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Monday, December 11th

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Are calling the best of Dan and still here on 79 either tickets. Bought so what's going on fans what they weaken it was and what a Monday August 2 at all here we are the three hour tore. We'll take you up until. Pete basketball there in Memphis tonight Greg likens is our special guest host in for perk who is covering a little Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots will check you perk here in about about twenty minutes Greg how you feel moment on below courtesy of your weekend. Your weekend yes it was it was good very relaxing although my my blood pressure in my heart rates. Was reading up quite a bit is because the the NFL game just today but it was because all right Carson went on my fantasy team or the plows ready like that. There was John Carlos and the news came over the weekend. That he's gonna be a Yankee mean and we got today's Friday afternoon during our show that Saint Louis was out. Simmered Cisco. Stand on vetoing those type deals I thought the Dodgers were we're gonna happen all along the Yankees come kind of slowly drifting in the and all of a sudden were watching today there's a press conference and he's in pinstripes. It is amazing how quickly this development does your right to mean. You guys are on Friday afternoon IE was own Perry Jackson Friday night right we are discussing the possibility and you buried. Has covered the Marlins all sports are really the early but you're saying. Based on what apple was. The cardinals in the giants he thought there was a distinct possibility. Jon Karl would stay with the moral was everything I never thought Dallas notice an awkward standoff of sorts in May and we would addresses and another point in time but. Certainly the Yankees. But they sense that there's an opportunity there and from a financial standpoint they're more than willing to take on the wall of the payroll. And now we're looking at John Carlos stand not just being a New York Yankee but being part of arguably. If not one of the greatest offensive line up we've seen in I don't know how many years maybe in history with with all those names in the power numbers that they can possibly put up. You learn about air judge who greeted fifty plus then we know you have fifty plus Gary Sanchez it'd probably when he hell when he's healthy approaching forty. It's pretty staggering and if you're Yankee fan you're rejoicing today but if you're Marlins fan. You your certainly. Look into somebody. To commiserate with an Alley does too here's the thing well we was gonna happen when new stint was going to get moved at at some point. Now that it has happened and watching the press conference today. The National League MV PR guy who was drafted who spent. His formidable years here in South Florida it's still stings and it's still hurts John Carlo Stanton. Like Miguel Cabrera and Mike Lowell and Haley Ramirez and Boise solo and Gary Sheffield Devin Brown Jose Reyes and Angelos and Edgar Renteria. And on and on and on. Another kicked in the gut to baseball fans. Here in South Florida. Oh what was left of baseball fans here in South Florida John Carlos and was asked in his introductory press conference to the New York media what he would say to baseball fans to Miami Marlins fans here in South Florida and here's what his response was always. Hang in there you know there there burden. They're gonna go through some more to appears mom. But in once it was advised not to devote to this people maybe watts from afar yours you're gonna want to put. You know. Those guys those guys there. They've battled to you know the guys throughout they're there they're good kids and the other in his support. Candy stand. Credit to stand he tried his hardest to make nice but clearly. He isn't a better place in baseball here in South Florida is in a worse place without him now among the records. As the saying give Jeter and the new ownership group a chance and maybe long term this will work outs. In South Florida will have some stability. On the baseball front four years to come something we don't know. Ever experienced. Since they threw the first pitch back in 1993. But for today. And in the immediate future. It hurts to watch young Carlos to and in another uniform. And that's the things bonds rigel nerds and amateur renowned tigris drone urges Roth right DJI dealer. And as all of your drone needs covered new purse is repairs customization training sessions in more. Visit them today Joan nerd dot com South Florida's eye in the sky you can always text to show at 6797467974. On the quote brings all along Honda text line how do you feel Greg how did you yeah you'll today is a day every motion. If your South Florida sports fan if your Miami Marlins fan. If you're just a casual fan. Today of of emotion. And I would think a lot of emotion is betrayal. Anger and just a lot of people just left shaking their head this afternoon. Yes and it's a lot of the same right Amir everybody assumed that when Jeffrey Laurie was gonna sell the team it was going to be this godsend in matter who'll wise. A breath of fresh year a new ownership group that will operate. In not only from a community standpoint a really from a payroll. An operations standpoint in a much better more professional manner and that's that's my first thought is that this seems like it's more of the same my Jeffrey Loria. Could have easily done that sand and this is seems like in two months a jet and Derek Jeter has been here. That he hasn't learn from the mistakes of the past in a very short period time the other thing that I keep going back to. Is looking at the history of south or a sports in the professional sports organizations there's only been two other MVPs in this town Marino in 84. LeBron and back to back years in 20122013. Now stand joins that'll lead. Select group I do think pitcher giving that away essentially gives you don't want to pay the money and I wouldn't the most. I thought impact hoping that John Carlos and said we'll hear more from him from the press conference. Was that. He told Derek Jeter and the Marlins he wanted to be apart of the future. A Marlins baseball assuming they go on spend some money on the pitching staff because you thought the lineup. Was legit in his term that's exactly the word he used an enemy and then they came back there is said now we're non interest in doing that. And so for me. I feel upset about the way Jeter in the marlins' organization is handling this and I actually feel happy for our girls stand he's gonna go somewhere. Where are they not always appreciated but he has a chance sets except. Still org a lot of his earlier on the calls from Beaumont it's excited 67974. Happy for John Carlo and bleed the Marlins and Jeter. So really that's kind of the feel we're getting it's yeah I mean I'm not hold any ill feelings toward John Carlson whatsoever yeah. Bob you know I like device again we saw him grow up remember when he was second round pick gives him a Mike stand. Editors as you know there's this big specimen in the eye from California. Who is who's very raw but had a lot of power and and you're kind of wondering about the possibilities we really watched him grow up down here. And into. Fittingly his most productive year was this past year. Mainly because he's was able stay healthy and and he was he was one of the only reasons to follow Marlins baseball for the last few years really. And even through all the and he talked about the ups and the downs and roller coasters. Through at all he was the one constant in Marlins baseball now he's no longer hearing you say he studies and to realities and during his prime for the most part that's the I mean that's the other thing is you know all those guys that mentioned earlier. And I left out a bunch religious so many of them. That young New York get offered a guy that was you know push and 35 A were coming off an injury or somewhat down all these guys are in their prime interest CF and their best years he really had great years here in South Florida. The best years were still ahead of them. Els or read or hear from John Carlson if you if you miss it if you're out work of Europe out to lunch whatever maybe we'll hear from stand press Tom it was a couple hours also era Derek Jeter. As as well. On the thinking behind the other trade to his former club and you'll think there's lot of conspiracy theories out there that are float around and rightfully so I would say it I don't we got a lot of gives you a conspiracy there is up there. It's not totally crazy before that it's of that let's get to headlines Greg. He speaks WP XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. We'll sort of baseball or John Carlos then is officially a New York's Yankee is the rating nationally gebbie peace trade from Miami to the Big Apple was announced today as he was introduced a press conference. The Marlins will receive shortstop star Owen Castro on a pair of minor league prospects while New York. Reportedly take on 265. Of the remaining 295 million dollars. On his contract. So football the dolphins and patriots are set to do battle in a Monday Night Football showdown from hard rock stadium tonight. Adam Jason BC news first win as a head coach vs New England while the dolphins. But actually won three the last format just between the teams in South Florida Miami we without your mom bush robbed Matt Morin Damian Williams will forgery Tankersley is listed as doubtful to play. Kick off is 830. Elsewhere in the NFL Eagles head coach Doug Peterson announced this afternoon the quarterback Carson winced. Tore his ACL in Philadelphia's win over the rams and will miss the remainder of the season. On the hardwood the Miami Heat return to the court tonight to wrap of the three game road trip in Memphis against the struggling grizzlies the greatest have lost fourteen of the last fifteen contests while Miami. To get back to 500 with a win this evening you hear all the action right here on 790 the ticket beginning with a pregame coverage at 7 o'clock and ten time eight. From FedEx Foreman finally on the ice the Panthers is in the red waste I would puck drop at 730 from little Caesars arena and knows. Are your head as a lot of stuff on right there it's a big dance so well measure relates to South Florida for sure rarely and I understanding that the dolphins are or where they are record wise but rarely would a Monday Night Football game against the team like the patriot kind of just a second thought. Yes even heat game that that's a big deal get back to 500 of those roach was competitive. I issued imperative that the that the they finish up with a two wins after losing at San Antonio Michael Wallace who of course were was up behind these microphone not too long ago he's up in a Memphis into over the heat for a long long time. He's developed in Memphis working for the grizzlies will check in with with Mike. In and about five when he during our he second inning at Leo bird's eye view on now on tonight's opponent perch in the join us here in about ten minutes. And we'll talk up a lot of stand in the organism dolphins with him you mentioned. John Carlos Slim. Jeter's. Too tired of view on what he wants to accomplish here. Has eyes ownership group and and what's Stanton was was looking to do to the next couple years here's what Stan had the had to say on that front. She. Oh we we had a meeting yes. We spoke about the direction of the team. I wanted. To go forward and and and that perhaps with a pitching staff we I thought our line up was the zoo and we need help with our pitchers and we need to ask residents to attract. And there. Go way they want to go with tracked so. Let that be known I do wanna be part of another rebuild another losing season and that's almost guarantee you losing season taken way. What I thought was a great lineup so. Yes I do want you partners do. That's why I never thought that I never thought. That's stand going to spring training as a marlin was gonna happen. Two things on other of their work here and in that were in play. The Marlins who wanted to start. They are. Dear rebuild if you wanna call debt or their vision as new ownership as quickly as possible didn't so they had a plan coming in and they go. Okay we need to get rid of that guys that guy that guy and that guy get our payroll word is rebuild our pharmacists to Rome. We need to get the right guys in here when we have the top five pick in the draft the next probably years we're gonna lose hunting games the first couple years. Probably you'll lose some money as well we were going to build the cigarette with which. I don't have a big problem with I don't have a problem at all its rigs but I'll probably promised his. It did Jennifer and Derek Jeter is is Andrew Sherman they're being punished for sins of the past by Loria and by rising to to some extent. Very true but now here's with the I would say about that is it yes philosophically speaking Rican understandably wanted to planetary down and sorrow over. At the same time when you look at two recent examples of that working your Major League Baseball the Astros also in winning World Series this year in the cubs a year reforming. They really got down to bare bones in their roster. But they've tilted back up in May you. Ultimately won the greatest crown that everybody's fighting for. The problem though with this is Derek Jeter essentially review the they're not well yes they're not getting the minor league prospects in return did you say. While a couple years those guys are going to be terrific and there will rated me they're just getting back whatever they can. In order should the federal so that's my issue with it it's not about them going about this process we kind of anticipated. It's a matter of what are you getting in return and it is just. Financial. Alleviation of what's been a bad problem there I would say this to Derek Jeter and agro why not have. More wherewithal financially when you take over organization why why he's suddenly cash strapped. When you're spending one point two billion dollars on this product. That's my issue you're. It's a fairway on it's it's certainly fair and I understand it a bully you would think that there would have more so more. I would say wiggle room as far as payrolls concern where it's not okay we need to be at eighty million or ninety million that's it. So we gotta we minister Madonna that. The Dick Gordon Deal the doubt that could for. The stand move was purely we don't wanna be on the hook. First 300 million dollars on our payroll we don't want a thirty million dollars the next ten years. Too so we have to account for we didn't make this deal we did sign off on it we don't wanna be cash strapped on on this guy. Whom quite friendly and I don't think he's worth that much money either Seoul the December was was. Clearly generated. By the fact that we wanna get out from under this contract spells Italy yankees you're gonna take to find will take whatever you can match. Whatever you wanna goes back Castro Greg good player probably flip him for some of the prospects for an in the struggle to their but the stand deal was was more about. I mean Greg we knew this there was only 45 B sixteen's or could actually take on that had a contract. Right well it's it's is Cindy here were the way Jon Karl's stand describes it that he gave his list of teams tuned. The powers that be Derek Jeter might kill primarily and said to them eighties the teams a way to go to and the cardinals giants were even on the on that lesson and they went there anyway and agreed to deals so that's part of it 11 of the they all add afford cobra jet pass and from Yahoo! Sports. As a Tweeter with a last hours of the back story the Jon Karl's stand traders blockers. Miami threatened that if he didn't accept the trade to Saint Louis is separate Cisco he would be a marlin for life he called their bluff and because of it he's now New York yank. I again this so. He overpowered this thing from the word go from from the get go that they'll question about it doesn't it make you think though that if you're Derek Jeter that you could have. Mean outside this one meeting they had viewed could have kind of sidled up to standards and listen. I have been in your place before in all prom and that lead I did this and maybe try to build some good will there not to keep them around but try to get better than to operate these deals that may come. Or hear from Derek Jeter coming up balls go here and check inning in his thoughts Chris Perkins will Dusan stand with him and also a look at tonight's Monday Night Football game that's coming up next here awesome and I mean take. Are you. Anyway mark and just a moment first things alongside Greg likens. On this busy Monday afternoon glad you are a part of it with a you can always check to show we are a lot of sexy get to hear. Greg at the six of an ideal for the growth rings on monitored somewhere and get to those. In due course but the biggest proudly part of Grata by a trio celebration of all things New Orleans to many Obama to meet him the year field on Saturday march 24 this week. To open recently were arguing an opportunity when tickets experience cajun food music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of new warning from a crawfish boil. To art and a kids' area you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving South Florida your fan of gumbo jambalaya. Then gays oysters and move out of dots get ready to win courtesy of crawl out of watcher an answer and I mean from 1043. HD to the ticket that set out to Iran feels announcers who is sort assigned. There truly says beyond can be answered we find our man. Chris Perkins getting ready for a little Monday Night Football which talks of hardball first with the with perk perk I don't on this Monday. A live look beautiful day it is not exactly what up political football Webb got both a beautiful very well short of the hour. All good weather for now cent per perfect weather for now does that compare it to go we'll get. Maybe maybe in another sound like you're the night. I loved. It right. Let's get to that here are that Willie he's an upset here I love the Dodgers it was gonna happen enough. All you know that was they were on a collision course there but the Yankees. I think came out of nowhere which is hard considering that in there the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter is is the one that pulled the trigger correct. Well again and you know what I thought that I thought the Yankees were kind of out of it because look they're a pretext situation. It. But I thought they would rather have been in the Bryce Harper any shuttle sweepstakes picks you know by now you're here and they're not necessarily out so. In in light of that in the light of how little they get beat you up rates it just makes squander. What other people must have been like because what I'm not mean that it nobody must democracy these guys anything. Well AA that I just think it's more of stand not to be past due reflexes muscles and in this case with a no trade clause. Because it it sounded if you believe the reports that you know cardinals and giants and much more attractive offers and terms the prospects but. Standing said today that I told his guys up front that I wanted to wanna go to used to teams and now he gets his way to go to the Bronx. Did I and a minute from the Dodgers become them Astros. Well what they. I think part there was a lot about I think for the Marlins to what they wanted to get. They wanted the the contract off their books. I think that was a big thing for for Vermont for Miami and Derek Jeter who we don't we don't want it repay half or quarter of enter this and add. We wanna pay as little as possible like we never made this deal which in fact they did not make this deal. Yeah correct correct and go you know your trip that the thing that they're Jeter put the bet he'll look great right. And that's what I've grown bigger and let you didn't even really don't go other seeing I think the case completely. After. Or been present Golan and Saint Louis were all the people by. Why aren't you amazed at how little you know. There's nobody joke because they didn't have to joke is it. What it looked like to meet the you know they do they were gonna get anything better from the other regions. Let's stay in the put out there will let you win your first be repealed but people. But take it. Yeah there's certainly shows their desperation to secure their payroll. So yeah you know from a a fan's perspective and just you know you have a great sense so. South Florida sports CR how how do you feel about this and I think fans should feel. A lot seeing in MB PB sent out the door after historic series. At least a lot of grip on court right we knew it was inevitable we do it pork for. So I cut shock and oh look there's no you know like speak shock value like in in crying by how they do that. Do that we currently have cut the whole bit it is I get the effect of the poll that critique board here a lot of a lot of that. Back to work respectability. I don't know we're gonna be able to have any credit that does it on this trade. Whether the trade. The bidding on both buy and sell it boot I think this trade had to be a part of they hit it that probably you know what. Per year or improve even talk about and building but I can poke at her go BA eight. Good feel for the Marlins. We know it not equal value and they're not gonna get equal value per banned but hopefully it's a positive step and it's not something that we looked at though. She's got deleted that much effort but even this looks like a piece or two. Yeah I mean just look what you got return there was just there was basically just you know salary cap relief from what we'll see what happens when with Castro was a good player who has a lot of valuing the league. And if they can and they can flip them for a right a couple of prospects is clearly they're not playing for this year or even next year or even the year after that perk. Bottom of the they're playing for somewhere in the 2020. Season and beyond. I'm 121 season when they feel like they can go really compete in the in the National League Chris Perkins joins us here on 790 the ticket. Are let's get to the dolphins are part of the patriots are in town here. And I would say this this is the dolphins. Won the last stand here to salvage what otherwise would be a very forgettable at a miserable season. Two to have something to really say okay. We have accomplished this is that you were unsure which if your if you look at from a dolphins' perspective. I admit I get the whole. Or you don't. Win those three Yang Decker bit. But you go out I'll tell you guys look let a little bit of we'll go or what struck you slept we whipped it but the words laid off were mentioned by opinion triggered it can steal it though yeah. Great mentioned it in the context. Somebody asked if you'd be split two games ever thought vision that he can via a number one every down back. You hear blah blah blah you know what all do it on helping me. You don't finish off strong and make a run could play all. I got a little bit shocking and then Kenny still people who slept that well you know Pro Bowl voting is going on Thursday which like baked Pro Bowl. In the real court I would like to make it blah blah blah but. You know you only get those accolades which. Would make the playoffs so we did it look like we're gonna continue to make this closure or something like that but how you know the saw that the word. Play ought even came up camp when you're at about what they can bill accomplished though. I guess but where that rattling around that they're here at the mean you know elderly to gain back but yeah a bit it would be a nice accomplishment. It is that they'll look at not strip that would. Make up for the disappointment but like you say it it would be something I think that streak would also be something though even get there tonight who work. Finish which we expect him back we learn more winning two out of York and anything positive in blood and not think about it. Anything positive would would be a good being produced the wind well. That's sure has been a strange one and you know it's more positive momentum entering the offseason had to go to help a lot on many different fronts per day as it pertains to the matchup tonight. How concerned are you about scored three tank easily being doubtful and there's this secondary being undermanned against the likes of Tom Brady. And for a couple of reasons. Number or Honda Accord great thinkers we have anything great. But you better than Oakland burn right so that that the let being number one do not gonna have. More best players out there are you Tom Brady and then number two yes so outraged that the guy who can't afford to expand the let let two weeks ago let on you've played so. You know if this guy is probably gonna be good or at least two touchdown passes the night probably. Again to not just not. Having the best players out there and it did its escort great thinkers we couldn't let them all and burner. Not having your best would you go up against Tom Brady that is just appear scary cop would not be uncle. What would give us a number what do what does that what does Miami have to put up appeared to be in this game four to 48 points 44 points 4730. If you're trying to compete. It could be in that I would say the 28. To win I would say the third or or can really up I mean the liquid pretty good they're they're good for thirty right. Let them how well their borders to war. Right right to print a live report but they'll Politico article that joke or the other thing is we have the throw backs tonight correct fellas yeah that's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah he's the best part of tonight in my putted well I don't let you share our enthusiasm here. What not are you know what I'm. I don't I don't. But you'll warm guy but I do like the open Brokeback sipping beer I would bet you important development sample think they're better uniforms that what they are now so I. Yes I do like that I'm gonna go Kohler rug sure you know I know. Alert our brilliant event for the open that what color period they were there for you live but I'll speak uniform. This is in color rush perked right this so that fancy pants. This is about history OK this is about it every perk. That and look re reaching reaching back to the past but hopefully cope again in the near future. Yes I this is about the old logo that's going to be emblazoned on at the fifty yard line and hard rock stadium this evening. And the the old school uniforms would show up. Are always a great look I've heard thanks we'll check it would feel a little bit later mom and be well. There are all checking with purple building more cars the and actives and active users as it relates to the the ball game is recant your de facto pregame show her knowledge basketball was coming appear on our on our air but also. Miami Dolphins football big one against against the patriots this evening that was big it's on Monday night to right and I'd say it's because about the opponent. So I mean this isn't them this isn't you know. You know the ravens coming in here or of the Arizona Cardinals like you're seeing the patriots and they could be on them of the marched for yet another Super Bowl. Title ON in two year point Curtis ESP NE acutely aware that the dolphins haven't been in very good draw and that number of foreign well in prime time this year guy when you watch movie promo oh yeah it's all about Brady and Belichick and the patriots and oh by the way it will be a Miami right and even today I'm watching some Mears can. In the buildup to this afternoon and they're they're doing all these things were headed watch sports center after the game was got impelled the breakdown Tom Brady Bill Belichick in the major. There's no mention of the dolphins whatsoever now they don't make the dolphins brought to its purposes. Could it be that my daddy you're playing tonight because if you just listen to what ESPN has said in the promotional game it's all about doing. What would you play and rightfully so I like what I mean from a national standpoint and always have been on prime time three straight times and they've been blown out. Or uninteresting and all those games and whether it was Carolina Baltimore in the raiders' games close and is kind of a a bad match of all around. And for two very disappointing teams on both sides. And like Jeff you're like. It's like the pro war Julia Tom Brady the greatest of Bill Belichick always do that feels like in the Hedo I am because there are in the heat itself. Florida and a little that they know there the Promos nearly fifty degrees at game time zone dads are better than comparator the rest of the country it is like. Curtis sued just underline your point if you include that saints game which was -- on national television not prime it's true but national TV you're in London. The dolphins have been outscored those four games old four. 132 to 44. So. Are there don't. I guess and there weren't a throwback tonight well well mart is manageable a little later coming up your eyelashes were a lot of the criticism on Derek Jeter is it fair. Is it fair. In organ a lot of attacks on on the stand DL and bleed Jeter in this and Anand. They're worse owners and Jeffrey Loria ever ever was which other estimates strong bull breeds of attacks but is it. Is a criticism on Jeter. Fair trading away the reigning National League MVP. Having just taken over ownership for a for the Miami morals look what's more that just a little bit also gonna hear from Derek Jeter himself. On the on the trade and how it all shook out coming up next radio seminar and you take. We generally play the game coming up here Kirstie it's alongside Greg I can do is in for perk we're new. Have the Memphis jacket with a Michael Wallace that's right. Man you're familiar with his his exploits down here in South Florida he is now. Part of the grinds in the media up there and in Memphis and grind city that's tonight's key opponent will take you right up until our pregame coverage. At at 7 o'clock in his everyday of the accord as he ticket window you're just went to its upcoming game Cortes. By the technology partner and your local South Florida technology company fraud your business please visit them online and a quarter score dot com. Sponsored by open your ball that come through the most cash now for your future structured settlement or lottery payments. Point 33 my vault and by Lauderdale BMW power lines proud members of the home and automotive group. Keep listening to the ticket to win your way into a heat game of course the big story today. John Carlos and introduced. As a member of the New York Yankees and the criticism that's coming in. Articles brings up my Honda text line at 67974. Just bleed Jeter. Does not Obama I mean that's a perforated you're obviously aren't holding back no and this is the fan base that has I can't think of a more. Even though they've won two World Series. Op I can't think of a more tortured. Fan base. If you wanna call it that and I watched the browns came yesterday Newton and that gets its two car weekend a winning a well. That day which is brought to you by the Florida lottery just imagine can you imagine the ground actually winning a game. No Dovonte votes in July 3 down and six from the 25 of Cleveland Williams flown back. Could stand. Reset to 87 flooding. The Packers. Packers radio on the call and that's our are we can winning player of the game a lot to choose from but we do so as a ties into. Our our situation down here in South Florida in the winning weekend. Is brought to we could play has brought you by the Florida lottery just imagine the browns now won 32 in the last. 33 football games and have no direction whatsoever I guess the difference though is at least the Marlins in recent memory have experience a couple of championships. Right it would at least he did well I mean at least you have those championships there is telling the browns are very bad that ball back October 2003 it was a long time ago lies by the media selling the browns have come close to your championship. He in any time re elected the other a glass on the grounds of the playoffs might have been right around that time with Butch Davis went in 2002 and 2003. If if five if I you know we're pharma recruitment but the. I bing is. This family's down here it just it is is it just seems like they're trying. It to scroll over the fans every chance they get and here's the bigger problem. Is it's never been given an opportunity to work. Which really stinks for me I mean this is a franchise that came along in 1993. That's that's that's a baby Ella franchise. So if you're if you're 3544. Any. You remember every single game you remember every single season every single false move and total this is a baseball town that all the time but when I travel in the and and they know about like the baseball we get a run of our players a week when they build that stadium which was a complete sham. It wasn't paying if you like baseball and other and I might answer those I don't know. Because. It's never been given an opportunity because every time that seems to gain some traction. They do something like this. Soul. I have no I have no clue people like baseball down here or not been doing the show everyday Greg. And you've you've been doing shows for over a decade now do you have any idea what race or not. I'm still a noble goal of the game rub a little watch the games because I don't little after all the stuff that's gone on the last forty years with the team. Yeah I don't know if that can be determined completely I do think today if there is its successful. Sustained winning over certain period time then. Like any team in South Florida sports people show up there will support. But they just hasn't been a reality for a the Marlins and you know we can talk all we want about what's happened in the past and Jeff Laurie we know how bad things were in including the stadium deal there is totally. Great just absolutely. Killed everybody on that one but if we if we focus on Jeter and the two months he's been in place. And look at the way he has attempted to ingratiate himself to the fan base he's done a terrible job between. Getting rid of some franchise icons move the luminaries like Jack McKean and Jeff Conine and Andre Dawson Tony Perez rich Waltz. I as the broadcaster. And then the story that came out within the last week and a half Purcell that they've got a longtime scout who's in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. And they tell he's been fired and he still is in need of a kidney transplant I mean. My issue with this isn't the third getting rid of some. So established players it could be fan favorites or one of the great players in the game currently in jungle stand just said. When you agreed to buy a franchise in any sport. It doesn't make sense to be so cash strapped when you start that you told your investors. That you know what we're not gonna lose money right from the get to know we're gonna breakeven. And you put this restraints on yourself so even when they get going they spent a little extra money to try to at least provide a goodwill. Olive branch so to speak to the advance right and if you say you know what. We're gonna bring back all those luminaries and that's gonna be terrific for our goodwill with the community were also going to. John Carlos stand or maybe don't but you TB Ellison Ozuna and G Gordon and some of these other guys are making the gargantuan amount of money. And at least put a decent product on the field. In an effort to TP pointers to it instead Jeter looked at the history and said you know what. I'm gonna buy this team unloaded at the face of the franchise. But William put its 45 million dollars mile money we liberty also put the bill. And I'm gonna pay myself by a million dollars summer in my investment off of five years Curtis I mean this is a losing proposition from the get go and people see right through it well. Yet I I would say yes. But I think Derek Jeter thought that being Derek Jeter. Would take him a lot further is that's. Right an area that did the heat game. Lack of regular Sunday was any indication when they hobble on the big street in America rhetoric and I was there. And a chorus of boos rain down if it wasn't. Apparent before then it's certainly was to Jeter that okay. My name's Audrey get very far itself more. It has it let the honeymoon was over. That night's immediately now that Jeter's fault yes AA and part of. It's just with the well how this town has been scorned over the years where any trade you make for cash reason is is gonna be looked at. And it's gonna bring up a lot of the bad memories going back to 97 and even. With with Jeffrey Loria weather was the deal after the 03 team or are few years ago in the ballpark opened all the promises that all we're gonna. Have real competitive pay overall we need is new stadium all that stuff and I don't want really need to revisit that. What that would Jeter's falling into like you know he's Derek Jeter and he thought well people are gonna are going to look past that. I mean it's like yoga class and what it did real duo for the dolphins. I always say. He's there Marino. Like he's ever elected but he's just he's that big of a name in that big of a person and as that big. Of a well you'd you would say. Just this is present at that I've ever read what you want to be like Dan Marino guys were with quarterback Jason nobody's damn Marino. It's like it that was what Derek Jeter was in the baseball world and because he came down here he thought that would carry him enough to already get rid of that guy wearing your red discovery Uranus. Thoughts they're Jeter. It's the trust is Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter and clearly that is not in the case and it's worn up pretty quickly. Here's what Derek Jeter had to say on just kind of learning on the fly of being. And owner of a baseball team. Has been a learning experience act act you know I think one thing is there's there have been a lot of stories that have been out there that haven't. Entirely been true. And one thing that we've been consistent. That meet throughout my career I do not operate through the media especially when you're talking about players. So yeah there have been them some stories that you know I think we've gone. Different directions but you know it's a part of it but not yet been a learning experience. You know I'm learning. Learn a lot about its organizational learning that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. Let it take some time I mean we're not gonna turn his organization around overnight it's it's gonna take some time to do to what we want it. And is where I I'd give him a little bit of leeway is that. He has a plan has of his albums and a worker not. But at the least let him run its course and one didn't he falls back on is they haven't done any winning around here. It's been a lot of losing any talked about that as well. You know everyone needs to realize is this is an organization that that's not been successful had not been in the playoffs since 2003. So look I I understand. Not are black six like I can't bear do understand I don't understand. How they stand based field because they've been through quite a bit. You know what we're we're out here. We haven't been winning. So if you haven't been winning and it's time to make it changed and in order to make it change there's gonna have to be removed and like I said. To which you alluded to there may be some unpopular decisions at times. But every decision that we make as an organization. Is to try to put it in a better position and down. You know would try to fix something that is broke and and fans want. A team that's gonna win I mean they they they show that we as you know we obviously we have to get fans back into this stadium because you know we happened at their attendance has been low. And I think that is the attendance is low because they wanna have an opportunity to win and it that they want that they were gonna have to make some changes so. You're right it is ballot and act but now I know hopefully they understand that no we're trying to put it an organization together and that is successful. Do you believe them. He's saying all the right things there by having right knowledge doc as a bit of myself can't argue with what he's saying he hit all the high notes on that right and so I am part of what my issue with Jeter's and is that perhaps if he says that from the get go he's a director press conference you really say much. But he had done that then I'd say we're gonna have to make some unpopular decisions potentially for the betterment of his team in the long term future of the organization. And people need to be patient with us like if you if you set the tone that way that it's like okay well you know what Derek. We we know you got a sterling reputation as a player as a winner of five time champion with the Yankees boarded a bear with a I think the problem is in part is in the history that you discussed Burris were has been too great moments and the rest has been pretty bad. And and though the recent issue with the ownership it's very difficult to trust anybody inept as a coach Jon Karl. Hello Stan was introduced today as a member of the New York Yankees when he was asked. What he would say to all the Marlins fans out there that he's leaving behind oh how that response for you coming up next would you open the 5 o'clock hour good headlines. As well right here on 79 to take. Back on the ticket. Curtis Stevens alongside Greg likens who has been for Mercury genuine effort I don't know. Love letter on the back into the U 5 o'clock hour and another report on the fins tonight and some more reaction to Jon Karl stand we'll hear from. Stanton once again coming up here. In about in about five minutes also coming appeared about that about twenty minutes Michael Wallace we're gonna have to Memphis that's tonight's opponent for the job Miami heat's. Mike of course Orkut right here on the radio station for number years and for ESPN cover in the heat in the MBA and a Miami Herald so Mike Wahle snow in Memphis are good man level checked it was him get to. It viewpoint on Memphis team that had a lot of problems this year the city the very least to get his view on this huge teams always good. Greg do get a good view on. Your team from a outsider's eyes for sure we're so close to a dead and he has eroded since having been around the team for so many years. Now being removed one watching from before I think it's always a healthy respect yeah and Dow loss to do that with the New England Patriots two of the series clock error has been bowl and from the Boston Globe cover I was gonna come and often now as of the two of the patriots in open very well he's gonna join us in the sixth like council real lot to get to. Right here on the on the show and a quick reminder listened to the target always Glover fantasy football updates injuries who's hot who's not studs and duds and more. Is that about as our enemy action attorneys and you've been an accident call when he hundreds of enforceable freak that's 1807 foursome threesome at 33 sponsored by auto direct right colonel was right price. Embodies the public just as we've got your assets covered call 855 Getty CPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com we got a text to get to. We're gonna do that shortly at 67974. Continue to do that on the court brings on a ball on the text line but let's get to here's the thing. It's been a very forgettable season for the Miami Dolphins. I'd put it up there as one of the voice most disappointing seasons. For the Miami Dolphins. Certainly in this in this century. This with a T and those coming off a playoff appearance. Here on the upswing with a young and up and coming coach. And you thought this year was going to be filled with a lot of highlights. In a lot of happy moments of viewer Boston fan that has been far from the case. I can't think of any of the dolphins victories this season that have been. Thoroughly satisfying. That would be one that should you pick up the fold and you textured golf and bloody end in Missouri you're in California. Or in new York and say wow did you see that game did you see that play. But a couple of victories here and there certainly the comeback against the the jets. The dolphins have witnessed on prime time going old win three in for the most part in a couple of those games not even being competitive. At this point this season yes dolphin players can mention playoffs there's a 2% chance I believe. That the dolphins will make the playoffs if you're actually counting that type of thing. Are you looking at some of the young players perhaps allow the young players Charles Harris one sack this season the mob Dave Parker. Haven't really given you reason to be optimistic. About some of the younger players so tonight. It's all about beating the patriots and beating Tom Brady. Enable offseason. Monday Night Football under the lights this can be the one redeeming moments. For an otherwise. On redeeming season if your Miami Dolphins fan. It's not necessarily about the dolphins. Winning a meaningless game down the stretch but it's about who you beat in this day did you do it on in a win tonight's certainly would not make up. For a lot of the losses this season but at least you least that would give you a good feeling. Moving forward the the dolphins at least for one night we're better. Then the New England Patriots. And that's the things much rigel nerds and amateur announce my grip strong urges are authorized DJI dealer has Aldridge only discovered new purges repairs customization training sessions in more. Visit them today Joan nerds dot com South Florida's IA in the sky. There's a term called the shot and Freudian. And I'm sure you were you've heard that before. And basically misery. Loves misery misery loves company and the dolphins are in the land of the miserable right now. And if they can beat the patriots tonight and kind of not there. Their trajectory is for being the number one seed in the AFC. And for considering the predicament that their end. I'll take out tonight young Greg. I will sue me anytime you can beat Nobel its second Tom Brady are you kidding me every doesn't matter. If at this point they were winless MLB the lone win of the season I mean you viewers feel a lot of joy to see that tandem specifically. Lose. And listen they've lost their last four times have been down near the patriots that is so it's not completely out of the role possibility though. And Percy file is much more closely than I do booked 011 point underdogs entering tonight at home it without. Rob Gronkowski plan for the patriots say that that tells you what you need to know right there. I would be a very positive moment in what has been a bizarre largely negative season. But I will say this they win tonight. And they could. Reel off four victories in the sea there will be five you closed the Broncos. A real victory you never know. They could be alive and well in the AFC playoff race because the AFC it has been slowed down this year so. I don't think that's gonna happen but certainly opens up possibilities being more realistic if they get the job done tonight. I mean if you look at really for some some quality beating the hated patriots or something that you read it you would take away from a mean. That that's just kind of even if you can. Disrupt than they got the Steelers next week. If you can disrupt their their number one seed in the AFC a good there's not a lot of other reasons where you would say wow what a dolphin what I can't think of anyone that anyone who won the season that really. They just say wow the dolphins' one to win what a drive what is this what is that they'll the only one that says that he missed the jets come from behind retrieve the falcons ones with pretty goes pretty tired yes at the time arm and other the anatomy this would be good the signature moment of the season if they can pull off the neatest thing about you do talk about there's been number one seed don't feel advantage. Mean the last time the dolphins beat the patrons at home was in the 2013 season and Greta we have to acknowledge the patriots didn't come here LA actually wanted to win Brady only drop back to throw 21 times which is a season low. And they seem to be content with not having the number one seed and it came back to Baidoa is the Broncos got one seeds yeah and had a home field advantage they lost in Denver in the AFC championship. One of the strangest game plans I've ever seen them not from bill Belgian. From any aid from any team in Tressel football. The game plan that they had on that that final week on now on Sunday are we gonna here for more from Jon Karl stand his message. Today remaining Marlins fans out there and if you're listening out there. I pullout will have that for the first let's get to 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Most are the big news of baseball or John Carlos Stan is officially a New York Yankee as the reigning National League MVPs trade from Miami to the Big Apple was announced today. The Marlins will receive shortstop Saarland Castro and a pair of minor league prospects while New York will reportedly take on. 265. Of the remaining 295 million dollars. On his contract. To football the dolphins and patriots are set to do battle LaMont and a football showdown from hard rock stadium tonight Adam Jason BC news first win as a head coach vs New England. The dolphins have won three alas formats of between the teams in South Florida. Mind you be without your mom bush robbed Matt Moore and Damian Williams won't forgery Tankersley is listed as doubtful to play kick off is 830. Elsewhere in the NFL Eagles head coach Doug Peterson announced this afternoon the quarterback Carson winds tore his ACL in Philadelphia's win over the rams won't miss the remainder of the season. On the hardwood the Miami Heat return to the court tonight to wrap of those three game road trip in Memphis against the struggling grizzlies the grizzled lost fourteen of the last fifteen contests while Miami can get back to 500 with a win this evening you hear all the action right here on 790. Beginning with pregame coverage at 7 o'clock and to Tommy eight. From FedEx Forum and finally on the ice the Panthers visit the red wing side with puck drop at 730 from little seizes arena crystals or had. Yes we got to to give it he's coming up Michael also join him from. From Memphis. Hands. You mentioned Carson when I saw house watch him all the different games and actually. Tuned in right for that play thing anyway and the ends on those penalty on the play. The end so the player reliving did not count all those on the Eagles and he jumped into the into the end zone. And I saw that play alive and I remember thinking who. That looked bad why are we having her while we were running him into the end zone that with. And that I and I turned it immediately this Alitalia can whenever and somebody else was driving on the other hand Donald who was the Seahawks game more or the cardinals game miles all the push yesterday. I and I come back and it's like he's let me know locker my images of little mail in my head knows you're right about that one. And then you heard the reports of the doctors. Coming out of locker room just shaking their head and disbelieve and you just. Hear those three letters ACL and you're going Don for the year right and that's really that's her personal Wentz is and what. The amazing thing is that he stayed in the game after that heated and roses for touchdown pass of the game righted so restating the penalty he stays in the game to finish the drive even though you can tell he was on comfortably move around on the leg. And then eventually left and now is lost for the season this is eerily reminiscent of what happened to the raiders last year where there were car. Where they were the up and coming team surprising everybody and then late in the season he goes out. Ernie injury that kept him out of the playoffs and they were completely different team with not a now some may argue that the Eagles. Are better equipped to survive a loss like this but Matt Carson Wentz. And we doesn't mean we know we're noted argued he was the MVP. And now they've had to get opens up that races well but certainly. I huge double fact in the NFC which has been so competitive a lot of other good teams with that injury yes sir I. Nick falls like all the stuff bug a lot of good tapper maker another roll call out of retirement I I dig deep. I think that falls will be fine but you can still say oh yes the Eagles on the other favorite but just can't I couldn't believe last night watching football by an American at halftime oh Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison both of them said unequivocally. Eagles can still get to the Super Bowl and I think they have a really good shot would Nichols quarterback dog solitude you're right -- like really. It that each. I mean I'm not saying that they're gonna be terrible wouldn't it fullbacks I think that was shot by Islamic in the favor now like if you eat they're acting like nothing's gonna change their personal ways wasn't his dynamic threat exactly that just took the league by storm and his second year. Ghazi MVP right and of its crazy the slit the league is absolutely. Just in seigniorage. Mention MVP Carson went spot runners for the MBB. John Carlos there and won the MVP as a member of the Miami Marlins who was introduced today. As the newest from bomber. In the the Bronx. And he was asked about the Marlins fans what would you say to them. As far as just. They are this situation that's occurred time and time again John Carlos stand lived it and and brief that for a number of years. As a member of the team here's what he had to say to the fans are remain here in South Florida. Alison hang in there you know there there burden. They're gonna go. Through some more to appears mom. But and once it was to advise him not to give up to us people vote maybe you want from afar pictures you're gonna want to put. You know. Those guys those guys there. They've battled to you know the guys throughout they're there they're good kids and the other news and support to. Hang in there is not exactly when I was looking wash from afar. Washington forest through the duke it is a kind of funny too early years Tony eight year old players in those kids that you're gonna play hard. As if we don't stands been around the block a timer to. Area that he doesn't strike me as the elder statesman. In any our club louse a cross grizzly bears always also like eight. Adds to the hurt of losing a player like that I mean it's not like the Marlins signed to a two and A-Rod like deal. Or now pools like deal or reason as early thirties a human ten year contract that they get that contract that thirteen year deal were used 45 years old look and as you said earlier currencies just entering the prime his career so it is wanna be here and say. I brought their watch those kids as if he's some. Old guys ran right incentives all of that is good hearted hero with a lot of those guys. And now is. He's a much better spot like he's he's he's loving things but. He did want things the things to work out here in in South Florida any made that clear today as well lo and. Sign up in Miami one of things to work out and now I how a good vision there. Hum but you know so sometimes things just to spiral. Out of place then you're you're you're just find a new home so. Yeah and he did exactly paint the the picture both past ownership and and present ownership. In a in a good light stand and we know it's been it's been a a cluster down here it's been it's been a train wreck for lack of better terms. Right and immediate futures if this reading is snippet he posted a picture of himself on its Graham with the caption. And you know he characterization bank city of Miami and I thought it was really cool mean. He knew it out of his way to thank them like this community and the France which is the classy thing to do. And he also had. You know he describes. On professional circuits times ripe with the Marlins who sees that it's so like when when the best player. Internationally the best player clearly removed in this organization uses that term describe things mean. At just validates all of our opinions over the years and he's there and he's been highly paid he still thinks it's been a circus atmosphere currents and that's that's all you need to tell. Well morons off from stand here that those couples members of Saint Louis media that are at their press conference. A neighbor having him a couple of times about why he rejected that trade that's fair measure got to believe. Is a little bit irritated by out by all this while that for coming appear a little bit later on but. On the other side we have fifty minutes that he will go to Memphis who are all good buddy Michael laws is up there covers the other grids and we'll get a little preview of tonight's matchup coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. Fifteen minutes. All okay. Came at the creative guys in my budget and provide for South Florida's number one team trucks and suvs customization shop. You're guaranteed that the hottest qualify for modifications in town called champion four by fours 786502. 3446. Or recipient. 45 Ford dot com Kirstie what's alongside. Greg light pins were it's adjustments though Miami Heat basketball 7 o'clock pregame coverage starts at 8 o'clock built of off. Against the Memphis Grizzlies that we had out right now jiggle the nobody whoever wants familiar with these parts on the arrived jewels of thousands of news source does sign their choice of beyond convenient. He is the senior editor contributor and analyst for grinds city media had grizzlies dot com covered the Miami heat's. I'm the NBA form of ESPN and the the Miami Herald and A fixture down here in the South Florida media is now running things on their Memphis. Michael Wallace joins us right now Mike you don't that I. Chapman Tara was gone all man paid Mallard is good to be back off from Mary Airways down there have been a lot about Miami and you know mishap on the show which you've got to be in on all the stations and all the fairways but he got the holidays to both you guys and thanks as. Yeah I'm and you covered all the bases down here in South Florida I mean you hit at all and you missed my friend man you're doing big things up there and Memphis basketball team is struggling. But as far as from a a media point of view you guys on our number one in the MBA that's that's but that is that is a certain. All right oh does about your club here they went to the coaching change in all fourteen of fifteen. Lost a tough one the other night to OKC. What what's what kind of just. The changes that they've gone to where's the the club that right now as far as from your standpoint. You basically laid it all right out and and I mean there's really not certain you know. How much more to a good struggle that you just alludes let me lose at fourteen and fifteen cents that you know give it to the team has started five and one and across the board of national power rankings what was the number one team in the league. The first thing first two weeks of the season with picked two victories over Houston a that you steadily lost four games in the group didn't want to little game against Houston. And the political losses they also be Golden State the first two weeks of the season to sit and spin the wheels sort of come off. You've had some injuries you've had some. Some issues in terms of our personnel and relationships and things of that nature on the beat you at all fortunate parting of ways debated is that this is a got it. You know I've got to know because I was in Miami when he'll rob owner export stat. Got to know him as governor to seven years of my and you didn't come that this. We we didn't plan to come here together. But we weren't so great about many days when he came it now figure deal for him to be the coach in. For a launch marketing media and which has a familiar. Face familiar with that the trial to bounce things off so. You know what what was. You know that he back in town this would have been a reunion of sorts. What is bill Spoelstra and attempting to whatever. I'll Mario Chalmers he's Smart you know some familiar faces on both sides but but it is not to be the case to that degree but. You know there's really is back in town tonight he did. Have a chance to to begin with Eric Spoelstra. Before to my game in so that was good for Google to got to get together. Yeah I really cool here is the two of them are good friends obviously didn't together which that he beards out I'm might go with that decision I know that we sell reaction from Dwyane Wade and LeBron James and everybody coming to the defensive David Tisdale. Which is got a called Seabrook and how is that decision received in Memphis by the fan base there because it seemed that. He was beloved by the fans especially after Paris tirade in the playoffs last year. There you have it adaptor that. They've not overlook us I mean we make T shirts and remittance. Aha. That unforced errors a series there and David is there was deeply invested in the community here that you got flood. Policy controversial issues whether it was. You know via the taking down of the confederate statute that you really really wanted to push. Or some more of the subtle things like. You know adopting pets in in some of the stray dog sitter that this trying to find pets all that the police athletic league starting at least you admit this sort of model it after. Some of the PAL leave there and I am so you know there that his diligence that people rights and in voter education it was a big thing it is too. The bottom line or on the basketball side of it was just that the grizzlies it didn't win enough games now having said that you know he got 100 no wind regular season games here that's not a lot that's a short and you especially when you know Richard going to be retooling and rebuilding it. The but the fact of the matter is due in a situation where. Something had to happen that change training in the bad direction and then obviously. Are you got so out at all played out with B mark solid pitching against the nets then. That the comment that came after that nestled you know underscores some of the issues that have been going Albie are being so. You know benefit they'll lose in court that bounced back we know that. Do you think this fish right now he's gonna get the rest of his money on his contract and he'll be back in the league really really so now what he wants to get back into it. You know he's already established that he's going to be respected and constantly get it is that it will continue to be wonder bright young coaches that we added as we. Michael Wallace joins us grind sitting media enough of the Memphis yeah you look at that playoff series last year and you know I mean you sought to okay. They're gonna be around and they're gonna be a thorn for a lot of those teams in the west for a long time under fizz they'll. We look at the roster Mike is just a case that he got three guys make it all the money and you haven't gotten enough on those three guys. Whether it's because of performance or they haven't been on the floor because of injury. Yeah that's that's that's one of the keys right here a couple of the key to me you look at right now on me just go back to Saturday grizzlies to a twenty point lead against Oklahoma city Oklahoma City on the CNET. Just like to equal coming back from Mexico. Playing their first game emit this. They were without all George was the key piece of the equation right now and they have been struggled Oklahoma City. Had won a game on the road since Halloween and they got us. Came back from a twelve point deficit to win that game is via the great so yeah it's one of those situations and I bring up that game because that was a game where Mike Conley. Chandler Parsons and Brandan Wright. We're not available you active police salaries that just this evening you're talking about upwards of about sixty million dollars. What the NBA salary cap is 94 million IB two million somewhere around there. You're talking about almost two thirds or more than two thirds of the salary caps sit there street clothes. That's not a sustainable. Formula for winning basketball games and my colleagues have now or you know the better part of three weeks right now Brandan Wright and one of the better backups and has more active backups and has been out for about 23 weeks now to the channel Parsons is not yet ready to play and back to back gates. You add that. To some of the other issues in some of these young youth project which path. It makes it really really difficult it was so it's a systemic issue right now the good reviews sword group there's not one to think that support my cigarette is more like six or seven. Minor things small openings are adding up to to create one big stretch of movement in this unfortunate possible. Mike you mentioned your connections between easy and grizzlies organizations are one of those guys Mario Chalmers what's it like covering him again. How hack where it's funny because when he when he came back. And I think I'll still cover Miami Lamar or which traded that he did just got Goran Dragic and anybody who that they wanted to turn the team over to court. And out so Mario had to go and he was traded at that this came the message to play like Al. For the first three weeks independents and basically outplayed what Gordon track which was born in Miami he had easier adjustment that mr. gore and in my ammunition. The daily blog the securities. Anything about basketball from nineteen months he's just you know basically came back. This this past offseason. And in to see him again that this is a guy remember it's hard to believe this guy's in you guys have been around Mario came into the league is they continued into the NBA right now this is the C. So two years go Bible are pretty quickly but it's good to see him resuming his MBA here he struggled right now honestly he struggled with a shot. On instilling that in the is that the best shape if he would like to be in. Album come back. Tore the QBs like that but he's fight and scratch and try to keep it in BA career. Going in he's got an opportunity to do that tobacco went off the grizzlies right now. Fifty minutes of Hayward joined by Michael Wallace who's to cover the the Miami Heat in the MBA now Memphis. And so tonight's opponent dazzle to get up until our pregame coverage at 7 o'clock ultimate off a Memphis at 8 o'clock hour in the of this heat squad. A lot of Roland nervous down here you know Mike we a lot of expectations. This would be maybe a three she may be a four or 5 seed in the Eastern Conference win 45 plus games. And other get a little nervous here as we approach the quarter pole of the season what do you think. What are you guys remember I was I was one of the first things founding members of the assault like side pays the main campaign this year you. Where about what would look good debate whether he should be started resigning he went down pat with the the problem is I mean aside I have to figure probably this failed court I mean they're different scene. I'll look he's out there anchored that defense. You know it's it's. I like my immediate support this is the decision that Pat Riley made when their work in the so called patriot shouted it. He doubled back down on the team that finished thirty and he landed at the end of last season but the problem issue that's chemistry issues cognitive beings. As you shift guys have been different roles admitted that what they played before. You know that as little as we've got to it was a lottery pick a couple of years ago he still the charred arm with each little bit deposition is in this week. You know but I do like what I'm saying we want a journeyman like James Johnson. I do like the top the charts and has been able to do I think he's one of the most. Potentially prolific observed that we had he can be starting to get their start in the pots I think this is the he built around or drive which strips and they're going to play hard every single night. No matter what label and up again the question is can they play Smart they can make a consistent winning basketball. As you say look at the expectations are this is all of the or biopsy Sudanese. I'm looking at the standings right now they're still not out of the question did it. I'll especially when you look at Boston Cleveland it would be the cream of the crop. But I ask you get after that you got to wobble Washington. India and you know. The winners together get a stop back healthy and going and I will run out of they've got some beach we're travel schedules out of their systems so far this. Yes certainly has suns held to is a huge issue or do you invest that money in him Mike do you brought up a guy won Essen on justice Winslow because. I think from a societal standpoint we always want it's a gratification right it doesn't matter what we're talking about and so for him army's 21 years old struggle with the injuries last year. And hasn't consistently. Proven he can knock down an outside shot as many things well. I think for heat fans they see a guy like Devin Booker picked a little laughter him in the first round that year. You know score forty points in certain games and they wanna see justice was will perform the same way where you stand when it comes to. Patience that's required to see development of players. Yeah it it is so because that big jet that came men. Having the play different role than what this is koppers on the college where some of the other guys were either demanding college and their teams. Or they came into the NBA playing a similar position. In economy and that's why you're seeing guys like thank goodness. Take a step forward and Charlotte who was picked. You don't light up just as well what you're seeing a miles turner finding his groove obviously in Indiana dispute after. Just as well what you're seeing and obviously you've mentioned Devin Booker as one of those gaps and came in right away and was able to knock down in being shot on the consistent basis the thing about Miami that's interesting is that. Know you have Erik Spoelstra wants to play but when they each stop of the NBA basketball. Which is still at Pat Riley wants to. Hold on to some of the past traditional ways of playing the game. You have got like bad I know who comes in a bad necessarily jump out which went on I think in the NBA position. You you have just as little bit that similar mindset. You have a guy like Thomas Johnson and so what Tweeter. You know what Josh which should consult with 23. Maybe sometimes want. But found that versatility and a lack of definition what you ought to kick start your progress since doctor grow. It's culture's all about interchangeable parts right now whether released just as well as well. Number when he got to continue to prove he could stay healthy. And number two he got to be more aggressive I love the last all the luck in the summer league that first year. Those first couple games it was basically planted the actual point guard in the LeBron James and Dwight way of that 73. But he hadn't been on the ball like that a lot since then and so I think the bump as well we'll see where it goes but again this is year two years before him you know you wanna see how it's about to see. And then make an evaluation after that in terms of the one investor. Michael gets out of here on this evolved at Memphis resident Roland here what are some of the things look for an tonight's matchup. What it has had a goal and that means obviously. Tyreke Evans is on his game that means. While Marcus all this is doing work in the post as well as the the big range now to the three point. You're seeing them get up and down and make its tradition place so. That a number one being that they started well each of the last brigade they have a twelve point lead in the New York Boston seventeen point lead against Toronto lost. Twenty point lead against. Oh Casey and lost they have to play the second half the same way to start the First Act and I executed my game but with a great. Mike you're the best works over at the the dolphin game so we sends he sends his love Tia and wish you happy holidays is all thanks for the time. I'd probably gonna get back when I get back down and that would have another black Sunday he'll know exactly we'll talk. I'm sure will yes I have an idea as well. I'm legend Michael Michael Wallace from a grind city media does all things for the other grizzlies up their from their their media coverage and if Oman. Twitter if you're not already at my Mike check and of course. Was here on the show for a for a long long time and great guy and really knows the league like no so good catch up with him is that's a tonight's opponent. Memphis Grizzlies we got to catch up with us being a perk whose out of the the dolphin game for a little Monday Night Football for you that then Boland. Comes a team for the Boston Globe the New England Patriots formally take a reunion show is right in. He's been down there over the problems doc over the pages he's gonna join us. In the 6 o'clock hour as walkers Stevenson and Greg likens our special guest host today right here on 79 either take it home. Are things the Mike Wallace for dropping by. Good professor John Leahy job by every Thursday morning was as a drummer and am ready to when he was having an NFL professor knows sponsored by. And it dharma main accident attorneys have you been an accident call 807 horse of the free at 807473733. Curtis Stevens alongside Greg likens who has. In it for this gentleman Chris Perkins we're gonna jump out to a talk to on the arrivals announcers who is towards a sign they're truly stepped. Beyond the convenient he is getting ready for dolphins. And patriots out of the stadium we'll get reports from him also off the big story of the day is Jon Karl stand being introduced. As a member of the New York Yankees we all knew he was a traded over the weekend but I guess today it was made official pop Merck. For a get back to that there rod just relay Mike Wallace's when he goes back to the town but you and him for a black Sunday so he's. IR. And I don't preclude them pervert okay. Don't let all the Ochoa currently beat. Okay yes I remember from jury of short ball you guys. And some of the beverages oldest though olds is limited equipment. That's look they would it would only black flirt and eat it will look but they know that that's what we're a little. Robot being actually dump is that an opponent when he within the code for Pat Riley looked irrelevant. You don't have that little black crude and so when brought in over thirty Peyton looked great but don't forget the economy right now let us with an. Okay very nice yes. But it lists like Arabic bottom the move onto that. Broke out of our group I don't know I don't know aid part you know me I'm cool I'm an aggressive he's like a doughnut. Yeah that's email from somebody there and you're tired of the well. I think it was a black Monday today we're guarding the the stand news we all knew was gonna happen but to see him up there have been charged it just brings back a lot of superstars. And players in their prime. Bingo bolting South Florida via via trade we've done a lot of Jeter hates on the tax and I'm glad you. Is the criticism of Derek Jeter fair in your mind. I don't prepare for your arm based on based on decision. I think it was a little extra for her to get this quick look at the belt that would fire brand. Some of the popular people that Colin in that or immigration bit have a late sport. And I think it took her and her old and then hear Ricky Morton trade and return Carlos they pretty. It and you don't really get anything outside of all right mental in return for drew Griffin and so the bulk of those who I think people feel like there's the double referred to the flyers civil and they're the cardinal Bogle who's. All of the baseball sizeable long wispy announcement brings along the same old same old little. Arnold who is the rec league would like to see you're at. You and I mean he's great at the brunt of it right now. The upper right I agree you there that some of the issues over the two months preceding the traders standing that that's alternately Don Jeter into a certain agreement. Removed any benefit of the doubt that he may have had take no for Jeffrey Loria also wanna get your reaction to John Carlos standing rebates of comets the press conference but. He posted on instant Graham picture himself on the marlins' uniform thanking the organization the city of Miami to fans but also with Jim. I've also always try to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional circus times there. Well what was your reaction him describing the or is Asian and some good times he's been with the Marlins a circus time. At the Dugard apparently I didn't think I mean the market. To what you're doing Whitaker at the manicured. We don't need to quickly go down to get on her list. So that it didn't look to the only thing you do it was kind of it was great art world and take a parting shot. At at an organization that thumb. It was good for him I understand as I've ever had that back it's that low lying right there bill why he wanted to leave. It went up when I don't know that it was a little. It's just got up and coming from a guy who just never really be that much about anything. I think part of it comes of frustration it's like OK yes every Laurie David had big contract but we all know. What he dealt with with that ownership and then you get new ownership comes in. And they say well why we do we really don't what should be a part of our future. We're and if you are that you're gonna have nobody playing around you that's got to be frustrating to say it's really done nothing wrong in his career. I mean other. They screen button recruit. Expressing slugger who couldn't play the field and struck out all the content. Really worked or are certainly open to come. Ball player and so. We might have ever ever ever marlin Boehner then and somebody who lives here. I it did a great he gave only who have no empirical you're sure we're. You know they didn't when it get out there you didn't wanna come back from a hamstring and so he's an expert on the side albeit you don't do it to look good with a baseball year. Syria agreed. Could treaty organization. And I'm doing and and late and so within a complete ball player birds are already in the echo. I learn it looks like the interim premier because you'll learn how to play the U angle here like all of the movie you approach that are and aren't earlier this year. He really worked lowered so. You know I couldn't armor or hurt it it's gonna take that sigh. They're great and I'm Arnold spark a guard in the frustration. Are I don't blame I don't blame them for PO Procter. Yeah I don't either and he said well perky did war to his craft and improved as an all around player aren't of one transitioned to the money have the ball in your your hard rock stadium get ready for the dolphins the patriots and you know it appeared on paper that Rob Gronkowski suspension would give the dolphins a break I guess. My concern now perky is who will receive the same story that's been written before happen again to the dolphins where you know it's a Dwayne Allen this time or one of them. Backside of the back field of one of the wide receivers Chris Hogan is supposed to be healthy again for the first time in weeks. Are they just going to be a little move on from grind house he's apps since the patriots that is offensively and not some miss a beat. You would have to think they are right I mean it that's what they do what they are a vehicle very. I'm great embryo can cook and Denny Hamlin Dolan and they're searching you know will be the only. There's been an expert here I mean ultimately I can pick people are getting crap in print and Dayton lay people being a small little. I think they're gonna be able to do something in the parent okay. I don't know how the ball and compare it are important you know mark you know. In the book a court. I'm mark then only one person could earn it you you know went back. There wasn't readily golden rule is it. Like he spoke bitterly that although we all over the world and there are art I look in the Kubrick in what you want to outline critical corner grocery. Or whatever they're going to be a little bit weaker now with worker centers wouldn't. When I spoke. I couldn't stop it deepens and how they're the people who are not New England could not at least shortcuts that'll. At that particular group hoped would go to development standpoint. Bet networks get in there and and bring you luck but it is not the bucket yeah minutes after the on the left side but. I'm a completely optimistic view that perhaps be it. I for the South Florida sun sentinel Turk what is your headline read tomorrow. Oh boy. Written over the it and write a little about the multiple boats and Arnold and there little weird but come on Martin and dom. I think that that's pretty much going to be at circuit that the dark the patriots score lower than it toward the experiment with Pittsburgh. Aren't Merkel seen here tomorrow enjoy the game and and have a good one thank you sir. You've got to Chris Perkins from the hard rock stadium set a Monday Night Football this evening we come back we'll get to. Headlines we got here's a thing or more on John Carlson and we're gonna hear from both standing and Derek Jeter coming up if you missed it earlier today Jeter spoke on the trade stand. -- introduced as a member of the New York Yankees boy it must be fun being a Yankee fan Alia must be fun being the agency is unfair residents had just passed out like him Obama is not real hatred for an area artists 01 of those one of those deals plus us via a deadbolt covers patriots for the Boston Globe recently down here cover the dolphins. He's gonna stop by here in about a six point printing to rabbit so he basketball right here on 79 minutes ago. All right Roland on the 6 o'clock hour here on seven and ticket. Curtis Davidson we got a special guest hosting today it's Perkins out that hard rock stadium Greg likens his with a as you can usually here I agree on with Josh Freeman. That's 7 o'clock every his horse of a clock on week nights and of course on the weekends when there's not a game on the you know we need to get a he game this evening we're gonna take you read it's our pregame coverage Johnson's dazzling Tommy tiger will have that. I'm about little more than an hour away and then took off from Memphis is at 8 o'clock we had double header. We got bilaterally if you don't cancers in there Rory it's all that with with headlines. Tonight here in in South Florida but to help you fly into the holidays. The take a courtesy of donors giving away 400 dollar gift card you can by the DJI spark at that price or use the 400 dollars. On towards other PJ I've products like maverick. Or phantom for pro fly out power to Joan urge dot com or visit either their locations and amateur or my greatest owner itself or as high in the sky to in the gift card so you can buy a drone register at the ticket to Miami dot com we're gonna hear from. Derek Jeter on. John Carlos in the trade and I became official today as a John Carlo was introduced. As the New York Yankee and that leads us right into the Sowers here's the thing. Well we knew what was going to happen at some point John Carlos Guillen and the Marlins who wanted to. To move on from each other we gonna be the New York Yankees. What it once he's now a Bronx bomber. We know is gonna happen we knew stands days in South Florida as a member of the Miami Marlins were numbered with new ownership and their direction. But it's still hurts it's still stinks. And has a long time marlin fan. You've seen a lot of players walked out the door in their prime. Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis Edgar Renteria Gary Sheffield. Boise salute Josh Beckett Michael Hanley Ramirez Kevin brown and others. Now not only do those players. Played great baseball and provide South Florida fans with a lot of memorable moments but they also went on to have great years. After their days here in South Florida there's no doubt standard or it many many many many. More home runs. In another uniform. Miami Marlins fans in baseball fans in general were hope that with the big contract that he signed the largest in professional sports history just a few years ago. Would ensure that he would be hitting those home runs here in South Florida today we realize that certainly. Will not be the case. And that's the thing sponsored by drone nerds and amateur and down my greatest owners is Roth tries DJI dealer has altered her own needs covered. New purges repairs customization training sessions and more. Visit them today at Joan nerds outcome self Florida's high. Dean at the Scott. We're gonna hear from John Carlos stand in his message to the South Florida fans in just a moment. But. Boy it's just yeah you knew what was gonna happen. Greg you knew that it was it was gonna look a lot different. But when you you see it happened today and you're looking. Part of the hard part is you're watching a yoke and got so many Yankee fans on here bright and there are rejoicing in their basking. In the glory of of this acquisition you look at all the New York papers. And it's like you know early Christmas messages get best gift ever and all that stuff right by the headlines thanks Derrick for winning as some more championship right area you know practices eagerly org for the Yankees all that stuff and they're Jeter still holds the Yankees win even the even though he's retired. And you're just going AL may end. I would like even a little bit of that feeling from a baseball standpoint diner we we solid basketball at the Miami Heat but it just seems like. A little bit of fortune. As a as opposed his game being bloodied. Every other year as the base. Offense right here and I think that if you take the financial aspect out of this just Lewis on the surface you're mentioning all those names here in here's a thing. About visited have gone on have success host moral. And you know we always are back to Miguel Cabrera is probably being the one that really got away and you look from a baseball standpoint I mean this is such a shame that it's come to this word you have. A young slugger 28 years old come off off 159 a home run season and am MVP award. And they have to move on from it like we understand why did he just remove that from the equation. It's a such a shame for everybody in South Florida to your point about the emotional attachment. Curtis I felt like the last two years or so at the all star game. That was the one thing that Marlins fans had to hold on to resort and we got John Carlos standing bloody little talked about does he plays a Miami. In the home run derby and that's kind of our guy right now that's a guy there were like okay well you know what they might not win enough games to be relevant in the post season. But he's gonna go out there are crushed. The cut overall the baseball we can all be proud of that and he's a guy candidate they develop they drafted they brought up. Eddie's been assigned to South Florida hero ever sense and and the and the really the lone superstar. That this market had in sports over the last few years and now. As cliche as it gets he ends up on the Yankees because they can afford to beat it. Well I mean a from a from a baseball fans have what you look at a guy like that he is the guys that you he's everything you want to build your team around right. We have got to admit our alliance can hit sixty home runs a year can drive it about want me. A walking time this is the guy they don't grow little grow on trees those guys don't come around too often. So this is the young guy who we drafted we developed he is going to be the cornerstone of our friend just like to talk about. In New York with with airing judge like you Washington hopes to keep up with two with Bryce Harper. And these guys don't come allow or around too often rendered it's a building block rate your branch would you say a real team would build around that guy. And here in the Marlins they are trading that guy away. To another team. And it's super frustrated I am probably going to defend Derek Jeter a lot here in the next coming months. Because. I I I understand what they're trying to do. In this town it's certainly does not look good Jeter mentioned that we're gonna hear from they're Jeter and stand coming up here if you miss it. In just a matter of moments but first let's get to 6 o'clock. Headlines. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Let's start with a baseball news or just talking about John Carlos stand is officially a New York's Yankee is the rating nationally MVPs trade from Miami to the Big Apple was announced today the Marlins received shortstop Saarland Castro on a pair of minor league prospects. While New York will reportedly take on 265. Of the remaining 295. Million dollars. On his contract. The dolphins and patriots are sensitive battle money that football showdown from hard rock stadium this evening atom gays will be seeking his first win as a head coach vs New England while the dolphins have won three of the last four matchups between the teams in South Florida. Might you be without your mom bush robbed Matt Moore and Damian Williams look corporate Tankersley is listed as doubtful to play. Kickoff is 830. Elsewhere in the NFL Eagles head coach Doug Peterson announced this afternoon the quarterback Carson once tore his ACL in Philadelphia's win over the rams and will miss the remainder of the season. On the hardwood the Miami Heat return to the court tonight to wrap of their three game road trip in Memphis against the struggling grizzlies. The grid is of lost fourteen of the last fifteen contests while Miami. Can get back to 500 with a win this evening you can hear all the action right here on seven audited ticket beginning with pregame coverage at 7 o'clock. And two time at eight from FedEx Forum. And on the on the ice the Panthers visit the red wings and I would drop the 730 normalcy to the arena and those are your headline. It's 67974. That's 67974. That's. How you reaches of the Coral Springs Omaha on the text line autumn. A lot of anger. And a lot of bile being thrown Marlins ownership lot of frustration yeah I would I mean it's not a good day to be a baseball fan here in here in South Florida. Page on Carlos than good for him man it in mean. He got. What he wanted so to speak he won out of South Florida and think when you had that type of dynamic working standard now would be a part of rebuilt. Clearly his no trade clause he had all the power in this the Marlins wanted to get. Jon Karl's contract off of their books as quickly as humanly possible those are the two motivating factors here. And it just the that's why it happened so quickly. And when asked today about what John Carlo Stan has left behind his message through the fans have supported him over the years here's what he had to say. Alison hang in there you know there there burden. There they're gonna go through some more to appears hum. But and once it was advised not to devote to this people maybe want to move chargers you're gonna want to put. You know. Those guys those guys there. They battle to you know the guys throughout they're there they're good kids and the other in his support. All right so not exactly a ringing endorsement thorough effort for season tickets I'm out I'll that you wanna make him. A spokesman for season Tigger is there even though obviously he's gone there for Brenda was at U Haifa and I wanted to leave Austria. Right I mean Roger doesn't qualify there it is funny to hang in there and I will say to him referring to the rest of the Marlins kid's event that does crack me up a little break it series. Is only twenty years old. But yeah. It wasn't John Carlos and I thought for the most part handled himself pretty well at the crease they about a Curtis is that for his big of a star as he is. He didn't get very much media exposure in general is like the Marlins. Forced him to be out in the open and we will all learn a lot of interviews of of jar Palestinian even though he was a huge star. McCain immigrants here at things a baseball meet his life is about to change all. In a huge wave being a bright lights of New York City. He is going to be like I didn't I didn't know who he was dating down here I didn't know what his relationship status was. I didn't know a lot about I mean and this is like Jon Karl the very private guy knew does say a lot all change in New York for better or for worse. So yes I mean that that's the that there where he is going to be on every he got a lot of run nationally commercial why gotten for the most part. But yes I mean if he keeps in those home runs and that is going to be you know he's gonna make a ton of money off the field the New York communities you know hand some. Big strong in a fugitive as long as he keeps signals home runs. It's gonna be how the cobblestone with him a judge moment business leg it means that both those guys endorsing your deals and all all that stuff no like right. If you if you're him and he said it as a most people do it in director press conferences. I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited. Yeah Mikey he he should be excited. And he had all all the power yeah the no trade clause he negotiated that. Three or four years ago give him and his agent the credit private before say yeah we want we want a no trade on top of all this. And even if it was Jeffrey Loria who still on the team wanting to trade him. Or not he knew what the deal was back then. And if you don't wanna you know he when he's in New York. If your big guy if you ready for that if that's spotlight. He certainly gonna have a man. For better for worse see some guys thrive on under and we sit is seen some guys struggle under the hope he doesn't pull already Johnson walking on the street and you know assault the camera married already Johnson with one of those bad ones you know A-Rod. Lot of a lot of there's if there's out of A-Rod blog go to battle they aren't yet here it was all good it seem like seeing now under all the spotlights yet from the South Florida. They're treated like a jerk but here's Derek Jeter. On the state of the organization. And where are they going in where they've been. You know everyone needs to realizes this is an organization that has not been successful we have not been in the playoffs since 2003. So look I I understand. Not our black sic I I can't bear do understand I don't understand. How they stand based field because they've been through quite a bit. You know what we're we're out here. We haven't been winning. So if you haven't been winning and it's time to make it changed and in order to make it change there's gonna have to be removed and like I said. To which you alluded to there maybe some unpopular decisions that aren't. But every decision that we make as an organization. Is to try to put it in a better position and down. You know we're trying to fix something that is broke and and fans want. A team that's gonna win I mean they they they show that we as you know we obviously we have to get fans back into this stadium because you know we happen at their attendance has been low. And I I think that is the attendance is low because they wanna have an opportunity to win and that that they want that they were gonna have to make some changes so. You're right it is ballot and act but now I know hopefully they understand that no we're trying to put it an organization together and that is success. So a lot of things there's a lot of correct things there if I'd ask you right now and I know this is a tree question. Is Derek Jeter going to be a successful baseball owner here in South Florida your answer would be one. I'm very skeptical that Adobe. Is what qualifies him to be an owner and what qualifies him to know I'm not only beating the baseball or the business side enough and. Right because it is here's my face skepticism with Derek Jeter's even when he was a player. Any terrific hall of fame player that. He admitted years I don't watch baseball my spare time miceli. A-Rod would always start well yeah like after a game I'd watch the West Coast. Contests and he was really in a baseball now he's you know transition he's pretty good analyst on TV. You lives and breezy game or Jeter seemed like he would debris of the game in terms of himself and his team but outside of that heat he really wasn't involved so. I do question whether he is going to you know go are going to be scouting prospects in his free time or whether he gets on the people who do that form and on top like Curtis is gonna run the business side of things which he's in charge of ultimately mean. Does and does he have any experience with that he's been a baseball players so let me just as he started the players Tribune does that all my parents during a baseball team so I. You know I it's not a straight answer to but I have for some reason I just get the viewing. Base of the way things have started very. If we may see more of the same for the policy for a long. This has do with the trade that he made withstand this is the do ask that question. A part of it is because. The lore. And that. Deal more of Derek Jeter has already wore off in this town for a soul part of what you're getting with Derek Jeter is. Derek Jeter the myth of Derek Jeter. They are the romance of the captain. And that is already being golf that has already gone not only is it gone the guys become a punch line. A big joke in this town are. Overnight essentially. A honeymoon goes the wedding. Let's do that there's nothing this year. The guy became owner and that all of a sudden telling him to go bleep off and go back to New York right so it's all part of why you have Derek Jeter has. I don't know that you run a baseball go out obvious an eye for talent certainly is gonna hire people to do a lot of those different jobs. The one thing that you thought at least carry him through at least a little while now would be easier to his rep it takes and that is flawed. That is there's not that you can get it would fall back on that when he walked in the season ticket holders go armed or Jeter not anymore. Another all yell out of about stuff. So like I know. Another perception is that he is just until the sheep wash owner right continue what Jeffrey Loria started oh I'll I'll pose this to rule quickly Curtis. For good break is that you don't talk host and brought up this idea during the press conference and maybe he just said it to sound good I could be but he did say that he is. Expressed sentiment sued Derek Jeter was at I I hope you can build. The pitching staff around this offensive line of the we have in Miami and when I was told it was in the cases that I wanna leave. I don't know why that's out of the route was out of the realm possibility I mean I understand the philosophy now but you don't take it you could to bildt's around stand. And yell much and Ozuna and real mute tone bore Maine since I don't think we're that far removed through world got to just like well this had to happen. I still think it'd der Jeter and the ownership group came in with actual cash that they were willing to spend you might be able salvage a little too. Do much there there from from day one there were operating from the negative yes they were never it never even operating from a standpoint of of even or certainly positive which you you expect. They're already operating from. Coming negative standpoint as far as our money was concern with the social rubio actually right that's there there's no doubt about that are we'll get back this a little bit here we got we have been Moline. From the Boston Globe formerly of the Palm Beach post over the dolphins uncovers the patriots. Ready for the Monday night matchup coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. Anything you want to send you into the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend party four nights in Vegas. You do when roundtrip airfare for you and gas hotel for four nights handed tickets to see the Foo Fighters surrendering into the Zack brown band it's great way to ring in the new year want to win. Go now to take a Miami dot com slash contest and you can be going to Vegas to see three great concerts. Winner and guest must be totally yours are over this is a national contest. Percy was alongside our special missiles today. Greg likens who was in for perk was out of the stadium and answer we head back out to. They renovated art rock stadium as we head out to Iran fuels and dozens it is or is assigned eventually stepped beyond to really covers the patriots for the Boston Globe are all the good man bad pollen is up is on site enough. He evolve on Twitter at bendable and these two cover the dolphins here for the Palm Beach post. It's usually not a bad about the of the Newsday and your first time back since the the put it all that change into the joint how. Yeah it guy acting bit lack your game in week that it that the effort by Eric I can't believe that it played out. As you know he obviously. It's phenomenal and obviously depressed Spock this year is. Significant upgrade as well though. I really nice job I even brought an adult here with the upgrade. I beat writer buddy always like that he got well. And I apologize on shouting if you're that big beat background and that on the field for pregame that they decide to just turn on the music out to visit that they are. The player pretty loud though all righty got a. Sound great the sound right decelerating in your right does Stephen Ross that facilities terrific. They banned eyesight tweet about this earlier the Patriots defense. Really struggles to Sicily in the first four weeks of the season but has experienced a major turn around what are some of the reasons why and units dominance after vessels started the year. Yet it's been a significant turnaround but typically it happy that they were the work in the league in our yards per game and quarterback. Have reading they would like you're playing against Tom Brady a week. Getting a 300 yards and I'll a lot of big game. Well they've really clamp down on the you know the communication aspect is just being on the same page on Gilmore the newcomer from the Buffalo Bills he. You're a little bit that they get on the PP eight that he made but now that we're in December everyone is pretty operate pretty smoothly and you could happen injury that out of all most notably doctor hightower. That the pack be bent. A real battery and group back there that according Malcolm Butler. Up on Gilmore Patrick Chung. In the paper that one at duke all actors didn't know they weren't as bad they've played. The earth or week that he didn't aperture is the defensive coordinator secondary that worked on an act he agent but they played a lot. It's been a remarkable turnaround. But in the first or we in the hatred we're second worst in points allowed they were getting blown. The defense gave me doors blown up every week but it. Week five the bigger our number one in points allowed only eleven point nine per game but they've been very very busy he'd be he'd better yet. Men ball and from the Boston Globe is with us here on 79 minutes again. A couple of weeks ago we had the match about the Foxboro Matt Morris the quarterback for the dolphins what was your take away on what Belichick tried to take away. From the from the Miami Dolphins as it relates to going into this game. Well be a good thing about the hatred it bent back in repeat though they lit the bulk of the duke Libya. And the bigger art generally a big lit in the day in the certainly had been. Up to that point and aperture or really bad dog get out or a lot of zone or man bullet is in an odd template this just. Any up linebackers the landed robber out android is actually not playing I. But. They got creative with the secondary blip it. Really mixing up the rocks even drag you grab more. Really it's going to be a gamble will they go back to the taping and it worked pretty well or will they play more conservative believe. Me hang back in try to make it color he'd be Garrity twelve or eat late drive to make sure they don't get beat by the deep ball. You know the major feat that they are so personally picked up every week you just never quite sure what they're gonna break. But the notable thing dreary we go to all the it was they were whipping like create yet they were getting about or at least they backed. Seven iron which is. It. They bearing on the offensive side of the ball. Rob Gronkowski suspended for tonight's game but you don't New England still favored by eleven points so the odds on favors the wind despite that how much will they miss Crocker are willing not and we see them win a Super Bowl with Donna. I think. He had it wanna do all out rock but they also don't have to an outlet up. At a lot of firepower that Tom Brady won't have but I do. It's your paper weapon. Now the op Ed they've done a nice job of kind of figured out how to move along without Julie cattlemen and he had served in the running back I'd like beyond Louis teams wider wrecked Burke had a really get a special part of the op Ed. Not yet been running book of all the also in the acting gave obviously. VIP Deon Lewis in game like that they've been. Actually the receivers and an expert has been a great how all around running back for them. But they're gonna Mitt rock you know he's only bigger if they have really got a lot of their fevers colds and dole it doorstep air. Smaller quicker guys in the running back is well. Holds a lot of the Soviet seemed to be out able it it very able to capitalize by the red zone which had been at it. Medal from the Boston Globe as the withers had you seen any erosion from from Tom Brady from since you started covering him. And now at a forty year old quarterback is there anything as you can point to even a small thing to say that you slipped just feels a bit. How. This is not the answer your look into orbit on TV I can't they eat let it and it on the he's probably in Peru is mobility. In the big its ability that they get out of the pocket eat out brush. Wire around shop all kind of like a boxer in the ring but I'm prisons here you know they've gotten pretty good on the scramble drill and that. But they were Brady I was never an ordained and I think a Big Three didn't. That you point to an airlock of the giant but the simple wall. Able to get out of the way the past where he's really worked on it agility it obviously we know he. Here it mostly Egan diet and doesn't like yoga stretching that a rate quit being so he got recur and more Agile in the pocket and all look where were you like octagon he tried to keep the play golf for so long. But at age forty putting up incredible numbers he's gonna be one of the two Mercury finalist pretty empty he would not favor or right now. And it doesn't look like is dominant over. The NFL did eat it again mediate a dispute. Certainly doesn't which is disappointing for dolphins fans reassure me to bring in despite the patriots overall dominance of the league. That the dollars and won three of the last four meetings between these teams when the games taken place in South Florida. What in your estimation would Miami have to do to pull off the upset tonight. Certainly it got to get after Tom Brady would that that's been the common denominator when they UP eight your daughter ever wait do. Our pared those guys happy get after three gave him back to get him down put on the bird and all. Yet among comparable out of his rhythm and edit it color gonna have to put up point eagle about her out in the patriots are so good for probably wait for it itself. The adult with a gonna happen. What the ball in the end though they're gonna have to eat create. Identically play never hurt I mean I know it is that they well block on but often done that would date yet the theater here in order to earn. Or what he kind of specialty is clay. Oh dear Ricky did a great job lightly but you yet that the leak site. What's your take on the dolphins here you've seen them a bunch and was a seasonal loss when Ryan Dan hill went down or is there is there more to it. I mean I think down the big part I think it if there's anything get these it opiate that appreciation or right at L earned. Beside the I thought it made the playoffs yet but I I don't believe it as a quarterback and he's very outfit athletic it is it's starting getter rod. Though immediate. At the big part of it looting and that was the big art did it not be the yearly story with the dolphin the off at the clock if they get sick you'd like to. Ever that I've been following it he's got a five that the nearly issue. About Yucca lined never got beat bad at all. You'll too bored she's a prop up though you know the fortunate that he's gone the way it did. For the dolphins but when they locked in you know and I was out of date law I think. They've been followed opal what she says about Tom Brady and seemingly story of the top of his game is forty years old veto that held to the decision to trade Jimmy rob I know that there were some financial considerations as well when it came to that but. What are your thoughts early on about Jimmy drop blows so strong start with the 49ers. Bob I love it. We created. You know you keep weight that patiently behind Tom Brady. On them that not be able to play ever wanted to draft last Johnny Mann bell Eric. Got to hit the player right away and yet a bit and how he got that the ever to articulate he's he's done a really nice job I know it's. I played at bear attacked by exactly that up in Italy but both were on the road. Got yeah he made clear that the coach is all that he put the other 293 yard gain and then at 300 plus yard game the yet to win on the road. He could very impressive and I you know like instantly eat turns around the is orchid they've they've got a young roster Arctic caps may be young quarterback. Like the future looks bright as long he can bail the and that they'll be here by. I loved Rob Lowe and it's gonna be really fun panel watching him you know develop. Not a lot of relates to tonight here chatting here on this. Looking ahead the Steelers or turn it could get ugly tonight word which way you do you lean and. I think it'll be close. You know without Barack I don't think the patriot they're gonna I don't think that the firepower put up 38 or whatever. Could be like a Monday night game of years ago Patrick Chung was blocked kick dollar replaced by. I think it'll be close but I beating the patriots come out of this with a win I think in gone with 2378. I did still don't think adult they're gonna have enough firepower off the. There won't competitive game there will be not too bad there continue to. Happen until you're around here Bennett you you know you've covered quite a few of them Bob Bennett of the game and enjoy the weather as well and always could catch W thank you my man. Are buried here then bowl and to cover the dolphins are the Palm Beach post now at the Boston Globe you fall on Twitter have been bowl and the great thing is just unbelievable and you know every time we talked a we have somebody on its. It's familiar with the Brady's work whether he covers the team wears watched him play over the years. Late they're real every single throw. Yeah this is that no. But there's no. In fact he has gotten better. Right you could argue splendid crystal ball in his career pretty sporty new toy success sounds as more X. It Uga the last last year after the suspension just when I mean it's not just. The winds but it's a view and efficiency in which he's playing quarterback at the highest level right. I mean it's just you know even every single throw in any magic with out Julio just gone. CO your your your debt your number one targets it was about rocket broad support but as far as when things go haywire in that office he was always looking for Julian element. And he's just booed just wipe off your roster in in pre season. And they almost they almost anything noticeably rocketed out last year in post season out. Yeah ill will will find a way we will win you know. It is it's unbelievable that it is never changes. Rex Burkhead now flavor of the week rightly guy right errant pick it up a fancy together to stop a serious threat every every every game I though everybody really get out of. Well and then I. To that point Mike Gillis Lee was the guy to have. To start the season had to put 200 doesn't the first game of the opening night the other places and now he's in exists in an actor regained it in active the last how many weeks Indio Lewis is back in James White and they just continue to find players that fit that system. And that by Ian and they don't mind being kind of under the radar Tom Brady Bill Belichick for the most part of the once again. All the hype all the attention and they just keep that machine role you know but you know Tebow. Say laws that Brady is a Belichick is this and that and they got guys it just kinda buy into the system and I go yet he's the meat that they aren't they Bonnie and but Tom bradys the one that makes it all goal. Why did just enough I mean thing. I know Leo Obama being diverted for forever now when it's just that to me just. Tomorrow I mean just you're watching greatness you watch Jimmy you're watching Jordan in the prime your watching. Watching that tape of every single week it's just startling and now the guys doing it. At an age where no athletes is as bad as ever really go mountain when your when your the best player in your sport. In your forty years old. It's remarkable and that it's I get tired of talk about in the sense that. We Knoll or as long as he's there Curtis that it's gonna be the same story for the dolphins for the bills and for the jets right every every year. When you read your training camp Andy in the offseason it's like okay is this the year world will suddenly be a drop off for the well whether it's the dolphins or otherwise have done enough to knock the patriots off the perch atop the AFC east standings don't let alone the AFC standings the NFL standings. And every year it's the same thing all maybe you got the pass rushing into or maybe right tales of opened up or maybe Adam days infusing youthful energy in the organization can get it done and it hasn't worked. And it doesn't seem like it's going away any time soon despite the fact that he's forty years what you. Go to division I'll go one step further I'll go to the AFC or go to the NFL ledger Pittsburg and you've got Antonio Brown Ben Roethlisberger lay beyond bell. And you're gonna get knocked down and in the in the AFC playoffs because of them. But that didn't bloated right. It is he'll put the ball into the just like they stick at the time like we like the sigma Jordan when they're playing like the Malone and Stockton college go to dole did. And they're getting bounced because they're so good right. I mean that's the and that's really take it one step further and you're going. Yeah we got a real damn good football team the Pittsburgh or we got a a really good team throughout the years of whoever comes out the NFC. And yours is again you're going to be because yeah knowing it was just does better than everybody else I will see it on display here. We over segments ago and then we'll turn over to John has dazzled Tommy tiger we got our our Miami Heat covered so be start of one a night of sports right here in south for a comeback. At some final thoughts on Jeter and we're from Derek Jeter and more from John Carlos and radio 790 that's again. We got a basketball coming your way here less than twenty minutes. Curtis thinks immigrant likens our thanks to vent hole for dropping by Mike Wallace for drop them by also check in with this Perkins. As well. A lot of thank used to go around makes you the listener out there when he gets some of these text messages in here from. Jeter in Stanton before we did you adieu and turn it over to our. Miami Heat coverage being of that defense of an attitude at present he gave they'd take its access to as many tickets out of now. And he game they'd take its dot com and you'll receive SMS alert when tickets are available to get tickets were as low as ten dollars bag for the game on December 16 for the clippers. He gave day tickets. Sign up now. Good to publish these text here Greg notes is stuck on the new rapid fire of the match you. Menu Connecticut to sum things up forest here it's and they oh wild three hours for two hours plus here and there approaching me up three hour mark here. Not classless the Marlins are a joke of a team. I'm glad he went to the Yankees now have a chance to shine in the whole season. This was their last big. Bleed you by Gloria he created this scenario. Is we no longer have a Major League team might MLB phantom is up for adoptions. Marlins have provided a few bright moments throughout their history but it's time to move on contraction. And it's not about just trading him it's trading him to the Yankees and then getting crap back for NASA like that you should get a lot more. You want to rebuild any now glasses to do that which isn't. What Marlins got two in return he. He shedding salary but the only message 25 million which he'll break even in five years. I just think the sand over the bad baseball movie could have done better. Come on give him a chance meaning Jeter. And so on and so on pitching is hardest to get pitching first then bats. In some places they should call a lot of pinned in New York judge dredd. They're well known local with a lot of a lot of it using nicknames I'm sure between now and opening day that's for sure Irish and I'm guessing John stir. I a couple of thoughts on some of those tax interpret Lori is the one who's sitting pretty here he may have screwed over bunch of people but you take a look at the effect ET dot public money. How every man is doing yup public money to build that stadium. And to enhance the value of the organizations. To the point where he was nearly one point two billion dollars in a sale he also gave John girl's day and the huge contract which an historic number of a thirteen year deal over three dollars at the time it's like. All Laurie is going to balk his normal trend and actually spend some money on the players. When in reality back loads it so that he isn't paying the ball. Of all of that deal with nearly 300 million dollars that the shipping off to New York is now New York's problem but me he comes out the winner personally. And all of that's because he didn't leave Jeter and that ownership group with this problem now that being said I will continue to gripe with Jeter. And that group of investors that they should've had more tax easy for me to say singer want a microphone. Then they got enough cash put up one point two billion dollars good for them and say Doug you're gonna get in this business. It does business not to just break even getting this business to actually do something compelling on the field in the community. And so that's my issue there one other note partisan terms of somebody being happy for Darko stand. I've never been a yankees fan I don't root for the Yankees are like the Yankees and are happy to see him play for the Yankees by am happy for him to go to. A winning culture winning organization and experience something other than Marlins baseball. Derek Jeter is in charge here's what he had to say on learning how to be the boss. Has been a learning experience. You know I think one thing is there's there's been a lot of stories that have been out there that happened. Entirely been true and one thing that we've been consistent. We meet throughout my career I do not operate through the media especially when you're talking about players. So yeah there have been them some stories that you know I think we've gone. Different directions but you know it's the part of it but not yet been a learning experience. You know I'm learning. Learn a lot about this organization learned that there are a lot of things that need to be six. Let it they spent time I mean we're not gonna turn his organization around overnight it's it's gonna take some time to do to what we want it. I've defended Jeter. Throughout the these moves here and he's made some mistakes and you know we got cable Texan about Jeff Conine and rich Waltz cause of all right let's just under an Obama who's your team on the field here right and I'll defend Jeter because. I am I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and giving him a chance. I don't have the lights it and I know looks bad. But who's to say that. Micky Harrison an owner with whoever may be. Big pockets. But I citizen on Friday with Burke who's to say the day old by the team and look at it how it's constructed and say we need to trade John Carlos him. So. I don't know it looks bad I didn't but I think from what they wanted to accomplish the minor how would you realize the minor league system. Was sold. Bad. And so dreadful. From the years of drafting and the decisions that were previously made they had to do something to try to build that up mountain. And I understood where your coming it was our first barrel but who's to say that somebody. That let's is it has all the money in the world and even then that person does not wanna lose. Money either so is it okay that's coming in. Poses as they would have the same thing when John Carlos and that's a lot that's my point of view as far as Jeter did yeah I understand. I guess it just if it is a Mickey ears and ours is Steve Ballmer with the clippers making your first move but I would say that you you if you're going to inherit an organization you kind of do so with a knowledge that you may have to lose some money early on and just to make. A smooth transition so if it if you're Derek Jeter if you just decided from the get go. The best move is a strip it all now which apparently is is okay what they write live with it and you know. It's stick by it because that's what you think is the best thing and let people like me criticize you but the same time. I just thought that there may be a little more tact utilized in this transition where. OK if we got to spend a hundred grand a year to keep Andre Dawson around or Jeff called mind and will do death. It's like you don't I mean where hey if we have to pay. For the health insurance cost. Although longtime scout who's sitting in a hospital we tell these fires the mineral do that and create some positive talk about it instead they see me go on about this not only in the wrong way. And not doing some of those moves which are they release alleviate some of the criticism. But they're also doing it would Derek Jeter per reports having David Sampson. Make those announcements to the four luminaries within the organization because he would wanna tell himself. And when people are asking. About the story about the scout who's in the hospital he has his representative. Who is speaking on his behalf say I'll let's might kills decision. You know I feel like we all know that at the end of the day and alienated son Derek Jeter runs through him. And I listen these are all small things are build up into a larger thing. He's been criticized by national media today for not being at the winter meeting so that was a lawyer would make all these moves exotic golf on he's not even their prey world baseball isn't he's. Wherever he is doing some other things for the organization I guess I'm not sure. Don't know either they're talking on the phone calls conference call which we which reduce or heard form an idea that's a legitimate you know Greg I would say hey you should be there. Just you'll boots on the ground. Just trying to find out as much you can about whatever you need to find out button. And you know you can't at some point he just did so why a baseball you'll do that and I got my job to do that I got this got to do that Tokyo what do you do. Mean did you do that that has to come into play. If you just can't be the go between between Bruce Sherman and every urge all German everybody else Rashard and everybody else it just it just kinda. Very. Strange and guess he's missed every. Base since he's the guy here so to speak yup I mean I just I'm willing to say. And another good allied energy early Yankee guy or me you know dream that I'm not I just like it does it's a new ownership. Let them. Had to work its and that's what Hillary new boss at work and you may not like the first couple of new rules that they set in place where they might get rid of some people. For the long term benefit of the company kinda have to let them do their thing. Well it's like when most ownership group sort of a coaching staff comes the place we normally have a little more patients. Just a general right kind of like a college coach but we got to get the recruits and there remembering the world people. New ownership group but when. Steven Ross to go rule for. The dolphins it was one of those scenarios where you know it's like okay he's gonna you know. His new own guys in there and also the stuff and I think for the most part. We games some leeway. As you point out before that there was there was even a wedding little honeymoon and. It was him I mean it's just I edited any of the plays its super frustrating. But it's just the history that we've had here instead wanted to stay standard remote part wanted to be a part of this budget. His conversation with Derek Jeter and not what you wanted to hear. She. We we had a meeting yes home. We spoke about the direction of the team. I wanted. To go forward and and and that perhaps with a pitching staff we. I thought our line up was the zoo and we need help with our pitchers and we need to ask residents to attract. And there. Go way they want the goal is tracked so. Let that be known I do wanna be part of another rebuild another losing season and that's almost guarantee you losing season taken way. What I thought was a great lineup so. Yes I do want you partners do. There yell at I don't know if he's maybe framing it so he looks better. We're those conversations are there's always a publicize the story Curtis and that seems reasonable to me on the surface it seems reasonable that. John Carlos stand looks at a piano and says yeah real audio pieces here would we they would let us or what the fifth most runs in and National League lesser and had a very good offense is the pitching staff is terrible. And I don't aside Jeter's ball that Chen envoy cares have been injured and Rick a lot of money. And so that's a good sign those guys that certainly has hampered the organization in general but. It seems on the surface like a reasonable last say spent Somalia as a pitching a lot of we have is pretty darn good we can be decency. There's just no winners in this transaction whatsoever other than the Yankees and taco stand fret over like from South Florida right now Jeter looks like deterred. New ownership looks bad fans get screwed again it's a bad baseball club it's gonna lose a hundred plus games the next couple years. Until we actually figure out if they actually have a good. A good plan in place but from a baseball standpoint. Have you cortex again it's like okay I'm like if your base what you're looking at and you're going nobody showed up to watch the man hit 59 home runs right. So obvious which is the fair argument so why are we gonna pay him a dig up. When we don't really want to pay him. Also we didn't win anything last year with them so your Jeter and you're looking at all these variables are going out but nobody showed up anyway. So we need something that can sustain can be sustainable here it's just this is a crappy situation all want to over the Yankees. There is their love him up there. Gregor after the game in right I am and the dolphins did all right we'll see what happens we'll talk all about it tomorrow. Right here on the on the radio station we're gonna start just before 4 o'clock perk will be back Greg always great it was CN. Background meters who's on it was fun in our thanks to target has been Moline or for stopping by from the stadium and Mike Wallace is well for college and for allows in the my name is Curtis. 790 the ticket.