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Tuesday, December 26th

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Was going to. There was US 630. Captain Curtis off today this day after Christmas hope everybody had a good Christmas we're gonna talk some heat we're gonna talk some dolphins were in talks NFL. We're gonna talk some NBA we're gonna talk all kinds of stuff these when. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald here join me at 320. I must say we're gonna hit everything Christie Cabrera of the South Florida sun sentinel Michael or Michael worker. Ports when he Jason leisure of the home beach post he's gonna talks and dolphins. 520 tonne De'Angelo of the Palm Beach post he's gonna talk some he. So we got everything covered we're gonna talk about the biggest stories of the year we're gonna talk about the Orange Bowl you and Wisconsin. All kinds of stuff Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald how was your Christmas and upper it was great. I mean I'm still paying a price today by the great illness or bad that way because it if you're like pulled from Turkey and everything that's a good way of your home over. Let's look. Eyes see only a bow made no. You know it was his Dougherty was just in here and NIC and at the end at the gym because he works at the gym where where were out right. And l.s on that treadmill and I knew I had to meet sweats man. And it was just. We had Turkey we roast beef and I think I think the woman's grown and expanded colonel could smell my meal commandments worse ask you may have less public exhibits more right well no not that. You worked there it was a it was a bad sign when the attendant went straight to the cardinal afterwards with the yet the squeegee. Yeah. Old. Adults only you're one of those people who does not why the equipment don't help you do okay here's. Out you and I both have gone into her shoes if we zoo we sweat it is and and especially I worked out it says a Niagara Falls. So. You were gonna treadmill I wiped out on the control. Channel I wake on the arm rest tomorrow and get my hands on these streets you know growth this wreck I went. The it was like you know boom Lake Erie and thereafter and others are well forget the diseases you could be transmitted to people on clean out your. Yeah I I just meant we did in Kansas City that knows what you may add that at a time out there. Good time up there a better time Dawkins I I got that friend of mine aren't in a city so. We are now on a Saturday night and after the game so I have a good time now. The web you know what I undermine the weather's been there and ball low seasonal right it was like in the in the twenties and thirties and he's yet there was snow on the ground right news seasonal it's no doubt that Chris busy morning it did it did that we that we had a white Christmas and in Kansas City. Dolphins didn't have such a good time now known that I enjoyed myself. Like kissing. Well only that I have a friend there I know he can take me around and I I didn't know where to go but if I just went in their blind by Ed now at Kansas City Saint Louis. Some of those some of the midwest cities Cincinnati. You know you know what I'd do without you know I did not eat. Barbara you correct your dad will get into this later proponent Lebanon. You knew you have a you have an issue that. Even gonna say it's anti American it's inside world anti human I'm human yeah anti human well 01 of many. Yeah yeah yeah so look we're gonna get Tibet. These least problem I mean there has missed that this is I mean this is just. This this must be addressed Oca. But first we're gonna go to some headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD to admit. ARAMARK. Miami Heat host Orlando tonight at 730 that he is seventeen and sixteen games over 500. But at home seven and 81 game under 500. Orlando eleven and 23 and on an eight game losing streak. The big news tonight though could be the return of Hassan Whiteside coach Erik Spoelstra suit today at shoot around Whiteside has looked good he went through the work out today. They're gonna see how he looks pregame but. Seems like Hassan Whiteside could be making his comeback tonight is Evelyn Tommy tiger to start with a pregame show at 630 right here. And AM 79 Q1 0438 speaks to the ticket. Miami Dolphins all today they're back on the field tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's season finale against buffalo hard rock stadium. The dolphins at six and nine assured of a losing season for the ninth time in the last fourteen years. Elsewhere in the NFL experts are linebacker James Harrison who was released Saturday and cleared waivers yesterday. Is reportedly visiting New England today the rich get richer college bowl action we've got the does XP's hard. Of Dallas bowl going on right now. Yeah I'm not sure that anybody really has a whole lot of interest in this day and more in in any of these bowl games that are going on but from that game is going on right now and -- you talk is a hit of West Virginia seventeen to three. Later on today do plays northern Illinois by the team in the quick Wayne bowl that support field in Detroit. Kansas State plays UCLA in the tech is bowl at 9 PM that's played at Chase Field in Phoenix. And as a reminder number two and you whim takes on number six Wisconsin at 8 PM Saturday in the Orange Bowl. Those are your headlines you'll like balls. I don't like the bulls man because. I'm not sure that the both teams are going to be focus even increase the world. By say three season even in an early season nonconference games. When teams are always homeowner wanna know were all know. There's that optimism you know everybody's gonna come out and bust their butt because they want them they wanted to have a good season they wanna get themselves prepared per con prince there's still a whole lot of optimism. By now we have three bowl games today each bowl game and balls are six and sixteen. Awful. I don't know I just don't know if at all I just don't know that six of the sixteen under and too many. Game top forty and forty Boldin were able let's see those are eighty teams out of how many will 120 some odd division one filmed some like that. Yeah I mean to me it's it's 37 too many games are you okay would you support a Carol losers playoffs and the NFL saying. No eight teams that you know get ninety of the unifil now about this what it's consolation prize number one overall pick. How agree with that. You do the eight worst teams in the NFL got together and played. You know three rounds quarters semis and finals. And the winner gets Amaral tech is that that would obviously that would. Thank you means nothing and has it if you're glad you're gonna one of the worst in you don't have to lose it in the right I like that idea in the region but in practice. Especially if unlike an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year I bust my ass for you or their clients' orders Hendrick but there is building a pipe gold derby particle for players to go have some sort of get some sort of if you if you will give you a minimum guarantee internet's contrary that it could do you know tee every player who will win the night he gets under grand. As that's. In theory I liked it but it is more competition but. You know these consolation things in CA used to play it is in the men's basketball term it way back east to a third place game. And I mean you before I guess that probably before TV ratings and stuff but I think they did it now I'm not sure. We play for. Yeah I'm not surrender and like if you did that pretty in super college football in the two losing teams in from the singled out the cash grab a consolation game cash grab. Yet but I'm not sure that people watch it right kind of like when you play and were third and fourth place a little bit. Who cares yes but it's but no one pitch at a pawn that would lead and that would be the because we just think about this you. You get hot indices like the niners record probably gonna with a top eight pick. Now let's see this is some of root and aside from your personal issue we're gonna get totally there for me is Jimmy Rob Lowe high. A lead and that's it you're not on this bandwagon started weren't already started cracking the bus get I know am I think you a lot of sports media has a lot of millions have it. A low so sure sickest little self. Who Bill Belichick is Barney's judge James Harrison and there he has an answer right now during world and ours is and he he keeps moving like he. You know Belichick keeps move and garrote below and Mike a visually turn out to be a big loss but. You've got some warm sold look look right and Brady is a great ball right now the niners would be the third best team in the AFC. As currently constructed in the third best team idiots stop. Stop this dude is playing well for four games he has played well now I'm actually a spot right he he went one and only got hurt in the second game won't plays great and I think that's right look. He's had what six starts. He's played in 22 games are right and thought that that site huge sample size but it's something. Now I'm not I'm not on the ground are here stat 60% completion via I 9058 yards and touchdowns three picks. 101 point eight passer rating are pretty good man that's good. That's good I mean look that's good Maurice small simple side when you're not the man you're not going out there and plan. With injuries and the prince's battered Taylor made or you were tendencies that you show the last eighteen games. Two or three years. It doesn't it doesn't compensate for a whole lot of you know you know they they sit down well itself is say they said all these things about one. It's an all these things are you hearing the hall of Famer and it has guzzlers don't yet know on the you know this is my this is my high tick. Two years now the patriots will regret this move. Well it that civilians and on your radio still played in two years if Brady won't play and you have no okay. Anyway you know. Now that we're not ready to doctors don't know why he's done a fountain of youth because there are some easy jokes hey there but was just say don't ya not just mr. Guerrero edges. You know beaten Kalin and drink a lot of water and get in his eight hours of sleep yeah. Let's say he plays another year two years he's going to be forty tune in in two years and his body will fall. There's no way he can usually you'd think it is now not think. No it was little ball and it was it was not a lot of time father time is 100%. 1000 to when he percentage really is never lost he beat George Foreman. Remember George Ball in the and his mere forty way where he had one good punch basically don't want it that title he won good. And it. Bother you got it was irrelevant fifteen years at least at that time he was a real for fifteen years ago lucky punch in man. Let's go back to watch his fights in time that left at least got a tiger all the time might not be under beat that day those statements that I. Go back and examine that keep keep in mind by the way a guy whose whose occasional. All right get out of time right two point didn't plane hit play at this level owners know didn't but he won't listen to how was he is probably heard this at all these things up Peyton many felt cliff. And cannot violated that the guy and yours keep in April guys has an ARP card. It's a little like which cast him here in though I'm little sensitive about it and talk about old people are really young at heart. I do and I am Anil rollover. -- problem. Problematic. Is you don't like barbecue it's terrible. To listen we'll get to us is not just on American. I think every culture in the world. Puts me over a cold and a real and could write a in my hobbies I like I agree I like grilled steak does that count barbecue. I mean he can't get it at a barbecue place like you do you do you like you don't like barbecue or you don't like real life to cook on a real. Like you'll have a real argued this is this is gonna sound pretty. Wiper and everybody you know I do enjoy. What. It's a nice piece of white Briere would get rid of chicken bread marinated in Italian dressed that economic growth is that kind of hard to. I listen I just didn't show of political culture and this is intended. Yeah yeah you idea man I don't know how you can not like Barbie you go yeah I was honestly I think and let us combat Barbeque and I'm. A one time alone to death. My step dad could not handle grow and so he would slapper missed slap on this KC masterpiece rewards. Put on the grill and that chicken was so dry you could bounce off the ground. And don't be scarred man. It's got to bells bay. No meeting is look if there's if there's there's barbecuing for enemy of Gil being brings barbecued dolphins meteorite right Ali. I'm not gonna try my nose up to but but but a divide an option between a steak house. Even a mediocre steakhouse and the best. 41 would do well I'm sure quite an experiment I'm sure Israel just we're just gonna pull over and somebody's gonna have a grill out there we're gonna get some reasons. And our I hate rims. That you were pre in my heart I mean you're talking about like like a skater our chicken I can I can I can I I can choke that down with ribs a money guy and an average guy at all. You can eat meat off the ball on the right course I play in a bone and Reba. Yes that's true I I'd be we're gonna Wear those so you're issues later on but coming up at 320 here. Christie Cabrera. From the South Florida sons I tried to call it that Christie to regionals he's been Chris featuring all the years that I as a which refers you talk. I have his history in that I don't I don't know I Carter to I don't know why keep doing that but he's got to come up we're talk some you win football NUM hoops you know we got that obviously Orange Bowl on Saturday. I think that the basketball team might open up against Pittsburg. And Internet brokerage terrible pages open and and then we have signing day so we'll talk too early signing noticeable talked Christie about all beings you him coming up next on 79. Crowds. Probably about a celebration of all things New Orleans has come to Pompano Beach if the creator field. On Saturday march 24 and you can win tickets to this great fit right here on the ticket. Experience cajun food music and drinks and you bask in the several New Orleans. From a crawfish boil so far in a kids area you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving south. Lord of the European of gumbo jambalaya have been gays Clijsters moved well let those get ready to win. It's courtesy of prod about three and AM 790 FB a moral worth three HD soon. The ticket parity on my tickets this year I go every year's a great event and yet you think all these plugs are given just off the conflict I don't have to pay for my undergraduate days so that's that's your goal you probably never been in your life. None on Lester RI II Williamson. Yeah they're so well while the the the departed from our business Andrew abrams' very wise and informed thinking he has hundreds of James walker that's right a lot of lot of people in our business wise and forward thinking. Here is someone who is wise and forward thinking my cohort from the South Florida sun sentinel. Christie Serena OC joins us now I'm Leo Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly steps beyond convenient. Christie. What are you looking forward to move on Saturday when McCain's play Wisconsin I mean I. I they didn't leak rosier should bust out and and and redeem himself forward like who's going to be the hero of this game. Okay you're you're asking what I'm looking forward Q I have to say. Looking forward to it being hit harder rock. On Saturday. I mean it let's forget you're the go to the team to beat cheerleader today that he was playing in a ball and in El Paso boom and all you know it's O'Donnell and yet I was about to say get your beat app back at it now. And that three years ago in which street course I mean the fact that this team is playing in the Orange Bowl. And Carter stadium I mean we were we got to watch a little bit of practice the morning and you know it's warm it's sunny like that that this this could be environments for these guys write so. You know that that's got to be something that that I would imagine there'll articulate qualities they were pretty high on the last week but yeah that. Certainly got my. Name bankers. This hole but my hamburger did you guys and off the plane yesterday afternoon right from frigid Kansas City silently and Barbara we're reluctantly. But damn. You know and regain yeah I think you've hit on the bank and into the team it. It was a riding high going in you know Pittsburgh where you know they were completely stunned. Then me you know ran into a buzz saw in the defending national chicken contents are going to want to show it. We were not in Miami program we have made strides forward we have you know. Taken that step toward that we're not there yet but we're continuing to move forward so they're going to want it finished that he cannot hide out and absolutely I hear that that's that's got to be one of the guys were all watching on that because. You know we. He he you know he compete for a job again so what better place that start and by putting that on his resume getting you know a marker in dot look at. You know are awaiting the Orange Bowl is that a good way to go in the spring of off hand so I think that's one of the guys you're gonna have to watch and and you know John Erickson butch and he has. Taken what happened in this cold briefly in the Pittsburgh game. Is that he's taken on a coaching and the constructive criticism and are not having that attitude at ya I won ten games street guys but it's all about. He'd he'd he'd and the guy you want to be in that and now we want to eat it to Tripoli aren't you open. And hopefully it will. Chris if you told kings fans in May that they would be ten and two coast division champions and play posting the Orange Bowl. It would take an early and an end and but now it kind of fuels loyalty doesn't. It it by accepting if we had that discussion and and they like their August lean what I was that they're doing that creek even picked by the kept thinking. This one mark Walton injury away from disaster again what a mark blog entry team and it wasn't a ons because they went on to win those games they beach Florida State beat Notre Dame won the coastal liberals think that you know. Had been number on here a long time if ever. So you think that they haven't regulated and the Pittsburgh and played them horrible game. Then they go in the climbed into the ACC championship and confident they really couldn't get anything going limit them opportunities. You know early in the first half and then it kind of snowballed. Away from them you know I don't feel a little hollow but still there's there is that chance and and yet and the players like I said. They are looking forward to that they that this is the Orange Bowl that we haven't done in years. It was said that he was 2003 was a lot from Miami played in the Orange Bowl it'll. Guys like kindergarten are saying this is the different contract to build on elk you know listen that looks just pick your keen and you've got to take it for what it is to enjoy it. Get out there Saturday night give them you know they're asking for their chance to come out and get dramatic images are against entertainment urging attack. And then you meet each carton board in the next few of what I want and that's that's what you want your money. We're talking to Christy terino Sparky cola you Christie Cabrera even after all these years. Good there all of that and I. Right I did this couple applied crippled city. Triples against it our rights Christie to Reynoso the South Florida sun sentinel here on 790 the ticket you can follow her on Twitter and Christie to Reno's. Christie do you weigh in defense. I I'd the last time these guys played these two teams played was in that Al bad bowl right and Wisconsin had a lot of success on the ground. Again Wisconsin I know they're mostly a defensive team they got Jonathan Taylor back there yeah ex beatle. How does this you William defense stop this team and I'm not sure that does and Alex Cooley Brooke does is going to be a Matilda quarterback but. How do you stop the image that big offensive line also. Well one thing that they are really taking a little bit of inspiration from his. What they did against Notre Dame remember when my opinion Notre Dame played each other all anybody talked about all week going in fact it was. How can Miami stopped the tourney game at that point I think it was just came in averaging like 300 yards to interpret when he by the you know outlining that profits earning impala mind you what are we gonna do without operative line that only the Americans that draft pick on there and might he went out and that. Took care of business and a big way defensively that I against Notre Dame I think that they're drawing a little bit of inspiration from that. You look at the fact that yet they were doing a lot of recruiting obviously got any yet the staff at the time. The steady Wisconsin and we'd just let it will succeed at one when he coached at that time it worked hard to adjust. They they can do a really good job of that so I I have wouldn't be surprised at all. If yes it's gonna be attacked the toll the tax bite. They've got some you know there's some success against the run in their back pocket they can draw confidence from. And it'd been watching as you know what Ohio State was able to do against what content. And they're just good they're gonna build on that and then I feel great arm but the errors that have a good plan in place going and that's short. Christie is it's it's Christmas week here so those dolphins the wrote his role is imported the draft time here I. Right no your being at K yeah I mean what would listen hurricanes. While I mean I think that when the big thing here obviously mark bought it can ago and he's coming off an injury but one of the instead it is it was an ankle injury and at eastern by. It doesn't seem like it's going to have any long term it looked backed about that that's obviously one of the gadgets that the admitted puke. It's my intention to go forward it and it's really hard to ultimately he's he's a young dad he lost family members to these kind of a minute how so. You know that's that's his you know his thought process. And I think the big big now it just going to be there and watched what RJ Macintosh and Norton wanna do either one of them really want to talk about it last week. You know Mark Richt is can accept that we haven't had those discussions just yet they were gonna start getting into the point where that happened. In honestly you know it is great recruiting classes Marquardt to operate together with the early signing period I think his job now. Is trying it's trying to get those summer at the you know it's each you can get RJ it Kendrick it's going to be a tough sell com but but maybe it will happen and and those that Q I think we're gonna have to really watch coming forward. Yeah well are you won't be there it's usually no more special Senior Bowl that's correct but brags mayors and Chris turned in we will be there right it will accept and Alex. They did and Michael that we will be there as well the thing with Chris turned and as we did see him today. We did see him and he's still working back from that injury and and dumb you know my Amy says she should should not. Completely undetermined of people complain we're not at a I don't know how severe it is but I would guess not if he. On crutches but he is going out there is indeed the intermediate get to meet with everybody back and burial will be out there hobby is being here. I keep McDermott is playing in the each question trying means of those guys to watch them. EL. Again the Michael actually is is it a senior in eligible lipstick on a truck and a kicker are always. A big game everybody goes that the gap but I mean my honor I have been drafted or by the creators of got really well ugly if you look at. Pat O'Donnell Justin Bogle so you know I wouldn't enterprises to keep after the golf somebody somewhere Q and and kind of work its way onto our roster. This is on music to hear rumors yours as. Talk on you know thirty day after Christmas has got breezy that the special teams coordinator for the Miami Dolphins but we're talking to Christie to read also the South Florida sun sentinel here on 790 the ticket. Christy let's go to contains two very briefly. Date they are sustained their first loss of the season in Mexico state. Eight open ACC play on Saturday. At Pittsburgh center is Orange Bowl is an afternoon game -- the basketball game but I don't know I know you've been occupied with Christmas and football. Money walker I know you win that last night board or the other night on Oprah was last night but. In the Dana have you heard anything on him and what you think is the outlook for the chains. In the ACC is as this conference is once again and load it would basketball tell. Obviously Derek beat you a big part of what they want to keep moving toward an and he did I mean having given an official update on them. And obviously the team's traveling back from like they want you workers up to the social media I think it was clear last link that I am good I. Which you know hopefully that is to hate everybody that they came and they get deeper. The air because you know he is he's shown himself already could be a pretty special talent as you know in Crist likes is the chief freshman. But that you're building on you know the one you'll start to play better Chris Brown had come back for his hand injury so. Green yet at that one you know pay a little bit unexpected that they sell out there and in Hawaii but. You look at you know they were able to bounce back last night they're getting ready to start ACC play in and Jim Larranaga said this infrastructure I'm gonna learn about these guys are gonna start. Seeing what they can do that it hit them it'll be a month that there away from the big united and it it's like imam there on the court. That's gonna give this team obviously it can't cap and build some chemistry there practicing together it. It Ben away from all the cool stuff because final where art done in and at a time they get going back here and quote if you know what we'll have a little bit better idea by I think I need to artistry Goliath wasn't bad especially when you consider it. It ain't laid to gain than nineteen hours coming from the West Coast and Nina and know that these bad guys probably don't wanna use that as east that you've got to imagine that may have been. From fatigue and I'm tired yes you know playing into that a little bit. By down it'll be interesting how they do now that the ACC schedule it's here and they can. You know hopefully compete with unlike any they have an attack that duke it out the likes of duke North Carolina and what I eat bella it'll it'll be fun to see how that. That plays out over the next couple weeks. Well it's complete travesty they didn't send you that tournament. I hope I mean did that I I passed and they were just like the. That's an easy decision for our Dan how does that was a joke but it's just a serious question. That affect the fact they didn't get. Of players like Bruce brown in there and money walker who might be a one and on the fact of Miami has won a Dunn's now. In economic the Indians jokes that we want this book regardless. A series you can edit it won't answer never got in trouble I never strayed well at all. Editor Eric interpret it and that's it and put. All kidding aside the fact that they can get these kind of players what does it speak to the ability to America's job learning has done their ability to enter to really crude. And that they're the cream of the crop. Absolutely it and that's what those guys said as you know they would they've been able to see the track record. That Larranaga has been able to put together to keep you know to read that team city and that city ACC championship a couple of years ago it. It would cute sweet sixteen berth in the last I think it was at three or four years I mean you're probably even go into living rooms now and today. This is what we're dealing Miami this is what we've an able to do edit you know you can be part of that and then guys. You know I mean did you act occurred like and he said look I already did it mark I didn't. You know what that Petri sixteen teams that are and that's able to just you know. That that the joke lions it's that search happened a little bit while all the struggling that would like a Megan at the Miami get epic about all all accounts that they are there but you know painted. Couple weeks ago say there are the only ones who the top and he invoked a ball and back which is pretty impressive though. If he's able to go when marriage say that there's been at my track record it's only done this is what you can be a part have they sold out I think it's the re seeing that now the bankunited center. And then you know completely pulled out widget just incredible for them. And and all of that just just. Shows they can compete with AT he's older and you're top tier prospect of an election that they wanna I wanna in the ATP they wanna be on television. Multiple times this season and be able to go to a tournament in Hawaii or Turkmen Puerto Rico and get that experience and and Miami is able to get. Yeah Kristy looked you might be covering this school all programs considered at that the best time in history right I mean. Football and men's basketball are up their case Myers is always doing a good baseball is always and admit that programs carrying the market is nobody else doing this yeah right. Think I I think it is such a different it's either at least in terms apologies really experience with that fastball just getting started but. Going to work has been completely different that that the line of questions that we get to ask first is. Sitting there asking Al Golden marks off here you pour out your are you worried about the history worry about that our players about that and it was just completely different this season to go and talk to a team that was. Like you guys and it ways the story in a market such a longtime Paterno ever seen in eating ordered stay in the another great drive against Georgia pack all of those things you know getting to the ACC championship for the first time at least. You know it went quite that even got them and yeah it it's definitely fun to cover a program like that it. It and it had a lot of work but but it was it was definitely fun and you know. People like reading about winners so it's a more ointment that police are owed about writing about. We know all about this we know all about Arnold and Brian Doyle. Yeah Chris these are Reno's. On the cell normalcy demonstrable endlessly turbines are usually I could see from the South Florida sun sentinel thanks Merry Christmas happy new year and though we will talk to you later thanks Chris that we gotta get me all right look when we come back we haven't you questions answer including. Who had the better Christmas. NF bill for the NBA. Will get your opinions you will tell you what the TV ratings say when we come back on 790 the ticket. It window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game. A quarter as Miami Heat. Technology partner and your local South Florida technology company were all your business needs visit them online and a quarter score dot com dot com. Sponsored by open your volt dot com to get the most cash now for your future sure actual settlement or lottery payments call 833. My vault. And by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines proud members of the home and automotive group. Keep listening to the ticket to win your away. In to a heat game. Chris Perkins and Adam Beasley back here with you we're here til 630 that's when Tommy tie again. Sales Lowell picked you up for the heat pregame show again Hassan Whiteside. There's a chance that he could play tonight bees a chance that he ends that eighteen game absence. Due to the bone bruise on his left knee he has been about 500 we got to go back and figure out their record. Without her song pretty well Syria was seven and is pretty close but up pretty close to 500. On the these guys what I wanna ask you yesterday you know we are both traveling back from the dolphins game in Kansas City. But. Did you watch either the NBA or an NF bailed yesterday and and and and if so wet what did you think who won the day. Okay law I had a and basically have a brigade in my house there's. Tony people are pop letting them. If you are put townhouses madness to compete. At a NNE you know my dog a dog to media act yell and scream and BB and yeah it was we had to do. Helped by. Nonetheless I did manage. To watch the early game I think that it cavs in and and warriors. Which controversial finish yeah yeah yeah I thought LeBron was filed but screw that that's the breaks. He's got a lot of ills go browse on the heat you wouldn't say screw it pins the breaks I would I'm not equally and so I didn't you know I just look at it like this that's the NBA right you're you're. The superstar if you have superstar against superstar I. Actually thought it was a good no call back and and Edgar Wright noted in the ball who's gonna win out all of all of LeBron but he had but. As the way it goes right that's where I go yeah. Well as I watched that. And I watched some of Pittsburgh Houston knows all the terrible game completely just how I'll they're motivated and in the late game I watched the yen to the late game football game younger Hopkins and assess delicate so we have as a team or something. It was just a nice Jessica it was over but I know the Eisner and relevant player irrelevant team has people are saying it test of the year I notice that he's irrelevant. He talkers Landry because you're the global Landry well he's he's got a nice contract and ask Hopkins aren't well so anyway we talk about the support here we'll get to aboard a shoulder to Slater to about how teams like the Texans I just. There on television to just background noise and I am I have no interest net you know 200 I don't play Tennessee and don't care about most of those Bryant and then I watched the yin to that is just absolutely turn over fast. That it Eagles and raiders did die in the playoffs baby number one seats aboard the Australian Open one and done as yet Naples how bad does he look you know Willis tablet sales but he he did not look good someone brought this up on Twitter if Tony romo's you know what. I'll come and play three games Korea off the divisional round the champion of congress seem shipman and yet in the Super Bowl yeah. What would the Eagles say yes. Well no head no no no you can't let solid rook at best they could and I union says seventeen is pre season game. You know what but that's that's that's that's one of those slavery sit around and Bart sells good. But it Rea did you see falls just OK but. If this is early season or that is like Taylor okay Super Bowl team that is aside from quarterback it's probably the most talented team in the end well. By the supreme talent to blow it. But one of the two or three most talented teams obviously the record shows that they are home to advance throughout the playoffs. Romo time maybe aside. OK seriously I I didn't I will entertain the question but seriously. Nobody's bring in anybody and just for the playoffs why. Do haven't played all year outside of I would take to a remote hole out of the Booth. Warranting Nicole's trial right at him gates junior and Jay Cutler are. Hundreds of my you take it a dude out of the announcing Booth. Like whether or dolphins' record been McNabb this year. Probably the same yeah. Probably the same bug but OK but waited now the liberal you're literally talking about taking this guy who has not played all year and and putting them in for the play offs left three days of practice the exact reason dubious pre season game than two weeks off thing. Yeah that's a longtime divisional round is what three weeks off. Three years from I'm ready yet you have so I'm now ninety and nineteen days away. That's basically training camp you're gonna that is basically training stop just stop what you're seriously you would get hurt so I know you wouldn't do. Matured even solidly I would I would do it. There's no way or absolutely public play okay and how the playoff games the Eagles went equals. 0000. How many if you can't say that you say how many have you will they will play. I can't say that I can but they both could go out and play well and in the first round of the playoffs what has now you has given any competence that's gonna happen. The duke was okay when he when he left the end a couple of years ago right. I mean you're you're home at like three seasons ago now. Saying nick balls is going to win a Super Bowl and Tony wrote was fresh to me has played right. Exactly so French loud and we would would you would you like Tony Romo appear if you're Eagles. What this is serious now. This is not you know here's around the oil and that would entertain that under that suppressed at an apartment if the GM of the Eagles and somehow it. Yes about how year old men and and somebody say is you know. Tony Romo is available and wants to play would you put him in over Naples this in the metropolis and more yes I would go so. Though last game because it's Obama and play and you didn't know Adam did is called when Bryant it'll went down last year yeah. And in Loudon was sick and you seriously don't miss this. This is normal around the clothes. Articulate he's not he is not a good cornerback corner where I'm definitely a little more than a billion Ding Dong you know. If you're a lot I'm definitely working out what he'd do W play. He looks good he's not on the Rey Maualuga all season play out Williams is important is it to us well you have worked up the words yeah I don't know about that man I. There's there's there's just no way there's just no way that I would even entertain that. The trust callers. And it will do that will do a book first. I mean we get to the reason we brought we brought up these games. Who once again I know and we didn't we didn't go our got buried I got buried in this thing about Tony Romo eyes you know well that the if your. If you believe in trends than the NBA wondered when the day because the ratings were way up in the NFL's her way down a fact. I don't know the exact steps for enemy. Monday night game you're year. Down 37%. While now keep in mind last year the cowboys are neck team that Monday night game but downplay and percent me however. We need to adjust by your eyeballs. Space analogous 789. And the MBAs are still hit two threes and for so. The trend lines are going the wrong way the unit fell on the right with the MBA but they're still is so much so much ground to the end. In a make out there and I I I've been on the day that I think the NBA is on the right track in the NFL's on the wrong track. I did it would be years the board NBA overtook Anna bell and gambling is a big part of that it has to football and and we get this is well. The reason the ratings are down for the NFL. There multiple they're multiple blood I think more than Marshall and anything is that the Mark Cuban was right they got greedy are yet that's that's one of putting me in Tampa always quote. What what does he say he'd get that hogs get slaughter it. That was that was of the Mark Cuban words. Look calm come enough. At the top of the hour you know it's coming up through there to the end of the year and you always have to look back and reflect and kind of you know see how beings win. I'm not talk about what the biggest local stories were of the calendar year when he seventeen when we come back on 790 the ticket. So let's go out now. No doubt. After him. Yeah she's so little liberal host didn't throw as well. He'll give you a complete wrapup of the game stats everything you need to know is brought to you by Lexus and who grew up in broke pines always and may ease and deal. Sponsored by champion or by yourself board is number one G truck and SUB customization shop voted champion war by war dot com. Chris Perkins Adam Beasley here with you on 790 the ticket my usual call port on the afternoon's camping courtesies off today he'll be back. And will be back together on Friday on the win tap is actually back in unison on. Bill Clinton well I I'm sitting here with a with a man who does not like Barbie Q who thinks that Tony Romo. Could be the quarterback could do the job for Philadelphia in the in the playoffs if you just give them one game to get ready when you and we knew we had a body when you put it that way a lot of credibility do. I and the Texas awaited by the way up oh will we will will look delegates in its next we're gonna get through everything later on this hour. Policy would be sexist and say about that later on this hour at that Tom Portland we have Jason leisure of the Palm Beach post he covers the dolphins though. We're gonna do. You know just always adventurous night it's it's always interesting with Jason leisure because this you know the dry sense of humor and and dumb this don't know which way leisure is gonna go with stuff. Like what he takes seriously when it looks like he chooses to ridicule. Him. What would you think. The Miami sports the candies would find more entertaining on a Sunday. All things to eat some Christmas Eve for the dolphins as the quick garbage moon or I'll live Molly what a podcast in the press box all. I definitely impressed by yeah and that's yeah that's not. Yeah that's pretty usual South Florida. We don't be prior. Yeah XM radio rally to make of it at. I would do that if they agreed to give us full time jobs immediately after the brought him against a really sustainable business and I don't know. Three hours and these knuckle heads yeah yeah yeah it's that's a lot of the host a live stream it. Yeah yeah has 3000 knuckle he has got to like right now here anyway. Look these that it it's been a big calendar year when he seventeen locally we've had a whole lot of stuff. Go and and and I was just gonna Lincoln today he. What are the biggest local stories of the calendar year when he seventeen because we're. You know we're coming up into them into the new year or next Monday is is New Year's so. Always kind of being back and reflect on stuff that leads us into who hears that being. Just thinking about the biggest multiple stories of the calendar year when he seventeen and we had a whole lot of possibilities does. There was a whole lot of stuff going on here locally. Here's what I came up with as my and my top five and and this will be altered route the so we're gonna take attacks from you people X 797. Board you can let us know which in being. My number my number will start from the bottom right my number. By. Biggest story. In South Florida of the calendar year a when he seventeen. Was the Miami Dolphins making their first playoff appearance since 2008. They went to Pittsburgh reports run antenna hill wasn't there. You know met word dim your gut can coast by bud Dupree on that big hit it up bills they sort of had more examination but. We're not gonna get bogged down and that so that that's that's my that and that was in January but that's my number by stories in 2015. My number of the worst story UN football resurgence that pertains. Get off to attend those stars they did lose the last two to pit and throughout Clemson and ACC championship. But they got an ACC title game they won their division for the first current since they joined the ACC. Mark Richt have them on a roll Malik rosier did an incredible job when a lot of us and out of say meet. I thought Nicole see Perry was going to be the starter like after the Florida State game but Malik rosier did a great job so you simple ball resurgence number of war for me. Number three on the biggest stories because local stories of the calendar year when he seventeen. Crisper stir. Miami ball handling you believe this story I mean this is the dude who is on video. Inhaling a powdery white substance we're gonna stick to the legal stuff. Or acorn paid Las Vegas model. And he has he has bitten well he ends up resigning. Slider right exactly so they are all leads and that that I do these are all the firm but our real yet. He's also like not being sued right like this day litigation three that's that's one of mobile's the 28 team so Chris Byrd is nice change of pace that it would be would be that's the number of threes are numbered so. Jon Karl stand gets him BP. And I don't know my tip is really resonates throughout the community and if people were really talking about it in a little bit of the bonds this heat say sixty home runs but. I mean a guy getting MB TV as far as our individual sports accomplishments in this area idol gig on any bigger. To meet the number one calendar story. Number one story in the calendar year locally. Miami Marlins sold Derek Jeter takes over standing on an old housecleaning that's taken part since then. To meet the Marlins at the top two stories an area and that's that's very rare. It to meet some some of the runners up were with the thirty and eleven edition of the end of last year. The dolphins tumultuous. When he seventeen season you have hoops continues there there incredible surge under Jim Larranaga. The Miami Heat re signs a lot of their main players in the in the offseason a huge NBA offseason by the way a lot of signings huge news. I don't know Miami open tennis moving to hard rock stadium and maybe being the impact of hurricane yet the impact of the hurricanes and that's something her pain and that's not that I didn't even have been doused with a top five stories Little League the year yet yet yet is that I did I didn't have that as a sports rant at a South Florida but yeah her in Herman definitely so. We're we're gonna talk about that in the whole lot more but com. You know I do think that the Marlins have the top two stories locally of the year mover behind this list will work on it here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Avant Shura and narrow and grass -- merges your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone the discover what your soccer players new purchases customizations training whatever it is these people hooked you up visiting today and drove nerds dot com. South Florida's I. In this guy. So yeah hurricane Irma. Was that yet that's because the delay while he's in David Danes and yet the gave Miami an excuse to dump Arkansas State. That's that's nuts who is oh hesitancy about that lemon herb street that was some Yahoo! was that there was a national guy. That I'd have to look at a fine bump. Not that wasn't I'm dome. But. Yeah I I'd have to I'd have to look it up and end packed remember when the national guy world. Who see it that but but anyway yes necklace is actually a ludicrous absolutely ludicrous absolutely ludicrous so. You have to put Hurricane Wilma in the in the sports in the sport story so we're gonna talk about that but right now let's go to headline. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. He hosts Orlando tonight at 730. Miami seventeen and 161 game over 500. But just seven and eight at poll Orlando eleven and 230. An eight game losing streak. Big news around the heat game tonight sinner Hassan Whiteside he's been sidelined the last eighteen games with a bone bruise to his left knee. He might be ready to make his return to report tonight. We'll keep you updated as well Tommy di get to started with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790 FQ 1043 hasty to. The ticket Miami Dolphins off today they're back on the field in preparation. Back on the field tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's finale against buffalo. The dolphins with their six a nine record assured of a losing season for the ninth time in the last fourteen years. Salem NFL at Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison was released Saturday and clear waivers yesterday. He's reportedly visiting New England. Today we'll see how that works out. As far as college bowl action Utah leads West Virginia seventeen to six in the third quarter of the Zacks these heart of Dallas bowl that's played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas later on today. Duke plays northern Illinois at 515 in the quick claim bowl that's played at Ford Field in Detroit. Kansas State plays UCLA in the tech this bowl at 9 PM tonight. That's played at Chase Field in Phoenix and as a reminder number two here and you William takes on number six Wisconsin at 8 PM Saturday. In the Orange Bowl that's played at hard rock stadium those are your headlines. A quickly filled eggs it's confirming that persons are owed it to. Aren't you a day serves and with the patriots maybe. This is I say the rich get richer nowadays there's a totally played forties played Lois his call the student and the Steelers you're gonna. Trying to make a Ron he hears a player they thought could help the mid Symbian or Austria well. More New England you only need him board a little bit right you're not put you're not sign this guy to be a starter. It's as personal quality debt boring you know if if somebody gets if somebody gets hurt or is there a specific situations where they been debated use them. Com you know and any any kind of harassment right quarterback Kurt or anything like that hum. You don't you could just stick to me and we're in place but he's not going to be an impact player you can take all the heat he will have an emotional lift for this that T. I aisles and since President Carter Stewart stands and he did so not a one night and and and and and I text them I guess James Harrison's on is. You know. Anti psychotic again and no it not only to expose Iconix death. That's pretty good net as pretty good yeah he. Is these incidents Luke would have lead at that does we know he's probably not listening. But you never know and yet somebody who by the way this is. And dreams and of the formerly the Palm Beach post yeah. Dallas that's exactly very nice for Mary hey we have spectators who. And just recently started it was it was written laden wasn't ready perfect it was not reverend Murphy who are Neuheisel yeah very rigorous has always got extra hour Neuheisel I I worked I was the onto par the ravens dot com got the ball right ravens improved part Dalton dot com bright as a good job there and I think my last year there and Rick Neuheisel is at last two years there was the quarterbacks coach and in the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens yeah. And debt every year I was a guided organized off I did the office basketball pool and that'll drop on his desk did not feel now. Really politely declined. So would you have told us that he did rumors or some of the other voters who were who are now on now. Along cameo by Chris tortures there at the time. By I well you know you you just on the story about old dale Beckham junior a lead didn't. Placing a 20000 dollar bet ride on a baseball game some some mob bookie I guess is it. Has as revealed this I don't know if he's in trouble and needs to save his butt but. I've wouldn't have a problem of if if it Neuheisel was in that pool know who you're clinically an illegal. I mean I guess it could be eased some kind of we're wasn't any kind of trouble though is that Colorado are Washington Washington. Have to look at fifteen years ago and it has been a while there's been a while. Anyway so. I was talking about the biggest stories of the calendar year because local stories of the calendar year when he seventeenth. Somebody says the Marlins hosting the all star game somebody else takes in and says. Dolphins cope video story is number one by far it could include count in history as a bins mean. Yeah yeah but it was a really have to be story. I mean there's other stories you talk back had long lasting effect that was a two day and the dolphins or lack of stock and it's over yeah but it is this is the story from the dolphins' season. Consider this in there in a season where you didn't have hurricane Erma you him Bryant's image you know. You had Lawrence Timmons goal and a wall before the open or you have Rey Maualuga getting arrested. At a Miami nightclub early in the morning and I don't know it was practiced most important as I was. Via early mornings is like when you BSE was the end he was arrested around breakfast the buzz all right as memorable deck as players get a big players arrested not all the time but it's not as usual for player arrested. You noted that these days showed last year that he's a Carter trade whoever needs to descend a message so we were tight condition for those stories. Nobody saw that common man right. Right and the crazy thing is these coaches it has been so much time in the Roth as you think they're just. Keeping their head down so to speak and you really was affiliates. You're putting words as the wind up in the Pitt yet. I hear it see here's one offered Jason Taylor going into a hole played about that yeah it to be on the list are definitely in the top spot you know you top ten. Yet what we're doing by that is hard by businesses and and details he had. Yeah I does that make your top buy. It's it budget because he was known already very in Chicago and he had gone from here there yeah added and you went Wayne LeBron went. Off now yeah yeah that would have been even even worse tea people are waiting on Tony Romo to. Leslie Leslie what do they signed Tony Romo question mark exclamation mark question mark extremely Smart. I called Donovan McNabb at Nicole's my quarterbacks so. One of the visa column. That's ideal ways and somebody that historically folds up the playoffs and your quarterback that's just silly via. Tony Romo is the man. Out of love to have Tony Roma's and starting quarterback. And then this is apropos of nothing. Those who don't like barbecue Marshall was people who if you just can't trust while that's from your wife NASA says oh yeah national warning sign ten years ago exactly. We. Oh yeah see that the devil Romo being. I I seriously if this is a different point of the season doesn't mean it's either and definitely a 100% but. Again in all seriousness. You would really consider it even is your best chance of winning. No because. Because he hasn't been there because nick ball has been there he knows the team he knows his is is his teammates he knows where they want the ball I mean. He he knows everything about that team that you look at he knows yeah yeah yeah yeah underdog and you knew nothing about that Simpson 49ers. To grapple and he comes in game one and lights it up. That's true. He played and I didn't I didn't know he had played as many games it was like Romo had not you don't have a routine he was in New Orleans he was at least in the different system now OK now if Ramos to a thirty year average is you know completely out of shape that's one thing. Yeah I I I just you bring it dude in off the street are USC somebody else top five stories that they use season. What about linked differently. Singletary. That the that this cracked my top five somebody system and 59 I said the certainly MVP right you can add to stands on the sea dogs are you did you get an idea and include him in the whole Marlins. You know being sold brighter coming in China B three and on Hungary camp through the top five yeah team forgot know what decisions yeah yeah so. I will keep revising this list will we come back we're gonna have Jason leader of the Palm Beach post. Dry sense of humor and end in South Florida media and Steven Wright comes to mind the things that is that there's like a hobby it's. The book I BI we're gonna talk to Jason leader of the Palm Beach post coming up next on 790 the ticket. So yeah. And grow this Thursday's seven designs for the launch bowl addition all of Palin's radio. Enjoy food and drinks with the company a former king's great. Take a spin and the indeed this prize we knew we give away or you will must official apparel prize next. You're in any football game sim card you get by for fifteen dollar Miller buckets. Five for twenty dollar robot it's three dollar Miller time Biden gullible Dello pints and more dollar fireballs. The swagger is back. Are all things football and basketball gear is it sop Miami Hurricanes dot com. All things radio this Thursday night at Miami's number one sports bar sand bar grill in the growth. Chris Perkins an atom Beasley Beck with you here on 790 the ticket. Bees lament from the Miami Herald villainy and for my usual Cold War captain Curtis Stevenson he's off today he'll be back. I know he'll be back on Friday I do need to find out when to expect something like Karl stuff but are also said that Oprah as a partly comes in human and that's true that's true we we know it happens to a right now right he's doing some research and if it was pretty easy answers yeah. Join us now. On the O'Reilly and fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they are truly. Steps beyond convenient. We get Jason leisure of the people almost. Extra job on the daily dolphins. And it leads polls dot com yeah perk I gotta I gotta admit I during the last break and it hit my stomach. Yeah because this is according disaster there's no one that no one on the planet. Who calls me in my crap more including my wife right the decent leisure and we've just now afford a platform to we did a fifteen minutes to it to two runs and we've empowered this we have well laser. How was your Christmas and what do you do rip Beasley wore. My Christmas was. Great. Did you guys there's just he had like a dolphin expert there yet and attention Korea had crisper they're going to be good to Paramount lot on somebody you know the ball. And we need a lot of calls also if if you could you know just done a guy goes through the next twelve minutes we've we'd appreciate that all likely to I don't hear that. Encourage reluctant to see a lot of playing. And we keep commented on a service dog that's not. Head cover and that wiped out thought Irving land well and he's an animal these things happening at nine cocktails no way to tell Lance. The dog will not pass the next he had allergies and had the effect traversed a service dog vomit on my jacket. I get that wrong yeah what did you do to the dog just shook them vigorously and so I. Exactly yeah it was it was that was your travel back Jason you delete it you actually see somebody on on the flight Ellis right. What would you help somebody Knight the play yet not you are too easy. Oh rational or you're making its way to win more dramatic than it was. I don't know if it was another dynamic like that I know a group also rushing to get from one to the other like this make that connection and alana. I ask that says if they can hold on for him as long as they could not know hero I'm not here. And I have an honest and tell your family running through O'Hare in home loan mess that's the thing that's the vision is does that help when he doesn't. I. Not now I want your arm and I got through it pretty well the is the heat but he did the friend he. Yeah he's he's a walking wounded right right yeah I didn't hear me hey you made it isn't it that's got a hero because we heard it was a aspect that's right all right well let's speak of heroism at east. Yeah you are those built in the late there j.'s. Adam. It's easily it was making zeros and bring up Adam must. Quicker and they'll and they'll go and he's a hero is hero because he's gonna give us New Year's gonna get a lot of the day it. The adult killed there January 2 all but what kind of job has day's done now did you look at the two year snapshot. I that it. At this is now just to gain over 500 at any coach. Learn how how good a job has he done through 31 getting Steve and good 32 if you include the playoffs. Until the last two he did a really good job. And I think this year heeded. The job that you could do it that he did okay he didn't do anything amazing this year. I don't think that he got less harder than he should've. I think he did just about you know average he just he did fine last year was really great I mean lecture could have been coach of the year. And the surest just what I think any average coach would've gotten out of this roster so you know for your first two years on the job as a decent start. DC he regrets Sanjay color. No but I think they will regret it a couple months yeah they don't have that ten million and roll over to stand so I mean that'll be the big regret. The union make the point also know though below what with a record view map more and six nonsense. Pretty plausible. I don't think to be any worse and you would it got US trade. Or save the ten million coming. I'm more memo was on your books either way for I think like one and a half for two I don't know I've had. But yeah I don't think you we demand really any worse there's I can't think of any games. Now you know what that's not true I can think there's two games where I don't know they would want on the app or what but the quarterback. And that is the Atlantic team and the New England game. So I give color a little bit of credit for that but then there's some of the ones like. But they lost to Tampa where they lost two weeks three to the jets I mean maybe Matt Moore went there when those so I don't know I don't know if you'd be any different mr. tonight at enterprise right. You think about it's crazy they have like 32 million dollars in 2017 salary cap obligations to quarterbacks. And they're getting bad quarterback play that that that to me is starting up or Russia and of of course injury they couldn't account for. But still we look at just a purely financial term purely financial aspects it was a total disaster. You're spending I mean you have that that's number one as there's been 32 million dollars a quarterback you're one of the worst quarterback teams in the week. And then you're spending like close to forty million on your defense of climate doesn't get any sacks over. When that is not good when those are your QB expenses and they're not awesome yeah and I think that yet the bill for example is paying a ton of money on the for the defense of life. It's not that paint a bunch of money if he doesn't want is bad because they're such an age that you put on the agents want to really get it it's scary. The adult underpin all the money in it just okay. Right we're talking today as the leader of the police post nearly 790 the ticket. Jason we are I think everybody would agree to Bonzi Parker has been the most disappointing player on this team this year. Success stories that always been a success story I guess it. It is Jessie Davis who don't know who's gonna saying oh well guess that didn't know what it's come on our. Accessed the success story of the year in his cheek almost check in now. As word that that. That guy's had a good year this idea. Yet. How how do you talk to him who consider looking little insulin but that's not an exciting but it won't let this little Angel the city. That's something that anybody that just that it I seeking grants that's on once oh you're just. You're just being ops and now you what is Italy parties want to see that seems so we're gonna party. The Jupiter juggernaut didn't surprise anybody. At the global as a rookie that I don't even think Peyton Manning made the. Yeah you you guys have got to goats who. The that the daily Dalton a home these posts dot com under of their sports plays and does is go back in and flip through and see what CO. Jason leader has a favorite beat Jupiter juggernaut Cody park he the dolphins kicker was from Jupiter so. Thus the Jupiter juggernaut but. Stuff they don't know no good explanation of the nickname their Burke let. Does he think he's from another planet Jason mess I love the question I get a kick like he is and so I. We don't. We go ahead and Jason also writes about typically prompt us and wish I didn't even not a diluted where he wouldn't parking missed a field goal we have it. It seems as our government not just let it and it's there to back. You're denying the truth Daria and get into the sea and young that you are tightening contest is that we are week seventeen these attack things and talk about right the Miami Dolphins. In Paris is attempting to our talk about ever repeated that it. Does this. He's Alcatel and it about yeah you gotta make people. Yes. And younger it's notably diseases giant. Right tackle for the dolphins and six foot 83 pounds and he can eat as you'd imagine so he was telling me some good eating stories. College. Remember Notre Dame and Samuel. And Africa as that big actually has trouble keeping his weight up. And I'm sure you guys know that you talked into a lot of offensive lineman. All of a lot of them don't actually enjoyed being outsized in a lot of them can't wait to be done being required to be that size and you see a lot of them. Post retirement lose weight but that's that followed stories told. In order to make the weight. Minimum that they suffered German Notre Dame use to sort out two large pizzas right before everywhere it. Which which is pretty incredible. Because I mean. I'm my best stay out of an offer to finish one. I don't but anyway he was telling me and not a lot of lungs and he says that he that you should go to this place for two dollar burger night. And one time that they're that waitress says we got to come back for Decatur I didn't contest. And send out meeting that's what. I'm pretty good and he got he won. It contest by eating three and a half pounds of Gator taught me. He said he barely won he said I'd he says I think I won by like two top. Whoever the other guy won him a you know he despite Charlie Weis at the time I don't know. Yeah is is is extremist proud of the shoot his. Now amending have a tentative contract without sending it to a student I get that list it's a pretty good body the public to people haven't actually. I expect me to fit the bill were relentless on all the stuff about oh are you. I'm not out the hardly. A. I days and looked we will see you out there tomorrow at at dolphins camp. Tom what it would go yeah I know I did is take it day by the way how things Cutler is going to beat this week because he's been. He's just not a good I doubt our guy time about yeah. Doug Lawler CD do you think he's going to be excited this week do you think his personality each agency and beaten and we're not certain and some stories from my trial balloons are. I'll let you either want to try to find that out as I mean that I don't think that's gonna happen man. I don't think they're and out so I've heard I believe I thought behind closed doors but I don't believe it. Well in easing temperament retirement question yeah I think there has been pretty good this year though. CO I urge you know. I don't know every Tom asked Islam miss that he rolls his eyes or he's looking the other way area you know there. Do they have a DP and if there's 1% of them have a greeting and our media groups WR. You are hardly. Reproach and planets in the order so it hurt him clearly but that in gays get along pretty well I've not gotten Adam days Berlin supplements so did you is this this is the ball he just told an audience about what it's like to cover be near me on Sunday as. Armed man if it's. Every game every play is like that played to win or lose the Super Bowl. You'll sit there like if you if you had your eyes closed to be watching the games sit next to him and he got called man all meant. What is it a bit coming out over the intercom not. Kenyan Drake for two yards he's. Right right it is the smells like it away from the 28. Jason what coach will tell you that every plate could be that it definitely difference between mr. bull run and and not so hot I'm just I'm just before the coaches are sent it with you feel like I may have for the dolphins would ask you have you seen my putter and I'm pretty add on late man. Of I leisure will say due out tomorrow mail we appreciate he's been in some of your day after Christmas with us and tens of other people. Thanks in what. What is your record and now knows great and to kill twenty minutes us. It's important so that's that's what everybody's been given their car right now we went on that's our pleasure thanks. Thanks but I do welcome my guess I. As days of leisure of the Palm Beach post we are talking about best. Best success stories of the dolphins somebody takes it into an entry had to be the biggest surprise. Yes I'd like to see sixteen games yet that's audacity that's on appeal about Jimmy growth below. People are people will buy into Barack below but not union Drake. Because he's Austin minis dreaming he's a good looking guy and he played in new England and deeply New England yeah he's got that magic dust has all these we quarterback school elsewhere and coaches to just. Absolute greatness glory yet Ryan mallet Charlie was the oval. Bloomberg News Smart. Who's that he's mentor. Would John Fox knows of any statement uh oh say these are you mentors but yeah yeah Daniel yeah he was he's brilliant because he knows that. The second you leave to England that magic fairy dust disappears. And right you know he he is going to leverage this for the apps than the job at that he gets when this all season but he could jump last year triggered jumped two years ago. He has put his hand her prickly because he knows that he's gonna probably one more shot. And his his stock never be higher than a particular they were miserable this year and red zone to. All right well look. We're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about. It will revisit the biggest local stories of Tony seventeen because it. Jason Taylor in the hall of fame hurricane are among those are a couple of being somebody sit at a youth season. The lane train laying tip and so that's something and com. Are you getting enjoyment out of the bowl season and what do the Miami Dolphins do we've Jarvis Landry and JaJuan James will talk about all that we come back on 790 the ticket. An hour before every game on the ticket started out with a host brings out Omar pregame show Sam we'll get to separate daily takes a look at the matchups the keys to the game all the relevant stats. He will have you ready for tip off. It's sponsored by the Coral Springs mall home of the low cost cars brought to you by Comcast business built. More business. Chris Perkins atom Beasley here with you until 630. These. You know we're watching this does X these part of Dallas friends and family bull on man Utah's up thirty to six of anybody has me up on neutral interest in the day no lawyers can't. Yeah. At Kevin's little agreed likens tomorrow from one of port thirty by the way easy golf today. Here's the question where you. When you see these games that they're Zacks bees part of Dallas bowl and the and the bell merger bowl. Do you remember these these title sponsors and and their products like it. The pool and we year that's below one are US companies hardware don't had a car bowl I I don't know blockbuster bowl that was shortly of one what do you Kitna doesn't matter if you remember that product arise that that title sponsor but there's some you know. Some memorable wins OK here's here's a fun exercise help with product I didn't know of course an idea. And and in fact. I'll I'll I'll read you a list of sponsors yeah and see you can name on the mainland NJ yeah yeah yeah that it's always good because these. Look there are so many of these games word you just look at him and ego who's good who's playing and who and and even worse who sponsored. There's just ridiculous and there's some great Willis and honesty I mean it is is crazy ma'am but at the pool live weed eaters is the one that really stands out most people right. I mean that's. That's the -- look Florida State is playing in the walk bonds Independence Bowl -- you just played in the chair of move the tart cherry bowl. But I will say this I didn't know to share booty tart cherry wasn't drink. So they did educate me. I'm a little education it's it it's a drink yeah. Yeah I don't wishers. You like barbecues so I don't you know yet another some crazy ones Tom. It even looked even even some of these that are that are out here now mean. But yet the Belk bowl its its weight Boris and and Texas a and in Davis Idaho potato bowl. Well I'd hope title right I mean yeah. It is it's not there there are some of these that I I just wonder if they do they get any kind of a return on their investment. Out of their titles don't you do it once the board if you've never heard of the company it's a good one time bomb. Yeah but there's some. Or even. American Airlines sponsors to stadium's right in in Dallas and here in Miami. Mercedes BN's their name is on two stadiums football stadiums in New Orleans and and Atlanta. I just wondered does that like you're American Airlines are your Mercedes. Maybe. And any annually and and you and I came the American Airlines Arena you have to are Roxy you have to write it. Yeah but but some of these bowl games you'll have the right Capital One Orange Bowl no destroy your ten years. You make reference to it you know the first timer or one time you know once every three days right it's. That's another thing is that. You get your name is now a part of that game I'd. The arm on the air force reserve what. Bowl. Air force reserve were poll. Boy I know somebody writes in the Or yeah micron PC bowl that was you'll I don't know celebration the celebration that all are are now carriers. How was this wouldn't. I don't know. New Orleans Bowl I was you know I was gonna say is that we in the south somewhere below the auto nation in all I used to build this morning that's tomorrow right here at the road network. Is that in a mess not in Orlando head. It is camp deal with the name of the ball loose. What the citrus capture. Now. It had children what bowl GI LDA and I nobody would. Athletic apparel caucus with the ball. I have no idea New Mexico. New Mexico bull rate com media. That's like and dallas' you're not covering. I don't know malleable Camellia malleable. As you mentioned that your body tortured poke your own idea excel. Oh yeah I just saw that that was the the the commercial with with David Ortiz and all the big dude that game was just I don't know Frisco. Briscoe here due to bad no orders. Bad boy Miller's bad boy mowers that by you right I again it's a desperate little sleepy dead or some other of the roster Lockheed Martin you'll get this one. All know that it is that. Not don't know that now I don't know I don't know the Lockheed Marten Armed Forces Bowl. Com law and their military contractor but they're not military military did with the majority Newton's bowl is now. The walk ons yeah right which is actually pretty fitting because yet be a walk on to play in a game all this and that is a wait you wait a big difference while back. Libyan Foster farms one response to. And bring him at the compete with Tyson and Bo pilgrim to raise chickens but I could. Academy sports and outdoors. And a decent store here with an on all these lone stars bulls as the Texas ball. No I mean I think. I think Dallas the city of Dallas might have bum two or three bulls and Detroit and he's this isn't isn't isn't known as through San Diego County credit union solid labeled as an holiday that we build out but usually featuring the song bulls had a run for a while with this let's John I know who I don't. Gundy Hyundai that's right half mostly loosely John Hancock was like like and it Franklin it's Franklin American mortgage what bowl. Wing that's it really isn't. No no I economists fear lab he's going to Franklin. Franklin American mortgage. Music City Bowl what what is the tides and you know I mean sometimes it's the cocaine has been. In this yeah mortgage companies see a real benefit because here's another one nova home loans. I have no idea Arizona bowl. Yeah. And there's forty bowl games and probably commence the sponsors of about you know Goodyear. Atmel via C AutoZone. That we had multiple zones now. I opened so the Liberty Bowl he yeah and Howard and the easy ones yet at the Fiesta Bowl is easy PlayStation. To chip away. You know peach peach bowl recently and and so. Yeah I don't know I don't know what that did aside from getting a dog went for five minutes on a random. Tuesday general the benefit to having these debacles we got a that's what I've wondered that and we get leg because you have male type of business writings in the brand is so weak that a you don't know what deemed statue and you don't know what the brand news. You don't know what things are right I don't know but where the name identification. Comes from the ability the association of that bit of it somebody attacks in the only reason. There isn't a real college football playoff is because of those stupid bulls they rather take the money from the bulls don't have a real playoff. So why did you console. Why can't there be an eighteenth eighteenth and eighteenth or you don't eat 68 teams are right. No I like pork because they're they're eighteen they have a realistic shot at winning that did that the eight team is usually going to be part of her. They they really don't have a shot side Alley could sit evidence it worked 68 teams. And there's like. Oh lead in team's general haven't seems to make a final four run in Israel for liquid and asking Richard Wright but you can get through that pretty quickly though I mean soak in this. They all know you may know he'd like among the agreement or we we retreat. Or weeks. You've got to you have your Christmas New Year's VH. Not that art. On how mad at the NB AB if college constable playoff for a Christmas today. I guess that's Nia. You know we talk about their you their tear in the to a back clips every four rating whenever yesterday. This game a peek at her whatever it misses aren't not ninety people of tenants for whatever this is is does next he's part of Dallas bowl is that these eating good. You enjoy that this is a rest you know as actors is no answer to chicken spot as. I had no idea yeah. I don't I don't know it's a note you know it's it's it's a leak Louisiana. And of which I mean he would you knows that he's he's never been a suitable they're older mobile and I you know blow through that's that's a that's a good reason to not a little. Could never and in Alabama so you a by watching the story of fourteen just masterpiece. I united at all and I'm not impressed by is that gadget you have no our motivations are already college football team their associate with. I mean do you notice the utes are your equation you total history that they deserve a reward. And I guess you could ask. And palaces a reward their Christmas but it is as they deserve ruler I think the reward is to the program that gets those extra two weeks of practice that's the reward right. It is going six and six great you that did you guys who are you think that's coming who should be celebrating because that's what pisses celebration to media are mediocre teams. That's why don't wash bowl games you watch the big games out and out lots of big. I will watch the playoffs anything short of that it's it's hit or miss some you'll watch the say the Rose Bowl and irritation you wouldn't watch the Rose Bowl on. Tea was an idiot if it was a semi polishing don't know. Why. Don't watch the bold elected or value them. I don't care about these other teams you have no chance of winning the title and a player when a three but like. To see the team are the blaster had had no impact on national champ ship it was Michigan Florida State that's damn good game you wouldn't watch second I did not pose New Year's Eve wasn't there. And the elbow I was among a little every new year disease so it doesn't mean I've been in the elbow. That's true but I can I can do that washed back and what are you don't multitask. It's going to get Smart last to a central to a joint picture of a her on a normal Saturday and brewed by the way. First of all he takes a 5 AM flight data Miami for summaries he wants a fleas South Florida specimen I don't wanna I wanna be there to watch college football which kicks off at new so he signaled he sits down and an and the West Coast at 9 AM answer he bellies up at a bar and in news and twelve hours later. The bell has grown its. That's right and and and in his brain cells are appraisals of doc grown they've known that it now. They have not and and that's what he does humor we go to class is that a good world class cities and did. Oh cute little under the the year we are among the did you do that. C got a bar to watch college I don't know no I did not I didn't. Yet and yet and I just general we had to do that we have met the street festival the regent street. Being where they again and there every two boulders I want to I want that Lester by the way that's the biggest fraud. The NFL claims I know we have 600 I'll know you have 6000 people walk mysteries go to the scorers and there's some. American sport they've never heard of having a celebration that stood in the way dated and I was becoming the base of the you know us here are some crazy. I was there for both his introduction and Drew Brees introduction to reset or more. Other actual yeah standing ovation for Drew Brees. Polite applause for gay guy while we will see you know. How he does an excellent Eagles a member of the Eagles I guess I don't know you be eating glass and lost along with the Eagles I don't think I only be reached on. Lou we'll see we'll talk about that would come back really we're also gonna talk Miami Heat we've got Tom De'Angelo coming up by money but. Your Miami Heat is doing something that it should be doing right now. And I'll tell you what that is when we come back. Our on the ticket is sponsored by ultra Enron good taste of perfection award winning both friend Ron Ron let's not just changed but nurtured. You're listening to get tickets WA XY AM South Miami and got a new assets assets in HD two Miramar. After every game to take its own hands the legs is that some broad Pembroke Pines post game show was as low. Is a complete wrap up but the games you'll rundown stats everything that happened anything that's relevant any thing you need to know. It brought you by Lexus and Subaru of Pembroke Pines always an amazing deal. Sponsored by champion pour by yourself borders number one Jeep truck and SUB customization shop. Voted champion board by board dot com. Chris Perkins and Adam Beasley here with you until 630. My usual afternoon partner captain Curtis is off today he's banking and tomorrow we Greg likens. From one to pour thirty. These the Miami Heat they are hosting the Orlando Magic tonight and I gotta say I've been kind of happy with what the heat has been doing recently. Because they've been taking care of business against teams that they should be beating. And that leads us right into years of being. Miami Heat they are doing what they should be doing in this late part of the month and that's gaining ground that's a good being. Miami isn't losing games it shouldn't be losing now they started a nine game run against Brooklyn in Mexico City on December 9. Since then he has gone six and three and they've done that against teams that are largely under 500. In the last nine games only teams that are currently above 500. Our Portland Boston and New Orleans. And Miami beat Boston sold. The heat is doing some good beings here at a time when you would expect the key. Should be doing beings right they're taking care of equal or lesser opponents. Now in the next three games they get Orlando. Brooklyn Orlando. Another set of sub 500 teams now. Ideally Miami wins all three album. But even two out of three would be acceptable. And look you've got to take advantage now focus the scheduled to opens up a little bit next month. So it's good to Stevie he's taking advantage of an opportunity. Instead of being disappointing and by the way here's something else to think about very quickly if the heat. The number 19. In the 18 Eastern Conference playoff race right now and win their next three games and go to war games of both 500. They might be able to move to the number six seed. All things considered that ain't too bad. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evan Shura and now in party grass. Drone surges are authorized DJI dealer. They've got all your drone needs covered whether you're talking new 'cause new purchases repairs customizations training whenever it is look amount they'll get you mixed up. Visit them online drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Beasley is good to see the heat take your guess is a an opera today they're doing anything great right now but you don't meet to. Do anything great. You just need to be some 500 teens can start gaining ground what what's what's the benchmark for success for the team if if they don't pull a huge trade. And in and bring in a superstar what what is benchmark perceive as well. To me. 43 to forty by winds. These ceiling for me was 46 win so that. Considering you're a 500 team last year and that's merely reasonable you sold a little improvement but. You've got pretty much the same personnel that got you to 500 last year I know there was the 3011 finished I know you had a bunch of injuries but. You pretty much a 500 team right now your game your game above so if you assume a little bit of improvement. The four games over 500 by game's over by a hundred to me that's that's the benchmark ten and they need to a playoff series. Oh boy. I don't know if this team has what it takes to win a a best of seven from the standpoint of you know have a go to guy at end of gains. Which is which is a big being I'm not sure that. All of your arm. Dane closing guys when you're looking at this on Whiteside moron drug it's Dion Waiters James Johnson. Josh Richardson. Hired may be tele Olympic I'm not sure that you quite have bet being worked out right now but. Look it's encouraging right I mean that that they he is doing what he needs to be doing and that's beating up on equal or lesser opponents. And that beats the alternative right because we've we've seen. Beat the opener for instance when they lost to Orlando Orlando is eleven and 23 right and and they beat the heat pretty handily in that opener but since may and the heat has righted the ship. Orlando has been what you thought they were gonna be and it would be nice to see that he beat up on the magic tonight. The 'cause they should right. They're at home and and you're seven and eight home as the if you're the heat so that that's another well I mean if either they're an average team your average team you better average at home rammed in the room and entered into big swings such as losing to Atlanta of the worst team in the NBA. And then beating Boston best team in the east so that's kind of what you get with a 500 team but look at at least do the beings that you're supposed to do. And dumb that it in this case that means beating equal or lesser opponents. Especially when their home we're gonna talk more about that right after this right now its headline. Speaks WXY. And South Miami and tell US access to each O'Meara car. Because we're just discussing Miami Heat host Orlando tonight at 730. Mejia seventeen and sixteen to one game over 500. Orlando a Lebanon's when he three and number eight game losing streak. Big news for the heat tonight senator Hassan Whiteside. Who has been sidelined the last eighteen games might be ready to make his return to the court. That voluntarily tied it started with a pregame show at 630 right here on AM 790. FQ 1043. HD to the ticket. Miami Dolphins off today they're back on the field tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's game against buffalo are rock stadium dolphins at six and nine. Are assured of a losing season for the ninth time in the last fourteen years also an NFL ex Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison. Was released on Saturday and cleared waivers yesterday has been signed by New England. College bowl action you taught a beat West Virginia thirty to fourteen in the Zacks restart of that was bowl. Duke plays in northern Illinois by fifteen in the quick claim bowl escalated war field in Detroit. Kansas State plays UCLA in the tech is bowl tonight in nine escalated Chase Field in Phoenix. And as a reminder number two and you William takes on number six Wisconsin at 8 PM Saturday. In the Orange Bowl those are your headlines Burke Greg gust a water you know I'm all choked up here man gay youth and then there's the the the heat turnaround is guy you don't. I get all choked up talking local sports you have you know that on the net very emotional as do many of our listeners yeah well you know what I got back. I am much much as my eyes as watering right now because I'm choking. And our post game video Meehan Dave hi from Kansas City. My I was also watering but that's 'cause the barrier you're gonna some stuff man and god are your his impressions I write you OK yes. No clocks I'm very emotionally and let alone clearly yeah come. Knotted the wind was blowing in my in my eyes my concert we had hail also hit hard and elect I have this tear come and how much seat during the video and Dave Hyde who looked at me like. Do wire you all broken up about dolphins lost on another season death wasn't. Easily eliminated that led that is a Saturdays and it did move me to tears. But Tom. These we were talking earlier about. The top local stories of but when he seventeen. What you they did JC Jason Taylor getting into the hall of fame does that make what else you've seen it you know why I was there for it and rumor taught us about it and the we we know because we have information on who reads why. It didn't register it didn't spike. Granite but it was the same week Ryan tell that her yeah yeah I was gonna say that was that as traumatic time bad. You know people retailing deal. Right yeah I I don't I I think people both good for JT they may have tune in for five of this 37 minute speech. Act I stated may have done that. But I I don't think that that was something that it'll it's something that to you usually get historians knew the importance of I don't think stands really cares so you don't you don't think that makes the local top five of the town don't know a year ago up when he seventy no all right so here here's what I had come. I'm gonna go from five to one this is what I had. And I I might have to make some revisions. Com at number of by the I had the dolphins make their first playoff appearances to donate but it did happen in January of this year number four I had the UN a ball we're surgeon starting off Tim I know and and of course it's in ensue but. You go to the ACC championship. For the first time since you've been in the conference number three I hit crisper stirred the disgrace Miami Dolphins offensive line coach. Number sued Jon Karl's state and earns the MVP the 59 homers. The number one local story from the calendar year 2017 that I had. Was Miami Marlins being sold Derek Jeter takes over and now you've got a house cleaning stand and is on etc. so. Hurricane Earl you Syria. Belongs in there being that it it to cancel or postpone a game for the dolphins canceled the game or you William com. Eddie van and it damaged two different stadium turned. A little a little bit a little bit they did the police are harder I can knock down much trees yeah. And and anyway and flight of the Wright and there was I think that there are the root cattle nick out. Right and and certainly the the Marlins park cancer has some cosmetic issues to yourself. There it did have an impact at a distinct that. The fact that everyone was looking forward the start of the season Dalton has gone up playoff year all kinds of enthusiasm. Albeit tempered some by abided the challenger. And they finally headed home opener that's weaving you're the dolphins internally complain the NFL would not give the home opener and they finally gave the one. And the air play in three games in the road to start the season. Yeah and and and and so that in the end it there are accused did the Marlins get there is no no I watch the Marlins play the Braves. I have eight Atlanta Portland's actually took the dailies of the players up to Atlanta and end and and the there's a back to their families to him Thursday at two in the dolphins made an offer to the families that they could go out to California and and you know. Corner me. Work. Here at the top five stories here is a good sex eternal we're trained by itself again in at least number to Baghdad. That could say that could separate from you import or surgeons like stands MBP people national marlin actually knew western division in ways that an excellent text right there that turn over chain probably blows a top spot are really key work and on our top five local stories of when he seventeen. Turn over tank excellent submission there but will we come back we're talked in Miami Heat with Tom De'Angelo of the Palm Beach post. We're gonna get Tom to tell us where the heat should be. At the midway point of the season which clones are being. First week of January it's another what ten games or so there's there row seventeen and sixteen right now another eight games so will sit here with Tom the end lol when we come back. And 790 the ticket. Fast. Our team then yeah. Yeah. Okay. Fifteen years he has power Mike champions would fight for something orders number one Jeep truck and SU beat customization shop you're guaranteed to have the hottest for buck or modifications in town called champion four by four at 786. Bible to three workforce six. Or go to championed for by wars dot com. We welcome me in Tom De'Angelo the Palm Beach post he joins us right now and you'll rise in fuel and downstairs convenience stores gas line. They are truly steps beyond a convenient. Tom looks like we just have kind of a battle of attrition going on here tonight he Orlando right out of jail but let me see if I have it right just as Winslow James Johnson the Dion Waiters not expected to play. I would heat correctly and and but the big story is is Hassan is expected to. Coming back to implement them and don't forget rod you know Carol why the center right. We can't pick on them because McDonnell a year ago and all year but but but that's specified guys which is better than six was. Which they had Al the last to get in spite yes. But the big the big stories on the big news subscribe. Is expected to return. Missed thirteen straight gained eighteen overall would. Two different bone bruises on his left knee so. You know it's it's very interesting how Welker. After James Johnson and Goran will be encouraged by she made. Last Saturday night but coming back. And playing in knowing they were in pain. I I I believe that it's tough to write this tonight at a right kind of be careful writing it. But I believe that was the message sent Assad because. You got a long time purple bruise and it again you don't know. The level of pain but we do know without a court or are we can have. And they're moving around shooting. And I I I didn't believe it was that sent us it. You know it basically with the pain tolerance injury and you know it which so many guys even it's even Erik Spoelstra talked about. Get those guys sacrificing for the T yet. That that resonated I believe that made it we are the X eight X game this sound like such a group will be. Coral or what's a what's surprising about that Tom to me is that if this was 201617. And use be one of the contract he's not have himself or risk her think a year later yeah as the highest paid player on the team he would play through things like that. But that's right adamant that they want and it it's as though it's it's that a lot crucible. It eat at the beginning of the year when they announced they would treat captives. In one of them was not highest paid player in basically your second longest tenured player. Behind you got us that that soldiers. That told you what it and that would have voted upon by coaches or players coaches. That says that's a lot at Eton he's just not a leader he's not a player actually not a guy who wanted to open fox hole. And lets you know put bluntly I just don't think these players. Believe that you know we we should look for two years how he sometimes check. In about a game more than anybody. He panera tacit sit him down at any trips there in outrage at the body language is a good shot. Ultimately a novel sailed out of it when he's right he's a terrific player in in when he's right. He is in 98 million ball player in the NBA. Max contract guy if he's the guy we saw two years ago it last year. Getting seventeen and fourteen last year legally blocked shots two years ago lead the league and we bought last year at best and taxpayers in the BA except. But we have not seen that issue. And I'm gonna get them the benefit of the doubt that she said that that first injury where he was injured on opening night just expired games. And we were told that this thing never really healed and it was bothering him throughout. And you know in the contract that was the thirteen games I'm relieved that benefit of the doubt OK maybe he wasn't full speed it may be that effective will he now because this point on. We need to see the player we saw last year. Two purple first of all start earning that money. And second of all of the B Needham and if they wanna make any kind of push for a playoff spot or moving up a little bit accomplice they need. We're talking to Tom De'Angelo of the home beach post. Follow him on Twitter at sperm De'Angelo forty sport that's TO MDA. In the GE LO 44 always like this dog always been kind of an actor you don't know why but by the way we're talk we're talking in the break that we were stunned that your on Twitter Tom. Yeah. It took it took a wild pigs. It took awhile you know I I had to figure out first about how to run a computer nice yeah I have a track at a trash the end typewriter. That's that's. The particular liberal people need to understand here that that Tom still most of the bank Tom DeAngelo has never seen Netflix he would never experienced the technology the basic technology a net yeah I'll work stumps. That now I would die I die I would have no clue how to get on Netflix and don't forget what started this whole thing part I think it was like probably about a year ago which started this entire thing. One's idea of never ever used to making up. See that and that is just like is it is a lack of trust. So I just don't. Technology I don't think you like you know I yet that's not how I get my cash okay is that these new guys who put it under my mattress what he's tell you is always welcome now the grand on him because you don't bank wants among us hit it unless you want to monitor the what do telling you we're at. It by hammered a dollar a couple copy a democratic. I'd put everything I do. Sale that was obviously Renee just gonna Dole's huge cash outright SE yeah yeah yeah couple of her they hear a regular habitat are gonna go to the game and I think seven dollar and like I. Cats man Tom is that what you're telling us things are different the day he's he's he's a gainfully employed men and happily married me and so that's a lot of the lots pay to relegate uterus yeah exactly. Exactly Tom. The son because he's such a lightning rod. How big a deal is it that you were highest paid player is not. Analysts say not your best player because I think he is your best player but. You know he's. I do think that he's better than the non drug to whoever Rouse but how would you phrase what goes on is to this team has its highest paid player. He's an enigma. Yeah he said no doubt about it that he would not I don't know I thought it was the best player last year I think gore probably your best player going public most it steady consistent player. And it's funny I just got it questions and ask my. Is Josh Richards in the team's best player right now he appears to ostriches and pandemic and. Her image in a way to create. Now our. He get well I think he get that point this season. Given as a rank the key players are the entire seem to have been the best player is that Josh you know that you're gonna stay that way it is what the IA again like accessible to the book. This time the benefit of the doubt that he had been right in the gonna stay that light even caught Garnett right to I don't know but I play a white. What I do think you're gonna see your consistency from gosh it up and dvds ups and down that think you followed. I consistent player who he'd always been terrific defensively that we get it just excessive perimeter it's not just the defensive player who really can lock down. The wing one important position but but he struck start to become more consistent that fighting that offered to getting back to speak which you saw him. Ironically Denver's rookie year at last year he was not. Able to do. A lot because of itself. And now and now being at much focus is about as well so what that turning to currency is director of the best player in the game. No I I don't think so I think what everybody is right. He should be the third best player at all you should be actually should be beyond should be up there should be one of the top five by. The way we're looking at this team right now what we think players are going to be I wouldn't want right. He should be at their best player behind Simon Galarraga whatever order I agree that's a way to going to be very that they. That's the weight. They needed to be to be team of consequence. Is further just be there this player has gone to be expressed trying to play up to a contract be best player and go on to just beat. How do you beat being them what we know going to be healthy. We're joined by Tom De'Angelo he writer for the Palm Beach post and south orders number one luddite. The other night here's a question for Tom. I watched very little regular season NBA basketball particularly during the football season give me a reason to get excited but the minute he. Well. A big check region as a weak Eastern Conference. And tell you what a backdoor is collected by gum. I think if you see more consistency but I I give them also give them as a team the benefit of the doubt they have had up until about a week ago. They have had more adversity and has proper schedule of anybody in this week as right up would that not the most but right up there. They played seventeen out of twenty or on the road going to use before they got all this week last week. They were outbid them without concern for reaching gained thirty re. With several other injuries also remember there they have no war they don't play Boston Golden State and of course he's. They don't football through those so should that consent schedules started turning a little bit. With the Brooklyn game in Mexico City where the kick much more favorable basics and during that shoot to beat up. They would win a title but. This team but they beetle and the like this that won seven out of the last. The reason because they're taking advantage of the portion of the schedule that he take advantage and get back into that and get into this play out. You know whatever this jumble of teens that we see in the east from 49. And if they eat it in the steel there's still six games of the scheduled five and met all of there that I wanna bulk at a big ol' whatever or to either one commodity stretched. Five or six games of that about 500 that can be forcibly. So like being here you know at that point you say okay. They're just showed up they can win again I have to win now what's Keith Ellison beat competitors stay in there so I think until another week so another note to three weeks. Think people can be excited about testing because the government they had to do the last few weeks to get back to get into this mix and you don't get the middle of this nicotine's. And then and then you can start and see what they do against what is that start beating being competitive winning pitcher gains against a good. We're finished it up here with Tom De'Angelo of the Palm Beach post and Tom when you use it that dumb. This he has as had more adversity than than anybody else. Aren't much yep. Which when you looked at injuries and importance to the team. Where does the sun rain when you also taken to a town Isiah Thomas of Cleveland widely honored San Antonio. Gordon Hayward of Boston because I don't seems don't have. Better supporting casts I guess. You didn't know about Boston but it I mean it did do you take that into teller you say it is it is that how son thing or all the injuries or the heat. No I think well why yes some of the same. Sounds primarily because he's just the most games aside from rod beat Karol likes he's missed the most games. But then when you know when you've highly injuries over the last two weeks that you have and all of a sudden one bit while the sudden they have. 739. Never tanned and healthy bodies into the two way players and another one Udonis and I think yes you have to kind of look at it does as a group. But just the but this team no doubt that you write those other genes can kind of withstand that burst well. Those teams we know. I'm going to be in the play lift this bit barely had a going to be and in fact all three of those young little will be at the apple quoted an extra. This team cannot. Ford Google much longer work. When all this going on and all the injuries they have the LP to make the play and that he had the big thing would assign and I think the biggest impact. Offensively how he'd be like attributes he's an enigma you guys that can drive you crazy sometimes on the court but they need him defensively to remain. On top tier upper Echelon the answer I got the kind of team in the league and haven't had any great evidence several sort of back there. And even if he doesn't you know even beat that contribute a lot. Offensively if you bought it he's a threat of blockage is blocked shots ever bit as much in which he released so that ranked and we bounding. And in an inkling that the credits that's where. That's why he's so valuable to this. I hate Tom we appreciate it man. Look what what some Hulu plus some that you know we're gonna go and we wish you pitching gymnastics destruction for Christmas so who who did it. It was on. I don't Ramadan I get a lot of a lot of packet that are brought us. Unfortunately your neighbors are still loom that's definitely an ordinary and I can't I eat that's it all right hey Tom we will read your report tomorrow and pull these foals dot com. We will talk to you probably a couple weeks or so but don't. Thanks guys practices that are right that's Tom De'Angelo of the poem be. Post and nobody caller. No Netflix. Like yeah you know he. I want even know Netflix is about an hour that music is trying to steal the grid that's the question. Well that that's good well I mean being on Twitter doesn't using your real name on the Palm Beach post doesn't helmet yeah Israel and dads thing is a universal security number for all you don't know for sure that it's growing Tom De'Angelo wouldn't know that's true that's true we don't we don't have fingerprints and burdens lifted and all it comes the FA oh yeah wheeled -- that's the you know it could be one of the big stories of 28 team are you birthers. Yeah I know it with the Angelo on the government as the couple people over there the ball Beatles right. Rules and let's. Charlize I don't a moment she's Solomon's trouble bit the source of their currency that is. That's not anyway anyway that's that that's a yes about that journalists deal are who we come back. Yeah some of you brought that up when we come back we will continue talking about biggest local stories. Up when he seventeen. These late entries which I think are two good wins the turnover chain. And Jason Taylor going in sued be in a bill hall of fame and those go along with Chris Byrd stir. John Carlos in winning the MVP the Miami Marlins being sold Derek Jeter coming in the town. Yes they and is gone now the dolphins making their first playoff appearance since 2008. A whole lot of those beings will talk about that and a couple of other things when we come back. The economy. According to ticket window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game a quarter as Miami Heat technology partner and your local sophomore this technology company for all your business needs visit. Online at a quarter score dot com sponsored by open your bowl dot com to get the most cache now your infrastructure settlement Wharton lottery payments. Call eight call 833. My ball. And by Lauderdale BMW and broke kinds. Members of the hole and automotive group. Keep listening to the ticket to win your way into a heat day. Chris Perkins and Adam Beasley here with you until 630 that's winds as low and Tommy Thai takeover. That he pregame show key hosting Orlando tonight at 730. And b.'s. I got a good six year. So many good ones we most camera and you blew it. I'd got thick skinned men at the X and I had taken all. Somebody takes the CNN and saying that not really sports related. But I think you find it interesting if you don't already know that the shopping centers today it looked like Black Friday caught in a parking lot got caught in a parking lot war I've found a parking spot and survived. But barely lol yes well there even an incident well it is South Florida road rage parking lot raids all kinds raids. The liberty we consider good public brawl lately the deli line brawls to worry if your audio well look here's what I wouldn't ask you though. Remember we used to see all of the day after Christmas sales that was a big things seemed like Black Friday and like Cyber Monday had taken over by. Dispersants is the the animals her hand to hand combat especially out there in the parking lot you know why. The return crap they don't want to quell that does this that's why he lets see now that is still a big day like is this like. I would think that you know you just sit and Amazon box back now. I mean all ultimate mistake maybe I am a little too obvious. Teachers see what the singed as we get every year we get cash from family we have. Presents we also get gift cards and I and I eat of course you'd stand again you are in love gift cards Al by whatever the heck I wanna buy right you for the money. No spin it how I see by the way have registered a debt total lines so not good during proper equipment you months it is an early start to do though get to a today. I what was behind him take chances no bigger and legit K yeah I do I look keg beer you mean you know pay continued the hit man and injuring. Well is on my back cold now yes. I rights though so yeah you're you're right that. You'd be surprised that because people gone so wireless and their shopping. Plus we tried return something via mail I don't think you do dad he had to take tennis or. Well he got it from Amazon you'd return and on Amazon they give you belittled you know receipt never heard that rhetoric and adding that Amazon's there was no yeah he's in the right when he's back on Amazon I haven't my girlfriend is as soon like a shirt that didn't fit. And so you get it the difference up by the way I got inaugural Korean team shirts and they both to. Sorrow I was very proud she was the exact specifics as to what she wanted to know actually. Him. I went out and saw you know it is her size and we were out shopping together and she was buying some shirts and not on a call you bring to the metal note yeah I mean I was pro myself. Whether they you know regular shirt says she's you know solo was the division title and the other room was juju as it juju on that by. Juniors ms. Shuster has you know he didn't have a driver's license I and he was driving unionized got a record and by flexing over a bit overwhelmed angles and he's certainly. You know it's not it's not but you know I was pretty proud of myself and and and that was the biggest race. No known no other big of look what the diamond earrings which. You know she asks she might be in the car right now elsewhere like the fact that. I've not been asked already paid agreed to would and other decision or the story for now somebody's hands today. I work only good role today was insane. Somebody. Somebody else RR RR prisons that city and before Saddam no role rays are my part I'm too old for that LOO. Just aggressive driving like that I I liked. Smart aggressive driving the road raged just you know where you need to go you're seeing in two and three moves he would as George and stands a cigarettes. And do you like driving. Oh my and I hated the real. Yeah I hit the data. Yes three in the Davis aggravate sheen's take over drive themselves to the best that I really oh I can't wait your control when you drive. I would rather be used that time work constructively. What do it why can't wanting houses fly by and I don't eat when you do you go the dolphins camp forty is a week even in a game as well yeah. When you probably spend port have to five hours a week commuting to. That's five hours you can being stuff on the you know stock in the office. See here's our look at that are that sport by the hours are to be on the beach. Not work and in my in that extra time on them. Like it by hand that extra time a million pretext atomic work you had or say. Say the loss through that'll go into the be all you're missing the point. Okay made a lot of like it when I'm driving Guerrero went on riding it over to. The author isn't exactly yes I'd be writing instead of driving if if I lived in a major city like downtown. Good public transit only Miami I would not own a vehicle. I while driving I think it's a huge liabilities of the police say things you could do yeah. And so is edit out are you with the army car things are you are you worried that by not having that control to be higher risk of death. I like being in control them in the car your control plane. Went on in the car and natural Plano. But does the slayer travels with a. Your tree exactly and if they have the same safeguards in don't have as you know. But the consequences of of a record much worse granted yeah of course yeah. They happen once every. Two million flights whatever it is but here's a point what would automatic cars gone mean not only are you. Response was taken away from you but the terrible drivers calls these acts and sic away from them as well and and and that will ask you have a computer. A same thing with the plane crash. Doesn't happen. Yeah I like drive it better. So if you were given the choice between the same price. And so on Dreyer and self driving car or car you'd drive yourself you were you wanna be behind the wheel. I I don't understand I trust myself more than technology. That's wrong it's human right and wrong in general I mean a calculator and do work faster than I did in my area right. Any computer but I did a distrust I distress myself knee in the you take drunks out of the equation are going has driver of the scars. I mean it's it's it's. I don't know why are there already be honest. I don't know that we don't have the technology we do as someone makes a point on gifts on and the bomb on on on their attacks and Unix appoint special. There are the technology is there is getting better but I think it's his or to catch people up to overcome the fear. And and it and get a lot of money proposal scores will be cheaper now. We any technology the price ex super health care of course they technology the more Asians are cheaper becomes. Right there. Are also iphone's system that was a thousand dollars now yeah. I know I don't get me started on our food I think I think apple ought to make pants would be enough pockets to pit these damned big iphones they'll. Apple genes are so well it's probably don't settle bottom beans tell. Hello I was with the yeah but all of a nation that I keep adding the debt as I have to complain about this the born somebody sit cargo shorts world. If it's still always Wear Corey welcome Wear jeans and slacks at some point I don't know senate cargo pants that. Schwartz even that would take the boat leaving your Smart is on a marvelous Alia I know that bananas. At they might as well be rotary phone it's like an item that yeah it's an enormous it is huge it's huge. Com somebody says I'm a mail me and finishing my route today is on sex not one Amazon return my kids got gift cards suspend. And I told them hill no not today. How about that you're not not going anywhere held my old joke that's not going anywhere near that mall today to hear somebody. Takes in can you just return Amazon items or whole foods now they were talking about implementing that. Not sure of that aspect now of smarts. Somebody says. What is true way Mo is already there the laws haven't kept up. Somebody embassy. Kirk a Smart for trusting himself more than technology how many times have you guys load in the year and in your computer. On Monday morning there's some sort of air message you can get in the year email or any of your application yet and and again we'll get back to air travel or screens and and overwhelmingly to better the technology the last human error is put into any of these modes transportation. Safer columns. William Abbott US a by law authorized what do you think we can do you know the what are the biggest causes of course you do the biggest causes of accidents is people messed around the Foner being distracted yeah computers don't get distracted. They have a job to do in the until there's a virus. On number you know we really stuff you're really are De'Angelo. I'm as you know I am Italian to ever get a driver of the scar Don. You think you've always had an automatic transmission. You think he's like thrift please go yeah exactly how the bottom of the arts. He stops by to tell you love to ask what what he drives. And it's a minute some permissible lineal. Gave birth seventeen years yeah Seattle think it's like an old you know Dodge Neon garage. I wanna visit that ended the yeah you miss that they don't scan right I did idea that Mike knows he's still in the car we never know what happened there now I didn't steal ideas we really were in position to ask after the game on Sunday. No old Noelle you. We were not we were not I looked when we get back we see we still never quit we got. We we didn't need to address sex these are well there's some Zacks these restaurants here. Zacks these heart of Dow Rose Bowl was being played earlier we are clown in the you know the name and title title sponsor. Turns out. Because I got some advertising dollars for a user in South Florida when that's not gonna Howard on that yes. Just not gonna happen now so detector then we're talking about college football also add I know I'm running late. They were saying that the last week of college bowl is actually a play off when you're talking about eighteen but didn't have liked Alabama lost the last game that suited me in the right. Right around them play now it's not it's not I hate that line. No prints to their. Known you were we apparently now they'll never text again don't ever you affect if you turn the station let's turn right now. People are doing that anyway added to do it the last three and a balance out they have a right. When we get back. A failed somebody says Wendell has the self driving cars on the road already uber have a lead on the road sue her will be able to drink on the way to work well. Coffee and Bailey sets will be right slowly you don't want it shall we think that's gonna innocent exploits don't just union Charl has. That's right now I'd anyway. But. Wow what we come back we will reveal more crimes that we have committed. After every game on the tip get so into the Lexus is too broad Pembroke Pines post game show it's as low. It's a complete wrap up of the game will get you all the interviews all the stats. And the correct perspective on the game is brought to you by Lexus and Subaru of Pembroke Pines always an amazing deal sponsored by champion pork by yourself Florida's number one G. Truck in SUV customization shop. Go to champion or by board dot com. Chris Perkins and Adam Beasley we're here with you til 630 today. My partner usually at this time from Puerto seven captain Curtis Curtis Stevenson he's off today he's back in tomorrow from one to 430 would rig likens. And we spent a lot of time today talking about. Every being bought the Miami Dolphins. But there's a little a little bit something left to say about the Miami Dolphins that leads us right into here's the thing. The bloom as ball and author Adam gaze rose. Miami Dolphins find themselves at six and nine Adam gay spines himself. A game above 500. Or the last 31 gains. If he loses on Sunday to Baltimore to buffalo he is a 500 coach. Now whether or not that happens I know one thing about this offseason. Gays is going to be looked at with a lot worse crew need any was. This previous offseason. Moves such as Jay Cutler Julius Thomas trading. I'm not sure that he'll get as much leeway in the offseason. And even into next season as he did this year. This year we all believed in Adam gays this man had the magic formula he gets this team to CNN six last year he gets among that magical six game winning streak. And then this year all of that stuff is gone plus. It appears that this team was undisciplined right take away the Chris Bert stern and Rey Maualuga and Lawrence Timmons stuff. You look at a lot of the penalties both priests that impulse that. But this seemed committed you look at the turnovers 28 turnovers this team is minus thirteen and take away give away. They could finish with their lowest rating since since 2000 and more which was minus seventeen. If they don't get some and done this week against buffalo. Seoul. Adam gaze still can't be starting from ground zero next week or next season rather this offseason even because. The stuff that we saw from him last year. Why hold up this year that will invite a lot more scrutiny on any move but he chooses to make. Here's the thing is sponsored by drillers and Evan Shura and now their location and pine crest drone. DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether his new purchases customizations repairs. Training whatever it is they will hook you up visit him today. At drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky now we go to headlines. What you XY and south. US SH. Oh yeah. Deep holes Orlando tonight at 730 big news Hassan Whiteside he's due to make his appearance. On the court after a thirteen game absence due to a bone bruise to his left knee says loans are we decided to start with a pregame show at 630 right here. And AM 790 F bill 1043. HD soon. The ticket. Ex Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison signed with New England today Harrison was released by the Steelers on Saturday. College bowl actually in you taught to be a West Virginia thirty to fourteen and was actually sort of Dallas bowl. Right now duke leads northern Illinois fourteen to nothing in the quick lane dole. And Kansas State plays UCLA in the cactus bowl at 9 PM tonight. As a reminder number ten you whim takes on number six Wisconsin at 8 PM Saturday in the Orange Bowl blows are your headlines. These. Look there there's a lot of stuff going on with the dolphins their at their mathematically eliminated from the playoffs when we come back. We're gonna get somebody to break it downpours that's Jason leisure of the Palm Beach post.