Bill Burr w/ TLB 11-16-17

Friday, November 17th

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Our guys just over there rugby is here alive in the Seminole hard rock poker room. Coming up December 14 my HR well dot com you guys yeah it is see bill Byrne the great bill Burris would be a fantastic show. You guys to take its in my HRL dot com he's joining us on the Iran fuels and downstairs QBs stores gas side truly stepped beyond convenient. Bill thanks for joining us this afternoon really appreciate it. What's going on Matt. Now much value got to be happy got to imagine much more and join the football season and we arc is yet another season in your patriots are you know looking down on everybody. No yeah how I always feel like our defense isn't strong enough to win so you know we panic got a nice big humble pie. In front of everybody the first week and I don't know what's going Soledad defense I don't know I got. Feel like we should have shut down corners and safeties and it's just not have I think we don't get an up pressure on the quarterback so. During the regular season you play a lot of people that you're not gonna see in January so even I was seven and two. Adult instead they're better than they spent a year that he got a ball in the right direction and you have one of my favorite players and Donna put so. I think he's a great player he's just playing in the wrong era he played back when Dick Butkus was playing they'd they'd be saying nothing but great things about. The celebrated for joke and a guy out on national TV. Absolutely. Why not why not listen well and that may get it is gone global. So why would you see those those effects did not. In the National Football League. It's been motivated did you see judge you see any of the headlines recently this this basket a week where Oscar bill was gonna come out of retirement to fight coming McGregor. Yeah no I didn't but that's actually got to happen I didn't order the first fight are right the middle well I would. Now I mean it was like seeing not heart surgeon. In a neurosurgeon try to figure out who's gonna be that he would get better search or but all they were gonna do was was heart surgery was the silly. There was no way McGregor was gonna win that fight there was no way that I've up. I'm not find these very I think McGregor is one of the smartest businessmen ever I love the guy is one of the funniest dude Deborah when the great MMA champions. Of all time did you deal he doesn't wanna get it like chicken or chickens seated walk around drooling into a cop I totally understand that he could start fighting all these old guys. And make it billion dollar to people domino that by god bless you god bless the but I get a big make. We're dynamo birdie guys can see in December 14 he is going to be live at the Seminole hard rock hard rock live. Don't you remember what though the time was in your career when you really stepped up in venue size like was it. Was it daunting when you went from I guess comedy clubs too too big stages in big audiences or. Were you able to handle a look at. It was scary just when people started coming up the cop to the comedy club to specifically seeing me was what it was. It was a new kind of pressure or used to be. I was doing standup in clubs and people went to the club because it was what you did on a Friday Saturday night mail like islets feel they got this week you know. So there the pressure that was to try to see if I could have been semi responding. But there was a greater pressure when they came down there thinking you were funny and you had something to lose. Where it was just like I thought it was funny nice some blood that guy banks and they would remember your name to. So just that the comedy club level that was. That was scared but the jump from from. Club that theaters Peter's are way easier than comedy clubs just because. It's got to wait staff walking around that nobody drop it checks as a whole bunch of extra stuff that goes on so. Any comedian listen to and listening to this you can feel in a club you're gonna destroy that theater. And that's a bad move by you doing me do in the Miami show on December a series coming up from now on. Are now you know why am common down there. Is I'm trying to go to a home game of every professional team in alt alt or sports. And the last seen my need is seen Florida as the Orlando Magic though I get a day off in between Hollywood Florida. In Orlando and I'm going up and go to the magic game. Ominously that cued up there looks like Janelle law Yates brother whatever that hairdo is next guy. Like like I'm. There's going to be a mole where he's gonna get this somebody's grill and is bang city heads about a got a bit gonna pokes some one of the guys going to be the first got to get a file. Because of his hair probably since doctor. Why did you come up to the goal that you want to go to all these two go to every venue. It just sort of started it started with going on the road it's sitting at comedy condos wanting to kill myself. Not selling any tickets I had to have something to look forward to so I started going to games. And then I kind of have a little bit of OC Pete thing where I guess you know I'm gonna go to one thing I got to go to all of them you know. So they don't like I want to go all the baseball stadiums like what I wanna put all the football club and all the football baseball have been every hockey but three. And I got like five more basketball for more after this trip got Willis. Give a couple that just stuck out as far as environments are concerned doesn't matter which sport. Our went to duke Carolina it can be an indoor arena. That was unbelievable I went to Lambeau Field way back when Brett Favre was planned Mile High Stadium a year after. Elway retired and it was big game where were. Unfortunately Terrel Davis blew out his knee I went oh that that game. A little mining arcade game that was great but at the big regret a mine and I never got to go to the orange oh my god yeah. I I think my 444 shot was a comedian put down that way. Was going to be on these states. He was telling me how I won used to go there how would it was raining that just pick a river of rain corn down the stairs when Mets stadium got rocket really like the upper deck would be moving. Looted there is shaking and in the places that don't happily cued go to the masters but it was are down it was I don't know it's the U romanticize it and then the fact that now. That stands as like this giant space alien ballpark. Would see everybody hated the owner but so it's great the baseball team still here. But it's it's like hollowed ground and the and the most despised team in the market. Is is now was stationed there so it's it's all right battle of the of the city has. I'll Joseph. I I have a big way where you sit there and say it was adopt but we loved it you know it was great about sports stump and still is great about a sport stump. Is only sports fans are gonna show up nowadays you go to what game. And I was joke about it is that the NFL that's because stock and public who are Atlanta Falcons game it was like going to a cancer benefit needs a war rally. At a nightclub. It was like a DJ they're bringing people that survived cancer like 852 they were shown on like a best friend and band like. If you like like a because I'm woman was just like her husband got killed in Afghanistan and got her up on the big screen with their two now. You know fatherless children in your biggest helped get angry. Robot you know it's it's like I came here could forget the fact that a -- to my wife and daughter on the road and com I'm Mike it was like 1984. Tell him we'd like to recite Danger Mouse. But nobody does it CM at the hard rock live December afford TJ Yates exam by its RL. Doc got posters bill why while the love for Ric Flair on social media is an avatar you you were pulled about thirty for thirty. What what that what is the connection that what did you look for players so much. Cause of Ric Flair. Is arguably one of the greatest comedians of all times just. Actor comedians of all time like that guy on the Mike. There's nobody like him is character was the best he was the best he's the funniest dude. Like I am the good thing I didn't discover him really until like how great he was until YouTube because when I grew up. They had like regions like it was all realize I grew up with the WWS like Vince McMahon and that was just the northeast. And he always wrestled I don't know why don't forget what he wrestled them. He was down south so I I heard a bottom he's big enough that I heard about a but he never jumped. Over to work and with Vince McMahon until like later on. And then when I was watching them on YouTube like I was crying laughing. Watching Albany get sick up like. To be like a keel in wrestling is there's a lot of there's a lot of crossover with the and the great comics who don't care. If the crowd likes them or not. And some comics like a Patrice O'Neal who like got off on making a few people get up walk about this. And aegis has he had all the elements of a great comedian and then also the greatest thing that ever happened wrestling Islamic finally. Just admitted that you know the fights were predetermined. They could that actually talk about how much it actually hurt. An eight predetermined result to actually really get thrown across the ring and land on your back. And like how much that stopped actually really hurt even though everyone was you know that a lot of people ought to sell yet the stakes fight. It's like it but gravity still real. Yeah this amounts to a guy really. Picked him up over his head so he was eight feet in the air and then threw him six speed across would you want anybody to do that you. Even if he worked it out go to okay hey that pick me up and throw me over there. I don't want anyone to do that night I'm gonna lay it up on that pop up whatever technical I think in this squared circle I just up all the characters I just thought. He was so bad for this story is. Incredible if you watch the thirty for thirty he doesn't pull any punches even when he's beaten. Are you super honest and it was it was got a heartbreaking to Z he knew he loved that character does abroad and a lot of love but to see you know out all come around about. Happened at the end. With the solace heartbreaking to see you really felt for this guy who look I have finally getting his identity and then there was ripped away from. I love what they said. It said Rick when you got married hello we use facial Floyd goes maybe like. And it goes it goes I just couldn't do what time I came. Off the road and I would sit there with my wife and kids I was just bored out of my mind I was like getting in to help those solar crushing hit somebody just be honest right. About that and after reset all that they thought it was like when she just goes. Yeah Rick what an assembly mapped. So. Because it's part of snowballs. At. I mean everything everything he does is is is hilarious. Did you see just on the third for the did you and its ever seen the B Tommy Morrison one that came out there that ESP and I think they'll released digitally and maybe there to put but Tommy Tommy guns from rocky five. It was just is crazy because. He ends up he gets he gets his first wife discovers that he's Dane somebody else is like on on I love you as you went to the time so approve it he went married her. That the other woman found out that he got married and so we took part of Mexico and married her. Any which is he was always able bounces like. And then after all that after all that collapse you know applied to one Napoli that that never believe that he got aids he was I mean an amazing woman and late painted to be able to pull off. That kind of masterful. Puppet show with all these ladies. That's weird because what he's doing is totally dishonest. But like that that that con man I don't know auditor you know I got the break but the big problem is with guys with women. It's in the beginning. You never had that older guys just tell you right out of the gate just be a 100% honest with. Its catalog except you you feel like. Participants. Basically when I was growing up there was like this whole pressure that. You had asked them out you had to know what to say you had to know what to do you had to do all there was all of this pressure Brit you're just honest. I'm on the bottom just say hey you're my first girlfriend I don't know what I'm bill. I get nervous when I look at your body you just start that way men and women would get along so much better put guys like you know they were about women's self esteem our self esteem. You know we've been great either and you start thinking that you got to be better than you are you gotta start let me start this whole thing will you just why do women. That you feel like if you yourself they're not gonna wanna be with you and if you don't get a grasp that Nixon you know you've got to establish. And a couple of kids trying to figure out how I got to negotiate the holidays again this year HIV she get a believes. You don't want get a we've got to have a training camp on Thanksgiving and also like Christmas you know. Tom and bill thank you so much of the time go out and seeing guys December 14 hard rock live it's a great venue has no we're out here every single front in my age our old account as I used against religion about thank you for the time and spend time with us. All right thank you adds to build fire. Guys or about December 14 right here the several hard rock hard rock live my HRL dot com is you'd take its enjoy the game as the weekend go canes over the dolphins give themselves a win and talk to you guys on Monday.