Colby Covington Interview w/ TLB 5-18-18

Friday, May 18th

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And is it like graduate Michael Lamotte is this is inducted into the tool the league hall of fame induction junk food. We don't build ourselves as your news LeRoy. Does brought to left parliament bullets and you'll be tried in the studio and wrap up real soon. So we got several hard rock hotel room as we are each and every Friday as exciting. Yeah and there of the world USC to 25 still enough there's going to be a championship fight between Colby College in populous and just the interim. Welterweight championship and Kobe is kind of to join us here at the table this just a really appreciate it. I was how is trading gone you is is you feel on the feeling good this couple weeks out. I am afraid to get my belt you know this isn't the answer to how this is undisputed title as a reason. That made this paddock Astaro with a duck so you know I feel is an upgrade of a crowd were you surprised that he did in. Once you get a fight with you because you know at times been very active and now all of a sudden we haven't seen an action very much. I would say he's been acting you know he's had he's he's his claim as I thought four times one year if you'll look at these resonates four times in the last three and a half years. And that's not that's not fake news equal look bad out. But I'm surprised we used to train together you know Islam made us so he knows he can't stop me sell. You know he's over at Hollywood gossip about the car dash to easily come back and defend this crowd knows what's time it is my time now that. Go betrays locally head American top team in Coconut Creek. As far as this year has been for you this has been a bit of a rocket on your back people are really. Talking about you more there's been a lot more headlines of Kobe comes around it. What's it like for human has been a lot more attention have you been enjoying it hasn't been different experience what was this experience been like. I you know this is everything I I imagine you know as soon as I on this board you know I. I knew I was cave wall about history with the best guys in the world that American top team right up there go to Coconut Creek self. You know I know my skills and I knew I was gonna have a target in my back in short matter of time that's what I do you know that's what I have right now everybody's talking about me. Everybody wants weather is negative or positive all they do is talk about me self. You know it is what it is it comes with the territory. I've been OK with the negative stuff because you don't you don't seem afraid of rough lip as a split heroic in a Stanley called me. It was originally you were allegedly was ruled that we're going to fight him Brazil. And it's it like everybody's eyes that that's a great point it's just angered everybody out there what what was the talk that was a chance you were gonna fight there and they pulled back on what was the plan always Chicago. And I was just rumors masses want in the dead they say they're gonna kill you want me to octagon itself. Yeah I ain't scared I want to look myself busy on the king of presume so you know undergo brain chaos back to Brazil. At. You did what was your accidentally of this out of this thing with Brazil. There was a there was like an incident at the hotel with the with the USC employees that. Well how did you observe that because inaudible news. Upset with their comments it's Amber's those full of filthy animals but. The view that as soon as they go back there there's a bad incident around the hotel. Yeah kind of it kind of reiterates what I was talking about you know they are filthy animals they acted to conduct themselves like filthy and was not a filthy animal in less. You think your filthy animal and you say your filthy animal cell. You know I was everything that I said it and you know I heard David you have the Internet they didn't know I was on the car so they are actually looking for me but they were able to find me so they're like okay we'll discuss and Jesse officials instead. It's beside you could have following this Okobi like you being in the in this followed this like I was just glad to be good. This guy he's going out there he's he's he's he's he's he's getting people riled up. With the spoilers that that I think is fantastic and I don't care about Sowers orbited but I don't LeRoy its leader was there it is a lot of guys are all Arizona ahead. Would you like your quick so our aussies are you getting fed the spoilers Idaho that I host the idea come to bridge you know there's going to anger a lot of people. Yeah I I is gone the way beyond the spoiler as they come out here in the you know they come up muscle so. I don't Eliza. That's that's that's that's that's a. I saw you this up everybody about movies did you have any goofy. Exactly yeah I did not even a shot at the opening today 9 am. And it's gonna pick in the draft assessment it's a bit just ready gung. Are you know Robby. So I told me gold reserve begin to be fighting Jews take a hot villas on just how do you see this matchup feel do you do you find this to be more Johnson and Tyrone. Or no differ your focus in on yourself. I yet definitely had a bigger towns Tyrone he had he has a lot of party on the tank to display a five rounds and Robbie Lawler ready BF brought you all for five rounds so he showed yes cargo. That's not a joking and I like people thought that to Robbie Lawler self. You know tyra when he doesn't have a light gas and chain with him any quits around ground want or want to Israel explosive as lot of power but after that first or second round he slows down. And he's really he's really predictable you know as a right hand so. It's a little tougher match up but you know it's easy matchup because you know what he's good guys when I'm better action and what he's not good as when I'm the best that self. You know imitate him a deep wires -- drowned in the anime do with the United Center the same place of Michael Jordan plays on cut from the same cloth as Michael Jordan so it's gonna be a dunk competition at the united center on pay per view. A man. As far as as far as training camp this can certainly is there anything you want to bring this to the table in your front and just which are good that late how do you how do you do you prepare any differently when it is of a fight of the stakes. Yet it paralyzed difference of five round fight us I have to have a party and its excitement put a lot of action rooms in the badger and now self. You know that's got to keep my card up so you and you don't you don't sides of the deal fighter myth of I. Apps that started fight can't you opposite on the outside not completely opposite man that's a lot of carded a lot of testosterone pumped him when you're in the bedroom itself I gotta make sure I keep that. Go out once he would take on this is that no you bill will be chatting with John Jones on on Twitter from time to time what do you make of love him and shook the doubts are put down John jones' a new a new viva that's that's stirred up on social media. And Johns being quite disrespectful to the it to the old legend what do you you've been I've even seen this a what do you make of it. Are you got to really make anything of it took those out of the game guy's been retired you know he's. He's not come back to front you have Zito before he left do you have season off that a couple times so he is allege that much is that the chocolate velvet. You know John just trying to keep his his name high you know he's he's in hot water and now he's been chief need to line he's been doing steroids didn't. Party itself he just try to use something to get his name back in the media gave people talking about it and that's what this is doing. We're just I was discussing hazards are a must some of the baseball players they got popped her for Sarah's from premieres a fires respective how do you look at the whole thing because it's been an instinct time you had sonic clean up the sport. This is time you know where it was rampant with TRT and it was kind of a wild west of things as a fighter wind when you have to craft your body as efficiently as possible. Do you think some is okay none is okay where do you stand on that line with peavy. In not a doctor Don itself. You know it's it's not fair you know he's got paid big bucks and I and I feel like he did the wrong way he cheated you know he did steroids and justice is not fair. But what can you do you know that's that's again how often do you go into a fight. And you look across the cajun like the 'cause gassed out another appearance this thing about it not along with that guy that happens he before that happened a couple of times and I I've noticed in the first round where they just feel Michael rock clinical interest on the golf I'll kind of feel their shoulders they just feel like. Like a rock pool there. But you know I know that McCarty is better in those guys you know he's get them into a high paced fight eventually they're gonna break. Which are called because continues going to be fighting for idea what he's saying is the title fight for the while to a title you see 125 June 9 in Chicago. Really really exciting because I have seen a pump on it he is so that that is good for you it's always been that he is going to bring bring paper view buys a what do you make of a guy like CM punk who is. Getting his second fight is gonna be on the paper view you quote that you think you should get a place in the game. How do you do you see that situation. I you know they just they're trying to bring it attention to try to get byes you know self. CM punk you know he's a fake as it is you know he still was looser can't tell pro wrestling itself then I don't know a lot of people don't know that but that's where you got almost professional wrestling moves look that up Debbie Debbie so laws whose best assets out. CM monkey he's fake he's a Friday he's getting exposed Chicago. We did you come and allowed the some hardware that you do a lot of poker plan is that like you how you've lost steam and not training camp and punch people on the face yeah like come the hard rock love to play Texas hold on math and a lot of turned aside cash games you know I just kinda keys mind away from fighting in. And you know I live fighting every studied patient mandatory. Played poker mid Atlantic through the greens are a good time and I know here's here's a problem would you vote. I can't sit for an hour grass and not getting paid so I'll get up early. You definitely goes that you know hopefully poker here at about four hours I'm getting into it you know a month. Don't let it don't matter how much money won't play and comfortable like world and asked are you ever played Haynes. She hit it good basic guys could still I can. You obviously out of Fred talk when it comes to upon the do you talk trash and table a lot of you are you're in your on how have you how do you work yeah I'm very quiet table of yes in his vocal players and never saying make anything who I am guys they yell at me when I beat him hints of that call you up bro and I just. I just about and that's why I Wear my music I had my chancellor and I just listen to my music I'm just like pack I got out here you know but guys that. Trying cuss me out sick days and just stay quiet you know I don't ever same thing if I lose I get up. And a walk let a real man. We'll now with a word of your employee as this trend down here locally you come here regularly where every single Friday we're gonna be Rooney on and hopefully you'll have a big Ol strap of of gold around your waist in three week's time you come out here and and showed off to us to launch to the room here. Yeah that would be fun meant so best of luck to you against inside the sun does since we watch him for her to go to move. You can tell us if you must vote for at least watched the whole. Aren't as her cubs it would background after the us.