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Monday, December 18th

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I. I go on Monday afternoon off and run it here on. Seven I didn't take it Curtis and perk hang in with you know. A little bit of an abbreviated. Show this the C this afternoon resulting drive until 630. As we are Miami Heat basketball we are right though Parker you're right I pose this question to you on Friday afternoon. Would he be on a hot two game winning streak won't return on Monday. They are. Yeah about that man would they can take care business that what they need to right. Yes yeah these opponents unique state problems pretty African Charlotte not so much against against the clippers on Saturday night. But when is a win you move on their dual TCB. Trying to try to get some some traction after getting over 500 trying to work move get a little breathing room there are lots. They've have a ton of injuries now in the will be they'll be lucky this growth up five guys tonight against the other worst team in the NBA record wise -- hawks roadrunner which from the hawks broadcast team informally CNN for for number years he's up there and he enjoys a 6 o'clock hours a little preview to the preview as over a sign off at 630 in him over to a Tommy tiger and Jonathan's as though so allowing better he does segment coming double talk a lot of the the Miami Heat as we move forward here but. As they were winning the Miami the Miami Dolphins were losing yesterday and in buffalo. And a lot of lot of emotions yesterday hurt because that thought there was a chance there are those little. Those little Lloyd Christmas in Denise AM effects like you're saying there's a chance I hide exactly did I not get like buffalo weather so I don't watch all the football on Saturday evening. And the two games in the short all these these graphics about playoffs yet. And I've seen in the Buffalo Bills logo made to sit there at the number six spots and I don't. I don't put in place okay. Carrying all right there it is them there in this thing. And then and then about. To signal caller runs and oh yes and I ago. You stupid son of club league yup yup you trust him don't you believe that allowed yourself and well yourself to believe debt. And that that's none of that being with weave these dolphins and that leads us into here's the being. Welcome back to mediocrity dolphins fans. Miami's gonna be hovering between six and eight victories for the eight time in the last nine years. Now there were a whole lot of people out there who ball dolphins we're gonna equal last year's ten wins. But there were a whole lot out there who thought eight or nine wins was likely. Eight seemed to Bay Area optimistic right now considering their in Kansas City next week. The dolphins let's face it they just weren't good enough and a lot of areas this year's starting quarterback. But also including the linebackers the tide eons. And one wide receiver in particular you know who that is Miami should be better next year with quarterback at at quarterback Ryan ten hill was coming back from the knee injury. They might see some improvement in another area or were sued just based on players getting better. But ask for the rest of the team and we're Miami should go in trades in the draft and free agency will. We're in the position where we've just got to wait and see who was available. Seat where the dolphins draft and see how much money is gonna be available. Basically. It's a Spain story that it's been in most of the last decade. And unfortunately. You're a dolphins and it's a bit eerie familiar position. Here's the thing a buzzer by drone nerds and Avant Shura and now implying grist. Oh nerds is your authorized DJ ideal they've got your drone needs covered whether you're talking about training new purchases repairs customization. Whatever it is these people will hook you up visiting today. Drove nerds dot com self Florida's. I. In the sky very uplifting the start the show and it reality sucks on don't know I understand iron instead he always tech's program at 67974. On the growth result monitored site. 679740. Another thing sunk in the reality of the Jay Cutler is who we who have thought he was yeah coming up the three touchdown. No pick performance against the patriots it turns around and goes oh for three being on the other side against the Buffalo Bills and you're on Alia that Jay Cutler and you look at his numbers twelve games eighteen touchdowns fourteen picks. Completion percentage 63%. Just you know. That's exactly kind of who he is being moved his entire career really and the dolphins give them onside kick yesterday. And then he throws to god knows who. In the next thought out of out of my out of my brain was okay we only have to see this effort to war game that's right and then. Yeah Israel. That's exactly right and he's gone Cappy was so bad yesterday overthrow was and they started early just just sailed in the bowl kind of resume is going to be it would yes best -- when you kind of figured has played pregnant and 200 yards of their -- exactly exactly I mean he he what he overthrew we started off I think he overthrew Jarvis Siena a swing past the Kenyan rate that was way out of products Kenyan and he couldn't pull it down and he you know he's on high he's going low guys a reach around back across their bodies and and not get many yards after that that he didn't hit him in stride it. Just a problem may be as bad as we've seen color this season. Yeah probably as far as accuracy or try yeah probably was in the and you know within the reality also kind of hit was. OK so Dick Heller is going to be gone you know thank goodness and now and I got sucked into the I want to I thought the all big arm in the Monday Parker this is as you hear. And all this stuff and I thought those numbers would be a little bit better. But they throw the deep ball a little bit more. And I thought I would equate to may be another winner to LeBron you know they need to be a couple more wins right now and they try to be real in the play in the exit exam where they are. And but the other part of that is okay today's and then you're like it is very few rules OO ten he'll go back and Alec I Mike I don't know why should be really happy about that. Lazy to get back tear your media report like you Fredricka Packers and Aaron Rodgers right correct correct yeah it is so they arrived at it'll. Remind you rifles to be like you know big big wolf on Alec what my I come from a mile that. And I channel feel anything about that a guy go like. Yeah look at the guys that more familiar with back. Yeah yeah you did you you've got a guy that's better than Cutler. And I much no not five billion items it's not like you're get support time Pro Bowl quarterback port two time Super Bowl Chase Bank kids. Ryan chairman Gil he had a injury he's he's better than Jay Cutler. Right that's. That's about where you can go with it looks like there's a lot of like bombs in the god bless them all you know it's is the holiday season to season hope looked antenna hill did have what do a strong nine game stretch -- -- got a -- nine game -- but right I know I'm with you on this when -- -- the -- remains you're getting run -- and -- back on Aaron -- So. You know I'm not trying to bring people down its its reality. You know like there's a lot of like Bob bales little golds in heels come yes the Morgan Colin we get tailback tailback on OK I get America you know and new. Ginn Dovonte Parker bank and you bitten into an offensive line that's. You know I cannot make great I don't know what they do on the arguments in the offseason they're wearing it a little got to wait and see we got a lot along way to go without like a but I like usually you know everyone's got everyone's got. The hot takeoffs and got to do this got to this kind of out of those. And like is the product do anything major and iPod is gonna kind of bring back most of the same core guys that they did. With with and with a helped grind you don't try to. Re great whether that last season right now that's very exciting no I'm. Look right now you'd have to say that Tim hills bank rate is back. I don't see console to one James Jarvis Landry Kenny stills the bunt they Parker. I would have to say they're all bad right now and probably starting let's find zone right so you get two guards and and and a new type in. And I'm like pumping my fist I know I've badly and that's my point it's like you know stood. That gives it is right you've got to get your bringing back the same guys you're not bringing bags better guys from what we see. So it's good it's a familiar position for dolphins than smaller. Is Iran is and yeah that is a solar as a frustrating frustrating positions crappy business and how has a billion dollars net quite quite frankly there are before he could do you let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks W. He XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. Miami Heat takes on Atlanta tonight at seven C fifteen and thirteen winners of their last two winners of four of their last five. Atlanta though worst team in the league they've lost six of their last seven their six and 23. The heat however could be buried buried down in numbers for James Johnson didn't travel due to an ankle injury. Just as Winslow is doubtful with a knee injury gore on drug it's questionable with an elbow injury Dion Waiters questionable with an illness. That's loan Tommy tie did you start with a pregame show at 630 right here. And AM 790 a pillow or three HD to the ticket. Kobe Bryant is having his Jersey's New Jersey numbers eight and 24 retired tonight. And I halftime ceremony of the lakers Golden State game coach Phil Jackson is reportedly unable to travel from his home in Montana to attend the ceremony. Or issues that ESPN as president John skipper has resigned to address the substance abuse problem. ESPN have been rock recently by allegations up arrest man. And layoffs Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis suspended two games for his blind side hit on Dovonte Adams Monday Night Football tonight Atlanta at Tampa Bay tokens at eight and by trying to keep their playoff hopes alive Tampa Bay Warren nine. They're playing the role of spoiler those are your headlines. Text or rights and on the course brings on my Honda Tex lines 67974. That Iran maintaining hill was a pro bowler last year before he got hurt. Perhaps. Perhaps. He was OQ was he was all right yeah he's I think he ended up nineteen touchdowns eleven and seven and 1219 and twelve opponent for. I feel all right I mean it may 130 yards a game yeah I mean maybe he would have made the Pro Bowl may be. But steel. He's nothing great ER yeah. Does this like no texture like the grass is growing at our fragile all right OK you win six guys back out right now it's in there yet CNN global congratulations yeah. And you know low. And it's not as though here I again ride is not as though Tim if you know. Is a guy that you look at and instantly think. OK everything's going to be all right he's gonna or Burris our fortunes were most likely a playoff team next year old you. Look at Ryan Taylor hill and you say all right there's probably six or seven wins in the bank now what. Right I mean that's kind of how I look at him and you. It probably got you there is enormously just save the day core goal late in a deal yeah you're wrong and who would tailback okay. But it's not like he's coming in the city today and what you know old boss that a bottom is he's a guy. Yeah you could win was oddly you can win big games of Bryant. What good he needs a lot of things on his side for you do that that's right we need help. The great ones like overcome a lot of just ask a lot of deficiencies Russell Wilson can mask and a crippled defense for a number of weeks until yesterday. Right right Aaron Rodgers didn't didn't matter a lot Tom Brady dramatic I don't know that refrigerator run it down the middle of real problem will win the Super Bowl anyway Greg let me introduce you to Danny Amendola. I mean so and I'm not I'm not putting him we all know he's not those guys brought to you need to win right that leave it right up until I write. And look to be. Sustain this and certain terms I don't think Ryan's and a zeal is a bad quarterback I actually think he's a a good quarterback. But there's nothing transcendent. About Ryan Tim Hiller is nothing that makes me look at him and say he's gonna take this team. Eight win team to a two team wins or eleven wins. Organ to a month to Texaco and and I attacked Jerry Kellerman the Pro Bowl trivia items and he made them that's that's a good text or there. Was the catcher was a not a catch. This free can only have. I I hate that rule. I absolutely hate that rule and but I certainly understand yeah I don't know I'd look they may become a 100% correct ruling by the letter of the law no doubt about a 100% correct ruled. I haven't seen that I hate that rule like that I kind of understand why it's bare by. The and I. I just I think that in and I don't know exactly how you would do this but to meet. You're in the field of play a this is an ideal of word you inbounds or out of bounds this you possess the ball and you broke. Playing on the play before you. And so I you're you're a ball ulterior aren't sure. Well I mean you had. Three but you hadn't completed the act of the tea like rag heads and now where Johnson Reuben right as the primary calendar so goes back mega draw viewers that our right out lots of that game. And AM I saw it touchdown my god okay they lost. Pitcher to meaning OK meaning I'll. Yeah right that's so I got out of that I want to think that the niners game salon in the Nile caused themselves act that both the game writes I would back to that game. And then I came back for some reason and romo's scream of the ball low balled and I'm like you gotta be you gotta be bleeping Giuliani. And then they so that that one replay and I go oh bill I sign touchdown and then you know all of in the next play whether it's of the screen in the within leading get out of balance yes and great and then try to overthrow of the peck and it's just like that game was lost if you're Pittsburgh and it ruins. If your kids were connected was lost when Brady had to write. Whenever those those rules are on the goal line happening and those those. Like how many time and I wonder like my leg Walter Payton and Marcus Allen models one yard touchdown run that it wouldn't. Priced out right those that have been taken away and it is all those gold which now we have so much tech and I am Syria and from all angles no. So that the end and people that people movement we don't realized there was a stretch in the NFL where they had replay and then they did away were great president and I can imagine in every when he even though sometimes things. Thing I'm thinking up of all the technology that we've got not all the billions upon billions of dollars that are funneled through that sports. We can't have a better system than some guy taking out an index card last night crew trying to figure out if it's a first down on Sunday Night Football. And then their space and and and they still rule of personnel writes I don't I mean. This league I'm telling you man this this Rican league the Jerry Richardson and in the Carolina Panthers and and Thomas Davis and they hit it in. You know like this I understand those things well you know what I don't understand what attaches anymore I'll I'll let you out well I will say this for the last few days in the league at least now we're talking majority about football and not. Off appeals snuffed Jerry Richardson being the exception but at least with the bid Thomas Davis hit and and ended the Jesse James Katz and and at least we are talking about on field stuff and not as the U Elliott and his good dale Brazil. Rudder to dale and all that kind of stuff so I guess that's a step forward but I would much rather talk about this kind of stuff. As much as as much as that their ruling frustrated me it was the correct ruling. At least we can talk more on field stuff this week I dug holes for us in the is like you you know that's the role is the rule that gives the red as you know what's funny we were finishing up our stories we're all in the press box in buffalo and and the gains both of those games that Sampras this going in the New England games are on and and both media contingent the buffalo contingent in the Miami contingent or are both. This wouldn't you know you heard some cuss words in a body from buffalo on that ruling Dole's. I think this we believed and they were to joke but that was exciting I mean it was it was a really really exciting man and I. All we basically saw because we are worked in was like those last few minutes but what it would put an outstanding few minutes. Then on it was yeah the finish was great housing bill the good of all yes really the good game name overall Padilla just makes you shaking your head after watch enough to auction some of that. I'm gonna Joseph but detects your commitment on the on the woeful dolphins here as a got a couple of games rapid there's there's there's there's still a chance with the the tibia yeah walking I guess idea. Amid disappointing disappointing yeah or both could finish eight Nader 79. It's Joseph Philbin again and get some of these text area doesn't that doesn't really wants to hear and not necessarily. A political elect has Greg Greg Greg Greg Moore right here are some ignited take. Hey listen every day for the courses ticket window where your chance to win tickets and upcoming game according climate technology partner and your local self sort of technology company for all your business needs. Visit them online at a quarter score that counts by the by open your ball dot com to get the most just now for your future structured settlement. We're lottery payments going through three my vault him by Lauderdale BMW for pines proud members of the home and automotive group keep listening to take it. When your way into a heat game we gave way. What tickets every week last week. For an upcoming games so who we got Noual goodie bag this week I note today. We got some chili cook off tickets not first Heisman nannies or S went well over a hundred dollar value and a pair of tickets to the 33 annual chili cook off guard by Ford. And some of the acts involved or strug is gonna be there. Old Dominion big and rich so those are hard to combine a lot of people. It over the years paid to a developing given that they actually took off and you remember the thing you know I'm a Texan. And so you know just by nature and no chili. Correct I'm skeptical Lola Miami Florida South Florida chili cook off but without the X agree ons yeah urgently. I'd rather I'd you know her bin that too I went years ago you describe this trial like fifteen. Sixteen years ago right solves the inaugural young man Kenneth suppan and all gone on yeah. But then but mine that's my favorite meal is chilly. Really matter if I guess almost doesn't Chile last night in buffalo yeah oh my favorite really mega pilot now because they what's your last meal right off. Chile rice and beans and corn bread and yes my legs you can elect elements I guess you could you only have a certain amount of people like they're going in there get Cilic. You have to go. And there's only a certain you'll judging the chilly yeah yeah this on the waivers all that stuff return judging their toes I'd just like you see in the moos were just there was shows up and there were just has bowl of chili and every every. And every Saturday and yeah. If you're a good good Texans. Prefer no beans and their chili do you have a preference VD's do you mind there's been there do you have I don't I don't mind no but I but I've I probably would say I I go thumbs up on the beings yeah I Zimmerman no beans I'm in our view like skyline chili. Like on the spaghetti on the on the cost though with the not a right away rice you're right side I like it was my and the skyline. Hi I like it and it's like yeah why not silly silly it's not it's not yeah it's not. I got the sky is gray sky had an article Scott and those who put on our right but the place I went out this is an ethernet yeah yeah. So I've had the original skyline joints right and it's very good. It's insists this is not for me it's not it's some it's not yes not. You know chili cook off Joey right nearly doubles more my gravy the site about my type of Chile and then I like him but you gotta make chili like I can't yes. Like that'll cook yeah. So everything is is prepackaged for me right so you're the story like you just can't. Like will bring in Chile you know that in the can't think there's a great commercials that you remember that women though for the wolf the most red Chile when they they have the one and somebody criticizing a night of brand chili is pretty good they have the one famous commercial were whistled a bunch of cowboys around a camp fire him blah blah blah and you know they're they're asking for Chile and and there'd some guy brings on some Chilean. This Chile has made a new city New York City get a row. What a cozy old salsa commercials although that was like the old. That's also brand that was years ago. Oh by the pace pace of outpaced a content. Commercial did you have is accounting salsa and I think those guys resident ownership and they do want it to you have made and I think as they say is made in people. In San Antonio you know what the county soft tasteless. Chilly race. And then ending corn bread man that's that's until we got the the chili cook off tickets come over the Zoellick the store like this frozen Chile. Does the canned chili. No just doesn't cut it ran that's like sacrilege if you go to the you know the key. Until gimmick that's you know an inch. But you know I yeah. This is nothing wrong with you know base and get some venison chili years symbolic of Maria now so let's. So we essentially took off to get the answer your way to really Chile kind of sores. Texting and I'm sure at 67974. On the our Coral Springs a mall Honda text. Did Jerry Richardson we knew it was gonna get in the sports at some point in your area. And that can happen right we went off the air people Friday and then it all gonna escalate the him not to sell the team and I think it's resting those teams don't come up for bid too often correct. Tom I have I'm thinking how many teams have been sold it Stephen Ross was about ten years ago. We've had the bills. It is a few years ago and you know look like that's that's pretty good business. Yeah all the team. I saw where where he Diddy Sean Combs kind of jumped in on the act and then Colin now predicts and I'll join you. Yeah and then all some of that now did I would like I only middle of the Kansas would be re going forwards they get a started a billion if you want them out so outlining so yes thinks the Marlins are there one point two. 400. Of the development that the very point it's a very good point did you see that the details of the riches and org. I only I've only seen bits and pieces I've not had a chance to read the whole thing that the Sports Illustrated sort. Yes it's very long but it's very it's very deep toe and it's system mean yeah the bill maneuver. That was one I was one of the excerpts word Jerry Richardson pretended to be a gentleman and he. Take women out to lunch and from what I recall he would open the corridor warm. On their side demand pertaining under the guise of being a gentleman he would put the seat no lone woman run this in across their breasts and so it it's just stuff like. It wasn't like stopping short like all like yeah yeah like like this trailer you instill Kramer's move right up right toward right but I mean it's just like what who. I mean dude you know what captain at its its. The thing I was raised like that and got my mom raised me right because of an all these creeps running around. Andy's act like I could never even think of doing any of the of these things that a lot of stupid things sing and normally you know you're intoxicated when right open excuse for that either no. But like I like when your leg this is part of your daily routine. It is just. And that this this doesn't mean behaving badly I mean this is just like you here and all these stories and whether it's Chris man user org or Jerry Richardson and or or met allow her or I mean you just go down this list in. Wow it is it's absolutely shocking. Absolutely shocking and you know there's more stuff that's gonna come elders board guys out there nervous. Out its its. You know I don't know I only I don't even know what to say about that it's. On the one hand I'm I'm I'm just shocked and on the other hand this whole idea that really shouldn't be that shocked just a just I don't know that the that is going on them not that shot but I guess he's the level and and the people and I'm not that I thought it like Jerry Richardson or Matt Lauer and any of the hammer rainy right not that I thought they were holier than thou or anything like that but it. I guess apart a bit this is just kind of light. Rudy is. Important and what. You know you're you've got money let them off like well what do you know of reverting to these stupid sophomoric export got money and now I mean you. And I I am glad they did all men in power just like a bad name. This assaulted in really well okay that's your house that it is a solid and that's all that good values and demanded they be I mean it's. Mayor your same to be a man of this thing all Mendel act like that like I mean. 00. I clicked and I don't I don't you know they're they're not a lot of things that I have a 100% clear conscience on cat but at least there's an aspect. I listen I don't sleep well and you definitely think I can sleep I can tell you pretty sure on that I don't know is Demeco meg after he gets one thing where just you know. Until that. Early age don't touch anybody else now you know it's. That's gonna here's the here's the good text. Stopped short was not brink of stands as move that was stolen by Kramer that's true either integrity of the to a stale yes it would it was. I am Kramer yeah yeah during the run reckless though Libya from Romo understands the PR. Just you just wonder if this is Jerry originates in the last. Man in a high profile position it morals. No no and that's. As much as Mike gets techno. I was down. That's that's my guests and a little bit and and all the singles from that to okay now we're gonna sell Carolina Panthers. And the facility in the coming out of football is football. I don't know if there was conversation. We at the other owners or were the commissioner message as it's like okay we don't we don't want this. Yeah around the NFL. You need to get out of the NFL. And we don't know there's even more to come right. You know and rehearsals in this could be a Donald Sterling situation Emery he's new there voluntarily say OK I'm facility used to yeah fighting it's no take your millions of price of dollars of profits and get out of the leafs are 67 ides of four that's a good to us. On the Coral Springs Beaumont it's excellent six of nine. 74. Are we getting in the all the he's injured I have no idea who's playing who's now playing tonight. We're gonna try to Wear how warm a clear picture we got Gordon Roddick is out with an elbow or not outweighs. Questionable in my polite yeah Dion Waiters got a business he's questionable he's questioning justices doubtful W I have doubts yeah in the always traveled with the team he's just he's done an -- the other night he did not travel he's going to be out seven to ten days aside until now. Via USO silently write his would see a team games well I think that tonight might be at 1213 heading lower gains that she has not played in then played in for the Miami Heat thing. And yet. They're still over 505. Minutes and it is very important and it's not all things considered is because it would the missing. Arguably I think he's your best player impacts both sides can work somewhat excited with all that you're still kind or write your your there. You're entered you know your. Realistically this is this is a decent spot and heat is not ideal it's not what you want but. In light of the personnel losses two games over 500. May seeing the worst team in the NBA. That that's not a bad spot is not desirable it's not ideal but not let it. Tonight you heard earlier three games over by tonight. And I I don't know and I don't know where you are you know going I don't know what have a team Arlo where's your recent college is their mail Cesar converts outside Cleveland. And and in Boston and maybe Toronto build a better than you maybe Washington tyranny but also that Iran got their own problems. And does that remind you look at the star Detroit got off to another. Minute messages all the ebbs and floral. And no was off today feud then great start India. It's you have Isa is just so it's so uncertain and and really after the top a couple of teams that piece of been like that for awhile so. This just seems to be another one of those years but dominate. The heat is still in my MS missed the good thing even with the the personnel losses they're still in. We got a we can winning player of the game get to that coming up here imagine McKinney imagine what that might be as if he's. The public good good nominees but he got his team as a heater on a corner as well. In the in the 5 o'clock hours a lot more to get to read some your techs also be a better and I actually get to better nights in the in the NBA we'll get to that as well. Coming up next radio 790 the ticket. Again winning play a game just a moment of that to me. Canaveral where every game on the ticket started out with the girlfriends auto mall pregame shows as noted here who set for the game. Take a look at the match ups and keys of the game and having ready for tip off Coral Springs on ball home low cost cars. Proud to buy Contras business built for business cultural Jurenovich part of the talks broadcast team he'll join us in the 6 o'clock hour just after. You know just after the second signal phobia. Turn it over to is as low enough Tommy tiger he basketball tonight on your home and he and handsome and I mean if someone for three HD to the ticket person per bag with you here on Monday afternoon. As time I get to the winning player of the legion which runs about the flow of the lottery just imagine and we go to the Steel City for this one credit. A shotgun. Gets used airports who threw it. Is it a touchdown or is you have done you're gonna play the receiver. In the end zone did not survive the ground it's an incomplete I got us. I don't know the word ball a second down and ten out of ten yard line. Interactive and we'll start over the next now Steelers are out of timeouts fourteen seconds ago it's third and goal from the six. And grabbed his back. Roosevelt with a little intercepted oh my goodness ever accepted my New England Harvard comes up equipment. Goodness gracious. Your drove from the top of the mountain right but the bottom. Boy. I just feel like they get points that this stuff the Steelers look they've scored a touchdown and Jesse James. Would be catch was ruled he and his victory quick passing that you have to regain final score well equipped 47 Pittsburgh and went into the game. That is the end of the game and how Steelers radio on the coffee in they can figure that out. And the winning player of the week and Roger by the Florida lottery just imagine we actually had two winning plays there. We have the Steelers scoring and then the Steelers. Throwing an interception and the patriots winning the game. In just an amazing football game we go I mean you got ground just. The mean there's some don't. Does the last five minutes of the game yeah how about drugs and immigration missions should have gotten a taunting. Yeah. Yeah. Personal and personally I'd love ground though yeah I love grown you know is as. He's got that given that so bill flag. Well below but be that and Mary yeah definitely reported it like he was like shocked that he got elected to lead a thought he did like a big belly up body would laugh yeah. That's around spotlight right now that that's ought to get actually heaven like. Really at his comments to see what he sued about it but that. That's how I took it like he was clown dealers like keep up this little due to cover me. But I got I don't know what it bluntly I don't know what I have a lot of sympathy for the Steelers this morning. And this afternoon when you you know Mike Tomlin you know I need him like a mammoth but what are you doing letting him to run free down the middle of the yoga. Well that's it I mean that's just ridiculous look yeah have any. I don't have any sympathy toward them because. What else the game they are sorry you the big BN. Do you can't get you killed more stat ball ended there are three of lenders around the guys. Killed for body I'm I'm not a demand Adam for the fake spike. Ripper print. They get you know I guess you can argue you're gonna go forward just gold bored and don't do the aches like whatever it took over and over five minutes to pull that off Philip Richards who is coming. That's fine on it it was to me it was just big bend don't try to force that ball and and and led Bigby in the hall of Famer round I'm not saying Bigby and sucks or anything like that. He'd be made a an error in judgment but. Yeah you got to preserve the bugle you've got to and the and the and the and the tie in the overtime got intercept Brady when he throws it in your hands yeah you can't McGraw just won down the middle of the field. Do whatever ones you can't signal caller single cover him especially on the two point conversion India have a two point conversion that I mean he just. You know Lindsay does. He has cloned meat and agro I don't know. I mean united boat during the play and after the boy yeah I'm a bold initiatives fund got off the line so quick. Did they get those just like that the patriots make an error and then junior shooters miss goes up of the right sideline and it's like three tackles. Right to thing you're your your build out of jail there and that all but also like. At the very worst you can kick the field won't go to you know Albright the very worst right so you jamming in there and mentally ill or you thought of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago with the Seahawks and they're one of our senior run the ball there but throw like Romo screamer out drawn invade. You'll stuff yeah you know I you know was well it was during that lady does bid being pumped at first. And and I and then after he pumped and in that split second I thought I nieces and throw it out in and get the field goal. Any tries to force it in there and I guess the play did you get the interception of the held a deepens a play a mean 99 ahead of the piece of Jersey but tonight on the call eleven and. Had an obnoxious non on you know he was the I would not call this clean what what what what hurts most of your Steelers losing that game losing Antonio brown. And we heard anything on on Antonio yet. Yeah well I mean supposedly. I mean from what I've seen it's it's a calf. A blow calf muscle that he's out for the regular season but he and he'll be back in play all right so. Will say yeah will street Auguste calf muscles are you believe weeks. Those things right are usually week. When they heard it took him to the hospital and I really you and that that was a very candid dangerous. Collision because they you know under the federal explained doctor you know and watch again on Broadway you have to manage rather cap mostly torque have all this other stuff. But you know okaying a do you you obviously he's had gone. What do you get a real good about that. And feel good about they if he's even 80%. Or you need a B. You need another thing and that too because the jet because decimals on aren't there you know what I don't. And they want the body obviously got to give them ready to be some time and give everybody got into and portly get him some time out. So all that but that's how. How old that one play each can change the entire course of what we might see in the postseason mixing. In Jacksonville got to be happy. He even when Blake portals to break it all right. Recently it doesn't turn or a month no. So he's yeah he's doing lately is given much it's the man isn't what happens perk when you don't throw to the other team you have to ask the Miami dolphin. Last two games Jacob and getting stalled truck to the patriots open the door to the bill's always lose you know. Yeah that is how that works out no yeah. Yeah now I mean the turnovers end. I'm out I'll tell you this about. About Pittsburgh. I I still really really like him to be in the AFC championship. Against New England. But I'm. Jacksonville might be catching up on them I don't think Jacksonville has gained any significant meaningful ground on New England they might be catching up on its. Verbal they say match these birds they've picked off than five times this year at thirty to nine the other revenue they they get Pittsburgh arousal and seems like Google's success since it loves to play 500 years ago in the hotel in those years ago I am not a much Austin Jackson ansari. Yeah and you know they got they got they got play a scale some defense player of the year you know they got a lot of good young players yet followers come along all the injuries you've got Jack if we get on Reyes didn't play no they're too young. And I'll trust I usually slow it's not it's a test and that's opening minute of Jacqueline. Men were net. Assume. I didn't play a few minutes though no way. You see up on is busy over a thousand yards he might be where he's approaching a balance I gotta love pro yet he's he's. He's closer he's not there but I just can't get excited about Jacksonville. Called La package I you know what I actually am excited about oh. He opened the young teams. Our our thumb the Jacksonville in the Philadelphia 76ers and those different sports but those those are the two young team tonight. I like watching I'm like watch him both. Loomed this year all you like watching young teenager certainly don't like watching on the money Marron just baseball season because it might just be all these young guys that's all right. Now we have a player group one of the better young players maybe their best young player. He's asked for a trade and then there are other relatively young players under contract once and know what exactly is going on. So apparently he's been living under a rock you're the last couple weeks. A lot identify those two individuals and probably only two people you can name on the roster. Pretty much that's that's left with a a Miami Marlins and they want some they want some answers. And this thing isn't this thing isn't gonna this is not done yet know. It's not it's not now why I just I just wondered. What's going to be out there and on opening day and we you know early April oh what is going to be out there as bars slight. Good talent that that you would wanna see like. You know I'm not general KE 888 ticket. I'm I'm I'm not going to see noticing Christian yell solely but you know I had that yellow is out there that's good real miracles out there that's good. This is the players to run well but I'm I'm citing a of their on the roster that's a good being because I feel like I'm seeing a Major League player like if they're not on the roster room. Look there's somebody I know right right now that we are better that'll lead man. Yeah I mean he. Yet again he's not going to make me pay to see the Marlins but if I do they do see the Marlins there will be a little more reassuring to see him out. Right you wanna name that you know. You know that's this is bring back Ichiro just Reynolds and the voted hire permanent discuss thereby knows them. And and play him on her for the in the Ichiro be like yeah thanks but no thanks. I know I Neitzel. You know the hits will be glued to the playing time will be good but it was a game now would be associated with this stuff that I while Yahoo! too many people would be one associate if you're just a guy that's getting a chance they'll interview I want to be involved in this in this league show right now. Either you're the young young young guys don't know any better written as like hey mom in the major leagues right war. The old you're old and doesn't even belong in the rafters like Jamie Moyer right at a moderate I relate to get a couple innings they'll work. Discuss these days to get to a certain milestone today I need you I need to accomplish this that's pretty much all the people that are calling to urge you to write downs and hate. And it's us on your roster there will all get to that story and perks guys here's the thing for the ages that's our eyes or so that I yapping you did okay every that we'll find out what it is next they're awesome and I Tuesday. And she yanked gangs gangs and things anguish gang yeah grandparents on yeah. Back to take advantage every Friday night football brighter than I've gone. We Charlie all season long you're ready for the games a look at the dolphins and their opponent injury updates keys in the game in more Tommy Charlie there was them when draft picks funds raised the public adjusters in Mark Roman growth. And Lex is a North Miami football Friday on names of nine from 1043. Ticket 545 here on 790 Curtis and perk which you got about. An hour and a half to go on ninety minutes wilting yet until 630 today because that he basketball he'd hawks this evening. Drove Jurenovich who's part of the hawks broadcast team he's gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour also. In the 5 o'clock hour of openness are we got up those tickets go to the chili cook off it's about over a hundred dollar value we're gonna push those out also in about twenty minutes fifteen minutes. Love heats itself Monday night we at a football game to I was perk we're too. In and headlines and so on and so forth to a wrap a week fifteen. But to we got to a basketball game tonight perk in one of the legends will be honored and kind of interesting because kind of dueling banners out in Los Angeles this evening Tony four and eights will be going up in the in the rafters. And it kind of he's been retired for a few years but it's kind of the finishing touch on an amazing career that we all saw on Kobe Bryant is or not. Yeah no it definitely is ma'am because. Look. As far as players that we've seen in our lifetime Colby is one of the icons he's he's one of old guys and and so why you watch as why you watch because you know went on any given night this duke and do some an incredible thing when whether it's his idol night right as a NBA player right. Org or right there that day 81 or or whatever it is clutch shot soared. Whatever it is that this guy made memories and sold both his numbers get retired tonight to us that that's outstanding man. Why he whether it's whether it's whether you love on me hey don't know some of Colorado got two little doggy on them. Like that's what you do those of the guys like you watch sports it is that it looked at. This is his deal in Colorado I still say that it's one of the great comebacks in American sport from the standpoint. This died nobody won and anything to do with the import stretch and he was able to come back in and win some titles and end kind of get back in the good graces. And number of the you lists and clearly one of the all time greats that leads us right into here's hoping. I was having his numbers retire by the lakers tonight both number eight is number 24 clearly will deserve no question he deserves the honor. Here where my questions creepy and about Colby. Where does he bring among the all time greats. Look you start with this by titles that's more than Shea where a war LeBron we read numerous other greats Shea Wilt Chamberlain Jerry West etc. This you looked CoBiz Incredibles deals say hey here's a guy who can pretty much to do at all. I haven't reworked my all time top ten in a long time. But as I always say. I include these six players. Karine. Will. Bill Russell. Magic Jordan Byrd. They're they're both six are in it for me now the other sports spots. That's that's up are huge debate Colby Shaq. LeBron and team dumped in Erie west Elgin Baylor Oscar Robertson. There's a couple of others in are really in that Tim Duncan should be elevated I should have 88 permanent seven. But the bottom line is this however my top two unions. And again I still haven't rework it. I am thinking Kobe is going to be included. In Coby by his play. Deserves to be included in my top tier. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evan sure and now implying crest. Drove nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether your talk to new purchases customizations for payers training. Whatever it is check them out they'll get to hook up. Their online at drove nerds dot com they are self board is I. In the sky I have for for me he's one of those guys in IE and I'm familiar egg in and like I didn't see Karine. He's certainly in his prime yeah but Kobe is one of the the guys that I've seen every. Basket that he's ever made via a guy I remember the air balls when he was a rookie you know out you taught Watson that. You know in and Watson as a high school kidding on man you know you stand up to old you know the 1 o'clock in the morning watching the playoffs. So I got to watch his entire career. And I still let me know where he's where he ranks out of you this. She is he's the he's a forgotten man in a lot of ways because I mean but you'll are quick to say Jordan right magic and bird and Karine. By hand and rosling cinemas and we'll new area out what was the most popular writers is that we had his time right and it's like oh yeah Coby. Lets you wouldn't even with a younger generation is that it's still like would Colby yeah. Right than ever gonna kinda stops or goes OK let's put my head of the sky and act guy right. Soul like yeah I mean to me to me like LeBron should be cemented up there are running Tim Duncan has to be in there. OK to me to me I got yeah yeah yeah you know it's all subjective though there's no there's no wrong answer unless you're light you know but there's still no regular and there's no hitters and we got what I. They spread but but there's always a couple of like there's always OK everyone just a Jordan first right. Or like George's name always comes up yeah weathered you have for your segment short and magic Larry. And then like Kobe is kind of yeah you know Estonia legacies afterthought. It's not right away he says Kobe right yeah I. And you know but I think you're right I don't think he's regarded in the legend dear he. And the legendary status he's not afforded that as some of those other guys that magic yes no yeah I think you're right now I don't know. I don't know exactly wide humble little Michael yeah no that's that's definitely true and a lot of people complain are you really wasn't clutch he missed so many shots and on the stretcher. Whenever the duel was a ball goes over an absolute. To mean he stopped in and an organized on men and I and I put Tim Duncan and thereby. I mean. And I said there's a you know guys that I haven't seen Elgin Baylor probably be average what 27 and fourteen for his career there were some them. I mean there's a lot of guys that do you know the guys that you haven't seen all select you know uncle you know we've all seen Kobe got I never saw Bill Russell right way. He belongs in there you know the stories you know the but it yet Kobe is that the boy that top ten builds up really really quickly. Really really quickly want in a hurry yeah yeah exactly exactly there's a lot of people that don't like that did not like Kobe. So it was a Colorado stuff being AA ideological thought he was a ball hog a lot of people thought. That he was the reason that shocking that Shaq at him broken up. He was of the yeah biggest factor and that will go yeah yeah exactly federal and he says yeah I didn't sleep filled and help the situation. And then but I I remember here's what I remember people ask me that never saw Kobe Bryant. The best thing I would say is the guy was a eight cold beloved. Black America assassin. Did not mean and that's and I love them players yeah. So he wasn't afraid and the second thing our river to mores yet you more Shaq OK those are great teams. But after Shaq left rear retooled it and he won it and think you'd you be able to do that and that to be is more press of winning the two without Shaq the only missed three together. Yeah boy here here as a hero because they. Add text that I don't agree with Kobe over bird any day. More titles. I'm not gonna say any day I'd Larry Bird to come. But you talk about cold blooded assassin. That dude would bring you were three teen heart out. And I used to cheer for the lakers back in the eighties during the lakers Celtics days. And you. All waste your leery bird always all wave them. Cold really more skilled player like individual steel say but going against Larry Bird. I am not going to say any day Kobe is a better athlete and Larry Bird. And I'm not gonna shortchange Larry Bird like the home and any day. If you say Colby over Borough today. I got any day let's not get started right okay and are able polygamy and tell me he didn't and I'm not I'm just speaking I haven't been looking at you up and was gonna have their guy is correct me cradle the goal is a you know it's like it does no there's no way. Ever gonna have their have their favorites there but the but the fact that brings a more titles that's that's a sedan looks of titles. Yeah so it's okay they have doubled and don't need any. Anyway yeah I love that it's. It's double there'll so it. I've quake did you hear so good to pay a busy 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. I mean he visits Atlanta tonight at 730 that he fifteen and fourteen winners of the last two and four of their last five. Atlanta the worst team in the league record by six and 23. He could beat down in numbers for James Johnson didn't travel due to an ankle injury you know let's on Whiteside is out. Just as Winslow dealt with a knee injury boron drug is questionable with an elbow injury Dion Waiters questionable due to an illness. That alone comic idea to start with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 F we have 1043 HD sue the ticket. Kobe Bryant having his jerseys retired tonight in a ceremony at halftime. Of the lakers Golden State game both number eight. In number one where will be retired. Coach Phil Jackson reportedly unable to travel from his home in Montana to attend the ceremony. More issues that ESP NS president John skipper has resigned to address the substance abuse problem. ESPN has been rock recently by lay offs and allegations of harassment. Green I'm sorry Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis has been suspended two games for his blind side hit. On Green Bay wide receiver Dovonte Adams Monday Night Football tonight Atlanta at Tampa Bay Bos. Are your headlines to a series you started here now know it's yes raging now earns the top shooting guards and guys got mono ahead of Kobe like stop all right. Well we don't know her I know. She is. Yeah yeah we're not and we're not going to a bar right. Yeah like bright. And he's no yeah he's no Kobe Bryant went from Bert now that's a guy woods and Mobley is better than Kobe stop this to say yes. I like this Tex or okay it's short and everybody else that's where I come down on on things. It Jordan there was also LeBron is closing in fast on everybody else. Yeah well I think that's how I could write a and that's all saying from until now to the end time Jordan. And I don't know. Don't know sent abroad as is quickly closing you know everybody else that's lacked as accurate a candle that part about that that's the right answer per dammit the right answer. The on this this person's throwing us. As president of the long with the did only because the following text is Hitler reverted glorify Kyle Korver. Colby is a top ten player note to the magnolia good try to give us a bunch of my leg good players and eastern general William there. All Biden's been around these utilities are different my family numbers alone and don't write yeah you know it's going to throw in you know yeah sparrow in their ideologies that are overdue yourself there. Our right to just those things you recognize maybe. Those blood the Marlins are gonna have some names as you're probably not gonna recognize when they roll things out. Aren't you were here is the latest. OK JT real me Ito who if you don't know he's pretty good and he's one of their better players. These other drove through warriors who was actually one of the few fines at the pad right upstairs in their draft and so. GD once he according to sources he was a traitor which amounts brushed. Okay then that story happened a few hours ago. Now we have destroyed just popped up a court courtesy of Jerry president of ESPN. That article. And big headline. Chris ideology unhappy with Marlins moves wants to talk and according to crowds they're gonna sources delta is unhappy over the Miami Marlins player accidents this offseason to think. Sources told ESPN so we got a couple of guys were still around. But guys are good players couple guys who are of pretty friendly conference you would think you wanna build around if your actually gonna build this thing at some point yes. And they don't wanna be here what do you do. That that's a good question you try to talk them into staying okay that's that's what you do appear the Miami Marlins would not do that. All you could come on pat you you do the same thing you're doing with the aliens right. Give us a chance believe in us we know we're doing like what else can you do. These guys have been around they've been in the majors they know what's going on you got to try and BS some you have to drive in snow. OK it's all right what do you tell the fans hang in there like stand that yeah okay. The ability to watch from a far right as nobody in woody when you're too when you should be a little bit more about that you have to be completely up front what Hitler. You should be healed they should have a little bit more insight. On what is going to be taking place holder the next couple years you know part of it just part of me feels like dig those guys can go either. Where it's like you're under contract you're in a major leagues did just suck it up duke suck it up. But the other part of it is did you have any sort of leverage we'll see these guys have any sort of leverage. Yeah and they wanted to do if they wanna be traded. I don't blame them throwing to retreat I'm just wondering if if the Marlins are going to say you know what we don't want an unhappy guys in the locker room and ended. Mean what is Christian zealots really gonna do for our club. And some may have if if if on the Miami Marlins. I'm a little bit. Happy and intrigue because of your serious about rebuilding. Oh now you've got some value right now now you've got a couple of guys that you can get some wallet be minor league young prospects in exchange for. Like that wasn't gonna have to withstand native really didn't happen would be Gordon. These guys who were who were under control you you do have a chance to get something. You know it. You're not gonna get Aaron judge or Bryce Harper tight you know quality but. You're you're you can get something. And so bet if I'm the Marlins I'm a little bit. Intrigued by this com book like you say like. These guys are gonna be unhappy and and I just really an and it's almost at the point where. Of their most impeding progress right if you if you really wanna rebuild it's I mean this isn't exactly like having Dewayne wade on this year's Miami Heat. It's not exact read that but. If you're trying to split this team and and turn it over into something. That guys and you can get some improved her. Per yell at him real well so our country I mean from the Marlins. Keeping her steel toilet your your lose a hunter and an end in seven games as -- 112 games Chris knows Greg what's the difference is burn the whole thing down you know you're in these guys you could actually get value for and if they're going to be deterred in the locker room because there are unhappy here. They go but yeah and I. Which I don't problem with those guys should be unhappy right I mean look. They got no future here I mean well not no future because you're you're playing for yourself but you're not building toward anything positive that's. That's going to include you mean that. Let's face it Amir you're probably gonna get dealt anyway. Want to say part of me was that to be a professional lets don't sign a contract a couple of years a little to that contract. Now he doesn't say he's just as unhappy which again right now let me tell who's. Not under contract for the most part not under he would sign a country raised. Under the gun control what he's old he's the man who traded apartment acoustic to relate to even demand a trade like dude just so open do your job and everything will take care of itself but this situation is so foregone. That. This isn't like this is under normal circumstances correct. This is this situation is so bizarre and so rare. That yeah I think of you a marlin Jeter's going you know but then again the entire army basic baseball knows these guys one out yet where's their leverage there when the call and say oh we wanna trade JT portrayed Christian knowledge. Yeah I know they they don't have much when I'll tell you this can happen I'll tell you why I never have the feeling of just suck it up and eat it. It's because they went about this respect believe their representatives will do tomorrow they don't go on social media or any that they're not being jerks are not being. Jackass is about ms. right they're not out there are saying this team sucks get me up they went though the correct back channel way you let the team know. You don't wanna be apart of this mature not tall you're not a jackass about like when you demanded trade is pretty good say display sucks when out here that this that you throw the child and I can't I can't tell him sit there and take it like that one pilots get to fifty minutes the next here on 792 target. Bad bad. Fifteen minutes and customize my Champions Tour by force of Florida's number one Jeep truck and as she because position shop. You're guaranteed to have the hottest for a platform lot of games in town called champion four by fours and at 6502 of 3446. And champion for much Ford dot com. Curtis and perk back with a here funny Monday afternoon and that as a trend into Monday evening we got a basketball game tonight your Miami Heat taking on the oil. The hawks Jerome Jurenovich part of the hawks broadcasting music join us in the 6 o'clock hour. Right before we turn it over to our pregame coverage it's his coming up a little more than an hour here so we got a lot to do with a short amount of time. But he hawks tonight before you that hurt let's go back to Saturday night's clippers were in town. They beat Charlotte on Friday night would you really a nice nice good road win I thought they've played extremely well overcome Kemba Walker and his pick and roll magistrate and yet they were chosen Legos which has resulted win. Bid could leave that game and then and then the back to back them faired too well off the back to Maxine. This year but come back home clippers are a mess right now the losing Johnson early but then Josh Richardson. Greg Tony points named Tyler Johnson was all for nine heavily really gain. But twenty points for just ridge and really save their day here. Just one of those you gotta because the clippers are so bad deal you cannot lose to them and home so in the it was a sweeping the clippers this year. And I look. This team. That again we say this all the time kept the margin of Ayers so small community so you've got to take advantage of gains against opponents such as the clippers. And and and and against opponents such as Atlanta tonight that. These are teams that are eight. There less talented than you there at their worst teams the new and so you must east on the east teams so. That they did what they should've done right. This is the Eastern Conference yes they do about whether it's your question the Eastern Conference. It is almost exactly. Like I thought it was going to be. Meaning you'd have the three teams at the top. You know Boston Cleveland Toronto new intro Miley is literally about torture. And men. This you look at your ninth in the Eastern Conference yet. They're just now the other just out but it minimal 500 but they all horror. They are what's in there are deemed and a half out of being the fourth spot yeah that's that's what's incredibly and a half. It is so you got Detroit Indiana New York Milwaukee Washington. Phillies on the heat's tale. And I think this in this is what this season why so this way I expected. With two key every see every game is going to mean so much Eden and every game at least I was going to matter so there is between winning 45 games and winning 42 games could be that is between the seventh seed and and that fidgety or the foursome. And I think it's going to be and I think it's great I think it's fun and I love there was not a bunch appear but just puts more pressure on everybody else. Dean and op I don't know who's gonna have a lot of staying power is a Detroit is Indiana is it's gonna be the next. Are allowed you'll thought Milwaukee washing injury playing better so. I think this is this is going to be how it's gonna be until last week Ulysses upper I think in the Eastern Conference. And and I'm like you say I like it because it may have makes it it it keeps your interest that that's the whole thing is that. Yeah it's it's getaway it's low caliber basketball but as competitive. And that were. Islamic Brothers all these teams are are just good to fair teams but I think what I think only seems just like he perk. What makes you look great next they don't look they look terrible. Yeah I want all these and we we we watch all these seems every night it's the same deal big Detroit broadridge story. The news what seven or row the next one they don't look great what mood bad Milwaukee very consistent Washington. I Phillies a young team shutting out says the three top. I think he'll all of these teams on any given night could be than everybody else but any given night there does they could show a phenomenon not play good ball. Yeah see I mean I don't consider that. High caliber but it's competitive OK on and it's not is not like he sought I'm not saying that at all it's just a you know their. They're all gonna finish what may be three games over 500 whose like may be 500. That's that's what we don't have him so he's cornered him at the playoffs like that you on the yeah yeah and that's what you look at that in the east led the look aside from Boston and in Cleveland and and maybe Toronto. You're looking at some teams that had they they probably aren't a threat to get to the conference finals and having sale of that though. There's probably a player or two and each of those scenes that you wanna see every night. And they and it's competitive bowl its competitor ball is it's not like we have to watch Atlanta every night no disrespect women which you say when you rip somebody. Expect in Atlanta is in the horse he militarism and their six in Austria will get this more with drone code appear in the 6 o'clock hour but. Oddly put but about alana to these other problems yeah yeah well you're gonna have a person no shortage possibly tonight I mean yes. And and so that that. In itself book goes. We we know it let's just say they have eight players available could somebody gets a sprained ankle or somebody get some Al trouble well now you've got a big crisis on your hands so. Will see what happens then and again from you know James Johnson is is not going to be with teen tonight. Just as Winslow dealt with a knee Dragic and waiters are both questionable. As a lot of talent right there as a buddy to say that by no no assigned no James Johnston justice Dell pull. And then if if if gore on and Dioner dared day you'd you would assume they are gonna be a 100% may be their eighty maybe there's seventy but. You know the soreness playing it live watch out that's what it beat me cause turnovers. Yeah all that stuff hit that you're threes like. Take advantage of up everything that you have in front of you because say even though this is Atlanta good day's heat is compromised health wise and sign the. I'm not a memorial this one up just yet I mean there's an. But what it means is Jordan Mickey's got to play more like he has Alaska Morgan's that is played pretty well Emma about gonna continue to get some run you know Richie has. And let some from from Tyler you know. Did so get some offense going when you don't need he's got to the office you and your assignment is WW tonight. You're gonna need run threat and that's where you fall into the trap of oh just urges it was great at 28 but tonight can go one for seven yet it has I mean he's going to be the. Yen and here's the other thing about that cap is as if a lot of these players are now there are justice and moron in Dion and James Johnson. Mike Boone holds the Atlanta coach. They're gonna have been a deep as of game plan to stop Josh Richardson right it's all yes that's the other thing is that you know you're you're going to have to play I guess I'm talking about Josh you're. You might have to play different style of game here to word you know you're the focal point of the offense and so now. You're you're responsible not only for making shots but getting other guys and ball and then that's. You know that's that's that's a dug a big role change for for him soul will sleep man will should be it'll keep. My interest tonight the number is. Could be without five rotation players. Could be yes. Could be at a slower guys that slot that's. And I can't be heavy personnel compromised site at celebs let a lot of dudes and the care of your play in the worst enemy anyway I agree I agree you don't want to sell my you have beyond your game tonight he you have be on your game don't you of the turnovers and I hit two threes and all that all that kind of stuff that spoke reaches. That does do it. The small margin for air if you miss him that much personnel this to be an ugly one. I don't that's all right you look at I wouldn't Muncie and a and then a little school. Eight G-8 to come out behind that act hello is physical I don't wanted to see bad. 88830. You're my old ladies and thought I wanna see old school big men taken over you know Jordan Mickey a bail him out of by oh win. You know you do you do whatever you have to do and my CNN. Find a way they're you don't find your way if your bureau the is you get the two or 500 your beat. On sixteen and fourteen and opened it and you look at the scheduling did that you did. Some guys healthy back to look at it you got yeah you go to Boston on Wednesday when he got Neitzel homestand would Dallas New Orleans Orlando or Brooklyn around the holidays. So while some winnable games they're would you think Pettigrew going under the radar all over the weekend. Erik Spoelstra. Past Pat Riley yes is the heat's all time winningest coach now we only had a few coaches around here we we've had a mockery and obviously. The original gangster in Ron Rothstein you know and then Riley and then stand man won a few games here we've had a couple in or guys you know. I Alvin Gentry has been there a little bit yup but this is a franchise that hasn't had a lot of coaches. Then a lot of leaders. And I'm still the Spoelstra is not perfect by any stretch a little. But I'm still amazed that people think that he's not a good coach who now and that live in this town. I just can't do I just have this debate with a media members last week and Ando clauses. I I'm not gonna say both of apple but this person was saying this bowl is overrated button and what is the ever done without Dwyane Wade and it's like. What is he had when he haven't had to wing enemy. And and he did wind you know he did get it team to the playoffs militant miserable 900 and right now you author's own work. Yet it's hit it it was not a respectable media member but not a respectable opinion there's so. Had outlook links most overrated a explode does an outstanding job and the back tees. Above pet in the franchised. It seems kind of Al replace right because of what Pat Riley has meant as a coach or executive and and at what he's meant to the NBA but. You know you just put the numbers on it and you you remember well pat spent so much time in LA and he spent time with the next. Then it's like Arne Lundqvist and now. Let what I saw that I eagle and that does include the playoffs but the media that'd be closed. But like when I saw that number I you'll really schools have already they're like wow yeah. And. Look at it it's just that. So Ol has. Had Lou the he's at the years right I mean even pets. You know pat was here a man he retires and and you know stand comes in and and and the impact comes back. And as many hands at our disposal it's not like pat was coaching continuously up until the idea I thought I clothes then wasn't there for long. You know that it wasn't here council so a lot of wins away from bad. But none at all but I just like sports and about atlas is bush is awesome did that really irks me to that he does. So she was some of the rotations but the site either ignorant get a Pat Riley. Let's tunnels under Bo how about this like Pat Riley chose you'd run his business pacer yeah okay. But obviously review adult still appreciate what he's delegate a damn good coach. Like I don't know where you put him up there the age you know in the MBA. Prison like he's got to work for about all I don't know about three seconds great great yen and I looked and it and it's already beat the other. Being the immense credit is the other thing about criticizing its bow is that especially. In the NBA. You you behind me beat top whatever coached up five top ten who wasn't loaded with holding players like that. Of course you know jeez you can't penalize both. Winning with Dwyane or LeBron and Chris Bosh that's pretty much how are the best NBA coaches get to today plays right here you gotta roster full of hope. Don't tell errors had Shaq and Kobe got there and get it done. All right Doug Collins at Michael Jordan bill demagoguery and Michael Jordan could get it done you know there are all Joseph Jackson never whaling okay. Both guys got their shot with those guys know how does that mean you don't mean you know he's not above criticism of say the guy's now a great coach like but you've got lucky to have that guy. I mean. I do you have been blessed we look what's going on the other friends I write this down right. Let their slump and compared to what Gavin Spoelstra in charge this expo in the new coat where there are at least five other coaches I take over him I. About it. Yeah I had. Who five current those like yeah he pops yeah OK so he's a top president and you at all yeah I mean yeah current problem but yeah he's. Okay take your five that's why these cities Emerson terrible yeah. Just the amount of like abusive guy take bright guy he righted and I'm not saying that it's always a hall of Famer but he's a good coax the demagogue yet about what it would be great oh good you're. Good coach yeah. The dude you're lucky college team in the junior team trainer he true that's Odyssey cinema that we had that mouse and are thought it was a I thought it was no where they are welcome back we get to our fins player of the week. Wolf I just outlaw another coach enemies talking about a lost to the Buffalo Bills and we got to chili cook off to give way to get to give way to we're gonna do that in the 5 o'clock hour. The 6 o'clock hour drone drone of a two aborted. Discussion for able talk about tonight's opponent without Jerome Yi is on the broadcast team for the oil hawks that is tonight's opponent of course you hear the game right here on some united take. How is longer fantasy football updates injuries who's hot who's not studs and odds and more. Present about and is arm Levine action attorneys have you been in an accident. Colon and hundreds of enforceable entry that's one hundredths of a foursome threesome went through three spots well directed my use of public adjusters. Curtis and her back with you. Here tonight until 630 and then we got them on you basketball's as long Tommy tiger blogger premium coverage we're gonna well I'll go with Jerome Jurenovich from my. Fox Atlanta of the hawks broadcast team they're fox sports southeast and now all checked you about this basketball club that is. Boy they've. The quickly became the worst team in the NBA record wise they've hit some hard times and they were a sixty win team a couple of years ago room we were called that grouping all desert on in the. Have mean that he got one of the guys from that. From that era Joseph Johnson when he would be he was here briefly over the ball even after that when they have right. Jeff and Korver cork and those that mills operate the forests are correct there was sixty games. Hands of that window closer quickly so all we'll check in with right now and they just hit better you know that's in they never had any closers right it was it was kind of closer by committee in that never were they didn't. They didn't have big guy you know they had a bunch of guys but they didn't have. Yeah yeah endurance one time deal together in total rebuild here. Sold argument loses wrestler club mass kimbo what what the heck happened up there and all those things well and also allowed to order what that gap when the dolphins yesterday. And I can store gets distortions split the games sponsored by a kogan creek auto mall from the novel the price shoe one real to the main man Adam days critics believe she owned. And play good and good do it really well today. I can't say it was. We're doing things wrong pictures and. Arts I was coach there. I go to war I go one and only one guy. Now little put don't want Joba will take color sunk and we throw three picks you attain than your lose a game every time. That bull kind of raise some eyebrows in in the press room that we didn't do anything wrong. It was like a little quarterback. An idea he'd like. He was all beat his throws were horizontally. There and I mean several that's. That's doing wrongs that's not something wrong correct. Like it just throws were all he was. That's day. But he's never gonna criticize court never gonna criticizes his quarterback and I don't Taiwan I kind of understand where he was coming from a man from the standpoint of it was like they had a 150 yards in penalties door you know a whole bunch of free snapper got snapped yes I I kind of did it by. Writer. You're leaving out a quarterback who played at his worst game of the season. And by far yeah we have already extended. Yes you comedies do stuff you guys had one guy I guess maybe one ideas are wrong you're saying the other 21 didn't but. You know that's the most important guy right now and you have snow to shovel and there yes yeah you know you're right did you just. Yeah just just just say we'd play will we will look. But whatever gets you two more games of color and daisies and numerous dogs live forever and he's done. Yeah right yeah yeah great right now wonder people that boxer boxer won some Laura. Yeah meal nobody relic it's doing all too often games from now on over. Who think Garrett take another he still be he'll still be around out there when I was wrong about recover. A body play better. I really the idea why I thought it was gonna put up. Numbers similar to what Tim O'Neal did last year there have been the nineteen and 1219 touchdowns and twelve interceptions and you sit and an eighteen to fourteen right 1814 of Levy is right now Tom is. Yeah husband orbit in other makes it more game winning pleased. To let more big plays more eggs rose. Certainly throw the ball down field which is more offensive thing in general not on him. His age his you know his six point one yards per attempt is believe the lowest of his career not dead yet as is that I really don't know it's a Ding condone god as light and if so is that the number yeah Jarvis Landry is thrilled but my yeah. But he's lasted a at least this Eden manes these these new drilling a little bit easy is that Kenny stills that really good year but at the finest of starts right now. That's his fault he's on he's shrug he's starving themselves. I mean that date and by the way the numbers yesterday it was a typical. Empty Dovonte was six for 89 and another company a more meaningful come on another area right. The via that who voted that we gotta get these and so we took off until its way let's do both fortieth that was in terms Landry. Plagued they're just miserable Somalia tomorrow and I got to yes now that's you know an armada had a column over the weekend. In I wanna get your thoughts on that yeah it operators of on today just like Georgia resident like no matter what like Jarvis Landry. Bet on himself to some degree and he's going to win yeah yeah I'm good for him. I mean to do in 98 receptions he'll he'll go over a hundred again this year say what you want about Ambien. Number one wide receiver and write one money and he's not Julio Jones okay. Crazy and paid folks right 800 you know where your career best eight touchdowns captain since Saturday at seven of his eight. So all those things are great career ahead of those things come into play but they can't afford. To get rid of him they can't afford to call his bluff either. And they could franchise among all the other but what they can't afford because they have nobody else right. That's the other big kicker there not a union Needham. Unita and that's that's the whole thing that de Jarvis knows that everybody knows it now read that you'd you know you've got Tinny stills. And Jarvis. Like the tide in position whatever the Monterey whatever. Running back the it. Tinny and darkness and not listen they want to keep what's I think they do. They need to keep a grip. Yeah you you do you need to keep them coming your. It seemed grant and and and Leon take Peru and whoever else you could choir they're not gonna do is paying job right. They're not close there are close. And corporate well there are rumors. I'm named Brad trade up pretty in this guy and a time. What are six and eight. One reason yes. And Tanzania I'll put your quarterback it's my accident right right that you're over the budget well exhibit Howard's play great ideas. He's great he's played really well the tech. Yeah yeah a couple other picks where it's like. How limits on the yeah yeah he struggled. How he's struggling you know was a bit. Trousers. You know. Charles there's actually had a good game yesterday what he has struggled this year residents -- overall yet he's going this year you'll no doubt guilty personnel let me know how to act on that. I think Agassi is exhibit Howard is now to keep for the next 45 years. I yeah I like X oh surprise. He was one of the guys at the beginning of the year that I thought was going to make any major move. The end and he was speech he did an easy pick it up clearly the the previous two games before buffalo Denver New England I get a sack yesterday in Zabian. Are you mentioned to move some some current marlins' players and there's not many left that we're familiar with they wanna they wanna be moved. And we're gonna have that story coming up here at the top of the hour assorted to a headlines from drew an image. Fox bra my talks broadcast team up there for fox he's gonna join us here in the six Crocker are before. Our pregame coverage return over is as long Tommy tiger before it's all that as promised. Caller number seven right now to the ticket counters line 786534079. You're gonna win a pair of delegates to the 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford. It's January 20 it's right around the corner and yet the thing it's right it's coming up here a few weeks at CDC live bargain Pembroke Pines. Our sister station just 99 point nine is brew. Brewed up a day of great food drinks and a star studded lineup of country music artist ray did take the main stage including. Darius Rucker Old Dominion big and rich. Maureen Morris Midland and Brandon lay tickets or until now to take in Miami dot com and also it also Donald supermarkets a caller number seven right now. That's over a hundred. Chili cook off guard by Ford car number seven right now 7865340790. Quick break we're back after this you're on 790 the ticket. Step you game the I listen Cooper are trying post game shows as well. A complete wrapup of the game Lexus and superpower finds always an amazing deals while the budget in four by fours self ordered them would you trucking issue because position shop. British Debian four by four dot com Jerome Jurenovich is gonna join us here at about fifteen minutes or so. Check in these part of the broadcast team up there with the Atlanta Hawks hold CNN headline sports Strom Jurenovich. When asked about that man won my first weighs in a sports. Has. He has really had been around forever yeah that was back in the nick Charles days right there Charles. Who is his partner the name to operate Hickman credit Chris Osgood certainly got a job by Uga yeah I know those only a few ways it's sports like wreck like likes scores in my reels before you Internet and look CNN had like nick Charles and and fridge hit a worried true competition for ESP in back in the day. Amid an oracle C and in just decided when I don't do this ports being. I'm a uniter and not that they were going to be the next ESPN weather that has there's withers aren't broadcast will move. It will can they they had that yes but even after that. This was in the nine he's knows they had CNN SI which it tries to any candidate in minutes in and then right they did and ironically. Can you spin it their president John skipper he jumped. I guess resigned today possesses or is this is not so how's her daughter's treatment you're ever day and get talk about hitting it very emotional and you know seem to stay handsomely you know and somebody you work with the respect to some and yeah a lot of people like. Though John skipper again on our I don't know I mean I don't mean but I mean you know says that's fine so you know kind of wish in the vessels but just getting back to the point of yeah like one day we have to do that with sit around because they're lyric. That's nothing burger as you get older you're damn kids you know all you degenerates around her. You can you know you look on your phone to find out a score anytime you want right. You said the sitter I don't know man the scrawl Obama and watch all this other stuff and you're assigned to score ended the that they he's doing where. Never it never reloaded yeah so light you would too. We had to go whole cycle right however long that was that. Look I'll tell you how how old I am I remember watching. Both the CNN I know this item that's always been our cars per right watching the CNN and a I would be over a mob boys house that we be watching games and stuff like that. Drinking Mikell low beer can. Make a little bit you know you listen you know. Mick a little. Thing about. It ever got into sad disease that's out of the the next Brasilia. Is the I don't know who wanted to melanoma on gonna. One road that were argument we've been down before as the Marlins trading away the better players. And it now I can't I think these these are the last mohicans not yet is the last two guys that are worth a crap and that actually. People would recognize their names in now they want out now they surprised. They won out and that leads us right in the here's the pain. I'm glad. The Marlins outfielder Christian yell out and captured JT real Miro have reportedly become disenfranchised. With the organization. And have stated they wouldn't mind going elsewhere. Now their messages scenes were relayed to the Marlins drew National League through their representatives. And and not in some are noxious way not through social media so. I I liked what they did it. I support him one into play elsewhere. Or wanting to play for eighteen that serious about contending. It always bill. I wanna get the hell out of here too doesn't look like the Marlins are going anywhere any time soon know both players are under contract they've got no leverage. But I can definitely understand them not going to be here. The ruler read the old or an organization that seemed more concerned. With saving money. And adding people. And look I know bowl yellowish and real mutes or will pay. But I still feel bad form because you know a lot of people go right to what Albert got a lot of money they should just shut. Here's the bottom line nobody wants to feel like they're wasting their time with their profession. And to a large extent that's what you're gonna be doing if you're a veteran player playing for these Miami Marlins. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now implying breast drone nerds as your authorized DJI deal they've got all your drone needs covered. When you're talking new purchases repairs customizations training. Whatever it is these deep pool hook you up look him up online droll nerds dot com South Florida's IE. In the sky 67974. 6797 for the groceries on Mohammed text line. Com I don't think you're gonna get Los simply for the moral saw editorial to worry about that perk. Well you know what people look for people say while real Miro and ending the alleged or get a lot of heard a million shot Robin play though I may I would tell them either in this OK you're under contract they went about this the correct way and while I don't know I guess they did little late to ask for like a demand to be traded. Yeah that you did they doubted that the mayor doesn't have to be met I mean the marlin hotel and sit down and shut up but I. I'm not going to be mad at those two guys for doing a you know what else land. I'm not a celebrity sort of what what is a support thing right now there's just more vacation just in Bora vacation. But Jennifer Ellis put on edge of the could get a feel left out his piece of that group to I get a man. But yeah like there's no sympathy for the Marlins at this point like I don't blame those guys for one in the running to goal right exactly I feel what them I'm like yeah this is a this is. This is beyond these bad situation right you're you're you're still doing what you love and living your dream. And yet nobody has any right to the perfect ideal. Situation. But man this is it like you say this is a bad that this is different let us say a bad situation might. You know they're not trying to win this year and I know other players and other sports have gone through that but. This is just bang because it doesn't he like there's any end in sight correct it and doesn't part of that is Jeter's faults. They I think they are that there's a town meeting tomorrow the plan has never been laid out to yes grad that's RM that is on them before we continue let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. These speeds W. He XY KM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Miami Heat visits a live tonight at 730 heat fifteen and fourteen. They won back to back games four of their last five. Atlanta worst record in the NBA at six and 23. He might be down in numbers significantly forward James Johnson didn't travel due to an ankle injury. Just as Winslow doubtful with a knee injury boron drug is questionable with an elbow injury. Dion Waiters questionable due to an illness. That's low and Tommy di gets you started with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790. I feel 1043 HD two. The ticket. Kobe Bryant is having his jerseys retired tonight and I halftime ceremony during the lakers Golden State game the Jersey numbers eight. In 24 will be hung in the raptors coach Phil Jackson reportedly unable to travel from his home in Montana to attend the ceremony. More issues that ESPN's resident John skipper has resigned to address the substance abuse problem. ESPN of course has been rock recently by lay offs and allegations of harassment. Monday Night Football Atlanta at Tampa Bay. Those are your headlines. I don't know that awful Jackson puzzle that's seeding I you know what and I haven't I haven't seen a whole lot Nassau Ramon a stillborn tweet about it went and did that he's been in touch with Colby but. McNamee Montana eagle I mean I don't even drive but it it's a short right you're out west like you're already out west. Well little money LA I mean. All that money you stole from the next. Yeah all right give the limo pick you up in front of the log cabin right. Charter out of Billings hi all right you'll be in LA and a couple hours and then the story Phil Phil and there there there yet he should there there might be a good reason I haven't read anything since early this afternoon right correct you know but that. Yeah but that's all right if we are currently our arms after six holes to get a deputy and a half back is back imperatives I was deathbed Phil Jackson should be there for Kobe Bryant via the dollar rip him in his book probably immediately but to what. As you know you need to be there. I would imagine Shaq will be there I imagine too yes Jack was even talk a lot about it on the into the into hospital yes yes and I thought tonight paid by the by the way is set scheck did say him and Coby. Pick a better do low. I thought it was full of crap at first he might be right. They're they're a mean Jordan and Pippen come to mind. But you know Bill Russell that those were team those were like four pock let alone yen and and like you know Vasquez numb. And ones they mum and one Jefferson one of our producers before the show and he was saying. That it's it's a kind of went to trio was after the Colby and pelvis also. All right a Gordon Roddick is out tonight's idol is not. And Dion will play an tonight's game against Atlanta Hofstra dreaded rich who is a part of the Fox Broadcast team. For the hawks is just up by next here on 79 minutes ago REIT basketball coming up at the bottom of the hour it was cool. Previewed to the preview of we have to Atlanta site of tonight's action Philips Arena. The Atlanta Hawks hosting your Miami even joining us right now on the run fuels and bouncers who is or was assigned they're truly steps beyond convenient. Has refined Jerome Jurenovich she is of course talks loud post on on fox boards of an Atlanta and Jerome it straight talk and Iago ever coming here name I think headline sports headline sports has. Dead at. That's good that's good all closures are respected cubicle like and I'll never get out of CNN and now what would it not for everybody remembered and sorry I'm flattered that. No I really it's amazing because I debt time Emmy for Arnold where you were one of the only true national sport salads where people could go. Dear thing about those days it just kinda how far sports coverage has come since then. Owners of basic you know back then nobody had cellphones that have to crawl at the bottom of the screen as a matter fact. CNN headline news was the first station that had to crawl and edit exclusive for two years. That was complete nightmare could we put every score malleable can you imagine on Saturday afternoon's Georgia went all the little conference as you do the big and like once every twelve hours it was ridiculous anyway. It was pretty neat because a lot of the athletes. Would sit there and no warning about our basis broadest reasons could Gillick he can score. At six and then again an elaborate when users ports that are seen as sports but I came on so. Lot of people puny and especially the young giving gamblers every thirty minutes. It remains are there are about sex addict Arab Al Anbar the upstate Rome I had the Atlanta Hawks one what is going on here exactly is this look is this a full rebuild from back in the day when when you guys have before all stars and and decided to kind of go away from bad is this 88 full rebuild still or is this condom then you're just a team trying to build up. Now that is you're exactly right is it complete total rebuild we brought in travel issue like this general manager. He was the assistant GM with the warriors. And he just that you start from scratch matter Beck the only one that we kept really. Was of note was Bennett Schroeder. Be one of the reasons why it's a fantastic young player another reason you know you only sport you're so we still under control financially. Everybody else is young and they have basically told us look. The work we're gonna take our knocks were gonna take our march for two years and we're gonna hopefully we have a trap. Hopefully we're gonna build a decent squad here so at the end of two years. Then you'll be able be. May be appealing to a decent freeagent war he really high profile free agent. To take this to a level where you doubted me MBA you can be stuck in the oxman where eight straight years. They did they get in the first round every blue moon get into the sector around and then they're out. And your drafting low and you never get the quality of player that can take you to the next level and they were just got a split in their wield their. And decided that just gut the team and and and go to sport and it's. I won't lie you know this is our Levitt you're doing this with the pre game. And this is a rough seas but you know that going yet and we got a couple young players that built around. But it lets face it there's a reason why we have the worst record in the league right now we got a lot of guys that probably would not beyond NBA teams. If it was an. It can structured the way it was further future white. Yeah hawks are six and 23 that's tonight's opponent for the Miami Heat worst record in the MBA Israel mentioned I just wanna discuss follow up on what you said about them about the eight years or. You got the number 1 Eastern Conference yet tee again and Millsap men and cor re at four all stars. Was that just kind of false hole I hope or why how did that kind of come to an end Marisa do you want this deal is good but we still need to go another direction. Well we got new ownership and when they came in and they look that it. And they just didn't think they were good and how did it by we. And I didn't think they were big enough to get five boss and they love dealt Horford but they just were enamored. They have previous so upper management general manager president they were enamored with Dwight Howard. And they thought well. We can beat the jazz have we got the white our cute he could clog up the lighting people brought out. And so what do they do Al Horford ends up going to Boston and now about Dwight Howard was wanting because there's this much as I like him personally. He's almost the dinosaur in the league now they just don't have those low post setters and empted quite the mares. You really doesn't have a shot port keep your in the NBA in all he is just dunks and what facts. And you know if you wanna be true local low post player that has successively even Jack edit turn around jumper. It showed that he could still do it and boy they just I thought it got to they dismissed jocular done totally miscalculated. And they they didn't like you know coach but system was. Everybody shoots a three including our center and L work Burt. The complaint was audio there Reebok well rebound because he's out of the three point life kind of hard to re gonna get a Reebok about there and so they figured let's go traditional with Millsap and powered down low and it just didn't work quite honestly just didn't work. Drove when you talk about rebuilding. How does this team want to rebuild but to let you could you could do the draft being with chuck I guess he kind of did an engine on Dwyane Wade but brilliance of a free agency trade lead right you get checked in here you you get blow LeBron and Chris Bosh and here. How do you think the but the hawks should build how good day what do they say about how they want to build ideally. Well what they had set off the record in I'm in agreement. And I I don't understand fellas horrible life of me why Atlanta is not an attractive market or top tier NBA create. Many a blip here in the offseason there worry tons of pro athletes. In the NFL and in NBA live big I another call. But for some reason they don't wanna come here play. Now. Whether it's the culture of not winning a championship. Or eight lackadaisical fan base because it's such melting pot people from all over especially up north who hold on nuclear. Original seats. That are I don't I can't speak to white guys don't wanna come here. But they're theory is. Look we had good teams and nobody really wanted to come here. So what we're gonna do is try to build a foundation. That pretty much the way the sixers didn't get to the point where. He we'd look like we have a lot of promise we just need. A Tyree you're being. Or Dwyane Wade in his heyday or somebody like that that can take us into that final four take this to a conference final possibly their vehicle. And they know they are not to get that you have trap it's hit or miss I mean those those quality players like that those want to collect our players only come out of retreat for years. But. They're not gonna come here if you have a team they kick it out first round well out. You know it's basic I mean nobody wants to go play and he JD didn't go to you know up amid all the road team. You know I mean even urging China pushing his way up to Boston that was a good team nobody wants to go play Cora mediocre team and his wallow in mediocrity so. They think if they can get young guys and by the time those guys developed in two or three years LeBron Obi talk. And the Celtics will be AG. And look Trace the pacers on anything what they used to be and at that point if you can just get one quality young. Met young now but it three years god created. Then you'll be the premier team in the east so they're looking 34 years down the road and they just what do bill through the draft for two years. And he worked goes from there and you guys know they cannot build championship TP draft just can't yet be just can't. But if you can build a foundation then you can be appealing to somebody that'll come here and take a chance. I drove and so you say about the melting pot populace of Atlanta kind of struck me because. The Europeans are are sometimes accused of being bad fans Miami plans the same being Houston fans the same being. Big cities in the south that are melting pots but I don't know that Phoenix and Dallas have that same problem I used to live in Dallas but how big a factor do you think that melting pot is more Atlanta and and does. Would Miami and Houston also go in that category deepening. Well I think it's big local Tracy everybody loves a winner that you're that you know we had the sixty wins and top seed in the east the place is packed. It was packed. But the years when we were just eight good genes which Josh Schmidt in Joseph Johnson and those guys that you know first round team possibly second round team. Even back to the Dominic they expect you might see their base. Dominique Wilkens put up a really good hockey. But the problem is. You know they sell out when the lakers come when the pistons come. When the knicks come when the post because those people removed her from Chicago New York Detroit Cleveland Pittsburgh where they they follow their teams the rays have the same issue. The stadium is packed when the Mets in the cubs come. And you know when it when the brewers come in and nobody there. And it did in unless you're put in the first place team out there they are going to struggle that weight with the tend I've lived here totaled 25 years. And it's happened to every key right now the falcons are on outlet that right because there aren't there a moderate. But let me tell five years ago you can lock up our game big advocates say. All of them since yeah yeah puzzled look familiar yeah. You are you're you're going to do deploy alternative that wager drove drug I don't I don't. Is our is our guest from the a part of the hawks broadcast group on on fox sports the southeast are let's talk about tonight's out tonight's game and talks got some guys didn't get after a little bit human some of the young guys and a shorter. He's buzz Thomas cover when he is that when he is on I'm sure your reference in John Collins who was up pick they got I think they got that one rights group how can nugget they give the -- of trouble tonight's. I tell you what he beat you Deb that was a it was a true fine I mean they got to the sixteenth and a lot of people are rated higher. And he's got what he calls buyouts and a lot of does it appears that turned out he. He's not quite dominate but he you go from the floor to the rim in his snapple big army lightning quick. And he is going to be he has got to be an oppressed the player. He is gonna be one of the building block this team got Torre and prince which is very nice to go to player restart to improve offensively. What they need to do is be active. They just need to be active. All one of their biggest problems and that they could easily have fifteen win this year but they don't have what I like to call it closure I don't mean Kobe price closer to those are those are few and far between. You guys got when I brought it you know weight but you just need that one guy who could pretty much every game it you know the game. Take that shot the man the ball and take the shot and we really don't have. And whatever replay of the cavs they just hope abroad an intruder because recruiter can't do what he needs to do you shut down the box so they're very very active. And they moved the ball they still think there's still appears horse assist. If if they move the ball they got a great chance but what happens more often than not they get into a close game late happened up in Memphis. There's nobody that you're really reliably take the shot. So they fall out of their game plan and everybody reverts back to what they did when they were kids. On the best player out here on the take the shot and they just totally ignored what they're coached to do and what their offense dictate and they start to fall apart as you know where shots don't fall more often are when you're forced. I drove I was Mike Boone home your coach holding up we know he was a long time assistant in San Antonio. Had some are great success bear what is this a sixty year they're there in Atlanta how how was he holding up through you know of this these changes in the in the franchise. We're LP he's all right. It's that's a really interesting question. Any much velocity is what I'm a Coke which I've got a coach whether I've got fired all stars out there or I applied UB players on here to coach a mop. I'm not in charge of crude out your on the floor no he was and when they're brought it like they took got to wait comment soldiers. They promised to look we're not gonna hold the record against you. What won't judge you want is the improvement on the players. You know personally it's frustrating warm balmy won sixty games just couple years ago would false starts and now you're in a situation where you're in a complete rebuilt. Put the team I would say this and a lot of this is a reflection on their coach. They don't quit. They don't quit there's only one game this year and they were down big and it was just over early in the third quarter they they'll scrap the bill like the old game and it may come up short by 550 but they won't keep playing hard. You know it's disappointing for everybody involved in that organization Politico John doubt that they don't have a better product on the floor. But you'd see glimpses of improvement and I think that's all you can truly ask for now unfortunately for him as we all know. You can make promises as a general manager as president elect coach all you want. But it after a year to fan base start squawking so I think that question would be better ask next year because by next all star break up this year's all star break. If there's not at least noticeable improvement you know there's going to be probably I don't care pitch filter action or read our box and if there loosen the fans are going to be. Yeah no no we all know that major Omar thanks for the insight and the and the tiles those lot of fun enjoy the game tonight thank you newsroom. Our target you've got to Jerome Jurenovich from a fox sports part of the Atlanta Hawks broadcast in the room just minutes away from our pregame coverage can go here. Our rob broadcast Jonathan is does on Tommy tiger willow we'll get you go on than the ice sheets India and the hawks Jerome Jurenovich. Now he's doing and admit you knew that name acts outside that's one of the two names from way back in the day the other one our own Tom retired Tommy tiger would do with the collars were the headlines on Saturday from from mom Westwood was and what oh yeah in the yeah Tommy was the man like yes Matt Holliday eighty's and ninety's the late eighties early night we're not just suck it up because Tom is no and a phenomenon is up until Tommy Tommy that many done right mix of two holes I was. Actually had to be done it doesn't that is just relax and actually aren't that allows them for Burke I'm Curtis is good again tomorrow just before 4 o'clock guys beat the hawks coming up next radio 790 the ticket.