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Wednesday, December 13th

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Well in the snow was born on Wednesday afternoon. Oh cool weather continues here in South Florida. Just makes you feel alive their does it hurt us. Beautiful man look I you don't have very many chances in this town to break out the leather jacket to gonna get the scars behind have you hot cocoa and Bailey's right. A bit hot Coco bay examined on the score for the live. Linda and daughter I would seniors order around in shorts and sandals and as balmy yeah Samir Ahmad but I I do I do appreciate. The you know I and I got a guy or two with a couple years there's they said this. On the air they you know we see the women in the bikinis and although only like every single day and it's like to see them like just a bit like the boots would've. Her news there's a whole different one out of this down here thank you yeah I this weather and the guy. I leg kind of stuff and it's like there's a whole different style that we miss practice week we love our bikinis and scantily clad men and Butler like you say the boots and the scar Vanessa has Coleman has asked the scouting yeah that's our review another opportunity. We're simpatico on on that cell yell you wake up and yeah. Yeah it's great to be alive and agreed to be here himself Lordi get a little off little chill with you all walk out the door in the morning and then and then you get the news about the the Miami Marlins and there from local fire sale that is continued today. There was the Gordon last week it was stand over the weekend. And now it is more cell osu now looks like that deal is all but done pending a physical according to multiple reports it. Not to say that I and I've told us this was gonna happen Biden get on the war was say Lewis and they get all hot and heavy about then there. And all of their brain that are out there in Missouri as they look a big slugger they need that big stick in the lineup. And then all of a sudden stands and they got a deal done and instead says I yeah I am on the policy analyst. Yes and then say those is that what you like our our guys right agers yeah how wall oh what about what about I'll soon know what you are doing them. Boom there you have it and he's gonzo. Again today. And use that as the framework for the heels of a deal to stand deal and they got it done and I gotta say can I did the criticisms. Of the Marlins keep coming in and it it just makes me scratch my hid. 'cause you would have thought that these Marlins owners initially. Have one of the easiest jobs in baseball. But they kind of screwed it up that leads us into here's the thing. Scott Boras the big time Major League Baseball agent the agent for X Marlins outfielder Marcelo Zuma called the Marlins a pawn shop today. At winter meetings near Orlando. It's a shot does not gonna hurt the Marlins rebuilding effort is a shot there's gonna hurt this organization. As it struggles to deal credibility with smoking bans. Now look Scott Boras isn't credible will no baseball mind. He calls him a pawn shops saying they're not a jewelry shop a place that protects your jewelry it's a moment shop a place that kind of was the lit it. It's it's mind boggling to me how this Marlins ownership. Has messed up being or owner didn't Jeffrey Loria. Think about the like that's all you really had to do initially is so that your going to be better than Jeffrey Loria and somehow these guys have messed that up. Now look. A lot of the criticism is will learn from this team from being that they have done recently when you look at. The hole that they got in exchange for Jon Karl stand when you look at Derek Jeter the face of the franchise being seen at Monday Night Football instead of at the winner meetings. I just don't understand how this organization. Has gotten worse in the eyes of the public in the baseball knowing odd. Populists out there guys inside of baseball questioning this organization. They have one job and they blew it sold the rest of the season. I'm gonna break out the the pins because these guys are gonna win at the beard and a re with frequent basis. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evan Shura and now their new location and pine crest. Drove nerves as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered what you're talking about repairs new person is customization training. Whatever it is they've got you covered. Look them up. On line and drove nerds dot com South Florida's high in the sky. Strikes and a boy the Marlins welcome apps we got out of the way we looked and and you know what they. That's the thing about this ownership group camp is that net debt feelings still exist I didn't really expect him to win over new people. But I expect some of the people who were kissed Adam would condoms at at this point though are right. It looks like things are getting better it looks like they're going to be better the more. That's not happening well of course they. Well I mean it's funny to him of the he's been visually become. The and the new with a new Jeffrey saves in less than like two months on the job. Diane and Jeter's getting killed every which way in and I understand it all. But here's where I come back to its I took I come from. Am the angle that I am working for is. Like. They came in and clearly this was their business plan we need to she says that. And shall read the payroll being so we know I was gonna happen and end. Does it make it any better on other saying like I know still sobs I know that it sucks real watch that he was a little hotter in ten games the next couple years. And then losing your best players that we have time and time again but. It's just like Derek Jeter was told OK we need to strip this thing down. And part of the reason why is. Because they were left with such a mess from Jeffrey lord and we go around and around a while they should never bought the team in the first place and they should have deeper pockets. To be able to sustain all the losses early on why they built a farm system are caught by a couple of pitchers to go to great outfield. OK but. Does that that's not the case I mean they're Jeter with a about the team I did think a lot of people thought that they were gonna keep this whole group together did you. Of course not I mean we know the state Trey was coming right I bet that when you mean. I'm not I'm not scratching my here so much at the baseball decisions again I know. You know I scratch my him a little bit at what they got more standby set that aside set that aside is it this is not a baseball decision being. This is how you conduct business. Jeter you're you're not at the meetings bet the optics on that are buried there and that's where the and so that's what I'm saying it's like that the optics on the move here cap not the baseball moves art the optics on how they've gone about handling their business. It's no better than Jeffrey Loria who would lead them to go head to be the easiest job in sports right. Convince your populist that you are going to be better than Jeffrey Loria. What you do that is by do you go to the alleged by doing nothing. You could've done that a variety of way nobody could literally I mean anything ideal have been praising do perspective is that the deal with alone balls eggs. It's just one more thing on Stanton. There was gonna complain about what they got in return rate a couple things were found a couple things were in play here. Hey Stan held our case so he's gonna veto any trade that he wanted to Vito. It's simple like there was it was really it was analysts took about half the farm from different Cisco bomb I go on their okay well we think so. The leverage there was zero. So in the end on top of that the other thing wouldn't play with the Marlins and you can call them cheap bastards if you want on this front. They wanted that team to take the majority of the contract to. That's right that I was part of a terrible living in the back for stand cable the only outlet to places to Trace the right and everybody knew that. And they wanted everybody to the money. Meaning the Marlins right you're not gonna get. Anybody back for him that's that's all of a sudden gonna put you as the best minor league system away. Around so all of a while this wasn't going to be Herschel Walker deal I mean we knew that we see at that but but look I'll debate though that the baseball stuff again the small part of it that's a that's a small. I don't want it I know with the trade with the inning getting feedback form. It's like OK but you gotta understand there was only gonna go to. Place is essentially a layer of our New York for what we know up and let the player that your getting in return for the Marlins. The fact that you're the. 300 million dollars out for the next thirteen years yeah I mean that this deal behold they got him really. As a suitable or makes you wonder what the other teams off. Like of this was the best deal the other team must closely at where you know. We're not even gonna try. I'm sure it had great deals lined up with Simmons a school in Saint Louis. But it wasn't doughnuts and Francisco's Ray Lewis the cubs and the Dodgers are the other two that. No but that's where I come from that one that's where I come from Canada and a citizen of another he's well Jeter said that was the best deal right. Sold at let's. Again that's a small part of their led the. Complaining about now tax items like the deals that they wanted to get rid of the entire country didn't wanna be paying. You know it's the half of stands contracts seven years from now right they had to write there's like we went out if you're getting out of here and give us what we can get in return. So like yeah I mean you would think this is like you'd sit Herschel Walker like but you're gonna get off a complete halt for Stanton. That what that was gonna happen yeah perception wise though this ownership group better or worse the lower. All gonna get that here kimono yeah it's. How they pulled it solo weekend well holds the world that by trading well players and how notably money in the team for the most part Gloria gets all that let's get to 4 o'clock deadlocks. Please it's WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Miramar. Miami Marlins have reportedly traded outfielder mark sells goods and Saint Louis according to several reports. Boat load two time all star hit 312 last year 37 home runs 124. RBIs Ozuna. Have all been trader way in the past week. There are mixed reports on Al builder Christian theology Jeff passel of Yahoo! says he's on the market. MLB network insider John payments is the Marlins intend to hold on to yell stay tuned on that when. Miami Dolphins all began today they're back on the practice till tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's game at buffalo. Dolphins one game out of the final wild card spot in the AFC. Miami Heat in action tonight they host Portland at 730 at the AAA both teams have 500 records at thirteen and thirteen. That's low and Tommy tiger if you go in with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 F a model for three HD to the ticket. Those are your headlines. Iowa where he sought to show a little bit of a downer here but it's kind of was chasm crap news that a soon know who. All star. Gold glove winner third in the nationally RBIs good young player. Is is shipped out here and he's going to is going to Saint Louis and it's like he's as does getting like bad. Sports Radio flashbacks. I'd be all men are being on the air when the dodger Willis Miguel Cabrera trade window and it's. And dole and and you know move away you know Mikey gold goes all the guys before and you do on all use wait a minute. You're you're get that thing I did where have I I this looks familiar. Yes this seems very occasionally and I said that before at some point and had this conversation with the person. And that's a that's what it feels like but we got a fun show lined up Korea Leonard Hamilton is gonna join us a little later on this team is in town we'll catch up with a Leonard we got a lot of questions for him about. College basketball and you know Lamar ball all that stuff the direction of the game almost all as the let and ask him about Leonard Leonard is great I mean there's lot of fun and of course resurrected the mine workings program Moscow about how he feels about. Now the canes being a top ten program and he's got a great the average number of warns state and give us a little later on a Brian Wheeler the up Portland trailblazers the longtime play by play man he's gonna stop Bible fifty minutes he's gonna take you right but the basketball William abbreviated show today so really got about two and a half hours to play with here on out on Wednesday says our coverage can begin at at 630 we also. Got to a family fun. Four pack of tickets to giveaway. The OC Miami and the Brooklyn nets at the end of this month will be giving those away as as well we a lot of text already. Didn't us with sobriety of subjects 6797467974. On the corporate auto mall Honda. Text lines were also did exhibit hall for a Osasuna. The outlook of really high level pitcher. And and you know three biggest three low level prospects like did get the dead I mean I magazine's recent. I mean I don't know only perk I know I read all the scouting reports of these guys and everything and you know where they're drafted. And they give me you know that you yelled at numbers from single way I was like. The prospects that we know how we know how I don't know what it's gonna mean. You know I you know what to me at at at this stage with what the Marlins are trying to drew. I'm looking at numbers. Almost more than equality right because he you don't know less he's like the number one prospect in the organization that. To me you need numbers a style like draft it you need a lot of draft picks when you're starting. From from scratch which is basically what this organization is doing so. Get me some numbers you Adam with your draft picks for the next couple years and two guys already in the organization. And and you shake it up and see which. Come out when there's no other way to say it other than the fact that the Marlins are an expansion team. Yes there's that tells her master listener they're gonna try to acquire as much. Palette low level numbers as possible. And hope in three or four years get a me and coach them up that those guys turn into something that's all I mean that's what to do and and payroll is going to be. Is going to be here and is one of the little to no number it. Again I'm not mad at import the baseball moves on and I'm really not noddle scratch my he would over the baseball moves. Very much at all it's it's negligible. It's the other stuff it's the optics is just how they've you'll like company at the winter meetings. That's a grind your gears over there is it's not just. And again it's it's the scout who had cancer and and and everything else it's you if you lose. I you've gone down I don't. In the public high. And I didn't that was going to be Donald Basel this quickly after Gloria that the new owners would would go down and I had other there's a net at their home period right. They do you have the wedding program. Shotgun wedding him. No honeymoon then and now you miserable already it's yeah. Remember all the balls put you don't dream I don't know anybody about Loria. Yeah anybody but Loria I took 79746797. Forwarded to a budget tags. Plus the dolphins are off today yup but they're getting accolades left to right around the league everyone's being in -- player of the week for this and player of the week and had. There's no rope for the dolphins though there's no role but yeah I keep what a lot of and that's regularly all the local teams we keep Coppola people alive hopeful that did that come out of this can roll here on Wednesday here on seven I hated figure. Backyard so ignited the ticket Curtis and her with you. There's text messages vehicles from Beaumont attacks on his up and running and is on fire right now. That's 67974. We got. Smoke coming out of this thing here perk Marlins mandate they incite passions. Well and anger and bitterness Smith and bio and all those all those great things that we love of sports talk radio via the ticket is proud to be a part of grunt about tree reload that the celebration of all things and. New Orleans coming to the probably Tim theater. Field on Saturday march 24 this week Tobin recently were are giving you the opportunity to win tickets experience cajun food. Music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans from crawfish. Boy 02 art and the kids there you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving south border of your fan of gumbo jambalaya menu a's oysters. And buffalo does. Yet ready to win courtesy of brought about jury and ams have an onion FM 1043 HD to the ticket anomalous not only public outcry about tree a big fan of the my tree in general saw yeah I mean there to. Air America. I yeah they're used to be your I used to be a beer is huge and of the but treatment hasn't gotten older I'm here to cheer right. But no announcement by the during a break because in one fell swoop. Derek Jeter has become the the biggest enemy team or biggest villain in South Florida sports. And turn has traded away the biggest superstar in South Florida sports. You know. And as I get older I'd like to be a little bit patient. But I do understand the anger. I'm as I was wondering. If all of the people that are really truly. Texting in. Do they really care about the Marlins. Now. No I would say that I'd put oil I would go I don't know. Well. Because every time we talk well not every time. Pretty much every time we talk Marlins. Somebody will text in and say well are you talking about the three to Marlins. What can we get that sometimes yes and yes there. You know just because they don't want yes there. Online nor them they say online at at the sun sentinel where I work in the Miami hero right. On numbers beer he veer Ribery low. Marlin stories are not are not real right now you know we have the numbers that's I don't I don't know about their TV ratings or they're not gonna radio numbers are not out of orbit and nobody we know actual attendance is bad and I suspect Marlins merchandise seal a Marlins merchandise is low. So. You know that the the feelings about the Marlins the Marlins don't resonate. It is like. But they insight on the read these and a lot of passion yet legislators said they do this it is his misplaced what I and how bad example but amuse myself as as the example. I'm I go home every night that we after the show in the summer. And now I'm watching kids anymore because he's gone rich Waltz in and and Todd Hollandsworth in that that is on they're there in my living room every single night bright and I'll watch all the games. And I you know reform and all that stuff but I know that the you know but I didn't but I never went down there went to a game to that it wanted to contribute to the former ownership battle to doing that but I watch the game and I cared about seeing it and then. So does wondering. So but I know. I'm not outrage but I'm disappointed. In the fact they're gonna be really bad for the next two years. I'm as wanting more all of these are eligible they're just showing so much Patrick. Are they truly the fans or the fans that. Wanted to come back. After they knew Lori was going to be go at him orient til it's gone aren't armory to come back and all the sudden they get hit the face with this. Another like OK now I'm not coming back bleed you come out of here for good. I think there's a certain segment of that but what I think is that. It's to the point where people kind of like to hate the Marlins. They'd like to bend on the Marlins they expect to win win win Miami Marlins comes up. It's just anger. Right there. I mean and many good things do you hear when you bring up the topic Miami Marlins. A few months ago it could have been you know blew the outstanding outfielder village ozone in Stanton and Stanton Jason sixty home Ron's and stay another possible to know he goes by. That was I mean it. How many many positive. Interactions. Or or. Conversations. Do you have about Miami Marlins it's been like that per year and I think people like who hate. On the Marlins and this this provide you another day there's target and look at it yesterday capped by. I actually. I'm apathetic towards this data entry like I really don't care I really don't like they. We know he was going to be traded he had a wanna be here the Marlins didn't want him to be here they're not gonna continue next year's sold. Why do I care whether the guy is here or not if your guys don't. If you're just joining us Marcelo Zulu was traded a couple of hours ago. To the St. Louis Cardinals so on he's the latest ago. But now there's does agree there is couple reports out there just fast and says that yardages and play not nine BL USA today says that he's not in play. Or payment. Are giant payment of Yemen and everybody right Marlins as much as you know it it's such get a Mazda and again the story of the winter meetings. Because there and play for everything it's in there the middle law isn't madness could result off the team so. Yell it's I mean they're not gonna gave way to take any of those pitchers. To zeile or boomed chair and Devlin have Volquez unless they attach him to a really good player great. So ideology is Alaska as may any sort of point. That the team would want that she gets them in so other and that's going to be able to JT's lineup the right in and I am born Edson. So I feel badly for some of those guys because. My hand you're you're just that you're just out there. And look you're getting well paid and you're doing something that you but right you wanna win and you'll you'll feel like you're building towards something positive and if your real mute so and and pronto and you know problem was overpaid again but. I am probably just doesn't feel like you're going through the motions right immunity yourself their run an in place and and get. Remember how he remember those 2012 winter meetings when. The Marlins were the talk of the meeting for a positive reason ray is as didn't sign and all that all the pitchers and they have the of the new revenue from the new stadium and every night I'm going home and watching MLB network and the Marlins zero in on who they detonated it was so exciting and so positive. And now here we are by years later back in the doldrums. Those are the house odd days in a it's my old navy let it Baghdad's bloody oil. I regret that and from where I'm like it was yesterday and excitement every night I ever met every night every reverend let me come at an angle on you there aren't there in the pool hall sweeps. Did you sign belt they got Jose Reyes. Mark Earley and they're going after C. J. Wilson and I know it was on the liberals don't then Ozzie do oh my god they're a TV show right and and there are on the basic blew that up before all yeah identity. Rationale real quick but yeah it. Actually feel bad for two I feel bad for a little bit that's resident music. Now the same. The players are playing for the contracts in the early in baseball is a very individual sport right so you can be Tony under 500 budget rent 300 you're good yeah yeah is is Don Mattingly. The dot org guy and Donnie baseball and managing the Dodgers and good job with the Dodgers considering bright you know because the date and above all the money in the world leading Indians here. Right then and now he's here I know it him and his wondered what would be easily. In the side he you know I saw some quotes from him I guess this morning that he spoke in. I think from this morning maybe yesterday but anyway he was saying that on he understands the fans' frustration. And anger but give us a shot. And it's like wild on you if you only knew how many times these people are not let up one of the worst things that are obese people is. Give us a chance that's like Donny well it does. As say anything else but but watch what we do more anything along booms line. I've said this for years and you're you're an excellent writer move it in somebody a lot smarter than main thing is going to write a book on baseball in this town. Yeah it is going to be like you crow it's it's it's going to be a sad version of the wrongs do not like you like Stephen king's books. Are more realistic. And what if you chronicle all the things that happened tonight in 93 did this now between trade and ownership and ballparks in spammers and fire sales. And you know we had everything going on. Ed Ed like you would be reading this in turn your original. Accident happened dole that would never lets you know what that's like I'm not men stand pre eats it a couple of shots at the Marlins and is on his way out of town and what he called event of a circus in and watch from afar and and I just think yeah there that's unfair when it's in there is like you do this man played on the team the had its general manager inserted as the manager I understand ride for our I. Don't understand. It stands frustration let's get you just go back and think about that that's like you I says Malia as reason number 400 that's my handlers at a latter here. The idea is did sends them a better place you know all the luck to. Right the guy that good luck to write he has. He'll skate to music. Things that guy. I guess we negotiated is notre across exactly. That he smartest thing ever all he's all he's real talent here where you don't feel sorry for. I'm envious of that guy yeah. Did debate is putting right your right he's in a better place now he's in the ball well and you at a place like times and than the Marlins. And now here in South Florida men goodies like hang in there man. It I mean this is what he said the other day for me it's one of those things but when he tells me to hang in there right. It's like yeah basically you saw right but just like like don't off yourself you oughta be right right right exactly exactly and I think you know I just love me you know and I had a file for bankruptcy. And you know my dogs die and and you know might lose my job and yours like our buddy hang in there man brightening in the as as does. As what you say when when you know your your teammate is laying on the ground with a compound fracture and you walk back to the huddle. I think in their body just I can I hang in there right I appreciate it here's here's the here's the text that kind of sums up the marlins' situation. It's just sad for this team. OK now let's president of but it that's going to be emotional Wimbledon I can't. Exit this evidence tonight. Just say it's really hang in there yeah Hagan national Palin hang in there should be nice. Titles all I love the marketing term the marketing firm to work on that you don't have that catching slow go right both our slogan goes in a few years ago. Leg goldfish. Or. Whether Roy at you know I feel good word realism is a loser I remember any of the Marlins. Now and now as you mentioned that I'm not sure I remember any of there. Oh citizens slogans they have like like the Panthers have or not a hockey town we're hockey terror right right grids is pretty cool yeah. The dolphins are a few years those that were stronger together we are stronger together yet they had all those little yes stronger together that was what the police scandalous leg lightly with a rolled out to see you take Iraq it is in the offseason and their promotional stuff the mother catalog adjusting once over the years. I'm sure you'll never know honestly I cannot remember a single one of it may be if somebody mentions over sex Amir and I go oh yeah. I don't remember that one but I can't I camera always a little I don't know about my. There's a bunch of funny ones that over the go over the years but this one would be it's just sad for the same test to only 2017 mark somebody sued the did see maybe so we. We're we're gonna dwell on on the as soon as bill in the and the Marlins doldrums all afternoon we got a fifty minute to get around the corner with Brian Wheeler the blazers are in town near plastered the dig a little promotional against against the he. Down here he treasuries but came back home after three games nice road to visit off. Playing here than go right back on the road against Charlotte solo Portland's lost five games in a row or login that would Bryant coming up here at around 515. Or so plus we got four off for tickets you'll see the heat and the nets at the end of this month we're gonna give those wake. In the 5 o'clock hour when agog come back and I'm. The dolphins Yemen softened on your stance that that there's some there's some hope here. When you look at those standings if they can that you beat buffalo. There's. There's Obama not an android. Not really know. Boca but yeah yesterday there and I mean there's hope I mean but I never say they're gonna win these last three I doping they'll win these last three no. Coca our our weather outlook there it is clearly playing better and they've got returned to kids after beating New England so. You know and that's it does at this time next week. We might be back talking about now you got to look idiot next year book right now. There's so. As well as they can possibly play Monday night. That's the thing like the they've they've backed their way into victory. That was dominant football against arguably the messy really had a vote will be a dork. About that plus willow buffalo looks like you're Tyrod Taylor back load explain that to put up next here on 79 minutes ago. It's just keep on coming we got more Marlon news. During the break that is. Earth shattering it feels to demonstrate both get through it and just a moment and get some discussion we got to do that she blazers tonight Brit take you right up until basketball 630. Brian Wheeler will check in with on his squad to play by play man for Portland he's gonna join us. During our heat segments of fifty minutes he'd come and appear in the F 5 o'clock hour about a thirty minutes or so also Leonard Hamilton is squad squads in town. For the Orange Bowl classic. Which is which is Saturday the gators are playing in the late game four states in the early game so while letter's going to be available later on we'll catch a but it must Camelot about some different basketball stuff so while one how about your timer Leonard a mobster like alike. Every minute mailer cover them and late ninety's and the Tim James scenes Johnny Hemsley Mario bland Vernon Jennings. All those guys Manso. Yeah on funds seems a governor very much underdog hardworking blue collar team Garmin when they went up and be number two UConn rip Hamilton's team the year that are on the title. And good good guy always enjoy covering letter. Dog it is amazing. The a college basketball like it the didn't have a program. Right they did not have a program. And he brought it back in Vegas thrown in the big east they were bad yeah for the first year that. -- good that was the last of the good big east you know Georgetown and and saint John's and Villanova and I was you know Tim Thomas and Allen Iverson and you know those guys. I used to go my dad we had he's taking me is the it was the best thing I I loved my favorite thing to do we were good allele Miami arena and we would sit there. And we in there'd be nobody there right. Georgetown would come and it wasn't about to come if Hitler were coming truly matters on the Notre Dame yeah even before the draft Victoria were yeah yeah yeah talk literally like right when they came back right here eighties and here and I don't know. And we would sit there that each quarter fuel stand. You would John Thompson would be screaming LSI you can hear every single word John Thompson would say. On the silent and don't take a look we can't dissect some hand you know all those coaches Pia and all those great players that rolled through and Miami would deal for the most part they get that to be pretty bad like gone right you know any time in their overall I was gonna go. Hands and letter Kana and letter built it up and it's a good job with the Washington Wizards who. And then went and Jordan for Michael joining a bit about your money go and then and then then the Florida State has been there what sixteen years something like one thing and so pretty well but does the closing a deal that doesn't think if they ever give a chemist it's arena they're gonna. Audience that was like always big story lines you know what they're doing it yeah yeah yeah nobody wanted to go to Miami arena. By remember it was I'm. Or. A man like you would go over the streets yeah so for most games. But there are offer you a basketball which nobody really cared about her whatsoever right and then he really aren't who they are now when their perennial they're the only in the top ten now but I mean did a perennial. Top twenty type of love basketball program with with Coachella or pay a good reminder after the game on the ticket tune into Lexus into repair parts post game show is as low a complete gravel of the game Lexus and to recover prides always an amazing deal sponsored by champion four by four Summers number NG truck and SUV customization job. British champion four by four dot com. Joseph for sorrow just tweet it out allows the stuff. Give us the information let's say the Mars have released Edison Volquez. The off injured pitcher who I believe they poll. Ten million dollars to for the next couple years ago etc. on exactly mentally normally that this year. And Mays in baseball you really get no relief that's just Dubai here and have to pay him now Mari get out of here. So it's like you have we have no no plans for you we have no use for you. And yeah we yeah we get checked every couple weeks it is have a nice life now. That's not that's not bad for provoke him college is not what goes a little odd moves in baseball or dislike too willing to eat. Just anyone's guess it will pay you to go away right knowledge they want to rehab writing to the little right right people will pay you you and a minor league right hopefully you make it back to the big leagues. Not just go away needs a locker for some opera some twenty year old kid that right from the right side note that we hope turns out so they had a that he had no. You know the veteran with a letter this you know media. Remember that and look at it in the long run he's probably happier he's out here. Montana he's got a rehab you know little to actually got yeah but you know what I mean you're still get your money you can go anywhere. I don't know I don't see how to read for him yeah a little you know you don't get team facilities or rehab but you'll really have anywhere let the money. This is particularly in basketball on illegals come as a beard T ledges which you basically want to get as much as you can those guys didn't have anyone break the Sousa demagogue it's released. Right broken in nine no NBA no one under and right. So that's the latest there is over sorrow. Just covers the Marlins just just tweeted that out. 6974. That's how you get to us on the Coral Springs autumn on its excited 679. 74 amounts of money cinema still remember the fuel or for these are you in a constant people he was a Muslim I don't MacBook now. Yes you so I don't know there was you know those there was it was it was really it was a cool because those that nobody would show up for those games now. And you watch the highest level basketball. Yeah Ariel us. Yeah IE you know what one of the funny thing is that. When I came here and and in 97 nose covering you William for the sun sentinel and one of the things that I total was they were traveling to a UN hoops game that that Thomas it will lead up to you guys are. The big stuff you're not travel and they were like oh people really don't care. And so I've seen in my life you know like bill to go on the road with this team insular they're like all right and you're you're on the role with the big east basketball even the whole point I mean you're in the big east might move but there was he had you know what's so bad there was no appreciation for basketball at this at this time that was right before the the Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning seat. Really took off to an end I guess they were just taking off really at that time with. Well I really don't support he'd knicks' Steve nicks was just about dinner first years so that's that's a good point because yeah basketball in general public profile right. Helmets and asked correct rectal Riley got here a lot right run blocker had a going a little bits you know. But like yeah like the only time people really. Don't like we got a basketball team okay cool no way. Right yeah okay I was sort of committed right right right and like it but it's like yeah the first the first. Jog memories here mixer idea when I was down here I just remember it just all the enthusiasm and it seemed to me like it was the first time again I. You know I moved here and in February of 97 Agassi knicks started in June of current you know those and by then there's yeah and it just seemed the excitement it was the first time that this area and delivered an excited like that men. Going and from then on the that the identity of basketball both college. And NBA has grown here. I'm going by but yeah those were kind of that to me those were kind of the opening days. Bob basketball knowledge written down earlier litter was kinda get new employee working to get UN go and they got into the and into some rankings and got some sweet sixteen right a couple of upsets yet in but the end you know those blue. Part of way morning Pat Riley seat so that's all right into winning constitute an elbow problem. Law like rob rusty there great job this year expansion team yeah and then block re coming out of the players familiar but I mean the Riley. What made you legit yes we're gonna ask you stop on the cruise ship you know and it was like holy crap Wheaton we got Pat Riley yeah our coach. You knew you knew those heroes like while we were you know was that there was that. There was conversation like OK who's better rally your Shula yeah nationals are God's still that I didn't know you know before on form ran him out of town some ways that I ever watched McCain's of the James on the tonight and I love that little school that's the minutes and has a winner right there that's Arnold's and the hard court dude right. Are you there I would get to a 5 o'clock hour we got to get to and here's the thing hustle get to headlines I was over the got back for osu and allow some some details on that we got fifteen minutes he. And now we're gonna send it to heat and nets here. Little off holiday basketball Soria. In a couple of weeks level we have four tickets to your way I would do that the 5 o'clock hour Brian Wheeler also Jonas he'll preview of tonight's match a ritzy rapids a basketball. At 630. So we got a lot shorten shows we got a lot more to get to. Really try to jam on in here on 79 and take. We're gonna. Presidents and you know. On the defensive football updates injuries Tucson. It's not studs duds at more than my hands are moving in Jackson attorneys have you been in an accident Colin hundreds of porcelain pretty. It's 1807 foursome of Jerusalem to improve the bottom up auto correct in my East Coast. Public adjusters who got fifteen minutes he coming up. In a little bit more than fifteen minutes are about twenty minutes Brian Wheeler. Put Clement for the team blazers were real look at tonight's opponent. Integrated into our basketball coverage at 630. And then does as a Tommy time will take over at that point Simmons thirty tip from the American Airlines were and also in this final clock arguing those Portuguese secrecy Miami tick on the Brooklyn nets. That's a December 29 solo for tickets right there. Nice nice opponent nice game and win against the Brooklyn just saw there to Mexico City. And if you family and Downey of friends in town kids got had time off for school. Could a good time to go down to the arena in taken your Miami Heat squads would of those were tickets were you pushing those out here in the in the 5 o'clock arm ourselves and I was traded today. The St. Louis Cardinals will allow some more details on that but the Miami Dolphins Burke at. Monday's game they played eight they waited unbelievable football game against a team that I think is missing in the NFL doing great and pretty much dominated the preacher all three phase of it all a's across the border. I could not raise Adam gaze met Burke. And I've you know we've camera pretty good as they've been bat in hand but I do great game plan Al coach Belichick all of those things did. Great great job. But as we move forward here. We have three games ago and I don't know what playoffs I'll do that. What tomorrow is football in the public that they should be buffalo this is we buffalo and they should be Kansas City who had they've elected a woman and I now that being said. I want to believe. That they can play that well can today or was Monday night just the NFL. I Monday it was probably just in a bill by. I'll tell you this. Adam gaze has this team thinking correctly. Whether whether they go out there and and beat buffalo or not Adam gaze has this team thinking the right way. That leads us right and here's the day. And send it right he's not celebrating that New England Patriots victory too much. Gacy of this if the dolphins lose the buffalo nobody's gonna give a bleep about that New England victory. He hit it right on the here with that went. Miami to beat it New England once a year for three straight years 2013. 20142015. Nobody tears dolphins never made the playoffs Melvin never made anyone including themselves think they were even on the same level as New England. So look. I always credited this team for having a good mindset whether it was through the by game losing streak this year through the bullies scandal. A when he thirteen through the change appeared coaches in 2015. Whatever it is this team has always head. A good mindset. Doesn't always pay often victories but hey that's more of a talent issue than a mine's an issue. I still suspect the dolphins will not win their last three games and get to the playoffs. But if they don't make it. If they happen to lose in buffalo on Sunday. You can be sure it's not going to be because they celebrated their New England Patriots reaper to blow. Here's the thing is buzzer by draw owners and Evan Shura and now their new location and buying breast. Donors as the rise DJ ideal they've got all your drone these covered whether you're talking about training repairs customization new purchases whatever it is look these guys though. They won't give it everything they have their drove nerds dot com they are South Florida's I. In the sky Mott my biggest struggle after the game and that is that those are the salukis about that win now. And it and then partly what is it legal odds and and it's buffalo on the alienate that that's the most frustrating thing is. How can that happen and what I say to you and you understand about the audience doesn't like if that's just watch as the NFL. We're so it was a great one week and then the next but the patriots everyone's everyone's all the Steelers are gonna roll on Sunday when and like I will be surprise of that knowing it just goes in there and wins by two touchdowns would you. And oh yeah I knew that there was an old patent problems and appeal still wouldn't put them patrons as William Olson eight. But is it the NFL just so up and down but this team is specifically. We know they have the some players we know they have some talent and the game plan was exit Q it and they looked tremendous the other night. And I'm just wondering. You know that there was nothing goes nothing flew to you about that win that no so I want something to -- I I just don't want it to just to disappear or go. All of a sudden much like it has in years past work okay yeah that may not make him back to policies that but as far as okay. This is our style play this is what we're going to build on here moving forward. Was that has more from mirage or was that something. That's more a little bit more tangible concrete for this coaching staff which we know is going to be around here going forward. Well that that bad yet that that was the style that they wanna play in many ways right whether its is getting in getting an early lead or whether it's. I'm leasing the pass rush. Or forcing turnovers hitting the quarterback. Having a a presence on in both the ground and air diversity in the passing game you completed passes to eight receivers. That's that's pretty much the blueprint of how this team wants to play but. They haven't been able to keep their style going over a whenever game stretch you know tin game stretcher whatever. And then that's current of the the whole deal is and at that. You can do it once but can you keep doing it and that that's what New England does that's what Pittsburgh knows that's what eludes the steam again. I beating New England is nothing new for this team they've they've now done it four out of the last five years hard rock stadium archer and and it it's never live to a playoff berth strangely enough last year. They lose New England twice and they do make the playoffs were first on since 2008 so. But again it it hasn't been. Because of a mental being. These guys have beaten New England early in the season what a 12014. I believe wasn't that they beat New England in the season opener Indian go to buffalo the next week and lose her. As just kind of the world the way it is one victory over New England. Doesn't necessarily mean any being. But I do I do like your point. If if they can keep doing this to be some type of a blueprint and and this is how you wanna play in this is how you'll draft and signed free agents to this team this is the talent. Set that you want I I think Dick and help from Mets to import I declare victory showed a lot of being. The residence and edit it and I just wanted to mean more than just a magical three hours on home on December nights. And and that's it legend you're trying to that you're trying to get get get some to be consistent here on hand and and I look at a program yeah I think an A yes and I think that did show what Adam gays wants to get to you know. In the six games since. And we do see that offensive diversity so. We are starting to see what Adam gays really one to get to witness saw its last year of course. They stumble into jail Jai in the power running game atom gaze was no school. This is not what I wanna do but I'm gonna ride this to the playoffs and it worked. This year do we know the story he butted his woods a diary he just Adam gacy of screw it. How we get rid of Jay had died in insert my program for better or worse. We're seeing that program now again multiple formations Yelp Belichick Belichick. Last game right stop at New England had never seen more squeeze gray in the back field routine grant in the back field all of this kind of stuff but. They don't have the talent to sustain it but it does provide a blueprint I being pour how you want to draft and recruit talent to this team. In the future that that's the style you wanna play. Are you said screw aren't tomorrow in transition right now when they hear. This news says we get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS SS HD Joseph Miller. ARAMARK. Lots of Marlins news that the top here Marlins have reportedly traded outfielder Marceau ozone it's a Saint Louis that according to several reports. Unclear exactly what the Marlins got in return but when he two year old right handed pitchers so in the Al Antar is supposed to be part of the deal. Ozone two time all star hit 312 last year 37 homers. Hundreds when he four RBIs. Ozone. Also our report from Joseph for sorrow over That the Marlins have released pitcher Edinson bowl is. There are mixed reports an outfielder Christian Ellis. Jeff passel of Yahoo! says he's on the market MLB network insider Jon Heyman says the Marlins intend to hold on the Alec. Miami Dolphins off again today they're back on the practice field tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's game at buffalo. Dolphins one game out of the final wild card spot in the AFC they did issue a practice report today. As if they ranked as they have to do that according to NFO rules. Two of the notable did not practices cornerback corps Drake tankers Lee he didn't play last week. And deepens a B and Andre branch he's got a knee injury finally Miami Heat host Portland at 730 tonight at the AAA both teams have 500 records. At thirteen and thirteen sales loan Tommy target to go with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 F immortal port three HD sue. The ticket those are your headlines. All right yes Antioch and terror looks like the pictures coming to Miami in any of three prospects for in the low prospects in the windows on a whole heck a lot of a Shura. Really really one of those huge jump minor league dorks but they're gonna pitcher than a bunch of or nosed type of guys in the in the osu and a deal 67974. That tell you Regis on the Coral Springs on its assigned. Politics is just rolled in on the discussion one big difference with the play of color I don't mean just making plays you looked like he wanted to play for some the season I saw color playing horror of we just a motion. I know lol yeah I I don't know of that spear you know we. I'll tell you this I've done a couple of other radio shows round. I've actually gotten a hard time because people have asked how is Jay Cutler BN and click on the basket with a smirk and they expect me to rip the guy and NFC had a right he's actually been pretty decent with us he smiled and he's laughed and he's gonna drive to make a little joke joke every now imminent. And then it comes how do you say that Cutler this arrest it's joked. And everybody was to rip the guy and let's be buried the guy has been OK I mean he's he's Whittle it is Boris is his is mentality and and all that kind of sunny he gonna has that from B rumpled look tool that ran that blank expression but to god that body feeling about to say that he does here I think is on here right now I think that's on we ought to there did you commit that we knew we had problems in Denver and Chicago but here. I haven't had any template and he's been to has been glued it on the military's right to how can you say that there was going flew to about the game patriots did not convert not 13 down are you serious olds who are eleven we're showing up on him since 1991. But. Dalton sports amended their right to me it. You know it's the greater good dog. The dog got the assets like. I mean it out it's it's a rarity yet but I wouldn't call it a flu I mean a blue would be like yeah you know I. I don't know if they have they have like penalties called back like six of the first downs like they they actually converted within six album got called bank and that's how they win friends are that's a blue day the dolphins the dolphins forced this like they. But it. But like little reluctant to victory Monday night they dominated in every area of the ball game against the patriots. Including coaching. Belichick got out coached the game plan was better the plate on offense better defense special teams everything was better on Miami's side. He raises the Saluki win yes you know somebody Mick misses the field goal at the end of the hold it unbreakable field than we did a touchdown there is there somebody drop some onside kick it if there's a lot of dough wasn't there wasn't one of those one of those wins where you go okay the other kind of got lucky today and patriots were a little bit off today and they haven't again they never go wrong are always excuses but the dolphins beaten them from the first minute to the last man in a ball game. And again. Nobody thinks the dolphins are equal with the patriots nobody brings the dolphins are better than ten nights they weren't Dalton's beat the patriots sports on the last five years at hard rock stadium that's that's not a blue. Right I mean I'm debate I distill what I saw and I'm asking you or does it mean anything going for that's all 10 because that's how well they played. The other night against against new England and other tax writes in why did MLB approve the ownership group they can't afford the payroll do you think mosque would have been a better option okay. Here's my biggest question here is my biggest thing is. And we went discusses global last week with a stand prospects before he was traded. Did Damon owner mosques he's got all the money in the world. If I'm Mark Cuban went by the team in the big pockets daddy war bucks roles in all the money in the world. I don't know if they would not have done this and use the same model I have no idea. My guess is no my guess is they were to keep the bats in place. And then tried to ride it out a little bit empty at some pitching. They bigger than what was left from Jeffrey lord I don't think how the people understand. What a mess. Have no minor league prospects that no think they have so much dead money. Of guys that they're paying out that will not even helped them the next couple years in which one of them just released to invoke as. So I don't think Netanyahu stated many mosque comes in with and it's like artwork you can stand. And we're gonna add to pitchers. And we're at another eighty million on the payroll even though we're losing our last year we know farm system maybe he does that I don't know. Doesn't seem to be a good business model I would I would have to think the anybody who was some who was in on the bidding. Where this team. Had some kind of land as as far as cutting cutting some of the day today. How I don't know because uncalled ozone and yell it's bad I wouldn't called. But when you pay and stand that much and you're still losing and you're looking at probably the only way that we can fix this being. Is to pour even more money into it be a pitching. I deceptive thing. Most of the people involved were probably gonna trim it somehow. I don't know how I'm I don't know I'm missing a two bit because it was just a bad be a model right lets your gonna pour millions and millions more into that team. You you almost did have to start from from the bottom of your own system was so bad like there was there was nothing coming up your. You're only you're only solution was to put free agent patches on this thing that al-Qaeda prior to correct correct it right there that was not right right right so. That that's my guess is that pretty much any owner. Was gonna cut somehow maybe not this quickly or an in this drastically. Which you pretty much had to do what you re pretty much had to tear down. So you could read field. In some. Never in my guest card we we got a heck of a basketball game tonight two teams same record. Thirteen and thirteen identical records the Portland trailblazers are down tremendous player. Enough in day mile Boise killed he though last year when he rolled in where it to fifteen minutes is he coming up next with Brian Wheeler play by play man of the Portland trailblazers. And in this hour we Wear those Forte is you'll see. The heat take on the Brooklyn nets all that coming up right here on seven I didn't take. Fifteen minutes. Okay. It. Fifteen minutes of it is because my budget we have four by four South Florida's number would you drug issue because it was a shocker guarantee that the hottest four by four modifications in town called Champions Tour by reports of his 65023446. For road champion for five Ford died job we got only basketball tonight and joining us. Right now they arrive jewels announcers who is always just find their choice of beyond him being in the longtime play by play radio announcer for the Portland trailblazers Brian Wheeler. Is our guests and of course that is tonight's opponent though the American circuit airlines arena Brian high fidelity and he got out of the weather here down in South Florida the announce. Absolutely especially when he had to December because that's for the coming year the blink you pursued into the most certainly for those of us that. Travel around the league in we don't look to the East Coast is. Is not always very pleasant but south morally we count on Evans and some shuttle gets silicon thank you thank you offer of for writing it. Boris has always sell down here we sell sunshine there Ryan. That's not good to kind of try to pressure for available women incredible supplies. Six did Portland really needs a a victory right that it got a got a losing streak going. Daniel Miller always a problem for the Miami Heat. How do you see Portland doing tonight what do you see Portland wanting to do tonight. Well you it is the they certainly could use a win it's a very minimum. You have not a few weeks came out of the great last five game road trip this is another one with the the second stop. But went 41 on the last five game road trip and came home with plenty of momentum. And unfortunately that went on for a homeland. Lost a final game of the homestand to Houston out of fourteen point lead going about a quarter and the rockets as they have been pretty much all season so far pledged rib basketball and came back to win that game and in addition the other night and have a pretty good outing at the Golden State get down them by double figures and an Israeli port quarter but is too much to overcome but. I think the sad part for the blazers in their perspective is that haven't played as well. In the last two games says these three before that they probably wouldn't be having a five game losing streak but. I think that's what happens sometimes when teams that don't. Provide the same consistent production and an effort and a and you know just really believe it out there every night and sometimes you know you you find that the good teams and is scheduled to get up for those games but maybe forget about the other ones that probably are going to be the ones that. Dictate what you give us and we aware yet of the nation's standing is more than the games against the good teams do so. This is another in a matchup tonight the that they do some of the more religion are double teams some of the 500 so you know we'll see if have taken by the way that babies are winning on the road again and gets momentum let them last time there were up to drive straight. Portland is a great job on the boards here are still without a son Whiteside and allies nurture it sure looks like he's gonna be out as well but how do you think they'll attack the the pain here enough against the heat tonight. Yeah looks like marriages simply going to be out of that so the blazer best rebounder but they've got a few of the guys that just can't rebound some of Meyers Leonard has been starting at seven of the last couple games but he's. Battle a bit of an illness so he's he's 52 to go tonight bush might get Reshard was back he's missed the last couple games but listed the now's probable to maybe he'll be able to give them a little bit more depth tonight but you know should be all the games work. We could see a lot of three pointers and both teams like the three point shot both teams are pretty effective at taking it so I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a perimeter game very very quickly. RR this trail blazers a playoff team knows there that bet number seven right now as you sit up 500 record. That are they good enough to make the playoffs need to. Well I think so I'm not so sure that they are gonna tweak the roster a little bit to weigh in before also done so when be surprised if it's different looking team especially ones that we get around the trade deadline but so many teams tightly bunched in the Western Conference in a few teams that I think expected a better records than they do Oklahoma City probably be in there at the top of that list so. I think you know you gotta do to get two or three teams are kind of breaking away from the rest of the crowd but that's. All others seem to kind of bunched up right around 500 so from that standpoint I'm sure the good teams try not to panic a little bit but usually once we get past December 15 and those are the guys that signed contracts in the offseason are held to bleep eligible to be traded. We surgical activity and usually it takes one deal that kind of a break the logjam in the a lot of other teams as that maybe they'll make some deals too so I expect what so many teams as study much as they rather we'll see some moves and don't be surprised that the sum for the blazers. It involved in and then Gibson moves themselves. Longtime play by play man for the Portland trailblazers Brian Wheeler is with a sits at Portland and Miami are covered to begin at 630. All right here on your home when he's 790 the ticket Daniel Hillard I mean museum every night but for our people got here on the East Coast that. Always CM your sparingly how how would you describe his game just whoa what it is to watch him nightly courtside. Well these days than they've been terrific and certainly. It probably played well enough to be an all star last season but got to get caught not numbers crunch would love Metallica guards the most in conference in the course last Lemieux's Miami last season 49 point of the collision when that ends so. I don't defense Schroeder armour a birdie well a Mets have thirty the other night really was times he's the one consistent together blazers could count on against the very Google states seems so and speaker afterwards that you know which rather than we could -- Sloan down and at some point his other Tibetans live it to the guys pretty good so from that standpoint he's in a.'s Beverly earlier this club we just needs some help and the CJ McCollum most nights gives you some help but gets a lot of the TV growing need a third got to do so on I think that's where the blazers problems of men. Planning it that dependable and consistent third scored a go along with those two guys on most nights. From an outsider's view how do you see the Miami Heat now know that you probably have not seen them. Very much this year just on TV this year only visit but a team that was 500 last year the strong start 500 right now. Decent team a team that's underachieving. How to how do you view them. Yeah I mean I certainly think you know Indonesia governs this is this is a team that certainly should be go to beaver playoff spot as they did last season in the and I think you you know bush of people always like to satellite side and looks like he'd have a pretty good you know William Blair and and Indian man that stepped up and has been able to do some good things interceptions and I've always like Goran Dragic I think you always say some pretty good basketball for the blazers seemed to have some good games against them over the years so so I think there's good nucleus of players and good that he'll be adept on the club Erik Spoelstra obviously -- Portland product so you know a lot of people in the northwest follow us probably doesn't and the course is that still lives in Portland so there's a lot of a lot of connections there so. I think you know we went by and the we got to pay attention to what they do or even even when over in the northwest but I think he this is definitely a team that should be competitive all season long and then on that rally won't be surprised at going to be decided maybe that we thruster a little bit of these things you need to do once we get to the trade deadlines. Yes yes that's been brought up around here especially after a loss we always get those text messages and Brian you're on outward say Brad did you take it a few minutes here and now let's get back to work and enjoy the game that I thank you guys might my. Erica you got a longtime play by play man for the Portland trailblazers Brian Wheeler. Braids there'll fifteen minutes and he pillow look at tonight's opponent and Portland is a basketball crazed to Syria. And a great city man has. I've only been there are four NBA side but you know I've been there and I don't I don't know maybe eight or nine times but -- they love their Diebler yeah new man and it is a great city man just as good a beautiful place very shield reread Labor Day yeah my don't play. You mentioned lower at night and I was getting flashbacks of that game last year where is he mandated jagr and dagger after dagger against the against the Miami the last year but. But they got some problems early lost five and around the gonna get there there's stuff together there's there's only a play their part as far as you know we -- to know the blaze away from time to time I have heard there are so I'll probably was the I told Robby on the midday show that he was cuts on the guys and and the rams got 85 different different theories right Ali had a few guys that with the but this one came from our old friend. Any Kaplan you indicate that he's okay male one my all time young favorite street do Mary LaMont they results of all he is the best and he turned it on this to be years ago but NBA team. Goes out on the road trip for three or more often comes back home for one game yup and then goes right back on the road and yet you always yell waste that. Take you don't you don't bet against the home team to take you so tonight he would be. Would be a team you would not take you would take the team blazes in the spots yet and he were in this exact is probably came off the West Coast trip that Washington if you're called men home did you bother lost that game. And then they went right back on the road actually beat Washington so the heat are Bora back on the road in Charlotte shall Zito works out tonight. Bob that you slumped one of those. One of those systems in the MBA yeah. Very nice very nice man that is we'll see what happens well it would've worked the first time Greg asked for the doctor Jack and there it is now when he knew right off the bombing he you know we're gonna get to that 44 wins their -- so now I'm on to beat the all important forty guys in better that's the larger picture right in the grand scheme right. Oh look we we need to see if the heat can get consistent performances. Tonight because they've they've had a lot of uneven beings. Weather is James Johnson or Dion Waiters or whoever it's been tough Richardson. You know and they they've got to get consistent performances together. For stretching games 34 games and and kind of get things going because it's. Just very un even in choppy all season really. Now things are Brian Wheeler adamantly Europe about basket they were tonight against the other visiting immediately users hatred shall include. Aggies got a couple jelly beans is just for entertainment purposes only right although of course airport. And an entertaining watching the Marlins and at the winter meetings because they've been sellers and not buyers. Yeah haven't heard their opened for business got Boris. Big time agent in baseball what do you hear what he had to say. And and Marcel Ozuna yes he's the looks like his gonzo. From from these parts organ and all the particulars coming up will be more reaction. On the attacks on his law at 6797 for the course brings on Omaha and it's excellent right here on 790 the ticket. Thanks Brian Lambert album I got on the less than an hour before we handed off to our coverage. Could pass the Iraq over to John's is as low and Tommy tiger and they're loved shooting and scoring. Threat until. Mike king will be on the cause at 730. Pace and space they're from Tommy tiger and those there brightness and get the ball move and shoot some trees and that's what they'll do we like to share around here has really is this is it. Share the glory for probably about as welding get a win tonight and listen every day for the accord as he ticket window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game Cortes Miami technology partner in your local South Florida technology company. For all your business needs visit them online at a quarter score dot com spots are open your ball Tom. To get the most cash now for your future structured settlement or lottery payments call 833 mile vaults. And by Lauderdale BMW plumber I'm proud members of the home and automotive group keep listening to the ticket to win your way into heat game. Well how about that you're lucky day we told you we're gonna way tickets we're gonna do it per right now the accord is he to your window is opening up for business. So caller number seven. Right now 27865340790. At 786534079. Beat you went for tickets to go see the Brooklyn nets. Come in the town take on your Miami Heat December 29. Great chance to wrap up the holidays via friends family in town kids grow school all that good stuff so. Caught a 7278652407. And the quarters he ticket window is open. Were. Right now dioxide is always open. At 67974. On the Coral Springs. Auto mall Conn the tax line I like this that this Texas funny perk odds to get back to the of the lawsuit trading all this stuff. Well thank god we have Mike build or rebuild what he helped built so horribly yeah. That made me laugh a little bit he's got a shepherding them through this being a guest right newsman is that's the deal why he's still around I guess. Well. Click OK I'm a public sibling I'm defending. Did Jeter every day around here and that I didn't kill four under struggle explained things that we got another guy the text did. Wall and that I understand. That's why I'm dressed. K a the reason that he did anything is because they did what had to get rid of the contract. To those with a term. An overnight and arriving and get in the though and those that might but would. The real thing like I think that kept my killer around this month my deal. I mean he is the group did charge. Is done an awful. The last 56 shooting 78 years right and I said that the byters unveils the the the Cabrera and awful Cabrera Willis straight. All those dudes we asked. They're draft picks over the years. All right and that they traded him off me all the guys and I don't wanna relive the names even go back to. You know that that you know Moret Annan's give or thin and all these guys over and over to Jeremy Hermida all these guys. You go on and on on yeah got a couple guys Jose. Recipes and stand now is pretty much it everything else has been a huge failure pitchers adult pitcher always hurt. Name after name go look it up gold is the first second round third round MLB draft the last 5678 years terrible. So my children part of that but I think why they keep them around which is I would too. Is they don't know the nineteen year old kid at single day you know I don't know what the back story of Jupiter wall deal. Did that whole system of minor league coaches and managers players doubts. That they need and Gary doubles you'll be wanting this running the baseball side of things from the York that in that Jeter higher you know. So it's like he Michael what about this guy what do you like about this guy who's this guy give us a little stored on you know it's like anything perk. Somebody comes in the radio station. And they have a new boss. If you've been accused of around hey what's this guy you know you almost need a transition team right I think that'll let you lets you know pay what's perk like hey you know courtesies to go along with pay what about this guy what about that guy. In my feels kind of that when you're dealing with so many people that organization. Letting Michael gonna make the decisions a year from now two years actually not. But I do think that's Michael's role right now would you agree that. I don't think so and again. I don't wanna just take shots at Jeter cheap shots it. If you're gonna take a shot at the guy. Make sure that it's deserved. And not some kind of Jeffrey Loria hangover type situation right because. He can't Jeter can't really detailed responsible. For. The the born systems situation the he wasn't here he. That's not his ball. He can't go Jeter can't be blamed prevent so there's a lot of this stuff about. I have an open mind under Jeter like that there are some teens again where the optics are not good to. But word on Beale baseball stuff give the guy a chance. And. I'm I'm I'm I'm kinda defended Europe are tried to explain it I'm willing to give him a chance yes. Like I'll ask the question that I asked the last week or so all in all these things started to happen. What makes Derek Jeter off a great baseball person I have no idea other than he's Derek Jeter didn't like Michael Jordan. What makes Michael Jordan still greats as an executive. The other end of it and then I mean you can say that pretty much for any owner right. A light light and and Jeter is not the owner he is the base of the ownership group but. Look when when Jerry Jones spurs bought the Dallas Cowboys and and a you know wind wind Steve Ross burst bought the Miami Dolphins I mean there there are willing to be some growing things are going to be some stuff that. You don't understand you need somebody to kind of help you along your gonna make some mistakes. Along the way in the in the early going but. I don't see anything right now. That Jeter has done that's been slow and Regis where you record you can point to a woman the black guy in the illusory don't know what I know Lee's dole and that. Again everything hasn't been perfect but on steel baseball stuff. There's not even time to have a come on come to a conclusion is that I mean come on you've got to give the guy that sits. It's a gay and things with optics firing the scale. All that kind of stuff rich walls. That that's not going to endear you to the land base but that separate them from baseball decisions. Right yet nobody was happy about all a lot of stuff I get I get I wasn't happy about all that stuff that is going to do what does that mean if they if they put a winning team on the field. So you know by the latest I don't know what makes Derek Jeter who's never had any sort of management position he's never been a scalp before and he just kind of plays the game for twenty years and then all of a sudden wants to be. Run a baseball club. I don't know what makes him that qualified to do that just like ere bull was just. Name the Yankees manager knew never managed before never do you opaque. While you go down in manageable in the minor leagues while duke he was he played baseball it was county David. No I don't know what makes him qualified to be a manager. So we we've seen it both ways their likes and maybe it works out there's been a lot of this is where it has worked out but I used to the question of OK so what makes Derek Jeter. How's he gonna know when he goes to scout I he's gonna have to help on this and look what is his his deal just to be a figured I'd help out that's when they go into that living room. And they scout the eighteen year old center fielder. Who's played at some high school at Kansas. That he's going to be he's gonna say to the to the guy what do you think injured gonna say we gonna take him number two overall mood afterward that we're gonna make him our first round pick yes. I love all the make above him. Did urge you to have a big say a man. The army but he's big decision. He's look that this this Texas is nearly accurate this is just blaming a new girlfriend for things are X deal. I and that's Jeter Jeter had to know that when he came me and if he didn't know it he's realizing it now well I. I I would he can't be caught off guard by. A lot of this fan reaction com. No matter what you see is I would think bay. Is if you bought this team you have to kind of know that. What is going to be a really. Really hard battle to win with experience right there. People are so pissed off by that that am I. I think that he's he's got he's got to know people did not trust this this organization and an ownership of disorganization. All right I mean I don't think he can be debt taken aback by the end reactions and some of the moves that the big. Me Roy traded arts Marcelo suit today so. I don't know if this is the end of it or just were just in the middle of it here. It'll be comical to feel that the the team that they will field. Its. In trading. You. Well I'll tell you this gap by I I do. As big a joke is this organization and you can say has beer and I do regret not going to a game last year. Only here that they pay at the new stadium the guiding goats who won gain why why why do you blog at liked baseball. How why good like baseball and I don't wanna support the local product I'm not crazy about I wasn't crazy about giving my money to Jeff Loria but. To me there's kind of a bigger picture here that I I like Major League Baseball I want to see Major League Baseball I love that stadium. I like the environment. And I like the Budweiser bow tie bar both right Aminu is that there's it's it's a great stadium so. To me is not all about gas Scrooge story I'm not given a mob money. It's more about I enjoy Major League Baseball and I want to enjoy what that's why I'm disappointed that I dingle to a game last year. Okay WTO this year OK yeah like I haven't it was just now perk got to know my daughter well last season's over. So idea I have gone to a game every year but lassie and that's why am disappointed in the new stadium I'm just when I'm disappointed I know the salad you that you missed Dallek go for or sees the end player no I guys play you know I just missed now. The only to a game last autumn everybody should go to one game every season right. Yes I mean. Parents are the pure baseball but until early opportunities and plenty of he wanted me. 81 and I'd imagine it I mean not 81 plus just 31 bright and nobody's had an 81 plus. Another anomaly on Tuesday want. I'd go 67974. That's a U reaches our league Coral Springs auto mall Honda text sign. Per show here's the thing will open up the a 6 o'clock hour Leonard Hamilton is gonna Jonas is scheduled to join us and really try to catch it with coach realize interesting things talk about it seems in doubt. Two play in the Orange Bowl classic on Saturday at the BB NT senator so coach gonna be here before we got heat basketball at the bottom of the 6 o'clock hour so we had a lot to get to including headlines next here on seven on the cigarette. At a mall Monday rewind a full recap of the weekend's games. Fancy updates injury reports and more politically go mall. Friendly and knowledgeable depression one plus my political vote adjusters Corrs live band the Florida lottery Curtis and her back with you here on a Wednesday afternoon transitioning into the evening we heat basketball for you come up in a bounce. Why are covered to begin about a 35 minutes or so 630. 730 though getting all of a real down the American Airlines Arena team blazes burned down we talked to Brian Wheeler in the 5 o'clock hour. Earlier in this hour actually has or over number against and 6 o'clock. How about about his team play by play man for the team blazers should be go on tonight both teams with the same record. Are important got a five game losing streak come an end. So he can take advantage for the outback on Leo on the ruler also Leonard Hamilton will join as a coach at Florida State formerly of Miami. Pest in the NBA which which is pretty wild. In its own right Leonard's been around any scene at all Mansour or talked to coach about a variety of things the low the bar ball. And he was in he was actually last night to the lakers were in Madison Square Garden in him and Spike Lee organ into it and now it and his sons actually playing. Veoh is getting better yeah actually at all Indies and oh yeah Alonso growing loss of all this madness with his other Brothers and his antics also is of the puzzles come around the lakers gym -- a legacy was actually shown some promise. But. I was reading the details of the little way. You team. And like how it says. You find better structure and more financial stability. In some like rec leagues or around here in South Florida know you don't like doing have a general manager. Like the coach. The coaches the coach and he's got like three sons playing form when you get really afford any other guys. And it's like that's the best that they can do like if you're gonna dual publicity stunt. If you're really gonna do that. But you can go to Spain if by the team the hook yup you can go to like a Lego a bigger like kind of setting there maybe Italy. Like you like to sell the shoes over the Euro with the waning a player like. What would would be account to. Oh yeah they single parent like you may well Lithuania and goes. I as that is it's it's not a geely is not an alligator lately it's it's not and and I think that that is. Don't wait that's kind of what. Lavar ball ones right. I don't see him mixing widow with a serious. Team and say spraying. Or Germany a team that wants to win the bar ball wants to be in control. And that leads us and here's the playing. You know we we we saw the other day or today that low bar bowl and the Los Angeles Lakers recently had a meeting. And the lakers stole ball to tone it down. In other news the sun rose in the east today. The lakers saw him the ball was the most predictable being in sports you can't have summoned power guy on the sideline. Sure in about how Luke Walton is using his son or about how Alonso needs to get the ball at the end of the game or talking lakers strategy. Just because somebody's willing to put a microphone in his face. One little ball is doing OK. Let him do OK you don't need low bar in here chirping and offering his opinions. And every little being related tunes Lorenzo ward the lakers. You also don't want Lavar ball saying things about teammates or opponents. War coaches. Using information that could a compromise and so that puts everybody in an awkward position so the only thing the lakers could do. Was staple of our off to the side and say look. The good of everybody. You need to chill a little bit when it comes to talking about your son. And how we're using the room and Luke Walton and this team in particular. Now bar ball says the conversation went okay he says that he kind of understood. What the lakers were getting it. The lakers did a good being the lakers did something that had to be done it was in admirable. They took a good step about controlling the bar ball when they basically limited the report this to warm. After games that that reporters didn't go in that area alien prints anymore. That was a good being that the lakers deal. The best thing they did though was meeting with low bar and someone numb you need to shield. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now their new location in progress. Drone nurses are authorized DJ idyllic they've got all your drone these covered. Weather's training new purchases repairs customizations. Whatever it is they will hook you look Marcum up today drove nerd dot com South Florida's. In this got. They well if his son continues to get better and he's going to be more he's gonna be more powerful. And of his son doesn't get any better he's just the guy in the league and he's not gonna have any power. So you know that's that's how that rolls but I get a little leaguers are trying to get a handle on it before he's not a control and we don't know all the details. But yes the bar this and what that you see was him the senator retention yes. So that's that's all that's on him and then and that's you know because the lakers can't have been. Likely they can't have. Lobo or from holding his own Los Angeles Lakers post game show. Just because. Look you know us in the media are we're gonna stick a microphone and a space appease available you can look at the the lakers have to tell him look. And they have to break it down to a cap like look this is for the good of the team and for the digital lawn so what are you can't have him after the game. Holding his own press conference saying well look wall should've played my son more then you're down harder on my son went right what ever you are right he can't be Chiming in with. Strategy okay but he did but he could have his old press conference and talk about other garbage he won't talk to her. Turn when you start calling up the coach the first thing like we would do is we're gonna say all. Pay OK let me take my microphone and I'll go on the lakers want you'll pay Luke and Lamar just said outlaw hallway that you know a lot of coaches on. What do you think about that then in decades of to Magic Johnson Lou while the and that we're not gonna do this every single night. And not only that you're going to other players you're you know you're going to have my court and admit it becomes eighteen and ended. You know when you called a distraction or whatever it becomes eighteen and the bar is a guy who he's established himself as they master promoter. A master talker. And soul of us ESPN has welcomed relief they want him on there that. The guy gets eyeballs CE get some numbers more than he gives them topics he's controversial. He's outspoken. He's loud he's obnoxious. He's pretty much everything you want on a Sports Radio optional Rome or or sports TV talk show and so. He he gives you stop in the Laker if you're the lakers that's bad your media. These are. That's viable like nobody leg of our laws is a nobody Ellison and his son that his son. Miseries wire but he cares right now yeah it's on two years from now is the six man or is stories you know an average player in the MBA nobody's gonna wanna talk to a more ball. Of course that doesn't help the lakers know the Narnia. That's the lakers want him to turn a superstar than in doing so it just gonna continue to joke to empower our Alonso ball before we continue let's get to 6 o'clock headline. These kids WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Miami Marlins traded outfielder more so ozone of the Saint Louis according to some reports it's unclear what the Marlins got in return but 22 year old right indicates rescind the falcons sorry is supposedly. Part of the deal ozone a two time all star hit 312 last year with 37 homers. 124 RBIs. Ozuna. More Marlins news there's a report from Joseph for sorrow over That the Marlins have released pitcher Edinson bowl is. There are also mixed reports on outfielder Christian yell at Jeff passel of Yahoo! says he's on the market. MLB network insider Jon Heyman says the Marlins in Sanaa hold on to Christian yell at Miami Dolphins off today they're back on the field tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's game at buffalo. Opens one game out of the final wild card spot in the AFC. Dolphins did have to issue a practice report today. As her NFL rules. Two interesting things on that report number one portraits tankers lead they see it he did not practice he of course missed last week's game the starting rookie cornerback third round pick from Clemson also defensively and Andre branch he was listed as did not practice will see if either Romney returned to practice field tomorrow finally the Miami Heat host Portland at 730 tonight at the AAA both teams have 500 records at thirteen and thirteen that a loan Tommy tiger to go with a pregame show at 630. Right here on AM 790 appeal moral port three hasty to the ticket those are your headlines. And I had a couple things here at just came just happens should definitely Tyler Johnson looks like he's doubtful. With a migraine soon if you read those those kind of come on going to pretty quickly come on strong though so law Tommy and ends at love more on that that's the news organ that. He is doubtful doubtful so he's been pretty really good off the venture of late shoot the basketball hoop for the heat semi PO one guy down tonight. And also just singers one clip from earlier. Other check Tyrod Taylor's gonna start from buffalo we're gonna all indications out of upstate New York that's going to be the case yeah. Unknown Nathan Peter man which I would like to seen his act. The gap wrinkles in the Clinton custom protocol is an is that everybody the timing here perk. They should be but you know he's going to have boots and and you just do you just gotta sit down on the bears need to get back up like Russell Wilson right. Is gonna have only just got to go through an audit is exactly exactly goes right exactly. Concussion protocol we got a letter hailed the coming up plus about Lamar ball on how we would handle some delight and and they're not being man and I. Boulevard cares about it like Lamar I look I I don't think that lob Lavar bowl is a bad bother her or anything along those lines is a loud mouth and he's obnoxious. That's it I don't think he's a bad guy or bad bother or anything like that. If it by upon the lakers yeah I. I don't know we don't know exactly when they went to him but yeah a couple of weeks ago I'd of pulled him aside and Odyssey of book. For the good of everybody. You just need to chew like the other story I got two kids go to Lithuania like the sixteen year old alike have added there and like yeah you know he. He wouldn't have those kids in a situation where he can't control woody don't let guys like he tried to you know it at UCLA in a UN high school. And your seventeen years old like that's where you wanna be understand your odds Roma yeah yeah Jeremy make and how much money over their like to me like that. Outlines just it's just the mess we got to get to coach cam. I'll Leonard Hamilton help build up Miami's program now Florida State and good guy good coach all chatted up with a little bit here. Are coming up next radio 790 the ticket back here on 79 of the ticket courtesy and perk with you here on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and we got a great event rolling in the town of the 2017. MetroPCS. Orange Bowl classic you're one of the teams that is participating. The undefeated Florida State Seminoles they're gonna kick off against Oklahoma State and it was one of the settlements former teams. As a matter of fact and everybody knows this name everybody knows. Leonard Hamilton the coach of Florida State joins us here on the ground fuels announcers commune stores just find they're truly stepped beyond convenient they are nine you know the second best start in school history coach you got to be feeling good here around the holidays about a basketball club are you don't. Question when we make it harder or more of a good thing about our team has been really. We still improve and we used to be usually young came here law overruled slow growth and improvement so. What we chose to do just that focused until you wanna do it's there are still felt moved to Mexico or coaching cliches. But this team have a lot of rules for improve living and there's been for a coach and look for the sport. Leonard you guys lost a lot of talent from last year Jon denies it and doing bacon and Michael owed Joseph and you talked about the youth you guys have got a lot of the guys from the boom squad. Taken over now I guess Terrence Mann is a returning starter. But but talk about the the guys who word we're bench guys last year that boom squad and how they transition to become leaders this year. Well the derby girls refused gold guy is where paw logo. You know they would just emotional part of the team is distraught revealed a garlic I have moved on and they. The very well mole basketball clearly from them in many terms. But the boom score will be a team that always covered. The group are moving government lead them. And broke games opened for him but very big get all the recognition men. They were. Just too much of the leaders whom much leaders they're the gov who we love. There's choose between who held until the accountable and are they live is days they would call each other how often. And maneuver probably there should be guard bureau figures it is more cover of the frame in Butte guardrail have been a different roles. Put up a bit more than capable of in his weren't quite as Rick. America got a deep team is always you replay you play about ten guys coach and and you got a lot of outlet the schism has always. I'll look back to some of the UT is set up previously about kind of the teaching moment the coaching cliche type voters admired something about your a budget teams that I mean none are so willing to take a loss but kind of letting the guys is mr. early in the season in the non conference kinda do their own thing. Even knowing that you're that. Knowing that they're kind they're gonna do the wrong thing and you're gonna come it's a seat I kinda told you so we gotta do it this way is that fair to say. Well I can't wait we have looked shift from special blue different than what we've done in the past we you know we know we've we've moved the ball remove all bodies. And we live to read. All of the decisions that they make. And after what happened earlier all of them. You know reading is murder how to play would treat children learn the mistress we improved. Both Lisa Williams teammate through Duluth challenging but we are Cuba tremendously unselfish. Publicly we children's. Book Buchberger enormously you know reduce takes awhile to develop. There's this big group take two that they could barely be truth teller of whom we go through there emitter of inaudible we're getting better and we did. I live well we'll do just sort of truly united feel that we would commit to much. And really if you were give Florida. Published these recovery to reel them back in and we watched some film rooms. And we'll corrective then they're actually you go to we try to get to who we can be fiscally conservative talk. A literal word to go off the court a little bit do we know that Tom Lamar ball as a high profile parent. I'm not asking you to comment on the bar ball I'm asking you how you deal with parents do you have a general set of guidelines and everybody has to follow word do you treat each taste differently. Well I try to be honest and open what would only delivered their particular term normally don't have those kinds of issues that affect the little rumor I have an issue of course. You know we were coach we we make producers nor are we more or our program and him for the most part their reward is being removed receptive to how we do things could have been more living elsewhere you know. A clear on the stereo overall. All of our relationship from the beginning in and we very similar would deviate from this so we don't really have a whole lot of issues. But deadly forever in my in my career we don't have many issues. Would win a parent to dissuade you from recruiting the tee is toward port for any reason. Appearance. Think best I've played there we all try to recruit people who sweep through this in the whose daughter and our program so how many years. This further afraid of it. You know from huge draw are Marat who fought through we met through different from kids so. We try Ruth group crew Q2 real compatible with. Remember oval course uniformed army regularly accused. Who move mortality and go boom. That you use you try to work with shouldn't. And be in the ma always Errol McLeod has been called an open what I expect. They make sure they understand them what they should expect him we know we'll have all other issues. The head coach Florida's they'd settled the undefeated seminoles at nine and no coach Leonard Hamilton is our guest they're rolling in the town the BB NT senate got to be there. The Saturday December 16 there in the early game their tail Oklahoma State the late game has Clemson and Florida for a zoom out to Wisconsin in conference play they are to beat Florida players agree on one of his former teams in Oklahoma State wanna ask you about another your former teams aren't believe coach when they're sixteen years in Tallahassee. But here we go back to the old Miami arena today is with Alex Fraser and Steve he had words and adding Kevin Norris the middle biggies to. I'll DR Connell look at I mean you've resurrected the program. And then now and then you went to the pros and in heaven for the state. And you'd be kinda frank they've kind of took it over and Perry Clark a code gels really got it Roland obviously see them and there are for the same coverage would you kind of look at it. And how you look at the University of Miami Dallas and they've really become our high profile program. In recent years. Well I think each person found moves. Way to contribute to help build the program to where they are that they you know it was a little bit more challenging in to commute going up very. Probably all benefited from where all benefited from the Joba in Melbourne. I Lil woods. Coaches go to tremendous dog boot OT when the program where our Lola produced. He's really well amid she's putrid. If you are sort of transfer of and then all this they have some really rebel statement recruits come may have been. Few middle to truly be built for London for children model where you golf problem of social. I don't know how literally that was always the story well aren't you done good in the late ninety. Well look but I'm sure I have absolutely no drip through a lot of fun. And every element apart from food we have spent a little campus facility. Has really really given them opportunity the person throughout buildings got to limit I expect them to continue to keep growing they're very competitive culture and soon. But this exciting river though you know UMBC is a great. Coffee basketball come and live every dollar from coming into OK everything in my every golfer who you play and so. Basketball move with a groin and Utah State funeral. Co chair of the grow limited universe to the floor and build new coach is good fits floored him. Itself slow them. Clearly doing. If you come off to a good start to your good coach over there for our youth. Total almost by become a basketball. A couple of others coaches no longer just football schools I mean I mean you look at the both the growth of the progress in the rankings of the basketball programs. It is it is absolutely tremendous. How how do you change that as a coach didn't have you changed with Duff. With the players being younger and the one and daughters are kind of been kind of stayed true to yourself over the years. What are offered up a big political system but I will felt probably a little more patient than that I woke me earlier and okay. You know lead of the game mr. data movement that now that it is a little bit how probably. I'm not quite. Structured to give our water early Europe are probably give like you go a lot more freedom been there and bear what we viewed him. Clearly you stayed a little over and over our coaching career. But but I also have tried to do adopt and adapt to. Duke to win the game remove removed from moved fast to praise him. Oh move more prince bell and an epic that pretty much what style ball that there was that we represent right now. Illiterate when you you mentioned the that the one and done there or Curtis mentioned the one and done you haven't. Feasted on those type of players but I know that Adams over the NBA commissioner has Sears he kind of was to take another look at that rule. Your preference what would you prefer to have done as far as one and unsure or how would you change that rule. Well are I'm in favor. Of kids who. Who wants to push you through our schools are playing bad who we should allow them opportune right we do in Israel the sleeve over America life. I don't think they should be discriminated new years where you Mario from every bishop reverend Robert children I don't work. Are you ever writes promo wound greater rise talk about it. If you totally remove remove combat I would like to have been more proud try to figure how we go educate our kids probably go get them. They'll probably shouldn't go out and decreased. Armament is so much about doing it big NB a key is good when you take your consideration of all the 400 jobs. Commitment to him could still probably go to Q from overseas. So we don't maybe she should be considered due to very many jobs available were accused of America which girl are termed Mickey Rooney whose big government. You probably have heard me. Q is going to be MBA every year we have felt compelled accused playing division one basketball. What we've been all of term talking about what do ruled shoot out could go over in the third week. There are which would give back through Madrid realistically them there than there's we're still. Are we got a farm team for the NBA who we knew we executed or the target their education. And their ability and Jordan oh did we scholarship to play basketball or some of my effort to little. They'll opportunity there for the career and have saved us what we gotta get back to. I'll come forward. Make your decision base stolen but you know what special. Mellow before college to a for the Q smoke will play if I'm I'm I'm discouraged. When our C. So many Q when you have more can he is. Could they may mean in the Israel did you help spot for them to be drafted fifth day it will be you know. 200 kids put them they lived revenue over the draft in 06. Is certainly kids. Who didn't mean you know more kids. Put that they would Israel. Clearly enormous regard when you'll have eighty QB and invited to go to Chicago. We we we we feel are due in favor of counter productive. To build them. 6000. Madam I didn't Kevin did you to a goal play hard bare floor. Who can probably go we were commands are called clear a few games over the field in the we hope we'll look farther than they was alright folks put a little more influence while making sure that we don't move try to look simple but futile and was completely because. Well also go to great stuff to talk to you forever but I know you gotta run so coach take Basil look on Saturday in a continued success throughout the season. You got and you got a good team they're really fun to watch your. Aren't very openers Lou thank you coach Leonard Hamilton right there catch his team at the up MetroPCS or whole basketball classic their fixture down here. Oklahoma State is gonna play Florida State at 2 o'clock and then now following that game Clemson and Florida so a lot of the AT&T center Saturday afternoon. Jan nineteenth ranked Florida State they just not a criminal that being well not coming off but he beat Florida Florida loudly and the yeah yeah family dinner they want to lay new coach reference to be over in Tampa assortment of the other way around here and a great stuff from a from a coach cam right there on my they were old school old school Miami did -- is deep into oh yeah it would now how does it up and down its community area of these changes you have now what is exactly is certainly a a team to watch our our thanks coach for joining us Greg judge is not what Leonard Hamilton his team will be in town Saturday at the BB NT senator. Mitchell DCS 2017 Orange Bowl basketball classic is going to be a lot of fun we got to get out of here thanks to. Brian Wheeler play by play man for the Portland T blazers coach Hamilton thanks to you out there for listening. And of course texting and it's been it's been a fun show. We'll go to tomorrow just before 4 o'clock thinks allows them for perk up Curtis people basketball's as low Tommy target Sheredy. For the team blazers and your Miami Heat right here on 79 minutes ago.