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Tuesday, December 19th

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Today after a war Curtis is where we're running gun until 7 o'clock this evening. This Tuesday December 19. Pollan cuts. Wrap it up in a few days he got Christmas six days away it is the holiday season for everybody cloud around the offices and I'll see you next year. Yeah I wish I wish we see it bearing will be on enough for the most port here moving heavily foreign policy is we got a couple of days old DO will be on next week I'll be it was a things are we got a bowl games that will be carrying around here. On 79 years ago or so of course. If your one of those college football scenes or register downright degenerate we're gonna have all the action Korea coming up here. And we got other ball game tonight will not be caring ms. Bhutto will be talking a lot about it today. And that is the the Boca ball. Or further shares in the uses is the cherry but you that I do. Cherub guitar Cherie Jerry Boone the tart cherry bowl yes it's it's it's a drink salute yet this Sturges is actually heard four in and blue Lane Kiffin is the plane train is Ron and they're playing in their home stadium rumble which the gorgeous facility you'll. If you haven't been there this is unsolicited good haven't been there that might be the coolest little old joint. Well any of them on the of the the quote both stadiums are you know I. I've heard that I haven't I haven't been there but I heard that it's and it's outstanding the place where the only chargers are learning is a real cool little. Holes like thirty by als and yeah I envisioned and they use they govern not a good stuff about. It's been an editor's yet another that's how I that's a unit visited I mean it's just big enough to say OK I'm like a real games on a high school right. But it's small have to say okay there's not it's not the porch sure it's not a big house or are these hard rock yeah this is our place about every use of our plate is Hosea. So it's it's more than one of the cool venues in South Florida so you have been there may be you may get up tonight but the Akron and FAU. And quit selling enough. We gets of FAU news as well with the with the old lane strain that hit a couple of hours ago popped up my phone onto utterly Bruce Feldman had doubles first and I saw. That as national college football writer and and there were awarding Lane Kiffin for a ten win season. After the by far the most in in program history and only been playing FBS football for thirteen seasons but he certainly made a big difference and the most important thing and they've accomplished this. With the higher so far perk is and you talk about this a lot national attention they certainly it's that's it that's it can't. In head to me that's one of these first beings and that you're looking for it's not the only thing you want to win. That's bursting Richard looking for all that's your best way to get national rating knew he was born six and they are going bawling nobody would care about a failure he's obviously they're there you go to happen and that. That leads us right into who here's the thing. Lane Kiffin the succeeding at Ekpe you know. The moment set aside the fact that Ekpe you and enjoy and it's verse ten win season since it became F I FBS school. FAU president John Kelly told ESPN earlier this month. That have they use out of state applications for the 2018 ball semester are up 35%. That's significant and you stay on those two tracks winning football and getting that that out of state. Enrollment request applications up. Did you perhaps get an invitation to a major conference. Whitney major TV deal and and a major TV deal in football and basketball and another decade. Now you're really on to something now you know look FAU was Ekpe you and and they're probably gonna stay where they are for awhile but again you keep winning. And perhaps you get an invitation to a major conference and a decade or so I don't see any shakeups come and anytime soon. And you're really onto something is success in college athletics right you get food you get winning winning teams. You get attention. And and you get into a major conference and yeah the enrollment goes up I mean that's that's really what you're looking for. Lane Kiffin has raised they use pro while significantly. ESPN and you see him all over their website and and that's one thing that I would think that that Arizona State. Is looking bored with their Jairo perm Edwards human raise your school's profile. But again. The most important being here is that lane to pin is winning that gives him flat or both through social media and traditional media. And he's run in with that opportunity. To me so far it's a genuine college athletics success story. Fears of being brought to you by drove nerds and Evan Shura and now including Chris. No nerves you're off the rise DJ ideal they've got. All your drone needs covered whether you're talking new purchases customization repairs training whatever it is check them out these people hook you up. Visit them online drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. I'm sure there's some proud FAU alarms out there that wanna text the show and and then you know flaunts a little bit 67974. That's a deuce on the Coral Springs Omaha on the tax on. 67974. Now and I did see the ten year extension or new contract idea giggle. Saying there's no way in hell that Lane Kiffin is going to be there are ten years from now. IV. And it didn't I heard recently Roy debate this a little bit. I I I don't see him being their for the next for a third of that for the next three years you're not not appease yet knowing tin win so well he's well here lately let's let's let's just do it this way he's going to keep winning and FA AUS a flew yeah I I agree he's gonna get. Three right it's an attractive place and no coach apparently these interim coach I mean it was should you be in coach of the raiders are USC are probably not at that point yet but I think he's learned a lot over the years some news good offensive mind and an end tonight. The big favorite thing to Akron if you put AD on them he will so I like that about why. There isn't he winning he's gonna keep winning NF LU so it's somebody is going to and flagler term. Get beat desperate enough to come and go hire him and he is going to I think if he doesn't have any missteps off the field. Because there's some personality stuff there. If he can you know keeps it clean somebody is going to throw a bunch of money at him in one of the power five coverages they come and save or pro green. So I I just don't see it now does he stay or does he go after the debate was about. And would do wanna build something here. I I don't know Lane Kiffin. But from from my real for doing this a long long time and watch all the guys go in so eventually you just. Didn't you nugget rarely do I stay. As is like F you write even look at you as is it would be a great job for a hundred other coaches. And coach the raiders USC in Tennessee and you're still a young man out and I don't I don't see that happening. No it when you look at the coaches in the state of Florida and I'm talking about. I may you whip with linked to an end Charlie Strong at a US left. And wind wind Scott Ross was at UCF and then Butch Davis had to buy you. Might be the only woman who you think all right well he'll stay porn extended period I. I don't think that F by US they destination job for butch but of the old war. I knew and Scott Ross is going to Nebraska now a bowls board though he would have been warned that that I could have seen saying you know I've been to be enough though lobbed into the mountaintop you knob. Of course it was Cleveland but he did win Super Bowls would whip Dallas eighty coached you William he would be the one but I still in butch even butch. Once to bow somewhere else what was offer guests a power five job you've got to that's what I think's although those artist's artist not a good literature in this business yes or you won it yet those jobs or are kind of stepping stone that those UC you have the US. F by you as they use that's that's what they BN. That's no disrespect to any of those schools at all in any way. It's it's just not the. Nation wasn't principles and old job for a number of yes but I'm actually killing was 42 years old like adults and coaching that a boon to FAU als from the ten years lower right. And I think they know that up there and talk yeah. And and and look the ten year deal to Mia and and I don't know but I think that part of that is. It just so when your recruiting and and everything that did the appearance of stability is there even though you know we old stink. We don't know but we all think that there's no way he's going to be there for ten years but it does live in the Syrians are stability. I I just I mean. I just look I give it I don't know how the example I recently though the give me example of the guy that's been to the highest mountaintop. That comes back down to the mid major school I just as you know what. This is good enough for me I don't wanna deal with all the big media make it a million bucks a year on live and in a small town. I get to win 8910 games nobody bothers me. Gillis is there are an example out there of a guy that's done it. You know you try to define the age range ruling giving usually 42 when he got tired so young. I just don't see it and those guys leg that's why they're different man their knowledge you and me them like they they want they did that they wanna get too. The ambition is what drives them up and you watch all these coaching documentaries to. You know I saw you on the one about cal Perry audit them a lot of just comes down to money man. And what somebody says here's thirty million dollars. From the SEC school in three years to coach our team moved in I think lanes minute divide by two guy with does that with his wife and yet they go here's thirty million guaranteed. Nearly hunted exactly dissing the how do you say noted that always. Every guy has a seems kind distort all I love the college grade and then some is gonna come in with an insane amount of money and say yep I had to do it had to do it. Yeah it's it's it is hard it's hard to turn that no man yeah somebody is here here's a human David Cutler. Okay that's that's yes that's that's kinds that the Italian food one that's pretty good it's got a good camera that I I think of you know just to throw out some names of our schools a guy who was like. And Ohio State. And then you go to Youngstown State and and you say all right until and I'm not I'm not looking to go back to the big T and I'm not looking to go to regular Michigan State. You know it's the reverse its you're Youngstown and then you go to Ohio State. What is more these coming in allowed Malia the crossings a monetary subtle first let's get to 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and W except that each. Teach you Miramar. After you take slowed Akron at seven tonight in the chair booty tart cherry. Vocal Rick so bold owls did and three and a nine game winning streak that includes winning the conference USA championship. In related news epic US reportedly agreed to terms with coach Lane Kiffin and it's in your contract extension. Given originally signed a five year deal that paid him 950000. Dollars a year. Miami Marlins executive Derek Jeter is holding a town hall meeting for select season ticket holders and media six tonight at Marlins park. Unclear what Jeter clintons aren't saying in a real Pro Bowl selections will be announced at eight tonight. Three opens figure to have a chance wide receiver Jarvis Landry deacons have been cam wake and defense of tackle Ndamukong Suh perhaps that are Mike Pelosi and safety Rashad Jones get some consideration they're also. Into this news it's now official the Miami open tennis tournament will be held hard rock stadium and when he nineteen Miami day Tony commissioners unanimously approved an agreement today that clears the last hurdle to the move that was announced earlier this month. Finally Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who are showed interest in purchasing his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins. As well as the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers say it he's not in arrested. In purchasing the Carolina Panthers. Why would IBM by an NFL team by the league is in decline Cuban told the Dallas morning news. Three months ago in war it's estimated the Panthers to be worth 2.3. Billion dollars those are your headlines. Say let me park it's our favorite singer on her Mark Cuban comes out comes in the play are you is this guy that hogs get slaughter that's what he said about the NFL notably years ago all right says you're crazy Mitch yeah it was just hey Mark Cuban Payton on the NFL it was. Interesting little story in the Dallas morning news because Forbes unnamed well potential buyers for the Carolina Panthers. Mark Cuban was named as an outsider as as some of the load the local favorites they have world Brooke Smith the NASCAR. And Michael Jordan but they they named Cuban an outsider and so Dallas morning news. Went to him and and of course he would have to sell to Dallas Mavericks and so but he said that you know but I have no interest in that league and in he admitted. I'm not sure the league would have consistent either. Considering off talk about correct some yeah baseball kind of gave him as the farm all the community there's nobody in the concert. You got a lot of headlines we we got a lot whole lifestyle at all times we have right well much. And by the way we got to get to French wild from Yahoo! shut down corner are all things NFL wants to go about about a bunch of league do you dealings going on here is we come down the final couple weeks. Of the regular season so we're gonna its all that got a bunch of coaching names come in and somebody Texan frank Solis knows the one that I had an idiot uses that solitude that Nebraska but he was accused late fifties early sixties when he went to Ohio. And he's kind of been there now about Bob Allison about fifteen years. The only difference only 42 years old so he's a young man and so and organ a lot alike you know mark fuse and some other guys I'm talking doesn't have been to the mountaintop literally timid whose coach of the bleak and raiders today. USC. You know. Yeah I'm in Alabama where I was he'll sit out bill obviously you know like he was the head man and I don't know what the do you see it right up front doesn't get much bigger demand note let me do the Oakland Raiders and it was a circus there would win. Wed I'll still alive but you talk about the biggest jobs around me. When he was in his thirties. And then now. Coming back things can be here if you just and his role that for 1015 years into the scale good. Yeah I know he supposedly got a nice house which you would imagine you make 950000. By he's he's got a a boat and who jet skis and he can finish off the dock but a when you when you make that much you've got to do that anywhere yeah where's the winners are better here. They're better here than in than in these lands on his focus great man who went to the winter and below not would not your college football coach you know when your willing and eager in your town it's a great place the kind of reinvent herself now has found a great job he's not doing it at all states yeah all right you can write it well it's a great ideas and and the cabinet and and again I think it's a success story to this point because we're talked about lane in and an FA EU and ESPN of them a blistering amber yeah they are in love with this dude coming weeks. We're talking about the running back right DeVon singletary motor singletary were talking about Lane Kiffin. That's that's what he brings to that program and so far. It's a success I would get back to this coming up here we got a lot more on the on the table and on the forefront of French lobby Yahoo!. NFL writer and contributor shut down corner it is a great website we'll talk some the NFL with him next here on 792 -- and boom boom. And pivoting his proud remark brought about Israel's celebration of all things Nolan. Coming to the probably gem theater field on Saturday march 24 this week Tobin decently or are giving you the opportunity went to get experience cajun. Music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans from a crawfish boil to art in a kid's there you can visit the easy without ever leaving South Florida European gumbo jambalaya binge is oysters and buffalo does get ready to win courtesy of cross Monterey. Andy and have a night in a from 1043 HT too. The ticket Curtis and bird back with you here on a Tuesday afternoon we go. To get to and joining us right now Iran fuels and browsers we as source guess line neutral he steps beyond convenient. While we welcome a French while all of us a few times this football season we always enjoy. Having our conversation with him about the NFL with a Yahoo! in the editor one of the great sites of your NFL fans shut down corner. And offering joins us here on seven I needed to get freight carried on today. Well we just found out Aaron Rodgers he was placed on IR so they were eliminated last night with the Atlanta win in in Tampa Packers are home the Minnesota. That leads me to this question here. An Achilles or your latest posts here the NFC's extremely wide open here. What are you believing India in the NFC who gets you excited with the last couple weeks as we approach the playoffs. Noble for a last week I had been saying the saints because when I looked at the landscape Portugal the one thing that stands out is. There's altered quarterback you're mr. Burry and our respect Cam Newton like in duplex. Brutal balloon guy I set out and all the teams are somewhat equal maybe it may be breezes the X-Factor but. How could you not take notice of what to Los Angeles rams did on Sunday having Mitch sold already are really good team that just. Torched us Seahawks search the source aren't this bad I mean they need to loose forty to seventy. The ram to run the ball they control the ball they act they're good receivers. The defense is really good there Donald as a political player of the year well oh sure there's an MP an element there's no box state don't Shaq so. Is wide open I think you played at staying a hundred times it's split pretty pretty evenly between the teams that are negative but you know it's that the saints interest me and now the rams really interest me too products to sit dagger Lucious things happened because there are some really good football handicapping any that seek to graduate they make a case are legitimately. Anyone of the top five teams are sure and then whoever gets a six seats you I think a good argument for them to. Yeah and breaks then in the NFC how much will quarterback play. Turnout who determine who wins this because that really could be in some trouble in that category I don't know how much you believe in. And in some of these other teams Jerry golf. It you know what are what are you CK scheme amok what what do you see as far as quarterbacks and and who wins NFC championship. And usually go to not a quarterback play Eli you know I get couple weeks ago I wrote a you know afterwards injury or wrote about. That big a deal I don't don't don't tell giggled about it for a few reasons. What an illegal and older now divorced back optimal need to even let. What brought nothing back up or they want a low key was never played. Oldest player he started a playoff game he played well watching Carson went really get a chance may get a good team around him. And you know the other guys really look. How are we discussing case Peter good this year I don't know where in the create you know a Dick has their coach is gonna turn into a pumpkin but he's got right now I can I can't deny it. Wouldn't change time usually or it looked down at these games restructure. Their picker Steelers want to play out it. And harder decree Brian quarterback maker earned the most. And who you trust I trust Ricci luster to what what are great all time. Two truck camper what he does now apple really tough pearl which restraint rolled into your problem. But in all the other guys to attract any competent courier who first rodeo I and the first time he's played each. The turtle creek co plan akin to appropriate their. Trail and there is one match again it is a restated prayer here but one guy just stands out as. Guys now like the other there's the top five all time quarterback and that might be enough. Kuerten purchasing and so were the good. Editor of the shutdown corner frank Schwab is our guest from Yahoo! Sports. What you mentioned the patriots in the CEO's what kind of ripple effects did Sunday have meaning home field advantage AB could be out for a wallet what what is Sunday kind of mean to you. Moving forward when those two teams might meet again in the post season. You have flooding got a stroked a one seat and that not charged. The home field in in its championship it out or eat as I would not I would be saying that for months ago but. Once she needs to avoid taxable but you gotta play the jaguars until the very amateur and I I think it's little clock up pitcher or two to three. How much work are marking your porch they play defense they were on the ball like portal somehow someway played pretty neutral ball. So I could prepare a report direct to and that. If the clicker for a lost. You're not only looking at it or not host AC championship game. I think you're looking at maybe we're gonna on a role to play each action built your actual world that scenario. Tempered their secret plot such an injection of one out your actual order and to seek or pager going to chapped and also put everything metal chair teacher is not catch them and draw that bad interception. It changed everything in the ANC like it. Legitimately. Would option plays there at the end clipped at the old deal because now the pitcher turned a driver's seat where. As it became a better rule torch out and it was the trigger to be a pop a troubled by. But in print there's so many plays someone to go with you witness the test rule in the illegal hits but I want to keep it local right now. Pro Bowl announcements tonight Miami Dolphins not having a good season. What you see from the dolphins that could be on the air on Jarvis Landry maybe cam wake endowment and slew Rashad Jones Mike Pelosi. Yet how single cure an age he's a couple of and shot killed the guy at what I watched all a game either guy I Alicia while watching it is. Kid and look at what eco anybody he had great counterpart. I got a couple years ago leash you should've got ride next each of the players here but they appear he had Alastair yarder but in a cheerleader at the most. I they were sharp jolt to be a great short. Charlotte I don't know order some courier or syrup and you that's going to be tough currency was played really really well lately I had a rookie got a great. She's a little hole. Can't think good he easily could I catch a technical probably wouldn't make it battled which he would rise to ban of maybe you can do great group sir you warned that others are. But he didn't they didn't get enough volume sell. I think it's probably we are charter air shot you're looking at the county got a good shot. To order got the name value so may be your chin but it's it's probably not to be born to retreat and back. Gloomy legislate them grow quickly here frank does it outside the quarterback. I what are they missing this man Girardi kind of pointing the 22018. Here and in free agency and the draft of their seasons pretty much done. Well what would you what are they missing was as you see with this team. He had to get a removed fear that the quarterback from the quick available we didn't match and I don't know you can Gideon. But he has played. It we can take the last few weeks what he did on Monday night. Outside shot to like go to guy your beat up early manner no cornerback play much better camera now ears really come automatically sign. The young guy you know when you talk a look at Nikko and in the next year skinny guys like that he ordered action to keep up a playmaker I think at some point. You really get Democrats to pass rusher I can't break. God bless them I can't I at its you don't amazed and should that play should keep playing a couple of open its. You need our younger you know war daddy lecture or Joseph what's called you beat somebody like that I think I think you add that to the defense a guy under. 32 years old whatever weakened right now. I think that the main priority. I do think tight end at some point you just. Gary can appoint somebody there that is Altidore nearly two in dealing with tight end issues are not allowed botanical around these days writing up a big lunch don't help the quarterback picture. What really went quarterback situation like. Well you know channel public really back and and agriculture to help him beat to it we saw on the saint handles web believe sorry eagle go out and say. Look at the guys report around Carson went sane and eager we need to fix that well Coke at all on gentry will go at Torrey Smith well what should they also need to think about it Ellie not necessarily. What big splash to remake a quarterback they need to thank. Are we can't make it work with him to repeat skin to help them out. Yeah I agree with you on that break a 100%. The judge ruled frank we saw this would Jesse James and I think everybody understands that be correct ruling was made according to the letter of the law. How can that be changed and Kim the receiver become like a bowl exterior but you have to complete the act of the cash you have any idea what went to to happen to use Durham it was something in the pro all like how do you fix this room. The problem or a much you know I will agreeing to be changed greatly restricted to the ballots it's it's sort of play where we talk more about the cultural we're talking about a great Steelers patriots Monday. Don't really do you. You have to account for. Corey on garlic when what you tried to start bitching and play all right everybody wants potential changed a great. How can rule that play right there ballpark also grounding and charred loops apple where it's okay. Culture they're somehow. QB officials. A check list of to catch you can just fake. It looked like catcher catch a bonus how good Oregon period but if you're put under your crucial to repair spot that we're making only judgment calls. I mean you have to account for certain things. And Britain had been kept on the circuit just saying it. It can't be at this can't be what we're dealing with we need to check wouldn't change when I'm not I don't have meant to cancer and it's such a deal to say. Aren't we need to care what they catch years we need to repay architectural. We need to account for all these things too that illegal so he likes the fact that even the ball hits a proud of the almost out well. That's what are they can force some also. I don't know how great picture of the talent to do something I think because. It chipped it in particular sort of point we're all talking about. Yeah yeah I wealth and and here's something else that's all we're talking about frank the illegal hits and and we we saw Thomas Davis was suspended. Is it worse this year or is that just our perception or they're just more high profile it's this year illegal. Exports probably would shave my. Go back a few years that and I turned dale to register Sacramento we're all okay and our future built broadcaster I. Should stop its like object as you'd like spent ten days and the announcers out the back. So hopeful that I did I hit they look how has tried but also in the last. I think the players have to do a better job policing themselves. The player look at every turn their entry on Thursday night it players complaining again absolutely terrible players they can get October oh okay did it get older and terrible player safety. You only care about player safety should become a Davis. Go ordering a guy up we hear nothing to a template that I know that the culture cycle back to the area people are playing on our rockers to bring up but to uncle. Controversy put. Ethnic barter thank you linebacker washing or Rogers complete past he took other steps to hit him in total commitment to quell. Note that the parents were going to complete or not it would cartilage. We'll have to poker player you have to look at. Cultural I'm gonna punish recorder back well is there to wanna puke that's what you want to do and he played as a plate forever and ever. That's fine but to order a player safety on the back at a wanna hear you say I've never meant insurer archer well. Your kid. A little bit. How does this knowledge can be like oh like arguably the local girls could of course no possibility there so I think it comes down to at some point the players have to take ownership of this. And state. You know hard hit Burke kept their head hunting and you know you wish that Schuster can't be out there can win the mountain perfectly urged got to beat the players to respect for each. Shoulder I believe. Yeah I I know to cup game and ultra violent game and look at play hard we got to have a certain mentality. She'll look outreach other big a little Britain and compete very hard but not wanna lay guys I'll pass. Greg thanks for the time and I'll always great stuff and join the other the upcoming a couple of weeks of the playoffs and a happy holidays thank you has run out carried out there now you've got a man we enjoy every time French wild from from Yahoo! Sports got the blogs shutdown corner that is they must exert Claudia excellent we will of the Thomas W mentioned also just push so much stuff really get to the Jerry Richardson in the Charlize. Haggard now we have written deli counter right yeah Ottawa what I gonna ask you about a Xavier Rhodes a mean this is the guy who. A merging into one of the best quarters and an uphill up there in Minnesota but yet we will have look we're in an amount of time. Flying here we got a lot of them to get to you can bomb on Twitter at Yahoo! Schwab by the way but thanks to frank for a for joining us are dual NFL conversation around the league when we come back. We get a hound hall meeting. And I love town hall meetings. Derek Jeter basically won his first opportunities we face the fame and let's face to face. What would you ask Derek Jeter what would you ask him if you're at the town hall meeting below will explain that and then who's invited and what's that gonna take place at Marlins park in just a couple of hours we'll get that next here on 790 the ticket yeah. Okay Friday's on the take our foot. On Friday is present my mommy Charlie all season long you ready for the games. A look at the dolphins and their opponent injury updates keys of the game and more coming Charlie. They're always the number one draft picks sponsored by east goes public adjusters to embargo on the growth and Lex the North Miami football Friday and aims of a nanny and up from 1043. It's due to the ticket Curtis and perk back with you here on a Tuesday afternoon we got a we got a jam packed show for your thanks a French while from a Yahoo! Sports drama I've got to commit to heats. Plus the shot last night their perk after give it to you this coming up here in the 5 o'clock hour and have a shot and they did they did and it was just not meant to be you and the wheels kind of fell often your only played eight guys and even Udonis got in there you know made the shot before halftime you know pretty cool you know WD. But you know you do you can't can run can't play anymore. When I don't think and they don't play Cambodia now I mean there you've never played well tonight right correct right I actually thought he played like 1015 minutes put. The just. Made that run there in the fourth quarter silly loss to Atlanta in divorced in the early Woolsey would have of the Boston tomorrow libel and all that come and appear but a wanna get into. This this town hall meeting here and you take place here in about an hour and 20 minutes 6 o'clock in Marlins barked. About 200 people mostly if not all season ticket holders select season ticket alert while god bless I mean I. Imagine how we seem to read right it was late and Mike leads to a hundred by Obama and basically 300 and I. Left of the fight back an accident because of problems I'm right I like I don't know like that I really would like to how did you actually have. He's tickets. That that's a that's a really really good question I have no idea I like legit idol season ticket I don't recall these Seattle we're calls in any numbers I'll call look out for any number is so I don't know I don't know if you we saw these numbers over the last forty year fifteen years of that for his idea I'd be all screwy. But oil assets that submit it here rather. So about 200 people are gonna be there the media's gonna be down there although I'm a figure recorded or what have you added yeah I don't know media is allowed to ask questions the right amount of the Internet when they're down there yet so they're gonna see all that the ruling reportedly impressed and really listen to it. Get in the thing well what have for you but Derek Jeter is racing on it he's gonna answer questions from these people. In. Late this is the first time we're Jeter's fees are gonna put the fire and wanting Jeter hasn't really done is come out and said what. Our game plan is that's on him now he's been more reactionary. The and then being proactive and a lot and a lot of the stuff like I thought oh yeah there was a record just trading John Crowe stand. Poehler as you recall was slashing payroll right out about a year and that's our first move and I don't think he understood hey dude I know your Derek Jeter and you've been worshipped. For the last two decades. Been the baseball cathedral that is New York City. But like you need to come down here and show hand of good faith here. And I it's been one misstep after another so my question is when he's asked the tough question. What's his response going to be is gonna give their tap dancing or is he as laid out for him. This is why he treated him this or don't know to tell everybody you were what would your deal your secret sorry though like that great but let everybody know what is going on here especially to people that are. Spending hard earned money to go watch that team play. Here is a text here here's my town hall question. How would you explain to my seven year old son a huge Stanton and those who don't plan. Why it was a good thing to trade the team's two best players you see it just last night quote I don't get it why don't the Marlins won them. They are really really good. So I think that's that's the kind of thing and clearly it's going to get that at a different level than that but. Yeah I think that's gonna be kind of the mean explain to me the XY and Z and to me the biggest thing that I would ask them is. We end. Like winners this team going to be ready to contend for a playoff spot it is just like did you hire college football coach Wright you wanna know what's the plan here. Like when are we going to get a letter a bowl game what are we gonna compete for our conference title. And possibly will we'd compete for a national title. But win and I don't think that if if Jeter's say is well and you know more years we should contend for a while caller. But that's going to be something that it. Ends up costing him his job because in three years they aren't on that path that people want to know some definitive realistic answers. As you see attempt nobody's asking for him to reveal. Organizational secrets as to when you want her and how we plan on acquiring them and how much money you plan on spending on the AM. But you want a general idea people want to know. Why I should buy into this organization. That that's pretty much going to be to meet right overriding thing like why should I believe in you guys. Well how wash has been money list right there that's that's the big larger point. It like there's nothing I can say tonight where it was gonna give a standing ovation. And around applause walking out correct correct so hopefully and an infinite that happens in you know. That due to the miracle worker. Right yeah he has a miracle worker no matter how how do you couldn't you convinced that populist who. I have been having a positive. In even argue as they leave that facility tonight right so it's gonna take a big big job well for no we yeah it's a polished little job I thought overall world go and now we're all gonna Joe's on me right. Our show and Italy and even me and overs toe grabs he's gonna get the same questions win for a win there win. In attendance free beer every game Zoloft another now to he would leave a hero after the well and I would applaud the president and that's that's a good. At this point he's just trying to stop the bleeding because this team and his personal images hemorrhaging right now. So he's going there and and say something. He's line. You need to do something. To stop the avalanche on meg never negativity that is just is he's being buried in it right now. And we're not even to Jeanne we're not even sue Mike Donnelly. Bring training as the enemy pitchers and catchers are still weeks away your eyes mid mid February right. Like to tell you what if you look at it it yet legitimately is another guy or two. But this team is prescribing or through baseball that could be one of the worst teams in the history of baseball modern day baseball. We look at wins losses like this team is dreadful. So I don't know how use and that I don't know. How do you drive I mean he's got to do something here at him and I expect that he league. He's a little taken aback a about as far as all the you can expect all this negative. This wave of negativity to be swarming around him so quickly. Yeah and and you know and and it if you didn't India didn't understand the market coming into it here's another question. It'd says the Marlins built the worst farm system in baseball. My question is why was Mike Steele the loan executive returning now we'd have opined that it might be credible transitional thing that Mike Teel does know the organization and he can give you some advice on requests are the guys are ready question but it's a great question I would think that he would be asked that tonight. You know if I was giving their teeter any advice I would say. I blame the previous guy. Yeah I'm not true that's gonna be. Good enough but. You know. I'd like to edit it was Derek Jeter has got right I would say Derrick disorder Wilson bluster. Year capped by. Agassi debt and New Orleans Merck IE well here here's to meet here's where your audience is com. Previous ownership so. You're supposed to be better. I don't want you win here I don't even wanna hear the name Jeff Gloria brought up tonight I'll tell Jeter that as a player and he's gone. That's over this is you now what are you going to do. Like. Don't stay in contract that was your deal that was the plan is blaming on them okay we're done that though we're it would still have blown it we're done with that we're we're pretty much done with the you know worst arm system on no that's not your book how the pics like you get the worst farm system in baseball we know that. How do you plan to exit. And why should I believe you out to me that's the questions that that's the cold that the questions you'll get the blame in a nun. Boy camp I don't think that will be popular book. I'm like I'm I'm I just think part of it is true though. No no part of it is true to what is it went down around the city you know we have the worst farm system in baseball we have to rebuild that from the bottom on up that's what we had to trades in them because we want to build a winner that's sustainable for the next ten to fifteen years not the next two or three years Sullivan's who's gonna catch up Willis our payrolls completely out of whack we have compete bad contracts that they signed the guys that. With that that we never he would even looked at two we have to get out from under those. You mean that is a lot of truth to. Don't destroy all those guys on the bus and go that route if he if he wants to hear now. Eventually it's going to be on him yes it's it's on him now what do I do things I do think people understand like yeah lately it hasn't Walcott to that contract garbage. Like lying in gently yes that's a bad deal. Is solid like those are bad Contra Martina Toronto this year would you play here than not has made Australia and do and that's of this back. Here's another tax cap that that I think could be a long the lines of how people are thinking. They sold the team to the wrong person or they must was the ideal owner down here billionaire that didn't need a group. And they would have been able to keep everybody why is there this why is salary cap in the gym so low. If you don't have money why buy the team. Their question yeah that's your question that's a very good question borrowers barrel going to be ads are your words to get this or were you got next your rent and three years what's your projections there up. I get all that stuff you're an uncle that we don't. I totally got morrow more questions or send them on in and and we'll certainly relate them through the F crossings on Omaha and attacks on 6797467974. Good to here's the thing perch got headlines coming up here a lot going on Aaron Rodgers should get the latest on him if you your fantasy owner in the fancy playoffs are packer for any opponent they're limited last night with the Atlanta went gets a meta film news coming up and we got fifteen minutes he around the corner. As well right here on 79 minutes ago. And ready to. Remarkably 5 o'clock hour hello happy hour here on similar nuclear Curtis and perk hang with you after every game on the ticket. Today the Lexus and to recover fine post game show was as low. It's the complete wrapped with a game Lex is in super former prime always an amazing deals wants my champion four by fours up from twenty organism customization shop. Footage Ambien four by fours. Dot com and at fifty minutes a heater on the corner about twenty minutes or so we check in. In the 5 o'clock or Miami also the holidays. And we're not bridges around here. No. We're giving away a couple of things here. We still got we got the chili cook off tickets over a hundred dollars value. Took him off going to be a generate twenty of the series the markets a staple here in South Florida green give those a little bit later but in this hour in the 5 o'clock hour coming up which is that. Approaching we're gonna give away fifty dollar gift card to out sandbar real down to grow until fifty dollars to make college down there. So wall we're gonna push that outs against you listening for that and will we get to that come and appear. In the a 5 o'clock hour we also got a lot of text messages to get to 6797 for the 67974. Neil Coles brings on all. Condit text line yet Derek Jeter got a got a goal and a little bit here a lot of good lot of good text messages and now. Knowing where those people are. And they'll be respectful down their but he that they deserve some answers being like if you're one of the people actually. Should this season tickets and invested money into that team no matter how much money you have got to care. Like you deserve some legitimate answers. Me without you they gotten off the great. Grain and as is every fan base to mean whether whatever it is they in the than he. He does is he owes it to those people that show up tonight now in the money you're in power is more valuable to me and money and for a lot of folks. Yeah so so just showing up there tonight. They're gonna wanna they're not gonna just say hey we get to me dinner Jeter should be some people like take a picture with the black bow out there will be like yeah great okay and what's going on a baseball team. Yeah you're right cap and that leads us right into here's opening. Marlins executive Derek Jeter is having the town hall meeting with select season ticket holders and media tonight at six at Marlins park. Now this could turn out to be the best move Jeter has made since taking over. But let's wait to see how it turns out. Look we know that Jeter is likely going to be heart hiding parts of the true right because there's no executive that's gonna get up there. And honestly reveal everything it is just not good business. But the fact that he's reaching out in a small way that that's a positive. That's a good paying for Derek Jeter he's been largely inaccessible. It moves are raised eyebrows his strategy to rebuild the franchise has been under wraps so this is a good move. But I just hope that Derek Jeter all are some media information tonight regarding the direction of the franchise. And how they expect to get there for instance how heavily are you gonna be relying on the draft. How heavily on free agency how heavily on trades. How much you plan on spending on the mid Major League roster how quickly do you think this organization. And get back on its feet. Again. I don't expect Jeter to reveal any corporate secrets but at. This apparent good deed is gonna turn into one other way that he draws ire of the U fans at the Miami Marlins have remaining. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in congress drove nerves your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether you're talking in training new purchases of repairs customizations. Whatever it is they will get to hook up visible today drove nerds dot com South Florida's. In this. 6974. That's a Jiri just six of 974. On the Coral Springs on come on it's exciting yeah I mean he's got to give some some kind of meet some kind of substance gap but otherwise it's just the big waste of time right no I agree Mary I mean just people just don't want him to be another cheap bastard like Gloria exactly. Exactly and and kept. Art and looks like it's just like a civil. Mort you you would have thought this was the easiest job in pro sports right you're following Jeffrey Loria. It's like follow Donald Sterling or Marge Schott like how can you messed that up I'll be worse than they don't. And Jeter. He might not be worse but he he has not elevated this franchise like I don't think people learn. Are saying gosh I'm glad that we have new ownership now people are glad to be rid of Loria. But I'm sure people are glad to see Derek Jeter because of what he's shown so far. They may how to they messed this up cat I'd trade me reigning NL MVP. But we even talked to knew that that was coming recommends as well. And they messed it up like this is still has the Dow sold. I just hope he offers something tonight don't don't dig yourself a deeper hole which which seems like it would be very tough I did you advise my time here mightily ball right. That's almost the only way I guess right how you got Turkey. I don't know that I got to figure they're not there are Jeter how how how do you dig yourself a deep breath Erica how do you further. How do you further incensed the fan base at capital would have thought this was easy you're you're following Jeffrey Loria like. Anything you can do would be better liked it. Come on you you think we'd be throwing roses down for him to walk on right but. No that's not the case. That's not the case that early girl alone and this dude. Almost in the same places Jeffrey Loria do you know that I've defended Jeter a little bit the defended the business practices here. Yeah you know I've done I've stuck I stood up for some of the moves yeah. But I understand why people are hot about it yeah I get it like I didn't look it's all bad. There's been no good yes that that's the Obama and the bottom line then that ride it. Nothing nothing is better is it. No since they've taken over nothing is better at and I felt like I write every little thing they did heads has pissed off somebody yes. Whether it's your rhetoric Waltz OK you get rid us gel. That this you out valid bad that was terrible you have no Jeff Conine that gets out as. And then you get the stuff on the field yeah but nothing like every little second and now able to let you (%expletive) off somebody here and there and and now two of your most talented players that have CN. And if you have to deal right. Gelatin and removed so that question will be certainly asked I'd imagine here and they go to. In about an hour when that tunnel meaning it's started our organs and you're here let's get the 5 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. FAU takes on Akron at seven tonight in the cherub believe cart series hopeful we're told bowl. The elder two and three and on a nine game winning streak that includes winning the conference USA championship. And related FA new FAU news als have reportedly agreed to terms with coach Lane Kiffin on the ten year contract extension. Kiffin originally signed a five year deal that paid him 950000. A year. Miami Marlins executive Derek Jeter is holding a town hall meeting for select season ticket holders and media six tonight at Marlins part. It's unclear what Jeter plans on saying NFL Pro Bowl selection will be announced at eight tonight among the dolphins who figure to have a chance. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry deacons have been cam wade the prince of tackle Ndamukong Suh senator Mike I don't see safety Rashad Jones. Stick with the NF bill Green Bay plays quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the injured reserve list today. Hackers were eliminated from playoff contention last night. Tennis news it's now official Miami open tennis tournament will be held hard rock stadium and when he nineteen. Miami Dade County commissioners unanimously approved an agreement today. That clears the last hurdle to the move that was announced earlier this month. And finally Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who in the past it showed interest in the Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers. See that he's not interested in purchasing the Carolina Panthers. Quote why would I buy NFL team by being the league is in decline Cuban told the Dallas morning news. Three months ago Forbes estimated Carolina Panthers to be worth 2.3 billion dollars. Those are your headlines. Pigs get fat hogs get slaughter. If I didn't tell you right now you can have an MBTA or NFL team which one do you want. If so. Still so still in Ottawa yeah I would rise this being out I mean it's. This could be a one or two years speedboat and you know maybe the next 810 years you go back up to. Soaring popularity the fantasy football numbers go even higher who knows I this is more of assured being there and well I I will say that I will say that I think that as an owner my investment would appreciate com. Better in the in the NF bill but in the NBA you're not as long haul yes correct I'll tell it like the next 1018 year. Woods has yet to explain about your story tonight the thirty years yet and I said I don't know I'll tell my hand I'm assuming. The jags are are the least. Are are are the worth at least in the NFL yeah. That is the jags the raiders and Hillary is going to be big bump on a Las Vegas which gather the jags or the Nixon the lakers. That's our mind at all. I would probably then just don't take the Jay your sort casting doubt on his or doing and this is the question everybody out there if your forecasting. Where. Your team and where your sports going to be in third thirty years. Tony five years forty years reverend. Yeah I would probably still take it's probably still ban on in and fill the garden and the franchise that. You know I have went with the other I don't know like whose deal would include the stadium and all that but we're not going that deep into it just. Don't forget financials right I just yeah how is that our men are the only team for the holiday I would always I would still put money and enough in the in the bill and a man and a I grabbing MBA or make you think about it a little beds you know NBA look in the NBA has some nice rising stars some some nice young players but dumb. They they really aren't there yet right I mean you'd you'd. LeBron is is is there in Cady is there instead of curry is there and and and you've got some young players. Whether you're talking Anthony Davis were Carl Anthony tones or whoever some young players coming up. And I'm still gonna bet on the and a bill long term. Gradually the NFL is still a printing press yeah. I do the TV contract is probably gonna stay better. Amid all business and the gambling is is going to be much more gambling yes and Internet gambling gets even hit it down and you look at that's good great point perk and monuments front primary and is considered drug him like that. If gambling is legalized as a lot of people think it is in a lot of cities a lot of states like new Jersey's Carty is there on the doorstep. A lot of other states are ready to legalize gambling towards gambling. Then. That's even going to be more popular for all those portraits early for football. You all. If you think oh we out sports cameras to be legal in ten years and in the state that stayed in the state well then now it's only going to fuel. The NFL I mean one of the great and we had at least numbered on the show. Last week at partly about all the stuff he's like yeah I think you have a concussions are gonna herded all this rough in the but you're talking about yeah maybe it's more the gladiator sport 25 to thirty years who now work socially impacted. People are the only people that are playing great playing he and the other in in and played football for the most pardon. But Eagles it's still the number one show on TV every single week right. The number two show on TV for the most part every single week I mean the great lines that will be concussion. We Will Smith was an awful mood by the way but at the greatest sign of all time. They all the day of the week right exactly and maybe say they all a couple of days of the week. That's my development and tighter area Sunday and infrared and I'm not a hundred Thursday I mean I just. Like it did in the old days of the week in the fall. Where Sunday's everything shuts down it is the NFL. Yeah yeah here's the argument against. My you going to NFL via text or you can only hurt. Guys are going to be dying in pastor in the you to than they are now just imagine the cases of CT Ian buy to ten years. Bowl is going to be flag football within twenty years. He makes a good point but Al yeah that's what a bummer but it you're asking where I'm putting my money I'll ride it out out. It's and I'm not trying to be rule or jackass or anything good CT is obviously very real. But I would put I would still put my money on NFL franchise and look again I think your TV contract will be more lucrative and you're gambling. In com your but the present you know that the bid. You know Boone correct yes you ripple notice exit the popularity of the MBA has coincided with the decline of college basketball. The NFL has to be too much of college football what if that's true and what's her college basketball's one and done stuff. Because guys don't stick around so you know it's annoying guys it just didn't pop into the league after one year if that changes out of college basketball but the NFL. Okay it could be two culpable. It's who commit to a college football for the last 152030 years with the market does herb. Right right. Gregg of what is it that way they were live out. On and I think. As far as TV markets they don't really clash a whole lot do they mean directly if you talk about life. Alabama and Michigan and Ohio State a mean you might give it wasn't Cleveland Browns Ohio State then. But really I mean and here you'll get some bud Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville and you know Chicago Bears Notre Dame and I'd like in Dallas and Houston and have you deal with college. Up Phoenix LA. Let angle you learn USC that's healing yet but I and that's when they're good but that's not yes not know the markets at right now not yet I guess I'll just continue to draw Rodgers with the NFL yeah at Hilton it is kind of different markets is out for the most part yet are we definitely did he coming up next to a new to continue to text the show we invite and encourage a text message to 6797467974. -- there we're gonna get that one last night against Atlanta were they not only me the heat check we also need an injury check on his basketball moments that next Johnson and I mean it's again. Fifteen minutes of its customized by champion for five towards South Florida's number one you chuck and as you because it was a shoe shop. You're guaranteed to have the hot as four by four modifications in town called champion Portland for accidents that sponsor of 23446. Robert champion four by four dot com. Artisan work with the on Tuesday afternoon that you can be a part of it with a happy holidays to everybody out there we got our stuff still to come here on the show right now it's all about the Miami Heat. And I was so already perks that come. Bursting in here and and running in here grabbing the microphone to war for plug and say what an unbelievable. Victory that was last night for the Miami heat's scene. And. That made it interesting of the and they lose by 61 tends to 2104 and now there's one of those. You didn't really expect them. Two to win that game with the amount of people that are out I don't know bad hawks are hawks who were to mimic it don't care professional team did have five guys out. And just go on the road and expect to win a game like that you just can't and I give credit for hanging in there. Big gut it out Manny got great efforts from Richardson. Now waiters who Agassi was thrown up all over the place now did you mutilated throw behind the behind the bench to. Yeah yeah yeah I did I and I just saw that does not make an hour ago actually was cheating would Dion is of the same the man has. Well deserved more of Allah he says but getting. Spoke against the British seems legacy and get some bad beef and there. And I guess I don't know me I spaghetti seems like something that maybe I'm wrong wells producing something that it's hard. To get sick over your enemy you know what. May be used spaghetti too mean hostel in general and maybe new license some seafood are some bad shrimp or lacking which is good wins I'm yeah slow maybe I'm like tomato sauce. You think yeah I middle saucer like they I don't know I don't know peppers in there are guys sauce instead be okay bad beef may be right. Maybe by the the details got me neither do I really gets in their part yeah that's an hour so good at. That's what winners was was sick awful but he but he played hard and he had 23 points and he shot a pretty decent percentage but just it just wasn't up when your plane. I mean your plane hey guys I mean in one of homes Derek wall junior the other ones Jordan Mickey off your bench you know they assume that they Wellman. Not the same but that's not an MBA bench. No it is no it's not and look let me ask you this step them through thirty games. He was fifteen and fifteen or heat are Justine and pretty ignorant when it caught up by amending. Last year. They were ten and twenty. It is this a concern for you. As ever he pandora as he follower. The member of he media. ID. If I don't did you expect is that disappointing or is it irrelevant like I mean you. Here it is here's the thing. Last year is last year. In the and you are hit with serious injuries early last year well Tom I mean beautiful as the lesser anymore. RD thirty games into the season last year might have been ten years ago Al salaam are gonna sit here and there was got there they look within the senate last year. It's different team. Different does there they're there in time a different league. Different schedule different everything last year is last year now okay last year I weighed forty pounds less Merck missile. Last night last year adult children play all latch Obama were the playoff hunt yes a hate it okay. Bill last year is last few hours. Are you this gap. I'm not that concerned. About this team this reason. I see a bump new wind 43 to forty by game's 46 would be the ceiling. I still think that's possible peninsula so yes so I there there are issues there and there are reasons for concern but I'm not looking at this team. In going through my pre season prediction there's no way that's coming true role in this is definitely not at this stage. I still think. The you've got to get Hassan backed NC which you have. I still think there's going to be a trade they move. Trade values are low right now because these guys are not performing songs and her yeah and their hurts always charges that he yes hard to say well December 13 just ask what are you wait none were at. Did the situation is is not from advantageous for the heat but. I I still casino in in between 43 and forty but eight. Before I say that though I still see is some kind of a move and maybe not major but a meaningful. You know a meaty move. I would say if you asked me. Two months ago. Curtis thirty games and what what's their record. Seventeen and thirteen. Yeah well it's did you do you weren't I don't think anybody would have thought like ten games over five and well I don't know yeah so seventieth or maybe 1812 sums it thirteen probably somewhat you have new games three OK game's over maybe they'll get off to a good start yeah. So that they blow a few games in there. Gathered little cub games and there are they've you know the opening night was a little bit was little bit disturbing. And there's a couple of games along the way. That data in the next game they didn't play well there's some games of the blue on there they got. They got beaten by Goldstein San Antonio they've already seen those two teams have been on the schedule may have a schedule to allow these things so. But to go back to your original question which is which is a good one okay thirty games in Simon's house hasn't played Havel's games. Do you look at Greg he's missed fifteen put Alicia the warriors were stepped curry Andrea mongering just not to play too many people like go you know what go ahead and take off somebody's best player. That that that that's of wanting to begin with yet let go out okay goes whoa you know what. Johnson Milwaukee right to play the course of their right we're going to be playing LeBron in the papers that you Slowey and an ugly evil and LeBron went through the bench last year it was a it was a disaster that is crisis for a team like the heat wore a flawed team to begin with. You can't just like yes gold is taken survive without the rant for three weeks or staff are OK still spurs can survive without why Leonard. Not just survival win. Yeah the heat but you lose your best player for half the year. Are you kidding me now. Here's the text message delivered to and you take that ten Beers and six. Tom. First one hurt ya I admire you for your common sense comments that somebody who doesn't listen to me but the heat is awful please stop sugar coating it. Another six mid season two years ago he were below 500. In steel won 48 gains another six haven't lost hope let's go heat. Another text it's a bit disappointing I want more of an identity from the heat. And another takes time for Riley to pull the trigger this team is terribly averaged an inconsistent. Trade. Every one. My soul that opinions opinions are urged are all over the place and un. On this team let the media month or did have a colossal the only guys behind until throw him out. And it throughout the go to treat everybody throw him out what are we got we've got a bit disappointing no more an identity there. Somebody saying the heat is awful please stop sugar coating it okay that our cultural exile and you'll find New Zealand two years ago he were below 500 and still won 48 game soccer finals two years ago he America's lesser persons to a season ago that's what that I've missed written premium. Like okay yeah they. Again thirty games in seventeen and thirteen. Sixteen and fourteen. You know like quickness and at the -- well OK let me ask you this and let me ask you this or thought isn't. Is fifteen and thirteen. Fifteen and fifteen or can you be in a sending fifteen and fifteen team or declining thirteen and fifteen team like are they. Isn't it a good fifteen and fifteen that there is such a big you could say that you you do this without her son and Islam will be back so maybe it's time to fifteen record or or kept you could say. It's still disappointing because. Whereas gore on where's James Johnson wears Tyler Johnson that. These guys even without Hasan should be able to get chew who were three games above by wonder why do you are you look at the thirteen and eighteen other guys is finally this president just a number or is there errors they're meaning behind the number. No I think I think there are a good spot considering you haven't had a sign for fifteen games they've they're good. Why did they know they're going to be fine I I believe. Now what I find meaning the 4340 poor winter. Five when you were a little ironic that forty yards it's six of these are commenting on the death out of the question is were you when you look at some of the other some of the other questions of the other teams in the Eastern Conference. Like you like the damned bit of justice that one player last night they went. Live just as James gore anybody else or last night they would acumen is the land so there all of a sudden your games over. And I keep going like going back to the schedule but that's way it's gonna be all year long it's going to a teacher coverage is going to be. Just just our you know the ring am with all these teams. That your gonna be from from the fourth seed to agencies can be like two games three games man yeah you know they just get result bunched up. Will be like that rafter on the slide index score between the bowlers no marker you don't know that now. Now the question that you you ask me how old ask you another question has these this elderly some heat as the Eastern Conference changed. In your mind. 'cause that's the thing you have to ask I think he can win their fair share yeah letter who are they knew Cleveland going a going to be better break. We know that our boss or get a better yet they're not going to be better right. We gave Washington was gonna be decent we thought to be ahead than your little fourteen unit one had slain the head of Miami you know so. Washington. Hasn't lived up to that break will they. Will say anybody else there are days or wow I I didn't even attributed go they're better than me oh Philadelphia guard he only Andre Indiana. Seventeen and fourteen is that a bit of a surprise but by the county yep the bottom line is this yeah you you've got. To me some scenes that I liked him best of sevens. Mets Boston and Cleveland in the east end everybody else there. When I am not. I'm not scared of it from the heat or from any of these other teams like a bomb it if Tom Billy I'm not scared of Detroit or Toronto. You know him say hindsight has the east changed. Maybe it might be a couple of games better like last year 41 imported one got to win. May be this year it's 4243. Wins to get to win but. It's not the west we know that it's a little bit better on. The west. DC right now is under 500 promote her ran 500 right. Did advertising's. Gonzales and that's what you got to the west rightness it's 500 lead pretty much my duties is not ideal is a cesspool like it was in years past years right. They got to get some Americans Obama that way you are you need you need host on one side. Back yeah we we got that we got. Oh look at what is the record for the fifteen games of Al Hasan that is a good Tex I do not know that I do not know that. Another sex is not just the sun so many injuries fifteen and fifteen out take you so you know mum. Let's see somebody says OK homer realized that he he can upgrade the roster without a trade. Than this this is the team. Well I don't see the rest over the Barroso wrestler does this team for four years no way to average time to upgrade and get a clear. Who can lead and we can count on showing up every night. So gaga I guess is this moved the ball better than the meaning of the sexes they can upgrade the roster without a trade out of arm. You know I do I mean I will and if I was Pat Riley. I wasn't necessarily blocking these guys up so that I would have dom. I was locking them up soul the next the team that I trade them true. There isn't looking at it going though this guy's gonna be a free agent after the season or or you know I'll have one and a half years or. At that did that to me was the benefit of of of love blocking these guys up which guy it. I do think that you do need to upgrade this roster somehow we used you've gotta you gotta we still I. The whale is not out there right now also don't think about you know you're getting Shaq or LeBron or eight. And about you're getting better complementary players the types of guys that you need to contend. You're you're getting you know better of a blow those types of players art that's what I look at. Or fifteen games I'm guessing they're seven and made some like that without the sun we have we have I that's the question I don't know that I that I'm gonna get that noted that during the break but they have a general your house fueled a nice piece about Anthony Davis about you can be the big whale out there. Bottom line dollar balance of the bottom line is you're gonna have to play better anyway. Uh oh another text compare to okay see we're doing OK now one other thing about that is my candidates might get a loan out so you aren't allow a lot of that information for you only aside plus. That's reds holidays so we're you know we're feeling festive around here we got a fifty dollar gift card to the same bar real organ push that out on the other side plus plaintiff in the lane train are you only drink tonight's. I I'd be aboard the motor single to return okay that your guy well. I wanna see him I had to let's not exaggerate I've only seen clips of him I've not seen. DeVon motor singletary the running back and at the U I want to see him I'm not sure there's a lot of people watching if you for the first time tonight yeah exactly and they well it's all the fuss about right. We'll get to that as well plus. But half hour away from that Derek Jeter town hall new moon on their balance for a cup of uh oh maybe that's a that's we are coming in after out of bed literally put the fire to the to the feed to the of them of the captain Derek Jeter down there so low get back to that as well right here on 79 minutes ago. Okay. Yeah they're the professor John plane every Thursday morning at 8 morning on our. On the morning shows that little Romberg and Abrams happening in the NFL the professor those funds and joined the marine accident attorneys have you been in an accident call eight hundredths of a voice of free. That's 807473733. Through super fresh with you here on a Tuesday afternoon happy holidays everybody. Out there. Ben is now with a Thursday's regular era accelerators getting in the holiday mood you know these kind of painting in the next couple days off from doing this and gone out of town right I mean were what lesson a week away from my Christmas. Yeah and I think General Instrument that's in that mode so to speak so to travel and out there to stand in town everybody have a happy holiday MC polity there. You holidays we got holly dutifully a fifty dollar gift card to San mar. Grill in the grow voted best sports bar in Miami when the Miami new times wherever Monday's report until they score. Free beer until one of the two teams in the football game scores for the bush set out here the next few minutes at a Beasley are in a felons off the insiders who join us here in the. 6 o'clock hour also we got those chili cook off tickets speaking way we get goodies there were. That's over a hundred dollar value chili cook off coming in January 20 we're gonna have those for you in the six truck hours well by the way Amazon's been profiting games or seven today so we were we were kind of ran on that one. But. Seven. And eights now as far as when he's coming back. That gets a little bit tricky yeah the end of the Utica slope playing this thing and what report tomorrow. From Bob before the Boston game put the U schedules kind of jumbled here they have Boston tomorrow. And then they got the homestand starts with Dallas on Friday in the New Orleans on Saturday. And then they don't play it'll Tuesday. And then needs demos get a practice and their really hard core practice wearing goals so you might not seem until next week. He had date they user only like what I call full contact practice so. Tom you don't practice the day after bag of excess turnabout in BA unwritten rule in new you know nobody does that so. Com yeah we could you know next next week and then there's there's days off. So you could observe them after the game a little bit and give him a couple of days to see how that that knee bruise has has reacted to a pull games or the founding. You'd you you don't one of base New Orleans without him but. You don't wanna set him back either you know New Orleans is not a priority none of them long term health. That's amazing minority they need to get him back and they need to sustain that program as they can have a does that mean they could've they could've brought him out for trouble these games and maybe they have a better record but this is not some you wanna do with the entire season. Now maybe it is that they did it maybe it's and they do it anyway moon but it but there it is day OK you're a 100% OK now we go and it's not as set out to be on a percent of Zaza like that guys are gamma planet you know I need to be on a present okay fine. I'll I'll ask you this again can the blues he 78 well and so on. Are good it does. I mean it is is that a good record credit record or is that a hoop they need this on the present because you USA will maybe if that's on there they're ten and buy it. Well they win Jackie glass slipper command please I mean the also yes. Yes everything's fine without us on Whiteside. It is better than it's better than I thought and I for a that was an excellent X I I I actually hadn't even thought about their record without a sonnet is knew they were 500 seem to enroll in the kind of win win lose lawyer long you know kind of figured feels like that like. Yeah but I memories go out there on the that'll be disarmed. Tray out that one yeah those deals romance the new you know there there goes the text there was the text though but at the rally killer textile. Our timber owners we don't you guys I didn't even an invention that that that's that's a 45 show tomorrow gonna run Magruder tax somebody murdered you was the text. Whiteside has to get. Traded. Non Peru murder aging beast with a accumulating injuries equals doom. So alien murderer guy whites are portrayed. Non perimeter aging B eggs C solid so that would be like a non perimeter aging B a perimeter a perimeter big is like Chris that's porting is right. Non perimeter aging B with accumulating injuries. Equals doom. Okay arguably clears all this is kind of the first major injuries that Ed Anderson and strangers to yeah an opportunity to meet. Bone bruises to his knee in separate places in the same knee so yeah this is not a a major. I think I think everybody's point who talks about treating her song and he is. Pool is being what what quality teams are being live by their big men but or or better yet by a hid under the Rio mama beat me in. Like what and and you know why I brought this up before and and somebody. You know I like the the the big men but somebody text that it will worse corollary of the details lead his team and where is Anthony Davis lead his team and where to bogey cousins in Sacramento lead his team although it Agassi's not a true he had under the rim a guy. You know bug. Mark assault we're words and you know did he leave Mim this anywhere so that that was I think when people talk about trading the sun it's kind of like 98 million dollars and what's the putrid this guy is like a complementary player. On what's the point yeah that's probably the sick cause our satellite tiger witty things are your best player correct that's that's the whole point cat to me. That like I don't think that you signed it's on to a 98 million dollar contract to sit right we got the bar now. Let let's progress. Like I don't think that was the thinking Neil I was well we got to put this guy this to people. Like that's the market like you wheeled from this somebody else will he'll be gone and we lose the best two way player that we got. Always thought we see in the Emmy for years bosh was boiling up in Toronto for years positive player it would squat. So what like Abu Abbas comes here anyways your second or third best player. You win titles all of the joint so like yes I mean that's what it is and yeah go go down the NBA. Like he's he's due on its as good as he has audio win anything and marquis. They'll planning around them. Right leg and right again he goes against LeBron tonight and so will. Right of it isn't like there's every player yet but they're not help. Like you need help you tell me then that's okay go that's the quarterback discussing like the NFL to. Like there's four guys in the NBA than like the pied pipers right. Like they basically them at a couple other dudes write good dude and you're on your way yeah then you're underway yours yet your anyway OK and we'll out of those guys are yeah. And two runs that team by the right right. Right meaning curry injury right yes yeah. So and we don't we still don't know why Leonard is one of those guys that I went on who that guy is he's got those deals there a guy and the guy in Cleveland. Yeah and then kind of positive drug approved that yeah he's run approve it is that's what this little boy outside of that and the guys held every every everybody else whether you're doing hard northern -- free or whoever right you've still got to prove. That that you can't be that guy. Right so I mean you know you that is where there's a couple of pied pipers were ego or do we got this guy we just put good players around him. Will win anyway and the like the run that you need Kevin Love that you need you need you know now it's Isiah Thomas. Put it Italy a couple of guys that you it's OK true true centerpiece. Type of players when. In the NBA it's a trial true franchise type quarterback nimby is Arnold's danced. White house on. A son generate so much. He you know at this here's here's a text. Well will will get to him in the next next segment what is there was an excellent tease yes we'll get as soon as that has led dude is polar that it. And around and it's locked out and that god are it will be we get I'm BZ joining us we got the silica golf delegates and a person here's the thing. Rumbling train around here we're not on the Jeter the Jeter wagon were on the plane train. That that that now you can start up here the liturgy yes that you did that today as an alien that's got out Israel there. But I promise right now caller number seven to the contest line. Which is 7865340790. Can win a fifty dollar gift cards embargo to grow voted best sport or Miami about a minute times. And were every Monday as or until they score from free beer into one of the two teams. And the football game scores as part of a 778653. War. Seven and nine the right here on 79 in the ticket. Five or six here on 790 the ticket listen to. Against the spread was John submarine Kevin Todd. They turned outcomes and it didn't come Saturday mornings at 830 on him tonight into tomorrow fortunately to the ticket. Curtis and perk back with you here we'll take you up to just before 7 o'clock Greg likens will be and controlling the airwaves. Here on AM 790 can always text shows six have a knights haven't for the 679. 74 we got yeah. Chili cook off tickets will be giving away here in the in the 6 o'clock hour also checked in with our NFL insider and dolphins insider Adam be easily from Miami Herald. He's going to join us here in in about twenty minutes or so. You are off tonight at the Celtics tomorrow. While that game of course for your coverage will begin at 630. From it was 00 while the of the party finished that we Golden State. Finish that was spurs in the finish of the series season the season series with Boston tomorrow. So they're done. Get off the schedule and that's a good thing considering all seemed to better in the heat and so for them and have evo a lot of blocked it reads Celtics one time. But never lets come an oddity to the schedule I was a say got to play the schedule. Sometimes in the in this sport but it's not a Julia and everyone worked up here. Usually holiday several days enough guys that are on edge already right I don't worry about and Martha cumin and on the on the delta flight got delayed until tomorrow you know because our went out the land and we gotta get uncle Ricky the other gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods because you know he needs new pair shoes and if people are already stressed out around the holidays it's the satellites anything really down really work of a mob and well out there park. Man I have signed. Polarizing I mean I we thought Jeter our conversation about Jeter. Was that that was lightning rod territory Hassan Whiteside. Lightning rod territory. And that leads us and here's the thing. This is all about Hassan Whiteside. The 500 record of seven and eight record without a sign it's up it's a whole organization thing and here's what I mean. Here's what you need to do you you've got to get talent right that loans on Pat Riley. You've got to coax the talent and devise a system where that talent can excel. That's up to Erik Spoelstra. Then that talent has to translate into game winning plays that's on the players so. In the three important areas of the franchise. Acquiring talent coaching the talent and having the talent translate into victories but he is deficient and all three. The sun Whiteside. Is a good is not cause sun's ball the sun is a good player on both ends of the court. So to say that this is that that the sun is is to blame for this in any way is a role he has. But let's get to how this team plays with and without this on seven and eight record without Hassan Whiteside. Does that mean that has sun is. I I I I guess meaningless that that that he's not a quality player I don't think so again. I think this is more about the talent around host on you can win with Hassan Whiteside. I'm not sure how far you're going if Hassan Whiteside is your best player in your telling them Hassan Whiteside to take. YouTube Eastern Conference finals or to take you to the NBA finals. The guy needs help he can make game winning plays for you but he's not going to be your number one player. Well you ask why are you paying him so much money if he's not going to be your best player well. If you wanna keep this on that's what he's going to cost you that that's the bottom line. Signs NBA piece of a championship team but he's not going to be your number one piece. I would pay the sun 98 million to be a valuable piece of my championship team. But once you commit to doing that now to me a lot of this goes to trial looms bowl. Get some better talent around this and Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra come up with a system in which that talent to thrive playing with a solid. That to me is the bottom line yet you're going to Hassan Whiteside. And I think that he planned on doing that this season. You've got to put the talent around him to excel and not expect a son to beat a guy to lift the team. That's the way it's gotta be done. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in congress. Drone surge is your authorized DJ ideal they've got. All your drone needs covered what you're talking about training repairs customizations new purchases. Whatever it is they got you covered look at muck today drove nerds dot com solve Florida's guys. In the sky I don't know what they'll happen around here like we went from the got a guess on Whiteside back problem injury to with the Tex signed just you know. They got to try to yeah sex line blew up with you've got a trade has sought to them like it. I mean this is this is. This is not really about this on to me it's about. The talent around Tucson and the system that that your trying to hit it there that's where I'm global accord that I understand that I just wanna get there wouldn't back healthy assumed the single about the first. That's right come out and well I. You don't play games this team as they can do. Man that these words I'm past that I'm past that cap item. Why. Because com I think that I in no way this team can do it on the road for 4345. Wins okay. Okay. So there's a lot of sugars and that's what I'm shrugging their shoulders because I disagree with you if you're if you're good today being used to eyewitness if you want to improve it well then you make some don't but I. But I I I think we know what this team he has now. OK I. I don't know exactly know what they are. Maybe a little bit better than what you have from Baghdad maybe. But okay but put all the stuff but all that it's irrelevant if they don't get on the court play you're not boosting anybody's value in this league that's that's the problem when Dion Waiters is throwing up in the corner right and just as Winslow is camp play him and he's right morons on the dotted line again. And generally nausea as out like them as is happening. Nobody's trading for those due to Europe if they are like you're getting back. I does there but it does it. I'd like to trade think that's one of the things when I die and go to sports talk radio heaven as well the first things let's say at the gates like the the all the trades are. Agca we will write another bureau you know what I don't know nobody like everyone gives exited a silent side. This is a slow. Big league is go go right for all that and trade right Emmanuel Lewis. Yeah exactly you at a trade numbers net Korean KD. Yeah. Baghdad you know what the entire leg below us out of the dinosaurs is laid. I don't sort of slim lead at that you eat minutes like so trade of so it always do there are lining up for a dinosaur right. Rush is one of them firm and the Yankees did discuss MVP for mountain. I'm a little insurance for a low double sort of an editor at their dinner dinner in the NBA and it has to home but how important is to help. Could not rally will definitely will definitely scale mouth for per player too I edges is like the other the trade stuff done that's always that's. Always a kind of look I don't think the sun is untouchable. Bono and Arnold are either yeah but. My thing is is this that and again I hate it by Pat Riley I never thought that I was gonna stick with this team the whole season. I was gonna make a trade but what's bothering mean now or what's topping mean now. Is that. These guys trade value is so low because they have yeah. Emboldened so you don't have anything you don't okay like that that's that's where the land has has gone off the rails to me is it's. It's not that I planned on keeping all of these guys for the entire season it's that I wanted to get off to a good start. And trade some album and it'll take take one more step to being a top team in the. East islets four good to have left town hall meetings and starting here let's get to Iran updated on that here as we had to 6 o'clock deadline. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WAS advanced HD true. ARAMARK. Old lot of stuff going on right now and in the next hour will start with FAU they take on Akron and and our 7 o'clock in the Chara booty tart cherry bowl we're told bolts the Al stint and 3119 game winning streak. In other FAU related news the university has reportedly agreed to terms with coach Lane Kiffin. And a ten year contract extension tip and originally signed a five year deal that paid a 950000. A year. That's going on in this hour Bowen on right now. Marlins executive Derek Jeter he's holding a town hall meeting for select season ticket holders and media at 6 o'clock get Marlins are. Unclear what Jeter rules say we will be on the Twitter. Twitter fees that soon or they chew and everything that Syria. Two hours from now NFL Pro Bowl selections will be announced three dolphins eager to have a pretty good chance right. Jarvis Landry him way Ndamukong Suh perhaps might Halcyon Rashad Jones also slide in the air. One more and a bill no Green Bay has placed Erin Rogers on the injured reserve list the Packers were eliminated from playoff contention last night. Says news that's a visual Miami open tennis tournament will be held hard rock stadium and when he nineteen. Miami Dade County commissioners unanimously approved an agreement today that clears the last hurdle to that move which was announced earlier this month. And last leave Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Who has shoulder a little bit of interest in the past in the Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers see if he's not interested in pursuing the Carolina Panthers. Paul why would I buy an NFL team if I think the league is in decline Cubans see it to the Dallas morning news. Three months ago Forbes estimated Carolina Panthers to be worth 2.3. Billion dollars. Those are your Hitler. Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughter love that quote from for Mark Cuban art. Who does a lot of stuff there we wrote delaying trading halt our. You know the 4 o'clock hour we did Jeter and 5 o'clock hour. We did a sign of the heat all that you know mixed in there yeah a couple things we have got bees coming appeared about about the limits a couple of things are getting off my chest I. Okay that tennis tournament. That's the one that's one that's down a Key Biscayne excellence idol which I love best wearing a bit in Miami's Key Biscayne these day government I've. The government allowed joints you know. I've been a few Key Biscayne is one that. Square inch he's one of the day he bit the most. Beautiful. Destinations that I ever been to. That parcel of land is unbelievable. And every tennis or Madonna yeah so so axis leaving their but we know we know them into this for your right right OK the next report. How the hell they gonna have a tennis tournament at those at the Hart rushed him of that and bring all those portable courts. I from what I understand the main the main courts are going to be on the field I don't get that scenario and there and I don't think I'd. I don't know about the rest I don't know. You're not CEO of the guy and yes I'm so I just yet. His ideas don't see I like good for them for missing the tournament yeah everybody gorged out but try to make a tennis village nothing is I know it's it's. Initially I'm very skeptical it's not going to be the same initial right we'll see you Steve Ross then. They can do win it but initially MB air re skeptical of that what a great view in just agreed in knew that was from limbo yet only a bed and you pretty much got the top tier men and women in the world. And they're coming your fair play ads as you know the likely get about a Grand Slam and had just. I'm I'm not a huge tennis guy but I love in quality athletes and that's what you saw them assault while the aptly the best of the best and delicately done here is retired a year all that stuff love that the united say allow Google got its additionally care. What ideas on how you can make a tennis tournament. I don't like a hobbled to the sermon moderately you know like a couple she ran like okay Woolsey good luck yet. Bush got staying here the other thing golf is global. You do you have your money in the did you been in the thing is I didn't I didn't heard tiger like I. I mean I don't mean to sound harsher but I can really care less who makes a Pro Bowl awful with six and a football team right now. The boosters and fans alike could he didn't you watch the probable right. So hello I will sign the Pro Bowl that beyond the skills Kon says. It was really excellent last year I agree it was it was I never watched the game but under the for a quarter and for the players it's great honor. What if like even those diehard thin man out there. Okay he's got he's got you know he's got the dolphins underwear on ratings watch an ace venture on a constant loop right OK he's the biggest Finns got around you know. That they're like damn we gotta get my house in this probe all right let all I am I am flooding in the voting. Right it did Jarvis Landry era there was two Orlando there was me and voting on line in ahead of him voting on isn't as many as at all hours later. I don't think anybody about it when he did the idea was thirteen and into what I ordered or those of last year even regulate all man this guy serves Greg guys are team needs national respect let's get 678 guys there. This year if they got. Soon his or they got six guys opening getting gonna. Here in my off of that element I'm not be in the. No I think most people have that same opinion though. I hated so we'd all be deep bag right a really don't know why I don't think that anybody. Cheers and maybe that is deep baggage up. So he really out there a city that you know like because you're six and right now bed and we got to get economic consumed right war right if he gets CNN weekend you have and we can attract other reagents to play around him I it's not nobody cares lets you click OK like relax. Last year with a bigger deal. Okay ask him winning so all the dog and my yeah. Like like that we all surrogate you what you got exit conjecture go watch a game. Right or the visitors mortgage all of this got to get a good option once again you know probable watched a game anyway now those Alex I was stars in the game right. Right I. I don't think anybody did hear somebody it's at the end of Landrieu makes a Pro Bowl how much does that drive up his asking price and free agency. Probably not much draw mrs. Jarvis is prices because he's Jarvis. Not because he's you know three time Pro Bowl player Jarvis as polls are these two time pro bowler later jars of the players are all yeah on our I think Thomas thanks for them liberal fans the finger jacked up to draw our government yeah I think the only way they would matters tonight would be you have the 81 timers such as print Schwab sitting Zabian power. But like Rashad Jones has been there are sue has been there weight has been their pals he has been their Landry has been there if they go again this year not a big deal. If you have a first timer from this team. It would be a shock even eggs Avian. You know under the border surgeons on the one side of the west thirty missions of the young talent to do so that's about that's about as far as it could go as far as a little Al right. Right but it doesn't authority and as I exactly now let's get let's get as many Finns in the the probe cause we can't yes somebody takes him they still play the pro they do in some Orlando uniform. And they're going they're going back to the regular AM receivers in Seattle relievers you never really had no yeah I believe but I you know it's they had an idol and habitat that team had any idea any errors you know they've tried everything in the book to try to spice things up I like the wounds on here actually when there was a lot of fun but yet still the pro ball. MB is the that and other some golfers are related questions as he said to join the shop next here on 792 ticket. Yeah. Apparently it's over a hundred dollar value we're gonna have that story coming up here. The next twenty minutes scores so every Monday on the ticket it's the culture regatta ball. Monday rewind full recap of the weekend's games and chipped that in your important work from there on the ball friendly and knowledgeable person on. But where political public adjusters Coors Light in Florida lottery card as. Promise we get out to right jewels announcers resource guess financially and beyond convene at. That's jury find our our main man who is are NFL involved insider from Miami Herald Adam Beasley is our guest here on this Tuesday evening that I feel a moment. I'm actually a little bit conflicted guys I want to put this to the audience in I have bad dad because I let my kid downstairs to go to Rio had. Is the Q&A low. All. That you and your dad did you you lucky less supervision for young Jacob I. There decrypt it can't get out of the reality continue to go in there. Yeah well lit and endorse cracks on Casey's or scream bloody murder I can hear what I do feel a bit that it is the first summit on the. That live as long as there's only flammable around he'll be fine OK so at Christmas tree limbs had to beat spied these. Come on these things always turn out my nobody will ever be all I was doing the right but it was about three months now. We want ultimately got sooner or later so yeah. Kim I haven't had a speech get a job yet so little bit. He's got a little bit depended on. He's a free loaner right now right yeah well that's that's it does is good treatment for Leo so. Let's. I you know really wanted to tortured me you make of a dolphin fan Roma girl out there young young Jacob is going to be Harden Mahan and about two weeks yeah right yeah it's that meant aren't a lot of Bloomberg had a horrible thing here and I guess we should ask you about it obviously there is anybody. Result is that a big deal and it not for the players but for the fans sound that anybody really cares what your team that's losing. And is anybody truly old ball worthy where it's at this doesn't make it tonight all my god he got robbed. I think I think some players really do care about it ones haven't gone before like Michael Thomas he really cares. And the guys like Tim Tompkins who care about legacy a thought it would play in the game. But Wayne that it. It's time for global up global hold conversations. At things like that you say our economic and soon he was eight or nine time pro bowler and and and that which he didn't you. That that is there's chips and your staff acted to get a win so yeah I think. Players compared delight in the dolphins might get shut out perhaps I think it's possible I was I was going to in my head today. I'm dumping sewage first year here. He was left off the team and I know you didn't wanna talk about it but he could you got the sense cute little salty about it does it look out you played the individual. And he just as good as always accuses it was really good seventeen been really good. But because of the players around them and and certainly fifty this team. He didn't really look that great and so I think that there will be players apparent that we players have probably should be consideration that get left out. Buy it yet but they've Landry probably could then because he's gone twice now in the UK has not he catches this year and eight touchdowns and I'll those yards per catch on our great. Bill all of those factors were probably play in there and indivisible player right in the camera went. And I looked like I think Landry he'll probably get in. Aside from that geez you've talked about Beckham curled his problem. No I mean our conversation was we don't players wanna be in there that's that's recognition and Els thinks we'll like that the fans really going when the voting comes out tonight as the fans are really going to be interest but you with a season is gone I don't know that perilous. Are you kidding you know what is there the edit heaters will be like I'll. Look it's another example lost all these not a then go to what's probably prudent for. But the Pro Bowl but. No I've if from everything from. Is this secondary ticket market to how our metrics have done served per web traffic. Anderson this team the way he weighed down. Yeah yeah ideas and it it it's probably gonna stay that way. The the next couple weeks until we can start talking about draft and yet know. It has been based is hope. And that theory per capital starts again. You're exactly right these. But let's focus on the Kansas City game. When you look at the offense and they have been averaging 24 points per game in the previous six and so last week. This office finished strongly this season and what would that look like with red light wood that looked like what he points per game with that looked like tinian Drake with a couple of hundred yard games or the passing game gets rejuvenated about the authors of mind is reinvigorate like. The last two games what does offensive success look like for the state. I think it's just hang out of football and you look at games they played in it could turn the ball over a bunch. And by day and he gave Cutler right and he is he's the one used to get that way. It could had not a joke seven turnovers on Sunday he threw three picks. And for mobile ball four times in the and it's huge statistical quirks you eat all the mall that doesn't happen. You can use apple men and fell on the ball so. He's got to do a better job with you know local boy I know you know they're still kind of you know I hope that that need to get back in this thing indefinite break bread on the wants some they only have a meaningful an alleyway at the nitrate 76. Give week seventeen that that means something. But they got a better job on the football and so you know we we can we we've spent the entire season dissecting. Criticism his entire career. To go and one awful to good one all pulled one out when good too awful match justice's career. And you kind of had this sense from the second time to drop back. On Sunday up in buffalo that it was that Jay Cutler using up air rail passes he would want optimum. He was not target the entire day and defrag adult involved because of the. Adam Beasley are NFL and lemon over decider for the Miami Herald. Is our guest here on 790 that's again aren't and I guess they're still playing they're technically still a lot Emmitt eliminated from playoff contention was put down like. But should there be some sort of evaluation. Process going on our rather than opposed to let's just let's just to win these next two games. Or is that's not the way and gays thinks. Well he Katamari intraday yesterday when he said well what's motivation your job you know so he is going to look very evenly and guys who. Who played first 1617 weeks and guys are mailed and when when they've been essentially eliminated. And they have some decisions to make the salt is nice I would I would guess that means you know every normal offseason there's 203040%. Turnover. It might be hired at this here that often and we go to court players that. Either they wanna keep predicate their radio because of contractual obligations but I think their jobs to be. He had not yet opening day roster 2018 but it's simply didn't training camp what does this franchise. And that could be won or lost by how these guys play but look who we have information on every single. Player we've seen the field this year we know what they can do what they can't do and Chris Grier knows what they can do what they can't do so yet finishing strong will probably help. Biting at all and this ill what do they wanna that are not a pretty good idea what they're going to do this coming offseason who's going to be here. And who's not. You guys are you are you on board with play in the Al Lotto game in the end and then yes you know they can do that great team that back then or are you beyond that. No I am beyond that. He's got to beat Kansas City right Catholic and I go beyond that yeah I don't want to give you have to leave him what line. It's like 2%. On the and it wasn't out yet. The upside is you'll attend points of czar it relatives. And none of the show's crew presidency president Malia ten points I think that yeah. Who would you take. I mean I was yeah. About it's a good number. Yeah and Casey can can quench your divisional front they can get really ugly. Just once in him that has worked LA demeanor and I think Elizabeth Edwards in the Miami is right now. Well yeah. Yeah politics are better amusement and other. But there's so many small teams that can beat all team members they're like two or three really good teams in total popular one problem before Carson went got hurt so. I don't think there's a huge separation between the salt and sand and any of these other middling teams they just have. Worst quarterback situation and how much I really do think that. They are in them and it's you can we can talk about the Palestinians would derail the date right you know got hurt you lose your starting quarterback the second week of training camp. You're gonna probably go six and generate eight. But it puts you back to that you're back to the main point about Cutler. But yes they could play with Posey but you can't have those wild swings from the quarterback position every hour. How difficult it for a decade I think I I I don't know how. Other footage typically Chicago he was there what eight years ago oh yeah they use how did you as a as a as a front office not put it. How could you not know that this is not a voter franchise around because as police if it works and as immediately as August. He can't get these sixteen game didn't it feel less than maybe you lose let you win it in late may every year. Yeah and and he went to the Pro Bowl in what 08 I believe in the only season inside. But to me that probably keeps if your Chicago probably keeps the innocence it was regaining her Yahoo! -- you some hope right so that's again that's you you run that. Pastor Eddie and his career at 92. You want you argued a career 8485. Passer rating guide at the backup quarterback isn't. I don't know I don't know that's a backed up by I think it comes to the pins right I mean. What. Starting quarterback for a team that's. Actually claimed the third division. Yes so what. That's yes that's that's all I'm saying that that Mike you're not that you're you're not fluent to a Super Bowl but you know Len lesser pay me and uglier. I'm with you Beasley goes Obama's running quarterback during those eight seasons Chicago. In particular in our people hardly expect a. I. Who was the worst that it was the worst that Iran. He can't be ended because it wasn't the worst. And I mean the guys actually play urges yes I am going to let Matt. Who. I say it was the any. Really well let's you're gonna tell like Matt war. Likely a lemon so those guys this video yeah we yeah we give the enemy number you can you can wow. When you talk about guns and Applebee's. And I spent more importantly it Cleo Lemon OK you got there. Pounding. But yeah probably unique double that's my particular Monday night is a geez you know you know why they give this guy in Chicago and then all this on nine now in a lot. And that's the thing is that I will boy once shame on you fool me twice shame on me it's a police 70000. Every time equivalent to a couple other just like oh without you pulled me right back in the expected technicolor experience to get. Hate duke duke beat doubt that he goes to Kansas City on Sunday to play itself. I do have some doubt yeah yeah. Because he's Jay Cutler. Mean it's great. I wouldn't be totally saw that I I don't expect it to me that he I don't know his numbers are on the road with the team hasn't done well on the road no link but it. Somebody in the text line sons in Tyler did pin. Still access it really is and that's just scrape the bottom of the girls do their. But that but I mean like what I don't expect Cutler I I don't expect I wouldn't be shocked but I heard. I would well I'll put a deal like this I would probably be more shock defeat played the the outstanding game as opposed to read. Crappy dead bodies are imminent and. Have this is like middle road games yeah yeah I turned seniority completed six of his passes to get it touched on the pick you don't have those games. Yeah I get seat at the like him like a one touchdown 18 yeah Agassi the recession all this was out of season and Obama's. It really what leads to adjust it down the cabinet grout movie yeah knock it happens many reasons you know what else are you gonna do are you gonna throw that challengers these. Yeah no no no no no I mean. They they had their chances Rite Aid they really did have they just weren't good enough at the end of the million. Quarterback older citizen and you let god awful Tampa Bay game team at home yeah. And then you don't deserve to go to trial. I heard tiger and I'm sure they don't go into the playoffs and Tim hill. I could actually I don't think they would have no bitterness hate crime and yeah you might but I don't think I I still opening to. I thought they were in nine years in green and it. But this is this love David you think that quarterback is the only problem on this team room right so let's go. This goes beyond quarterback they gonna squeeze out a couple more victories in of their maybe one that very pedestrian AFC conference to. And so it's so bad man accused. And the aid didn't you guys have any competence and whatever other newly what do Pittsburgh or. No no no names how many and John Beck Pat White Joey Harrington is going way back that's nonsense colorless and written. So when you look at colors well this is Cutler's twelve year correct. You have you know he was not leaking those six. Harrington opposed previous six. Alan Alan and embarrassments over a mathematical skills that are born and doesn't have towards Trent Green on this conversation via mutual triggering an action that easily outrun me and bigger and go check on your kid okay yeah that's all. That's. That's right yeah YouTube punters that dog of him Jacob is not fully 100% okay and smiling. There you go I thanks Adam Adam easy right there we come back we got the chili cook off tickets laugh Loria. And nuggets of final thoughts or anywhere on the town hall meeting down their Marlins park in Little Havana on you know yeah I got certainly scouring the Internet right now and comeback components winner will get some some Jeter sound bytes of Jeter. Quotes from some fans that are or in attendance and the members of the media next here on 700 tickets. And all the things that we. Doctor and every Friday and the Romberg a morning shows bunt the ball drama Rama. The taste of perfection or dribble drive Roma. From the does not just stays put nurture we get these chili cook off tickets which will be underway here in the next couple of minutes to first. Anita Jeter town hall meeting a day perquisites what are all our contemporaries tweeting award down there. You know it's it's some good stuff here already from. I'm I'm following we'll man so from settled in well they're very Jackson from the Miami hero in my coworker Craig Davis also owns that CD so yeah. Yeah so meant so has got some good stuff pier one of the one of the day a couple of good two week CC is here Jeter says he wants to kill some bad rumors. He stars with the opinion that group can a fourteen or is lacking money he says that's not accurate. So is this is an organization that's been losing a significant amount of money. Turn we'll Manso also tweets Jeter's say is it's inaccurate to say betrays they've made are favorable. He says they've added ten new prospects say is they had NL MVP. And still have losing records say is they got good prospects. Another week Romo will Manso Jeter's say is they are not going to do things the another tweet from Manso Jeter so is team hasn't had a winning record since 2009. Or playoffs in fourteen years so is that's not acceptable. Barry Jackson had two we did that. Prior to the prior to. Derek Jeter entering come pins were assist in that town hall meeting being treated to bust may before Jeter arrives. Best way to sue potentially angry Bob is with grilled asparagus. It's the of the Barry Jackson says or humor and then numb. Greg davis' got. Has got some video here of Derek Jeter go walking hand he's got to pictured here of people certain at the town hall meeting waiting. So it it it looks like their outside come. Unlike one of the Euro walkways of the stadium there they've gotten bowling cheers set up then term Jeter is up on a podium so beautiful facility muzzle to get and so absolutely beautiful facility absolutely no metals I did I really loved. And then so. Goals are horrible place let's agree so. The so I Jeter Jeter. Also stated that there is that this is not going to be a a he says Jeter says he knows has been so up on man says he won't sugarcoat it says they have a plan that they have a clear direction. And it's not to tear it down to build it up and tear down again and so those other Jeter brought his a material ten and he is now Lum. He did Jeter is no love fielding questions from the payables sell as of this thing well and it's underway here. Well Greg likens is coming up next is now more on this you know I'm more. Let's yeah resound like Jeter kind of came out guns ablaze and he was. Well Lou we'll see if any of these are meaningful words or does not at all Abby yes miles and moral good and some well no I mean if they've. It if these are meanings looks like anybody can come in well we don't have a plan to tear it down to build it up. That's good enough to work we're not gonna finding this out like is that going to be a scoreboard tomorrow where I had you were wrong we are right. Rove were wrong like I don't know but the prostitution ring up front about those dues Fletcher for years. Know guys guys stand it's it's are you credible and do do people buy it that that's what this is all about to me it's it's about your credibility because. Your actions and they have not been worth any day. I want it was worth a lot over a hundred dollars and it's being that's on low and that's on the mall Julie took off red Chile come on we don't get it we got caller number seven right now 7865340790. We promise that we deliver. All right we are men of our word. Around here on 790 the ticket you're gonna get it parenting it's a 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford. It's coming up January 20 that is that is almost one month from now tomorrow we will month of may isn't. At series at bargain Bremer pines or sister station just 99 point nine. Is brewing up a day of great food drinks and a star studded lineup of country music artist ready to take the main stage. Including Darius Rucker you may know meals and pass slave known as Rudy Boone he's pretty darn good bones and old big Smith that's right. Old Dominion. Which is great and I look I like Old Dominion. Big and rich. Maureen Morris Midland and Brandon lay as well to get drugs and out the ticket Miami dot com and also it also Donald submerged but you can win right rig when you weigh in at. As congress evidence of a 65340790. Aren't. Women's and a lot of stuff today can't you know we've forgotten tomorrow starts the early signing period for college so that's correct when he threw the 23 believe it is that is color yes so there will be college football news tomorrow now heard on the signings is they start triple national letters of intent yeah girls are under here first one on. I've had this that's that's absolutely right perk. But we gotta get out your rumbling train here we were not that hard we're gonna write that read out here as a FA UV accident I'd like to have all your off. All your updates on everything that's going on thinks the allows the banks to Adam Beasley also French while from my Yahoo! NFL shutdown corner he joined us earlier most poorly thanks to you everybody out to the text. Can order that I was blown up today an excellent job sonic fire man excellent. Excellent excellent good job on everybody everybody gets a closet across the board that from from Dresser Perkins participation trophies maybe yes I don't know about here I hate those that. We're we're out of your ability adult before 4 o'clock tomorrow from Burke I'm Curtis Greg likens is next here on some ninety the ticket.