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Thursday, December 21st

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Dan and still here on seven items ideological born Curtis and for hanging with you got allows them here as well run in the entire. Operation. For the big show lined up for you four days before Christmas bird Gallagher shopping done got everything you need to go. Now we've got you the numbers started yet. Yeah yeah started under seven minutes and connectors here are very cool very special ladies in your life do you take care of so you know. Actually wound. Okay well that's got to get more than one deft yeah yeah yeah I do I do that to get more than one did so so a lot of guys have got a got a couple of got to get a couple more. I can't even imagine what what the malls look like right now. Me neither me neither I'm added a few years ago I ship it to online shoppers out kind of a salesman and I. Then jumped yet but although I don't really have to manual vote to purchase anything for anyway but I mean I've literally years ago like a you know after Thanksgiving and until the new year and they don't go anywhere near a mall because it's just chaos yet via an insanity even though. A lot of you'll do do their shopping online nowadays it's a still. It's still messed your general pick stuff rob and everything else and it's going to be a crazy week and Adam as a. Yeah and I try to have but I try to have everything deliver I don't need to do you not only to go to the mall or go to you know best buy did you. Just get in the parking lot isn't it doesn't nightmares holes that I mean it mostly is yes it's fun parking spots right in right seem to avoid that altogether. And so we got there I handling the treacherous roadways of South Florida and there are in trying to get to forget where they need to get to the black tea and relax and and will guide you through so to speak your dollars Texas showed 67974. That's 67974. We're gonna be joined by Matt quarter from the Palm Beach post Augusta about a little Orange Bowl preview because next week. Oh were going to be on a couple of days horribly off a couple of days is we got about two ball games big of that. We got the that boy he's mowers gas for a low ball coming up here we're gonna take you right up until our coverage Joba of F five U football tonight of course you heard F five he's action all season long here on the on -- 790 so we're taking you right up to that coverage of the got temple nine sew up pretty good your Butch Davis on with with Dan earlier and did they give a big moment the other night now the big win for FAU athletics and if you football and a national spotlight only game on tonight. If you're the only on the country that's a big deal also a fight you and butch. They're gonna take on tables or take you right up until up until our coverage here. At at 730 but the talk of the town continues to be the talk between the show and rob Manfred yesterday. And that seemed to get a lot of traction in the not only locally but nationally it's always been a big deal with a local story becomes the national story and that certainly was the case. And you know what tepid was one of the funny things about this marlin story that I've been thinking board you know probably two or three weeks is. What will seek to satisfy marlins' plans right I mean you you do have the two World Series titles. But has it been worth all the misery that you've experienced in the meantime. That leads us into here's the thing. You frequently hear that phrase from Ramallah Iranians both college and roll. Mary and I take ten years of misery in exchange for just one title. Here's what I wonder is that true with the Marlins prints look this the franchise that has whom World Series titles. Are there billions out there of the Marlins who ping them all the years of misery include in the situation right now has been appear exchange for the two titles. I'm and there's not a whole lot of them out there look Pittsburg pirates fans they probably agree to such a change right they have won a title since 1979. Buffalo Bills fans they might extra but it is strange misery for a title right. This team hasn't even made the playoffs the build on talk about since 1999. I'm sure there's a lot of other plans. Teens both college in role would probably exchange ten years of misery bird just one title. But you rarely hear the Marlins ends in a home tone looking calmly at the situation. Including the the star price of our success the success that we had in the past in panic. Nowadays you hardly even mention the two World Series titles when you're talking about the Miami Marlins. To scuttle what I like to know from Marlins millions right now. Is the current situation. The price of success. And have those two championships. Bin words everything that you've experienced in the non championship years. I'm thinking and there's a lot of Marlins millions that don't like that exchange. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now implying crest. Drove nerds as your authorize DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs cover what you're talking new purchases repairs customizations training whatever it is they will hook you up visible today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's. In the sky. Above the commissioner rob Manfred responses to today and stewed grill and there was that. That you you've got a couple World Series titles here and will if everything's so bad down here. Do you guys have won two World Series championships in the span of what you know twenty years ago so used to be really thankful for that mean there be some teams and some cities as a fan bases that would that would. That would make that trade blight. I'm it was to me and I experience. You know them both in the interests they were sold they were so they came on you so quickly and the left you so quick. There were so fleet thinking yeah hand and dummy in the 97 you couldn't even like you couldn't even enjoy because the team with this little. Roddick it was you know it was there was nothing art. Part of the fallen. Is that team is the anticipation. And all working we pretty good this year oh okay able to get season tickets this year we're going to be pretty good hey man you you you wanna go to this you wanna go to this game on Saturday night that it plans because sold those scheduled to pitch where you know I got season tickets I got this. On a little too big a road trip near the plant over in Tampa Hayward. All those things part of that is the anticipation we're going to be very good it came on them very quick in 97. And then nobody could go after the parade it was all gonna nobody really got a chance to say Britain candidate in 2003. Was on that level. What people wanted to to buy in and people I think we're coming back. But but even then people did not really. Mean you can't I says all that we can build a fan base in two or three or four years like it's going to take it takes. It is a lot a lot of time. And in most cases than most is what put us in this case because people felt really really screwed over after the 9720 yeah so 2000 comes on the window three and everyone gets excited and yes the tip of the majority of the team together for a couple of seasons after that brought into the Carlos Delgado paying a thought it was going to be I was going to be different. And then eventually you know that got that got stripped down a little bit but it's a good question perk that be my response to it. We we've got though one sex that says the two championships. To make it worth the and looked the other late 99%. Are saying no. You know buyers sales year after year. Screwed that line of thinking in that talking point. No we're we're Miami not Pittsburgh or buffalo can't even compare. Her years of being. Yeah no no no no team take a World Series title. End. And actually I just lost all NB gut it immediately it's hard to get there and to just dump afterwards so. A lot of people do you have a are saying no and and it's it's something that you you don't hear a lot of pain in the other team saying that he'd just give me one title. And and I dub dub and Clinton about that that. Well you just don't hear that here. You're there you OK okay and let anybody noticed under is bringing it that. And maybe where a cautious tale for those other you know college and pro seems to be careful what you wish Morgan it's not oh great. I'm gonna do it the other way I'm gonna go backwards on you a second before he gets that let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY KM South Miami. And WS SS Ph.D. true Miramar. If I U takes on simple eight tonight in the bad boy mowers gas guerrilla bowl in Saint Petersburg. And by you under coach Butch Davis is a eaten for temple. Is six and six Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game at Kansas City. Wide receiver Davone Trey Parker didn't practice due to an ankle injury. But coach Adam gave Syria Parker should play on Sunday. Seattle Seahawks have been fine a 100000 dollars for violating concussion protocol in November 9 game against Arizona. Quarterback Russell Wilson the league see it didn't get a sufficient concussion assessment. From a member of the medical staff. Miami Heat is off tonight they host Dallas tomorrow no NFL game tonight Thursday schedule concluded last week. Those are your headlines. 67974. 67974. Or tell you Regis on the growth rings autumn on a text line. This was what the week that. What how many years it was eleven years ago I saw Dave hides a C and the sun sentinel you're you're according colleague feel the knicks' David that he's arguably the Alabama coach that is great so let's eleven years eleven long years the dolphins and that's in have had to play off appearances. Then in a playoff victory in seventeen years and I believe so all of those droughts are pretty pretty alarming it pretty gimmick so it's easy to say oh yeah I'll I'll I'll treat the championships. Four. For stability. But let's do it the other way. Majority have the championship ring you already you already had the the Marlins party you'll remember the celebration to. The dolphins that's to a depth let's let's through that team in there. Language without US the dolphins fan right now pay your gonna win the Super Bowl next year butcher gonna suck for fifteen. Would you take that. Fifteen I don't know what to do what it is 1012. Whatever it is like and has decades late eighteen years no playoffs whatever it is good use the Marlins Marlins fan and this is Abdel Martinsville if you live that already. Yes your oh yeah you go argue that Baghdad's once and stability or want to I don't want. Leg but amid golf that you haven't you hadn't lived any of that Yemen had that moment in your life. Slums and I'm guessing the answer would be different if your if you ask the dolphins fan. And I'm sure there's a moral involvement means I have to cross over there that said. Hey Super Bowl next year you're gonna come out of nowhere you guys gonna go Theo thirteen and three. Brawls in the playoffs and and win the Super Bowl but you know what for the next and at twelve years you're gonna be and paid a price during the browns every ailment not that bad going to be. Not a single playoffs. I don't know. I I think that it RB Kirk yeah. But we've got a text here that don't experience the last fifteen years anyway. Well yeah out well I that's what it. That's what I'm asking somebody sexy and hear the Phillies winning the championship. In 2008. Was good enough for me. So somebody as somebody else here. Text the Red Sox and cubs were always competitive. So I yeah I guess there there's that part of that Tom. You know. Boston and and and Chicago didn't win for a long time. They were competitive in I guess not there and you know clearly not every single year the cubs for a hundred and what eight years ago I was like once a decade right right I. I don't know I don't know man come on the golf isn't as I think they take that are. Yeah it's a it's a tough I wouldn't. Yeah it's a it's a tough situation man armed armed go through some of these tags and the opinions are all over the place but here they are all over the place when. I will get to go back to that in in due course here 679746. To 974. If you want a lot jump on boarding get in on the resolve on attacks on getting in on the on the old conversation. Member forgot about the Miami Heat they had a vessel into the air slowly right now and that was not a doubly right in Minnesota as well the year was against the against the Celtics on the road to the television thing I regret earlier this exactly. No doubt no doubt that gap. Basically I think that's what you get from a 500 team great. That's who you know you have these thirty point deficits at one point and then you know not long after that you come around and and knocked off the best team in the. East while I was watching a game last night and watch a whole thing and that was the end of course you lose to Atlanta. Like and of course there gonna win that game last night you know isn't like that that's how it works like it's his. They're shorthanded there's no one does have a chance and yeah maybe they should have been alana Sonata got only hold that against them. And then you go in and you and your beat the Celtics seem like did the late in the last night it was just it was just got a soul. Miami like midway through that game I really don't know when this game now digital nervous when I went. Larry when Harry Reid had a good look at everybody hug and Josh Josh did a decent job and that you don't want that's human Josh is shot on the offense caused no dollars and that was. An unmitigated disaster yeah via Dion and right know what he's Dylan and the job I mean at what Deion does all right he tries to win the game. But not a crazy. Doesn't that Kelly let's let let's mention him promote right right at the career best and only got hurt late in the game and all that stuff but he did a good job just. You Meghann I know literally seconds left but added I didn't know there was an ankle or hamstring or or what. At the tigers all got a ball off the rim and our land awkwardly. And I thought wow I'd I'd love and I didn't I yeah I didn't even see it but I just thought boy have been his ankle you know hit the floor and he's going to be out for a week. But they eat he did a good job well he did a good. Our demand you know while the Miami Herald news coming up you're in a 5 o'clock hour to hour fifty minutes he segment but yeah. Great win of the year is it isn't something more or. Is it is just just this is sort of a little bit more for the Miami Heat with a seven out of the next eight at home against lot of winnable opponents or. Is this something that you just say OK just one night the MBA and the ticker to your team and a B Boston. And and that that's pretty much any conservative that we come back we got to we got its. My Porter that charge for the Palm Beach post we'll get a little inside in the Orange Bowl which is nine days away it was constantly role in the midtown. We'll take a look at that matchup and how the canes did yesterday early signing period would you'll recap on that solo. All about the U coming up next right here on some and I do take. They're an hour before every game. On the tickets are out with the girls bring the ball pregame shows as though gets you set for the game take a look at the matchup that he's of the game. And have you ready for tip off calls for Donald Hall home of the low cost cars brought you by Comcast business built for business person per carrying with you on Thursday afternoon. Happy holidays everybody out mayor and as we head out to be read fuels downstairs Korean stores just line their choice of beyond convenience. It is of course the bowl season and is now recruiting season to some degree to get all the info on the you were killers are her kids Obama goes he's been where those. Quite frequently all season long and we appreciate him for doing that Matt Porter from the Palm Beach post you'll foam on Twitter at Matty ports Matt you were joining us and happy holiday moment. At the only excuse extra meals beans and pleasure. Dog's been a lot of fun and judgment of a season like to ask me like Kate what do you think of the hurricane season overall and the blue one word I keep telling them is it's been fun man and that that's that's other elected that's cute topic and my head over and over again. And now wolf. I think that it can merely CPR when it's doing less straight because he drew and are used a high standards you're either used or old you don't go back really in agreement keep saying. That's hard to find great Miami keys and now that they are getting a taste of it again not policy. You know Hala how people respond to this he in this program that Mark Richt is building it would do a lot of on the cover this email it's you know you're. You're you're sitting there are press Procter reading stories and it's so much you'd hear you talk to players and talk about players who are performing well. And you know doesn't deserve predicted and a lot of angles and amid jumps on so who goes to a marker for food so you're you're one. It's all about the performers. That's all about the reformers and makes it was double over these little bit better yeah yup yup by experienced that last year with the Dalton is not so much this year. How come they've met that what you expected from a leak rouge here in this getting. All right yeah I'm expecting him to. I wanna say that he's going to struggle. I just I need to see a lot of growth command. Yeah he's going to go against the Wisconsin defense and win consistently down after down. You know but. Reliever isn't somebody who has performed well. And you are you seeing flashes of red and everybody spoke in the last two games like this body of work over this even. Yet or some gains were made you take a while Miami was much better than that he nation blown out what went wrong oh yeah offense always premier. Tell you there reflected in their like I did I could afford it and and wouldn't be able to be there or did he get. You know what you want but called a little bitty. I you know throughout this either here or on some throws you know maybe he catches the ball that he just walked it up there but I think he has shown that you can we games and I defeated the more the more consistent problem you know it's because this was company that is really good that cynical the fact that he you know nobody really knows anybody picked up nationally. You are on on that you sensing and certainly not that your South Florida I admit I had a really. The study gone on to Harvard deceit seeing what they've. Don't throw up which you didn't similar results in in the heat they've enabled him to really shut down we're having a little bit worried the arcane strand people yet. Yeah I mean just under fourteen points per game I think they've only given up defensively a total of fifteen touchdowns in in thirteen games so that's. Ever talked about the run the football and they can run at the offensive rhythm and that we're pretty stout has one more thing on rosier I expect an open competition in now in the spring for the quarterback position but how far will this game go to kind of just not deciding that this kind of putting him as a clear number one or a complete. A complete open deal when does spring rolls around. What say this you don't understand probably going to go a long long way. I actually think that Mark Richt. You know you didn't try to make the most level headed as possible and it is he is completely irresponsible. I think he's going to look at 58. And you know obviously with the content with the gay anyway it's so many of whom you and your career receiving water. You have to judge got a fan but I think he's going to try to remove. Just people elected to clear edge going into the street and just because you can heavy competition ready and has been facing their journal in sports or Kurt you can normal. So obviously we don't go to Terry. You know you need more responsibility next you and I would imagine alms you know you can Wheldon and they're gonna get a chance to. No this show how far that come show us they're broke and didn't know complete the starting job and normally grows here just a pitcher Mark Richt it's just what you see on day one of the it obviously not getting worked up to January but not spring ball well. They met yesterday the first day of their early signing period for the UL football team. They got another big one today right with with Cleveland read. And Mark Richt oh win on Twitter ending called this less a home run. What do you think of of this class Cleveland read that the offensive guard. Edit today what what do you think about the signing early signing period collection so far. I don't know why she's solid and the other didn't really good Miami and each situation speculate order it you'll like. And that business as usual and in my coaches do read I mean they're they're the type of about people at least you know certainly workers that I would like to eliminate all distractions and just focus on. The other team whatever we're recruiting if you don't something that if you're obviously it matters a Conyers staffers they're doing it but. Got to articulate coaches go to the grind and every coach talks about that it's a complete grind. And to get 180. You're twenty you know now ninety and so when he recruits in a 100 in the first 48 hours of tumbled nearly time period. Don't if you cannot looks look ahead and go to work now where about of about outside things are currently in itself social media that it's pretty you know drama there. And that he. I think you're recruiting evaluation of what long wait is the whole industry built up around it now with more tournaments you're round in and his structure to it. Which leads to better valuations. And this class. A content consumed all of your meter pretty web sites. That's pretty darn good. And you know we're talking. Go to click up and and and certainly closed up five levels so in the second year Mark Richt bad coaching here at that you've got to be pretty pleased. Yeah I think everybody that they really wanted to get and were in on that they've pretty much got so far so then by everyone right. There that you received orders to the surface back over to us like this either and Tom yeah it. You brought the suit of clothes quarterbacks and heritage is being in Campbell I mean to get also I think assistance they buy it. Campbell now the site have been talking about in the villain that mean minus for awhile and just enjoy seeing what I use him. We don't hate mostly flat it was you just he looks looks really good looks like the real deal as sudden they're saying that. At us and you camps you know it was 22 years ago now entertainment just young and you're you're like oh what he's the best player here. I'm not sure there's there's some you know. Our core our forty year culture or even if any couple bogeys UGU good attitude saying. And then out to you later he regarding when you similar operated the money the past so my knee getting that kind of felt that that's the way it's gonna do you have regularly around here and even hit retreat. And let me ask you some real quick here met and I I think the answer to this question is Mark Richt. But why are you more confident in this class and say that to quarry here is class that was so highly rated. Years ago. Chris you know and you can acquire talent Rubin and obviously Randy could to a minority but a bit crazy years you are talking about it no we didn't. And because basically the best down here in the options about national. And then Nomo Mark Richt and has taken that talent that in the next and that's really what it comes down to that you know there's Randy obviously. And that something's really well obviously the the player relationships and and you look at connections he knows obviously among them and you don't chief among them and no Rick the of the same band and in that regard I'm you know building the you know connections in the media which. It will come down to it that's what allows them to get know these players know like a minute mark Pope is the best receivers South Florida. You gotta go to Miami and you what you get here I'll show you just showed this who has everything on the U you don't want. I'm not cited human pretty paternity that you see used that's what he does what he go Doug says. And obviously it's work been you know he's shown that. Lou although he wasn't able you know when you key title this year and your team there. I'll bet that they're there they're right there you know in the game now to the right there on it's on the hoopla jagr what they're able to do on Sunday didn't. What about half of the top twenty basically and you're depending on where produce that you like look at correctly. Though market got a ways to go but certainly. Are good signs to this point. And I think even as a reporter for the Palm Beach post it was a Miami Hurricanes are guess the mean you know he can always throw a little Todd Gurley story your Matt Stafford story. Alien on some of those you know that tends over the whole let's try you you plucked him out to when he was a sixteen year old and I assume. Run in run things in the NFL I was certainly helps AJ green you know you you go down and yeah I don't you go down the list immediately call him you were pretty figuring no cameras. I'll what I'll probably just looking ahead here match up defections guys leaving early do you expect any any of that to take place here. Well I mean we've we've got a chance to start you know circled around with so I would players now on the street and you get closer George Ball on the Saturday it and just you're doctor Richard Mack truck started back Dotson and Patrick Norton and and opened said you know variant of the same pay it so almost almost exactly the same thing it's that they're not a not think about the people left bowl game Rick like to have that. And day out most polls say EPO line and obviously most coaches do. You know some players were candid about it didn't make it simple to either hurt in an about it in that district in his. No more of you like to keep these bundle which you don't obviously and reschedule it do anything. On where you know that's our mother but she can necessarily that we immediate answers this week that I know I'm still. Expects you know also Lucas turned pro I don't see. On this day and age. You guys there are more comparable turning pro if you worked out just kind of blew it it just doesn't seem to beat you anymore. And you know these guys since you know a short time here obviously duplicate a tally even joke you you don't clear cut like first round guy it's you to put a year on tape. I'm you know they're unity they're the picking them to vote yes all you guys double counting of every every team looked at the tackles what was had a really good. On the other two point guards in the raid reportedly at stadium that is. Future Miami is pressing on the can you be bigger community that god can help mold them. Calm and make them great essentially. And how are related real that I would expect tomorrow Michael Jackson noted the quarterback to you know had one year here. As a player we battled it but. He was talked about on some of the web site is guys and thinking about it. I think I think Norton and their Macintosh or the two big ones and even then they got a they got to get some DT's as they get to the February's signing that. I think it always are always great enjoy the holidays we'll see out the next started the OB should be good one. They met yet desolate that you thought yes and. He got a good game at Porter familiar Palm Beach post Wisconsin you'll see a lot of red Rolen in the town here in the next the next couple days spend spend your money yes your money and I will take all your money down here definitely we got a lot more he gets bigger response on the on Tex I want to blow fired up on that as per 'cause question earlier. The Miami slash Florida Marlins history wouldn't that bus. I quarterback questions release of the Miami Dolphins went through what you well we come back Reggie Johnson and on the ticket. It. Thank you have seven of the city. Happy holidays Curtis Sanford with a few days Fridays on the ticket that's tomorrow our football Friday's. Present about Bobby Charlie all season long you ready for the games a look at the golf and then their opponent injury updates he's been given more Tommy Charlie they're always the number one. Draft picks bunt plays the public adjusters embargo on the grove elects the North Miami football Friday audience of a nanny and a. A 1043 HD to the ticket you can always Texas 067974. The Coral Springs on a Mohammed text line we'll get back to the text in the in just a moment per wanted to hear from a rob man for and also because you had a great question the Serbs show which will love which will continued to discuss a little bit also get to the heat's victory last night. Touched on that earlier we'll have all Manny Navarro from Miami Herald he's gonna join us in the 5 o'clock hour fifteen minutes of heats. Segment there and we'll talk a lot about the performance by Kelly Nolan against his former team. And where if that your gonna get healthy a little bit where they go from here earlier B Holmes in coming appeared in the year. And to start 2018. But I look at this morning Burton and you know got up in the echo hill okay what's the headlines this and that. NE SPN had his big articles and I'm sure you sought. About fourteen I think it was fourteen possible landing spots. For Kirk cousins yes and it was all this in depth stuff announced late in him an album that part of me was that well okay. Almond tree because of dolphins were in there and then the other part of me said wait a minute what what what he's doing this this current bleeping cousins were talking about right there. And I am just think it I just gotta think part of it is. Okay Kirk cousins in where he's gonna end up an important restarted the as it relates to the dolphins could you hear a lot called. Every time is a quarter Eli Manning okay could be a pot could be a link Kirk cousins now. And I'm just I'm this is there any possibility that it's not write Timmy hill under senator if he's healthy we won next year. I don't think so no. It's. I would say it's so I you hate to say totally you know but I'm gonna say like 9597%. It's Ryan timid there are going quarterback punting you know and all that I season I think the only he. Quarterback they would look pour would be a back up the Mets not Kirk cousins. No like Kirk cousins is gonna have a Mardi zone piercings and when he million but but I despise reminder like I'm unrelenting and it's like. He's Kirk that he's OK he's above average. Oh yeah definitely years. But these are helping out here isn't it yeah I'm not sure how good years in a quarterback starved league that's what that's what makes this so you'll want to ask your wandering the desert and you see guys out there and more are seller demanding today we can't exactly I'm not. And you know one minute and I guess while we're on the subject. Jimmy G. I look at the dude has done very will Wright Jimmie garrote blowout in San Francisco. But I am here and people other writers even in no mood to do you boom. Can we give the due to see where. I know and I know that's not popular and in talk radio and it'll week to week. The bill but I had. You can you know I don't mind people complementing the god because he has done will in San Francisco looks like a different team. Under this guy but although Buddhist dude is a bowler will let her I had yeah that's because he came from New England right. Well knowledge because they haven't had a quarterback around there and that happens with every young quarterback -- yet back yet I think most of the rock below stuff is you came from new England and you've studied under Belichick and Brady and ambulances that we've seen you you have been bear re tasty but you know. Like Brett Ryan mallet came from knowing when and you watch Ryan mallet play with the with Ted with Rosie with Houston yeah and your draw this guys thinks. So I don't like I've seen to be easy applicable last couple weeks actually. And light. You judge you give playing yeah leg I don't know I mean I'm not. He's easily diesel would sit quarterback but the got a guy they're their optical quarterback hunting anymore right. Sole. Right but but but but you know I'm hearing people's saying that. Under it William quarterback when I could and a right well as you know an American League where it's a dolphins' plans like. Three and a half more years to decide on Ryan Tenet deal. Who made every single start for all that I'm let's. Just load your role a little bit onto a lot like and I see okay. But there. I'm an expert I mean the more often than not. When I mean in I'm not a good talent or value winner Andre I'm just a Fey and run them on an observer ran out on this now I know. What what I know gray and that rely on what I know so like when I see guys I've been wrong before my advice guys in the NFL. Four legged part of me just says oh that guy can play. Let decked out like that guys guys you got it is what you want to some Watson. Guys going to be this guy's going to be a stunt. Could be a deal to Sean Kaiser. I don't know probably I'm probably yeah I'm probably doesn't know what other young quarterback was. RG 3. I am young quarter before he hurt his knee. And after he hurt his knee you know I think everybody would law veteran right right I thought I thought he was a tremendous athlete but I thought he was too small play the position now but I mean it's not even the miserables is as you watch it go right. What I apply right like Jimmy do what they got a black yeah. You know I thought it was what it's a good play kind it's kind of plateaued. Margaret Mario kind of plateaued rabbit right you know they got skills but you're going you yield to complain in the league. As it happened apart that it's just that you could play in the league because how many guys they just go out there early just drop all over themselves with Ryan. You did I think it took so long. It was just one of those that we knew he was robbed him of that exam. It says it was like yeah he can play Bly. It's. And you know and and yeah I agree with you and I think there are certain levels and to me. Robinson hill is a legitimate NF bills' starter right eager goats who brand name the number of teams fifteen or will over whatever that number Rios MBS starter so that's. That's one level of accomplishment. Ever people putting the rock low over that already old dude is as soon as stood crescent that's that's all I say that's the guy if you wanna say all right he's proven he's a legit NFL starter look at it I could accept that but there is due to the boldest moves us that's the stuff bus they are not understand your excitement but slow your roll like we're. Russell Wilson came in they were the playoffs the first year like as the president to good yeah yeah well how Google does it play correct like this those guys you see get out that that guy can play right. You know and I. What levels they get to handle this right as net yet I played a lot of ball or worse or whatever that's where I say unit and chill out. We're just a little bit Tom Brady came in for let's OK this guy is because that's the tool here yet nobody ever knew he was gonna wanna be the greatest quarterback of all time right what's in the bag it would stick in the league and be a player that was once other examples where guys admittedly some back got to play yet notices there with the dolphins are. You know Greg K okay but now that brought him back in or whoever yells all the dolphins says that's not yeah listen I don't get Josh hype will not believe that even the draft picks like George Antony. Say yeah you guys around yet he did and he announced he knew right away right there's nothing special correct yet and not even a starter right right or not even a starter. The council and he's he's he's in his element as a back so it'll mean Nassau right that that the you know that the the quarterback frenzied beat these part of judgment some. Annoying ordered ordered you know corny the next quarterback but that's part of the thing about Kirk cousins it's like you know like this is going to be this huge. Off war everybody's going to be throwing money at this due to Kurt bleeping cousins I hundreds and it's funny I. Somebody and somebody you're going to be like oh my god we got a good Eli Manning W. Saga a couple of sexier. Do you text here. Ryan's inning building Kirk cousins as sales of the same thing maybe they mean are the same thing another six regarding mum. New England quarterbacks Matt Cassel style. Right another one that's a good win another one with go Rob Lowe he has is that I says. Another when Jimmy G has better true QB instincts and Ryan Taylor hill I believe that I gotta say is it's early rising very early but. OK okay you know maybe. But. And in this one you know what mrs. Goodwin wincing golf. Have been from well listen this opens a summary of the second mark I this I think this season has shown how important coaching an offensive system are. Mary Oda and Winston were stuck with bad coaches were wincing Gault had been blessed with pretty good coaches and systems I will say for that six. Idea seeds here in the off last year when the dolphins played. The rams and I do. Not sure this dude gonna make it. And now you're yeah so OK now let's look that I I there a lot of credit to that sex is that is correct. OK I would agree somewhat with Jeff Fisher is not a quarterbacks really got blood let some McVeigh and Doug Peterson nobody knew those guys work over years ago offensive minds. So I think some of its its own it's a little bit true there will be a truth there. Utilized one more text the leak catches up after one year. Nick polls Matt Flynn. That press that's true that effort then that's an yeah that's another area will be a little figured out after one year adjustment and that's like of with the with anything right or use our pit no rows are gonna pitch you different stars weren't 25 a game they're gonna continue different. And yes that's the same as low habitats. And we view the and I firmly I firmly agree on you look at this here's the text the baltics. Dolphins can use my group but we got the burgers that go on reluctant got the Rodney Magruder texts I I looked dad's. Then in the run immigrant last night though Nolan had enough food to eleven widgets that. Coming up in the 5 o'clock hour with that many Navarro from the Miami Herald. He's just but we got here's the thing. Also we got so we had a couple giveaways and him or feeling fence around here for the holidays. Love updates you on that as well radios and I do take. For review. Here on the show anything and get up close to the game over the holidays critiques are available for purchase. Take on Dirk Nowitzki Anthony Davis here in Gordon and others during the upcoming five game stretch log onto the heat. Ticket offers dot com Colson and its exhibits of someone who after every game of the Miami Heat. Money into the dining at the moral force preaching to the tickets. Per gonna were continuing our. Coaching quarterback discussion off the air a little bit we got on a great text there. 679. 74 or six of 92 before we're gonna revisit that here in in just a moment ago off things going on today and loading we got the chili cook off tickets that we're going to be push it out here at 6 o'clock hour. Six under our while over a hundred dollar rally with a new to the chili cook off in January January 20 that's amusement park. Agreements here itself Ford also we got a fifty dollar sand bar gift card that were going to be hitting you up with year. In the we do that the 5 o'clock hour so the 5 o'clock hour dual sandbar fifty dollar gift card economic some of these stocking stuff to this holiday season. And a six talked I'll get to the a chili cook off that as we're gonna roll 730 were to grab to defy you football. When you into. Which is guys in a little bit as well we got a list of to get to including. Great when by the Miami Heat last night what do you make of it you lose to Atlanta worst team in the east to be one of the best teams in the eighties. Would basically the same squad extremely shorthanded Miami nine point dogs and they went out right last night. Debt that this is this is one of those things where. You're kind of surprised. But you probably shouldn't be that surprised. I'll explain that coming up right now in here's the day. Miami Heat they played their best game of the year in last night's ninety to 89 victory at Boston. This comes one game after losing to the worst team in the league Atlanta. Welcome to the life of a 500 Jewish NBA team. We saw it last year we see it with other 500 dish teams you can't judge these teens by one night or one result. They're prone to wild swings that's why they are where they are in the standings right. Brenda good. But not bad good. Good call them and bridge may be that's about what they are maybe they're a little bit above average but there these teams that. Just swinging wildly no matter who's out there on the court permit him. No matter who's out there on the court for the opponent bacon. Do pretty much any being any night because they're just kind of 500 each team a bad team you lose those games on a regular basis a good team you win those games on a regular basis. But the heat is kind of been one of those situations where they're 500 itch. And they're going to swing wildly from night to night. Two victories against Boston this season that's excellent it it kind of shows that this team can do a lot of good beings. But you really can't tell non so look. To me the fact that he won last night without Lowell a whole lot of their top rotation guys only goes to reinforce the point. That 8500. Ish team can do anything on any night. And we really shouldn't be surprised. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in pine crest drove nerds is your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your custom. Drone needs covered with a unique customizations new purchases repairs training whatever it is they will hook you up visited today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. It's writes in spoken today to prove how great he is for a five starters out of the Yeltsin road win against the east's top team. Rom Abington hospital in earlier this week to get into and out of trouble for results out completely yet and I stood up as like in teacher goes out of the best test is all right we're assessments on it and you look at the middle correctly take the high and the low you know go with a median but it's. I mean. Okay you're. I agree you a little bit. But I just can't make any grand conclusions about this team until we actually see these guys as a until we get this does seem healthy again. And I guess she simply I just don't want I'm just I know that's kind of wimpy answer but. I admit they are win one lose wanting. We will assigning born all right and I think they're better that little bit better than that now not greatly bear right right but their little bit better than that. But I just can't make it a complete assumption on a team until I've seen them play. You know together for 24025 games healthy against the a decent part of their schedule that's all it's. Yeah I'm not sure where. I'm not sure how long before we see that or if we'll ever see that sure he's a man I've been healthy all your guys write in and out the truth and cap I'll tell you this the way that I look at this team right now. I've seen him for a hundred points in games right. You know repeated you'd you know say he factory last year and this year. Lose well 82 last year there sixteen Olympic team now right 31 so that a 113 games. Right so but I I think I think that I've seen this team you know it it's basically the same personnel I know. You know clinic is in embedded is out separate set true but it's it's basically the same team the same coach. Again I think their 500 ish I still say forty reported by victories I say 46 is the absolute ceiling this team. I'm not I'm not surprised that they could go to Boston. And beat them. A night after losing to are not a night a game after losing to Indiana wouldn't be surprised. In either order I would be surprised. If they win on a stretch of losing who. You know seeing such as Indiana or beating teams such as Boston they've put together screwed either way but that that's what would surprise me but root for them to swinging wildly. To me that's who this team is well. Thing that the mean they're always going to be used insulin play extremely hard you within all of the talent out there you're there than men that's the one thing that you Democrats oppose or show up there and play hard and they might not you know carrying migs that shot they lose you know we urgency near told calling for another great effort so that they had a great effort as the hawks. It's a state media didn't finish that off but the yeah I mean. I think I had a Tyreke had a nice look at this idea but yeah I thought Josh played him I thought we played very well I don't well I'll lose. Not on your right yeah he'd he'd he had a around the waist Eagles up the screen menu kind of back off because you don't will allow that city. But he did a darn good enough I'm more concern about dolphins and then in the late in games that that's still that's the metal have you don't have to go to though you don't you don't have that guy Bogle but this and Deion can't be that guy doesn't make good decisions all of the time. Kids is live and die with could be on a bad thing when Dion bedecked. CI a clearly they have no I I I understand that but I see it again that's that's another it's a to meet another hallmark of a 500 is steam right and that's that's gonna help Deon is down the stretch she's. He's it may be yield to it may be he won't ease and I know he's not LeBron or staff but he's not too. He's not certainties prone to wild swings just as this team. Writes about a million just talk about the dude does the shot selections of a decision making. Like you know with corps not out there but they don't have to put O'Neal point guard roster right so if I just I'm aware the ball needs to be getting an off its all those things. That's just looks brutal the last to blow the a couple of games down the stretch. Now as Dion will win you some gains meaning. But you can't if you want to rely on that the new audio file and her team. Great so it'll be you know it and it algebra two out of moreover it was what they miss last year and that down the stretch in those games against the knicks and Denver that they lost. In the economy the post season they didn't have a go to got to throw the ball to. Dion was that guy. Now for better or for worse dealer one you a couple of those games because out of the playoffs last year might put it put you you're just trying to figuring out just trying to make the playoffs are trying to. CN yes you're trying to get deeper and you're trying to get a move up the Eastern Conference latter that we need a little bit more. Nabil black a better term. Balanced there than have okay Dion draining. A 29 footer fade away shot to win the game. And then you know take a shot like you the last night which was like oh my god you know league title I guess you know my kid doesn't do that the playground. You know expected to go and. Right at. That's that's what this team is that's what this team has third. There a collection of guys who were they're decent cat. They can do some openings but they can also show some official OK imagine of those guys be decent. That's the other thing that I didn't. No old brighter than all white right I I I talk to recite a Miata and anybody do any pick well I I think that again it's to meet. Can't pay these guys who show enough improvement. Where I can split you end soon something that gets me up mast track to retire okay by I think this team is similar to the 03014. Or language he stuck to that yes Lynn Barton caught an argument that they would do it at the regional port performance. You know that throws you off track of the trade value was down by. That's still what I think that's but that's about I think that was the play. Not viable and that was that getting out his contract to a million Dion Waiters all okay yeah we know you're going to be awful one game and into the next lake knows the number no no he was not linked in my no that's not that's not that's not just OK everyone's fine with finally that are forward continued let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true Miramar. And by U takes on simple at eight tonight in the bad boy mowers Gaspar guerrilla bowl in saint Pete. That's by you under coach Butch Davis hasn't eaten for records simple is six and six. Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game at Kansas City. Wide receiver Dovonte Parker among those who didn't practice he's got an ankle injury but coach Adam gacy of Parker took place Sunday. Seattle Seahawks have been on a 100000 dollars for violating concussion protocol and in November 9 game against Arizona. Quarterback Russell Wilson believes Syria didn't get a sufficient concussion assessment from a member of the medical staff. Miami Heat is off tonight they host Dallas tomorrow. And no in a failed tonight Thursday's schedule concluded last week. Those are your headlines. And applies used at the national stage all to themselves or normal football hey look I thought and you know I'm not a big man of the bowl games but there. I thought Ekpe you did a great job with that game from the standpoint of these teams get so much X older your campus and an all day you get the commercials and and so I thought -- you did a good job of presenting their school as a desirable self lowered. Learning institution and then you have him you know out there blow one. You know. Win in the game and and a Lane Kiffin doing his being an especially the two point conversion that the you know because an athletic director I guess it's a I thought it was a really good commercial purse or for FAU NF eight U football Alicea F by you can do that. Tonight could not pay correct or that type of record radio Dan and I correct. And not playing your home stadium which is which uses Joseph -- off yesterday that off the country's freeze in there they're bought off you're gonna say it's a seventy degrees down here in December. Look at the softens we go for it on fourth and five mile or I run it up here. Who does you know that's that's where I tell you build a program. I thought after you did a great job on camera in marketing their school and right there and everything about it hated it could have been a huge commercial for FAU they. They did a great job wills we'll see what got by you dust tonight I go on and allies like you was actually an underdog tonight are they. Yes or seven out sooner or touched I don't know what goes on Mike Berry sauce so I don't you ride you thought I heard on the yeah. That's how I actually just on somebody but I but I am I am I did I am looking bored Tibetan united. You know that's a stupid bingo I want to see how up are you present spoke to this tonight but I just part of it for me to. You know what'd you do additionally for years to help you. Another way that you can take advantage of there's always a real pleasure to watch the whistle on them yeah yeah I've seen you know exactly as well as part of the thing yeah you've got to win but yet so let's see what went up by you does that I. I thought FA unit home grown. That's right I mean ever you just had the added bonus of playing their own stadium right and as an exhibit it'll change that yet at a fight you dobbs doesn't have that right there in saint Pete right yeah. But to go out there play well when you know put win you know when the game like that's what you build that nobody knew Boise State was 1520 years ago Greg. You know also they gotten some ball games charter winning the blue shield him from producing as you know run exactly the moment you know Alan you'll. Kenya billions of our own and they've got the liberty play right exactly I mean and then now they have their fixer culpable and also they are. Everybody recognizes them they're gonna realize that they turn all that stuff so you know that's FA unifies you start a gutsy Central Florida South Florida there are a little bit. Go ahead of a fight you and if you can lets you do it you'll just show up it's oh yeah we're going to be like Michigan Miami and all those teams. The work that way so this is nobody went through that when they whenever they do you play the national TV games yeah you beat those teams are Roma goes off book although a donation goes a bit better and could get better prices got a little money go. Everything exiles are slow and an end and looked and and the last thing Boris schools such as F a UI or FYU school such as grim. If you get that tap on the shoulder from a major conference and menus Eleanor gold money in their TV money and what's your read it that's what you want it. Rania and you've been making yourself attractive enough for them doing that on parties yet. Now let us know but it's always seems one of playing football division one level for. Thirteen thirteen years of effort by you and I you a little bit more or FAU thirteen if I do you know years since what since like ninety Ramos a 200992000. Students go to save us programs for crying out loud so. Yeah opportunities so we're take you right up to our coverage at 730. Willow handed off and all the coverage from the add boy mowers gas reliable. I'm I'm assuming that some sort of is that more. I would assume I was doing that's a lawnmower bug it's a gelding I be an alcoholic drink in my gun let Lynn Moeller guessing it's a song morsel of grass that's. Let's find out a lot about tonight we won't we won't even -- we're gonna assume they'll be a lot of commercials weren't tonight where Newsnight we'll just assume Bruno that I worry we assume we're gonna check connection more than assumption that many of raw goods orders on the other settle fifty minutes and he's what got in the Kelly Olympic all last night it was a just face his former team. Or as little bit more there they did it. Good job treating the tree you know the fans and I we see the video they sold but it. That seem like a really good thing too when you talk about you know taking advantage of opportunity. And treated Olympic very well I didn't hear. They wanted to keep coma right Gordon here or they break they had to get rhetoric guide remnick assigned some of these records right. And the only lead they they lobbed him there the fans. Employer we have is needed charity work I guess in the city apparently so. Yeah that would that was good to see those notes and the other was better than scored 32 points cells that are the Saddam. It was a limit willow right you know I don't care how many gift baskets and left in the locker room for a man that's a look there are two points and a little bit but. Is Dave does that save the organ man he's view on that coming up next fifteen minutes each straight ahead here on 790 the ticket. I had back. Our team Linux. Okay. And. Hey hey do you visit is 'cause my budget in four by four sophomores number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by four at some of these 65023446. Her run champion four by four dot com courtesy of perk with you. Here holiday edition here as we approach. Christmas time. Up in Boston he was there to see it and write all about it Manny Navarro is argue as many I don't today. Doing good man out of us that are currently is president LE alternate route to a defense. The the gift that keeps on giving. Let's let's let's get an hour per hour just talking about you know they kinda had the tribute to him and all that stuff that that I wanted to keep him up there. And I think they wanted to be give me a part of that team but financially after the Hayward signing this wasn't a wasn't possible so he was well liked a dare they wanted to give ground correct. Absolutely I mean that he's only I think the second athlete in the city of Austin you that. Hero among us award and you're just a transparent army not there catalytic one of the good guys in the MBA. You go in involved in community service project is always hanging out with kids or they game last night. One of his brand the only kid there that it was crying in. I think it drama about the book art Kelly of Kelly don't want Cardin himself on the other. He gave Kelly his card and then you know. I mean this is the kind of guy I was just below the Boston and then you could really feel it last night. About the U what those spoke expense were shocked. Does he he'd win that game knowing how short handed they were at the embassy Kelly do it I know that that really strong. How how anyhow repeat a bull is this performance from a Lily not the points. But just being somebody that they can rely on net and he's and he's got a pretty good year but at least I kind of memories stand out player. How how reliable is he as in that role do you think. Well I mean really it all comes down to him being aggressive and im sort of listening to his teammate that mean that is is two biggest. You know supporters on that team or Goran Dragic. And and Dion Waiters and that's because they run pick and roll them all day and don't know that they can rule works is is that the guy at the other end the big guy. When he popped back out shoot the ball and and so they're screaming at Kelley all the time tell you shoot 41 hour and 4243%. From three. Firework he'd taken a shot when you got it don't pump they also killed the offense. Or or you know albeit that you know I get conservative as you've been and be aggressive and take the shot because it helps a line in hopes Rio. What we decide not the little ball back out Hewitt and and maybe delaying get that a little more open we can attack the basket. I don't want charge but alas I along I mean he basically sort of compared to what rabbit when I first got actually you know. Was also the guy's got a green light. It's hard for a guy like Cali or Weiner or Luke babbitt's really believed because when they've been on other teams. You know they've been a role players that haven't they hate go ahead shoot 67 reporters. Or Weinke and reporters he. You know if that is not used to having that sort of support that you really can't shoot the ball. And they mean it when they say wanna say Kelly we wanted to shoot the ball you know from 367 times. It really mean it and and so it's just sort of getting set I think. Part of motivation for Caylee last night it was the fact it was playing. Against the Celtics then and you know that he needed him to beat back I guess open once they get healthy I don't spotlight that comes back against Johnson comes back. He's gonna continue to be forgotten what competence they shot. And and who could help make this often better. Today he needs to be more selfish and then they'll not just because the last night even going back a couple of weeks many new you know chronicle that I mean just take to shut opens everything else up. As as Kelly Nolan akin certainly make that make that shot let's I'm not gonna hold you to this. Budgets cut and run us through the timetable when you think this team might be complete again when we'll start getting some guys back. Well you know I'm concerned about gore on double murder and I Khartoum last. Bit about it in eight summit that it legitimate pain and it's one of those things. Eat the left handed player. Jewel of the left and the majority that I should salute left hand up to lose that and when when you've got an elbow we you know I don't live in it about sort of ligament sprain I guess what he. You know getting X rays check it out. He is a great deal and it affects every and so. I think gore could still be a couple games away. As far as those on the white side you know my feeling was. You know he'd come back after Christmas. The ability he wanted to take advantage of being home. For the next couple days even though it's Christmas or Christmas Eve and all that. Just being around response to really see how he looks how his knee looks even average shooter Robert or light practices. That they do here over the next couple days there wanna see it in person before they clear him to come back because look the last thing they want. It's preventive to come back and have another set so this is all about making him out is our game jobs and a level they should be back I think that we. You heard that the needles warrant serious injuries to just the matter pay you get apartments or five sixteenths. Before you come back. Many polish of a difference do you think her son does work and make. On the team's record I believe that was the sixteen game without him last night I believe they are now eight and eight without him. How big of a difference can he make record wise. Well not even had a chance to see Alabama at a bar. You can do it and Jordan Mickey and spot out you what Kelly can do it did last night. To meet that just improved the value of a satellite side because. Now you know he's gonna come back he boasted the best big man of that group and Serbs. You know what he brings defensively. What what he brings in terms of rebounding rebounding champion. To me I I think it's gone he'd come back in and and and you know let huge role in helping this team win. More games because he really when you look at it is that because everything is built around them. It's only gonna make the he'd better when they get a spotlight that I don't know that people out there they're saying well you know look how good band look what why do we need to Bob let's trade him. Well in order traitor at bomb in his 98 million dollar contract or the years that are left but a study on dollar contract you to come back improve. It you know he's healthy and that means OK so you know look I wouldn't rule anything I think quote you have been on a show you guys may not even. This is plan B for Pat Riley if there is. In Wales to be had immaturity I think anybody on this use tradable. To acquire a player their and that's that's something to monitor from Europe and below the trade deadline for. Many of them are covered the Miami for the Miami Herald he's joining us here fifteen minutes and he'd hear awesome and and that's again. Are you look at there record six in interesting considering the size as mr. budget games we know the injuries lately like you Joseph world got about that spot right where they're in right now. Well absolutely I mean I I had a long conversation with with Danielle is very good Mexico City were a vote in couple weeks to go out there. And you know you'd I think the heat in general looks at this season as it has only been hopeful look bad losses due to the game and on the pacers the blowout losses that may. And then you could even spotted still in Monday's game at a even though they were super short handed I think. They came away feeling like they let one get away from the so. I think for them to be sixteen and fifteen. And not have a spotlight that's for more than half of the games. And in about setting its seven players missed the hole looks 77 games so far. It's a beat with a over 500. And lists seven of the next eight at home all very winnable games against some of the weaker teams recovered. They would take is there one and a half back. On the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference and they're there and a great position. All things considered and let's not forget eat every who really played well on this team I mean he he's seen it from Josh Richards and now for. Or you know basically all of December and Barack Obama doesn't surprise that the meat. Everybody else. I have been hit me army beyond people been sort of on Dion Waiters back up playing well or not. You know his shooting like 39% from the field so. I think this team has nowhere to go but up here in the coming weeks and I still think there outpaced went 4448 inch. Many here yeah here's where I am with this team. I think I think we know what the players are I to Mia and I was just telling captain Mia. I'm single over a hundred games with this team. When you consider the 82 from last year and and what the 31 from now that would or yeah so. You know I don't know some of the names of change Babbitt is is is not here a limit is here whatever Magruder Magruder Magruder west Texas got a real takes many employers here's why I am. I know what these players can do now it's up to Pat Riley has an executive to either get more talent in here or different talents toward substance boats who make the talent work. But you know no player is just going to surprise you by averaging twenty points a game we know they are. Do you agree or do you disagree there. I've actually been the fact that we've got all these injuries now for the past month but at that we've gotten a really good look at. Basically Batman and and Jordan making two guys that. Or part of the rotation earlier but not you I don't know players there are what they realistically if you. It at the hardest thing I think our honesty interest always just sort of going with a group. Once he finally gets everybody health impact and deciding OK this is our eight is an art not a matter of station. And hey sorry the rest you guys that are I think that's sort of what you don't part of the charm of last season going 3011. Was that he still had them the door the trucks on the seem right you what you have so many injuries that you didn't have to lesser out of it the worst justice and it it it's been. Or how how many minutes re going to be able to get hammered daunted because of the injuries. Ivory you know what the height 89 man rotation for the most part that's are gonna happen yourself. Let me agri would you perk I think Riley knows what he's gotten out every single one of these players about the matter of making the decision. And bigger and out say it we can upgrade the roster we're willing to part with what we wanna keep and and and which direction is this merger is gonna go. Many have a good Christmas and and if we don't talk to have a great new years well we always appreciate it thank you very much. May tomorrow check out his work at the Miami herald's towards the Miami Heat. 48 wins is suing Lindsay 46 of the ceiling Brees says 44 to 48. I say 43 supported by that Cora ceilings open Barack I say 46 of the ceiling many serious. 48 I just need over 43 and a half as surely for recreational purposes yes right right so 44 would suffice the F bomb on Twitter and many underscored Navarro. As and by the way he referred to Indio is Burgess everybody knows that's heat executive in their salary cap biologist Dave when he said he top Indio is per directional sense I that's Iran's security area yes yes that's. The big guys that you always see next the path of fuel only is William and only as of yet you labor yes but yet he immediately he'd like for right he is he likely is basically I'm smarter than a lot of people India already is outsmarted and -- -- in three lifetime powers like there's there's no I would like there's no geniuses in the coaching ranks over the does say that yes gorging you is this couple running around out there but some of the largest smarter you know there's a front office yes -- advertise our Iranian boat right but there's some in the front office so he always seems to figure so now villager is only a couple losses were you would select your okay 31 games. Even like the biggest he fit in around I'd ask you that question come to when you know. What's so what do you think there are seventeen and fourteen. Bring them to Alex in fifth thing right there as well great great soul. You know I would you like I don't know how far they can go but as far as winning games like Dick vacant yeah of the Alfred 48 wins crazy. Moved I think it's crazy I think it's raise the current order of winning and I you know it's it's not like you're saying 58. But. Yeah 48 is. The president you are you're. You're a borderline good team as opposed to being a pretty good. 48 US guarding my point is like just like do with that big either. You'd expect them to be better with with all those guys coming back. Pool. I am a little bit. Aloof. It is a good they're three or four games over 500 mean that you know that's the kind of adds up there you're there. Well this is -- play its ability to minorities and you know or ICM. You know and no word used in other as far as the audience was you know 606 have a 974. We come back rob Manfred schism will have a target she's thinking a lot and you had a great question earlier we'll get back to that regarding the the Miami Marlins and their two World Series championships. And what is going on with baseball in our town the elements are delivered to our show interview yesterday morals and want to titles. Owns a 12 tires and gas that that that kind of gets glossed over a lot we talk blame the commissioner major bring it up while we're gonna win here from Hammond Hammond sound warrior connect kind of the kind of got lost in all the other stuff that was going on and rightfully so because there was a it was a tremendous interview plus. During this hour we got to are fifty dollar gift courtesy and bar grille in coconut grove little stocking stuffer for your we're gonna push that out here. In the F 5 o'clock hour right here on 79 minutes ago. Spirit around here. Inquisitive and take all weeklong prepares for more updates injuries are resided is not. Studs and duds in more than about NSR Levine accident attorneys have you been in an accidental 107473. That's 1807473733. Sponsored by auto direct and by East Coast public adjusters. Curtis and perk back with you we got a lot more to get to including that the ex FL be returning. And if you don't aren't familiar with the ex FL well. Wait till we explain it to you because I was there was it was a crazy time about fifteen years ago. Listen best words ever still insulin and athletic jerseys. He he hate me rod Smart yes Smart a lot of things work I still out old Las Vegas having their name was the the gamblers. A bottom Las Vegas gamblers hats on tonight as have bell marries but we'll get that story here we are a lot more to get to your car you are you Holliday out here on holiday known the music and all the Pentagon and on Annan cannot wrench. No no no not not Miami's like Christmas yeah I analyze. Yet Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because my feeling is. It's the only holiday were people are genuinely glad to see you like not. Where's my dear would you bring for the Barbie humor you know people are just glad to see him on Thanksgiving so the whole holiday season you know I I like Christmas is. Can be very stressful if you have to buy gifts for other people they don't like it blah blah blah but. A pretty much their bodies and players are like you're decorating a tree there and because of the cat we my girlfriend has a tent and we got a tree a couple of years ago the 10 o'clock and Quincy was it didn't god got her got the lights. Caught around her neck and so we had to get a row. So the tree came down immediately we're like we're not home when this happens it will I do OK so but we you know yeah but we we have we have plenty of Christmas spirit. I know how to say it in spirits when I get up the Bailey and. I live Aniston gets the wizards and their call the outlaws yeah I'm Magnus the I don't know I am the same time the north of Los Vegas. Did you did you know you watch elect Chris Anderson movies and no actual. You know Chris is moving it's like no no gun not a single wound. I mean I'm not against them like guys because are there all the time now I I yeah like I like. How the grinch stole Christmas but I don't think I've never seen the holes being like I've never seen you know what a miracle of fifty sports reader the parties would actually yeah yeah cartoon the launch into an Irish nominees I'm not gonna wash that locks are ground rescue why Charlie Brown Christmas as strong. As early because he gets a little tree and puts the tournament and didn't blow don't do. Tilts over to one side right so you don't see probably called a blocking and yes I'm welfare Chris is who we are not that there are. That's how do I do like planes trains and automobiles that's like a Thanksgiving movie really. Christmas vacation a strong. Jim each and I qualify it's also called that's it has less to. Aren't you yes you're a good idea familiar quota they're actually I just literally not accomplishing that is what we don't usually into that you know because of my fair mind one is the only one that's not very interpreted as a prison movie but I will go to the grave saying wells and that's that's die hard that's you batted in in a few there's the text yes they don't die hard his mistress in the real early. As we've had this conversation a growing more over the airwaves. That is legislature because it is funny because they're running at a million times like on short timer HBO this week right. I mean so even they embrace and as they as a Christmas movie it's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls out of the market toll plaza on the 33 floor while it's not is not a Christmas celebration. And they got what they would TBS from the Christmas story yeah prison stories dude you Leslie has dude that's you know their driver beyond any team you you know you gotta you gotta hear. Some of those events and that was pretty pretty pretty good you got to hear run DMC's are crystal song to. This present time alone has cooled gas less. That's when you know his Christmas also asked referred us where if were good we have heard for good guys runner really allows loyal lieutenants with some low round in San Christmas music here. -- before we get to that you had a good question as a relates yesterday and dim limits artists who got some limits our show interview with rob Manfred. And just realism with the commissioner had to say it was towards the tail end of the interview after being grilled repeatedly thank you rob for joining us by. Were you aware. Stat look let me just got the I mean that the you don't. I understand. Bomb that concerns. That have been expressed in South Florida. I'm the one thing that I think you leave out in your description is there have been two World Series champions in South Florida. On whether people like everything that happened in between after or not. Bomb there's a lot of markets who would make a trade in terms of having those two World Series champions. Not so and then that got that stuck in your craw a little bit yes it did did not I have been thinking about that before because it's open that you hear frequently whether it's college football or college basketball or or whatever ball low bill Pittsburgh Pirates. Here we would just what does give us one title will will sought the next ten years just give us that title that's not the case here and I I wondered if it didn't seem to be the case anyway from pro and living gears here twenty years didn't seem to be the case so. Yeah I just wanted to as people and Umbria home alone homeowners get a lot of a lot of luck Chris I saw. I suppose that's that's a really good movie but but anyway. I I I didn't I didn't know how the average Marlins Meehan would feel about that because you could say hey look this organization has given you two titles. Like be happy but that is not at. All the way to keep your appeal not and and an M people have an and you know that we have we've had a couple of text that I think heated on the hit that. Com it's it's kind of the B lies in the financial situation that has people bidder it's it's not. That. You won two titles in the team hasn't contended it's the team hasn't contended there's been a strain of of lies about we're gonna build a contender for you and me and the team mystery known in. You know there I think it's that the the mistrust. Of of the ownership that really. Pisses people off and it shows through the losing it's the lies yeah I think its ownership as opposed to the losing that people can't Trulia runway though an embrace those side. He's gonna happen for writing is involved that the losing for a long time if there's some of those for a long time. But that he'll teams blows for writer of reasons but with the Marlins there was knowledge the losing it was disingenuous comments it seems to raise your attitude they weren't they didn't seem like they were trying to put a winner on the field to lose it was the deceit it was the lack of trust lack of faith. Of the stadium deal was they called holy. A complete scam. That the city of Miami Miami Dade County residents will pay upwards of three billion dollars when it's all said and done. Okay that is that is that is a but that's mostly a tourist tax though Nutten know that that that I don't wanna you know that's dare repaying. It's an LB pat and I you we're thankful that I don't yeah I actually don't blame the Marlins were that I blame the the counterargument 175 minutes but up but the but people look at that do you tell people of dissent and they don't know we made that adds okay. And you guys getting a hand in hand the stadium to you which you complained about a joke around you could not make any money break and then you turn around and you you did a middle between you build a team for two months of the straightaway everybody else is correct. Hundreds of our supposed to be the reason do right now give us some money instead of the revenue stream and we will put that's all you're contender Alfred kids Miguel Cabrera right is way highs and it takes all of our hot dog money right which did not show well does Rego Park your money rejected all these guys because it rains as a threat of rain and nobody wants to buy tickets at Joseph Robbie. The stadium holds take care of all that all that was all that was lies. Yeah but the way the the somebody somebody text in here I absolutely peeled titles make this all worth it people forget. How amazing it was in 97 in you know three. By the way the the retractable dome roof retractable roof where. In hindsight it was that was that worth it is that technology worth like coming nights a week a year is that being open. It seems like it's open like. Fiber six nights a season best. AE president and better with a pitched roof but that's just that's not a dominant side that's just an aside yeah that has nothing to do with anything I just wonder a bit. Yeah but I do think that those Texan those emotions build those thoughts expressed by the people say. It's not the losing it's the owner there I I I do think that that gets to the. Heart of the matter but I agree with a tax denies it all through a lot of fun. What what I want that will get a two from the other side here we're Brothers of earlier we'll get to from the from the other side as you look at about we got a lot more gets that let's get to. Off fifty dollar gift card to sand bar grille in league rolls. That'll be caller number seven to the contest line which is 786534. 079 that 786534079050. Dollar gift card sand bar in the growth over the can add to you as the holidays are here and we're feeling generous right here also on the 6 o'clock hour or have a pair of tickets go see the chili cook off to the ground for that. What is flying by man's o'clock hours coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. Or six era seven that is ticket. And remind them that is the coach Gregg got a ball. Monday every line at full recap of the weekend's games fantasy updates injury reports and more governor Rick auto mall from the inaudible the price you want. Responds by political public adjusters Coors Light in the Florida lottery Curtis and perk with GO. Another ninety minutes is over into your Evans FIU football by the way. As a will be during the game as we've carried all of the contest this season on am seven Ani an FM 104. Three HD to the ticket which Davis in the bad boys lowers gas portable against temple. So while we have that for you at 730 so we got a little extended coverage here in this hour. We will do you weigh the chili cook off against Cilic took off his January 20 man that's going to be quite an offense that's coming up quick has its size it up on month after the holidays. Right who got a Rihanna I know the children off I'm so it's going to be a tremendous vendors rock girl dominion this couple a big headliners there. And those cities with parks we're gonna give you a couple of tickets which are. About a over a hundred dollar value so on that's that's a big deal so we're gonna wealth which goes on here in the 6 o'clock hour but. Before we continue on here silly happen in the NFL today that that got my attention in hand. I've probably got a I've probably got. I don't know what that opinion I have I know this is gonna it is going to be a popular one or not. But they regarded favored in regard to the Seattle Seahawks getting punished for. Russell Wilson and you got a thought on that and I saw that and I thought okay what is this really going to accomplish. Yeah well I am not sure that is really going to accomplish a whole lot cat because. I just don't think that what. What the league deal is enough of a deterrent correct and and that leads us right into it here's the thing. You know that the NF bills buying Seattle a 100000 dollars today for violating concussion protocol last month with their quarterback Russell Wilson. Here's the thing I don't think that Adam Mel is enough to be a deterrent I mean maybe the finest can buy some rule or regulation. The bottom line is. I don't think in a bill is serious enough about punishment for any of these hits. Unless it's on a quarterback. You remember Rob Gronkowski sit on for baby is why Thomas is davis' hit on Dovonte Adams those go to being great teaching moments for the lead. You make one of those ugly hits in December. You're getting a two game suspension and you're gonna affect your team's playoff situation. You're gonna make them their playoff seeding or whether they Gideon but there will be a heavy cost of eight or you're bullishness. But we we don't see that happening. Look at the players are gonna police themselves in this area and it appears that they are. The league has to step up its policing. Otherwise you got a policy with no teeth. Lest the player that you put that late hit on as a quarterback. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone or Evan Shura and now in pine crest. Drone merges your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered whether its repairs new purchases customizations training. Whatever it is they will take here a view look come up drove nerds dot com South Florida's. Eye in the sky. I agree whole hearted part of the I hitting the NFL. Like I think if you're the Seattle Seahawks QB that fight every single time every time this is Russell Wilson you're talking about right and we saw with the dolphins in the playoff -- sure Matt Moore met more exactly right and it's a dead gruesome hit yet elves and my bulimia. Game he here's my thing on this. And I don't care by selling a heartless bastard. I don't if it were a playoff game. And you need to quarterback whom. Cam Newton Drew Brees Tom Brady and it's midway through the second quarter and they take a nasty hit in. And somebody's gonna say you can't play for the rest of the game in a bid that have a spot. No way you get out there and play it if you're afraid and I think that's what you want to see. Soul. Out the other players you you might be able to keep out here and there by. From a fan's standpoint. I'm there again. Yes I want that that player out there a less obviously it's a it's a hit where the guys completely knocked out or similar that yet but it was one of those with a guy gets up at their door in this. Like I think it's hard for you to clear to rule him out of that game and I think if that happens. William Matt Moore though trying to inning on it it was seven set a button and also they said. You know what yeah. Or an ideology of agony as Dana and all the laws against what the reaction down here all the reaction is that's us. Rupert rule he should have been allowed to go back in the team thought he was OK or whatever right he wanted to go back in. I think that's the reaction right Indiana and into like that like do I care. Here you don't use to Richards seemed to win it exactly you're you're not worried about Ryan's in a deal in thirty years or whatever quarterback idiot. Or even you know thirty days if this would be in the Super Bowl window. Well I mean I've but I just about. Of course but B you know build the NF Mayo and look. I know that in a bill. Probably doesn't really hear about the concussions the show must go on their trying to avoid litigation. And as you know I. I just don't think that they're they they come off looking foolish they come off looking too critical. They come off looking like it's one putting in one put out. When they have these pot Rob Gronkowski that his. Basically did bowl penalty we don't know the official that the whistle had officially blown but. To Vegas why it makes the intersection he's been tackled. He's down on the ground on the sidelines out of bounds. Did bull and wrong lowers his show I mean could you on the hit that's a concussion like. To get things right I mean two games and and we'll see New England will. Well I will will will see if if if you can win your next soon because you lost the Miami without wrong didn't. You know to me that's a great teaching moment but you're not put in wrong go for two games you're not putting Thomas Davis Alfredsson Danny got one game he was given two games a Ridley Thomas Davis I'm talking about it was reduced to one game and he'll. Teaching moments happier either us or you're not I I agree I think the debate in a Palin doesn't have been up those more serious about making money and keeping the product red crescent and that's no surprise us the. I hear that. I don't think the league really cares about the sick sick to the players they just wanted to make it look good yes sand. The litigation I don't think a lot of the fans really care about the safety of the play I don't think so either hand I don't think I here's here's the big one I don't think players care about other players who you were right on all three dealt OK so I don't know we really does make you look at. Well they're rich and well I mean look OK even put the league's purpose like you know win the litigation comes when these CTE lawsuits are all these comings alls is about well what's the beard it's always usually a slight chance that we did we have probably steer public it was with Thomas Davis and engenders mission's third. And and grow up like where you really serious about this point you were. Well but the points that's what we do have suspension before now we do well above the other Ternium showing video of the grown being an armed sling he got no suspension and I'm saying you are really serious about this right. So and and the leak well I mean look it's Damascus what's the don't Crocs is at a five games I think a two game suspension was was knocked it doesn't sound but that's not good for the health is not gonna US national football yes that's a good solid fuel zero Murkowski gray. Re so bonds saw employment attorney. Board you know somebody who say as they head CTE you're the you know problem for the you know for the for the big lawsuit. I've put that out there actually hit and I go and so this suspension for wrong again. It's just it's a census. This bug which some are. I was a bit and dozens yes it is that's why that's why admits the military backed Nixon felt though let's celebrate it because that is an opportunity that's another they have OK will will talk about background. So little time to bring a football league around intimate an aggressive looking into how residue the ball where he married never call you. You never know your it to that next let's get the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. If valued takes on simple at eight tonight in the bad boy mowers gas guerrilla bulls from saint Pete. If by U under the guidance of coach Butch Davis is they board simple is six and six. Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game at Kansas City. Did you hear about this Mike hill's seat in the Altman's of lying secret Santa being. He got a new car. Actually wasn't old beaten up car Tim Larson bought it and Mike Jones he claimed it or a couple of younger linemen who didn't have a car but. Chelsea took the car was only valued at like 2000 dollars but. Yeah Michael C got its core I got up and Rosie plus America seriously and those dolphins they are giving. And we just live Seattle Seahawks have been buying a 100000 dollars for violating concussion protocol in November 9 game against Arizona quarterback Russell Wilson the league see it didn't get a sufficient concussion assessment from a member of the medical staff Miami Heat off tonight they host Dallas tomorrow night. No NFL game tonight. This Thursday schedule concluded last week. Those are your headlines. 679746. Of an examine for let's say Regis on the court resolve on attacks and we were we were jumping all over the place Suggs what I want them a couple of conversations here. What we get on our our our Marlins Jude championship deal relevant to grow reveling in that and it's OK we all know that they're not. That it's different because they're not trying to win the last the last 1012 years so. Afterward did that we're getting from prince that at a school that your uncle that I'm cool with that but as far as would you change would you trade it. Like yeah yeah like if your Marlins fan it's easy to say oh. I would trade those two championships. 44. A string of eighty to win seasons the during contention right yet but he's ever erected there or right you have a decent payroll. Would you would you really would you trade the two titles were just a when he straight years or amounts. Right good match answers right time right up to the public right because he doesn't run you some great pitchers get injured you talk about crying but let's yeah I like them. Syria and you get to walters' one time over years ago. But that your bad guys get her know you're always kinda makes his friends about it and you try to get says it has all the Soviet restaurant. We dread that Ruth and I just think it's easy to say old Yale would give back the series chips for that though. Because I flipped it and said OK yeah the dolphins know. What do you do and I think pay. You want a Super Bowl season and a parade right and then you're going to be bad for ten years now how that work and play it's easy. When you celebrated it like you were tomorrow when the rings have been on your finger bird AT and right. Yeah this team when you have that when you celebrated you have a luster is all that dime and then I got the cheese certain. Had a Nadal. Follow when you have a bad day at work at you watch the commemorative video. Oh the run through the playoffs and Josh Beckett at Yankee Stadium late like. But. If you're the dolphins and you haven't had any of that thing that I say I can give you that Lou I think you'll get there and assuming your soul. I'll give it to you right now give you that title to sell your soul I think you're adding I would do it. I I'm I'm I'm normally not like that perk and vote still living at purgatory as it. Okay well here let me let me put these because of the caveat win it because. With that. Ten years of rush racer and now let's add in bad management. Wish the Marlins had now is it worth it when you edited it's one thing to do the management all the Marlins. When when you hear you break up the teams you don't spend money you basically take Major League Baseball well if they're not try so once that's what that's what I mean it's Italy. Good portly run for twenty years yet but I okay I'm. It's one thing to be the Mets right because like we just discussed under that scenario you're getting pitching the pitching gets injured you're trying to trust drug that's one form of rush ration. Now I'll put the the Marlins frustrate would is it would you take that tree. That lets you have bad management will lies to you who who misrepresents. The download that I wonder yeah so let's go to war Marlins millions all right. Right a good thing yeah. What would you would you be neat experience it is good mortgage bailout the Marlins peoples at all yeah. I I give back those championships greater stability yeah offer for all that stuff I think it's easy to miss it right back and you've expert visit list and I and I agree that we know that often just. Okay you look at from the when you haven't experienced that. Yeah I I think that Tom. I I think that that the big deal here with the Marlins as we stated is the kind of the the disingenuous. Ownership. But I think that there is a lot of a lot of organizations some overlooked relies too Mercury yes correct correct screwed over but a lot of organizations I think would take that. The college scene broad seemed to take that one title. And where the two titles in this case and say yeah. I'll I'll I'll even take all the rest with a as opposed because when when you go you know when you go 82 wins for a stretch. It's it's almost like Mark Richt at Georgia right people want more it's like all right get out of here you Obama wants somebody who can finish the job. You know in the case of baseball all these 82 win seasons or eighty by a win seasons. Yeah are hit and above water but let's make that next step. People get frustrated by that. Oh yeah that is a couple of balls and when I has been so long like you've you've lived through all of the all of the you know just the Brigham Moore of nonsense. Joseph Philbin and exit monogamy Alabama coach in Tony Soprano and Parcells is in and out it's like you look up his who has been seventeen years is a playoff victory. Mean I can have traded all that for one dream season. Sign me up now I don't like one jobs at outrage the last all the garbage. How many high points that we had three it's a doer and a thirteen 31 miserable. I'll have a thirteen and three season that's doable I'll go home enough I'll watch the commemorative dvd. Right image and then to buckle in for the pain amazes me right is just the end of what is and what is the lesson junior but mostly pain. So that he was that the club relating to that was led his prediction that saw prediction ingrained are our prediction is wearing a mega talk more sports on the other side of the ex FL. Yeah it was this old man this might happen uh oh boy out of those are taxes and we love our ball boy what a what a crazy Taiwan equation for them Lavar ball to start some other some shady deeply care. Well which that's gonna work and as Vince McMahon is making some some major moves made formal today. Two copyright. Some ex FL who logos and and he might sell the WWE. Then these nice little cash flow to kind of investing if your news trying to start a new football league you know ever some of the old timers out there if they remember the old USFL. In the world football league you know. And the ex FL yeah. Nobody's been able to do try to get into any don't you guys did. I don't know. In Europe it is it's a different entity well I was I was a by the federal nobody knows yeah it was somewhat of a competitor correctly so we'll oh gets result of that coming up here. As as we before we'll take you up to F five you're the ballgame tonight over in Tampa saint Pete take on the temple while other coverage starting at 730 so. Myself enough perk with you until that right Johnson and I didn't take. It doesn't ever day in court as he ticket window earlier chance to win tickets to upcoming game of Fortis. Miami Heat technology partner in your local self sort of technology company for all your business needs. Visit them online at a quarter score dot com sponsor of oil butterball dot com two of the most cash now for your future structured settlement. Or lottery payments call 833 my vault and by and Lauderdale BMW power lines from members of the home and automotive group keep listening to the ticket to win your way into a key game. Curtis and her back with you here on this Thursday afternoon. All right so this is RT you don't hear this story kind of broke last week then Vince McMahon the I'm super norm. Basically mostly known for the for for wrestling in the WW EE and former wrestler. He has built a just a colossal and pardon in the in that arena. Seoul last week. There was a story that he was filings from trademarks to bring back Dixon fell right in a pillow mix of Phil gets and the second. So now today Daryn Mel's been tweeting up a storm. That 5 December trademarks have been filed for the ex FL. So base to leave the meanest thing is gonna happen pandora's try to make it happen. And he sold a hundred million dollar stock. From over as the VWE stock presumably to tried to you know the biggest that was some start up money to get to the ex FL off program now for view that the politics of so. Once. It was back in 2001. Lesson one season Lou. And basically what it was was those wrestling football yet. I come and outlaw a football league I don't mean that the guys were telling them mean it was a crazy. Right you know lead. Allies like like four if I'm not mistaken for the opening possession instead of a tick off. They put the ball out at mid field and guys ran and whoever got the ball in your time have possession correctness that is an over the great point slippery little pointless you know everything on the back your Jersey. You write so you guide named he hate me yet and ask them why do you put that on there because look at all those guys over there and excitement that they all hate me are haters there was eight teams they played ten games. The NBC within the big deal they had to be part of an MBC India yet. It was on spike and some a couple of other shady channel but at least he was a big deal blades it was Saturday night it was I was after. The NFL is over you know. And the ratings I remember this like it was yesterday. The ratings were were really go look toward. They weren't what they thought they are going to be but they still were very good the first week and a member of working with Hank Goldberg at time and Hank hated it. Yeah thanks and that's not football that's a joke and that's not that's not going to be that's not going to be stay around tonight it's ridiculous. Hand to hang rings refrigerant through the review globally. And he said wait and see wait and see. Latency I soccer you know whatever. And next week about half what they got you know and the week after that it was about half of that you know and by the fourth week there were no number and what are people dislike this is garbage yeah. And when it became his base league low rent football with a lot of like crazy rules and stuff like that and cheerleaders aren't addressed yeah. And people Kennesaw throughout yeah soul the leading rusher usually Russia low exit row was I have no idea. Former mine laid off from. First round pick. John Avery. Real easily run is that right that's my X adultery. That do this and repeatedly was which Israel and I am noise Charlie Mattox was probably. Yeah I haven't really high school was evident and and Ellison that bill high schoolers bill. So. If you diskettes to those two are to our larger question is agreed to go to memory lane for the ex FL here. Yeah but. Team and part of this if you are trying to connect the dots on this news. Art is this in the X the the NFL has lost viewership than they have yet but they're still monster. So we are going to have a league where nobody's dealing we're gonna have a league where there's violence all over the right word gonna have a league that. We think that a lot that a lot of people that are turned off by the NF numb for whatever reason this this this this this reason. Were going to get the go loose people at those. I am lost on us it's it's an old west Dodge City type of athletic pro league. You know it's it's I got a very loose rules. And and the you know it's it's wild it's it's a wild run. OK I wore us. I don't you I don't know and I don't think so I don't think so no pack. Give it yes I did press report yes or no winds or else they know. I don't think the quality of play is going to be good enough I think it by the time in a bill is done. Most people balled out and I. I just I just don't know that Tom you can make it. By deliberately palatable. Boortz hastily violent I guess I should say it's hastily via the hastily he. Because that's a complaint with NFL right is that is the specification of the upper and a bill which is true I'm not sure that you in. It. I'm not sure that you can really the like violence yeah I'm not sure that that's you know that's my diet and I'd buy rap records and are even talking about political correctness for the funeral right right exactly will Leah will will will bite the will to the next game and honor at halftime but the show goes on. I'm not sure that that's. And again this is an even politically correct I mean political correctness. You're talking about medical stuff here right with the CTE and and concerns about guys down the line I'm just not sure that that's gonna go over very well that I don't buy it. I wouldn't say I'm not sure idol. I don't think that it will bite you might yeah you're probably right on that island and go that far I just look at low rent football and I don't know Tom Watson righted its it's a minor league definitely writers are not nearly a year you'll have in at bill caliber play. Pulled this here's where here's where no one's been able to. To create a adversary lead to the NFL the US have all tried doing their biggest problem was. They got they got a great player closest they did they got the player yes they did dig they went in either so they've got her whole ladder and you alone in New Delhi Reggie YE. Yeah we could name right on halt players they had players you call them don't but did they have players that money and they bought players they brought a mall and the problem was they wanted to they wanted to that coincide their schedule with the NFL record right so you had to choose one or the other no Mosul chose you FL. I am you know those price of mismanagement and there's well. Habitable World League trumbull the team actually as a matter of prisoners you know there's there's a thirty for thirty about there is unknown how he supposedly killed in a right you know that sort of solo and all that that that's the stories look. It's still a part of it is. That was their problem but the other leagues I think they have come along perk I just think it's. It it's it's it's it's low rent football in. The minor leagues you dealer fills minor league system is. Cultural dancers that's all that's exactly what have been caught at least in the ACC is as good as any other lead you to believe he said already asserted new late. And you know what there's going to be all the guys that get caught. Often these two bit rosters like all the pre season guys the continental formerly known drew us out of college football college football you write any day now. It's not even questioned not even content and college football is essentially the NFL too great rest of our costs. Yeah that's the best that's your farm system yet so. It's it's a tough thing it's tough to say no man just because. I. I don't know what the market years or more football after football season and if you take on the innate you go here to here it would paean of billiard Hulu. So can imagine this question this is because this is by the greater question. What is there enough people that are instead of turn off the NFL. For whatever reason guys meal laying there's not a they're you know they've they've basically taken they wouldn't you know every player. Eight and in yielded to resolve the role guys can't get hit all that those stuff. Dead. Is an up you left turn that off that would turn this on I don't know there is no no not even close not even close to make it a viable business Greg I mean you're a number of some. Money right numbers might be dome for the NF bill however. You can assume that purple whatever reason the numbers are down the you can't assume that those people are just looking pour another football product. I would I would just assume those people are sick of football. For whatever reason whether it's the ample room or the CTE. Or whatever I don't think there are saying. Well I won a different brand of football I think they're saying what else sick of. Davis is gonna happen looks like they're gonna make another run at a here. That's one of their their their main I didn't have a little research on the stiff yes so like you know like didn't make visit Mans is an extraordinarily Smart business preseason he's got ten guys behind him into girls behind him you know battery and smarter yet so all they're either Ramirez's would sound like they would. Males something that they think is going to it's gonna resonate with with the American population. Yeah so we're saucy I just. A giant I'd say I'd say that there's almost no way that is where you're I think you're gonna find admits obviously cannot go up against the NFL. Well I'm not even sure you're a I'm not sure where that niche is because there's. As you say camp there's so little space between. College and in a bill righted its. Mean lived there while it's it's. How are you gonna get good players. Like him you if you are if you are going to make it into the NF below I pretty much don't wanna see you. Okay what you get the also rans you get the guys that they got before the problematic is over John Avery it's you get the deal on Jordan's a flame out in the very eager to go and play Munich. You what you get a lot of take another them a debt. Do a lot of suspended you did some suspended guys Josh quarter would be playing in this league the last couple years veteran. I don't that that's vying can I ask you know where I don't know why I agreed but. You know it's it's gonna be Josh Gordon going against some slack beef from mom. You know blue from Wichita State. And and that's not good football bat that that's what it's like the well let me ask you this would you rather watch the loot the G league. Or ACC basketball. Dollars and I'm a close re so that's less of it I am so you're right there's there's there's there's kind of there's none of those a very small in between when you don't consume. But Arnold's I agree yeah. I do think geely do you think people would rent a do you think there's a we will that rather watch guys that are pros throughout watch college basketball college basketball. Think a lot of people think that that's that's as they're on the same level college football I just I go back to I just think it's it's going to be low rent football. That's what I think it and there are you know that's why I kinda it was a get a workable exit and watch him day in and yeah others. I you know look at our neighbors the league roster is here and here's kind of another place that I stand on that is that. When you when you talk Minor League Baseball. I would definitely 100%. Gold to a minor league game I go and I go back to San Antonio. Me and my dad always go to a a to a sit quietly emissions there what is that because I love Minor League Baseball but I. In person but I will not watch it on TV like oh what's that. They televise the All Star Games are one of the All Star Games where I won't watch on TV but I will go because it's such a unique product that we giveaways and a small stadium and that I. I I I like experience I like the XI so that's the thing I OK I could take more baseball but but I would have to be there and they're have be I don't know. Well I would like to see like some of the young guys coming up led out BW my you know tour yeah but either way I realize tax on the sort of tools from a Mac remove a late 67 nights have been for the calls him on bond attacks on. 6974. Were gonna take you right up until F five youth football. The Jasper reload bowl add boy mowers gas probe right. Against temple this evening where the game for you also we got to the two tickets to the chili cook off over a hundred dollar value bring give those away to right here on the on the other side here on some and I didn't take. Maybe Friday is of particular football Friday that about bombing Charlie all season long era for the games. Look at the dolphins and their toll and injury updates he's the game in more Tommy Charlie they're always in a more draft pick. What a waste of public adjusters embargo on the growth and next of North Miami football Friday a names have an idea and FM 10432 to the ticket. Football Friday is upon us will be tomorrow. And now holds ago local interviews for tomorrow and get ready for the Kansas City game on Sunday. Ferguson thought to them because your out tomorrow suddenly just show tomorrow you know so and our schedule we're next week off for Christmas. While we got some bowl games will be cheering causes in next excuse. Will be will be done on Tuesday me and Adam Beasley do we on Tuesday on Wednesday you real Wednesday. I likens yeah. And it and it will be bull but what we can't be back Friday yeah there and Roth Thursday right ideas that we got some ball games we. Hello smut stuff so it's one of those things where he's. No that's an Japanese Manhattan's this right deaths so what is it does though luck. So were are gonna be back and forth here via the services this is our show until until Friday and try to you gotta go yeah yeah you right now none of them are near Los Angeles now solo. So while old Leo will be here but tomorrow we got a bunch of lineup for Rio for the but for the go for the weekend also before we before and this hour reading giving away the Mitchell took off to gets a pair of to gets to go to C. Darius Rucker Old Dominion bunch of other great bands of the the big performances there. And that's powered by Ford its recent partially apology in her twenties while most of it for you in the next 67 minutes or regional rich. Ignorance will be there. More remorse Midland a bunch of bunch grid next. Worked bonus of thirty tonight so we got an elongated show rather abbreviated show an elongated showed that. So while we got we had a few two more segments here to. Did loose and dead mingle with some of the text here we've been out we've been all the plays out a week we missed anything. Man I don't I don't think so you know the only thing. Yeah no we haven't missed very thing it doesn't really have got nominee and they might pals he took the car in the secrets and a member did Nicole well some of his deepened to players I don't think he really called the melt. What he slid was our best players can't miss plays any name Kiko Alonso Rashad Jones. And cam wake person tackles that they miss last week especially. At him wake missed a sack on Tyrod Taylor. Key go in and Rashad. Each miss at least one tackle Matt Birk who doesn't criticize these you know vessels of last year. As deepens a coordinator was a theory he handed. Very candid and Brazil police did Jordan Phillips when he's really glued he plays like one of the best in the league when he's not good he looks like he doesn't belong in the lead and and so they you know member kind of see it's you know they kind of called out his guys today not really but it was. S as. Forceful as we heard Matt and any name nameless. As the masses question here because it's is it's eleven years they've I wrote a blog in your colleague in the lord in. But one of us come as a leader in the economy and well be spinning Christmas Eve Whitman gives the city yes I tell them until. A little. Dave spend allow those games with the would they have here in an area across the across the coach Jeff Goodman but he goes eleven years this week that Nick Saban went on the -- we album coach ran on soft food and I heard beast in LeRoy talking about it earlier playing the sound over and over to wolf your heard a million times. And I you know even the national shows were overrun with it and clearly he made the right choice I think you know you're done similar design yes to what five titles there of that investment management and a scholar children's zone. I I do think I'm this we're kind of looking I was I got me thinking about this. How much of that set the dolphins back. And leg was that as you look at a what was the biggest what's the bid the bigger one reason do. Oh Drew Brees. Drew resort zones I call control of the quarterback player standpoint yeah quadrant is the quarterback and head settles on Simmons why that was. And that wasn't really his ball right that was the medical people saying no I mean I remember doing the shows you didn't hear going to Drew Brees with a shoulder right. Or Daunte Culpepper with the media and one thing paying like the one thing that. I didn't take into account. That would say of course you take that you take that guy with a bad deal with the yeah yeah they were well listen yeah because that a lot of people. I don't remember exactly. What the consensus was as I were coal. People were saying I am not sure that shoulders ever gonna get back to correct though I was gonna yeah you guys are all right shoulder right yells dad tea tea pitcher correctly grabbed her about it L lowers it direction right Brad regulars when our man yeah yeah right correct correct but the one thing now no. He knew it and they had great doctors over there that bad but nobody knew Brees is gonna turn in this I was. But the one thing that I do underestimated when in analyzed that how much optical or reduce his legs when he was Minnesota nobody's to run around him he used to get made plays in when he was such a big thick guy. And he would lake so we should all huddle Villeneuve lost. Right and there was rely on his arm and then he wasn't as good of a quarterback in the will some other things there but okay all right so that would be a guest. To me that's the yeah that's the bigger than that tiger earlier I can't argue with Alan Mel's image as a coach Elson a Parcells well look they pass the Mike Tomlin. You know I was morsel but that's higher. Yeah I yeah but I but I did. Yeah I think gives the player and in this case. Being a quarterback hall of fame quarterback yet even if there was like deepened the tackle I would say Elton may be is closer to the culture may be. But hall of fame quarterback gets the player so that's that's your be missed the passenger Brees twice which essentially they did but that was that was a legitimate. As a franchise defining. Mo moon that I beat him yeah her Narnia where no Democrat coach what he had on like India and there juries if you make that decision. The same in my never rose might never correct correct and why would you like you and right here in the playoffs are here and write your winning your general assembly member and mountaineers now at least gentlemen emirates police scandal amino bullies in the would. Bounding down again but you know yeah probably built accident the CFL's been brought up the Sith Noble's done right so let's and they have no idea that's not an option right like that's not. Not nobody's gonna let us together Els legitimate rhetoric yeah thanks I mean the march residents enjoy life up there just were moved the Graco I would love marchers were flying but just goes down here and I or not wasn't his league but that goofy football there's we have even Johnny men's although we go to the C right that looked. They produce some players whether it's Tim Laker Doug Flutie or I don't know but I can spend some flutters with like it's not. It's not but in Apatow right like ridiculous and out of their furlough did. The likeness of President Abbas I've got a laugh because there. It's Reverend Wright but it's funny whenever he gets in trouble or suspended this if is Robert the ghost write great job escorted W all. Jutting Zell just Tebow but it's always but don't like. Right leg that's how important thing to see if fellas were those goofy roles in three downs and up. Wide fields all yourself. And in the weather. It a being used every every game is there's. After a certain point you're in the you know there is it's not enough to know what's the weather going to be like it's how bad weather going to be brutally. I don't know how the hole is going to be not your man out cold before the politics I think that might have changed the rules on the skies suspend I'm not sure since Ricky I don't recorder but it's funny like. Some guys like they keep these watches out for whatever reason in the NFL. And everywhere just always go to this well. Let nobody goes there via Greg pretext that apply that offer whatsoever. Despite two and so do we get this text about the dolphins passing on mosques for Adrian 98 set us back to date that you know in Iraq but I mean everyone passed on radio like elderly yet. Let's meanwhile the outset to part ways with whom this events are you you know that's yet. Bob used to give a lot of people lots of raw and it got to the point where even Randy couldn't yeah guy he was he was a replay guy he was kind of already was loose can yeah everybody knew the talent right it was the bank had no idea stuff but does the odds in the past like a you know the embryo to all Tom Brady we got to them yet everyone that add to this. You know but I did you raise it was either or core agrees or brother or dad is that the a defining decision that you took one road who rather than taking the other road near. And we you didn't take that ruled that was paved with gold. Now so it's a bit bumpy on Haiti right in the one do over and outs would you what would you do a good one to over what did you do the breeze moss and even high post reunify and eloquent fashion writer Henry Wright even mentally how Israel is as great as that goes here as quite as great in. Gift and talents it's somebody's still got to get him the ball right eye gets away you know him credit for protects an ambush. And we we do get that we do get a I text here rom Roma and sales who's from Reno. The first by years of Warren moon's career rim the CO pelvis through art that's the CFO low. You did having you know but I'm still not wash in that product over. Even over those years ago gas at look at. I honestly put himself about the guys like because blossoming at Villanova goes there to a 100% on a steered. I I would I would probably rather what conference USA football and that's no slam conference USA. CFL can take the disrespect. If they want to go to I would rather what's conference USA even see opened on or hard these are sorry to Warren Moon and whoever else some might be there and and Tim way does this guy got on Rough Riders march Pressman whoever reorganize its restaurants are not there right. All my apologies but I would rather watch conference USA the blue we got the CFO on the people kind of a viable these rules are the exit felt talk to some of the ratings and right. And I think you Frito plans Tuesday to hear that your country and I am listening to I heard of an embryo to win an emotional that would and you know what I was certainly right. A great life and I hello I'm allowed to show that yeah. He's yeah he's up there around the green that knee replacement surgery yet he's doing great. Freedom is going to be back he's got he's got a whole new body knows like the bionic man he's going to be back here. Brendon is the the night shift here before you know it here and in a couple weeks when we kick off 2018 and Williams is this here's here's the Jake Long over Matt Ryan will address that Luol gets I remember I agree with the ball ultimately we'll get to the 7 o'clock hour here we dig up until FIU football the bad boy mowers gasp reliable also a busy day in headlines perk it's that but before we get to the 7 o'clock hour let's get to. Chili cook off that's right as promised caller number seven. Right now 786534. 079 the year winner he's gonna get paired to get to the 33 annual. Chili cook off powered by Ford junior or Tony that CBC apart and number pines or sister station. Kiss then nine point nine has brought up a day of great food. Drinks and a stars studded line of country music artist ready to take main stage including Darius Rucker all the many big and rich Maureen Morse Midland. And Brandon lay him to throw until now to take a mime in a common also. At all styles to mortgage right now you can win them for free for free 7865340790. Caller number seven and you are a winner. Bag with a 7 o'clock hour next here on 79 minutes ago. And again and again. And this. Yeah yeah. For the 7 o'clock hour here we got FIU football coming your way and the bad boy mower is just horrible. For lovely. The headlines here in just a moment quick reminder now for every. He game on the ticket started out with the Coral Springs. Auto mall pregame shows go get is set for the game take a look at the map to think he's of the game and have you ready for tip off orphans among home who are brought to my account has business. Built for a business current super track with your little extended coverage year little overtime little bonus action. So Luttig a until 730 and then one of the colts and I defy you. Game temple tonight only game in town of your football fan we actually eight games in the the TNT variety. But I know Thursday night football tonight per Greg and I just think it's it's a great opportunity we talked about it a little bit. Earlier and we raved about what went left by the FA UN link if we're able to do it moments ago why. It's another great opportunity for. F five you Butch Davis. So all you're the stages jurors. Deal a quality opponent and temple and you won't know till I mean this is like there. Or third straight bowl pairings right and they won ten games will be here to like this is this is how you build a program so here's what day is an opportunity for them and I will simply sees it. FAU silly though that two nights ago. They did today. Epic you. Put a good product on the field and they represented themselves will off the field as far as. This was a unique opportunity because they had the bowl game in their home stadium but showing their stadium showing there school to university. Boca Raton. The life and you know life around here. I desirable temperature right I'd just. I thought they did a great job promoting the university not the football team or lane to open. The university. And so we'll see what I have by U canoe and you know these bowl games I guess they always give you I don't know like. Three commercials or to commercials for the school and one of the conference or are valuable and I agree cap PSI I I agree a 100% my listens. You were sixty seconds or thirty seconds whatever the heck they did YouTube. Portray your university however you want to an end. Look and I like we'd like we've all seen it like during the NBA finals of the Big Three era and all those times you're on ESPN and they're just showing ocean drive and all that. Chamber of commerce is just love in that you can buy that kind of publicity it's and so it's it's kind of the same thing for Ekpe you and for F are you today. This is some free publicity take advantage of it and and I wanna see what what type of a job they do I think they'll do a good job. It is that having said that is all true then those on the football bark. Women fifty to three helps a lot to sit here and you're a student is that all opponents of your threes all threes are running backs and in saint Louis Missouri. And they're gone who FAU relic where they're duly DeVon singletary like let's go back yeah yeah more than five they're powerful obviously different I think that this is fun and yeah and all cam playing to some degree weather all that stuff that's not going program. Yes and look here at by you you're playing Butch Davis you know a guy who works until you win right right and one Super Bowls and was with the old school you live Mindy Wright Jimmie Johnson and and ground all of us stop to advertise that promote that. You know Yuri a major university down and in in Miami and now. You know at by you and I may you and you know I don't know what they're. Enrollments are but they've got to be zooms in so you can promote that in Central Florida I've I've learned through text missing here. Is I think it's the most populous university in the US or it's one album but by you you have all kinds of things to promote I. I actually don't even know what. A buy used you know it's has a great nursing department or whatever but. Maybe they'll tell me that tonight. You know I don't know it's great engineering school Latin card and international business Oregon and go idea but it's just an extra being talked about out of state. Applications as they used you know their their their president John Kelly. Told yes BM last month that. Out of state applications. Have been up 35%. Or less significant record but it is all because you win right correct that's right you go in Brussels as you've got to win first record yeah if you lose. If you lose 35. 22 record and I'm not sure nobody's looking good right now in the hour right right out of University Park and they're down towards an outright as we use are going to help our remarkable South Beach I'm not sure that's grin yeah I was Campbell school right now. I'd he OK right now I have it but that's an opportunity for like what advice you like to do we know that fight where attack. Just don't you write your wreck you know right so this is there was opportunities bullets and you know Mario had a role in a little bit a couple of years ago you know they had a big setback there. And now the trying to get its get a move in the right direction again sub fully continue let's get to head lie. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. As we were just talking about F by U takes on simple at eight tonight in the bad boy mowers gasp Rose Bowl in saint Petersburg Florida. Step by you under coach Butch Davis eaten for temple is six and six. Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game at Kansas City. Dovonte Parker didn't practice due to an ankle injury the bigger story out there. Mike penalty gets a call are in the secret Santa contest among the all ends of linemen. The story is on sun sentinel dot com Miami hero back home Palm Beach post dot com go to one of your local outlets read about it. But. A very funny kind of buzz story the car was purchased. With the hope that some of the younger offensive lineman who don't have cars or didn't have cars. Would get it and how c.s who in signal a move that I'm taken mirage. 2000 dollar car nothing great. Seattle Seahawks have been fine 100000 dollars for violating concussion protocol in November 9 game against Arizona quarterback Russell Wilson the league's see it didn't get a sufficient concussion assessment. From a member of the medical staff. Miami Heat is off tonight they host Dallas tomorrow night no NFL action tonight at Thursday's scheduled conclude that last week goes. You're hitless exhibit 9746974. On the Coral Springs auto mall on the Tex lines in the MBA they had they announced their. Eligible candidates for their their hall of fame. Did you see I know I didn't by management a couple of names are now these these are the first time name discredits quite a list of first time in for the 2008 team. I'm nation with more about the hall fame. Iowa's of the NBA hall of fame was a little bit shady because is not in the hall of images like the basketball claim you are correct so you would take you know account the college stuff internationals to I mean you got like the women Slovenian Kodak you add in the hall of fame which is great for them right. But like it's not like the NFL we only have cause they're all things you just you know. Got to cut and dry yet but it's a pretty impressive list Jason Kidd. Yes OK these are the first timers Steve Nash. Yeah Ray Allen. Eventually yeah. Grant Hill. Who yet should constantly Chauncey Billups knew that's going to be close and Richard Hamilton those of the that's gonna Eagles also the first time guys river as the yard collar starlet UConn but yeah rip and Chauncey. I don't. I don't know if anybody from that from that pistons team is gonna get in. Rip Chauncey Tayshaun Prince bin lawless I mean Larry Brown the coach yeah all right but. The players I'm not sure that anybody well we know dark it was good news commentaries get there and currency that's for sure for sure Ray Allen will for sure and I had a great hill Grant Hill was Brazilians doing it as well given Michael Jordan Turkey got hurt Europe and able to Michael Jordan took off right this is a stroll in the college stuff like to allow law and a one that he would easel on the late new team right boy it was a. That denied to limit internally duke then they lost to Scotty Thurman in Arizona. In the finals his senior year or so three out of four years is in the final game of love college at duke. So yeah I would I would show that in there and so largest slows things a discount pop up so. When you do make a make mention that we talked a lot about the he victory last night yet you yet you keep wanting to trade all the guys do. All they can among. OK at the highest rate starting your starting dude you're starting to make Madden will be you give me upset here because just think this thing that even with all these guys are not going anywhere I do thank you let me writes a new put us wanna see them not go anywhere before we start training people off. I've seen them cap a solemn I saw a ball last year this is basically the same team that was starting eleventh. That would 41 and 41. Okay all right our yeah reporter like they they and there are sixty minutes fifteen this year correctly they they're just that there's a 500 team no more and know no better and force. The 500 ish correct no better no worse writers and maybe you underwent an right via whatever route but there yet there that this is not a 4748. Win team this season messed announcement. OK so this team has no future outside of that that's what I think yeah welcome you and and again I don't disagree when you don't get it straight at. Does what it's I would like I would tend to lean. Towards your viewpoint. Book. I. Would like to seat. It play out in May be proven otherwise wrong because this team is a little different to last year I either guy the scored 32 last night. Gas and many but what how many times can you held on. Kelly a limit to give you let's say eighteen I we nova 32 you know let's Eric Wright say eighteen. Once once a week the group wants a boatloads or five games. He's I think that's a lot six games once fives Olin keep going 78. I want every ten to a couple of times a month military me. The opportunities to do that anybody and we can do that but what did you take the opportunity from somebody you know also is he that good that's what does look OK I just don't know that it well I don't I don't think that you. Yeah they're good okay. I don't know that either forget that's my point I don't know where all fits in together. It's catalytic your sixth man where is your ninth man on this team right I don't we haven't seen it all together. That's where I would like to at least see them have their full. 910 man rotation some and right are seen running definitely and I image you see what happens and there's all over the years. My my problem with that is kept is one of things that you always say by is. I met time has gone too late right. Like you die if I give this team another 1520 games it's too late to make a trade that's going to. Probably. Make a trade is gonna improve me right. What's out a midnight maybe not actually because you've got you you've got like what. Two months of the trade deadline probably I don't even know would mid February or Valentine's Day and time so you do have more games than that right you probably got. Thirty buy games will just say thirty day right. I think I know what I have with this team now it's just there's not a bad and it's to me it's not a bell. What else can I do with this team it's how can I get this OK and I elevate the trade value of these players like and go from being. A 516. To 848. 4748. Win team. On the other side the other thing is like there's a leg of his coming out there. No you are correct you might regulate you wanna push you wanna make trades and I don't think you'll Dimitris for the sake of making sure no I don't but and you don't which I agree with but like. Do you there's the other alternative. OK Anthony Davis is say I will of the from the South Beach and you can make that happen of course now fire the trade machine files button. The other side of that is like I his ideas and you have to give some to. Allen right you have to have a trade partner in and of Bible deal right I mean. Yet there's nobody up there right now that we know of but I assured that Pat Riley and India was murdered though the phone. They probably I did apply to three Gaza and whether they have enough to get that I don't know. Hey that's fair Bolivia OK let me ask you this direct question. Have you series as you've seen enough and there's no entry with this roster whatsoever for you non Oca part for his globe. Yeah Islam and I don't know are we different movement I'll tell you this scam artists lead there's no mystery to this roster. This team is to me is getting a little boring to watch now that has been has zeroed in dude you're not gonna make a trade because I want a more exciting team. But it did I say that from the standpoint that I've seen this act like not much is it Kelly Linux surprised me last night. And you might get a mild surprise from Jordan medium bail amount of bio and all that I. I don't think that I'm going to be surprised by the I'd like to you know. You know you're always gonna bring great you know you know is Josh pretty much and get a look on Hasan Josh Richards and got me right by the house. A little bit and he's not enough to hear you baggage and I think about comets and you're wrong Gregory you there's no mystery for the seem desperate this guy can get really really good the next couple months resurrect this this guy's gonna take the next step back there's no mister OK I think there's little bit of mystery not necessarily from from player to player more so as a unit that this team could do something a little bit special. I blew a little bit not and you say there's there's not I will come back and out with some final thoughts here FIU football. Bowl game around the corner of taken on that tumble over in Saint Petersburg forced. While all the action for missile command at some final thoughts here a couple of your text messages in as well at six overnight some for. On the corporate or Mohammed Tex I'm ready awesome benighted take. Get up close to the game over the holidays crazies are available for purchase the city take on Dirk Nowitzki Anthony Davis staring Gordon and others during the upcoming five game stretch logon every ticket offers dot com or call 7867 symptom and who. Here every game. Of the Miami Heat on aims of and I mean if 104322. Tickets Curtis and and perk came in with with you here we got a few minutes ago and FIU football take. Kerry so we got the a bad boy mowers desperate the bowl. That's why you taking on temple we got Bahamas bowl tomorrow we got famous Idaho Opentable that it gets rid. They heated up here on inherent perk yeah I mean an absolute. Just Nirvana with all these ball games. We were asking or are I was asking about at by you and what they do win dole. Somebody takes in at by you business school is pretty glued. On bad they're creative writing program is really good look if we did universities can't psalm. And asked people. What is this university strong suit how many how many people do you think like Ohio State Texas. Florida say how many people beat the good match up there of good medical school there that I'll ever won. None are thrilled. I deny there's no way acted there's no way like I don't know like Michigan like I know Steve Ross. Visited the united business school is good he just right donated about I have no idea what Michigan does the best or more and honestly I don't put somebody that went to miss yet his truck Greg gradually we know on school you don't say if if if we asked me you're you're in May and how many school like if you went through the whole Big Ten could you get a single one. Yeah I wanted to know. I don't know that I get a single woman they'd all be wild guesses that I don't know I know my my school Texas Arlington. Which doesn't play football but. Everybody knows the players we produce minutes Tim hired Dexter bossy clear Odom Bruce Colley domain called role we had a great tradition. Stop playing them like 83 because we're losing money and we saw but anyway good good engineering school and good school of nursing. Okay how would you have like tell on nobody had to go there yeah like where I don't like it if I went through the SEC and C at LSU. I Ole miss like yeah I guess it would give all I have no idea what albeit against an auto correct I probably wouldn't get a single and Georgia Tech in the technical schools are probably did yeah right that's well at Texas a and ailments the agriculture and yeah right now I don't even know what the other one is mechanical. Or military. And I was in any of agriculture's iron and children and I think there's a military did nothing to mechanical also I think it is but the essence mean like Saddam but if you just a school at Texas motor somebody was thought it was a 100%. Of its list yeah I don't know we Luther -- yeah look at ourselves night I don't like guys. I couldn't it. You know I get named the coaches but I couldn't name. One academic aspect of that college I can name who is on the roster ninety seconds well you know I elected so yeah the important stuff. What exactly we're like the athletes I mean I can get that that team Iowa events and Arizona I think there's there's those targets on the green a lawsuit in those of the nine. 9494. Finally or like I did it on Scotty Thurman who looked like still cannot be exact today. It might as well what is what is the University of Arkansas will use I don't know idea right and the idea saying woo big silly that's about. He taxi and LSU has a great landscape architecture program okay so about Betty I just LSU so you know. You know Joker autos and true. If he says LO oil great landscape architectural programs like I mean you're guarding. I have no idea you know without that nothing has us at the yes and sue turner. All of a big I would get rid landscape architectural program. Very well good. Greg custodial services program there yeah there's. You know it doesn't buy you have a great like business management of hotel management program like you hasn't had a very good. Hospitality mail us it's out yet there doesn't sound and has its hourly. Yes I'm these these this virus and a great Lance came agriculture program who do so that America. Things are architect right so Buick has exhibited surge well into serves you well dude though. I did cover the ides I did recover the college of engineering. I we we used to get paid by the story and so I used to covered. Basketball. Volleyball. College of engineering and nursing so I had like all the big beats and you know was making you what my life it's illegal like eighty dollars a week I was solid ball in all of ball and but yeah I remember them doing from. Like robotics club and they were showing me like the superconducting supercollider. And and and how all this up was going to be in a bit in the I did. I'm just like regurgitate all this stuff they're so I had no idea what they were talking about but. Super conductivity and how is gonna make communications better thirty years later this year I. They would show me this stuff and I know we all. Started somewhere else. Right yeah perk perk perk cover nursing nursed her neighbors are nervous in the college of engineering right that's that's hurried you metabolic the volleyball team went to the final board. One year that I covered dome. And Lisa Loeb was the coach later went to USC was was. I think the the athletic director there. For Padilla being no. Athletic programs but. I was also covering them for the Fort Worth star telegram the volleyball program. And they let me cover you know the first round of the playoffs a mile in the second round was down in Austin and then when it came to the Honolulu trip they gave it to one of their full time staff first scientists are able and overwhelm hole all through and got down to a goal in Honolulu year your part timer we can't send you sorry. A cinema full time or somebody else than about my gardening come when they're less architecture is does gardening. And I guess to graduate from F five U landscape architecture OK I don't know I always say this is how we learn this is cellular. Noises. University of Florida's ground done groundbreaking work in the severe jaw or it's so there ago. I go gators. Really nowhere to go right note the you go to pair of jeans shorts. No I you know actually he's aware of the glass or remind. You know what. I don't. I don't I got this from shopping I get some new clothes here for those that that's what sorts instead I didn't invest and I had no idea I was wailing nowhere to go and I didn't know the latest news not you know you're like Donald is American interest me now here we go you have has agreed to nursing program and enough. The real training to tam writes he. It are things to many tomorrow for job in my map Porter did so earlier as well they serve as the listened out there. And and text in as well happy holidays to one and all. For Eric allows and they do allows it'll do its margin for 4 o'clock perk have a great holiday a little tunnels see here than you know I cannot be politically incorrect and they Merry Christmas you can route to I have to say happy Holland now you say Merry Christmas announcing have a holiday. Hi there I they'll.