes down at best the best you're gonna do. We knew personally would you rather had gone up predictor would you rather that other. If I was just days if I was simply basing it on talent I was a college cabinet but when you take into account. Knowledge of the system it's close to the season it's pre season we need somebody but to be our starter game one and know everything I would have taken color. Yeah that's true. You're great you take you think you know going to be what does next hero saw Mick Collin Quinn wrote this journey Scully snubbed its she's not understand how I'd be worried. Yeah I mean yeah I dubbed as a par I played a doctoral candidates suck demand that we are to see how good they were doing last year that he had Jerry Lee on the playoffs amount more thing could you know I've man in the exterior award came looking good we got so we know we added a couple of players. I got pretty rough schedule weigh in on and it happened down at Denny arm around his. I did not understand it it's sucks man you elected the list of quarterbacks every you know every other year that I executed an owner here Perino or report Iger the whatever now wait. And then I'm gonna catch a break winter we just could not a magic I'm glad we got color though the billion veteran quarterback again you know he's played it. They Ali I know you've got to turn over and him got that attitude about a way you know I think I'd rather have him out I grabbed color in the mouth more honestly. I'm Andrea pulled out days courtesy around the neighborhood man. Our Lola with the. Steve real quick. Obi power you do and how are you sir good I think having constructive comment regarding the hurt anybody as yet Marquardt program Pete you do what you bought. I would understood it last year because of the expert here but I don't understand quote big big in the public I don't get it. We really is Steve it's really simple we just went through this and it like I can't explain it but college football coaches are the most paranoid people. In the entire freaking world. And it and I and and mark Mark Richt believes that if sands were there to watch this scrimmage. And see his quarterbacks. You know battle it out that dude you would you would be one gives ammo to opposing teams had to put too much pressure on his quarterback you know there's supposed to play in front of 80000 people. Hi I current. All right I'd like I know and it has been I don't understand it and how do people like resolve in the media are supposed to do your job. But I get eager to give a damn what you beat today's increase in the. There are all Carolyn McCray is a delegate I remember in 1999. Been added a practice in 1988. No 999999. First practice of fall camp was open. With Butch Davis. There is a Brazilian fans there OK get ready for the season. And a plane like the flies overhead. And put extra start pulling equipment. Pointing at the sky. And a machine. He thinks. The plane is that is spying. On the canes for Ohio stadium they play in the kickoff classic in the opener at the meadowlands out here. Somebody economy back then this is when people have actual real video cameras that you held on your shoulder. Not now he just dominant phone. And so some due to the crowd is video in practice. And he like has security removed a dude because he's the exact guys it is in the video to. Ohio State. I mean they're just all I'd. Guess. I talk like this. You have to listen Medea. The city July. Channel on series. But Honda classic rock channel. And I mean I I just because. CNN mic in concert a couple weeks Yani is one of the best shows in there and this comes as. Slash is a god. Until noise. But slash O. I at one point during the show I turn my different experience and I I would have his baby. Descend. Hello. World. Are we here we are well I love you I might lose get those over west. Say. You're on the air. Hey hey we'll look around would you you don't have good content kid around a little. Your honor me and yeah out okay I'm your mom I'm your child trying to get you into the mine to grow on me and I need help. Well you can get a your mind as I do you really get into mind and I wouldn't tell you this right here will. We're oh we here at four letter word I can mention of them but I won't well she egged it right now I'm good plan to. Guns and routed rug in off I ground. And what say you about that though where he's sitting back. The concert happened two weeks ago brother. I know I was in the air but I'm going to the other one. They're doing and future shows. Just did you mention one don't mean they're down on people. Well. We love you beast come out and we let go get abernathy and he's cool well. I. Left the. Bring my own citizens that is all your hole and because this is all you idol did this. Who listen here's the thing is I really eat. People can comprehend like I really had the teen curiosity about bill. The problem drinking he curiosity and he's powered Merrill well no because the student I mean you know if he keeps it up heed the pleas of the show but historic but. So you say. I mean I just billion make you mean stop with the front does skin Colleen in the emailing in the that the whole thing just. If you wanna have fun they call my show on Saturday like we can do it it's fine entities say a four letter word than you can't beat coming on again. The lake don't bother to the Boston don't bother the receptionist and don't bother anyone else. Police. This on getting you anywhere. Others then eventually it's going to get you in handcuffs. If that persist I'm guessing that's what happens I don't really now. But. He does got to stop. Call me coming in and be crazy to me. I'm fine I I like crazy people were same people who will wherever you are I like you. And they were postponing our capital grille launch them. And have three postponed indefinitely. It's meant to sent. I. Well he's back. It's good to know that. Jumbo and Ron have been let out for the weekends. Just for second just to you know experiencing some light. Who love it. Let's see who's got on the Texas chain. The let's see why so many bizarre callers may be snow no CE evidently you don't listen to the Saturday show enough. That's all we did look like I encourage bizarre collars. Also the corporate Lamar Hunt attacks like he's out of material though it's garbage coming out well he's not a material for years but still you know it's fun dot. This comes in from the 561 Guns 'N Roses dope I love their cheesy lyrics and lame songs. Drug somebody then oops I mean dude with a little ones really hipster whatever men. I mean OK I used in the Texas beat him from the music snob Blake whatever like dude slash is one of the most guitar players embarrassing. The rest of it I don't care about like he your body mind. So we'll beat the Indians very it's very simple I wanna go to show. I have one. Requirement. To make it a great show. Is it they cathartic experience and when I leave. Do I feel satisfied. It's almost lakes ax. Right. I mean. Drew department is she bond. Now I mean just TEU. Don't like is it is it mind blowing. And leg wouldn't gun lake are used to like holes. All learn. It's just like men. Whenever. Leg that Guns 'N Roses concert I left. There was nothing more left. I could I couldn't give any more. I'd I'd. I needed I needed nap in a cigarette I didn't smoke it's a wrecks and don't smoke cigarettes but you know an army. That's my own requirements for concert whether it's. And listen if if the band that has crappy lyrics in the lane songs you say can take you there then so be it. Like I'm sorry not everything is you know early to cool would have like Arcade Fire or you know whatever you kids are listening to these states. You he's on the main they'll be improved IDs puzzle you know I mean look the that's fine. They're awesome but. You know trying to put on shows like you go pack go filled stadium like Guns 'N Roses. And what following that played the rehab an hour's wait wait that's not really fair is is in me that have been around I don't at. This one's until the last. I don't think I mentioned I say OK then shouldn't be in the show I could take until you know whether. The good thing I think shouldn't shouldn't know number one or. So are by your beside us around. Look what you've done. You'll masterpiece. Just one more before the break it. I'd say my name is being Crowley and our present build arm apparently you on making. Verbal. Threats. He has not made any bad debt and or if you will what. He's using the freedom of speech and true love always to use dropping low end over a. Former allude. Armed and apparently I'm speaking to him now has a. Column Colin mouthpiece. Brian and his words a year you saw he loves you knew and should not get a ticket. And she ordered up sort. You can thank you that. Mott nothing but love. From Ian. Then. I get them to Canada. It listen in in in my in my in my didn't worry. What I would like in my wasn't concerned or. Wasn't afraid horror. Didn't sing and it would be overused. I literally just give bill my my own phone number and say hey does come later man like just call me yelled. And cock my head off with your random nonsense but down and not turn out well he's an Obama phone and we helped pump so to Burma from. Mister OK that's all do a good get some. Way to boost mobile early one of these burner phones. And I'll give that line to bill. He'll be the only woman has the number and whatever I want my bill six boom. It's there. Syria grand idea that is that his genius. So one. Seeing someone says I've a crush on these sense of humor love retains an overall demeanor. Are you FEMA. If so low slider and my dear. Among myriad b.s. And. I'm gonna get a murder phone for building coming. Off the desert you got there have to deal with the insanity. I mean I. I feel like. Sitting in traffic on the palm nano. Having to be able to it and getting able to repeat conversely bill would make the drive a lot better. I feel like that. I'd back to Jay Cutler the hurricanes and Stewart's. After this if you if you are real hot sports take. 786360790. On tech machine 67 on some for the calls from the LaMont attacks linebacker to listen to. Is also the rallies police are you floors. Right now we're seeing a little conflict going on police are trying to push it a crowd back. Don't know which side of the argument these protesters Iran although. It looks like this is. A free speech. Aspect of things and it's get a little under Raleigh. Like why why can't we just march salute. That's kind of a weird what don't you think blood. To the cushion that police did the police to push my process in the Boston mood. Lewis Charles moved until 21 yeah. And Sean so they they were little ill prepared for what was going on I understand that but they. They even try to Collins pulled out piano on news it was not a good luck two so is it it's it's just find it funny that. You know these approaches gives the right gear in the all right can still. Yet there with me but I do I do say there's like no matter what's really you know whatever you want a march for whatever you wanna say we have the right freedom of speech. To do it peacefully late just I mean. Default is verbs did you did it peacefully he had an army because that guy right here that I know I know amber but I didn't you mr. before reportedly put it on there's people throwing stuff but the police and all that stuff like is Demi just in just in that in nine I know I and I understand we trust me I understand. Like. You guys I want everybody else that it name. Disney got the men clapper rails that this is this is what we mean by double standard is some gays is this right here. Really Charlene look how openly and here is like. This is that's weird chin and be the same response everywhere. But is not. And don't get the guns are some new shuttle had guns. Oh no I mean yeah you I mean it you know your sit in blocking out the truth and they are fifteen strapped. You know I gig in music didn't Gleason came on the right here and they shouldn't be too hot food no I mean how the police handle Charlottesville as a despair site does note none of that and I I don't know what's going on here in Boston I mean I'm I'm trying to watches but no sound on and I don't really know what. I because before just he looked like him was being peaceful and nice and tiptoed to the tools now it looks at police around I don't know why they're moving this crowd. Down the street now I don't know what causes tonight you know it's on a context. I just you know why do real skill. Spitzer. All I can insult to hold hands and tiptoe through the tulips and all that stuff. Or just sleazy greedy wall jerks can be dealt with. Speak for yourself. Does and I'm not jerk. Guess not. I mean I am back to the play. Com you work go what you were like half an hour ago yeah I told you not talk anymore EM stop talking fool out amid do for us Schobel it. He's brought up my sort of lay days on those get him I was gone but a leg Hemmer C and then start talk about how. He really it was blamed Islam because you know I don't blame someone is there my friend opens up halving the route is man roster move well I'm sorry I got triceps. This happened sorry. I knew where you will really do before we. Went off on this tended. I'm this this customer is an excellent addressing point okay which is. Jay college gonna throw fourth quarter pick. And the fans. One tenant held back and that's when the finally. Feel like. They appreciate Ryan ten now I think we're already there right were we already at the point. Finally coming to this training camp world. It was complete appreciation of rides and Ella weren't asking the question is we weren't. Debating now whether we have a starting quarterback like opponent Bob knows he's like yeah I mean how we got her I don't think I don't. I don't think it's gonna take Jay Cutler. Story fourth quarter interceptions are not performing up to standards for golf fans do appreciate right now I think they already do. Now now the question is though is how did he scrub his career by deciding not to have surgery the first time. And then re injury in the leg and now having surgery and what's gonna happen while he's out. And ever gonna say that he's going to be back for beginning the next season. But don't tell you I've seen. A lot of these situations where you are sure that could happen to hear your gators didn't get back to wait three seconds. But there's also times where you know. Infections have been things happen in a scar tissue have pins and if you're healing is not as quick as possible and what if Jay Cutler has to be here next year. To be the starting quarterback again and what Brian Janet hill Larry's job back as well defense case I would. I would say. In a word. Oh yeah. Why don't our. Just the bottom view than Jay Cutler is good for the season the CIA does this season. His cab home since then Chicago's Kyle Orton. Tallies to believe this is it is a flash in the pan. At worst. I'm EA could work out but he retired worries in the meek. Yeah I mean he did but. And you know it also like you're retiring and not wanted to show Auburn play. I'd love to do with your surroundings and where your acts. Maybe he really feels like after meaning Campbell the dolphins that this is a place where he. And thrive. For so long. I mean I love the city of Chicago. Denver's host an amazing city you can slocum putt to weed there. Blunt. I mean if you. You can spend some time down here hang out the fan you're how life. Like why not. So we don't pay ten million why wouldn't you. Mean why would you. You have the opportunity. I just. Yes if I'm Brian Terry hill. I'm not overly worried. My. I am so relieved. In the back of my mind I'm wondering if I'm gonna get my job back. There's nothing is promised in the NFL weren't football. There's nothing that says Ryan Dan hill won't get his job back is starting quarterback. We just don't know how that's gonna develop. Sources say they're unable listen because the in articulate rates as such with me. Listen sir you're an ass. Get out of my life. I love it too aware. About bombings and bone marrow of my Twitter. Got to my life come. Race is real real fun for like get out of my life Blix won't non homeowners though he's developers only and I don't know. I did makes these non I mean here you're ready taken into color it's like question illogical thing I was. We are never got into with a minute or. Fatah lined to first take it. You're on the air the not. Dig around. And now I'm sure bills online one let's go to you're on the. I know land. He yes I am calling it about bad Derek situation all of this contract. On it bad. It is not in. Me who wish it informed that the east. In all supposed to leave it you know you want people politics are mule. On your show we listened to a press box but. I'm. Calling you right now trips to say that you'll know what people look like you know. Taking down statues and yes it is our history. If not crude per say to certain. Colored corduroy. But you know what there's history that that transpired that make us hopefully better people. All you have to be wet dog chipped. That brings us to think about the words are cheap it's a ship. We need to polish. A certain void. To take out someone who stood. You know bank about it. And I just think people make in a big deal out of bounds and on a minor. It's not monitor them and it's may get some need because I want this place to be a better I want the word. To be a better place. Everyone's taken care that how many. And then even then it commanders do this and everyone's gonna rush. Retreat. With a four letter word who. Will contribute group. People cheered about to turn without a nice day. I'd pick me I can't help it. I don't know what is I find it. So much humor. In what ever that is whenever he's got going on whatever what whatever it is whether it's an act. Or aids and it simply just nimby not on his demands. Or idea what would ever made me. Whatever is going on there. It entertains me. Speaking of entertaining. You see and why do you see Tina Fey eating take on this and I love weekend update a summer edition. I do mass on headline you gotta you gotta really get a got to watch it it's. Uneasy just goes off and tell a joke as she she went to the University of Virginia but relatives say the whole time she's just eating take lake stopping taken hormones. And I am sorry maybe because I've been there 'cause. You know I'd I'd stuff my face to take to. But she's trying to talk as she just shelves taken your mouth was hilarious. Use whole area. I don't know look and act I don't know what character that wasn't bills so an ass abused and bonanno I don't I don't think I don't think those mono I don't know what that was. But it was something. Tonight we're gonna take a break no morale or yet one more hour to go captain Curtis will be an after me. So he'll have your hot sports takes more pirates. So as is used to attract these streets yes I do and I am proud of that dammit. My bring anything to lose radio station it's the ability to attract freaks. Antawn has given me the worst look right now. Back after this in the take.