Brendan Schaub w/ TLB 3-1-18

Thursday, March 1st

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Let's Iran feels now says to me is still was just lie and choose a young new low re shift our focus back to. The big heavyweight five mystery showtime has been shot there he joins us spread enough they stick anti really appreciate it. Hey you are good very good and you get Rosie show below the belt debuted yesterday on all the showtime platforms can rest project dubbed the debut indicted it's critical CA fight show like that's very variety yes give it moves very fast is like going outside your typical thing. Yeah I mean I beat. It'll go up like that an Irish basically competent or will the Bok the mixed martial art to. Ordered Datsyuk comedy of the kind of late night show vibe that's what we're going forward so. We're up to good start you know get the first one out now which is out. They'll continue to do that and equality that the plan. So this upcoming matchup this week while other vs Ortiz it's that it's a Mossad match up it's it's awesome to see Dionte is still wanna do this fight after got scratched the first time. What do you think he wants do this what is the biggest reason formed a wanna put this is by because they can understand him wanting to move on after what went down the first time and upon through. Yeah I think we're beyond say it's more about you know prove a point not only to him so the Google now Arctic. Those close basis you know he's never quite rewarding people who would give Israel today coaches still excel. I think QWERTY opted to Google Corey. Edit your cup or to prove who resort to do not dispute south all the Cuban knew we have no idea how old whose parents who. I mean there. Yeah I think for awhile there yeah. You're he's got to make record I think you've got. Do you find it would be dead. Dionte wad is just yell and then Ortiz. And he just stares back like he has no idea what he's saying. You know it's they can hit OK go out they got a lot of elders they go and you're out there that talked about it two more years. You know don't give a two under any bogeys on disputed this. You don't do the monsters so staked out the orders guys like while there Joshua. In major pro ordered to go the rest his personality Dublin you don't put up much talked about. Now free for you is it more exciting to see two guys that could. In the fight in round. Or contrast in. Say styles like a boxer. Verses a guy who's not donors and see either of the knock on first and last warriors do the boxer can you get knocked down. I'd be I'd just like the high level clock and no matter what weight class you know it yeah he's good Harvard ID or if he got daily Garcia. Or are you guys public Shiancoe yuppie culture to split over the world watched. You know February the odd thing about while others. Pretty nice note after he knocked out so. Are you know he'd given it builds a recant scuba not fun you know in order wilder piece right there and I bet. You know I'd Reebok there at the highest level below or visit. Talking about a shot you guys can check out his new show on showtime below the bouts available on all their platforms it's it's a really instinct. Look into the fight gamer and does publicize former UFC heavyweight. What do you think from from the symbolic Dionte is imagine that it's the he has he has it is a really have a dance partner as far as the talk is concerned. But I thought he's done an instinct thing mislead up where he's really attack the past he's gone and said that he's more fierce in the Mike Tyson. That it could be anybody for many there. And I think that's Smart idea because you know he's not gonna he's not gonna Al Golden the golden boy with with Anthony Joshua I think Josh is about as pristine as it gets so it's cool to be. Almost beat the bad guy on that dance and people want to see that matchup so what do you think about him. Attacking the giants of the past the Tyson's the Lennox Lewis and. Yeah I like the approach we're talking about it and you know I don't quite tight in did the show like guys too so you don't while we're there because you can't do much work. These are present this skill so if you want her church trust he talked. Who's Ricky you do you really have to background. I like the route that I like they do he's taking it nor talked about to do what Pete wilder. Not eat eat eat eat not you know. Down you know exactly doing these very calculated their idea of the Q doctor beautifully. Are we were talking about those earlier in the show about the heavyweights now vs a backed members of the Tyson's. And listen tie ties and was a man a missile legend blood on. In all sports and boxing guy is built differently now. It it just seems like he knew you could you compare. What a heavyweight looks like now verses 2030 years ago it's it's not the same. Might disagree a little about it I think he got some decisions but. European event her own bill spotting what you type figure preclinical or. Yeah we actually being being you know you're in rural workers who it would restore your right now get a lot of credit for the buzzer subtle and in the way reporters say there was you know it's kind of like in the NBA now now point guards are 610 and it seems like if you look at all the tall guys now like. Fury while there and Joshua they're all like 66 like it's it's it's a Mossad showcase so. Even though the bodies were sick back then they weren't necessarily what it is as big deal that did it feels like a different weight class. No I concur to create your on your that there could point at our yet below exclude it pretty though you don't were monsters yeah. You don't Klitschko stuff like that if they were it had already hit my kite who didn't Google truck. In the November oh that'll be you know the pilot of an old people survive today these people are. Good to that I expected primary. In Europe and the other side of the game the good news this week at John Jones he won it in front of the California zephyr attrition how did you think that when his I was pretty bummed out I wanna see John Jones fight again. And it felt like he was in front of a bunch of eighty year old and and they were going to blister him really hard. Two bullets you know that you know I we do is still not a complete that you are here on John's part you know that's just which I'll put a picture. The big what could be silent dictates that men say. I hope we get the you know sort of sort chips are. They had a second chance oak leaves his third report well. The thing that put me away it was. Tell me John Street reverend surrounded by your child needed at all marker that was the past Alapont yeah all that came up with. That you could you believe he doesn't trumpet go to increase quote and quote it was so important this look although. What they're only do I report does point at all just call hole. Marketing strategy all that earned I don't know maybe the disappointment by. I UT HE thirty years is Spencer from Hollywood to retroactive. And I think increasingly you're freaky we're sure you have ninety. Brenda is taken time to do to just say it's Augen some wild Ortiz really frigid check out his new show below the bout. A bell long all the showtime platforms really appreciate the man thank you dignity and then British object got a shows really good.