Beast's Den 8-5-17 Hour 1

The Beast
Monday, August 7th
Beast kicks off this episode with Producer Extraodinaire Trevor Murray about the Fins and Star Wars, then talks controversy in the media about the then developing fins QB, and a unique non sequitur. 

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Now why everybody is beautiful toasty day outside help. I'm amazed that we are here till 3 o'clock Billy baseball for you ms. bond to be embedded Betty Goodling. Doesn't get some football stuff to talk about right W scrimmage and right now the second play the other scrimmage word is does David Howard took a big six. Back play good job now more. All Ray Emery you don't want to discuss that song off just like that I'm different you wanna let it go let me danced lightly clap. Me saying you know you don't wanna just do that. We do if you had kids the Cleveland Indians. Can't fix Cleveland. Matt grammar behind the glass he's from Cleveland he's let him come and Orlando. Don't hate on too much we think he might work out but we're not sure I thought that about the last person. And I employ and at that or an. Antoine is in the assistant chair. Just staring at computers and looking sexy. And to my right is a man that can lunch hot takes. On anything NFL. However marring piping hot. Yes piping hot. The other preference you like cabernet to a color. You want what do you want. Me for going on your talent on capitol. Zell or going on shouldn't shouldn't bet you what we're going on. Seems like it or no oh we need to consider all of the political leanings and social. Justice and everything else. It depends on what you think this team actually is like. You really think this roster is good enough to actually contend for an evening. And well. Let me see OJ you're not winning the division can we got out away first you're not winning the British well less unless you're not winning and that well. I was gonna say. Unless. Tom Brady's own Bain lab like you don't like LeBron has is bailout down here strip mall down here and every time he comes down here. Something happens to his body whereas he can then become a superhuman a knock. Suggesting anything and just are not out there. Tom Brady up in Foxborough has is own bailout which is actually bigger than the bronze. So he's on more steroids. He's got what he's got more quackery going on eating out and got all eyes turned I don't know what his guys this guy that basically lives in his. Private parts. It just does stuff formed an island I love Brady but let's be honest he's forty and somehow is still I I don't know it still put together. But. Besides that your read it all started when the division blood. If they eat they have a chance to be OK I mean they can get wild card. So I suppose. I mean this is the prediction of seven and nine before ten AL got hurt I think was a little. A little bit of a shot. But now that Tenet will this hurt you can go one or two ways you can either. You heard cabernet and how Mort a talented guy although it's gonna take longer for him eat up to speed in the system but it of course we're still early we haven't played a priest in game yet. Or yet Jay color who knows the system sucks. Mis timed to go win loss on the schedule and on the idea now it's not trying to do that it's it's it's simply time to wonder. What evidently don't have already reached out to. Because until. One of the local guys says it I'm not gonna believe some sort of Bleacher Report situation wasn't the report that it was for like thirteen million for that one year I don't know. I sounds I don't yeah yeah I saw this morning and it sounds erroneous. Yes that's sort of sounds like. Wish I knew that word meant no I know enemy it's. I just. I'm gonna get into this big time but I know you you study these things in a logical perspective. If it's about winning isn't simply about winning. And I give you a role model although I don't think that's happening Cutler. Tapper at oss Weiler. Orton and the field trading for somebody else out there I mean the also other thing is up because you would have the trade for him with Cleveland and then you have to pick up. Most if not all that contract correct which they did when they traded. Although we're gonna writer operator used mr. hopper from pro football talk to. About progress welcome to the dolphins that's addressing so who would you pick duty want to lead the squad. And like if you don't have if you're going. Alan alone I think you gotta look at nick but the result you know there's the other stuff and it's different here in Miami because the you know the whole though Castro opening shirt and yeah I mean I'm getting his own narrow column Communists and whatever else I don't I'm winning I'm gonna get into that and and and I get a night I made tux from feels. Throughout the show I'm kind of prepared for that it didn't sound good touch and feels kind of sounded sort of like an ass situation which is not going on. In my life but. I might I might spark some. Some people with my takes. But I think definitely leaving before the public and go get you get the hell out of here. The other thing is did you see the news on prince's last. No. Not that some. So they're a little bit of a leak it not leakage that's what that would give withdrawn were I spent my entire lunch break yesterday. Not working but watching a Sunday's game thrown on some hack credit situation. With like the Indian television. Logo up there the whole time but. We just tell your blood no spoilers Sunday's Brazilian has grown holy crap really good one my top ten episodes of the whole thing. Anyways it came out here. But. The way they leave I receive Carrie Fisher no longer with us soon. The way they wolf. Deal with the the storyline of princess lay an episode eight dobbs noted right. Coming out in December. Is. It's it's an eternal ending. That's and that's how it was deemed. Okay so does that mean she ends up in the as as like a ghost like the rest of the jet I had the and the return of the then I make you stand in their next do. Next you and again and you owed and Obi wan as close as possible. And also mean the she sacrifices herself that's how you do that right so. That's that's what came out bid knowing that you are a Star Wars donkey. Yeah. I I yemenite I gotta tell you about the stuff while ago I mean I'm gonna go back two years you're the force awakens I read. Literally. Nothing. Before that movie came right I remember I remember stumbling upon all sorts of stuff and you want no part of it. And it was. Honestly one of best movie experiences I ever had in my life probably the best as I do. I knew on solos and eco I I knew spoiler alert I need two things about that movie Jack can believe what I watch the trailers I watched. I watch the trailers like I I would. I assume whatever content was. Meant to be put out there you know to be rather err like I'll read the Vanity Fair article look at the pictures like that now watch the trailers and all that stuff. Think in theory some out on those bonus in the event there this is this Tuesday in an interview article. Oh with the forget the director is Ron Johnson yet that that they Vegas after they had out how you handle that situation. You know that was that was his answer that question yeah that was his answer okay CN like until you brought this up I had no clue so it isn't out there and only a theory here right whatever the what he said yeah I mean. Yes I'll I'll boggled. On the on the stones are more to a and that they're immortal I didn't I didn't read the whole article I just I was quickly. While watching hacked episodes of things are just simply saw that excerpt. Yeah out of Chicago battle go on down I'll read that allowed the porn. I have seen little. Eight I think I'm done you've reached the end of the Internet yeah I think so. All right thanks so I'll let you get out here refresh to. Join up fund. Social. Aware did all this just jug this there it just jog this in my mind eldest Al. Just mentioned this you know who sable is from the OWW up the now are now I'll call her I don't I'm not adult that follows for export she's up there are now. She was like to move the late nineties it was a nice guy like I stocked with the WW half on the late eighties aka. So I tell you who that guy I say that into you have no clue no idea now aren't. She turns fifty on Monday for anybody who wants to feel old that's why bring it. She's fast she's brought bless your wife now as it turned out. But she was and you know she was a juvenile Shia Hadi back and I gotta be kidding me. And so I you now you feel regret like yours you know there's there's this she knew it was she was on when their programming was a little more. Edgy let's say. And you know there's. You can find pictures of her standing in the middle of a ring and a black bong and stickers of hand prints. Covering and and and and nothing else let me just nothing beats that then you know me growing up as a Celtics fan. And watching the great Celtics lakers series of the eighties and who and being that those finals 86 whatever. And obviously you know about Jack Nicholson but the other huge celebrity. Lakers analyst Diane cannon right. At Sheila hottest how she was she's like ninety. And that. Self. Purchase pairs of as the most talent Marie Osmond now right and now she's like ninety literally. No ID. Which. Makes a lot of my boyhood situations just. She. Exactly why we're gonna run again to a first Briton to come back I will. Will get into this she's eighty. Whatever 8090 doesn't really matter now Arlen. I mean. Just a little further away from death than you that are out dancing couples like just dried up so for sure yet okay. Oh you do that. Back after this on misogynist to tuck and I. It's done so behave. DiMaggio and they get all the rest. The bad guys when they're still going to hundreds of millions that I wanna go on like some random way so I wanted to. Hot air yes. I shouldn't have described. Let's bring that down. Now let's go find bush machine head. And restart the segment. Just to get me in the mood. Now because now I feel depressed and easily get a feel like. Just completely crapping all over everything. On some sort of of major ray and I mean I feel like talking about just there and then the whole thing and now Chris Cornell daughter saying. Hello Louis. It in for chest there and I mean I'm gonna start crying on the air. Hard hit area. They deliver left the front loaded the ticket and public workshop is a pleasure. Prevent the memorial family birth weight baby love of that and other such a good music. Backbone for baby love. Bond prices ever fifteenth from 7:10 PM in the museum of discovery inside did not help what a lot of help expectant and new maritime anyone who knows you never know what's out there. It enjoyed evening filled activities learn about the latest products for their growing families exclusive discounts liberty photo ops and chances to win. Amazing brightest spot by AMP air conditioning. Doesn't want you storybook. Photo station for tickets and more info log on Tuesday in my dot com also you'll convert rip tide powered by Ford information go to Miami dot com we reveal that a lot of yesterday as we also. As far as I know bush is not going to be there but I do love me some bush and Regina head and the song and let's get into it dominated quarterback because. Even though right you know you look first second third fourth fifth seventh tenth opinion. I believe firmly I'm not a doctor I don't pretend to be a doctor but he didn't have the surgery last year already were having problems if he does have the surgery now. Everything I've read points do. At some point that need is just going to not. B. Worthy of playing on specially for quarterback. Whose game. Depends. On moving out of the pocket and running right. That is right ten in hill's. One of his Forte it's. If we were talking about a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Or guy that just stood in the pocket. You really need a ton of lateral movement. Or spinning in June Kean and all that stuff okay. Different story. But right hand held to be right antenna hill. Got to be removed. So. Everything I've read again. I preface this by saying there's no end. Not even a chiropractor or not. A Tom George. Norbert doctors either by the way found. Was in. Mean to the doctor troubled opera we all know that she is hot. As she calls temples and gets us out out in California would like to fly out there and have her removed and stuff my body. She smoking what kind of stuff whatever. Whatever she wants to touch you can touch she smoking. And out of that I told my wife if we're still together which is doubtful at this point. That my fiftieth birthday that the president is for me to fly out to Cali to have doctor Sandra Lee duc AKA doctor probable opportunist. Do things to me. But now I've found another normal that have gone down which is doctor nail clipper. And that's a female die interest. Clips fumble. Thick. Weird nails. And it's urged lake shades corn sweet houses. Now tsunami that grind. Who knows what's next rocked August I don't know. I digress. So the right thing to do I think is. Again. There's no scientific basis behind this can mop of my own doing I took one or two sides classes that UN they're like. Climb atop comic club admit that they knew. While we walk out dot. They are there were pilot told the an ecology. Those are the two sides classes I talked to nothing to do with anything a biological. But in my own humble opinion I think he should have surgery. And it's what's best for right Terry hill's career. Is to get that need just right. Now listen I understand there's contracts to think about there's job replacement the thing was awesome to think about. The bottom line is if Ryan can hills knee is not. As possible. His future isn't out. Is my wife doesn't just leave guns around in the car. Then. I would wanna make sure that I have some sort of you know I would be on the best footing going ahead in my future not people wondering. About the status of my leg. Is on the quarterback that would blood around. Not me personally obviously I would. Right channels. Neal hot taken one or no you're just who these lean towards a much. During Jordan's position Jordan is in the other position and match in your position we've never had this many people on a weekend show. I mean it's it's kind of mesmerizing and Phil Caruso limit. Except for me except from my part of it yes. And not just saying. I'm a better. Host. Just from Raymer we're picking it up put gold in Rome we. She. What's McCall is. So here's the deal. Although the quarterback because. I think tails and answered in a lawsuit app. They've reportedly reached out to Jay Cutler there were some reports. That there was already one year deal in place. I haven't found that to be confirmed. Certainly the dolphins haven't sent us anything on that. And until in Armonk go or Omar or whatever anxious local B Ryder. Reports that I'm not or chef. So until that happens I'm not gonna believe it listen all reporter they reached out to color and why not gaze those colored although Obama. The other situation is Tony Romo get him out of the broadcast Booth come back. I don't know he's got back problems is that going to be better. At 38 years old or whatever is now. No thank you doctor. Doctor doctor doctor doctor Cutler. Moves up from pot anyone until. Not all of this exercise its exit and on some portables as animal under excellent. So. I really think. If I were just talking football. Simply football. Two acres and a ball. As good old Al Golden collar. Oh in Miami and tumble have renewed their series. 181823. The golden bowl. Winner gets tied to degrade. Knew that hole and home. To a way to go back to a Philadelphia at least the vet is still not there remember covering game of the vet. Just a tire mat not. Roller sweaty shirt to. None other shared need static as that thing that's seen better days even know English and he's always goes to being in tune. When he drew enough to give an album and enough conversation. Do we ever gonna shut him on the silence moved from alliance. Yeah you there's been talk. Is still image none no easy they wouldn't. He's been on an NFL team now we have to play real coach we can't play fake coach. I'll try to act like damn point. They were just talking to a polished it eat you gotta go Colin peppard. Now this is where we run into issues. Because it's always something and I get you I understand all of you. Now there's two separate things going on right. For the rest of the country. It's been nearly every the end dumb and done American. Moblog law. Get the hell over yourselves. Okay. Welcome to freedom of speech First Amendment. You think it's disrespectful. You look I'll cabernet X thinks is disrespectful. All the crap that he's fighting for. Which I can go on and on an arm and I don't wanna (%expletive) you off more by bringing awareness to things have been done to other peoples and places and things. So. Get over yourself if the kneeling on the ad for the at the thing is like a huge problem for you if you're like mr. Ergo you asked ever land them. Got a. We don't know America not America and don't belong here needed deport you can't predict. Where you came from. Where's that. Are you go front. To America. And a 140 to America from America. Don't know he's a brainer. If you're one of those people too is too late. Please don't be assembled and and try to draw. Just saying. Now the other issue is Colin cap predict and the field Castro old. Situation in and talking about Cuba's educational system. And what have you. And I kind of think that all got blown out of proportion. Know what I wanna play for you is is from is from last year. And public attention. Orders to show you both have information isn't repeated to me and I'm enjoy it. The sun Garros doubled from last year zealots from before the dolphins with the niners. This correct OK it's a generally speaking what happens in these press situations is during the week they get you on a conference call. With the opposing coach. And the opposing quarterback. General of the quarterback league could be another player but generally speaking. So here comes dollar cap Colin Gabbert yankees in the middle of healing for anthems. Other people we Unilever anthems. And here comes our motto so guerra. Thundering and to represent the entirety of the Cuban population of the world. With his line of questioning let's hear that. I'm one of the that you. Leave that stands about by things it's America president. You're Fidel Castro T shirt after the games are you not aware that Fidel Castro is one of the twentieth century's great oppressors and people. A war Malcolm X shirt I don't know casual about your. I'm a believer and Malcolm Mac daddy is ideology or would he talked about what he believed dead. It's fired I mean how precious until I leave I hadn't known pastor out of action. If you let me finish believed that Baghdad you know it but felt their need these do is open mind to be willing to. Peer different aspect. People's views and all merely being able to create his own use it are the best way to approach different situations different cultures. So it's good to have an open mind about Fidel Castro and his depression. I'm not talking about Fidel Castro and his depression I'm talking about not exactly what he does. Four people. I really talking about why did you. How Castro didn't do is that the highest literacy rates. Because they invest more in there education system and they are doing our prisons without which we can not do here even though fully capable. There and he also leaves something that we do and I do hear you broke out. Believes he took over our country get without any you know justice and we had any elections. We do break up families here that's what's happening corporation years. That was the foundation of slavery so our country has been based on that is loaded with genocide. Native American. Are you equating the breaking out of Cuban families whip. People going to jail in the United States of America. I'm equating the breaking up of families who have very inept I am. Up. There's Armond out now listen. I thought he got a little too emotional they're kind of lost his reporters journalistic. Unbiased. Or what is supposed to be an unbiased. Outlook on things he he seemed to be in the heat of the moment that's fine you know he he basically. He he knew what he was going after he took it upon himself to put the plate of the Cuban people ought to shoulders and went for and that's fun and I get it. And I understand your plate I've lived down here long enough to get it okay. I I spent. Saying that. One. I'd like Colin cabinet handle himself extremely mature. And had answers for Armond are. Certainly the I think Colin Capp predict I think you know our mono went in. With the breaking up of families. As if that. Has only happened in the Castro Cuban situation. Com. And our role of slavery that seemed to happen there with millions and millions and millions of Africans I've. We've seen in the Holocaust very weak ill late in the there's been tragedies all over I mean obviously native Americans got slaughtered and the Europeans got here every weekend we go all of our history right. All of our history there's. There's been war in the Ukraine crew me we we can go all over history all over the country go every single spot and families were broken up so. I'm sorry our mind though that Cuban Bradley's got broken up and I feel for you and I again I know plenty of people whose families had property Cuban there was Scola whatever. But let's not sit here and do the tragedy up like thing. Because. There's plenty of people on the planet. That can come forward with a tragedy Horry play. Okay. I don't wanna sit here you know I was losing today and yesterday and Dan. Said Castro is our is our Hitler and I like cringe because. Now because I'm Jewish and that that speeds away from me because of that but because we all like we want to we all wanna do this thing where. All I know what happened dust is worse than what happened EU. Listen it's all bad. Day all that. I guess what. For all the bad. I can find some good. The Caster did argue but some good that Hitler did I can find some good that they're the most lame masters data I could find good that brought someone did write. Anyone anyone I did my due that anyone did. On nine and it there's a cup you know I must say I don't know under that there's a couple people were here earlier admit not only met them this. Slowly rolling and finding good people none of but they're like if you look hard enough you'll find one thing running good in the mosque that's the American people these are trying to do well ideally you know say like you struck certainly somewhere instant someone. Is one good deed in someone's life. Video when they were three and they you know hugged a baby sister right. Right but you know it's somewhere there's something if you're searching for correct but I don't wanna get into this hole. This whole thing of let's compare tragedies and blow blow blow OK listen college tablet war Shirley Malcolm X. That had Fidel Castro on it. And the reason why he said he wore the shirt was because Malcolm X was that a lot actually took class and Malcolm X. And I'm done a lot of deep dive into because I had my own. Identity crisis when I was in high school and thought there was number public enemy but that's a whole different story. The throngs of 1989 was number another summer get down to kind of funky draw on the news and equality that you don't. Welcome to the dirt on so. Can't trust so. By the time I didn't do any of this that was all you do the blood coming into Arizona Janet. So it's your point. Ace how low can you go death row what are brother knows back again once is the incredible drama series are grizzlies general view you can Rizzo one finally during his sorry okay. Notably as did this. Wasn't nothing in there will be glad we did last song yet we know me they'll come and let off the topic of solving you can't possibly understand. So it's a bug back until a liberal like white liberal like you'd go bleep off. Perfect. Wonderful welcome to free speech society. Doesn't offend me. I did it you get me. That's all we're all about we understand each other. Are we trying. That is a valid question acting cabinet for a situation guy. Gonna sit here and judge him because he wore a T shirt. That had feed Al Caster on. Maybe not the best look I get to get to. And he. Said VQB and he's in Castro spent more money in education than incarceration. I think this may be a bit of a faulty claim because we're getting statistics from the Cuban government which. May not be truthful I passed. Again like this like it. We go through this over and over again wooten who could try to compare plates and tragedies. Here's the bottom line. Public cabaret didn't kill anybody. As my old friend Neil Rogers who say he never stole freight train legally. Maybe even dead but nothing too ridiculous I don't really have whose legal background with me. Peso freight train legally league image you bar and it it just did and her love English. All I'm saying is. We're talking about world owes it hurts. Okay talk about a pig skin. Another guy is dashing their heads into each other. We're talking about a sport which all these guys can't remember themselves. Or sport which in my my partner in crime during the mid day and we reward. Can't feel half his body lets he go to the gym for three hours every day at 5 AM in order to just feel like she can walk round. That's why we're talking about. It's the playground it's a playpen at the sandbox. And now you want to start applying. Your view you're global views and your views of the world to us port. At Angel over yourself. It's like this like listen. I'm a member of the tribe on June. Yes what I still watch lethal weapon and enjoy it. Wait a New Mexico soon. Evidently I'm not supposed to lure illegal weapon well I do not know Gibson. Can be bit of an anti semi okay what would bet did you do that why he was doing then move in many love I don't know but like I liked the movie would. So I'm just saying like. What are you argued you wanna wait for all games or make some sort of political statement. And saw. Jews. In the anywhere in the world of sports. This isn't we're not playing you know geothermal nuclear war. Matthew Broderick and I. Really old computer and dial up modem. Professor Balkan. I've got to listen to. I'm chuckling because so many people. The patriotic. America again now and spring street Smart and you'll say man. You have no idea what the song talking about offensive. To be back here Saturday yeah are people upset me yes. Our people a Greenwood me yes it's equal on the tax machine. So for those of you pissed at me. Go talk to the other side that happy with me good to be having having good plus the other side that pissed at me and then naval understand each other. Just saying. I'd been up what might. Diatribe on. That all might the mileage when ISIS'. Really when it comes down do is do you wanna win football games or not because if we do college fabric is probably the better quarterback and Jay Cutler. If you don't let anything else get the way that's my. Now it seems like. In the end maybe it won't matter. Because. It seems like they've written their further along in the pursuing color than they are cabernet can. I jordin Antoine and Raymer if we could stay on the social media and make sure that we're not missing any. Potential old news and also modernist and stuff could brother scrimmage so late we boys Perkins and Armando an old Margo and because I can't find. Mom. Well we get submitted aren't. So. As of 10:50 AM some two out your Jay Cutler hasn't made any decisions stay tuned for an actual on the record. Gary just tweeted 42 minutes ago which I didn't see before us for the show the Jay Cutler's emea agent is in the house at Dolphin Stadium. Our rocks and so I would expect some to be imminent I guess at that point and then my whole argument is basically move. Although in the then if Jay Cutler it becomes good record and all men's and doesn't weigh in then it's gonna be second guessing about should you've gotten jeopardy. Dolphins can't buy a break that's another. Topic we need to get him. How that help you lose your quarterback. Starting running back the concussion protocol and I don't like LeRoy and DJ and Romberg. Are all kind of group doing this. On saying listen to age I gotta I'll run he's gonna wanna stay out its candidates pre season like there's no reason rendered practice. I get that fine. There's a Brazilian pages of data the talk about. What happens after you get a concussion. And the likelihood of another concussion and then another concussion and then another concussion and he's a running back Eddie in big hit somebody in the head every time. He touched the football and that worries me. Obama dolphin. Hash tag just thing. Also you lost your left guard to an arm injury. And might pounce he has no hips. So vote on the golf and I'm really happy about the receiving corps and upgraded tight end. But now I'm gonna start to worry about the rest of the offense O and the defense is the weak link last year now you've got to worry about that. So. Dolphins a little bit like. It got a problem. And it does nothing new in patriots. NASA do it themselves. This in Nevada gays feels more comfortable. With Jay Cutler than Colin cabernet. I doubted. His work with them he knows him cult our noses system. I don't think it takes a genius or quarterback whisperer to say it is more upside and Kan cabinet but maybe you don't care about upside. Maybe just care about a stopgap. Maybe just care about the guy that can play this season one season. And had a hill's back next year and you don't care to have that kind of faith. Clearly though. Those of you that are saying just roll out there with Matt Moore nobody did last year before to go helmet to be up face the chin. NN I'm guessing and then Lyndon nude dolphins don't feel good about amass more roll it out there for sixteen games. Just to get us. Mark Cuban now thundering in this has gone cap ex. Does wouldn't you muffin NBA roster. In it. I mean. A run I would those who start talking about demographics of fans that watch sports. That's a conversation for. I'm we've got. Jason Albert. Coming up at one of Josh Josh Albert. I think I treated that Jason out Brewster and Minnesota some dude on Twitter and move in now thinks that he's coming on oil five. And Josh Al and Josh Cooper jar short I'll work. From. Pro football talk. I can't I'm takes this round now I don't know John jumpers I hope his hand goes John chopper because that's retreated. Otherwise some other did. It's gonna into their coming on. So Josh Elber wrote about rock pass Weiler possibly being owes something for the dolphins. Did have to give up a lot. Do you really want anything from Cleveland. Is it better than Cutler. Now also has not medically don't think. He's worked with gays I mean not not extensively but he picked menus in Denver I mean. Nauert now are splitting hairs. Rock gods while immersed. That proves there's a big difference between the two. To me you're talking about the same. The same guy I demonstrated evidence certainly in the same. Like you were doing that whole top ten go to road to Middleton go to a much smaller lieutenant quarterback to students in the same area. That you were looking at. But I ain't it it's looking. More light. It's gonna be Jay Cutler. As soon on the news continues to pour in from our rock stadium. So we will see what happens there. All right we'll take a break. I'm Marty spoken wait too much. We are going to on the other side rejoined by Josh Al per. He writes for pro football talk there there's got to be Jason Halperin as world does his Twitter handle that I tweeted us. I don't know what he does but he will not be joining us. It was he wants to. Me who you have the whole Al per family on. And in which case. I think that would make for delightful radio show also coming out as golf and to scrimmage in. Oh James walker now saying that. Well Barry Jack Dunn also diesels we talking right now the original fielder is confirmed she spoke to color and that color indicated it doesn't dolphins no deal this point. That's the latest. His agents in the house so the stadium what do you think's gonna happen right now anyone want to guess. Your head up in their view view if you know feel it's gonna happen now not known when their hand up. I would you break lay it aside we talk didn't Josh. Helper. From pro football talk. We get some insight C I I say yesterday I would rather have insight from outside of the market on this whole situation. As to not be bogged down into what is going on here. So from the outside. You things. Us will do that and we will. Ben Ali an hour from now old beat Don my Chris Perkins will bring us the latest in the dolphins' color all that stuff in between all pissed people off after listening to get.