Billy Corben Interview w/ ZRA 7-13-18

Friday, July 13th

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They have delayed. The decision on whether or not to put the back Hamas deal. On the ballot in November they've delayed that decision to next week Wednesday Wednesday morning next week the city commissioners they're gonna decide. Yet that whole scene there at. So I get a town hall meeting at City Hall there in Miami yesterday so no real resolution yet but I A I'd like to hear from someone who was there are so it's. Let's get Billy Corbin on the line here for a moment he's on the right fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line truly sense beyond convenience. Billy sol what do you think the percentages. Percentage was of people there yesterday at the town hall who were four. And against the proposal. Actually goes through a solid 5050. But I caught. I was going to be on like he was definitely a sea of Orange. Those orange shirts were people who support. Maintaining the Mel reached out golf look great and site at the look he shouldn't open and elect. He might get the misconception is that like come on Europe pro soccer and soccer a court if you. People not all of the people who were wearing orange shirt and and and were didn't plan actually pro soccer and wanna see. In MLS stadiums here in Miami because don't wanna see it. On that site in and with this proposal. What's what what are we expecting or or better yet what was the biggest reason abating come to a decision. Last night it was just because the whole thing took too long yesterday. I Iraq that just expecting for a Latin. PM and wrap up in typical by any government. Style it was kind of like that should tell jokes get pretty testify in front of congress not collapse the water out of the way you run the other you know it. It can Ricardo like that on the net that. On any doubt what would be you would it be deferred these important votes not only because so many issues it is gut and get remembered. It will it was all done in bad times behind the scenes with mayor Francis or eight. Our city manager million dollar is. And the attorney auditorium and get this result and very chic very secretive we believe you're dropping little drips and drabs of all other information that ultimate lead. Not a lot of information I mean what you're voting on facility didn't commissioner Ken Russell was quite clear about I know he knows what. We're doing here nobody knows what we're voting on the RI and the materials we do have or not. Our situation is not acceptable so now. The real back to work he'll get now that XX YE's. Are are really going to be about the back the mosque group trying to spread the wealth. And I've actually. You know the lack of a better term buy the votes. The three commissioners who. At the moment are no work Ken Russell out relief corps actually the commissioner in the district where that no reached I'll go located. On at any radiates though it was I can repeat that read. Knows they need to easily get into give bill that makes them a meeting in and and try to get those guys on their side which I'm sure they'll. Look at at least one of them all we need. Offer now and then bogeyed four at a slightly Iran to ratify any contract. The current reform wrong here but a lot of these golf courses in south for the year motor I've heard in a row to build more grand am car you know Indian creek him Lou of course like all these are all very proud of course as. It almost seems like this was like a toy that the child was playing with and all of a sudden left them alone to go play with another program but all of a sudden we want that toy again and the kid becomes adjusted back immature worded these people come from better such big fans of the mill Reese Corson and if I'm wrong in this has a giant backing behind it let me know. I heard it had been tried backing but he is be public or you know these are old Lee publicly owned golf course in the BD. All Miami. And still don't have a police. In eight Allstate you know it cult. A community especially in an end. Yet because we're he played as we were. I charity organization. Help it give to scholarships. Ought to play out there really is pretty ideal of equality cult following you know arm I don't think eight and eight track and pick. Op Ali it percentage of of the city's population. April not a giant. Percentage of the city's population I would be impacted by this deal like you know for the stadium and he really couldn't rich and every tiny group. Our own people are some coomer local most of whom were are not obviously. On the table with incredible about it that inning. He's got to repeat curricula about the soccer ball. Partly have a dog in this fight. You know but I will tell you that. The business of government stopped yesterday. In the city of Miami. Police he was mayor the city manager was there all the machinery that Nader I mean we don't. Of cops they are every stop. It is a billionaire what Robiskie in the back and be par for the course no pun intended. In our government is that. We never have timer money. For public trying to teach and were hopeless mr. affordable housing or you are all right are important issues that affect it nearly a 100%. There had expected a billionaire want the speedy and our ops and Ole business and government focuses on that I really shameful up article. That boards typical Miami religious wanna get a picture with David Beckham more than wanna be in hot is pleased to be seen. Well they got back to make a move onto the next thing for crying out loud. But isn't typical Miami because you uber you reference that a lot of these discussions of courts are happens behind closed doors and that there's some shady dealings and of course. We know that was the case of the Marlins park right. I also lived in South Florida or starring Stephen Rossum trying to get public funding an end and it not working out demanding paying for the remodeling of his stadium buy it. Both are really my only experience is a stadiums have been living in South Florida is this something that's exclusive to South Florida is it. In fact that and other places. These sorts of discussions are had in the public because that seems hard for me to believe that by being honest with DO. That this sort of thing doesn't happen everywhere when you're talking about billionaires building new stadiums. Oh it happens everywhere tapping its Central Florida Tampa right now he gets the older capital of the country it could be MO. Our professional. Organizations. They become in the school court cracked the week of the year multi millionaire or billionaire owners we get thermal. And they were public money. Infamy get to how people speak. On they eat by threatening to move the team more threatening you know. All sorts of things are not not to be Super Bowl right where I you know a national championship Earl will be. Are they pretty par for the course I mean there were billions and billions of public. On inducted because it back term buy art burn fat on. NFL stadiums in Major League Baseball are parked that means that this this is not. Unfortunately unique to South Florida because it happened near a lot more that it happened any light they'll the that that Miami. So is this is sort of par for the course and sort of how these business dealings up for better or worse. Then what is the solution and if in fact you do one Miami to have an animal last team if if somebody does believe that that analysts would do well here that this is a good market for what is the solution at this is sort of how the stadium dealings work no matter where the stadium a spur post. Solution is better government. That's the solution to almost every. Bit ill that spot presently. We need better government we need people who I do not have opera perks. Were warped priorities in perverse incentives you know who actually. Represented the best interest of their constituency and not the you know fraction of one per cent of their rich. Campaign donors when he got back. We need people actually care about community and then you can trigger constituency not hurt. For billionaires like me as far as speed that the MLS. Which I think what is BS speaker stated that. Yesterday when she said why don't they I. A piece of property and build a stadium on it just like Joseph Robbie. I like it you know back yeah that that ninety armed so I mean I think act ultimately the solution what you do. We knew 10 it'll open a business or open an office you call your real heard you call the opera and the billionaire cult and a year ago table kind of anti. How premiere how out like well we're a billionaire on what we. I I want an office battle all the mayor Adams called the city manager in the city attorney and act but they didn't. Is me I call real right look at driver outlook for Ali its still. On a piece of property that would work for me and I by the we had to back there and that that they hear that there's a real and entitled. Obviously it comes from you know corporate people with this kind of power well. Rail arguably the other sports businesses is such unique business so I. As as I understand it based on your tweets you're you're against this particular location right with the Murray's golf course so where would you are you against. You would guess against the stadium billing project generally or is there some other low piece sent. That you think would be more appropriate. Well I'm not a realtor either you are so critical that the people who were actually interest at no opening this thing. What I a location that's suitable for a I'll bet that the neighbors. Are are are happy with a I'd like Doral location I mean all of the oval in the load. All right well it Doral location. Made the most spends all eight G-8 practically in terms of the demographic market and the interest in. I in this sport is soccer. And it was so way out wet you don't want it and I 95 all of the that it was a west problem on the and adding to all that he ideas that are out there that would be. Yale Bowl I get the best of those works so far the problem that I understand it an outlet built at probable. Over the location. And they bought at too far from the action you know they wanted to further east more. In the city of Miami the middle of the city of Miami what are what they're trying to keep peace deal here in 99 year lease. Witty below fair market value a fraction of what people are estimating your market value with edit the single largest parcel. Of property owned by the city. Of Miami and bill what the as a people that repeatedly yesterday unfortunately this discussion is not a not a rocker beat you. The land grab and make it land grab us straight up and edit. The way he's being he's. By the Air France the torrent which is so unfortunate that he was to restore respect. I knew what next generation of my leadership and it just being crap they occur later. Billy you find that morning mosques and David Beckett back. At a mall or being dishonest somewhere in their proposal. Of course they're being secretive. In their proposal RI I I don't know they're being I don't they're being disingenuous. You are seeing the look there are some of their you know projections and they are like opens scifi pie in the sky lie. On here are some of it is. It's a little bit of circuit again par for the course we east worked well they are. Are they in sports stadium tightened plot ticket schemes Chillicothe exactly like an applicant. Her shock at the best deal to put it Lorie or Stephen Ross ought eagle or idiot I think he have a port deal. The American Airlines Arena that would tax peers voted on it. The ballot language was still see full back in the late ninety. You go out yet been dealt with building yet. On the ballot or -- if you are for you voted no and if you were a and speak you bode well. Tricky deceitful person in my we eat how we need these sweetheart American Airlines. Arena lease that perfect and par for the course they're trying to get that deal but their side the problem. The people who were supposed to negotiate. On behalf of the city of Miami. They are listening not a marketing people the mayor is we commit not managers Beckman pot that. The eternity on it with that and are there at least nobody on the other side are people with higher. In Egypt are returning to you didn't trust or use it represented. The best interest. The other side if you were you know of our viewer a contract negotiations so that's really actually the problem where that we're dealing god we're dealing with here. Let me ask you this why are the government officials on the same side as Akamai mosques in the scenario or as in in terms of all these stadium deals is that because. They believe that it's the stadium deals end up generating. Revenue entire city I got a why you know I. Nobody believes that it there's no evidence. A bad and they had yet he's now where well here you'll need to call pop. Private partnerships and contracts. To look at and they don't notice these things transform. Our trade formative or a specific if you're creating sort of legitimate economic. Stimulus the only reason it is money. Our media has you know when your apple by the star power. Even back when most famous men are in the world. When you have already mocked every successful. And well established. Are you a Miami. It's the span who's spent a lot spread a lot of wealth around. This community particularly among the politician and as bill is on it's it's every scorching was built and back out on a lot of government. Contract you know I mean this is just. This is just how all these. He may need and people got to spent about yesterday at a pretty appalling. I remote most importantly billion wool wrap it up to this we appreciate you spent a lot of time with us here this morning. Have you started making. More films of people wanna watch and must not obsessive Greg Cody. I dare you like I never think about a great Cody. By Iowa Ivan that has. With a tweet and I responded in the most honestly popcorn I think. Rick that part of the problem you know like beat when we saw it ten years ago now when the might herald are endorsed the Marlins park Il. That would be pretty profound failure or what it. The important institutions in this community are newspaper which is supposed to do their part to get in objectively out of like evil and represent their own constituent. Moral the reader and the taxpayers while Florida. And their sports Pete Carroll and the editorial board Harrell were were basically you know an extension of the PR apparatus. The Marlins ownership how are you making it very often simple and I'll be a sin accurate. Our observation and and I noted that with the 20082009. Very tight and people is that I think that. That would be a significant. I moment in the history of credibility of that people ready and magic and Miami without you know without the important local journalist and apparel carpet at least seated on the downward. I'd like you know it was it would be after eight it accelerated and fortunately. I dear leader they are full throated endorsement. The Marlins are you look at that includes making everybody in the sports because they get everybody. On the editorial board is. They endorse the Marlins park deal what else you know do you need to know about that to know that there was this curious breach of trust with their. With their vote blog readership and then obviously. You know I I'm I'm sure they regret it. Let let did you and quickly make eye contact yesterday. Now I know what you looked straight at. It is sure how exactly he turned just don't know is those very fluorescent thing callable. A little duller than not than usual this funny if you look like you just got the speech. Where Joey collected from the Miami Herald in orbit. Like. He did people are we're gonna see him in the background you know a comic. We got like all right up to it on all you know what on television yeah. Sitting behind. I gave it back on what but Cody was it is is usual sort of Florida that year which I which I much for that all right excellent job Billy San trouble all right. Equipment as I've there you know Billy Corbin right there.