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Friday, December 1st

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The new. None of the tickets Chris hurt them brick like yeah we're going to be here with you so close to 7 o'clock. Playing great I don't even know where we started with Jim both Fisher when at Texas a and M leaving Florida State Jumbo tin years 75 million dollars. Or is it with Hassan Whiteside out for probably another two weeks with a bone bruise is that Tennessee ball they've pulled it again I mean come here is in as the AD. Is it the Stanford USC game tonight. NASA has not there probably not they're probably not gonna John Carlos didn't trade watch still run but. You know where we're gonna start you owe him a ball right Spain's and Clemson tomorrow in in Charlotte, North Carolina. ACC championship. And grid when when you look at this game and when you look at. Every being the one though which pertains with a with a loss of of Amman Richards and Chris Herndon. Billick from the from the locals here man I'm feeling kind of does kind of and I are hesitant kind of the look I'm not sure we can pull this will know how do you feel about how you get home fans feel about. This day right habitable lag yeah all that momentum that had built up on this magical run by the hurricanes I saw what is that reason because of the injury situation is because that mark rates late in a critical ballgame against Pittsburg and she's starting quarterback to mean user. All the sudden everybody is losing belief in what they've been able to put together yeah I mean. It is kind of what I'm still and and and and maybe I'm wrong guy you guys can sects do let us know what you think. Coral Springs on our hall sex line 6797. War. It is kind of an open pit loss took a little bit of steam out of there are more injuries than than anything else to Herndon and really to learn and among Richard so the wide receivers has been in and out of line them all season. But I I think the loss of per minute it is kind of the being that Islam. That is kind of add to it is the by the company cannot rig and and that's where we're gonna start off today's here's the thing. Look it's a retains against Clemson I really do I'm definitely hoping McCain's win and I'm definitely ride with pertains. But until the bitter resignation among kaine stands in the seat and in the my feelings about the game that us against the world mentality is kind of degenerated into. We got some key injuries in. We've had a great season I really don't expect much against Clinton. Now let me wrote about them by but that's kind of what I did today. Makes me terrorists about it retains in this game I mean I'm just not healed in the bide from the aliens I don't know about the players but it's the fans. But look. I'm still ride with pertains tomorrow night they played well in big games. And on Lincoln somehow. Some way. Maybe they'll just find a way to pull this one now I'm riding with pertains. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove cars and have insurance and now they're new location implying press grown nerds as you'll authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs cover. Weather is repairs customizations new purchases training sessions. Whatever it is check them out they will hook you up. Visible today and drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In the sky. Gray hat how you build a matter what what do you think about this day. Well I I'm with you I do feel like if there is in economy in. Stoppage of sorts in what is an an unbelievable season put. Really from the fan base although I'll say this day in reading some of the articles from our local newspapers about what's what to expect tomorrow night in Charlotte. The same anywhere between 20/20 5000 Miami Hurricanes fans you know be a Bank of America Stadium supporting the team so. I know it's not all do the bears they enjoyed against Virginia Tech and Notre Dame in those big. Prime time televised games but certainly a lot of people. Made their plans to support the team in the ACC title game considering it's the first our program history. They've been there. Listen ice field looking at the game it's certainly it's discouraging to be missing arguably your top three offensive weapons in big picture right with mark Walton included there and the two more recent injuries. But at the same time mean this team is built around its defense right now it's built around the office's ability to capitalize on the defense. Creating turnovers and of course with the quote unquote twelfth man in the current case actually and so I feel like that's where a lot of their success has really been that's been Coke prominence so if that's the case. Then there's no reason why they can't continue to use that same formula regardless of who's in around a lot. Did it do work against Virginia Tech it worked against Florida State it worked against Notre Dame and and oh we we get a couple of text here and and you know I think that. I think a lot by what's correct. What we're gonna read these six N and we're kids talked more about how people feel about retains book first. We're gonna go to his line. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. Following their two into a four game road trip to Miami Heat return home tonight as they welcome the Charlotte hornets to American Airlines Arena. But the you'll be without big man Hassan Whiteside is a team announced yesterday that he'll miss one to two weeks dual bone bruise in his knee. Rookie bam out of Bible start in his place and it's senator you can hear all the action on seven on the ticket with pregame coverage beginning at 7 o'clock in tip time. And it eight. To the NFL with a dolphins went through their last practice of re thirteen this afternoon as they prepare to host the Broncos on Sunday in the final and report as been released to bond bush rob Matt Moore Marie Smith and Damian Williams. Have all been ruled out. We'll move on dot Chaucer Norse Perry and Michael Thomas are questionable. To play in the game. From the pros to college where the after mentioned seventh ranked Miami Hurricanes touchdown in Charlotte, North Carolina today and had a walk through a Bank of America Stadium. The site of tomorrow night's ACC championship game matchup against number one Clemson. Meanwhile the conference championship game action begins tonight in the pac twelve is number twelve. Stamper takes on tenth ranked USC kickoff is set for 8 o'clock from Levi's stadium in Santa Clara. And the big news out of Tallahassee. As Florida State announce a football coach Jim both Fisher has resigned to take the job at Texas Sam according to ESP ND Aggies athletic department has approved. A ten year 75 million dollar fully guaranteed contract for Fisher. And those are your headlock. You know what man as is on the grid that. We we talk about Jumbo also. Where in the locker room today did at dolphins' practice then and now Ryan Tenet you walked mind and I Orion. Young got a New Coke and go oh yeah. As the gimbal Fisher and somebody else goes tin years seventy by a million and Taylor hill just a busy and ago. Lot of oil money down their texts are like yeah yes I did there and Ryan there there really is man it's a it's an amazing it's an amazing amount of money days it just shows you. How much Texas say in him wants to win I mean this is a program that I believe has not won a conference title since 1998. I don't wanna national title since 1939. Which stood by his Wellesley and never won one cup and there's been an all this money you've got to compete ended in the SEC. But. Is it. Is Jim worked that much money. Well I have many times leaders I mean I guess is one of those words you don't go to the market dictators out how much is that worth who you are right he might not be worth that through Washington or Colorado where USC but today and him. A lot of money. On the surface you had to think two things when you heard the rumors of general Fisher was interest in potential leaving Florida State. One behind the scenes something had gone awry with his relationship with the administer hours and be right correct. But at the same time you debate there must be some huge financial incentive because. For him every year even when they haven't won a national championship their room to his credit they won a national title following Bobby bowden's. Unbelievable all of fame ten year. He was still every year. Conaty at least putting feelers out there to get an increase in his salary in every year they gave him an increase in salaries so Florida State. Really every demand of Jibril Fisher had they met and I don't work I think is much you can say the ACC last season was there at the press conference of football present national champion had a bunch of bull wins and everything. SEC is still aware its debt when it comes to college football no doubt I don't know why you would want to leave from a competitive standpoint right. As I say I have read I go to USI I I don't get it I I agree I mean it's a symbol what. I mean the money I don't know what to do an end and look ate a live Izzy is a really good school and all that kind of stuff but. You're not as Sosa and yesterday with pat you're never going to be number one in your own state that most of the University of Texas and your. Good luck common number one in your conference in the SEC. You you could've been that in at Florida State you you know you were number one in the state or while you won a title in 2013 you were number one in the state at that time. And some. Look this is it's easier road to the top in the ACC so. Good luck Jumbo good luck I'm not sure that you made the right decision but more power to you. The canes will have to face Jumbo this year anymore so I I I guess that's a good paying but. Look what one of these excellent we're talking about detains and we're tiles talk about how much momentum a thing of they've lost. From somebody says somebody Texas in. You know bands are aspired because we all know there's a chance pertains to get blown out. Always is their chance to your blog about Notre Dame yes there was I agree I agree I there's just a blog about Notre Dame. I went down the Coral Gables for college game day you know none of those fancy might be awarded a no blown out and then the president showed up at the stadium that night they didn't seem concerned by and of course the Miami Hurricanes prevented that from recurring and actually reversed. That ought. The other way around but c'mon now that that's that's my only problem right now perk and I agree with you is that. In light of what transpired at Pittsburgh mum I was on this radio estates a lot at Thanksgiving we end up and I had a lot of arguments with. With today's fan right because all of a sudden everybody saw my what a bad quarterback we Bruce yours always bend yeah and it seemed that everybody reversed course before was right yes he's a gamer we believe in the church and we believe we'll Rosie is gone he was eleven and all as a starter prior to the bowl loss against Pittsburgh I had a bad game and yet it was complicated because Mark Richt decided to pull the trigger a bring in Evan sheriff's right five pass attempts all year prior to that. But with the all that said how do you now hold. Back away from everything that has worked I mean listen I guess I I understand that they lost a game right. But they should still be there that they can replicate what we've seen so many times in fact ten out of eleven times and our football field exactly a cup. These other sex the steam was led out by injuries turn in huge loss Richards was on against it among richards' open all day hoping to major picks up the slack. Another tech's win or lose tomorrow needs to be treated as a celebration a year ahead of schedule the new standards from now on is playoffs or bust. Another takes we shall want revenge for 58 to nothing another text it pertains play a focus like Notre Dame I predict you win win so. People all over the place but that that the majority of these tax I think people are kind of congress say either they're. Wavering night I think and ending injuries the loss wrote jeers performance. Clinton's deepens a blonde I guess it all plays into it but. When we come back on the other side we're gonna be joined by Randall deal. Do not let this man know you have a shred of doubt about McCain's or is he bolts review up. Randall hill coming up 790 the ticket next. Can't make it out for a guy whose horse real what's ACC tie. ROK against Clemson. While you were out there tried their famous special real wings and the drink specials. It's all presented by in a journal of being accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Chris Perkins grade likens here on 790 the ticket. Camping Curtis Curtis Stevenson will be back in here on Monday. You win them all that is the big story this week in we have gotten expert. On here to break the game downpours. Randal hill the former canes stand out. He's joining us for this ACC championship review it is sponsored by your local neighborhoods ports real and buy in a journal being accident attorneys. Call one. 807. Or 73 that's 1807. Or 73733. And by Bolton on rom. Joining us now on the old Ryan Newell and downstairs convenience stores guest lying they're truly steps beyond convenient. Is Randall healed Amanda rule preached optimism soon you cool priest the truth so you who will -- you to doubt retains. Randall I'm no one from the things may look a little little trepidation and oh what are you thinking about it. We average analyst. Now it. Well maybe not well we were originally written but you got me fired at night and Justin if it's worth anything and I know I was pregnant Randle those slopes away when I was moved credence to his pot Meola wolf a couple of fans hey look I wanna wake up a lot of man. Hey Randall look I. Chris Burton and Greg likens here Renault was just an arm and kind of deal and it broke from ten spans and I'm looking for you. To pump everybody up some truth some optimism. I once suited reassure people Randal Keynes a little wins moral right. Here to build a vote. Don't ask me that particular course. Okay in a reason why don't ask me that particular question because it is urging. All times. Okay this disheartening. Football program this is. When I go home care. It is time port you know version might expand to rally behind the University of Miami in all of that is good all that green. And orange they're just trying to put your humanity and to stand up and say hey it's all about you. Randall RI we obviously have a win and you're in scenario in which either Clemson or Miami won't qualify for the college football playoff with a victory tomorrow night. At this point of the season after going ten and one and I did exceeding a lot of expectations will it be a disappointment if Miami doesn't ultimately win this game. It's going to be a disappointment. If they're it they don't win this game Alley with big like that what your answer your question it's sort you know total to get goals. A Russian miners themselves in a position where they can. Rewrite history. You might have never won an ACC. Championship at the University of Miami has never wore and and what our agency calls attention to what that this year. I've even though I have two Marines yes they are veterans all were one Democrats. And I don't need accurate to say that I have a state and a crushed and I had a look behind me. Actually specialist ACC championship. And I'm sure the University of Miami took. Walk out of material. Understand that the goals of urgent task will be watching. The girls or this test will be supported. Goals urgent task would expect nothing less. Than a winner. I want to block I don't know where their numbers they haven't ever been able to back their journeys to the web numbers and those numbers. I have been warm but a great hurting players so when you walk out as it all those great players won't be walking and what do you. What you're talking about playing against questioned tourist agency championship game when you walk their way and that sort of seven. Wearing the gold merchants past when you walk up and away number bringing you were proposed a hurricane status. When you walk up into war and signed the but he showed. But 96. And 88 who broke the post a hurricane's passed. It to. Now what you ought to Orioles fine. I'm glad to find. Become what we have we accept no less than a win. Are we goes what we don't you Randall Chris Perkins brick like a 07 under the take it weird talking to two time national champion Randal hill. And Randall tended to the UN defense. Win this game because we know about the injuries on Altman's among ranchers and Jamar Wall is all when Chris turned in the tight end. And that broke seventy and that brought more tend to turn over same inspired this team to a victory. Again we figured that your your use your usual wars and you don't usually. You know this if I would sure next review our grab some duck tape and you to the corner David Beckham make that class and didn't get to go but not to and we between. Them will. I'd say. I entered not about means you. About writing history. Well you know people doing it. I. Always. Only paying the way that it should have been done last week. Whitman when you change Kumble. Sometimes. It's also. I'm going to twelve depression and chronic budget problem students but. You don't shoot my initial ballplayer. That you are aware always wise to the occasion. It was. The power bar or restaurant and it ever come across. Out of court commissioner. Kind of I'm not that bad but that won't happen again and this weekend it now wants no more tool I have any destruction and might like it is architectures. And then Miami got a little. In Boca and show. The people woke up. Most like. To arm like bing and restore. Just that when it. Important right now restore that. There's cars. On the bottom of the Ford can use an Iraqi. Did not respond. In the senate to go to the polls. In Georgia. The calls the shock I'm. In Iowa. And it could get to and you got the break it but it could call me a little too late now to. Know. When marriage. What do you can. Can an inch. Taller United States. Senate and I guess that's what who. And it won't be leveling it would do that it because there's. At best dismissed as Jeff Fisher that sells. Its image and they don't you know the national average. Well Randall and try to use them in your terminology and considering the injuries on offense don't ask the question they say you don't make as they. Certainly must step up that's I was a little must step Bobby you're saying they must win they gotta do this so who's going to be. The ones a big rally around offensively. Considering the injury situation. Injuries. May take an aspirin. Tapered at the injury I think people. I'm and actress winner. And bring it on the line. I'm really practiced with guys and major part of the of the team have been injured. Not a constant scrutiny and I was a bit in it and yes about it but our coaches have just which leaders Jimmie Johnson. Why did you get entered nick men out. You don't have little movie about ten dollars and try to play well as well. The and a guy who hit and it didn't get amicus. He could turn in. A terribly injured right now. We had to play it did well aware that there is next year. I love it so I absolutely love it we're joined here by two time national champion Randall built on 790 the ticket Chris Perkins and rig likens Randal hill is breaking this being down didn't everybody fired up. Randall let let me ask you this. What is going to be. The big overriding. I guess team of of the game tomorrow night when you when you look debt. After a YU we'll move on what it what is going to be the overriding reason do you think the main street pretty. The reason why the University of Miami will win. The reason why do you go to Miami must win not because they have played what I may do to them think the wind not not what. We're going to have to do to them and thought they don't they don't. Know why they want a way to look at what they're gonna do what. I don't want that we as it does not control. The middle I don't. Hope that all black and require. Yeah. The part of our such as yours truly a wall looks like we get out there. But the guy out of court is aware of being army to pack. The guy looks like it's weird at all is gonna come down to and the guy that's what we're really liked and well. Then they're gonna show that you're Jemima football yet that Annika. The cut last week but you know you're my age it's still huge state now I'm not gonna start talking once you're by the occurred not because we're not to that point yet. We got the win a national championships. And usually titles. And you recruit graduate that we constantly execute activate it at night. But this game is going to be one. Mr. they want to miss that Monica what is the point it could only wish you'd know what you want to get better as usual it in the know. To take their business elsewhere and go to Atlanta as its limits that you're a quarterback at the time. The pass the ball. And and the Chicago and that sure but I'm practiced a little while all. And it. Is not responsible. I have to say around you fired everybody out every you have this line is there's going crazy it's always good to overriding question on the text line is are you available for pregame speech tomorrow night. This is like available what do you were in Miami doubled to sort of called. You know your mind to a record seven in the proper and right urged to call each goat and a top secret data about what it. Intermittent and I'm about some sort of pledge of school I went about it. My my in 1988. Arm. Our link didn't wait to the world and number one option in the batter's. What the result of it get shot which it could. Got a good. Story. Just gonna show a smaller groups can you tell us. Yeah Roger Rabbit it's also upload and and we know why they wouldn't touch it and we do. That's all we want. Apparently in a public. Spending and public court and win one now. We're now down quietly. Our Randall's that is beautiful man that is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for join a rip Evan you want next week before the before the for the semifinal game or in two weeks. Even though you'll shoot it and then you have built a basketball and I know what they're good when you make a loud supporting units and on the and I didn't know what to do this in mind. I'm gonna play and Ahmed itself or could not guarantee you'll I didn't have the wind will pick joke goes another pair car. A lot of impact public how I'm how. There we go that sirte Randall. The only time. Through the studio. A B and my goodness rig like it is why our fewer ready for the game as it is yeah I mean that gets you pumped up and all I can be about now the ghosts of hurricanes pass oh yeah yeah I just listen all those numbers the Jersey number now right guy is split let me tell yell a lot of pressure. But James Blair feel like I I do all these I do like the caveat that he provided when he was talking about the metaphorical hurricane right going to the country occur by the way it's not like the woman etc. are we don't want that it's just like like all right you don't want Becker I met yesterday with the hurricane season and oh yeah yeah November 30 so. Look we we got to met Randall Kennedy we we got a during a back and met renewed energy we have a lot of topics of talk about symbol mr. Hassan Whiteside. The Adam days billions Joseph rematch in the door opens up Broncos game we've got coliseum in ships we've got John Carlos then all kinds of stuff to talk about state where those Chris Perkins Greg liken 792. Come out and the largest gains tailgate party at Fort Lauderdale because that's the great ties in detestable powered by Ford this weekend. This is Portugal the man by the way he's gonna be on stage on Saturday when you're out there advertising music that's will make sure you stop by the nearly 700 tickets were always this. What's ACC championship game with your feet in the sand you can not beat today December the beach. Great music. Beat in the sand coma. Look my Dublin Saturday case elephant Weezer to Andrew McMahon in the wilderness and more Sunday. Poised to me and KC and the sunshine band salt and pepper borders Lou Graham all of this and more Rick Todd presented by in a journal of the accident attorneys. Call 807473. That's 800. 7473733. Vice moral being noble art Tunisian water bottle directly at the source since our senior Italy's islands of wellness. And by rip it energy fuel real energy for real people. Rick tied tickets on sale now get them at the ticket Miami. Dot com incredible show going to be out there this week you're angry. Old days yeah I mean what's to demand this week just nominated for the first Grammy Award for that Saul. It's it's as they are you dominant year for Portugal the man and that single in particular. But yeah I mean both Saturday and Sunday at the news a little little bit of everything if you don't Saturday's Morley alternative rock right and for for those who was in the shark on Sunday a little more old school yeah. So that the musically you got something for everybody and then I think you hit on the head for a sports fans not to miss anything nothing in terms of sports right while you're on the beach always a new great news all the championship. Games are going to be out there were beaten to say and have yourself a being laying still out. Relax is going to be good. Rip tide music best movie gets all the way speaking of relaxing. Do that with Randal hill on did not call this true mind and it's a mean Randall. That I kind of envisioned Herm Edwards at Arizona State kind of duel that which his team for frank you know I mean that do Randal hill we didn't sex and somebody say and AM rail Randall just thrilled hell out of me. You know is there an extra set of pads on ready to go I mean. People are fired up. People are fired up now there are some people nozzle fired up you know I I think maybe those didn't work Clemson fans yes I was gonna say they're not hurricanes may in effect. But really the way the way rig analysts talking. You whim is going to win. I wanna know why you win is going to win. Hit a soft Coral Springs on our home all sex line 67974. Why is you win I'm going to win. We know attained so what would be in big games we talked about Florida State Virginia say Notre Dame. We know they have the Clinton has all that minus the turtle or trained as a national champion and after this happened and that the activities of game appearances. McCain's pull this off if sold why it here's what I'm thinking grade I am. They can that this defense of pro seven. Kind of comes of age. I think the way the canes win the pits a low scoring game I'm not sure which aims to win a a shoot out neither of this these dangers is really eight. You know. Overly gifted all defensive team they're both under the is what makes them go but. I'm just thinking that this chain Steve and said the at the front seven particularly. And do enough to force the action. Create some had some turnovers set off pins are in an opportune you'll position situations and all Princeton dude just enough. Rosier to make the timely plays to win. That's how I think you whim wins and I did. I think that I. I I battlefield as strongly about it madame I'm broad look at things are really am I think they're a big time big play team. And what you just described a formulas in their hallmark this year right I mean they've been really did a lot of their momentum offensively from the defense. And those there is quick switches of possessions and try to take advantage of it. I painted there are legitimate concerns when you look at the injuries although I would make an argument that. Boras disappointing is that it's for performance was you could frame that as it coming Eddie good time in the sense that it's not costing them an opportunity to get into college football playoff. Should they take your business against Clemson this all the rankings a little bit put again that all inconsequential they win tomorrow night. So perhaps it's the way of calling needed. Now I would've thought and again we're not in that locker room I can't look at the psychology who wants eighteen to 22 year old kids. But the let Telecom against Virginia became against Pittsburgh but perhaps a wake up call. Only injuries out the door is what this team needed to refocus and get ready for this clinching game it seems foolish play the number one team in the country but maybe that's what they needed. Burqa will see that sparked that energy yes and in that really devotion to winning in any way possible that we've seen over the course of the majority the cease. Will we get a couple of text here and Coral Springs and I'll mall text line I asked why will retains win. This text because everyone will remember the many of these players do you think you're gonna remember that hurt you employers Olympic mania but maybe I don't know why. And it it it adds surely through social media and the reporters it's been brought up to him you know and the difference in the right to Nutley and Arnold you know I hear the kids who were on the screen exactly where huge stadium have large rules of the time right I do think you'll. Politically will be a nice story. If they can win against Clemson so not only make amends for the fifty to nothing loss to Pitt did nothing loss got out gold fire and eventually led to the hiring of Mark Richt. And Mark Richt was hired on December 2 a couple of years ago article went on December well to assume that all sales are there any girls. The Sarin dip in this two years to the Sarah dividends like from that sample a married the stars are lining that's it to make this come back further you finally me and back official. Along the market rigging the coach that would that would be some now seek re likens that these solemn. Somebody. I'll buy detains will win or how they win. If Miami can get hidden ports Clemson to throw a lot we will win another text I think pertains are getting points. And the loss to Pittsburgh re focus the team. The spark is back. So will seek the best person to give retains a pregame pep talk. All I'm yelled at nearly the former there aren't they I mean obviously. It redo my children right addict yes right Michael Irving Laurie Lewis I knew those would be might soon Tom Reynolds Lewis yeah. Ray Lewis. I got to reach back to Jimmy and Jimmy you know Jimmy is Jimmy is kinda like how Pat Riley did could do some don't like cold this kid down under and that in the bucket of ice water and he's showing them that you and that you gotta wanna win as much as you wanna breathe and players in the locker room like his pet trying to kill so there's an effect you know I think Jimmy could bring home some don't like that music master motivate you the master mold and yes and then you're underdogs here. And so I had that good their good work so how I'd like this stick somebody say a speech in ringgold sir great. That's not gonna blocked neck and some drug for a true that is correct somebody text in the rest scare me per. A look at this somebody say just say Jimmy where playoff game lol wow what does that and I don't know you'll see just like slave that's like saving your best pitcher for game seven. And examine right you get to that well Heidi if you don't utilize them excited I also figured this way and perk and anybody who soccer fan but. In big soccer matches in a World Cup right here in the elimination. Round ego penalty kicks apparently shoot out why save Leo Messi or Christo and all the for the fifth and final kicked you may not get right right it would in the bank. Yeah yeah yeah I started off exactly as it's it's no good to have. This great ammunition is great weapon or whatever you wanna apply it to. If you are ultimately use it yeah exactly so some uh oh legacy of this that Michael Irvin these to motivate his son to us not to let us write us the Assad as a great opportunity to and that's how are you a turnaround I know he's got a great opportunity I think his son should have plenty of motivation he's going to be there starting tight end now somebody say as they would read or Ray Lewis to deliver that speech tomorrow so they will will see. McCain's McCain should be fired up right I mean there's there's no excuse not black right right it. Whether or not they win the game they should not come out let. They shouldn't need a locker room speech but I would like to see Jimmie Johnson deliver that pregame locker room speech and if anybody is is tasked with that so. Well and I know is somebody brought up the front for Clemson they've got a lot of talent there are some NFL players are gonna read you know playing on Sunday. But really to me and accuse his game is starting Kelly Brian. It is the only game that. Clemson losses when he had not such news that that run and which still in there everybody and their offense was completely different because they need somebody who's a dual threat. Michelle Watson. Played that. Roll perfectly for the last couple years and tell Bryant isn't the same as the show Watson but. The fact that he can run and pass a very effectively. I mean do they go see ghosts old so I mean I did that ultimately for them is acute game I think a positive thing for the Miami Hurricanes when you look at this is. Their strike bestowed right you're straight as a deep to right and so it's a two story storm. Head to head and so it's a best group win essentially your best man win when it comes of that match. That's it hey look that that was a whole hour review win and we got a Laporte you William come and we got some dolphins come in we've got some key comment. I looked as far as the dolphins. I've seen signs that this team is about to crack. I did see some signs that may mean not today. But through the past couple of weeks I've seen signs this team is about to credit. We're gonna talk about that when we come back Chris Burton Greg likens 790 the ticket. Ticket window for a chance to win tickets to upcoming game. A quarter as Miami Heat technology partner. And your local South Florida technology company for all your business needs. Visit them online at a quarters court. Dot com sponsored by open your bull dot com to get the most cash now for your future structure it's structured settlement fort lottery payments call 833. My bolt. And by Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines. Proud members of the Holman automotive group. Keep listening to the ticket to win your. Way into a Miami Heat game Chris Perkins Greg likens back here on 79 needed tickets. Rig. Look when will we talk about the the Miami Dolphins and this five game losing streak. I saw the five game losing streak to an end when he eleven to seven game losing streak actually the team handled it pretty well I saw the bully scandal and when he thirteen in the board game losing streak. Team handled pretty well Joseph Philbin firing. When he fifteen team handled pretty well. Despite game losing streak though I've biggest cushion them through the breaking point man and and and you kind of sees some signs of it had. Do you think you've seen any outward signs of the dolphins break. Well I do think did win year were examining the trade of jade Jahri that that's a little bit of a troubling sign up at the coach feels I used to go to lose those blanks. To re invigorate the locker room to trade a Pro Bowl running back and that's ultimately what they did in and I know that the opponents have been different the running game hasn't been the most to blame but they haven't won since that occurred. So that's a bit troubling to me I also think that in some of these games perk. My takeaways in that they've lost it's the way they've law right and sold that leads me to faith and this is just me from the outside examining you pay. Perhaps Cingular coach a little bit brash sets were that crack has started to form. Because the effort hasn't been there for the full. Dame when we're gonna Carolina Panthers offense is decent for what they're not good enough to pull waves were forty by points or it's a little ravens the offense isn't that good either. And so some of those signs are very troubling to me. They are they are in and and look the cracks are starting to show. That leads us right in the here's the thing. You can see the losing wearing on the Balkans finally they were more upbeat today joking with reporters smile and bounce it around a little bit. Adam gaze came over and talk to us a little impromptu. Talk session during practice from the other side of the field Julius Thomas stars yell and look. Let them know that this is a bunker mentality. And quality we walked into the locker room today. And over in the corner where the radio receivers and and running backs are. They were heaven like an impromptu freestyle rap session. And they're over there and and somebody a good name it's always in the middle maybe it was a team grant. But he was going off so you don't sees signs okay this team is upbeat but really. All throughout the week. It is being kind of Graham. Like Christians and talk about how he considers himself sort of the village idiot where he's still preaching fundamentals he's he's still telling people look you've got to block you've got to tackle. We've got another game you've got to do everything that you've got to do to prepare to win. Jarvis Landry you look at him and you ask him and he says it's tough man this being as tough so. I think overall. The losing is getting sued him look. You've had hurricane you've had crisper stir in the video of the G edge I'd trade injuries Lawrence Timmons Lawrence Timmons leaving the loss of the bye week well Lugar. So much stuff you did you remember all of this stuff I think. It's starting to Wear on the team and now that's normally an upbeat locker room guys are laughing and cheering. You have not seen that. All week up until today. So maybe there's a little bit of recovery but I think this by game losing streak is the breaking point of this team. And remember this if they don't win Sunday against Denver. They've got New England on Monday night. It's a seven game losing streak guaranteed it they don't win on Sunday. That would be the breaking point this team. There's a thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Sarah and now they're new location and pine crest road and urges are authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone the discover whether repairs customizations training sessions new purges as one ever. Look these guys are they will get you started. There drove nerds dot com they ourselves Florida's eyes in the sky and look rig. We've been talking a lot about the dolphins we've been talked a lot about he. We're gonna talk a little rip tide with DJ holiday of one notes and seven the leaks but Hearst. We're gonna get to your headlines read likens. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true yeah. ARAMARK. Following the two into four game road trip to Miami return home tonight as they welcome the Charlotte hornets to American Airlines Arena but the heat will be without big man Hassan Whiteside is the team announced yesterday. Then he'll miss one to two weeks due to a bone bruise in his knee. Rookie bam out of bi Ol start in his place Saturn you can hear all the action here on seven on the ticket with pregame coverage beginning at 7 o'clock in tip time. And eight to the NFL worthy affirmation Miami Dolphins went to their last practice of the week. This afternoon as they prepared to host the Broncos on Sunday in the final and report has been released her mom bush robbed Matt Moore Marie Smith and Damian Williams all been ruled out. Altamont dot Shaw Sinorice Perry and Michael Thomas are questionable to play in the game. From the pros and college worth the seventh ranked Miami Hurricanes touched down in Charlotte, North Carolina today and how to walk through a Bank of America Stadium. The site of tomorrow night's ACC championship game. Against number one Clemson. Meanwhile a conference championship game action begins tonight in the pac twelve was number twelve Stanford takes on tenth ranked USC kickoff is set for 8 o'clock from Levi's stadium in Santa Clara and there's big news out of Tallahassee as Florida State and outs of football coach Jim both Fisher has resigned. To take the job at Texas a and amp according ESP and the Aggies athletic department has approved. A ten year 75 million dollar fully guaranteed contracts. For Fisher and those are your outlook and I wanna go work in College Station, Texas. Manhattan as sort of a statement late on specs like that. These day holiday would boats and several of us what saw meant that things get I was gonna do my analysis of the dolphins offensive line but I think you guys pretty much covered everything aside and right and you know their single locker room fractures he's jealous and let's move behind the right under Rick and I go yeah let's not enough. Big music passable our our our signature. Event going on. Two tomorrow and Sunday. We're taken over Fort Lauderdale will be a lazy and you have to two options actually do more than two options so. Our sister station one of port previous shark is doing shark Greg tomorrow and job and that's due to be a little bit more on the alternative size so you're in the bands like got kgo within Weezer. Andrew and mic man in the wilderness of Portugal demand very popular right now and done a bunch of others and then on Sunday. While we roll to the beach side of things with KC and the sunshine band. Borders Lou Gramm's gonna be to real salt pepper and more stay in the top us and I'm especially looking forward to this because they're gonna be doing a tribute to quit yes and then they did back in my in my food I mean and it's again and so and they actually they were here a couple years back we didn't show with them and they're just they're just fantastic it's straight out of the movie if you got to hold the moves they bring everything I saw them in Austin that was the first concert I saw an end and maybe -- I can't remember what tour it was made little ridge or Mitt so whatever was my mum. Morris day and the time stole the show like hundreds came on it was like. Yeah you need to bring more they have and right now I think we're that in the right there they're really a test again I mean also have a lover Mort we're gonna have but she and India beat pre sell artist you know back back in the eighties a local band called mr. nice guy. And we got some so much more so boys to men are going to be there as well I mean it's it's two days in you can either you know get a ticket for both days you can get a ticket for either date. And keep in mind that this is not just. Eight concert. This is a passable and so on talk and we you know we have a little luck it'll come earlier in the office about what there. You know gun were there's going to be and there's all kinds of different food coming in I'm talking like you know sushi and new. The ball well talk and all of these years and hot dogs who might also be there if you want death but but they're bringing in all kinds of gourmet food there's going to be up. A wine garden in sports bar so you don't you worry about missing the game you shouldn't you know because. They're gonna have all of that I mean you really just need to go to bomb rip tide fest dot com because there's just played pictures in and out. And things they're what we did last year this is our second annual so. I've we're looking forward to seeing everybody it's going to be a great time getting to get tickets up there are on the web site. You can. Buy them at the gate they are gonna be a little bit more expensive so you wanna know you know if you really wanna go and you know you wanna get so little bit of discount go to rip tide that's dot com and no look at a perk everything Ollie says he's dead on it's accurate and all these things are huge attractions we urge you come down buddies kind of bearing the leading in terms of you know my opinion on the biggest. You're performing assets. Yeah holiday it's a solid a couple of no I will be yes I will be Jane I mean let's not get carried away. That's gotten the lead you know yep they're playing some music you know I'm not exactly going to be you know doing the bird yeah. But. I mean it's really it's it's really upon time I mean I was there. Both days last year and done it's just stuff. Just a bunch of people just just having a great time it's a big old beach party men and holiday let me let me ask you this I've got a girlfriend by. Other people on access what was the women seem like it self Florida it is the beach so I imagine what our overall why do you ask questions yard you know the dozens. The answer is that does that pretty much say it without that. You guys. That all kinds of reasons to be out there and jets QB it's gonna be a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody this year it's it can't wait to scale. Yeah yeah it's going to be a blast tonight that you said it well it green depending on your taste in music is a little bit of everything for everyone yes and I mean. Yes there is I there's there's no end and I don't know what now what else you mentioned the mood I guess they're gonna have like some there's a VIP visitors revoke their work there's we get down that Blair are behind isn't Rome summit that's. Might be sold a sold out already checked the web site if you want. But you know you can -- you can big ball and I mean there's like -- you -- cup banners and stuff like that -- -- a little bit more than the price of the average ticket yeah old -- I'm sure but I mean yeah I mean that you know we gonna -- we're now when you -- plenty of bars in delegates have plenty of food it's just at the -- -- -- really not to mention I thought that the added a key to the weather forecasts and it looks like he's re going to be -- -- sound -- -- bully days where does -- show exactly -- what a two point seven the beach on the -- it doesn't exactly get any better NASA does not that I'm I'm I'm -- be out there tomorrow -- to my arms over the overhang and that's -- Muslim war has -- and it was cool thing to foreign to our audience in the sports fans we do have a seven I was a good sports -- you know and that was it just doesn't even listen to all -- great music. Ol' days including DJ Ali spreading over to complement our. And and and I didn't miss anything from on the sports landscape is no one wants these championship game tomorrow night diversity Miami it's all there for you so it's the possible worlds everything's you know ten since I'd like that do not like to direct sunlight I mean it's this it's it's a party there's nothing. There's nothing you can't do that well. Right right that you're I think that it's of the content and yeah. Outlook meeting tonight you know OK yeah. A lot of friends and let you go out and you know he's both Mamas and loan league right now they're adults doesn't have a strong swimmer on the exact landing is having a fit right. If I I you know luckily we conservatives who didn't I don't party yeah. Everything goes right it's good dingy two miles out into the US assistant Virginia Indiana and that would. I've been here we've rallied in the right now I don't think that would be another reason is going to Islamabad bureau and has ripped. Ties that Saturday and Sunday were Lauderdale beach. Excellent line up again the ruling 790 ticket sports oh aces. Watch these games with your beaten to say and Chris Perkins Greg likens that's DJ holiday. We're going to be back. We're gonna talk some gym both this year actually when we come back we're talking Miami Heat we're gonna have by Anthony tang on here the Palm Beach post. You guys know Hassan Whiteside is out probably two weeks. What is the status of this and what is going on with this team we'll talk about it with Anthony trend of the Palm Beach post next. And now. There's certainly a grid like to thank you review. We now go to fifteen minutes of defense team isn't he just powered by champion or Biden or South Florida's number one Jeep truck in SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed to have a hobby a sport bike or modifications in tow. Called champion war by war at 786. By a vote soon three or 46 or. Go to championed more by poor. Dot com joining us now until Ryan duels and l.s there's convenience stores gas line they are truly steps beyond convenient. Anthony Zheng of Apollo Beach post and Anthony are you know tonight live. I'm doing good don't get ready for the heat to get back home here played the game the Miami finally. Exactly exactly and and looked and you're doing better than us on what side right. Tell us about it isn't the end and the bone bruise now. Yeah I mean he dealt with a similar injure job at the beginning of the ethernet port and missed five games in October. And now in video with different bone bruise in the they need a different spot that he. Yet to keep operating the winning it all that they import Thanksgiving I try to rate grew in the first three games of the trip. You missed practice in between. A couple of those game. I'm by Denny emit obviously when they came against the knicks because of the pain. He underwent MRI on Thursday they revealed that it added another poll numbers. And look like now you're gonna miss one to two weeks is that timetable. Although we spoke put on today it seemed a little. How to configure it and you'll be ready you're gonna wake to a 100%. Even mention it he rushed it I'm returning. The first bone bruise so it makes you think that two week without her or birdies and he rushed it. It could take a little longer it. And deal with that in mind ending housing that they haven't played well without him in the lineup and obviously in ninety million dollar guy he used. Well what they've built the roster around so what is this impact now big picture for them as they're already off to a slow start. I mean it it's a huge impact do you Keating did he need him to be their best player. And you know whether you're at a 100% or not you want in. Why he was playing hockey game even Betty can collect himself. Arm but even I get it president. It is huge for Miami and without him there audit bureau I'm under a tornado rookie. Anchored a defense com and India Khalid coming up the band chew. You know yet experienced a pretty good player but he's got the deeper the president a honoree in badminton or cut it on mug shot blocker. So you know it's even that we wouldn't Wear it eat it. Need to be really good when game. It's gonna hurt them. I am and you're you wanted to be out you offered make up or. So far it doesn't seem like our goal. I come is it gonna be a big law I think your question or beat them for a. Chris Burke in the grid light in 0790. The ticket we're talking to Anthony turning of the Palm Beach post. Miami Heat posting Charlotte tonight at 7 o'clock no Hassan Whiteside. It's an edited as I understand it Kimba walker not playing tonight so perhaps the pick and roll. I'd not heard not a huge problem but the mirror and without her son a minute it seemed like I just see assaults to the rim. Even when her son is is healthy and and on the bench. When he's not out there Eric it seems to me it's even worse you don't blame teens for doing it. How does receipts stop this do you stop it inside or do you stop it on the perimeter. I think it put more pressure on the predator like he's might think. Goran beyond our country and been in the new look pretty good holiday you know early on the eve dinner are ready but they're really up. But more and I'm prepared by keeping their right upon them without a rim protector backed bear. Ultra mentioned today that it though how that rim protector element when to have them out there and even mentioned Jordan Mickey Logan played no prominent role that even but he could dig out you I'm Peter do you think shop locker. He literally shot blocker in college I would like to walk into the Dili and it now bitchy leaked. I'm told maybe two from Jordan Mickey. I'm sprinkled in there to kind of you know help them I'm protect the rim. Look you but I think you're right I think it starts in the perimeter what with keeping the Guidant in front of them are trying to keep them out of appear much a. And the F trivia Tony five point home loss to the pacers are it appears the team has gotten back on track and a three game winning streak they snap the Celtics winning streak in the process but. What's happened over the last two games especially on defense against the cavs the knicks were things just seem to fall apart. There you couldn't hear you mention it be right back a bit deeper it has been. Back very bad acting game. There Cleveland. You know you'd you'd ever wanted you've got performance by okay Cleveland is one of the you know back into the only one I respect team in the east. But it and then make one important thing get it go don't injury early on the game thinking. Okay let me know it should help that he issuing new scheme it even though there on the road. And pick him up we're being muted not a good team. And they lose by a notebook by thirty points or one point I'm so I think you've spent that we had it been a bit doctor. And and that's really been the biggest issue for that cured or consistency. When they're playing good beat I think that it often. They were no win game but when they're not on the front that we needed on how you operate the make up forward. I think directly when he spit it out and degrading. And that's sit in order up a good you can deduct when game that are offered to drop. Oh that that we're all start. Talk Anthony Chang of the Palm Beach post here on 79 need to take it he posting Charlotte tonight at 8 PM at the AAA. Anthony got a couple of dies for the heat in Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson not shooting well from the field. Josh Richards and 36 point 8% Tyler Johnson 34 point 6%. Who shot comes around first. And which guy has figured out how to not make a contribution aside from scoring with wits between those who was figured that out my best I guess. Well I think I think Josh fortunate that it daughter ready I'm Vietnam and happened that we are all but defensively you one of the best. The under Soviet are in opponent field goal percentage Ahmad about wee it was number one. And keeping unity is it is the player he's guarding collect 35% shooting. Much is what to a 12% under normal shooting percentage so doctors and that's why he's. Omar the team leader in minutes played not because we offered obviously because he's such a good defender. Umpire there it is it's strange you get that look like an LP out McClinton thought all either. Formal we know there's no injury but he shares should begin getting. Open shot on it it paid we get there that he YouTube the funeral he offered little different with this new look rock there. Obviously you feel like you maybe stuck in a corner more often and what luck you're knocking the ball on the move it much. I think that you're trying to edit that out on fire and then you know better spot for him to be effective. I'll buy it just it is I've been you know we are get a game here and there are white point that a nickname you want respect the report so. Neglect it keep Tyler you're the man be a lot more complete their arm but I. Either keep it ready all the way to be effective even though chartered Boeing and. And when it comes serve field goal terms for game James Johnson is sixth on the team and not just from my arts as watching them play I feel like they're much more effective offense when he's aggressive on that side of the ball. It do you think he can be more assertive says these games to one because game to game it seems like sometimes he's ready Mormon distributors and try to be a score. I I think he's. I think you should be more accurate I think you want more strict about year I mean shouldn't there paper and I know everyone is they've routing you know good either in the night you know. I type I kind of agree are we really. Look like the player that I won't Bono would put down a lot either and but he'd he'd already eleven out point. On 50% shooting which is obviously is solid for a guy who plays on the permanent much if you don't. But but he he needs to be. You need to be about a more aggressive offensive player definitely armed I think you are nuked because it came it involves. Too much. I'm what you you know blood thing you know and and sometimes occurs. Our men but I do think you're happy Margaret could the team is better when James Johnson how the bonnet and and it being assertive. Entity as as you look at kid in in the schedule after Charlotte hosting Golden State. Going to San Antonio to start out of three game road trip. How do you see this team playing over the next let's say two weeks DC a and I know his son is probably gonna be out. Ten they stay at 500 can they play a game above 500 hum what it what is kind of the short term long term outlook for this team deepening. Well I. Here is very difficult there on Sunday it would do. No matter who I wanted to cut it came to their schedule but here tonight without Kemba Walker the winnable game on but if you went tonight you know you can. A law against whom they use they you know kind of we are right now one point 05 under an eagle on the road three games which are Arctic Arctic it's not a the company torture restart compare Antonio would about a pickup game but then you go to Mexico you played Brooklyn outta the winnable game. And when you're on the road trip in Memphis to dogs we also winnable game now where they're going through. An and come back home so. They're winnable game coming up I'll moderate the got a barn but but you know they eat bacon they can. They can realistically. Hover around 500 so. Until I'm on the return which I think is the goal right now considering everything that their barker the moment will. With that in mind I did is still very early to draw any definitive conclusions about the season we haven't we learned that the hard way last year but dumb. If they do hover around five under there under 500 and would be. A reasonable thing considering what's Izod do you think that Pat Riley does seriously explore some trade possibilities come December 15 when everyone becomes eligible to be dealt. I I think it and it it there it is right though a target at the moment but I figured they continue. Our own. You are that you hop believe that there will be discussion and there will be. An open mind it being what Al Baird is any good offers you you know I don't think I'd probably going to be. Can kind of an individual organization in general of the 500 team working that. To do below 521. Game losing one game what he thought it was more about not. A dollar organization of about what I think is discontinued and you know there's not a but no one in the future they eat a bit there will be discussion on what happened what they got an operative light. You know we're all you know they have they already out there right now retreated to look at all the contracts. I'm back on the book. And guys are under a woman who Crocker at the moment it I'll drop it though. Wonder what will again return if they do that battered record though. Those are bush and they're not they're bigger out of the next month. Anthony hey we appreciate you taking them complement its with a before the game tonight have won down there be safe on the road are you go into a Mexico City. I am you know who joked then that team out there are actually being prepared to respond yeah no that's going to be a great time man enjoyed it more than Bill Belichick enjoyed it I think it Anthony thanks a lot we don't talk to you later. And I are right. They when we come back you guys know it is they date shots below snubbed him both Fisher is gone dolphins met more not playing Hassan Whiteside out you William we're gonna talk about all that stuff may have more Chris Perkins grid light in 790 the ticket. So. And the purpose of my home Monday Reid wanted to know recap of the weekend's games fantasy updates injuries reports everything you need to know. Brought to you by Coconut Creek are Romo friendly and knowledgeable at the price you want sponsored by a. Atlantic coast public adjusters Coors Light and the Florida lottery Chris Perkins Greg likens we're here with you up until right before 7 o'clock. Rig still a whole lot of stuff we haven't even touched yet. Miami Marlins you've got the John Carlos Stanton situation you've got to stay a situation where the fired a radio scout. Who was. Is hospitalized. In and was was a waiting. Transplant. And they hired them but before we get all day. Look we gotta talk a little bit more football great and and we've got a couple of things that that we need to cover here. The first one is our who covers segment that's brought to us by East Coast public adjusters. We've got your assets covered call eight by Biden did ECPA. Or visit east schools public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less. Covers here grid. A lot of tight. Gains as good as you mentioned on the schedule this week we'll look that I like I know I'm not taking the dolphins. Against Denver I'm not doesn't adult dialogue. I am not touch today anything that I've been bad enough to get in popularity. This year's decisions on some about code if a I've taken Pittsburgh minus six accident scene I am yeah I'm I'm taking the C. This the rove team look Steelers narrated through on a six game winning streak they did beat Cincinnati about six weeks ago. 29 to fourteen but I just think that this Pittsburgh team does is on a roll right now Cincinnati is one bag to bag games. The lakers were just playing right now go. I. They are one of the high at the New England they're the team that I trust in the AFC east from Cleveland Pittsburgh minus six SEC. School you've got. Rome club. So at least your matches he picks them they of one very good too you know deuce side decent idea say Cincinnati yeah I'm the requirements of tomorrow I'm gonna do. They drove into the toilet bowl here though because the one in 1040 niners losing in the three win bears the bears at home favorite three now points. I'm going mom and Jimmy rubble they're maybe I didn't really I don't know lands we had to go on the roles and they've pulled off the upset and they're getting three and a half points anyway and sign a lot I'm gonna go the 49ers they played a lot of competitive games including last week. Yelled they gave the Seahawks decent match up so I think the bears Mitchell too risky continues to start I think as he should but he hasn't. Still blown anybody out water rights movement that impressive so I think. Ruffle Shanahan the 49ers go into the windy city doctor yeah that's that that's just some scenes that. But nobody wants to see you play great US open you have to let somebody I don't know if I. That means I technically they could but it's basically a knighthood but yeah we don't even wanna think about that who covers. It's been sponsored by these schools public adjusters we've got your assets covered call 85 by get ECPA quarter. Visit east schools public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less so. That that's our who covers look now we go. Our Finnessey segment that's brought to you by Andrew. Call 807473. That's 807 or 73733. You got in your in your in the CP TI I don't mean I'd look. Uncle Jim Newton. And now that doesn't yeah that that's a that's a very interesting week for a couple of reasons a big game it's generated a huge game they are they are at New Orleans and and we know how well New Orleans has been playing this year. That there win streak started against the dolphins already know over in London. But come you know we we see how will the saints have been planned winning streak and over by the way but but we see how well they've been playing. Couple quarterbacks recently against him have done very well Jerry ball of the rims 354 yards two touchdowns one interception. 96 point five passer rating and Kirk cousins of Washington 322 yards. Three touchdowns no interceptions. 132 point six passer rating against New Orleans. New Orleans is gonna score but a good quarterback. I think to do some damage against them so again I'm taking Carolina quarterback Cam Newton is my fantasy pick of the week. You've got great. I'm gonna go a position group phenomena go up north yet it could be some frigid weather but I like the Green Bay Packers wide receivers. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now you may say they've brought homilies at quarterback you know you don't feel so great about that. Yeah actually played well against the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary inmate dead and inching matchup on sun and apple ball but listen as the box have allowed forty receptions 634. Yards and four touchdowns. The last two weeks. A wide receivers included a couple weeks audience Kenny stills and in my adult that's your bit so I think it. The recent trend of them giving up. Big yardage and scores too wide receivers continues this weekend that's why. Whether it's Jordy Nelson Dovonte Adams Randall Cobb just go with the Green Bay wide receivers that's my Tennessee matchup that I like all right there you go Mets but that segment sponsored by. In a jar Levine accident attorneys call 807. Or 73. That's 807. Were 73733. Bridge we got to get to the Miami Marlins real weak and had asked I don't know if this is low hanging fruit. I sometimes I feel bad about call in the Marlins out nonstop but this one. This will that is is kind of shake either there there's they scalp. Who worked there for the Marlins longtime scout Marty Scott. He had his contract. I well the contract will be renewed. On October and up and they they they told him that on October 16 his contract would not be renewed. They told him this when he was in a hospital be at recovering from colon cancer surgery. This is a guy who also needs a kidney transplant because of diabetes. On the circuit is great acting in it if you're gonna fire the guy or you're not gonna renew his contract technically Agassi eating get fired. They didn't renew his contract right. There's then the guy is is you know you know that he's it'll so there's never a good time to tell him right I mean he's. He's recovering from colon cancer surgery any needs a kidney transplant. So in my role here to think it'll of the Marlins for doing this little pun intended on the right here and if that's correct that is correct yeah. On because if you take a look at some of the moves have been criticized for since their Jeter came into power in this new ownership group is there. Yes I criticize them for getting rid of a some of the long time. On good will employees like. Jeff Conine and Andre Dawson Jack McKean and Tony Perez who you know I thought serve dual purposes within the organization they provide. A lot of help to the baseball people will also all. Really reach out to community and become a goodwill ambassadors or an organization that desperately need it needs he rightly so that part I can understand though business wise Derek Jeter wants to go a different direction that's fine the way he went about it I would disagree with it. That part is understandable. The fact that they decided you're rich Waltz did the Sox were Florida most people including myself highly disagree without her and that's a business decision that that you wanna make and these guys. Healthy and for all intents and purposes can find work elsewhere and Andre Dawson pros and rejoin the mark the Chicago Cubs. It's Waltz that they will live on his feet similar and and this one though that you just brought up. This one. Stinks terrible and I I don't agree with this one at all because. It's one thing to get rid of some guys that are in high paid positions that you know I they can probably find work elsewhere in and you could just chalked it up to. We're going a different direction. This you know the guys literally on a hospital bed and you passel on the news did you not retaining it within the organization. Seriously have a little bit of heart here I mean if you it to me this just looks bad on a number of different levels. Don't you think you could wait until his health concerns are behind him and Intel are gonna make of baseball related decision mean. Seriously any organization especially just. One of 32 baseball teams right which I mean let's say it's a Major League Baseball with the Marlins or otherwise they're making good money on an annual basis I think you put up with the insurance costs that are associated. With keeping this guy is 64 years old it is literally sitting at a hospital waiting for a kidney transplant right have some heart are you getting me right. Yeah and EE. He was able to get. Health insurance through Colebrook. And he hopes that. That he can get a kidney transplant. In January. And so yeah. I just feel that there there had to be a better way to do this right but three other scouts were fired at the time so it's not as though. This guy was was singled out. That this is according to Jeff pass and above by Yahoo!'s. You know excellent baseball writer writes I and it just it just so that you'll write Earl and just a little. It doesn't and in this gentleman Marty Scott he's quoted in the article as saying. You know I'm very hurt he's been involved in baseball for forty years and said. I'd let a lot of people go. I never ever fire somebody ten days or fifteen today days before the contract was up to buy knew I was going to fire somebody I do the beginning of September and I think that's were a lot of people disagree or that a lot of people disagree with the time in the rich Waltz. Firing because it happened well after the season concluded that happened the day before Thanksgiving to. Com so I think this is the missing hacked. And Jeffrey Loria and David Sampson missed that as well optics are very important right and so it at this point in time. The Marlins organization can use any help they can get in terms of good PR right and it just feel like there is this numbness to humanity when it comes soon this situation particular. There's just differ way to go but if you need to move on from the guys you certainly can do so blood. Probably a little further advance and maybe hack wait till after January fees mostly get this kidney back. Right yeah that's what what are few what's gonna do that NASA being man I I. I I keep looking in and saying you know on the circus in the Marlins you know you're gonna get rid of this guy so get rid of them. And and keep moving forward but. Optics here and kind of the human side of it. The business side so is it you don't think he was doing a good job get rid of them. The human side and the side of the I guess public opinion. This just doesn't feel right it just doesn't look right. And so that's where I think the Marlins opened themselves up should they be more sensitive to stuff like that. Yeah it you're the New England Patriots are Alabama football you really don't have to worry about updates your winning when you're the Miami Marlins. Optics matter and so this one to me does not pass the smell test. Don't think about a roof produce weight if if the numbers are true and they spent Summers who one point 11 point two billion dollars to purchase the Marlins. And you don't wanna pay for this guy's insurance I heard of a few months right thing about a net. Yet yet I intimidating man that was it just does not you'll smell or look right in so. Here we go again it's it's something else but the Marlins that's that's out there and you wonder. To these guys admitted that they understand what's 111 here feel old yet the rarity for the market. None of the market but just generally speaking. Anybody who will view an organization in a positive light I mean they're not gonna do you know. Something in Nevada please everybody would never rode him right and they shouldn't try to Null put this into some of these things are avoidable images seem completely tone deaf right to some of those items they had a isn't it like it'll easily help themselves right in back. They could have retained here ego is a turn listen there are completely 180 writing our lives right and Derek Jeter visiting him in the and exciting video of that anything right put it on your web site weeded out any being put this but. Here we are in the air they are so us look pay grave we still have a ton of stuff to delve into when we get back on the other side of main. Jim both Fisher is now players Tennessee football was out there we just us on the Marlins we've already talked about the dolphins and whether they're about to correct witnessed by game losing streak should it turn into six if it turns into 67 is guarantee compatriots next Monday night. Steel. Big story you win a football against Clemson tomorrow night. We're gonna delve deeper into that when we come back. Can't make it out of time. Sports real plus the ACC title game tomorrow while you're out there it's why they're playing a special room Wayne's. A big fan of those and also tried their great drink specials is presented by image of being an accident. Call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Chris Perkins rig likens back with you for the final hour of the show. Captain Curtis Curtis Stevenson he's out of town today he won't be back on Monday so we're hold it down here. Rig. Once again and the big story that we really. Can't get away from as the U whim Clemson ACC championship. 8 PM tomorrow night Charlotte, North Carolina. Huge gain a verse appears you swim in the ACC championship. And rig as I've gone around this week I'm back. Publics who jiffy Lou to more work it Altman's. Work year. I'm not Dylan from McCain's McCain's science I should say I'm I'm just not feel it a little. Let what do you think is the Bible. A long the bit detained spends about this championship game. Well there's been a distinct difference in the tone and a BB optimism the positive but he from. Entering that two week stretch especially between Virginia second Notre Dame went out after that. Notre Dame win like the bill to that and afterwards it was nothing but positive video and national championship you was back right right now yeah everybody hates us we're gonna be able founder and president on the shoulder right bigger than ever exactly and now that you you have your first slip over the season which. Again I I think there is a couple of them perspectives have adopted ten and only my his we'll get to eleven and on him you were unable to do that's that's difficult to swallow. But the same time if you take a step back. Nobody thought EB ten don't want this point of the season implying. Many play in the AC titled the Def my head and want him I think you exceeded expectations with with the Florida State Virginia Tech and Notre Dame victories with ball exactly being right rarely anybody says it like right exactly so. You know I understand this rollercoaster of emotions and their Brees and on but I'm with you I happened. Saints that you have the same exuberance and you have the same guy like chest out competence that the Miami Hurricanes not only are back but they're gonna. It'll wipe the field with right Clemson Tigers on Saturday the theory is a lot of residents right now for everybody to just got to take a step back and say it would final mortal. Ryder re we didn't figure out a way to win even it was an ugly game. And tonight they pets left some doubt it's creepy and everybody says I think you're exactly right and that is the perpetrate and mission in zoo here's the being. Not really contain spans I wanna take McCain's against Clemson but I am definitely not Il and from canes fans. I'm Dillon that. And may be we're gonna Lee and may be we're not done a live in the I don't think that's healthy I don't think that's good for the team now look. I don't know how much the team picks up on the buy from aliens. You know when the team is out on campus when Mateen do you know they go out to dinner Rourke to a movie which I am doubting any of them had time to do this week but when they object social media. I am wondering how much divide of the Iranians seeps into the teens consciousness. If that's true we know that they got a huge boost import of Florida State game huge boost the board Virginia Tech. Huge boost the board Notre Dame. And I'm just wondering what they're boost or what their yield is like now when they go out and meet the people of south border were mingle with them. Wind their on social media. Are they steal Bil in that same productivity the same encouragement. As you see it that same chip on the shoulder that old you Williams swagger that old us against the world. I am wondering if their bill Monday and am wondering if that ultimately has any effect. In the psyche of an 18192021. Year old kid. In Seoul. I think that that be a little bit dangerous from what they've been picking up from the aliens. Unless I'm wrong about this by and I don't think I am I in abide has been bear read bear read. I. Our guest does just trepidation that that's the best thing that that I can being dominated that at Ole McCain's confidence is not there. I've built among the fans hope believe the play years. Do not feel the same being and if they do hope believe they can get past that tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. Against Clemson. Here's the biggest most of my drove nerds and Evan Shura now their new location in pine crest. Drove nerves as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone these cover whether we're talking about trading sessions new purchases repairs customizations whatever it is. Go see him they will hook you up. Visit them today drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Great do you think it do you think it matters were college players now for. Byrd throws I I doubt Barry seriously doubt that matters college players when social media so important. When when you're going through you know the big cheese or wherever you're going. Do you think they picked up on that by from the. I think so I think more so then you ward on the professional level now I don't know to what degree yet they do but I do think it's more it's human nature in general and especially former palace is that there were each. Adding their more susceptible to getting caught up in some of the emotions and I mean if we apply that logic to the way the season's gone. That's why I thought that there was going to be demon which we saw letdown performance in May might actually lose or be that Virginia game yet because everybody. All the canes fans like we beat Notre Dame and we're back and now like OK the wrestler regular seasons easy. Virginia Pittsburgh yeah okay let's talk of the ACC championship game let's talk about the final for the playoffs like. Betsy Amy though the mindset and the Virginia game they're overcome a slow start another fourteen point deficit early in the second half and that that what I thought they had overcome that hurdle. I'm in the Pittsburgh game happen and now this is where the doubt. Fisher is assuredly. Crept in one quick side note I do see some. Quotes coming in from up in Charlotte and dabble sweetie has a funny quote. That I big yelled the mighty. Media has asked him about the turn over chain right and he says I don't have any doubt this game it's not what it come down to a chain. It's gonna come down a player's making plays taking care of the ball creating turnovers field position big plays that's what wins championship Opel self interest idyllic this week after week bid coaches have to address. Yes over here you do it's it's entities IN and looked at now I'm not mistaken. An and we'll get to your headlines here in the second if I'm not mistaken dabhol that's that's about as negative as I heard another coach talk about let's say in the gun most. Trying to embrace it does to make it their print couple I'd love the journal we're saying our players which they had something like your. In the end they turned the department. That always has always local state and hard and CNN. Turn over saying turn over Maine it's not gonna habit that thing gets the players fired Greg yeah I mean and yet it has a they get them up on the game but demo site in if this comes down to whom you know fundamentals blocking and tackling grimy not a motion. You went on to say hey listen there that I'm gonna paraphrase it an unbelievable year creating turtle right and so he cited that he's aware that he's what's the film but he also says. As far as a turnover you know let's stop the name of the year's points. So we completely dismissing the general Janis that it had no power that is that that's the hard and stay we're gonna talk about that when we come back from your headlines read likens you were on. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. ARAMARK. Puts on the hardwood following their pursuant to four game road trip to Miami Heat return home tonight as they welcome the Charlotte hornets to American Airlines Arena. But the he'll be without big man Hassan Whiteside is the team announced yesterday. That he'll miss one or two weeks due to a bone bruise in his knee. Brooke keep them out of bio will start this place is senator and you've been here all the action on seven on the ticket with pregame coverage beginning at 7 o'clock. And tip time. Eight to the NFL with a dolphins went to their last practice of week thirteen this afternoon as they prepare to host the Broncos on Sunday. The finally drew report has been released that your mom bush robbed Matt Moore Marie Smith and Damian Williams have all been ruled out all the bond dot Shaw Sinorice Mary and Michael Thomas are questionable to play in the game. From the pros a college with a seventh ranked Miami Hurricanes touchdown in Charlotte, North Carolina today and had to walk through Bank of America Stadium. The site of tomorrow night's ACC championship game matchup against number one Clemson. Meanwhile the copper championship game action begins tonight. In the pac twelve as number twelve Stanford takes on tenth ranked USC kickoff is set for 8 o'clock from Levi's stadium. In Santa Clair. And there's big news out of Tallahassee as Florida State announced that football coach Jim both Fisher has resigned. To take the job it. Texas a and M according to ESP and the Aggies athletic department has approved a ten year 75. Million dollar fully guaranteed contract. For Fisher and those are your reports man tin is 75 million dollars. And years I mean. That and that's a long time right leads in years' span. Then it and that is too long I I would say. One and think about the fact that they still lol. Stomach someone ten point four million dollars they've invested multi millions worth of dollars in their athletic facilities and some of the areas surrounding the football as a stadium and so I I do know that this is partially motivated by the fact it. They've invested so much they feel they need Debbie winning product on the fuels you understand the logic behind it but man. Is this historic. Contract for college football you you invest so much. Then of this dude don't we'll win right off the bat yet here's they would ever ten years I'd argue it's Italy. But I mean and I'm sure it's a big body out I. I know I haven't had haven't looked to see what the buyout is I'm not sure if that's been in reveal older or whatever but. Yet 1010 year contract that you're you're stuck would import new year I got to. Clinton Perot quit. The study liquid that can make crop excuse me you Luciano to put on Twitter. I wanna say we parted gonna go to Mexico to Florida State. But a little play the video for you and the Somalis flee to fill big. Trying to deflect questions muffler put from the for the record I don't have any. This thing that rumor stuff. So we know we kind of don't firstly the 500. Wow well it's agony he's only he's only been up there a year right in the US left. He has. Western Kentucky it is a South Florida. To origin. And while. That would that would be that he really would come back you would come back here to the state of Florida can lead actually from the state of Florida so my question would be a mean Willie tiger obviously is that ties your mentioning by. Florida moved on from him do you think Florida State is more attractive it's not in the SEC we talked a missile earlier bomb. I'd heard before that maybe Charlie Strong would be interested just spear USF but I don't know if there if it's reciprocated right but he does know have. Really strong recruiting ties instead of Florida. It feels to me go for Florida State certainly this would blind side them. To a certain degree right because the you had him locked up he's won a high state coaches in college football not too far removed from the national championships so you would assume everything was okay. But it's so far along in the process compared to some of the other openings seeing. Are are they reaching for a Willie Taggart is he deserving of this opportunity in its if you could take the decision makers. Behind closed doors and get them to open Obama's lead if they did Jimoh Fisher's left them in the lurch so to speak because he didn't just make this decision Ehrlich. I think they have to be prepared Florida State I'm talking about because they know Jim boasts passed and we talked about. LSU was was one of the teams that he had talked to slash alerted win so and then suppose that lead the relationship between. Jim both Fisher and the administration or the powers that be I'm not sure that's just. President and at all this we were also the athletic department and those people but anyway. The relationship we've been deteriorating for weeks so Florida State should have been blind sided by this but. I bet I bet they're more pissed off then then then and then saw because. You know we have Mike Bianchi of the Orlando sentinel on the board and he's got his polls on Florida and tortoise Dayton UCF and although schools out there. He said it would be gutless. Gutless or Jim both Fisher to leave at this view angle to Texas a and AM and I think that that's kind of what I've. Gotten by readings I abet those people are more. Sick and hiss that Jim bowl then they are shocked and caught off guard so. Well and one quick notes did I know I mentioned earlier and we were talking about Jim Bos decision to go from the ACC BS it's up. One quick note so anyways this is according to Brittany Murphy whose longtime news channel held the ball out of order. Romney's all over everything he said taking into consideration Kevin someone's dismissal from Mississippi State are from martek Sam sees me and Dan Mullen departing Mississippi State for Florida. Durbin 28 head coaching changes in the SEC since Nick Saban joined Alabama in 2000 so it's incredible I I thought I heard somebody on ESPN's say and it's it's. Maybe benign the last two years it's it's it's and it reminds me gesture and it reminds me of your Bill Belichick in the years seats where it Italy's policy changes for the other three team comes. The saving of the SEC where you just have to dominate. Maybe greatest of all time type coaches. Why on earth outside of the money you get yourself mixed it and that in what right here is on paper to be a losing proposition. I I agree hey. Look our next guest at he's a dolphins writer now Joshi head of the Palm Beach post but you know he spent years at ESPN covering college football so. Maybe it will stick a toe in the college football water goes we we noted that. That that dolphins waters is got Al G and and all kinds of a fungus and it so I don't know politically parks and so and that water for too much longer Joseph said of the Palm Beach post coming up next. Damage to retire some sports we watch the ACC title game tomorrow. Try their famous special real green thumb of big fan of those and tried their drink specials presented by an Edgar Aaron Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. So that's 1800. 74737. 33. Chris Perkins brig likens back with you here on 790 the ticket. Curtis Stevenson the captain either out of town he will be back on Monday so we will hook up with him at that time have our usual show. In the meantime. Rig likens we've got our plays of the game that we're going to. Talked with. With Joseph OSHA and of the Palm Beach post. He joins us right now on the O'Reilly and duels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly steps beyond convenient. And Joseph Shanahan you know and out their man. Or our pay or that we we've got our keys to the games here it is sponsored by Lexus of North Miami and I may ease and automotive experience. Joseph says eight year my keys to the game number one. If you're the dolphins you've got to score. Number two you've got to bond a ground game number three. You've got to make some big plays now I'm not going toward the front seven needs to do such and sides to it. This this is bear he bottom line you out of buying anyway. Any way to win this game the formula is out the window or what do you think about those keys to the game Joseph. Yeah I think you're on target Perry I think you know there's no use of the dolphins not to wins by eighteen Lucy Sri should com Q and and you know as much as we perceived the dolphins to be doing. On the ball goes earnings full pledged fall in the New York. Not doing well at all. And done there are few things that the dolphin should be able to do in this game I think any skills. Is the guy that I did identify. As somebody who should be able it'll be a few big downfield plays and we haven't seen enough of them when Jay Cutler's been under senator's been more so. More than I knew you referenced pressure there briefly. The dolphins only averaged one point six sacks per game which he really embarrassing considering my account gavel on this convict came and watched the ball and shoot outs for five sacks. So I'm looking for shall perish the second sack of his industrial career looking for Kim wake up one or two sacks. Maybe on very boring inched up finally chipped in fact it's been a while so. Dolphin should be able to create a lot of pressure. And call to be honest that probably gonna seek so lot of pressure on the organ in young's a matchup to watch. Those decent game have been sponsored by Lexus of North Miami anime she's in automotive experience. Rig. As as far as the dolphins then and this losing streak. I mean it is there wonder is there one teeing that you think that they need to do well above all others or is it just a matter of win anyway you can't. Well I don't know if I thought I was it didn't ever say it was blood typing keep Jay Cutler upright and healthy I mean I created in the paso that was all that considered a Jay Cutler right I don't like the idea David fails point quarterback for this indictment against him. Eight a jolt by outside of these coaches wanted to win every single game and other bolt on rough stretch here. How meaningful is this particular matchup considering the connections between Adam Jason Vance Joseph. There a difference. Obviously. We're now in case who's looking for head coaching job you would kind of knew that bench Joseph's is sorely he wanted to bring what and they talk on occasion not. Not not as much in him Kirk talked you know it's gonna. And you know out tilt cool thing you know you wanna whenever we kick up you know you want your body to win every week except the week vacation you shall. On you know how I wish we were writing a different story than the one that is true. Which is that Adam decent and show us a surrogate currents have lost their last twelve games. Combined by an average score 3214. So it all bad news I mean they're all over the edge to assist in Denver already. Some columnists suggesting it should be one and done. And out and he says the beautiful great period built in here because look every all the equity you built and at first you're the political front. Arm but obviously arms and restructuring the dolphins players and dolphins intense. After that sort of smoke and Mears for two short. We're here with Joseph said of the Palm Beach post. Joseph you at a a good blog today. I don't know if it was the daily Dalton but it was undone Palm Beach post dot com you talk to the ticker. Cody party who is from Jupiter and Palm Beach Tony but. It really has some good stuff in there as far as you know when he was first in the Long Beach post on the punt pass NT contest and the restaurants that he likes. But let's talk about the addition which I think has been quietly a good addition. Up Cody park either Dalton stumbled goal waved from. From Andrew franks and and they end up taking party whom look what we saw him it hard rock stadium with the Cleveland Browns he was not impressive. What has impressed you most about Cody parking. Until I think until it looked up to statistics setting realized that he meet 92 point 3% of the field goals yeah. We're kind of chatting like hey the Palm Beach post is pushing you from Pro Bowl. In the cattle that any attempt so it doesn't have. That many attempts and compares until like even cut out even just didn't soccer new year huge Justin talk this thing and Perkins ravens are you spent some teams may be automatic that's it it's. I think Justin talker you know they get a man crush on Justin talk. The you know the ravens kicker you know he. Also noticed that that surprised me in you know there's a lot of bad ones and but it turned out. But when he kicked the ball all following a field goal or touchdown and another good enough of them. Well or historic seamer pastime anyway the Apollo when he gets in deeper than any other team in the NFL so. He has the ability and he's pretty special teams closely per click the ball between the trend in the bowl and forcing the opposition to Al. That it just doing the traditional touchback. Joseph there was so much pre season hype surrounding Dovonte Parker and he struggled three injuries ineffective play in a season full of disappointments and where does. Parker's. Inconsistencies. And ineffective play rank in your mind. Her surprising it's very disappointing and people who is second always been hurt. He'd never been got to attack the ball so why are you surprised bulk of the company look in the spring and summer. And I know we banged up I know he's hurt now know that it's. One of the guys that you developed in the gonna treat this week Marriott Thomas who once played try to engage in Denver you would always hurt the beginning his career and he figured out a way to stay healthy. And it's reasonable to wonder target co workers are going puke. Bobby in the areas Thomas per say but at least find a way to be hell to. Com I talked around it. Shocking that. Right after the game. To market Parker said. You know I in my dad I need to attack the ball I think it's it's good that he acknowledged that it was sitting speaker at least a big part. Can mistake when Matt Moore tried to throw the ball on tape recorder in orbit and the first half put. Com. He's you know you kind of want you war you know your quarterbacks to be like vocal leaders can kind of want your receivers to be. Like alpha dogs have a little prima Donna in them. And the market corkum and have a little prima Donna in him but he's no ultra book. No no he's not here he is not and and at that that's the socking being about Dovonte as it is still has not clicked for their guy and you know he's he's he's running out of being out of a time on playing on potential. Now he's got to deliver and he is not deliver. I don't need to get a cabinet you real quick Parker because I brought this up in the media room did Deng and there was some dispute about it. I would take it true for Parker not some guys in the room sets don't get it pure for Parker I was one of those guns. But you'll aka know no Greg what do you think Mandy do you think some team would give up a cure for Parker in the off season. I think there's the outside possibility it's some other team who had scouted him and had been enticed by a unique combination of size speed up what a schism. And you know there's always a team out there that thinks it'd bring him in their system and get the most out of themselves I do think that's still a possibility. When you consider how a young here it's. What are your endured months being on -- that. Joseph is that we're talking Joshi head of the Palm Beach post here on some ninety the ticket. Is that. Dovonte does not stay on the steals enough. Two to pull the trigger on bet third round OK maybe I'm start to think a second round pick. To me he's not on the field enough and and and you combine that the health concerns with attitude and actual production and that's where I thought it fell off. Yeah you know look I was among those surprised that. The dolphins only netted fourth round pick a week's Fort Drum take church age I need. I'll put you know with the Chinese. You're the guy who will be able to stay on the field despite a chronic condition. So would be interesting to see how the injuries would be should but I guess reported I would not be shocked the ball fringe treat them like that Parker in the off season. And either use that pick or another pick in the top three rounds to replace him. And that would mean it's our slender states. He you can run into an area yet either an extended deal or Orioles franchise that hey Joseph real quick here before we let you go we know this you covered college football for ES TN. We're for a number of years it's how you got your seventeen million Twitter followers. Are on the collapse let me let me ask you this what's going on now at Florida State. And and Texas or in Maywood gym both Fisher taking a ten year 75 million dollar contract. It is this insanity or do you kind of understand Jim bowl leaving and sexism and AM paying that much money. Well you know now. Jay Cutler took a ten million new kind of like well he got to know. Importing the gag a I kind of feel the same wicked book handle pressure well accord they gave him and he fights and all. Of the dumbest thing I've ever heard of him and as you heard. I stupid I agree I social exhibit a was about the money isn't a Smart career moved. It's the Smart money is no one. But it also makes sense to get out around the ten year bark you know you had eleven years in my previous employer and I certainly would have stayed there are a lot longer they've welcomed me to stay good. I think change is good. And I think. Being in the spot ten years especially college football coach Brewster start come down and you the president start to ask questions quarry. Why you guys have so many off field issues you know Bobble boss so. But it did practicing an amicable additional expense folks there yes there are people are not CR all except trying to nail. As I asked our viewers it was a little bit surprised the pine belt that led Jumbo got that much money but. As Ryan's he would there's a lot of oil money down there so. My my good friend who is a former in and coach Dennis Franchione was a court order for years and men stories. I mean they just expect to win the national championship and it's not. It's not realistic goal I think Jumbo might be reversed his decision after two years that's my prediction. Add insult to hey Joseph we appreciate the time male when will see you Sunday out there we'll see if the dolphins and break that five game losing streak. Yeah I'd placement. While I I agree with his assessment of taxes they indium is delusional that doesn't suit like most of the SEC fan bases are delusional yeah yeah it really does it really does a Mina. You know in the in my. You know I don't know man base instead you're just you're not bet program like that again. You're not the number one program in the state it's Texas you're not going to be the number one program in your conference that's Alabama and Auburn in and LSU and Florida. Good luck. Good luck to you Aggies did lol I still wonder I know financially must have been boost for them by. I still wonder they were greatly going to be twelfth right we see that that that I never had not understood the meaning I again it must have been financially yet moved to financially the right Mall of America president standpoint I didn't understand that yeah yeah I know it I mean they they thought that you know regionally it really doesn't matter because they're they're down there in their cell you know there. They're not too far from LSU quite honestly and so they figured that was going to be okay. They kind of get out of the shadow of the University of Texas and and a lot of people thought Texas women heaven on your recruiting advantage with longhorn general. Which is on ESPN that has not worked out at all to be in on your recruiting advantage I thought it was going to be it's it's could ever made a damn bit of difference. But. Yet they might be regretting that this is financially they're not regretting joining the SEC. Basketball team is actually rang and they are pretty well yes but. Yeah football with the with the big thing that drives that program. They might regret it a little bit pay will be back to wrap this thing up Chris Perkins rig likens will probably finish off with a whole lot of UN football talk because that is the big story as we hit into the week in Clemson knew him tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. We will be back in a U 790 the ticket. Zero cent 98. Yeah. Cool hole. Focused on this you win football game against Clemson tomorrow night 8 o'clock Charlotte, North Carolina. Yeah. I expect I'm picking the gangster green and gonna go as far as to slam expecting McCain's victory. I'm hoping we're cain's big real predicting it means victory. I don't look like you say expect that if you you said that you expect to McCain's victory I we've been changed and you know politically perked right nickname woods instead and just call you. Chris the thrill Perkins let's. Yeah exactly original bill we already know I was really know is preaching he would drop the knowledge in the 4 o'clock hour if you look like positive James Mahan. And only positive things fail and an enthusiastic. Exuberant. Kings bay and Randal hill is your mayor run with you draw us a little podcast in Libya are usually brought he brought it people are texted me and saying get my pants on rating well. If you say you expect them to win I mean I wouldn't. Disagree with you in the sense that's your opinion on it but I mean they're they're not favored to win graveyard kind of going against the odds in a number of different ways because they've got the injuries we've been discussing hello Richard satellite receiver Chris turn in the tied in predominately right osu the most recent and then you know if you wanna go back even further a Florida State game when mark Walton got hurt you could argue that their top three offensive play makers NATO especially those respective positions. Are not available to them against. A defense that classy and we'll see all year right Jimmy Clausen. Only allowing thirteen point six points per game and Auburn right now is. Had one of the unbelievable rises in the rankings were great run right now and number two are gonna play for a potential spot in the playoff you build a two losses in the SEC title game. This clemson's defense limited the tigers to six points early Lucy's right. So I yell at that puts things in perspective so to say do you expect them to win. My opinion that's total to four yeah I item I don't appreciate out of room so I listened closely market volatility some of the. So we have here right right right is it will already city and I I I'm picking them to win I'm hoping that retains win. 00 yeah your right will rein it in. But it. And again. You know who have been in the hands when you talk about both the UM fans and I have talked about that we've talked about that and I'm just not feeling that continents that. That Tom screw the world we're detains type of attitude that chip on the shoulder. I'm feeling just that a little bit more trepidation and everybody is very cautiously. Optimistic. We did we did get some love some sex and here does somebody saying the alien supporters there. Somebody's. L sexy in and say as well I would say look at the bands that are going to the game and we we believe go canes. You mentioned it I believe you mention it right that that Tony it point by spells maintains that he's anticipation generally anticipated and and you know I I I noted in in and talking to some people that are. The lights coming back on Sunday here are just pay and so people heard day you know lying straight from Charlotte and Miami. Is right about what you might have to go to Dallas or some polite. You know to Chicago to catch a connecting flight to come back down to Miami that. So that the mayor and support is the area will be there in numbers. Is it going to be there in their heart is it going to be there. In their attitude are vague and its sheer and let retains know that they're there and be let out and be obnoxious and be copied. And these screw U Clinton pay and get out Amare roll this is McCain's role no Clemson play and sit in this row. Or are they gonna kind of be do you know humble and meet in you know kind of did defer to the Clemson they are well also bury you realize also is. Perk I mean I think there may be folks in South Florida were to make the trip who may feel that way to humble meek yeah the latter part of where you describe their bye if I've ever. If I've ever been and the stadium for hurricanes game now. I've never seen their fan base be humble little please let this. Tonight the hurricanes and that description and that just doesn't go hand in hand yeah we did I mean I have into a number games over the years even the Florida State matchup switch. You don't before this season worked on the closest they get to selling out. The stadium for a home game for number of years during some movie down times but he I went to the Syracuse games in my Almonte all the modern play. I was competitive games throughout despite the four turnovers in the first half. But the hurricanes fans that they're loud they're proud I am nobody to me was I get appropriate or in my face a everybody who is as you'd expect to have the swagger right absolutely you're up there are you bother to make the trip to bank merger stadium. I would imagine you better believe they're going to be feeling good about their chances to win despite everything we say it and the one thing I will kind of maybe. Take a step back on his that I know and are up the anticipation for that Notre Dame game all we all talked about the rushing attack right in how Eunice stop. You know Josh Adams at on this and we know Christians who beat tears on the left side of Wright opens a line that was that was done in new right the entire time Wimbush Chris so I think we all acknowledged it but I still felt like considers a home game considering college game David says to come. Canes fans felt emboldened by this was their time. And I don't feel the same going ms. Clinton matchup but I do think the 225000. School. Old represented well at least early in the game yeah yapping so ma'am opening side I'm on look import of this to this game. How many times does turn over Shiancoe Mel out Housley twice. It Suze fare better as the first number that often in my area I digit difference will be right from the they're Pittsburgh game there's a got to take your vantage Wright has agreed dull. Then I peak we can safely assume. Clams is gonna have a major event Q yeah but if you if you don't turn a double those turnovers into and put points yes point I think I picked it Clemson who's gonna win it. Yet they've been there done that lesson title games and they're not going to be should. Turn over Jane does come out. What do you think when some thinks about that they've veteran enough to say. Yeah we've we've beaten Alabama we knew we don't internal would say or are they are they a little light. The journal today I don't know how you don't want to just a veteran team they are radio. Program on on future in on this too I feel like when the turn overseeing comes out. So you're hard rock stadium. When did it turns it's like a three step process the turn over occur and then there's the anticipation of the player come off yet it feels everybody on the sideline gifts waiting for him to have to turn over same place around his neck right and then there's a moment where they stand on the ban right I was able to try and say well yeah yeah as an ally in that I don't think you're going to be able replicate that in a neutral site so this right. I don't I don't know it's gonna be predominately Clemson yet subtle it's gonna have the same effect is it doesn't hard Roxy is our rush stadium in terms like Manama yeah no it's it's it's a beating print the I may have to citizens kids has built like you say each step and it does the excitement deals and deals and deals and right that becomes the thing I mean it's it's not the often Cigna appeal for personnel owners let's see that saying let's let's see him stay in numb the bin sword you know whatever he does that Serena around is may. Later I zig when it's clear palpable feeling with him and it was adjusting you know having been to a couple of days but also watching on TV. Win the turn over colors for the national broadcaster would be. Chris Fowler or otherwise it's like oh really well down the chain right right they had to tell them how to sign at the stadium is like Rangel spanned right. No no way did I mean so many people get excited. About the whole thing the whole process and you know looking looking for the chain on the sideline where's the box where where's the box making video and it you know all of that so I. It is a magical thing is it really is that turn over train. I don't know it has enough magic to spurred the suit that pertains to a victory. But. It is should get the teen fired up and it should get them. Settled me and and and along the right path oh yes right where it if they ever forget. But there the canes but they're the deep in some heavy chains. That change who put him right back in that spot so will will see how how magical that sane is going to be tomorrow night. Real quick. One of the unfortunate beings over the week TN has its gonna be the U limb Princeton basketball game yet starting tomorrow night at 730. And you know Jim Larranaga has limit number ten in the country they just beat Minnesota. In the ACC big twelve Big Ten challenge. And I don't know that that you them Princeton was gonna be a big big. It's it's kind of a shame everybody's going to be want to put all right loin in the games at American Airlines Arena we are as part of it is a little bit Paul Miami invitational yes and soul. Are your home mater playing or. The passer displays chances are you're the number two in the country right in town yet. And Sony they billion Syracuse Kansas Miami and Princeton Princeton's regret it a million fans of the ideally I'd write their back door congress and that we exactly yeah it's it's too bad can disarray for college basketball fans about hotels vessel doesn't get as much love. In South Florida's may be no the other sports right this would be an. Unbelievable opportunity goes down a couple of great bass bogeys on force in the Miami game go. Business and I was football right in this is South Florida this is the ball territory but yeah in my wallet especially such as that there playmates each engineer is the first time ever they've Everest is Jim Wright or nick. Write it and and you know win and you're in right win in your your in the final board here in the college football playoff and you're in the national semifinals there's. There's there's no doubt about that somebody takes in no winners last time the bowl you William football and basketball were both top ten. I don't know that that's happened. I believe this is the only school currently there has ball programs that doesn't. But Wisconsin Wisconsin's top ten team in basketball. I don't think there are other got a couple losses say yeah yeah. Yeah but I didn't think I'd currently a great now but I don't know historically is right if data sap and a win in this new coming. You don't win win litter Hilton was here. And and Tim James is senior gear. When they beat you saw in the year UConn repel him on the world that the national title. You limb was ranked higher and they were topped him the ball was nowhere near that was the Butch Davis when you're trying to rebuild so. I there's there's this might be this might be the first time in in school history actually the both football and basketball are in the top ten. Still again. The big story this week DN. You will football player in Clemson 8 o'clock. We got agree. Well you know what I'm an I have to armory for the Meyer your game right up to pick in my head not my heart. In this case Saddam gonna go to 4417. Clemson wins a game that's competitive. But ultimately go a little too much offense that beat teams can't match because some of those injured side. Well you're you're going here over heart there. I'm going hard over here there's not an in my here so. Go and aren't over yet here Greg I'll take it retains all I'm gonna say. Twenty to seventeen. I'm gonna say twenty to seventeen days they play well in big gains ground know that the person that the personnel is down in the and that's a huge huge deal and old Clemson is even better team. That's also a huge huge deal. I'm thing maternal were saying in the big plays sparkle to the victory that's all we've got offered today. One thing Colin wanna thank Wheldon went to thank all of our guests Randal hill. Who also we have on here we had an antitank missile test poston Joshi and Holliday broke yet the holiday was in here promote and rip tide get out there replies Saturday and Sunday Fort Lauderdale beach. I'm Chris Perkins that's rig likens we will be back with you on Monday were out for now take care.