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Curtis Stevenson
Tuesday, January 16th

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They. For more here on seven that's the ticket article are you don't take him until 7 o'clock following. Still got and Greg Cody and no band today as you just heard via the crew there Mike Ryan and company everyone seems to be sick perk everyone's got some sort of something wrong with them and I rarely get bill. When I do fall ill it would be you see I'm on I am on the doorsteps of hell. Did you get the big one son yes I never I am head like flu or anything like that in. There. When he years some like that but I Al get these cold but just hang around for three weeks and I've got a dry throat. And watery. A.s and an arm it's this is like a little bit of a call. But it it'll stay for three weeks and then I'm done like I never did like the chills or the like I can't remember last summer had a fever over a hundred. Right okay so you are out there merely endure yet on the identity and you say fortunate yeah good that your genes but it is especially in this business. Where and I guess it's it's OME most workplaces are like ours. But it's a little bit different because everyone shares the same microphone there when you often on the same stuff in there when Jews in the same computers. And everybody's touch in this in touch of that. So zealot you have your own work spaces were Rio we occupy the same studio and all the other shows do and vice Versa so usually that's that can be a contagion odds. I was like everybody I know it's it's again it just makes the rounds you ought to mean aria. Candidacy and Lego Leo somebody sick and old you know you're in sickened in your cousin stake in the new. You know you might consider whatever and just kind of makes around Boston sick in this and that. And it's like okay my number's gonna come up at some point. Yeah I mean and I am always wondered like who is patient zero and stuff like that because if you're with that are bent like for instance about covering the dolphins. Stuff goes around the locker Ross you don't most of the players started their noses what is from school started it right or right but in any any workplace and you're on an airplane that adds as just and a germ too bright that's all you re circulated air people call and these are this yes you don't know you don't know patient zero we have scat but. Yet this this is the timing is mostly about half bluesy I'm gonna who shot this year haven't gotten one allowed subliminal Zambrano who are the guys discuss the armor Larry I think it's all's camp. I'll. Well it it always seems like we're behind the current strain right. I guess that's medicine I guess that's the B list I I don't know how it works the strain becomes resistant to the Lou that's going around right now we're. I have no idea out but it seemed like every year very well this year's strain is especially tough. I drink some more Jews in the morning and I rolled the dice everything that has now and I as belittle him sympathizer cat you have to wash my hands and as an active role that I feel I feel great I get say that. Yeah and ought to be out Nicholas I feel great urge you do a good it was a relaxing weekend to sit around and watching nothing what's sports. Yeah man knew it was it was a great week in and look for Bora a lot of these guys this week in. Yeah just the outstanding. Great memories but. Kept there were some there was one guy. Who. You know it it really wasn't that great for him and that leads us and he hears of being. Williams. We're report New Orleans did he choke on that tackle once upon DX. I'm color of open air on that because usually I don't mind choking as somebody who doesn't do something that they would normally do. That was that was Marcus Williams in this case right is third in sin and Anders what ten seconds left thirteen seconds left. You just make this tackle. Keep the guy in bounds and you win the game. But Marcus Williams did not do that he goes for this diving seeing perhaps you don't hear dale perhaps eyes closed. I guess trying to keep the bond digs inside keep that outside imbalanced. Keep that outside leverage all that kind of technical off but the point is. He did not make the play now you could say that he just messed up just bad fundamental rights that this had nothing to do it. The circumstance. Or the stakes are much time is left or anything like that. I got a ping guy Cho at I've got to think that this is they play that Marcus Williams makes under pretty much. Any other circumstance. I think the stakes and the situation got to hear my note that he slid that in a peer to. That he was going to get there early appeal of going through with a hit. I I'm not sure that I'm not sure that he would have gotten there that early I I think that this was a play that this guy normally makes. And this time he did not make it and he did not make it because of the stakes of the situation. I gotta say I think Marcus Williams show. Here's the thing is brought to you by drone nerds. Me they have locations and in Davie and now their new location and Avant sure whatever you need help on these people can help you out whether it's customizations. Repairs. Anything that you need drone nerds will help you well look them up on nine drone nerds dot com South Florida's side. In the Scott you know is sexy shows that 797 for the 67974. On the coral strings on Mohammed text line I the saints on the Moneyline virtually you don't you don't have to. You don't have to a hug me too hard to go with a choke route on Marcus Williams. But they teach you in Little League per. To see what's your hips yeah to wrap up and tackled the man and I for the life of me. And I see that replay 55 different times. Since then. Seeing alive and was an utter shock in this day and in this matter. I still don't know what the hell you're trying to do I kind of understand what he was trying to doom but I still don't know what exactly. He was trying to do and I. This is going to be a pile onshore in the leg I don't know but I always say it was I was elect forever winner there's a loser Jeff and if you would at a interception in that spot. He'd be the winner yeah he beat all the praise all the glory everything all the tweets at all. All that stuff. He wasn't any blow any failed. In if you want all the adulation and all the credit when you succeed especially on in in sports in that arena that he got to be able to do blame and I could say yes he flat out blew. He did he soaked but I'll also say this remark as Williams. He is not the reason they lost that game he was that ball indie game winning play but you can go back to a lot of other being has. And then it was gonna remember we can it I didn't and that's what the percentile all of the renewal of the job Minnesota Vikings winning that game. When they got the ball back after the fuel what was your put that in the always have those they do a lot and who's abandoned baseball. And in Basque for they have OK there's that is in 95 right there and present underwent probability or whatever yeah it's probability that the saints. Are going to win that game has got to be in the mid ninety's upper ninety's right so and the reason why they did I would against the Margaret Williams down. That that was the that was being the last that was the last being the 21 to remember but it. Do you think he's is it his ball that they that they were able to march they'll feel like. Nobody. That winning when you look at what. The winning play not only what he's he's responsible for the but but what I'm saying is that in the bigger sense. Yeah a lot right now and they've been doing what knuckle. In of that play occurred in the first quarter you're it's it's not it's not viewed as it is now right but the fact that a lot of 21 up and ups and downs or write it write it affected that plate. What is it what happened in the first quarter. Right away right in there was you know there was underneath the court whatever the gas plays affected the outcome of that game but the fact that happened. In that spot yes he's going to be remembered for the guys that with on the tackle plane plane in Somalia. Obviously there right now here's your existing question because. You know tough guys on the radio we always choked on the run Joker all is a loser. I guide that Corretja when the big game we go through all these variables in the and we all these labels for people but what is the definition of choking. Well IIC to mere subjective. Look at that Seattle we we did this a couple of years ago but I don't think Golden State shall when they were up 321 on Cleveland I thought. LeBron was just an irresistible force you couldn't Albemarle. I mean that at there's nothing any basketball team in the world could of done that series so to me mom. It it it kind of berries but in general like I say it if you would have made that layer that dumb at thirteen under normal circumstances. And and the pressure got to use some you do a hundred's argued over and and now under trying circumstances you don't. You brought you brought up. The borders of that team sport that's tough that's tough to tell us it is not decided yet right right let's let the scanners if you've ever years on the final yes. Nick Anderson missed couple free throws. It was a great free throw shooter missed a couple of big slump Orlando at that Chris Webber the the timeout is that choke here. Yeah yeah it is OK I didn't do and I don't write intervals are able course synonymous with the jokers in sports right. Right you know Scott Norwood that the field goal kickers yo dog you throw your favorite doable figure out whether it's the seminal cougars horror. The the Buffalo Bills and Scott in order to Terry Anderson years ago the with the vikings. Those all choked up. Well I I mean I kills they categorically everyone here has been in general yeah in general. I mean you know you have to go through every case and you know it you're talking pictures we've got an extra point. Or Blair all I asserted that Alabama ticker Joseph. Right now this is at the end of regulation that OK that's fair that's where young I don't I I I separate Golden State because. What team do you think of a stop LeBron in that there are thousands and that's why I'm that's why can't just give it a blanket statement like general yeah in general. Yeah it did you can't execute. You know and in a situation when you would normally execute the cause of this week's. You to open general yet. It in the vast majority of cases infect. Coming up be the most amusing thing to happen this week at. That might not it was a doozy they've avenues we did that's how crazy yeah yeah no playoffs. Yeah were in the divisional Rowell get to it all here we got a lot of things that we need to to try to get to hear the next three hours. Including the Miami Heat who were out winners. On Sunday losers yesterday on a quick turnaround a quick back to back. Make no mistake mind you they're playing still playing excellent best wanna chance of that game there on top spot yesterday got to make excuses. But on the bulls. Look art are very different team than the bulls team when you look at their record. Got to tackle mean back they've gotten a mirror and there's bad I had to go to decent team they actually are seeing some of the fruit to the Jimmy Butler straighten those at this like that are actually real players. And that month yet and and that was excusable. Yeah good for her but that was an acceptable loss right you're on the road you're a seven game winning streak you mean are back to back a year. It was about a loss of my no it was not what that tells us the MB when I was like in the NBA. Right then that's his life to limit my walk over the wanna saw the vials of the word in a point. I. You know I give you lose a game right here and and and look we we have open title Johnson is back sooner rather than later right well checking into jail Palm Beach post at the latest on that they everything was negative as far as neck this sensory organs or I thought he was gone I thought he was done for the year. Are you got isn't. You have that was opening my eye on heard or read and Sony Bjorn singer otherwise these broadcasts. Saying that right that they were confuse everybody Watson Coleman being when you when you see him grabbing his knees that's what you think that he was actually I guess grabbing delayed. For the pain in the ankle but yeah. We got up there we got a lot of other NBA story lines if you miss what happened. With the clippers in the rockets' late last night wolf billion on that no end of the cavaliers stadium gold sitting Cleveland's Yemen. So another us yeah I'm so nobly and yet. I'm still I still got him in the NBA finals aren't little sleet there's there isn't a lot of people are kinda wavering on that gets all that but first let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. Miami Heat is off today that he visits Milwaukee tomorrow in the second game of a five game road trip. Eat seven gained about 504. Place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. College football at University of Miami quarterback Evan sheriff's this transferring sheriffs served as the backup. To starter Malik Rose zero all season he briefly entered the Pittsburgh game. NFL championship games are set for Sunday in the AFC Jacksonville visits New England at 3 o'clock in the NFC Minnesota visits Philadelphia at 630. Those are your headlines. 67974. That diary to 67974. In the Coral Springs auto mall. Pundit Tex and we also got to some heat tickets usually giving away all week long we're gonna. I give those away at the back end of the 5 o'clock our four pack to go see the Memphis Grizzlies. World winner yesterday on Martin Luther King Day and a lot of fun to watch all the the NBA tributes. Two to Martin Luther King on not on them OK Taylor by had tea. A good day good today offered a raise is safe and sound here. As we move forward on the 2018. Tex racing graduated from Minnesota vs Jacksonville Super Bowl. That all ended nine to six last in my belief in you know one off. Also what the house cat no about wrapping up and tackling. That's the first thing you look I learned a lowly ranked there pop Warner is you wrap up and you tackle. Hands. Is somebody text into guys even know what to tackle anymore because they don't do it so what I've been. I I I don't know all I know is that he blew that the united and I still don't know for the life of me what he was trying to do. Other than just knock him out. Aren't I thought he was trying to keep me and I thought he was trying to. Caught the left blade and kind of spin room inbounds. To keep him in and and knock them down to the ground at the same time but I. I thought that he thought if by run through him and and knock them out there and the clock stops and and they get another way. So mom and I don't wanna get there too early to get called for pass and there are just that I so now just you know I'll just chop the laid out. And thus we don't mall SP that's what it looked like to meet with. You know what is right shoulder. Cut out there that left lay. Take this beat out from under him he stays in bounds. Clock ticks games over so we got the final four in the NFL. And I and I this is whether you love about sports is what you go low about pert and I know you do. Is here we are. After all and I want to finals they can and we got the New England Patriots you know cut their base their bye yeah would be in agreement on network. You have the Jacksonville jags. Bahrain all you're going on more brawl I'd deny thought you have the Minnesota Vikings. And you had the flu you have the Philadelphia eagle I thought you were just gonna name the last names of the four quarterbacks. But the team that yeah yeah yeah yeah we'll get into the corner yeah. I didn't but I gave it is your team's us expert David T Wright who had that. But at that hour and after one hour for us all back to. August all the Talking Heads of all the experts and all the publications and all the predictions. That is your final four. New England I did you ever would add new England's limit you know put Jacksonville. Right minute. Minnesota. I'm not gonna get into how they got there is getting used team right and then Philadelphia you know even the most. I mean evil and we thought it'll see easily going to be a tough division at the start of the year didn't ride no coming out of it divisional Carson was gonna have an MB BC I mean yeah everybody liked what he did have a rookie. On sixteen touchdowns seven picks I wanna say I'm Donald Dell 337 now there. Yeah if we heard reports he knew he was good as a rookie but I was on his way I did he was an ad. Yes he what he was better than nom what was our border with BO with the Graham's. Boss boss Jerry ball. He he had a better rookie year but I don't think anybody or were either of them so it only gathered it and there are enough when you know two rounds deep in the playoff berth in the championship. No I mean I get up and Douglas was inevitably you're in the he does have a W that he gets hurt right so are we both thought that OK there'll be able to overcome that another probably gonna win the MVP. So I mean that's that's who we're lever that your final four in the NFL. Most crazy man sprays. But I still I'm looking forward to a man championship games on look important both on. Calmly you're not so much. You're disappointed in that Tennessee and you think this is going to be a blowout. Yeah and I gotta kinda do yes I kinda you're gonna see answer me now and yeah. Guys seem eats out so I'll tell you this cat this. The big gains and the comebacks that we've seen. Gives me a law. Little bit hope project and bill but I but I really peaked yet knowing the bank of Boeing it was because they are bogus it's only the younger and it's an umbrella and at least there's there's a reason for hope bride I mean look I Bob big beer was going to be planned next week in I ought to well Brees is going to be playing next week I think I knew where I left the team's arguments in the quarterback reduction of that because Al's big question now is raised over the weekend. Bowl leave you really don't need a franchise a league level 35 million dollar thirty million dollar quarterback to gets into the to gets its IC's dean coming out of your ears those arguments are being made oh. He had a school and out of your ears will be Steve in next here on seven and you take. Every game on the again. Started out with the Coral Springs off pregame shows us August 7 game particularly the matchups he's of the game and and I'm ready for temple almost brings on a ball low cost cars run your Viacom guys business built for business person per with you on late Tuesday afternoon beautiful day here. Are enough in South Florida was supposed to be a little bit cool Dan I think in the in the next couple of days but. Nice nice day over ready I agree weaken of course. What Luther king holiday yesterday text writes in his salute this agritech you're gonna get all that there were you discussed of all weeklong perk I love the electorate here. Awful losses Brady nine portals zero. Now. Right there you go winds there. Yeah hospital now to win united VPs are and I did all pro is a playoff losses present nine portals got zero what you what you do about that Kirk what you think about that perk. I got that taxer. I think did text is accurate but I'll still take Tom Brady I'll let LS being socially. Other Oregon and and and not you know not trying to. You know call anything crazy or anybody crazy you're anything like that right. This is a weird NFL here. I guess I mean in in lesson. No bulletin got left right right I can't think of what I'm more oddball group. In the last four and let's say all the movies teams don't deserve it. All these teams deserve to beater of your complaint is long man you deserve I'm not trying to discredit any of the teams I'm just saying it's it's very odd. And then but then you'll try to make its make something more out of its. And say well look at Blake portals you can without a quarterback you can you know look at case Tina look at nick Folger you'll that a quarterback. And I ended in and there's different ways to win in the NFL I I just don't see it and I'm distraught as that other than it's just kind of was a fluke year. Hands. In an NNF spurred Jacksonville. Nobody's. Really saying well you get those horrible about without an early quarterback are they. I that you with the blade morals thing maybe you are. But isn't that gave them. Yeah they are guy guys you know yeah probably got this is dead yes yes yes probably so yes yes yes only an actual win morals and beat Iraq. Just you have three quarterbacks that are kind of route door on the scrap their bravery and that was murder against you know and I which is running a bit you don't blow a little bit weird out there yes. Yeah no you know have much month thing has always been in this that it is a quarterback's league there is no doubt about that. If you don't have bad guy if you don't have breeze or Brady your Rogers or Roethlisberger. To me. You better work on your defense and you better work on your run game and you ask their quarterback to make timely plays as opposed to cheer your team. And we we seen that. In the last decade right with mark since is getting their back to back years Colin cabernet for the most part Russell Wilson. Com when you have a legion of boom and you have Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson was always and passing attempts. He was known in the when he is in the league and the last couple years as passing attempts that have gone up. Com your your more asking Russell Wilson to Siri the team now. As opposed to just making timely plays and share that low with the defense and the and the running game. But more sustained excellence ended the best way to do it as with a quarterback there's there's no. About what is a good note out of the dolphins fans I think a lot of becomes involved visually define you listen okay what's what's. What are those other teams that we don't have what are what are we missing and for years you could say. Maltese Tom Brady I mean my guy and you and Brady's don't you know you can just applicable Brady here on the bus stop here for 41 right and hard come by right right right so for years it was odd to and we don't Tom Brady follow the and we don't know we don't have a quarterback. Now there's a little bit of an opening for for golf bands okay women. What does Jacksonville have that that that we don't have what do what does fill your minutes at the we don't have. And the quarterback was hard to get we know that on to try to find a real once since thirteen. But they're going OK the defense really good well okay act it's a week we can we get a really good defense right here. Op so I think that's where that's where that the hope is coming from not just from the dolphins fans but I mean from other teams around the kind of look at and go okay well they can do it. That 1003 when football team a couple of years ago in Jacksonville and it below literature on why it why can't we do that. I think anybody K and I mean and in theory that urge you to know very few teams do. And once again. You get it if you don't have that died. At quarterback you get deepens and running game we've got three of the 43 of the top four. Are playing this week right only New England which was 28 the 29. But but when you when you look at Minnesota and Jacksonville and Billy. That's three of the four top defense and and the team that didn't have that deep they've got the quarterback. So there are other ways to do wit. How long is that going to sustain you allow a horse that way of doing it amassed an old person if you don't have that god like opens. You have that guy at quarterback. Get Jimmy defense and they running game and you'll do better as a whole host whom saying well. Oh no he's not dead guys but this is how you win in this league so much. Let's get forty times a good game to go to the bonds Parker twelve times and hope that he comes around as this are you women in a fail. No you get a deepens as they are running game like Colin tapper and it. And and like Denver via that year and like Mark Sanchez and and and and just like Russell Wilson I mean. There are in the last decade there are a bunch of cases we're where that's worked. Is it going to sustain you ain't. Probably not he might have a good two or three year stretch as opposed through a New England Patriots like stretch by. It's it's the way to get around it's the common sense way to get around it it. You can't turn Bryant in a deal into Aaron Rodgers. But you can turn this dolphins team in two. Aid you know that jet steamer that 49ers team or that or that Seahawks team or that Broncos team. To me that. That's that's your best hope. Resurrected over to the signs are missed tackle from being their yes the reason we are there and that's exactly right and things we did there we differently or Pittsburgh won the nerves ever but that's on the case this is what's left them in at any reason to win the Super Bowl. At the with a snowball on a case Kim. Is durable. A winning quarterback that's going to be parade around all the NFL and a now. You know you outposts they look you can go to guy in case given you good to Liu was almost got a taste him. So I mean that that's what we're going what does think this answered this a good texture that by December green homosexual agree arsenal. It's easier to get to absorb all the great defense that a mediocre quarterback. A league quarterback with an average defense cornerback is most over a position in the NFL. That's basically where this conversation is headed for the most part do you agree with that because. I don't know I I don't I I don't think the Eric's. Why don't know that's ever been the taste of going back to Bart Starr and you know Johnny U and all of that. It's even it's even more important now because. The rules are made for the passing game. You can't hit the quarterback you can't hit the unprotected receiver blah blah blah that's the way the league once the game two goal that that's why. It's just easier to do it that way that's that's the way the leaders somewhat. So Mattias question if if you if I did you anyone anyone you want you can only pick one now and today you all -- NFL. General manager your your your run your operating team right I did see a general manager perk. You can have a top five defense or top five quarterback which one do you want. Whom that depends on who the quarterback Tino does. And the big one more year topped by a quarterback get you a generic top five quarterback guy. You can generic top five defense. That one or the other and that that's a tough when there camp you're talking about for a single season. See these guys will even itself were sustained excellence LT orbit. A single season like this you get a fight you have all that for five years whatever you want you get out of the quarterback brother released in Atlanta on. Well analysts or the differences because for a single season like Blake portals is not having a great season right. But you can get hot bed deepens and that running back. And and that indexing get Jordan when you can run where yeah but for sustained you're happy but you know what I'm saying I'd like you're looking at the first record I don't think twice about you in the big picture deftly 100% quarterback under. Rec center is that's right I I still come down on that and I understand I mean that's. It when he is he's so teams because he's the quarterback. As you know has a buddy to say there's but he he touches the ball every every way and most teams are are passing offenses now. Because that's the way that in a bill doesn't Sally come up and in high school and in college and the rules are designed to pass the ball sold that's what I would go. What you saw in his NFL playoffs doesn't give you hope with your golf in France they passed to though. CI. I guess I mean I had to me it doesn't give me any more hope than. Two years ago but I've always been on the defense and running game you don't have that guy. And a lot of other people have been you gotta throw the ball a dude. If you can't throw away. If Hassan Whiteside can't shoot threes you you care to elements on seven putters now. Are are on the perimeter we will chew on the perimeter it's not gonna work so you can't tell Ryan's barely healed it. You know we want you to be Aaron Rodgers is not gonna work you have to go around the problem. And and that's what deepens and running game has been doing for years in the NFL is not just this championship. These two championship games. But again sustained excellence I'll take the quarterback but if you don't have that guy. What are you gonna do we're gonna keep chuck the ball hope when he turns and let that allowed teams just hope they find that guy that actually. And that's what I hate about you see this that's what I hate that's what I think about the laughter another guy well the lack of creativity in the lack of thinking is it's just like while we've got to do it just like the patriots are doing. And if we don't then something's wrong with us but on another way around. Is there are nowhere on that that's been there when it comes down to eye we got a bunch text here we're gonna get to those there we're gonna have to sift through these during during the commercial break George amenable to some MBA as well. Budget that would. I love it I. It isn't what might this way I look the at a golf college football about basketball but this is kind of why I love the NBA because the moments like last night woods when we come back Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. That's essentially our sister station. That nine point nine his country is hosting the 33 annual chili cook off guard by Ford it's this Saturday at cities that market ever pines. This day of food drinks great weather is predicted as well. And they star packed lineup of country music artists including Darius Rucker older many big and rich Maureen Morris Midland and Brandon laying. Your tickets Ochoa took off now to dig in Miami dot com. That's going to be a fun time out there Saturday when lineup and whether sports. Cooperate. So chili cook off an annual event here. In in South Florida Curtis and her back with you here on a Tuesday afternoon you can always sex show we got while we a lot of Texans went on quarterback and it lights up. Yeah those are charming person out of work whether president there was that super bug that's with a well 67974. We invite and encourage or text messages and anything that's on your mind send it into womb when heavy football here for the yeah the first couple segments. But we're gonna be all over the place here for the next a couple of hours entity Chang the Miami Heat. Covers the heat for the Palm Beach post he's gonna join us here would get tougher team it's heated five point also got a four pack to keep tickets to see the grizzlies February 24. Really well give those away in the 5 o'clock hour as Wilson SP up. Be focused on that via on point for that only Camellia Q2 called the contest line the ticket contest line a lot we'll have that in order. But did you see what happened last night in the NBA and good stuff man. The best of the best guys to let me let me see Americans at the same time let me just kind of BS stuff. It's just soap opera did soap opera yes all right so let's this is it was a national TV game last night if you stayed up late to watch it. And I I did and it was the the clippers in the rock. So that early game was was Cleveland angles they were sorted to that will be later on that Orly was okay game goals in the winning at the end cynically when we got problems. But so is owed to its use of Martin Luther King. Obviously it's a it's a and they want some of their the better teams on on the up on the broadcast of the big rematch in the finals but yet Chris Paul return to the clippers into Los Angeles. So delegate. The clippers win Blake Griffin tavern a great game and just a lot of trash talking than going on learning and boom. And the game gets globe the chip I mean you know the did. Chris Paul didn't leave on the greatest terms. Even give a big big video montage in the fans' game a pretty good ovation. I think in the team's team wise it then you'll like the way all that went out. Depends also boom like the person army touched the ball I'm it was and yeah but I mean it was like LeBron Cleveland for the first I don't know but the fans were not happy with crystal Harris left was kind of ignorant of the line drive right kind of from spare parts or Houston. So but nevertheless. After the game so we Houston loses. The clippers win the hand. Things happen in in the locker room so here's Blake Griffin after the game what happened in the in the locker room and here's what he had to say. We're we're we're supposed to be where you know locker rooms. So some. When it happens over them and we can't control embryos that we control what we do and we room locker rooms in our seats to suggest you go past them. Are we will last them a second so what happened was the clippers are in their locker after the game so. You had a group of rocket players Trevor Ariza. You had Chris Paul. You had to change hard and you know. And cling Capello was also a table Julie Green and Joseph according to compel a way to the front door righty Tim and other forward it to does that relate to the backdoor or give it aside to answer Chris Paul knows all the secret passages of stable senator. So they came. In the back door of the clippers' locker all the sudden they just show up in the clippers' locker. So what and so obviously. Something's about to go down. So Chris ball here's what he had to say. If what happened in the in the locker after the game. Now and I'm there we. We we took a loss garment tough loss and get up out here Paramount thing as I said at a news. I saw that way and basically nobody says yeah right now you know apparently been IC which is great that they're remarkably different. On if yen and Chris Paul said anything to each other in the locker complete view Chris say anything to each other seem like you've gotten. Too little bit there at the end now. I'd scenario so nobody saying anything but these guys were it is that the but the rockets play and went into the current logged bottom line business. I love the fact that these two teams hate each other. And I think that is the low per electric bring one thing back in sports. If I always knows that wall near the commissioner of of the NFL and if you're the commission remains a baseball would you do. They are who has usual changes I wish. That I'd we there'd be more hatred for the opponent because I truly love that as a consumer and watching these games. That does a great job of selling games that hatred but it's. It's just so hard on it at at all levels and a main reason in the roles as free agency. And then in college you have to AA you ended the seven on seven camps that saw tell these guys back right well no I don't think so at all because. To me a big part of the hatred woes. You didn't know the other guy you never saw the other guy he's surely face like he was you know cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers were fraternizes you didn't. You're. You know you didn't grow up playing eight AEU bowl together or seven on sevens and and all this kind of stuff you by the notably in college but there was no free agency so you didn't bounce from team to team in. You know all and I know I know Leon's long that's my boy you know talk live when you get to the steel. There's none of that there than you know there was none of that back in the day it was you were on the Steelers you're on the cowboys you run the vikings. Now guys Meeks and and guys know each other and it it's all very friendly. I understand that but I and I don't mean everyone needs a hate each other OK because I don't item but I just missed with a buddy nix last week when when he played. What those teams hate being gay the I guess I I love that it's gonna happen all the times I have been between every opponent there's going to be match ups across. Every league where just kind of Alia no big deal that'll literally going to bother us or we don't really bother them or desire to beat him that's it. Put those certain. Those certain instances perk. Where that the true read that don't like each of whichever reason does not all I. Blake Griffin for a reason yet whether the dead baby momma the wrong way right whether you know he told you know you'll bleed off or you know at a club one of whatever. Rain is right. I I did I miss that in sports per because I think there's nothing wrong with you hate eating in the other. Hold on no hatred hatred is good man hatred is good but to me. Especially in the NBA but to me a lot of their hatred. Comes from. When you meet in the playoffs. Multiple times you know ports on good by year's end or whatever three straight years. And those same core players grumble teams. That and to me that's how you do it you know that that's kinda how you get ignore one because. You know these teams have some some rough regular season games and they never see children in the playoffs to meet the whatever the way I'm not sure anybody was ready to bite last night. You know I'm Heidi all I got tonight all right guys it doesn't you wanna buy you barged into the locker room and I don't you know searching for security camp hope more guys back ready really wanna fight. Right but then yeah you know hold back six foot ten guys yeah little trainers are teams security and by the way that the the the coaches in the covers the heard the rockets players out there on your service gimme on the came out and they were dispersed. I was a male Texan at the Austin rivers. Was Argus over the Texas alma what he was saying on the bench Austin rivers was talking a lot of smack on the meant to be in play and I think he's on her and I was of those engines and none of it would it would docs kid right it is like a lot guys that a lot of guys don't like that. Yes that's true. That's true this is this is come up before yes so I think that the that the big but the layer to it but I just I just love those instances we and it's got a new classic to Benson is a cal our revenue ray. Yeah I just love that perk I got his ideas to and you know I knew when guys like he's a guy like some it's actually sells he just. I got off on the meals and we had to go until some of the Seattle Seahawks he was. I think I just said those quotas bleed that guys and plead his entire programmer operational the coming years ago and Al's diner thing of it but that's the Herbert quote. Like I is right you know. Bleed that guy in and everything is its right. Yeah yet Noah and we I don't even think that Cleveland Goldman's eight is where where you would like it dubious or as bad blood the the rivalry. Is bare but the bad blood it's that's not like Miami yep rescue right that's that's the hatred that you like a patriot. You know little respect Hillary haters out there that that right I just hate this team not how I hate their bands I hate their cheerleaders. I hate their coach is right I hate their campus everything about them ice eight you'll see that enough in the pros college I think it's still alive and well. But in the pro sports has just. Don't see it I know I know I know the reason you mentioned you may have your right your right I know why Baidoa we don't have it I just wish we had. A little bit more of an I just think it makes me as I do know I had I'd love a love dynasties I love rivalries. And a season right arrives and that's why we're literate all right Massimo badminton championships like Lauren every last night watching that. I don't know goals and an android mobile robbery anymore because gold's bag couldn't get through this and it's it's it's one sided it's definitely one side. I would get that coming up do over of the 5 o'clock delegates is the best low got a team is heating up the chain of Palm Beach post in the job by. And also while we get to you take its organ in your way as well the 5 o'clock hour right here on 790 the ticket. Bummer summer his now. I figured Curtis and bird where do candidate Jack and Bobby program fits into the. You got to talk about this team. As they move forward here in the second half of the season this Friday on its biggest championship weekend. Football Friday that about Bobby Charlie offseason blogger for the playoff games injury updates. He's of the game and more mommy Charlie there was someone draft picks want to use the public adjusters embargo would grow and Lex the North Miami. Football Friday the playoffs and into an Iranian FM 104322. To get. Somalia Texan per I think this is what it was I arrive at those CLs defense was amounts yells Stevens for summit but it was Josh Norman about. On the back of junior. Know that the quote visually bleep him reasonably. Bleep him and his whole set. Like video that raises like that the quote of this yes what I hear that like it's on yeah those two guys go out right right right that's the that's the thing is that when you hear that. Room from those who guys and guys will face off against each other yes. That's meaningful and wanted to hear in the breaker or from press conference last night yes just like you bleed Chris Paul is all set up. And like OK okay yeah I do what's next thing you know and a you know the flip side of that. Was you remember when James Harrison left two gold suit to join New England. And like Mike I don't see you know these and you know basically does and he did this to himself party's policy our market mightiest. Bigby and did not say anything big BN was we respect James airs at Miller and knew that I might have to face this dude well he's apparently was not afraid of dreams fears and big begins speaking of his future and his safety going yeah I don't wanna rip getting serious and so that that's the flip side of a host screw him and through his whole program it's you know I still respect bag and I. I was just ultimately true hit cancel pro yeah I had the operation right. That's while Roethlisberger wants or about that is we know we know that yes you will not. You sell the Sosa Marcus Williams there was of the show juggernaut yeah it was I think the bigger the bigger gags I was Mike Tomlin over the weekend. Well we can explore that here will explore that toward a little bit went well I'll I'll tell you this now you talk about that in there who I see that there. Hey a little movement. By some Pittsburgh answered have Tomlin removed from his job well hello and may not just fans Provo pro football talk dot com reporting. That's some minority owners and whatever the board of trustees out there in the Rory Reid our runs the whole deal right. But there's some their locker room we're like yeah I understand some remote you know where there's not grumbling. The Miami Heat there's not. And that leads us into here's the thing. The money he might just have to face this man. They're going to be. Injury shortened the entire way way it was last year it appears gonna be like that again this year now it's Tyler Johnson missed down with an ankle injury. Previously the injury bug has gone through this whole roster swept up Dion Waiters is on my side running Magruder James Johnson just as Winslow you know that list. Same thing happened last year. You hope he gets a look at a healthy squad they seemed to have a lot of talent a lot of roster diversity but again the second straight year. It seems like it's not going to be that way. Hats off to Erik Spoelstra he's managed his team bear Reid will through all these injuries. This is a team that probably is not going to have an all star I think we are 99.9. Percent. This team is not going to I don't know subtler about that you know about that while yeah all right we'll talk about want to we'll get to that later. But the bottom line is this space deed is done well within its makeshift lineups that last year and a half. And it appears that he and coach Erik Spoelstra are going to have to continue that trend. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Chara and now in progress. Older is your authorized DJ ideally they go all your drone these cover weather's training new purchases prepares customizations whatever it is they will hook you visit him today. Droll nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the sky you'll ask is it saying you know about that but as yet they're not gonna be they're not gonna have. They're not and if they're powerless rare. No not going well you know runs out right ready ons are in the economies of other injuries there will other injuries really know what that's just part of it and end. They're not grown in nobody's going in and out on a Matt Diaz is is just back but. It is to me it is pretty remarkable bit that you know and you asked last week you know where this bowl you know his his responsibility. I admit I never thought about it like that but I guess I ever thought about I guess he's got to be number one right he's been their role. You know all 82 last year when they now when he by an eighteen. So he he's been their per per every game. And the other players who have been there for most the games but. I think as part of your point 21 person. I'm a player guy. And I can't I can't point to a player who's been you know James Johnson might be close drug it might be close but I. I think it's always had a hit this thing I really do and it again and blowing up my UniCredit players. None lead OK but I am I didn't understand about your singer dog in the heat right now on the Tex signed by the way we have got to Magruder Texan or so's I and I haven't checked it so murders go back you're no I'm saying that we keep the streak alive with a murder attack us. Yeah yeah I did miss them but we need to get detect no but look my whole point is that. Did it looks like they're just going to be an injury shortened team that this this injury being is is not going to. I don't think it's going to all of a sudden get better I think this is just the way it's going to beat teams reached reasons. But they they've done a great job is to be there on doing or anything. I don't know I think is going to be their undoing registering at. You know as opposed to sitting around and crossing your fingers and going when we finally get to a 100%. It's like this is reality as 75%. Is pure reality. Event a year and you're not going to be 95% healthy or 90% healthy that this is your reality somebody's always gonna be out. There's always going to be waiters along with a Magruder with a Tyler Johnson on the side where James Johnson nor hosts on that. It's not going to just be. You know Derek Lowe and his injured. Let's let's well rarely going to be missing my right to major pieces and and and a two week injury. Okay you're right in the that this team is soul. How does what it's not fragile this team is in fragile I don't know I think with solid solid with the Big Three. We're just like O box you got a month they like art yards ways to take the next two weeks offer LeBron suits is that Diana. It was just like well no big deal because they're win enough games and in the league. Leg Golden State steps out for couple weeks in a great deal right you have enough to overcome yeah so this team yes would like catalytic you know lost him for four or for big stretch where if you lost. So Haas on again off to las Goran yes. There would be hard for them to overcome that even though they've overcome that already. I saw on the IIII and there's villagers understand well I have it has. Nothing to do with it's hard to overcome it is this is your reality don't don't sit around. It's it's not going to happen and it Magruder gets back and everybody and it. I know I know but I just a while ago on murder charge don't think you can buy. My point is like this and that's at but that's just life in the MBA that's just like in sports like. Guys are gonna go down I think we just look at this team it's as well but there are so fragile like we don't know solves those old games does he would crumble and they did not die when they were missing Dion and just is Wenzel. This team would not would go on winning streak and they did. So I just think yes they're gonna have some. Some guys on his you'll lose three or four guys they're going to be just fine perk I just I do think it's life it's gonna be life in the NBA where there's always going to be guys out you're never gonna be at a hot quote 100%. No that's not the the point is OK the point is there's. The heat was number one and miss gains due to injury last year right right. They're number three this year right doesn't like last week yes that's that's your reality it don't don't think that. You know a month from now you're gonna drop to well now we're seeing. In and end games lost dude you're gonna stay around number three that's just the reality to this team it'd it's not going to get better. Other scenes and it's going to get better toward him right now this team is the same that's just. That's just her real it's it's not a comment on whether you're good enough it's it's like comment on and welcome to your reality. And I think they've done a great job when it. That's what does pose a great job that's why does it record reflect all out of the gate games and then have a missile let's get to a 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SHD true. Miramar. Miami Heat is off today that he visits Milwaukee tomorrow on the second game of their five game road trip. He currently seven games above 500 and then the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. University of Miami quarterback Evan sheriff's is transferring sheriffs served as the backup to starting quarterback Malik Rose zero year. Shares briefly entered the Pittsburgh game NFL championship games are set for Sunday in the AFC Jacksonville business doing limit three. NFC Minnesota visits clearly at 630. Those. Are your headlines. 67974. That's you Regis on the Coral Springs Omon Tex I was in the league Sanger covers the team for the the Palm Beach post now we know organ all via. The Monday morning. You know doctors out here and trainers the injuries of the UR Dre core elation of fatigued players and guys pulling out of position. This dates back to Rashard Lewis and has continued until now facts. I don't know I like they dropped facts are gonna you know that's like and the discussion a case of the Tyler Johnson injury handling various it was up there with any link me insisting the had a little bit of a of a bad luck. Here and and. Well let me ask you this. Do you. Does the text or have a point when you consider what ray remote Ray Lewis what Ray Allen. And that last year the the final four was or maybe that was just rate. Saying that they sort of have more practice time I mean less practice time or a butcher in the spring up and and that the team was T do you think that that is a see being Maurice both being or it's apples and oranges that was that team this I think it's apple nor. Yeah I think if you have if you have a older team yeah you have to you have to be you have to watch some minutes just to watch them. Some floor time when you got guys are in their thirties when you've got guys are in their twenties. I mean please get out there like I'm I'm I'm monitoring Tyler Johnson's minutes. But he's basically injured claimed. She's a pivotal play 4840 minutes every single night at his agent and he'll either that they want their guys in top physical condition anyway and it's one of the reasons why the heat. Mean that's their program is the word you're going to be in great shape right when they always do Pat Riley slated to be a better shape yet and you're gonna have ever been in there ever been in your life your is your dealing with. I mean what you mean even James Johnson is an older guy but. Who'd be the elder statesman can Udonis who will play anymore no alleged Udonis was giddy that I guess again what do monitors of the. Older guys minutes I doubt at all that. Yeah and and I don't think I I I. I don't know Josh Richards is eggs well I I honestly don't know has always been as far as practices this year we know he just gave them a couple of days off. After the after the back to back usually have one day off TD game couple. I don't know if they if they go full contact. More often this year or last year than in previous years of practices. I don't know but I you don't hear a lot of players talking about Lou we're so tired. Bowed out and give us enough enough days off you don't hear you'll see people blogging that people who cover the team that. You know this team is has been every time spoke gets a chance he practices and it's it's I think. That is kind of the opposite that he gives them a good amount of rest. But we'll we'll ask Anthony saying about that what I. If anything the guys wanna play more like I quit adds that there's an outlet in the fourth quarter do you get either because what the guys we'll play more sell at all. Where were dead tired we need to wrestles emotional was doing as far as that I mean this isn't his first rodeo right where it's like all you know practice time at the rule that you rookie coach kind of stuff. Yeah I I I don't think this is a this is eating players that that it's a ton of books. You know you your ankle goes because you've been on it for so long you didn't have enough. Rest did have a bomb Angola in the offseason we knew that OK they sign him anyway okay is out now tell Johnson's always got some sort of injury. He's not a really really big guy and he likes to throws body in the middle Elaine a lot of times. And he gets he gets mixed nicked up here and there. That's the reality of doing what other problems you got injured wise just as when though I had an injury Hassan Whiteside. Which is visually just par for the course in the ambient. Yeah well I mean this well but they they have badly did in the games missed. Right last year they immediately inning games last year and this year they were number three last week so. There there is 88 million you know I I games missed. Issue on this team but. Whether that stems from fatigue but I spoke to go I want my thumb I can't. Yeah I can't put those two together I can't I can't connect those who died all I haven't I haven't. Haven't haven't heard or seen anything to that extent. Say they have little Lenovo. A battle out there I will talk to into it saying about this also we got some heat tickets or organ while push out here the 5 o'clock hour. At for the Memphis Grizzlies on February 24 shall talk to meet fifteen minutes of a coming up next radio 790 the ticket. Bad. Team medics. Okay. All right let's get right to a fifteen minutes of heat is customize my Jimmie and four by four South Florida's number one at. That's 7865023446. Or go to Florida Jimmie at four by four dot com also sponsored by. Mayor now hijacked Lopez and Martinez PL call 305800. Herb. As we welcome back Anthony. For the Palm Beach post your phone want to put it into the underscored Jenkins CH I. Hey NG and he joins us right now on your whole body heat 790s and the ticket Andrea Prado and today. I yards were great thanks for a dangerous double by your heat plans are great basketball and we'll get that the moment burger or that we're just talking about the slow bit. I they missed a ton of games guys there was a toll due to injury what what what what do you make of that is that just kind of bad luck coordinators over the two over the last year and a half. Well here's what this group America last year right but missed the guys who missed a lot of games here would what what are you kind of make and others have into those edges kind just dumb luck for the heat's. I think it does look at they a lot of time injuries and sports. Look I don't really think you know I get you go back to hold Bosch there's issues on the all star. A lot didn't let that NBA game commit to enter on this. Arlen this year they're on their way to picking a team that that is one of the top teams in and gain admit that as far as injuries you know and again. Umpire I really they get not alternating two idea look. And they went and I'm sorrow when you look at this heat team and and how they've done so far. Tony by an 187 games over 500. Have they over received even in light of the injuries to Magruder and her son and you know that list or are they right on target. With where they should be even with those injuries. I think it over cheap they were to take injuries into account. Return responded to the big one you missed that Pete I think that in the eighteen games are ready and obviously keep you up and I know right now there's questions about. Where you sit in the rotation and they gain though but he's what are your best players and you know what he's at eighteen game. Beyond admit you know you have that the Vietnamese are gonna pick and that I'm Rodney Magruder. We key player out here at the time just this wouldn't go of the ball on the you know one game at Cleveland. A fourth spot in the east but I think you are with David Colbert chi at this point. Just without reason you know all victories. So the things that you expect them to have a really good second have a season like you can I mean it is over. 44 point five. We in the second half correct. I mean at this point I mean there are eight you know it is part that doubt I would say at least you know twenty win two. A look at 500 record figure out who is. I know I've minimum what I expect from them at about him and you know if you if you extrapolate. It started respect now that he's making solar they're gonna finish eight games over I'll let pretty good. If they got the that the two games over the or three games over. You know the order taken out that easily finished ten give or are under eleven games or are under such a bigger and upper five report on the east so. Dot throughout my expectations. I have reported either imported it from 36. Thought my prediction I think that's kind of where they're probably end up. We know where they sit record wise here if they tell you the bomb expose is our guest. Eyeball test you've seen everybody in the Eastern Conference a global go through here I think Walgreen Boston is better Cleveland is better. Jauron know maybe. Are they just on the eyeball test here that we look at are they better than Milwaukee art they are they better than Detroit are they better than those other teams in the eastern converts and you've seen night in and night out. I think it it it depend or talking about the return about their regular you know on the play out because I'd be on the play up dirt all the different. Would rather have would rather have Milwaukee that he would rather of the Orlando or Detroit or no knicks or whoever else is up there in the eastern in the Eastern Conference who would rather have a. I think it is reported they were taking play out in the consideration I'd rather have. Washington and Milwaukee Miami shut because. Else start and you need dollars to two win in the play out all the ball either what you point to a man out. In Oakland taboo that number one unit and the banks were up by Cleveland to play out the million out of their and I know what he did it matter. It if you need start to win so in the regular season do you like immediately to the they can compete with those demons and play elsewhere and the opponent knows exactly what we do running and knows exactly what you're gonna do pretty much in this series. You need stars and not something I think it'll be built mitnick on their very competitive team they're an intriguing team. But were not read and that you got it ala John probably John Moore broke the deal I would take those who never ran. And that he broke this up a little bit earlier Hassan Whiteside where does he it and with this team because. Yeah you definitely need a map to defense of the and how does he. I guess seamlessly. Blending into the steam for the rest of the season and is he. All the airport every late game or is it eighty. Game by game match up being in the last three minutes. I think at the game by game thing I think or incomes Eric portrait lately if you gonna play. Whatever lineup is working whatever guys are playing well that they knew about you know yesterday it looked Khalil nick and dam played. Most more limited on the church. You know two games ago preempted organ. Against Indiana on played on the stretcher pretty big role I think it and it knocked gonna be OK a lot public order he's gonna I'm white I'm going to be in the lower. Down the stretch you know that I can doughnut not the case anymore with the emergence of Carly and bam and even yes Yahya Jimmie Johnson to. There's four intriguing front court option there and and I think. Erica go with the hot hand or the best matchup each game. Everything in the Palm Beach post is weather is here on your only seven and that's it. On the intake is there kind of what the cup possibly could be looking at. They have the other five and a half million dollar I guess where it was caught early exemption because that is that the injury to Dion Waiters do do you think this team will be looking to add here. In the net in the next couple weeks and if so what position. But I think I think they'll they'll do it due diligence and a few out there either but no one can. What is out there for them I think the most realistic option. On the may be opening up a roster spot drug on the road or so a rally their Jones junior would actually contract right now. Get fifteen days that aren't proctor itself from time to make that decision. But but I I think got the more realistic option but yet they acquired that exception and I give them the flexibility. Know even down the road that. Closer to a buyout deadline in March if there is a guy who will come free and they wanted to sign somebody on the outback I think it'll be. Away because they have a lot of big man I don't know if there's a shortage of big rabbit in big need wings especially would be an Al. You know I'll probably got going to be outlawed murdered. They expect you can return oriented you can believe that don't know. We're not going to be so they need way. And I think about what it will look. I. And Anthony boy with all these big men. And you get more than two of them on the floor it wants and I'm not talking about bird. You know eight minute stretches maybe brought three of foreign minister to shutting it is there any way to do that. I think you're adding that one of the options or Trout meld it with Tyler out you know we're talking about how out of replaced Tyler. He could go to starting lineup appears gonna happen but he bigger lineup that features. QB may elect responded camera I'm probably in and out replied Jim Johnson. The ball forward Tim Duncan I've got that versatility. What about you do that now you know what about work noted that in India very typical game darker the athletic. I'm for power forward but I small forward might be a stretch but. If the argot they'd be big men got I think got the way you have to go out putting game chopped yup agree. Yeah well I'm I'm I'm. Been asking about them more wild but the same problem like to see it outta the eons the three that's the big deal. But I mean I got the biggest issue and and Josh Richardson has been so good at the three. There's no you know if that is his leg is not let it to them really well a lot of problems for opposing small forward. I think you'd be typical that the kind of take Josh out of our role but they compete on more. Moralistic thing that way to go maybe there at that Derek Jones junior could buy into that starting lineup. The government but the rotation he's still outweigh Ellington. Grew up the back interest dog does when the pump up the bench. Are released on Josh pursue a degree so like I could be slaughtered during opera time being well what others out. Keeping that our lap there's dame including a Derek Jones junior ineptitude. What gets out of here on this Anthony the also are started to be announced this week commend the coaches got to fill up the reserves or do you think you and they don't have any any representation whatsoever. Armed and drew got me that two weeks ago I would sit almost the locker but he won't yes I think I've had changed a lot a new. I think you're gonna be hard to keep but I can you clear out. A dollar per game but it stalled earlier this continues. They're they're the number fourteen or even number three human that you. I do you not reward them. Was only one you know one player in the game I think I'd be. I'm decreed you've got to go out you know he's an open Miller presented it in the third best in the book I think gore wanted the most likely candidate just because. You'll be out in the most consistent player on the eighteen of them you know probably most known and respected commodity. Albeit in arms while looking going to be the guy I've heard that spot available in all. On the team there's export spot. Think now that the law. Or John Wall by the EPO I read. You know the Martin road and it wouldn't go to the pilot and a walk and eat one more spot available so. Gore could be that guy but it of the and I think how the heat are playing. Well the next new game this year at the board the coaches and then. Thought mob a 100% with you pat I totally agree having a neat if they went a few games here this weekend there of the third seed in the Eastern Conference. To be hard pressed there coaches say hey got the ruled roared somebody. Throughout for this group Anthony thank you very much for taking a few minutes awesome stuff and a MB will talks in that exist in the you got to Anthony Chang in the Palm Beach post your foam onto your your heat fan. Anthony underscored Chang CH ING. Tell you you're saying by the way. Tom De'Angelo his Scarborough Palm Beach post. Just in case people are joining us late as Tyler Johnson. Is a doubtful for tomorrow night's game against the against Milwaukee so willow would be in the repeating that bridge just joining us here at the other bottom of the hour. You mentioned earlier anything that having all stars under team and I kind of support the second. I think that's that's what's gonna happen perk this team. Well today a day if there in the top poor moron will be. Viewed very carefully but if they ball out of the top four. I doubt it very sort of spread of their big loser for insert a row and then the voting but of their up there. This does it mean as as you know out of sight out of mind but of the if your Eastern Conference coach and she's this heat team you know there are right up there than everybody else they need to have some sort of and Florida certainly worthy. But I do you think also he's kind of get like a lifetime achievement award where discuss had a really nice career. Yeah lets you know he's I think he's well liked around the league is well respected as Anthony said. So let let's give him the nod maybe I mean I gonna sitters say should Josh goal or so the sun go mosey MVP of the team. But I would say yeah but corn handle that you really Taiwan a week off considering the guys toppling down just all right senator Grassley exactly. It all over the summer but yeah I I would I would be I would be very intrigued to see if the coaches go width. We need to reward the Miami Heat. Or if they go win. Well this guy over here. Is just having an outstanding year. Whoever this guy over here would be an item wondered they would do the individual being lower the teen thing. Well according to one another police are covered clearly you got to those already has some loser. Like corn got some stats and and some some accolades on his side to Zoller he's just the little engine that could exit the feel good story for the heat. We're going to ball and easy Il he's ball pretty good this year so maybe it's his seat I mean in the grand scheme of things doesn't really matter. I hate but. Like does not team represented yeah you'd like to see a lot of acknowledgment yes but a grand scheme of things you like to deedrick you care about that you care about beaten the bucks tomorrow night and MB meals out in the green tree right finishing out his roach of your unity and what eighteen or someone that knows no wonder it was only an enemy with cool yeah cool way cool windows and a and a fourth quarter hour we're targets over they have been saying right there we got morning gets including got four pair of tickets big into the heat. They got the heat and the grizzlies February 24 we're gonna have those for you here before the end of this hour. Plus. We got to revisit our quarterback conversation we got into a little bit when I got to run firebomb attacks I'm willow we'll explain that as he got. The final fours set in the NFL. And only you would say one. Good quarterback of the bunch. One superstar quarterback guy yes I'll go one neighborhood of new quarterback wow of the bugs there will old we'll get back in the that you're coming up as well you're just joining us right here on seven I mean it's a. Our group right now as they're allowed to play in the navy making music Danny Sheridan. Yeah. Look at us like we let. If that an updated its verdict. On the peninsula and into the podium and she's. Think that. Obama to go a little bit younger legal 52. OK that's it here when it generally on this allows them. This isn't an easy no I don't know I don't know you know I got it right here on the Burke cool fifteen. I mean nine hours puts in sixteen. Ambitious dues due. Let alone put this says this is. Chris this is good do you make your music yes and yes you and yeah I assume one of my favorite best of thousands custom artwork. Is good massage music that's yeah you never has resumed. And everything except. Go out prepare for the AFC championship game right and this is not good give prepare for the big game music but it. The Dallas everything else but it really them in traffic and you need to seal right put bedroom. It and now I'm in the mood for us. Their partner well you know have blow Mayo I got a here's Luka I don't hunt on the trauma and we'll make bigoted tech has its rights are a lot of excitement up a private right. I hit it. You know. Is she gonna do all of the fun to desperado and it's trying to make this work. Davis and every bit of the ticket for the accorsi ticket window your chance to add to guess an upcoming game accord is Miami technology porn or noon local South Florida technology company. Visit them online an accord is corp dot com sponsor might open your ball dot com watered WWR pines. Merit Ohio act Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys you listening to the degree to win your way into he came well. Hot dances I am the accord as it did when it was now open how about that Doug about timing around here yes we got better time in the Marcus Williams definitely gonna. At number seven right now for two days ago city. Take on the Memphis grizzled the Memphis Grizzlies 7865340798. At 786534. 07 at nine is zero you are old winners. Doesn't he take on the Memphis Grizzlies. We have our final four in the NFL long and I'm still. As a fan of the league very concerned perk. The cup for war seabees say corporate credit generally. We're about to leave it for the general hum performance of these four quarterbacks their track record. Well redouble. Is that is edit them are getting close. It's like a look at it's it's a beauty pageant and we're down to the final 40 yeah and won a bomb is. Is the supermodel Lewis let's just. He wants from Miami and wounds from Alabama wounds from appellation will rest rooms and Antonio yeah. And it came here you have a albums I don't know Leo now it's true. But outside it just seems like we got from appellation Oprah we've been luck threw out yet we got we got a supermodel there and we got some some ugly duckling of this is similar you can just say and Republican women average looking woman yes yeah that the desperado that I'll be meeting later. All right. It is just shut cat. In it is not a you can talk about all the personality is so great great meaning the defense is really stellar and feel on used oh okay nobody Boavista personality as well as you can talk all the coaching staff Tom Coughlin and it's like oh she's got a really good genes are it is like but I don't margins are got a bright future yes you know she's you're just like senior notes CNA and and that's the quarterback. Yes and yeah beauty yes yes yes good buddy. I have to get it when it comes in QB yes that's that's I well that's the policies some big bad boys jiggle and out there right all right that that's what I wanna city trying to get that would Tom Brady and I'll get that from everybody else. No I gotta admit you don't Nam. So. I don't I don't know what to tell you Monday can't except I. I agree with you they usually quarterback is is beat being. But I also say if you don't have beg you don't try to make. You know old. Played portals into Aaron Rodgers. Gets herself a defense get yourself a live report net took to carry the ball and take some pressure off the Blake portals. And and do it that way of your Minnesota get yourself a defense that help out case scheme them right. If you're at your Billy you know get yourself a defense that to help out Carson wins. And here we are so. When you look at it. I think that having a good running back. Is a big key who are good running game or reliable running game is a big key I think that's what worked for running into him a deal. And look. At it there is would die though. Who should be NFL running back next year and he's not going to be that leads us and here's hoping. Which doesn't. And it's not like I got the wrong side like that that will be on here's the arena will be on this and we'll be and I got thoughts on the outs almost all the guys declaring as well yeah yeah but listen. Running bay you got some good there was some of the lost contact heels as well hey you little son of this is my I don't think about getting home yeah yeah. But looked at defense and running game and and I and he built for to get a deal to do the shuttle Atlantis and. Defense and running game if you don't have that guy quarterback can't youth you've got to support from some well. You can't force him to move to grow and and make the title passes that you released quarterbacks would you I think David's idea. Did wonders Ryan Timmy hill last year now lieutenant Neal did get hot for me what eight or nine game stretcher or whatever it is before he got injured. And we know that day or die wasn't the most reliable guy right here at 3200 yard games and won 100 yard game house like half of his yards. But you did have that rushing threat that balance. And I think that help run into any hill tremendously and I. You don't know the bad without limits were surround him with talent don't try to make him be the main surround him with other good. Players were talking about the final four years yes I know fourteen Stan is in the playoffs. Loses big in as wild card this is the best of the best here in the NFL they messes they've proven it. And here they are the no folks. So if you're if you're a dolphins fan and you're looking at the way your roster is being looked at and you're looking at your quarterback specifically when the hardest position to fight would have rear law yeah I agree you are in a much of their own love to talk about defense all of a sudden now. That all these teams are and it bothered of the defense okay great. Quarterback is number one. Are you feeling. Are you feeling more you're more emboldened about your your your future. As a team are you looking outing going yes we can be Jacksonville next year we can beat that team we can beat the Minnesota Vikings. Next year. And do what they did. If you're dolphins rare yeah I've always thought that about the Balkans this is. Like what's happening now is is nothing new for me it's the most work the team's getting there is our new deal between the yes you we never saw these type of teams with the with the lack of quarterback play. In in the in the conference championship games Mark Sanchez went well it feels what time those eight years ago. Well look Tom Collin snapper nick win with eighteen built on defense and running Russell Wilson went defense and run Russell Wilson tunnel quarterback John always feel perk. Case kingdom but again you you did it by minimizing Russell Wilson's. Russell Wilson's role you did not ask him to carry the offense he asked him to make timely plays and when you look at his pass attempts. At an early in his career he's in the twenties in the NFL. Last couple of years he's been climbing as that deep and has gone down and Marshawn Lynch has gone down his role has increased and Seattle performance is not increase I. You're you're asking a lot of these quarterbacks to do too much you know I've been saying this year's day. Everybody cannot throw the ball with pinpoint accuracy when you have a guy who can't. Get yourself some deep and sketch itself or running game and now you're on to something as opposed to the square Hagan around both classes. Earlier in America you're you're you're unsure. Which let's find read them when we get to get back to it here in the sixth black Arcandor got a lot of tax on it. If I could tell you right now you get a top five quarterback in the league or top five defense in the league. Which would you take moving forward for your four. For your football team I snipper single season I'll take the deep prince or out by your strips very to the quarterback. Earned it and because it in a single season. The defense again it'd if you get any quarterback who is hot. As opposed to good. You can still do it but over the over the low hope yeah I'm on taken the quarterback I didn't. I can keep that one guy it's harder to keep that. So take it and it's passing leak. Write notes passing league but the defense of me knew that's what Jackson Wilson hit a passing label we got the guys in the back and a defense. To stop the passing league we got the guys in the front of the defense to get after the guy that's that's thrown the ball on a passing league so. I mean that's that were right now we'll get to the 6 o'clock hour of the headlines and purse got one hell here's the thing I mean you mean it's already mince it all right it's sorry you don't know what's Conan right so low twenty minutes that idol I don't like the decision that. That this particular person made art wasn't the there's a lot of weird this is normal get to that coming up next right here on seven I do take. On this show. Curtis a perk equity here here's. Professor John Clayton Thursday morning is that the Romberg and him pretty Tony Tim it's happening in the NFL professor knows sponsored by enjoyment mean accident attorneys have you been an accident call 80747. Free. That's 807473733. Are we got a lot of text messages over and again soon. They're all great by the award program so there you go girl great outcry if you've got to agree to its guy Greg thanks mrs. I'd have rattled the easier than most of Romo all agree we agree taxes out there. What is that coming up here you know sex is Joey might and encourages its exit tonight's event for the six immunize him four. On the Coral Springs on Mohamed tax on those they are busy holiday weekend over but he had a a great and save file mark Luther king day. And reflected on what to well what that day Mets in what's on NBA perk I ever did that a whole lot of enough to watch a lot of men today. The last couple days what's a lot of college basketball thing. That again last Mosul today in morning yeah they blew that one way would have duke ended on 39 reliance on Monday they were built 6653. We we were too much there because generally a lot of relive that when there was and let's duke duke with the national championship committee and town in the more pick in the draft mark Klein Bagley would I was. It was a bad loss against a few days here and it's gig got to get Assad's resignation came as JC's easy meat grinder right. Right I mean tough stretch I just went one and two against three consecutive ranked opponent that beat at best you lost to Clemson lost to do. Yes life in the AC in that league 1111 days I went. Yeah well like right now also is always in the woods golf college basketball's pretty evenly matches here at the top ten has been Chernin. Pretty much all season response yet knock off yet. Came to my job by the top Tony five woods. Ever let's watch a lot of contrast one of course what's it like oh football. As well we get into it with the as we got our final four said figure that would you got something else on in my a lot of things at the deadline is lot of deadlines here. Lot of deadlines here a lot of deadlines here Monday was the deadline for college players to clear for the NFL draft. There was one decision that really intrigued and disappointed in me that leads us and here's the thing. Stamper running bagged rice low announced that he is returning to Stanford for his senior season. No price love is the guy who rushed toward 2118. Yards nineteen touchdowns second in high speed boating. The winner of the dole walker award as the nation's top running back. Yes he's going back to Stanford no I don't like that decision here's why I think the key were. Or were college kids is getting to that second contrary in the NF bill. Especially for a running back you're time is limited your best years need to be spent in the NF bill if at all possible. Com. But he he's made this decision and I. I have my hat is off to a mine I admire him he averaged eight point one yards a hairy broke the record established by Mike rosier which I believe was seven point eight yards per Kyrie. Rice love is a pink milk piper had him rated as the number two draft a bull running back. I don't like the decision I guess I kind of understand it the dumb stamper is that a couple of other. Heisman Trophy runners up come back for their senior seasons Andrew Luck was one album Christian McCaffrey was another one album soul. Bryce love is kind of following in a school tradition but some meat. Again especially weary running bay get into the and a Lil get to your second contrary the 'cause. You're yourself life is extremely limited you were undervalued. You're gonna take a beating. And I think to take the beating in the NFL is far more preferable to taking that beating in college. Now there are. You shrewd. Gold who put in a bill. Will I hope I hope he stays healthy and I hope this decision pays off warm. But to mean get to the end of bill pitcher second contract that's where your big money is going to be. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Grown urges are authorized DJ ideal they've got. All your drone we discover whether repairs new purchases customizations trading whatever it is they will get to look up visible today. Drove nerds dot com self Florida's right. In the stuff I don't he's making a mistake I mean if he really loves college. And he loves his teammates that loves his coach and David Shaw loves the college amateur the college is a great time. I mean colleges the best time of our lives for the most part for a lot of people when you're the big man on campus. Yeah maybe maybe he wants to take another year to enjoy I'm with you the money is there and with running backs at that position absolutely. But you mentioned the punching guys. And I don't have an answer for this and I'm not pointing blame at anybody not just giving everybody the facts here. Cam just laying out the facts. You interpret them. Which how are you you want to. You mentioned clubs and okay Christian welcomes the big defensive tackle. First team all American sure fire first round pick he's coming back to school you know Julio Khalil and Ferrell. First round pick he's coming back to school lost and Bryant he's coming back to school. All and work consider potential for you know pigs run and as most all we did three offensive lineman Joseph all were projected for tropics let's just say. They had a bad cop mind they submit the second round you know I'll give that OK bottom line you have 3-D t.s and defensive lineman. That are all top sixty picks of the draft for constant you know they decide to come back and decide to give it another run you have. Edward Norton and RJ Macintosh. Who were be lucky to get into the second round and they decide to go. I'm not I'm not saying yeah. Understood is the facts right right to know what in my I'm gonna catch Clinton holding these three the other way around of Miami is going to make some I mean. And I'm not saying who make it a wrong decision right decision to bomb. It's that's just the facts right now like I look at that you go okay. Mine got guys going the might be a third or fourth round guys and comes to guide you to do not sit here call the coast guys nuts for saying do. Bush that's that's just the reality of the situation. And you're going how's Miami trying to catch code to wall did not do without weight in the ACC. Right you're you're dead and and look you're we know how much both of those teams. Once and and have had. All controlling defense of fronts and this cuts are part of that right Miami losing some of that ball control defense of prime. And Clemson keeping it and and probably getting stronger by virtue of of these guys being into first ray owners come back to college. I'll be irresponsible when I might hurt and then there is a lot of Daniel Markey Kyle Kauai whenever you go you left the manager he's an agent he's amid an effort to do it give hope much from Miami got the Eva. He's the floor John Helms the amount do you have to Brighton who trouble but he's got nobody can he got into local. He got a 88 if American League and part of our. Nominees. It 11 does that well annoyed at the whole bunch of guys like. Promise the world like Kate completely come OK and that's find out if we you don't think that you know I understand allows it and it's an exit point. When you'll think the guys in the Clinton's guys' ears to rent. Mean they're they're going to me he's got their first round picks and again I don't know what you do with that I don't know. You know eight what what the solution is I'm just saying. That is not gonna change the outcome of that game you saw on Charlotte six weeks ago. Because that the dead that's going to be the same Malcolm next hearing to get these guys go back and you got a minute guys leaving early would get 31 round picks come back the Clemson. And you've got two guys that might sneak into the third round or into the second round that early in Miami. Well I don't know. And I've got to read some of the newspaper tells C had dabbled out of the state but I. These guys all have marine. Mean they they got rings are sophomores. Again I'm not many LA's the greatest right recruiter ballclub and and then they get in Seattle forward in this here it's light. I'm just who you guys are giving up. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. To Tuesday I just that's the information I don't know what you wanna do it. But that's just the facts that is that is the facts. Right there because there is so ridiculous to say a defense of lineman has a better it shelf life for prospect their running bay. But I. They've been told it was one mistake OK but. What ultimately percent don't know why my position to me if you're running back is you need to get taken to the lead and get to your second country I let's get to six cockpit locks. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Miami Heat is off today the heat visits Milwaukee tomorrow on the second game of a five game road trip. He right now seven games above 500 in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. In college football Miami quarterback Evan sheriff's is transferring sheriffs served as the backup to starter Malik Rose zero season. You might remember he briefly entered the Pitt game. NFL championship games are set for Sunday in the AFC Jacksonville visits New England three Minnesota visits Philadelphia at 630 those are your headlines. Not not that I'm surprised by the children's lives on you had done a cozy here we believe rouge years. Plus the key is to goods and well and give brilliant brilliant so there you'll find it right and Bradley within the next rights are probably will be broad will be the coaches know that yet. You look at that position only one guy complained no. You only want one guy playing into the solid backup right and the that it all somebody could be brewing. It was not bad right to applying cellular today you get their money's great put -- there's no reply. So. This is the way to go it is no I don't think anybody's men and Evans shares are reluctant to understand right but I'm I'm I'm really surprised by that. Here's. I love it's exceed all of detectors that's my New Year's resolution apart. A low the title of the sites in Lubbock Texas David Woodley went to a Super Bowl. Video to back a Texan Els on our quarterback comes right and that's like that got the text in. Every once a while that that's like his big B I breaks of the big shotgun there on I 95 right by an Italian city of Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl 08 you don't need a Little League quarterback you know. And I'm like okay. Find a goddess that got me all right yeah stun me with that one right on down for the count I but is that the way you wanna go through your life. Let's like Trent Dilfer David Woodley got tons of Rex Grossman got two Super Bowl. Because those are very few examples that's like saying you don't look. Odd who is a Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett all right so let me know Roland I said it's sort ugly looking guy like me I can go and David an eight list actress right there there's hope for me so I can go to all these are good on the south being disabled worked for Lyle Lovett man we'll watch it work for me. Lake got a couple of those odds. Well here here's here's a question because this this is kind of a breaking point who this argument. Quarterback or defense. Com Joseph Flacco and Eli Manning. Did did Baltimore in the giants win because of bill. Or because of their defense of. Not not not to split hairs both but I would say Dole's quarterback to relieve the during that stretch. Eli Manning during a playoff runs was was an elite quarterback. USA is the only for his career that's different correct children actually for his career no but for that season Brett run there was nobody better throwing the football in key situations the Joseph Flacco when Eli Manning got to ask there's. Actually put let go on the road the road playoff game. Yes so see to me. That's those are examples. Oh. I've got my knee deep vents which is sustainable I've got our running game which is sustainable. And then I've got my quarterback to make some timely place. He's not hearing no we're not we're here this is not a aid Drew Brees Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers where's he's hearing us this is. Deepens running game to those guys though and and Manning makes some timely play Mount Vernon and those guys on more than a timely plays Eli Manning was stuck during the Stoops you'll run social Flacco. He was but but no more than just try to play over roll. Like over the regular season plummeted Robles is Joseph Flacco may one. I believe. So that that's what I'm saying that like that that's timely there in the playoffs let's let's let's timely plays like that you're not hearing the emperor sixteen games and the play that season like is it is that guys elite quarterback. Look I don't know that you. Well I've I've my gas I don't know but my guess is the Eli came closer in the old Super Bowl championship seasons. To being a leap in Flacco but I I could be wrong but I but again. Flacco did not hearing that team all season and don't you make timely plays he did it in the playoffs but here's. Here's where here's more idol port where one kinda gets great with this question as a to deal to be great it's hard to be great yes they're very few great quarterback what is harder to sustain greatness. Brady has sustained greatness for colts twenty years yes Brees has sustained greatness yes all right it's hard to do that. We break for one year Matt Ryan was great last year right immediately is great. But what are you not agree quarterback I would not consider Matt Ryan some some great elite quarterback right. Yeah Manning and Joseph Flacco for those seasons they were great. Yes but they could not sustain it that's how it right and bright bright Red Bulls this guy hoping like a it'll Roethlisberger has been consistently steady. And and very very good to great. For fifteen years almost and yet. I don't know the guy Phillip rivers has had as as ceiling where he's been really good for for a long long time. But but those other guys we mentioned now they got hot thing to do to the Super Bowl. There's the and that's great that's funny. Put your are you saying you wanted you won that you wanna you wanna roll the dice for dad or you with the guidance of proven commodity here in Europe want the guide is the core commodity. Of course but there's only need look for those guys and enough oil the other 28 teams. You need to build up your. After year is it's just. They're just not that good. So that's why you build up your deep prince and running game and then you hope you can catch him as deal or Jamie is or Carson Palmer who know just retired. In any hot year. He doesn't have to be hall of Famer you wanna crank up your sins and running game to his hot year that's how you get around when the problem of not having that a lead quarterback for ten straight years. There are so excellent that's from there let's. Are we got a lot of attacks on the Soviets so we're back to come back and get some of those 67974. That so you re just on the on the course Briggs Obama on a text and context here Eli was like Robert Horry. I can kind of yeah I can kind of echoed by that. Big shot Bob and you know wasn't that good in the regular season and play now here's a better than Robert Bork but I mean the comparison the comparison of you know I didn't mean my story. In the big moment he came through is what the does what it's just getting here let's look but I don't close to sustain greatness he came through indignant that one moment yes but I mean Robert Horry was even much of all star in the MBA from -- but you know. You know it's text me. Their voice in politics and Eric yeah that's I was asked by the detection by politically saleable except. I'll come back and you'd go a whole lot more. What we talked about. Yet I was over the caps that's what I wanna give us an incident that was never gotten that because I'm enjoying that we'll get that next here on 792 ticket. Oh. Our sister station and I'm not just country is hosting the third third annual chili cook off our buy Ford's. It's a Saturday at TV's good bargains ever find it today of food drinks great weather is predicted and a star packed lineup of country music artists including Darius Rucker. Old Dominion big and rich Warren Morris Midland that randomly get your Tiggers is chili cook off now. The ticket Miami dot com Curtis super packed with you here on a Tuesday afternoon. Trending in the Tuesday evening my goodness is when I was just flown right on by there mr. Kirk lot of stuff balloon can. Including this Cleveland cavs story. We talked about the heat a lot today winners of seven mate and the drop out on your show in Chicago on the no no Buchanan there and went on Iowa finish of this road Juliette for. Games left on this road trip four games. Left that'll wrap on Monday night in Houston. So Biden for whatever reason Trevor Ariza that I guess put a Milwaukee tomorrow night we'll get into that game a lot though we will preview the box tomorrow alone referring some some guests tomorrow. We're get a inside look at the the books group out there at the U took care. On now on Sunday. That was his win streak and the heat in the cavaliers a fight for third place in eastern converts letting of pretty cool yeah and we saw the rematch last night which the cavs. We're just kind of toyed with I mean the warriors or does it mean it's just ridiculous the cabin cavs had like. One moment that was that Dwayne wade. Love to. Two in actually played pretty well yeah yeah he's doing all right and with that second unit but yeah it was a bad. Bassett to Jeff Green W a threat to ripe for halftime but yeah Cleveland. So to a statement last in great. Yeah here's here's the the deal with the cavs. According to Dave McManaman who we talked to. A couple weeks ago there about this team com a lot of guys spoke to him. And said that there's growing here's a terminology they use there's several prominent players. Said that there's what growing discontent. And as strong sense of concern that unlike past seasons the team is not the key bode fix the problems are due back on attribute to track mobile players acknowledged that. Odd to him under of course you know sources whom I deal. Pennies I mean he starts to meet the stove also guys came in so yeah we got to proms and here and then tyra loosen last week that everyone's got thrown a dead agendas and they get through this thing now. That team perk and I go are you kidding me. Like what more do they won. I look at that roster and goal. If you have a problem that's on you. Well and let's face it Blaine is aging gear rules are not healthy right okay so evident as it Thomas Ramon haven't had Isiah. So low I mean it doesn't mean it's not about with a lawsuit to me that's about attitude that's about guys' roles. And if your LeBron James. The nets but somebody's in that locker got to stand up and say enough for the BS this is that what all this leads to because you could say. We have a powerful team healthy all year long we talked about the heat dumping homework dividend Isiah Thomas they haven't had. Derrick Rose and into the lineup. They've had guys admissible in two games Dwyane Wade in front of the get his legs under him was starting mini you know moved to the benches rule rightly so yet is very very well listen to withdraw that excuse. I'll buy it for Cleveland but this seems to be this is more about. Guys these goals and things like that and I'm like. Like what. To me I put down outlook on the broad. Because. It's a boy he had to stand opposite enough of the BS is about winning basketball games. I think that's what's hi Louis doing is saying enough of of this BS and ESPN this morning it it might have been on bulletin and wing go which used to in my in my. What one of those shows might have been sports senator but he was basically saying that. Hi Lou when he talked about. The guys who have agendas need to cut that out. That he wasn't talking about you know old. This guy wants to be an all star in this guy has is endorsement deal with ninety he was talking about kind of on the court stuff. And Mick Menem and use one example of dies not wanting to help on defense. Because they were worried about the impression of BM getting scored on. So you know you're that your that help guys. It's kinda like in in football you heard you know you're there at the guy who's trailing the receiver everybody goes oh you earn well you might have been trying to make up this guy or so that it would which it week on the task part geysers got to work about you know somebody saying you earned it tears your in the NBA but. Admit him and was saying that's what Ty Lue was getting to about guys who have agendas. Whatever the case is I still have to be convinced that Boston can be locally on. And his teammates in a best of seven I'm not convinced of that yet I'm not convinced that anybody in the east can beat LeBron. In his teammates in a best of seven and to me that's that's what I'm going to move. Worry about Cleveland and Pringle who oh. I do think that Boston has the biggest threat that LeBron has based in the east since he has been bad in Cleveland. Come on out my interview that how many teams have beaten LeBron and of people seem to be the brightest let's go let's say separate moments of San Antonio it and angle right but growth but this something that you can't go. After last night Cleveland's record. Again the top three teams in each conference is owed to a gets called state they got swept when only one in Houston only when it's Minnesota only answer on that one and one against Boston. And at least they beat them a little opening night when Hayward got her now's the win sole. There one in six against the top three teams in the any conference I agree LeBron. Gets to the finals. Until it's until we're proven wrong. Look at this stuff hurt in this is nonsense like you're gonna tell you this team can read to do the Golden State Warriors when their word about guys didn't shown up on the width but to meet. But you look at so how far ahead Golden State is. Meet with their super team right and where Cleveland is. It's laughable. And Cleveland should not have these type of problems does could it actually has more talent I think than they've ever had in the last four years. If I won't McCoy beat when you're without Rea so I don't know I don't like I like Eric you know what they put this week if you have a healthy Isiah Thomas I think they have. And they have enough bodies to play. The big play with Golden State trip my eyes I still think it's Golden State and a comfortable six. I don't know I OK but I think this roster Burmeister roster would you grew that are now. Thumb if your healthy this Derrick is good in which all the means all those guys go to bed just on saying. So that yes I know I think that their benches probably equals yeah it's probably better because last year it was just a joke when LeBron cares to remember how they couldn't score right at least now you do have to weigh in I'm not really toning and dear roles as humanitarian. Guys brag guys Jerry Yang got you bodies yet you're better I think you better immunity that's what they they wanted to do this illegal war or an item is late Laker to me that if they're the puts. Me you know to me though the what are watching with Cleveland right now is can you get out of the east Marat not only Wednesday you know I don't know what it was this when this nonsense go right. And I don't think that anybody else in the east should be able to beat to win a best of seven. Not Toronto not Miami not Washington. Whoever I it's it's immediate it's it's Boston and and that's that's kind of what Cleveland needs to be looking at. You're not be your you. LeBron doesn't look as though it for the wrong once is worry beating Golden State. So for you it's great that they get back the finals for I think that's I think that's fulfilling expectations right like who who expects them to beat Golden State. You might hope of your tails in your fingers crossed which you don't expect of the cavaliers do. Know maybe. Well let's put put this together guys and it. LeBron James everything in about what you champion but but you can deeply satisfied me you know but do you think those guys. Are expecting to win or they're hoping to win. Because you see what's happened when they've messed up. You see what happens and everybody I want to make it that's what they made these moves are thought they could they could better match up with the right. But to do their finding out right now they don't remedy Dina think I didn't do you do you think that from most of those coaches. The owner in the front office links we you know we expect to be Golden State they hope to be Golden State expect to beat it and I think he bought into the boat. 62 panel thinks. LeBron James rusty every hole you're going to be thinking championship are you expecting to be Golden State. I mean you're not printing up pretty good cheer the T shirts right now. In what are no password they're hoping you're not expect the state expects to win the title Cleveland hopes to win the title. Somebody wants to know is if wade were can be were. The world can be regretting his decision and running as yet we got underway yet either way not helping so I'd like you. Yeah yeah he's the best friend well you don't have a role in Miami you're glad to be out of Cleveland where the other guys on Chicago are Chicago rather where the other guys basically suited you know we don't want to we don't respect your authority you wore Jimmy the federal well I am yeah. And and in Cleveland yes he is he has found a home with their second unit that's what Dwyane needs to be doing at this point of his career on a quality team. Are you over the cavs as did this whole thing blows up in the face. Don't know Angela's you dynasty you wanna I wanna see the men join us the Macedonia on a C demand but an environment yeah and a. And ended it helps build a bronze legacy and you know we've seen LeBron he's. He might retire as the greatest of all time I would love to be able to say I saw this guy I covered this guy blah blah blah. Although it's beat by the Celtics in the eastern finals us I know it's he's my viewpoint of him well you would like to see him get to another team going right so that he could be in that argument. But I can mean he's still he's still. Legs to me there's no there's no drop off in his play and did they get beat by somebody because the Celtics are great in a four game series America look at LeBron and differently but if you don't win another title. Is it see how strong business case for best player bolt on not very good grip. But he's still one of the best noticeable tablet deathly still topped him this I like Reggie Brown right he's right there and he's got the tape but I but I am. You know me capped by a look yeah the Alabama Clemson play again next year. I look at all the good. Exactly exactly. Exactly nut and you know what do I want to see them again you know that we we did get a text last week and I'm trying to think. Oh was about the patriots and somebody's sign and you know. We need some new blood in here and blah blah blah and I was and I was saying. Look you might not remember now bow when the bulls were winning the sixth grade I remember a lot of people that I know. I'm suited for the bulls win and it again. And now all those same people twenty years later. Jordan Jerry was the greatest you know he never gonna lose and we always wanted to see the book the book. It's like no you're sick of the bulls you were sick of playing the bulls win and now you brag about how you saw this dynasty. Because after awhile the hero becomes a villain so the patriots have become. The outside of Boston than in New England area the heat the patriots are hated well I don't and I wanted to patriots moved I think the. Patients are dip when it went to golden state of the pacers had a late date and spy gate no makeup people think the patriots cheat like half the people in America and patron street. Golden State if they kept reeling off. You know title there is little L real alternative to the oldest team yes in the spurs never did at the spurs are just war. But this first Americas for Arizona State is pretty likely but the spurs never had a bug that was like two or three and around the Toronto and went back to back right than ever they would win one that a few years or idea they weren't liking your face all the time yeah. The warriors will be eager face off at some point reported sick of it people walk though the act will get old. And people look at and say I I wanna see somebody different whether it's right or wrong but the hero eventually will become the villain in sports. You know I did you know what. I would be very. In arrested to see what happens with with Golden State because Mike who's detestable that teen dream on. Andre mind after reason yeah today you know I don't know that Kevin derivatives dog owners to own down now Riley Doby give will be crazy to think W reasons why ala I want to him yeah. When they're when they're hosting the league for another two years. People are gonna get cigarette. Yeah. It's great as I knew it and I guess I look what a great Israel wanted Tom Brady right. When I learned my is that what you're sick of it. Yeah I and they want to be over with they want somebody to beat him rove also got on the broadcast. And point romo's trying to sell that thing went to arguably you could tell his pills were his first day that I did don't go anywhere Tennessee's got the firepower to pull off. Upsets but no more relaxed. Relax they're they they scored that's all I visit the ninth and holds that this sort of it's. I'm like dude relax. You think you'd like Tony though overall I don't know what you're Estrada's about the pretty hard you know I did you tell me it's the almighty dude. This this could get ugly right into this thing we didn't think I was right when you see some interest rate we we need only to have you will go to Netflix geared obviously to the second quarter. You know re read it people around here so talk to talk of the titans globally via Abrams I've got to Jamar got to us let slip somebody takes into ran as the most hated player on this team easily yeah okay. He's pretty humid air over dribble I don't know or not I had to grant them the lead. In Oklahoma City that is why I was sitting right yes but I don't know that he I don't know that. You know the they have heat but I I see you know. God you you getting sick of the warriors like I guess I guess I becomes I think Robles still expects the Tennessee Titans back right I mean you know I don't know all men TV ratings don't. And it's only the played its early days as Brady started a touchdown aground aliens are not. Does. Governor what they want Amar welcome back noted some final thoughts here. Josh Friedman Greg likens this coming up at the top of the hour right here on 792 ticket. Bettis writing on the ticket it's championship weekend football Friday animal. That I probably Charlie all season long journey for the playoff games in your updates he's of the game and more mommy Charlie. There isn't a one draft picks plasma is the public adjusters said burger on the Grover Lex is a North Miami football front in the playoffs. On aims of and any NF from 104322. Ticket. Curtis and purse here we're a few minutes ago in the oval turn it over to me Josh Friedman freedoms in the house with Greg likens allow we'll take your for the next 3 hours till 10 o'clock in the course. Does that slow robbery and Hamburg yesterday started each and every morning at 5:30. AM leads right into. Dan and Steve got in the accrue. Then the Tobin LeRoy indecent and then. We get a little special one hour of the local hour with the Davis do with a crew and then here we are back you know at 4 o'clock this plaza we need to get to today perk which. Yeah my fault. And it's a matter of balls as a matter we have. A flea pool of sports topics we're the best that we we we did a lot with a lot of you guys that was we have is stuck our basement where. Where are eaten as fast as possible. Here's one thing to happen and tell me what you think about this. This story is back that the Marlins are reportedly considering getting rid of that home run sculpture out there in the outfield up their lips and appealed. Do you like the sculptures should the Marlins get rid of localized I love the scope the sculpture it's it's very. Hitch as varied just Miami it's it's. It's at as ridiculous as it is to. It. And what did the energy team or whatever the heck did the guys and girls that dance on the dugout that's ridiculous baseball. But his soul Miami hits that it pits I feel the same way about home runs go after he. Rule whether we'll do the trade at. Pregnant seller at the angels got calories because this money money has the money bags for drug that could also make him sick to their pocket and running they're gonna increased payroll does it cost money to run the Jack check out I don't know yet I think the money goes straight back to the to the respective owners this as part of tragic Wolverine and it's spelled out a broad. It wandering mind we need to get bear that marriage act is what W almost Alter we will sell this old sure and you get the money. Like I like it till it's Miami it's newness to the radio the it's over the top times I like him it's inappropriate it's it's it's not a baseball well it's not a traditional baseball units through the rest of the baseball whereas Laura it's like it's like so we're doing the whole premise of baseball this sounds -- that right. Some beautiful but it doesn't Lesnar will sow so to even out there aren't too good out there until I think that I that I that actually Ira I remembered a call from from any of these teams and you and you know work. Win and if this team gets good and stays glued for say three years. That being will become popular. I'm not it's not gonna be the turn over train. But it will be compiled homes and real popular perk you live color doesn't. And has allowed us you'll rip his original answer is grow months ago this and part of what it isn't what it is Miami. Very Miami baseball Miami kitsch it's just. It's like us were not you know it's we don't do things mr. He normally here by the way come. I want to ask this also why I didn't see how many. Minnesota Vikings player in this had left. The arena of the blue of the dome before that winning touchdown but do you think it you left as the vikings win. Are you a bad Mahan. Are you bad that it led the nation call some heat millions and left with a game six Ray Allen shut like would you consider those vikings fans bad they don't think no it was looking grim you got to know Doug you know warm up your car for twenty minutes before or not. Snow off plummet. You know you wouldn't I don't even know how many Minnesota Vikings Koreans have left. I would imagine you probably left. Yeah I would imagine so yeah it looked mean I don't consider the Miami fans bad prince who left before radio. It's as if it's just really bad timing is bad timing right you got out of you got caught Iranians like you got caught up but I. Under under those circumstances. Do you know you're little to Jack it. This all my colossal money right might about a lost the mortgage if that hundred your lady want to get up with the with the by the way thirty seconds ago oh in ten. I've read the crowd I think I hate daughter couldn't they get really some better seats he's up in the three can balcony minute and I wanna do and like. I like familiar mega million get on the escalator climbs some stairs when we enter an elevator man I put the telegram thank you know well. Oh well but I guess I guess he would guess what gets concedes yeah he's probably a minute he's probably in the ball or C suite. I don't know if she deserve all the millions of hundred years old and a hundred years and you're you're gonna right you're gonna publicize it like you know you had a leg in the end zone on the third and that we ran at eight that's not so a million you were sharing more TV time and Aikman right. Did you get a better seats I know. I know. Hopefully your granddaughter whoever that was sit next to word. Complained about who would what was most this boldly to build out of Super Bowls seats a blur to might say. So who was going to be there yes yeah is that civilian O sees it isn't that I think that's what's that's your policy patriots and vikings. Yeah yeah definitely 100% because well I'm also a 100% because look. If Jacksonville guest that are now all of a sudden that's a great story right. Mean you knocked Tom Brady in the end though it might just find but I hope I don't want that that that's to me I don't like they are I would rather see I would rather see Brady against the home team Minnesota Vikings. I think whoever comes out of the AFC. That's a really great story I would tell you this right now billions detained at least excites me. The president you beat Minnesota to get there you don't have you quarterback. Yeah I would think of Minnesota gets to play at home that's a great story and in a credit Brady dynasty goes on or Jacksonville. So I three point workers are traditionally talked about his considerably else in the country so I mean from a story that you won you won New England there and I want Minnesota for the home and yet. Now for all visas into this it's one of those torture families is around. It was a losing their families right. They've never won so that would be assume bosses they soul that it should Jack's Arnold's virgin mother to live a torture premises while they thought she sleep. What one of their one of those teams that when you always talk about bad aliens are bad attendance. Date coma. The job talk coffins and that's see that's we'll we'll talk about that tomorrow also he's getting a lot of press how Brady's how does not. This software Mahan past Russian and all of that but I. You know the because that's how he beat the patriots when he was mayor Johnson NASCAR has run a lot of its lining up perk a lot of its lining up but I'm not sure that. This. The jaguars team needed Tom Coughlin right they've got. You know he'll put him together but it they don't need a Tom Coughlin influence you you turn the four pass rushers loose. Pressure Brady right up the middle put seven bag and take your chances. There were mass before he got there and that he shows up and they kind of worked out some things here are we got to get out of here Josh Friedman Greg likens this coming up next. Thanks to allow the thanks Anthony tang as well for offered job by for the Palm Beach post also links there by the text in and descent back and listen we'll do it again tomorrow just before 4 o'clock perk up Curtis. You're right here on set and I do you take.