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Friday, January 19th

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Football Roddick murders of Byrd review here I'll forget to do take you right up until he basketball. We're not gonna waste any time. Because bird came in here with a bold statements burst through the doors at this and hurt you ready for the week kid and he said yes diameter. And then he elaborated just a little bit more debt and that leads us right into here's the being. I decided. A little brew for Blake board rules on Sunday when Jacksonville plays New England now. Doesn't really matter to me who wins the game. I just lunacy borrow or warm well look this is the guy who's been downloaded online ridicule for much of his career by. Pretty much all the NF bill watching populace including me times. Yeah acceptable I guess as a quarterback look for his career he's got ninety touchdowns. 64 interceptions. And an eighty point eight passer rating. Ryan cannon hill as the basis of comparison a 106 touchdowns 66 interceptions. 86 point by passer rating. Portals isn't bad. He's just not good. If you're the guy he is in the AFC championship game he's going to be America's biggest underdog on Sunday when he goes against Tom Brady. And I've decided well ahead. I'm gonna root for Blake border. Here's the thing is buzzer by Joseph nerds and Kevin Sarah and now implying Chris drone thirds is your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone discover whether his new person repairs. Customizations training whatever it is they will hook you up visiting today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky would target or verbally born girls play or the big question is would you bet. On Blake bore holes no. I think that's a quick easy and I'm not I'm not I'm not betting on Jacksonville alumni brooding project to look mortal we don't beat. The guy I know I understand so I hear Chris Simms every day they were good legs aren't doing gods didn't let and in light of today's court ever memo is better than it is like more rusty. I mean his team let let the man have his one day write a blade portals remain so I've decided I'm gonna root for. Thought we got Briscoe is going to be here in about twenty minutes in global talked to be about about the age of CNN NC chairmanship games. And Pete is also up from a Jacksonville CBS sports dot com. He is their big a senior evoke comments you earlier about twenty minutes so law Alaskan but to his thoughts on the big games on Sunday and a poor gets all that let's get first to 4 o'clock deadline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. Money he visits Brooklyn at 730 tonight in the third game of their five game road trip that he remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. One game behind Cleveland for the number three spot that low income anti did you go with the pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790. And bill 1043 bass beat soon. The ticket NHL no Florida Panthers host the Vegas golden knights tonight at 730. To the NFL the Miami Dolphins and introduce new offensive coordinator dial log ins today via conference call. Logan's of course home to the dolphins from Chicago where he served as offensive coordinator the last two seasons. The dolphins also announced X wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson has been promoted. Two assistant head coach slash offense meaning he's in charge of the offense. And ex offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen will serve as director of football and play your development. Finally the NF snow fell championship games are Sunday as you know Jacksonville at New England three. Minnesota at nearly at 640 those are your headlines. You don't sex show at 67974. That 67974. Permits in the Dow log in breast Thomas berg is gonna go and listen in on that's yes. On two listen in and ask loan him some questions right now so debt. You handle it man and I'll be back. No no problem it gets stuck with me here for for a few minutes few segments here older target Pete personal come and appear as you just mentioned but the Turks and take a listen and I get the latest on the dolphins' new offensive coordinator although Adam gays. We'll still be in charge of calling plays well baker mayfield be apart. Of that offensive game plan that caused quite a stir yesterday. Did not. Has tag get me to Miami and if you're you're just kind of wondering what this is all about I can say it's officially begun. We got our first dose of a mock drafts. Yesterday. Bob Mel Khyber junior had his first mock draft and everybody else kind of follows suits. Follow suit and all of the did the smoke and morale as love. All of the folly of the NFL draft in the run up. Kind of started yesterday as. Yeah when that when I guess is gimme to Miami it Qaeda is certainly gonna make headlines bigger mayfield high profile guy the question is. Does Miami have buys her maker may feel I have no idea. Doc I know some fans out there would like the bums and invest some sort of draft pick in a quarterback I would like that is well. But the big thing is it was on NFL. The NFL network Kenny stills has lie mr. game up there and can you still want to Oklahoma baker may to want Ogilvy don't know the history and he says that's a gimme to Miami now that kind of made a big. No big news so big tomato came back and clarified this on Twitter a couple hours. After that that tweet. And said this does -- you know like I commented about playing for Miami because else talking to a former sooner Kenny stills everybody can relax. I will play anywhere that gives me a chance in my picky I'll go anywhere strive to lift their franchise and win ball games so we kind of quickly came back in and said that what. Which mr. Leggett here have been put yourself back I situation. I mean if you're you're a quarterback you wanna I would trophy your your your you wanna go as high as humanly possible to drafty and not. Now of course if you gonna have the number one pitch and you could go to a great team eleven a great city and play for great coach yes you won all that. But it carmaker may feel like yeah I mean you're saying get me to New York gimme to Miami out of we drafted number two overall we got to perform Aldridge of the we got the highest possible. So you would get more money even in even in the the new system of the rookies being paid like you want to be the highest draft the guy it's just. That's what you strive for that's what you gonna go to the com I'm for the clay gonna go to all the work out for the toy gonna talk to every vote segments eight. Yes yes as you would be the first guy taken. I mean I don't. I mean though some quarterbacks have done it. But I don't buy a lot of all immaculate play there I don't wanna play there. In this group I don't think there's a John Elway that can write his own ticket I don't think there's an Andrew Luck or even in Eli Manning a couple power play and say you know I don't wanna go to Cleveland I don't wanna go to las Cincinnati I don't wanna go to the jets wherever it is. They were there any of these guys Rosen the Arnold. Josh Allen like coordinators are you know I don't. They wanna go as high as possible so the kid just haven't won yet out of league did it. Spark. A little bit of craziness. In the social media spectrum of things regarding the upcoming draft absolutely. But the biggest question is. What do the bombs thing about all of us. That's what we don't know. And that's what we're probably not going to know. At least for another couple of weeks really start working guys out when you start seeing him pace owns those target this. To this quarterback of the com Miami spent a little next extra time with this quarterback may be there. Until you get a feel on the dolphins shoulder hand a little bit I have no idea what their thoughts on on quarterback. I know I know the audience Donald ball convinced thoughts on possibly quarterback channel perch thoughts on a quarterback. I got my thoughts on on on taking a quarterback but I have no idea may be immunity of Adam gaze has completely married to maintain you know. Anyway if you is completely saying this guy is my guy if you had gotten hurt two years ago. We would have done some serious damage in the post season and then we we didn't have any chance after he went down. Publicly he's not gonna say that but it that's what he truly things like this guy. Under my. Under my watch which is ready to explode. That former staff with over those guys they they blow with this kid. This is my guy any that he believes that you're going he's still coming off a couple of the injuries. Even with that you'd still go. Some should we just doubled down a little bit. Matt Moore be surprised if he's back as tobacco row thirty tobacco. Heated back up even if you got a guy that starts every single game what especially but you can't you cannot count on Ryan Tammy hill to shoot up to sixteen games this year. You just can't do. Once you once you. Once you're president you're coming off an injury. It's a junior coming off an injury in a meeting injury. But even then like grind Danielle is these little bit. A little bit there's a dance on the car. And that there's a little bit there's a little bit of damage there. So you gotta have some insurance you gotta have some good some good insurance just in case. Soul. Do it their quarterback I mean eleven to dig where Baghdad hi we give the city did last year it out says that there an alien allied. Now she was really good really good for us we until twelve without Smith. By. Pat mahomes we leveled. Soul he's gonna be our guy moving forward in the future at some point. I give credit. That's that was a bold move and it looks like it's gonna play pay off at some point of Patrick Holmes neglect my biggest thing is that. I have always said it's I'm a big believer in taking a guy every. Every year or two. No to taking a mess in the first primary thing what. Third round sixth round. Fifth round freeagent guy. Keep churning that back to that developmental guy. And if you hit on one out of four. Two out of four great. It in the NFL where everybody we've seen how many how much. The patriots are prime examples of it just. That NFL. You know in an edit in oh well that's so dry for it of course Rex. You can't. Means you can flip a guy just like debt and Emeril started for quarterback. We've seen what the mat castles that you have a good stretch here at some guy he'll Matt Flynn years ago when you have one good game eagle go to the pre season somebody's gonna buy. Salina have that that that carrot dangling there if you're the Miami Dolphins it is actually need a quarterback that he's your guy anyway. Put my biggest thing has been. Over the years if you think the guy's gonna be really really good. Like he was sitting there if you're at all that you're seeing that eleven and I don't know maybe it's Josh Alan urged Arnold or Lamar Jackson who nobody's really talking about who I think. I mean he's he's to me is bin at the time that you Lamar Jackson play. These shall be more than all these other guys. But you know he's got some stuff on him in his game translate like all these guys what the point is if you really believe that guy. Just take a don't screw around with you piercing that eleven and you've got three and are four or five scouts into the dolphins annual. Pay at a disk bigger mayfield is who is the dude this guy is super legit we love this guy. We love this guy did you take as a do and it's easier in the second round and you're going we love this we love Lamar Jackson are we love this quarterback. It just just take. Just a competitive figure it out later. I've never liked the idea of those rabbo pharmacies to move draft are in charge of that arm Camara effect around. In a few gimmick right NASA well his good. For a loan like funding and finally given the quarterback at some good out of that. They killed yes don't screw around just egg got in a draft where you're not gonna hit on every single selection it is it is not gonna happen. Imagery in it a first round and you go look at it any first round of any draft you look any first round whatsoever. And you did today. I was yeah it's it's a third third third. There's 3132. Picks 1011 of our guys enemies are our guys that are at least super studs you would want to change your pick whatsoever. At eleven Amare going to be journeyman NFL guys. Probably hang around the league 56 years seven years went to Israel retains. And he's that pick was really good and then ten or eleven of those of those first 32 are going to be completely wash outs and out of the league in three or four years completely. Bus the rulings go look at any NFL draft. Go look at 91 day 9720052009. And it is it's a third third third. That's the first round we're not talking about second top sixty players top 100 players when you go into the third round. We have a few of conviction on I just think the guy. Don't screw around to below quarterback does take. If he's sitting there and you feel that you have a need or you will have a need. If you're the dolphins at at some point but that's the unanswerable question right now is. We don't know how the dolphins feel about gave him like they might think all these quarterbacks are and regard the regular showings in order man. Or it might think you know Ryan Ryan's. Our resources of the first round elsewhere to help Ryan but. That's only cause hysteria aspect we're gonna get to the AFC and NFC championship games. Tom Brady injury how all. Legit is that he spoke to the media just a little while go have that for you but on the Osama talked to Pete Crisco from CBS sports dot com NFL. A senior NFL columnist does an unbelievable job get pizza thoughts on this pizza but Jacksonville. That's his that's still his home base so with some thoughts on no on Jay bill can they pull the upset. Over a new wing with his thoughts next right here on 790 take. Back here on the ticket. Then and Chris Perkins. Perk is on a conference call as the dolphins are introduced in the new office coordinator Dowell law organs. So offer will be rejoining us here in just a few moments. Protect them Chris go from CBS sports dot com. Clinical senior columnist as we got a couple of championship games on Sunday. Tom Brady is that hand injury where we get more of that year as. The line is going down and out in Las Vegas. And lob you're believing it's might be a little bit more. More troubles some then originally thought given all that and and a whole lot more aggressive team is here as well coming up as their road trip continues in Brooklyn tonight will a little later on. In the six gaga are Tim Capstraw from the Brooklyn nets radio analyst he is up on the call for Brooklyn. Each and every evening he's gonna stop by here organ thoughts on tonight's matchup but a quick reminder our sister station just 99 point nine his ultimate 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford it is tomorrow at CB Smith part in Pembroke Pines. Finally it's here. It's a day of food drinks the weather's supposed to be just absolutely amazing. And out of the lineup is is true to form country music artists all stars across the board including Darius truck or Old Dominion big and rich more and more as Midland. And a brand delay get your take is a chili cook off now at the ticket Miami. Dot com chili cook off is a two morrow and you know Jim beat the weather we've been having down here. In South Florida so pitcher out Tigger is not too late is a few left. For the 33 annual chili cook off would have ticket Miami dot com that's the ticket Miami dot com we got a budget Tex or get to hear you can always such a show we invite and encourage text messages. At 67974. A lot of just go forward gravel quarterback give you can't make it happen in. Got off to a rooting for purse here saying he's going with public morals what he did that. Back then just second but tags or is it have had enough for Brian Tammy fail. A draft a quarterback or bring one in a in free agency. And. A ball for Lamar Jackson also and I'm on trading Cheney on going after Tyrod Taylor slashed its key number in in free agency so organ or get a lot of that. And now I'm not I'm not surprised I think there's a lot of people are just kind of did that they've seen enough and they won the wanna look at something else that the quarterback was a huge apartment with a low. I would during the I was a little function that he wasn't alone you don't Motrin I hadn't gone we lift and implement income but none of you open. Don't monochrome took the grant money will broad language Moakley we've. And Ali clearly I mean they went from. I think from a good quarterback to below average quarterback inject inject color I think but mama if you look at it in its totality like. He's right you you get right detainee held back on this team. And are you back in the playoffs I'm not so sure about that may be but you're just you just got to wondering. Me I don't I don't think it's it's and then I am at it and I even by that podium by that a thousand I can say you know what. Ryan probably would've been worth a couple of of victories this year let's just say who. And that and that gets you certainly in the mix and maybe it's the -- into the playoffs and then when you get in there may be you get on a roll like Jacksonville's on right now and and you win a gamer to. And then right now it is your your plan the lottery here if you if you you plague is for strong quarters on Sunday you're going miserable may be may be. My but I'd but my biggest question now is his health like my bigs what his house that need work and that's my biggest question you're talking god hasn't plea for Obama overall. Long time. I mean your home back to the Arizona game who seasons ago. And we still have an entire another entire offseason to go through another training camp before he's actually at the field we do the math that's going to be. What does that how many months is that going to be twenty months 21 months of like that. That's a long time and he's gonna be thirty years old. I'm glad that you can't still be good. For guys that you thought was a sending. All of a sudden you got questions are OK maybe he's kinda flat maybe this is kind of the injury. Is unfortunately kind of his flatten his career out a little bit. What the code of these pretty bad term you know count city of buffalo put I don't know when. I'll come to our governor may have to two months ago lot of every year obsolete. It's always good fodder for Clark and the ability to to my diploma hopelessly. Every year if your clock if you notice because that the good that the biggest question Ausmus and with the would you look at through the fourth quarter explain in the commerce chairmanship games. Is okay do now do you need can you win with a guy that just okay quarterback can with a guy that's going to be. Up and down as and as long as team does it make the disastrous play. Then he king that you can win in the playoffs. I don't think that's the case would you look at the AFC like look on the AFC. And you tell me like. The quarterbacks. That you would say yes OK I Brady Roethlisberger. Outside of that. Who else you really get on nobody does that. Their car okay their red rose high on him a year ago now some questions about you dare carmody agreed to turn it around rivers getting a little bit older. He drew look I have no idea what it looks it look like when it comes back Mario still growing. You kind of look around the age of seeing Ohio had the public morals that the FC championship game well yeah. You look at. What are the quarterbacks they are in the AFC are let's get to army mail one of the best NFL information men CBS sports senior NFL columnist. Pete Frisco Georgia's only around jewels announcers give Israel a guess on their truly just beyond communion eight Chris Perkins is in the other movies on a conference call bombs are introducing their new OC. So he sends his regards how are you sir. Kurt I'm Doug it's gonna talk to you again. Let's just we're talking about brig public morals and let's. Opened up in your neck of the woods how Jackson globe and here though the last couple weeks jags nation here as they approach the AFC championship game they believe that this could this that can actually happened on Sunday. The other believable or that the people who undergo a lot purposely set a cocky and the kids and they say actually that they're really good they are good at it. Particularly on defense. On the title to go crazy Ottawa and the you know back then by denying you that beat the opposite is Bernard Law chipped it up with a group of fans that would like. You know wanted to keep saying they're really more foreign Brett was what they were in on the most people who hear that kind of adopted. Well this group nearly expensive but they were there and I thought they were kids that could go to school the next city or slopes itself. It's an entirely different animal analysis statistical office at that he would you know they actually going to that was it gave us that. Has played portal been unfairly criticized. Yup that no. Earlier they are quicker picker as far as the opposite system are considered great you are are preached that all year. I was shown on their journal are greater that vehicle here are the pounding on the social all of what Donald Dell is one bell. The significantly better way to get the opportunity to throw forced down that is what he spoke well on third down and political back and look at numbers and look what happened last week opening drive. First down backed bank down you'll score a touchdown. Is that it's so that they kind of got police stopped so that little group which is natural. And then the fourth quarter we have a great group that put on the field which is local cable first sell you have to be able approval on first down. He's a much different quarterback with a have been obvious that the situation keeping bad equity group goes there it goes really bad at. Briscoe was Augustine FL college you can check out. His pick six podcast you can find it on iTunes you Obama Twitter is well. At Frisco seat that's up people what what do you make the Brady injury I mean is that there we are really looking back on Monday and go wow you really hurting it more. Elop you'll think this just might be some sort of proves how do you look at it. We're gonna cut here it says that reports about there. And yet it is put in that book I mean what you expected the difference between a bigger cut here since it is. Haven't heard it right. Country and we're caught it on the top of that he had. Is it on the left into the theater or whatever Bill Weir the victory. There's so great about everything you treat people ought to press conference that it would patriots are expected the other view. I expect to be able to pro football and art but these are great. Dude how. How does how does and how is going to lose this game I mean is it just to be go to Jacksonville's defense but they gave a ton of big plays to Pittsburg. I think this is more out. The Patriots defense. Against Jacksonville awkward but how do you see a scenario where Jackson look at a temple the other monster upset here. Well if you look at the correct the record breaking over the years and hit on me you know the war at short amount or exactly the favorite the spirit of the coaches here as you look at the playoffs. The rated Peter I hit a support group Peta byte hit in the giants went through all I did and so if Jack spoken here that was their fourth. They did what your poor. Directly to start seeing it goes the little bit which does it fit the sort struck it down but it offers little that help though think it. The patent the third or. Against the war in New York recant the regular season. Let me pick up problem for the big heart problems opportunities. They did and I don't let me get and it's being. You don't had to be loaded up with that height debate will go up against this particular shot to death but I project for about what you did you bunt before all is it reporter without the vitality. Go to court want to win. And that'll keep them in the game I don't look that it would get more than what would negate the cookie cook would look at the close. Our let's go to the NFC side here he brisk doors are guess I mean. I could go either way on this camped out I'm dissing it. There's there to me there's got to be some Minnesota celebration hang over. That's that's I'm looking at this matchup in the NFC side agree or disagree. I mean baby Brittany that again they're people with the Specter because travel in the flat out there and faculty have pretty good. For the blood orbit with the patriots sent and so I don't I don't who could get. You know it's caught up with a celebration suffered last week are still struggling it's more about what it's all because let them speak at a great job last week he leaned up. You grow you know these guys openly because it's so torpedoes I don't know that's gonna work it's like this week. They've seen it on paper got to do a lot of different things and it's all there was a virtual quarterback again expecting a subtle that you weren't so. I'm gonna be out by the kings got a little bit of that it you know that's lakers' guard with Clayton Richard Porter shoulder and yet the glutamate plate wouldn't you debate plays cycle what we can't do that I was sitting at the pit stop the key situations before he is. Is that it's factor I think that shows up with a. What we got you here the dolphins amid a lot of coaching changes and to continue to kind of reshuffle. There their staff here a little bit the main guys there are obvious he still premium placed. We were just talking before he came a little bit about baker may feel that his C as we yesterday about get me to Miami. Is it just as opposed bodes will be better then went right to Andy hill is back or would you invest in a quarterback in high around if you're Miami. I'd probably bring back. Carrying on a bit cryptic guy in the third router so that it's now the time yet the attic of the situation and I think he could not completed goes out. I think you know he played he has been here before. You know I think the coaches who have been actually pretty good what it out short differs between if there is this guy but I'll we'll look forward this week that. Did they hit it crap and orders that the top top coat the wonderful for a lot of guys. But he also Britain and you know been under played a developer and around the lead you understand. What it takes the validity of it felt like this could be executed got like that who felt like market but got it there Adam B who called the forward. In the they're expensive spoke a lot kind young coaches they're harder guy there may feel about trying to deny you your Lotta times that they're friends. And then you realize they're like it was he's got an executive coach is about a flat like the boot suspect he is basis pictures topical. Big thanks to make it a few minutes whether it's always a pleasure thank you serve you well. Our urge. You to thank you PP Briscoe. One of the best right there to start catching up a few minutes and his thoughts. So it's other healing do you like these actually got a chance and like the solo becoming obvious predictions upon now on CBS so. They wanna what analysts both for anybody is he's still got some work to do and you know he's he can critics every game every week every single on the web sites we as we're stuck comets are great it's a great. You know every single week you go see what Dow what Pete hasn't. You get foam on Twitter a priest of CBS and of course his pick six podcast on not on iTunes and he's up in Jacksonville has I've heard this stuff for the jags. While radio network as well so there believe it that's one thing that that that team will not have lout like on Sunday and it is is his lack of belief. They are confident bunch and when your budget Jalen Ramsey and and four lead and play as Campbell. And AJ boo me they've got guys. They're young little cocky little bit like old you know we're not supposed to be here we don't know any better. We kind of got a little bit there a little bit like that Seattle team that came on. A few years ago and turned into what they've turned into. Where libel and really know about Sherman and end band aid in and Bobby Wagner. And Earl Thomas and they just came in. To be monsters. But the question I have is yes that team maybe Jackson is the second coming of the legion of boom on the defensive side. Really poorly Russell Russell Wilson's special guy Russell Wilson is very special. So that that to me is the the difference everything else is you'd see some measurable there. Four net land show okay. Big running game. Russell will Wilson made some special plays when now when he had to during those during those two Super Bowl runs and all the playoff games. And everything like that bore holes is still to me just a guy. Who kind of looks the part. Put easy really is he really a difference maker. I've come back we got more to get to a still fit in and also to TV ads he where it's at 5 o'clock hour and it's a football Friday when it's about wall Friday and him as of Friday because Fridays are the best and we've saved a couple special items here we got we got two sets of Forte gets to go see the heat take on. The Memphis Grizzlies that is February 24. So we have to separatist ringgit one of those away. Coming up in our next segment. And then another 1 of the 5 o'clock hour some winners in the heat for free and check out a team that is surging toward the playoffs here. They are Brooklyn tonight's gonna go another game over 500. They got Charlotte tomorrow night double winnable games even those of back to back. But we got off Portuguese goes in the heat of the Memphis Grizzlies were on the town we're gonna give those away coming up on the on the other side wheels get back to some of the from the NFL. Obviously we're discusses the just a little bit earlier and were targets off the other conference call with the new OC we'll hear what though he adds that has to say and and aliens. A note as the dominant leader shuffle their staff all that and a whole lot more to get to coming up right here on 79 figure. Others don't. Briscoe from CBS sports for dropping by taking any good job by. Game time and sunset place tonight join 790 the ticket. We gonna you watch party working with special guest from the Miami. Do above that 730 with a party starts earlier fed on down there right now for some fun in the make arcade happy hour with 30% off. Any individual drink the the game is always on a game time for the game time players dot com watch him play it when it it's game time we're gonna dig you right up until RD timer pregame coverage at six. Thirty and then now game time's at 730 tonight so we got a little bit of an abbreviated show. By the in the quarters you to wonder will be opening up during the segments organ your way a four pack to those he'd take us through osu the Memphis Grizzlies. February 24. We got a lock going on hear me and we got a whole ton of stuff happening here on this. This Friday afternoon Tim Capstraw he is the Brooklyn this radio analyst he's gonna Norris globally drumming up fifteen minutes he'd come and appear. In the in the 5 o'clock hour. But I heard the Jabber poured their job doesn't seem like it's your battle Friday afternoon. That as long as Robby Anderson is an out there somewhere on the South Florida roadways. Then you should be all right. These did you hear some of the details that are coming out of this one if you haven't well. I'm gonna go into some of the explicit details. Not yet it is still a family show I mean this that this new board at its word again in the slow Robbie Anderson he's a jets what are series actually had a really good season. And if you play fantasy of your jets fan like he's he was kind of are a revelation. For a lot of people on the NFL had a really nice year young wide receiver really do you get down the field make some plays in the air. All those things you kind of want. In the guise of the jets you know become a reason for hope and optimism so all earlier this morning. Or late last night our viewers a look at it. Robbie Anderson was arrested in sunrise now he faces nine charges nine. Nineteen times. Right. According to published boards and by ESPN's drips of rich in meaning covers the jets by the way. Anderson was driving it was clocked at a buck 05. In a 45 mile per hour zone. The also ran multiple red lights after you pulled over Anderson apparently threatened to sexually assault the officer's wife. Now I'm sure that went over really well right there right. Now the actual words our said by Robbie Anderson. Yeah. You now. Than you you. You just wonder if that cobbler is not a cub was able to. Restrain himself so to speak. I haven't orbit is looking for firewood in our lives it'll probably in the watched the scene I don't know why aren't promoted. Didn't seem aware of the compliment I talk and backed up with a let's let's. A cop and cause some and it closed the door he's its fight. And elements over in America it would go and put them component. Well again well here's the best part of of the Robbie Anderson and I doubt it actually. Find the words of Robby Anderson said that he was due to this officer's wife or girlfriend captured on righty we can nominee go down I'm gonna try to work around atoms into it I I said Isaac I saw I saw the report I got my career I'm I'm gonna go on the throat or you know he would go out. You can't you rub your eyes at that might be a moment. He just wants to sexually assault all of his wife allegedly allegedly admitted that the jolly but here's the best barred the guy did Robby units and nine charges against him. Are in sunrise. In here's what the charges were. Resisting an officer obstruction without violence. Harm to a public servant or family. Laying eluding while lights siren active reckless driving failed that are driving the single lane to god to disobeying. Slash aborting a red light speeding and turning without a signal. About him being drunk. Again about him being high. Leg UW Robbie Anderson was just a normal dude. Less I. Like how does rub noses regular Robby Anderson. Eddie yet and you get like. Immediate. He was sober and he did all that's over. Big bad dudes messed up and me and tell me that guy that was it wasn't this a good spot he was saying. Mind and body ages like yeah I'm just I'm just gonna Paul grant a Missouri before a Grand Theft Auto and sunrise and just roll all over the place. MM we tell the cop that pulls me over finally. Say you know what. You momma did your wife. Would do a lot of things your wife. My goodness. The jets have issued a statement of course and out. Of that statement reads we are aware of the situation this is a pending legal matter we will have no further comment. Yeah thank you jets then do. Thank you on how we saw that when we saw that we've happening before. It actually took place my goodness. Robbing Anderson and you wanna give Jarvis and her any money. Because you might get kicked out of a game it's all okay. August Robbie Anderson. So that happens I mean that's that's the other I mean that's the other thing here and Jarvis is name is gay and mean items in our contract work you're not a good. It's gonna happen in the draft right bigger mayfield is gonna go and they're gonna miss a big rave though they did everything to realize the guys the guys image of the day other guys. Five foot nine inches tall is a little person. He's 510 and a half whatever it is an irregular free dollar to play any of those two small. And this guy's got small hands and our guys the guys. Wonder like you get to it and these idiots. Is it ever gonna get picked apart in this and that. That's what's gonna have more jar is right there with a knocked Jarvis down a little bit all he's got the attitude of this and that it's like. C'mon man. You know it's funny about a man that we wouldn't go to have them in time I'm not a big man your friend on offense are you but I don't think you Pam. Top with the reminding elected he would just go on Twitter I'm on Twitter. You put Jarvis injury and you know what search bar Google on Twitter. You just CT link arms when you've been covered like every other team if you available. He might he might become the number one free agent in free agency and Obama hagel would come over. Two threes. I was coming out I'm not mega pay him like John Hopkins that he's not a hundred Hopkins he's not as good but you'll go back of junior. I got legitimate slide over blinked seconds to say here put in whatever you want. No but I mean as far as being one of the top. And the tall receivers in the NFL it should be paid accordingly. I don't know what more than ever before the season well it in the hands of monopoly and I touchdowns this year. He's the millions of low low support with a got the got to do. With Jay bleeping color and Matt Moore playing quarterback but we'll morning want to get there. So. If you're invested money like yeah OK the guy gets it out of some games. He's a little bit of fiery guy that is who he is a mix is a good. You don't want to get away from Zito and a little bit yeah but did fifteen yards every every time you sort touchdown again at. If you're gonna invest a lot of money like now you know invest in the Robby Anderson's world regular dad with the jets actually living in a go get Robbie Anderson if you're if you're team in the new one receiver now. You know you're on a I don't want that guy and be my and you take any money invest in him. And New York. You with his with his history. So let's. Economic as the NFL offseason. They'll be many many many more stories like Robbie Andersons and probably a lot of awards they down here because south floors were but it comes. Itself floors were by comes intro. I mean that's something new it's just the way it's always been. I mean nine additives stories ago after the gets arrested your own words that was a a somewhere and somewhere it's obvious for a lot of leads somewhere. In South Florida and you look at the dateline go yeah that's South Korea and that's that's a pretty much pretty much August. Timed out to all of the quarters he ticket window has promised color number seven right now 786. 5340790. At 786. 5340790. U entry close friends are gonna check out the Miami Heat take on the Memphis Grizzlies. February 24. So caller number seven right now estimates that five through 4079 beat while another a settle for take is do you wait in the 5 o'clock hour also laugh fifteen minutes he'd. And also bull was a boulder the predictions stuffer though. For the games we got to get our predictions on record here org to start the show person he's rooting for blue. Blake world class of would you bet probably portals and it's a hell no. Public morals on exactly what that means as far as the via the prediction segment goes so it's that two headlines and all that as well above the 5 o'clock hour. Next radius of united take. You can put up so. Almost yeah. 79 consecutive. Courtesy of perk if you are thanks Pete Frisco for joining us in the first hour we'll get to fifty minutes and here coming up. Bob perk was in the other room is on the Thomas ball with new offer support near Dow logged into that in just a moment but. An album where every game on the take it started out with the Coral Springs Obama pregame shows dazzle at you. Said for the game take a look at the matchup in the keys of the game and I'm ready for tea ball Portland Baltimore home of the low cost cars brought to account has business tool for business. We are we are built until 630 tonight because of the some thirty tip from Brooklyn New York so low we're gonna we will abbreviated edition here of the show by the way. Before we get we bring her back in here good at least alleys Robbie Anderson at a C gone on so we Texan and that that may be that may be left a lot during the break you withdraw those charges that it was like it was a seagull violation and they're so. Kudos to Robbie Anderson nine charges are. Nine charges and charges and you and I were talking about this a little bit earlier lights yeah you're waiting for OK where's the do you why where's the drug where's the marijuana bag. Where's the you know high as a kite charging on. Now none that he is fine you just everything else sees us to go through everything else was messed up but the guy who sold the judges they saying. Okay. And it's an inflated into its common troubling. Story right. And. Other serious human leveled by just bizarre. As absolutely bizarre. Millions and. Yes Rodney Anderson. I guess some explaining to do there. All right you are you're MIA here fur a for a few minutes as soon. Dowell log in was in new offensive coordinator big deal little deal what is the deal. No boy. Camp there it's it's so funny that you used the term little deal because dal Laden's espy put six. And oh yeah that's yes though these are gourmet feels IPS. IP magazine team grant site. Actually two team might Mike tower over him a little excitement about you know the old guys the facility right right or educating my Villa post tomorrow we'll have to see my this is the the balls on the blocks and C yeah but. A dialogue in this seems to be a very hard working ten doom type of a guy. And that leads us in the hears of being. Now log ins was introduced as a Miami opens opens a coordinator today really just about an hour going a conference call and he is they buy put 637. Year old ten years in a bill coaching veteran. He's a former quarterback at Arkansas. He's a former SEC quarterback by put six or not as dumb. On the call how in the world were you able to play major college football quarterback at by six. And he said it's it's really. Were ethnic and knowing your limitations and knowing that you got to separate yourself. When you're playing against guys who were a lot more talented and you you just work your tail off. And you put yourself in good situations and he said it's the same way and coaching he said you might not always be the smartest guy but it. You've got to know your limitations and work harder than the next guy. And that's a lot of what is gonna take to improve this Miami Dolphins offense that kind of attitude because. This is an offense that that really does not start with much. You know you've got Ryan Tenet feel he's OK. Two union Drake will see how he turns out Jarvis Landry we don't know if he'll be back Dovonte Parker questions about him. Kenny stills good but not any number one receiver the dolphins a blind you got some concerns there. So it's gonna take a very hard working guys to understand the dynamic that makes this off pins were. Last year we thought it was a power running game and it did work for a while but that's not Adam gazes deal he is a passing offense too bad guy. They went to that this year it didn't work out there's a lot of reasons it didn't work out. But he brings in his buddy Adam gave some talk about brings in his buddy doubt Laden's. The former Altman's a coordinator Chicago the last two years his quarterbacks coach in Chicago win days was the offensive coordinator. So basically he's got a guy who sees the game the same way that he does. Adam gaze again I'm talking about he's got a guy in Dow logged in who sees quarterback development the same way cease practices the same way although sites of being so. Will see if there's Dow log entire pays off it is a hand. Offensive coordinator. Or Adam days. And he is somebody who seems to see the game the same way as Adam gays. But we'll see if dal log ins can apply the same principle used to this all prints as he's applied to his coaching career. Hard work putting yourself in good lip ins good situations. And knowing your limitations. Because I paying that debt is what the dolphins need to get this off. And so. Here's the thing is brought to you by drove nerds. They've got their regular location an Avant sure they've got their new location and time grass grow nerves in your authorize DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered. Weather is new purchases repairs customizations training. Whatever it is they've got to cover visit today. Drove nerds dot com cell borders I in the sky. Briscoe signal like the higher he also really love the higher Shawn Jefferson being elevated to what assistant head coach yes it started off and she is really like Shawn Jefferson NAS Clyde Christensen was reassigned to some bogus. Yeah. Player development entered a better football player development some like the so. Let me tell me those wheels to the bottom line is at a base is still hauling in the clay he has debt. You also doom. And you know I don't hesitate to bring this up because it. It it kind of reeks of bad times when you had Joseph Philbin Jeff Ireland and dawn upon say but it seems like you are getting a lot of cooks in the kitchen now right. Among Adam gays my tandem home and Chris Greer run. And in on the all prints you've got Adam gazed down log ins and Shawn Jefferson. Maybe it's nothing. But it it just seems like they're Betty you're you're getting kinda clogged up at the top once again I thought this organization. Was moving away from that will see how it works out there's a lot of titles. In the run up front and on the off. Get on all the offenses that specifically specifically of the aces you know gates is basically the offensive coordinator and log in this time of the defect opens coordinator and now you've got Shawn Jefferson an assistant here coach in charge of all it's right. Though the Obama won criticism might have a matter gates it was not a big one. Besides I'm not saying you know them the play calling its Tampa Bay on third sex you know like some fans that you don't call audio the Saudi call up. Is it seems like these. He just kind of he's offence of censure where. Like when you're the head coach of the entire team. And when I hear him talk about the defense it's almost like he's spectator yeah you or the special teams it's like he's a Specter yeah. And I understand it's not his expertise as I. But you're the head coach like. Opt in Brian Billick said the smear Ole awhile ago in the or what she would get tired ultimately gets fired. What there's no reason what got item he's hired was he's often the guy. So like Joseph Wallace and call plays really that no. That's that got him higher yes it's his expertise on plays. So even if that's not gonna work Helmsley's it becomes a defensive genius mind reinvent himself. But I do would like to hear that maybe he is hurt I don't know I'm a conservative like you are. Problem might my guess is it's little bit like olive divas do my thing as long as an offense is fine then will be fine as a team. He did it's it's kind of a you know you can term it anywhere you want to term it and it could be a com. You know a deal love you're trying to. I hope now. Other other or allow other coaches do too cold so your defense of coordinator I'm gonna let him do his job I was like yes stick it right but you're still off your head cold and you are still responsible for today. Yeah he's got arisen over there are different now forever as it is grades were as big guy. But he's got a red flag and maybe that's how it wants to delegate all the authority and but it just seems like you know Adam gays is like always offensive guy. It is just like me may be more head coach guy sometimes a. He's he's a little bit he's a little bit hands off defense and special scenes and again. It's it's perspective it's you know you you lesser assistant coaches right outside oh but you are responsible you are the right so let's. And right Greg eight when things are going great that you guys are fine right. But women are not right that's all that's why you bring up when it was not like something needs to be done here in what you're the head man is I was all the figured out and like you who you are in charge yeah what you want in that room and say we need to fix this. Yeah and and depth they've they've made it does they made a lot of coaching changes here. Running backs so at the there's a lot of new faces on that staff. Black eyed. I still being you've you've got morbid talent issue Demi coaching issue listing Dresser writes in what do you guys have a good short guys big things from a small packages and I only thing has gotten gotten I think it'll make you don't bite. Many by six division one quarterbacks do you think there are in America especially in the SEC. It's gotta play Arkansas now how many of eye was crystal balls and I just a team that got me by bullets are you kidding me how does that come over the conversations did you know that are the offer that I know I I knew that I mean it's a dead I've. That is I was Wikipedia did it's it's one of the things about the geographical then why are you sure what I've no doubt about it tomorrow I I asked him I asked him what is the what is the skills that or the tree. That allowed you to be a by put six division one quarterback at Arkansas. And knew that he played in in Texas. Abilene Cooper high school I believe it will play organs are devour the third hole there but he was on the team. OK if you didn't know yeah. Amid what is right right exactly I mean yeah he'd understand I don't know I was a quarterback running rougher the accuser at all. Do not look I'm not sure how many high school's out by Alex and I just think it's a it's a unique skills that righted. Let's go to a art exhibit Woodson in the SEC I would say to a lot of the process as you've got to have some special about you. And competitiveness of our strong armored good feeder or something. Underside of the items like Matt Jones Mike we're roll back a little bit tough to remember. You know you can afford they're excited before those guys familiar especially give when your desire remembrance of our river a quarterback of Zimmer that are out like a republic the no no he is EI and pinkie even mostly served as the holder I was like most of these actions. Look at the early let the guys in the was it the the University of Miami the Billy Corbin zeal. In the though the white running back it was a Kevin bring worth whatever was les notable all the time that I ever with a guy who was the only other game. Like maybe this guy's got a voice phone number and that's what Israel with the tiger rhetoric but as a janitor I remember that Saturday on the Tuesday as do it right and you're entitled my euros overly like Michael Irvin in general Bennie blades at the U Luther get bigger Carl's we're right there and everywhere Leo well. I'm excited I hate so that we'll get in that I'll get into the Miami Heat here coming up first let's get to 5 o'clock. Headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. My meat business Brooklyn at 730 tonight in the third game of their five game road trip that he remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture one game behind Cleveland. For the number three spot. Says Lowe in Tommy Doug did you go with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790. FB a moral worth three hasty to. The ticket. Bit of NHL news right here scheduling was Florida Panthers their hosting the Vegas golden knights tonight at 730 at the BB NC senator. Our sister station by sixty will carry that broadcast or you. As we were just talking about the Miami Dolphins introduce new offensive coordinator dial log ins today log ensconced in the dolphins from Chicago. Where he served as offensive coordinator the last two seasons. The dolphins also announced X wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson has been promoted to assistant head coach. In charge of offense and ex offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen will serve as director of football in player development. And finally you know the big gains on Sunday. Jacksonville at New England at 3 o'clock in the AFC championship. Minnesota at Philadelphia at 640. In the NFC championship those are your headlines. Then there's a lot of people texting in the links to Brady's injury and all sorts of weird stuff. I'm not. Gonna go down the road of how severe it is I don't know. Other anybody knows we talk to beat Chris earlier about eases the guy wore gloves to the president and so either and it's the patriots are we wish growing with everybody and it's nothing. Or there's something to it we're not gonna know until. Until. 3:30 on Sunday evening when Brady throws the ball and it's going to be OB OOK that was enough and or it's like man do this guy's really hurt. We're not gonna know. Until Sunday so it was trying to figure this thing out Tom Brady spoke earlier. In this afternoon Kabul about an hour and a half ago here's what he had to say about his injury watch him. Don't know about. Wilson. We both went. From about. But it. I'm confident. Are you will be appointments and we'll see. But it made me more anger right now. Played like these things though. I don't want to. Be sent at the institute by field. Tom Brady just a little bit coy and there of oil and now too much I don't know about you. Blood. That didn't seem like together was too concerned about his hand I'm just I'm just. I am no I don't do it on anything in summary I I know I know but like when he's that I played with him before and I'm sure he had yeah. And I'm sure his hands not a 100% and and we're gonna militants are still whistling and around on Sunday. I it just is just one of those. Perk like the guy he's earned the benefit of the doubt so many times. And he's done it's so many times when they beat Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game. Was it 05 or six when they went into Pittsburg. AM like the third play of the game and he threw two early and seventy yard touchdown pass in the game was over after that. Well like in he had like a 103 degree fees were some that he had the flu but nobody felt that until after the game yes but does that nobody knows. Until after the fact so yes you heard them practicing it I guess on somebody's helmets. A ends. How much do you think Alex Guerrero. Is involved in treatment of this injury. My under person I he's been picked up the sideline but I think he spilled. Who were not clear I would say not much. Yeah. And I have added to look for that and in any of the ball I pay lower viral but. You're like like like meet him right now when it wasn't like nutritionists know like that's though when I am so treats injury CTO treats a lot of the big injure players and one of the big deals was going to who. Alex rare role or using the team trainer. And there was friction building because some players bought threats of debris yeah Brady wants you to go to his guy and Belichick once you go to the team guy. So we have a wonder how the I. I guess Guerrero is treating them I guess. There's. There's there's lot of reports that like OK let's say you sliced his finger openly and an irate. Against YouTube and you get the doctors of bandage it up. Yeah shorted out. And you go out there and get the right glove and you get the right. Feel and you just deal with that and you see what happens problem if it's is cumbersome and at the funny you with a funny part of this perk is. You go back to the inflated football stuff. If your hand was hurt team. And you could not get a good grip on the ball what would really aid you in this thing I'm gonna say deflating to poke ball. Yeah yeah I mean it's just it's just funny how the al-Qaeda this gotta I just doesn't about that that you would think about if you if your. Finger was was cut open or some the battery. And it was really messed up so it really hurts and you could really bending get a grip. What would help you grip a football would be if the ball was a little bit smaller. Yeah. That's well I mean yeah I mean it's right there that about eighty yeah yeah. The gods of solid legislative aide pointed to a metal body and tried to break even like suggest that to somebody to a trader about it. Freddie would have no choice he'd have to comply like I just thought that come full circle level. Don't be a reason you would really don't know. It's if you're if your fingers there were really messed up is when I welcome back we got fifteen minutes they need coming up here. As we get to the Miami Heat their Brooklyn tonight to a road trip continues. And Wheeler hot play continual talk about it all next right here on 79 minutes ago and now. Yeah. I'd like champion for my forza four is number one gene chuck and I should be customization shop. You're guaranteed now the hottest four by four modifications in town called Jimmy and drive Fords have an 865023446. Or go to champion four by four dot com also sponsored by me Aaron Hill Hyatt. Lopez and Martinez video call 305800. Per month. And brought you by X vanity when it comes to the entertainment you love X one gives you more change the way you experience TV with X humidity. X one courtesy of perk back with you here. On 79. Ticket we're just a little over an hour away from our pregame coverage starting. At 630 that he earned Brooklyn take on the nets series is that won one Miami won down in Mexico City. We were called that game perk and then they got hammered here or around the holidays that game I it was an optional disaster auto. Worst games the heat have played all year a lot you'll remember that game they point to the Indiana game and some the other losses. That it was a real glee show four for Miami so the series that one and one life to get this one today before we continue. This came in just a little bit earlier about Rodney Magruder so the streak is alive. It's basically right when Rodney Magruder comes back everything will be they'll be healthy and they're gonna try to grab two seed in the east. You know murdered the Magruder streak is alive for. We are doing everything Danny anytime you mentioned the heater or injuries. He Rodney Magruder name must be invoked rye so we're not all good I don't know that sexism is a we're a that 84 straight. They were so yes and we are not as a we've gotten a text about running girder. For rub off three and a half months straight there a single Iverson will show also the street to live like power can hear just where does the iron and his Kennedy were discounted down. Every single day all right the heat are one of the hottest teams in the MBA you look at the last ten games could last fifteen would win you that's probably the. The guideline there since the since 118 perk since we can mentality here only Golden State the clippers. Have been better as the Boston Los last night so they they take a little step back what do you looking at that time frame. Those only been two teams that have been hotter than the Miami Heat actually clippers and Miami the records are similar in their in their last ten games what do you make of its. I don't know because this is this has been going on. For the last two years now that that some you know some time around the you know January. February. Late January and February around all star break they've gotten hot and then. I've got to got to got to credit Erik Spoelstra. The more I look at this team everything comes back hoops poll and again we'll talk economics said yes I did you guys know that I'm a player guy like I'd I'd 80% of wins and losses I I put on the players. But this is an inordinate amount of credit that goes to a coach this time and I'm not saying that that's a bad thing at all. Com that's just the way it is we quit this team. But dom yeah I it's got a beast both coaching right it it has to be because he's he's brought Sukarno thumb. I guess. That should I say eight mismatched teams together or I don't Leonard could say that these teams have been just. Chernoff carelessly thrown together because they haven't BN by. You didn't get who you wanted in free agency and you know you use always kinda have to deal with what he's head and he's done a great job and it's. It it's taken him a little while to figure it out both times this year a lot less time than last year by. He's figured out he's gotten this team rolling at this time a year both years. That's what I make of it kept it's it's all. Right I mean if you noticed easily yeah yes it's higher and I remember last year. It was right around this time when the kind of hit you they were in the they had a big win stricken lover told India to there was I don't think they went into the all star break kind of pot. Right yeah yeah times that that by game win streak right out west and they lost or album dollars in revenue and as you know CN IC improv yeah we're all light. Well my I'm I'm a little amber yeah Aaron yeah but. I and has called it the right to start shortly read also breaker so. And then they'd be Houston and then they kind of knew he Golden State in the they kind of hit that I mean they hit the accelerator and Renaissance about a year ago yeah yeah yeah almost of the they were there were sitting heroes what you're talking about right. The top aliens yup. Lead like that sits always seemed kinda. Figures it out. He figures out what's working and then he kind of rolled with it and that's the mark of a great coach I don't care what anybody says that's the definition of a great coach when you take players that you have. And that's what I'm gonna bring in all the guys in a minute now because now part of their corner we have tonight okay we get these guys how to make this were to win this game right and then you you figure it out Rangel here that's. No they're wolf and whoever adds I am out of bio who have. When people ask what makes a great that's a great coaches do when Don Shula justice QB in this town. Let's go to pat Ryan in this thing in the seams were only immature mention issues let's go to Pat Riley. Pat Riley has lead is a Magic Johnson. And he is screaming is James Worthy out Los Angeles Eagles. All I got one of the best floor vision guys of all time and I got guys can rub it on the floor we are going to just. Run and we are to be showtime a relief fast break bad break all you want. Anyway championships you know videos and York and you it's a golf course like Showtime's come into the mass where and it's a nun and I don't have the sort of players I got a big senator Patrick Ewing here what's the ball low block I got guys Il dead dead can can grind it out. And that's and that and that's what we're gonna do and I got a guy you know they're corporate backcourt John Starks and we're gonna play clutching red defense of the role like this. Any completely changes the style that's the great coaches do to get the best out of his players a sport to looks is roster looks who's available. Any figures it out Eagles okay this war to go with and it's been working. And and let's not overlook this what O'Reilly seems you reference. The common denominator. It is good. Late game defense even with the showtime lakers a lot of people overlook. But good late game defense might not be you know broke the entire game. But the late in the game got into a down and get those stops right and that's a that's and and you know where we're seeing that deep defensive. Mindset with these last two heat teams also right com. And and you know that the three point shots held with with this team helped tremendously let's let's face it low turnovers and and and good three point success but it's. The defense is what gets everything going and that's what that's what's old that's the heat way it's what's old notes. Yes or no. You were shocked that Dion Waiters has a bed that's ten feet long. Oh boy. Shockley the waiters and waiters at the belt you know I was gonna say I'd. I don't know that I I guess I expect from Dion who saw him become a personality in height yeah I definitely expect that promise on. I did you do to kind of he's he's definitely elbowing personality now I'm not surprised I'm not surprised but I. That's of that's a lot of people what's expecting sizes like 75 by AD I believe. I have no idea and so what was that is that to king sized beds that he has. Yeah regular bank the California teen news and yes it's. I bet though the wind is is the right it's a little bit longer but I think the California keying it's a best. Reminded of the doubt on what my feet if I really is a minds that probably likes I would say maybe seven feet long mine's pretty wide. Yeah maybe maybe seven maybe seven feet wiry feet wide. So wryly put got a big I. Donna you did you do have you have a telephone eighteen I got a big and yes I am our energy being. Yeah I guess I don't come often adding you've got to California king there's no there's not a lot of the mean does not numb the mind of the room that dead. Yes but there's not a lot of people you know. That are really in that bad brunt of this oh yeah right. And then I'll tell you a lot of marriages may dudes that starts Wideman right now rightness it's it's easy now. I mean I looked at that only got that can't be like that looked even more Jai enormous than even a king size bed like leg leg almost like two concerns that but that would then of course Dion Waiters have a bed that's like that. Yeah how many how many. How many other heat and NBA players do you think you have beards that so I like also the key. A son you could say because you know to do is seven feet tall you tingle and cattle being that being you know that seems to tie. But who knows the. Like in my head if I was making forty million dollars a year. And I was a seven footer I definitely would have a ten foot bed yes it out but Dion Waiters he's not a seven footer nobody Eleanor says those Alley where is like yeah maybe I got to bed that fits like ten. Tyler yes. Yes well I'll definitely as a big bad I smoke. Follow him now expose their woes spark new yeah rock crossing US roster got upset when you have big is the best. Yeah who also have the the big not a lot of reason to you know dare ball and they're don't they they tailspin that much money not an idea he had not yet. And it's a solid Georgia deals that of course to waiters and Johnson. Donna James Johnson. Now has Lebanon and of course steel waiters had the privilege that there. It is now some real money. Bam will have its muscle and money now not yet though you know see I feel good about tonight tomorrow night Camille Little Dicey Charlotte's I should put a lot better. Even though they are the monetary Kemba Walker in a bunch of their bad contracts. That news came out today. Boom yes. Crazy. And tonight it did this one though. And then you're you're who you basically insert ourselves or you do a winning stretch here on the road yet not yet been good he's going to be here Charlotte Houston on Monday right. They're slow you feel you feel pretty good there I mean. People are people are a Texan in in the did somebody say analytic have a high for sure. The most is pretty sure resuming this has a gigantic is somebody a deal Michael Linux sleeps on a 78 dollar Wal-Mart who time. Somebody yells I seal limited rock in the race card being. About some of these Sonoma Ron also has Lipper cheats Ron Ross yes he's got he's got shag carpeting. He's got a lot of mood lighting I'm sure these. Or seven feet tall yeah of course they're gonna have like to me like that again I was. The 061. And I got a nice big it love it up without much indicative of candidates is twenty million bucks here ten million bucks a year. Yeah Canada. Pins because I remember back in the day when numb. Artis Gilmore was playing in your member you know Artis Gilmore some put to senator. Back in the seventies and eighties but he of one of his cars it was a it was a porch. There are you reluctant artist or I do why even like. Why like there is there's no sorrow. I guess these ones himself into it so those with a beer though you have eight. Add an extra large bid you good boarded by. Who know the want to get a conventional beer he you know. You're seven footer perk or you can afford it. Did you valued at NBA but all the guys like all those guys like. The only stories like you go little leeway on the road a lot of tells the new ball relative off the glove and it's for seven foot rise right. In the back in the eighties and the nineties. I'm not much trying to do now I'm not sure that there is a a seven footer Sweden moved you know I need an article JW Marriott I think that I think they do I think they have to accommodate the guys now don't they I'm I'm pretty sure that's where you only they only stay in certain hotels. You would say we want our guys did have like. Like I sides agree on a fold out couch just because he can't get invited to get a bed there right. I don't know that's a good at an extra. Now I would think but I yeah I don't know I mean I've never I've never seen that. I've statements and suites before but I know I've never seen like a California teen or anything in a hotel room. You come back we got the record as he did when opening up once again we before tickets. To the Memphis Grizzlies possible oh god that we got to get our prediction really get on the record here what's gonna happen Sunday in the NFL that's next here on 790 the ticket. This is comment I've tried Sunday to open and the biggest movie of sports grill in the pines. Sunday all afternoon as. The rivalry continues you know it's over the big Jacksonville jags man. Beastie boy loves the patriots they're going to be go anatomy on that only go on the air on The Today Show. Hang out with the guys it's going to be a blast that those guys that none of that is kind of like. Take rooting for there to do or die hard and they want the other team to lose and don't rub it in their face so enjoyed Beers specials an amazing boneless wings. It's championships and if you don't have a place to watch the game. That is a great spot the early game starts I just after 3 o'clock Sunday with the beast in Tobin at sports grill the pines at 22 northwest. To do zero northwest 180 Avant. I know they have boneless wings there not I or drilled a dinner at their bone in or some of the best some of defense winnings in South Florida tonight and little ample listening all of went through Panova Carmen. Donna you know I'm I'm more men have a moment victim as a bit of both with some good tonight. I ports and what are tentative not a problem for zinger they face a cause dragon today. But the bottom line is those things on those things are done unless you doubted the best wins of the Miami like every other fight every every five minutes now they went away award as the so warts. And we figured out today do they have appoints rib but I've heard Tobin say 2713. Day eggs. But I that they have a better know and knowing what they're just make him predictions and present winners got to read each other winner take all three straight out. They also decide what's going on. Were to get to our predictions in in just a home before we do that the let's open up the quarters he ticket window. On has promised we got it's Friday were impression these tickets on all week and let's give away. Another set of forts against heat and grizzlies February 24 at the American Airlines Arena. All you gotta do is be caller number seven right now 786 to this former 765340790. At 78653407978653407. Medical on number seven you enter your closest he fans are gonna go see the heat. Take on the Memphis Grizzlies are. Who would you take would take three people. Who would I take yes I take no I don't take you there. Thousands. And I and I take the guy and always sex and about Rodney Magruder that's not always that's I would take the man. That's kind of a Motley Crue moody over. Is an ad I would take my girlfriend and then probably. One night to show off her and I had a meeting you know eyes bounds of what we raised his game a couple of weeks ago but I know nobody paid amid a couple of other around beer drinker and sports they have OK fair enough doesn't you know. Yeah some 'cause I'm done and there were a big year or in action Bill Richardson. Now it's a party yeah now Jack action Dell sells yeah well the idea. I gotten a little. He'll reason crew. I said you know mom boy biggie almost got into a fight would be baby a few years ago in Davis. Does he was he was. Harassing him about him and a two inch vertical jump to end to a certain big baby didn't like. So where is big baby unless I saw him he's sharing up a Holiday Inn express. Outside of Orlando at the at the wood of the counter there oh is that right I didn't it was doable little ones and he was bitch at about Austin rivers that that's the last I remember hearing about me when there is as they have some kind of hello adult the Celtics. Anniversary but limited championship anniversary was that the song leader problem Wikipedia says he put his career on hold to be part of the film production. Oakland. That's so subtly pick them up as a Julia we're in he's like semi retired areas. There are some coin though how he saved or anything but he made a few dollars in the league but in a big baby Davis out out of fairness let me read this the boneless wings at sports real are not nuggets like most places are deep bone dies. So there you go. Right although I go to the urge to really doesn't don't argue the medial I was just I don't know how they're mad his abilities they taste yeah that's on there you know I Illinois they lives though when they go in my mouth there really gave them an I don't know what formula I'm around him would you wings and it's worth room provide us. Give the Gillette tips are legit predictions here for NFL Sunday. We've done all week all season long. And that I just we dads in the music or does feel like I can predict these better with the NFL music background in our production segment of their body is gonna be on the record I told you so all right every nauert host of America Monday I talked to Tom Brady is gonna throw four interceptions and Jacksonville is going to blow out the New England Patriots. So we had me on the record on all these are all these things move let's start with the AFC conference championship game this line has gone down Brady's got the stitches. Did they hand four stitches. That's been reported there was that nine and a half earlier in the week it's now down to seven. And the over under just to gauge her interest in his 44 and a half which way you leave. Lou I am taking New England against us create new England's hurried up and I'll take them over because of New England they're at home. They're they're going to roll it it'll be a double digit victory. A million. Seventeen somewhere in that period Agassi Agassi someone so I'll go 3017. Were both an agreement that allows a what do you think I got the north of Honolulu among the judge did it because we expect a guy that the government to deal with the big ribbon it. Bakalar on the wall for you have to make. Incredible pro to give American member of the bill bill bill report by fielding error when O'Neal legal limbo but it does brokered and houses I just think a distinct. Jacksonville's offense is very predictable to go there and Belichick knows that and they're gonna load up everything on four net. And they're going to make Blake portals beat them on the outside an album to beat them enough also Brady's banged up or not. That off it's just too good. Even on a bad day going into the sport 44 points 45 points adds that's. Beat being to me opening the morals and company can keep up on with this as we're winning by point oh yeah and and I have a lot of respect of that Jacksonville defense. But and especially their ability to put pressure on the Brady with a four man rush and drops eleven. Newman was just to be. Part of each and every game allows in Minnesota is three point favorites on the road in Philadelphia. I look at it. Public Eagles. You got the Eagles you got the Eagles were gonna win our home covering. Over enters off thirty and a half by the way so the kind of evicting a little swinging for one at twenty perk we got. Man I am riding tasting them on a go on with Minnesota zoo to cover in two win. They will play a home Super Bowl for the first time in the Super Bowl era. I'm taken the vikings win close games but I'm taken the vikings. I think no I think Minnesota. They have the championship it's a celebration hangover from last week neighbor and celebrate all week long of that amazing victory. They come up short. Philadelphia home dog I'm taking them they win it outright 23 you know fourteen a it's going to be a rematch of what in Jacksonville action is Amir rematch that's a role. We had the Eagles and the patriots. Back in what was at 2008 is seven. Yeah I don't know announced that when TO started Griffin Dominique has if you can only tell you otherwise so so you're you're predicting. We got to get to the 6 o'clock hour press play on that hey we got to and I civil tree here was we is ready for basketball. Tim Capstraw he's a Brooklyn it's radio analyst usually stop by here in the 6 o'clock hour remember we're only going to 630 tonight because. We got heat basketball right here on 790 the ticket. 79 season tickets courtesy and burn. Muslim ball today basketball. Friday. To be kiss country. Chili cook off Friday actually it's tomorrow and Saturday. It's finally here and it's going to be a great day the weather is supposed to be absolutely spectacular sister station has done in point nine. It's the third third annual chili cook off powered by Ford food drinks. Check out this lineup. Darius Rucker Old Dominion big and rich more and mores Midland and rain delay I still 101000 tickets for tomorrow's concert in the men's. Go to the ticket Miami that comets that ticket Miami a dot com check it out. If you were maybe. Trying to figure out your way to do plan and you know what was going policy of certain things you like oh why guys are part of the day off I got to we gets people in town. Go to the chili cook off. I know people on that for many many years I've been doing it but it's it's a degree of every time so. Have been futile it you're at that chili cook off and you're not heaven beer with your chili. What are you drinking with an eight to me it's it's it's a no brainer after beer it's gonna be ice tea. Ice and probably sweet tea of them from the south I'll get out of pocket does I mean water is the water is always acceptable unless there is highly rated as listeners there's some other stuff and all their verdict yet. Sweet Tia over lemonade out they are almost sold out noncarbonated. The only thing I drink carbonated his beer I think it is good lives with spicy Percy got to have like a nice hold coal nuclear kofia. Or Pepsi yeah whatever whatever whatever growing not nearly amassed brighter got a good luck you're cola authorized by its. Spread out over the counter better Obama right where it is that both graduates right there you know yelling at you you're Psycho and you are corporate site. I'll be like to me like I don't like when they just like when you go to the would you go to the restaurant to the site to go do you have sob acog Coke grow Coke as there always are Pepsi product who wrote a day or whatever number you are doing fine argue a person of when I was growing up. Insects is they would one thing that everybody would say was get me a co. And then saw you know I'm I'm going to the soda machine and somebody says get me a Coke. And sodium my next question today Jim has to be will what do you want. And inevitably they'll say like a doctor pepper. Or that. Coke was just a generic right on the course so and right now I yes. So did you say that or do you say specific yet me a doctor pepper get no I was I get specific areas of Texas repair which finally you're pretty you're was Lewis in the as an injury caused the military is all originals all its long pop that's when you're. As. Are my relatives or Chicago I don't know how troubling news cop yeah. Well he's I've ever gotten it done and I lived in Chicago and it was pop you know moved down to Texas and it was sold water. It was like hello soul water and pop idol you talk about sold one delete pop idol is on the sidelines for the spurs that John. I'm confident it sounds as though no matter how many of elite three dollars today and no anonymous brought soda pop. And those like now it's it's soda man it is Minnesota we got Tim Capstraw he's gonna come up here in about about twelve minutes or so. He's a Brooklyn nets radio analyst so we're gonna steal him away from the sidelines they're we're gonna head up to Brooklyn there at the park reset or get ready. As heat and nets it's a 730. Tip off so our coverage Jimmie and at 630. So while we're gonna grab him before rob before I turned over to Jonathan is as low end Tommy hide. And then and then our weekend will begin its gonna be a fun weekend and so on. Gillick for the football games perk I mean it's great when it's rubles on the line we'll have that matchup we we convene on Monday but hand. He tonight like I tell weight to race out here listen to the coverage get home watching game we got. Two games in 24 hours loom and then Houston on Monday night. This the like and it's three games imported. Like this is getting real here like this is like I mean. It is just fun ways he was flying ant I don't know where the expectations are and out or the ceiling is. This team just keep grinding away and winning games and finding ways to win especially late in games. Where it's five minutes ago. They have the career four point game like I'm like. Yeah I'm good like they're they're gonna find a way to win this game. And at bay they have done a great job in late game situations cap and one of the things that's amazing about that is great and always had two of the guys who I thought would be just. Rubber stamps were being on the floor late in games. That leads us right in the years of playing. Amazing how the Miami Heat has performed this season especially deep defensively. Will work without a son Whiteside and just as Winslow. Now just as Winslow before the season I thought he was gonna be your best perimeter to hinder. SR and white side clearly was and is. Your your best low post the vendor. These guys have been in and out of the lineup mostly for health reasons at different times this season but he has seen to continually. Do a good job. And I can't figure out. What is their exact value to this team. Because you would think that it justice Winslow and a son Whiteside or not out there late in games playing defense the defense of performance would slip. Because those are two of your better to lenders. But that has not been the case and so I'm I'm not in any way advocating low packets assigned in Winslow and trade I'm off I'm not saying that. I'm just amazed at. Why the DN's does not take a noticeable step down when those two are not on the floor especially late game situations. It's a tribute to as low it's a tribute to the heat team DN's concept and all of the pieces that go into this James Johnson Tyler Johnson. Wayne Ellington and unique you know the names gore on drive every guy that has contributed by. This has really been puzzling so tonight I am going to be watching her son and just this very closely as I do every night. And I will be rooting for them because I think that they are two of the better players deep sensibly on this team. And two of the essential players. The prince of Lee on this team and I wanna see dim star may in late game deep defensive game winning difference making plays. I want to see these two guys be what they potentially could be which is Dane changing the lenders. So far I have not seen that consistently but we will keep watching them. And I won't keep wondering why the head that he does not take a discernible did indeed parents when those two are not on the more. Here's the biggest. Most of my drove there is an Evan Shura and narrow in pine crest. Drone nurses are authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone these covered whether restrain new purchases repairs customizations. When everything is they will get to squared away visit them today. Drove nerves that come South Florida's high in the sky. We're got a lot of text here over the last couple hours about the gore and project and all about his is he had his chances of being an also thou be announced Tuesday we'll talk more about them Monday and Tuesday. But I think he's got a great chance I really do I would I would vote for him. And I don't think if you leave somebody off the team does that you look at it Goran. In his career and did the you wanna vote somebody in fur the heat having success will be our top three or 4 seed in the Eastern Conference that to mean a cold here's a look at that yeah and I mean in an uneven numbers. I don't know we're okay B right right that's right in all star like I would take right over Josh Richards and then Assad already but yet he's got a big one cars as you go go to war. Goran is is is certainly deserving more than deserving so he's got a good chance could he when he could make it. Not meant what he might might not make it might not make you once but it means he's worthy so we like I would say 5050 shot of getting it. Yet to me had it all depends if they see is. Five or six in the east I'd say they'd boron is probably about. When he percent chance of BC just three of four I'd say he's bright he's suddenly. I've pursuant to these games have an excellent night in your gonna be right there in the third spot so pushing Cleveland whether they'll that won the game less like Orlando's unbelievable. Before we continue let's get to 6 o'clock headlock. He speaks WE XY KM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. Money because of Brooklyn at 730 tonight in the third game of their five game road trip. He remains in fourth place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture one game behind Cleveland for the number three spot. Evelyn Tommy di did you go with the pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 F bill moral worth three HD two. The ticket. Talking NHL very briefly here Florida Panthers host the baby is golden knights tonight at 730 our sister station has all VD sales in the play by play by sixty WQ a M. But to the NFL here the Miami Dolphins who have introduced a new offensive coordinator doll log ins today. Log ins comes to the dolphins from Chicago where he served as offensive coordinator the last two seasons. The dolphins also announced wide receivers coach or X wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson has been promoted to assistant head coach in charge of offense. And X opens of coordinator Clyde Christensen will serve as director of football in player development. Finally as you know in a bill championship games are Sunday in the AFC. Jacksonville at New England at three NFC Minnesota at Billy at 640 those are your headlines. 67974. Let's say reach us on the course result Mohammed Tex signed into Ottawa Texas show there and visit the Brady thing and people I mean it's gonna be it's always gonna here for the next the next 48 hours. Yeah is Tom Brady's hand Tom Brady's hand Tom Brady's hand. And okay. Is it. Is it a legitimate excuse for the patriots if they lose. Tom Brady saying you're the mighty patriots here at home no Jacksonville has this great defense by. Well it's under the age or not it's not a legitimate excuse now you don't see it because he's going to play and nearly patriots in your at home there are he had no there really are no. Rite Aid he's playing you know if he doesn't played in okay that's that's different but he's out there playing and he can grip the ball reasonably well correct because let's face it everybody is injured everybody's dealing with the injury so there is always different. Let me ask you this question we got to get to Tim Capstraw here in just a moment talks in Brooklyn nets with him. And he tonight if Brian Hoyer was starting and what do you think the line would be and who would you take. Moved boy a I would. I think. You it's that'd probably be patriots just being at home right to two points may be two and a half would be crazy the page if I get to the page is still win that game. I admit the truth to it it's true it's all right would you say it's got a hall yeah they're gonna aside enough for us that's that's our viewers a role in doing so knowing that Brady is at 70% I'd still think. They should be able to oh win that game let's get to by the heat Glover on the win this game tonight into Brooklyn nets Tim Capstraw Brooklyn to radio and Willis will allow will grab him courtside coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. Back here only 790 the ticket the row continues. We're talked some. Brooklyn nets basketball Tim Capstraw of them that's radio analyst and just a moment but first we sure Sunday afternoon only told. The torch on the times. As the rivalry continues to over the Jacksonville team face off against these team in new England and hang out with the guys from the minute they show and enjoyed bears special and the amazing boneless wings championship Sunday watch party it is this Sunday would recent over the sport grow on the -- at 220 northwest 180 avenue Curtis avert equity here on nearly got a basketball game are coming up here in just a few minutes but still look at tonight's opponent as Tim Capstraw joins us early around fuels announcers amused or just like they are truly stepped beyond convenient Tim greetings from a the war in Miami I can say how's Brooklyn doing this evening. I know not quite as good not quite as good temperaturewise that your sure. Well other heats have been hot. Cotts as a as of late at what have you noticed in year out in your scouting of tonight's opponent. Well what I noticed is helpful angry after they got embarrassed by the Berkeley netstat morning happened there was that's that would see. That was the boost they needed. And then contracted to get themselves going and can't daughter Beatrice thing tonight because you know they're gonna be fired up. There's Brooklyn rarely played incredibly well and loss. You know I can't think over the years except what he warned that major rebuilding mode for about a year and a half that didn't take long. They they never got blown out and the Brooklyn nets. I guess we could save bloom out and there was December 27. And ever since then the Miami Heat have been rated but every one I think or something like debt cents a. I don't you tell us about the that they did match up against the heat big men we we know Tyler Zeller and DiLeo local foreign Jared Allen and we've seen this match up before. What do you think of their chances of neutralizing to seat front court tonight. Well I think they're too they're gonna try to do is just trying to neutralize it Whiteside is a different player right now he's back he's back played incredibly eye level. Serbia can seem to see if. It's dead and the amount of greed are different bodies at the nets could throw Adam Leonard of Starwood seller but Jerry all of place dumped. And then what did that have to do change sometimes typically very small levee that border where include CAC here. Anyway he might spend some time out of Whiteside. If you start getting torched by amber heard it's because what happened then is when you play against the heat. Or when the nets want to play their style ops and it's what he got to Florida slide deck can shoot the ball. Dare for can't quite sad one of the elite shot blockers in the MBA. Probably have to go out and are similar bet yes are Gartman not. So I think enrolled sock came out. Elaine May be opened some up some opportunities. Offered and that's when they drive the Boller driving ticket all that's felt even those big men who are always being big men and white checked it and I have thrown an expert agency on them. And that's mostly to say okay we've got to get some offense go on because he's caught in the lane too much. Zahn coming off one of his best games of the season that some of the watches our coverage begins here in just a few minutes at 630 our guess is Tim Capstraw. Brooklyn nets radio analyst. Up is that other that's what a play I'm John I go back a memory break they played down in Mexico City. Where or that he won out and in the blowout game the nets just I mean what that was your right I mean that was. Just a completely got it you know what you're watching from a from a speed standpoint but from a Brooklyn side of things they wanna get the ball up and generally space shot shoot it correct. Yeah he had a short space you out there to get up and down a pre order it seemed it. Courts only accept a lot out regardless five guys outside the three point line and it wanna beat you opted curable and actually help the ticket to the next guy each other more people 800 shots. And get some things go but they spread you out and that's earlier goal in in oh issue. Play a little slight edge to the lot of threes. I have separation in and done. Just right now it could be a market they get. If they get beat off the journal buyer guide it's a problem. And again that's an artery delights in wanna have guy to wage and baskets. And you why you want to spread before him and shooting on the floor the next Arnett and I'm sure so. Then and then offensively worked particularly well that's why she plays quite a bit. Still wanna go to outsider's point of view on gore on drug agent his all star reserve chances. Led we we've we suspected that she is standing in fourth place definitely in third place or on drug which has a great chance of being an all star reserve. It does he drops below of fourth and there and be a third or six. It becomes a little more if he what do you think about how he gets on and whether he deserves to be on the all star reserve. I think you nailed it right there because I think there's any silly I would colliding coaches make you know a lot of these selections are made an inner involved in a million are in a merger situations. Coach hope for a lot. And credibility are and where you're you are in the standings in all this out guys livelihoods are all about winning and losing skillful player didn't. One of the most important players. He said Alicia Keys at point guard Mateen exports its third in the NL in that conference that has got to bear suit themselves this year compared to Western Conference it's not that different. And it certainly on the topside. You know he'd be more impressed with the west but we target fortified sex is pretty much the same. And I think that's that that I think that's what old gave him over the top I think the winning record. I think it's less through it again but credit to Brooklyn nets again for pompano. Paparazzi. There record aluminum finish and lead to addiction might embedded outfitted Borger our did you knew he also again I think he's I think he's very very deserving that they are terrific. Player and I also have seen over the years. Their coach spoke give him a lot more. Freedom and to make it known call to when he got on the floor now least from the side IE eight provides great great leadership for their group. Well you mentioned spoke what what do you think of coach Mo were aware of C lineup peer as far as. The the best coach in the MBA believe it or not your downed down here Tim there's there's a need fans who thinks that he is his average at best as a head coach. That's our believable now think yep that's unbelievable. That's the most amazing thing ever to eat. Part of Walter Boomer come on talk and you went Q championship I can't do it might be like. Populate some day greatly DeVon the most victories. Cap and trade organization at all those kind of thanks to people should be very careful he's gonna act trying to extract because you knowledge freeagent lined up in Miami again. Some of the best and I guess thought that would eat. He's done it both ways. He's had a baby get the best players are the most pressure and get yelled coach who won a championship. He can't underrated talent he ended up never aggregate count right now than it did last year certainly the second half a year Eddie. What is 31 and ten or whatever it and now we could record your diet and I get whatever infirmity but he got a roll again. I don't get into the top five rank in the top five mini MBA. And the way he carried himself any ET control what's the atmosphere and it's it's a classy guy all around. They had done don't YouTube all of them. Yeah well. It's like every where around here. I don't want I want immediately every night firearm and a pilot. Jeremy Koch. Usually keep using lead out. There's nobody from superstar carburetor property cherish most are the superstar players but there are many coaches let me tell you he didn't eat Gerut. You're great great jab at mashed up illegally and then hit it should be prouder way he'd. And a room and of themselves that it may think by the way you know. They're not to call up the you know it's going. Out and got me fired up this and I don't even I can't account like I don't back. Aqua and you know like I'll see him and always believe well no I am what I mean I'm Estonia. Catch her respects can fly point from everybody. I reverted to watch this league that note here's league. He is any new leads in right now we're gonna start around so much any who coached in the MBA. Aren't you you should be a major. Six they Tim let me let me ask you some cells from an outsiders point of view there's a lot of carping about Cleveland and is this the downfall and and is this it more LeBron and blah blah blah Dee do you still see them as the favorite succumb out of the east do you think that Boston. Is the best team in a best of seven but what do you look at these right now. Now I'm poor I'm not a but I'm so ashamed at what insurer last year reader and embarrass me right do your crew biggest your rights are being so I turned out last year so are going to be a little cautious. Which no government troops on its Toronto nobody talks about Toronto enough. And they they are better pair purchased and I only good they're hurt they're better than they've been so I would be careful. Of them actually it's going to be an unless terrific. Church or you know and playoffs. I can't say I actually in Cleveland still the favorite. But not a strong spirit and they were last year and I don't think you can continue. You know I yeah I get so actually courts the trade enlarge your happen the next few weeks there could be some trade that early get everything going there. I think basketball that gaming habits. And I think you got a heavier habits in place. Enough speculation Haitian mission statement last year when eight and then a truce but I had to start a sealant. A Toronto our Boston. Could could do some damage could could possibly meet you Mary variance change when India really good to be very close here it is here. Yeah it's not necessarily he's an indictment likely knows just who do you believe in your second win in Toronto or Baltimore on those teams. That connect and they can actually win at Bradley Cleveland losing it timid for Greg talked about hoops with yet and of Erick needs any representation in the future we'll pass along our number that it. Tonight. Current. Chair I got it in Tim Capstraw the Brooklyn nets radio analyst still be on the call here opposite argon Mike ingress. Who's coming up here after Jonathan is as low end Tommy tie with our pregame coverage. Just after this break here on the bottom of the hour we got. Nets. Anything. This road trip could continue to get back to back in Charlotte tomorrow I'm Camille Little tough so be nice to get this one here yeah and Tim and Tim is right. But that game a Brooklyn just that was yeah on mentally wells over the holidays are coming out loss in their perk up. They Wear no football time and write all of god you were often we might have been off the day after that it is kind of got lost that game I brought a agave one read was about as bad as I've ever seen you play as nausea home field solos it was pretty wild but so we got to go we have bats welcome whoever great weekend. And exit we got our predictions and are ready for the football games and we're gonna go to be a lot of fun will be here Monday. Afternoon talking all about it do you have a game against Houston that night so a lot to look forward to or enjoy the games have a great great week allows that you. For per common courtesy he basketball's coming your way next right here on 790 the ticket.