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Curtis Stevenson
Wednesday, January 31st

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Wednesday afternoon Curtis in part we're confident here. We got a big show lined up for it we're not gonna waste any time. Had a visa's gonna join us here in twenty minutes get a big NFL trade that went down yesterday and we got a quarterback that's going to be. The outright free agent in Kirk cousins we'll get into law. All that we got a huge basketball game tonight. We got some trade rumors out there as well virtually a lot of stuff to get to we can always sex show at 67974. On the Coral Springs auto Mohammed Tex I want those rumors involves. The Miami Heat and we'll talk to the man who I had the story Steve Tyler from basketball insiders dot com he's gonna join us in this hour as well we got a huge basketball game tonight. The Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers and if the heat win tonight per they'll have sole possession of third place in the Eastern Conference. How about that as we turn the calendar from January to February. Incredible isn't it it is absolutely incredibly here's what he sent met eight games over 500 on January 31. And that's a big night can look at being a regular season game what 51 right is being sworn in on into Milan this game 51 in the big game I mean. I. Tuned into that game last night against the Detroit Pistons. And I could not help low laugh yeah about the love injury right which is a big loss for them that is and we're gonna we're gonna get all that what that means only tonight down the road. I've said this for awhile perk and you've defended on. There's something. Wrong with that team are they talented enough to get it together and win the Eastern Conference yes. But varies whether it in there is something. That is fundamentally wrong it just goes beyond x.s and o.s with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well cap. I would still disagree with today. But I think the cavs are in big trouble right now that leads us into here's hoping. Kevin Love injury is bad bad bad for Cleveland. I didn't think that. They were going to have Barry much problem getting out of the east. Before this injury because they did have Kevin Love and they did have some other guys. It helped him score and kind of shoot their way out of the deep into problems. They. And play some timely deepens as opposed to good. Now that that's that's with the is Kevin Love injury Mendez that whole that whole kind of second way of winning kind of back your way into the victories. I think that's out the door and I think this team is now highly vulnerable to Boston into Toronto. Miami I'm not sure they're vulnerable to Miami in a best of seven by. The UEI it's and it's definitely not a sure being Cleveland. You do have LeBron James but you also do have a lot of problems. And in in the last from what eight months or whatever would be you've lost kite re Irving and now you will loss Kevin Love. I'm not so sure that a collection of Dwyane Wade and JR Smith. And Derrick Rose and Jeff Green and and Kyle Korver and Channing Frye Tristan Thompson I'm not sure they didn't do it. It's uprising at Thomas the stand up and become a huge scorer on this team but without Kevin Love. I'm not sure that that's going to be good enough you need three of those guys used to have LeBron Qaeda Rian Kevin Love. Now you had LeBron Isaiah and Kevin Love now you've got LeBron and Isaiah. I don't think that it's gonna be good enough the way this team is right now. We'll see what happens before the trade deadline we'll see what happens win and if Kevin Love return seized projected to be out for six to eight weeks. But I'm finally ready to admit it scale steam is in trouble. Here's the thing is buzzer by drone nerds and amateur and now in pine crest drone nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone these cowards weather's training new purchase of repairs customizations. Whatever it is they will get to hook up visible today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's high in this. So you are really either you're admitting that they could not in fact. Wind Easter comes they could lose in Indy in the conference finals or before yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah I would I would have win this love injury yeah I didn't believe that report that because I've figured you know they'll be good enough they. You know they have Isiah you wait for him around in the say you do have some what of aid. A base supporting cast you know it's mismatched who's got a lot of polls. But yet there's this Kevin Lowe you've you've lost tiger re in Kevin Love and you've replaced them basically with Isaiah. I don't think that's good enough debt. Well I mean if Kevin welcome back to the playoffs to me and that's a long way from now on right I mean. My biggest issue is it's a we'll find out a little bit tonight about this team followed the more about this heat team in my biggest thing is not necessarily that you have as. Would lose it is who's going to limit his Toronto going to take that next step for the most part they've been soft and in the post season in big spot. It does Boston have enough here in the post season. Is Miami and Miami win a seven game series against the cavaliers that's one of those things not necessarily. About because labels are on a different level yet and it earned that because that go on the finals last three and they have LeBron so there appear right so who is going to join them up there. He and rival ma'am that's the big that's the biggest question in the eastern conference for me but certainly other Kevin Love injury is returning part I'll say this. They are one of the worst teams in transition defense and I've ever seen in the history of the league and that's out that's not hyperbole that is I'll stand by that statement they are one of the worst teams in transition. Who's on who you know a lot of outages ever. And a lot of that is it is just you know recognition. And it looks at time that they have no interest in pain in doing anything that requires any sort of extra effort out there for the caps. Yeah I would agree what's the percent of their Detroit game last night and Tom. Yeah that that that was apparent to me. In the second half they got taken to the woodshed by Anthony Tolliver. Ish Smith. And that was got there are guys that would you be in playoff rotations. Well starters that took it to a thousand depleted team because of the the Blake Griffin trade. That that Detroit throughout their are we got a lot to get to but I think cavs and I were to go to 630 and that's what our coverage will begin we got those having him he'd. We got some some said. News on the on the heat front solo let's get to headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Sixty. Drafty Rasual Butler and his wife died in an automobile accident Wednesday morning near Los Angeles. Butler was 38 Butler was a 2000 ensues second round pick by the heat that'll LaSalle we played three seasons for the heat. Thirteen seasons for eight teens overall in the NBA you last played for the spurs. In 20152016. Sand on the seat they visit Cleveland 730 tonight heat in fourth place them in the east a half game behind the cavs. Beings not looking good for details nowadays as we just say they'll be without all star who were Kevin Love for an extended period perhaps six to eight weeks. New to a fractured left hand. As well and probably tied to two start with a pregame show tonight at 630 right here on AM 790 FP 010438. Seat to the ticket. I remember just Jerusalem from what he was drafted. And yet the Butler. AM you just pull back in the archives a little bit just you know interviewing him always a nice guys seem like your great teammates. And 38 years old man just yes young. Don't mean young I. As the rest ruling Ron's first year was my first year on the beat and always remember recent ruled just this. This Denny did big smile on his face always a joy to be around some but his his nickname. And you know one of the things that I remember about Bruce Sewell as we were in. We were in some cold weather city Milwaukee or Chicago or whatever. And this when Shaq was on the team. And set yet this big pool links leather coat that he wore in the wintertime. And so well after a game one night. Rasual puts this cold on any walking around the locker room. And it looks like. A five year old awareness bothers stuff and everybody I have annuities lab companies to spend and there was arms out and everybody's just cracked enough ma'am he was just a very upbeat guy a guy who. Always had a smile on his face developed into a really nice shooter. Through through working on his game man's soul. Remember you back to deal legally two or three years ago to try to go toe link acknowledges a game yeah play a hard worker but yes you hear that story I heard a sideline and around San Antonio blew a clippers from hazing we've ever tempting New Orleans was a New Orleans yeah wisest but you heard that there I mean just in the cart annals of that was just somber men just yeah just dirt sand is very sad a big. Big social media. So. Out outpouring on the other NBA players on arsenal Butler. In the in the NFL Kansas City has agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith who Washington. Smith agreed to a four year extension with 71 million dollars guaranteed. We'll talk to out of Beasley coming up here about ten minutes about this or that means to the golf look into the is the Kirk cousins market what does that market gonna look like gods is about Smith to us on extension that do meant a lot of money you'll you'll Bakalar for him no. He has made he had the approaching 200 million dollars on yeah nominees got someone guaranteed in this deal it and this is his second. This you go. This is third pillar to give zinni's item to a big daddy deal right and then he was in the old system when he was and what all this crap that's right right here on out that's right you're right yeah yeah he did have a implosion right quarter of a billion dollar million I might write to us right he came out here they would easily into resale ram it's almost quarterback a yes. College basketball you William holes hit 7 o'clock tonight at the Watsco senator. UN of course is going to be would dealt sophomore guard Bruce brown as he was he is scheduled to have vote puts surgery tomorrow. You William fifteen a Bible overall we weren't born ACC hit eight and fourteen overall. Oh and nine in the ACC. Be and finally. The Miami Marlins have a new play by play ETV announcers years Paul Severino that was announced by fox sports Florida today. Severino is 34 years old he had been working for MLB network and NHL network he replaces rich walls. Those are your headlines. Exhibit I have been for that say we just because brings home on a text line. Welcome to town Paul and I'm sure while Paul on the on the show at some point here via spring training and now lock on the touting him the big how to do. I can't say that I know a lot about his work. I don't know anything about it we're wanna might have seen him on in middle and correct and I'm sure I've seen him but I can't say oh I thought I'd write him do a bunch of stuff on board only use that dominance as a young you know younger better in those you know good for good for him. And I'm you know an all out these opportunities all the people they'll be able to ritual that we know that I Aldrich and he's a column where that we backer about. Led you know that's at least they got that settled now on the field mental toll of a different story. For the for the Miami outlined on on the field they have made nice that you. And I stadium you know the nicely ha ha ha now I don't we go on a lot of subs did soup. We got this this heat trade rumor out there with a satellite site in the Milwaukee Bucks you know we're gonna while we're gonna talk to Steve Tyler from basketball insiders dot com he was when that's a kind of broke this story he's gonna join us here in around. About a half hour around 440 also have to Cleveland we'll talk to the play by play man for the out for the cavaliers in the 5 o'clock hour Jim McCloud problem we come back Adam Beazer gets involved some to get to a we conversation with our. Dolphins and NFL insider that is next here on 79 minutes ago. Back here on the ticket Curtis expert hey what do we had a basketball game. Tonight he can cavs of course you're here right here on its again after every game. Right here to into the Lexus into reformer finds post game shows as a complete wrap over the game flexes and to recover finds always an amazing deal. Want to buy champion four by four South Florida's the one Jeep truck an issue because a decision shop. But a champion four by four. Dot com and big basketball game tonight we had a big. NFL trade that'll get completely once the new league year starts Alex Smith headed to Washington looks like Kirk cousins days. Under senator in DC are over. Our NFL in Miami Dolphins insider from the Miami Herald out of BZ join us right now they run fueled announcers dubious source guess I'm the are truly stepped beyond giving it we have all that going on Israel football game that'll wrap on the season on Sunday in Minneapolis being the item a man. Great deal better with Cadillac tunnels on the air you were under the weather. Man I was touching go for awhile there but I ma ma find their burqa arguments on all the down and I know you feel and b.'s go. Who is this. Terrible cold I'm not on the mend yesterday I would not could radio guest. Had you not as millions of this stuff is gone around adding that the the that the cold and flu symptoms I'll just I'll just does the voice is going and that's. Miami that we are now. That's movement brought on by knights and so the South Beach yes this that's also going around as we go around for me were about fifteen years but nevertheless it is. Now and he's not be easy did not infect. You know it's funny idea my in my part of all day yet positions silly problems medical masks sort of like the electorate didn't. There you go belly up let's agree that indeed the young and healthy manner that aren't and that's. You know you'll get used to it albums they'll get over billions and once again that never opposition in the family you know discover. I need to reserve a religious ideals on that he would do that their resumes this thing doesn't happen that we try to act. Justin just in general here our right to the Miami Dolphins should you be interest in the possibility of Kirk cousins being an outright free agents. And now. Now now no doubt I hope. Either tonight you know. No no no no no no yeah and it works so I guess I sat. Boca. Yeah no I I I agree he's he's way more expensive it's it's it's a moderate upgrade. Right on the field Torre says Zachary off cost upgrade all the fields so. I I would I would stay away. And then let me ask both you guys this question because of the dolphins are on a daily is that why did every time there's a quarterback Doug. Becomes available it doesn't happen off the bull when he does. They're leaders they're linked to the Miami Dolphins had a golf should be interest in old people around the league know that their record trying to any Ol or or or are they not. Well. Because Bryant held up late playoff game he's going to be thirty a few months and this year's seven and we still don't know what it is. But we do you know he's good enough. I guess starter in the NFL. And I don't know how much better than that proposes a appeared more at one point LP the parent. Then ten years ago via the playoff. Yeah. And he's he's gotten decent stats but his knowledge is he's a world beaters so. Look at why the quarterback. That the roster there it is considered the draft erratic guy. Early in the draft agencies developmental guy did it take over nineteen or twenty. They're not gonna spend big money at a position where. I think what we can do that it was gratified trade order for a ride which could prove difficult considering he's come up too eager. Or cut power right at cut debt money applications so. Yeah. Yes there are a lot of people who always a little. Look for somebody better than I can help in the NFL you probably could do that you if you rubble temperature level quarterback always look for one that will be. Like it's got it right it can't just say every time somebody comes available yet opened it yet and could sit there. These and it is kind of a quiet Super Bowl week has little Maine and Enron problem has been sidelined Tom Brady has there's not been you know are you get over the hurtful words out his daughter. I was yeah. That was very crazy. And and Brady did come back and say he'd Eagles who died of the loses jobs. But but this kind of a low key come Super Bowl week has. The issue that radio road. Away yet you're you're used to Rio is head of global if you get that spilled over nearly fisticuffs. They are true rival stations. Who one was kind of trolls and the other. And there's a screaming match on radio row. Don Maclean was caught in the crossfire actually. Kept it there there are trying to do an interview Whitney Houston Chronicle long time legendary writer. And you have to find that you look at disbelief on his face was incredible well. I grow up but if that meant to visit biggest excitement. Minneapolis that that to our radio gotten almost came to blows radio row. I and it's a story that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen at a low level wasn't looming in John low periods. That was not it until you didn't want to look at if you ever got to read it. Debate with another radio today on and on a remote. Now to listen media and the media fights are like the stupidest most boring me and I decry our life is so ridiculous and but it's so rare it's like that you have to rubber neck a little bit right. Yes outfit in the flames on the you mean c'mon guys you already told us that set I don't know of soon to local heat writers and names will stay out don't like another. 11 allegedly tried to get the other room with a car years ago. Yeah yeah you can't win that yeah they're they're kept secret that there. It wasn't like a high speed. Anyway I think enough I was that a parking lot so there could yet there and. And ultimately entertainers. It's good Sports Radio host and sports media in general has people with you know. State cup guys yes and tiny tiny self esteem like you could. Elliott media and we went to somebody makers had opposition that people recover coaches and the second that we get some criticism back we go to little. I'll ever make its defense yet you scanned a thin skinned group I would say things and yeah loves free throw that that. And presumably this land story Greg there is an. So we've got on Sunday. And you might yet money down the. You just single laws is new England's track record in the super ball it's always been a close game winner lose. So I mean you're giving me close to the touchdown and six points I'd be hard pressed that I'd I'd hate that but I think the wind is gonna win again the me. Game of the jugular in the bowl bid up I think ultimately. Brady's coming at a place in the second half against that secondary. And they're gonna wind you know winning games on the Mike. But open defense expert good. That Jackson though that's pretty good and it wasn't hurt kind of get awards going to Michelle on the fourth quarter Jacksonville municipal. So without the patriots are unbeatable. I just I'm not a believer in the polls. I think it is believed that the charade will come to an end this weekend I think ever host in a fraudulent. How charade and fraudulent. Kansas front of Venus and maybe he's. Out. The points out of experts on the how UC Philadelphia really want you winning this game right yeah. Yeah. Sort of running the ball well you know what I was gonna ask you guys what what do you think I don't know if there's a prop bet on this what do you think the chances look good drive and everything having more than a hundred yards from scrimmage didn't have like 98 and championship. The preakness champ didn't know about a great defense team now they've been cut that was spoken there's a little bit so. The team's physical patriots they got run down their throats. A big Johnny will will have a decent day you know whether that leads to a victory or whether he gets into the end zone I don't know but I. I wouldn't I feel I would feel fairly confident saying he'd have a hundred scrimmage jars were rushing and receiving. Did you did you see him kind of swallow word class has talked about is set. Today. No nudity. Oh yeah I just solve. It on and on Twitter but it was just like so enigmatic gaze on the not a dominant. Well I guess that's good but he didn't they get cheap shot right. Well we know you really feel. Yet we do right but do you think you need to I guess he say legacies say what's on your mind. The question golf fans who referred to a guy ordered it to say that we can't. We can't have dropped from the patriots we would boycott the Tripoli that group readers as both sides pretty disgusting. I think you you watch without emotion right I know some some dolphins players dot com. Got to pounded on social media for graduating a jive for making it to the super. Bowl oh yeah. And I don't you ressam well for your friend but. I you know but who knows what segment of dolphins fans you know that rep presents that I'd I'd I'd I would think that most dolphins fans are either. In different. From that standpoint from the judge is there employee. Or you want him to do well I don't think that there's many who were going odds are eighty he forced a traitor he whistles sub DD David had to get rid of them and I hope he does bad. I don't think third periods they need to as like that all the way the rest of the patriots that's good for him. Templates in Sunday night immediately cut in Minneapolis. On the stage. This ticket John bowl MVP you bring that trophy patenting that he receive. I wouldn't care but Adam gays were probably here now he probably disagree I noticed plus 1100. For the drop on that one and oh yeah. Now that's. It's a big deal yet no problems that you look did. Let's look you know the way you would say that these titles are denied a probably the but it depends who it was that. I would I was soured perhaps this is gonna chip and perhaps answer. Hear anything on Jarvis and raids on the homes and I have another seat as a Tuesday Jai has. Did you see something perk and I didn't see it Ellis told about it that it happens some sort of that and march 9 in South Florida. Yes yes that is asking right. Telling telling turn of events indeed that is stairwell where that is on the bottom in that. It's cheaper and that is scheduled at five days or it could be signing with another team. Yeah again I have to I have to double check the DP. Email but it's hideous some sort of it's ITI it seems like it might be likely cystic fibrosis or muscular dystrophy or I thought there were some. Sort of ailment linked to it as a charity event but yeah I did the timing is. It's it's interesting because I think that this is the first armies hill such an event to my memory. Peace keeping the great you know crone football dropped catch and he did all the changes value at all. Well you know let it it it didn't hurt it right. It is. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah he was he really wasn't a beast I mean he. He won. Two of the three competitions the dodge ball in the and the drove drop and eat in a second in the best hands. Good of and probably suitable and it so he'd know my knee deep ball open. And then he could have written argument preserved for game MVP do. Not that bugs me and yeah again I don't know how you gonna play out there's nothing up our last time we spoke that that exceed the anymore optimistic that he'll be back. But we can tell the right way publicly and it probably. Pretty conflicted about this but yet to come out yet. And and aside from that you you know web brief comment to Derek actually ultimately thrown under the bus. He he really hasn't. You know active team now we fast forward those you got your press conference in Cleveland then you know if you're dropped Amro on Monday that possible. But at least now he's doing all right then. Beasley take care man now we'll talk to actually thank you I admitted it. All right outside enemies they aren't FL Miami Dolphins insider joins and so weekly here on 79 minutes ago on the other side we got that would really give us a little bit yeah this is this is BOJ energizes this is the delegate. This the Osama Whiteside. Trade rumors are out there and he's he's got some information on that plus law allows Kamal righted things about the league on the cavs in trouble. Inaugural preview of tonight's game all that come up next right here on 790 the ticket. Join the ticket. Get your big game started earlier this tuber beat sat poolside party. Saturday from seven attended the Seminole hard rock hotel casino in Hollywood free entry drink specials and live band performing. Call your favorites the day holiday army and from our sister's face in the beach. Will be your host poolside every chance to win VIP access. With open bar from 7:8 PM register now and it to get Miami dot com cursed her back with you here we got a big basketball game tonight. At 630 come and appear the heat and the cavaliers. He was an opportunity to LeapFrog Cleveland into that third spot in the eastern. Conference as we get out right now to the rank fuels announcers who is George Kessler and virtually step beyond QB needs your basketball fan the celebs that you have to take out basketball insiders dot com Steve Kyle. Tyler is our guest. As we get to trade rumors out there is a deadline approaches February 8 and enjoying this right now on your own when he's 79 of the tickets did that today in a few minutes I don't. Aren't while our quicker ways they perceive it is gonna burn you'd be aghast on my show I'm on your show every Sunday. They're talking talked in dolphins though so it's it's not as avid a clip around here. Pick on me or change your parents. That are quick to call those favors that we saw this. I think there obviously that isn't exactly so easy to tell us what you know how serious is this an. You also handy. References in there that Tom Jabari Parker would have to be included in this. Trade talk between. Move Miami and Milwaukee involving the sunlight so. Well there's no secret of Milwaukee in very aggressively looking to try to extract their lack of any thing in the front court you know they've been in the key Andre Jordan rumors really since the beginning of the year they can link Q. You know Utah Derrick Favors healing start to kick around eagle aren't really willing to do with their tricky scenario. Is it Miami blinks on the luxury tax links on the fact that aren't. Whiteside has had two knee injuries and says okay it will what could come from for an. Especially when you consider Alabama by his plate four for them you know he says futurist Thomas not either go to what point you captured now the Milwaukee Bucks are open it to the trade deadline but. You guys mentioned going into this they win tonight their workplace their third place the team they really didn't have a car you know I don't want it shouldn't we hear me say that put connection yet that they're really climate or they've got a lot of really interesting things going so you weren't gonna take that Pat Riley to move off to darn you guys know as well as anybody pact now want. It's going to be GQ piece something he's gonna hold you hostage for it. And when I talk to people about it they're like you any conversation that spurts where as you know put on one side gonna have to include Jabbar Parker role or Chris Middleton. I only being moved Chris Middleton but. You to eat cake that he injured Jabari Parker's chest coming back in the yard fifteen minute or correction but you know Milwaukee has kind of the same problem bit bit. The Miami he has is they're gonna have to pay a you know there to pay Jabari a lot of money this some hundred have to do it actor choose two consecutive ACL tears in the same eat. They opened for money to a bunch of people is that the best place to put all the money or easily give up under Corey go kick their sovereignty can really peach. An elite team when you fire your head coach. And you've got ya let's go and you know lobbying firm now. You know you've got to start making these kind of bold moves if your Milwaukee are being a little risk to unravel so I can understand why Milwaukee would have eyes that way I'm not sure that the heat. Are willing to do it but you know we spits out a deadline goes you start calling are calling for offered baby gets somebody could say yes something they would have normally says no to. Yeah and as you know Steve remain the lead the heat organization nothing really leaks out of their signal is obvious that. This is they'll want nothing yes exactly unless they want it out there but the Bucs are our needs a do need Somalis a big men here let's just say that he just say OK we're good here we're gonna we're gonna roll with this team here into the post season or what's their ceiling in your mind. What are not a legitimate contender by way are they can against the Eastern Conference finals and I think that's where our act your real with yourself. Saw the LA clippers do this with Blake Griffin it is what are we really okay we're in the sport he would or trying to do organizationally. We need to pay luxury tax to beat up sports he'd been made yet ounce in the first round again think about who they could line up against. You start to talk Bert heat cash you know what it that would at this seventy really look at might get I think that's where you start to go you know. Are you win or you're out now I don't think you're gonna be buyers and that you really had beaten by all and so is what you really. And I think in the best case scenario can make it out of there or permit and a lot depends on where they got but I think the truth of it is when you start measuring up all the teams in the Eastern Conference. I don't know that Miami is support best team out there that fit best. So I think this is where the real thing is if you could end up and I. Because we board her or did walking contract anger seasonal workers they only get tomorrow should win when it really matters. You know art is he good enough to line up against teams have proven star I don't think at all. Steve I I don't know if you seen the heat when they've been up there in Orlando but do you think that we've given what you just said nah I agree would you. Do they need that one superstar. Or does it do they need that may be a superstar and a support died. To make them contenders in the east deepening. Or increasing their historically encrypting and are in Europe football guy now which. You can you NBA or control while. The conclusion could come good gathering become pretty structural. That 45 guy eat eat this don't have like the legitimate star thinking about the Detroit is stated you know on the pitch and came through. You're trying to build on these thirteen men work on them all Famer day. You know sometimes he takes you right group of five guys in if you go out. You know the local law and the KEE the super strong. You have 45 really good guys and I think when you look at. Miami's roster they are trending much more torched for five really good guys. That anybody breaking out at the triple star that he changed the game that you look at the power or five you have to have a really good wind. And I think that's the real challenge from Miami again I can't each without I don't know. They've got up and I don't know what are we wouldn't committee. The poultry you know we think about what. The Detroit Pistons didn't we'll public or to not with the people treat I don't know that Miami would ever use something like that sort of first star that they could get loose to keep in mind the story you can get in trader usually start as other teams don't. Seem caller's weather is from basketball insiders dot com we got a game tonight. He's in the cavaliers even before the of the love injuries Steve it was a mess in Cleveland. We're worried they go from here what's the level of concern out there in the land. Yet it seems not very good and I think you know the kind of people especially around there're there're now into the scheme meeting. You know this is in a group of guys who really likes playing with each other like we've seen some other teens even when it was bad and in the third period you guys probably lip service. On a daily basis something about gene you wearing LeBron James doesn't like cheese and where he had every team he's been on myriad that trauma in January and it's dinosaur skull found more urgent. That by the time we get into the second round of the playoffs are like how it is he at issue. Ultimately they flip the script but I think the one thing that's different this year any operate I don't get the country or that then interconnectivity. With each other. That they pat it will prompt out and other teams there's guys there that. Clearly you're taking care of themselves look an ounce of their future and not bought into the hole but they're being asked to play they're very real talk that replant. Trying to trade her for the Andre Jordan try to key in on Derrick Favors willing to move guys like trees in there tomorrow chump or even willing to move Isiah Thomas that hasn't worked out like they thought it would. You know there are real issues here and you know Bryant went horse that's something that we that I thought was to really comment. You're encapsulated you organizational. Critique. It takes a lot of character should be good for four six consecutive years. And not have a breakdown here and I think it's. Special was he what the warriors have done but I don't think it is cavalier team from the top all the way through the bottom. Has the fortitude to kind of push through this like maybe everybody's hoping they will do I think it's more likely baseball park come up. And and Steve grew quickly then to get out of here is the favorite in the east Tom right now on January 31 deepening. Like building is the Boston Celtics you know they're the best defense in basketball there's a theory that chancellery Dick Gordon Hayward backed if they even make this thing a little bit of the dance to turn into the conference finals NBA finals of that deal. But they picked of course all of this is trying to rappers they're incredibly good at home and they're certainly use that seeing that we're talking about the cavs don't you. Think a lot of cohesive key connectivity. All the we'd like they're nice and died so they're sort of play a lot like Beck's Phoenix Suns team went they went to the conference finals. It has can I eat becoming the Toronto Raptors they're really good. Steve thanks for taking a few minutes with us awesome stuff that we're gonna bother you here as the NBA season wears on we erosion thing. See for her in any reason that cell line called because sabres their first over all about it here and I just Dave. I see Stephen well Steve Tyler from a basketball insiders a a really cool website if you're if you're in the and basketball fan check it out man whose it's really a must go to if you're if your hopes for him right tells good stuff for this. Use these days he's been up in Orlando for years cover in the magic. As as well so he's saying he's very familiar word but with T basketball zobel logs you. Milwaukee needs a big man in need they won a big man so they're called around looking for big man he'd have a big man. And we may even just some of the names there would you entertain that lull entertain that on the other settled into headlines as well as all the the the 5 o'clock hour it's been a busy 4 o'clock hour here but also we'll continue Fred McLeod will go to Cleveland and we'll talk to the the play by play and on the TV size we get ready for tonight's game the cavs of course we're gonna take you right up until our pregame coverage. At 630 right here on 79 minutes ago. It. Yeah. Five more 579. Executive hers and her through here. We got. Jam packed 4 o'clock hour we got a busy 5 o'clock hour as well Fred McLeod the TV. Play by play man for the Cleveland Cavaliers he's gonna join us here in about 25 minutes. They hear the professor John clay this Thursday morning at eight when he on your show. Bonds dazzle Romberg and amber it's happening in the NFL professor knows much about and it John Levine accident attorneys have you been in an accident call. 80747. Free at 307473733. That is every Thursday morning and that is Tom what role was as a Romberg and Emory when he. Some sure. John glee we'll have all the insight on super bowl of 52. As we work our way towards the big game here and we're gonna heated up here a little bit tomorrow and certainly on Friday while a lot of prop bets as a laid out like that idea diet exit together yards from scrimmage yeah. Yeah I sign every check that because I had at. I think from Doris was relieved I I should look I think he had ninety with a 969973. Runs and when he. Six for someone doesn't Nigeria and Indonesia in the championship area. I just you know I don't that the spread I know that's what it's about you know and yet almost amounts to a bowl let's stop but it just like how like you just you know that I'm you're not go would've Tom Brady gets beat I will I will sleep well Sunday night. You guys away just one of those where you know you took Alabama in the chair Richard game as I guess they did beat being held it right and not enough that ball. Yeah so fast ball pitcher out through my fastball and a B so without Brady he's been very good to be embedded Betty good to me over the years to work. And I do is go and how do you how do you not do you that you're not stay with with with Tom Brady. Even if even at this advanced the beach and and add capping it. There there's one thing that really really bothers me. And we're going to hear a little bit as as these next few weeks go on and an aging players. Com start coming to bared to the end of their careers we will period Super Bowl we'll hear him NBA. Bother time is undefeated. I hate it surrendered to hear that a lot on Sunday where we're gonna hear that a lot on Sunday I think it's BS that leads us to here's a ring and but time is an under the other time has taken a lot of ills I hate that saying bothered time is under beat it. Brady will open other times but right. John Elway and other times by George Foreman won a title it forty by. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bill Snyder coaching Kansas State 78 years old Bobby Bowden coaching so he was almost eighty. And Vince Carter what Joseph Thomas up in Cleveland on the left tackle he had a streak of 101363. Consecutive smacks. Will you beat father time like somebody tell me win would mean when when do you when you not be bother time because I think these guys have all be bothered time haven't they. We're gonna see had to deal with Tom Brady but I had to me in sports there are a lot of people will be bothered time. I don't bother Todd is under beat. Vince Carter is is is doing it I mean. If you rarely wanted to stretch being maybe you can say somebody like zeit Jay Cutler did he play twelve consecutive seasons and he got out of the league but that might be a stretch but. To me. But other times it's not on to beat Tom Brady is going to be the most recent to show. But I think there's a whole. Over bothered time but whatever they are there's a lot of guys who have done it and Tom Brady will be the most recent example. We'll see that on Sunday. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura now in pine crest drone nerds your authorize DJ ideal they've got all your drone these covered with a restraining repairs customizations new purchases whatever it is they've got to cover. Look them up today drone nerds dot com South Florida's high in the sky. The latex in you can always text this invite and encourage your text messages at 67 nights and four on the old Coral Springs on Mohamed Tex lines somebody that was a recently defeated father time Roger Federer. Just win another Grand Slam down there in Australia. I get your weird where your coming from plot. That's a that's a that's just a select few perk that every. He could bottle anybody bothers time is not a defeat he remained above the heck I am right that definitely bigger and beat you right. It bothers unmistakably old cigarettes volatile may make either he's not a hundred per hundred idea I mean Brady and beating Boller time write what you would say that father time definitely hasn't pretty good winning percentage. OK I don't eat. I don't know I get I get dad a mean anything to. I mean might my short answer on that and I know there's a lot of suspicions about how guys did it get better as they get older who knew we dealt with a baseball guys and liberals that why now. How can you know this guy be better at 35 and it was at 45 now. And we found out you know these the meal would do to modern medicine that can certainly happen height. I just think. There's a lot of guys. Now that take a lot better care of themselves. Team KM play a lot further like the 35 or 34. As an NFL quarterback is still very young in the junior you're still your prime whereas. 1015 years ago you're on you're certainly on the back nine he probably on the the seventeenth or eighteenth hole. And you look at you know all the stories about Brady. You look at if you I think the real Vince Carter I'm sure it's the same thing yet people are sexson Ichiro are your blogger Mark Messier Nolan Ryan. I think you're if you're worse you got to be lucky you the on the big injury did and then if you take care of yourself I think I'll ounce I don't see why not put a lot of guys don't do that. Well here here's what I object to somebody takes him father time has his own schedule he wins in the end. Yes well as at some point he's going to tap everybody on the shoulder and say you're don't pass the grim reaper. Well the sports that's father time Elway. Finally the retired agent and OK we retired on top what I mean Elway could that was in the same player Peyton Manning they picked Manning was dawn yeah you want to. Big but maybe father time like bothered I'm caught patent. Right and Peyton Manning just glad to be a little bit ahead of father time again how the defense and he and unsuitable a year but Peyton Manning you saw the drop off pretty quick to Manning. It's. But. No way Vince Carter. Minced snow and rain late so he was forty true. Mormon wins forty by radicals is a few guys I mean it's not like soap other does not undefeated where general tax right now there's this other time always wins in the end it I'm saying public time is not. Always a win in the end. Okay and the urge that bulls right grim reaper is undefeated. Could relievers on to beat Gregory there grim reaper is under the father time in sports have bothered to understand is is is it me more guys playing further in their careers and they did you know. Point thirty years ago or is that just where in the moment. I don't know I. You know I don't know what's coming jogger I mean jeez I'm back and playing for you know in the Czech Republic team the owns he's 45 somebody just up to you know sent in a beat up Bernard Hopkins. So. Elway wrote to railed Davis to get away from upon a time yes that's who TV. The father time caught W David yesterday about his I'm caught up with TV I wanted to and did so with TD. Via via it has cents a and then there's the tech's running route will be the mall. Lives aren't as Clinton in 98 straight days while I'm in the group although we did have the Rutgers text earlier about trade rumors that they've run us through in the Trade Minister Julia yeah we don't want you know Clinton a good job good job you all right interesting Yangtze do you think. Brady's be bothered time isn't. Yeah is beating father time. Yes Brady I think is a longer bothers non food and could get him eventually had to. You say Joseph Thomas rugged let me just say that we just like what do you record the victory over Bob time owls I'll tell you right now this is my. Criteria you'd like you mentioned Vince Carter okay Vince Carter is there is a shell himself yet. Guess he used sounds and so if Vince Carter was still dunking on people at forty like he was a twenty I'll give you that so I would say. Brady is as good at forty years old as he was good as thirty years old might even be better and data beating father time. I will give you Brady but just could you play until your forty. That's not that's a beating father time that's my criteria. You call that. Com. And in some cases I mean come. Like it was not beating father time just the orcas Elway was nowhere near the same player he's a very good but he was not the near the same player the last couple years of his career. I did say Tom Brady is as good as he is right now being that he was ten years ago George Foreman does beating father time George Mormon. George Foreman argued or or bill Schneider. Or or Bobby Bowden bill Snyder's eleven Bachmann gets older is different but you know if you're on top of your game. At that age then I can say your beat father time and I'll say your being frontal Revere. Went out on top right. Yeah he went out on top yes. I would that mean if you if you if you every eight if you get out without. You get out of the game when your own terms pretty much. I record that as a victory over probably okay well that's a different conversation with the president and oh yeah eight major injuries that's bothered time runway as an basically how father time beat tonight that's a good LeMieux went out on top. And then that would you would say that I will get to outward to a lot more here we got tough Fred McLeod is a TV play by play man for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their time might be running out as as Cleveland bus in the third spot. I in the eastern commerce the winner tonight between he the cavs are there while the third spot in the Eastern Conference it's it's pretty loud person get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Little bit of sad news from the NBA world ex heat drafty Russell Butler and his wife died in an automobile accident Wednesday morning near Los Angeles. Butler was 38 Butler was a 2000 soon second round pick by the heat out of LaSalle he played three seasons for the heat. He played thirteen NBA seasons for eight scenes last playing for the San Antonio Spurs in 20152016. Big loss right. Near Tampa and and I assume when he damion I don't know I don't really what to say just you know terrible news I heard that today. And in the everyone's been in the MBA family's been sent an out there. There you know remarks and rest in peace and some of the stories you covered that that. His own the generous payment Iran's human together should do we have the elderly mother of the Butler Butler resume and I just remember you know from meal vaguely. Talking to her stool a few times interviewing him you really nice nice guy just really really cool. Had a nice little career any MBA hard worker. A member a couple of years ago he went back to the I'm in the NBA just try to keep the career going a little bit and though. Just really sad 38 years old you just. It just really kind of breeds it down and just it is reminds you like any anywhere any time. And I I don't really wanna know the details of the accident sure all that'll come out you know really too bummed out to kind of to read the whole thing at one car accident. Yeah and his wife Deb you know unfortunately perished put just some some sad. Yeah there is they get really really upbeat guy had it a great smile great personality made himself into a good shooter or worker. Salem NBA the heat visits Cleveland 730 tonight even fourth place in the east a half game behind the tabs. Means not looking the tabs. Not looking good for the tabs right now all star forward Kevin Love how for possibly six to eight weeks. Due to a fractured left hand. As far as the game tonight is as loan Tommy tie did you start with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 79 B a moral worth three HD to the ticket. NFL news Kansas City has agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith of Washington. Smith agreed to a four year extension 71 million dollars guaranteed. So as Alex Smith better than Kirk cousins I think it's about a wash. So Washington is basically doing what their. They are going with the guy that they fuel. From better about to be a did not feel good about giving Kirk cousins. And extend contract they print sized them the last two years. So for whatever reason clearly they feel better about Alex Smith I don't know that they think an Alex Smith is a better quarterback. Look for whatever reason they feel more comfortable giving Alex Smith money banker doesn't. On the other side of this is did the city feels very comfortable that my homes yesterday senator for the duke and Kansas City because look. If you're in the city Alex Smith just had a career best here right when he 26 touchdowns I that is 104.7. Passer rating. They start off by an old in what they lose five or six or Bible Slevin and and and they get into the playoffs but not really bad or softening they've seen that movie enough. On here's a here's the most fascinating thing because it never happens in the end in the NFL never happens. You never have a quarterback and you get I don't know however you want to classify Kirk cousins. Franchise running back career good quarterback thirty years old you never have a guy that becomes available to be a free agency know you never had it's it's never happens. Soul. But it's getting crazy with the money and hey he didn't read you know biggest contract ever right for Kirk cousins yet occurred early because cousins right. So all. Be prepared for that everybody because this is this is has never happened and goes back to. Which teams are desperate and there's going to be a lot of desperate teams that are gonna say Kirk cousins will play thirty million bucks just to get us in the post season to remember their ten years. Yeah yeah so I added hopefully he got to resist the temptation to go to Cleveland lose the next five years rather drug when those were the desperately as a way to a restaurant and you glacier I'm on ticket lifestyle over money. Anyway college troops you the most in at 7 o'clock tonight at the Watsco senator. You whim of course without sophomore guard Bruce brown he's scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. He's projected to be out where as long as six weeks cain's fifteen and Bible overall. Foreign war in the ACC hit eight and fourteen overall ON nine in the ACC. Last thing we have here in the headlines. Miami Marlins news Paul Severino. Is the marlins' new TV play by play announcer it was announced today Severino is 34 years old he had previously were. Or MLB network and NHL network. He replaces rich Waltz those are your head. Judging Paul's worth some some point I just can't remember call at this time to log into a Miami in will buy out of album on here as we approach baseball suit his policies is going to be very. I don't know I mean. I'm Don you show who's and I remember the hundred loss season in 98 per. I think we've been through it all down here. But I don't know what to kind of expect. This season to be and means an end generally crowds like this. I mean we kitty get any worse down here and I think it might this upcoming season. Boy that I I hope it doesn't date they've got to I'd. I think probably the best news that they've had. Since. Jeter took over was that. Baseball America say is that they are like went now to nineteen best arm system and so. I think toward the marlin and you could say all right so there are some hope so a couple of those trades yielded some opening. Outside of that I don't. I don't see much reason for people to go to games I don't see much reason not I mean yeah I hope that it you would have bigger crowd that if I mean that's that's gonna light some optimism that you viewed the IED that Tom all right as they might know what they're doing their. Still it's a long way outrun everybody has I would like them but I agree with view it might be worse and the only reason it could be better as 'cause of that right yeah I mean clearly people are just gonna go home. Because of the you know their baseball player and I think you have to have some optimism toward the Marlins I don't know I like I I just let you are just gonna go to seek Clayton Kershaw is sure yeah is easy you said the Yankees and but yet on a general Tuesday night Ali and Owens expert perk yeah REM I think it could be where lest they get some more or good news such as that it will noose that suggest the organization is is progressing. Then yeah I think you're right that it would probably be worth. Stood there and it's wise spiel that come. Christian theology was on with the Tobin they were obese were getting of that little but the he joined the amid his first interview since being traded yeah yeah two to Milwaukee and they got a heck of a back for workers in yachts I was that's one of those in his eyes show you kind of yelled his with his contract and his value around the league so we'll get that can appear in the in the back end of the 5 o'clock arbor coming up. We got get into this he in mourn to this he cavs game tonight Fred McLeod TV play by play man for the Cleveland Cavaliers we had to the land next here on 790 the ticket. Bad bad. Yeah. And fifteen minutes he discussed much by Jimmy and four by fours off Florida's number one Jeep truck and SU because of position shocker here to doubt the hottest four by four modifications in town called Jimmy and for my fourth some of these 650 to enter 446 go to Symbian four by four dot com. Also sponsored by Marino Hayek. Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys called 305800 Irma. And Russia by trinity when it comes to the entertainment you love X one gives you more change the way you experience TV win next in the X one. And by all pro orthopedic and all pro orthopedic and sports medicine that's their job due to back coming in with more self lord locations. There's one near year go to all pro orthopedic dot com for more info we're leading up until. He'd basketball here courtesy of bird with a here enormity seven that it ticket and right now get out to be around announcers give doors guess either choose to be on comedian as we finally TV play by play man for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fred McLeod and Fred I just got a few minutes thank you were taken some time we'll start with this. You lose Kevin Love last night to how somber as the mood up there right now does basketball club. Must cut something term liberal political group series this season. Last year about a with a knee injury in the studio Ulster appearances at grocery personally as usual republic government occurred in this employed. The racing this season. And it matters to spin a personal moment but my goodness guys ample room all freedom or drawn down left and right and on. Just happenstance but how they're very innocent players Richard your trip to see that just happen to anybody anywhere any time remove. Get to sort herself through the other tournaments you don't remove. What injuries in India. Rid. Are the cavs. Would you say they're extremely vulnerable soon. Other teams in the east right now would you say it's just kinda vulnerable where would you save their their. Situation is relative to make need to the NBA finals. It's a long way off from producer in this news to report that some most or all of America were cut in recent years. That sticking up and away from what we're colossal carrier reforms but. That they should get a lot of guys in this regard. Just creating a protectorate. Or Carter started Netflix or so pictures to show obviously in the restaurant. A runner up and down season remote control through proportion just doing our about John also. Just can't get caught up in in Beijing were wrapped org bores me. Applera surged to a couple months off and Hillary reconciled to the postseason. This directorship. You know LeBron is actually had more success suppose she's employee program known as second third 20 with a mortgage so. He couldn't care less about trying to win games on the road in the playoffs you just tell the members you've got your day what's most important thing from wall or blue and number one else and so the usual scoreboard there because you can there was you know if you are lawyers so. Just what it is an indicator chart herself in the northern urban. When you look at the matchup tonight is Fred McLeod is joining us your TV play that put man for the claiming cover theirs are what strikes you when you look at the other side with the Miami Heat. Just how hard they play. Obviously weren't going to newly. I'm sure her retirement your love it I couldn't do you agree deadlock and having everybody in particular on the reduced role for him. The feeling having him in the kind of shape he's in Bermuda that reward this summer. You don't question. How urgent concern James Jones in this story on an armed guard and a sign of our guys through sore really improve their games and torched sort of act which and so. There a legitimate playoff the American and certainly it'll just talk or where upstream production without their orders remember launched around. Jeff knows they're gonna do after defensively against them immune. Due to an amateur record real world deployed on the little. Rich quick when you looked at Cleveland's defense. What has been the problem so far this season. And ten day advance through the playoffs by playing timely DT and as opposed to dig deep into another words situational defense late game deepens and that carried them through even if they are solid. Throughout the entire game. Well it really did ramped up. In the playoffs last year and it's a little real good recruiter horning in on what order a not to make an excuse for being thirty your right now. In the league of troops in a promo too long. If that term transition defense who was less than just short term strained terms. What to work last night or broader middle pack two were curious to. It really starts during the ball and it's not easy to do in this plea to ignore the rules reach structured or the preacher Elantra. Due to receptive to challenge them or not get broken manner. And that they're obviously questions who wrote these terms in size so. If her work in progress and they know they have to prove otherwise in Europe that won't last long LaRoche is you can't survive or you're. If you measure of work out to the tree to a lot so true. And I weren't processing. Sometimes receipt from Portugal aged nineteen to remember Lebanon from Canterbury in the restaurant so. The particular time or Europe but struggled or go to the back. And then Brit what gets out of here on this when just a general Eastern Conference questioned. Detroit makes the acquisition of Blake Griff and I don't we know that some day would be lower seed in the playoffs most likely they could climb up did you know. Five or six but aren't they a threat do you think to win a first round series and that would probably be an upset I understand. But I will wait are they threaten to win a first round series decrypt. Many younger player. There were obviously in your religion is main bugaboo. Questions or bigger supply because. I'm going to bird Parker back now play world. Org Washington. Well back then certainly your radio lot of teams and they're putting that he. There are photos keeping it younger is where the that are capable of going from you know 8224. It was going to be a demolition derby in my mind him you know. But some cattle industry to completed Detroit makes a play assured but again quoting and replace certain opposition to number nine and mr. There's a razor thin margin between all these teams certainly fun to watch. Certainly it it's that haven't worked out of the east. And arm or it is clearly. Talking that shouldn't for a true in a lot of cities and how it played out of position. Now including tonight with with our two groups here down here in South Florida and you open though a big Cleveland hey Fred thanks for taking a few minutes and I have to call and I thank you separate record. Fred McLeod TV play by play man for the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't sound too and there's about his ballclub there he is known to lose period. No no no I neck is that they had some real problems and Cleveland I think this is just a bigger stretch of bad basketball. That they've been that the being going through that as the use guy like Kevin Love my guest today is gonna be the day after is going to be pretty pretty somber and you're gonna feel that. But this is this goes beyond that that that you can't just use as an excuse all the guy last Kevin Love and that's why they don't even with Kevin Love they've been playing awful basketball. And you finally you kinda it kinda came with me a little bit here. Not that I was gonna not that I I still made them the favor but I you know basically was just problems. And you kind of admitted at the top of the show you said. Not you did the love thing pushed you over the top. It was new it was only the love being pushed me over the talker so visiting there on that day even if Kevin look at Kevin Love was healthy and they were playing. That same bad. Not overwhelming but beer Revere Resop. Without Kevin Love because like I used a bit. The Altman's that you had. Could make up for overall bad DNC play timely. You can get through you've got LeBron you would you have loved you had Isiah. I know you got bad defense no love last year yet I read. You don't have high res so I I think your margin for air is sold much smaller even though you do every. Veteran rock. Or by that I'm not to commandeer rose and JR Smith we are or over they are deeper per day a bit deeper than they have a lash of the T they're deeper but I'm not sure that their better unless those aka you know like those guys have to step up to their former salesman well some problem I'd Jake brown pulled it away like so like yeah they had last year per dead Darrent Williams. And some of those guys that clearly the leader only lasted two minutes radler who they rolled Apple's final not yet Richard Jefferson. Darrent Williams. C'mon like to say but just you know sort of a better Crowder he gripped the mentally she still ahead Kyra read to go off for look at birdie on an on again tonight to cover for your deep no lapses fair enough. And that's what that gets me to my main point on this team is Isaiah Thomas correct what are they gonna get out of him that than to be very easily played a multi level that was his eleventh game last year last night. So Isiah Thomas needs to be. The Isiah Thomas and Boston that's correct that's a 100% especially now you must rally a low critiquing you can if he event is what outs where everybody right that's fine. But they need to do something in the in the post season. You can get you configure teams out congenial playing them force you know seven times that you know what do remote whatever it is yet but you can solely on a match right. That's when LeBron to really laser ran and you couldn't even figure teams out a little bit. But that that's is still there's lot of ifs there with the Cleveland. Yeah I mean to me the bottom line is their margin for error has being greatly greatly reduced without Kevin Love and that's what. That's why iams I'd kind of you know. Lower their credit rating if you will. Sprint they're about they are my credit rating and and after a few more losses that that be for sure. Aren't we got we got a lot more to get into here by the way on the other side we get before back to the monster jam. That Marlins park that's coming up off February 17 and eighteenth. And has brought to buy a MetroPCS. Organize give away those tickets on the other side also Christian theology was on with the midday guys earlier told me that LeRoy and and b.'s his first interview since being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. So our Christian you know it's. Gets among some thoughts on that when he had to say you know kind of and adios to South Florida. If you if you will also get back to some of the some of the other things also allow regarding Kirk cousins. We we had a a flurry guess it in the 4 o'clock hour. A lot of people out we're taxing earlier about just kind of glass gluten glossing over recent Kirk cousins with our Brenton it was better on the Kirk cousins no questions asked. Com so we had some some tax on that that we are wanna revisit here with you as I was kind of the big move in the NFL. Yesterday out Smith gets a traitor will be traded when the only a year makes it official here coming up to the to the Washington football squad. It ultimately making her cousins and out right freeagent India in the NFL so a lot what did you do again we're gonna take you rapids all the basketball he in the cavaliers tonight our coverage. Is starting at 630 tonight so we go a little bit of an abbreviated show right here on 79 minutes ago. It would. It's. Different from what. Since. We're never Christian theology just seconds he was on with toll and LeRoy and beast earlier today. And we're here from one of the last few members of the baseball team the people actually recognize and and actually cheered for the nine just a moment plus we got these. Four pack a monster jam tickets at becoming a bit Marlins park February 17 and eighteenth and judging by the roster that they Miami Marlins are gonna rollout might be the biggest. Might be the biggest time that's good that stadium is full year furlough from monster gentle and you put your Forte it's that come and appear in just a moment in this segment. But quick reminder. I get to game time it's on sept places Friday and joined seven and it'd take in his surprise special guests watching he game hit their early to enjoy happy are 50% off. Hi any individual drinks gain time specials for the heat game include three dollar tacos in three dollar Bud Light times. Is it game time players that come to learn more watch it play at winning it came time that's on Friday night at we got a game tonight which is. The heat in the cavaliers I'm looking forward to this one off some more thoughts on that also there is a some rumors for low around about about. Some possible trades. The Milwaukee Bucks are looking for big man to their gone around the league. On the Andre Jordan and us on why it is not a quality big in the league in Reno and so a lot of the bucks wanna go big. And we're gonna talk to Steve Tyler from basketball insiders outcome he's gonna stop by here in the 6 o'clock hour break before we hit it off to Tommy tied. In Jonathan's as low for our heat coverage and know his thoughts on the heat and in this. This dude portrayed out there there's always some stuff up there as what we heard were would tomorrow be for refer strict deadlines shrubbery. Yeah it will be a week away Tom tomorrow and so you're gonna see a lot more activity. Allow a lot more bugs and stuff out there and there's gonna pay we knew we were looking for this William got what he. There's this stuff out there is rumors however when I saw some will be leaked for a purpose somewhere be leaked Burgos a reporter. Did a good job in and actually got the story but we will steered. More names being loaded out there and in the in the next. Days well this guy was just traded to Milwaukee Brewers and I don't I don't think he was too upset about it to the niceties now know where the direction of this franchise was going in through his agent. You know and made it very clear that he won and out of South Florida. He joined Tobin LeRoy and the beast earlier here on seven I mean it's again here is. The newly departed Christian you coach your your former teammates again they'll all over the place what was the moment you said I really wanna move on to the next chapter in my career. I would like I think it about it and yeah you have such a short time. That play baseball going to clearly it hurt. You know five years or fifteen years that it's a short time you're I'd been. I think fairway or delay aptly put it on a word that's why you dog thing you do is just to win. At the end of the day with David out of my head in I couldn't really do anything about it I was mostly along for the ride. You know there are times and off speed and our. I'm sure sure yet trailers or other I don't think delegate traded it a lot of growth in our mouth and it would the big autopsy doctor assured that through the first time. They're had to deal with but it in my editor goes through. You know being on being on the trade bought heaven all the trader at the off speed and you know something bad. I experienced more. Guys cursing geology and there was number of Milwaukee Brewers he he's aware of father time their perk. Because he was no reference to his career in Major League Baseball have you only get really it's only prime years and Zealand claimed from a good crowd you wanna play. For a team to have the chance of winning and clearly clearly this team. Is not going to have a chance to win anything for the foreseeable future. It's one of the few times in life. That you can buy a new example of somebody happy to goals from Miami to Milwaukee. Right weight the guys that know opens to the good people of Milwaukee logged just depended. But let's face we've dealt here in Miami right but on the summertime is beautiful please explain their during the summertime so you have you know. Still still there's still are okay and we'll still as YouTube ninety minutes from Chicago. That's that's that's the best thing about more as well you know it's that good beard there is the bureau there. I like Green Bay though that I LA Green Bay in the foot prospered in Milwaukee yes you can you could certainly have that much. Is this. In a better place isn't about race crystallizes or wise and youth yeah and its economy the Marlins it clearly they can spin it however they want this is clearly this is the ultimate rebuild jobs or rebuild jobs and there's there's there's expansion teams are better shape and the Marlins will be this year. Did they they don't really have much to look forward to again baseball America says they're not. You know one of the one or two worse storm systems in baseball anymore we'll great that's that's a risk aperture to rejoice writers as somebody takes it in that just means they'll start trading prospects are given two or three years when they're about to dig good. It's funny because we did get some text earlier on that. At 679 some for the Coral Springs all autumn on the tech side if you were texting gray now where the nineteenth best farm system that's still not very good. Know the web front well I mean come on from where you were it's when he ninth last year's 29 two years ago. It's an improvement it's it's a it's eight. Look we're trying to find some reasons to have some hole or some optimism for this rinse is as the only one occupying so Al holds. And oh OK and I know why they got rid of these guys can you do to woo a lot of it was sourdough hero Mosul is our ports but if you're a baseball fan. And I tell you they have the worst farm system in baseball. Drake well I don't know if I'd told a baseball fan am two months ago. All right whatever the season ended where before they start making trades of the worst farm system in baseball right hand and then I come back to you two months later in Hungary are the freedom of the January 31 right Axelsson baseball fan. They traded. Marcelo Zuma as young Carlos standing Christian you know coach union and Nagle would you give back what we got back. All prospect right yeah from the first to number nineteen you're right that's not that that doesn't make me feel really good night from the worst at number 20 OK I did well and odd man let let's face it nine pitch if you go from worst to first care I mean it's it's. It's still there still prospects as opposed to proven major Cuba what I'm saying guys took all those guys go well we were not the worse now or nineteenth right what. We're number ninety but you know I envy you you know the background though it did you know nobody knows what he's funny right yeah I mean it's. Again guys in the right spot right. And again you're just looking for some positive statement about this franchise. And aside from that. I know well I guess there's room you so in Bork. But they're probably miserable so this miserable as yellen was. Yeah there's there's not a whole lot of positive so that's you know you grab onto what you get and then there's the beautiful stadium dome. These are you gonna be that though your looking for the positive guy. Somewhere else and a would have to some consulates in a way what happens to the rope this year and I'm curious about the rogue I don't know I don't know where we on the rope. I don't know there is no there's no commitment under anything to her role this year that was. That was good last year but there's been no commitment to a role so far this year. So. Oh and don't let the summer optimistic. Oh we'll look I'm not optimistic about the tila I just I'm positive that I tried to have a find reasons for optimism but MI optimistic how can you be optimistic they are inside you're not you're not commit on the row and you're noncommittal on the robust and might that might rope this year there might be. Did you do there might not the guys boy it would be it will be a very short when. So you better there is sure I get they would like the first couple games ago there too though. Out of the gate here or there live wrestler that's an important three that's not enough reason to -- break in a row you're going to be you know I don't know I'm not known though the rope no no we're gonna we're not we're not breaking up the rope and I in April. About it and I. But I don't want the world to grow in all along the road to final home somewhere that they may. That's up to the Marlins that's up to Derek Jeter and and and those guys. I mean. I didn't even really put on the players at this point. It's it's under its own but they're not going to be owners should not to be there and actually pull the rope for a couple of years of work. Well you have to do things such as acquiring Lewis brings him in some prospects and give. Give me reason to. Grab hold of the wrong I am the reason even grab hold of the rookie right now and you don't you'll get pulled into the abyss right on the other than it's great ballpark. And it's great ballpark. That that's that's value that's you know that's a notices go leg of the Prius it's his sister role pursue a slow density and it turned into a noose around here pretty much bigger yeah if your if your Marlins for India all right well let's though that's the spice things up her a little bit let's brighten things up there how about our caller number seven right now. 786534. 0790. That 7865340790. U Andrea your closest friends are on a monster jam and Marlins park off every seventeenth and eighteenth. I've brought to locally by a MetroPCS. After a three year absence here it's it's the first time ever at Marlins park. Tickets start at fifteen dollars and some of the big names are going to be out they're doing their thing my grave digger. I'm Max deal Toro loco. Monster mutt and and many many more monster truck racing and freestyle competitions gone over seven right now 76534. 07. Ninety somebody also said. Can we do a give away on the monster jam tickets via the tax on so sold thousands. Even bring me maybe if you don't tell tells what happened to bigfoot. By the time you know. There used to be big foot and grave digger back in the day or rent a grave digger he still rounds he's still digging grainy here she is still round yes you colonels he called a monster truck there she the way you cola a ship when she I don't know these new these grave digger doesn't sound like a female. No as he could but I ever going public grave digger has beaten father time. Okay now and see how it can happen do you declare victory for grave digger right I have yes and got her grave digger went out the kid but what was the original right. The great support big time vaguely remember big foot. There's a place. Yes really well if any got old's the that we and we want the original grave digger bigfoot we broke the new seal here and if I had Blair and I. Old monster truck owned that's that's about as far as my monster truck game goes the grave bigger and bigger big. To a match so that we'll do we'll do text it way tomorrow if you measure a few guys remind me will do that that Syria will will hobo publics and before actually. Club big flu will Arnold said that whoever did you go to there's this and then this person is the big was the best where did you go that and it's fun as every ill suited. Every answer that you ever need can be found on this excellent earned every single answer and can barely answer they're not letting go other appliances. Bigfoot business leaders and other big all. Asked for big Bowen is born I know that many monster truck aficionado Williams an audience just no big foot congratulations right there let Sosa and and historical word yet though Geary and so has I know there's they're like they're rattling off seven. It is. And everybody on the blacks like I we come back we'll get to we get to 6 o'clock headlines and dime per cent here's the thing we're O pork. It's this has got some playoff fuel to a tonight pass. Also Los Steve Tyler from us once there's dot com the latest on walk you looking for big men to the he'd be interested in moving to sign. He had that story won't get to him coming up for a handed off to Tommy tied. And John does dazzle right here on 79 minutes ago. Hominem against the 6 o'clock hour here on 79 in the ticket artisan perk back with you. Here if you wanna listen to us while you're out of your car there's no worries we've got to get out. The stream on the ticket Miami dot com were even on radio dot com and that app as well and if you're here in South Florida you hear that he games. On line as well also there's so many ways to listen so many hot takes you'll miss a thing here on some and then take it whether it's dazzle Romberg and amber each and every morning they start today off. Bright and early at 5:30 AM and of course goes right into the brilliant radio show Obama. Elements art institute got you the local power and and of course the big the BE SP and deal than we got the best of from three until four. At follows. LeRoy Tobin and beast during your from one to three and then now we do our little three hours here from. From four until seven just before four glaucoma were abbreviate a little bit today because of heat basketball AM perk this feels. This feels like a big want to I want that third spot in the eastern comp. I'd be nice to have the heat sit on top of the standings there. And Cleveland being below the Miami Heat Cooley was in tatters right now. Can he go in there and just force more salt on the wound tonight. I think they can. That leads us and here's the thing. Miami you can beat Cleveland tonight and probably will be Cleveland tonight but. The event means my enemy is necessarily. A better team than Cleveland. Or Miami could beat Cleveland in a best of seven is still too early for that. Here's the way it really breaks down. It's going to be February 1 tomorrow so will just say it's February. This Cleveland team is not one to be judged in January this Cleveland team is one to be judged in best of sevens. Now where they heat. It's a little bit different that he if it did finish in the number three spot it could be excited about that. I'll tell you this it still doesn't matter in the NBA and so you do it and best of sevens so. It would be an accomplishment for the heat to beat Cleveland tonight. Get met number three spot. And even finish in the number three spot at the end of the season that would all be nice. But it all gets down to best of sevens soul. I wouldn't be overly excited about tonight's results toward the end of the season result. I would be excited if they heat either beat Cleveland in a best of seven or got to the conference finals or date. Really just one a a second round series is is what would excite me but. No matter what happens tonight no matter what happens epic end of the regular season none of it would mean that the seat is a better team in Cleveland. Unless that he beats them in a best of seven or Benson's further in Cleveland in a best of Serb. Here's the thing is buzzer by drone nerds and aventura and now in pine crest drone urges your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs cover whether restraining new perks there's repairs customizations. Whatever it is they won't get to hook up visible today drone nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the stuff goes Texas a 679 some for the calls resolve on attacks on everything you said there was right perk in your senior year everything is it was rational. And very. Clear headed and so forth but it's not for it's no fun per coming out of live in the in the irrational list. But I saw a world of the did you win tonight they're better in the cap right right right now. About and that's why apparently the economic summit tomorrow. And say if Miami wins is a schema ability is reason to be excited to heat win but I I do think that he will win and they're two point dogs by the way. An espy Cleveland's second night of back to back without Kevin Love this time. Men and we don't know Dwyane is gonna play tonight grind a second night of back to back up believe. Saturday as he re thomas' funeral business agent yeah so I guess you Damaso. I would be gone also say a story about Henry Thomas also gas Leon the deaths or we're yet to have a good that he BM losing. Two people that close to their to their failure in their grimly you could say. Over the last week there were so Butler and indict Henry Thomas the agent for. Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade Udonis Haslem among others the very powerful agent and an a really good guy also is somebody that that I dealt with. So I do think BC wins to not buy it died I do I. What it means and has reason to be excited because for this team these things are our reason for the pray and celebrate all. But it's fun and you know what perk. We talk with Fred McLeod earlier it was a load TV play by play man of the cavs. And it's like it knew that one game is there were between you reinforce heater for a seat. For the third of the foresee with Cleveland being I. I don't believe that we've also is gonna get together went general. Pot and now I think there win their fair share gains are there probably going to be you know up there in the in the top of the why can't the Miami where they are right now YQ Miami beat. Q why can't Miami and why can't they death let good. Right that's arms and they got this point the guys who tied right now in the standings but so they've played one game better than Cleveland from here on out. They would be the third seed in the Eastern Conference outing that's 2000. It's too crazy that. It will will city because he couldn't say oh he could also have more injuries but the look there that's very anatomy that that we that the gun on to say and he's at right now if you're handicapping and I don't think that's. That's too crazy. We get the game coming up here in our premier cover certain half hour by the way there's some rumors going around and we'll talk to about the game as well in Cleveland everything. A steep cut from past ones that are dot com he's gonna join us here in about that in about twelve minutes the first let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. It's heat. Drafty Russell Butler and his wife died in a automobile accident this morning near Los Angeles. Butler was 38 years old Butler was a 20022. Round pick but he doubles well he played three seasons for Miami thirteen seasons for eight teams in his NBA career. You lastly pursuant Tony you know in 20152016. But he visits Cleveland 730 tonight as we just discuss the heat is in fourth place in the east a half game behind the tabs. And beings not looking good for the cavs nowadays especially considering they'll be without all star forward Kevin Love for us may end up possibly six to eight weeks where you threat due to a fractured left hand. As low and Tommy tie did you start with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 at bill moral worth three HD to the ticket. NFL news Kansas City has agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith to Washington. Smith agreed to a four year extension with 71 million dollars guaranteed. College hoops you will host did at 7 o'clock tonight at the Watsco senator little Miami Marlins news they have hired Paul Severino as their new TV play by play announcer. But 34 year old Severino head worked for MLB network and NHL network. He replaces rich Waltz those are your headlines. Most dangerous seventeen point they were tonight against Pittsburgh if your interest to some we just over the in the hallway by the way it's on now I am not that I would know that off ten or not a surprise element Taylor why are on there you tournaments that is a night in night and it positive results service so they'll know mr. goma's Bruce brown just not tonight they're sure if there if you're the chains or you have the were sold by other news I was just. I as a downer. Yeah actually does such a good two man he he really was say thirty it's your fault yeah yeah and I remember when he when he came and then and I was my first your cover in the team and just a a smiling upbeat guy who you know like like most rookies didn't know much about NBA life but. He acclimated themselves to an end up both on and off the court made himself a really good shooter stayed in the lead for thrills are you work. Are rednecks goes the other was a guy that really worked his way into the league in and stayed there and a good story and just see here I mean. It you know people. Pass every day when you kind of had Chiluba is like you know you don't recognize you know I learned he had birdie you're so right because he saw him on your team or whatever writings had maybe two or three conversations with a guy over the years when you're down there in every few times whether may be but it. Here that is is like I am yeah it just and a it just kind of had just so I'm sure the heat they've already done a lot of stuff I'm sure there might be. Some more. Removed stumping me eat me he had it's we are so I don't come home there might put you know put that Joseph put something together and for for a shoulder his playing days but just. Some are some bummer news. Let me ask you this real quick the that those of the road trip before game road trip by a BC news is on now. Tom. Did do you do you now say that the you know three and one would be better read before you say to him to write go 500 on the road doesn't matter which games. Maybe you've been gifted a game with Kevin Love being out in Cleveland home Soledad know how you stay at two ensued. In wrote on the you're just throwing yes that includes all got clean will be looked good at home this is this going to be a good game and I cumulative Newt oh there's going to be a lot of fun it's a lot more about a plus. But walking is it just sit in a big man to the images and in the one assigned the white side has our report from basketball insiders dot com. Steve Tyler he's gonna stop buying next right here on 790 the ticket.