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Thursday, January 18th

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Here let's get after it started some progress you're here on 79 the ticker at houses here guys. Post though people here in the studio here as we get ready for the three hour to oral take you until. 7 o'clock here on your home of these 790 the ticket I wanted one last night part I wanted it you know you want and yes but very few games I wanted not to that he on the money liner in like I don't know I just I just up in sampling is yet it is since Wednesday and pulling all that kind of stuff one of those teams got one of the best players in the MBA. And in it Gionta stuck a lot about him yesterday. In a chance to begum. Up a couple of times within the span of of three and a half to four days once on your home for once in their building. And how's your comeback last night in the heat just just keep on keeping on reproach in the all star. Break here the stars will be announced tonight speaking civilian you'll allow me in a few days but the reserves are announced you targeting and starters are we kind of know how about that works. But nevertheless. This team especially on the road as this road trip continues to get back to back Friday Saturday and then Monday before they come back home. But that was the that was it was one of those wins that's very. Inspiring. When you look at a basketball club. It was and and there are a lot of reasons pour that one thing that I really like camp. We saw what the Sunday at the 27 points and thirteen boards and six blocks. We also saw how sonim Graham plan and there are a little bit and again but. We saw Hasan and justice closing out game and on on the you know deep in the early download that's the big being an end to meet that's that's the big being because those two. To meet they have to be part of you were late game. In the bigger picture as you mentioned these guys are role warriors can't that leads us right into tears of being. Money he has a fourteen and nine roll record they are five games over 500. That's good for now and that's good for the next two weeks. Because they finished the month. With a majority road schedule now only Golden State Houston and Boston have better road record in the heat so far. Again the heat by game's over 514. And nine on the road. Consider this turnaround last year that he was a teen and 23 on the road. So you're looking at it a dead team last year that was by gains under on the road now they're by gains over on the road. They're off to a decent start on this five game road trip there one and one. Here's what we're both for the remainder of the month. Seven games in thirteen days. By the of those gains on the road including at Houston and at Cleveland. I'll tell you this always like a team that plays well on the road says a lot about their make up. And the Miami Heat. With slightly improving health. No seems to have the debt to make it through this stretch beer read very well and judging by the roll record. I'd say that he also has the right mentality to make it through this race very very well. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest grown nerds you're authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone the discover whether his new purchases repairs. Customizations training whatever it is you need they will put you up. Visit today drove nerds dot com self lord has eyes. In the sky we don't we go out things are gonna get to hear SOA is that we pretty fast but he's been Boland from the Boston Globe covers and doing a patriot should cover the dolphins down here. Ben's gonna join us here in about a twenty minutes or so also Brady barely heard his hands are Lama jewelry and that will get at all from from bend here and is it just a formality of the fancy gyms or game others who steamrolled Jacksonville wars and actually some general concern. The the patriots to lose. In Foxboro. A conference championship game all that. Eyes as the last run for the patriot and a lot of fans are saying please please. Let nobody is yes there's. The Atlanta although the running current upheaval has been written about me true and and let this beat writers are just for Daniels and a map of treasure they go to guy owning your right for him coaching jobs and two a coordinate right. Patricia just take in the lions' job in May Daniels. Can't remember the whole sizes. I can't remember he's been an illegal aliens to live and that was basically his second time around than amber and I don't know address was. Very good not that many may I will block their thoughts of it and everything in this Norris are focusing on on the as such it was against broke adult. There's two weeks in between there is the Super Bowl again this year we are to be this great. Yeah I. I'm just saying I'm this means that from a viewer standpoint you know of his body you are not a dissolve like I like both games on Sunday deal I'd probably these new ones are once edit on Sunday. No I I do like both games on Sunday I I see the charm of the you have some to look ports and one Saturday and some look forward to one Sunday. But yeah I like having them back to bay the way they do it three and 630. And let's just make it a great day just burn the great. Day visit to me. Let you know games when those games are that big it just takes a lot out of you yeah. No it is should I not hire an isolated ideally I didn't investment in one of those teams obviously like I don't like I'm not a fan of any of those teams I can only imagine. Evolves roll fan of those dealing with off the plane and got like. Your age range the leg that is like twelve yards Deborah NFL Sunday in a regular season really bounce around watcher team player and now red zone on the transit team doing okay. Bob that's like the for the existing. It's a small. Area and Daria and I say our house drain the other day again and I both of those days you dog and yet kind of went through it with my girlfriend last year to see the Steelers when. And and so they you know they're there in the championship game against against a New England last year. But on its list as it is long man wouldn't win when somebody is the most watched those games capital have a favorite team saw lots of just. Being run like yeah so I don't know I'm I'm still an army mop up around and drink a mob beer I'm not emotionally invested I'm not going to be drain. So I I don't have a problem with that but yeah up what are your team display and yet especially if you play at like a dramatic early game. You're probably looking at that game like man I've gotten up and let your crack and I got an up or or view the late game and it's dramatic early day and you you are exhausted by the time it you're emotionally you know that things you wait for Europe seem a museum when you're doing you can possibly play. They all that stuff you know in your own horror and dog you're Rivera lions are. If your vikings gonna feel like you're like hell for Jackson this is who aren't yet sinners and and and then like I guess. I'd I'd get my gets bored Jacksonville. They and slight lead may be. You Rupert Billy because you don't wanna play Minnesota in their home stadium. Tax yeah sweat that out here just worried about you guys are scared and your kids earlier accident right you're not even your rally not real worried about your just so thrilled to get there would be New England that it wouldn't matter. I've Tibetan molds gonna join us here in about. Less than the less than twenty minutes or you can always sex is showing inviting courage or text messages. As always a 67974. On a gorgeous South Florida today you turn on the last undated. Non denied denied turned on the Miami Heat but not the motel you know get there very well says yeah yeah see there Uga this year and I and that wasn't this their last night. I wake up in a cycle morning it was like 4740. Partly because I'm going to go in using the first thing I do highway coming the sleeper and a little bit. Then it's. I would dump and like I got checked email I check the many morning news in right now hop on some things limits is like all it was just one constant. Picture a verb is dashboard this morning on the temperature yeah yeah bought started its 39 degrees. There Redlands OK appreciate that. You know my odds fought anyone (%expletive) is and corals bring as I got him and as a big sorry now earlier I understand that let you judge you don't care we I don't like I'm here I know. The government on Wednesday whether you are. You you don't like they are that little. That little a larvae need not alarm but beat the alarm. From somebody he's it was a may have missed 39 wreck it was those amazing it was just it was just. Leg emails and abuses in the video like FaceBook tigers stumbled on there and it was just 11 constant screen shot of everybody's phone or dashboard with a temperature was when we woke this morning you know look at obviously brilliant yeah you are yeah. It out of the fact I nowadays I know you're all blah you know the credit dinner so yeah that's an demarcation point yeah right. You know I use it in my mind clearly back in Texas A but have snow days are in the last two days in in Austin and San Antonio and yeah they're all excited Houston Dallas they're old they're all excited. That is though down here the last that was knows what 77 down here yet I'm not sure I'm crazy about an idea. The Dow would be fun that would be cool if we're not gonna get like this Julian Wright does that going to be this you know me and I Unita a bit much but yet just the usual flurry. Some mistake on the ground all right and sitting on your FaceBook page or something yeah. No they were it was snowing like god as a model gobs of yards snow and it's going in Monroe County OK in Korea there will die is. It would be nice if we did. Invoke a nature rules this there's there's not gonna say no it shouldn't get below fifty down here in South Florida of what's the point like it was not gonna snowed just stay in the seventy. Ryan has in this buzz Thomas of the house rules labels like sixty degrees there right I'll decline is it warm. Ryan yeah that's the best degree a about it more after the government 5 am I supposed 39 degrees somewhere in the area you know how to out of the house nobody knew Jack houses like a let's it's gonna do today. I'm only we move any further here we allows them to ground to a lot of ground to cover here but it's 4 o'clock headlines. These kids WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. The Miami Heat is off tonight the heat is back in action tomorrow night at Brooklyn in the third game of spy game road trip. He remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture just a half game behind Cleveland for the number three spot. NBA all star starters are going to be a nails tonight live at 6 PM the reserves. As selected by the hit coaches fans and media will be revealed Tuesday. At 7 PM Nestle will find out how heat guard Goran Dragic does. NB team rosters or going to be revealed a week from today. After they have that draft remember it is not a conference affiliation with the all star game this year. It's players and they will be selected by the young too high is spoke getters. Which at this point appears is gonna be LeBron James. And stuff Currie by Lee New England quarterback Tom Brady practiced today all indications are he will play. In Sunday's AFC championship game against Jacksonville Bradie James his throwing hand in Wednesday's practice when a teammate accidentally ran into whom. Those are your headlines you organize a team your dog under huge you just hope the that was a made man so to speak right somebody whose position is secure. Yeah out of ominous to many guys on that team that where you would say the way they rightly yet you do your salary gets to a certain level when every Euro med on to join us here about the and about twelve minutes old at the players on the patriots from him. Also Tom De'Angelo he's just up by for the Palm Beach post he's gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour. Com you've kind of been. Legacy lukewarm on the heat. What do you kind of say they are with DR. Yet any idea any in here we are where we're more than halfway through the season. Their a game out of there half a game on the third spot these are confident. They've played excellent basketball was a late. They seem to be getting healthier were correct I would say. So my question today would be. If you were not a believer. In in this team are you a believer in if you're not what do they have to do to make Q I believe. I would say work boom boom we have our daily conversations you're not really you weren't really a believer. In this team and I'm not talk about winning a championship. No I don't know no I went on what I see here early in the season was booked for the season. 43 to forty by winds the ceiling is 46 wins but that. This team is basically. Aid real edge to get to a better team. That you would ideally like to trade off some pieces of this team to upgrade. So that that was my belief com. I always thought they would make a play make the playoffs I didn't know they were going to win a first round series car now I think they'll win burst rounds to come around on that a good round on her yeah yeah but I I still think if if the if the trade in the trade possibility or possibilities are out there that makes sense. This isn't one of those teams where you're going we're good I think if something came up. You still make that move because. You're trying to win a title I'm hoping that this is a title winning but I don't have a core. Or not I and I understand seven game series around the different Boston I'll remember in Cleveland you know the mayor of Toronto. I do think there probably better than the other team Algeria on his watch dogs they're my exits are not there's literally about to much as with Eminem despite. Let me ask you this question do you think Pat Riley. And I don't Riley is getting up there and he's the ultimate competitor. And it's it's championship or lost. Blood. Do you think Riley which all which which with everything has gone on with this team and his organization through losing LeBron. Through the the way Dwyane exited to the aren't just on. Just on horribly bad luck you have with Chris Bosh and McDonald's is a mean you don't vote out is nobody cannot you cannot clean and for that'll for see any of that happening. On all those things. Using O'Reilly is sitting arousing. If these waiting for a guy like a Wales squad local to emerge. Or do you think he has. Is more satisfied with saying OK I like this group let's roll with this. Now obviously if something comes up where it's too good to be true only to be the turned down you go after that great. But do you think Pat Riley is sitting down there in his office just is waiting for. This is the named to emerge that's a that's a disgruntled superstar. I I think he's on the look out I don't think that he's waiting with bated breath what he might have been. In November aka so I tigers I think this is of a scene where. I don't know how pet looks at ally look at it is. They might be some and and until something better comes along. I talk a little different guys right now I I I can roll with these guys still something better comes along and I that's where I am with this team. It's pad at that place. Pop probably. Probably because you're not gonna again as I say did end and I'm sure how pat looks at it you're not going to make a trade. Just for the sake of making a trade you know and make a trade. Because it is climbing that ladder to the championship so. If there's nothing out there this team Vietnam. Has people potential being. Two definitely get to the second round. Maybe do as well as the team a couple of years ago that that 148 games and end to to Ronald to seven games in the second round. This team might have that same potential I personally didn't think this team has that potential at the start of the year so they surprised me. Have they surprised and I think they have a little bit. But again at the right deal comes along you make it an idol pinkie sit in the errors I feel needs to come along because this scene is going. They're a really good spot right now no they are united again in the Arctic is if you are with a series of every year than yes this is the conversation for you. Because is not happens and having it's all right guys on the war in the Bay Area you know disband but as far as what you YouTube assembled here. And what you've invested in you're seeing you're seeing some return on the investment and that's got to be rewarding. Hands. It is team gets into the playoffs can they really make some serious noise I think they can't. I think they definitely just as much of that team two years ago that it again they go seven games against Toronto in the second round. After beating Charlotte image in a rugged seven game first round series so. Yeah I think Justine can do just as well. Real quick this in this text says this is the Detroit Pistons type team from the 2000. Would win better younger players. It's the same system the star list system wouldn't say that there are better younger players consider that teammate Chauncey Billups rip Hamilton Rasheed Wallace and Wallace. Michelle kerns who's a song prince yeah by but yeah I I I would agree with that at Texas. This is a team built from that same mold yes. Yeah isles last seen you says an ensemble type. You know. And suddenly the game is better than one singular right art rather we've seen the MB normally it's you know it's a Big Three in this which other guys that are when he tells I would go back to you here. In in due course book talks on football and bullet a boss or global brought to our Boston and talk about the patriots once again back in another AFC championship game. Would be back to another Super Bowl ban what's going next here on 79 minutes ago. We're at our defense bowling from the Boston Globe in just a moment but joint told them these are the sports Colin. Pines this Sunday as the rivalry continues. And between Tobin of the B I'm not the jags in the battle major. Hunt opens big Jacksonville fan and his team faces off against these team from new England and hang out with the guys for the midday show and enjoy a beer specials in the amazing boneless wings championship Sunday watch party this Sunday with bees and Tobin it's sport's growth. In the minds that shoot 20 northwest a 180 avenue. Rosenberg back with you here on a Thursday afternoon and we head out right now to the rentals announces his or guess and their choice of beyond convenience talked to our main man discover the dolphins down here and we think Ben bowl for giving us a few minutes if that wasn't in Foxboro for the if you tip your game of the agents. Or in for the seventh straight year you don't CBS sports growing and out with the Tobin. And and b.'s been paid on. Well you know another week in Foxborough and more drama for the patriots Tom Brady now apparently had an injured hand and didn't practice today. Pictures spender slipping out right now. Never dull moment. But now banned militant Agricole didn't he beat the dolphins with a with a swollen right hand a couple of years ago. But the question I have I haven't shot no wanna marry her up looked out on top. Yeah I've I've thought I've I am pretty sure that that he did he had some kind of hand ailment a couple of years ago but yet even with diet. Do the jaguars have a chance. Of Bradley and Tom Brady I know they're able to rush war and you go back to NASCAR pass rush and and all that kind of stuff but. They do they have a legitimate chance of getting him off the spot and rattling him a little bit. You know her daddy you're asking that I did a local search and yet he doesn't hurt he he and Brady and was sworn he left fourteen point comeback yet. Oh there we go Monday night of the all right I did I'm a recent so far will this leave it. Yeah you got a memory development. Etc. but you should he. Yet but getting to jaguar defense and put Brady around a little bit you know I mean it this hidden injury whatever Europe they've looked like media might eat bomb. That's going to be significant. You know the omitted the one finger you don't want injured order kind of pro football. Soul. You know that they game planned for beating the jaguars defense I think that. Brady may be spread him out and throw the ball lock you get the auditor can quickly. Indicate that pass rush and it might feel more difficult now. With it can be injury. After the jaguars they're graded on defense at all three levels they generated power pressure which is the front for instance speedy linebackers. Over Mitt miles Jack there are very solid. They're really good secondary I would Egypt or eight Jim and Randy. Barry church back there so this jaguars have a formidable defense. Create you know all about can play portal just pro and opted to keep them competitive and I'm not sure they can be able to on the road in Foxborough. What could be a cup environment on Sunday. Yeah I mean that's my deal is as great as Brady is any and if he's not a 100% pitchers from the football and a score. You know they gonna get into the twenties at some point. And my question is is this is just more about the patriots defense and the Patriots offense on Sunday. Yeah I mean certainly it long is the patriots beat and can hold Jack course. Thirteen point and it doesn't matter amber he language and injured thumb out there whoever did. You know Blake board over the jaguars they've put up 45 on dealer at and they deserve a lot of credit but. You know that the Steelers defense also also pretty much directly gave them seventy point and otherwise the Steelers were so sloppy on the air and just didn't do their homework and we're really we're looking at the patriot. And the job market and so many times with like bootleg play action. Where half of the field was wide open where there was no defender within fifteen yards of receiver. And that's just not gonna happen with the patriot. They had a few good break out early and even though they got back cleaned up. Ivanovic played disciplined defense you are not biting hard on the option create and and not fighting on the bootleg. Just keep the play confront you and and just try to keep late oral contained in the pocket. I can make you roll up for the jaguars and you know that the bankers will load up on the box that is doppler Ornette yeah he portal contained in the pocket. And I just don't see how mortal can be up to score 20/20 four points and be able to keep pace with the feature. Men only covers patience for the Boston Globe is our guest on some benighted to get what's been the mood like yeah all. ESPN report a couple of weeks ago all right Tennessee comes in there I mean they're clearly not on new England's level. Once kind of been the mood or around the seam is this like they were or we're going on another run or does it seem like. Hey this might be the end of something that's been extremely special. Yeah I mean on the outside there it seems business as usual they're winning on the field they are present the united front you know there's no. They are all the players or coaches give you all the same patriot lines that we've been fed over the years on the outside of fine by. You know there's that would like Columbine has been there's the trader Jimmy drop below is very strange all the way around. I think that certainly caught some sort feelings. With the football department that you really didn't want to have to give up Jimmy drop below. And and there's been in this drama for about half the season with Tom Brady's body grew throughout square of the patriot. Bill Belichick you know kicked him off the sidelines not a team flight. Restricted access inside the stadium there's that was some of that stuff going on and now runner birds are probably it was Josh went into the Matt Patricia. Might lose some other coaches to do so there's a lot of change coming to the peach pit and you'll see about Bill Belichick and how long he can hold on on. You know admit and that is certainly in the city not take the candidates are looser. In the beginning obviously. Then when you get these beings I you have to take them very seriously as a beat writer but. When do you know that this being is on the verge of a break up I mean we we we were down here with the Big Three he's. And there was always something. A bomb at the same thing is true right now with the Cleveland Cavaliers there's always something it's been like that with the patriots through through spy gate in the late gay and every being. How do you know wind all this is pretty serious. You know well. We we got to hand that you know error there was little Coke pathetic this year when we looked on the sideline and in Tom Brady's got no longer there that was certainly knows all that. Bill Belichick and you know kick the guy out the sideline and in restricted access and so that Beck had a tip off the people that. Metres and stuff going on behind the scenes that. You'd seen it in letting on that's not as. But it says now Coca static but you know the logical to keep plant plant very close the bat and people been getting for years you know when to get a step away. That you want to try to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady in the anatomy got sixty cycle but I don't think it would be too much longer. For the patriots. McCain over the trees are leaving Tom Brady's gonna play a few more years he pretty much happier critical problem percent. But the Brady's going to be thicker and a few more years and I imagine Belichick looked at around two more years. And then this is gonna abruptly end now and I think Belichick school to kind of set up a succession plan he thought he had a quarterback who go Rob Lowe. It's not going to be Albuquerque not communicate over Patricia now Belichick at the room in the next wave of coaches and find the next quarterback in the draft. Then maybe take a stepping away and a couple of years so you know we're on how to get being in. Yeah we can see the end in sight the Brady Bill Belichick and keep coaching for another five or and here's the really wants to. And I think realistically it's probably a few more years just got to step up your organization. To move on without them. Yes or no yardage got your eye your reservations are sent from Minneapolis event. Yeah I mean a leader like November okay they go back over to government hatred as right yeah I mean. At home talks Brawley. I just don't see it happening band that goes the formula how how new England and close on Sunday and then the couldn't beat. Well you know Brady can't if it could it be tried to gut Britain and he's just not able curveball and I think is sacked and he just nonstop and further pick sixers do. Patriot maybe give up you know a block on I mean these things have been known to happen as a gaming at eagle years ago the Eagles scored. On an eighty yard punt return and they blocked the pond in Bradford in. You know eighty yard touchdown. And just weird things happen and the jaguars have a good not the pencil or they can do that and Tom Brady's hand I think. You know it significant that the injuries that companies need yet so you know I'm not feeling quite good about the nine point spread or whatever they did. You know yet trade for Tom Brady is calm but. Indiana builders don't be ugly portal can be able to function. If the patriots beat the even if it ugly for the patriot but still they become one of the victory. I agree I agree and and I think everybody probably agrees if the patriots lose it's the biggest upset since. What. The last time digital locks. A. Yeah I don't know I had and I haven't thought about one the pitchers haven't been upset you know I'm green at the 290 and they were fourteen until. It's been wrecked trying to get surrounding users around and they just 1453. Weeks earlier at the jet. And the get came in and and background and wondered are grown now to pretty shocking day so might be who might be upset the balance the. Let's go to right Deb Bennett all is a look at things you've taken a few minutes with us and and enjoy it on Sunday should be fun thank you guys are. Then ball and does an excellent job covering the page reached over the dolphins down here. Been really good dude does great job and he laid it all out there are the future and the other president of the New England Patriots. He gets images and things to say there which would soar into. I just I mean I'm I don't mean to disrespect Jacksonville. But it just like I that is. The media happened I was no say it obviously get it might have been the biggest outside and I mean in a championship game more playoff I. Maybe since the hum with wouldn't admit Minnesota lose to be a dirty bird that was 98 proud of them that probably now. Because that the giants over patriots and some bubbles happen since that that was a bigger upset moral digits over the rams yeah. Area of trimming there was two sentences are fifteen and sixteen point. Favorites and additionally separate touchdowns and and came up. So I just see me just in the big one million it would do would be a big does what needs Jacksonville's is like how do you how do you go against. The agreement to bring like the big pacers a role that town in those in those. In those Eastern Conference finals and they had good teams and right were they were dangerous but it's like. I'm not going among young I don't against the unbeaten B three great. You just it's not you so you don't like I mean yeah you still have enough yet. And just give the benefit of the doubt I mean like me you know it is so what. It'd it would be you'll be huge by. Here this is there isn't one of those where if it happens. Al Al just be the one going now I I didn't think it happened not not I thought there release smoltz in the results. I'm one of those who would be yeah I didn't think it can happen. I didn't think he's got this call today he can happen values I got me right you know no. Ways of times you know go get somebody hitters like Laviolette. I'm not a drug to cure rate that's correct it's just like at its regular Alabama played average every its Ebbers of like that's like you know what it is it is tough and bleak world it's Tom Brady you know what. I can live without him I outlive. Oh nonetheless I am at the cost less some might have felt this way might have been Miami and where I was just like it's not it's yeah its it's not gonna happen I even thought. You know that that they're ordered to play before it. About Eric. But today yeah yeah yeah. About their little bit yeah at her just another religion Iranians are about second in Internet history of Virginia I've got involved there might have been a chance with Virginia and after they beat Virginia knows I have an optimist when no notes it. So that's I guess it could happen that'll get it back to missile but later on we got tambien welcome appear in the 5 o'clock hour a Fitzsimmons as he we start with the G. A really good wind. You were waiting for the white side gained come around we original Whiteside gain here we go as I got endo also justice Winslow made some wind and delays as they like say what you Bakken of that plus the also starters will be announced tonight but I wanna get into if the -- to have any sort of representation for team that has one of the best records in the Eastern Conference Loomis road records in the NBA didn't. And they're not a quote unquote sexy team but. But it but it is look there and active team in their one of the surprises in the league and so. How far will that go toward getting all star reserve rep. Presentation then we're it'll all these sexy no sex Soviets and that undermined send it on and at six and an item for the calls brings on a Mohammed Tex line right here on some and I do take it. Hey you know what's happening in a few days our sister station just 99.9. This country is hosting the third third annual chili cook off crowd by Ford it is a couple of days away it's Saturday. Huge day arguments any football Saturday at series of parts and armor pines. Could today of food drinks the weather's supposed to be just absolutely spectacular. Tennis star packed lineup of country music artists to -- including Darius Rucker are Old Dominion big and rich Marin Morris Midland and Brandon leg your take essentially threw off now and take in Miami dot com Gordon took in Miami dot com check it out by the way if you missed any part of our show or any of the other shows on the station went over the podcasts in the of the guests interviews. You go to the year to get minded outcome of the chili cook off perk. Being good again. W camp and now about what about 3:4 in the morning and you gotta get that chilly go out I'll tell you one thing. In this town and being involved with them without events. Hands over the years need and how many people. We would ask you for tickets right end in the stunning part would be how many differing. Walks of life well and different. Races and colors and ages and people would ask me for country music take its Yo-Yo like you wanna go see video. What role would come at a time taken to giving Britney Spears are pretty good doesn't it hey give me the killers take its whenever any kind of the chili cook bubble over the years I have had. You know women Andy off fifty years halls you know mollen you could give it to you. Young people old people. The a civilian aid and everybody likes silly right. You like the music or not everybody likes Chile that is building that's a great time I eagerly and yeah as they go to some different kinds of Chile and yeah. A party party atmosphere. At the and cities might have an adult beverage or two of them might be a possibility and it's always a possibility that it clearly can all that's a possibility I'm sure they'll be a few consumed on Noah on Saturday to have weathered. Yeah and you hit the ground yet so. Good it's a reminder that comical it's that bad boy and you know monogamous and in football games on Sunday and the channel blast on a blast. On now on Saturday you can always sex shows except 97 for your back to the heat and got Tommy in the coming up here. Cover the evil Palm Beach post Tommy is gonna join us in involve five when he got to he'd take us your way it will take more about the as we move forward here. Coming up and we are also our stores will be announced tonight agreed to a purse cut. Us some thoughts on that green it's but I I can't help myself perk. I did I just really I really can't help myself. When there. ICL a mock drafts did and it's that Tommy. Right this is yes. But now we have we know who's staying who's going to the that was that Brad has a big step that was this past weekend guys and learn the art you know art earned the colors of worth so milk hyper junior and search when Obama can be junior. I give him I'd give him the respect because he's the godfather of this discounted in industry. That's become just too huge so he had his mock draft one point oh. So I'll omni point oh is gonna have probably six or seven in seminary now and again from. Every like every three weeks and leave those things get it right so I so I don't know yeah ideally you'll agree normally. It is this is the folly of the mark just oh you see this. I think there's a lot of he would just auto magazine with my team doing it at all it's more later specialized braced going in as the as the day she's been in the weeks. You know approach to the NFL draft year and were ways when what's in late April early may yeah yeah we got a few months here. But I'll be at the gym or I'll be like restaurants. And Qaeda ever was while the B that's scroll. You know you dream at Shea or whoever the NFL network allowing dale Jeremiah does is not going to be like oh updated mock draft by and so on so right and alleys and I will stop. And I also really haven't thought it was an open. However are your team it's. Would they have for the dolphins. Who will one pick ahead and who live went deep below that there's just would always look at emitted in the mock drafts and so. Yeah how like a couple of these mock drafts. So bar. Because look dumb it milk hyper happened opens taking heat EM with the rook on Smith wrote. The golf and here's a look at Virginia here's his first smudge up the dogs of the eleventh overall pick by the way. That's right thing and I'm not so he has the dolphins taking my in the currency who's he offered to tackle from Notre Dame boy. Look at the journal sentinel but only crowns with your man he isn't going one pick earlier ten to the raiders Oakland yeah. And then right behind him angles taking a trim on Edmonds who is really good player from Virginia Tech. Whether he's out of Blacksburg for Leo for the can say that at twelve so that they have. Yeah the let the debates begin. Well let let delta facility continue because I saw CBS one that had the dolphins taken broke on Smith. Believe it was Sports Illustrated that have won a NFL executives and they hit the dolphins take hinder when James the safety implored a state. So the debate continues the dolphins of course have TJ McDonald in Rashad Jones both are under contract. Both are strong safety's neither of them is a free safety dolphins use their safeties interchangeably. But both of those guys TJ McDonald and Rashad jumpers they're guys who do their best work. Inside that box and an asthma eight may end up. Making tackles and so you do ask a little bit. Something of them that they're not familiar with when you ask them to play the free safety and basically don't let anybody get behind you because both of those guys their nature is. You see that receiver out there and you see the bowl coming you go up when you lower the boom on him. It's not sit back there and don't let them get behind you it's you go up there and you make the hit so. I could see them wanting to get a true free safety. You've got a lot of money in that strong in this safety position between between two giant. I don't know I do a mortar stand on its very early on to say I'm the results are right I've no idea with the mindset is but I mean like offense defense I counting the votes so all they would would would target I I don't know I will do tomorrow I know I think what's out there big. Being with. Between C is is going to be. Do the dolphins plan on keeping. 21 Jane Wright at night when I mean billion dollar write best that's the type in you know limit console going to be on the left. But obviously if they draft movement she and that the plan is to get rid of on dwell on games. As ours broke on Smith but. I don't know he's an outside bad route seeing some stuff that is that he could move to the weeks it. But you know rate on the Millen is supposed to be the middle backer and the interesting thing about that is last year you remembering him there was a lot of speculation of wearers. Rate plummet Millen no play wears Lawrence Timmons gonna play a Simmons gonna play the strong side or Simmons gonna play in the Mittal and that was the debate between those two. They hardly I don't think they ever play Timmons in the middle it was always McMillan so. Who knows who knows you may maybe you do have bombed you know McMillan on the strong side. Wrote on Smith in the middle and Kiko Alonso stays on the weak side. But that that linebacker being this is going to be something to watch also because they. They definitely have to improve you think Timmons is the one who's who's going to be gone that me Millen comes back in the end there is key so. Oil is off I really do go to the gym and I used to nest and I'm a network counted noses. I use dodged a book today and then I kind of got sidetracked there and Melanie a backward to yell for Tony eighteen there was -- than the resolution has suffered a back there yeah but like I always like this I was like that among is a month behind us on February you know GAAP I was just gonna say you should be fashionable and go in there and you correctly to crowd and Jane yeah well and it and it's like it's it's like there was a philosophy that I adhere to in school for a while of you Wear your best melted on the second day like everybody wears him on the first day that's an excellent news about your day you. You know the first day you're honest woman though. But that second day. Maybe you shine in this debut in the gym camp on February and everybody goes in January baby you signed it February how many people sign in February did not good that's Loma insurance has earned an obvious that Jim standing around watching the scroll for. It's and it's great stimulus that has zip and approaching say incident on a stool in the but it's not as I know I'm done here and here today. I disagree I'm just curious to privileges they have the three quarterbacks going in the top five Josh Allen Josh Rosen 122 browns and giants. And then he's got him there are going to the the Broncos at five. And the baker mayfield the thirteenth of the Washington. Football team so. That's that's that if you want to their quarterback this and that I don't mean I just the start material information I'm totally out of opinion on that is an. And closer to let quarterback. Being early eleven Lou he's still have to do convince me but. I just I just don't think it's worth it to mess around in the third or fourth round not a blogger I I I you guys really do still do. Greg yes in your really have a good solid round on AB he becomes the print sized guide maybe he's a waste it take initiatives taken I open tomorrow. And how we got some names here so you know you sit around with the guys the barbecue or. And at the chili chili dog water and Odyssey on the type radical as I did get a tackle should other often the linemen due to added to the collection and let me ask you this do I. Dude is stood right he's a project stood by how old is new it. None you're gonna stud he didn't no no no I don't tiger mom mumbling there and all those guys who you picked apart in Lebanon right and that's probably an unclear being to pick out one game and I'll definitely use that I got the ball hybrids when it comes of the people who were we've got every single game last night was was a good one this of that fourth quarter guys making plays all over the joint would give back to that figure it to them 5 o'clock headlines also Tom the angels who enjoys a 520. And we have to heat tickets to giveaway as well the court he ticket window will be opening up so we go a lot more to get to the as we open up the 5 o'clock hour next right here as a benighted take. We need right everybody will be getting that feeling and pride everybody will be dancing and I think everybody will be happy but yeah I thought. More here on seven and David ticket. Her as a perk back with you here Tom handles gonna join us here five when he wouldn't do more in depth of the Miami Heat nice when last night in merely walk day. And also on this our coming up listen everyday to the ticket for the records he ticket window. The jazz when tickets and upcoming game accord is Miami technology partner. And your local self or technology company visit them online and record score Beckham sponsored by open your vault dot com Lauderdale BMW a former times. Marron know Hayek Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys. Keep listening to take it to when your way into he game. We're gonna giving tickets went Barca are so that is the accord that you tell you that much the of course he did window will be open for business so all will. We'll push that thing it's a musical and it's great to undergo CD right there or make him remove. Rate on your believer now your little more than a believer that you work months ago. I believe that they can win a purse room playoff series no word yet I didn't think that a couple of months ago as this question earlier ousted again here we go out tax weaving and get two minutes it's my fault we'll get to some of these move reporter. If meg if you words if you were skeptical about this group. As you said you come around on it a little bit and if you're not you're still outsold. If your don't you fill out their social guy announces a 500 team how bombs drop out of this thing are there one injury away from it. You know to be in the 73 C Meester top OK and announced fare. But I'm just I'm just kind of wondering if if you come around if you if you what do you mean if if you're not a believer what do you need them to do to make you believe that I think there's enough. Games played there's enough minutes or law all week a look at the seems like yes blues that's pretty damn good Tamer there. I to me is still there the late game go to guy that that's the teeing and again and they can win a first round series like this I think but I think as you get into that second round we'd better defense of teens higher scoring teams. Better skilled teams teams that that's where I am arguing arguing that as yet that's a that's what I mean Justine. Is missing to get out of the second round again upping it and get outburst right there miss an all star Kirk is that what you're saying yeah. And also are just they go to guy I mean look. Even if even of Dragic. Was not named an all star. If he was the go to guy you know is well you know what I'm saying even drug issue is even if you will that say 88 the work by time all star which he's not. If he was veg go to guy. I still being. That that's good enough. You know the the the NBA is going to announce the all star starters tonight and that leads us right into here's the thing. The all star starters will be announced tonight live on TNT starting at 6 PM and to me. The horse starters on both sides are pretty easy to me. It's the fifth starter on both sides they give me problem and that is starter is in the front court. On both sides now as you know the starters are going to be too backcourt guys and three run court guys. In the east. In my backcourt alike are re Irving and DeMar DeRozan. In my court I like LeBron James. Young assigned to school poll in that other spot. I like to willing beat from Philly. Look Al Horford would be absolutely great great choice and Aniston beat doesn't get the starting spot. I think Al corporate probably gets it he gets it over say Andre Drummond over Kevin Love four or Chris that resilience. So those are my starters in the east Skype re Irving DeMar DeRozan LeBron James Young in this enjoy OMB notice cost Oxley and his outlook and a dance floor and getting your. Also in the west I like in my backwards Seth Curry and James Harden. Court Kevin Durant Anthony Davis of its front court spot and I'm not too sure about. I like LaMarcus Aldridge I like what he's done for that team in place of buckle why Leonard B and out. Look Drake Mon green could could easily be that guy Karl has the details could be that guy. I'm not about boutique cousins specially because I would be to a pelican starting called George. Now he's he's starting to come around a little bit with spoke Casey but again in the west. That curry James Harden Kevin Durant Anthony Davis LaMarcus Aldridge. And then we will see about the bad I mean about your reserves. Interestingly enough. You know the reserves is gonna be again who backcourt three front court to while caller as bars Dragic. Indy in the backcourt in the the other backcourt guys John Wall Bradley Beale Kyle Lowry. Bin Simmons. You know there's one other one other spot and among those guys and then the other you know may be drug is it's one of the two wildcard spots but. The older my all star starters will see what happens tonight when that team is announced by. That's who I think should start. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in congress drone nurses your authorized DUI dealer they've got all your drone these cover Webber's new purchases repairs customizations. Training whatever it is day will you well. Visit today drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Army and it's kind of everyone kind of knows before I don't whereby you just an hour for our Kevin Love them the bogey cousins over all bridge or whether it was sensors that side of a trend beyond the bedroom and his. You know like it's I just like Aldridge were 'cause of collide become quite honestly and yes I that. Out he'll be introducing what they do with the reserves and this is think I mean this is this would be nice for forgot a born again at immunity I do think he's the only guy that's worthy and has the best chance of getting it undertook and if the heat finish up this the stretch George I think the army hill that. The third or fourth in the east or north it'll be as they say they'll be Barry good chance I think the drugs to get the ranking in the vote gets to the media and the where and the coaches and it's gonna go how do you leave office team. But in not vote for any guy. For a team that has that's the well they have the seventh or eighth or ninth best record in the entire league you know whatever the third or fourth best record in the MBA. How do you leave off that a hobby and not vote for a guy and I think Goran has the career stats. He has electability factor around league and now wouldn't be a nice little nod to him well. Is Illinois as it won't because look at that a guy like bin Simmons you know that's that's going to be a big gum. A big deal for the league and I know that you know the coaches are exposed to being like that but. That would be a big deal for the league to have somebody that young. That exciting from such a big media market. Make the all star team and they're in the backcourt you do symptom. Some other big names right when you look at John Wall and Brantley Biel and Kyle Lowry Erica so walker Kemba Walker is right there aren't seeing there their performance might really bring him right now and I'm glad I know you're right you guys have some pentagon and therefore a big old people's tussling and immunity by the way have been the first pick of the draft you know that there wreck you know you did there's not let us here. There's no conferences and and it's probably gonna be LeBron instead of curry. Selecting the players for the teams the draft will not be televised. But my question do you is this the sugar. First pick is unanimous. Easy CD right. The bronze buddies after his teammate and after that it's a crapshoot. Whoever you want it's enough but the number one pick has got to be TD right even though it's not televised will be publicized it's got to be Katie doesn't. Ought to be yes yeah got a yes yes yes yes and then after that depends on the right food you know. Who will win ever direct to UN ago. Are they really ugly and the order will be released all right. I don't know I don't know wolf I don't seem obvious moon yeah a little bit but I don't know if it's gonna be you know this guy he's you know this this is mr. irrelevant. He was the last guy like LeBron LeBron socket there's no shot of taking carrier. You know what I know if you believe him sneak yes LeBron then and subplots and all that he could take him in space. No problem public eye re. Right yeah the way they do and oppose them think that seemed ready as both the thing that LeBron is. Either he's if the B doesn't take him and he's a dirty so and so who. Didn't like I read a B does take a my easiest round a poet and our place. I don't know I probably I don't know how you handled that I like the Durant we were talking about this a couple whistled to read did not want the responsibility get it right be promoted arrested this gets speculate. What does Serena do what Westbrook let you know as well yeah. Yes you know write what you got to take all your teammates would you not I'd ever since an exhibition and in a blind vote I don't think you do and somebody's not there to want all who cares it's just that also argue whatever. If you don't think these guys. Are that petty about stuff like this do you think you're not new they care about who's got the head cool and who's in who's saying what about the other guy. Think anybody would. Sweep the pics like they do from the NFL draft pick anybody's you know we'll tell you that somebody Amir and I don't know I don't think there wouldn't be many people who would know. Oh I don't know I have no idea and the team so we're really and true. I don't know right or the leading the order this and this goes back to every kid Ellison on the playground I was afraid we've picked last yet. Well at but there's also is NBA's it would also has a lot of soap opera sub plot twists. And so long with LeBron and the senator so you ever going to relate or are right or or how Al. How would you feel your LeBron or staff are putting Canadian Russell in the same squad like would that be a no no view you know from talk indicate. Like you know there are those subplot where reliability like really wanna build teams or you know. Need a big man. So I MI and my job the big men Majid Anthony Davis or some like that you'll higher than some other guy but I like a lot I mean imagine I just find it funny that you're these guys are in the spot here. OCR brain cells of a Texan is going in your picks and I know that's the Tyson. Starter that's the announcement of the starters and what Tuesday's reserves Susie is as the reserves and the starters there it's it's a weighted deal it's 50% and vote. And then nine point 5% player when he by percent media the reserves are selected by a coach and a than religious images of the reserves starters everyone knows started and everybody's gonna know pretty much and again the reserves will be some well we're about to do deadline gonna get into the I wasn't here both didn't get to 5 o'clock deadline is. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. Miami Heat is off tonight he's back in action tomorrow night at Brooklyn in the third game of spy game by game road trip. But he remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture a half game behind Cleveland for the number three spot. Stick him with the NBA all star starters will be announced on TNT at 6 PM tonight. The reserves which are selected by the as did coaches will be revealed at 7 PM Tuesday. That's and we find out most likely whether more on drug which makes the team we don't expect them to be announced with the starters. A teen rosters will be revealed a week from tonight at 7 PM on AT&T in a one hour NBA tip off special finally to the NFL New England quarterback Tom Brady practiced today. And all indications are he'll play in Sunday's AFC championship game against Jacksonville. That was really never in doubt but Brady jammed his throwing hand in yesterday's practice when a teammate accidentally ran into them. Those are your headlines. It's the only sector shows 679746. Have a 974 comical result Mohammed takes on Tom the Agile gonna join us here in about ten minutes. A couple of text your woes knows all. Not only the order of the picks for the result of the game that's excellent text and yeah below each weeded out you have an overload bomb he'll have all the all the ins information hill have all the back story on that there there's no doubt about that that's a great tech trade there although another tech Georgia the sons better chance of Megan and warned as corn the the fifteenth best overall guard. In the Eastern Conference. Has done it. Well I does not Amazon is not a better chance is too much time. No I don't I don't think his right eye opening in the same category great degree last night but yeah I think bonds biggest being. Going in his favor is the representative of a team that's playing well. I would have really the leader of that same yeah there is really nice career you're right though correct I was gonna look at facts are that he's not a top bar I'm legacy is affecting most but and I that he would be. Thought that he's not a you dated he had a 500 record we wouldn't be thinking too much about boron making the all star game he makes it that he represented a polar team that's doing well mostly. Let's say that you are one injury away from irrelevant though relies were also dealing with just as many injuries is anyone else and still have the next man up ready to go. We've dealt with that I'm on a percent commas that this will make you do. With whoever the injury gods send our way no text rights and also supposed to lose her scared of an. Who lead of its lit with in the regular season. Yeah we we see at that list. Toronto Boston Cleveland. Wouldn't moved in Toronto wouldn't relieve in scare me. Boston I know you success one beaten them two out of three right in and definitely one in Boston. Upon numbers they'll agree and that their streak yeah into the street and in Brighton and yes so but anyway but playoff basketball is different yeah you think I read you know a whole lot just a steady diet of of Tyreke. So. It is different I will say this though I you know speak and embossed tonight. I'm not. That impressed with Brad Stevens as far as being eight top you know three coach in the NBA guy I'd like Brad Stevens button select put them overs bowled. Now I'm not going there with. I'm not a lot of finals first did the right course to correct correct there with their you have to Rick Carlisle Carlisle right got my lifetime achievement and he beats old you know it's very easy yeah some decisions on the law is got the blood on the pony and he's got so the championship that's why I did that mean in that sport you have put. Obviously popsicle standard but yeah I mean the Stephens like community finals for earlier today you may be you know. Steve Kerr belongs up there are many young frank yes yes I was out yeah popcorn and talk tennis ball. Yeah America talking right I give a lot of credit to coaching a star studded team. Pop has done and curry is done it's always done it I'm going to take away from them well what would you do it our crack team like -- answer whether a you know. And I'm not gonna play that total blow my Lexus why would you wanna go Koji Kraft team when he'll have to. Yeah well ad I mean you know you know the Dalai. There's the generic team right grab team right the general thinking is. Anybody can go to a good team who concerned. You know water into one of the that's that's a journal and the adults aren't they running Doug Collins had Jordan and the bulls team in Del Harris had Shaq and Kobe and then to go to football singletary at the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh comes in and and does good stuff. Wouldn't that I do love that OK you want a did did did what crafty OK it was a deal oh wait no nineteen give the victory came together to get way to much as a one year contract that all those guys up that way than even you DDB and all the we're going to be here so yes Reynolds got those guys play as hard as hell for him. And they end up you know getting into the playoffs. But I love them that wallow I don't know coach Phil Jackson go coach at Sacramento king and CRE does come like. Why does the Jackson go to do that he's not do that. Lead yeah Jackson yeah but yeah I mean you know what I understood what I say yeah the guys are a miracle worker Friday he would do is good news as as Pat Riley or real are bombed only us but they're not nearly so that's how he would do. But I just a righty cue the yeah he's. I mean you know moved when he pulled Gary Stevens about you know and salad and yeah yeah as a material right exactly artist and some brushes and equality Pena and work with yeah I mean it I just on the over the years. Hi Leo didn't let him go coach that brought howls and let's see how we goes well he doesn't have to Coach Brown yeah. You hate it is it and to me the point is that load that Belichick would not. The nominee gave arguably would have taken this year's Cleveland Browns in the playoffs. William no there won't be on sixteen now bush yeah Olsen and out of the tying the knot with like there's going to be myself terrible workers out there's one point. You know irises as audio yields will come and wait and on it and Nick Saban might be put in in the pros yeah. Around me they were pretty bad before he got booted Mike Hsu Alabama. Are okay. Or abandon. Its Alabama perk. I don't know man. I don't know and I think they might have what one title in previous stint year's conference only cards of the higher quality of my to goes there he was a disaster Shula I think Adam I'm pretty sure she'll had a winning record there. Org there weren't bad. It's ideal thing is they get the get a hurricane decides either so Miami like you get the right guy in there and here we go like you get Mark Richt in terms like okay. Yeah Nick Saban who actually knows what he's doing. As a matter of time for Alabama is gonna you know hit a minute the somebody c'mon let's look at the title nine diatribe on title nine you know this and that's what I mean this ridiculous yes that's metal out of. And this is getting a little bit out of hand out of her element are we got to get the Tom the end Loko and also we have the accord is he ticket window pretty away some awesome he tickets in the back into the sour but that he will be on next here on seven I do take. Yeah. Yeah. I had fifty imagine here is customize my champion four by fours off Florida's. Number one team drug issue because it was Asian sovereign guarantee them the hottest. Four by four amount of occasions in town called Jimmy and four by 4765023446. Brunch every four by four dot com also sponsored by. Merit a higher open as a Martinez PL call 305800 Irma. And also brought to buy extra and the when it comes to the entertainment you love X one gives you more. Change the way you experienced TV weather extended the X one while they want and perk. The Miami Heat have been this area very entertaining here late and we check in right now with our man Tom the Angela covers team. For the Palm Beach post as though we get into it here on your home and he'd answer and I Nina from 1043 XT two ticket Tom I email today. I'm doing great I am I am mile wading into work days were right he's got warming up the last. Five days like him. I don't think it seemed temperatures out of the twenty. Man that is brutal combat zones but you know that that's that's the NBA on the road it is it is and speaker that Tom. Beat the heat has a fourteen and nine road record. And they're one of the best road teams in the NBA that those reports best road record in the NBA. Does that surprise you. At eight. Yes that does I don't know I don't know where it comes from. You know it's just. Basically would be in the say the same group we saw last year that really turned out the second half of the year and even more surprising is you don't at all change in the last month but. Before that they they were still big news in the early when they were struggling a bit they were playing well on the road trip and not playing well at all. And you know it players don't know I've it's hard to black players they read a lot you know they. These kind of the jobs you know the cliche answer as well ladies maybe Libor constable that whole bit. We you know we we. We we kind of take it easy relaxing at home we expect when we play out of eroded but it it starts. I don't know I have no idea what makes a good road to other than that he'd be great tie all zig getting it when such a broad. Gates. I don't know what the difference is it different is why this team has played better on the road. But it has been it's had in its won some big road games against very tough teams. More so than they have at home. And it and I think the biggest thing in the one thing that that I'd take away first cap is it had it. It most of that is that it. It will when he got you have those are those certain that he and X number of games that it just you know he's just not there you just don't show up that night it's funny turns. More of those games that happened at all so. So I I you know I get hit it it could it right now which would eleven of fourteen on the road you know could. That that that mentality in knowing you played well we. Yeah you know you don't wanna be on the road to mind here and pay you know all of January is going to be on the road when they played so well on the road. You're on the road here and Brooklyn as Tom De'Angelo joins us Johnson and I didn't take it we're just talking about Gore's chances of being an all star here you cannot just born in general does the recognition for a team that's playing so well. Odd to have a rep so it was some sort of representation right. Odds are all star weekend you wrote to a nice little blog the Palm Beach post about it here what do you think his chances Ari do you think you think he's got a legitimate shot. The more brittle sound guy but I do I and I and I didn't get the chance that he achieved all month three weeks ago maybe two weeks ago having an all star. But what when I look at big personal they had six they had six guards in this they they pick six guard police question. Don't even have to start of the car he DeRozan. And I and I and I believe there were really walks out of that. Oh when people appeal in the wall in the in the cockpit and all the top you know while he does not have been great here and Adidas. Haven't remembered honors go to the scoring at you and great should be not as good squad. And that it doesn't come out of Goran Kemba Walker and Alvin bad sentences you know they would take it being a rookie of the house. I've got to come on a big gore on and Kemba Walker they pick six start and that they do yet kemba is kemba has bigger numbers but. You know what a DVDs. Coaches look at and certainly look at records and look at what a player does Cory T. And I will say this I believe coaches are going to. I think the coach is really respect the way did he play. It never did that column with the eagle to get it because really don't have a big board. You know in the end the way to winning games. As the team. I think I believe they're going to reward this scene in and looking back it's he wouldn't industry apple last year IP in the reward risky. By you know picking abide by sending their best player to be operated like I have field going to be mighty way off. You know and it may take you know what that make it seventy big man in the middle eagle at five guards and right now I cannot have a suspicion they may reward them. Yeah I I think that your pitcher right Tom. Though the bid Simmons thing is is I I feel better word drive ditch. Because coaches are peaking at it if it is were taking nothing beyond Simmons would get an opinion they've written exciting player etc. but. As you see at the coaches. Believe they have a different way of of judging these things. I Don let me take you to last night we saw Hassan Whiteside in just as Winslow on the floor to close out the game. I liked what I saw defensively and add if I'm not mistaken numbed justice was on was on Chris Middleton wore a lot of toward the middle Middleton head. Thirteen in the fourth quarter but I'd like what I sought to principally from both of those guys what did you think defensively and overall from both of those guys. Well first of all it was I think partly assign that game of the year. And from the wallets in and I and I can have its start like and a tweet deck. He just looked different from that from the start and carried over now they had been games where right. I remember writing I I remembers starting. Putting my computer about how we started gig in the you know it looked energized early games. And then guess you know delete because by the third or fourth quarter you know he's so that scowl mistakes whenever he you know whenever he whenever he was looking at trying to. Last night he carried it over and out he started out with energy the end of two quick blocks early you're at least. And point the first ten minutes. And in the Indy give me just in that heat that earned him minutes in the fourth quarter when he came back in the fourth quarter. Yet a huge dump kind of brought up on peak someone's low we had to give up a couple blocked shots. And I guess by he looked energize entire game and I loved post called spoke. Boat so I spoke speaks of a white I'd like you spoke of that culture to it's it's really interesting but. You know first that you could you know he couldn't he doesn't have a say. Do begin Friday. Expect that the boat that was close phrase where nobody did say you want to get you did say it must begin with if you get an I like now. After the first product of justice is kind of an won't let me I'm totally bad. It's a bad three games to remember that that much it in a terrific kindness fourteen. We did go to Lebanon communal game like man not fact but. He looked at the flow that fourth quarter defense have a lot to get what do with a lot of things but number one. I'll pay the bucks it started yet is the buckle that stopped. Forgot how to move the ball actually just jacking about one point that he beat he went up. Who worked we when it was right around 99 each and believe that quarterbacks are structural threes against knob and middle and I think with a couple. And Gionta missed one that could occur between. I had and that the next sequence so. Yes I I I think Kyra I think that was expressing those two guys booster got repeat their two guys who beat kind of about the boost you wouldn't go that those two guys in. And now they're in Reno justice right belief finally looked. Culpable look like he's getting back into the flow a little bit. Yes that does not have the score fifty points to be you know it can contribute a lot of ways it would not seem contributing. Out of the permanent now more than Powell or what she was before because it just talk a minute stay with the development of Atlantic bam. So so that that's a good sign could easily put. Thomas lives on Tyler Johnson. Where a way CEO he album they don't listen contingency today that it was that they get it to be determined of their injury report. A provider that has a chance to play this week and I act on the early. He could hardly walk on the war but what amazingly he did walk out and look forward to drills drove by I I tweet out of the field are doing. Ball in withdrawals standing there because he could move. Any continue to look at that I could he could take him at night that's a police. But I don't give it any chance he's going now this week and now he is going for a the go to see about a doctors say strictly. With each blessings. They encouraged it they just wanted to see what else some way to do something else but. But as I was told last night. That that the key I have. It took totally expect the same outcome. They do not believe there's anything abilities want to you know he and I and I and I am all for the so what do this would be shocked. I had the more opinion you can get the more eyeballs on something our eyeball or I don't picket slight anybody somebody wants sector and and and they were you know they were it was with a with their blessings that you saw you know docket today we're waiting to seek. We probably won't hear anything unless it's bad things they do not expect them at all. Thomas we get closer to the to the trade deadline. Do you say that the recent success makes the heat more likely to make a trade less likely to make a trade or it all depends on who is available. Yeah I think exceed because. I I think no matter about unless this close saint last year I mean don't the way we expect this year to go that they were gonna be somewhere hidden. Playoff contention at this point. Whether it battle we can expect to be happy about a third but you know what somewhere at that it was very important issue with the heat in their mind to make the playoffs considering how this seat to what degree back. 3011 last year. You know that's the team you want back. I do not believe Pat Riley was going to do anything. At this trade deadline that would diminish this team's chances of succeeding this year now that being said no matter. What no matter where they outstanding at peak and find that he couldn't if he could find a deal that. Bad. Accomplishes that doesn't hurt his chances this year it helps in understanding you know doesn't doesn't. Do much for this year but. But helps for the future he's not he's going to do and I still think he's gonna do that no matter where there are standing. And it. I I believe the auto they've got to go out and I think it's going to get there someone out there for them to it this somewhat healthier that they could find. That there's a deal appear to be made it helps with the future that helps us this you know what the salary cap situation and also. Allows them to get better this year they will no question make that deal put. It's gonna be so hard guys I just don't see we hear we hear exceptional little about it in the cab needing to. Playing defense and guys like Mary Kate and favors and did very little out there you just buried with few rumors and it's so much what they I still believe they're going to make the boot this summer. Isn't so much you want to guide contract the books that she's you know we gained back text based it's so much either Britain's trades in the summer. The source of typical ballot that revealed that it is you've got to matched dollar for dollar. And doubt he'll looking toward the future it is very it's very hard so. I don't see anything major and I don't see them just dumping salary in her in her lesson in this team's chances. A succeeding this year on the. The city and we'll talk to you soon thanks as always drop it on thank you talk so. I got a Tom do you usually covers the Miami for the Palm Beach post good valmont twin surgery fan that's a must do right there at Tom. DeAngelo 44. Tom the end low 44 right there when we come back perk we got to accorsi to your window or any way he tickets on the side. So stay tuned for that and something happened in the MB this week is just it was it was a definition of being ready. Ask you about that is that an out of bounds or not I can go either way on this one and we'll get that next here on 79 in there. Yeah Curtis the first. Thank you would you until 7 o'clock. We got the accorsi ticket window of opening up here and did during a segment. So in the next few minutes will push out so model who was shot Forte Agassi you'll see the heat. And the Memphis Grizzlies February 24 how about that nice a nice day is bill little team and we'll cruises old team our good buddy Mike Wallace well a team have grown Sunni they would overload of you have to Michael on on the table we afford to guess we're even those way here. In the next couple minutes quick reminder join Tobin and the beast. At sports grill in the pines this Sunday is the rivalry continues he was or what rivalry well. Tobin is a big Jacksonville Jack Stanton and his team faceoff against beast team from new England's. And they've been going out all week long they don't delegate lead in Atlanta but this is given them a reason to go at a at a each other to reality guys in the mid day shall enjoy a beer specials of the amazing boneless wings. Championships and they watch party this Sunday would be some Tobin torch will rise to 20. Northwest a 180. Avenue. Who urged who would Jew who cheer more. If you win either. Either I would get on Tobin cider besides or or would you get on a teen side Jacksonville or New England or would you just go and raise hell would both love. Praise Allah destroy both right Mike in the public or sue theirselves I dossier is it all right here or yeah. Yellow pages what do you public pledge AJ is all right intelligence gone gone great breaks tiring it's already under the rug that's. That's it had a screw ball on their a little bit there but I've been. I've been accuse us of a little bit of mile of a that a pitcher guy but just I just Tom Brady. I just as well watching greatness. And I I just to me is greatest ever seen. And working with would you managed years ago. When Brady came into the league Eaton and just in just a discount watching it kinda develop it just kind of you know Symbian imaging guy just can't say hey this Brady guy this something special about him via Nikko you know he gets to the Super Bowl they beat the rams and they just becomes this. But it is this the studio unbelievable superstar Dayton of those the supermodel allows us up into areas now also this watch him coming illegally. Echo Mangold of the game when he when they played Alabama here. In the in the orgy movement was that 99 or 2000 or no Shaun Alexander and Latino you know Brady was wasn't real. Quarterback there and who's this guy Brady and his you know from that start so I've always gonna have. A little special feeling with the Brady and then once he turned into greatness I just love watching greatness does you'll get to see too often. Right way I always say as a journalist. I don't root word port teams or players. I root for the best store your approvals is a story and hustled away or does the best story in the AFC is it would it be Jacksonville slaying the dragon war plus the yeah blew the greatness continues. I think it's I think it's going on I I tend to think so too could rest of recognizable names and as the greatness but doesn't Jacksonville wins this one and then loses so broke now Jacksonville 08 you were to tell me that. You know you guarantee a Jacksonville Super Bowl victory. Well let's dip. There and then the Jacksonville victory becomes a great story right and bill were coming and blah blah blah but if you just say after that day of C championship what's the best story. I'd probably. I probably have to go New England although a great story anyway but I have I gotten a New England. I was getting any LA are you have people win the March Madness comes around and everyone once the the Cinderella team seeing an array gets all fired up all those teams and it's like yes that is fund that is cool. Wing coastal Carolina. You know upsets you lungs that's drew can now second round right or you know Mason makes the panel will get that. But wouldn't at the end of the day what do you wanna see. You'll want you don't wanna see Wichita State you wanna see Kentucky you wanna see North Carolina. You wanna see do you wanna see Michigan State's you know that I think ahead at the end of the soup at the end of the day work. What's he Jacksonville Super Bowl or do you know he was in late at night and I senate because. Half of the people are going to be rooting against the wind that is several many or more no matter nationally but that doesn't matter what yeah but that's the interest. Is how one goes damn guys took loose finally which. You don't think it would be a better story if of Virginia commonwealth or Butler wins the title by beating Kentucky. I see I think that's the better story than just getting to the final. Fours a great thing guys but but yeah I. Yes we're just getting there like I won the Super Bowl it would be it would be of amazing kinda. You know crazy year right crazy turn around and and and a Cinderella here are in their own right if they could do it but just to get there. The late the night. That's what I've got I think we've Jacksonville it if you told me they're going to win the Super Bowl right OK let's say but but yeah just. But just being new wing in not I might rather see New England there because that's greatness continue. So they'll come. Towards towards things. Anatomy ask you know I mean that's I mean river every once or more to us who knowingly than Mormon disorder Philadelphia Eric Jackson go CI. Didn't do the Super Bowl at in Jacksonville might be the earth itself I mean again that the better story. Boy in Jacksonville guess that's a great story. Many of these resource and we don't care about Jacksonville well no I'm talking about the T Obama talking about populism. And the well and to generate interest about interest to Perkins and I'm to meet at my best sport utility journalists OK like what it would in my rooting know that story has to be consumed by by people who want to read that story want to watch that story but right traumatic. I'm a big. I after the game though lets you know I think people wanna read about how to Jacksonville do it right now in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. I don't know but I think after the game. If you sleep Tom Brady. I think that's a pretty good story by. I don't know that and say that this is at its. They're all of these vomiting now one more. Mention them of Brady's greatness and I'm going soon. I don't know. Happening blows it's all these things are facts errors in the event guys bomb vomiting to Brady's so good yeah it was good there back to the going back to a suitable here's the other would come home per why wouldn't we one received a one underdog win. Yeah I liked it agree with that. Why wouldn't she will receive the underdog like a great underdog story why would you want to see him win. Absolutely soaring over well third I did that as if you're beating somebody like New England who. Or or Jordan's bulls or one of the hour or. Step curry Kevin Durant warriors worries that have our ups and the reason the hatred the reside in the page the page should bring so much. And they. No matter what look at all the text forgetting here this guy with a throw ballrooms of all those those of you say patriots and Brady about not a cheater doc this this this and whether it brings emotion I say Jacksonville. You know in a crowded theater if theater it was a matter. Well Jack Jackson on the Super Bowl who who'll. What the Jacksonville won time 1000 cup like no you signal England and everybody whether you level the best politics the best or their budget cheaters. I screw bump day is. There's always an emotion with them but that's what the great teams invoked. Yeah enough back I understand that but. You have to get to start somewhere and look. I remember some two of these distinctly. In Miami play Nebraska. The national title and I'm living in San Antonio in my. Miami. Hello is Miami and this is bell rose zero installing cooler and all these foods. Turned out it was about Miami and in win win the catch in San Francisco beats Dallas San Francisco. One. And this is about the boy's name is Tony doors not right Nokia and ultimately the start of some doesn't reject and they're. They don't goodies are at their big run that I that your ideas. And is now look at knowing who has had never won. Either likes the knowingly and I'm like well maybe they'll liberty was. On some guys that saw does not like I did some bust somebody cite experience per equals. Dynasties and rivalries that is that's that's what I'm all about. Dynasty that drives a gradual Jackson oh yeah Jacksonville yep they will assume bolder the better story. We got. We'll sidetracked here on the Wii to a site track that's an excellent that's the show's about an hour we rarely stay a course on top against. But we gotta get to a lot that means we gotta get even more stuff from the six collect our but as promised we all of the accorsi digger window that's right 786534. 0790. 76534. 079. Is your value in three of your close friends are gonna assume he'd take on. The Memphis disease and probably beat the Memphis Grizzlies February 24 of the American Airlines Arena. Caller number seven right now 7865240790. Minutes of the 6 o'clock hour coming up next right here some and I do take. Five in front of six here on so excited to get Curtis and her backwards here got another hour to go. These headlines here first and here's the thing public into. Some have last night in the NBA it's that here it is. Kind of made me made me chuckle there also. Back to the Miami exes they were big winners last night in Milwaukee. On a quick reminder join the seven candidates are getting get to game time and sons a place tomorrow night for you watch party that's right he nets tomorrow night. With special guest from the Miami Heat of officer for some thirty. But the party starts earlier in drawers and fun in the make arcade happy hour with a 2% off any individual drank the game was always on a game time is game time players are Tom Watson played when it its games. That's a really fun placed on there and he nets tomorrow below or beyond just before. Game time tomorrow as well to yup until 632 we got we at some business to do here. All we got some text federal and in on the equals result monetary sign we invite and encourage a text messages it's a 7974 at 67974. On the corporate normal. How on the text. And Rubin all a lot today her. But it's it's it did is it that timing here is it time and it must mock draft time. Mock draft timeout never junior the godfather you like milk every junior not an and he's not. He's not pound the pavement like some other guys do and I'll know your favorite guy is and I really don't care or your third guy is and this is all just thrown darts at a board. And I'd set them up myself and realize you know they ask you do mocked up a meal yeah reality through mock draft night. Nobody around here I don't. But you watch those guys play it was an opinion but would milk hyper. Who is the godfather he started this business back that nobody was thought of like George mock draft who's Malone who cares about any of that stuff. He was they got there early the really pioneered this industry so we had his first mock draft and of course I was soccer. I image listed no matter what I'm doing on stopping in and clicking on it and I wanted to know. Where guys are going especially with the dolphins would be taken. Yeah and look there at the chances I mean the other good guesses are beer he. Barry I guess you could say that he guesses they hit an eight car that is guess is that we we ranged from a from a cornerback. Who a linebacker. Through an offensive lineman. To a safe T. And that leads us right into this hour's here's the thing. The mock Dresser Al end the Miami Dolphins the picks for the AMR all over the place I've seen rope on Smith linebacker from Georgia. A cinder when James the safety from Florida State. I've seen Mike Quincy offensive tackle from Notre Dame I've seen Denzel ward the quarterback from Ohio State. And the one thing that I would say here is that. A lot of this is going to depend on what the dolphins have playing end. War Lawrence Timmons at linebacker. And Purdue won James that right tag will now. If you plan on keeping Juwan James obviously the mood when CP makes no sense. If you plan on and on reducing drawn James is contrary and Lindsey makes no sense so that's what that it depends on. Broke wants Mitt. Can he play in the middle can he play on the strong side. And and what is the position flexibility with ray on McMillan. The Ohio State linebacker they drafted in the second round last year if both of those guys are interchangeable. Between middle and strong side. Yeah I could see the dolphins taking broke on Smith. But but right now it appears that McMillan is going to be your middle backer and if he can't play on the strong side. I'm not sure you're gonna take broke on Smith or rope when Smith to a position flexibility. I'm not sure that it broke on who's going to be the guy. As far as did Zale war. The quarterback out of Ohio State bets that that was the one that seems the most bar next to me because of this. You've got cord great thinkers Leo third round pick and last year you've got to Zabian Howard a second round pick from two years ago. Tony live it is is also coming back. And so I'm not sure between among those three you have to starting caliber corners. You have Bobby McCain in the slot I know you can never have enough corners. But I think that you probably have bigger needs. Derwin James. If he's a 88 is a good free safety and the dolphins feel comfortable that they can do something with Rashad Jones or TJ McDonald. Probably TP TJ McDonald because Rashad just written the Pro Bowl losing Dennis Pampers contract renegotiated. Or or he's not going anywhere. The united see them taking their when James but but both of those guys are are pretty pretty dumb. I parties have a lease a little by to be on the dolphins' roster so. The guys that I like right now is broke on Smith of a linebacker out of Georgia again position flexibility. Also serves an immediate need and might be the best athlete available on your board so. That's who I'd like right now will see how things shake out but from if I had a and there's no tidy and hoping that that's going to be good enough to be picked at number eleven so. If I had to make a pick right now it probably be rope on Smith of George. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Grown nerd as your authorized did you ideal they've got all your drone these covered whether restraining repairs customization new purchases whatever it is they will hook you up. Visited today grown daughters dot com South Florida's eight. In the sky you heard you get their for a moment man I'm really good alma al-Qaeda Maria and her junior Todd meg Chase Daniel Jeremiah on me like you're like really good break it down you know me and I. I really don't like. Draft talk but what does sound intriguing it's it's it's a treat because it's so speculative. You used is you look at the ledge you know this you look at the last month dressed come out. Mean you look at the actual draft to that as a joke. And that's ridiculous but it does generate a lot of interest in those old bottle wrap and discussion about the draft and and it it is very intriguing but bad. Every year you find out me and I let you know from what I thought in January and the reality how it turned out you know and April I was way off base. Anything I don't know what guy. It's gonna you know it or Rubin applause you know who's gonna lose elements of the exact diluted saleable last tomorrow and actually brought back up these bad guys are a rise a lot of mail it right out united all kinds of it as somebody will be I had seen when they face masked men in the killings and smoke. Possibly you have to remember that guy right. It's Perry another guy I in Miami I think I think dolphins took a so we got a recliner in a row Kwan. Yes we we we get rid a lot of are local and every race Kwan and rope on on this Ross really learn. It there that organs would take them back together that's right hands tonight rate quote rod has quote Libya. We don't we can't bring kodi be back is that's an al-Qaeda and no no rest in peace messenger he saw the legal heard ambassador to artsy you were due to their for a moment aren't aren't that mean I mean you've forgotten elected draft that sound like Euro and to a man. Yeah nine. I'd like the speculation and and I like the conversation but it always turns though. While we we really didn't know anything did we. NBA draft slipping what's more crap shoot video monitor after picking a March Madness writer takes the red at all by formal draft draft by five trails yeah you didn't. Yeah that final fours you'll be pretty close your your first born in in NFL lead and that's kind of a crap should either there's a couple of years ago. On I took pipers. And Emma chase handles their final drafts. Pick their final mock drafts in the first round and I think one guy got like two and one guy got one. Right with the team of that but this is really gets them now have already been whittled illustrated there was this those matters that. Prize there's been right there has been systems is so tough to I am an amount of respect I don't even know what will qualify as a good score out of 32 like with CNB good or. Eight or sixteen. I've never been look at like the day after I don't even go back and you know do any crunching sought I don't know his two. I don't let nobody first round nobody yes nobody really good lately to the nobody held that just I would back I saved us some eyebrows on the air was doing a draft or is it. And it is of their final last hour we'll save this and they'll see of their restaurant and they were like one guy had to write. And one guy had one right it is so I'm sure they have a better years and I don't mean right tackle those guys or just the top two guys. But yeah it's it's really hard it is forgot what's wallet Doug I shall not will it. You know with a with a gas mask and Simon is in the apple runs like that you're one of the top rated it just everything you slides you know everything it's. Oh gets sillier text messages 679746. And ides of one equals result monitor say that kids are stock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WAS advanced HD Joseph Miller. Or Amare. Miami Heat is off tonight the heat is back in action tomorrow night at Brooklyn in the third game of a five game road trip. He remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Just a half game behind Cleveland for that number three spot. All star starters are going to be announced live on TNT pretty soon here around 6 PM. The reserves who were selected by he would coaches will be revealed at 7 PM on Tuesday. That probably has the most relevant to the Miami Heat because of our moron Dragic. The teen rosters will be revealed a week from tonight at 7 PM on TNT. In a special one hour of DT NT NBA tip off. As you were called the there's no conference affiliation in the all star game this year the two leading vote getters probably LeBron instead curry will be. Team captains they will draft eighteen select eighteen finally New England quarterback Tom Brady practice today all indications are he'll play in Sunday's AFC championship game against Jacksonville. Brady jammed his throwing hand in Wednesday's practice when a teammate accidentally ran in assume those are your headlines. We had been involved on covers the patriots the Boston Globe in the 4 o'clock hour around the and spends a good dude in. And we have enough time Allen the buses jostled it does we asked him about the patriots and and he was going like you have you know what. The mine only get a couple more years on the road this run here. On it's like inning and he was like it was it was he sounded so sad silly. But he was just being a journalist man yeah if any was like you just say yes you know the pilings and get a couple more years out of Brady in it and the dam is the only temperatures go leave and it's like the patriots were you sound like the patriots were in such disarray. And it's like. Yet the probably only did you know argue that Belichick and Brady are only going to be able to do perk that probably only going to be able to squeeze out to a few more Super Bowls right next warriors right. Right right going to be such a down right. Yeah its it's well around here has as it does it come to an end like it doesn't entitle him the next and last four years item in the next five years. In the probably going to win three out of a five under the element launch these. Yeah that one not one of these runs this is their seventh straight. AFC championship game I don't know the Miami Dolphins have not played in an AFC championship. Game. In a quarter of a century now. Amazing isn't it added that the success the level of success sustained success. That these guys have I have been able to put on display here is just. It is just mind boggling limb because. Listen. This is that seemed that. You have had to go through Peyton Manning at some stops in the AFC in India and in Denver and you have had to go to big bin traditionally. Not to mention Joseph Flacco popping up every now and there would that tough Baltimore team. And the sustained excellence they've made in the bill. Not just the AFC obviously but you know they know it's. It's hard blows. The big emotion probably all be let them all book they always came back bigger and better. New England just comes back again they and their suffer cause they pay Manning pizza beads Brady in the exchange of game in Indianapolis. Peyton Manning and then the pins are you know how funny how funny Linear suitable. I'll Wear anybody Randy Moss Wes Welker you know and we're gonna get rid of the Jamar Gaffney and Chad Jackson here whoever also right corner come back with bigger and better. And Baltimore beat them a couple of you know feud came back bigger better every patriots is lost out in Denver coming years ago came back guard were there a bigger or better yet. And in order animals and art and falls apart a Pittsburgh guy that won him over come back in will be fine. Yes no it and and you know what man I did I have a whole lot of respect her for that organization. Being able to do we through all of this controversy. And yes I am gonna bring ups by day's end of late gay and you know here in Hernandez's something completely different. But that was another situation. I'm gonna. And I feel good about that I was thing about the housing about a the other day about and in if that happened to. Almost any other organization he really doesn't just like by the sigma. You have. Does the the money invested in him drag he's one of your top minds ex wrestlers have a pro tenant yup. Like anybody at any other organization that happens to. Forget about them though the public shaming and all the other stuff that goes on at just the fact that you know what. Mean you're Wear it to death play off for your team legged cripples you for homeowners through that out. And it is like adult and it wouldn't give her own right they keep him move amendment that would assume ball well wrote. I mean I don't. Well you're doing what our churches. I read a grim memories of ladies and urban just left handed like Dakota and the other day Greg it was Murrow did eBay though maybe red version of the left ended here on Sunday. It's. It's amazing man them they am the sperm and Alabama. What we will we will look back on on this era and mills will be. You know the three teams that mark. This era of whatever you odds and volleying goals what are your goals and it's worked o.'s latest vehicle that's true goal is saying is entering yet they've they've yet. So there organ on that there of their work and and probably eventually also that we have this pretty much the same deal like this is we can remove Mok have strict orders were starters are really right beside. I think there's only one. For a quart spot on on both sides on the east and west which I'd you know for the game per carrier ring this it was going to be carrier ring Xeon S. LeBron yeah. DeMar DeRozan yeah. And then either Al Horford tennis lover July MB yes does that one of those asylum I like MB I argued I did definitely see where we dug a dozen teams better yet. Your although cannot find a better player of all three. Prince of the west or is that very Kevin Durant James Harden Anthony Davis and then it'll be take your blood will mark the soldier category cousins. Yeah and don't like bogey arguably and I that dream uncorrelated to the tunes. Those are probably the other oh I think Paul George's too far. Yes he'll make the team but the battle and these were starting position. I we get to what we're jail and roses and a Paul Pierce yesterday on the on the NBA countdown show pretty a pretty good stuff there and we'll get to that story here also get severe text messages that a roll on and lot of text messages 679746. Of denied some for the Coles brings. Auto mall Honda Tex lines in the money and until after the short timeout right here as the united to. If. Also our starters that's been announced here Augusta those within just a moment. But our sister station just 99.9. His country their host the third third annual chili cook off by four it is Saturday already. Here it's at CB Smith park and cover punts. Very easy to get to it's an unbelievable venue been there many times but today of food drinks the weather's supposed to be amazing. Dollars and now insist yes seventies in the seventies and sunny and Graham wrote weather's going to be spectacularly. And the lineup is unbelievable you get a country music artists including Darius Rucker. Old Dominion big and rich more and Morrissey Midland and Brandon lay get your tickets. To the chili cook off there's a few left so get a weather hot right now. Go just like to go to the ticket Miami dot com that's the ticket Miami dot com and get and get that take care of that Saturday now. I am is a new football game on Sunday it's Saturday here all day. Paying out joy through the drinks the man's and then and Sunday to sit around watch our. All the games or you can join outsold them because of the sport drone pines. As the rivalry continues told instead Jacksonville bisons got the patriots hang out with the guys from the mid day shall enjoy beer specials. An amazing boneless wings a championship Sunday watch party. With the recent over the torch on the pines at 220 northwest underneath avenue and is it we got everything. Organic led now they have a ban on the game do we know I have I've heard him go back and forth all week I haven't. I don't I haven't I don't Rupp hall hearing a bad or of beast is given any point. I don't know what general motor and annoy you is there nine point favorite of mine as well lose respect for beast that you didn't offer correct it's another bit. Yes there is at least a touchdown. And Lisa doesn't at least now I do now there is there is some some action involved there. But okay we're getting somewhere mile a year right and about a lot of things get to hear we're gonna get that uses them via the all star the all stars here. I I I somebody. Deep outlook we images earlier today and I hate myself for we did get the run Magruder text. About about a half hour off beautiful occasion that did because we on us and protect yes we have lost we got those sides don't the most so the variety we get another odd burger text that come in about the all stars. So when that guy a we had a little earlier we're talking about the Miami Heat. So the streak stays alive and ex rights and about the running Magruder Texan as we're at about 74 days knowing they were an almost for Canadian yeah no okay cards right before the look at that what it's also present a moment. Did you hear Jalen Rose at the Paul Pierce on ESPN's. Parts available about the story. Paul Pierce. Is going to be honored is gonna have his written Jersey raised in Boston and nobody's got a problem with that no Paul Pierce in the hall of famers with a great players Boston rate clutch player yet Paul Pierce was was tremendous. But. That night and little that album who made this planning coincided with Cleveland. Visiting Boston being so Isiah Thomas is going back to Boston right. So he the first time he was hurt. Who told the Boston in the wanted to give Isiah Thomas this video tribute that this is the new thing now Ireland is this video montage of her by dogs. Right he always do they get when Mario Chalmers for crying out loud yeah idea you know you and everybody and it's nice gesture saying. Right solved. Doubt was it seemed like that big no big deal writes apparently. Paul Pierce did not want his night interrupted by. Isiah Thomas being recognized as well so he basically nicks video montage video so Jalen Rose. All the mount on it's I gotta say a word for you Graham. I thought it was paddy. Hooked on who all Paul Pierce are and what. Hello well this a lot of heart because to me they're going to be all types of announcements that happened a 48. Minutes during a game OK it all tax. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one of them would that does not take away from your situation like Colby's happened during the game because they are doing your arm. Post game. So there is a good word there bats are perfect word. Who cares you're you're Paul three and peers zero hall of Famer. You're going down off nationally in some Celtics more one of the great yes America in sports organizations. You are or one of the mass of the best yes. Why do you care if by Isiah Thomas gets a little shine on your night. OK I bring this up because this is what I like to remind people from time to time. You may think that. And an end and rightfully so perk. And I'm sure there's a lot of athletes that are like that might just lead to a moral human beings they're not robots it just so happens those guys are a lot taller than you and I. AA or they control all of football club further build a politically yes what are maybe when they -- feeling some guys who say you know I don't care have ten video montage is I really don't give Mobley right but Paul Pierce obviously did not. It would take Shaquille O'Neal. It gets it he's leaving town. And that in six Jack one of the greatest players of all time is ripping and Ron call the trainer pat and Chris Quinn yeah. It's like dude yeah leg rule. I believe there was shot it Ricky Davis also registers and I think there were three little that is what bothered you know you notice those so. You'd I think you'll be amazed that we don't like oh. Well why is well why is Kevin Durant so sensitive wise LeBron James so sensitive. And it's like some guys disarm and and Paul peers is just like no it's my night damage. You'll not how video montage of Isiah Thomas. My alumni base of putting more Paul Pierce and that Iraq and I don't bring badly alum I mean you do whatever I it's. In the grand scheme of things is not that big deal about body but let's asthma but I think they're as elks I think that's helped Paul Pierce should look at. Immigrants human beings if they have a video tribute to Isaiah is not that big a deal. That's how did you look at god has so he shouldn't he do anything just that I don't want navigate to the viewer wanted to have the we will do what they're now. Mode I like is yeah and exaggerations I didn't bring up the point out that how it is very small don't you guys can beat us very well but it did just like everybody else perk. Like everybody else just because the guys were out there just like other small petty people in that sense this idea you would think that what what does Paul Pierce care like the guy's got a what is Shaq. Came out my my guess is the majority of people. Who would be him Paul Pierce's situation wouldn't care I don't talk to like 80% 85%. Would not here. Redmond but people think just because of these famous athlete to that they have another of them a different level of or different lay your colleagues view of things and this is certainly not the case. No I know I and actually I mean. They're regular people when it comes a certain something like this just like LeBron James when he gets called out and he's on the he's a podiums or you have to go back to your lives tomorrow your eye socket and my leg like there's all those things like you get. As a resource center and doctor Pat Riley shackles after Ron called public. On dude yeah yeah and and I just think that it's it's a bad look for poll here because you're a hall of Famer. And it it it should not matter to you that. Somebody else is is dead and just I'm a little bit of recognition I mean a little bit like little. I didn't hear what what Rondo the Rondo to read this on your senator Reid and that would it was that greeted each week Rhonda says doll. Really wasn't that good but the gist of it this is typical Rondo whether whether I run run over funny Rondo probably The Who moved. Yeah it's there's all all of those things out a middle of the models that total was Ron fellows just animal. He's just red zone yeah exactly what he has yet he's lost but he said I'm in no we celebrated. Conference championship or not him or were we. We don't hang banners for for playoff appearance in the conference championship appearances he had spotted conference championship and Mary and iso. Meaning meaning like yes Rondo and and they won the championship right Isiah Thomas never won a championship. And he's right but I but there's nothing wrong with recognizing Isiah video montage that status. There is something wrong with computers being bothered by this is our fault for forty minutes or Danny Ainge they're trying to figure this thing out and come. But it can be. I really it's I it's really that's as all these guys are bigger than that notre yeah they're not. And I did you know what I think did I think it revives the image of the hamper pay be. Overly sensitive big name athlete. And sag deadliest a bad deal for years. And it does look like there's also some wielding guys Jimmie has about not being voted on or are the starters Serbian this and that she's crazy you don't what did you there was a good speaking of that good story and from Today regarding Damian Miller. And him saying that he did not expect to be named an all star starter. I won't I won't be the spoiler guys and talking about whether being at a small market affect it that men and absent some. Very interesting things to say about pilots could that's gets the start answer to the door and author. Eastern Conference inside carrier ring. DeMar DeRozan that your backcourt where you got to be honest I'm doing awesome awesome and I do the combo that act I know LeBron James and jewelry yes. Soviets and on yeah that was I think the that's a good again Al Horford. Was the guy instead of indeed who I thought could've been on the air but I like him beat on their to a. But she and Western Conference in these are neither does the all stars the starters this and other have a draft so these are the guys the five and five step occurring. In james' heart and your backcourt Kevin Durant your front court with the Anthony Davis and bogey cousins. But dozens as the wounded it surprised me a little. I thought it was going to be on the team by. Not necessarily. Every starter I like LaMarcus Aldridge. And when we talk about the other reserves are going to be named most definitely on the tons Tuesday's finals too worked up about that I know guys will care yes well I don't know that I'd I'd I'd look at the Aldridge being kind of as the way drug each would get on the team from the standpoint of a good player from eighteen with a with an outstanding record. Probably under some trying circumstances for the heat you've had a lot of injuries for the spurs squad Leonard has been now so. If your kind of dot dot dot you know acquire a wave of injuries so. I thought LaMarcus would get the start but again yet he's gonna be on the team I would put him on for that reason but hum because he's going on coral opening its sounds ogle on dream on green it'll go on. Those were the other guys who I thought. Would be up for the starting job. Yeah so that the reserves will be announced Tuesday. Pulls him gore makes it then gourds are best shot dead in the house on stuff on that not happen. No I it'd it would be tough for her son to make it. Largely because he's missed so many games and then the other big guys Al Horford. Kevin Love. Raising it causes Drummond Andre Drummond. So I do being dishonest just missed so many games it's that it's going to be. And I would certainly the idea that I say it is our heels and they're right. It's a lot of games like quiet Letterman be the best player in the league but when you miss a lot of time and why would six in the Iranian vote 21 now because the meeting at least popular. Right moment Yao Ming one the fan voting every year now we know he got a million most of those the world know politely call while utterly. He should not be an all star. No right to say a somewhat item he should not be you know he's not mean it's that this is a is like anything that's a meritocracy. But this is known as visa or reward for the most part of guys literally deserving Goran yeah I think it deserves to didn't Gordon deserves or oversight that's on sent I would get to. Oh we got another segments ago and then Josh Friedman and an accrual being here when you saw freedom and also around drills surgically repaired knee down fractionally on the surgically replaced me buy happiness is more than her daughter doesn't like realism of the charmed life amount Frito is Treo is Catan and all kinds he's Bob and weave and Alonso picked up his mail he's doing wheel route since the music we got a couple of taxi we got to get to got some of things we take care of and you feel bad for certain families the united. Do you really you're you're you're broken up months and so that happened over the weekend yet. About certain fan base has led to a South Florida now that endemic to that but that's what makes it's a strange to me. We're going to be we're gonna get that going to get an. I I like for people to. Do to feel good especially long suffering fan bases I'd like it when they get that little. Yeah that that little reward isn't snag I want people to be happy. Okay yes you are spread some sunshine and happiness 20 explain that coming up next radio seven I didn't see seem. It's being. Okay tomorrow. It's championship weekend football Friday yeah how about that present about bombing Charlie all season long we being had you ready for the playoff games in the every game every weekend injury updates keys that gave him more Tommy Charlie they're always in a more draft picks wants weighs goes forward just to see embargo on the growth and Lex the North Miami football Friday the playoffs. On aims of an idea from 1043 steep to the tickets. Are you today tomorrow Marty Marty looking towards tomorrow show. And now what specifically they're going to be a lot of reasons what specifically. Is I mean it's as that is the thing we were over another fun show we have a lot of fun today so. Well we at the heat will react to Aaron tomorrow and we're gonna check in with the Brooklyn nets tomorrow me Murrow reporting some lows some good guess there. Also or new really get into these playoff games here. AFC NFC champ junior Andrew Doug Rubin bowl and earlier while the patriots stuff would Brady's hand in what that meant today and you speak to the media Brady today. Soul we're gonna really get into that. And also tomorrow we got we're gonna more heat Agassi giveaway on the show yet I see where Kabul pairs so I've I've asked allows the save a couple pairs for tomorrow. Just because it's this does is to write off Friday is right to Friday a indiscriminately. And yes all. And then. That's is that is that just for starters perk. You know then you know I don't know what's gonna happen tonight later tomorrow morning and there's always stuff has been some of the slump might happen is on Friday do do I really didn't really eateries is an outlook report the Friday. As I got well that's what I was dead now you're you're looking for you're not looking forward to the show you're looking forward to getting the show finished. So how does our weekly and I'm looking forward to Friday show heart I don't but let's leave it open I can certainly get right but I'm school either get it's going to be fun this weekend we'll have our Super Bowl teams and so draw him and matzo ball said it and and everything Hillary signs still got really no new story lines will develop there are the B two fan bases that be your four euphoric in the lead to fan bases that'll be. Just. Just disheartening news. At least one and I had you know of Jacksonville come close I don't know how disheartened they'll be if they lose by soon. They might be encouraged by. Your point is well taken label beat you go to the Super Bowl. Reza as you get really close you're not guaranteed to ever give back to dolphins got to the championship game this year. The fan base wouldn't be disheartened after a loss. Honestly got you know no no but but I always like I always wanted to get there I use yet you want a complete victory it's like well I'll talk to somebody. Somebody that was really Mills College football really in those calls it all. Amos was right after the I think they beat Notre Dame and and they were right where they're like two and a country right rate. And that it was like. They said to me they're like they said it as they go I go. I said well you know this is a great year this is only the beginning. You know I'll leave if they lose a city you have to lose to Clemson you know the big. You know what. You know you never know winner Rebecca you can't just take it for granted as you write I would assume that Margaret McCain integrate back here in the hands on by next year in the after the onions that. Hand budget but you just you never know like I remember I remember rom pay Goldberg told me the story when Marino went to suborn 84 pool. Endorse the Dorsey Shula was was sitting next to hang on the plane move and Dorsey was was talking endorsed he said this is don's first wife you know who passed away. Endorse these I feel so bad for Dan I feel really bad for Dan because he had like all he broke all the records are yearning for the as a really bad for Dan and errors like that he's gonna be he's going to be in five or six more of these games like this is only the beginning. And then. He never gets back there yeah I just never. Heard all embrace the moment and appreciate it man because right that's why when your clothes like some teams are you have a team and your and got good players. To kill this you just never know right closed the deal closed the deal would you do in his right you don't know com. I I'll I'll say this about. Jacksonville. Is that. It will be a successful season no matter what happens. On Sunday. But yeah I I could understand the disappointment of the aliens if you lose sold her. Yeah I do and I can definitely see that again they were BA. Disheartened million base not you'll know you'll feel like Brett like New England would have they lost but. Yeah you gonna be as hard or anything like like the Miami Marlins fans down here in Ottawa for the fans and and in the Pittsburgh now. Those Pittsburgh Pirates is they they've got this vision. They want their older Bob Nutting I believe is his name to calm weather man yeah how about whether I was just trying to go fast over that. Date they have this petition which I believe assigned now by 42000 people. Bored him to sell the team that won it today had a goal of 35000. But it's it's that signature that. They want Major League Baseball with more force him to Silva team which of course is not going to trailers that's always talk of state it is the runways at time obviously but it's. It's a way for them to Guam. Publicly eat you not eat in mirror frustration. So that's not a rough weekend yeah yeah out and Derek Cole is is going to San Francisco right. We're on your co owns the Astros and Andrew McCutcheon and McCutcheon went Tuesday ever Cisco ensued gonna be yeah and the Steelers got it got to they've kind of moved the aneurysm Keyon up there. And but the pirates but he had not as our shares have wants out yeah and the and as we don't Marlins have a deal but even that I would say the Pittsburg and listen that that is a great fan base. That is to me one of the best ball parks and in Major League Baseball. All those things but I would say to them ago say get a load on the elect I would say. See the Marlins let Paul hold might be out of view I don't hold. My dear right pirates ran right let me let me show you some real supper yes after the playoffs coming up well today we. Exactly so yeah meddling here now petition budget what does that puts this in do anyway but this is all doing inning anymore. But I'd like I'd like how these how deep frustration has been in. Public we wanna buy it like coming Marlins may have deepening would sign a would assign you a petition. 3000 does like people here I don't care that's what I think is great turnout has put their pen debate yeah that's what's great about this something you've got a 42000 signatures and other shall enter -- I don't doubt that people don't care in Pittsburgh I know they care got nothing but it's a waste of time no I think I think you know yes I think it's a waste of time. And we are not gonna know they're not gonna sports and what's important. Deep frustration is qualified. How would you quantify the Marlins fans frustration gets worse than that because people don't even care not to sign a bleeping petition. Seattle I don't think that means it's worse. I think it's far. Far worse you think I is that the more you know baseball is stronger in this sound a little bit I don't know the frustration. The pressure critical I think. Abbott the acidity and here it doesn't look that he and even the worst thing but before I would be apathy was not caused. By. By by Jeffrey Loria. Beat the apathy is just stood. This just literally Major League Baseball today I don't know Abdullah Abbott he was ever really called buzzer for Laura for McCord yes I don't think. I don't say I don't think so man I mean people were just often rises after the 97 total. All those things combined like everything I don't but I don't like that they are great baseball to have known to start I don't know I don't know dads are not Pittsburgh really said the track has a history that has been. Bones and Pittsburg is like they're like five fire sales away from getting to where the Marlins are right now. There and I agree I touch in Georgia I I agree I think I just I just think that more people up the air here and that's the that is is symbolic of that that you got 42000 signatures the on and I his ardent single in order to agree this or this is I would sit apathy is the worst thing could be as families. Condemning it well you'll have dire that's true but I don't I don't think you remember head. A genuine baseball excitement here. Souls are you were when you started off closer to apathy there and disappointment it anyway they would like the dog what people say I'm not watching the dolphins Edward that's when you have a problem. I yes yes you do bug but a series but if you idiot when you'll Sargent Mary O'Grady dolphins would have to go wrong. Like way. Most apple would get that territory like that stated yesterday to Senator Kerry that's true when you'll stop voicing their opinion you want hatred is a passion Reynolds you'll subjecting. Right that's trouble yeah you want people bitching. My we like we do around here aren't. It's a pay our thanks Tom De'Angelo Ben hole and we gotta get out there Steve a great job man good job. On the great job and yeah I'm running the entire operation we only had two interest groups right that it's all well and always have. Oh by a loud and as well thank you my man will do to you tomorrow just before 4 o'clock. Again we're looking for an emotional begins Friday and it's and it was bullet inform people cap that's why we were like you know. In warm educate and try today and got a job really got unity and as soon as I exempt talks sports you'll do just 4:4 o'clock Frito other crew is coming up next here on 790 the ticket.