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Wednesday, December 20th

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It's a little bit. They sued to these rob Manfred replay there on the best of the dam levers large show as we joked. Right on the dot at 4 o'clock Curtis Stephenson alongside Greg legends who is in for upward today other we will checking with her keys out in debut with dolphins. And the ultimate to move today will of course so we'll get to in in due course put up. My goodness Greg. Vocal hook you from a Sports Radio standpoint. And from an interview standpoint. I know Monica is is winding down we're five days away from Christmas that was a gift from from the Sports Radio gods that that deliver tough hard ads do God's. And and the commissioner rob Manfred gay was there because it was it was there was cringe worthy moments in their new. There are moments where I recoil olds. There was moments where I applaud it. There was moments where I laughed. I mean it it had everything. And it was just and an amazing twenty minutes or so of of radio where. Dan wasn't gonna back down and view the commissioner wasn't gonna back down. Writers is appropriate that we follow that and and our audience of their listening got to hear the ball but I know replace imports of it for those who missed it by. It's it's in one sense amazing Curtis and where we're at this time of the year were nearing Christmas and we're talking so much Marlins baseball and I don't know who knew the product on the field really is all the other stuff away from based on what they're put behind the scenes. Essentially an event to butch made headlines but on top of that you're right I mean that interview. Oil is I know in off the top rob members that I don't want this to be some sort of reversal type of thing but. And limit always dornin him and effort to his credit didn't back down I don't know and you don't like regretting that I thinking in other. Types of interviews maybe other commissioners they may have just cut that short at Saddam I'm not gonna finish this thing or. America America to be badgered by this tonight questioner because this is Dan wasn't wasn't back and off the points and and we'll get it all the particulars there's a lot of stuff there and we can't we can't just do it out of the gate here at Kansas Kennedy who can get so what does not to get to. And we got through timid he we're gonna moves and stuff round today. We Judea in the 5 o'clock hour to do in the 4 o'clock turned about one and it'll tell you what Tom De'Angelo. The heater in Boston tonight to get an abbreviated show to begin with were offered right before 630. So altered over to our pregame coverage so Tommy he's gonna join us in about seventy minutes or so what are the latest on who's in who's out there which has that I against Boston. Because we're gonna move him to 42 when he had to be back he has been cultural analysts will be on the call the Orange Bowl. And also is doing a couple of via other bowl games open Orlando but he's just up by so. We'll get we'll get to insight into our pains in the in Wisconsin as well but you mentioned the whole. Rob Manfred Diehl and I was. On the heels of the town hall meeting last night and that gets us into here's the thing. Derek Jeter of the Miami Marlins. Held a town hall meeting last night. Roughly 200. Hardcore fans attended the members of the media and it was pure. Leave fascinating. I say there was no cameras I got a couple of screen shots from FaceBook live from some people that weren't attendance some still pictures. But there was no. There was no. Recordings of the actual events. And I wish there was because what transpired last night might have been one of the all time biggest bleak shows in the history. Of South Florida. You had people crying. You got people talking about everything from trading John Carlos day and two delinquent publishers had Marlins park. You had Marlins man. Asking. The five time World Series champion fourteen time all star Derek Jeter do you know. Why am. This had everything. And it was yet a another embarrassing. Bizarre chapter. In what we know as baseball. Here in South Florida not afterwards Derek Jeter did speak to. Assembled media and here's what he had to say. Listen I would expect people to be upset some of the moves that we've done and I said that from. Our opening press conference that we were gonna make unpopular decisions at times it. I don't expect everyone to agree with the decisions that we make you just know that we do have a plan moving forward we will stick to that point. And I you know can be painful side to side with the some of the fans' questions and statements and comments that you know there but some. Saddam confident and it's you know we put a good product on the field will come back and sports. I give Derek Jeter credit he was there for close to two hours answer a lot of questions. Did people's suggesting give out free tickets. You that everyone had an explanation and an answer to why baseball is failing in South Florida are respected people that that showed up. And care about the sport. But I don't know exactly what was accomplished last night. Other than just one big circus or a Marlins park. That was catered and that's the thing sponsored by Joan nerds and average you're renowned mind Chris Joan urges are authorized DJI dealer. It is all your Joan needs covered new purges repairs customizations training sessions and more. Visit them today Joan urged dot com South Florida's high in the sky. I mean how is the B you're on the air last night Greg a similar electorate I was reading tweets they were getting from their agenda idols out of the got screwed me. By Marlins man did not yet some guys it just a free tickets everybody. They got some woman sobbing up there that they traded Marcel Ozuna. I love the patch and everything but it's like. Like oh my god can you imagine we have like actual. Footage of what is of this and video of this lake and Derek Jeter should not there. And it's like we got to play more Latin music in the ballpark. Of like I. Almost did almost 30000 additional. Well I don't know what is insinuation that I wanna make the atmosphere like the world baseball clubs. And all the sudden we're gonna live team Puerto Rico and anti USA and the team Q what player we have all the different national team show an output in baseball in Major League Baseball uniforms I don't quite understand how that works I mean you are toggle on the all time greatest league shows. That we are seeing in this town I like the people call aloud to him saying you guys been one point two billion dollars on this team I have no more this kind of thing. Look at how well the fact it. He was flat out asked why they fired the broadcasters. Right hope you know is that I have nothing to do right know how this'll be but the woman deflected a Michael solutions for me I'll listen to move the Twitter than being gets out there a moment Dutch I mean on a lot of ego. Well I do like you know I holes Kabul last night just when he gets himself off protests over the fuel. The went down their budgets and other bizarre chapter in the in baseball history here and self lord before we get to all that more let's get the headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. So basketball with a shorthanded heat were terrible hardwood deceiving me take on the east leading Celtics in Boston justice Winslow continues to nurse a strained knee and has been ruled out tonight's contest while Goran Dragic is listed as doubtful. To play within elbow injury that he's a split the first two meetings this season. We hear all the action right here on seven under ticket beginning at 630 with tip time at 730. From the TD garden. To football the dolphins are back to practice field this afternoon to begin preparation for the week sixteen matchup against the chiefs in Kansas City. And the team made adjustments of the roster placing your mom bush brought in Julius Thomas on injured reserve why adding tight end Thomas toward say and offered to tackle Eric Smith. To the active roster. From the pros to college were too busy day for recruiting across the country in the Miami Hurricanes have compiled impressive highly touted. Eighteen player class so far with the least two more verbal commitments expected to sign between now on Friday. Finally baseball the rays have traded all star third baseman Evan Longoria to the giants and the Orioles confirm that also are closer is that Britain. Ruptured his Achilles tendon during a workout on Monday and those are your outlook we. Thomas of the got 267974. On the Coral Springs Beaumont detect signs send it on and we got Tom De'Angelo coming up here in about a ten minutes this the C team is battered and bruised. And they're going up against Boston that I would get the we're the latest on. What Tom De'Angelo thinks if they can thing and get this one before they come home for a few in the that is got to get healthier this went ballistic. The big Fella Hasan inside one plate 11 of the so might this surprise the most. I would say redeeming one for me between between Dan and commissioner Manfred. Which which happened a few hours ago about the actual plan that would be in place. For a for Jeter's group wants the sale was finalized in Dan was trying to ask about. Payroll like did you know that there would be. That there would be severe payroll slashing word did you know that player X should be traded but this was their business model. Going in. Because. I'd have to think of the groups that work. But what is wanting to have the money to sell the team its knowledge and know what the business model would be going forward and he was ad exchange. I. It proved that this is really simple we approved. A very well funded groups. That made numerous presentations to us. About their commitment to provide winning baseball. In South Florida over the long haul. Okay that's generally what we look for in need approval process we don't skated to. Are you gonna treat player acts or player why any particular point in time. War. Nor do we can't stand to make a commitment as to what they're gonna do with people before they even got an immediate and evaluation of their talent level that that their ability to win with the people that they have that match just not how he ownership process works. OK now I believe that commissioner. Wasn't lying but he certainly wasn't telling the truth in that order right. Well MS is Amy Barrett Jackson has now holds through his sources wrote an article which. He says dear it is sores the commissioners city was not aware of Jeter plan to slash payroll absolutely not true. They request received the operating plant small bidders it was called project Wolverine. Called on misuse group to reduce payroll 85 million dollars this was vetted and approved by MLB prior to approval by MLB. Every Jeter investor or non investor has a Wolverine financial plan of slashing payroll 85 million dollars widely circulated this is straight from the report on so. You know I think if we're gonna Parse the words here and say rob Manfred was completely aligned because he did know who they were going to get. The secretary Dee Gordon right organ and we're gonna we're gonna trade Marcelo Xoom like we know they'll get that. When you put me with a general. Haig commissioner what's your plate commissioner shares are playing we're gonna have to cut this payroll down long term we got to build our. Every. Buddy I use it came in with a business model. If you're the commissioner in a for them for a market for the that has the most part failed which is South Florida has been a failure. Regarding baseball. It's not you know anybody's the not fans fall says that the you look at strong baseball market it has been an utter disaster and you have a gleaming. Sparkling new stadium. If you're the Commissioner of Baseball you wanna know OK who we're getting these deadbeats out in Jeffrey Loria where he's gone. Who's going to come in and be able to. Thrive in this market. And what's your plan or ornate mosques what's your plan Bruce Sherman what your plan mister Roth bomb all these people that come in. You gotta have some sort of plan if you're if you're going to. Except the bids over the him not to know that yes we would be we'd be doing this in this in this financially. Is another joke hey he's lying B he's not doing his job. Right and I think there's a few takeaways from this one it's very clear that for rob Manfred and the rest of the owners across baseball. If the Marlins sold to buyers are one point two billion dollars regardless what the plan was. That increases the value all the other Major League franchises because of what you say about this market to be big to pull it off here. They imagine all the other markets across baseball if if an owner decides he's gonna sell or market presumably. Yeah so so that's unbelievable the other thing that I thought the day and really hit on towards the end of the interview was that. This is publically funded we all know that's not gotten but the fact of the matter is they got a stadium built I mean I'm just trying to compare contrast we senior market. Right I mean Stephen Ross Perot would everyone say about him he puts half a billion dollars into the renovation hard rock stadium didn't get any public funding. And you know they just go about their business and how the Marlins. Say if we get the public funding we will have a compelling product and we will not. Concerned with payroll and now all this our soccer content of Dale's right and try to hammer that point like you don't know what we dealt with down here in the pain and it Curtis to be fair rob Manfred owns. How is unaware what was on the page is at cowboys decked out you know let up at Jupiter is so is Howard is. I we come back we'll get back to this we come back out without you we're gonna hear from Tom DeAngelo moved up a little fifteen minutes he could delay is on the injuries or Boston tonight we'll get that next here on 79 minutes ago. Yeah. Hey good Timothy cuts but my tibia or by board South Florida's number one. Jeep truck and SU customizations job guarantee them the hottest. Four by four month brigades in town called champion for my fourth of its expires you'll tutor for 46 for a champion four by fours that conquered Stephenson. Alongside Greg Watkins who was in before work today on this wonderful Wednesday as we get out to the right fuels announces his it was just like they're really simply on. Convenience and that's where we find Armey and Tom the Angela covers the Miami Heat. Well for the Palm Beach post post Tommy di is where it is I believe from the greatest arena. In basketball history correct I'm. Oh yes actually I'm I'm out of the trip can't be changed on this one I I get a break up the spending. I think it would it was like at thirteen out of eighteen days of the road so right. I took this on top and then I'll be thoughtful and I'm actually. It but he does have the pleasure of being in the world's greatest of. Yes we know you're from Boston yeah we will get through this last time so what do you. That that career I'd saw you out if it's enough that you can. Would you just I mean with thirty games in. How would you kind of put categorize this season to this day. It is that he died and he would have scripted it this way. I wouldn't scripted it this way but I would just say they'd be right around 500 at this point looking at the schedule dish is the point where they have stopped taking advantage. You know it yet big this schedule really. Really got a little bit. A little bit more forgiving when they start it would at gave an in Mexico City when they started when they played Brooklyn and from that point on they have a stretcher and fifteen games of which thirteen of those teens are five under out are under the only to a Boston they've played at night. It actually it's 612 because quote don't 500 now what they already lost to Boston tonight in Detroit they play after the first of the year home. I was you know my thing was they get a win ten of those fifteen games it forward to soapbox. I don't think the it would tonight with all the injuries. But it really gets I mean after the games like 67 abated home and they of medal play it one when she addressed electorate that stretched. And that's Detroit so. I think you know what you looked out of this Sid 500 right now they have the stretching gains. But that but the thing is they've got to take advantage of and I said 18 with the structure of sun generally seventh against Utah. I think this team must beat three teams at least we gained about 500. And start to climb not a gang of 500 above 500 right averaged just use that tub that's how bunched up it is so. They get to that point. And then get healthy. You hold that dead and then we'll see Ben Woolsey over the next week to this is what the piece that got the app. But that they have to start winning like now both are actually I can be kept that up dispel what he Friday when Dallas kept. Yeah and Tom I agree review it when it comes as schedule I guess my follow to that would be is it realistic to think that they can accomplish what you just said well considering all those injuries. Well I think I I think what you look at that is probably need just about everybody will be backup car to a week you don't really know Rodney Magruder Carole white. I think by Friday just about everybody should be okay have. It just so what this reading the TV you know you know Goran is you know gotten gotten better and eat out there he these but you know these. They were questioning whether he played an idea dealt with what. So but the thing is it was a it was a question they would just as she went to the trip yesterday exposed that I am not sure if he's out. Let me that getting closer. Column those two guys get back. And then we keep hearing about Hasan is progressing that's the real mystery. What is progressing mean betray debt for a week I thought once when mr. started I thought it was gonna be back Friday night still maybe. We don't know probably no bull obviously noble when they get back. You know that probably not that I practiced Marlboro Friday but did the thing is that yes these are not. This is a really easy part of this get a media cart about Alice in Orlando twice Brooklyn. You know it a new war challenges are really struggling they have them at home that the bolted across pulled back about hopping back to back on Saturday so. I I think they can accomplish that. It could go on and just this not really been are they gonna return soon. You know I'm from at some point during. There and Alston also admitted I didn't mention James is supposed to return at some oyster cult status back. Did that you know by the original. By the original announcement he would be coming back I guess maybe brilliant this weekend if not early next week. That yes it's possible that they can get these guys go back on the court. Tom did easily covered the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post he's our guest here on. 79 in the dig it arguments allow those teams in the eastern conference's Eastern Conference kind of fell into place and I thought it would. I think you know it's funny saying that because we we've we've talked about that you know pac ad nauseam in the net restaurant about which teams. You don't eagle threw it away and started out hot did come back. Philadelphia has not come back Detroit should start to come back and they got to where they go postal device collection but they start to go back the Indian even the knicks the knicks. The next and I've convinced the mixed uses different product of the schedule that played so many home game almost like ten more home games and they haven't stretched a light brutal stretch a broad broad starting up. One of those games back in Miami as part of the schedule of the he has. I believe they'll come back one I'm not sure about the one that may. You know Indiana's just hung in there that they can packet played very well shall be bought a sites there they might then be able Y nineteen. I think Indiana and Detroit attitude changer are gonna be at the end it will turn out to eat better than I thought they were. But on the flip side Charlotte to mass challenge I shall what was gonna be right up there. Been playing as well the other one is that. I'm gonna water at all what will Washington Milwaukee. Eight seem to get it go when they come to start kind of fall back at Boca rob. Little bit about 500 but yes I think Lee and with the exception of wood depending on the Detroit continues to cup fall back to boarded the evidence. It's probably going to be really really close to what we sought despite all the clutch start go to one point east side Detroit New York to Vienna. You don't land audio were all up there on the topic do what's going on these and achieves this post B seven a rate really had cheated they were supposed to beat. Among those so. So it it it is kind of books that way Woolsey would a couple of them but they acted if it was they do with it you know this stressing the idea arbitrary. Tom I I know certainly doesn't have the same hype and hoopla surrounding it as Saint Paul George returning to Indiana our criminal at the returning to New York led. What about Kelly a limit tonight returning to Boston where voters thought that. Everything you write that to get the grateful and I have one read that these kind of escaped a deployed a port so we're we've beat these portable that particularly about his. Austin experience from the play disruptive to the amazing it is the other thing about the schedule tonight they did that would solve the appetite they'll play that the rest of the year and are obviously other that would. So in a Tony a little state I was treated gene you don't play the rest of the year but. You know Kelly had managed to career in Boston it actually look at kinda much like police. What we've seen them it was you know Miami although Miami's. Part of a starting he's he started one at least he started in Boston stars. It's short term here in Miami win but mostly because of exactly what that settles it. I'm not sure he's gonna he's probably gonna be just what exactly roll you know Boston misconception was tell he's a Linux. You can play a lot of played a lot of pol or Boston did nobody 90% of his time on the court was up as a back up it almost easily tell short skirt. Problem and he played well and he kind that it would be if he had gained square. You're not specifically that that lagging seventy Washington 96 points. He's ready you know he had games where he. Was. He played a crucial role it. And that gave an event in that victory. Any cat a couple of games here. But figured its tactic put it when we settle it once in job to go back Sar comes back. Might we. I have a feeling you go to bill will be back in the starting lineup Kelly will be off the bench getting these twenty to 24 minutes a game. And again similar to what he's gonna Boston. You know ten weeks five rebound guy in those minutes in the end which is. Which is what you know wood which is this group this rotation the way this team is right now. Which is probably about where to look shuttle. Some. I know this is an important development short term because they need is storing now always risen their body outline above long term. As well when everybody comes back how important is it banned for. Josh Richardson to get going and seeing his scoring touch come back. Boy had that been huge day. Document their best player over the last month that that you know little over the last over the last year and of this first month this year it's no doubt it was gore. You know Goran had bad elbow issue a if you know Oakley for him that some reason he gets back at fuels actually battery backed. Two is playing but he's been been very inconsistent basically just. He actually that started the night the day was with the day was named he's accomplished player of the week we were in Cleveland and that kind of inconsistent she started. It should stand up for you Josh has been huge support this will be each saw in him and why they yeah sort of quite quickly signed that extension that we should 1000001 year. Contract extension. And it is not just offense. Did this guy has been eased and the best offer to play Errol the last 23 weeks. He'd also been the best chance to player when you look at the numbers in Saudi told me the players regard to actually. Today British told the players that are. Shooting. Compared to the regular shooting percentage and and just the way he gets into it opted to players need to play. That winning would you know and get that are crucial role where he plays kind of like the guy that rod but grew recovered last year in the starting rotation that. Appalled that either the call George's in the year ago. You know even even abroad and then don't given the ranch of those guys see nobody got that links in the in Nam. In that that athletic ability to be able to do that. Out of out of the wings out on the perimeter so why's it it's been about the boy. Over the last two weeks I don't know would that be without him because he has been without doubt the most consistent player. Tom thanks for the time and happy holidays we don't talk to you and and be well and we'll still see a problem for a 2019 strikes thank you lament. Sent you guys happy holidays to everybody that thing to have me. He's one of the best on the edge of the Palm Beach post right area he's just got to get healthy at this point and you can't squander some of these some of these. Certainly home games against lesser opponents you don't have the orders coming in they morial the spurs coming memorial Cleveland or Boston come in your house. Like you got Orlando in new got Detroit didn't get the Nixon got Dallas in the and pelicans like to get a deal to make some hay here so owls haven't tonight. And even Monday night's game I know they're really shorten Qaeda yeah I would I would call they would steal at a thick muscle hawks the worst record in the league right I mean it did play a little crisper defense literally and the take. The turnovers away a little bit I mean that is connected but I wasn't has bombed out as I was about other losses this year. I strongly nervous easily guy getting blown out at Madison's were growing is that in the Coleman gets it was the pacers tiger those markets to those games really like paint dude like blood Alley and tells you Higgins is obviously that big steal that one Atlanta right there with some guys. Woody Allen is still pretty a pretty bad thanks Tom the edge over it. Right there we come back our well more from rob Manfred the commissioner of Major League Baseball as as their limits are and India level tarred show grilled him pretty good earlier on ESPN radio of course you heard right here on 790 the ticket. Basketball for you tonight at 630 yards. Christine Phillips Roger vessels today Greg like confusing for a favorite money on the tickets over record Alamo Monday rewind a full recap of the weekend games fancy updates injury reports and more Covert regatta off from the you know what the price you want to front right. Atlantic goes public adjusters. Cores life and the Florida lottery. He always Texas shows 67974. 67974. On the course brings on Lamar high on the text line. Homosexual and court has been here three years he's had half a good season. And there's always an excuse for there was wade then there was yet a baby now it's an elbow. And I wallets a's corn is abuzz. I don't know the waist up finding a way I agree thousand dollars and a good tandem. Bid in their chemistry was a rigor of the baby I don't know that means. Generally had a kid on the I'll remember that being excuse for anything and then noble optical gore has one toughest guys around so for his these idiots sit out the other night. You knew that guys hurting and yes sit out again tonight you know that he is hurting. Right Erik Spoelstra I mean it is effusive in his praise of going dry it is the work ethic they have to. Mean Curtis to get an idea of how tough he is and the type of competitor. And our worker used when he came back from. The world champions are that the European Championship up basketball tournament that they had over there where you led Slovenia to visit to the chance to woo was named the MVP of that tournament. Mean they heat had to basically pull him off the practice court to protect him from himself from now wearing himself out. Before the regular season for the NBA began so read Koran is. In Paris Wilson's words mean he is the epitome of what they want in a basketball player in terms of his approaches work ethic the toughness so. Late notice we call them up for that I could you ought to criticize him because. He's not scoring as much a result is to run the ball as well as he has in the past years that's one thing but don't criticize him for being a paid no. Well I think that he had a baby. I think now. A ludicrous not his wife at a base of the I think that's what the that's that's valid that's how he he phrased of their size on the text like benevolence. Physically I'm delighted to be defended as much as we did their lead that's fine as is one of those also Olympic socks these trade bait welcome and thoughts I was. I was I Al and I love the subordinate unto others just learn constituencies. For the reason you know the Hassan. In days is out in the anti Amazon Diebler out it was just like I love now. Somebody I as I I IA's composer Adrian what they text and blank guy Sox. Went straight. Up you know like assuming that okay. Everybody else is not to be stuck so much that I'm sure the collateral block for all these guys to to trade them for trade for these guys. This is they are one if there are no good while you watch reform until I mean look flawed. Thinking right now Woody's been having all these players that are available to trade yes and they're all healthy and playing. Then they can show what they're worth to the open market but the problem right now is most of these guys you sign of these big deals in the offseason. You are playing well or they're not playing at all so how are we supposed to trade and asset. That you know you try to sell high right well you zero sell some of those guys the end of last year when there was 3011 the second half the season that I get it. It is like maybe there's something attractive about it. Right now all we know we're gonna trade. Getting the open trade these guys it fantasy basketball leagues were a little low in the real NBA at this point. By Gary I'd I'd like I don't get like some of the techsters and it's idea you know we had won a U afsane as a dinosaur. And then he she can play outside of I feel the rim. So let's straight up for Anthony Davis right okay are well. OK let's just putting the guy down and say of what do you think the rest of the league is to look at him he's a dinosaur like they just one of those things where. It just drives me drives me crazy well and Andhra. Couldn't occurs within people's Tennessean about porn drug use CEO's family was living here we know about that it was well reported that you don't he struggled in his adjustment to life in South Florida because his family wasn't with. I get that. You know on the I had a terrible year it wasn't like who is terrible I say oh just a slow start because we like okay. I don't think it's about getting off to a slow start. In general I think is not getting off to a slow start in learning a new offense learning new team and committing himself with the money heaters balls to do so understand we're well aware of what happened. But I just don't think that's the cause to bring up that go on drugs is suddenly this guy's not gonna stick it out there and play to injure. Anthony Becht ESPN college football analyst former tight end in the NFL for a number of years he's coming on the call for ESPN. Of Wisconsin in the University of Miami in the orange ball where would we too were ten days away min. That's next next Saturday coming right up on the thirtieth were ten days away from the OB so he's gonna stop by here right around 0515. Or so. What his thoughts. On knowledge that the college football playoffs. And all that a good stuff that is. Bowl season playing differently or yeah he made little statement last night we're gonna we're gonna get that coming up you're in the 5 o'clock hour also it is the holiday is a word. We're feeling festive around here were a giving mood. So while we're gonna give away in two pairs of tickets to the 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford that's coming up. A month from today agent or twentieth at the seabees are part that is a fixture that is the staple of this. Of South Florida that is unbelievable event that is a moment I'm what I know and I know. Over underdog on the deadly generous this is all it is well over under our value. Yeah that's a hot ticket right there and I live right by series to a park and so. I'm well aware of what a big deal that is because Curtis. I can't tell the number times there's two I'd seen like the night before. The show starts elect to get the leg of ligature talking mourning their lining. It's insane it's unbelievable to see people show up in all hours of the night in its inspiration that show the next day. No I did and then that this is big they're trucker gonna be there all the million billion riches and their bunch of other acts of Moses the a couple of headliners there anyway 5 of the 5 o'clock hour really unique opportunity to two when those things will we come back. We'll get to here's the thing hit the headlines. Big day for the hurricanes a couple of text on that and also. We'll get to back to Dan Leva tarred and rob man for the interview. On ESPN radio we got those more clips and we'll get to the town hall meeting we'll get back to that who got a lot to get to Anthony back to expect to join us in the 5 o'clock hour. So a lot more to get to as we come back right that's Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. Okay. It's. Yeah. Why he's so. Hey listen the thing about it on the Venice book club dates injuries who's hot who's not studs and duds in more than about in the John Levine Jackson attorneys. Have you been in an accident call 1800 some and ports of entry that's 1807473733. Boswell director and by East Coast public adjusters Curtis Davidson we especially as hosts in with a straight likens. Who is out in the four per pro we will check you'll pardon a bit later on as he's out. In Davie with the Miami Dolphins they get ready for their final road game of the season against Kansas City. Has. For five days away from Christmas hope everybody is. Why did the roadways today. Greg. And it was a cluster truck man it's not a veteran right up by the way winners over even though I think today or tomorrow for they winters for. About eighty Hillary it's 85 degrees we had our cold stretch right now we did that some records yesterday with the aidid's. But the deal as hot as you know what today just like Camilla day it was a slight little steamy. Me and everybody was trying to get somewhere today. It was like now mainly everyone just the holiday crunch. While I'm accustomed Curtis this. Being you know multiple traffic violations when I'm on about on the roadways are South Florida but it's even worse. And and you've got all these people who presumably. There are off right because then there would be going around trying to get the last minute shopping done more you got people in town. Who either don't normally drive down here or you're trying to get a year for whatever might be. It is a busy busy time. In South Florida and at all hours of the day now is normally you know in the middle of the days. This was like his leg like that Nellie had the you know Levin thirty raising it was a matter that before we were to come in for the show would normally that time of the day it's like okayed to breezed to get around right now Harris. Now not not this time of the gossip everybody just be safe out there you'll get to where your you need to go eventually just cupid to cubic cool. Keep it on the rails there and obviously if you're gonna Texas joke. At 67 nights have been for the growth brings Almonte attacks line do not Texan drive we'll hear more from my. But a charge show and commissioner rob Manfred which was which uses radio gold radio gold. In the in just a moment but. First let's get to here's the thing for this hour as they keep looking up. At many of our TVs here in the in the studio. IC EF AU logo and Lane Kiffin on a lot of them. But other ball game all last nights in their home stadium. And it wasn't even close. Fifty to three was the score in the cherry blunder tart cherry Boca Raton bowl. It should've been named the plane train ball because that's what it was all about. Lane Kiffin. Whose team won their eleventh ball game last night. Might have the biggest margin of victory when it says what it's all said and done in the in the bowl series. Put a fifteen to three. Drumming of Akron on national TV. Even his own stadium on a gorgeous beautiful night in Boca Raton is just what that program wanted it. And just what that program got when they hired Lane Kiffin a little over a year ago they wanted the publicity. They wanted the charm. They wanted the the Twitter following they got all that but now they got legitimate winning up in Boca Raton Lane Kiffin. Signed a ten year extension yesterday. To remain in Boca Raton will see how that goes but even of Lane Kiffin bolts after one or two seasons. FAU football. Got all that it wanted and even a little bit more by investing in. Lane Kiffin and that's the thing brought you by. Nerds in amateur and on tigris shown her to drop threats DJ ideal has Aldridge only it's covered new purchase repairs customization training sessions in more. Visit them today its owners dot com South Florida's. Hi in those guys and I kind folks you know chuckled when the ten year deal came out and there's no way he's gonna be around for ten years and is good for him. But even if he leaves. The illumination that has been brought upon that program. You can't put you kid by advertising. That they bought last night for three hours three and half hours money is being. All right it's it's a build up before the game in the days leading up to it's it's today they're all talking about it emulate different all the ovary ESP and it did you watch MTV is being today. The they're completely buying into the lane train and all of that it's so you're right publicity strictly. And then something or read yesterday's day. According to the school. Green to give an idea of the way sports kind of transcends things that time home tower is is that for the fall 2018 semester out of state applications. Have risen 35%. Since Lane Kiffin got that. I mean that that guys. I so all it is worth translates to your reminds me of bigger dollar else dumped city with Florida Gulf Coast dinner when they're going those runs the table eternal and all the sudden. Kids from who'd never heard of Florida Gulf Coast before like hey. I differences I wanna go see what that's all about go to school and I need to get to the style of play. There which which these we imagine fourth and five yeah let's go for it but let's go for two points out let's run it up lane could what I hung ninety on Terry Bowden in Akron as they do with those guys it's just laying with a whaling humanized. If he could of last night too by the way and things like that. I know earlier we're talking about the limits are Medford and -- got uncomfortable at times which is where you know there's been radio and they got a couple times also heroes studio watching Lane Kiffin go on for 230. Points and had some I was a little Italy and Terry Bowden is trying to regain say that's his football they didn't complain about a but I was wondering whether he would take exception to that because. It was largely unnecessary but that's the way lane has gone about things and so far it's worked wonders for a. You now is now building personal just to Elaine wants to do business. And add and that's certainly find blood. You give him a lot of credit. It took a chance on Lane Kiffin and they've gotten everything they wanted out of Lane Kiffin to this point hasn't exceeded expectations I think its like if you walked after this year. Tip be mad at him that he's brought everything you wanted when I hired Lane Kiffin right we'll just that's the thing like I was assuming good. In a few years. After you would be relevant and would be Tuesday but this is happen overnight for the program right and and it'd it is got everything that you want it's got location. That stadium is awesome. You know it's so I mean if you're current you'd have lain there for two years the league's. He's gonna recruit he's got to build a foundation where. The next guy as long as he's not a complete Bozo as long as he doesn't screw it up you're you're going to be on the right track you're gonna be he'll leave. You know it's a stepping stone job. You know but but most jobs are in college football that might anyone's for a number of years. So if you if he's going to build it up you watch the game last night and did the object to play in their home stadium. And you're sixteen year old kid three star may be from. Georgia or South Carolina your own. Current who FAU. That looks pretty good down there right like the meal I'd like to be a part of that you mentioned Florida Gulf Coast man that the Mets all these programs. That's how they all start man that's all they all get there. They're beginning so up. Played given FIUFAU. 53 F five you'll get their opportunity. Was certainly enough fun tomorrow night's in the that boy mowers Gaspar a ball against against temple don't love the FAU NF by UYE. Sponsor wise into the best named opal absolutely and all of us residents. That's not by two into the Pentagon temple tomorrow rational have a game and we've had all the a five FIU football games on our on our air here on 79 celebrity Emporia. Two out tomorrow night the teams. Over in Tampa or saint Peter's particularly at Tropicana Field are before we get back to the Miami Marlins of that fiasco. Let's get the 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Apple Store basketball or the shorthanded heat returned to the hardwood this evening to take on the east leading Celtics in Boston. Justice Winslow continues to nurse a strained knee and has been ruled out of tonight's contest will gorge Rogers is listed as doubtful of play within elbow injury. The teams are split the first two meetings this season. You hear all the action right here on seven out of the ticket beginning at 630 would tip time at 730 from the TD garden. To football with a dolphins are back on the practice field this afternoon to begin preparation for the sweet sixteen matchup against the chiefs in Kansas City and a team made adjustments on the roster placing your mom bush rod and Julius Thomas on injured reserve. Why adding tight end promised war today. And offensive tackle Eric Smith could be active roster. From the pros ecology where it's a busy day for recruiting across the country in the Miami Hurricanes have compiled an impressive a highly touted eighteen player class so far. At least two more verbal commitments expected to sign. Between now and Friday and finally baseball the rays have traded all star third baseman Evan Longoria to the giants in the Orioles confirm that all circles is that Britain. Ruptured his Achilles tendon during a worked out on Monday those are your headlock. 67974. That 67974. On the Coral Springs Almonte it's Exxon if you want to. Text on in a fear feel free to do so we invite and encourage your. A text messages. Com Dan elevenths are the most our show Bannister got its earlier had a commissioner rob Manfred on and what they're up command in on. Is he has been. You know when you have a national voice and national platform like he has. He has brought a lot of illumination to some things that have been going on at South Florida and one thing that has been going on for a long long time is the abuse. South Florida baseball fans and I don't think there is there hasn't been someone that nationally. That is really. You know taken that taken that torch came in and tried to sit shed some light on it but I think that was a big part of what dean was trying to do today. In large part with rob Manfred and it got it got testy it got funny it guys cringe worthy at times. It was it was amazing week are gonna play the whole thing went. Here's kind of how it started between the commissioner and and the limits our show rob were you aware g.'s planned to trade players and slash payroll. You know it's interesting. Yes and you know yes or no please. You don't I'm happy to do yes or no this. You can hit an elaborate afterward I just wanna know you're aware of that plant like you'll if you did you approve a plan. It had slash payroll again for so we. We do not approve. I'm operating decisions by. Any ownership new owner rob current owners or not in his results the answer to that question is no I'm not going to be due holds. Like this is some adversary thing you wanna ask me questions Ali it's from the way that I wanted to answer okay addict or not we can more time. Now that's foreign I'll do it that way but you can't come you're coming on here and saying that you weren't aware of Jeter's plan to trade players and slash payroll like it was with a lot of rock like that's what we're sparkling like. You and a lot of them. And if you call me a liar I explained to you this week and now we do not. Getting involved in operating level decisions. In the ownership. Process the ownership approval process clubs meet those local decision robbed. Were you may or are you aware of is no were you want it. Now. Okay so I mean that goes right out of the gate for Dan writes a you do the math on this day and obviously had some information that was pretty solid. That from from a source. Now you all can dude your. Old math on that right try to connect the dots and okay yeah the death amid races like that but I mean did did not have any information it's legitimate question my obviously. Bud Bud Day and kind of meal doubled down it's okay you mean your race relying that you knew what he was going to do. And effort kind of tiptoed around it. But yet today know that okay we're gonna trade. They were gonna trade this guy and act I tell them get into that but of course anybody. Debt was going to by the Miami Marlins if you're the commissioner and your letting this person or persons this group come into the billionaire boys' club. You want to know what are long term answer is. To try to fix and saved baseball in South Florida hey Howard gonna make this grow so if you're not. Asking that. That you should not be commissioner. That's the first part and that if you are. Then you're just lie there that you then know that there were gonna slash and in payroll pick one. Rite Aid so there is some nuance to write in terms of the V the warding we're using here because I agree with you. He can get away with saying he wasn't aware of the plan completely or he didn't know that that meant trading the three players have been trade itself. Get into that the right and business model a pay payroll 150 we'd get 200 to make this work for the first probably your right is that something old baseball were in the know anybody who's in a powerful position. Should be aware growth before the approve a trade and so rob Manfred clearly would have known that so the fact that part of it. I they he is not telling the truth Daniel Barry Jackson does terrific job as an all the story he wrote an article following up on this interview. And flat out the resources directly involved in the Marlins so process. Said exactly that of the commissioner. I'm gonna read from the in the article quote commissioner said he was not aware Jeter plan to slash Carol absolutely not true they request and receive the operating plan from all bidders. Project Wolverine which. And aside that's the name for Jeter's planned. Called on his group to reduce payroll 85 million dollars this was vetted and approved by MLB prior to approval by MLB. Every Jeter investor not a minister has the war bring financial planner slashing payroll 85 million dollars widely circulated and Kuo. So. Listen Curtis like Danny Glover tar Barry Jackson these people aren't in the business of making up sources and make you the story Cesar. No highly credible. Accomplish journalists were bringing this to the table and rob Manfred steps of the plate. On national Airways and then on here on seven and it's a kid and claims that he didn't know anything about this it's just a pat look for baseball yet again and it's all tied to south. Florida was not okay then let's leave out. Dan and the sources and spend bears oracle which is obviously really just puts over the top common sense. Let. Greg commonsensical and I were talking about investing a billion dollars in buying a baseball club that is utterly Fay old. Major League Baseball South Florida. Has been a sore. Him all. On Major League Baseball behind for a number of years ever since their expansion 993 sophomores for the disaster you have saved baseball in all Florida has been a disaster. Right the Marlins obviously stadium you wanted to work you want it to work of your rob Manfred in the commissioner and all the other owners. From what we know. Over the years Jeffrey Loria and David Sampson to some degree. Or hated by the other owners. Because they basically pocketed. The revenue sharing money billion reinvested their ballclub all of those things to all the other owners why not other owners were bitch about those guys for a number of years. All those guys so if you're bringing in a new owner told you wanna know what the plan is to try to get baseball back on track here. In South Florida if you're rob Manfred. Mean it can't the build the proper process of all your ass Nokia re one point two billion dollars in debt that. We wanted to hear anymore that was the commissioner that your terrible commission Asian and adopt it. So liar just terrible commission so essentially Curtis. He still goes on the national airwaves that de lever tarred show has just told everybody I didn't do my job very way and I'm not call my billion dollars in in my baseball team all of by the way you're you're Derek Jeter of course relate to buy it even though you know biz model resist planner and strategist farce. Cutting a baseball work himself for very well and Eddie bet. ESPN college football analyst he's juiced up by former big NFL tight end he's calling horrible for a ESPN willow get his thoughts on that in a variety of comfortable subject. Is that the sub by next heroes of united take. Brett was on solid very inclement top of the turnout comes in and come Saturday mornings at 830 Yani and have a nanny never won a 4322. The ticket Curtis Davidson we are as a guest host Greg likens who was in with a us on this wonderful Wednesday. As promised went out to the run feels announcers who is always just line their truly stepped beyond convenient. As refined Anthony Becht twelve year NFL tight and former first round pick. Cores working for ESPN and it's all season will be on the call. Of the Capital One or ball among some other games Anthony I don't today. I'm doing great guy out let's Redman has all season so where love in this we're just and I know you got a busy. Busy week coming up here what it's all that we're just talk a little about the Lane Kiffin and his team and what he's been able to accomplish that. At F a U how surprised in how much do believe your are you India in the lane train to keep this thing Roland. I guess I mean you know he's an innovative offensive mind. You're right he was limited at Alabama at this success that they had. To do the things that you wanted to do. And I think he's learned from a lot of places that he's been I mean you know it seems like right now is our. From a personality standpoint he understands what's relating to kids are down recruits and he feels like he's in pretty good position I would say moving forward though he's got someone that's going to be. Tough. Two least not in your new. Or at least you know moving toward toward your job opens up an opportunity. Because of the practically continue to do these aren't. It's gonna it's gonna it's gonna lean on some school so you know what we need to protect doctors guy. Entity a Cuban things in South Florida and focusing on that little Orange Bowl it should be calling it just your general thoughts on the job the Mark Richt is done in just 2 short years you am I getting this program. Where it's at. They'd done a fantastic job you know it comes down to recruiting on the got a coach he's chipped up a new leader wants I start guys. Got to get production out and got to get in the learn quickly. And I think that's what you've seen seen seen now that that young nepalese fast that a lot of criticism. You know doesn't make the crucial mistakes and he's got some talent. So young talent that's gonna last circle while he continues to you know get those kids who believe in what's your nuts with big distinct gonna. And a great year and unfortunately the individually and obviously. Couple bumps in the road aren't getting exactly where they wanted to be but I think we talk about this matchup or are also the number comport pursuant to a tweet Miami or Wisconsin. How do they match up against the badgers. Cannot say I. A domino squawk and when you look at Wisconsin it's hard not taught us. The discipline that they have a meaning no. If you look at him terrible teams that Miami played out as Coca expert out there say not this style we're gonna have to deal in the wasn't a lot of success them. In that law so this will probably be the best offensive line and they they they've gone against outside a Clemson I don't I'm. That jumpers crime but this will be a test this one game urged strong Wisconsin. Got a load the box up and you've got to. Got up. Forced out one book to be two apaches seems clear it's. Make a crucial mistake every single game in England they have been able to kind of stand. But I would say when you talk about this football team and no one weakness such as the quarterback position of forcing them do things you don't wanna do but still even at zero bytes and you can get that lead against some personal and found that approximately a minute or game but of course search equates. You know yet what this is our men and and all of those trees that Miami Dolphins. You know ten cameras percent. And better and beat him what his arm and I think he'll have to do that schema and keep it up at least. Up from a couple games that I watched that. Nor has it been an explosive. As maybe they were early to proceed in the audit critical all beings were no closure to me has been struggling a bit to kind of break off and I think he's gonna have to get up to that you know she moon 753 or or or. You don't have to have a chance to kind of you know get over the top and put pressure on this Wisconsin football who likes to control the game. Could start the scrimmage. Today the emission which rose Jeter Andy he's been an interesting topic dispersants were saarc radio among sports fans here in South Florida because you know he's led the team to a really impressive record. However they got some you don't really talented young players waiting in the wings and there's a lot of buzz about the idea that. This may be his last name is a starter viewers will that your gonna call and then they'll be an open competition the offseason where what are your thoughts on that. While we think it should be an open competition army metric or prudent about that promise he's due to the command that I cannot say that simulate what we're really close your experiential. He's gonna come back even better and not on the moon and get ready in the offseason including cash and due to compete and that's what it is what I have production. Competition. And involves a lot us. You know and they don't see that was some of these guys these young player and I got a couple Ohio actual players that are on the last comment and then I think those shelves are brutal police ships that would open arms and still be to win the job again I think he's a talented player. And I think you don't have in this one Yorkers though the success of the and some of the doubt that he that he can weren't alive when you really going to the next year or even more productive than what is she. Anthony Becht from ESPN former NFL tight end for a twelve years is a joining us here on 79 that ticket because in the Camping World oral ball Oklahoma State Virginia Tech LSU Notre Dame in the citrus ball. He also got the orange boy that's a good match it was man you guys got some really good fun ones here in the in the sunshine state which job when you look at the semi finals though here Anthony. How would which game do you think would wind has the most intrigue here when you look at the two semi final match ups. America woke up I mean Iraq until there's actually spoke gains in Alabama club Somalis. A rematch for the ages of triple rematch of pursuing him you know here's a team in Alabama that you know probably mean that their ticket to reach back for. It just seemed like we wanna find ways to put other teams in front of them and are they got their one blip in the road against against Auburn and and you're sick of OK you know maybe this team isn't good enough for you really can't get over the hump I'm worried about their defense a little bit as good as they are as much debt as they had. No lose in another linebacker now that too much to overcome. It's just mentioning to see how this team and we got to go out there and you know kind of get it behind the ball some of the players are playing him and we also available on gunfire start guys that truly did not have the experience and be productive use is premature to Greece are coaching staff because their offensive line blocked the defense are trying to compliment to me that's that's a huge order and I can't wait a watched that match up. And then Kirk saw you know when you remember who wrote the championship game last year they basically forced her hand to be a pastor. And that's one thing we both know that he lacked last year and you actually he's come a Long Beach probably queens so much a matter on the cheeks and he made the plays with his arm. Kelly Bryant the same Miami. There's a data comes in. You know he's so effective politically some dangers we try to topple ball. I think both of these quarterback who aren't playing defense or at least seemed a tractor outweighs. To stick to force these guys to pass the football beat them what their armed. And you know they got some quality running backs also actual question about it but. I think the quarterback it's stepped up a place that's ultimately. Come out a couple McCain. Death there was some. Fascinating and really compelling matchups India semi finals I had no one asks me about was the one on it today in college football and there's this of the end of this week with the early signing date period. But do you like the idea that they've opened this up now has become a really big day for crude. Il and I don't like it to be quite honest with you you know I I think there's a lot of pressure put our kids to make decisions and then ultimately not let them how much fuel processed out in Greece have with their charm leads. And then potentially pulled from under their feet because you know they weren't able to make a decision decision when the school wanted them to I think there's a lot of advantage of some kid. I think there's a whopper that that they're a bit of a disadvantage I mean I was the guy that came out. I've either been a first round draft pick them in October. I did have 1 I am one scholarship so one week before signing date so you would about the blue chipper what about the kid that flourished. You know later on in Iraq this you know I I think for me. You know it is it just puts that pressure on the kid. And it's supposed to be a fun experience I don't ever think that someone. Just because they don't signer. They put those pressures on them and the potential that it might not either army. I would say kids that would normally go through the process and look at multiple. To get a good feel what they pick the best choice who were truly. Into the process for what it is. They might not get that experience now because of those pressures so. There are some positives especially some negatives are just are sometimes the top executives are there are I tend to lean against them. Anthony great stuff here and all Joel C a downer for the OB thank you sir. Here you've got great stuff you do Anthony Becht. Former tide in the NFL twelve years is lot of work for a ten bubbly be he's delivered over there in in Tampa saint Pete. And those laws the for the on the books on their pre and post and former jet tied in first round there voters NFL on all. Three ball games here in next week's a lot of good stuff from a Anthony Beck had just assigning them hurricanes had a great day the eighteenth gentlemen signed this today. They got lottery players. But. You know aid to me the early senator was kind of created just to get it. If you click the duke johnsons of the world. Like you know there was no no matter how many visits no mater how many shady things are gonna happen you know quote unquote no matter how many coaching changes. Usually universal mind. Right like those types of kids. So like they don't want to deal with that just getting out of the way right that's what I thought this was created for they get it out of the way my. Your father went to adds a Florida your grandfather went to Florida your mom zero. Grandmother went to Florida and your goggles bull Gator. You're going to Florida you know that I that's it so. I don't need to go see anything else just let's get this thing done the phone calls all the tweets everything's gonna stop from all the other coaches. I'm off the market I've some signs till delivered that threat this was may signal into accomplished on surprise images are taking advantage of early. A lot of them are banned it are the anti Vick may that it should point about you know stupid some of these kids may be feeling roster pressure to make the decision right and yes and so I think there's there's two sides that certainly but you write me some of these kids it it's a no brainer forum so why not let them at least make that commitment I get on paper that ought to worry about it before the holidays sooner. And then there there's signed sealed delivered some of these other kids and you take more time nobody deal by eight they just say we're we're accustomed to that first you kind of first week of February always. Getting involved in it that to mean although the stragglers there are the kids along the way it exists now this is let's have an hour columns try to do you know I didn't need your your issue was one thing I I I I should mention and I kind of I kind of NA at the economy does point and he said he was in a a top level recruit yes some assuming he'll do Johnson the world. They have twenty scholarships at their disposal but the ruling would your two or three star kid or whatever it is whatever story or whatever doesn't matter you're just a kid is old man. Somebody offered me a scholarship Michigan house they Florida. I need to jump on this now and then yet the late bloomers but I I think it's I think all it's a good thing there are less well I think Anthony Becht for joining us. Wheelock College football Wisconsin got too good to me look at their coach who was at Pitt. Hit him before and that's a good that's a good kind of visual of what mine has got to do about it was Wisconsin's defense. He's really loaded. They've the average mean they've only averaged only give up about thirteen points per game this entire season and the only surrendered fifteen touchdowns loan. Was in pose at thirteen games right now it's Scott that was it was not the event's pretty good well and listened Kurz I. I don't need to neo put out some sort of message to the Miami Hurricanes fans but I did hear with the last ablaze at Joseph Thomas interviewed nationally workhorse Wisconsin badger and he's convinced and listen I date that's his school he he went there he bleeds the red and white right. He's convinced that there will be more Wisconsin Badgers fans and hard rock stadium for the Orange Bowl in my mirror cancer. I would not say that. I listened. This in in past years you could argue that you don't. Monarchies program was aware was the fans accordingly weren't there but by you you're at a lot of these games isn't sure recessed and you saw. This switch that had been turned on though in terms of the unbelievable atmosphere there. Like the Notre Dame because I don't I know travels in Wisconsin newbies W some red hair and they'll be some read it at the hard rock contending is again. Like even Notre Dame. I thought he would be 6040. At best. More like 7030. Somewhere in the canes fans to Notre Dame fan. That that they Notre Dame just got. I mean there was a cup you saw some fans there but it was nothing like like you should have. Soul blade down the canes fans showed up I expected canes fans to show up ten days from now. So Wisconsin they did know or Mosul a different than all games. 'cause the ball games you get your allotment. And there the else goes up for sale. So it's not like just traditional home game where we border travel or what have you insult to take its. There was though that for Miami this season is everyone undergo the ways to read their but yet more Scots and Franzen then Miami fans now know Joseph Thomas. I I it's seems absurd on his enemy it's it's a home game for the Miami Hurricanes right but I mean like with the elderly people because no leg they get there X amount of tickets. And I'm sure they all sold out their tickets of their and in Madison Wright did everybody wanted to come down in South Florida's city outer courts celebrate New Year's survey occasion I mean yeah is this is a perfect time to travel downdraft there isn't going to say hi there and do the bank accounts were this is archived for the year right yeah let's let's leave us no. Appear Wisconsin and we're gonna go watch our team play and we're gonna spend sorry Florida we news she yes it it's a. It's appropriate trip for those don't from north I I get all that I do think it'd. What point he made about leaked rouge years and is she want he feels at least mergers gonna have to be a prolific passer at least putting up some yardage in this game for Miami had success. So you don't. They've had plenty of time to prepare. And so is this is going to be this is on on the leak in that offer its side of the ball have to figure some of those things out the big struggle with the last two yeah. A year it was German this year it was a fun year there was great all those things last two games stump much offensively they've done nothing offensively. Bailout goes back to explain. So. Overall the great year and it was a great year do you the last eight quarters of author of the football for the Miami Hurricanes the dreadful. So that it didn't mean if they don't get better and that's. If they don't if they don't do that then they'll have to go to run out of the building. I Wisconsin right in every they saw him play off the leg against Pitt and against clubs and and guns and was is might be the best team in the country but they just you can move the ball on penalties and bad throws a drop passes -- things like Dallas God's will come in and just then they'll lose. Running up and down the field and just worry out right hated big and they can't Al Wisconsin Wisconsin it was tough. That's makes big plays a vascular not I don't want to feel good that it was Wisconsin's. Got to grind it out and in Miami certainly can do that against certain opponents whether the leaders it's those athletes on the edge in take advantage of that that. Advantage that they have my paint on those these two. Two yes although that that's where Miami has you only had that against it in you know comes in your religion have an edge but the mean. You look at the last two games offensively have been a pretty bad I got some injuries I think the hurricanes ran out of gas and some of those in some aspect. Just have. You know I think playing every week caught up with them a little bit. But Hamlisch don't play well and he you know whether he's hurt or whatever all these theories. He's got to play better they're gonna if they're gonna real upbeat it was not a there versioning and stay in the game he's got to play a lot better than. He did against Pitt or against against Clinton are we got a text messages don't get to 67974. Thanks to Anthony Beck for joining us there. We got a lot more to get to get back to him rob Manfred. And then there's so many ways to go with that interview that that he had with the dilemma tart and limits are joke. Earlier audience print radio of course you heard right here on 700 take awhile it's more those soundbites in case you missed the religious Cannata worker and out of the mall. Which we hear what the Commissioner of Baseball had to say. On the Derek Jeter in the purchase of the mine Miami Marlins and everything that's gone on since with players being traded to slash payroll also we got the pair of tickets to go to the hot chili cook off we're gonna have those where you come up here. In the 5 o'clock hour right here on seven I didn't take. A part of a lottery a celebration of all things and all ends. And into the probably Tim theater feel on Saturday march 24 this week toe and recently were arguing the opportunity to win tickets that's great cajun food music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans. My car crawfish boil to heart and a kids area you can visit the biggies without relieving some sort of your fan of gumbo jambalaya been Yates oysters in buffalo does. They're ready to win courtesy of brought about three innings of a nanny and a from 1043 XT two. The ticket. Curtis the incident and Greg like it with you on this so Wednesday afternoon we'll take up until just before he basketball ID 633 game start time for. Donovan is as low and Tommy attack in Minnesota thirty fill out tip off from Boston finals Celtics game of the year he or some. Supremely to flee. Yeah that's is no way to say it's a good good way to say they got tons of guys out here and tonight's going to be off tonight's us live this way. Tonight is gonna be like the other night against Alanna. Except you're playing a really good team we were right. Set of data Schroeder of what's other random riders carrier Tyree in a launch of void. Are we going pointed out of the best record in the east right instead of seeing ten days mortgages the hour. Just sort that out there applied. This still you mean you ever known in my so surprised and I put easily yeah he's got to get the guys healthy that's the biggest news at. Up for Boston soon not taken seriously dumb all almost 44 for a little ways of the game and but I think it all right this is going to be really really difficult challenge. Also discouraged just in general. I know very. Adding dividers are fifteen and fifteen. Eight but compared laster is it doubles so many injuries last year that either further along they know what they're capable of something you just get healthy then it on the there's a lot of competence within the heat organization. But they can put I really solid product on the court I I believe that as well. But the problem for me right now is I have no way to truly evaluate whether this team is any good or not or whether whether all the investment that they made in some of these audience does because we haven't seen it we just right there hasn't been a fair shot. Or you don't for them to have enough from the sample size sources say OK in 201718. Verse the Miami Heat makes cents basal way to construct the Ross. Volume mean minimal knowledge that I don't want to make in the Eastern Conference we had Tom De'Angelo on a little bit earlier and you know were were were roughly. The thirty games in for everybody on you know everybody in the league and I don't know who I know three teams are good in the east. Like go. Boston Cleveland and Toronto. Outside of that who's really good. Washington was positive out of the team not good. So far. You know Detroit go out to great start now they're looking bad again Orlando same deal the knicks. I mean is this as the sole. Where does he kind of fall in the play Milwaukee. Ever gets excited about the Greeks replay you look at their record on the so exciting about that no there's no team Eastern Conference Emmys ray player are we wrong. What he's not mean they're not winning all these games just because of him. Soul. You know you still look getting go OK why can't he. Tennis fit in there somewhere on net four or five range. When it's all Lhasa today considering I haven't played half of their have those guys you played thirty games and half will have a Miller I was I am half of them have been without some lights are. And he'd have Nomar have very little margin for error. Yes Golden State to lose stuff curry fur for five weeks at a time and they're still gonna win right. They can't get there without staff Andrew migraine art also went. There's loaded. Like you take anybody due to report singles off the knicks for a month. Other in the I like you to you to a so it really need to be seven than it would with without a sign that's the that's like him. That's pretty good. Right in essence they word the way the roster is constructed. Is you got a bunch of and I it's over achievers from last season and got paid. This offseason and they play well together but you you don't you don't have a lot of star power to begin with but true legitimate star power for the NBA. And the fact of the matter is that your biggest star they got a source highly paid the most talented player. Not blaming the US kits. Put anything together of substance for this Miami Heat team in this season if for some whites as gonna miss extended period. Don't do that might it deserves them to get healthy here like people look at it I mean maybe I'm just coming optimist at times but people look at it as ball relative to fifteen. And I'm like yeah completely missed they haven't had him for half of those teams. And how much like device at all Greg is thirty games into the season what these record. I said what I what does editing of the year. Best case scenario your seventeen to thirteen. I did and got it added difficult schedule so I mean they're gonna look at Tom mentioned in the Celtics as a or Tommy win them to put the warriors Toys 'R' Us. Really they've played some of the bill to thirty games if you look at the schedule. Vacuum and you'll 32 and a multiplicity is started. So let's bear in this sounds like a pretty good start to the seasonal that you are we 25 in five number 22 in an eighty. No maybe eighteen and 1217 of thirty so you know like. In the right near her I would say they're there's a couple of games you'd kinda one back but value considering all the other things. I think that's. That's debts debts owed and we knew going in that this team. They're not constructive debacles they are not Cleveland where yeah you can you'll have that Isiah Thomas for two governments in your stove and when you don't to have stepped courier this guy the spurs don't have that acquire Leonard from month and a half. And they're still gonna win games legs you needed all everybody. The whole roster who not only play by play well bright for them to to reach thereto reach that 45 spots and here there are with. Having had all those guys and especially a sign. And they're 500 I I think is pretty good. And I'd be disappointed when they get healthy it'll go on Iran now considering they've been able to stay afloat. That would be the disappoint part if they can't get on a big Raun. Considering. They've been able to scratch and claw on win games with kind of a makeshift roster to this point. All right here and I hope the dad dad. Possibility you bet if so to speak. Becomes a reality right did you say you know if they can get healthy when they get healthy I hope that actually happens. Right ages we've seen this app move forward date could spiral out of control we hope none of these injuries become too serious. Because if it right if they lose a these key guys furlong W and listen all respect due to Magruder and Carl why would. Should be able to overcome those injuries real and if yelling out Whiteside or Dragic. Or even a waiters are Richardson and James Johnson miss extended time with a serious injury and that's where this plan may begin to unravel for the 201718. Sees. Welcome back we'll get to the 6 o'clock hour organ we gotta get back to rob Manfred and the interview with the the lever tarred show. We were were promised really get to that sounds. We return are also hear from Derek Jeter after the town hall meeting at some thoughts on that but right now caller number seven has promise of it 6534. 0790. You're gonna win a pair of tickets to the 33 annual chili cook off powered by Ford. It exact it is exactly a month from now January 20 at CB Smith park and number pines. Our sister station kiss 99.9. Is brewing up a day of great food drinks in a star studded lineup of country music artist. Ready to take the main stage including. Darius Rucker Old Dominion. Big and rich Maureen Morris Midland and Brandon lay tickets or until now that it reminded economic also and also Donald supermarkets but you can win it's over a hundred dollar value at least in the very least caught number seven right now 7865340790. That 786. 53079. The and you go to the chili cook off good luck welcome back with Merck. It to the 6 o'clock hour headlines as well right here on 790 the ticket. More six era. Seven ticket Curtis and Greg again. And when you on this. Wednesday afternoon glad to be a part of it with us after every game one tickets and into the Lexus and superpower prime post game show. Where is as well a complete wrap up of the game Lexus and superpower pines always an amazing deal sponsored by champion for my for a cellphone someone's Jeep. Truck and SUV customizations job go to champion four by four dot com you can always sex shows 67974. Well on the course brings autumn all Hondas Texan line. Lot of people are discovering via the podcast. Or. Or whatnot and there's runways again at the listening to the entirety of the rob Manfred. Levitt's art show interview and texting in and Donald and texting into us so they're trying to get to Dan are just trying to. Find somebody that'll listen saying it's it was unbelievable and it was great we will social and relay it as that one of the phenomenons of fourteen years senator ticket is that we over of the text machine. There are many times word. You get. Text for the limits our show right on average though Erica Evans all the time all the time of that and that's as slow did debts except rob birdied one and then the dazed and the god told man and everybody. Once in a what's going on. On the on the tax on but yes the timeline of text only usually go it's it seems like a fine I don't think it takes about us in other parts that they have no idea. Blog you'll trying to find that NF founded and or. Praising it well we're gonna have a few more pieces of the a million read that we're gonna work. I have for you here in just and momentarily pause rental public as part of his thoughts on that plus he's out of dolphins camp. So is often made some moves today darn good moves this you know showing guys on IR. And doesn't bode well for Kansas City on Sunday so get at all levels with the headline put first. Let's get to here's the thing. And a lot has happened in this Marlins sock. But out of go back to last night human and that Marlins town hall meeting. Now we weren't we are on the air during a time hands. Heidi if I could have gone. I think looking back on it now. I would have paid any amount of money to have been there and witnessed the polarity that ensued. That Marlins park last night. Derek Jeter took questions for almost two hours from abroad a variety of fans' passion of fans you have fans sobbing. You read you have fans and it with the employing Jeter to. Give out free tickets to improve this way and that way and and I commend everybody that of the time it showed up and showed the passion for baseball some questions they're Jeter answered some questions Derek Jeter. Deferred. But yet Marlins man up there guy. Asking. The five time World Series chip being champion if he knew who he was. It was a little bit of everything last night at the town hall meeting. There was Derek Jeter after all the questions were asked not many were answered. On what he experienced. Listen I would expect people to be upset some of the moves that we've done and I said that from. Our opening press conference that we were gonna make unpopular decisions at times it. I don't expect everyone to agree with the decisions that we make you just know that we do have a plan moving forward we will stick to that point. And I you know it can be painful right side with the some of the fans' questions and statements and comments that you know there are but some Saddam confident and it's you know. We put a good product on the field will come back this course. We had a little bit of everything addressed last night as Marlins man wants to throw out the first pitch. We need moral Latin music playing in the ballpark at the there's need to be more pressures. They seem to disappear. From out from time to time I respect that and I acknowledge the pageant again I would be there but I don't know exactly would. That accomplice last night for Derek Jeter. For the fans I guess to get off their chest a little bit. But for me. Little viewing the tweets by will Manso Barry Jackson who were there lied to me than hearing. The actual aftermath of it I don't know exactly what was accomplished all I know is this. Last night I believe was another bizarre in embarrassing and sad chapter. In what baseball has been. Here in in South Florida and that's the thing sponsored by Joan nerds and amateur announce my garage owners are authorized DJ had the other has all of your Joseph needs covered new urgent repairs customization training sessions and more. Visit them today edge owners dot com South Florida's high in the sky the only thing better would have been actual footage in video. Of all the of all the people. It's album I can I saw some FaceBook stuff men and some album we're fine. We'll have legitimate gripes obviously. But then I saw some other stuff and it's like oh my god. One of my favorite exchanges that we saw via Twitter and you reference simple win somebody brought up the fact that there were like delinquent ushers. And there they said to Derek Jeter I emailed you about it in Jeter's response was you don't have my email. For the ride that was what ultimately pitched well you brought up everything out there. Some etiquette does is give away free tickets are only a general the public opinion I. Let I love that that I don't exactly what was exactly how does that last night and it's great when the local stories the national story. We're the word problem we looked up on PTI it's the Marlins Derek Jeter did you know always at a Derek Jeter saved baseball South Florida. Look it up you know all these of the negated the may have had the little avatar. And it's just it's all Marlins and it's all justice. It's just not man. I still wonder why Derek Jeter wanted to get involved in the you know I mean like I understand that you you know a lot of these players like these dip into whatever might be whether BBN a general manager. Are being involved in coaching or managing in this sport. Or in this case ownership for Derek Jeter but I wonder. And quiet although all hobbies or other pursuits that he couldn't have gone after that this was what he decided would be in his dress. It's a burger question like a motor Derek Jeter. As he put up put up this point five million bucks which he's gonna make Axl is not about is not necessarily about the money. Per say it's more about the prestige. And I think nominee might set him up for for future ownership or more ownership stake. But. For guys that this is readily said that he doesn't really care about. Baseball. Like he does things like a baseball junkie. Where is gonna sit around watch a bunch of games is that my dad like. I don't know other than. Maggette gather how slow and to do this I'll be that'll be this hard but so largest militant yacht and a punching bag for everybody down here in South Florida. Somebody asked about his honeymoon he references honeymoon with his wife. And he yells like he is very quickly. That that his passes is on the clock down here these credit that I do that the Derek Jeter. You know and I saw everyone that was as I was I I know go you'll ever the last nine a couple of Eagles and immune. Penalty or Jews that's Smart. Adobe's oral bright guy and I don't want to put in my I don't know hole. But I couldn't add and in it I'd like you to run a business meeting like to run like to run that she's needs she's going to be running a biz ago and they go. And I said why don't know that the low watts impression I got a guy okay well you. I mean just generally speaking again without knowing him already beat sales does beg the question what qualifies him to be in this role. Right and I just I just my thing is a but I do know these. He knows that his gases is in the cross hairs or maybe didn't before he certainly you learned that last right internal but I don't know what I was viral that come in in one respect. Oh Curtis because I know that you bear and I think you've had the perspective that you wanted to at least give them an opportunity to see whatever they're going to do. And I I've been a little more critical of everything up to this point but I do give him credit I don't know what they're topless last night. But at least he was out and I I think it's something that nobody had done it right from the get all the may be good avoided some of the disasters and we. Yeah I just you know but has I mean people last night there were in and yet every sort of response to what makes them qualify don't think you should do this and that they got to admit it's back to your question Mike what is he and what he's getting what's he gonna get out of this right like for him actual war he's certainly made enough money in his career where he doesn't have to pursue something like all the celebrity golf or do you know do do some and show up. As a special advisor spring training for yankees every other year sign a few autographs do the autograph to all that hatred he could do the speaking tour go to some graduates and stop and you don't make six figures I had a ball that man I you know but this is actual work now has not only is it work it's also. Your reputation will be a good example on every single day when guys coming up to be going in on the of those guys related cables running a baseball team probably he's the brightest don't do a lot. We all those questions we asked the media was he not gonna answer form and Michael I don't know if you tell you if you had the as a form total. Bill and Iran's regular Holly's register closes about Derek Jeter. For the most part yeah I mean he's not play shortstop for the Yankees. This kind of a different. Different venue for him our forwards apart let's get to 6 o'clock headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true Miramar. Schools are basketball a shorthanded heat return to the hardwood this evening to take on the east leading Celtics in Boston justice was low continues to nurse a strain near has been ruled out of tonight's contest or Goran Dragic is listed as doubtful to play with an elbow injury. The teams split their first two meetings this season you can hear all the action right here on seven on the ticket beginning. Less and half an hour from now 630 with tips on coming up at 730 from the TD garden. A football with the dolphins were back on the practice field this afternoon to begin preparation for the sweet sixteen matchup against the chiefs in Kansas City. The team made adjustments on the roster placing your mom bush rotted Julius Thomas on injured reserve. Adding tight end Thomas tort date offered to tackle Eric Smith to be active roster. From the pros college where it's a busy day for recruiting across the country in the Miami Hurricanes of compiled impressive highly touted eighteen player class so far the least two more verbal commitments expected to sign between now and Friday. And finally embrace all the rays of trade and also our third baseman Evan Longoria to the giants portals confirm that all star closer Zach Britton ruptures Achilles tendon during worked on a Monday. And those are your headlines are. It's out there run jewels and houses we answer is no sign they're truly says beyond convenient answer we bring in. My partner here in the afternoon Chris Perkins who joins us from David all the made some moves today in preparation for the Casey gaming I'll I'll Marlins nonsense to get to. And and natural will begin perk you feel in the day. Menem on our spiritual power pyramid network cobra a busy day for. You know Coors pick a theme mother at a whim they have but. Or say that he very pert little boot record your service over the or they moved. On the Duarte from corrected. Pay your bring Eric Schmidt offensive tackle. Up Romo on injured from from in urban so we talked to love. Judge owned the well making the Pro Bowl we talked with comic who will not make the Pro Bowl we call it Cutler about whether he's been about it Kirk. If he's not he's you spoke of on campus city book. Out of a whole bunch of stuff Adam bass bit bit he's surprised that that didn't make the Pro Bowl bid that the guy who they lock could opiate or the voting starts so. A lot of stuff going on now you worked six and eighteen that what about playing football after inward first. Well images does this do I got a couple attacks on this the last the last couple of days here from about this is about Cutler. And seeing doubt your fails I don't know how for how extreme that is. But basically going younger now some of these moves are made today. You're going to see some young guys blight as that it didn't any indication I mean he's talked about playing for jobs but. Okay should tolerate part of the future. We redefine how some other guys can play. Has after the jurors that offer that if they're from the dolphins. No it it has developed replica of blue and the well that. War at home today better spectacle of the period the Adam didn't play improves he'll be thing that Benton is still legal leapt. And so when you ask about playing younger player a throws he responds yadier we're still just being met medic week they York. They lose bit weak and they get mathematically eliminated then that become pretty much more relevant question. And a question that is likely to get a horse period inserts but it there's going to ask about you know playing recur or aren't looking to next year. You'll you'll hear no that's not happening we're not in any benefit about wager process though are still playing here. And bank that's what Adam eight bit debate that went went to ask about. Doing the valuation for knicks are still we're still at this spring to speak the local and so. That that's the response to that part of their attitude right now. There aids it is in part to view kind of contrasts that attitude with the comments he made on Monday in which she described affected you guys play for their jobs are in the final two weeks of the season has been evaluation process when it comes to bad. I would ask you this perky it if that's the case of the coaching staff is looking at guys playing for their jobs for 2018. Should there be people evaluating the coaching staff is well over these next two weeks. Yeah yeah yeah and an outlook on gumption that's gonna go on home. I think I think you're you're top coaches are probably gonna be back which I did Adam gave. A group of courtly demeanor are all important part Ricky. Lament their cell Oca. I was then I think the top coaches who beat back would look at Adam gave speaker of the coordinator Matt Burke. All into coordinator Clyde crook and opposition Cokie is I'm not sure. But you know I I I think that most of the courtroom there come back in fact it is my Desmond. But a bigger value equation. It's going to be on the player than in previous years here. Yet you were evaluating coats. Wherever it would. You know peel laser as we open the coordinator told bill that he would coach you value waiting front office guys right recruit in this two AT and Jeff Ireland. I think mostly. This off either we're going to be looking at player value. I would Jamaica the the Marlins town hall meeting in them and I'm sure you've heard a lot of low level tarred shows interview with the commissioner rob Manfred. And it's been making its way not only locally but nationally that's a huge story. And though limits are ones shed some light as well he should add that we begin screwed around here for a number of years this is. The latest example by Major League Baseball but my back to that scene last that it Marlins park what was your what was your overall view that. I but I Jeter he would be good being you may move them Sokol was lukewarm but I'm not sure that anybody at their lessons they insert. Look status like fashion. I don't I don't know we put any doubt that it. You know. You're cargo. Blaming the mother keep cool and am done. Improvements and stuff what appears all. I would like to have let him kind of a tone and praying. We look at the environment where you expect Specter while cart contingent. And and eighteen you know who. 2.3 years you know but it it's again it's like when you hire college football coach wrote you wanna know you don't. Years five years Republican pin for the conference title will work in local to local chamber content for the national title would never let me get a couple in class as you heard nothing like that from tea will do not think he's there will spend money when theater where we're pretty open and been ambiguous which OK Emily that you were armed stricker higher erupts like you're there. And commit to winning being in paint yourself into a quarter but when you've gotten angry fan base I mean that's just not good enough so. You know I I I remarked to mind that you spoke the press writer here in Miami today that. I think Jeter might have might have dug himself a little bit deeper into the hole and eat it to read. Very strong we would react when you think leader himself some good. I I don't have a very favorable can now that I haven't heard Leo let the harder you could have been belliard all the ball up real story. Or cup looked worried about re at some of the quotes that I have not heard any being up from the editor many experts are. This is majestic per it has its good. Our guess is it's well worth the crimson. Yet contentious side and went out front of them murdered that that that you are ever call. From from the stories oh yeah well look at the whip. It is the Tiffany topic is what we strive for in our medium part of this it's let's what it's all about. How it on out of time do we're gonna put a couple of soundbites here in but. Actually I didn't purchase virtually every we have a let's go applicable of these is probably the greatest hits today in a good they're just getting out of the at the mall are out of work and you haven't heard that it's it was unbelievable just. The back and forth between commissioner of Major League Baseball rob Manfred the end and then lever tarred and still got to limits are joke here's here's some of the best of the best. Robert you aware g.'s planned to trade players and slash payroll. You know it's interesting. Arm yes or no they don't yes or no please. You don't. I'm happy to do Yasser knows you can you elaborate afterward I just don't know if you're aware of that plan like you'll if you did you approve the plan. It had slashed payroll again for so we. We do not approve. Operating decisions by any. Ownership new owner rob current owners or not and as a result the future to that question is no I'm not going to be to Holmes. Like this is some adversary thing you wanna ask me questions Ali it's from the way that I wanted to answer okay addict or not we can move around. No that's far and I'll do it that way but you can't come you're coming on here and saying that you weren't aware of Jeter's planned to. Trade players and slash payroll like it will start with a lot of rotten like that's what we're store and like. And I don't we don't now. And if you call me a liar I explained to you that we do not we do not. Getting involved in operating level decisions. In the ownership process the ownership approval process clubs meet those local decision. How were you made or are you aware Arabs and oh were you. Now. Those the friend earlier part of the other conversation they're perk up. Yet. Let me here per quicker he could have used either in the meat shield right. Are a that just rub it from the whole album beg you to. They'll help Alex they're getting consensus and end temporarily but it just looked not a a good note where are meant recovery and relive the party and an urban listeners that that was it easier but. While that as well really a recruiter who apparently expert colonel Greg and I knew that but the word liar would require real battle. And is it was great stuff and is there is a lot to get to do there are so it's just. Did that mean more to come idea I can imagine there as who employee I mean just in you know. Baseball in general in this town loses to. If for lack of better term just a mess. Yes knowledge it is that it uphold moral warm milk or hurt her that being compete is that it's not just the bell on appeal brought out. It's about these trucks. Of the people who were putting out their product like if it's just bad baseball player I I think people could hurt if it didn't quite understand the ethics but. They just typical thought they can't get it right but that this would like there's no commitment to winning and people don't trust that there are real. A commitment to winning it I think that I've equipment are being fooled so much work to meet. And I've perk will levels seen here tomorrow all right just before Iraq. I'll be back you better learn that Kerry Kelly the city of android isn't yeah although Greg and I had a great time peninsula. Greg and I young Greg and I've had a great time reminiscing over the years on writing things he had just the baseball stuff. Like that we don't really talk about anything baseball related. No there's nothing to do with the product is this year my colleague who Brigham in the business over ten years marine to limit of the seventeen years like. Never talk about wasteful. No we're we're not breaking down member of the ins and outs of the deems it. Which players like like oh that's good player to get food that's good player who let trade with a minor leaguer who like all the conversations. And everything and it's down to the last. Basically fifteen years. It's a twenty years have been about nonsense. In the owner's box right yes. Highlighted maybe by the home runs that you. Right yeah a lot more elements among other things more nonsense are welcome back its final thought seriously best ball around the corner. They're Boston tonight be a tough one will be shorthanded. Dazzle atomic time level all the information coming up right here on 792 tick. Every Thursday morning. So around and everything morning it was happening in the NFL. Professor knows my client Jeremy Jackson attorneys have you been an accident going hundreds of ports of entry that's in hundreds of divorce seven. 3733. This one has flown by today man. But secret we had talked to Tom the envelope even for the Palm Beach post he'll update early in the 4 o'clock hour into the backs. ESPN radio college football analyst his commitment call. Of the boards and they had a number other Pro Bowl games got Citrus Bowl is that giving war world bull and we asked him about canes in Wisconsin. Semi finals match. It is served perk right there. We hear from the commissioner of Major League Baseball would limit our earlier on this on this these airwaves so. I'm pretty pretty eventful also thinks they're by the text in at six humanize him for locals brings Almonte are signed by Hillary should that. Locally Curtis just to confirm what we assume was going to be nikkei's court dryers officially out tonight vs itself so he was listed as doubtful. I know was as and now Tom you have more on all that he's officially out and not good. For the Miami. Well if it was an agreement that is to put it quite simply this is going to be a difficult task for them. In Boston against the Celtics team that is. It all they've been a terrific story I mean I know there's you know there's a like the Celtics or whatever but if it. Gordon Hayward that it's a much money for goes out within the first quarter of the first game of the season and they still of the best for release right now it's it's it's an amazing story. Knew I still think that you beat Cleveland but we knew there were going to be the board of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. But if you ask me right now what's the biggest surprise on the positive end in the NBA. I think it's Boston Celtics pans out. Like you mean the dull at the people within Gordon Hayward. I Euro. Five C four C right. Maybe maybe a fifty win team. Maybe if he would team held a halfway there already seems like almost halfway there they are if acuity and oh. And I think about of the way that they put the team together where. You know that the number one pick. They decide to trade that and they'd be pack. Pass up the opportunity DiMarco faults and Jason Tatum has been better as aggressive way right as a present any rookie we've seen what's that's what's really cares and carries a great that the that the young players Jalen brown. Pay a living greats those two guys specifically mean but I mean talk about. Heeding your first round yeah does earn his studs yes yea and the you know that's an eighteen you know you can argue for the long term betterment of the organization. The Hayward. Injuries of mystery series is actually a blessing in disguise in the sense that. Jalen brown and Jason Tatum now have got to develop on the fly and so when they were returns they're going to be that much better. And imagine all that talents you know in probably next season I don't. Emigrate table silly they finish W and that it just uses such adding. Another big time free if elected and that's your Gordon Hayward right that's crazy was going to be but I decide the mental thing all that other stuff too. Like first game of the year she's just goes down like that idea is to know if they were. I knew they were talented but I don't know if they would be able to overcome a lot of that stuff. And I this ought to get off to like one of those rough starts where they before and twelve boom you know there OK let's pick it up here. But they lost that game and I believe they lost that might have been affiliate of the next night's. And then they went on that big wintry weather that moved like a month right until the big heat ironically yeah unless you have the streak so I mean. Yeah they've been the most the president I thought Atlanta would have been a great win considering they were so many guys down. Tonight would be double a ball. Meant a victim. Vaguely competitive tonight courtesy of this is a competitive game in the fourth quarter and then I'll be pleasantly surprised you're right I mean as you would truly they can steal one tonight. Greg always great to us still for hours grays zippers every day amendments it's a lot of fun to have you in here perk we're back tomorrow will do just before 4 o'clock when you hit the Airways again I'll be back on Saturday. From three to seven was our tort and and on Sunday from a ten to one of the awkward or brigade awesome stuff allows you as always we got to get out of here we had he basketball joneses as those coming your way next Tommy tied it is the heat and the Boston Celtics final time this season in the regular season anyway for reg likens them courtesy basketball next here on 79 minutes ago.