Beast's Den 8-19-17 Hour 3

The Beast
Monday, August 21st
The Final Hour of this week’s Den visit continues the randomness of the last hour with it spreading to the beast as he jumps from topic to topic. Beast then interviews Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post on the recent scrimmage as well as all things canes. The show has a bow put on it with In Case You Missed It.

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Pain as a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Levine John Clayton Bennett Paul Gillis special guest CBS sports dot com Jimmy doesn't. Saturday night August 26 is supported king's got Jim Clark from six to nine free. It's an exclusive one on one time and John Clayton Saturday afternoon just register now to do my dot com. I don't mean accident. He's got what 800000 or seven free that's what I understood more seven. 3733. Spots might ease the public adjusters. Mike got a little South Florida but lives storage for more details on attending for free your looting of Miami. Died com. Ball's gonna tell you ripped a music Cecil. All right for WA December 2 third. On Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday features KG elephant Weezer and your big men in the wilderness Portugal the man and more Sunday if he just gives you the sun Jun man. Foreigners Lou Grant Moore stated time with a tribute to prince lover boy and I think we just announced he'll Puente junior got to be pretty cool. The BM a bunch more announce an illegal contract still waiting to come in from bans all of them I am not a levee accident attorneys go away hundreds I'm more some free that's what a hundred. So 473733. Underground music blue chair bay Rama tickets are on sale right now isn't to dig in dot com and listen to. As lose money we have another major act that will be announced so there you go rip tide we got a bunch of stuff going on we got kids love and family ads we guy. Our fantasy convention would John clay and Jamey Eisenberg Rihanna red tide coming up. At pumpkin patch coming up and October we got events out yin Yang Owen next Saturday I'll be doing the show ads on. On remote I'll be out of the studio I'll be down it still be promotions and when would. Doing the shows the Orange Bowl kicks off to college football season with a or Capital One Orange Bowl burger battle 2017. So that'll be pretty cool. Looking forward to that. Just because I'm glad for punishment. I OK okay and this food. One you know we reminding you from and why I'm cool I'm a chronic religion should remind you to do to ever reach out and made it would pro like lemon at. All. I don't. Your phone bill. You tell bill like he got a new works so you can't have a conversation right now. Any control. And dawn as the phone to his ear he's been on the phone bill for six minutes and thirteen seconds we would timer I can tell you. And he in his eyes are glazing over his bill is just talking his head off you know and I hate on you just hit a hold is put on hold and. Might. Bono and once seen as very seriously. Okay. So as of bees lives eaten take it still frozen. I mean I've had ice cream cake when and there are I don't know if I never tried to eat frozen cake. Your on the air I don't know when you do. Well that's that's richer. Don't have anything brilliant to bring in somebody is history 60790. All the related gain related if you miss did where were evergreen Matt Porter but they're all busy filing their stories if you missed it. Mark Richt announced that he will be announcing McCain's starting quarterback by Tuesday. Now. As it looks right now in the second scrimmage today. The two quarterbacks. That ran with the first team. Were Evan sheriff's Emily rouge air. And cozy Perry the freshman ran with the second team. Mark Grace could announce a quarterback by Tuesday I'm guessing he's going to be in the league around and Margaret Court is that both the league rouge air every church really sharp. He says according to Matt Porter. He says. And cozy pair and the seconds by the second team and had some bright moments couple do some things old gay you beat. He still trying to get there Cade Wheldon will years out of the race trim of the three. No rouge airwaves 725. For 260 yards two touchdowns. He's third interception was hit as he threw. Sheriff's there to 9220 some yards two touchdowns he had an interception on a deep ball. And cozy very six of 1280. Yards touchdown. Do. And I don't know if we of the Saturn out a Margaret ripped literally everybody including the equipment staff. Yesterday. Sleds kids. Mark Walton. Had a bruised hip was held back. Only carry the the ball three times. Travis homer had six carries forty yards and touchdown. Crispy and Atkins had eight carries seventeen yards tree on great shock. Had six carries and yards. As far as receivers go. A Mon Richards didn't play isn't pulled hamstring. Braxton burials had six catches a 170 yards 207 yards. Darrell laying them packets called other lane big a redshirt junior. Let's see Andre and he had six catches for 97 yards did laying a minute touchdown. Mike partly. Three catches fifty yards and a touchdown. Chris turn in the senior tight end four catches 67 yards and a touchdown. Did you Dallas the athlete four catches 33 yards. Just a moans to get to 33 yards and a touchdown dale Harris to get. Eleven yards. Let's see what else do we know. The defense of stars according to map Porter sophomore defensive man Joseph Jackson he had six tackles five of them is where Sachs. The Jackson Brothers are going to be a Joseph and Demetrius. Quarterbacks were not lives. In. I according to Matt Porter all Jackson's actual legitimate. Treasury safety Mari Carter. Eight tackles one for loss. As far as the linebackers goes act McLeod had five tackles one for loss safety JaJuan Johnson four tackles two for loss a sack quarterback Dovonte dean four tackles for full in a forced fumble cornerback Michael Jackson. Four tackles three for losses sack. Romeo Finley the safety three tackles and a sack linebacker Mike Smith three tackles one for lost linebacker Michael pink Guinea. Had to pick defenseman Jonathan Garmin had a sack broke don't pass as did Scott Padgett and very division rap to RC. These so you don't demand. Spoke with families long Ethiopian great underscore your belief yet he meant. And gastric. Wanted to go to break a little bit on the games. Couple of things that I noted. Past couple weeks. Boot camp of optimism. On the beat her aside another bad character because it's gonna close here. But I Mercury there's a cup of albeit different without compete. It appeared that the numbers are really there. With the exception may be the beet red tackle spot. You know I don't know who bit it in the spirit put that got creamed could be the best stuff we've got here long drives. Yet you know like and it's really important because RC as you know man when the kids are great. You can you can put in a second team murder. And he'd be just as good as the can be easily as the guy that started. They had you know multiple guys at every position. That committed just actually run somebody down run somebody over tackle somebody takes especially at the defense of blind spot. Balm now you said tackle a little bit thinner than the other spots like end or linebacker. But still I think they have enough there to be a really. Really amazing defense this year. And we let it be up to try to build a ball. But what they know program forward speed and quality of stepped on the top of the line. And I really think lender. You're different and not play is pure and move on. True regulate their practice with both of them are down the road if not sooner than later because. There you warmed Norton bigger wave from avenues it's inexperience could play in. We all know that these are pressure from the trooper from centuries and are clearly Alan Ball ball block. But it doesn't replace the period. Saw him. No I say specially special woman whose job of the line where. I will almost always take experience. Consistent experience over talent. Ballmer young talent in experienced talent. No question couldn't beat and then they heavy impact it better as contributing your quarterback play. There when you look at a kid like Rick Perry. A babe in the woods practiced gutter here today but I think maybe chambers. He's so far. Far behind. In terms of the mechanic could incur a pro ball big let me create got a Pallet. But Beckett can you wanted your kid can't. And that make a play a lateral wanting me to look because I look at remarkably polite and I think that eventually. You're going to like you saw earlier today you're gonna get played god we have to. Could that line it was going to be or at least a good start. I'm and appreciate the focal RC appreciate America is easier it will duke Seles is too recent days they came home opener in the first game of the season. Well I thought I'd go can. William yet the at the rock of course will be there. Course. I'll be there for that being Tallahassee. Of course. These can tell a story would have would mark Hochman and led the charge showed nobody will speak of I don't know what I don't understand what to speak of Hough got a chance to host the morning Joseph he when hosts the morning show I don't. I don't understand what the big issues and and he moved onto another station was an afternoon's it did there's and I don't think there's some big questions there. Got those behind the scenes that are created a host the show late ego. Know what the deal is. The same. So at times in retirement date I once ate a Pepperidge Farm Kate Ryan and the freezer. I will say this average farm makes a mean town gate but. I'm in the freezer though. They gets frozen take a thing. But doesn't seem very good to me. But I do I Gilligan ice cream cake layer Carville Carville like you know I didn't want above it. Continues it takes to. Earn. He says my stomach was six for hours. Of this is that investing in the UCL well. Yeah I unmet supporters has he come on except insulin spray now and you can now give hammering. What. What I distributed takes me back into it did you Beck yes you know why. On the freaking beast. The only live. Tape back it up here every Friday and drummer in the morning show sponsored by boat trend around the taster perfection. More morning both trend Rahm Rahm that is not a staged. Nurtured. You know a guy who I know could probably use an ice cool beverage right about now. Who join us on the right fuels and dusters to me is yours guess why it is just beyond immediate. Discovered that it discovered the Kane's second scrimmage although no access from the media other than talk and coach after the scrimmage was done Matty Porter from the Palm Beach post you get home online on Twitter at Matty ports to a money. Yeah like good idea beast yeah they're great people good get there you would never. Yeah it's what we learned that that. Well actually all just hope a I'm all caught ought. Com about this you know kind of chemistry exactly. You'll really clear after this I do one. The thing turned up created this at least from my diet that you generate a quarterback. I mean you could say that. I mean I would say the moon occurred near the favorite to win the starting job right now. But I I definitely big east you have the creativity it's sheriffs say I don't. Only parry when you Joba much more. Wrote something you got this week's column had had a chance to boot the completion percentage and not bear. And applicable you know kind of analysis of the stats that the court back to put up which obviously the perfect easier situation scrimmage is pretty get cute. They're checking your degree in the first unit that character you know. You know it's not a it's not a real game. But you know it's pretty clear that they're revered shared certain degree you're most passengers for a touchdown duty ends don't know will be particularly. Turn overs. Com they are no more cartoons today he. Wanted to put them. You know which the rest the first street offense take all the number one reps noted that it kind of let that. You eat shaded to give them confidence to let that Joba that's basically what they. Obviously it like that but that's pretty much what are we doing are you letting this it's first or not and still work with a self pity. On the dot bit of up fairly decent day today much better than yesterday we used very upset that orbit so he. It generates electric I don't know if you the starter as a state that's number one tick quicker for this. I didn't do the equipment staff have the pylon in the right place and it I can always doing I'm new to all local all the very upset after after hurting drew great you know we in the media not see that side of room. It's the ball he was he was hurt and everybody. He had no doubt. I'm so glad so let's say. It looks like you really know what the starting quarterback is my Tuesday it looks like it's down to only grows here and Evan sheriff's. And cozy Perry seems to be behind in third place. The question is. Will and cozy Perry still a factor into their plans this year. And well do you think you'll be given a chance to get some time and maybe earn his way onto the field throughout the season. Yeah I think so that's that's my reading up that I BP really like Chile Egypt is not ready yet you you know. The short term can provide the most talented quarterback an officer that's pretty clear just. Your ability to move. You know you are restricted there he just does things and the other quarterbacks you don't can't and then don't. But you know when you turn the ball over and you eat fairly quick snaps yet you are still working on that into the shotgun offense. I'll yell enough. In in high school last two years literally every experience under center. I'm you know just like will be played. There we're watching drills yesterday it is deeply league if you like it never slip or coach did not play baseball you know you. You're struggling just applied properly speak like that. On you've got a little way to go but he's talented enough that. And you know they believe in him for the future. You know I I wondered they would. They'll give him some playing time this funeral on idiots like a situation like concert orchestra on wahpeton north clearly the guys the freshman. By the end of the year but he started out no articles out. So we'll see what happens when the final weeks I don't think they're gonna you know put the wraps off and on and Richard M like up or secret which units would that we are who you are that's a right to do. Commerce between twelve years Richard Gephardt argued that heritage were not IQ what they're gonna get an experienced intense or is due but it light up early. Certainly does your gum reading your blog right now as we speak it's confided god it came to watch golf blog a Palm Beach closed dot com. Or does duly came to watch blog not reporter does a great job covering McCain's. Not in the second wavering up is a good one and what we always worry about. Which is debs any special it tight end and running back. Too important positions at a club and that the University of Miami is always kind of excelled in but aside from Chris pertinent. And tied and then mark Walton at running back who's a little bit nicked up I mean you start to worry about what's behind those guys. Yes for sure I no longer do differently early last Saturday stretch and held out only has carry spurred a total jury arts. And you know I think you just heard time and time again from by the coach and they just they don't trust. Tell you what they say that how they talk about the young tight end. And then running backs and their. No they don't really trust the tight end yet and there are Billick. Travis homer you know you're going to make things but you don't get to bolster its got a couple mobile. You know he's still coming along easily sophomore you know Michael Irvin died in. I'm working by Chris circuit you don't sophomore Bryan Cohen brushed picture young but he helped. It is what it did they say then why did you really trust yet so. You think Mo last year and I had borrowed a speedboat last year they had even if you're Korean cursor and are quickly pull back yet they're really trusted. Yahoo! mix of you know he's pretty Eddie blocks they had. Gus Edwards enjoyed your eyes are all so you get more guys you know you more on the field now I they have they'll wait cursor this year I would say. I'm Dave by the way you pretty good news this you know this current coverage and AM mark Richards was held out she. You pulled hamstring according to repeat it should be okay. Michael be needed plays well he he actually had an interception to the distribution Kirk there. But you don't do it to go Jumbo package on the goal line I'm not really sure if that's the beauty you're never certainly. Outset as much after the scrimmage today you know I'm coming up with a bigger being dealt themselves. You know I didn't expect on quick big part of all back I don't know they have gotten it quite there yet you know our hopes up marker and I have to figure some things and. And then you know a a lot of defense and of course made Manny Diaz is gonna try to find any little thing that he can nitpick on the keep his guys motivated. But everyone seems to believe in all the national pundits are saying hey Miami's defense be one of the best in the country. I don't see any different but is her chance were over hyping it. That side of the football. Are out though the jets starting you know cut about her. The commercial paper that my Turkey or the other quaking get what you have a real game itself. There we don't really know yet pandemic and all projection in the gulf you know conjecture. Well we could be Miami's defense is going to be very good they have economy guys are turning I would take that front that it. We or any other G-8 countries that include content I think they're occurred at or permanent linebacker who caught it. A Brooklyn recruited incredible wealth so you know I don't expect constitute down and by any stretch. I'm content underline maybe I take them you know based on the high end talent and guys like god Nokia. Gosh seems like in a major blood. The other depression met last year and in a crash in the well armed but you know mighty mighty because it's excellent you have a cut on it yet almost. Over hyping I don't know I try to. You know people probably hate this company records but you know I try to track to beat the Czech open it. I don't you know who really know. He's got dirty -- god you've been hammered you don't come home haven't played at all I'm always got one big bucket Joseph Jackson and yet. Five sacks today six tackles five or stacks. From what I was told what I'm gonna watch skirted all of them are legitimate like you know they'd be sexy images. And you would like you know right there court you can and a guy shoulder like it's not like you know barely got yeah I neurology at FT said. You know he's going to be a major program to beat McCain in ejected machete Padilla acting like you're only opera they're gonna try to shut it down so that he spoke at last your exit back up. You know would not the starter got an appeal when he obviously put. It took a guy but surprised he's Serb we will watch that this year how to respond to that I'm being so big. Matt Porter Paul based most of us right here on the ticket home on Twitter that Matty ports. I'm really has to change what blog right now now Matt where's the buzz is very well but it you're yes thank you come up. I. What's really on the what are what are the buzz right now as far as a freshman that season we catch you someone's eyes W he had some playing time for the there's a much on Monday fences seem to be a big and nasty and getting involved in the well what's so I know you guys don't get to see a lot other than stretching it maybe a couple drills on where we're buzz as far as a freshman goes. Both that we can't we feel a little more can be done immediately anywhere you want how are practiced it you know at first they practiced because that's sort. I thought about it what we first started out to get so much better of the key. I'm at this point. And rhetoric you lying that you hear what coaches are saying you know we talked to other people are out there watching Brad did he get pretty decent sense. Who perform big dog I give you did you need to be fighting got a lot of got Al. Unit that you don't relic of the past three years thickened my mortgage did it come get back up your act could there. Now 567. Maybe freshmen could really you know showed openness here you are receivers like Carly just out of the beat they're going to be very bucolic contributing to the offense. They'll be turned forty yard tree took them. Super fast those guys. They and he can only use speed at wide out. I treated banned yet they can get they're gonna play a role at nickel yet picnicking when I was told there really hectic. Opera when I was told I know smaller quarterback but you know there's they're gonna put it we're able to build our Carter a lot of tackles they're Rick. Really wasn't happy about that he's glad that you are you don't want to say it. Being active joined linebackers the debate to tackle there so. The second unit linebacker Ben you a little bit of oh warrior right now opposite reaching record here is because even that Sierra for a big players aren't yet. But you know Carter's pretty solidly you'll be used you know I know weapon on special people I would expect. Our interview over the center line course shirt on blue eyes did you want didn't come along but Jonathan target. As bad forced out there ever since then he stepped on campus said he Coco got you the guy. Not about prone to hyperbole. You know use it very impressed with John B garment industry what you lol just you know last year at 25 can accurately court I. Obvious you know including the preceding game or am I should have exactly. I you know the bearded. 64 or 35. You're coming off yet should. Long we'd eat out structure. By the little extra base camp though I think it could be you know an impact guy you know that they're down graduation Miami's. Pretty happy with with the all the countries recruit security offensive guys you know make it back on a trick at a vegetable O'Donnell beat you can start. Pyrite character they want it probably boot good you know left tackle what. You get there about left tackle position self very good recruiting class for her Mark Richt this year. This really out of the blood obviously when you're leaving. Deeds is dissolved it's like good enough fish to protect someone who will be a first time. The first game starter. No matter. What I'm I am yeah I'm a little bit more worried about oh. While checking your didn't. And what you have repaired then now the persecuted perform my big bowl they're concerned but that you you really need to disperse unit. It actually captured here again we're projecting a year and Ed you you're you're hoping Mickey McDermott becomes a solid eight C caliber. Our starter at left tackle you're hoping to Trevor Charlie can you don't put together computer left guard OP. Pilot goat beard did you play better purples you know call up. On the bond salt and obviously anytime you put your freshman out their starter feel like you're also worried that you know certainly you got come metallic. Kyra he would kind of came ways it's got you your result could be last year but you didn't get it didn't go according to get a purple he's been. By bigger concern though is really need you any one of those guys quit. You don't really control inexperienced guy if there are you know odds are really sure call plan B six best offensive line and at this point. Is if so do you doc who are still here inside Ecuador still hear it also got her healthy of the it would be a no brainer because the ball. Of up clay tablet got a patent the other catchers are key to diminish Casey know tweak to the critics start you know going back 24 key itself. I mean he probably won't pull out of freshman left tackle Wayne Barrett now eight inch you know your best guided toward brown. Editorialists trips per full attack all of that you get the 81 of those guys that's up 88 all be. Bill but you're really gathered total unknown. Are you and you like captured there you go the opposite a lot. Last but not least mr. Porter if I'm mark wrecked. And I and two weeks away from the start of the season what keeps me up at night. Thought I. Which she'll probably Florida State and we are yeah I mean it you know aid budget. It's not I don't. I don't see any. The pot holes on this schedule like they have. In the last eight years but if you know what you know don't beat Florida State pure art critics people who lot of wonderful you can use other but the way. You could a lot of successful you didn't. I think probably your you know I didn't see any pictures get the picture directory probably double that included. You know tight end running back offensive lines you're currently you know if you had a couple began to back you probably UK still he's sort of alert go they're going to be. While he ultimately we aren't going to show but pat Beck didn't. And it's hard can that don't support actually you. Guys but no let's say Molly grocers starter eagle down the other I'm sure there. You don't banged up in the moment and are you currently which. You know they gonna lead in the once that'll help Ehrlich repeated no longer a big corporate boards they you know about their courage. Knowing how my level Kirk. You know 567 years daughter that's how you can't. Big college football in Miami hadn't really done that Carter yet they're certainly getting hair cut and we keep. I'm looking outstanding. And you expect a moment continue to play until a couple you're the I guess people light it up the good enough. Yeah no doubt about it that pull what are you people on Twitter hadn't done it works follows dove in the lobby expose our exact kids want to blog Mattingly appreciate it. Are we think we'll do my favorite when my fellow Bostonians Monica. Please get hockey too. Plays on a yacht club hockey team can really skate. Good stuff. Good stuff. I. We got our kids Dixon will take a break on the other side. We wrap this whole puppy up we have a little love so I'm we all AJ she missed it. Now I had one is not presented me with any in case you missed it stories yet and I'm a little bit worried I'm a little bit afraid. Of what might be heading my way. We get to that more apt to listen to our. And deep ball players win your league I'm losing it's third annual energy Arlene Johnson lane Benson LeBlanc cameras special guest. Lord's god god is Jamey Eisenberg. It comes your way next Saturday night August 26 fourteen to help him Clark. From six to 9 PM and three woods an exclusive one on one time to time maybe Saturday afternoon. Just register now do you mind dot com and Darlene accident attorneys call 1800 some more time phrase that's 100 somewhere 7373. Brees smudge my Palm Beach Harley. They're always number one draft pick by rip it energy feels like cream Turkey in my champions for vice lords. More details on attending for free go to your Mighty Ducks common. After that Tenet nine we might all just go overdose loosen those tournaments and the Paterno watched Mayweather McGregor fight to sing and. Just saying that. Dan. Background radiation wants replaced the two watched Mayweather McGregor was all of you know we put so many other and after Clayton and Eisenberg. All go over start drinking eating and watch the fight together. Would Dan that's gonna happen. Slightly you know. Are done in your calendars. Are busy day next Saturday. I've got this remote we're doing out at the Capital One Orange Bowl burger battle to dozens haven't seen that since that Selby promotions and when would. We doing that from twelve to three. Then I'm gonna get to gulfstream. Do I get ready for fantasy. Time with. Clean and Eisenberg and then on to our next location to watch the Mayweather murder for I would damn number. A long neck. And probably Lotta driving. I may need to know who were on this one. Have my wife dropped me off profanity humans in this than just liberal after the fight. That is we don't on the hurricane. We're watching invest 92. I don't know I think is gonna hook right. No right by the Bahamas bubbles and happens to us during car the steering currents do. On that up front. The Texas Sheen I love the tax fishing. I love all the. Mocking our Promos. Oh my god look to draft added pay me. Yeah we need it I mean we need to update. What are the draft have a baby that was a long time ago. Then didn't baby died or something and draft Dieter someone died. So mental but. Truth shall we shall we diamond to engage in mr. I think we shall. There you have a news has never went off there. Good news for change what do you say I got up and we'll start he'll man perhaps news and losing parents so they don't listen to and from. Don't mind the only ones who realizes that the story is news. In case you missed it this is not political it's a golden Abby grove. Dateline Miami come. President Donald Trump. Let's see criticized Amazon head Jim just the base those smooth. Running in the Amazon. All of the no tax monopoly in for allowing the Washington Post. Big news his business owns the Washington Post group. Is probably why base those online retailer doesn't have a problem catering to customers who dimly dislike the president went to a paper. Although some considered the product to be disrespectful. There was high demand. And by today they'd sold out. Of Donald Trump classic tweets toilet paper it was told Aybar with all of a don't from street talk. Amazon also motherly sell similar products featuring president Barack Obama's. But tweets so. There you go but the demand for the Barack Obama won is love the three pack two of the paper runs five dollars. So the Obama once plenty in stock. And cheap the trump once more expensive and sold out. And fair yup got. Feel free what you buy with don't don't streets if you want to if you're into that thing. It literally I don't need anything Amato the paper I dislike my nice white Connolly Sharma and triple black. Right so this Abbott us on the store the other day head daylight Santa Cruz California. A California man was arrested after he crashed his deep into a report drunk drivers sign while driving drunk. I mean he can't get better. Reports. Stephen DeWitt. 57 was quite intoxicated when he flipped his Jeep. Limited on its roof the respond enough incentive to wit had been wearing his seatbelt he could've been killed. Willis charge what do you live flown to a trauma center don't drink and drive it's just not worth it said that California Highway Patrol. Santa Cruz. Would see a whole lot. I I don't know what the sentence is one of Internet garb go mountains article but analyzed the -- driving drugs food is cheap over crashing into a do not drive drunk aside. Idiot. Llamas but I don't send when. I'm all got. Stop here noted that the wind from the air conditioned to make it tough to hit the basket. We're trying to. Solace in that spell more there's more CSI works for wide side and another dead animal on sat chats ought to check that out when I'm done. Is there really. Anything better then some lights on chapter. But I zones is April draft and baby draft. Is very much alive I think. I don't know I think someone died in that whole deal put that up perceived that seem to drops a line. You're up. State law main residence where were re coming O Florida yen. Menace facing six years in five months in prison for inadvertently firing his gun a multi it is self sinister pub restaurant. What Gundy fired exactly. Booster club rust from what what gun went off. What gun was loaded in the strip club rush from. So this guy roaring storm that is name warned Sorin 34. Was day and age Saint Petersburg club in December when his gun discharged. So Oren told a security guard he was just try to dig itself see that it was an accident the bullet went through the mirror into the women's restroom but fortunately no injuries were reported. So worn and Asian pride gang member pleading guilty in April to possessing a firearm. As a convicted felons sorted prior felony convictions include burglary and attempted first degree murder summit a wonderful individual. Note to self don't bring guns to strip clubs. Note to self. I didn't have a gun on you. Try not to let it just go I'll play to yourself three notes to about ten. Also note to self why they are Eugene sell visas strip club bathroom. I mean really. Also neighbor's grass is alive and so our own offspring so. From what I can determine blew my life then. I got treatments and batons on. Dateline. Wouldn't. Oh wait dancer plug and release could be a yup. Daylight big men bill organs. If you say Oregon my old boss do in the face organ or untrue. Suck Oregon. Heat. It organs families Golar cure has been honored. My sheriff for digging up 85000 dollars worth of black tar heroin. In a family's backyard. I love. According to JE TU TV. They reported Friday that the owners of the eighteen month old dogs or poppy basically named Kenyan. It's not he had done a good time capsule their backyards of the decided to fill themselves doing. As they did they realized Kenyon had found drugs. If it. Yet bill county. Sheriff and the Tim Spence in at dead about the substance is more than fifteen ounces of black tar heroin. Sleds and present and Kenyon at the dog with an official ribbon and named him an honorary narcotics dogs for life. When Mia ceiling 2%. So the dog outside restart date my dog doesn't two days are dig in the backyard right do they thought they are not right no they thought it'd be installing a time capsule amazing golds on the and treasurer. Instead dog found black tar heroin wonderful. Sowing dissent in this all I always I mean this this happens all the time. At least I tried to speak with you on the UN chemistry to bash lament some years back but you rebuffed me. Sir I'm sorry. I'm guessing it was probably with my family and my so probably really young has pledged trying to keep an eye on him in tracking him down. Listen I'm the last person that that guy went on the publicly EB I want you come talk to me a while eating comes I wanna be one of the people so if for some reason. I rebuff you as you said I'd probably do a damn good reason. Either I was look after my kid. Being yelled up low life or you're damn annoying. Hash tag just saying. I don't know for me. Mad import some. In the comics most left corner. We appreciate your mom and thanks for coming on. And why not another well to show my friend. Don't cut the crap valley relay me enough already years I mean you're tall and in front desk and check gears. On the loss your email and people I mean just today. Listen I'm gonna get a murder phone bill argued in number than they knew we'd just talk all they don't like yeah. I mean to all of you who listens. All of you called then I greatly appreciated this in where are not like other places. We're not gonna say in his syndicated radio and now we're talks aren't snow. With the captain Curtis Stephenson even. Hunkered down on that afternoon shows currently doing a great job. Curtis gives hot sport stakes. The next 78 hours or something like that coming up next right here that's ago zero SE a piece. A.