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Friday, January 12th

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Bob before for your thoughts OpenId is sick of following MS stone then instant got from this morning's football Friday welcome aboard glad you are. That's part of a skirt Stevenson and Chris Perkins allows us along for the ride it's. Really take you right up until 7 o'clock we got a lot to get to we had a couple lost. I guess they're gonna stop by we object to an atom bees. We all week usually we we Doolittle off it was Beasley here and they got a complete offseason in front of them you just up by here. In about a twenty minutes also marks Beers. One of the best in the NBA he's gonna drop by. Little bit later on India in the 5 o'clock hour it's a MBA to get to the heat. Up off today off tomorrow Milwaukee Sunday at 1 o'clock written to always fifth team in to Google but later on and of course. Eight minutes undermined please send it on in on the Coral Springs on monitors on a 67974. And perk every Friday to you my man. Yeah happy Friday manners is going to be a big week Ian Wright is doing it's really follow the playoff game they don't give me your college basketball. NBA Ito on Sunday. This is is this is a good one here and does to you that weren't good mood around here. As we usually are about Friday everybody's gonna get booed or an old saying you generalist group of Friday no matter what no matter what happens. The generally scrubbed Friday. So we got some good giveaways here every hour we're going to be giving away a pair of heat too good to go see the Orlando Magic February 5 for tickets. For big big tickets for a bad that it's right there for bad boy take its. As that has also held a Dielman backwards port it's bring your your your wise your girlfriend or mistress were wanna raise your kids your buddies are reading. Real well out there have a good have a topple rich Rodriguez's break all out there and how malls and gather and just get to know each other. And Alexia and root you on victory to sell more tickets every hour so you would gutless thing like you know you listen and then you never know and we're gonna give up the up. The contest line and saying we're giving these bad boys away right now so every hour for two years ago civilian magic. And this is the final day we're doing all week every shows as though in the morning with Romberg and amber. Also op Ed Tobin LeRoy I'm beast our night before concert would Dave Matthews Band two is the final data your registered. So we're gonna give the cold were out at 5 o'clock so listen via the final code word of the week the night before concert which is that's a great deal man. Lots of amazing and in Minneapolis back. February 3 in your world and the hotel airfare to take years ago she Dave in the band. Pusher for Ender for a chance to win a game day experience in there's little the little game. The next day which in Minneapolis to view you're probably gonna know. About that and who knows with the matchup will be you'll find out a little bit more of this weakened by the news broke yesterday. When we were on the air and didn't did doc was a big surprise. It's. Now that I L chance to digest it Lou last night and even into this morning. Dion Waiters and pretty much he shut down now we literally have all the information on this but looks like. From what we can gather that he wanted him to kind of gut it out a little bit singing. And hands. I don't know what's right or what's wrong blood. He has got he had a couple of over the doctors take a look at and any got a few second opinions may even a third or fourth opinion and we won't be seen in Dion Waiters again this season. And now the question is being tossup there is there buyer's remorse of your Pat Riley in the Miami heat's what is the future of Dion Waiters will that. If in fact affect their their run here as we into the second half of the NBA season there's a lot of variables a lot of questions surrounding the waiters. On oh just on on on its lonesome perk Dion Waiters is one of the more you would say. Polarizing players in the Miami Heat in general. Yeah I would say that he is and you know to me cap the the big being now is. How much that he is going to miss Dion Waiters he got that four year 52 million dollar contract. In the offseason and was considered a core piece of the of the team going forward. How much are they gonna miss some well that leads us right in the here's the thing. We know that Dion Waiters having what is likely season ending surgery on his left ankle the next question becomes whether he'll be missed. My answer is no well actually my answer to the short term is no clearly not. My answer for the rest of the season is not so simple now ideal lead which. How we use referring to late last season waiters was somewhat of clothes are able to make some amazing late game shots. No conscience at all best stretch of his career earned him that we're here to two million dollar contract. Miami is gonna miss de Dion Waiters Miami will not miss the Dion Waiters of this year the one shot. 39 point 8% from the field thirty point 6% on threes. Let's face it. Most of his career waiters has been that guy that we saw in the first half of the season not bad guy exactly but pretty much the bad guy. He has actually played well without waiters this season. My guess this guy is not going to be missed. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Drone urges to authorize DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether new purchases repairs customizations training whatever ideas they will hook you up. Check them out drove nerds dot com South Florida's. In the. I think with the emergence of Josh Richardson and I think also with Tyler Johnson steady hands. I think that the with the emergence of you and bam at a bio yeah so more versatility the B the at. Acquisition of cal we'll win it means that a player on the perimeter I do everything but mainly Josh Richardson right is a reason why you can swallow this move a little bit more purity from right and drug says. Elbow so he's more consistent now and playing better so. I think you've. You wonder is this key stuff real meaning what you see look to all of your highest paid players Hasan in Deion have been. Missing minimize. Whatever you wanna say right LeBron has missed all that time in your steel rolling so. You you ask is that is that real or is that kind of fools gold. Well I don't think it is real I mean nothing to New York they're gonna go to the NBA finals. But I am thinking that they can win 81 round playoff series win. This roster you elect a Dion Waiters available aren't ideal he would what's the question the question is this though do you wanna have the Dion Waiters over earlier this season or the Dion Waiters for the first couple years of his career more or you know the Dion Waiters above three and a half months of last season rate when he was awfully. And it. It did the answer that is probably. You're getting a bad Dion Waiters at the larger sample size write him well and also an Andrew deal right really absurdly so you're gonna got it's not a 100%. And he's opened down to begin with so yeah did just a thrown out there. And you know try to try to survive around a you know a bunch of four for sixteen every night. I'm cold it's a win does is Wendell come back and most Spoelstra. I'm just old just is back in there and say oh yeah you get you about two minutes no. Q do you do that with a son if girls burn back earning just is Wenzel yes just because you're healthy doesn't mean you're you're you're better were better with you on the floor. Could they do have we got really played to a it is if this was struggling this team was struggling late in games and they are struggling down the stretch you would say Yemen and the real economist no winners like they did. On the lap last couple games of last season when there really a note to guy now you have just urged an emerging as a guy it's a little bit easier to swallow so short answer I would say yeah I don't think they're gonna ms. Dion Waiters and other guys have emerged and at the business of strength as far as depth is concerned. But it's yeah yeah yeah had to get this thing. Dawn and because it's about the three years left on on that contract so we got architects on this we'll get to those come up here. A 679746. Have a 974. They've put us where I was heartbroken when I heard the news judgment calls my job man heater now rolling groove rule big trouble. My eyes once knowing that we were wrong may created it. LA maybe it doesn't up by them in the bud bud. From what we saw of the above Dion Waiters as you say it tests they feel they don't need the Dion Waiters well. They are going to miss Dion Waiters that that we saw earlier this season so. I think that they can get by on what they've got what they've got seemed real added doesn't seem like anybody players have improved but nobody is doing anything where you're going while I Lester he averaged thirteen points a game now he's ever and 22 wounded it's not anything along those lines so. I just real and they can and they can survive the rest of the season like this. Yeah and I right now given other injures a my dad and their right to kind of you know you wish that. You know unless basis do you will it's you've still got half the season ago hopefully it's not like you know any season ending injury toy. A big time player but it does winning your key players don't us when we're in three weeks. They're told junior or Walt ordered their Walton or where they've had the kind of mix and match in the air. You guys off the street to go some other guys that are on the back into the rotation they've been able to survive this thing I mean I think you have we are halfway point of the season Tony Ford seventeen. Like I'd sign up for that out of a sign up for that you know beginning of the year. Art exhibit I'd have been for the entire regions of the girls result Mohammed text line it's a busy Friday as a let's get the 4 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM south Miami Heat and and WS SHD true Miramar. Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters will have surgery on his left ankle slew according to numerous reports. Reports on recovery time varies some sort of four to six months waiters see it in September it's an eight to ten month recovery. Waiters missed the final thirteen games last season he's been sidelined since December 22 with this current single issue. Eighteenth ranked U women's basketball team visits nineteenth ranked Clemson tomorrow McCain's thirteen and two overall two and one in the ACC. The danger in the midst of a three game stretch against top 25 opponents having beaten number 24 Florida State eighty to 74. And then on Monday McCain's host number seven duke NFL playoffs this week in on Saturday it's Atlanta at Philadelphia worth thirty. Then Tennessee at New England at 815 on Sunday Jacksonville at Pittsburgh at one. New Orleans at Minnesota at 430 Bo was. Are your headlines go watch one game this week which Jamie or watch. Probably Jacksonville Pittsburgh really yeah. Yeah I wanted to listen with the defense can do against big band if it. I don't XP you know big news on an 05 interceptions again but that deep Vince's career. They are for real wanna see if they can really Carolina in the Jacksonville Seattle having his face idol alum now aren't I think it'll be a good game yeah. Really yeah yeah I really do matter and yeah I. Is going to be the best game of the week end the closest still loom. New Orleans Minnesota might be closer to have seems a very very kind of just entering drilling holes to go either way by. I helps those of you do you have a little bit of break the knicks bulls and if you. I might get more Fiat got a little faith in the and also their home right. They got other guys that can do stuff I mean they can run the ball may have JH I guess it's get a little bit weary they traded for him. First for these type the spots where yeah we need to run the ball a little bit here. Liz defense is OK. He in LA has got that your big Super Bowl run in them from last year can they repeat that in the playoffs. I think New Orleans is it's one every time you want your greatness and Drew Brees and their offense and tomorrow and and then Ingram and those guys in in Minnesota and their defense I just I December or head toward the viewing habits for blow blow out their opponents this week I think you're gonna to double digit. Wins for both of those things that's all. Yeah New England I think definitely I think everybody probably agrees on that when CI flown out tigers do I mean Tennessee's Bob. Thirteen now fourteen core yes I have faith in Pittsburg I think there's birds and win a big assist day yesterday by. I do think it's going to be a beginning Arnaud and I I don't want it and it looked. When you when you have a a maligned quarterback such as Blake portals you wanna see what the guy can do. Right I mean because. The there. I am more interested in blatant portals been some chase scheme them. The met Roy in the nick polls marked as Mary Oda. You know you you know I can't say I'm more interested in Hamden bin Brady or or or a breeze order. Or or or brothels Roethlisberger but yeah but I I wanna see what what you can do. I I really do man I'm idle I'm not a big met Ryan then I think he's he's good but I don't think he's necessarily anything special. Are we got a text here the first one out of the world up the first home but it came in here in Alaska minutes which some Bloomberg glad to because he can continues our Sri. The Rodney Magruder text. So so what does that is that 77 straight show or I know we've got to Roddy McDonough Rodney Magruder tax on Tillie Willis it elegant writing the quarterback and yes he brought Magruder may return in February that story. Broke yes I think CBS sports icon had that story. Which are red so he can come back sometime. In February so he seems to be progressing well. So they're gonna get another body back which is which makes it even and now more. More I guess tolerable that you can lose a deal where there's no text right to Deon is a special man that has arrived I was born son Jason Richardson. And JJ stay healthy they can surround those players with enough shooters. There is somebody here who is mum. It inside heat so. In a series of six I can't believe. Riley's bill for that. Com meaning meaning Dion Waiters and fifty million to garbage stand hash tag buyer right we've always go to the pass and fire right now and let us three sets another sex. Sun is is is. Another garbage which I guy does he means another garbage signing a player and in another sex another 100 million to garbage. So is that somebody trolling us is that likely details plan or is that. If he had visited our lives have right now what is this hour is this thing Miami resident who is truly disenfranchised. With beat Bolivia are I don't know unreal by area code. But I mean anything Ali's Ali's duel in the sun is I don't know who the other. Are there heat and do you think that genuinely. Even that fits that is is there a sizable enough. Portion a peak audience and everybody's in new bit that we stood at that this is even worth entertaining talking about. I do things although you don't know there's a lot. Yes there's a lot of heat fans severe and that they don't like Dion and electron. Yeah you know when moon will set aside by passionate by Iran right how does Ira and he's got to go right leg like garbage that is going to garbage can with the past is fire smoke a right right a week which we got yesterday. That would mostly in the exposed to immigrate yeah we got another level to electing a little like Osama Whiteside and then then you go on Twitter is in re pleased fantasy GM of the all trade discuss for that guy we get a tax or trade winds on a pick for the Williams and the steam is on the conference finals aren't we'll settle down that with the that I entered. Make an ideal but here's my question you did did Riley did Riley tried to blame this is this a mistake. Is there that the godfather fall for the bit and in the tell plywood Dion Waiters. I don't think you can say that right now it appears immediate but it's pour your contract right out and got his budget and after 41 game. Look after two games and he's a good seasons and wellness facility is very good point very good point yes oh. You're zero a fourth of the way into the contract right now yeah. It appears that he did. Let's play the long game here will will have an immediate checkpoints and this is one album right now it's not good but let's turn played long days rather when he's. What they subtle they signed let last year four guys five guys. Did JJ US beyond the ULE a planet do you had and who they really did whether I guess Wayne ellington's deal to get him back soon. I'm missing anybody in there. Other than they had to redo it had to re sign yeah it's okay see it for I've played for five. Laid down one home might be a sinker yeah well my don't you might get a little bit my deal the wrong on that 11 of them. I don't got to coming calico Evan James Jimmy Wales we have another snakes I am and he ran the Deion contractors garbage. Another sex trade Erik Spoelstra and Dion Waiters were mega ships. Not act natural disaster and its president and ugly smelly troll right there yet you at you have to give money to someone because of Tyler contract to roll that money in the next year. You did have to do something and because he would look after after Gordon Hayward wasn't there what are you what are you gonna do. All right a lot Bob what's the word luck Assad resigning your own yet there weren't a lot of options so you heard you were congress up but. You know my thinking cap and and I think that part of a large part of the point of locking them up was so did you did you know move those assets to. Improve your team us but will will they will see but I you're you're taken ill on that Dion Waiters contract right now by. We're only a fourth of the way through. Are some missing loved they'll get back to those little bit later on wanna check in with Adam Beasley we go out to get to them making coaching change is kinda left and rights. As a jump off inside the football to Jarvis Landis situation contract was one of the offseason and could they be cut down some guys are free of some money. Four cent offseason in free agency resumed right around the corner below all checking on the fans with army and Beasley coming up next Reggie Johnson and on the ticket. Goes to show its 79746974. On the calls for the Alamo condit's sex line. Today is the last day that is giving you a chance to go to the night before just to go see the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big football game was a for the code word at 5 o'clock it's come appear about a half an hour. Texted to seven to win it one and you're entered also qualify for an on location game day experience is messaging and data rates may apply and get your tickets now for the how Minneapolis big game parties go to big game and he LS dot com it's big game MP LS dot. Hahn has me that I announce that rattled announcers resource assignment actually stepped beyond convenient it's our weekly visit with. Arming enemies the error NFL and Miami Dolphins insider last night with them with free don't know Barry Jackson petroleum airwaves. Here on 79 needed to get any joins us right now BZ I don't lament. Controlling got a pretty strong word out they've mangling. You know it's not exactly Marconi award winning book would we got through that. Add value the American music radio back couple a couple of decades but nevertheless you guys you guys got a W till the time appropriate right yeah. That we are now orchestra and Bergen average the seven Mendoza. And run out the clock situation that sentiment would work all the pork mortars at night is leaving yeah that's right at it and hopefully and people's ears will be bleeding by by 7 o'clock. But I let's get to the let's get to the dolphins here as there obviously on the sidelines here as the post season continues what what do you make of all the coaches changes I guess we had them running backs coach I mean. Everytime I turn around it seems like ordinary is that an ordinary yeah I mean that is this kind of one after the other what do you make all that. Well I don't wanna get through a part of my skis because there just the second week of the offseason but it kind of remarkable to me that we haven't seen it it would change is that he. Greg doesn't mention all the changes dolphins and and I Christians and what you and caller the most serious side and he certainly move down a peg. With that I hit announced last name part in the logging is Logan's saudis say. Cowell to. Button to simulate conviction you're actually over yeah yeah he's easily. Okay. That that that that come from top gun early as possible. So yeah I mean there's achieved there and you're the top not at the top opposite of that just took a call plays. We we had news last night that Eric running backs coat and not be returning. They brought how is it again pronunciation estimates due to our Google from Denver. That that has Utley up clearly some some connect when gays from from the Broncos days. And and now in the blind the Washburn and we hit back and in my offensive line so get there are real changes to be up and sample which is good. It because for the first papacy it was. Pop one girl that looks terrible and I know Adam is it was gonna wanna make personal changes brought coaching is to get right 2018. What about the defensive side is. Is he just kind of take don't take care one side of the ball Allen and and then go pooped on the spoke as the defense I think there is a criticism that indecent I think over the last 23 months. And that he purchases but one iPad is it seems to compartmentalize. His team he can't get on with it head coach of of all that requires at all it never ever is coaches. I know this focuses on offense but that he has to show a lot of interest a lot of my community you know words but certainly care cannot care too to keep that. Because one could make an argument Lagarde for better and seventeen. We were worse you actually regressed in scoring defense in 2070. So that side of the ball deep real you know I think pension that area at least if not changes. Moving forward so I wanna be your fault that perky think it's just the matter is terrible it's personal defense we're keeping this coaching staff and come back intact over the fences at all. I don't know I I I I think it's seeing who's available and there might be some some coaches that gates wants defensively that are still in the playoffs. I don't know there might be coaches that he has asked permission to talk to Andy got turned down so. I think there will be some some changes on the defense of side of the ball. Double barrel of that do you b.s and ask you this how much of a difference do you think these changes may eight. We've seen some good coaching jobs here in recent years right you look at Dan Campbell. When an as he got was it Charles play ready to go after after Dustin Keller went down. And then numb and then he gets Dion Sims ready to play. Danny bear it he did did say energized ready to play after the area impostor. Our retirement. He did get on tinian re ready to play this year. You know them I how much difference do you think that the assistant coaches make and is this deck chairs on the Titanic. Or are these serious. Well now they're are these coaching changes that will make a difference on the on field performance next year. Well as the number one criticism gates had particularly when you hit the worst of the season when they're in the five game losing streak there was forty years that the Baltimore. I just not knowing or caring what they were built yeah and and part of that guy was. I think pretty clear sign of who dealt with and get the job on. Would come wanted. What is the cure and for you want to perk and and and then cap and there have been hired him back in that building. According to playbook again and and for many middle be your three in this system. How how you could be that they don't know what they're doing they've spent months upon months upon months. Learning the playbook go through the wraps training camp. OT and he can't and then practices before games and not knowing what they're doing I think that was Asia's biggest frustration that. People like you couldn't trust his players and and and and I think you know like discipline it's a reflection on coach. If you don't do what you're supposed to do yes there are some players that need to be gone and at the very least have a message sent to them. Like coaching has it that their job and they're actually they're job is to make sure they know their assignment. There where this is B what they're supposed to be. Decreased net pound these. You know I don't know I'm Julie yeah there are pulled up a field they had last year but it seems like quite a few that saw coach you need. They they spend 8085 hours a week. There's coaches prepared him for the team and the coach the players are not prepared whether it's the players talked with a coach's fault I'm not inside the building I can't say. But I think it that there will be cut to say it a little of both. Yeah I know I'd you do have to say it's a little bit of both night. I tend to put more of it on the players mature ride that that is a direct reflection of the coaches. When you have discipline assumes an end. A lot of penalties and so like that. Keeping it kind of on the coaches. Robinson hill this will be his fourth offensive coordinator on you went from Mike Sherman to build Lazard to apply Christensen now dal log ins. I guess I know. Hey forget the one. That hit Taylor. That continuity that quarterbacks coach that took over Crowley got. Iron and I guess that's true yeah I guess that's true wealth my my my question is this does that make a difference with Tenet field do you think it. But constant changes the supposed concept kind of remained the same but did do you think that makes a difference I spoke with with Tim hill has that impeded his progress and anyway. Sure it would agree as acting with an Elmore the U who was that we don't know let's be honest work or work and it gets to hear what Ryan got like 2018. Because when you pick assuming all goes well assuming that he is healthy assuming he gets to the off season assuming he keeps his job and here's where and we all Sunnis and the quarterback we've won but. The increase is happy with the draft a quarterback in the first round would be an outright amp. You can't it can't say that that is your percent chance of that happening at least one person and great yeah tons and none of that happened is he is the week one starter. We still have no clue what he's got a look. Look like because he will be twenty want to remove that last and a pulse happen. Ought to pretty significant eateries including one reconstructive surgery. We just don't know like get coached you could come into open at the end of the day and he could be dirtier at all soon you just kind of who is what he does here at snubbing his yeah that's. So I'm gonna do that he was winning twelve point seven yeah yeah. There should be no more mystery how much detail how do you the question is can he take to pick up where it left all. He's sixteen I think that appear to be bottoming at eclectic finally. Figured out what it was doing. Do you pick up there how I would say that talks. I think the coordinator and again he's just a little bit is here and give it to the head coach quarterbacks coach offensive coordinator that they chirp up immediately put everything. When it comes to quarterbacks see the need to take care of all of them so there's I mean that much change. Our broader question is is Ryan could be the same player is going to be. Thinking about that because as much as we are. De de LA no they're getting blue in the face helped her up and all outward but he well could it should be concerned about that it because. He didn't last two weeks training camp without going down again so will go back in the back in his mind will we have the sharpest that he had the second half. 2060. These are all questions we don't know now Allah that you guys that they distort the Aussie kite and why can't along where he is how we play isn't what you can do to kind of round that best for the team from last year. That there's there's there's there's no bigger story from 2018 and had. Yeah anyway and then I was eligible in and if you take your quarterback in the draft or or what we got a global hobble have a couple. A monster kind of didn't get into that netting Jarvis deal with that you would Jarvis is probably the second bigger story. These are in the at least at least for me here and we're for a of those think Jarvis will be back. Enemies enjoyed this from the Miami Herald here Adam. Have just. Ahmed a little bit early on this but how. Active do you think they'll be on free agency when are they gonna go the free agency route this year or just strictly drafted in the what I mean by that is we see around them didn't. She does shedding some salary here in the next few weeks. All we would like another bash at sour there's no question there's some pretty low hanging fruit that they're gonna get rid of assuming a large it is. Is guarantees your or wait because that is suspension he'll be gone. I don't see a scenario. In in which Julie Thomas comes back. I do want to probably be on certain we'll be back not knowing dollars which is is that your option number so there will be. A lot of players on the news from seventeen that won't be back eighteen. I think there's that these guys haven't gone on that building right now and in my colleague among the tiger wrote about it. Just this past week about how I think they're Cuban made this is reporting two factions are one thing you know what. Six it and look ultimate road. We can six you lost your quarterback yeah we need some bad personal decision would be the extent that these guys to earlier too much. But I cannot be fixed and and we get back on track we have Ryan helping him hit him insensitive spin the ball like he was last summer. And make some smarter personnel moves have another good you're at the track of what beyond its whiskers put together pretty good track and in the last two years and then as they did they don't players out of that trap the trap. So let's don't know what's not teaching courses and street is a terrible political analogy that's what just keep going. Whether we're gonna make our picks is going to be fine. That one up the other. Oh my god we were succeed and we may have been walking to win those six games immediately what and is six Europe before. But it is what all those quite clicked it lets you cannot let us not just triple. We need feature feature changes we need it you'll appreciate this roster and shake things up. I don't know which who's on which side but common sense would say you know Mike Campbell and hear what or how you hard to believe. Eight Kiki. It can't be that he will be screw this up to three years we total reset. I guess to keep things but yet we're not far all we kind of heard him say that. What was that he's a look at the people and so by the sixteen to radical last year dollar and that we can be one of the teams in 2018. And the years that gates looking around to. What got you beat this team questions for much easier yeah yeah you would go to the Monday press conference you guys all heard them Christie were there. And and viewed. The caption beating and the things that he would say on the record which is jolt arguing that witnessing behind closed doors so he was not happy with that team. So who's gonna win there's gonna be right that the campuses you know what with snakes and we look forward. Or no no would pick you look at the roster and it really reset you do right. I think that I I think that the real question yet they're gonna make some cosmetic treatment the other that we put a cap space but constable fruit. But we're really go from there they were really just takes hatchet that roster cup players that we would think. I don't like counties in the game you know yeah my calculus and love them but he's got high cap number 2018 and I didn't adequately usually is you got you would think that moving on from around in my guess your guess from. Well we're geniuses know what it is don't know who don't know whose career early target this point who's making the decisions on this roster. And that that that the great question yes I think they're gonna be active previously yes let it. You can see them move around a lot attracted to the target guys and even moved back to pick up more picks. What is what is the philosophy what is the direction that this team. I know a lot of those contracts they can't get that this year until 2019 that get away from the key goes the branches the world. But from what they can do how drastically different will this roster look I'd go on board that problem for I think that most fattening part going forward. Is emigrate Waco is good to talk to thank you mementos but it can be easy for the Miami Herald learn a felon dolphins insider. Chicken and there as well as lot of question there in the off season necessarily. No if they have all the answers at this point we come back willow giveaway elbows on our our first Forsett and 4 o'clock hour here for legacy goes in the heat in the magic. Below old Dubya and approaching into windows on the other side plus were less than a half hour away from the code word for the night before concert Dave Matthews Band the night before the big football game in Minneapolis February 3 the code word coming up adopt 5 o'clock. And did you watch cavaliers game last night I watched from a five minutes to those over. Yet not I actually did not saw the highlights in real about it but I didn't watch. In this marks out now I know with the this LeBron yell at people yell and yeah. Apple and I'm so glad that looks a little bit say yup there in in Cleveland below we'll get as heater only two games back of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the Eastern Conference standings how wild is that we'll get back to via the heat as well as we continue right here on 79 minutes ago. Our sister station kids. Not at nine point nine this country is hosting the third third annual chili cook off Bob by Ford. It is Saturday. January 20 a week from tomorrow role. As cities that part of refined as the they have great food drinks and star packed lineup of country music artists including their truck rolled in many big and rich. More and more as Midland and Brandon a failure to get to the chili cook off now to get Miami dot com person perk back with you here on a dark and stormy. Friday afternoon. Everybody be safe out there in the for text in the show. Driving around do not Texan and drive so 67974. Of Tex lines across from all monitored Simon certainly up. Open for your observations he questions. Anything that's on your mind I'm gonna say some real quick can you know I know anything you want. Column watch in the weather this morning and and they were saying disposed to get that we're supposed to do another blast of cold air next week Odyssey that but I'm not surprised when I'm not happy about this debt Norma I want 76 and sunny. Yes every day. Said this is not right is likely is what two years ago we had a cold winner right. The I mean those three days as well I mean I'd like like this swear words you go through stretches where you're in the fifties. I don't like that little don't know willow used to mean do you you can turn the heat on and everything and and I did go to the big ticket might rise you know that's. No I was I was thinking about that last night announcement in about. Collect pulled out like a not a combo legacy of the comforter athletic shoes. Last week that it took video like you can right really man or five if. Let me ask you some about that no that that's just they sell Florida rule right like it here in Pittsburgh you know. Yes you refused to use it down himself floor corrects that's why we live here I run on manipulated so you know and it's. 45 degrees 43000. About that the other ousting of the last regular had a and thousand dollars als washing my sheets. So allows kind of in house put himself way as an OK I think winners let a lot of winners over for for us how one dollar and oh yeah we're gonna right where right exact let you know wind breaker of the rest of the beer and I think -- for good for awhile right hand no it was a little bit look is this heartening and we're not you know we're not own sorry for ourselves but it's. You know you show you what the ideal player he's just always appeared well on NASA's. Correct but but it is nasty out it's been rain and all over the place and comes and goes and it's windy and a pretty when while out there's so. Everybody be safe as we're approaching a three day weekend of the year by for the part should have a Martin Luther King. As the day off on Monday were not going to be here because of of that and Muslims heat game on you should be is going on our on our slot three particularly EF 330 so on coverage to begin at 230. So we got 1 o'clock game against Milwaukee Sunday here. In hand and another gonna go to Chicago and play on an OK day. Up against the Chicago Bulls speaking above a heap of those tickets away let's do that right now we have four tickets to go see. The Miami Heat take on the Orlando Magic that is February 5 for tickets go to right now we'll take caller number 7786. 5340790. 07865340790. Caller number seven your new you and three of your closest friends. Are going to go see the heat take on the Orlando Magic February 5. We'll give another four to its way in the 5 o'clock our able to another four to its way in the 6 o'clock hour so that saw. There or were a good mood today whereas Hillary Rome yes and we got our last code word here for your chance who registered and five blocks on fifty minutes left the other co were Reagor Dave Matthews. Band will or how the code word for the the night before concert while you're fired over the MBA we got Marc spears from ESPN one of the best writers. Information men's senior Amir writer for ESPN the undefeated. Low marks work does an amazing job he's gonna join us here at 520. And there's a lot of good MBA stores legends and stories here is what they NBA related swarmed number public way. From the the all star ranch trade deadline. And it was kind of valuation they're as he. Dealers are gonna get sick of each other people are starting to like each other yes you know owns or is telling her falling apart yes so. And that know the story comes out I at last night or yesterday that. LaMarcus Aldridge as grim. Great Popovic portrayed during the offseason and you know Aldrich was criticized during the playoffs for his lack of productivity. And pop call them timid and at one point and so LaMarcus goes to pop as the story goes during the offseason and sailor wanna be traded. And pop revealed this yesterday we knew that LaMarcus and pop it had a a heart to heart as well Lamar to see it during during the offseason but he never seeing that he had asked to be traded released and oversaw that. And so it pop reveals this yesterday and pop Sears of this prompted him to change. And what questions do you it is kept this. This seems a little Sioux convenient now pop did say they had a series of dinners and and pop at one point remark to LaMarcus and you can give me. Equal talent in exchange such as Kevin Durant I'll drive you to the airport and make sure your seed and playing. But short of day we're gonna have to figure it out because you're not going anywhere. And I can see pop kind of saying that let me pop is very obstinate he's very stubborn he's. A know it all outstanding coax one of the greatest coaches of all time but you know he's kind of the sarcastic kind of a Smart adds a little condescending. And so I'm wondering if if the conversations. We're kind of as as need is as as pop portrayed the mum. I'm thinking not and I'm thinking that it was more pop giving an ultimatum but what do you there what do you think about pops. Liabilities flexibility the ability to malign us. I I disagree with you I I think I think pop is his Smart I think what that's with a great coaches do that to the great managers of talent does. Is these you have to massage it and you have to make sure on the same page and you make sure. Players want the truth players want you to be honest of them. They don't want to the normal Allman and say oh yeah you're great and then you're cut the next day or you're not gonna -- don't play for for ten game CEO the players of the truth that you handle it everybody's grown grown men around here might make a lot of money. But I think popular side does we need to make this work markets we and on top of the gave him an extension yeah. But did do you think talks that he changed it to me. Pop doesn't change players change right there you remember when pop UCL Tony Parker top never change only. Richard virtual per I don't like if you're if you're Popovich. Okay and Duncan retired and parkers on his last like engine always on his last legs. Like both but probably just sitting at that dinner cross dimly ghost is only a handful of LaMarcus Aldridge is in the league being I have him on my roster I can't just leg just because I don't. I have to make this war. And as and as long as LaMarcus Aldridge or any player isn't just completely. You know oil and asks about it right or difficult would you make that work if you're good manager do you not and they didn't secure working out of them that. They yeah it LaMarcus Aldridge well I mean they did make it work to what extent. Like the spurs this title or not right you're you're you're at that level so did you make it work and so this as a really expect you're the Miami Heat would LeBron James and Kyra yes take that that lets just put it in the in the mills turned yes. And the product that was called back to Ohio marijuana being no matter what yet but. If but if you're Reilly do you give a little bit more in that spot well see that's unstable little mourns okay. I will I'll. Know what Howard is outback down all of it more. I'll just my offense to you whatever it is seeing. My my view of pop is that players give me and my bureau of Riley is that Riley meets them half way. OK and so that that's why am wondering that pops in nobody's ever asked him portrayed before no players or ransom portray before which. It was kind of surprised me but whatever I I kinda believe that the pop pop is just such a guy who rides you so hard. About you know your if your great coach can be that rigid and he's great coach. I don't I don't I don't have any insight on Popovich right. Yeah I don't at least two million raiders coach in this day and age you can't be rigid you might have been able to do it. Thirty years ago. When the players were in Macon 25 million dollars a year and they have all the power in like that you can you might be able to pull. You know that the that the Don Shula is or whatever it is to say OK I'm betrayed your element venture and deal with it. Meg going to be a bit a little bit more rigid this day and age I don't think you I don't think you'd be the average executive coach you know what part I don't I don't think you can do. Image and yet I just really can't like it's my way or the highway I think of your gum highways well. I don't I don't necessarily think it's bad I just think it's pops treatment of people the way. You will see if if if in the playoffs this year's Isa is once again that LaMarcus has been timid. In to me will know that pop probably hasn't changed that much right. Well I mean I talk and I mean he's well let's let's Democrats so I'm Ainsley great this year right but that doesn't matter is it's all about the play our cards right cars running since the iron and out of it Andrea. But but that's what matters with Lamar is that's what matters with the spurs you win a title Lamar as you've come through in the playoffs are mostly with glide. You know not being you know Al in and out of gas marketers this question we were aggressive and smarter. He enjoys a five Tony we got our code word. For the night before concert plus while spears the cavaliers that was fun watching them just get very last night you have some thoughts on Apple's with 5 o'clock headlines all that next heroes of united ticket. Here's a professor John plane every Thursday morning was as a bomber enamored H one it was happening in the NFL governments are knows. It's sponsored by an astronomy in action attorneys have you been in an accident call eight hundreds of enforce them for that 2074737. Directory expert Stephenson anchors Perkins. Back when you hear on and on the ticket will take up until 7 o'clock mark spears from. ESPN's. The undefeated. Outstanding NBA writer he's gonna stop by here. And about 25 minutes or so and about two and half minutes. Where even the code word for the night before concert but last night perk I got home and you know just sat down and cracked open a cold one and watch a little Toronto basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers in comments Olimpia a pretty good pretty good ball game check out. And then five. It's an I was channel surfer looking for something else to to entertain me does that thing was over very quickly. It was built up as possible Eastern Conference. Match up in the in the finals and it was a 34 point blowout loss. They in the Cleveland Cavaliers and after the words. Chiron lets him inching comments and he said that. Players are worried about their agendas. Which and then we'll follow format war what is what agendas are we talking about here. He did not elaborate or say just what I said agendas. And is is good ship lollipop take on some water up there in in the lands. Well. You know what I I'll tell you this kept Cleveland. They're probably the reigning drama queens. Of the NBA right. And we home by the end. That leads us and here's the day. Cleveland Cavaliers. People are once again predicting their down fall in the Eastern Conference they've got the third best record in the east they've been blown out and back to back games. There's more drama you remember the deep in whose late season the prince of issues they paired you remember when they couldn't find any help nobody comes off live off the bench sturtze or to help when LeBron is is on the bench. You you remember that Kevin Love is a bad it recently car you re Irving led David Blair gets buyer Tristan Thompson as they they're card as Sheehan. Now it's personal agendas is LeBron yelling at an assistant coach. On and on the drama goes. With the tabs. And they just keep winning and keep making NBA finals appearances. I think the same thing is gonna happen this year they're gonna pull it together they are willing to make it to the Eastern Conference finals. They're not gonna win the title you'd expect and lose Golden State anyway. But I still being. That the cavs are going to come out of the east now I will say this Boston is the best threat. Soon Cleveland coming out of the east since LeBron has returned to Cleveland. Right now. I don't see that great down ball coming my remains hands going to the NBA finals. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in progress. Drone nerves your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone these covered whether repairs and purses customizations. Training whatever it is they will hook you well. Visiting today drove nerds dot com South Florida has died in the sky I. Gets it we'll get back to that means and just the second a lot of things there which. Very very interest in hearing you look at their body of work so far it's seen in slip and again. This is as there is a very strange Watson plays than ever had Isiah Thomas draft a year and you'll do a lot of news just kind of replace carrier ring to slight doubt about that just say in Hogan the headline the first. I think it'll Dave Matthews of the background. There we go that must mean so little. Yes it does work that does know something it means. Time for your kids to be entered to win this. Your way into the night before concert with the Dave Matthews Band this is the we've been doing all week on the morning shows that low lumber and amber. Middays would totally right beast and with us every day. This is the last chance last as the answers so listen up stay Matthews band in Minneapolis February 3 that I before the big game if you win a you get hotel airfare and two days to go see David Mann plus shall be entered for a chance to win a game day experience. And a chance to meet the Dave Matthews Band how cool is that all you do is text this code word 27288172. Rated one here's the code word it is lie if lie and we go LI AB. Alive you're looking live seven takes that to seven to. 881 at 72881. And your entered to go to the night before with the Dave Matthews Band you're next. Chance to enter is is right now let's it man is over and done with say is the last day. So what Texan now seven to witty won us the national contest message and that rights may apply don't text and drive it is a lot of LI VE. Texas 2728801. All right so Dave Matthews Band while Obama. A winner in that bad boy that is a super promotion. Yes in terms and I think you can I barely know I guess I don't really I think that's when the line I think it has its that being of the night before a big game yes or grocery game you have talked around now when that. They wouldn't talk on the right to the Internet that has been the way it's for years like you know the spread of right there getting back to the cab you're LeBron last night you John in the in the hunger and here's what he had to say after the game on the on his his teammates. Listen we are very comparable funeral for actual account for how we're required how we play how hard we play well we go one another and I just employees. You know there we should. Newser sure Kamal where you should make. You know we're losing you know you tend to not want to make those plays or ten toothless employees get away from you we can't afford right now we're we're playing ball so. Shawn holder why are accountable and canoeing and move on which we do. Now I'm kinda with you by did you ask you right now who's gonna come obviously covers I must say it's Cleveland little Emma feel very confident that but they they either two point six and fifteen rule their point is differentials is is isn't negligence or media often write their their defense is struggling once again by the coming souls so there that you but the point different it was nothing. The end of 37 of the last thing and now there were 126 you start then they went on the big one there are nineteen to ping an and now a 37. For the most and they've had a lot of stuff to deal with the mean they don't like their rose been out in the and it didn't have that out as it sounds like. When did they get to full strength the got a pretty roster and one that you think it is more equipped to deal with Golden State. If in fact the direction of clowns I think everyone thinks they will but. I do take a little bit of joy in watching them she is watching them suburb and the judge that you would talk about good coach we talk about how he manages Tyrod Lou. Hey Liz how do you how you get a manager's time Lou. What did these. It's easy. When you roll the ball out there are times and you got LeBron James and got loaded roster right. But these are the times when how do they respond there and Indiana tonight. And I mean there the beat. Org it's not crazy to think that we come back here Tuesday that he could have caught the Cleveland Cavaliers. And be ahead of them these are covers them and. Yet another crazy. Not like crazy but I but still you know the that will mean way more to recede into details details or you can pencil me and prepare. The team that no one wants to play in the east and best of seven so that's why but some point they have to get things right. Playoffs. Doll before the playoffs. Again while it looked you can get into the playoffs losing by 32 people targets like I have to edit a shift event like they're not gonna go into the playoffs losing by thirty to the the point with eighteen such as Cleveland. Such as San Antonio such as Golden State. Is you're going you're you're good enough and you're probably going to be seated highly enough. They you can kind of get things going in the first round. That's just that's just not right well it should not be the president but you know you got finished lower than three. No I mean I don't totally certain and and and they certain win fewer than say. 52 games down let me just as yet just island's number row are you at least it. You know college boards yes they're probably go yeah you know at their board and you know they're just kind of biding their time to the playoffs come. To me the biggest thing with that team is going to be health and and health and as as it relates to getting past Boston I think they get there as you know anybody else. In the east. But I I do think that Boston is the biggest problem that they based since LeBron James has been bad. In the east. I think you got to downplay how big a loss carry Irving was such rights in May be without him they're just not good enough idea. It's a huge loss there's the question yes or no question I was marched her mother scum appeared about fifteen or so minutes but first let's get the 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SHD true. ARAMARK. Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters will have surgery on his left ankle Seoul according to numerous reports. Reports on recovery time varies some slave port is six months waiters himself said in September. That the recovery time for the surgery would be eight to ten months waiters missed the final thirteen games last season he's been sidelined this season since December 22. College basketball eighteenth ranked U whim visits nineteenth ranked Clemson at 3 o'clock tomorrow McCain's thirteen and two overall to win one in the ACC. Danger in the midst of a three game stretch against top 25 opponents. We started off by beating number 24 F rescue eighty to seven and eighty to 74. They kept this three game run against number seven duke at the West Coast senator on Monday. NFL playoffs this weekend on Saturday Atlanta and Philadelphia at 430. Tennessee at New England at 815 on Sunday Jacksonville spurred a one. New Orleans that Minnesota airport thirty those are your him. It's the shows that seven ninths of a for the six of an accident for all the calls for a monitor except. I enjoy watching them squirm a little bit up there. But like this there was between being bored and losing some games and having a bad Strachan. And but just getting bowled out and I think they had. There were Demi Reggie Miller was on the call last night. With that was Kevin Harlan there animal metaphors like is to Jordan ever get blown out like three reeled back to back games. Good serve and out begin before that it. And you're just going like. They gradually never. Never in the in the balls out of the way wizards were different when Jordan re you know that is up but like I did ever in mid site. Deli there's a difference between losing in this anatomy. But that game was not even competitive last night and ferber LeBron James led heat mark and I know it's him it's one game in the middle of January and I aged just kind of in its it is good to me there is demand there might be some thing you know they are that's all with this team. And maybe there carrier and I think the only thing that's there is is Boston and and the cavs don't have room and Boston does have a but. To me other than that I don't care about. Back to back thirty point losses and in January. I I look at this team my girl out April. I was asking they're healthy and April that's all the matters. Yeah how did an even if they are healthy they should be good enough to get to the Eastern Conference final and the idea would meet at its Boston but they're getting out of the east I like I was a lot yes but the Texas brings a good point. You're sick you're going off of the last few years. All they're they're better than everybody else maybe not as good I did lose every urban yeah I'm an awful LeBron doing OK that's number one although I mean seriously that. LeBron is right coming straight years in the east is known to the finals like seven. It was a 7774. With Miami three with glee yes. He's the key. Eight while yeah it is now a little bit how do you have New Orleans you know personnel random blood so I guess what tiger has kind of a good play it up but listen. Again I'm talking about getting to the Eastern Conference finals and beating Boston like that. I don't be angled Stater door no no I still see a guy Miami Toronto Washington. Any of those teams beating items and I. And I don't see the cavs beating Golden State in the finals I don't think they're gonna win the title. But I'm stalking about getting to be getting out of the east getting to finally getting out of the east. I still see Cleveland Arlo wool to alas marks. Here's from a USP and the industry that covers the MBA one of the best. And NBA writers around information man as as well we has thoughts on this tele zero he had to say we saw so he Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers you mentioned Popovich India and Aldridge. I knew who'd run I love like that buying 35 Bellman good you don't Knoxville bones out of him brilliance that'll tear brushed indicted I would Garland or I don't. It's just it's a W a lot. You don't do that you're a player you don't mess with the man's right you don't you don't do that just like if Europe and you don't mess with the player's signature has object from the game for Lewis had a lot of middle abide by the rules rules little perk that's why you can't I would I would outlook Bynum I don't know what video players union allows but I a whip behind him the Max that's and that's about your -- leave you Iranians alone at the hands leave the players alone. Also in this hour we got so if you wanna go to game we got four tickets go see the magic. And you don't usually the players alone will slow down here a threat in the in the 5 o'clock hour a march bears. From a ESP we'll talk NBA with him coming up next here a 79 minutes ago. According to swim down. Your chance to win tickets to upcoming game of course is my visa now to Margaret your local South Florida technology company makes them online portal dot com. Bob Welker all dot com a lot of WW Oprah for pines and by merit Ohio Eric Lopez. And Martinez PL keep listening to to the ticket to win your way into each game well that's very easy to lawyer to do was listen here. For the next half hour or so because we're gonna be giving out for tickets to the heat and Orlando Magic. For the game on February 5 and accorsi to window open of again in the 6 o'clock hour so. All that's come up off. Here on the show were around trying to track down Marc spears jamaat ESPN busy man here we'll see you beat and a hook up with him. The other thing. Or the other thing we talked about a few things we wanted to talk to spears about. Cleveland that he Dion Dion Waiters etc. but. The the NBA refs and the players and the meeting that they're gonna have during the all star break. This situation has gotten so out of hand and cool where we were talking to somebody. What Obama can't remember. Play by play her or analyst per per one team and he was saying that he thinks. A big part of the origin is that there has been highly rest read turnover in the last few years gunmen that pour on the game goes yeah again and so mom get out of a one ask Beers but this. This thing seems to have come out of well it seems to have progressed fairly quickly. I've never been a man of the way that the players talked to the rest. And in the NBA and may be it's from. Maybe I was too close to it covering the lead because. You can sit right there and you would hear what they tell ramps and it's like I would teach this too would up like right here though. Six words ago like what are you doing that listening to this mask may be just the same in baseball maybe is the same in the NF bill but. Number one. I I just think bomber ramp from I am not listen to this crap and I would draw a line in the sand which and I would have drawn like a decade ago. And number two. It it seems that it would just benefit the players so much you have a good relationship with the rest reason I mentioned this before Dwyane Wade's rookie year. When Lamar Odom was. Here and you could see Dwayne talked into rafts and getting the been a little holes. And Lamar bitching at wraps and not getting the pin and colts. And you think that players know Dayton and maybe it's just me you know maybe revs have gone over the line. In their dealings with players but it just seemed like this being escalated went from zero to sixty. Very quickly it seems as though we didn't think the problem was this bad say two years ago. And and now it's that point we are you know players are openly complaining to the media about refs. Knowing that they're gonna incur the spine and they they have to have this kind of summit. That that's a pretty rapid downhill. Dissent. Slugger rough freeze over the years he's don't play souls I yen and and it's hard to do that's a hard job right then as much as I'd talk about the players talking to the refs it's a two way street right so maybe a lot of these new ramps. Don't know how to deal with players like Spoelstra didn't attack every other day they're just actually leads the lead out and technical well I doubt he's also has voters have a potty mouth yeah also. Same idea TSA plus years ago let me get married you know and empower them maybe maybe he's. I didn't stronger wind there at it would knows it's a no you're right they met illustrating that expo had leads the league and in intact. Many of the springs or you don't expect that and spoke but so yes that's from that's one of these are wonder about with the with the league this year by. Look there's another thing that I wonder about with the league this year in and you know as much as the warning signs people think warning sign to their for the cavs and are still details are going to the NBA finals step Curry's ankle. Are you at all concerned that now he's he's ease ease out again he's there's a guy who's. Had a history of put an ankle problems. Are you concerned or is this just kind of playing basketball. Unease is where terror I think it's been playing basketball or else that I that I don't yet the ankle concerns or we yup earlier in his career. Before he really did some games last year maybe eleven right wanna say I mean he's an end this year I think recently he didn't he turned an ankle during pregame warmup maybe a couple of days holidays ago and yes so. Yeah but I doubt again tonight by the Italians and unlocking credit so I did it just puts the antennas up but I am not worried yet businesses. Oh here comes that ankle stuff Padilla and I'm not I don't think it's a bit statements that. No you shouldn't be word just like your order by the Cleveland Cavaliers now you're very easy going guy you are worried about everything I am well I do worry about stuff but not that well no worries we got Marc spears he's on the line has been out to the right tools announcers you resource gas line. They are truly stepped beyond to me two of the best NBA writers. Around ES gets the undefeated may join us here on 790 the ticket mark are you doing today. You know I'm. Uncle Martin Gerber knew there you go spears that's that's who we unit will now. I've got your back home to a that worked out aren't so they must have Kurt your yeah I don't exactly exact missiles they let me ask you don't know this stuff curry ankle injury. You we know that he's an ankle injuries in the in the past the problems ankle problems I'm thinking that this is just anywhere in tears being but I think he missed eleven games last year right. With the Internet or whatever what are are you concerned is is this something that needs to be watched closely resists just part of that in India. Particularly if you are quote and I'm not overly concerned that it would but it yeah yeah it's like. You campus talks home. The data injuries and need to describe the frustration being talked about. But he. You know. Yes we said he hoped to play by Saturday. Event thought that the first game of their trip we've got off the schedule. That was actually Friday which is W is that you thought it would and I. And in. It's because of play tomorrow and unconfirmed. And I think you widow. Nadia. I think this is that the case and he. The other day step in there it is put garlic so you're gonna they're competent kind of food you played in the back to back after this. They're going you know here it is probably get back where. I'm sure the lawyers wanted to err on the side of caution. And there and preferred to have him ready you know for tomorrow and not put it back to back gains. Incumbent a little slower than that reload. They much bigger fish to fry. Bigger things to do. There's no sense Russian backed disperse when you got your little program. Yo mark what what's your take on the eve here were we're excited about this basketball club it's been a nice little run here what what's the view are you believer here. In this in this group. We either because then they'll work this. Eyesight as I did see on on Twitter. I did not read your dad's no awards what you are your mid season awards. Recognize bent on flyer who takes flight at two of the Miami Heat in there somewhere mark. Mosul. All these miscues in the war to boredom mean in knows you don't put too much free time the write its little. In the treated fair and we decided to the bulk of this is the coolest. Over arm former and though watching characters in movies. Like it's nice and so. The president target Cotto forgot his name popped up my it is. But we know you learn that yet so we can vote the votes coach urban who award. Gave it Erik Spoelstra. Yeah. East print forget these guards in this spot there him as you're Carly Kirk knows if you sitting in my experience. A lot of games. And I'm still a bit of a problem. So lost a lot of my every time but hopefully. You know that would change in I'll be back on the same. Look that that is every NBA writers dream and everybody to be damned heroes for years in the finals as live there I got from. I'll be able to say. Yeah sinners are their two week experience were covered eastern conference on Hulu like the pros to final period lost. Although it's a bit on our blood out of sight analyst. And it is actually a lot of that much you must probably. Taser. It and this. And that is. What do it personally look where that person. Yeah. Doubles doubles and another in the Baird's all of these aliens in this there's certain patriot now there are well worked on what you want to Dario writings error ends and speaking of Cleveland Ohio. Are you worried about the tam spears who I'm not yeah well I'll tell you this. I am worried I'm still worried about them being able to beat Austin I don't expect them to be able to beat Golden State if they get past Boston. I think Nelson is the biggest threats of LeBron has been bag however. Most of make a choice I still slate clean and comes out east what do you what do you think about it. I want to give Boston the real threat and I think it Marx's. Grade is currently it is and didn't ground at that big huge surprise you the most improved. Tatum rookie year candidate and Gordon Hayward will probably come back in. That defense and they're the only team I think really is a lawyer but loose service. This good defensively like the warriors or so. Problem. I'm starting to feel based on. You know how Cleveland is looking like look at this fill out that we'll be played but there's really good at Oklahoma City there's reason to Cleveland beat their. It is just too many red flags were now the way the team that are European Court playing. So are they. Boston has beside it and don't sleep on Iraq is. Because yesterday and I am confident. There's an appeal pulling it up and the reason now is lupica. Athleticism. And their side. Frustrate Cleveland managed bigger guys that are blocked inside that are dependent that are that are rebounded better served to buckle. Your program. Recruit ever be. Cleveland at full strength. We can't allow area yesterday. So that statement and so I'm not saying possible be I'm not saying. Ronald will be deployed. And it will be okay well why. Yeah and I would agree with you there that Cleveland and says you know losing Tyree and there'd. I don't think there's good but I think his loans they have LeBron and their okay what are your report on in her right. Right and other LeBron related no. Lavar bowl with the lakers. Is he enough to keep Paul George or LeBron James a way to rely. Are ugly emblem on yeah it really look at our little ball. Yellow bars now doesn't mean that is is that enough to exit to keep either of them or both of them away your do you think that's. Even an issue as we look. You know weigh in here. I look at them would do things and details about look at that first step. Us yeah I ended June was the that is to wage and Peter if you've been out of you malaria. And that he put it to beaver already logged me. I like the dude who grew would it. Who like. Played Bohn who are reporting this is thought a lot of you duplicate a couple of birds like the a couple of bogeys and plug it right at that time period. You know you can't picture bill return to series. That is to say. Agree that it's worth leopard there carpet. It is a low level right now though. Magic and rumbling. You know footprint on the comment but they look like. Wouldn't he veto the like if somebody is. Michael walker level while we the we give a dispute. I think it's throughout the year is earlier. I wasn't a stone would do it it is that big a LeBron occur yet there erupt. Only the two companies that they pick it gave up only two companies started to make sure you know I applaud them for that. You know. Although I don't like to bring in the sun the Lithuania being out there like promotions bullet thumping beat that I like. The thing that banker like Pete. You know. Could find them funny. And he's not gonna I don't mind. Look bar I look I think he's a a a brilliant marketer I think he's good and good bothered. Com I think he's intelligent I think he's a clone. But I. I don't have any problems related murder her quote with the exact number he was popularity depart for Mario. If Hillary exactly exactly so I I have I have no problem with them my only question is will it ever or eventually hurt the on court product. Turn. Yeah this term borrowing yeah I don't think Orleans loans in dozens more different than his dad yeah loans those. And I did wonder if as far as LA like. I think the lakers a little cocky like just two of whom. And I must say they have that this is that the film and I get this system Apollo sort of coming. Or maybe LeBron comer as the market cousins coming having they have all these fancy ring isn't broke up girl you know to me. And they got some good young guys with a sick from firm like. It right and who's afraid. If if there clippers are able to get a high draft pick which is very proper order. We're able to move beyond resort Monday that it it would be attract the all sorts of career. Put Blake Griffin you know it ought to mean money to pick that up but Vick apparently. So. Our I don't think. It didn't fit their team gonna work this summer. I'm not a proven that a NBA's superstars and goes going to rebuild entry. Margaret what report is mark regatta run ledger you're NBA Mitzi swords are are great you're shot to the Denzel Washington. Contained. I detest is never made a bad movie on on the resume there's there's many virtuosity but that was about it that it. Do what your favorite which sought favors. My amid an umpire. I'm training a guy. Over a hundred million Dario will guarantee you got some got Jay Johnson and there were gonna give this low bid to the other side. Did you majority on the same jump to the war latest. Yeah that mark that you answer when. Our record. Marc spears from ESPN NBA senior writer. He has as NBA midseason awards Novo. If you do is a good read it is gonna that's funny but I expected a contends that and I saw this for years this go back for five years he's actually made a couple questionable movie since then two guns at some other stuff you know but never made a bad move. Yeah I did what he would say like with the Niro it's Gino time angst but just isn't always there army and he just wanted the money on now he's went for about rightly it was an item that contract. And I and other movie right. Yeah so you don't just yeah. There's not a stinker on their man now. I die I'd jump in my final comeback. I'll get to blow exhibit a he had those balls to the best coach. And and some also some heat back Lazard it's over Marc spears are also put away those he'd take is accorsi to wonder will be open. Next here on seven I didn't take. And and I just cuddyer is hosted the third annual chili cook off our buy Ford. It's coming up a week from tomorrow Saturday January 20 at CB Smith market ever pines and today great food drinks at the star packed lineup of country music artists including various structural committee and big and rich Warren Morris Midland and Brandon leg you to get to the chili cook off now for the ticket Miami dot com thinks the Marc spears for joining us in a previous segment. And mark had a really interest thing. Article on the undefeated as usually does but that's his MBA mid season awards and he recognized as he calls Daniel Denzel Washington the coolest NBA fan. And then tells a big Ambien and so we went through any kind of categorize that Brazil's movie characters with. His mid season. Ward so we can go through these here a few of the heater on a couple of these death so a lot of people in the upper for a soda a organism getting some mild resistance on on. Then tells worst move was to get to two and I'll defend pretty much all these suggestions. And any visit my point is like. You never give it did so we lost it did watch a movie comes out being that was when my hard earned cash perk right RM almost than my straight cash homey. I know that I'm not just a lockout there and that was garbage. And in the day and age where a lot of it is draft in the a lot of guys discredit the you know get a check and showing up. Like I know that at least somebody get my academy everything's gonna be Oscar worthy but at least a mile walk out the theater. Or if I watch it on the at home Americans and why is blue and out of yeah yeah. I know I'm getting at least some quality. From Denzel Washington are easily go to abilities. Smelly whitlock out of times I felt pretty good movie couple of those we're getting in on this that it was bad movie there was a lot it was a filmed on here. I felt pretty good legit Eva Mendez and there are young you amend as there was very nicely but award for best clutch player. Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan. Alonzo Harris from training there or for those in intimidating player you that to a LeBron James. Rove and cars are akin award for player you don't want to fight we talked about this the other day we did and his letter was James Johnson James Johnson baby. Frank Lucas American gangster war for the most intimidating tough guy who is this guy's name came up yeah. David West of the warriors so that was a tough guy who we see it is aging and in on the way out but spears licensed and yes and then obviously. The he gave Spoelstra the the coach of the year for for homered Boone river the times' award for best coach that went to. Erik Spoelstra. Former heat players. You know. Oh. VP Roman. He does is they brought him back there he got like the rockets ought to gum the senate he brings. Leading duo is here to the two and half hours noon. So he's on his play for some some good minutes off the bench they're toast to the check in with well Marc spears or he had some adjusting to. The neither he likes Lamar ball. Beasley he's a big little nibble on his screen content from a ball yeah. Are a couple of attacks are coming into the book of yeah I was trash. That's OK give me it's great actors the Gary Oldman there was an interesting story. Bobble we got that a couple of times out of time is a pretty bad movie I'll thing was that terrible. The taking of Pelham 123 was garbage so was safe house that. And it was a remake Ginn and as our maternal to which is yeah the first hole was much better so I Newman asked what was also. Garbage. Am I wasn't a big I'd like personal better but I'm not a big movie guy you first the company and so save it and you guys know that first. Ollie is as a bad was the bone collector in the preachers wife for horrible he was awesome Philadelphia should've won best supporting actor for the bone collector was all right does. That story with the Angelina Jolie added seat bridges why don't remember put out a virtual possibly maybe maybe two guns. IA is hard pressed to find a real bad move in the Denzel Washington's government. Yeah outstanding actor and outstanding actor I couldn't be you know at some some of these movies that people name backs. I've never heard about time. So to a Texan vocal bloc he wasn't in the local book method through. Yeah through I hope that the joke here or there was lots of isn't really not in the it's. Exactly right guys you can rack he. And if 'cause it is either either Denzel Washington or John King India can't remember which loans started to write our youngest college broke right right I don't block a I got the code good adds a lot of all the time and I I don't we'll look at the little bit older than the other that's our river as our. Different agendas and so you just the age difference yeah but then I did I did Denzel McCall and Exel all the time yeah yeah. All the time. And up and all of the recorders into your window to get the show back on the rails here the accord is dig a window is now open record this is a technology company that try to Gore's corp dot com get a check it out in the quarters he didn't window is now officially opened so on number seven right now 786534. 079. Units emanate six by 3407. 90. EU and three of your closest friends. Are going to go see the Miami Heat take on the Orlando Magic February 5 that is our gift to use such rights you're welcome. On number seven right now 76534. 079. We will come back lead to 6 o'clock hour at the headlines plus. We have fifteen minutes of heat as well ma'am we a look at this the stretch here they got a day off tonight day off tomorrow. But delegates it's a little frenzied there. As we get into next week looks for the Apple's get back to a Dion Waiters. If you had a do over would you duo all over again it did did if you if you knew what you knew now about Dion Waiters would you let a war. Or would you have made him. Kind of earn it on another one year deal what would be your stance in the Miami Heat. And view the Miami Heat if your Pat Riley did you come with on this one you can about a thousand you can you can go a hundred for a hundred great. Are you have a little buyer's remorse now a Deion. Is. You know is out for the remainder of the season is gonna have ankle surgeon will X or that as we get to the 6 o'clock hour. On a a rainy Friday afternoon right here on some and I do take. At 6 o'clock hour here. 700 zillion every Monday here on the tennis go to great golf ball. Monday realize their full recap. Of the weekend's games kogan creek golf ball from inaudible to pressure on plasma analytical public adjusters cores light the end. The Florida lottery courtesy of perk hanging with you got about an hour to go take you up until. 7 o'clock that's when just Friedman and I believe Greg likens his and we're trio this evening so I don't know. We'll take you into the course of a Friday evening got fifteen minutes and keep coming appear as though we'll get to that here for a dedicated segments of the he'd always talked a lot about the he'd restore the show with a Dion Waiters and and buyer's remorse is that's what what the Miami Heat may have text or our rights and here come down guys you sounded. Like way to resolve for four years he's in his mid twenties Curry's had surgery on both of his ankles. But that's OK when the courage thing I write them the problem with that is. Did that is the Dion Waiters as you still don't know what Dion you're getting back. Are you getting good Dionte getting old. Hey Deion. Right now that that's that's definitely true because we've only seen good deal on board. Lunch yet thirty some game last year or whatever it was. Still home about it's it's one year out of a four year deal. So right I'm still I'm not panicked I'm not thinking oh my gosh what do they do. Dion could come back in. Look again you have two ways to go with. We've this deal pretty much every deal right. The player plays will and you use him as a each ship to get something else or player plays will. And you use him to advance your franchise soul. Well I guess listen to some aerials will be played will also be if he doesn't play will argue that they're supposed to say there. Must consider but it but you know what I'm saying that like this. There there's really no reason to panic right now are you still have. More time to judge this being so. Again as I see it in the short term. Like right now of 41 games. They're taken ill on this thing where you sit after 82 losing will be back we are here taking that bill but if you're in the is you're in the first quarter of more order game. WS question earlier did depict the heat is really like Dion Waiters ex rights and cap asking of the U wanna read you one waiters is I guess novels as they wanna read you want color. I know there's a lot of anecdotal idea and I don't office that. No because Cutler with a one year deal like. You know Dion you still have time I do think there's gun you did you did everything there's beyond remorse. Well no I think there is that but I do think like Cutler will was Cutler. Ninety and 955. People that did that thought color was a disaster. I think you don't ya think beyond its board. It's like 5050 among defense yeah yeah Alex it's only it's that like blocks and Larry Ellison because Obama Dick coaches and as a Dick bond down here right. Nota dot having no god is like kinda try a 5058 below with 6040. As you know they're kind of lukewarm on Dion. I mean he's a polarizing player because his plays saw it down you know to what makes eagle one for twelve the next night he had the game winning shot. It's obvious how kind of how the the emotions flow so to speak. We knew we got a lot of we got a lot of excellent that's how we'll get back to them here units of the I know that's that stuck in your crawl there. I could do that and this Dixon micro. I always wonder about giving publicity to young key aides and that leads us and here's the thing. The Mets Max Rex freshman all America team came out about a week ago and I haven't had a chance to a circle back around to it. Really conflicted about this. And and think it's good to pay attention to. Younger kids. But I also think that this attention. Two younger kids when your offering scholarships to eighth graders and you're doing a freshman high school freshman by the way all America team. I think that's a little bit ridiculous now. I I'd like acknowledging he pull in key is with outstanding talents and and by the way. There are of you local kids on this team you've got Marty Daniels the running back from Miami central. You've got your quarry Brooks be wide receiver from Booker T. Washington. You've got markets Tate. The Altman's of linemen from university school again this is being mex reps. Freshman high school freshman all America team on defense you've got tight reeks set of buzz saint Thomas of whiners. Also on. And your guys they got exactly so. Listen it again in general I I have no problem with acknowledging. Talent. But at the end but also I'm always conflicted about. Acknowledging such young talent I don't know of any case where a key it was named a pressure and all Amir ago Oregon. Scholarship offer an eighth grade and and you know Vinny got the big he would in his brand hated them and as coaches didn't go to amend it was total disaster I don't know of a single. Case like that. But I just kind of worry how young is too young and this is one of those beings when it comes to national attention. And I'm very conflicted about and if forced to draw the line cap again so it be that old in the rocking chairs sit in on his porch. Say in beings are the way they used to be. Are relieved. I don't know what to think about he national freshman all America team. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Real nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether its new purchases repairs customizations training whatever it is they will pull you up. Visible today drove nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky how. Young is too young park that is the quest for question that's the youngest is it on a win win when you're offering give scholarships and eighth grade this is that ridiculous is that. That's who is an. I would agree yes I would yes I'll tell you liable to you take a national freshman all American nobody is at the listening to what does not mean it's the same those kids you would think that those those to the great pressure from players and that's an interim pays as have you told me. Over the that that if he's gonna be like. The next Sean Taylor. Now Mike settle down everybody like these that there's very few of those guys now does that translate into a Z gonna be good in his sophomore year to his junior year to his senior year. Probably not. Leg if we took that list and looked at a four years and when they are they all Americans and high school again. Feel you let a few couple Kansas and expressed what percent and it's it's like the dude why are you though I don't are still like well that's because. Important number one I think it's ridiculous right you're a freshman all America team like. Why. Was of the dudes I'd identifying the best freshman in high school football. Just regular freshman all American team in college football that's a but that's a more reliable body of work right. Like you've seen them through high school via I would I would say yes I would say that this is just say this is just a list of names. To get slogans or what 1415 years. Yes there it's gonna click bait which in in my profession newspapers. You know I'm not above click date we're we're struggling ones that come along like sophomores are our upperclassmen junior Ella for him if you're running the system per how hour dude just won all American team in some sophomores making it okayed by. The Breslin I I just don't think it has much authenticity. And again just. Win win is enough enough really as Boris kids but like people wanna know about those kids like grated. Although that's that's what do you really wanna know who the best eighth graders and and freshman in the country are like why does it matter. No limit at that low but at some point like there's going to be the next LeBron James is going to be the next. Amazing player that people are gonna wanna know about. So like for most of those kids are gonna probably just then you know wash out urgent need you know not really improve over at a time as they're equally violent crime you know find some good Michael want to Gil de scholarship somewhere. What everyone's cutting interest in who the next big thing is that's all it is who's the next big star who's coming up that's gonna be the next big thing. Do you think you know when their freshman in high school now. And and that's got to my problem with a lead like what what are you know I what are you are solid business is this list I want to guarantee you this. The next big thing is going to be on that list. Yes. He also has the senior be the next big thing like that guy. No no you could prize angle and every lists OK but LeBron is the so like. Really if you look at if you look at. Probably the kids that you William. How many of whom do you think we're playing his freshman in high school like how many years at central and saint Thomas quine is like you have juniors and seen here do you. That best buy like. You know I'm slayer although there is good in other at least central and and and a saint Thomas Aquinas. Did on this list but I. You don't slayer line and it is. What you're an oil creeping Norman delighted they need publicity at that. Age well I mean it's all about the schools and about about the the offers they get but my favorite thing in to do is this is kind of it's kind of the reverse math on this is. I love looking at all of the list like if we look at. Ten years ago. High school all American lists and football walking and how. How does crazy Gobi names on their almighty god guy does moves great in the washed out ray some guys you when he been heard. You know sort of thing with the national recruiting lists all that all enterprise it just a folly of it gray looking of that stuff is is pretty wild. I I enjoy that today well and then that Rebecca I guess my point is that if the if the national top 100 recruiting lists with with all seniors guys that you seem to reverse years of that's kind of spotty. Like hell I think it was this fresh and I wonder sang in Baghdad hosting things per click that pretty well yes that's what it is a among them come a little bit uncomfortable with that but again. I you know -- as called until somebody does that had for a living read in the newspaper industry so I added I live in a glass house writes a way to take a moral stance not really it's not as a moral stance has nothing to do what morals and it's legal freshman okay well no I mean look like doing the fleet based off that. That we do add it. Did one yesterday about it in inept they'll love London schedule coming out and the dolphins not on the schedule. The story got us eleven flicks that the sun sentinel but what you know what was the news they are you knew the dolphins we're going to London months ago. Right yeah it makes Oreo I've cited as you know I conflict about. Quite honestly. Are you really don't know. Like good looks like you're really sad about that doesn't okay. And I have you know it is a freshman those turtles who have instruments through Dex the next we'll look at depression lists from like five years ago whose audience and they go yeah coming out of hundreds got a W out yeah. I think I like to go backwards rather than the residents are predicting relied Dubai goes out again that one up the other Allen Wright are forwarded to you let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS advanced age age old Miramar. Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters will have surgery on his left ankle slew according to numerous reports. Reports on the recovery time vary however some say four to six months waiters and soaks it in September that if he would prepare the surgery. It's an eight to ten month recovery period so will wait and see on that waiters missed the final thirteen games last season he's been sidelined since December 22. When this current ankle issue. Over to college basketball eighteenth ranked Miami visits number 19 Clemson at 3 o'clock tomorrow but Danes are thirteen and two overall to win one in the ACC. Came through in the midst of a three game stretch against top 25 opponents they started off with a victory over 24 ranked Florida State eighty to 74. They ramped up. By hosting number seven due on Monday night finally a L playoffs this week in your gains on Saturday Atlanta at Philadelphia for thirty. Tennessee at New England at 818. You're two games on Sunday Jacksonville Pittsburgh at one New Orleans at Minnesota at worth thirty those are your head. Organs its immense heat coming up here in a matter of minutes on the other side plus we're gonna give away another four packets of years ago CB he'd take on the Orlando Magic February 5. So the corners he'd take your window will be opening up this hour plus we'll look at some of those playoff games on via the back and here we talked a lot about the the NFL games at all a lot of we have a lot of heat where it's easier on earlier at all and we had mark spears Obama and on NBA. And and and so on and so forth put the show's really flown by here latches quick question. Because he also organs looked a little bit differently in the MBA and they're gonna announce the starters in the captain's next week so like yesterday's their push a lot of the fan voting 'cause like it was double the votes for yesterday right. And he really don't have anybody up in there were. So which is as kind of expert Andrea it's understood it so Kevin Durant. Who is he's chasing his teammates stepped curry can India in the Western Conference. For the also is it was a different the Bergen on offer by knows a they're gonna take two captains who are going to be the the top vote getters and they're gonna be like a playground style southern doing it right it's like you pick one player I've picnics where you can mix where. For the story finding good little teams like that it is the probable few years granddad in like it was an urban Indians and go like now okay and that's all my questions you know. Kevin Durant says he doesn't want to do its ray. Have personally have a problem with the right. Would you want that would you wanna do it because I did that cause your British shafts of guys. I let go just that all your teammates at your bed lead would you want to where everybody knows where Kevin direct homage to that I take. You know G on us over dream on war you know whoever it is should I take DeMar DeRozan. Worst are got a text of course like how did which would. Electric drill bit and really whatever smuggled because you know you're gonna get AFLAC Ford if you look better when you pick. You're you're gonna get some flag but I I think you have a really I'm not I'm not sure that I agree with Iran on this because. You're out is I can construct the steam anyway I see fit. Ride maybe I'll let it go all perimeter may be I wanna go is big and I tanner may be I wanna load up on three point shooters there. Nobody's load up on defense for the NBA all star game. But you know that's your that's your excuse that's your Al Nasr explanation. I asked what else saw or read into Leggett he takes too rosy an old hard and let's say oh you think darker birds eggs and it likely that that's how it's gonna be a welder likeable to do what I do right right right but up but I'm saying that it doesn't have to be interpreted that way. Correct but it though. But it did you're you're a good explanation is should be simple you're Kevin Durant right what. What was he still let's face it you take one to let our it was a heart objected to mark rose over another two Gaudenzi if you could just all I wanna better viewpoint shootings that well that's what would you say that that's. Their emotional let them both great three point shooters my boys argues that joining the big man's woman to take. You know whoever I'm gonna take he'll do a hundred Jordan over a point guard over you know whoever else is out there. Like Obama to take that it's a it like there's going to that's why he doesn't wanna do which I Anderson I know I understand that that's led that's why but I think it's a ridiculous. And is ridiculous. That's put on so I'm just like that three put these guys out there elect if you take Jimmy Butler over Christophe for Zynga is the only things we both members of that committee is. And that's gonna become the merit why do you take him ahead of him right. And certainly that is all but we're everyone so bunched up as far as who's the best player who's segments from the third wrestler in that league that is becomes edge in the NFL the overly cares. Well Al sleigh like this. Among staffs tourists after decide how do again out here like eight years really I mean come on your TD don't go to Google and it may be an in what was what was didn't he just still somebody sued to lead them bleeped on Twitter what was that incident about. Like who caters to lead the staff I have no problem with. No he doesn't several items in the gym but haven't we like what they call what he's a cup gig that would they had when he came back to Oklahoma City. And in that would close out everything I mean beat Kevin Durant I'd obviously you look at more sensitive divisions run as the things and then I was liar yeah I just know there's the other part doesn't like and yeah I just like the process that and it went through with it. In a bill it was over hyped and pretty stupid mother come as a resistance and that's a dying well god does it hold it hold draft. Being of you know you got two guys up here and there make an all these comments you're trying to be we'd be an insightful and blah blah blah on its. Really it turns out to be better just show me the list of the team still show me the list of play out Alicea. A one hour commercial where you Lulu and highlights and all this kind of stuff that. It's a marketing opportunity we know that I am I'm with staff curry outward you know of the Katy come. You did did you receive an a's because they on the Miami. No I did not David's a mad props man maybe they gave their runs on that he bandwagon. Got fifteen minutes of it coming up next right here on 79 minutes ago. I had back. And fifty mitigated customize my champion for my sports South Florida's number one. One gene chuck and as you be customizations job guarantee down the hottest four by four modifications in town. But Jimmy and for my points of an 865 yards through 3446 with a champion four by four dot com also sponsored by Meredith. Tell high tech Lopez and Martinez BL call 305800. Burma over here from Stephen A Smith dean just a matter of moments plus. We're going to be giving away still got the of course he did wind opening of this are forcing his goes in the heat annually and a magic number fifth to get all that killer put fifteen minutes and he. Here perk. As a let me ask you some day as they heat and heat and heat follower does it matter to you weathered the national media is talking about the heat. It wed like win win they're like you know with Steve today when when everybody's. You know on the heat. Does it make you feel better about the team that everybody is is not talking about easy does it feel worse about. No no no that's not that I need any and not that I need any of validation for my own opinion yeah. But it does. I think what I would we've seen here in the last couple of weeks. Is is fizzled its special. And I like to see them. Even they don't have the big names. And all the superstar. That they're getting some of the credit and Spoelstra is getting some of the credit in the organization is getting some of the credit in the spotlight. And so I do like that now I always thought that they were good team now how who actively debated. But I like the fact when I went when the national people are talking about and what unquote basketball expert and then they have a little bit more information than I do. And maybe sometimes tense that question privileges that may be worked clouded all of their bottle because you're down or down here a little bit. And it's always nice to get a new set of highs and how they look at your team. So it and it hum Obama be honest here it's that I got I got fan in me average for all the local teams I want all the local teams to do well right I was born here I was raised your I want all to do well. Now you I try to balance that as much as I can. Put sometimes you go on wall maybe they're not as good but when you hear people given okay now there. They're still legit team Donald they're gonna win the championship or any of that stuff in but doomed to answer questions if that if you question I do like to see when it validates. Yeah they are doing something a little bit unique down here in a little bit special people recognized nationally. We get a sexier say and national media talking about us hopes with the big whales. I don't think the that's true and don't give her I look we I think they'll be true in college sports. In in in pro sports are you you know you choose your your your team for different reasons number one being money. No yeah he went out there wasn't one yes so. I. I I don't think that it. I think 22 from a lot of millions it does matter. And it makes them yet did you stick out your chest a little bit more than you and a lot of yes can you feel that the hard work that your organization did. Pays off you're hidden in the right direction Brenda offseason moves designed to grab and everything like that so. Dom always been arrested and help people during the goes. I know a lot of my friends who. You know as soon as the dolphins where McCain's aura that he. Some as they start get a little national signed a chest it's tough out a little bit more right right and so yeah I get outside of that. That Mary did you know kind of kind of curious always like to see how different people. Well I think about that college is it thing it's a bit different like when the crowd it's a big different yelling McCain you like limitations were were ranked as high ice and that's fine. He only Elvis level Ilie in the weeds a little bit more you know little lamb the weasel but more. And play the underdog caller underdog card a little bit but in the trolls I don't think that makes a difference at all my all records a look at an Armani is me and my yeah actually like those guys. Mean I guess if if if like you're talking about me bag I guess if like you have a dog the bunch of guys like. Jeff being Gundy saying good stuff about how your organization is Ron and and Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson. Maybe that whole sold. It'll be looked at us embassy pretty much you know you're gonna listen to who. Your agent other players you know you've been around the league comes on speaking to your veteran NBA player in capital players. Are you mentioned that Stephen A Smith is you would say Stephen A Smith is one of the the biggest. Voiceless national voice on sports and and it's an NBA is his first love and MBAs what he cut his teeth on. When he when he got into this business back in in Philadelphia but let's hear from Stephen A here we had to say on the on the he'd be in the country and does. Any bold predictions you wanna throw out there are you gonna stick with the cavaliers because they've gotten a sounded Damon Elliott you know something and I'm not gonna say definitively hasn't yet been at the beginning of the season Ali with the Miami Heat must sleeper. If I were to make a bold prediction which I'm hesitant to do if I had to I would see him that I believe that my. Not call one of the top two seeds in the east. Comfort mean Cleveland small force of solace responsive to these guys because of Toronto road because at some point to the rest fortitude to be at the receiver gonna run a Little Rock. And that's the encrypted nicer than the man. Gifted of the mapping but so. I am looking Cleveland and Boston has been excellent 3 teams in the Eastern Conference and I think the Miami Heat. Has the best chance of anybody else's needs to not one of them all. Part so he looked the way around their little bit okay has so let me ask you this now. Bosnia and Niigata in congress. You I like did you know I. Yeah but Hubble unless you're he's been undergoing yet you likes him and able to more if you don't like them 55 seconds ago after hearing that right thank god he's a leader when he was later LeBron is leaving and everybody on the telling it like them include fourteen intimidate is not he's not you know he's not. You know woods. Of future Telerate like that isn't a fortune teller. Like Stephen they can be wrong on all these things who knows. But I'd like Stephen A doesn't it but if you could just say things to say even when he believes that the mine he could be until seems an arrow. So like I sold it and I'm asking you do you do you normally. Consider him. Credible or do you consider him a blower until he says favorable don't know. Don't you will own and not known and I don't know I know I'm not that was she wants it back. Some people I would imagine are yeah yeah that guy and that's what you like like I. Had a natural Palin does this hacker curve streets an idiot he's talking bad about you will live another time you know of bird Barbie talk good about you will now all of a sudden he's incredible voice. I'm sure other guys I'm sure that in the on this all the time on record as the moron why is an idiot that I say Linley didn't know you have to consider all of that editorial. At that. That's a good Drexel is that it off Curtis yeah. It's a new plutonium reactor cores and I was told the that it detects an agreement that. I don't that's going on out there. Hey Karzai there's a limit of Texas that on the he has that I read the tags that's a great tax and a tight race tracks volume up a nightly deck out your your good god I so what I'm not that was you watch you like a Stephen A Smith. Stephen A Smith you know a cartoon characters of times of their. Does have its offer entertainment I get that you know but. When you when he says something about the MBA from the keys yeah that's what he believes he thinks he had a criminal and I think he's always got credibility and an to me there's no rush and everything has never quite rightly a certain guys would skip Bayless or talk about LeBron being a choker out of my dad. Here's what to write a you know Mets pushed it. Well whatever that is what my eyes and stuff like would he would face as now some people might think that you are frauds I don't know I think he's you are are are legit. The big court possibly pull that off I'm not rated go down that road yet because they don't know the match up be we'll know the situation is going to be and seat. I'd just be obvious that you get out of first round the playoffs and then everything from there is Qaeda having a matter Saturday you're playing with the noted with some playoff money there. A couple of other sex on this topic about Rome national guys talking a that he. Mon now most of the national guys are just gas bag and you all are more factory yo watch more games. Stephen they watches the heat win their on national TV if their. Another text talking about. The national media praising the heat. It's just a distraction for the team. Another text Stephen A Smith has made a living off saying beings just to say things. A little well. Another six Stephen A doesn't watch enough he gains analyze would be just sit about the heat he didn't say anything. Okay I'm with the exit row and then another one are gonna love it. Stephen and Stephen they have the blow hard until we see at some about good about the key. And then we love all right yes the why I don't know that's fair does they won more Steve and they of the total blow hard and even a broken clock. Is right twice a day right now to Greg tax yeah so that's I think that's kind of all the experts agree is I. Great Andre and tackle all under right observers text don't like Obama can sit here and question whether it's coming dean Stephen A Smith is watch the Miami Heat like that's a responsible man am I gonna do that yeah. So but I mean and you add yet and it's kind of beside bias that I was a young team yet and still have appealing about a team. I haven't what he has yet under mold their biggest show hole. He's got to give you a guy knows yet what are we going to let you Gloria you know basketball I this is Israel's the street and say hey I want you didn't eat well and cold out here for the last couple weeks it. So glad I mean like he's gonna breakdown Derek Jorge Julio what he did last night no I'm sure he isn't watch every single minute of every single game here. But I think is pretty good idea. Of what's going on in the Eastern Conference. No I need a 100% credibility Rupert Stephen and hasn't had an outline approved for those tax burden but but I think that's also put that put earning millions do feel better. Got healthier teams when the national media's talk in positively record and but here's the other thing to her like you could say okay yes I watch every minute of every single he gained so do you you. They debt to me that that's why started with a sometimes you'll be too close to. Yeah yeah. And your tenure that need to be blurred that way yes that even if you're not getting your deficits and yes yes it does limit you cover the ball from. Right and you always told me he always say to me. I see I see her you are the man you're there every single day. Refining noise than other dolphins I'd ask you and you always tell me what. It's always good how another set up at night and a retrospective. Yeah right it just the other day I'll ask you what he would know about the ball right guys aren't you start trying to get story ideas because it because I am too close to it some time now. Let Obama embargo and stuff filed a mass people you know what do you think about the team what he wanna know about the team thing but you know just. Right there's. A certain right and I are close to an acting like a journalist. Not a brilliant. But I mean not just ideas like you come in and it's like you know I'm just using a out won't even say any player's names would just play your axe. It's very friendly to you today yeah. You know I mean I danced the guys in the OK number come on the radio just ripped from the shred drummer right article that says he is the worst player on the in the hidden on the on the entire team right. They would sometimes when you're in its hand it just it gets it's your it's a little different monthly or better or worse just never did all the sedated forest for the trees that's exactly right sometimes is a little bit different when we take a step back right. OK maybe I got caught up in this we all do that. We don't get caught up a little bit where it's like OK the other hurricanes get caught all they're gonna beat everybody by thirty points when other what do you tell us that it's like who. Yeah it mirrored and the way they did go to legal contingency. Reserve OK let's take let's say your breather right the serious about a look at this team. The guy and you know it's that's a sports is a lot of its emotion in menu gets a little bit caught up in some certain things so. I love this so when you say that the you know you come to me we all your dolphin stuff. I'd love to know when the usual stuff sucked it. I can estimate of sorrow I. You know does that go a lot about the ball is collecting and into the next time perk up the ball is still don't go to my god this is next to at a bar the night before it's well not ask them what they wanna know I don't you know do that I do that quite a bit actually. They wanna know whether to sub sucking up to there was never know that's a great text with desecrate that real lot of great texture protect sensitive over him for that matter. All the try to do is look as though and it's we look at a bit here's your little and last one to discredit chew on that. They he do have a lot of good players but drug it sets their ceiling. Drug it has all the missing man no woman. I got that's got a Texan earlier says you always your deal for being it is consistent while you were going on other warmly and inconsistent because that because as a Gordon is not as nearly as emergence as a ms. Dion has been more and ultimately ordered it ends it is. Old bull deal and in December. Aren't his form is liable to Dion Waiters here please give this guy through Bundchen numbers at me I'm like Barack. It is I do that that's what that's like take that back as we protect sell us. Text and yes are we come back we're gonna give away the corsets or what will be opening up heat and magic tickets four tickets re give those away plus Leo we have got to these NFL playoff games is there's a few. The probably will be televised this week in which we'll get to an extra seven I didn't take it. After every game on the tickets and into the Lexington to recover times. Post game show was as low complete wrap of the game Lexus into republic finds always an amazing deal ultimate champion for my torso Ford's number one. James shrugged as you because it was a shop a champion four by four dot com the quarters he ticket window will be opening up here in in in six and a half minutes wearing and we afford to is Yossi did you in the match. We got up you'll firebomb attacks are perk which we appreciate it. Our whole a whole lot turn first of all somebody. Our youth football coast exit in about me being conflicted about the freshman all America team. And maybe he'd win on any concluded with their kids we don't praise them for their progression and accomplishment. Who will. I agree with that I have no problem with that I just wonder how young is too young and I know a couple of other people to exit in and said some of these kids are already a YouTube stars took. The one kid can't remove who they say it was just like the LeBron James of palm. Of of YouTube and in this area and I'd like out of your running back karma got money Daniels of Miami central yes. Yes oh yes that name came in on this excellent. Yeah like commit now remember this is you know twenty years ago but it's not not like it's ancient I mean you know 1000 high school we were really good and you know we'd have to go to the back of a magazine. You know trying to figure out her all oval mentioned right you know if we gladiator and Nydia correct itself was in the paper ball like the pre season a day after the pulled. You know I we will call although smaller scale of it now like yeah announced national like like dinner that was a kind of like getting off but that was a deadly there was still like. Now you YouTube and Twitter like Jeff all the guys YouTube account Twitter account and a tunnel. Yeah yeah yeah I mean now like to let you know trying to keep myself right again and I don't think it's necessarily. Eight evil run do sports obviously gets a little review I. Were you we will have a license taken away if we were not. Picking NFL games at some point here on the shelves so the last segment last week that's what we're doing man. Everyone every sports talk show hosts in the country pat at pick NFL games this week and that's come out what the rules are yet. All right so we'll begin with Saturday. At 435 the falcons are in Philly to take on the Eagles a bird against bird falcons or minus three. I'm at a gold. A fissure line I'm gonna go with the Eagles I'll take the field goal at home allows that year and on this we got like a property I'm out. From a Nick Folk profit the profit before the author of the department when our. I've turn off your exercise and haven't taken the falcons when I'm taking it out in my salary right. The obvious that women off to the three point oh sorry I got I got from getting the three there Augusta read in the right but the heels could cover. Fired that night you got the Tennessee Titans who right now our thirteen and half point favorite on the road against New England. New England that lay the points at laugh all the way to the bank. 3810. This is going to be a blowouts allows and. I'm completely pick the type either become nothing but the good quote like over the pursuit of what happened a little cubicles. There are awfully supportive to him. Take the patriots but it and I Agassi two touchdown. Victory mine lives like a fourteen point two Tennessee played their game last week. Did and in doing them go out a lot earlier this story. He's not he's not enough not nearly enough. WW on this one little fight the Sunday Pittsburgh is now a seven points red down a little bit seven points. Over the the Jacksonville. Jack innings way I think this is easy. On taken Jacksonville to cover Pittsburgh to win so. Jimmy Jackson you're a relatively close game loud and you want. Dumb moments in terms of event or view from them out perfectly entitled to artwork over the road where I think you'll go crazy. By the Steelers win by double digits I'd let the seven points if you get if he gets six and a half take even more. The Steelers in the paper that they are both going to be blowout sesame might this to me is the toughest game of on the on the board here. The vikings are five point favorites against Drew Brees and the goal is that the saints. Wells we'll let you go first realized. I could affect. I think Cleveland with a win outright in the the idea Drew Brees and five points I think I'll take that and they could lose Philadelphia bill keep within at least a field wolf not win out right perk where he got. I'll take the saints are I don't know who's winning this game that somebody's defense is going to win mimic game this weekend. Maybe it's Minnesota but uptake in New Orleans. Come merits that's our. Park NFL selections we'll see how we do on not Tuesday that's when we come back. And will be with you because we got its Marlins looking day there may be safe out there and obviously. Would that mean Dade means in our country. And and had a pretty easy time right now ATV out of the snow and that's it Hannity I there's not a hundred Bruno or there was other help or 41 not anymore they threw out of the gang. I saw the yeah I know I don't do that because that's is is federal judge you say Fatah and. Publics of mile slumping to Sonoma to police they are correct him Obama does not all they say that every year and everybody got to their army would have to pull it won't deploy focuses both on and I'm not. The second got hired at odds are playing. And yes I do with the buzzed over this auto problem. But to know what the width 400 of those guys show up 95 and good luck trying to current president and the lure of put men on YouTube over so like that and that Ellroy is the lead police presence right with some guys driving your idea or doubt don't know what really had eighty miles an hour. Down I 95 per 595 good luck. Try to corral that guy all right in his and his buddies but nevertheless while we basketball that day as well so he'll be taking on the bulls' thirty to Chicago also Martin Luther king and the heater on so were were not on until Tuesday. Which were perched on the about so but we'll be here Tuesday. Just before 4 o'clock so a lot to discuss its video that you you Erica wanna go anywhere because we got. Greg likens and Josh treatment from a member of that that newly replaced right Neil Frito. He's adult man is he is Agile cat like witnessed a dear to save me and here he is gonna come barging in here. And he's I'll sort of things to say he's going to be cut me and and juke and then right up list and moves have listened to cheer over their yes he's a new man this illuminated me yeah ironic man here Josh Friedman. So that they're coming up next are we have a great weekend and appreciated the Texan we love all the texts are tremendous great text. All all for all three hours from the stacks and plows they do very much purge you have a good week dead. And before we leave we got to open up your quarters he's ticket window and we don't I don't I'd Wear on an almost forget that I can't do. That though February at Orlando game right we call number seven and has tried perk 786534. 0790. Payton and while there maybe that's right 786534. 079. The caller number seven will send you to tea to see the guy heat and the magic. February 5 are courtesy of us right here on on 790 the ticket so what ever have a great weekend. And we'll talk to you Tuesday Tuesday afternoon human right here Frito likens next here on seven I didn't take.