Boston's Video Pitch to Gordon Hayward

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Sunday, December 31st

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Pedro I think. What's to come to Boston we called it means now why I know I recall it being turned. Because no lights we love beads caught DB that is probably adopt roads that we love. Another light play on the celtics' all time franchise for the whites you gotta come to Boston because we need another great why play a like Larry that it was it ice yet you did good player. But not quite you could show why pay Jordan it's meet mob while I think I love you come to Boston I was able to take a break from all my move. Movies that can match Schultz all the New Kids On The Block love ya he got Donnie wall bag you. You got Danny wood and the other guy. Eyes hey Gordon it's me let. Larry Barrett I know I'm not from Boston but played a bosses so much so I look dogged like this Nolan treats great white players quite like lost in check this out. Pay pace we'd. Could take a raw itemize all. All of this city that's how they treat the like play it. Yes it is big dude it's meets boots yeah. You sued it's you remove me from suits that which is used yet put any given Wednesday. James via HBO for like school re spirited. You completed plus. Get it yet completely blew us do we live do what it's who got more championships than any of the rich yet. You do move me to get you championships. We get seventeen. Students do you presentation through. You lose Q. Will embrace you more that we embrace caught on the Greg app you get a good applause did I write this this early in my sewing and off.