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Thursday, January 11th

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Hello possible Torre makes in this morning's Curtis apart and we do we actually got a three hour showed a part about that. Full Dielman and what do you think you know they're they're paying us for a full day and works I'll give pulled Edward Kennedy we've been preempt the last. All this week all week long with the national championship game that we had a couple of backed by two games of course will get to. NA in just a moment but yeah we get the three hour tour today. And all that Beijing complaining when the bus the holiday is somebody earners up in the upper management is I'll give these guys these weren't there three hours. We got a lot to get through here and if you don't like we're talking about now there was for the president really gets his WG wanna talk yeah yeah we're going to be movement today yet we got a lot of stuff to get to get a couple of desperate building here. And and also gets a Muslim he tickets we realize that it is your way here will be Andy yeah it is a certainly on. Another win last night park and it was it was impressive against an Indiana team that. That's played extremely well at home we talked a lot about Indiana and patrolled the Eagles play. And they are ready for Miami in the second item back to back the heat's. Not look at the dollar tired in the outlook wind did in Miami. Listening to run in the second half. As much in that in the third quarter in the end up winning 1142106. They're now seven games over 500 they won sixteen in a row. And who'd be given this credit to right now who you give the credit to. If you're looking at the Miami Heat a team. That is certainly surging and oh by the way you watch all the national shows we got ESPN appear union job and all those shows. They're talking more and more about the Miami Heat they're one of the better stories in the MBA here as we turn the calendar to point eight teams. Yes I can and you you look at this roster there's not going to be an all star on this roster. You look at what they got from the bench last night bail amount of bio fifteen Tyler Johnson fifteen Wayne Ellington fifteen. This is not by mistake. And that leads us right into here's the thing. Miami Heat. Every twenty war in seventeen record at 41 games your visual midway point of the season I gotta say a little bit surprised. Also have to say this I thinks oh a man who's coaching chops or doubted by many nationally and some local league. Deserves a whole lot of credit for what's been going on with the heat so far this year now you guys know me the best majority of of credit. More success. Or failure goals to the players it's great players Leigh. It's O has searched and searched and found a way to make this roster work. He rarely gets credit porous osu coaching skills and a lot of people credit Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade or LeBron James or whoever per his coaching success. The guy has done a great job this year now. I picked the heat to win between 43 imported by games RC of 46. Is the absolute ceiling produce steam. So are they are lower my expectations. And probably those of a lot of other NBA followers now hopefully this scene stays healthy and we can see what they can truly accomplish. Quite honestly I haven't spent the second Lincoln about weather's always a coach of the year candidate that's later. As I say it. I just know right now holds O is doing a great job so far this season. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone. Drone nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone the discover whether you're talking about customization and repairs new purchases training whatever it is visit doomed they will get to hook up again that's grown nerves dot com South Florida's I in discussed. Billy play guy's last name as you mentioned seven of them were in double figures in their Jones junior had eight points yeah. So you look at what he's rolled out there. And I did I know this you know because injuries happen like I knew you and I watch the games every night perk. And you know the warriors got blown out last night at home by the club burden and they you know they are not there without curry rolls angle he's now plan to decide. The sickly Thompson just for arrest but. It'll Blake Griffin's her in and hardens out in this guys are everyone's dealing with something so I don't feel it yet vehicles we don't like the NFL used to bring it up. Does move about your direct line and yes somebody is always right guys are Salt Lake amounted the city here in the you know and complained of Osama Simone I'm all these guys. I didn't know this that. They have the third most gains lost in the entire league behind Memphis in New Orleans yeah. And then they led the league last year Greg got some pretty good yeah and so it's yes it's been a season and I have. Just. Among the worst injury problem in the NBA and like you say it'd be you don't talk about that you just go to work because there's nothing you can do about it. But this guy who hasn't had all start at. And the slow time but I mean. I'd bring that point in the players deserve some credit yes but when you are coach. And things are constantly changing. In your constantly losing personnel. And you have to adjust on the fly that is that is the true mark. Oh league great. Tactician and a great coach in natural heirs Foster isn't a watchdog in my sniper it's what you you you brought you bring it up for some allegation here is click where. Let another not texting today. What this all the people gospel Sox gospel to all celebre I've spoken to spoken that and it's just it's it's just it's silly. All most. When somebody texted Aleks both rotations at times where I got it is my right is not perfect by I think that that bother me abouts ball and that and I'm and I'm scratching my head out what we know watching him do but to say that she's not a great coaches say that he's not one of the best 56 whatever you want rank and coached in the MBA is nonsense yeah. Yeah I recently has somebody tell me you know what is old done without Dwyane or LeBron and it's like look that's. Number one of reserves playoffs yeah right he did and a number one it's not exposed bowl. You know that he's had Dwyane and LeBron for most of his career I mean that's. But with what he wanted to do give you know give those guys the way the another coaching job. Of course you want the best talent but yes there about 09 Centene. Which was live by Duane but you know Quinton Richardson and although. I almost went on right out of debt or they all those guys knew that they had no future of the great talk regularly clearing salary cap space and make our run and create incidentally I was weighed in me and Udonis and Udonis is situation was a little bit in flux right right does he almost all those guys language to Jermaine O'Neal all those dudes on Latino. Knew that they weren't coming back you know and yet that team to the boil down. So and and look last year. You know OK they lost to Orlando three reports times whatever you wanna blame it on the Denver knicks' home losses lately has what ever they didn't make the playoffs. But look 41 imported one and you finish thirty and eleven after eleven and thirty season. Give smoke credit there I had you get into the playoffs if you wanna go bottom line whatever he'd jump to the playoffs it's fair but this year. The guy is doing a great job he did a great the second half of last year he's doing a great job this year will see out and Isabel but. Halfway points below to Tampa I just thought it was a good time 2.0. That's O has done a great job for those who write frequently bashed bow right he's got this team seven games over 500 and and you look at the games lost and you look at the the raw talent. There's not a whole lot there. No I in Kansas a that I thought about it I want to the game last I like guy you know when the detects we get in it's it's like ridiculous I mean there's a piece of advice like you did their conversation about MBA in Miami Heat. And don't say like Spoelstra talks like you just don't colleges with your buddies there and they also has an opinion and that's how you wanna go through life here's just some stupid. Yeah around anyway those that he led the MBA. You can criticize bowl I criticized oh you criticize no he's not per we do I think I don't like about you know is rotations and one guy plays 19 next I get the play and it's just weird to me. But says he's not a a great coach. That's is a good coach a great coach and his is pretty crazy and evidenced by a by this team. And this team is surging this team is surging food this team is gonna get healthier this team is playing with a lot of confidence. And and winning these tight ball games winning the close games just players a lot of credit but who's putting the players in the book that those positions that goes back to. They're Spoelstra and his is Cogent stuff good stuff there on the Miami Heat let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY KM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. The Miami Heat has the day off after extending its winning streak to six games of last night's victory at Indiana they keep. Every 24 and seventeen record at the halfway point of the season. Miami which is in fourth place in the east is and that again Sunday at Milwaukee by the way the heat announcements and Derek Jones junior Indira Walton junior. To the soup bowl Skype wars of the G lead. In NBA action live NBA action I should say Philadelphia leads Boston with seven to 48. In the second quarter of their game that's being played at O two arena in London part of the NBA global gains initiative speaking of London NFL announced this three game London scheduled today the dolphins who have played in London three of the last four years. They're not part of but you already knew that the three London games Seattle against Oakland Philadelphia against Jacksonville. Tennessee against the Los Angeles chargers finally to Florida Panthers off until tomorrow they announced today they're January 4 game against Boston that was postponed due to that bomb cyclone weather phenomenon. It's been rescheduled for April 8 those are your headlines. Symantec's introduce politics have a 974 on the calls result monetary side try to make myself Kurt clear I apologize what this third. Most games lost mean what does that mean due to injury general Skinner was due to injury so they've had the most man games lost. Mitt man games lost so whatever or how suns will miss what he missed thirteen or fifteen games when Dion Waiters pledges such as Winslow. And gore missed a couple of games and there and the third most games lost due to injury in the entire NBA. And yet they they still have the record that the that they have that's what to that was that was and as per mentioned. They're the most games lost to injury usher so mean they've had a lot of guys who have been injured. Through throughout the year a lot of other text role in order to these in in due course here. But. The appellate court side note here and that they have a a couple of days off which is deservedly so they don't play I mean in the schedule looks I think it looks loaded juicy here perk coming to Milwaukee after a couple of days' rest. At home then you ought to back to back to Jamal plenty of Chicago who actually played really well on Martin Luther King Day. That game's a 330. Tip I believe were up preempted our shows preempt this or are we off on not. On Monday anyway did he basketball but in the young Brooklyn in the air and road Tribune Charlotte and there on the road should be category Houston there in the road trip. You come home or go to Milwaukee and on the road shouldn't. I just a look at adding on me and ahead why not get to 8910 news. You thought this road trip would be it would have been a hindrance. And all the sudden they got they got to read out of the day nine of things can change quickly Newton when I just look at the way this team is playing pertinent in there they're getting they're getting better guys are getting more and more confidence. We'll see if they get healthier one thing move they made today. With duds or Paul junior and dear Joan junior allowed to elect or Joseph Joseph grow sudden. Sent him to they send them back to the G league. That that's more contract this year right because that it's sold those guys to that if you hit it off now yeah. So they can bring them back right and the other two way contract but even so I'd assume that you know you mean maybe it just is back on some nano justices not you know would you like hidden. Enigmatic yeah coming into medic alert and a different way and assigned but still just you just don't know yet you zone and ultimately cast wonder to. Yeah but hey guys thanks for trial yet also this also belts Owen and the job he's done what he some somebody spit at somebody it's expose. Saying you guys must get a lot of text ratings always bad. Yeah it's it's shocking how many. When would you credit lower emissions below that people immediately they they jump on spoke but I'll say this also about this year's team. The longest time cap you know and and preceding night I kept thinking that. The heat's best weapon is there a second by that their first buy it is not much better than anybody else this. Burst by starting by the they're gonna put out on the floor. The second five is where they get their energy and where they get you know there is an and they can make up a deficit ports in the lead. Actually that's starting I was in pretty good has been productive it's it's been productive mid evil when you stick. Derek Jones in order to really gonna fire that's right right in the mid to exactly and you you never got into that second five you because it's. Because everything isn't such loss due to injuries so that. Really that second five hasn't really emerged as the as they wars com. They're closing by bought ad kept us are worried with this team about the clothing by you and the second by a in the starting it was at whatever whatever because you can distribute minutes are you need to so whoever starts is nothing but. I will say Amanda closing by has been better than I thought and that hasn't been a base solid group that's changed due to injury. And the starting five has been better than I thought I got to credits both that a well first of all you know I credit the players first always always always always. New England Patriots University of Alabama idol here I credit. I credit and and and blame players purse. But it's always done a really nice job with this heat team. Yeah and I heard I heard Dan and it's you got to Pablo the other talking kind of like York's ball struck. Doesn't get the credit Q would you want you know better play yours what can do. If you had a couple all star players yeah. In that saying his talents are wasted here I just think. It's a little accident. That I mean when I'm pat is pat I mean I I I rue the day that it's going to happen and you'll be a sad day for me I think a lot of heat fans and just people sports fans in general in this town. Demeco they were pad has finally. Going to go to Malibu any area and he's finally you're going to write his memoirs and he's probably grown agreed to grow the beard outs. You don't like go like Tom Hanks in castaway a bright you know and look unrecognizable. But I had the York's bosses setting himself up for that type of czar role. Inside the organization yeah yeah I definitely so. And by the way when you talk about. You know didn't get long in the tooth and and you know David Letterman as soon. With with a new show coming out I just saw and Ortiz. I can't remember what it's called up president Obama's going to be one of the desert and we're very high level guessed what did you talk about getting old and then and as the source retirement or mentally yeah it's a money out of the right right I'm right in and become a bank. Sorry to drive us into a ditch there diaper. Did you do this but I do you you've just mentioned and I saw that earlier today we comfortable it was goes. That's yes that's right this sex this sex is gonna there's got to service as triple AM we're talking about blow. And sign of somebody it's experience bowl wins titles with the warriors a steep colonel 500 with this roster. I would have been done. Right does the current coach I think our current there's so yeah I think he has a thinkers good Basque moment there's a lot of good coaches and in the league I mean it's just. It just sometimes how the coaches Brad Stevens. I think Brad Stevens damn good coach I think he's good I think he's a heavy burdens newsroom playoff performance that he's special. Yeah like he's a guy that I would want coaching my team now now in the NBA that there's a lot of good coaches. As Steve Clifford and his coach that there's come. What would what's his name and oh Casey. Donna O'Donnell I think he's a good coach. But and eventually you have to win playoff yet to win that sent us an idea that as a result oriented business is great coaches a lot of cultures first round and write your your gonna how good are you. Right Seattle I mean the staying power is the one thing that I look at the MBA yeah because mean that group with that we your butt heads one time of the star player we saw that with Davis is they'll. What thought it was a sharp guy you're out of there. Yeah or look it if if you don't get along with what management we saw that would Mark Jackson they bring in Steve Kerr right. You don't get along with the run off and there's a lot of those a lot of things there like that was say there is a lot of massaging amigos know there's a lot of things just but he's got to win best the senate look at I think bring both will lose is a really good coach in Orlando and he he did a good job in Indy but. Reverend Ezra at how good right how good can you be MS. You know Brad Stevens we'll see how good year he's got a lot of credit but you gotta win best the stats is well and he's going. You gotta start winning best islands so no matter how good of a coach you are at some bright you have to actually win some genius yes playoff series. That will let us take us some game left well I mean you can win fifty games in the regular season but if you don't start piling up best the Simon's. How good are you. I Gretchen I'm the most mama to invest a sentence and a couple championship W I Howard is general here by the way we have to heed to is you were with Leo about plus we are night before contest. Where he's the coach were coming up at 5 o'clock. Go see the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis the night before the big game plus. Jerry bill's gonna join us we get well we got. In a weekend of NFL games is my favorite week news this is yet even though some of the games look a little lopsided on pay brother is of the heck it was Saturday. And us all good quarterbacks stories. All right Brawley team has yet there is no it'll be you back to that question. About the quarterbacks Jerry Belkin he's gonna join us at the right around 520. These from the USA today but next we'll get to all fifteen minutes he will continue that next Johnson and I didn't they're. Yeah. The team then yeah. I think minutes of being dedicated segment to New York Miami now Tony four and seventeen. Owners of six in a row he is certainly on a fifty minutes have you discussed my budget to implement or supplement number one jeetz. Drug and as you because positions job guarantee them the hottest qualify for modifications in town to. While Jimmie and four by four at seven exits Fazio putrid for forces through a champion for by Ford dot com. Calls sponsored by mayor in Ohio Michael Lopez and Martinez PLO Israel 5800 Irma. We haven't gestured at humidity heat but I didn't you just wanna do. Talk more about this about the ballclub they're circuit takes of Tex here at 679 some for the six have an item for. On the Coral Springs Omaha on the Texan in a couple of days off here in the middle legal Sunday. At at 1 o'clock is a mealy while cable c'mon come rolling into town but have you. I think on this show. I've been more pro he. Being a new bit more anti heat not not do that and but the line is very close. Guys I haven't been inside he'd I have doubt it. Or you know our outer yeah believe yeah I I've I've bought the this team is destined who. Be. Leg is broken up or improve by Trey. That's the that's the direction that they're not moving to you know really you know addition the board seat with this roster of eighty. To the ATM but you're really trying to upgrade this roster through trade. Through these long term contract he signed people who write and that's kind of the queen of the personnel of the season that's. In my view lawyers 'cause now we're getting into the conversation here because you'll before it was OK let's see how how they didn't respond after last year's. Third in eleven finished. Now we're starting to get it they start winning these games here. Which I don't really see why not I mean they're they're on pace to win 48 games and let's say they cobbled a short on 44 fortified or whatever that's still going to be 056 summer where maybe forced on those. In the in the Eastern Conference among my biggest question where as it comes to it is. Is this does this plan work in the playoffs. Does this formula worked in in into the playoffs. Or is says Jesus does the regular season version of hawks team we saw a few years ago on the Eastern Conference. Or some other teams that have really nice regular seasons born again of the MBA playoffs. Everyone knows everybody you got your game plan and that's when you need a store to elevate your team above the other opponent so. I'm just saying that in an outdoor cabby out of this to you hedge York are you surprised by this and has your opinion changed on this team at all when he's on a regular. Don't know I have a very intriguing statement because I I have a here's the thing on that later on but basically my my thought on that is facilities Burk led a double file I his I guess it is of bottled blow it right now but my body is. Eventually probably in the second round of the playoffs you need bad guys you need big gold to die. Burst rounds you can get through okay. Second round you need that guy and is Josh Richardson that guy can Josh Richards and be that guy. Otherwise I don't see that guy on the roster. Out. I don't I don't know if he does have that guy but I I do believe that that they are going to need him so. Depending on how far use you think this team can go to me depends and whether you think that guy will emerge whether it's a son. Boron. You know I don't know that Wayne Ellington could be that guy you're limit but anyway I think it's good to me of just doesn't development today died. You can get you can get out of the first round. But that tee. You know to an Afghan prime tablet a new. I didn't but it but I just bring that but yeah which is behind I don't think Ali when investors that into right right just like I just think this is fun like I did tonight it definitely is what are all of Alec the hurricane season like you know the bottle and I this is fun to worry about in right now enjoy the ride right leg Helena W this is it's just a lot of fun to say oh well too happy I Cleveland and these games or. I mean they're bad for my blood pressure and a blood day these greens are great theater and send and yours your stars you're seeing guys emerging represented no names like Jones right you're playing big roles like. This is what it. Am not a Mayo has says he's exceeded my expectations game I am. I saw a bit him in the summer league you know I was really excited about the stuff they had him doing. Bring in the ball low lower on occasion and things like that and you get into the regular season. There's no room warm in the rotation and so I just gotta trust it's both I was like well I'd guess. The guy is clearly not ready for the NBA euros oh what album out there and in his number gets cold here recently and yet the dude was ready. Stars are great and the best thing in sports is when the stars are unselfish this team might relax and stars. But there's certainly a unselfish and seems like heroes every night. And Josh Richardson has been a big part of that he spoke about the team's willingness to share. This grave because no no no prisoners must press on the desire of every night you know somebody else's dream of playing great so it. You know it's not tonight then there's the pilot doesn't take up the slack for and so that's always very relaxed and didn't play like that. You don't think this is cool do you. Like I don't I don't know darker no no no no I I just I just think it I still think they're probably gonna end up around 43 of forty by wins. But I hum clearly right now this team is better than I thought they were going to be there's no doubt at all of their leader will close team. And they play well together dated notes our system they do what they have to do to win right you just have back to back one point victories. And then on the second night of back to back. Which was last night you come out there and you beat Indiana by 68 by eight right. By eight soaring snow says you have this there's there's there's no clue to this and and the other thing is that at coney born seventeen. It's not as though this team hands you know 35 wins and and that's when you think well there's a Lou there's something amiss here. As Tony born seventeen I've been that they just kind of in my book mile lead over T to some other people their their right on a soul. I will see anything you about it again they were up in the mid thirties and victories. You could say yes some and this is a little last this is low key right now I'd this this blast yeah that. The attacks are writes articles resolve on attacks on 6974. We invite and encourage your text messages is don't Texan drive to a wet out there and a as the traffic gets it's a little bit hectic out there on a Thursday afternoon. Text right to the blessings and he's cavs wraps. Box wiz have at least two players better than everyone on the roster that is true yeah ten dollars a day we have a weakness of that opening day. Yeah out of a true son exactly what that guy wants to get into I'm I'm in the playoffs are different animal in the NBA they are different animal. And what and that's what was soul. I think frustrating doctor Reilly and so low. AM the decision makers babe which is basically those two guys but everyone in that organization last year being days. If they got in what how what data look in the playoffs. Would that have translated into a couple of victories even against Cleveland or Boston one of the top teams but how would do with that group that scrappy group. How can we don't see a lot of those teams in the post season. Right right seal idols note you know in the history of the you don't see a lot of those teams that emerald usually top heavy you'll see a lot of teams like to heat the way it's constructive. Let me ask you this camp is this heat team do you think better. In the regular season or better suited for the playoffs that team two years ago that went to seven games against Toronto second round of the playoffs. 48 wins the weld saying Dwayne where a all of those guys assign it. They're that they they're kinda close eye when they're instructed their Whitley was better. Well I I would say the other scene because the other team had to Wayne. And they would say whatever you want about his diminishing closing steals two years ago. He was still a close game in Charlotte rest of the series the most certainly yeah it has spoken to her right so some that I would take that team and and and the reason they had a closer. By the two teams they they do it differently but they are. I've been despite its achievements as owner you have if you know. Did Joseph Johns and all those guys so I'm I'm that other team. I would take that other team though I would take the Amare Stoudemire or take the other team. This team Mo and did not have the man they call bam. That's you know I have them out of Ohio who is earning minutes he is demanding minutes it's going to be impossible worst ball to keep him on that bench. And Spoelstra talked about as young guys to bring a lot of energy and it's amazing what that can do. As. Ma'am add a bio has gotten some serious. Minutes. And when he's been asked to hit the floor he certainly has produced. He's used to send the kisses like is normally use circuit is only doing that. They'll fourteen months ago so it gave. Likes to play back to backs and we have a lot of young guys that. No they don't feel like probably the third year olds feel or even how I feel. I had nothing left right now. But dams his energy his quickness his toughness. It's infectious. Prom and when you have. Well game where guys don't necessarily feel like you've got the Jews. When you see somebody else solves and you find energy from that it now. From his energy. Safe to say they hit on that pick. Yeah yeah yeah I mean Pennsylvania real legitimate these grand declarations today by just kind of where the first half of the season. And were kind of doing a little bit of a reflection and a look back on the last you know two and a half months of the first half of the season and you're going out during the height of the had been amount above either aren't you know that I think that's kind of been confirmed here. Yeah yet and so somebody sexy and does this team remind you of the team right Portia de. It did and that was why seated you know the Lamar Odom borrower combo playing regime yes that event where that was the nucleus of nice nucleus or to really work. Going to win a title would that nucleus of that this year's team remind me of that team and that's why I. Thought that you're going to you know use these pieces to get something bigger and oh there's not a real well right now but I thought that was the eventual. Read only part of me and part of that he was intrigued check at that point was a no brainer right part of me. Feels like a part of in this why defended this group for for the first have of the season when you you know you bring of the trade scenarios I just want to see this play out a little bit yeah. But I didn't make it out like you've seen the team you've seen the girl naked. You've seen yo you there's no mystery there right to me. There is. It's lingerie work and you're like little mystery about his group where I don't that I to win a championship but can they can they upset somebody in the second round in the seven game series. Daniel how does I do I'm just curious how far they can go that's why. You know last year. Does management really wanted to see just how look to the post season. And if they could steal a few games are all. Okay right you know and on the off season. The December a lot of guys back of the like those guys but also let's be honest they fail them on the first couple opening of the two in Hayward tornado yes. So yeah and listen this is that there's a very nice ball bank plan and you got when he more wins out ahead halfway point of this club receiver Matt and I think that anybody would take that a league ball make plays and play hard and get all halls of programs there are we come back we'll agree to. Good moral sentiments and comments he did you were you you're fired up about that as I fired up about the reaction to it. Yes it character witness in this is not a sure way into us. Put himself. In somebody else's class speaking of higher class. In the of the MBA we'll get to that and also Jerry bells around the corner we'll talk cut NBA NFL playoffs for him at 5:20 also at 5 o'clock. We got your code word for the other night before concert. We're gonna Texas 272881. That seven to it once a reunion code word he takes too soon to anyone. And you could be a big winner sought 5 o'clock right here let's have a nine to take it. So the idea ticket Curtis and her wish you jerk dollar USA today covers the NFL ready and Evian les in these football games here because obviously be great weekend. Love actionable gonna hit his league portals comments in just the second but or about twenty minutes away from. Giving out our code word for for the 5 o'clock hour for 5 o'clock for the night before. Concert with the Dave Matthews bands will be rated texted to 72881. Lead that code were coming up at 5 o'clock on the dot. Put a quick reminder our sister station now and I'm point nine his country resulting in a 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford. Perk at sneaking up on us man that is next Saturday ass until election. If it's Saturday January 20 of the city's department never mind that today of great food drinks and a star packed lineup of country music artists including their structural to many big enriched. More and more as Midland and rain delay get your tickets to the chili cook off now on the ticket Miami dot com and his always great event 33 annual. Chili cook off powered by four pirates aboard portals he's got his team they're in Jacksonville. And they are rugged Brady looked to Pittsburg take on the Steelers now they whipped. Ben Roethlisberger and the steel guys pretty good earlier this season of that week week. I so much ahead begin talking about maybe I'll lost littered you have no heaven anymore whenever I close by Nixon and to pick sixes on the mistake and I know I got I know I'd Pittsburgh did not biblical suicide yeah. Either you know that would that would have been a lay up right you have used to it's diverting and yet they're gonna win this overhaul. Of ours this Arizona. Yeah you're you're you're into the schedule makers that -- days and Aaron again very finally. But it's public morals is still a quarterback of OJ will. Lot of people are not a not a believer that not a believer and little bubbly borders portals when he was asked about his. Detractors here's what he had to say. How can we use sound here yeah. I wish you probably never stop and as to who think LeBron James so that happens I'm sure we'll be a lot of people always think I saw. I have no problem that come. Zero problem he was not you would not comparing himself to LeBron James. He invoked the name of LeBron James but he did not say. You know I I'm great like LeBron and we both have our leaders. He probably didn't need to walk off where I don't think I walk out like that that element be more competitive mind you drop the might indigo and what I am I gonna do now yes all right. It reporters. Sorry but I but I'm not mad at late portals for doing that ma'am because mad and invoke the name of LeBron James. He's not saying you know mile LeBron or are both great and we deal with the same being. Eight he was just saying if people this guy is great and if they think he sucks of course they're gonna think god I saw what got them nowhere as good as LeBron James it's. Well my first time hitter Matt and I heard some it will react to it like you comparative thought the Brooklyn that you go to the top. Right exactly correct. The road elect two people don't like league world combat vets and laden were you getting Matta. You're exactly right well when people don't lightly portals. And rural Italy to globally board yeah well lately you know this the talent you write a performance they may they think he sucked and so immediately like. Socks you know that's why they don't yeah. Yeah but it's not a right it is he might be a great guy I have no idea. But yeah I don't think the that was worth. The going to be national. ID. Now let's do that again because yes because one thing and we do with it on the show every single day people don't listen. I just heard the name LeBron in a sentence under Mike Blake wore me. And thought 00 he's putting himself in the same class of LeBron has one thing that's not what he did it all got to quite the opposite. One thing I like to tell people and I got to I do try to do better to know this is just listened to people and like to know. We deal with a every day because we don't talk for three hours they would always there's a lot of things and we get stuff mixed up and sometimes we make mistakes but and sometimes we actually get some things right around occasionally wins about a legend. And a whole go we did not say that we say this as there's public morals again. How can we use sound yeah. I we'll probably never stop and as to who think LeBron James sucks though if that happens I'm sure we'll be a lot of people always think I saw. I watch out now let me answer that question there to you when he wanted to show appeared tractors and you're a shocker haters gonna Pittsburgh winning game. And a OK if you run for more yards and you throw. And I I didn't Lesnar win without him straight. Big that's that's the only way to get around it. Is this is is is is when Mobley good thing yeah that's what LeBron did when he came down here to Miami you know people were all on the bronze case. The skip Bayless is you can't come through in the clutch and yeah I'll hook right now there are eleven finals right. On me all that stuff and that was a huge weight lifted when Michael Jordan won his first ranked now and I'm not trying to put Blake worlds as woods funny human right right you're not carrying plates are grown or MJ I didn't see him like blades you wanna shut everybody go out there and distillers like that's that's when it comes down to the only thing that's gonna satisfy the haters but it doesn't that should serve it up by the way. That's the most satisfying thing. It is an ad and you know part of me. Deals bad or Blake portals because. He's playing to the best visibility I mean he's not sucked in on purpose and the duke is doing what ET and he said it's not good enough it has been this year but throughout his career has not been good enough and so. OK I understand that but even when the guy does will or wins he still gets around it it's still yeah but he still sucks. It's like I bit the guy a little credit right let me dogs and he's a little much but you got to give him some credit right I mean. If the guy wins like he did last no number of people like right now are you sent like five years ago the sucker Natalia a horse race. How did you gave in and enjoys but I and I actually you know I try not to say athletes saw but he's you know he's blowing. Easy even the eagle regional and global average there. You know below average for the public good but if you have a different but he won last week right yeah it's like I give them credit. I mean it wasn't pretty you do you ran for more yards and you throw for late portals right 88 rushing in 85 passing or whatever it was. You and so I give them credit I'm not I'm not gonna you know spend the week ripping them well US museum defense credit. Well the defense did win the game and but but Blake one he's the quarterback he won so. But I'd like I'd like stories like that like like if he goes out there and throw three or four touchdowns and they wind and they went and gaming go to the into James who gamely good for him man. My good for him I like those stories I mean that's a while ago but right now. Now there's a lot of people notably board I mean Chris Simms does that funny count down what would damn it's do in the crew area and were swollen legs this guy this guy paper. I'd be out of the sort of from a little bit like he gets roasted their sales like Chad Henne like anybody. You know just a jugs machine could take down. You know what I try I cannot just like guy I believe the death of it's starting to wonder if I'm sort of question Mahe. Sensibilities as the football watcher but it's really that bad right yeah Alex thanks what is he like oh is it like. You know really like Joseph rising John back at rush. Non bank area while while. Somebody takes in and I'd just lost this sticks. Com. I I I think the big thing is the decline of some of his receivers. Borrowings was actually a very good in a CP the last two years or was he doesn't deserve what's being said about him I mean even Spain and saying this. So Mary though there's there's another burger for whom I don't I don't know anything about what his. In this hour I'll handle our economy out rob exiting go down and downturns and an error by the rising was desperate idea. Round them each new years ago he was very good because they're always down and he was always thrown a ball around and that's where this missed. This myth about is this guy public morals can grow and there we kind of looked at him in my grill games ago he he looks department is over yet he's a he's not he's not a good quarter. He's not. I was shared bills as a starter but he's not a good quarterback toll does that mean you get Jackson go into what's there because there's a big. I want to do that even is very good. But that he does enough to win that even with sub standard quarterback today in this day and aids in the NFL and I'm sure about that anymore. Not a I don't I'm given this when the Pittsburgh. Jacksonville like I guess you know I had to give Obama understands because of that tee it by. Net I'm going Pittsburgh they they lost to him earlier this year etc. etc. etc. there the better team their homes there more playoff tested you know that opening. Will pits. And the streak continues as we cannot talk about bad quarterback play in the playoffs. And somebody not texting in about a Trent Dilfer reference so that felt right right that's good if I had like fifty super balls are answerable now. Trent Dilfer and no nobody mentioned running Magruder earlier talked about. We know we did but we didn't look at mr. Imus I guess so rejects the there have been games we'll the third most games means only that you have no got a 109 tocchet were some reaction Roddick murders injury right and remove all of that Rodney Magruder tonight. You know and don't forget Magruder is injured then all of a sudden the warriors would be on notice I we got to get to the 5 o'clock hour here we. We got a code word man for the night before concert when you hear a little Dave Matthews Band at 5 o'clock we about the code word puzzle get to here's the thing we'll get headlines. End your belt US enable target of a playoff with him all that on the way right you don't have a nine minutes ago. But we're out here. Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big football game was with a code words at 8 AM you have. Head oh my goodness 5 PM please note coming up here in a matter of moments. Texas to seven to anyone at 72881. In your entered. What are gets hotel airfare to go see Dave in the ball flies were at on location gained experience and meet and greet with Dave in the band. This is a national contest messages that are may have vital Texan drive toward your Dave Matthews Band come and appear to matter. Three and a half minutes. He veco work. 67974. That tell you Texas realized Jacksonville fans coming in hearsay in they do this Sunday that they can beat the Steelers. We'll just that here and not just a moment also injured belt from USA today covers the NFL. Hollins derby in the NF on hammering him when the kids. You it's either a at least old non I wouldn't at least two decades may grizzled maybe three he is battle test the venerable. The venerable lives. Yes that's a good one right there. So he's gonna join us here right around ran around a five point. We kick off the show is a lot of pork are 4 o'clock hour talk about the Miami Heat and rightfully so. Under the winless sniper this is this is did this get the feel of the fun bunch man this is. It is nightly news current yeah and this street here has been a liberating it's been fun that it's been exciting and I think it is no reason to see why can't keep continuing. No not in the regular season. And that leads us and here's the thing. Money have a 24 and seventeen record through 41 game I think they can possibly win a first round series with their current roster. But they might not be able to get any farther without a star player a late game goal whom god my question. And Josh Richardson beat that guy. Look son doesn't seem quick to be that guy right Dragic. I'm not sure that he why it's that role he's good but not sure he's ideal Warrick. Ellington is limited to win it doesn't seem sued of that role James Jones Johnson hasn't been trending in that direction this year on and on the list goes you get the idea. Here's my thing with Josh he can do it both ends of the court which means he can spark the team in a variety of ways offensively he can sure you can drive he can drive and kick. The principally he's the heat's best perimeter defender he's a debt that steeled and afflictions that also gives the team going so to me. That makes Josh Richardson you need leak all by to emerge as the team leader. Even if it's only one season. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Grow nerds as you're authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether you're talking new purchasers repairs customizations training whatever it is they will get to hook up. Look them up today drone nerds dot com South Florida's died in the Scott. Josh Richards eternal hell here and really the other way around that no he he really has an I don't know if he has that maturity to be able to lead you to a best of seven win but. I don't think he's the best equipped I do think he's the best equipped. In all honesty I mean I'll those guys especially guys like those guys are real special guys write it out and I think is only. There's only a handful middle of the more than him a couple him via the you know or big hand. Bibby and right hands right right leg Shaquille O'Neal and doesn't. That's right Calvin Johnson and I Hopkins and Ryan right literally a big handful of guys. Put you look at the strides he's made from last year to this year. And again emboldens them the court Kathy I mean you look if you have to be a twenty by points or you can just be a guy who did you know drink Mon green tint can get you going in in the you know and at both ends of the court so. That's all. Songs and a lot of zeros Josh that the guys of the guys on the roster right now I think he's the best equipped to be that spark too to get to out of a round of play. All right momma did. The I mean here's a music there on that amount of time with with judgment there that maybe you're gonna get sick and but maybe some piano he played the right doesn't bode well in the piano player sounds good now I'm sure it was like and we're gonna theme here aren't we do yes this. Time for your chance to answer to win your way into the night before it's a concert with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big game. If you win you get hotel airfare and two Tiggers is he gave the man plus shall be entered. For a chance to win a game day experience and a chance to meet the Dave Matthews Band. So Texas code word now to 72881. The code word which might be seeing a little lists if you win and go to. Minneapolis next month snow hole. The code word is no Lopez and OW. Takes it out to seven to anyone and you're entered to go to the night before with Dave Matthews Band. Your next chance by the way is tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Is as low Romberg and amber this is a national consciousness in that originally applied old Texan drive. It's our code word right now it's no snow texted to seven at two. 881. Are so we got that we got that going on right now. Also own my goodness goodness gracious per we got so much stuff happening here today we also got some. 04 pack of tickets we have two formats tickets to giveaway right now aren't we got one for pact to go see. The Charlotte hornets. That's on the 27 of this month one of the few home games we have this month for the Miami Heat and we have enough for back. He goes to the Orlando Magic that's February 5 down he tells. We don't want to hornets wanted to cement sort of pushed those it was one of those under the 5 o'clock hour the Portugal 105 o'clock. The hornets tickets are going out between now and six box of some time here in the 5 o'clock hour we will let you know how you can wind. Those tickets four tickets ago leads house and and party on. Down there and who knows how many games or 500 they're going to be after when it's all one at all. I said and done fun time in the to be a heat fan. And seven guys last night. In double figures predator out spread it out a little bit on one thing is I don't I would mind a blowout here in their last night was a little bit of Momo. Did easily win but. Yes and looked and it's been at least the last three right doesn't throw those other two were one point wins I have and in this one was yet this went down to the wire. Literally it was you know now out late you win Lee yet. You know target for the heart who have sometimes they're per user a little I idol. Rocking chair game or once in awhile right you know this regular rocking chair just Leo this about him laugh it's. It together you get it done and McCain really empty out the bench and a game like that hill. The Atlantic and book and alert an apartment. I like you have more coaches than vengeful match. Let me go to the outside to see Donna sitting what you know is it that that would be curious and because of they get like plea by point lead with. More minutes left a year probably gonna have to play two starters right the me right now. Right now yes I don't you just did you know unless you do wanna just. I won an oval organized. Brian win horse had some information on Dion Waiters. On the opinion on the jump when he gets that a little bit discovered this chemistry now a little bit before you four continue on this two. To some that on the other before it's relative to 5 o'clock headline. These kids WE XY AM South Miami and WS SHD true. ARAMARK. Miami Heat has the day off after extending its winning streak to six games of last night's victory at Indiana. But he has a 24 and seventeen record at the halfway point of the season. Miami which is in fourth place right now in the Eastern Conference playoff picture is an action again Sunday at Milwaukee. Wind lied NBA action right now Boston leaves really 105 to ninety win about five minutes left in their game that's being played at O two arena in London. That game as part of the NBA global gangs initiative we know of London the NBA NFL announced its three game London schedule today. The games are Seattle vs Oakland clearly against Jacksonville. Tennessee. Against LA charters all of those games will be in October. These final dates and times will be announced in April when an uphill releases its full schedule. One more note of local interest Florida Panthers are off until tomorrow. But they announced today that January 4 game against Boston that was postponed due to the bomb cyclone weather phenomenon. It's been rescheduled for April 8. Those are your headlines does the NFL player Portland and games in the MBA. It's pretty article that's yeah well I think this is the only moment for the NBA does this is Arnold does little to. Seattle. To look up look actually. That's going I don't know why I understand it ridiculously. Small insisting note about the enough bills schedule in London. You know Julius Middleton go first time they've been there LBJ and Johnny's third trip. And pour in a bill seasons died they were trying to pain as they subtle enough film on them last year right hit his third trip in four seasons think they're trying to market that a little bit. Well last year he I mean the last time he had to go of the Balkans doesn't Super Bowl and pour millions works quietly yeah. I don't think that it they would like as heavily you know just from London native be the face of the lead in that emit a country in that city. No while they're in the best tomorrow American NBA here to fight broke out because up there on the one of the strains between Celtics and the you know in the six. Learned little little hooliganism home. Yeah the polio like just the volley first saw the sixers revelatory points in the second quarter and out of fifty in the fourth Ehrlich is the Gambia because that's the old school soccer influence is there's not be hooliganism used to have in European soccer like in the in the eighty's and ninety's seem like used to always see the big riots and doesn't seem seems like they've gotten that under control now try to get a look at courses every soccer hooligans yes so you know. But a little more security. Takes take some credit for for that. Ryan went Horst okay we know he's covered the heat for a number of years down here he's a cover LeBron since he was a fetus. He's Jewish he has meant for a number for a number of years I like Brian when Norris I know are like win north side are like oh yeah I mean you know of times I've run into Romeo he's nice enough guy on stump could be of some. You know there's a lot of wind horse lived wind value we talked about the nature for spoke there are a lot of teacher per win horse also meant none on the same level but a lot of heat to their two. Right so. Here's what he had to say on the ESPN's the jump which is a really good show of your. Well who said here on Dion Waiters and if he's gonna go under the knife for knots or so the good news about the heat is everything you just that I'm the bad news a couple of things number one. Dion Waiters a seasons in jeopardy we may not seem again this year. He is gonna have surgery on that in just a matter of when the surgery is that he can get back for this season. Where he's going to be out for the whole c.s that's a big deal yeah he's gonna have surge or we're gonna have news on that probably today later today is a good chance yeah what does not play against the heat this season. OK so that was only yesterday so we haven't heard anything new on Dion Waiters. But I'd expect the decision to come down if you're going to have the surgery did you wanna get it done as soon as possible this goes. I mean this is common sense and if you wanna go back to the Tammy hill suffer whenever this to make a right Mia Arizona isu college Q and you know handle that comparison. Jewel to close of that but the sooner you get it done seabright rehab and. All you have a full training camp and and all that and you know how that goal lead and even before training camp deep. At the AAA work now with the wrestling is heaven your progress monitored in. Pull speed he would once training camp starts that's good to meet that's the number one goal as opposed to getting back world playoffs this year. But I got there the rather lose nation that the other winners on the play another game this year for the yes that one point one million replaying them about 72 games go to Lorenzo went yeah that's on right that. And I I'm not sure what that was never there's got to take assert yeah I'm not sure that money was ever a part of a big part of his deal anyway and so that we made it coming out ovals a media creation but he played 72 games get base got to write in a bonus right. But but bless you you got to be around the duration of your contract. At and hopefully. The heat explained that tool his agent explained that dorm and it just naturally occurred to womb. I need to be around this is a big hatred being naughty little thing. I don't know exactly what he's been doing but I'm sure he's gonna against a second opinions and knew the guy with the gun down play I respect that. This go back to the ten helping to yeah you want rehab schedule OK we did your weight now let's is in the guy's got a bunch of Ph.D.s on the wall you know go get the surgery done MB and that's it. Well it look your your Carla jeopardizing the franchise if you don't if if it's at that stage where decision needs to be made a to meet there's really no decision to be made eye surgery. Yet so you do this you and this isn't just. About you. This is about the print side is also an I'm talking to Dion Waiters but yeah this is about the franchise also and and how your going to go into next season. You don't wanna go into it with a limping Dion Waiters were those. Either you didn't have the surgery or because you had the surgery wanted to get back to the playoffs amid such herself back. Get it done it's your bag this year that's a bonus would get it done with the intention of I'll be ready. Training to right now as select some controversial surgeries have a correct it if it's not so isn't it Ryan came back after after the and so what rehab and back him lol. Yeah pulled no record and you you're under contract. And they they actually you know did the got a big favor everything you kind of thing what predicament he was in health wise they gave him his money they gave him his years on his contract okay you tried to gut it out it did not work. That the pain they got up to unbearable. Your play it was not very good this year OK so go get it fixed you know I mean this happened a thousand times before in sports is go get it fixed and be be better than you were. You know next season. Yet it again this to me this is about the future of the prints are the hosts in the seasonally care. Yeah right right into it yet to do whatever you know it's correct correct and he wants or Andrea. George guys you affords a million dollars and three years now like he's part of your plans. And you know some people like the until who don't like the on the bottom line he's under contract but yes these guys got to be part of the program. A 100% he's he's he's a big part of pro 300 and reality right so. Right hopefully hopefully both sides. Agreed to. Or to the same decision and there's no way you know friction there. I will get to a Jerry bell come and appear on the other side. NFL writer for USA today and all these games in Atlanta and Philly Tennessee and New England Jacksonville Pittsburgh all Lindsay and a Minnesota man it's harder for grabs one game. There's a guardrail what one game three of the best in the all could be here and you really. Intriguing games in Tennessee in New England. Everyone just thinking the bottom of the drop out of the patriots have been real well maybe all of his term on behind the scenes stuff is really something. That's that's gonna affect them on the field we shall see really hasn't hasn't before bowl talk to him about all via. NFL playoff games on the story lines coming up next radios have a nine to take. They crowded the particular football products web edition of them are probably Charlie often. Longer ready for the twelve games injury updates he's the game is more comedy Charlie. They're always number one draft picks went to raise the public adjusters embargo only drove it left the North Miami football Friday the playoffs and into the now. You know from 1043. HD to judge ticket Curtis and perk with you here we're gonna dig up until 7 o'clock reaction utterly awful show today because we preempted. By the Miami and rightfully so because they've been David and it can but here's an impossible game who do little more. So that's not gonna I know she would've you know because you want your your full three hours here but I say and they paid me for a 30 wanna work three yes yeah yeah Waterman yeah it'd downward and out there but so we we take it's also a clock also spot in this hour speaking of the Miami Heat we're gonna give me an opportunity just went for tickets go check out the Charlotte hornets that is on January 27 so the back end of this month we'll the only few home dates. At the Miami you have in this month lot of it is going to be on the brutal yet back home Sunday at 1 o'clock and a few days off to Milwaukee a 1 o'clock on Sunday in the back out on the road. But so will be. Pushing those tickets out here some time here in the 5 o'clock hour and in the 6 o'clock hour. If you missed out we also got some tickets Scioscia he take on the Orlando Magic they'll be a February 5 solo. Certainly just keep that in mind as you were navigate your busy day all the young treacherous roadways. We have here in South Florida returned to averting Jerry built from a USA today NFL writer as though we got some games. That's that are sneaking up on us here as this is this to me perk is much my favorite favorite weekend of football for the year ended today and that's because you have. Soon quality meaningful games on both days against that line yes Saturday and Sunday to lead a leg for most years it's very compelling. This year it might be a little thing. Is because love you'll think Tennessee might be a little bit fraudulent thing I'll how many people are all in on Jacksonville. We look at the NFC side we all all know how that's wide open and outside of maybe even maybe we wanted to we once a lot of fun I think this is the. This week in a football. That we have because everyone's playing and this is where you start to see if teams are gonna get upset this where you start to see it so Wallace talked to Jerry bell here your buddy all about it here on the Iran feels announcers who his source guess like they are truly stepped beyond can be and that's refined man whose cover the NFL for another. All the years you ready for another post season run here for the USA today Jerry and I don't today. Property. He it's. Are people. Or. Are back. In and out in them but now. We're. I heard Philadelphia we'll try to cut the connection is not the guys that we did you call back to me. There are okay we're really trying get a better line for unit you know try to clear up there as our he's silly Atlanta's role in the town yet. Arguably the nichols' mug that's that's the question camp that their quarterback matchup seems incredibly lopsided. Meant little since that kind of found their mode Joseph. After. What I thought was a disappointing regular season on a ten win season Rios went and did a lot more for you psyche than in years they just gonna hammered him took care business so. I haven't zillow that thumb on bloom wrote in the falcons. A low road team the team that was in the Super Bowl last year the team that seems to be more playoff tested and the team that. Definitely has been better situation. Quarterback you look at that line in Atlanta's about a 33. And a half point favorites somewhere fuel favor on the role being after going cross country. Yeah to LA you know now I gotta go on the road again. In Atlanta now's a good win for them Saturday night but other than their season's been very shady. But you look at. Carson went like him if Carson went to his plane it likely Eagles are five or six point favor like that's an unbelievable swing that's a swing you don't normally see in the NFL. And I and I don't over the as much as. The betting public or or the oddsmakers say oh Carson went is that good which is cool it. He's not or Rogers go to Tom Brady good residents like we have no faith in the pools. It well and and not only that cap it's it's that Carson wins was having a good year so no matter is everybody to every year right right so no matter ultimately how good he years on the landscape of quarterbacks we know he's not a Rogers or Brees or Brady. That's really corporate purposes of this year's playoffs. He he was a hot guy was having a good year. Sold Betemit that that that you know that's what makes the laws that much Wear seat he wasn't a hall of fame quarterback but he was having a great year he could Kerry use somewhere. Are they got this cleaned up as ledger dollar join us here on 79 in ticket Jerry USS. Your radar there we gonna Gaudenzi earlier we weren't that good connection monitor via parents or your daughter already right. Oh. So here you're in Philadelphia we're just we just. You're talking a little bit about that matchup is all about that falls in this in your mind. Well I think that the Eagles and compared there. And let out that quote. Live below are the the little karma the few abundantly after a that according Perry has really stepped book then I think is obvious he has broken heart. Didn't think it would you know I didn't have a dinner in. Looked at the art here that's what they've gotten here defense really you. Here he did today and when you couple of the different. So these are the bond and it has been one of the best in order for obviously been a you know I heard a deep rotation. In the pick that. And so that he could have been a bit about these are. We're. You know shut down the crap about Ernst and it and maybe you don't have to reread. Oh he could get it to shoot oh in our school about two point. And as big of deep princes from my let's go over to Minnesota. Where they're going to be hosting New Orleans and and Drew Brees coming off of outstanding game. But I think Minnesota. Is is better equipped to handle him would guys such as Harrison Smith back there SAT and Xavier Rhodes on the corner JB. How do you see this game and and ten this Minnesota deep inside do something against. Drew Brees. Yeah as a narrow so all. Belt and in the cliche you know speakers where as here is that that are the same here is the same. It wouldn't preclude but I think that I wouldn't burner on. I think that in the win because it. They're being. Rather we got some Maya have we got some technical issues some technical difficulties from from a Philly mineral structure yeah or go with with them. A little bit later on in the in the post season there but yeah I mean look at the of the saints and that is the case kingdoms to relate. I just the Minnesota that it could kind of go back to the moral thing what can you trust. I know Minnesota's got a great defense being an idea of actual got a great deal from me a little but can you trust case keen on canyon trust Blake portals in these spots. I just don't know it and the for the guys that. For the de Trent Dilfer guys that are out there in the Brad Johnson guys that are out there and she's like. That was fifteen years ago well I you know you can win now in the NFL perk if you don't give it. A Manitoba elite quarterback play but you gotta get something out of that position that you can't hide that position it at this point in the playoffs can you. Denver just did in the we Peyton Manning haven't hit the worst year of his career and and they were able to win the title I'd I. I think there's a lot of merit to what Jerry bill was saying about Jacksonville you've got to minimize late morals role in that game. Everybody knows that how do you do that you have to get an early lead or you have to have your defense. Just take over the game you. It look is not easy because this is a quarterback heavy lead in the playoffs are where the quarterbacks. Roll gets accentuated. Even more traditionally but there are those teams that can do it with their. We'll see if if if this is Dave Jacksonville is one level. What you're dummy in the big Manning's deal that they're dared defense just a wreck that gaming right Cam Newton and incredible in its fair. But even Peyton and I understand he was he wasn't he was bad idea he was bad that you woods near his bed when he was still Peyton Manning you close reed army like there. He had the aura he didn't have like a Mormon I messed the aura but yet that aura like Brazil exerted the DV deepens coordinator always a glare. Right you have to game plan differently at the end game play of public morals the same way you do against Manning even their numbers are similar right. That's that's arms and legs into the Manning deals are when you were looking on that film and you're like man he's lost a lot of it a lot of on his arm. It still was yet you know what but if you keep it between any point out or any point of the game yeah there was a lot of respect for Peyton Manning right even if his arm was was you know was shot. There was still a lot of the W you know what. Don't let them burn that one time. You don't do believe you are so I don't think there's a case of world literally wrong and we a couple of texts in particular numbers he's not morals he can play okay or not. Yeah I don't play I don't think yeah I don't think that that's the argument the argument. Is it bug and speak to you and others. And myself really the argument is. OK I know that this guy has played will sold bar. But he's still tasty them or he steel blade worlds and that's what you worry about wit and Wheeler that will that person murders despite how well least. Wait all year it goes back to what we're talking earlier in the NBA would the Miami Heat. They get to the playoffs yes you get to the playoffs yet you need that guy who's that guy right it's not equal a guy it's just don't see a lot of case keen to get into the kick GA FC championship game in the NFC gives you or the Super Bowl you'll see a lot of Blake border with teams in yelling and Mario. I mean is the price of the special back there I just that there. But there are scenes you know look Mark Sanchez went to back to back DOC championships. You've got to find a way to minimize the rule of that guy had a nice guy gone yet. You and usually it's not. Let's look at these matchups in the and that and this is why you don't obviously you can lose dress gambling endured mentioned it there. Collegial measurement companies nastiest eloquent. Regret that meant a yeah it seems to be a no brainer but the together expect arrears this cases having an outstanding year. But. You know it is not gonna strike twelve and does he go back to a scheme no more does he stay B. When he eighteen well taste some noises you know. In these spots for me. I just look at the quarterback and I would you trust. Yeah the coach and the quarterback do you trust your trust in with the ball tie ballgame four minutes to go. Had not screw up trust. I just Drew Brees Sean Pate. And in a big screw me over and if they have big he throws a pick and you know what's Obie how that would that they're Tom Brady throws three interceptions. Saturday night and they get and they get run out of the building. An eagle you know what not you know I'd never thought I would come and out trust those guys more than I'll trust boy bore holes or nick foale's. Or Mario would know or case Kean of new at this point of the proceedings with about. And we'll get up one good game weeks seven and gets fired and put together as a grizzly we've trusted right now what you're really trust and and you can hide quarterbacks in the hundreds of teams that been able to do in their. But that's a fine line my friends. Yeah it's little kids it is the path less travel shall we say because it's. It's not V wade it in a bill football's play right now in a bill book bowl is played nowadays. We moved by the quarterback leaving you with a with a big right arm with his with his passing numbers quarterbacks always. Been important right from Rutgers Bob. You know Johnny you niners but now with that'd. Which way the game is what way the rules are you know you you can't hit receiver you can't hit the quarterback blah blah blah. Yet it is they pass throughs league it is a quarterback Dayne and that is the easier more traditional way to get there right now. I would go more on the gives compare low but the literal plus we had the big football Friday show planned for yeah plea for tomorrow shame we couldn't. Hear from passenger bill will hook up with him down line but some serious. Phony issues in the in the Philadelphia the greater Philadelphia area there. We got doesn't take as we're gonna push out here. Coming up on the other side also real cain's dog match showdown he's gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour. All morning update on what it means with the a couple of guys leave for the NFL. It Macintosh in Norton McLaren also get a transfer linemen coming in then so we have some a lot of odds and ends here as a relates to Bergen for buoyant organ basketball team's going to be a big week included as well I'll come and appear. So in some Hindu and some do here fired up due to someone and Aaron did do some money nightmare money nightmare and it's always bigger over the make up big Monday. Melinda anymore though no anomalies as does my day on Super Tuesday yeah yeah I know lately yeah they've done release a three games each day right. Narnia. Hawaii always would be right Paula well right exactly try to get out all there after. That's as the spurs obligated to. I had to go hmmm what he gets are coming up right here on 79 in figured. I think. I think. I didn't I didn't think I don't think I'm. Came into being. Every Monday on the ticket as the culprit Guatemala Monday realign a full recap of the weekend's games. Coach Gregg got a ball friendly inaudible the pricey ones must by Atlantic coast public adjusters Coors Light. And the Florida lottery Curtis and perk. Where do you hear on a Thursday afternoon. We'll talk about about the heat radiating heat here back to the meteor dissect it likely have some NFL stuff here. And miss and it may ask you this question what is the game you wanna see what what's that the suitable to a city just where we're doing this now are now. Boy I I definitely wanna see new England and then from a NSC. I don't really care less here rematch or not. Yeah I iGoogle for a rematch I just you know me like dynasty so. Short of a patriots victory in extending that dynasty. Yeah I guess maybe the rematch to land a winning would be it would think Brees Brett would be critical dip. Re rating hole I think. New England and Minnesota would be cool I don't know why Minnesota hosting the super zone when they're Symbian OS and home yeah. New England Philly not reeling. In Pittsburgh that's slight Pittsburg but in the coming in New England is is kinda. I don't do the story or not Pittsburgh certainly be a great story. If the if they got their but no I mean that just kind of tests on the net you know when you look at all these games here what's the what's the match or do you think I mean it's still going to be Super Bowl watch everybody sorts the sound like the only NBA finals you want warriors cavs. You don't want you know the raptors rockets. You know and right and I Am. Legend category but again at the NFL I think you threw balls washed by everybody and he blew anyway but if you handled you see. A little more juicy -- team and there are. And again I don't know what happens is leading up to the Super Bowl like you know may be. Maybe somebody gets real hot who made the comment and in arresting them more interesting story you know. Who knows also something good development yeah I think right now I wanna see the legend of Brady and Belichick grow a little bit are sorted all. It's not a hired guns in the ground in the united write I write me and honesty are we gonna come more to tell stories Chris first or is that he's got a resurface has not. Yeah I talked And and talked about. We're he has right now he's these beat the I guess on the ball and dolphins offensive line coach who had that video coming out when he was snorting the white powdery substance but numb to go platter guy let's yes yes exactly in memory but homers he you know he's he's done with his inpatient rehab. Here locally he's doing outpatient rehab. Drug tests at the rear port times a week sometimes. Awakened at midnight pour pour rub breathalyzer says. But but it it it's he's he says that he's much happier now he says that. At the time that that he he had made that video that time that he had been caught rather. He had been on like eight or nine day a yeah I use for like eight or nine straight days. So it's it's it's it's interesting reading but. Kind of the thing that I take from this is. It is it seemed like it's been pretty rough on the dive from the Bailey standpoint. You sit at his youngest son haven't talked to a meat deals like you let him. Edited that is damn let them down and and he said yeah I kind of agree it seems like idea let must sundown so. I do you know 56 years old he spent his 56 Burr a in rehab. I'd. I don't know whether he gets another in bill job but it is it just sounds like beings have been numb nearly rough on him and whatever you wanna say he brought little so whatever but hum seems like it's been nearly rough on them he's trying to get his life back together. Hopefully he's able to do that but interesting story just kind of people. You know he says I was to the point where I was praying to god I just want this stuff out. I key. You know that's that's what Lisa is now who knows what the truth is but he he says that he's glad that he got caught in the allow him to hit. Restart button and is like. No no I I I agree doesn't have that one of the blue book the story though are the points of the of the article that I actually kind of believe that I believe that just like that you and your debt reckless. It's almost like my life is such a mess. That I just want to get hall ready his limited out terrorists and had easily get out of this ranks right right. So he was isn't such a tailspin where I do think Pargo was like you know what yes. There's a relief now that I okay. The SI have a problem I annually and help my guys out trials over the sly a little odd man. That's exhaust you work yeah. Yeah well he from its. I mean just the the fascinating thing is just that he met this woman. You know kind of out of I don't know online or Goran of the newspaper you know like. Oh what do you know man and woman seeking man type deal well what do zones allies to do it in the newspaper and now I and I might add I did guided me in the newspaper I was trying to think of the the paper that used to BL. Like the new times or some like that runs seals that's almost unbelievable that's work yet douse I was thinking of the the observer which was the river in Dallas the alternately and lenders exotic massages to the back pages their rights and I have a blip but you know it is just this just such. You pay for work I mean but you know for a guy who was in a bill coats and you know adjusted to it to go to that level it just seemed like. You should you should have a better connection and that is foreign you should know somebody who knows somebody who right or I mean your little pale cold so being. You're you're you're going to go out of its power of a mean man. You know that's the spot that was this. Wasn't that I've always thought that was one of those bizarre beings say you know they just happened to be out in California. Become a hurricane or mine and he looks good finds and and and and calls this woman in this just like dude you. He's just seems like you have a better live. Well apparently you did not per hour an hour on it and now lives and it's yeah I'd say right at the start also asked what I would say aren't another thing here. I'm doing that all bad timing award to Libby gumbo yeah mail mostly young and doing lay beyond talk to And he's saying is that if he gets the brand size today in next year which would be the second consecutive years he'd be prepared to sell the entire season. Not a big guy about distractions. I think that's coach speak and it's made up and it's. You know meant to keep the players in line in control a memo that kind of stuff. But Lebanon. I really like my days before your first playoff game of the year you're you're talking about your contract ultimately lose random test. Can imagine Darman who did that if you're ready for ready for play yeah our aura that was last year and somebody before your first playoff I don't know. Bob did a great place yeah and they're good they're going to Jackson another one the Steelers player clouded and Jarvis and used a bit about his contract measure how well I just shot a black. Lay beyond clearly wants to send a strong. Message obviously and that's what media because. You think even it's even of I don't know let me go to the reporter the reporter came to live beyond but. Hewitt playing at this is the time man go I'm not gonna talk about that right now you you think. Yeah Levy and I think his is franchise today so I'll read next year would be about fourteen million dollars in. And from the Steelers and this guy has paired. Ross leaves 400 touches lab each of the last two years. I'm thinking very very hard about you know you've you've got to sign him to a long term deal which you try to do this year and you can reach the figures. I imagine it would be the same deal next year but I don't know how old. Much so wanna bring live beyond bad. I would get back to the surging he hears real price of the 6 o'clock hour before you know Tobin of the accord is cheap ticket window. Well Cortes is a technology company Andy big sponsor of the Miami Heat in rap before mr. Corzine ticket window. As promised we got four tickets ago sees the Charlotte hornets. On January 27 that is foe both bode well for delegates to go see the hornet's. Soul all he would do right now is call art contest line and we'll take caller number seven. That's caller number seven at 7865340790. At 786534. 0794. Targets will be yours your call number seven OC heat in the hornet's. We come back quarterback to the Miami Heat seven over winners of six straight. Seven players in double figures last night what a game against the Indiana Pacers I'll get into at all on the other side pull us. A match you know talks and came to him at right around 620. What it means for our. Losing guys like Norton on the inside in Macintosh when they got a recruiting wise so we'll get some of that stuff coming up in the 6 o'clock hour all that on the way right here on some and under the ticker. I imagine. I have to I have to ask. They match up here every Friday with rumbled on the morning shows bunt by both and promised a professional war about Rahm. From the does not just agents like nurtured Curtis and progress that you're here to Thursday afternoon turning into Thursday evening to the heat have the second longest winning big in India is warheads they winners that won six straight. Only the Celtics won more of the solid swimming today at least at seven general for the Celtics who they took on the the sixers are. It's that in and headlines in just a moment. But. Just I mean per we've reached its analog Tony today. And I don't want to and dismiss our our new audience here because bridges here and in your car. This has been there great Ron and I don't think it's going anywhere putting this team is finding ways to win late in ball games. Getting guys like Josh Richards and emerging pinging and it's a big part of this group and we're gonna where it's more of that coming up here. In in just a few moments but. What's out MBA last night once the heat and then once that was over switched over watched the local Muslims again Alabama lost them. Yeah it was a real crazy thing NBA underdogs who went in and the clippers. Beat glued pants all the gold stay Lou Williams goes off well it was goes off. Bobbled the big deal and that game was a Kevin Durant became the second youngest at 20000 points he did edu and trailing only LeBron James LeBron but I mean LeBron it's ridiculous LeBron to do is some of these records here in a few years. Yeah but nevertheless KB. He's not thirty yet not yet 20000. Point C due to its Mormon in. Duke and fill it up. You know. Paul Pierce made a statement. About TD there. I take exception to who and that leads us and here's the thing. Haven't ran a list of 20000 point barrier last night he was the second youngest to do it in NBA history after LeBron James. Paul Pierce last night. On ESPN called KD the most elite scorer. In NBA history here's my objection and maybe it's just semantics. Wilt Chamberlain to me is the most elite score the NBA has ever seen now. Perhaps KD is the most personal score ever Paul years in making his piece per TD. Was saying that he shoots the three he's a leader in transition. Yet to the line he can score inside. Paul years civic KD is a better shooter than either Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Now I must know at this time the other guys on the set Chauncey Billups injury and rolls. We're all those India and roll their eyes. But then Paul Pierce changed NEC it Cady was the most dynamic score ever. I get his point. But I still say that look it is Wilt Chamberlain now Paul Pierce you know he lost needy. He called the best player in the NBA last year I I get it. But look. Wilt Chamberlain. Made it to 20000 points. In 400 and and 99 games right. LeBron took 726. Games. Page 6737. Games. Gordon took 620 games so that's one thing for will a million as far as the youngest to reach 20000 points. LeBron who didn't go to college at 28 years seventeen days tenement to rent one year of college when he nine years under in three days. Kobe Bryant no college when he nine years 122 days. Wilt Chamberlain three years of college when he nine years under and thirty more days so. Look I'm not trying to be that old guy in the it in the in the rocking chair whom in my day. I never been saw Wilt Chamberlain play. This guy was the most leaked scores that we had in NBA history if you wanna call KD the most personal score or something like that. I get that. Now I'm ride will. Here's the thing is sponsored by drew owners and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Drone nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered weather is new purchases repairs customizations training whatever it is they will hook you up visit him today drone nerd dot com South Florida's died in this. On the other that shows all the players last night I mean that is some and so he makes a comment that they jump all over Paul Pierce again he's kind of trying to backtrack and resigned that I. I would ask the question. Like yes reversals scored dynamic scorer in Ellis said who's the best score. In NBA history. I mean greens got the most points Carlo the second coldest third guy Michael and got wilt. That he got Dirks is six LeBron gonna shatter all these records yet given the rams going to be up there on the records it's it's tough I would think that yes. You would think him. The one thing I said I remember saying this. When wind to rant came out of Kyle making the big debate at the time was do you take to rant heard music folder right Greg Oden rental house they were at the ranch at Texas. And you know we've staff of these do the show that we were debated all that stuff. NIC do you take does senator woods is there's no senators in the MBA. Or do you or where and I kind of made the point of Kevin Durant. Is them he can score from anywhere on the floor and he's the most in and week there's not too many guys like that and then. Not knowing where the league was going at that point but I was as a very intrigued by his game where and and and he would he had his own yet has a weaknesses kudos. You know radio he sits down right. That is not I don't think you get been slowed whatever they did in the combo right not a buck ninety by government and on the bar and it was nice but 85 he didn't do it won us this guy can you make it through an NBA season. But my thought is well yeah like you want a guy that can completely a score from any point on the floor and Julia a lot of these guys up there. I mean yeah Cole being me Michael and have the long range game. LeBron. I think is just things just the flavor whatever whatever guy you really like because that's a tough question and answer and it's why it was kind of a disaster last night when they try to figure that one out. Yeah and then somebody sexy in a side I agree if Shaq would have played a wilt Chamberlain's era heats who would have been one of the most prolific scorers of all time. Will was the best and his respect era. Yes but to me that said that was bad to me that's what makes him the most elite scorer he was stronger and bigger and everybody else and he was he was unstoppable. There's other guys can score in more ways and Wilt Chamberlain but. You you just couldn't stop the guy because he had such a huge physical advantage over everybody else. And you know did you did have a hundred points and in a game and averaging fifty points a game so I just can't do when you say the most elite scorer. Yeah I mean it is they don't give changed later to dynamic but he started out saying the most the lead. Are we got some news on Dion Waiters rig it's that just a moment first of Gibson's markedly speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Miami Heat has the day off after extending its winning streak to six games of last night's victory at Indiana we see Edwards when he born seventeen record at the halfway point of the season. Miami which is in fourth place in the east is an exit again Sunday at Milwaukee. Boston to beat it Billie 1142103. In their game today that was played at O two arena in London. That was played as part of the NBA's global gains initiative. The NFL announced this three game London schedule today the gains are Seattle vs Oakland. The only vs Jacksonville. Tennessee against the Los Angeles chargers. All three games we played in mid October he timed will be announced in April when NFL releases that school schedule. One more no Florida Panthers are off until tomorrow. But they announced today that they're January 4 game against Boston the one that was postponed due to their bomb cyclone weather phenomenon. It's been rescheduled for April 8 vols are your headlines. Our according Yahoo! Sports isn't just rated by shams. Sorry not Sardinia. Yeah I I don't know how to pronounce his last name right he's he's one of the woes guy is a nice job yeah and he's a he's gonna say yeah I mean those illnesses he gets good information so. I just used to go by shams. But sources this would be dissuaded Miami guard yell where's expert and a season ending surgery. On his injured left ankle waiters has received second opinions of Los Angeles to finalize is an. The sources say it's a we talked about that'll early on perk. It was kind of like glee Gergen off the pot with Dion Waiters got to make a decision here. And the decision has been made whether they mated for him or whether or beyoncé and I want to get rights. Did the bid. The of the biggest thing for Dion. It is and I understand if if if the team wanted him to gut it out work he wanted to gut it out it's all very admirable we. But the biggest thing is. How do we get Dion Waiters healthy for the remaining three years on his contract right this is now be repaid you for yes. It's a big picture deal could you can't trade him when he's injured UK yea he's not very good when he is ever. I'm doing you any good either or your team war. Or his bell you his trade value. If this was if he was on an expiring deals you'd say let's maybe he got this thing out. And you'll that the end what but when you have. Three years and good dollars invested in him it's about the long term process and quite frankly now that they really miss him right now. Now that might come into play at some pointing but. They've been able to that's what position where they have a lot of depth let me just say that right and I'm being done a deal on runs hot and cold and no monkey fans. Well because he's article type of player quite frankly being butts. Yes get this thing done I'm not surprised I said it over an hour ago. That I think we saw last the Dion Waiters dollars and I didn't know one thing your own this kind of like yes yeah it was only this was inevitable yeah and it's it's the best. Thing to do. You've used spent a lot of time trying to get other opinions and debate though the best course of action you've arrived at that time now the best course of action is surgery. Maybe he's back. And for a possible playoff series I doubt it. But the again the bottom bottom line is you want to be healthy going into training him or that's the bottom out. All right now let's get back to this team here and how great they've played here in the stretcher you're not surprised sorry. A little surprised with the heat yeah I'm a little surprise. A little bit because I still have them as a young 43 to 45 win team soul Baird you know their. You lead the tornadoes there and over there the Catholic rites of their their trending toward 48 wind so for us how they have to go under 500. Yet the thing you have disease and rising into the right. Well yes. Also as they would do that injury and I'm not your selection. I even if I mean you know he you know something in the desert that have secret midway season don't like him doing well in the a thousand lives outside of the public I'm sure we did predictions around here yeah yeah and I out of it that I I that was more optimistic about the he knew I was a little bit of a fan in me. I'd die. Man that everything goes right forty wins via second stuck with that right now that's not to say that they are on pace of that but you can vouch for me yeah yeah 'cause but all it really matter was for over 43 and a half. That's what I that's right I that the real number number I the real number I ever had in my minds is the instant starter was one over 400 out of their misery of the 44. Under the 44. But the way they're doing his thing for Edwin we czars or earlier I think it bears repeating. Com for all the people that text then and called and in emailed and we did in. Over the last years. About Erik Spoelstra just stop it like king McGinley finally. Just put it to bed and we just have a burial like when Tony Sparano very good football news bill Friday with the raiders right great as it but I. Can we just have a burial of all the you can criticize what you can say baseball screwed this one up you can say spoke should have taken a timeout here you its exposure to put this guy more. I'm not saying that there's things it's photos below does that I think are a little bit off the wall to say he's not a good coach it's just you do it. Yeah it is and look you know my in my Bora club here's the thing was don's old it. He needs to be recognized and acknowledged or what he's got this team doing that seven games over 500. With all of the injuries and it seems as though every time you want to credit spoke. Somebody's is low you know he's got Pat Riley opened well you can Duane well yeah LeBron well he have blah blah blah and everybody I was always done a good job. When he's had a superstar team and when he has not had a superstar team. Two years ago you did have Dewayne but you you won 48 he went to the second round against Toronto. You know the old 910 team that he got to the playoffs OK I like our job as Bo has done and is doing Arlen. I just was innocent question the audience question everybody out there. Are you resort credit there are Tony Ford seventeen. They got one of the best records in one of the top ten record top eight record all the NBA and seven over 500 now. They had the third most games lost due to injury yes a place Jesus it was a solid dumbest bunch against. The other is the most in just winds it was a bunch and throw line zone so is exposed and you know out of the government. So then the third most of the New Orleans and Memphis and low teams and had more games lost due to injury. So they they haven't yet had his full roster and yet Derek Jones junior come on and placement has been about a mile c'mon put some minutes and those guys prepare for a new. Me and you know it's all of the players first unit players to win yes. Okay halfway through this season. Penalized on the go back to us is what's the record from last year to this year perk could deport 24 and 28 in their last 82 so a representative sample size of mini two game season there are 54 when basketball club. Who'd you give that credit to. Players first of all but then an expose like. OK okay well I mean you're gonna main Josh moron James Johnson when your heroes from last year that got you to the thirty and eleven finished. And your heroes from this year will go on you to the when he born seventeen. You need players and yes I would put if you really want to name names worst post from Dallas. You put Riley had his balls could you put James Johnson has pulled from do you put Goran do you put a son. I well I you know I haven't I haven't thought about it like that com. I don't know I you know I. I choose to give players the maturity of the credit you know that so. As we haven't thought about it indeed like. 123. War it. But it's O is out at the top of that list you know. Had top five. Maybe off top mine in you know I really haven't thought about I mean I I guess listen I guess you've you've got to put riles up there have been. Right it goes he put this team together and I thought that these balls also assay and put this in the immediate ED idiots out on some of these guys back make it happen. But but you know I. I don't know I just say spoke belonged to that but I haven't thought about it in you know ranking from rials to older. It's on and Sasha and boron and James Johnson and I haven't bought about a Campbell Stuart. Do what's go on that list. And tottering there. You know I always think you know a GM is incredibly important to any organization 30 coming after us. Always says the GM as the most of the single most important person in any organization rides. Oh is not the same person meals have pat behind him with a hero I get all that much and that's big picture stuff that's LeBron stuff that's that the wonders if for the last. 82 games here with a dish out credit right. Yeah although the only ground floor were down that putting about as hard as you can work it man yeah yeah 100% with death I would Derek Jones joined here. And yup Derek wall and. They might they have out of Ohio look I mean you yes Ewing you have a bunch of no names are not gonna have you're not gonna have an all star so. You know you you've got to mentally towards seventeen. Nice job. Nice job nice job I will get to it's a nice comment where it's only a match O'Dell from James Corbett a lot of teens news he won't ask what can endorsing. Yeah you know you've got the Wii got the noon college what that an extra coach Wright to get manager coach to go from nine to ten. So you can add an extra coach soul can or is available would Kim do you make that move move. Blew me a little while you're intrigued yeah urged regularly to drag on you know. But you know what what is Rick's undue genre is the quarterbacks yeah. There outside Tbilisi had to be Lanka offensive quality control coach from right guy. I don't know what is titled. By and were asked match and over any insight on that plus. Well how big of losses of convey. Norton and Macintosh was in a trance or Lima from Tennessee goddess of war to bust basketball. Who's got a big weekend lined up here wraparound with a Clemson and duke related to get to that next year on 79 to take. Yeah. Power to change hair at the canes over here I have heard mention of McCain's support in just a moment. But first quick reminder this week that he was giving you a chance to go to the night before chip to see the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big football game listen for the code word and aid in QBM and now right here with us at 5 o'clock Texas to seven to anyone in your Leonard you also qualify for an on location in their experience message in veterans may apply and get your tickets now for the how group Minneapolis. Big game parties go to big game MP. LS dot com that's big game I am he LS. Dot com Curtis and partnered with you here on Thursday afternoon. And don't talk to the gentleman in in a few weeks and we'll hook up with him get some information on the U match from my team sport has great job of covering. All things University of Miami Georgia friend on the right jewels announcers we have storage assigned their truly Sims beyond convenient matter how you doing today. I don't. We're good where we're gonna do it here and around. Well we're we're where we're a little bit will say where we're trying to acclimate ourselves you know columnist put it on here. Yeah yeah well. That's why do you got it that we do some other stuff in the world but pretty much recruited him basketball now you now and then look met district football little bit. Got a gorgeous young discover you're you're shut it it's been a great year in the came seasonally live with the changes it to me was a lot of fun. Even though ended with a three game losing streak it was just a lot of fun and then that is out how the semi finals win than the tip did you game it's like. Why don't you just won another one was an excellent the next one's got no more for you. No more for you what's allowed 230 odd days until until it starts again are we got some news here this week let's get right it right into it. Inordinate Macintosh looks like they're out there gonzo they're going to the pros. Good decision and how's that affect the Miami here moving forward. And a well they've political decision it now I guess it's remains to be seen we've seen Miami Hurricanes we've early network criticism that were very bad decisions and you know fight the gap I think it's quiet a decent decision for our example I am not a great decision for Kendrick by. They may in the conjunction part. Because if one state and they are playing at a lot of double team facilitate that and they might not look as good on film an a minus with more than where they might be this year if they decide they do together there's they're ago. And yet effect Miami tremendously. You know we already are hearing. From recruits you know that are talking to Craig who would doubt he you know what's cool with it it's like coach at Miami for those that don't know use. Really trying to hard to find another defensive lineman who can can come and help this kid like right away I mean. Today we get to the store and it will decline them out of Alabama. Editing and heard from Miami took it was cool called upn and the kids told us you know quote cool told me they lost two tackles at another end who's. Go back home to California that that DJ Johnson. And I've offer Miami so you ought to consider Alabama right now he might visit Miami but you know that this sort of where might it stand they. They're in good shape. You know lit with. I mean with that desperate that they're good shape either either very good player who can who's athletic guy who's picking up late tackle. Into chat feel in good shape with these more and Russia and linebacker tie it. They're on there that there in the extra bunch other defensive lineman right now they're still probably be off from our guys Michael Thompson another caller we have an update on him real soon and his status in the of course masses of errors committed in. Probably the two deep right away from what I've seen out back in if not even maybe start right away you know he's really good. And that the good news from Miami is they're getting Gerald go back. Collateral that is the longer that you got from somebody and don't go for the really could be sent to tackle the could've stopped on the documentary was suspended for the year. Did look really good not a freshman John Ford who's just a monster out of you get the CNET guy com. You know my thumb and jet ski during two in the bowl week I thought the jets he was gonna think this guy is unbelievable we built. And and it can be really really good he can complete the ball in my the had more playing time this season so those two got the good. Pretty good record crest will be OK but they've they've really got to work at the last month to get at least maybe one or two more defense Lyman and hopefully it it would attack on board. I met what do you tell us about a couple of names that we've seen they get a transfer been available where the offensive lineman transfer from Tennessee. And then the Bradenton defense of interest on Reagan's more made a commitment. You'll be eligible and when he when he what can you tell us about those two newts. Archos tackle Reagan's first who muscle quicker if at that point one. He is a backup but he that I MG you know after the kick barely complete pitcher beat off the charts athletically and ability wise to the defense event. You know he showed that camps. And Justin in the in his build them and the way that he that he plays you know we didn't practices so he could be really really good. And the American thing to me I mean I've been a long time to get in Watson's for a long time recruiting wise so. Michael I am PRD had we are not and I can't remember ever saying missed yours and if they have five commitments so that's 20/20 are ready five. And it's seven for 2019 and that's. That's all unheard of you don't haven't welcome at my that is quest. A month before that it was about signing this summit that really get in front of David and Mark Richt distressed. This just a few weeks ago that that this month is not as much and it's still about thank when he can get the let's say that they signed nineteen ready. In the early period assist which is a new thing. So they sector of the day every day during the product and they're gonna be looking at Twitter can play twenty given that in those schools and try to get those kids on my you know to be on Miami's radar for them. And that night to be doing visit to twenty king consider our party kids together not as many of them as they're normally are so. It could be real interesting. And yet obviously got the double where is Rita real interesting. Story we actually just an historic talk in Amanda's mom. He he he just never really got a chance at Tennessee EC started three games today and it is three years there. A former very highly regarded Forestar recruit. He wanted to find an opportunity for more playing time in really what better up Purdue is there than than Miami quite a turn on TV turn out to be sort of let. For five games and they get a lot I play Miami right all right. So he's W dot a lot of classes this semester to graduate early was to become player right away at Miami. Very unusual he actually had two years the plate to add the transferable credits to graduate which is. I can't remember the last time might not usually a senior. Yeah transfer yeah you're reducing your transfer company Applera as a junior and Richard during the transfers so. I've got the best book well look at they have open source of stop and drop to their well into the 85 even with societies are gonna hit this class. Either he's gonna be for two years. Doesn't pan out well for two years you know no way to spot but I think personally that it can be viewed either guy who. First of all I mean I think you'd fight at one that does regard. Com. But he got to despite that we can be considered a couple spots. And and you know he was really good news report about Diana has scored just never really got a chance so we'll see you know what if coach Joseph can can sort of I'll work Wear them and vacancy what they want from him I would imagine you can be a starter from day one considering you know we lost two starters last year so we'll say. Match and I'll gain sport is joining us here and so and I do to get all right the coaching diary could have a country to get to add an extra coaching goes from nine to ten and I believe. So that's that's in play Ken Dorsey. Does not have a job right now on the coaching ranks is that do you see that happening there is that this kind of a pipe dream. I don't I'd be surprised I mean it would be really nice from Miami but I think Kenny is gonna have a lot of opportunities. You know I think even though he got fired technically I think it is very highly sought after coach and not the position coach the college level. You know to be sort of attempt coached not not namely you know obviously John Rich quarter scores of Miami's so he's not replacing Don wrecked any of it. So don't think it's the right time but I keeping down the road he'd be great for the Miami for sure I don't see it happening in this particular circumstance. Goes to Miami and coaches there or that the run Dugan stuff for me that's out. There that's gonna be an attack that and it's the good. Like I alcoholic or like mark wrecked. If you have any difficulty he put the best. The epic four mostly tech coach is. You work yourself to the bone chip off regularly with your family maple not have a semi okay. That's the only guy he finds ways within the framework of coaching what these coaches either chemical that's still to come to practice is. Or are being in the bill thing. This is not a coach where you know you're at least weeping in the building first three nights and at your that you don't have your blowup mattress and a quarter of your office. He struck you think his coaches do their best job when. There are little white and not just you know stressed out all the time and then what I mean I think it's okay if that's fantastic and a great job. And into it won't conform and I guess what. Cohesive that the coaching that significant cause of death. Speaks volumes and not to talk to recruiting but think what the players that you have a new coach associate a quarter every year each year to about typical that a little play area college kid. So it's it's tremendous tremendous advantage from Miami they can keep their get together for for several years as it looked like you know the gonna do certainly through this here. Met less take it over to basketball very quickly the chains ranked number eighteen. On Saturday there at number nineteen Clemson on Monday there at home against number seven duke. Tough stretch and and then after that the red NC state but. What are you expecting from McCain's in these next couple of games and what do have you adjusted anything though overall as far as what to expect this thing. Well you know it's it's interesting because god like money walker frets about think he's come a year to tapping the potentially so the practices. In game that definitely I had about an idea about this and asked if if there's anyone with an underachieving. Out in game that to a sold out more practice that they point to money but he really pointed to the entire bench saying you know he he was the whole bench. To really step up and and and beat big contributors not to get adapted to win in the eighty's yeah there. Let's begin their plane get to top plate in the background in the duke well what you can say it's applying them both within 48 hours and so it that's the challenge assessing when one on the road wanted home. And that's sort of waited for a body they compete team I mean you know coach elegant of that today that we're not the only ones you've got hurt his vote. But that's too by the way they displayed is also a top 23. Straight top 28 teams. It's to top Ron but I haven't really really good they're really really deep. Which is something they were not last year and I really like to express flight skated so I mean it's just so much fun to watch you know you could pointed to one you'll progress this year after an. I think thirteen point nine points a game Bruce brown obviously can do everything assist rebound score DJ two threes. Dequan. You know commitment athletic plays the basket and obviously a lot of money with a dunk. But the I'd like to the most is this five but I think it's 5781 point 5655. By different watching him score against seven at seven foot for a guy at Florida State you know or go one go not get too much bigger point guard disputed members feel the ball from them. It's it's I'd like say it's funny but it's estimated that you know I just what what I could play. And of course OpenId you know what's the next step in his in his development. And he just said that you know crisis ethnic that you go to Loren is a freshman in Allen ESP console and Billy Morris teammate more and went to shoot first one to pass. Under the big thing for crest. But the fun team to watch and I mean I'm so excited for for the rest of the views that are perhaps think you ominous is certainly a tournament team I think phobia. At least that's sweet sixteen team this from the talent level from top to bottom it's groups it's it's going to be great year I can't wait that on duke game it's going to be crazy it's going to be crazy. The other days I mean the ACC it's just the meat grinder every single night I mean my goodness -- just try to go on the road and try to win some games so you got to take care your home games this weekend that's always a pleasure and of you'll see down there there for a pertains who can you read our Chris likes he is is that these moon if you haven't seen him play he's gonna be a fan favorite of people catch on here watch a little college vast laughter after football season is -- has wrapped up here that's always a pleasure thank him held talks in. Every match should McCain sport check it out if your canes fan great site gives you all the information there and Matt obviously covered at all. From every transferring grad transfer him. Assistant coaching news and that's a good there isn't. You know. You had them. The tenth coach. Added to the staffs so it was kind of worried on about guys moved in right button I mean now like everyone had a job available. So sound like Alabama fired a guy or Florida got rid of a guy or Texas but every every. Every college got an extra spots including labors of Miami that's where I was a little bit worried that they've that somebody would come and grab a guy whether it be you know. Do in his or or somebody along the line comes brown you know or defense aside and put it where everyone name. 'cause there was an extra spot created to let you read all of a sudden as 120 jobs available for coach in the NCAA. And you're going OK well let's do what you do perk OJ who had a good year this year all Miami let's government. Right right yeah and and look I think that some. A lot of these coaches here would be happy right now the danger. In your scenario would be if you got some upward mobility on a different staff. Bombings that money and everything yeah yeah or any yeah it brings that out that would be the danger and IV of the army give Ron Dugas is going from a wide receivers coach Warner read some a million million tonne directed many ideas offered a head coaching job as far as Nader yes obviously that but as collateral multi lateral yeah. And if you were to switch which is my understanding I think now is mark richter your got to work for. The assistants are getting compensated fairly you know let's just put it that way yet there and in the past where a rather big yeah oh yeah. We're soon be here there of course Burke yes right here next to you that's true libertarian Nixon you lament that's that that's you know that's alive but appreciate it I think the measure that some are things about showdown for now by aren't we come back perk we got some muscle final concert to get to the source flown by. He says well we will catalog stuff to to to talk about where I'm gone. And and and and look there and then there the editors there's stuff that that we haven't even gotten to an end and won't get to probably such as away when you think of Rodney hood last night Utah knocked on the cell phone out of the do Zion is doomed them. After his rejection particularly. The most low class Byron who writes a guy gets kind of photo assumption you're right right. To that dude it's alike and a dude in the background who he's like all I didn't see the expression was FaceBook yeah well you know what is its as an example is a lesson to the dude of that. Hopefully he had a hard case on the phone to. Yeah those good cases they figured it'd be good act out like bill somebody right there a.'s projection well protector role. Always come aggregate win four tickets to go see the heat in a little mad actually being ground heats thousands of we will not flown out of your hand down their list and both protected right we'll give you for tickets to go to us see the heat and the magic that game is February 5 yank that. We know the match or couple times. Yeah got the right we got to figure out here certainly nine minute. Opener was sort of stood. So things are now there are revenge tort seems like to a lot of fun with this basketball club below we'll give you just when those figures next Johnson and anything. I think the massive numbers. Good stuff a little canes fix what's going on for some of the recruiting news and so on and so forth. They our sister station at nine point nine just Dodgers host the 33 annual chili cook off by Puerto. Saturday generous warning of a series of market or fines of delivery food drinks and a star packed lineup. The country music artists including Darius Rucker Old Dominion big and rich more and Boris Midland and Brandon leg. Dave Dickerson chili cook off now that Miami dot com that is next Saturday that is on my hormones because. And enough management quit. Yeah that's going to be here a minute also we have tickets we got four tickets to see the heat in the magic. It's gonna February 5 so that is we're gonna push those under the next 45 minutes before we got to get out of here we yet to make room for. Josh Freeman being very Jackson near. And Adam Beasley yeah they're all in in here tonight that's old house that's a heavy duty line break there. Suburb in a hallway in very was buzzing around as he would do you know of course where was he was our run around. I'd imagine and ask them but I'd imagine it was on the Dion Waiters stuff. And perk a launch update everybody on no on what happened here. Report came out about a ball roughly what 45 minutes ago well what who run around there. Yeah the other day Dion Waiters is going to have surgery on that left Angolan and dumb ESPN. Is is reporting that he's expected to be out between board to six months or does the recovery time is between Puerto six months so. The man whatever you wanna think about. Possible return for the playoffs or earth neat thing like that. They would have to you know probably what went around. But I opening at the idea is that Dion is going to be bad the idea. Is. He held the word next training camp so. Again DO waiters reportedly going to have surgery on that ankle and presumably. Will miss the rest of the season. Yeah so that's a good thing. I definitely without a willingness to resolution to let me go right resolution to right right but it doesn't do. Thing you don't wanna be dealing with the staying any longer than you've already been dealing with two. Get get the procedure done get treated and start looking at here. So next season right this is the long term view just to take with the when Dion Waiters is no doubt that he's three years and Contra Yom bunch of dough. And and I think you really need it I mean yes you like them around let them available obviously. And give you some things he wasn't he wasn't the same player he was last year and I'd have to say and I'm hoping that it is due to the injury. So laid the deal that I saw is that the season when he played wasn't a very good DO waiters. Not he wasn't as confident he wasn't as explosive you what that is dangerous quite honestly our. Last year is there that do was a threat to to make any sought to have to go author and any time. This year that definitely was not the case. You saw him inconsistent. Just a just not saying Dion that we saw late last season so. It'd be he's gotten it done the heat is still winning twenty born 177. Games over 500. In fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture there are off until Sunday. Six game winning streak in everything is is is really. Looked in very very rosy for the Steen. When you look at the individuals when you looked at lead the way of their play and as a unit. Tom I don't know that the schedules make him things look roles because they're they're on the road and they're gonna stay on the road but. You're 1213 and made on the road twelve they efforts to her teammate so even that's not a bad right now birds in other low and I don't yet. Could replace Ronald tonight. Clinton is it'll mess could be some movement that he. Two and a half games behind Cleveland loses they'll be in the jewelry to gain yeah of the Cleveland cavalier so that's that's lower than third in the Eastern Conference that's a mini drama to watch right there has pretty wild pretty loud what what do they what what influence any seriously and dump off for five and play in the first room. They view of that would be a disaster for Cleveland well listen don't agree with that bright that would I don't think that's real bad out there is MP veils would have to be happy because that would mean a disastrous regular season to retain a right. Disastrous. Lately probably wouldn't win fifty games appear pork pie in the four by a matchup in the east rallied to win TT game cavern that that they are to be that bad milk. I don't they'll make keep millions that be for the prom dance they employ no it I would imagine are as promised right now caller number seven to our. Ticket contest it's a 65240790. Let's have a. 65340790. We're gonna win now for two years ago see the Orlando Magic come into the heat's house and not take on the Miami Heat February 5. So caller number seven right now civic 6534. 0790. We gotta go it's Brito it's easily it's Barry Jackson well thank you very much here would have a great night to be right here for those guys. They're all fired up their rate ago. Offer from perk up Curtis will do it again this football front tomorrow per Kindle dog brought a minimalist to a level I was doing on the playoffs and now we're looking for to a already ruled joy just before 4 o'clock right here on some ninety the ticket.