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Friday, December 22nd

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You've got to Wear us out today for the holidays. Hours Thursday and alongside Jack Duarte who didn't. Who is take a little vacation you know we got a three hour tour who dig up until Miami Heat basketball submit to a moment Zach carried home a legacy of. Great to see do on my in my annual holiday filling in for everybody who is out an hourly love and and it's this. That's kind of my role here I don't dislike the Alfredo Gomez a dunce 790 the ticket you are that's a good reference right there yeah summit and he might be playing shortstop for the Myron love Obama I mean I'm a but that may actually bring him back on a on a veterans' minimum deal I mean who would ID now like Miguel Rojas our regular awesome awesome and I know that I got up. That's I. Yeah and I was telling you before the show I've I've done many holiday show back in the day and they were the only kind of make that extra cash around the holidays and complain and and actually what I mean I'd. I've. Never. The holidays yeah I got some family that I go on CN and here and there but dove for the most part like there's always stuff going on the close of one follows the ball games. And the danger planned weather wasn't softens. I there was always Healy an MBA when they see the big four is Roland with the heed those Christmas Day games. So I mean you always it was always a sort of big Tommy years as far as events going on in in South Florida so we got. And this year's no different and we got a lot of emotion a lot of stuff to get to which will will do so through the course of the show again we got double take of until 7 o'clock. We got we got a couple of guests that are gonna join us. Just a just had a conversation reform on the with I don't ties are covered the KC chiefs took a little eye on the enemy segment. And look at Casey is a matchup and it's a ball from 1 o'clock on Sunday Kansas City put into a cement the spot in the post season dolphins trying to. Cling to those some very very very slim hopes also a chuckle pristine his voice of the Dallas Mavericks. That is tonight's opponent for the Miami Heat and that leads us right into. Here's the thing. This is the most critical stretch. For the Miami Heat this entire season. And it's hard to say that considering it is only December 22. I believe to be the case Miami has seven of their next eight games. At home Dallas tonight's New Orleans tomorrow Orlando. Brooklyn. Detroit. The next. And you talk moving into the first week of January 2018. All very winnable games their low road game. Oh I 95 at Orlando very winnable game in Miami right now sixteen and fifteen. Looking on the outside looking in on the playoff push ninth spot in the Eastern Conference yet there are only one. And a half games out of the four spot in a bunch up Eastern Conference or bing. Big stretch for Miami to get above 500 and stay above 500 yes they're short handed were Zach we'll get to. In a moment but in Miami can find a way. To have a winning homestand and get some cushion. Above 500. Then when they're at full strength and overall long way as they finished 2017. Going in to 2018. I think it's the most critical stretch. For your Miami Heat if in fact. They are going to be one of those teams that are. In the top 5 in the Eastern Conference when it's all said and done now to think about Drudge honored an amateur renowned tigris donors are authorized these are dealer. And has offered Joseph needs covered a person prepares customization training says they are more visit them today edge on our dot com South Florida I. In the skies act agree or disagree with that thought out. Know those those teams really and they really scare you a much of the trying to you know who ended their seventeen and fourteen. But it is a good the rest of the teams and let's get to the Dallas mavericks' New Orleans pelicans in Orlando Magic. And not not teams it's gave very much land those ten games under five under now you've got two games against them in that stretched to its regained them in Brooklyn again. Not a team that that there was not a fear it your heart and then. You look past that and in the schedule gets to proceed wanna take care of business right now to get a little cushion in the standings and if you can do with out guys because on. Tomorrow I'll assume the other guys or mention headlines. And this is the time to do it because you're at home and even like you figure a way game is. Fifty miles away or whatever. And ended at the quality opponents is is is this terrible. Yeah they don't play well they can be giddy policy and we know that we sought and Lanny result. But they played pretty well against the hawks they lost a game inland as well or seems a league but the bounce back as you saw in Boston on Wednesday night. And had a great victory there point being is a yeah you play the schedule. And no gold state comes to town you know you have to play your best ball game and they're probably gonna have to play their B minus game for you to win that same way with. Some of the other big dogs in the MBA mine is not that level mine has a very small margin of error. When you look at all these teams in the same boat you get them at home most these teams are coming in on road trips Dallas tonight in early example. You want to you wanna take advantage of this stretch your data nice homes and open the season. They really did not take admin who have never really played well at home for the most part as far as the wins or losses. They've been really good on the road. But I think it's a critical stretch given fact this team is going to be a team that's gonna win 45 plus games. If they're gonna be a 500 team that located on the next the seven out of eight. The other data home okay they eagle Ford three. Then they're probably trending in that direction for the most part but if they can make a pushing and go you know go 505. Into the home I don't on the homestand. You know win six of eight whatever it may be all of a sudden. Your your 56 games above 500 in your start to get completely healthy and then you go into Toronto later on in the month of January and going to Indiana and really see. At full strength if you're as good as some of those teams in the top of the Eastern Conference. And for them really where starts is defensively you look at the schedule it's as December 1. They're five and four and an internal in the four games they lost they they gave no more than a hundred points in the five games they won they've given up less than a hundred points. So you know it doesn't matter the opponent a matter how that plays defensively because this team is. In any it's always been in bed and he called culture it's it's did its defensive first team. And that's gonna lead. You more success on the office the last couple games the heat warning is the clippers against the hornets against the Celtics they'd have held those opponents under a hundred point and it seems to be. It's not a magic number but it. Look at the last few games that teams that they are holding on their hundred points they went to team scored a 102 points they lose that game is is is the where's that. You know exactly show 6797467. Nights of enforced pointing out that this is. One of the old one of the shows that I'm said that the unit had a crucial game or stretch woody at seven athletics at home you need to take advantage of that. Right and it's like that that didn't at the next several. The next eight games are against the cavaliers and the warriors and in in who who you know who else is Albers did sells it. These are really bad teams come and Dallas tonight isn't 123. Orlando to the next three games is 1121 Brooklyn is a terrible team. You tell us not doing too well New Orleans is not doing too well so these routines that you wanted to give manager because not only are they down his standings but your home. And hanging on by the west and as I say this in the offseason when the when they in the assembled this group. Every game was going to be big for this team because they're going to be fighting for. You know the six spot or the fifth spot in it that those ought to be separated by one or two losses. I wonder when one or two wins every game is going to matter only. Is gonna meet one game mattered last year I won the game and out there are one game at the heat. Out of the playoffs last year and they could've done some damage and no idea what they could have done last year but that was a team on a roll a 31 and ten team. The last 41 game ending missed the playoffs by one game whatever game you won the first privacy and you could point to a safe he only did. So and so different you'd be in the playoffs and so every game matters meant for for a team that's not gonna win fifty or fifty tied games when you're going to be on the verge of forty you're 45 point. Every team counts. A nice guy I'm with you hear so good in May be real up. Interesting to see what they do here in the next in the next couple weeks with with this with this homestand. Us examine ides of four that's high ridges on the Coral Springs auto mall Honda. Excellent out of of the forty fishery so I said the that you have a crucial game might have been like the 42 street show. I think we have a longer treat them of some texting and that the heat are missing running murder I do think we'll see we can keep that that streak intact or even around the holidays as some people might be. In and out doing other other business before we continue let's get to Zach we got a 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Tried the Miami Heat date plate tonight against the Dallas Dallas Mavericks the opposite for 8 PM from of the triple A who gets the coverage starting at 7 o'clock tonight right after our show. With Johns is is that even print that is see it's easy to bring in right puzzles and Iron Man irony he's got a vacation Moses selling tells the story comes to heat. Even if he does go on vacation I think he's so that's the key games. You can't there's they've played a night against the Minnesota Wild they are also at home we got double duty home games tonight. For the for the local teams down here. The mining hurricanes men's basketball team they play that night's board if you want to tomorrow morning at 1 o'clock in the morning. And the Daimon a classic. It's vs Hawaii in the light writes they're gonna lie it's awesome I'm so cool. And was it ESPN do we have any idea it's this what he has. Italy on our sister station 56 about thing is being used history could picking up the game on TV so you're up late wrapping presents. Bob board orders have not been shopping and that he had a leg up check out the canes who are ranked as high as number six the Pentagon report to look at. Hi we had a couple of old games to gay. Ohio and UAD. They went tourist on the Bahamas bulge is kidding it was 41 to six Ohio beat the crap out of you they beat the good for you maybe get a date due to a bowl game in their first year back. Being a college football program that's that the big win for that program and tonight in the famous Idaho potato bowl you've got potential top ten quarterback Josh Allen. And Wyoming going up against central mission in and that team. He is making it up just kicked off you know right now we over your Rachel lost ninety yeah of that field is so blue. They're playing on the boy I can't they end of the screen is dark urges that the angle that it's very dark for me give up obviously nobody is. It is the blue field Atlanta up there in a Boise by the way before the the Ohio game today the average margin of bowl games. Through like your mother's is it was almost three touchdowns it was over twenty points per game so with 35 point. Difference today it's just it's just continued strong big caution before touch on the volleys gives me clothes including last night against a Fy U and by the way. I've got kind of fell for butch a little bit last night we talked it up a little bit on the show yesterday you have to what Lane Kiffin and FA you did earlier in the week and just great exposure for their program. Butch was kind of looking for that. And then Alex manure is quarterback gets hurt. You know under the first quarter of the game and they're really trying to hand and no chance for the Alexander in there and that was that that was their guy and they they got a good get steamrolled in the second half by temple. You know I I don't know. I know it there's a certain rhyme or reason to some of these bowl games you know like the Orange Bowl is the ACC verses. Would do whatever Big Ten big twelve or whatever there's a certain rhyme or result sizable gains. But the some of the lower Echelon bowl games there's no rhyme or reason as far as I know right. NS AU scheduling and pull game against Akron. Was. Imminently a moment that you alone and and they schedule a bowl game against Akron in Boca Raton act and a team that was 76. Six. What good. Does that critique instead of three it just shoot the competition. With the top conference covers you as an idea and it may be that quick that ever everybody doing up old team the Oakland in much better bowl game. There you think there was anything you'd like man hell with travel expenses and all that mumble jumbled he stayed home animal into wanted to three. But and sort of like when I saw you that it was the first bowl games. Source. A great season but if you don't we've you don't win the conference in the in though in those if you're not the power five deal. Then you're not go your that's where you're going you're going to those mobile unit on the first bowl game correct yes if you don't put the coverage was bowls at times so you mentioned like all the bulls do have times. And then as solid as some examples where if if a conference doesn't meet the requirements like Florida State that'll mess yesterday oh my god. That's all the discussion which really into what if they don't meet the requirements of the take a backup team but yes we don't win like conference USA. But that's where you're going to purify you your FAU your racially going that's that's the that's the time for the little when I saw the match. Akron vs. Do you feel like relief not to go. It's even if you place I find these are you. That's. That whatever you did have Leo much better outcome than and why you look ahead. But yes as long game and so the hurricanes hurricane level home game playing in the the Orange Bowl which will be a week from tomorrow. December 30 through and ring in the new year that's going to be actually takes an earlier I think though the the so Wisconsin badger. Trucks coming down the the turnpike with all their equipment and so forth so you I imagine you're gonna see a few badgers. Fans run around our town hopefully spend a lot of money here in in South Florida during your date. Their vacation mentioned though the mavericks are in town tonight chuck Duberstein. Put out Playboy's of the mavs he's gonna join us. And about and about a half hour right around 440 we got our covers segment today we got our fantasy football segment today we got our dolphins keys to the game we had a conversation without a tie sure. There was a Kansas City Chiefs in earlier this afternoon where replay that for you in the AF 5 o'clock hour so we got we got a ton of stuff. Going on here on the show he can always Texas shows 6797467974. Now one of those truly be holiday Friday's everybody how the building is empty here everyone kind of taken a few days. To get ready for the other holiday season ring in the new year and everyone trying to get any last minute holiday drive stressed nominee would break. Although not on I'm chill I mean in the key I norm working knowledge if you don't know me network also at a gym in our ear and I'm working in the next two days of both jobs those like OK I better be prepared for this going in a few guest coming in still. And that's just checked on the way what do they are the 28. That Minnesota and go is I'm not the picture of it now below to get to my girlfriend the slender but will be. Other than an hour of perturbed about that but that I was expecting to see some people here are came in and never come in during the day. I never come in here during the day for a mere nights and weekends. Never see people and guess what nobody's. What you've you've you've done yeoman like work of anchoring our awkward George pregame our post game show for the Miami Dolphins will soon to reaching an immediate entry and a guest will be a lot of it. You've seen at all and you talked all about it with the with the Miami Dolphins and delegates that coming up next with torque. Who covers segment and then we'll check in on tonight's game with the Dallas Mavericks. As he begin this nice little home stretch all that on the way introduced at Roland. Here on bail football sized basketball holiday Friday here on 79 in the ticket. Are back here on the ticket Stephenson and special guest host today's act Ortiz in with us we'll take you until 7 o'clock. That's when he basketball will take over we'll check in. We have the play by play man. For the Dallas Mavericks chuck overseen he is gonna stop by here. About a twenty minutes or so also real look at the mavericks news in the heat of had a lot of history over the the last decade or so. Back to 2006 finals and eleven finals as well pay every Monday on the take as the coach Gregg got a moment everyone a full recap of the weekend's games fantasy updates injury report. And more common greed on wall friendly inaudible the price you want to run by analytical public adjusters Coors Light and the floor lottery cards Friday. And we do they each and every Friday it's our move. Covers segments. We juggle around the room we all pick. Once the NFL game. As the music indicates yes. Who covered and I felt. Who covers music they would pick the dolphins game as well with a pretty good this year. They've that would have equal records to to boast about three we evolve and won't pretty. On point for the most part so we'll we'll get right to it has to govern despite delays the public adjusters. We've got your assets covered by 55 getting sepia released a public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less lousy you wanna make you go first to pick up an NFL game any game on the board yeah. Out of what we'll we'll Claude came from out of it truly is Jimmy the rumpled died yeah it's pretty good for the 49ers who the bad team with a good attitude problem. What went through were going to program like grapple with the minimum the final move. But they won't move before we. Tired you afford half argument about their own backyard and yell at its holiday is articulate and asked appointment give I got for now here early on more on the tote boards and you've got. Jimmy G and the saying Francisco 49ers. Plus a four and a half against the Jacksonville. Zach you wanna you wanna jump all over on this. Yeah. I don't know I don't think it's seamless data as as their record says it's okay it's gonna sound ridiculous not a good start but quickly as though fourteenth. Could affect. And I just I I I know I ain't. I have a a belief that they need we will cover this guy on an icy to go with idea and they're gonna win this week listen and mr. ms. he's not quarterback and I think Chicago pulled jump the gun on that decision we too early. And then they clearly don't trust him and India I know they have a good backfield with George Howard three Cohen and Andy Cunningham back there. But did you throws twenty times a game he completes and passes sometimes he has over a hundred yards. And and they just don't trust him at all to run their office I'm not sure why. Besides the fact that they invest in a very high draft pick that they threw him out there this year so early. When they went out in the offseason and signed got a Mike when he and and I I I feel like eventually Cleveland is going to find somebody bad enough to be and they did last year when they ran to the chargers. The charge were good last year and it's getting used to browsing and that the game is in Chicago. They get is giving Chicago six and a half and I think Cleveland. I know I I'm a market talk you on that I've lived outside I would lean toward the ground as well if they're gonna win a game this year it's going to be as we've got the Steelers. In Pittsburgh next week. Solve this might be their final stand here they got Josh quarterback now they can eliminate the turnovers but in the red zone with Kaiser. They'll probably they could probably have a chance what you're getting almost a touchdown or you're you're getting a touchdown and a half. So you take the six and happen year old Cleveland art how much they underdog as well. I'm gonna go with comedy the Buffalo Bills and their their New England they're get eleven and half. Right now some blazes twelve and I'll take the eleven and a half. The bills to run the football their top ten in the NFL in rushing the rock so I'll take buffalo I think the patriots. Couple of a couple of weeks of some some hard games Pittsburgh game I think might take a little bit out of last week you really want to and then we also reminded to a Monday night. Brady's cooled off just a little bit as far as the touchdown through the there are concerned I think the patriots win and they clinch but it's. I think the bills keep it within within a touchdown that ten point radius so I'll take I think the bills. Plus the eleven and a half aren't we go to now the dolphins open the golf game every Friday that Alvin and the chiefs chiefs other big spread here a lot of big spreads this week. Casey at home Aaron stadium 1 o'clock on Sunday Kansas is ten and a half point favorites allows it regulated towards. And I think have you sell very confident this election out. I'm Doug I don't blame above the topic well and I'm in about four tanking but you stink and you're gonna you should lose. But Republican wins this game that heart will will give up of the toaster or car. Budgeted against that doubt in America you guys who have no government will be dominant information but when it's okay. Exactly got. You know I came on the air after the dolphins lost the bills last week and I said the dolphins do with dolphins always do which is beat a really good team. Then lose to a team or are losing game that they need to win. Incident officer got a mess this up completely NBA may target adults bouquet of that evolves to that yet. Yeah. Permits that's the point that just too many points. I'll monetary developments two tennis I'll take that and have points and Alla and I'll roll with it. The Kansas City they play well last week at San Diego person in the LA they've they've got their act together a little bit. But they've been very inconsistent football team was well very very up and down. And I think the dolphins they contain. Korean hunt eliminate the big play whether really won't be a factor it's going to be in the mid thirties and and clear. I'll take I'll take Miami plus the plus the ten and a half because my Lou but I'll take the add to that point. And roll with it that's who governs as responsible is the public just as we got your assets covered call 855 giddy CPA. Over the these caused public adjusters dot com don't settle for the last hand. I do you think inside that locker room. They are playing for green. Biblical laugh about it or snicker about it. But they are playing for a couple of things and the coaches are gonna reiterate that pay were still alive this thing hey we can get the 500. And then you get you know and then that should go down of okay. Lot of these guys are playing for their jobs next season. Coaching staff angle on where this is not a situation for the dolphins where the ears that it's a Dead Man Walking as head coach. Where it's easy for the players to check on say due to the skies are going to be here what what are we what are we doing here man am I going out there busting my tail. The next double game especially from nurses and injures so my dad. Cody that's gonna be here everybody knows that upper management for the most part they I've I'm firmly believe is going to be here so. Everybody in the locker room knows that and and as they say the eyes in the sky doesn't lie said the dolphins war will put forth. A good effort this week now to the execute. That neither here nor there but reducing pillow they'll play hard this week and then they keep it relatively close about winning game against Kansas City. You know I I just feel like this team just doesn't know how to do it right and and of course I'm not advocating for tanking. But pages don't do it right they do everything they do right is mediocrity. And fooled last year by 106 record if you really look deep inside that team and what happened last year. Things have been done in ten or fifteen years safer for 2000. They did things last year by beating. By beating teams that that that you didn't expect it to be a Steelers and winning games that they hadn't won any long time. Or not a good football team or edit six minus seventeen point differential means it won't formally it was their loss and these scored less points in the game. They were not a fundamentally good football team and yet they eat the roll the dice on that they went shopping for guards in the Wal-Mart five dollar and and they gave me some questionable choices in the draft. We know we still don't know how good Charles Harris is we don't know if he's a guy and eventually replace cam wake he had a nice game last week. That was good to see but we know we have. At a rate on the ballot no because he got injured we know we have at a quarter tigers know because he's been injured the last few games and he he wasn't starting to being a year that Byron Maxwell who they. Hate to go way the biggest he would do things right here and I don't really have faith. In this team moving forward I do like Adam gates I'll say that and I do like rights and sales well. But they just can't seem to make the proper personnel decisions in free agency and in through the draft and we pistol to a couple decisions and a drop in the last two years and a questionable. They treat back into the draft last year pro wide receiver and your three wide receiver. Usually I take root. Know that the that's certainly fair and that's that's why you find yourself in the spine mean they they and that this offseason they're gonna have a lot there's going to be a Lotto. Just hard line decisions I think that they're going to be have to me I do think the majority of this. Of the starters are going to be back just to the have to Kapalua which eagle on those Hillary back to that team money wise joy that Al's contract you probably. It called EC again right right. What you wanna call meet you again now you probably spot me on that one and any what I heard in not the first practice right now point yet she's allows an item item allows also pro called me see my goodness. But the last call meeting in tackle. 2012 Ankiel the the but if you go on the DL the enemy gets a judge one James. You probably you have to Rebecca Jarvis later inside him about the Parker that's something like yeah yeah a look at that you mentioned crew yeah that's one where okay. Where where where we where we what are we getting out out of these guys soul. They're probably gonna bring back a lot of stars as to they have to. But there is a there's lot of these guys. Like 21 James like Delonte Parker you mentioned core group Charles errors and and and that the last year's group a little bit too early. I would say but yes you're gonna have to see some sort of production those those are those of the guys who looks like you got a running back and Kenyan Drake so those type guys you've hit on. The last couple years you say okay what there's a lot of guys where you look at and say all right where they're just not getting which one has a show that though the fourteenth last. And that Monty Parker and some others there. Which by the way for all the credit that we give Adam case that we need talked about. How sometimes you may not have the awareness of how much. Or how good a player really can be a point specifically to the running back position because last year we had a global energy GIA on the roster. Guess it was starting week one. Adrian Foster across the frogs are scary thought stone them and get tired I would say. Area Foster. Louis are sitting at home we won in Seattle lost by two points on the road Magi meaning it carries for the first four weeks. IE. And same thing this year. Yeah trade giant all aside and Kenny Drake is a really good running back. He can catch out of the backfield he can pick up the blitz he can run he's shifty he makes guys miss in the back field. Many theories. Did you not have a timeshare with image age I. Like when it and you know Damian Williams against the carries him even when you in the after the trade energized the Indian Williams is the kind of the first look until. The kind of found out okay canyon pinned can handle it grow bigger load summit is is gone announcing that the five dollar Wal-Mart and is actually great especially this time of year. So I would. Think Ed tech right. I think he would tank I don't know what can we compared to a Wal-Mart like. IIMO it Wal-Mart I mean I galloped a mile stuff Wal-Mart Omar has to go on top of that it's orbit even ten dollars or you vines is a and at this time a year man and if you could rest if you wrap it up myself. The panel that he gets them and that. At some of the dollar stores the Wal-Mart targets of the world and nobody knows nobody on and on it shouting it's exactly that opens and otherwise Miami. That's a year. In three days before Christmas set their edge your radio gig and Hawaiian teacher yes I know you are still you have some Solio that's why I'll be home alone watching watch all the bowl games around the around the holidays 67974. That's a theory just we invite encouraging text messages sent him on and as our Kirstie was in Zach tortilla with you'll material 7 o'clock we got beaten maps tonight that's what our coverage begins at 7 o'clock sort of the three hour tour. On the other side we come back we'll talk to go toe hook up with the we woke up with a chuckle pristine he is the radio play by play man for the Dallas Mavericks have been a long long time in a big. To the heat's house taking all the action we'll give you a preview of tonight's game all that coming up next right here on 79 to take. Teammate yeah. My project by north South Florida. Once you drug industry customization job. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four lot of occasions down a champion four by four at some and it's it's 5023446. Or go to champion. Four by four dot com as the heat as a maverick shall tangle tonight we'll take you right up until. 7 o'clock that's been our pregame coverage. Will be controlling the airwaves currently with them alongside Zack ward today. Who is in for Chris. Perkins today and that gets us to our next guest has joined us on the right field announcers who is or is just like they're actually says beyond convenient radio play by play announcer for the Dallas Mavericks chuck Duberstein is our guest. Odd chuck Burton may or may announcement around for the holidays but he wanted to make sure that he said hello to you will we hear you're having an avenue on. Well obviously he's just trying to completely devoid consult. What does senator chuck. All. OK I know he's from Dallas you cut out a little bit there but yes the Levi is all Texas days from quite a bit your buddies out. He's got theories doing the guys on the family thing up from the holidays buddy wanna make sure that that he he said hello as you are a few minutes. Men. Are always a good dog up. Yet no he's he has he's he is the best but duck. There it all these gains but yet they just can't that you look at the wind margin is just not quite there form. That is the story of their season clutch games you know bought points or less spot minutes or less plate they're one and sexting. If they win. Just about half of those games or playoff team right now that the story of the season. Just you know. Two years ago you could just wrote 41 and get out the way it used we'll make those who help you win. And you know he's just not capable of doing that anymore each 39 and others stepped up and others is not. But able to do that whether it's at shooting or just. Crucial colonel were won't on the bed and coverage. You know that's that's just in the case and you look at the complexity and Antonio. Which actually has the best when he. Situations and he's among the best two of the mine is like seven in the league. In that situation. You know that the difference between being a you know a good team above average team were being with a are right now where they are a popular second worst record in the NBA. Jockey mentioned Dirk Nowitzki there. When he's a number 41 where the fan base with him and blessing from this perspective. It two years ago Miami did you know they'd they'd date being jettisoned that Dwyane Wade for lack of a better term. Not giving him the contract that he wanted an end you know both parties have moved on from there and I. At that point I was for that because I didn't want the Miami Heat to Los Angeles Lakers themselves where's the fan base in Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki right now. Can draw on tour whatever tour wants to do Dirk. Contract that no ticket to get that can take you through our next season Andy he's certainly leaving the door open to playing next season he's played every game so war which is really pretty remarkable when you think about it I don't know that it that it has always been. Anyway she is help but he could in the past few Rick Carlisle given them some days off and build a second not back to backs and eagle were on the first to go back to back to thank the members that. Oh. By. Hope he is admitted to be repeated to explain about 25 man two game I still look pretty efficient shooter in his time unleashing 2%. Which is among very fast so it does it is corporate. But you don't. But fans know what are open and they know what he means to treat. And there Willie derided out with him. For the longest he wants to play even if you could certainly make the argument. That the members rebuilding looked these shell rated if Dirk decided not to play next. So so the fan base he even though it tying yourself to Dirk Nowitzki and and even though his contract is not anything out of this world even though. The eighties that he's aging superstar I don't know if he can Colin that in March 39 Simeon to be forty years old next year. I think he said he he wants to come back next year they're OK with with that team being one of the worst. One of the worst records and in basketball because Dirk Nowitzki isn't. They can put up with a as long as there's. A draft choice that comes their way that can help them all completely rebuild in that Dirk can help in the rebuilding by showing him how to start. And if that's you know that's I think pretty much does the crib based extra that people look Kirk. In I mean. I don't even had a comparative. Miami level guy Marino's probably closest person you know that had the just the complete. Low support admiration that base and whatever camera we don't want to go to the addicting and would do you know would would be in Qatar Qatar where are they people back their it'd backed it got them. And people will always backed or in anything Victor want to do because Dirk. Well it is certainly didn't from. 1996. On. Which so guess what the seniors at that point and where what the only thing that they actually picture wise since the so. Whatever he won't do want to play next year as will. Eagle who would replace the Leo. Realistically however temporarily on people will broadcast and had been willing to go at duke that long there's a player that comes in though that. Leaked ahead into the next incarnation of that external whatever that turns it. Chuck Roberts is our guest radio play by play man for the Dallas Mavericks. Dennis Smith junior I think you guys hit on one of those draft choices they're chuck. I you just got him back from injury where's isn't that what how you expect him to play a lot of minutes tonight. I just what do you seen from her yet NC state. It'll play more tonight that he played the other night it. If we use. Pretty good. Coming back court game slowly but out of a great into the second quarter that really turned the game around for the networks would never allow that trail. Against Detroit. He's he's learning to use in the process of learning how to be the gate quicker and physical skill we it'll sorry but there's so much more poli point guard the NBA. Look at a guy like Goran Dragic and this year. One of my least favorite point guard and it Dennis Smith. Had Goran Dragic news. Sense oh how to how to attack. Pick and rolls and how to you know when we go wait changing speeds and doing whatever does he need to do. Which is that witnesses and probably the best point guard the India. And is uploaded to pop charts shooting has gotten better. You know even in the short time that was the way you go back coworker in time by after a really bad start shooting start to pick up. But deal but he's prone to inconsistency dislike your real the forty year old rookie of the NBA would own inconsistency. But the mavericks do think that they cannot speculate too big of a cornerstone player. What their future guy who can beat 88. Very cool it is not great player but I in this league I know this Dennis but once he great he doesn't want to be very good he works really hard at it. He hates losing. What American record at this point is described him who leads. And an. Never served very much satisfied. We would pick which is development and they know that there's a lot more than tackler before he gets to where are they ultimately believe that will be. You mentioned that you know one of the worst teams in the NBA record wise guy a little bit of talent he got an aging Turk. Once some got a hit on some of those draft experts are got to win in free agency why haven't they been able to do that the last couple Summers. Well I mean the way to create received on here lately the great players want to play with a great players. You know it seems pretty obvious go to that so appealed mavericks but maverick had dirt but you don't work as a well I think dirt has always been admired by players. And with respect for his ability outdoor was never reach recruiter when it comes to stop like that mean you go on now dealing with players who played. With each other in high school play with a each other on the AAU circuit lead for good news studio Dennis Schmidt had been at a bio were. UT makes in North Carolina. I needed help or back some of the stock goes. So. It's not so much whether or not you'll. Coach were general manager owner can can attract the player all deposits that lead players that are on your cheat and if they are in a position to win it. But the mavericks. Years ago might have been in that position when they try to. Get. You know Terry Williams in the and Paul they struck out in in those trips. And they don't they were still same time trying to put as good team around or record. To try to could you do need to keep the playoff window open purse longest good so. Usually they kept bringing in veteran players and edit all the times came that he spent the trying to develop younger players well. No we're past that stage right now the mavericks. Or try to develop younger players look at the bubble bud grant free agents that are on this team right now the younger guys that are contributing to this team in you'll see that there are some NBA players call on this deeply people. Potentially play a really it would be it would be eighteen. But do the question is can you get that next truly transcendent player but to show around the and that's about the book where they are right. Chuck great stuff thanks makes a lot of happy holidays enjoy the game he got a bunch of guys out so others things to be a little more interest in men when you originally were thought thank you chuck. Yeah you got a chuckle we're seeing right there he is the people about Plame and for the Dallas Mavericks and doubly frustrating for a for Mark Cuban there. And yes you mentioned Dirk Nowitzki and we in no time to get into that one a dirt dirt NBC's biggest fans is obviously Mark Cuban. So the contract is not Kobe yes but as long as Dirk once the hang around. Until BS now but. You three years ago or four years total US territory here is not the same player I don't know he was still good and that's what kinda that's where you get into talking will look at what mine he did need. They got out of that before the situation became. What the Dallas Mavericks is now what the lakers was a few years ago or items of the Kobe. I'm not I'm not disagreeing with you I don't I don't think I don't know it's the smartest route that they when you're the last few years. And chuck brings in public you know once and go you know when you all play were James Harden accused senator Chris Paul. Or somebody else we or rather than go play Dallas yeah 67 years ago I would you wanna go doesn't play with a guy like Dirk Nowitzki and and make a run at a title like they did. But but now know they bowed out dark. He brought on the title he wants to play it out here. That's what they're gonna let him do but they missed our guys the meter runner son Whiteside two Summers ago ousted missed out on that DeAndre Jordan. He was all but locked in he backed out of that so. I mean they've been trying to get some guys in the air but it just seems like they've they with talk time and time again but you know chuck point yes all about relationships and that's not a lot of that stuff. He's cancer remember that I look at that look at the big stars and as the older and French does that have tied themselves to players. And in prime example is the lakers with Kobe and look out. It's far it's taken that ranges and how long it's a unit to recover and how look at the Dallas Mavericks that is one of the kick it away. That is one of the toughest things to deal if not with a tub that's about the publishing deal. In sports is the aging superstar that's giving you so much. And mark Cuban's like. We're gonna Dirk Nowitzki and he's going to UU I have a ring on my finger and a championship trophy in my office because of you mommy and and I owe you a lot for that and that. I I I can understand them both to the other side of things yes you gotta gotta be able to move on a little bit but douse the team they are last few years just kind of been. Are mired in a relevancy in the in the MBA argued somewhat Chuck Cooper scene at 5 o'clock hour we got a lot to get to. Coming your way we have to the keys of the game with the Finns in the chiefs also. We had a conversation with at a entice her. Chief reporter for ESP NFL nation feel we're gonna have that for your right around now 540 well of the 5 o'clock hour. We also were in a festive mood around here. We have chili cook off tickets to giveaway that is happening January 20 that CB Smith park an unbelievable lineup. It is over a hundred dollar value such a Geisel stocking stuffer we're gonna push those out give those away here in the 5 o'clock RO combat glued to here's the thing. Tax cut headlines got a ball game actual updates you on that and a busy night here in South Florida with the local teams. As well all that on the way right he awesome and I mean take. Are they just over favored job by Dallas Randy needs that does all that in ten. And his actions Edouard as it went against those on this football sized basketball class how they've Friday. The figure is proud to be a part of Grata Cotchery. A celebration of all things nor lanes coming to the probably gym theater. Field on Saturday march 24 this week Tobin decently Roy have been giving you the opportunity to win tickets. And it's experience that. Next week and beyond experience cajun food music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans from crawfish boil. To art and a kids' area you can visit the biggies without ever leaving South Florida if your fan of gumbo jambalaya have been gays oysters. And buffalo does get ready to win courtesy of cry about three and names have a nanny and have a mortal for. Three HD two. The ticket 6797467974. On the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line. Got a couple people taking a little bit offense to the lakers Kobe Bryant comment by the end we're talking about. You were coming from with the lakers have been able to rebound it's pretty good you look at that their futures can be pretty bright. Now I'm on the take. Write notes on anybody who loses for eight years in a row he's gonna eventually. It on a couple of top two draft picks right there is dispersion Texan on lakers have three future all stars they saw the white European new. I think anybody has three future all stars to Dallas Mavericks have brew future all stars but it it's ridiculous actually hit a three future all stars well. I can get it through legitimate could potentially be also ours that's a ridiculous statement. While they got a they got three they have three young millions they got some young guys look at. I was young guys who are they just traded last year that's okay link to Q what do you sing man anoint you gotta be their next year or not. Well he's I mean he I think he is he's a Laker fan their but. But it is one of the you know make mention make mention of that and we'll get to bug it's a headlines here. You always a text the show's 6797467974. On the core result Mohammed text line. And that we talked about except help organize yesterday. And and seems to be gaining some steam with a with Vince McMahon any quote unquote XFL to. Hand that that leads us into here's the thing. Sort broke a few hours ago from the the Baltimore Ravens and according to a story by their there reporter Jamison Hensley of ESPN. Many season ticket holders many suite holders and sponsors. Were sent a letter this week by team president Dick Cass. And he was very concerned about the number of empty seats at ravens games this this season. And one of these. Points that the president of the ravens pointed out was the number. No shows. And in a trip did the tribute to the protests that. Over a dozen Baltimore players made back in September in London. And how's the week that league wide those number of protests. Ball for many different players on the essentially every single team now the next week when the ravens were were at home. They were booed. Four for standing for not standing for the anthem so the point being is. Maybe there is enough disenchanted. Football fans that have. That have not gone to NFL games have not renewed season tickets because of protests. For. Social political stances. Whatever it may be but is that enough to open the door up for somebody like Vince McMahon. Move somebody. That can get eight television partner to try to find another option for fans that want to continue to watch football. But they don't whatever their reason is not wanna watch. The NFL yesterday mr. man. He. Exchange over a hundred million dollars and is WW stock he's also copyrighted. The ex FL trademark once again. Seniors wondering if the ex FL is gonna try to give it ago again try to have an alternative to the NFL we shall see Heidi you know this insert man. And the powers that be in the people that he has in his corner. They're knots in they're not stupid when it comes. To a business venture and they obviously feel. That with the NFL losing some customers that there are going to be customers out there. To gain in the near future we shall see as we get into the 2018. Season and at the things months rigel nerds and average you're renowned tigris. Drone urges are authorized DJI dealer has altered Joni discovered. New purges repairs customization training sessions in more visit them today edge on hurt dot com South Florida's high in the sky. This have been going on for the last couple years and obvious star with gone Kapanen. But. The one thing and you'll do when the show's acted in any meals brought up. In Bob you'll look that it was the election in the last football season as whether ratings were down. And I I would get the text here there are no hey listen I don't watch NFL because that that that I Dallas turned off by that. And I go really knock you watch NFL because of that. Like I may not agree you know I'd ever agree with with with. Neal playing or what have you but I wasn't enough for me to not watch rational football. I just kind of what about my business went ice ice severely underestimated the amount of people that it did affect the people just said no I'm turning it off. Well here's here's my opinion on. Ratings are down across the board yes it's not just like. All watching the Simpsons whole much more and they're not watching it for now. Ratings are as a matter fact the tells not doing as bad as prime time television is doing as a whole. So it doesn't. There is. It's in dish just. Options all over the place and there's there's there's more option that than there's ever been before there's different ways to watch there's red zone this. There's watch it on on your tablet as you go to the beach there's there's so many different ways to die divulge this 22 to watch that teams and two in it and if you are watching you could follow on Twitter you know you open up its what are some rain has got a little putt for. Would ever gain that your team is laid dolphins and Marines what their own game pops up you could follow the speed. There's so many different ways to watch it. I don't really think this is an anthem I think maybe an intern in the attendance for the raiders I don't know okay. In terms of the ratings of a TV. It's not being affected by the end that and people want to point that you are. Very misinformed because the TV ratings for prime time television are down across the board. And that has nothing. To do with the anthem pro that's just a matter of fact. The NFL is making more money than it's ever before I don't know that you can't just say that because people people texted it's I don't mean. The same way it does but the statistics are there facts. Prime time TV ratings are down a problem or not just the NFL and the a thousand ratings are not. I am not plummeted as much as the other TV programs and stations that's a fact. OK it's OK okay well the well let me just let me ask you this question here is. Baltimore team president of the ravens sent out there and he mentioned the specifically. Why they're empty seats in our building when word playoff race is it because love. These players protesting earlier this season I really had no that that's the scene they think that's the problem I AM IO CI a cop out to me I really don't mess and try and read they have been a good team for four years and paying into it big in the hundreds and there will mean at twelve under one wonders ball he looks like three years ago they'd they have made the playoffs since then have been a good team since and nobody thought there gonna put us this year I don't. I'm telling I don't know I don't know the answer on this that you seem to think that's the problem. And you do the math on and you go be published on the come out after him. He's had he he gave up his position as CEO yesterday now that that it's O. I and again that I'm always at the conservative may be bad but it took to the rate used. There is making more money than it's ever. The animals still number one in the ratings alama get into the supported the I just. Everything it seems to be happening and is just a coincidence also and admit mr. Nance is you know what. Yeah I do think there is there is that an angle that I can get into. And try to started a football league that we will watch that's all there's a lot of people that are turned off what whether it's the ask them whether it's. All all of the you know they don't allow the hard hits anymore. Whatever it may be is there enough people where you could say I'm getting here and I'm gonna take. 10% of those people who won 80% of those people. And I can end and that's a lot of people right on the audience and I can make it and I can make it work with an alternative. And above as a man is he's gonna make a football league that's entertaining. You know that MITRE trademark that he gave me thing again. Because that that that that trademark was released in 2000 lever 2012 the debt that if you think income protests existing apps and has a problem. I think they'll be worse things in the ex FL an end to protest what. I would agree I would arguments ended in it has its its its a panacea. But it is adjusting well I was all this thing comes kind of comes to head boy continue let's get to 5 o'clock at. He speaks WE XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. We've got the Miami Heat playing tonight at home against the Dallas Mavericks tipoff is set for eight. He and in that team the heat. Are looking to get to two games above 500 after winning at the Celtics the other night. I guess the action tonight here at 7 o'clock with the Miami Heat pregame show with Johnson's as low. The Panthers are also at home against the Minnesota Wild. I mean of people upset about the candidacy excrement. Merrill a there are home tonight you got you can either go to pet this game or you can go to a geeky you cannot go to a mighty hurricanes basketball game. Because it is on the other side of the world they late tonight or actually tomorrow morning and 1 AM. In Hawaii the diamond head classic. That's that's a really cool on term and that that Miami is now a part of this season. So if you wanna watch that we're gonna hear it you can hear us as stated by XP QAM or watching on ESPN you. At 1 AM if you wrap some presents and what not like you said earlier present in the India bowl games in the non college football. Earlier today in the Bahamas bull. Ohio beast UAB 41 to six. And right now the famous Idaho potato bowl. My computer says the game is 24 to seven Wyoming. In the second quarter and I could be wrong. That is his absolutely right in the TV that I wanna you know you're going to and president of an update and I we got we know that a hundred text here in this into markets and pushing this a great texture on the captain Curtis you must be racist idiot trump supporter after saying. That you felt that Colin property mealy has affected and poll ratings. The reason why people are not watching it is because the NFL game is Borg for the most part. They're not. Very many games that are even watchable OK let's let's give them that I did not say that. All I said was. Doing these shows every single day with all that stuff happened with Colin Capra to begin with. I and people would text him and say I don't watch because of that now I say it really. Wow and that happened. One week would go like two weeks of go through into that and more and more people said that same thing. So I just telling you what. The audience has told me. I don't watch because of that and I go OK fair enough. Now we get a million other things what you wanna watch the game and that's fine I really don't care why you don't watch. The point being is you're not watching. So if another league starts up. That's what they're banking on the Q will watch that's whether opportunity is for every winner there's a loser. Saw the head of those losing eyeballs and that's the number one program on TV. But what reason it is he had the stuff. Problem there's not the concussion stuff the web there's bad quarterback play the games are interesting what ever it is. Might they might larger point is there's a reason why it's a man who is trying to. You know kind of wiggle his way into OK let's give this. Other league chance we did it fifteen years ago we can learn from our mistakes but there's not an opportunity here that Saul and when the I'm making any of the public in the when the president of the Baltimore Ravens and got a 650. Page letter to all the season ticket holders going to pay. Oh are you mad at us are you mad at the players for kneeling Magid September in the is that way to come into the games obviously they think that's a factor. That's all it is the whole thing to me site so people care so much about it and I just. Get a man like like what is that guy do what he wants to do they headed to the topic for another day in. No we tried The Who political on the marriage is I don't understand and that and they get that that don't. Politics in the show eternity into this because it's it's this you know Curtis nice we're at a nice fun show. I just autos it is interesting story and it you know I don't think oblivious I just wanna know. The larger point is that to me I can tell us why you don't wanna watch I'm knocking it change your mind you and I could change my mind on on some certain certain things. What do you think the game stinks was bad quarterback play where do you miss all the hard hits whether you don't like social whatever it is. Point is you is there enough people that do an art that are watching that will watch and alternatively that's my biggest question at all amassed. I think I think that I always side there could be a there could be room for a secondly now IE EEE get tickled the questions of you know. Are you admitting that your lesser talent for the exits are you gonna try and an end. And rival the NFL in terms of when your games are played or are you a clear game in the NFL is is not around for eight months of the year. Think what are you trying to do is the expo is not public Smart businessmen what I was thinking is hey. Let me play football when there isn't football to be watched right now. Does like who go out watch football in in March and April when. Baseball is just starting and basketball's chug into the end of the seas like I watch football and play these it is trying to open is the NFL is September October day is are gonna happen. Enough though as you go against the other and a double go to college football to redwood which reduced the mean. It would be it would be kind of disasters that I don't understand this kind of fascinated but this market will allow a lot of money in that are there throw around. So if they think it can work obviously they have some data and they have to research that says that says yes there is an audience. For raw for that are 67974. On the Coral Springs on a law. Pilots excited 67974. You're not takes on a we come back get a lot dolphins ceased we got advertiser covers Kansas City g.s for ESPN he's gonna join us. We had a conversation with him earlier today. It's you know we'll have that for your red round up 540 when we got our our season game to at all to pick up a victory and wind to win Sunday. Yeah buffalo at home do you finish eight may there the playoff hopes are are slim that very slim but they're still there are slim nonetheless we'll get to us the keys of the game coming up next right here on 79 that they. Does it every day they. To win tickets to upcoming game Courtis timing technology partner and your local South Florida technology company for all your business needs. Visit them online at a quarter score Doug comes months of open your ball dot com to get the most guys now for your future structured settlement. Florida lottery payments call 833 my vault in my Lauderdale BMW of member tried crowd members of the home and automotive group. Keep listening to the ticket to win your way in two days you day. Don't sexy shows it's a benign sort of for the coffers Almonte attacks on Curtis Stevens alongside. Exec mark day who is our special guest host who is out in four perk. This afternoon thousands on the other side at last we had. We I had a conversation with anti sure covers kids NET three SPN we we did in the 3 o'clock current form on the air did his schedule so orderly clip for you. Coming up here in about a fifteen minutes or so get a look at Kansas City on Sunday 1 o'clock Christmas Eve. There may around the tree watching dolphins football that leads us to our keys against bonds by Alexis a North Miami. And amazed and automotive experience. We mentioned earlier in our group covers segment dolphins are a big underdogs. In this game Zack and there's a reason why Kansas City looks like they found their Mo Jo after a little bit of a dip in the in the mid season. After that hot start to to open the year for casing. Yeah I and here's the thing that they were a little bit more adventurous in the beginning in the seasons and they tell us to the old chief swear they need they kept Alex Smith and Michelle. And and it seems like the last two weeks seed they can't just let let loosen and gone back to what's worked for them. The last that in the in the first five or six weeks of the season and nowadays it and it looks like it's worked for them the last. A few weeks being the raiders are being the chargers. And eight but are they good enough. To be when you won the top two teams Pittsburgh or New England the glass I don't know. It just seeing how that whole division except for Denver has kind of rallied in and now made a run for first place says especially the chargers start our own four and is. Andre Young quake cool where the hell is name was couple mistakes maybe it would be a first place but. I'm deathly dangerous team. In his some key points so we'll talk body and in our keys to the game that. We'll get to that the dolphins have to keep an wraps. Would mean they got me look at Marcus theatres is one of those quarters in the the only game falling Miami contract and you look at him the Actel Centanni adjusted UC -- kill you got to remind. I mean they have they have play I mean they cats they got. Pro Bowl caliber players. Opened down that roster so whenever Agassi is that they they just been as as inconsistent. As Miami Dolphins have them there their highs have been rawhide and their lows of below him they played the U looked at the beginning of the year ago these are five and one. In the chaos of the giants' loss to the jets did Simon well I don't know with a five and Obama and locate them anyway and then then again did that that did there in the middle season. But. This is this the team. Have they kind of found themselves a little bit that balance is Muster without Smith in the passing game in the post season yes do I think. Can they go on the road and beat New England it in New England or it's per green in Jacksonville. I don't think so no I I I think they're they're still very limited I do think that goes back to. To Alex Smith but. As well as occurs dispose of cars they relate to Sunday yeah I mean this in this would be vulnerable extremely well they're gonna win this game really really well. What they've played against the New England two Mondays ago. And it's is is doesn't mean I I foresee happening on the road in the cold weather I think the weather today in Tennessee was 36 degrees. You're asking Jay Cutler to play perfect football which is pretty impossible. He'd and that's on by the senate in a couple the post game shows. The thing that I wanna see. Is the young guys we're like OK yes are we in the to have race yes technically. But like the 15100. Tiebreaker we are in you we are in contention. Or playoff spot. Are we really unit or do we have a semblance of a chance of making it to a suitable. No I would like to see some of these younger guys get playing time and you've seen the last public eggs even Howard had a few good games canyon Drake has played well. You'd like to see some more out of Charles Harris. I'm not really sure what's going on with quadra tankers late. But. To meet the what I felt the last few weeks in general how you feel about the scourge that is you're looking forward. You and you're looking ahead and as to what you need to address it in free agency and the draft and the only thing that I feel comfortable with on this team. Second there. I feel okay with TJ McDonald and and and Rashad Jones. And I feel OK. With with what his name calling met Tony let it coming back next year. I think leagues even Howard's played really well the last few weeks court jury tankers it looked OK I feel OK with with a secondaries apple decides that. Only one group that you feel confident going forward with in terms of positions on the state. None other than that that's that's fair right the government there did defensive line I think is still going to be. It's going to be pretty good because all those guys going to be back to mean you'd think doc and Andre branch is coming back yeah it is the only army military council arguing they don't the mean he kind of asked to come back that's on sale arguing that. That that's a that's contractually deal that I can cut tomorrow sit there and have a ton of that money like a lot of stimulus roster next year. Just because these old thing over nine million dollars and like that's his cap that you're just knock it economy just doesn't make any financial sense to some of those in those two deals you gave to those guys Lester now you might say those are bad deals. And I'm argued in my palm Dubai united disagree you. But you look at the feds are lying yet Soo good to rookies you got Phillips. Mean Waco probably come back for another year I would think Andy's and then you know Harris is in there in that mix. You got you got branch but yeah I mean the senators could get there too many good corners to what surprised if they went out we got another quarter somewhere along in the draft. But yet you feel good about what exhibit Howard's done. Tiger's the looks like he's he can play on a visa number one or two but it looks like you play and then you like your safeties there but as a writes the Sunday. Game at the keys that's going to be critical as because they're gonna do do that Michaela Travis Kelsey just do whatever he wants to on the middle that's literally the only word I wrote down here Kelsey Nelson don't let. I mean on Sunday. And then because that opens up everything else what they wanna do with Korean mine Tyreke hill and edges and then that that's where their office really it's going. And and you can. Mean Kareem hug you always got to know where he is because he does a lot of different things. Out of the backfield as well but if they but the other receivers are average at best. Kelsey is their their main guy and really kind of sparks them and he's kind of their emotional guy as well. So that B that be the big thing and then have done well on the other side it's pretty simple you just can't turn it overly used in abject colleges thrown three you can't turn the ball over. At a rate that they did against buffalo and expect to do to win that game little stay in that type regained. I think on that note to it's not just. Turn over rates don't lose the field position about because is defense and are they good defense said that there are right but they're not good enough. 22. To make. A move toward I'm looking for the right verbiage to make up for years of your lack of office when you're you're going three and out. And the office displayed data last few weeks where there on his season when when they were not able to sustain drives a win on first and second down creating third along. They were putting themselves in bad field position in terms of the defense having to play short fields and in the office having to go in a keen Graham returned a party get a holding penalty or inside ten yard line and he can't get a first down creates another short field so don't lose the field position battle be able to maintain its and dries even if it's just one or 21 downs to get yourself out of being inside your own red zone. And an end don't senate Kansas City with with short fields. Where were you putting your defense in that spot early and often the game. I got the keys of the game right there. Sponsored by Lexus the North Miami enemies and automotive experience will also go to our office. Are some of our fantasy matchup as you know we can do that right now as we get to our busy signal we always do this as relates to the Miami Dolphins. Super Bowl week for a lot of people their friends who live so close entirely and ask is that of IN SR Levine action attorneys have you been an accident call when he hundreds of a force of entry that's when hundreds of enforce seven. 3733 sponsored by auto directorate colonel was the right price. Embodies the public just as we've got your assets covered call 855 did he CPA or is it he's to a public adjuster dot com but normally you know we'll go through all you know start this and reason I asked her about the about the dolphins there and I think it pretty much. The same as it's been last week. If you got Kenyan Drake got to start canyon Drake and if you got Jarvis Landry just charge are slander if you're if your fuel Jarvis. Outside of that I don't I don't see anybody else into the dolphins. Of the defense no this week you know and Julius Thomas though the vaunted part is nobody else you really Greek. Can rely on maybe Kenny stills because I don't feel confident that they can that it that the Monte Parker's gonna have. In an above average game and ended there's no Julius Tom which is has kind of been Jake colors outlet. In terms of a finding somebody throws to you know in our accounting these other tied and so maybe Kenny stills gets involved and some is action that. He'd like you said Jarvis Landry definitely Kenyan Drake definitely an island that. Maybe Kenny stills and not. Toughness Ozal wild card if you're if you're in a if you're in a pinch at the wide receiver maybe even a flex spot. You go with ago with Kenny push involves that behind a throw the ball but deedrick really maneuvered himself into a running back kind to. And he's you know with the told yards out of the backfield catches out of the backfield that's really been but the bright but there's so yes are those and good luck man if you're if you're in the Super Bowl and if you're legal suite seventeen you're Natalie Rosen Lulu we thought that we sixteen and now is looming and last week when Mike Evans mean that retouched look at sirens everywhere got their sad story meant. Why don't how to nagging. Everybody got their south side rentals on vented their rise got their sad story as much as it comes down to all the inside sometimes this is just about luck man. In all of those and a lot of those matchups played Todd Gurley who did not play against tiger over the last last week in in the fantasy semi finals. Hey before we get to are comes days without anti sure from a ESPN covered the Casey she's more on the on the game Sunday at 1 o'clock caller number seven right now to our ticket contest line has promised 786534. 0790. You're gonna get the a pair of tickets to the 33 annual chili cook off our buy for January 20. At CB Smith Martin Gerber finds her sister's face in just 99.9. Is growing up that day of great food. Drinks and a star studded lineup of country music artists ready to take the main stage including Darius Rucker Old Dominion big and rich Maureen mores Midland. And Brandon lay. Tickets are until now to your mind that comment also it also Donald supermarkets but you can win them right now caller number 7786534. 079. The at 7865240790. We talked to the Kansas City Chiefs reporter for ESPN out of nicer more on the ball game next here on 79 the ticket. I'm here. And if they put the ball Friday here on 790 per Stevenson back with you. And joining us right now the right tools and downstairs to his or just find they're truly stepped beyond convenient it is ESPN and a coalition chief reporter Adam type shirt. Is our guest here on 79 we got a football game Christmas he would distant. I'm happy holidays and I don't that. Banks and SMU as well. Yep all right well let's talk about this football team here are the dollar dozens buries the limo playoff hopes alive in the even the up most article fins fans cling to those of most people are looking towards the next season but the chiefs it's been kind of it's an Odyssey of a type of year here out he got the hot start to beat the patriots on opening night to get a little little law here but it seems like this team is getting their mode Joseph back especially at home is that the case. Yeah Leonard who you know the plan certainly the last couple weeks a lot closer to what they were only machines you're still haven't kicked three field goals you know they've kicked seven field goals last two games so they're looking at some points on the field but. The player better defensively for Shearer and on the offense and give it back a little bit tip. Alex Smith we're words everybody as far as the fan base in in on him is it just Qaeda who we is horror. Do they think that the moment might be the answer a long term how thereby feel about the quarterback playing Casey. Well I mean you know Alex that this kind of weird he's playing better this year have a better received in that he probably since he's been with achieve spread. They have a chance or what they are you know until you win a Super Bowl or at least a couple playoff games you know there are going to be kind of skeptical so well. You know it back quarterbacks always the most popular guy impairment. That the way it is here to do so. You know we'll see what happened. Do you think this team can't make can't make a run in the playoffs and they do get incident may sixth. Atop the AFC west and have the personnel on your mind. Yeah I mean that they cannot hear him you know that that Serb leader capable of in the way they were playing early in the year. You're back to back wins against the patriots and the Eagles and that's. That's good to have that big current stuff for me you don't get much better than Natalie that's steps little tougher than what they're gonna shake from the playoffs so. You know that they're capable about whether they can do it or not or whether they'll do it or not that's another story than they've been so up and down and sort consistent this year. That you you know you know there's really no reason to believe they can stream games like back to back to back put. All this is that one of those years where you can you just don't know what you gonna get the change from week to week. That type serious the NFL nation reporter is our guest here on 790 the ticket what's our identity on offense I mean whether whether Gupta hot start there was. VO green hunt burst onto the scene and then there was you obviously Travis Kelsey. Is a big part of what they do in the passing game I would say if there hummed along offensively what what were the key factors in that. Well you know Korean artist certainly big amount I mean you're you know what when he's one of the ball well hit the chief sir what would it mean they've they've got a lot I mean between Marek. Kim and and Travis Kelsey and Kareem retiree kills. That that's a lot for teams to defend you can kind of cease sometimes change struggle. Try to get it all done and don't give them play so while. You know there but it all comes starts with Kareem on purely. Gave you know when he plays well he's at the offenses to Poland and there have been very tough to be very tough to stop they don't like going on form. Particularly when that running game or something they can tell us. Bob you'll pointed to his via. A critical game and they're all big but a critical game when it kind of looked at the schedule Miami really hasn't lived up to up there under the bargain they've had a lot of their own issues down here in South Florida. How how do you view the team that's coming into arrowhead on Sunday. Now you know why I haven't seen the dolphins a whole lot and I caught him that that miserable gators played in Baltimore. Earlier in the season that's kind of the warm exposure to the dolphins they were horrible. Over at midnight bed every week but. There are I think. He but but if you're as it relates to Sundays game. In the chiefs who recently lost to some teams are regard him and they lost to the giant. About a month ago they lost to the Jeff said the couple weeks of the doubtful that you know the cheaper you know their Big Ben vulnerable at times this year. Two two teams that are struggling a little bit so I don't believe the dolphins feel like. There are some things you can take advantage of your obligated to change now whether they will or not going to be able to do it consistently and afterward the game. We'll find out on Sunday but I you know that you don't change our corporate particularly on defense they've got some up. Some flaws there that other change we've been able to exploit and not so much recently. Because they're playing better on defense and bitterly in this season but there. You know it's been a struggle from moved from the cheese from week two weeks sometimes two. Play with any consistency showed she's a kitchen so armor games Sunday and it's going to be tough for the dolphins put. You know the dolphins bring their a game and very public get some things done on Sunday I could see that word again. Yeah you know that's that's a thing of often some mean a lot of teams that just like your team a lot of teams are very. Inconsistent in the NFL but the dolphins the other the other great against the patriots double money nights ago and then and and they looked looked pretty bad. In their in their last outing in just haven't really found any sort of rhythm a lot of he'll point to. In in that regard you saw a lot of him when not when he was out today in Denver. And he's kind of been an enigma here trying to words they go or furlough for Ryan Daniel as it relates to. Doug defensively for Kansas City markets beaters I PayPal for Todd these one of the best quarterbacks and in the NFL how would you describe. Not having a great player when he wants to be you know and he said he wanted to deal last week and is coming off that. Suspensions stronger than that the teams suspension and you in this game two weeks ago or so quoted Clinton came back in his movement Gary. He wanted to play he was into it or not there when he's not the eighties. He's one of the best if not being asked them. I'm not you just don't know where he's going to be a quick collect change you don't know where he's going to be formally to me terror. Yes sometimes you get into the game and sometimes he would have memories not. You know it's been a struggle to achieve but we played like it did the other day. Bob mirror it's definitely makes that she's that much more difficult. Out of ties Syria's the NFL he has been a nation reporter for the Kansas City Chiefs it's every criticism for brandy reed and if so what would a big. Well coming lifted the usual renewed clock there Richard I kind of stuff maybe it hasn't been a million problems so much this season but there are. You know it's it's been Madden. You know he's kind of at the same trouble with a lot of coaches for the chiefs ahead over the years sort of you can't pick a team deep in the playoff Luxembourg. You know we'll see that your changes this year maybe that's who here knows that you know that car which issue that we can. I guess they had a little bit of a flu bug go through the team I guess I Kelsey missed a couple of days usually expect everybody on board for Sunday. Now I would think so obvious it's too big of a game changer too much and it's straight to it. They have got it now having a Kelsey was back to practice today and I actually it looks good that he'll play. Erik Fisher left tackle came back yesterday and Asian looks like he's ready to play but just do you consider the last two days but still. You know what almost 48 hour kickoff so I figure he'll be ready to go on Sunday should. That a great stuff thanks for your muscle inside on Casey happy holidays and enjoy the game. You grow you gotta atom ties are right there always great stuff recover the cheese Rowe oh all time ESPN NFL nation will look. At the at the Kansas City Chiefs it's the dolphins' opponent on Sunday. I'm trying to keep their slim some very slim playoff hopes alive against against Kansas City let's go to a legendary match of a lot of normal longest game if you're old enough. On the on a Christmas Eve back in the back in the seventies but two doubles tournament a little history here registrant to a keep did a nice road win at Kansas City it's been a tough place to play over the years. For the the dolphins are we come back real lot more to get to at a basketball game tonight Tony a big stretch for the Miami Heat tonight. While more on that coming up right here on seven on the ticket. 546 or seven that it has taken courtesy of some alongside our special guest host on this football slash basketball. Holiday Friday Zach towards days in with us we got another hour to go before we hand things off to our pregame coverage where is as low and Tommy tie. Thousands out of that in just a moment he fans get up close of the game over the holidays. Great seats are available for purchase a seat he'd take on Dirk Nowitzki tonight hall of Famer Anthony Davis one of the best young players in the all the MBA Eric Gordon. Slam dunking machine and others during the upcoming five game stretch here to Florida at least he Tigger offered dot com or call somebody 6777 hoop. Here every game of the Miami he audience of an Iranian after 1043. HD to the ticket you can always sex the show's 67974. On the court result monetary side 67974. Things that ties your joined us a little bit earlier. And we had that in her forward in there before you rate there is these dolphins and chiefs Christmas Eve football 1 o'clock. From Arrowhead Stadium. Mention the other heat lineup here. And that leads us out right into here's the thing. I think this he stretched. Which starts tonight against the Dallas Mavericks is the most critical. For the by Miami Heat seven of the next eight or at home Dallas tonight New Orleans tomorrow Orlando Brooklyn next week. Detroit New York you taught you get all of those teams in your own building the rule old road trip is his right up the road to Disney World to take on. The magic a week from two morally you are sixteen and fifteen. Yes or ninth in the Eastern Conference but only one and a half games out of the four spots my was a good job. Of stabilizing things with out Osama Whiteside. Warned Roger recently justice Winslow and James Johnson. So out of the details on those their availability tonight in headlines in just a moment. Point being if the heat can't take advantage of this part of their schedule. And built themselves little bit of a cushion when they get completely healthy. They'll be ready to really challenge in the Eastern Conference as a schedule gets a little bit difficult. In January when you'll see Toronto in India on the road Milwaukee twice. And and some other teams including Houston a little bit later on in the month pointing Miami in Dewey. Go a long wait how they finished 2017. As a relates to their prospects in 2018. And it begins tonight against the Dallas Mavericks. Who all are one of the more you would say underwhelming teams in the entire NB day and that's the thing sponsored by donors and amateur. And now part of crashed owners draw Thursday Jack dealers all your draw needs covered you purges repairs customization training sessions in more visit vintage owners that come South Florida's I. In the Skye in my he's going to be short handed again but look at what they're able to do against Boston. And another loss to Atlanta but that's just kind of life for the MBA in maybe the heat all our. The 4140 unfinished or one over one under cover makes. Power plays out here's act but my contention is if they're going to. Be anything more than that you have to do win you have to do some work on this in this next week and a half to two weeks. You can't discount on okay go get healthy and then they're gonna win fifteen in a row or twelve in a row or twelve out of sixteen or. That run that they had last year you just can't count on that my point being is of their 2221. After the stretch. Then you're not feeling really good but if your five. Even six games over 500 here when you get into the meat of January then that you got something cooking especially and that's assuming you're gonna get all these guys back healthy. Yet an and you look at the next eight games seven of those near home and the only road gamer like you set up up on any five a few hours. When might try to come to town dig into the game. Early is that down we're right that's what it's bonobo whoever picked in the you know who we have Chris Ryan. Courtney Ballinger whoever the pick boring. Loring. Like a bag like a real hobby men look at yes it will be this show bounced back last Assad. Don't play baseball and a a dividend on. Are we go about. I got we got a fifty dollar gift card we're gonna push other tried to send our growth was slow to back to the other matchup Sunday dolphins. Against the against the achieves as well via text messages and on and at six denied him for all the quote brings auto Mohammed Exxon got a couple segments ago that we had he basketball for you right here on seven not to take. Particularly on the fantasy football updates injuries who's out who's not studs and duds and mortars at about in his army and acts of attorneys have you been an accidental when he hundreds of imports of freak. That's what it under some of 47373. Threes on all of direct you can buy East Coast. Public adjusters. Curtis Stevens and and Zach Duarte is our special guest hosts today. Has we'll take you up until he basketball just before 7 o'clock in the Molson down of the arena. That's where Jonathan's as low and Tommy we'll have our pregame coverage one allowed to a couple of quick thank you thanks chuck Duberstein. Put that Plame and for the Dallas mavs he joined us earlier in the show also. Adam type shirt from the ESPN Kansas City Chiefs ESPN NFL nation he stopped by as well so couple of a couple of interviews and people stop by around the holiday season everyone's kind of here there and everywhere next week by the way that the show's going to be. Oh did we on the ball games or carry next week just everybody a little bit of and insights so while urge you to be on couple days I'll be on a couple of days. But just to kind of keep everybody informed than wac echo we're all going to be back together once a 2018 so we're carrying a lot of the powerful bulldozed but we know these ball we observed a mean. I don't know how many people are really into them OSHA fined the team's. But like that these are hoax manned up every game has been decided by 245 points or more going into today. That was margin of victory was three touchdowns. In the bowl games. Yet a 35 point literally about Ohio and now Wyoming has beans cinemas and three to fourteen million drew close them dominated the Idaho vegetable is not a game. It's not your game and Naomi hold a hearing I just like any. Little bit some competition from time at times Arkansas one will be a pilot people are people are actual echo your sentiments that I knew they would. Well said Zach everyone is with few sadly I hope they fail. To talking about euros a weird feeling your baseball college. 01 in the filled and I do not the guys ERY zero oil and what I team's win Obama needs a win and now I don't like I. But generally like rooting for them to lose these terrible it is. Hard to be a base I mean it is the it's the hardest thing you can do to be a baseball fan in this town there's a sense. I don't know I'll be I'll also I don't know how people do. How the die hard people really do. Because Oakland is a shame because there's there's a lot of potential in this market. There's a lot potential in the local market Hispanic market to happen to a crowd is dying for a baseball team. And instead you have literally turn them into one of the worst ruled worst run organizations in the history of sports yet. I don't know baseball game if it I don't know how would be but the Bob Bob my biggest into the convention over the years has been. That you did Deborah had an opportunity to to do to go anywhere because you've never you never given the chance to to Grohl. It's already been it's been torn down and rebuilt and it's never been given a chance. To really. Gain any sort of traction in this town because 93 they come aboard okay conventioneers early area baseball to 97 happens. You win then you tear down people are upset about that you get into the you know 982000. Then they winning in 2003 and then they stick Ralph a little bit. And did Terry down in the stadium deal in this of that that than so just been one thing after another book but yeah. Look at what showed up the other night that was I don't know what what really occurred or as far as like what. Like I don't know what was accomplished. The other night with that Jeter meeting the town hall meeting but the people that showed up only voice air could I got muscle people because I could do a man. I Armitage did and I never saw as a US actually Mary Jackson's tutor I checked will Manso I checked Craig Misch. I never saw anybody asked Derek Jeter about how they'd be they apparently don't have money to a for the players in the team BA you're one of the highest paid. General managers in baseball. Loma high speed is there a lot of money as is was there for the cubs. The autopsy delisting. They say nothing. You could even more you're learning isn't job yeah but he's not a he's not like his titles on general managers areas BS president based operator tried so let's go look at all of the presence of this operation well gosh they're not getting the most of them are getting paid. As much as Derek Jeter who's new on the job and invested. Very little to buy this scene we have very little vause fingernails worth OK I understood that relate ultimately Cooley who you think the celebrity excitement that's contract himself a deal. And now you do that money's. And when payment out. I don't. Like being your like your don't dig that deal if you gave him so that a deal he invested 25 million dollars of the and he pays bang himself five million dollars a year for the next five years. I didn't do it to a great skill of all time. Well let me and that was part Dell's part of the did that's part of the robbery that then mean to me is that if you tell. All those guys I would still say the Jeter's got a great gamble on. Even be kept Stanton and all the other as I would say it and you invested 25 million dollars of your money into baseball stadium or baseball team. In your pay yourself a five million dollar salary every year. So in your not really Lou's views on five years are gonna get all your money back in the whatever. Sort of you know stipulations there are two of the team makes money owed to make the playoffs or whatever. Pitcher going to get anyway and then all the other actively job has gotten expense account. That you basic dude dude does. You know whatever he wants to back and forth and travel things like that he's got a great gig. On like pretty good. Mom Malaysia to be unprepared Jeter yet that say. That's pretty good girl right there of these been able to put Nagle from a Bruce Sherman and the other investors. 67 Ide 74 that's I get to us on the quote result bonded to excite 679743. At the mavericks tonight. And we had Chuck Cook were seen on earlier this never seem big transition. But to a dangerous they got some good players junior. Point guard rookie out of NC state was injured last couple weeks he's back he's gonna be hard to handle tonight and Harrison Barnes who gonna have one of those Tony about a thirty point games. Other than that. It's yes till dark will be doing his thing out there when he is. He is a huge budget Brandon. 2011. Series. You'll see a face of 2006. NBA finals when he played on but outside of that as as what would he does as it was kinda. Been for the body yet I mean Dirk still plays but I mean it's kind of yes but the mavericks are working with. Hole lots and went from an entertainment stand point can we see some meat on hasn't on the floor tonight. Going up against absolutely no I think don't look now before that he does put the last couple nights 20172006. Abbie great be fun though I love washing hands hasn't played. Even if it's like two minutes it's. OK okay somebody said that could you caught out both of them to hang on to Dirk earlier. To say it's a mean no because the Miami you have been paying in the united hasn't aged. Very small amount of their salary okay only years ago their painter and his between million dollar bid to resolve the political leaders are now what is it militia that I think the drama finally finally about a year which is really nothing in the object you read what they've tied himself. They tied themselves to his contract years ago you know maybe he wasn't a terrible player but he was not Dirk Nowitzki ten years ago. Today amass and ten year or try to use the money. Now it's not the dark was good five are still very good if you go look at the number there was still an all star level the last couple years he's really really slow down. But that's okay but that's that's the emotional attachment you have to Udonis has been talking about a guy he paid. That did the NBA minimum. Okay over to a guy three years those in between a dollar deal was three years owes money no mean. And Dirk was also an MVP player you does has it was never an MBA all star so yet look at it as far as the skill goes to my point is not saying you're right rob to say but you're attached emotionally to Udonis. In Dallas like like Chuck Kobasew was trying to it was it was tell us they love Dirk Nowitzki delegates he's Dan Marino that's that's the that's the you know the. Here here's here's I'll I'll see I'd differ on that okay you guys telling on the roster now so if he's an gained great. In the off season when Udonis has them was going back and forth between possibly signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hate him around said. Go ahead and assign if you don't wanna take the middle of the we're giving you are you go somewhere else and get more money but always go ahead because that roster spots probably better use a younger guy who can maybe possibly. Be part of the Miami heat's future and I got a whole bunch of blow like. The adult locker room and I local applause like. OK eighty double crosses sure I love to see him play like to hear no. I really ET PTI here. That this year I don't have a big problem with the because he's as the prime man who says he loves you watching guys and on the floor he's on the team I would love to watch him play. But Davies aren't yeah. At all. Close to Travis seed Miami how dare you and almanac trust Pat Riley. I trust Harold and hobbies is there there's animals and say what went actually agreed to sign the contract the Miami offered it and he ought to make two million dollars more Chicago the planet crappy team in in a cold city in December. Go ahead that lets see how our California. Number there is an emotional time you can understand whether the that the people industrial of their service. And I don't mean it this business to Citi losers. Well it's an advantage. Over chip originally that that sports a 70 LeBron do you imagine beat. Well yeah Agassi that he did at a younger and you're out of that yes. Dark in the them averages benefited and she had 67974. That you regions on the Coral Springs LaMont detects I'll come back at some final thoughts also the holiday season. And we got that fifty dollar gift card to the same bar grill in the groove. That will give you an opportunity. To win all that we return as though take you right up until our pregame coverage. It is the mavericks and the in the mine Miami Heat tonight against the dollar goes six. Agreement even 2011 when their plan for the Larry O'Brien trophy but the port Douglas as he took off they nice homestand. Here and you hear all the action coming up right here on seven due to. Back here on the Dick kids. Turner Stevenson that mark today. Got another segment to go here we have this embark. Nuggets guard me get that out and about Melissa everyday today. Cortes he'd take a window you're just within its. To an upcoming game of course I mean just now part of your locals are sort of technology company for all your business these visit them online and of course all of the accounts left little butterball dot com. You're the most cast now for your future structured settlement or lottery payments going to retrieve my vault him by a lot of WW Prueher signed up members of the home and automotive group keep listening to the ticket to win your way into. A heat game. Lot of people try to get stuff done for the end of the year Tonys are reporting seventeen yeah. Over with in little over a week will be celebrating new years in 2018. And everyone trying to look back and cut their own stories of of 2017. In the sports world. What would you say it locally we just talk about the Marlins are moment what would you say it was the biggest take away from from 2017. Just it just anything in general. The university Miami is not bad. But their close. Yeah on our I would think I was a fun ride and I was an amazing season and it's gonna culminate Saturday. Against Wisconsin you'll see a lot of badger red role throughout rolled through town here. That's to be a lot of fun Saturday in and week from tomorrow night big game big stage. Great opponent. And we'll see it today if Miami can Kim got a close up the season with a win there coming off a great recruiting. Signing period early signing period one of the earlier this week so I would have to say yes an app I don't even know of the would be seconds I really don't like. Added to the turn over chain that the whole season all that stuff it was just all those the game day was here all those things rolled into one. Would be yes that would be Miami number two I don't even though. Does a good about maybe BBO go bad when a but the maybe one from the Marlins say ailment syllables Al's big deal and then ultimately stand winzip we've been betrayed him maybe that's the second story the dolphins. This season maybe detail injury. From. New really miss Rand ten and no idea and all but what else that is the heat's. Now last year's all season was really interesting in the beginning. It was a cluster bleep. All right listening to have a hurricane. Lawrence cement being not only did Butler story larger county on white powdery sold in small daughter yes yes the dolphins' offseason. Or should be the dolphins off the field. Was is far more initially when I'm on if you read articles. The Miami Heat on me with a play in the way they did. The senate have a last year but it really only the play also a kind of leaves you wanting her you know kind of leisure Barack. Yeah but about her came out I think that's. Of your doing the whole 2017. South Florida your foot long one thing of the top your cornea hurricane football. They're not court about what they're they're going to be they're going to be a force here further area they're going to be a force here for awhile like that that first trip to Charlotte in early December. That's kid's gonna happen. Few more times you're the next couple years that's not just going to be one and all you'll see in ten years. Right I firmly believe that they are close and then and who knows if they'll ever be back back what you want to be back but. You know they had a top five. Klaas the other day in early recruiting whatever and hey hey hey you call it. And daring get there in good shape moving forward with that with a lot of different position allow the from players. You know it pretty soon Mark Richt is gonna have the quarterback that he wants in normally clergy are still not his got. Lakers your as a guy who won the quarterback competition this spring with us on his guy. His first guys because he Perry in his second guy it was a guy's name that the court back Williams juice Williams drew journalism are you guys. And an end and he's gonna get those guys in here pretty soon cozy Perry's gonna compete for a starting job make season. And that the he may take the job from Lee closer to that could potentially have an eleven would see. Yeah that'll be one of the biggest the biggest offseason story lines yes that'll be I know I firmly believe they'll be over and over competition. And I think Saturday's performance will even go further. In Q deciding that's noble competition or even say hey look leaks the number one guy until proven otherwise war. It in my league doesn't play well Saturday and understanding I have Almonte Richards or restarted but if you really kind of stinks up the joint. Then it's. You can say well there's gonna really good news that it doesn't matter who hasn't been on the field so he hasn't hit wide open receiver plugged right I don't discuss some we'll bring that Dublin and he hasn't had some guys. But he hasn't played well the last couple we've lost the ball game. But yet that that position hold that position battle be wide open. And image should be some we will say well you should level with competition but for guys you know going in as the number one until otherwise. I think I think that'll be the case. To our shores instead of it being traded is number one nationally regarding Miami the canes appeals to you guys. Though that's not true at all detergent it was the coolest thing in sports this year and when Miami was on primetime television it move the ratings. They were on college game day that that Notre Dame Miami game was one of the highest rated games of the season. I still tell me that's just a local thing right a wrong. Their number two in the nation right get out a year we're in Iowa what NDP on a team on their 500. That's an Dickerson now and welcome Jimmy Trent it was a big heavy added with a bigger stories. That that. Four or five day span and two weeks and we he was straight yet some bigger than the minor is being number two in the nation with two weeks ago and so is James is not just or just after the he'll soon to use to us now that's that's that's of the case the Miami was. The far. I was if Maine standing trade was a big story no doubt no doubt I would put that number two. Firmly number two without output the the canes at McCain's number one editor talking nationally I would do the same thing out for the kings' number number. Number one and output stage and being traded I would return over Cheney's everywhere are not locally. Naturally other teams are topping it they're making their own fake whatever chain link that that that's a nationally relevant story line and that's how that that's taken. It's taking in the forefront of of some of the news nationally known it just all the places where the mind the way Miami finished was a little bit. The other kind of finished with. Little the kind of phased out a little bit but. When they were undefeated that that week that two week three week stretch. Things really got crazy Miami was everywhere. I mean ever it was it was a it was. It was pretty crazy pretty that they gained it week after the ordered a game all that was I was pretty insane but it's. Let's Texas open right there are let's let's get to festive here on the holiday season 67. 679 have been forza you reach of the got a text that you are squeezing here under the wire before him off to heat basketball but right now this embargo in the grove they're voted best sports bar in Miami by the Miami new times that's not up for debate. And where every Monday as port till they score free beer. Until one of the two teams in the football game scores will be fifty dollar gift card. As a great stocking stuffer so caller number seven right now. At 7865340790. That 7865340790. You win a fifty dollar gift card to the sand bar grill. And that the egg roll and in if you win that war. If you if you're out about the holiday season. Just everyone kind of does the obligatory. These saved don't think can drink and drive opt out is like to say December have some sort of game plan. That you want to it's one of established they're gonna go out. Just Seminole pay you wanna get losers on the role that you would have a good time it's fine does that little of the game plan we're going to be Heidi and get there Heidi Indian home. And and everyone in an average time. As varies due nowadays you can get lift or Hoover on your phone. Are your watch or whatever the heck apparatus you have a nearer by UN and then they can take you wherever need to be. I'm always fascinated with wood these apps like it is used to over the other day and I am not a big. User wrote of those apps but I had to use it and it just goes -- when a driver isn't. How Far East to load the car he tries to these are amazing so they'll they'll be don't be stupid user if you have to an end lakers and have a game plan going in. Have a good time be safe. Yeah I mean it's a holiday seasons a lot of parties lot of as and everyone's enjoying it but just as those things can have a timers they were just coming. Have a game plan and in and execute the game plan might wield the Miami do tonight. Against the Dallas Mavericks who got got a lot of ego out of the anti canes fans on here at least we did on the on the tax on there and aspire the it came to be worse than the Knowles in the gators next year guarantee. The current area don't. About holidays and I don't know about you but the hurricanes being back has a lot to do is rosier note doesn't has ultimate defense of the turn over chain well the well I mean rosier had a lot had a very very good season had a far better season than than I thought he would. And decency sir you season. And I think you've had bitterness decency he played really really well and had an incident and he made some big just now do I think there's there could be more there if your championship level team if you're if you're trying to be the clubs and yes you need your correctly to be much better. That's a given. So but if you gonna be Georgia Tech beats loads and yet you can about Iowa that but you're trying to be a top five team in the country the quarterback play has to be. Has to be elite and he was not that. At times he was very Gordon. And he made a lot of film the sum and about the kid that makes you know he makes a lot of quote unquote. He's often makes a lot of are usually a lot of clutch throws a clutch plays. But as far as quickly yes he has given now he could get a lot better next season I'd say the McKenna you'll win that job. But that's nevertheless the Florida State during the speaker for a state. I don't know how that happens. But. Apparently. There winning in Delaware State. There's some there's some rule and I didn't notice I knew that you could not play X amount of FC have and CSF CS schools always have the compute. But they did not have the requisite amount of scholarships. So technically that win did not counts. And it took all this time for every for somebody to figure this I possibly on rent it. I mean just kinda I don't know why he would even woody we've even investigate this and try to figure is up but essentially that that wouldn't count average you should not have been bowl eligible which is kind of funny to me. Well the other thing too is the name war planning on meeting that game at the end of the year. That hurricane game and then when they saw they had six losses. If you are more Timor though you rely Emerson my dad was governor yet they call go ahead. Hey guys guys that game we needed. That we can we quit I wanted three weeks again are there. Luckily you'll Lama Blige but do they don't believe that adding a bit and what that game was rescheduled it was. Cancel those casuals onstage in a Miami yet right now is in my hand to the Miami was for and a five wins. And they called Arkansas State as a young little flighty and play that game does to you wanna get to a boy in a 2000 center exactly what Nolan I and that that's on and it's. And then and then you look at it like every selected as a coach and Jamal Fitch believes that all those of you don't know my god. It and they had the longest ball straight active that is so they continue that put. All that to go to Shreveport Louisiana and play and play southern miss in the ball game like oh my god. That is like what in the world is a little worse lazy you wanna be this time of year. Latest on that book as the red ball game and how the bald eagle why you're in New Orleans a lot of great plays. But you don't wanna go shoot for Louisiana kids there she is the only South Carolina. You don't go there early December that's not going to be a good trip for some office MI thing about. There over Shreveport Louisiana Aaron will you marry that the night earlier it's don't go don't go heavier. Your honeymoon is report results in Shreveport Louisiana. They have a casino that's about it. It's something you can. Yeah I'm not a exactly that's a Florida State that's what they fought that they fought tooth and nail to get to to get to art we're out of here. Thousand you have Merry Christmas and happy holiday. As as well my friend everybody out there that text or just set back and listened to everyone be safe and emigrate holidays. Wat are we with you a couple of days next week will probably back with you a couple of days next week does that you're back tomorrow correct yup. Back on nation duty tomorrow's big likens three to 73 to seven a we listen in to that in the Antioch and warns a post game show. On on Sunday the only thumbs against city than were out here for for Zack I'm courtesy basketball's over the next. Cecil Tommy tied heat map right here on seven I mean it's a.