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Wednesday, December 27th

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I'm here on 79 needed to get my name is Curtis Davidson. Here is Greg likens we're gonna Wear a few for the next. Three and a half hours is that that I read the schedule regular young Greg three and a half hours here he's got a afternoon holiday lights. Here on 79 that they get. Robbie degenerate route he's also along for the ride as he is dissecting why southern miss is now. Only 812 point dog against Florida State in the walk on independence ball. Which will kick off from lovely Shreveport Louisiana in a half hour it's all that and headlines it is bowl season and this holiday season. Kind of a a sleepy sleepy Wednesday afternoon some people are working some people are still. Just just fasting in the in the holiday. Pleasures that is put. Still you leftovers or Christmas cookies series new gold now you know it's Kurt Curtis was interesting you mention rob real top. I listen to go 123 show pretty often I hear the guys are religiously if you or give Robbie a hard time about Stewart resigned his tendencies in every part of his life there are obvious about a Rembrandt who really knows but sometimes jokers you know I've been on this business Furl long enough time and I get to fueling did things get exaggerated for. Entertainment's sake that happens a lot in residents get embellished yes I don't embellish a little bit however theater of the minds. The idea that Robby is a degenerate. That whole concepts but the real declaring that is absolutely 100% on because you're right. The moment you walk into the studio as a courtesy got how we figure out this Florida State and got probably trigger I don't understand what's gone and it's like a sense of panic. Had said in. You all the all the things going on this week nowadays new year is coming up and everything it's like this is priority number one for Robby and that to me is a little disturbed. I never seen anything like this it was forced him on seventeen and a couple hours ago announced forced the minus twelve and nobody's injured ovaries out. We know that that the coach it's he's been in place for a while what is going. Unchecked or whether Robby let let's do that next show I I want to the building lovers that Iraq is like it did Decker off on the phone we got to within an update on what's going on Florida State. That's as a Cordelia so I thought that's how we sororities no limits no mistake about that being said Robby is the brains behind the one to three Shelby is the brains behind the operation there no doubt about that it does Brett Favre suiting up for southern miss and on and on no. Southern miss and after she will be up to date as they shoot six and sixties and even then there was some question about. How legitimate that Delaware State win was as a matter of fact have a good there are war or should I say the punishment suggest you to go to Shreveport Louisiana and play and the Independence Bowl and trust me I was there a few years ago with the university of my replace South Carolina. Not exactly happy holidays all right not exactly someplace. You wanna be celebrating. Christmas or even though the upcoming a New Year's organ with you until 430 a little turn over to. Bowl game coverage as we got toward four balls today three more are on tap here a lot to get to get the Miami Heat their victory at last night they got a nice Polley president of some Whiteside will wrapped and ready to go. India in the middle for the Miami Heat we got dolphins out of gates spoke today we got some news on that we'll get to as they wrap of their season. Against both low and we got a couple of very odd and strange NFL stories. That are out there have been circulating here for the last 124 hours so we'll get to it all here and of course we will take your text messages messages sent the money in at 67974. That's 67974. On the Coral Springs Alamo Condit text line but before we get all that at first it's 1 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact best HD true. Jeremiah. We'll starting college football lawyers Curtis is mentioned there are four more bowl games taking place there be any with a walk ons Independence Bowl featuring Florida State and southern miss that game kicks off at 130 will be updating the score. Throughout today's show at 515 Iowa Boston College kickoff in the new era pinstripe bowl and later tonight Arizona and Purdue me in the Foster farms full. While Texas faces Missouri in the academy sports and outdoors Texas Bowl. You're plenty of bowl action right here on seven on the ticket beginning after us. At 430. From Collison the pros with the dolphins return to practice today as they prepare for their season finale against the bills on Sunday. The team announced its award winners for the 2017. Campaign Ndamukong Suh has been named. The team's MVP cam wake earned that Don Shula leadership award my house CB Ed block courage award. And Kenny stills was honored for his community service. Adam pieces press conference did mention that Jay Cutler will indeed start. The week seventeen contest and roster news the dolphins plays receiver Leon to crew on the non football injury listen defensive tackle Vince Taylor major reserve. And promoted receiver Shaun Scott and defensive tackle gave right on the practice squad of the 53 man roster and those. Are your headline it's. And Ndamukong Suh got a problem that right I mean best player. So league's highest paid player in the big MVP of the team and I know it's kind. It's kind of yeah it's good it feels hollow it does it really goes I tweeted out the award winners is at the press release on an old deal. Agency public comments again on Twitter about a team. There's six and nine shouldn't handout in the awards always it was quite yet understand they hand out awards every year where the tees were back so that's one thing and and then they hear that. My house you will miss Ed block courage award in and re saying how would anybody win that award named Mike bouncy at the same time people. Who had to stand behind my county AKA the quarterbacks or running backs they should be the ones when the courage award because the way he played this season mean everything is negative. Surrounding his dog knows all the overwhelming the only the only the only the only order the award that I really kind of cared about when they announced was the cancels one. The community service death now could that ruling that means something to me right and Kenny stills that mean he is yeah actually. What is blood on the line. And did something. Seven euros on medal or death knowing that he deserves like MVP okay yeah I mean how how how jacked up we're gonna get like you with a probable stuff plaza outside of it in the Indian. Individual honor. You your dolphins fan I really early in care of its dot Rashad Jones made the pro war cars Landry like it's good for them. Well yes when your when your team isn't very good. And you look at in its totality of the season your own yeah like I'm only. I'll really get my juices going of this to guide me the probe or three guys in the pro war goes all the all the 2017 season has been a major disappointment right. Then you need can't be too upset win your team to Tom the Pro Bowl. Rosser announcement being six and eight. I mean you got to get the benefit. Rebel militia extremists and and that's popularity contest threatens to exit question there's and they took amateurs illness royals series whose do is get a pro bowlers and all the all the teams with. Double digit wins late in the season they're the ones who. Are leading the votes in the whole deal but you're right to be for dollar consume because if you think. It has some sort of consolation prize warmth of dead in mid April bullies on the Dan Marino MVP award winner for the Miami Dolphins to go on seventeen. For the next couple weeks it'll be it'll be reflecting on the season and then the offseason will be here and then everybody will have their theories and their predictions on what should happen for for the team and I I've been back and forth in its. I'll I don't know exactly. Where I would start. I mean I've heard I've heard complete rebuild the complete overhaul in there them. And I'm not it is not dismissing anything that's rom like I am not out. At the point with the dolphins. Where basically everything to be on the table outside out of changing the management and changing the coaching. The head coach knew you know you change your coordinator whatever change a couple of assistant coaches obviously they had the suffered first or they got to figure you know get a new blow like all that other stuff for the an upset them upper management and head coach like everything to me philosophy. You know philosophically is on the table for me I'm not dismissing anything I'm open to all suggestions. Whether it's complete rebuild whether it's you wanna take a young quarterback early in the draft and the angle that routes whether it's rebuild this side of the bar outside the ball. I'm all for any discussions I think that's where they need to be. I think even if they were even if you're good you have to be you have to be open to all sorts of ideas. I agree because it's seen its felt like for a number of years we've different regimes. This team. Has never on the full rebuild Letzing have to do the full rebuild what they always seem to kind of like. Catch up the problems I don't completely fix the problems they think bigs is the money it's certain positions. And it is get by I always feel like there's this. Overestimate. Us up estimation of how good the team is. How strong on the roster is right in Seoul is not I do think assertion the quarterback position I think a month or so ago uninteresting column that he posted for the Miami Herald in which she was. Gotta draw the parallels between the 2008 and 2016. Seasons last time they made the playoffs and in the following season and then. How Tony's Toronto's career trajectory was verses out of gays tree Richard may be moving forward and the big issue back then was they never had. The quarterback Chad Pennington was on his last legs. And was injury prone solely relied on Chad Henne in this case there's this huge question mark but we don't know is Jay Cutler going to be back is now Morgan be back right tennis balls back and can we trust that meet. Right reads the same knee he injured in consecutive years so I think that's that's the big question mark and that's were every. NFL team starts is do they know what they're gonna do quarterback Curtis Lee is it a safe assumption the rights and it will come back healthy and play good football. Right is that they write ten bellwethers helped or not there's still a question of marketers to whether he can truly be the guy it's amazing to say that at this juncture in his career. A latex and front office is the problem reject Sheikh in my head. All right well that's the reason I didn't say the front office because that has no chance of happening they're not firing out of gates they're not firing Chris Greer. My tan mom is not being removed from his from his perch so to sit around here to talk about on the radios waste time. So ordered to that's why said that for profits is not going anywhere. That idled you do as your main nightly news Stephen Ross has proven to be very patient. Over the years and he really likes his group and this is not the offseason where is gonna make it checked right now number you really think those guys are boobs and can't do the job and it's fine. But as far as what in reality is gonna happen. Those that don't guy's gonna be in their job so you know it was called to say out initially fired her Texan or any of that stuff because not happen tonight and move on to some of the things that. Can happen. The rebuilding. I just heard that a lot to get freaked out like there's that was driven down a going to be two and fourteen next here and try to build back public you know like Miami Marlins are doing. It's different in the in the NFL. Boy. That is the term that would use a little bit more so than. There there are few pieces away because they're good luck I consider I could sit here last couple years even after last year pay. They get another off from the line pay if they Shura that. Shura stopping the run they get another quarter we could sit here and say. Okay we can name two or three or even four positions. And if they can hit on those guys. They'd be fine I can't do that at all with this roster now with the way they play this year and that's our our last newspapers are you confident. In rights animal report. To do what. One be available. And to play competent off football predictor reliant him as a starting quarterback to think that's where you're you really have to start bright bright note in the it's great question I would say I would lean towards yes. But. I don't wanna I'm I'm not gonna put all of my hopes in his in his locker and that's why I would consider. I would seriously consider. Taking a young quarterback. In the draft but a young guy I'm coming around on that little bit just the injuries stuff he's thirty years olds. What is where's where's the real growth in seven years in the NFL. I understand it's its year to wonder Adam gays. He was good last year he wasn't great last year so does that every discussion needs to be on the table if your if you're that often I mean. I'm just watch and what other guys are doing in the like Jimmy drop loads Jimmy G ever Disco and search one maybe it's too early. But I think he can put all of a sudden that solves a lot of your problems. If if you have a guy that you know and playback their cell. There's a lot of teams that. You get a quarterback and things to steal from is it that the craziest thing about Ryan ten hill. It is were so far into his career and we still don't exactly know what his ceiling could be. Right and and that's that's I think the overriding most frustrating storyline to emerge from this season is that. There was so much blinds and height and positive and he's surrounding Ryan Tammy hills. Grasp of the offense his leadership ability had improved bright and sold between his actual physical performance on the field. And in the intangibles are these bring to the table finally become a vocal leader. And grasp of the offense that was all coming together into training camp and it all came to a crashing halt. It was the worst possible time and again it's possible that today's snaps again and suddenly we're back to square one. Organize attacks they're committed and here we had to get get the dolphins not far off parts gesture that's that's been bothering me the last couple of days or there was got there. Their ideas on how to fix the team now think there's really is a quick fix and think he needs to be. Almost. A complete complete redo but. A lot of a lot of different faces a lot of the changes Eric 0606797467974. All things going on. Do we have a double agent in the NFL our eyes on headline is one agreement laugh and probably the worst thing you could be hauled. In an NFL locker room somebody says that to a teammate plus. The Miami Heat is this as this where they hit the accelerator. As though on the air. Season here with a win last night against the Orlando Magic were into it -- were just get rolling here on Wednesday afternoon right here on 79 take. And Greg I. Holidays special words for October and LeRoy in obese by the way. Everyone's been trying to move around here a little bit got the ball game we're taking up until. 430 today we got fifty minutes and keep in the next hour of the loan racket just limited to fifteen minutes. It's either or big a big part we wanna talk about today nice win last night against team they've had trouble with the last couple of seasons in the Orlando. Magic by the way beast in LeRoy every morning from six until ten this week so if you need to be fixed for your LeRoy hoard fix next where you can fire that's where you can confined that we can always. Find us on the golden dome on its excited six overnight some for. 67974. Real lot of ways to fix the dolphins there that's no incident just Leo moment but a pyramid statue how was your how larger. Holiday season there young Greg did you get everything you wanted to four on your list he's. I had a long whispers in our polio as soon. Back you know yet what are you government audit this season I know that you do that you really good boy I've tried to at least the other guys did the main thing was a senior had some fairly committed town was not a silver Christmas with their coaches. Nice and you know it interesting is sometimes like when receipt we have backed the Big Three day Aron. I'd always watch the Christmas Day like key game. Where were redeploying Israeli workers who knows when I'll be a big deal right hours this year it was common nice for the day just a bad we didn't turn the TV on. We were really watching you know any NBA actions some of the NFL games until a little later in the day. I had a quick story for so. Off on fortunate for me I was not in any my physical ball championship games out of you Curtis you're a lot of leads and so in the neither my league's I I was in that but my brother mall Peter. Who's in town with my sister. He was in the championship. Of one of his weeks in Seoul after all the celebrating was done in a couple or family members went home and all the stuff. Were up watching the game on Christmas night. And you don't the radiator the Eagles and yet eagle raiders Eagles aren't and so he went into that game he has the Eagles kicker. My particular idea and he was going its Al Shawn Jennifer and key. Was facing a deficit so he needed things to goes away so. You know fast forward awesome Jeffrey doesn't catch a single football Zurich purely. Elliot takes a game winning field goal but when he seconds left and that's how he won his. Physical an idea guy I talked to a lot of people have stories like that the last ability as bloody glad I want to hum Christmas Eve party. In. Mike my dad is a matter of fact he his birthday was yesterday. So we always gonna have either it's a Christmas Eve Christmas yes celebrations tennis is celebrating your birthday yeah that's irritated outlawed stuff and about the chamber at Lister we did it on what was it Sunday we are confusing. And there is a lot of a lot of us are now and like art in our thirties like on the nieces and nephews and children are in the third. So there was recklessness for Paul Gasol coming around me ask me all the that your Meola stories about pain you know that you know you should do this in you know how to do this. I'll listen they're just that I know. A little bit about sports doesn't doesn't he doesn't make me any better than you have some of the stuff. It's all it's half of its lock. My guy you know it's like you know gig in the guys Tommy picked up this guy and that guy anyone this weak in the knees in the gym to the case earlier opinion Doral these guys you gotta pump me for information on Mike. Do an iconic U nominal low a thing Els and I think human seven leagues like you know. Film like flamed out. Doubled home made a nice little run you know without saying that it welcomes Al luckily. You know that Hitler well he's got the story to sell my house at. How that happened. Or what is philly's defense. The last day right or you're planning your who has deep regret that so it's either way you know obviously when the raiders plus nine in the last play happens the of them. Backdoor pushed. I though I mean to act. If he had minus ten. Kick extra point right. This through whenever I feel like on the raiders are on the right side of that that all day volume Eagles looked look pretty bad attitude this movement on the next full people the anti Nicole's crowd is. This coming on abundance and did you hear from after he threw for a cells last week and I expect now all the sudden you got to. Nichols things but did you get everything you whenever for the holidays. It was good nuggets in it. So some nice gifts actually the coolest sports related give that I got. And you know idea some clothes and stuff but you know we're if you ever fortune you know famine can get together we can exchange some gears says it's nice is I have family would vault of the players do you know they've bill came to town but. We do little secret Santa playing with morality started trembling. And so we're at every year you're not quite sure what you and yet it's literally mixed bag and depending on who gets it for the secret Santa. You know sometimes at the big gifts aren't that great but my same brother in law on maybe he was anticipating the winnings he's gonna get from. Tennessee football he he got me Curtis is school and I know you for the final four every year there. The 2003. Final four national championship game Syracuse beat Kansas 81 to 78 Carmelo Anthony's one years there he got me a piece of the court. From the superdome will play that game signed by Jim bail out. That's awesome it's really cool that's pretty that's pretty polls so yes that Allen's right up there with and how are you currency getting any. I don't know Gibbs ought not I got the I guys know memorable to you know nothing nothing now say this but I'm on the war prism buy stuff for because you know I because. If I want something I'll go autumn by myself. So like bug people ask me when he would you want what you need you know what I'm I'm good I don't even know anything. So you don't want him pose as that but I reached the age now I might have gotten the worst. And most boring gift of all time. And it says it's a gift that I needed new but I'd be hard to think of a more. As boring gift that when you open up. The the open up the president on Christmas Eve like I did and unwrapped and you open up the box in this is low staring at your price it's my AME illusionist. I ice it myself while. Like I could actually got a little bit excited about it but is still little worn gift of all time. That would be tires for my car. The worst thing I like the worst that I need tires I needed tires back those of practical give her yes it was but it but I I sat there and make away now. This really is so boring. So what was it was a picture retire was really like a coupon that they got that he got the male pages said. Tires. Those things they sit on the male and like jiffy and whatever like applicable on the back select between our oral change right so basically just that but like I I knew. Heard again do I knew what they were what they were insinuating like yes I gotcha attacks I needed I needed new tires for a wanton. And in it's actually getting done as we speak. Blood I just I just thought to myself wow this like I put him to elect a dvd in there. A sub like I think it was it was a Sobel. Is the way so why now is it pretty bet I did the Red Sox is more stimulating to me. Or ties that guy that people get. Then then the entire year and I'm happy that I needed it tires are aren't cheap. It's true it's a necessary evil but this is probably the most un sexy thing I can think of Oakley you know about like their anniversaries. And what they did their wives and stuff right. I would think the tires is pretty is pretty bad though that's right up there army that's pretty born. Right so yeah that's a that's Iceland my college which I'm fine with its all good but I was that like Chris I would say let's let's be honest sounds. It the way you describe yourself that you're the perfect candidate for gift cards right like you and I am so pretty much it soul like family members of pride caught up by it is boiling hey if we try to get him a shirt or some cancers I don't know but tightly we might as well just. Give him a gift card let him go pick it out but then he'll be OK I agree with the gift card the gift card phenomenon is perfect for people right it's it's it's it's. It's replaced giving cash and along a large way you're right. Isn't that a cop out if your league of course a major cup a week when Dorsey percent they with a family were not allowed to give you cart because we write a new creative Robby who's surprised. And we want hopefully you did the gifts to be exciting and never let usually I don't act like it was your cousin your brother my brother and you wrote that he knows you. Right you're wearing your Syracuse Orange shirt right here in the studio. Lake that's that and you really that's a cool gifts yes like some thought into time and obviously put some money into yes there is very memorable and it's Yemen adventures after a long time your tires you're gonna have for awhile soon I'll remember my tires were probably not as personalized. Doll it's not actually so that's all. Well Abed Al you know suddenly like in ten years from now America look reflecting back on the holidays and it all matter river that that year. I got tires. Her curse us and right yes I distilled spirits to whoever gave you the gift no he is no it was it was like I needed it right -- any get tires I didn't know how how expensive tires squealing tires are cheap. Well and Curtis if I didn't let people behind. Behind the scenes your little right we pull back the curtain I mean your tires were ruptured. Over Russia and no I mean I mean I use her for six more sexy stars of the loan. Another of the I was on borrowed time I was like every time I came in a work in trying to get on the all metal. I thought about it okay show just to decide growth. That's how I'd kind of navigated. The roadways the last month and a half of these things were to be cooked by like Halloween. And big they'd like I was on the treads I I do I could have a meeting and months ahead in needed or anything like that like that is definitely. But it was just decided sat there and I was like man. They but it does beg the question. I mean it's good I'm happy for your well being in the world knowledge you address that and got it all out in the middle of mobile point seven avatar did you read into gear this sooner. Probably to the end of the year do you anticipate that this may be a Christmas present actually I had to I inches have been actually winning one of my stinking leagues. I'm Jeffrey what at least taxes. No one a couple of dollars and put in my pocket actually gone down new. Tire kingdom and got an hour plus you on the other and Yeltsin Jeff aisles aisles on the aisle on the other end of the originals wrong the last the last and the wrong about that on the exact cause of the rugged on the last two. Amid named Todd Gurley that's what I was on the wrong and no not once. But twice O'Meara that's about the wrong end of so you really wanted it if you really wanted Joseph Gregory out so good there you have it there every idea Robby if you're really gonna be sick. And you don't kind of a twisted present for New Year's or some divert Curtis get him tiger leaders all. Don't you know who. That comes to that number one next here on religious decision that's against me ever again with a title David Johnson who dropped the number one across the board. And injured I read in the tiger early in one semis and then and then the in the final this would oh my goodness I would get back to it's a mug all the severely and so a lot of the. Text here's what's it got so poisonous so would be. So would be bad but so is cheaper. That's very cheap very I don't know a missile that I got there that's it that's not a cheap yet and it was your tires and resolve and results or great value there recently insinuated that guy's pretty dirty that he he needs to stock up on the soap Riley he gets old or deodorant or something like that I mean that's not a good sign. Cologne. Cologne to go either way most for the most part I the day it's a nice gesture. But I guess that can be kind of wanting to actually one of my yourself well. That's true if somebody else gives you Cologne no less it's like you're at your spouse or your girlfriend's didn't owes you like know your brands right if it's just some random relatively gives you Cologne and that's and a pencil creepy yeah oh with a top five Florida State and southern miss are about to. Kick off here O'Dell Haggans as the Florida State interim head coach how is how would you lucrative name that you would ask Susie interim head coach of Florida State. I've got last night the Chip Kelly I what's of the budget session of the the interim head coach UCLA right he's about to tackles coach or for state. Existing on the staff who attack yet on the Dow's announced yesterday as well resign or he was the Euro zone he was was coach and I always coaching change don't know who's on the sidelines of these things I ask you real quickly Curtis Enron recent years editors of these things. As you know there's all the prop parents whose role was there a prop bet entering last night's UCLA game about how many times it mentioned Chip Kelly on the broadcast. Yes it was only it was only supersede the army times they would mention Josh wrote a bright Nightline it was a contest between those two right right now that was those are the biggest story lines they were even participating in the game I was about alien FL little bit here. Kirstie is and Greg likens with you on this Wednesday afternoon you can always check the show 67974. That's 679 to inform the Coral Springs auto mall. Condit Tex I speaking of the NFL. The public storyline it'll jump into next year awesome and I'm gonna take. And this time slot you can hear Tobin LeRoy and beats him. And those taken a few days off. Dubai and the beast car or 2 in the morning show from six until and so it. And got Avaya a scattered line appeared during the holiday week career Aaron a lot of the college football bowl games are gonna have a couple bulls following us is we're with the driver until. 430. So that's the scheduled tomorrow but the ball coverage. In the afternoon with the LeRoy and beast Manning the morning show from six until tan. You'll ESPN radio and possible action on that I'll be back at 5 o'clock tomorrow. They'll take Gibbons of the the last additional walking is radio tomorrow at the Sam are real in the an orange coalition of the show horrible additional video that came to blowing forty we got so much stuff to to get to hear so that's is kind of the the lay of the land for a for listeners out there to look at new to catch their favorite show. Here on 79 in the Tigger all kind of look. Bounce it around a little bit will be back to normal starting Tuesday January to everybody will be back in their. We'll sponsor but slew of a different here real afternoon delight we get so worked with the general Robby who's who's sweating it got the meat sweats I think back Donald from all the holiday. Excitement and all the eating and purging did but oh we got southern miss and Florida State which underway. And are they so the Golden Eagles yet this of the Golden Eagles and Iraq to point and forcing a rough in the corner and right side of the trial now moves that southern miss about score when. When you were you all these games if you if you are that. If you're that bored. Torture lacking that much companionship brown Hollywood wants all these games you relies while these teams are six and sex. The duel that because of their back and do stupid things in penalties and bad quarterback later I don't know what a florist expenditure out the they left the potter and then they go before yard run on the goal Oca. Not eligible often and that's why the line was moving so much so allow updates you'll update you on that. We a lot of big NFL stories to get to the biggest one that continues ago Ron even days after it happened. Days I welcome this morning I saw this headline like you do it always it always makes me laugh dislike like this. The seriousness. Of the of the world that we live in the sports world. And it said James Harrison and double agent question. And I just I had the giggle I had to do like the first thing I saw all the supporting this segment headlines saying chairs in the double agents question mark. I saw some mug to. Eight about James Harrison and how steal his brand should be viewing him moving forward pride because you know he's spent. Fourteen seasons there is he's leading leading sacker of all time analyst who's up like our people forgetting that he. Was released way back and Aaron have they cut him right yet so he's free to go sign wherever he wants I always that always cracks me up will be deployed Ariza trader how can he signed with the patriots knowing. That there's such hostility between new England and Pittsburgh it's like. Hey listen they got rid of him he can go wherever it wants it's a harsh business. I do think it it's just a perfect patriots an error though right. Would he got cut it was actually Saturday they waved him right so busy before all the games and I go all. Do you patriots a definite jump on it but it's a no brainer node in the and I you know at. Please pass code no waivers all that stuff short of all that stuff you do the patriots we're gonna well at least bring him in for conversation. And he's played he played whistling 39 snaps a season. It's here is hardly play at all he's played he's been active like but more games and he's been active for. So we really either done anything he's other indices us a menacing guys that that's on the sidelines. But. I did think I I'd now. Part of me says you'll you'll be cut. Or let me put this week you'll not be in uniform if in fact they play again in the AFC Tim's game. But an audio playing but is this all about Intel's all about hey what plays that they running dogs of every minute and every NFL team changes all of their snap count changes all. All all of their the other numbers even even during games I have to Hamilton thought stuff but Belichick does one thing. If Belichick can get. One. Small. Forget about it James Ericsson put complaining more. An adult checking get cousy and does does not a number of times over the years one small piece of information that check thinks. Helps their cause he will do the right to reward if you'll make a transaction yes and you got a low of the quote from Bill Belichick when asked about whether he's gonna get in cell and of course in the news monotone that worries him. We're always get the sound good stuff rob rob he's actually do more than just placing bets back there Robbie you hit it Buick. Former players now. But as we've heard intelligence and again you could tell you things about his favorite team. Any chance this week when it doesn't. Making license them. I took a vascular Intel but the Steelers visited him is that and Belichick and reclaim the jets is where it's on all of them medium isn't somebody I don't know. But you're not you're not build a player the best. If you call him a cheater and all that other stuff and it's. He is shady he is very shady. But like leg of the walk through stuff when he was tape and all that stuff when. I've than you've talked to. Fifty and a former NFL players over the years hey. What do you get pay what do you get out of that and forty now that he will say you get absolutely nothing you get nothing. Seoul put bella check. If you he thinks even if it's nothing but if he thinks he's getting even the smallest. Bit of information that can help him win. You'll think it's worth it. So he thinks he can get. One piece of information that'll help them on one play in the third quarter of the day of two gyms your game against Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or vice Versa offense defense. This transaction is worth. And in the way the NFL words it's appropriate scenario for him in order to get even if it's a very small piece of information because. These guys been cut by their former teams. They've got some hard feelings about that for the most part it's a Belichick brings a menaces patent happy to have you. Admired your entire career this'll play in talks about you just imagine how the commerce at all I don't know why they are ready to read your monster growing fear joy our Sunday I'll watch the film you have so much left in the tank. By the way what happens when you guys do the right. It 00 of course our and then and then there it is he gets what he wants him up my favorite part of bottle all of this in the aftermath is it to James Harrison post but social media. This morning yourself give him and Tom bradys have finally found a teammate who told them right. Gaga. Eyes and energize the united food outlets flooded if someone wants it on Monday on the Tex I can always sex is Josephson and until 41 Amber's her wind's left to oppose his account Harrison. That amid they brought back Marcy Marcus Gilbert. There are there tackles so they had to make a roster move to elevate him off of whatever they call the shorts first priority short season short term IR. So they had to make a move so. Yeah I mean he wasn't playing a lot. But that that's why we look at it Harrison can play a down only for the patriots. If bill objecting to get actually play. Even more power tool. I just think exactly what would you just laid out there. If you get one morsel of information. And key things can help him win. Debt it's all worth the whole transaction where they have to pay him whatever it is. That's why Belichick is the best among other things right in his attention to deed to every no nothing is on turn. There is every scenario. Every situation. On special teams guy knows the rule book more than. You better than any any other coach. This isn't all just all of smarter than everybody else. Don't you just know he just. Knows has all the information. Any puts in the work all that stuff when they when they did a few years ago. Would depict plays. And what was the elbows those and got everybody all all worked at Baylor university and our running back as a and they made him ineligible for the because the ravens yes the ravens. But it didn't look when nobody rolls except Belgium and then I got senate whenever pass because they knew that when the American eligible right edit at heart of the so I've all my god this is the legal. Dude do you disagree. Raise attention to beat Phil used rivaled by no mean he's on unmatched when it comes of that any diesel and will be an advertisement occurs you're right I mean how many times and the names are insignificant but Durbin a lot of little known dolphins players who were at the very little roster but. Wouldn't you know at the tail end of certain week the dolphins get rid of a guy they bring is somebody else or you don't think anything of it and then you get a patriots week and suddenly that guy. Ends up on the patriots roster for one week or so he can do exactly which he designs on the actually there. It is not there anymore that's what's religions ours is way down to the major Brett. Look at whatever needs out of them in anticipation of an AFC. Championship matchup and then you know whether it helps or not will never really know. But he'll get whatever he wants not a moment to probably move although it would be cool OJ users who was like as a great 30 yeah against Iraq. As for I agree with that guy that article I would agree that I simply a little bit but even if he in if he doesn't you know. They're trying to get some them are those in government for the post season. On the dolphins are prepared for the offseason we got a lot of text on what we sort of show with witches to Somalia ideas floating around here as. You can't just stay stagnant this offseason yeah I mean him out of about major move with some size remove some relevant moves. Have to be made as far as the rosters concern which for some of those things. Get to a 2 o'clock headlines as well we return right here on 79 minutes ago. Greg likened to a and sports over the LeRoy beside the mid day show here. We're gonna take govern don't fourth birdie there we got some. College football bowl game one of them already underway got four gains today. So first of fours already underway we'll get to headlines in his second we got Robby here he's he's Wear this because he's got no place else to go around the holidays. So I saw him the host of the you know the only leg people can only take so much or you've got family in town like after the like a couple of days. Whether it's you or whether it's them. If you're with your wondering which one it is its probably you. Yes well I get out yeah he's got a house I can I can meet on. I don't. There's a reason why do you don't keep in touch of that distant cousin or you know. Plus deposit at the standard and wanna watch other programming and I need to watch this radical as the out Ellen's coming on and you're like now I gotta watch I got I got actual walk ons in the pens ball there. You know the mother in law also plays very. We're we're trying to fund our kids a college education on the backs of the seminal here with the area interim head coach that's that's our that's overdoing it here. 697467974. That tiger does on the call for auto mall. Condit text line with two all of that coming up plus we got the team it's a heat coming up you're about to Tony I am doing a lot about the heat. But I was a nice nice effort last night. I got a live little bit. I know little little funny feeling at halftime when men they out to those when he went twelve to sort the in my okay. And then I did I'd royals got everybody everyone's been hurt everyone right let's I really realized how had he did. They were eight enforce our two year. Then a nine game losing streak in November. Right then becoming last night's game I knew they were on another not a different what does this in a different eight game losing this. It's barely it's not even 2018 the magic have to separate nine game losing streaks all of these drained four. Right Baghdad it's it's talk to a tailspin Aaron well then like -- they just got Evans 48 back but he just got back. And new biz news like coincided with that Nicole of Lisovicz out for two months and then there Eric Gordon out for a center right time. Isaac Isaac there's got him back right dead baby can't stay healthy I mean I know we complain about the money he'd made a lot of injuries. By a mural and a magic were working with as much. And they've had just as many bad luck scenarios we their injury situation. Well like I mean that I really paying close attention to their to there and other roster make over the last couple weeks edgy to see like OK the loser here in the commemorative he'd. So there's not a magic games on national TV. For sure that really have any interest in watching. And like man two yeah they've but that's definitely team than they play only on Saturday and that's definitely team you gotta Serbian up a little bit here and they've had some bad luck against the magic actually has been a good match a blitzer is saying mean that it. At least after last eyes still bit lost four out of five parent has the magic so we can make fun of their roster or we want some of their bad locked and all those of the stuff the losing streak went. The Miami Heat for every that's been a bad match. Head to head. And they don't opening night whenever I whenever it was a folder I would have there where whites I went you know what for the 20/20 game. And we thought old man you know he's he's ready to break out and that was the beginning of a bruise me it's a scenario Burris on why it's not. They got him back was Monty was out. Missed eleven games. Now I. Cheeks. And actually did they played they nearly did did really well without him but they got him back last night. And that was great and and Richard continue to play tremendous basketball Wayne Ellington I mean the man with the golden arm. All of that stuff there was there was wasn't waning last night that's another gonna right there isn't a good writer who met the alarm is is is Eric's. Yet waning was that is that the coaches or is that Jack's I'm not sure. Well I I like the Al last night is give an idea of like a different errors we mean. The NBA Soweto and his family for why he's a veteran and he's a true professional on their very Neal last few weeks this has got its extended playing time to bring comparisons between. His work out resident with a ray Allen's anyways he's got a little school player right. And some guys are all ahead when analogy yeah zealous the then lastly of John and Isaak you just referenced who literally just came out after his freshman year he's a youngster and so he says in the magic locker room. Man Wayne Ellington when he was shooting so well tonight look like using cheap mode. With a a clear video game reference anyways so I like the writers all run over the heat locker room and say. Hey Wayne what do you think John eyes and said your Shimon he's there will remain. I don't know exactly where and when he talked about it I don't live video you're really talking about your legacy as a problem with access. That is a couple of guesses but yeah you know like the got an 1819 year old Kim and you know Ellington was in his early thirties it's it's an interesting dynamic you see in the league with these youngsters almost and so young economy now like that's the one thing when you come in and year and not if it's amazing whereas a tour isn't the other. All what was the mood or was in town you read that they are referencing Turk and am add a bio on bam. Was like five years old dirt in his NBA debut or something like that. Right well is that we beyond the last night now and I guess first round pick a Sacramento I don't know seven or something. The forty year old and a microbe. For a girl of the night and I consider you a question beyond those aides to begin with blood but as far as. The like Alexander in like 2007 years ago. Agree every right it's. Yet there are some sort of typo there or Loren missed read but really I got a guys in the league seven years they've only he's only 25 years old to. Yes and they hate you it's like okay well below where role of that. Put in general on let's get to 2 o'clock headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Will sort of college football therefore more bowl games taking place today beginning with a walk ons Independence Bowl featuring Florida State and southern miss and was about seven and a half minutes ago in the first quarter FAA issue currently trails. Southern miss six to nothing now but Florida State has the football as a move to past midfield so QB update on that as the show goes on at 515 Iowa and Boston College kickoff the new era pinstripe bowl and later tonight. Arizona and Purdue meet the Foster farms Paul wall Texas faces Missouri. The academy sports and outdoors Texas Bowl. You hear plenty of ball action right here on seven and it'd take a beginning at the conclusion of this program. Worth thirty. From college to the pros of the dolphins returned practice today as they prepare for their season finale against the bills on Sunday. The team announced its award winners for the 2017 campaign Ndamukong soup. Has been named the team's MVP cam wake or in the Don Shula leadership award. My bouncy the Ed block courage awarding Kenny stills was honored. First community service in roster news the dolphins place receiver Lee out to crew on the non football injury list and defense tackle Vince Taylor on injured reserve. To replace some on the 53 man roster Rashaun Scott defense tackle Dave Wright were promoted from the practice school. Well the dolphins are six and eight. Well there are many reasons. Well what problem is six and nine actual six is eggs and nine out of turn. Six and nine. Leon decorum. Well. Call him like the right. One explanation on why your team is valid the browns are bad for one reason that's one example of like the mechanics of how the acquired and we uptick rule was one exact title. Of mismanagement it shows you why they are when it is it is a mismanagement of resources that you have at your disposal just like every NFL team. In elite. Elite that mandates. In warrants parity. Everything they do in the National Football League is so that everybody. Is Nate Nate and this time of year everybody. Is one game out of the hunt leg that's what the league Watson. In the morning 928 NFL cities they're talking and everybody's graphic is in the hunt everybody's logos in the hunt. So. For two games three. That bad you have to go well and beyond like the browns it's not just 12 things solid job done and ends on the goes far beyond that. Far beyond that why the dolphins are kind of stuck where they are. One example is a guide it's not even gonna be active. In what this is his second year and up meaningless game where you can expect him to get some Ron and he's on the watch. Non football injury it was early he had a medical. Procedure done in emergency medical operation done on Monday. And it was a life threatening by idiots and so some sort of help mr. Kamal now he's not active for the final game. Talk I mean like Curtis if we remove that part of it could get a speculated that he's been in the dog house for two years basically prices look at the rest of the season mean he hasn't he's hardly played. When their abated since is in which he could've gotten up to beat tech last year at this time and nothing has Rashaun Scott former cane. But like he did they didn't. In dress the same resources to get him by his roster at the end of last year were shots I was active when we uptick rule was in active and that was one of the big story lines and the offseason workout program both Peru would you Q grant saying hey we wanna be better were working really really knowledge we didn't do enough this year and in our second seasons river. Make sure that we're back out there for crew ended this season. Seven catches for 69 yards and played a whopping total 140 Bible puts a snaps. Added it is not just I'm not trying to pick on the guy but I'm just saying those other reasons why that was the third round pick that you. Gave up an actual fourth round pick I believe in to move up that jobs out of position I was already a position of relative strength on your football team. It's not you needed bodies there are some like that you really liked him you thought there was something special they're so we're gonna take. An extra wide receiver even though we royalty row wide receiver can we got Kenny and we got jars that we got the wanted Parker there. So they must of really like Tim Penny turns out to be a distant and nobody after two seasons. As he's done nothing whatsoever but that's how you get to where you argue make enough of those bad decisions. And before you know they all stepped up and they all come back and haunt you and then. What happens you start chasing. And I would say free agency is the sins of past drafts. Seoul all of a sudden Delhi on day crew. Hasn't panned out tortilla to do now you have to go out and you have to pay another wide receiver and free NC. Because he'd worked out or you might have to overpay for a guy like Jarvis and you were you really wanted to play hard nosed with. And if not Dicker was a guy that was push and 5560 catches this year. For six touchdowns and had a nice little roll you can play hard ball which are the slope and say okay you want thirteen. Well I'll give you eleven right. All these things add up to which organization is all about and that's why you look at some teams and where they are in the NFL in a league that is completely. Unbiased. And you look at where the patriots are in the Steelers are and some of the other franchises and any look at where the jets are in the dolphins in the bills. And the browns and you on and on and on. By the way just update the view information and details about that trade. They sent Minnesota their sixth rounder. And a third round third and fourth rounder 2007 on the heels of it was a book a third and a fourth. Little of the third and a four for the next year for the next years sixth of that year so we give him the sixth the sixth rounder in 2016 in the third or fourth in 2017. To move up to the spot I don't feel as hot girls how much while. So. Again net just further reinforces the point to make these I mean you're expecting that got to come to make an impact maybe not right away. But it's certainly in his second season he should be playing meaningful snaps were new and now our targets are model lost season careers. Right got nothing seemed to work will literally there's been nothing of impact that he is brought to the to. And I mean again I'm not trying to pick on the guy like when you say stuff like that and any update like that just yeah that's where that's why you're that's where your rap new. That that's kind of where Iran is not just that move is why they're they're six and nine and going to be have a losing season it's. They all add up in the dog together and there's all trickle down effect. You know of a guy's ability onto Israel's going around the beetle to pay Jarvis what you want illegal invest some money somewhere else may be you what are you wanna do with the you have options. And the dolphins never really seemed to have too many options that when the option they have aren't good woods. No unfortunately not enemy debts we did you move from punish those on those mr. rap mix in most of the stuff and the united some mismanagement all around while occurrence completely separate. Line of thinking and topic but I did find it funny when you bring up a boring Christmas present a boring Colin resident. And then you said a summary gives you so present takes that I got so twice is that a sign that they are saying hey take showers Moammar subliminal sign that's how we got one overtakes you says I don't work out shoes shorts and shirts and underwear. It's from the wife to start losing weight. Out of all the underwear would insinuate well you don't Wear on unless a little less the underwear was like a size smaller than you normally Wear her anticipate any of the worked out gear than that may be. I'm not so subtle it's countrywide to say hey got to go to the gym got a treadmill out of our head down on the beach and do some experts in the sand. You get a workout series and Jim Jim closed that is actually assigned to get your fat ass in the just yes or like I can and if you you are if your spouse is like a fitness not. And that's just like okay and that stuff to list. And add that to my collection because I'll use it I use all the time if you if you're down on. On the weekend and you got a dormant you sit around a touts a lot elect or repeats and passed booed almost up and and you get all that. They've said that's a clear sign that your wife is selling you. Okay jet up populates you butt and go do something and lose a couple pounds for now you you're out you have a lovely lady in your life I do next month or Oprah and I'm does and I'm just wondering I do not. Obviously significant in my that shares any space of me but I'm just a bit I've but I know I know a lot of guys I've been through that all their their sad sordid tales. Like if you can not give that through your significant other. It can go the other way no I mean arguably you acids on saying like for guys it's a gym clothes it'll hit him honey. Oh while she hit my benefit and he's got to take it in stride it's like okay all right. Dario below beer belly here money they're you know you're chubby chaser our job but yeah a little fun like every guy knows he's got good aluminum shaped every older guy yeah that's right yeah and if the other way around though hundreds and you're you're done remembered it you're like you're lucky if you wake up the next morning you can't do that. Right. Well it's that group. Yeah about it later on you and your they're probably used that there's a few other. Gives you could give right well that that would embolden its deal will be the wheel the other ones the ones out front that they did okay and how sensitive you're white for grove Ontario. 67974. Because there won't want your job Mary Curtis you an idea OK so out of myself about the conversation but let's get let's educate Curtis a little okay that's. Ideas such as I. Sat around in her all the stories from all my married friends. Write a gap big slept on my couch before her reason I'd about her almost no sure I'd like. Mark and now Mike really. Rumor mill there are like. It if you just take it a step back and I thought about it is that I do until I'm just run by me once in awhile you have to go to sit it out loud we'll probably get my wife league gym membership. And are pretty you know and get her personal trainer yet its efforts are pretty bullet hole you spend money it's a nice gesture went on to live on a hundred years old to be healthy honey notes that Arafat where 120 pounds. It sounds that when a marriage you're saying I need to go to the gym would what are you trying to say tell me how what did you Seles saved my base you have to buy into the gym membership. Turns into a passive aggressive but I was awarded the whoa get that guy got a couple of mobile simply on it's X overnight some for we had. Bigger things again to. Fifteen minutes or he they are certainly took it gets that next here on 79 minutes ago. I had match. Fifteen minutes. Okay. And. Ten minutes is powered by Jimmy at 45 Fords a lot of technology jugular should be. As Jimmy customizations not a guarantee them the hottest four by four modifications in town dog champion for a by floods and it 65023446. From a champion for five full armed. Dot com Curtis Stephenson and Greg likens back with you here on your home of the 879. B the ticket and have. Your couple days off around the holidays. Miami heat's got a gift last night and now's the return of one has signed up all Whiteside the big man in the middle. Only eighteen minutes seven points and eight rebounds he was on his way for another big time double double put the best thing about last night. Greg was that they got a son back obviously. He played particularly well. And then they didn't need him late because they went on that big run and they could rest him so we got out he got a little bit of up. Almost like a practice game last night even though it counted and he got a much needed home victory against him until trouble over the past publicity. Right you pleasant surprise to see him return to say the least noon when you first of all you talk my year. Most talented player on the roster you're totally Ross highly compensated where on the roster missed eleven games. Erode during this stretch of missed out you don't countless number of other games prior to this with a similar injuries so. Getting him back on the court William kind of knock off the cobwebs and try to get. Into a team like rhythm this is really necessary I know we've talked about this last week Burris we're on together about. This being a stretch of the schedule which they need to take advantage of it. Well they're doing so while also overcoming injuries by. It's a welcome sight to see the likes of Goran Dragic. They're recovering and getting back from the elbow injury James Johnson tried to play on Saturday night in night court we had to be removed it after tweaked his ankle but they Whiteside back you're still missing. Waders and Winslow but you're getting more the troops back in to hopefully word great getting to a point where. For a longer period time who'd be able see this team with a its full complement of players. So that we can truly. Make a judgment on what this 201718. Season is going to be what the reasonable expectations are for the Miami Heat. With deputies said. Despite all these guys being on the lineup I pick the team MVP. Up this on the season may very well be Josh Richardson Josh Richardson has played phenomenal blast want to such a slow offensive start of the season he always brings it to principally. Oh my goodness I mean. Urged bosses said it well last night he said he's getting to the point and maybe stay here for granted babies and spoiled by it. He is expecting Josh urged him to go out on a nightly basis guard the other teams best player I get twenty points in official map. Mean Richardson to me is in the story of the season and largely because people have been injured but when you take a look at. Then giving him that contract Curtis I feel like a lot of people are really you're given Josh for an economic contract. Couldn't it and it'll brings up anymore the exact that when deals like doubters and nobody brings that up I want to call your paper this government Baghdad when you sign a guy early. And he's outperforming his contract like you still have him under contract went three plus seasons. Patty vary vary. If he gets already living raise like today's NB standard's web if he can play like this. I mean you would say you would say tag other 67 million on any age and you would say it's still a reasonable kind of counter for the contributions that he's given you so yes I mean it's. It's it's the contract is big deal until another caveat into why he's he might be the MVP here it is. The ball handling. Billy I want your point guard on the roster and warn running boards and out so that cannot be understated way when people talk about their turn overs well there's a big reason for all models turnovers as they don't have too many troop ball handlers. That's one thing where he's really worked on his game. And he's done a really nice job of that so I would not overlook that opt I would. Say yes Josh verges and right now Utley whose second is when Alex and is red behind him right I think he he has come computes and is added that. When they've needed a big shot whether it's to test whether it's an everywhere qualified big shot I do know a bunch of ways. Whether a team is on the other teams on a big Ron. And you need to stop the bleeding or you need to take the lead or shock clock winding down. All those things times Wayne Ellington seams of the ball as it is not their best player. But for for the for the first couple months of the season. Wayne Ellington has probably made the biggest shot some of anybody. On the team all the value look at total offense defense having us yes or industrious and went Ellington the guy that. It's just in that is that is really had a good game last night. All these games he's a big part of what they wanna do yes some games you'll know drop a two for eleven on your paintings and he just doesn't look good but more often than not. When other teams made a bit made a run a war they need to hit a shot late in the shot clock he's been that guy man he really had. It's and you know the nice thing about this stretch in which have battled the injuries is that. Richardson's gone back on track Tyler Johnson has played much better basketball all around and been more efficient offensively. It seems have a better feel for his role in Minnesota new. Look lineup today and you know they've got a really nice problem on their hands now Chris when you get Hassan Whiteside back in suddenly bam out of bio is playing. Minutes that we never anticipated in quite this early in his career and he's being a solid contributor with Kelly a limit to mean they've got a power rotation that suddenly has. Many more options and perhaps we'd anticipate. Lilly Allan -- about that that's great point. Some of it will be determined by who were there Klein and so some of the match of sort of predetermined but I like to set the tone. So I like to say hey you adjust to me right not I'm limited just to you. I love polemic. And Whiteside and starting lineup first time they've done that since opening night against Orlando ran everything that's growing. Put some that was the match of Orlando went big. I like that. I will roll that because a clinic yes he's a big Bly. He's not gonna clog the lane he can flow we know we hit three G into a lot of their I like that. What do you think. Our love it too because every day complement each other so well with the guys track stings styles right in offered to skill sets espresso offense. Because got a guy analytic whom complain senator if you need him to breeding dog in knock down a three he can set guys up with his ball handling. And then you have a nice inside outside threat so it's not like you just have. Whiteside. Roman around the middle another big guy and neither of them could do anything in terms of their outside shooting and that that provides so much more versatility. Offensively. And options on that side of the floor. Good play I think high low and if they want to. The other that'll come with time. Put the build the biggest reason why there today they have the ability that they could do that and Spoelstra has that luxury is now you you mentioned vamp. Now you know what band can give you off the bench right so bad you could say OK bam your first big off the pine. Where we're gonna do your work can't figure out you out. Sixteen to nineteen minutes a game depending on foul trouble and need. We know that you could do that. So they can bring him off the bench it's not like well. We jackets are Kelly because that what Amazon gets in foul trouble and then we don't have any other guy off the bench and then we don't have we can't bring a little about the bench. You comfortable having me am off are coming off an off the bench and having him provide that role. I think it's great I do think when this team itself the ball when it's going to be it's just going to be a whole lot better afford that's why would you could just bank some of these wins. And if you can be 45 games over 500. Wind you get all these guys back in your get your full ten man rotation back then it's like OK let's go up there really ball here's who we got. Writing in when you bring up that I think it's a really good point. And tell Leo but it now isn't just kind of high passes the back of center you can utilized his versatility right yes it and that's his because of rams emergence of these are you yeah it's taken play golf for a five minute series serviceable itself as you like romance religious right we gotta we gotta rotation or point four on five he gets in there and he can old result but that's what it was a billion a year yes. We didn't know when I hope five minutes stretches we'll see what he can do. Now you've you've dropped him out to Tony mr. beat you in your fine right now this maybe unrealistic either we may not see everybody healthier ones right so. Well that yeah yeah unrealistic but assuming James Johnson. And Dion Waiters. And the justice was all come back at some point aren't Tom on Magruder and a car away with so I'll just lose those deaths assuming that's the case Curtis I don't know. How you Carmel minutes for justice once. And it just look at on the surface because if you got if you got a limit. And Hassan Whiteside starting and then you you've got James Johnson coming off the bench and Josh Richardson is going as well as he is that you bring Tyler Johnson off the bench. Mean Winslow could play here there averages mentioning Ellington and I think it's going to be a difficult scenario for Erik Spoelstra assuming everybody is healthy and available. To find minutes for justice Winslow. Are significant I got a problem that. I did probably there's just brings a new and only got a text you're here talking about the drafts. Options and us you know you criticized we Arctic ruin rightfully so in the dolphins mismanagement with that pay in that's not the only one. There are many countless examples of embryo affected. You've got justice Winslow were you so instead of you know. Potential military Booker to browse turner at ES there as well I I totally agree I think justice is okay. I'm not rated give up on him but if we're just isn't enough to earn those minutes. Now that he hasn't before but they've got to add any patent. Had anybody better than him now they have more options wanting about justices he can put multiple positions. So it's not like you know he just is gonna come in for one guy and that's it put yeah justice I mean. He's going to have to earner is gonna have to prove it here meal that's yeah they would just is now we certainly get these injuries. Were the result is a terrible confluence of events during. Right it's one thing to say hey I'm healthy I'm available I do a lot of things really well but I am so worked on my shot. Still working on consistently hitting open jump shot it's one thing for that to be the problem what have you then throw in the injuries he ticket the court time. They can't get out there then that really complicates Matt bush. Yeah does because that's the one thing when you play young guys the ones that you should expect out of them is games played and you can live without anything else regular with OK you're not you know you do have the basketball excuse not very good or you're not very strong right now. War you know the experience you don't have as part of your game the ball really jump to whatever it is. What do you expect those guys those guys to show opened play every night right then and we are back fed that's raw. Now and again. I know big justice wins those Ghana is pretty hot sports talk radio topic for awhile now. And for as much as we can look back in hindsight and say hey they should call Booker who should go turner or wherever else you like better. At that time. Nobody likes. Anybody better than just Wetzel at that spot in the two or not assume justice was it was going to be higher drag it go earlier in the first. This data and so we wouldn't I wouldn't frozen no brainer right Mickey. If you're looking for a shooter if you and if a definite need for shooter may Booker with a guy like I'll go one further here if that was true. And I know reasonably was the package to sell to Crawford didn't. Please for the effort Devin Booker or any other guy. That. We'll talk about a deal that's true Kazaa a would have said chew up knowledge then but for years to come right. Yes if I don't I would have packed it those rumors are true then wolves 41 topics. Supposedly. That's still seems a bit access doesn't. All those exits and that was shrewd and yet you regret that at the same time if you're double player to player. Well yeah there were no trade possibly try this that's the wallet Devin Booker okay all right fine. But because of what a Dell book we're turning into a monster and he just got back to adopt would drop 32 last night I mean it was like he had been -- I have now the scoring -- really great play against and it helps that he's their entire -- -- today TJ warns the chips in here environmental ago I was very good that nobody else in the bottle vaults whom he has every opportunity to succeed like the better version of Dion Waiters hotel waiters are supposed to be coming out couch. Well and that's a whole other topic these steel waiter strenuous you always play every single game as as a college and in the pro yes. Probe maybe not as most I watched him significantly slowed the Republic of Iran that's what he was trying to that's what the who's built to be coming out yeah. Etc. that just fill up. Deal waiters as far as his body type and everything in not to you know suddenly make everybody a separate news coming house was related Dwyane Wade the with a better jumps. Rental smaller little slower compensate because he had the he had we have explosiveness steadily Pia and ability to get his own shot anywhere on the floor he still has that ability just a little too inconsistent. My concern now is that we see. No hitters I would another ankle injury. And then we suited the headlines from local newspaper writers saying to Dion Waiters. Will eventually have to have surgery on this ankle but he knock on the door during the season because he's gonna come back at some point and not say he should have the surgery. What is this is justice conundrum that popped up from last offseason when he should've had a surgery to get it fixed. And I don't blame him for not doing it. But you know he's not getting hit the big free agent money if he doesn't get if he gets the ankle surgery because he's not available. And it's just this problem that I think is gonna continue to linger through the heat as far as his availability. And his effectiveness. Now that immunity U if you want to make a trade down the line right zip part of that so you mentioned that as your delegates in going away will want to what's his deal. What gives it its competition coming up God's natural on and on fifteen minutes he were here it is on the other side 679 some 467974. That's a regional growth resolve on attacks on Curtis Stinson Greg likens with you here on a cell Wednesday afternoon we got a couple more hours to go to go until 430. We got to know more mark bowl game covered right here on 79 minutes ago. It's a red light in this. I haven't filled fourth earning over everybody is having a great holiday week. Given right here on 790 the ticket we got to. It's got to bounce it around we're all doing our parts were like little elves around here just are running around doing our part for the for the big guys so. These and LeRoy are doing the morning shows they're Manning the morning in for is as a Romberg and amber. Usually Toby and LeRoy B star in this the. Times spot slot were we're working it today and tomorrow we gets the ball activity during the there and afternoons I'll be back at 5 o'clock tomorrow. Gawking radio tomorrow working out we backed hello Friday. Saturday. We got a huge gallery a station. My Sotheby's will be out at the the Orange Bowl as well. You young Greg and Zach port to be out there following us yes we got like six hours aboard war coverage we do leading up to a game. So low we got solid stuff on draw kind of bounce around here we're gonna take you little 430 in the we got the new air and tribal. We do we have new era pinstripe bowl featuring Iowa and Boston College. That is one of that that's one of the cool ball games. Is that lady Yankee Stadium audits yes that's one of those where it's like all these games would you like to go and seek New York City. In the holiday season at Yankee Stadium. Does not too bad. Let's not do about it whatsoever. Normally its nose and a game. Yes yes which yeah which as long beyond Somalia as a holiday feel deaths due to that old now efforts in southern miss. Shreveport Louisiana at the walk ons and the tennis ball doesn't have the same double click cash bio Regis realize and figure this out would walk ons it's because walk ons I just sincere before and I didn't know because Florida State struggled so mightily to make the bowl game if they reduced. All Leo play a walk ons in this game right or what but it's actually it's a restaurant. It's is sponsoring this its local Louisiana sports Borussia yes the united it's obese euros and a BI ST RO BI STR. He pay you X sync or at least through Louisiana fields who writes a book. I just looking out so spicy disliking an agent we just learned that a lot she will be adds in their commercial break of the Florida sits on the well in which by the way after his use of thirteen to six or does not driving or driving. And note you updated on that call you on degenerates or dribble pull up their below QB update on scores. Do you know what it was what when the change their years ago what the what the sponsor was two of you remember this when I know. You know it was with the cadets Aldridge in order anyway now I know I know. But can we are you going to test and I you voted okay yeah it was the duck commander correct there was the duck commander. Indefensible so oh. This liquid South Carolina. They would did you guys who ducked dynasty yes that's true spotted the ball and related to call. Whatever the doctor meg yeah there were selling some duck I'm not hotter it got and that's all that's where they're from. Right from Orton obviously that months adult with a duck I don't know what it wasn't there was something or selling whenever watch that show I know the guy sigh and all all the characters they make all their money because Mohamed was there cause object that's presumably so I that's kind of in their company pays that's our company. So like I went to pick up my media credential there. And it was just one of the guys on the show. And it was just his big bearded face with the cover aren't a credential other credential for media. I go for the duck commander bowl what does the bearded. Talk guy from duct dynasty and a half time the guys they did the guys came out they waived that everything back so. I'm guessing. The opening rate to sponsor the independence ball isn't in the is it in the high seven figures that's my guess. Riley is some gets it can be had for you know about an abominable amount that's on Tulsa this is the assumption is that. The sponsorship rights for this particular bowl or not through the room in terms like this yes also walked bonds. Can easily afford to put underneath me on the independent right considered walk ons. Is not really no doubt about it or Louisiana registered out. Yes there they have seven locations in the greater the greater Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana area that's pretty much. So that's what that's org all web. What what does that way if for whatever reason of the Florida schools this year in some strange named bull games of the cherub on the heart cherry. Spoke noble write them for you for you to ask. You destroyed right now I mean he's cover. Does doesn't let it frighten our guys last. The easy covers averages and run an easy coveralls are rocking chair to 122 points that won't well more than that. And then FRU was in some -- -- they have the bad boy mowers I desperately double 1000000. Those bad bad scene right there that are out some would do it and it wasn't meant Jesse had that many at the walk goes wolf for Florida State release might resist in the normal capital more Capital One reds got some class two dollar we're accustomed to that and that's what is your wallet longevity to it in times of the naming right Jennifer Garner as a spokesperson as opposed some of these other places like if you're doing all right for yourself you're you're at high register Greg there I did like Wear and FY you in the bill look to that game I mean football team aside. The fact they had a long more rates between the two teams as part of the festivities. Prior to that game. I mean that's that's when you know you've got a best of madness you know we. Haven't done your license to every year we haven't done this and now that we can do we do today but just a discouraged parliament. All the gifts that they give the kids. Right where it did its swagger they get right now I Roanoke College kids get. You know they get that we use and abuse and all this stuff and for the highest dollar and eyes better. But they actually get some pretty good swagger as far as give sort of turn from it like playstations or stuff like that. So that was tablet this coming year somebody always does like the top that's. A bowl gives every time zone that whatever it is like you know I think it can't be more than 500 bucks is on whenever and you know. De Beers MVP MP3 players on you know what hot ticket tablets now right and all outside but that's that I'm sure that our will be float around. Pulled around somewhere 67 I support would ask you this that's an original quote resolve on attacks I got a lot of heat texture and we got such aggregates and he's got play its honest around her toward doing. But the waiters thing quickly and do you think. Like a mile he's played he has it looked. Like he's on a bomb ankle. The brand new mobile memory that was started the year dollars he's angle surging these angles or I never looked at him as a guy that looked. That. Looked hurt is always wobble or impaired. Just like I looked at the guy that's streaky. How did you view that today the do you we are same like I understand might need it. Bush here and look like he was hurting because of maybe I'm wrong maybe just gutting it out up that's all perhaps remembered some of the. Games which I think he's users an excuse to me it's more than nieces and in consist right that's why were you shocked and for whatever reason I mean I give him credit for this he has his uncanny ability to come through. In the clutch and last five minutes of the game we need a big shot PC that's when anybody gets it done and go but as heads of value there but in terms of the 48 minute ball game. And him making the right decisions taking Smart shots and you know not made no way enough ball on the side nose of the stuff. Wherever he's he's been very erratic enemies shooting less than 40% from the field and just over 30% from three point range but he's not shy about. What now shot attempts and that that's where. You got issues when it comes Dion Waiters is just. From a consistency standpoint there's certain nights he looks at the best player on the floor and then he'll come back with no one for eleven shooting. Perform well outing of his leg and ankle I'm not saying what the doctors say I'm music from my eyeball. Watching him play and watch him play last year and even discovers will be yours only but that's how we look here's a look like he's hobbled. Now obviously maybe this thing just gave out on a meteor moon and he's it's not gonna look any better or he's not to look any better move for obvious thing for all the talk of all he could've got ankle surgery in the off season. And watching them play for the first forty games in the year ago. Looks okay it may. I don't it let's play with a lot of pain and hasn't seen to a hampered him enemies Ellie gets changed his style right line at the same and consistent guy right I'm with you it is hasn't seemed like. There have been major issues and that was all they always sitting on the surgeries and and on this and I'm like okay well I've watched them play Celtic missing got it right. It's still loses I'll just curious that I don't think. Big picture. He's done either surgery at some more so right they've got to decide whether he should just get it out away now what appears in the long term plans which. That's certainly debatable because he's one of these guys in the big contracts that they could hypothetically move for a superstars somewhere that wants to get out of town. I saw I don't know what they wanted to have the better off having him come back and just deal with it for the rest of the season they get it done in the offseason where they should just get it done now. I think that we back. Whatever our lawyer takes him maybe that's just next season I don't know. But it they've got to figure this out because we can't just keep hearing this is an excuse to deal what is the ball make who has some point he needs surgery. It's never great time but you gotta figure when the right time. Well it's right time for a super brave combat global of the 3 o'clock hour that you all reports say several friends. That's your team was on the move we'll tell you how you you did in the a walk on independence ball right there well an update on apples with two the headlines plus. The worst thing you could possibly call be called by a teammate and it's not a nickel sort of that story next Johnson and on the ticket. On 79. Turns its alongside Greg likable good tools headlines in just a moment we just to date on everything that's not going on. This trio is. Invite and encourage a text messages 67974. Always been neglecting the tax on the crossroads on -- tax and I take full responsibility for that Billy gets applause whose tax all right so now and it's only it's been too outdated or anything new system for got to get to we went with the holiday stuff that we of the dolphins stuff in the witty stuff. And and everything in between. I. Sir I contend I had the most boring used gift. In the history of gift giving over the holidays. And we got into what not to give me your Sydney significant other what are some food signs. For gift giving crisis so we had at least one over taxes who said Dave I'm guessing. The reason our text to brought this up as these are tech series and a very active person but it's a big day he got. Worked out gear and my work out shorts and shoes and shirts and stuff he says should that be assigned to my wife wants me to lose some what. And I think it's very obvious and that's exactly what your wife is due a that I don't think there's there's like there's much code there overtime did you if you flip it around. Well you hear a guy when you got your wife would ultimately does not get your wife without her getting upset right yeah we got a couple of these don't you can't give her appliances. It's important that goes volatile I would just you have no fought what you like you you were putting thought into India. What is I think did most of the time oysters in your living with a person two you know that's very sexy getting her you know now it's like getting her a blender you're getting our forward dehydrated are getting appliances it's like Pro Bowl would be. So let's let a special gift horror. You are new posters are when you're the one reads all the toasts and all that so I've that's still that summary sex the night and they don't care how long you've been together it's a very self serve my short sure you're both on your deathbed you're getting getting a woman and appliances that isn't a very. Very thoughtful I don't right. From may be the single guy in his thirties armed to sign him. Unless there's something this BC specifically wants but otherwise yeah okay but then. You got a two year old something else on the side right there video we know you gotta side or another guest in their summer there's a I guess this at all you know well yeah I got two new crock pot that's knocking out. Walden have pat Madden and here's the thing it's the first depending on you should know weaknesses or significant other. Don't general like a crock pot or. Or like some new respond Jews or somebody musicians give bill what you need me to cook more for you to wash the disciplinary like get all the sudden it's like your transformer back into like the nineteen different reason like you've got these roles in the house said. Just don't fly into now well. Look what happened on those I stumble across. Through through buddy of mine was any water some cookbooks. War or as a coach it was that an electric bill that got cooking seminar cooking lesson counties. So all Tuesday I don't know how to cook feel like my heat from both angles he got it from the angle of all you so you don't like my cooking right. And then all. You'll meet cook more because she thought she'd like she thought she cooked enough anyway whatever was for Fridays we can you know she got a job to which is reasonable or otherwise so she was like payola Nickelodeon MB human do more. So elect either one you kind of got he kind of boxed in on non on now we'll get to load of similarities that book text here 67974. Plus the landing Collins comments did you hear I. Saw the headline. And I said there's no way guy exodus about a teammate. Directly. And just tells you how big a cesspool it is. In New York with the giants he died digitally till yet they're seasonal worth you have the dolphins ran right now man there's been a disappointing year. Giants have been through pretty much show almost is almost as bad it's early the record and deflected out before it's all that lets first get to 3 o'clock head guy. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. Jeremiah. We'll start with college football where there are four more bowl teams taking place today beginning with a walk on its Independence Bowl featuring Florida State. And southern ms. stand right now lastly soccer's a dead Deion Sanders on its own as you would say it's sixteen to six you know armored as a the dvds go grass right right and Willie Taggart. That's but you gotta love he's in there in Louisiana it's not sunny at all he's wearing sunglasses brother and that's primetime for Eric and as a ground yeah. There are three administered on the second quarter and it is sixteen to six Florida State leading some crazy primetime in as they. Coaching college he strikes me as one of these great player like a Michael Jordan Hecht and it may not the most memorable one of these guys that are so great at their specific craft. That they don't have any patience for guys who can't do what is will's well specially 1819 year old kids right I think every difficult I mean really you could reform message and do it. Bonds and really got a phone network and it was going to be left the run out of people over there for a variety of reasons to I don't. Didn't know etc. they're covered glass or exits in their bare bones for Michael are we do it every shift over there or by people. And it isn't without his so yeah poster patrols guys think as Michael Griffin called our what does that say coach record breaking down every single game over there. As I did see that Kurt Warner and like he's like a lot of kids between accusing years what Brendan has and they've they've also he's got a Brady Bunch right eBay also. Tests have gone out and they've been very nice and take you and some other kids their own of that art bearers right and we got a huge family and I saw they had the entire family. On an a on the work on their awareness to magellan's they were yeah yeah I was so against these are grown men. Which is weird I guess what does he was the revised its its its got as a starting five for basketball team they're all grown up but as our allies okay 66. As you Johnson might be the odds of his minutes back yes to your post we're we will QB. Posted throughout the rest of the show was speaking of the rest this show were and so forth thirty. And at 515 of port thirties or in the covers part of teens acute between Iowa Boston College. The new era pinstripe bowl later tonight Arizona Purdue me in the Foster pars all in Texas. Faces Missouri in the academy sports and our doors taxes bull. From college so the pros with the dolphins returned to practice today is they're preparing for their season finale against the bills on Sunday the team. Did announce its award winners of the 2017 campaign including Donna consume being named the team's MVP cam wake during the Don Shula leadership award. Mike Powell to be Ed block courage awarding Kenny stills was honored. For his community service and roster news the dolphins placed receiver Lee uptick rule on the non football injury listen to parents tackle Vince is tailoring injured reserve. And promoted receiver Shaun Scott and defensive tackle Gabe right from the practice one of the 53 men are. Oster in those are your head so let this worthless. So robberies took on what do we lose latest halftime better somebody who's got nearly allows him it was it was a a pumping me for information on why the effigy levels plummeting. And then all of a sudden he just he just takes office it is usually relief this series just I. I'm adding I'm Ivo it's halftime on a lot of guys thoughts on that aren't that it takes a told rattled southern missile they they're down to and so maybe he thought ouster of 02000 though my daughters who I don't know science. Thousands here all the time. Absolves the holidays are here and lots allow lives using the radio media many shaking his head yes holidays her we're good. Say what you love though blouse and loves that he'd love when guys old guys out. He loves when there is where there's male soap opera drama and that's is going on the giants' locker now. You know I hate right now. Is this the headlines is pumped up that Lily Collins apologized right there is an update to judge is about the play is now I apologize why don't care about he meant this. This is an eight point seven. ESPN. New York. Yesterday he's asked about Eli apple quarterback out there secondary is gone and here's the Pro Bowl safety Atlantic Collins had to say on the dollar radio in New York. Built into more than a one caller ID these could grow and Yahoo! that is how VW don't the president OK got out sector group. Besides that the two guys they are as you know check every a lot of those two guys they are in love Hewitt beat duke. Those efforts to account that we don't read. He's a captain. So he's talking about the secondary Dominique Rodgers Marty and George Zheng of the other guys who's going is called jagr and those two guys scored. Eli apple the first round pick from two years ago to eighteen months ago actually. A house they adopted Dick go to cancer. Cancer cancer now. From operatives on the tracks so I don't know. The answer might be Dorsey called guide the team in locker. That's pretty dharma. Right yeah I mean you go to bat likes to talk about it teammate. Has answered to me is the worst thing you could say about a guy. Like other than what he's scared. Right you call guys from certain things. Right now we're within the football lexicon that culture right yes this is a guy scared the out there right right isn't it I heard you know like you. Yet these are believed you we wish you almost everybody views are imagination a little thing and here again bright. John you listening of that anyway so. But the cause guy at cancer. The cancer encompasses a lot different things and not be selfish. He's you know he's all on himself he he's. He's a bad teammate. On the play our way. Cancer is about as bad as it did so well in the agency. Or are two guys that have been suspended by the team. This season. Right they both missed time because they were violating team rules dummy runs Marty George Jenkins. Each were suspended by the team at some point this is Milan called school though when he's told them they're if they're good now the draw there. So the guy hasn't been suspended Mary hasn't played very well Mary as a play very much is Eli apple but he's the cancer. Lets you know things are really bad minus seats and get to the guys he's describing is cool way right movement suspended for various reasons the other guys the chance book holdings a player. Top eight lapels suck this year. Right guys that's one. And and the public I don't follow those of I just know when your if you Apple's ball he never would've said that but when you stink on the field. Every other thing off the field is going to get magnified. In May McDonald's is going to another Pro Bowl and guys stuck back there so we're gonna side with the the giants. Right blow you don't aside sideways and it is the same time how we can talk more about bug bit history reveal I apple by. You knew there was I had a bad feeling about Eli apple. When his mom sort of you know all the pub around the draft aidid to write to me if his mom was looking to be a star reporter Ronnie ESPN right away regiment on game day are all outside of my now. I'd send your deal with a pregame show on Sunday in this studio I look company ESPN and she's in throwing a package that she did interviewing some other players. Morrow and I don't know what good is he still does that any apple Boca it's all thinking oh my gosh I if his loves a good role as publicity. And then he's going to be playing in the largest media market our country this is not a good common. Don't pursue if you don't play well so let icons has tweet it out there a apology moments ago here's why don't believe it all what's your read it but then I'll tell you why don't look at it is over so I read it's I'm really read it and reading it here I met with coats bags. And either I this morning I apologize for the things I said yesterday. I never sub supporting my brother size teammate Eli. For a promising asylum manic and the rest of my teammates as we move forward Mike sorry a minute modest. Does want him to know I'm always here for him. That he uses the most 100% at Eli apple thirteen. So my first stretch was I dollars of eliminating as well unlike is that because that's what it's come to like Steve Spagnuolo is serving easier brake coach though I got checked with the zero milligrams regular marriages run everything by him. Before we do and I did you look for again as a personal record. Okay you met with the leader of the of the team any time any and that was it women. My brother says to me Eli OK notice that occurs reveal apple. Here's the thing like it's not like land ecologists came out and apologize but he could've just said. Listen I got a couple of moment I should the sale and I said I got my guys back and said he goes I had to meet with my coach. And my teammate and then I realized something was like he's basically telling us they told me I needed to apologize so I'm apologize. But this doesn't seem sincere to me turn now. And now like I got called and gotten trouble where it's like you can publicly grade school when kids get in trouble. And you would ask the kid like hey did you use of the wrong I don't think it's not a doing wrong it's a well if you don't apologize. You're gonna remain grounded you remain suspended whatever my beard. Okay I'm apologizing because somebody told me I had to apologize to remove clothes the way that he tweeted out that she's apologizing and actually apologize in the twin hole. Right and now more mind blown the giants have to realize on their team. I just forget about it they'll ask you guys in the NFL they have to oval at school to to reduce the in the Eli. Yeah that's me is just amazing and it's all right you wanna you talk about a cesspool that is the New York giant football. That you love golf it's not a bad. That's I think if you're off injures like you know. The browns are like called my beer. The browns are right and desire to Baghdad today come on man at the same time. It would be kind of fun I know we we rim really no way of regulating mr. determining but if you take like the problems of add New York the problems and adding Cleveland. So the other dysfunctional organizations in the week. And it put them up with some of the dysfunctional things that happen. With the dolphins I mean. The dolphins to spread by that won six games so lets you know what. For more than the giants and six more than what the browns have won so far this year. But Curtis let's be honest like how many teams have had their biggest free agent acquisition that to go offseason just going you'll for a game. And not show up and that we hear reports after the fact to back his old team was paying out little team. Mean that's results are right and then to have the hit me at the top it all off the assistant coach snoring a white. Out mom I'm home I'm not trying to demean and diminish any of that amount and I'm not but you know what I always say winning is the ultimate deodorant. And at all the dumb enough winning that it cannot supersede some of that stuff. All right what were saying light by comparison to run the mess yesterday after prayers to the giants and browns don't mess with the goods and overcome all these things. Based and they do. All the mothers of leg of the dolphins are two and whatever that they'd be on the giants in the browser area who was here fifteen easier or two and swallow your assistants they're too and thirteen to this right this is not. I have one quick update barb barber of the few days who have Glenn McCullough has been named the winner of the George young good guy award. By the time acceptable pro football writers of America disorderly Jim Allen to honor to a skinny on our player. Foot consistent for the consistent and often recovery corporation. Would the writers so he did the right answer anyone or for. You go they weren't gonna give us Tillman anyway no Bob issues on the radio it's an act as a cancer and I give chase a vote. I mean a list of well. Some attacks in soft is the worst salt was pretty bad you possibly saw soft softer scared restaurants and timid yet another word games on the radio via but like. Like cancer do you say that has cancer. Well. It's there's so many different ways you can read into that and that's really act cool let kids an idea of any thing. Yet they ought to guzzle soft. Well let's talk for much of an idol I only gets worse and can't drag well against cancer yeah it does even around the office as cancer yep it's. Me it's like to see insinuation there's like if the guy is soft and it's like that's his problem yet effects are as the team we can put somebody else in their. But it if you insinuate. We're just what I call a guy a cancer then you're saying the all the bad stuff he does spread stepped on west's assets of cancer is back. But you can't fix cancer in the locker. Somebody Texas is our Eli Rogers Lara was another Eli and are we got three Eli some more acute you are wrestling for the Steelers withdrawn from the football a little bit. Yeah this attacks blew my mind and today you Miller coats bags and Eli Manning I don't like comets and that is Eli is Eli already moved into his new role with the team like you know it forget about playing quarterback Nate season is gonna have you real like the the honorary your coach is doing with them mediation where we have bad stuff on among the C I'd. The other dolphins we wait we got off we go a loss off off our chest here will we came on around to a holocaust memorial 1 o'clock wanted to use flying by here. Agree with you till 430. But we about some of the dolphins over just as far as. The offseason everybody's doing the reflection on the too down seventeen season. I everybody we've put out of their misery they just extended about three and half hours. Trying to supposed to be done around 430 now things are gonna start tomorrow 430 Sunday so just we extended it a little bit longer. Led by about 8 o'clock Sunday night. It's gonna be over with. But then it's how you fix it and where do you go from here we got some thoughts on delegates that come and appear on the other side also it's more your text messages 6797 forcibly takes and like in the Curtis are receiving this text yes we are so whatever else you got for a set it on an hour good to go I just wondering that too lazy to type B a response back to it but you're gonna know I Greg but. You know. Regarded it too much you're on the holidays were destroyed fifth we're you know we're not we're out of we're we're in order sharp contrast to perk perk responds ever. That it looks at me like I come just a moment he bagged for not you know responding with a guy you know. Well the log UniCredit rally about this fantasy football team earlier on those Robin Hollywood. Even though I couldn't you know I got girly to. The last couple weeks he was it was a big win another hole where one won a bunch of money in their and their friends are football leagues and and that's the end of also popular because of gambling. That's let's that's the one thing that's the reason for the season right there regarding the the NFL will go magnate to Bob plus. Halftime in Shreveport Louisiana yes you feel when you've been waiting years to hear that phrase on the radio we'll get to the F issue score coming up right here on 790 the ticket. Back here on the ticket. Courtesy resentment and Greg likens allows in his front of the entire operation we got about an hour ago they given no 430. So that our coverage of the new era pinstripe bowl which is Iowa. The Boston College little Big Ten verses they see seeing. Too hard no lose teams. In and now one in Yankee Stadium with billion Texas. Poll which which features text which features Texas that's their play in Missouri so. All season is in full swing 41. Bowl gains of you account via the celebration bowl forty. Bowl games in total when it's all said and done a load of division one schools are FBS schools should say. Oh culminates when you got all the NFL games on Sunday we're just talking about the salute during the break. I I mean I mean I knew it but I didn't really realize because I'm sort of in like a an hour by hour moat around the holidays. Oh they were right at the now oriented Lowrie and a close ally today by the promises or remain. But Sunday's Christmas Eve. Urgent New Year's Eve right. And New Year's Day is Monday. So yeah your push in that that game back if you got New Year's plan would put the ball and he's back. Do you like the NFL did all of a sudden there's no sun and I game. We seventeen schedules always a little bit. Weird there's no more Thursday games is over Monday Night Football. Then about the says there was gonna play the same time. Or 1 or 4 o'clock in the just get it all worth. Right so the initiative five games from one of 425. So that all five games with AFC playoff implications will be played the same time a four point plot which I understand what they wanna do. They don't want somebody to play at one. And win or lose. To affect somebody that's playing for right and suddenly at 4 o'clock you've got them this DR team deciding OK round and require backup quarterback and down. There's some league the big games and have as much meaning and and it's very obvious based on the decisions may by the coaching staff reviewers such. And for the for the the fans that's not fair. IDF troops trying tool for. Right at the same time in all ports of call it it's I think it's the right thing to do play all the games the same time so that. You don't know the outcome before hand so that everybody's playing. A level playing field so to speak. At same time though I don't know whether or not doing that don't wanna clocked in four point five considering today. Because it's. New Year's Eve and soul I don't know Curtis when you get your New Year's Eve. Festivities and celebrations started but you a dishonor I'm doing that gets started Earl from what I've heard her start at 435 that I guys like it's an it's an all day all we kind of paying with few facts but I guess the concern now is that. You know for the dolphins game of fort thwarted by entered their home finale. How many people are gonna go to our rock stadium. And then leave and get home for their New Year's plans rather than saying okay well it's a six in nineteen we don't care anymore which is not go to the game its own rate. New Jersey or certainly John Harbaugh is concerned the ravens head coach this is his quote. By yesterday said quote I don't think Vienna filled that has any favors by moving your back. But they don't care about us so we just have to care about herself Swedes take Carol business that goes for team for a Franzen for city. Let's to win a football game in court. Interstate so I didn't realize there resists growing tension between John Harbaugh and the league for him to say they don't care about us I mean that was an odd common. It is your. Any coach call up the league in that in that sense. What do you thinkers have been no I don't swear words is hostility comes from. Where is gonna daylight and having their their prime position by the way the ravens shouldn't be complaining about anything because the way their schedule was structured. The last three games this season they play the browns the colts are gonna finish with the Bengals they're the easiest part for many straight the schedule of final three weeks of the season Freddy's playoff contenders creative slot. Isn't at its young you have 7:1 o'clock games he of 94425. Games. Now we'd never seen them before in my life usually it's the other way around it it's lopsided one widows of tunnel 1 o'clock games right and you have to an LA is that you know prime time and you know yeah they have no Thursday's you know Saturdays this week and you know Monday's like everybody's playing until like he also. Mean essentially it's for TV so that you can't just have a bunch of 1 o'clock games and have 2 or 3:4 o'clock games right so you got you got to divvy it up but they they they do you know that laid all the 4 o'clock games up there. And then they eliminated the Sunday night game. Like I think that's the you know what. What we're listings for the NFL because the animals have a lot of problems right now this is that I would be calendar may be. These are Christmas in Iraq and they knew I hear that database you can control the negative but I didn't. Like I like to back double game being played Sunday night the plate that's for something in Seoul put if you but these are game on the schedule. That really means something. No matter what the previous. Like I've done all the playoff scenarios but units receiving. Leggett yet Panthers falcons. Depending on like that it would still mean something to both of those teams. Since then nobody in that did no bid no game that was the that was untouchable so to speak. Does it matter what happens with a all the other games so and so and so on so. It's still going to matters let's put that our prime time and Sosa and like NBC Mason got ripped off for a football game right so they've basically door are doing no game at all. This week I don't know it just with a counting your right images he some of these crowds for New Year's. College football I I went to. The the bill is bill Hancock. Who's in charge of the how to a playoff coming in and win with a large ball was in the rotation and they are awarded the semi final games and other international it was a good idea luncheon. And all like a lot of the media members were invited. And those are a couple of them and as release this and I went to free lunch and I had a lot of people there I had a lot of Ashley would like to see him. So in Lulu good launch so. He talked about this is like three years ago four years ago 33 years right before they start to volumes on New Year's night is that all we will all New Year's. We will New Year's. Ailes at all it's on the it's on the good and then like he did that for the first w.s in the ratings came out there were awful like nobody won nobody wanted to go out on New Year's WC two and watch. Nine hours of football on New Year's Eve right soul like Iran so we just didn't work. Like the NBA for Christmas. The with the NBA did they own Christmas for the most part put all the side in the NFL came in and even like a shady game like the Steelers Texans. Dave I know for the NBA didn't. MBA pushed their best game. Out of prime time right. As doctor music not directly compete against the NFL so as much so I'd like to go in its length to 530 and probably about. The Celtics wizard wizards rights of the Democrats and that's the reason why warriors facility it would go against even a shady NFL games. So as original Tug of the NFL's losing viewers and and people. They have such a huge rating anyway. There's still light years ahead all you leagues. But getting back to that pace that they wanted to own New Year's Eve a couple of semi finals and it flopped. Seoul. I don't idols I don't see you like to having New Year's Eve games. No matter what the game is if it's the NFL cultural playoffs I don't think you're gonna win that war. No I don't think so either BZ got all these people who have other plants and models plans on involve them stay home. Even if they are staying home Curtis. If they've got out of group of people there. And armor is sports ran their I'll watch in the ballgame recess what it was evident by the culpable play up. Writers actually sold at the long day of football to begin with I mean even the let Christmas Eve they get it right then the Hawaii Bowl that pretty much right. And then I shut it down they they really do and third for the people who do decide to hang around and not watch Ryan Seacrest story in his others. Live shows from. Times Square and watch the ball drop and you can watch your football you to sportsmen. Like Robbie I'm sure love or money on that game and Soto and will be tuning in. But other than that Curtis I'd do they did it it's an interesting dilemma for the NFL wished that he really have no choice but to faced. They get out of the primetime game which are these Smart move those port 25 games I think in some of these. Markets the fans have a real. Question their tasks themselves. For those who were just gonna buy individual game tickets it's like OK maybe I don't decide to go for those who season tickets. But like you your dolphins fan and your hosting that team are right stayed on this can be dreadful summer I mean who's gonna old go to that even try you look at some of the other 425 games we've Baltimore is hosting a game in which they can clinch a playoff spot so I think there will be. Some implications there are some reason to go to the game jaguars are at the titans titans have some little play foursome Tennessee fans. She joked about the chargers and raiders that's a a team with a chargers have someone to play for some people to go to that. But like here in Miami. I due to ocean watched Asus in nineteen probably lose to buffalo not awful that's terrible could make a pleasant for census 1999 press terrible idea that. Or would you rather. Goal all the way to the stadium whether it whether it's a long drive for your not. And then get out of there by 8 o'clock and then go to New Year's party or get home to celebrate New Year's rather just watch the game vermonters rather stern and then go to your New Year's Eve. I mean as you laid off from neutral that's a bad scene puzzle out you're gonna go their Saturn and and watch games. So I'll be there and hustled back to get to that game. Right so so if if somehow you have the option of attending the Orange Bowl. To cap off what's been a tremendous season for the Miami Hurricanes. Order you go to the next day to see the dolphins ended abysmal one that's been up and down and full ball on and off the field distractions. Mean it's just it's just weird scheduling is just it just a minute kind of an oddity in the in the in the calendar and everything some latex in them to have all the 4 o'clock games on the East Coast will know. That's that's not true to her dissent. There's one of the so I was at nine. Or do you stay home you still monitor the games Elliott to miss the game completely involving and doing pretty shady but I around the lobby I don't know how did you when it's your wife your significant other if you got big plans you know. You don't New Year's seasonal disaster although we got to go to the game personally and asked her by Texas where are you hours ago it's what our sweat our asses off that we are always showering it just back governor or go to. We're artists and these are the big. You know New Year's Eve party on and by the way that that remind you guys have a they're going to be another bad gift for your Cigna vetoed your guy around the holidays would you imagine all those are the guys well the guy gets like what are your favorite team is like say it's your favorite team and your wife through your girlfriend is all that into it you did her tickets of the game. I come agreed although that you just four. That's up over. They are now honey don't look I got I got some grades are actually do that. Sure there's some guys to do that day try to make it a bonding experience when I was Francis realities and will pilot we gotta get their four hours earlier the real with a robs tailgate and and it's you know you noted series from there on New Year's save money right yeah. All all they just moved the game from 1 o'clock to four point five some better call your friends it's over real little late to the ball out of all in all. The NFL's trying to make the best of a bad situation that that that that's a that's a cluster truck on Sunday. Yeah it was he had value like the bottom line is there one that's all let's all just there's got to open the playoff ratings is to root resumed their billows and out the final two weeks of the regular day exhibitors hope that Steelers. Patriots and James Harrison starting at linebacker like every round of the playoffs. Now that that's that's Roger Goodell the bill is his opening 6797467974. You Regis on the Coral Springs autumn on detects I'm. Welcome back are right the dolphins a wrap it up on Sunday we do the whole schedule thing. I now get back to Somalia the roster realities so to speak well ahead on those next 79 minutes ago. Restaurants and I think that ticket hands and he started Stevenson and Greg likened this. Afternoon show for you here were all kind of move it around here on. 790 due to our bowl coverage and so on and so forth. We're gonna take a widow for thirty where they are coverage of the new era pinstripe bowl. Yankee Stadium. Iowa Boston College. Derek Jeter used to play they're Manning the shortstop position it's that's a cool game tied a school that is Colin. Sears circuit split their back to back years. The tail and with Doug Romero when he practical sit there and scratches going up any day now right yeah and it was it's cool lots of football game at Yankee Stadium this earlier to urban Robbie said earlier but they're good. There are many ads as it was in its notre in a game red or is probably popular vote games early shady and they are. But like does a couple of instances where like some of the venues are critical of some of the tallied you know like of the non big bulls we've all horror that we are grown up watching and loving you don't have the playoff implications that that's one that has some prestige to a just because of the venue. And it's estates done well there some of these other ones it's like they just created this old house another bowl to try it some. Revenue forum that city that they're playing it in or for television advertising you just put some more stuff on TV. Some of those you get that distinct feeling you know it's exactly what is my some of these others that aren't the every day ones that we all know are still pretty cool that Mo. In this there's no doubt what do get back to the dolphins are a little bit. So was and we got so much of the into but I feel like we've neglected the dolphin we started out that some things get off my chest just because everyone's in reflection mode here. Because by Ada Cox and into the season will be over. And it has been a trying season. It has been a disappointing season and then it has been a stressful season it has been. A very I would say forgettable season has been her credible season for some. And overall it's just been one. Kind of heard story after another there's nothing that's been inspiring about this year. And people wanna be inspired. The dolphins have not been very inspiring this year last year yes this year no. So we all know the reasons why they're bad. I know that Adam gays is going to be back next year. None out that I I just talked to Stephen Ross are doing that like. He's going to be back above that is some scandal or some knows no doubt about the right right with sabathia today is Emmys Womack. The other is like some. Lagos that is absolutely let some scandal. In the office he's going back for a right. I just at a Ayatollah igniting fire crystal ball stuff. So other than it was like some unforeseen circumstance. Where he gets arrested for DUY on university drive to my dad. Out of his human head coach prisoners going to be your your your general manager Mike too and a bomb's gonna be your your czar of football operations. Those guys are coming back so then you go to the roster. What is what do they have to do because. In years past and it was able mid field blind faith on my part. I could look at even some of their decent teams. Coming off the playoffs. 2008 even last year. They need a few players here in there. I can't do that anymore. And for me from a roster standpoint. I'm up for every discussion that you want to bring up. And when you're running a business in football team is a business. You need to get all those guys in the room coaches scouts. Decision makers in every possible scenario on that roster needs to be brought up starting Monday morning. I agree nothing is off the table with so like do they have everything set in stone and in any position they need eighty don't take a hard look at every part of the roster. Every part of the way they've been operating things there. Philosophically. There's strategy and how they're going to proceed morgue for. Curtis it's it's somewhat cliche at this point but I do think. And they football team was searched the quarterback resist and the problem right now with the dolphins is there's still a lot of question mark surrounding what they're gonna do a quarterback now I think we all safely assume the rights and he'll be the guy. And that that's fine and they will move off Jay Cutler Matt Moore might not be back to may be new backup there may be a drug drafted by quarterback did it comes in news your second or third quarterback we depending on how high east picked it already used ago. My real question is who writes any ill. It's not about the fact it. Yet should he be the starting quarterback or not I think he should he's being paid to be that category but it's more about. Whether he is one. The long term option court okay beyond two dozen eighteen or true. Whether he can stay healthy and be durable because fair fair fair fair and fair what's that mean most assume. That Ryan tanning or any player that suffers an ACL that that's the only time regular that is you know. Only my Horry and is his mobility budget limited in mean he might not be the same player when I have the same. We've seen all the psychologically who knows right and then a and then you or might just have a bad leg and images images drawn to him again off again. You here's where that comes he's gonna get a cult was gonna get a comfortable with there's all there's probably two or three spots on the roster where things are gonna get uncomfortable if we have. Eight on the Jesus type moment quarter baton. So. It probably Jarvis. Told those three specific are gonna get really sticky. Let's just say with a quarter for second. Let me ask you this question why. Should Ryan Tenet will be back. Well IDs gonna be back because there are many other opt. OK I mean that's ever inspiring no signs are at all but like think about that and that's exactly ramp up to the ticket sales and over the don't have any other Matt Moore is proven that he can't read the full time starter and even in what he's a part time starter right amount for you in the Matt Moore a whole map more. He boards on right after forty did nothing Jay Cutler Baltimore not bringing him back for another ten million dollars which are guff from thank god saw that at that point it's like you've already at the money invested scenario he's already on the Ross or he is your best option that you currently have. Now that doesn't preclude you from going out and taking their quarterback in the first run a draft possible. OK but I don't think you would you do that with the expectation that that quarterback comes in plays right okay. Under this about saying we. They need to do. I'm just saying that's a question that judge yourself why. There's rights and hill giving back has its doctors rights and it goes like some world beater and you're like oh my gosh like we're getting Carson went back. From injury like right Eagles know that that's an I mean I had. And access to. Adam gates. More to Mike Tannenbaum. Why are you bring it why are you bringing these other contract but you can cut him and in the end this you just lazy basically just like every other player you yet entered this year is the first offseason that it becomes much more manageable financially to get ready yet so we wanted to you could do it solid you know you like they did it like that you can't go to goal until this offseason Horry here's basically screwing yourself right. But the money. So like you could get out from under tail and into and similar still was soon with newscasts yes let's say like Ryan. Did so my question would be why do you want to bring him back and they answer that question and I guess they'd say well you made a lot of strides. Two years ago Obama blah blah blah blah but these are battles thinks. But I think that's a question that's why. I. Who is coming off a knee injury back to back needed a second in reviewing a classified as that. Under is under is asking the question. I'm not saying all of a sudden bottom. Draft a QB and move on I and I think that's those the question has to be. And if they firmly believe meaning Adam days Crist her ten a bump put these up all those people and they believe. Their answer is we wire bring Iraq tell because we think you can take us to the playoffs and OK let's do. But anything other than that. That day and then you're just fooling yourself oil and that's one and that's. I looked at the big picture of Adam days is ten year you're the dolphins and eat you wonder. Is he showing too was blind faith in the quarterbacks and he has my understanding is he's the offensive guy he's the play caller he works closely. With the quarterbacks and he's got to support is guys publicly. Like this season he is in. Well behind Jay Cutler. Through the ups and the downs and it's been frustrated these Cutler is shown at times to be. Really battered times he's been pretty darn good so that's been a difficult roller coaster ride. The dawn writes Annie oh he's been a stout supporter who is I just worry Curtis that we could be going through this once again. In the you know motivated the short term and long term history the dolphins in which you say he did didn't really have a quarterback and that's why they're never gonna have success so Adam days. BC utilized the reputation of the expertise that he came in with no reason got the job. He's an offensive mastermind and he's a quote unquote quarterback whisperer right so if they don't have the right guy to play the most important position sports. He needs a figure that out any campy saddle he's career can't be derailed he's got to look at his ball. Pull long term benefit of the organization and his long term benefit as a head coach the league is usually get one of those opportunities. He hit a real organization any longer or his own career. If it on the record about Thomas Ross. That's just the bottom line so tale isn't that guy. Then you need to figure out who its enemies in the draft you go get. What if I told you. Poses a thirty for thirty that almost half of the lead could be looking for new coaches. Come Monday morning what would you say that. So nature of the business. Now. Almost half of the league which does that'll also tell you they're only without looking at it specifically. That happily may also be looking for new quarterbacks. Right do those two. The only thing and edit and not all the time but usually what we can explore that coming up here will take your 430. Black Monday is going to be busy. And how does your New Year's Day. That guillotine is gonna be working overtime per credit around the NFL what what what a way to kick off a new year right well yeah look at for a new coach. Almost I can make the case for almost. Half of the NFL teams really knew for a new coach come out come Monday if they wanna make a change wherein that coming up plus. Greg's got headlines we'll update you on the FAA issue southern miss score here we got about forty minutes ago until. Our bowl coverage will continue right here on 79 minutes ago. Against Florida on here on 79 it was a good courtesy it's an alongside Greg lankans know about 35 minutes to go him over to our news. Diaz V and radio college football ball game coverage of the new era pinstripe bowl from Yankee Stadium Iowa Boston College we at Texas ball after that boggle club that you and all that we'll see a Florida State score here and just molded to headlines. 67974. Let's diary just having got a question a comment and observations send it on in order to Europe text messages. In in in due course here. A lot of people are kind of Chiming in on the quarterback deal and two great quarterback class presumably in and make Emeka make a move you're gonna make him a I'm just coming around on. You need to have. Every discussion possible should have this discussion anyway if you at all about what we're headed to go to the playoffs. Any good any good leader any good business had says okay what are what are we doing wrong what we're doing right even if things are great. Yes you should have that every year or every six months whatever might be yes to stoop so you're running. And the optimum rate right isn't just saw we saw let's have a meeting. So these seven all of our ports are the dolphins it's too often that's a scenario. So all we suck again analysts have produced by some meaningless closed door meeting order out of a meeting for twelve hours what we need to do to fix. Socialist auto real leadership retreat in regular side with a with a Marlins took years ago those bozos running the team what they go to New York. And insulate the call it like some meat we have some some meetings though. Open New York when they're trying to figure out the next man's are gonna be honest who was not analogous project Wolverine. Right both drugs are overrated and asked if we do with the new. Tim tenure of the leadership. Is like he's a big. Owes you big. Was it won't lose Wolverine X-Men. X ray guy yes I ago. You can Hugh Jackman was Wolverine in those movies right somebody asked me that the other day it does lose a reference them. It was a references some superhero movie or something. But a marvel comic and I go. Blah I don't know hole my first guess was he went to Michigan so videos that. Well what do you think this thing yet submit its admission that OK Jimmie Derek Jeter is a huge mission brand. Dirtier remember the dated the good Michigan football team officially Don like the Jordan logo. On the universe is ninety. The agony switched over to reduce whatever. And so he showed up for the game and MJ was there too and like he's always been a huge supporter of mission in sports is this in remission football. So I I think that's work. Greta throw my guess what it is solid but it's when your mind is on certain things were table right but I want to miss you'll rein somebody went to Logan. OK. I know that you mentioned Jordan this is funny you would like you're gonna like this one. The ceiling is the roof 1000. Do you think this really the group is a joke. Let the ceiling is the roof when Jordan said that. It's a punch line right there to do okay and silly as the roof right anything. He set on purpose that it's it's treated as like a joke. The majority believe his is a joke now right he meant absolutely we're we're taking and OK yeah right tell us it's funny yeah its really funny I don't think he did it on porter's euphoria that you try to really inspirational that's what came right OK you know what happened at North Carolina the football stadium and I have the basketball stadium Alaska we are but I'm sure it's my in the summer. The football. Stadium. Where the guys come out. They had a big heart and where the tunnel is. That's the saying is that the ceiling is the roof and have the Jordan logo and and they run out they run out of that's like the last thing they see when they run out no we do see it overhead. Of it's on the top of the tar pits are coming out right. I saw that I don't believe that moment and this is the old regular things as a joke. And yet they detonated an aberration another using your. As inspirational words from the owner Michael you are right yes so that's as I do that is probably ducked my head when you. When you mention that aren't out when my feared that the army air I don't know if it's me. I am a little weird I love. Black Monday. Like money just one of those days you love it when guys are losing their jobs and his left to right left right let's got the cost a lot of money over the course of the season especially guys that scrutiny over the years but I'll and it's. I love it and this could be a record setting black Monday it would get to that here I got I got. Fifteen jobs a could be open in the NFL. Which are pigs alive. But when I was sure I go who Bono. Reasonable idea it's a lot who will have the debate are you gonna tell me what's where rub off my a off my rocker here and I'm probably gonna be off on a fuel. But you straighten me out before we Alastair and everybody out with 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. We'll starting college football there for small bowl games taking place today beginning with a walk ons Independence Bowl featuring Florida State and southern miss and after issue just wants another. Touched all aboard they now only 33 to six. Late in the third quarter as it's been all flora say a southern miss more than six points is start the game and it's been all Florida State since then. 5515 this evening I would Boston College kickoff the new era pinstripe bowl later tonight Arizona Purdue meet the Foster farms bull wall Texas. Faces Missouri in the academy sports and outdoors taxes full. You hear all the ball action right here on seven and it'd take him beginning at 430 the conclusion of this program. From palace to the pros the dolphins returned to practice today as they prepare for their season finale against the bills on Sunday the team announced its award winners of the 2070 campaign Ndamukong Suh. Has been named the team's MVP cam wake or in the Don Shula leadership award Mike how TV Ed block courage award. And Kenny stills was honored for his community service and in roster news the dolphins place receiver Leon a crew on the non football injury list and defense tackle Vincent Taylor on injured reserve. And promoted receiver shots gotten to its tackle Gabe right from the practice squad of their 23 man roster and Jay Cutler will start. On Sunday against the bills holes are headlines. I'm a mortgage to does listen let's get to a couple of text here at Albany to draft a QB in round 12 or three I'll be happy. The dolphins also protectorate of the dogs were only given. Seven home games once again it seemed to be over penalize a crucial times during some games including the recent one vs the bills. OK while policies and soon and I that the fix is in her summing. How have you actually say that gays they don't want gaze back to guide coach a team was second at pershing quarterbacks the whole year. But I grew and everything else on the roster needs to be analyzed. Nowadays Douglas power over freeagent moves today questions re giving more power to. To others wanted dot he's been all year trying not to get hurt for retirement. This a pretty your quarterback class. Tale this more athletic quarterback with a strong farmer can make all the throws he's a private another and his office distrust him if they cut him in the patriots will sign him succeed Brady went. Of the five sure balls when Brady retires. And it. There are. Of the oh by the way the page should put the patriots beat the patriots inspire so much. Just crazy talk. Her eyes isolate coming up to some degree during the as a Christmas party told drama that. 88 he had this there was a big conspiracy theory that. Belichick and Brady are getting along in that telecheck. Is gonna screw over the patriots by trading grow by two but since the trade grapple. Again the purpose of screw doing. Like long term yes yeah Israeli yeah that would products while I guys redneck guy out or some eggnog yes pretty deep rather buy a bit but that's amazing and we're gonna have James Harrison. Marches out the as a missing comma Georgia play for you in the locker room. Just out earlier this afternoon it's amazing. Late the what the patriots inspired people all the conspiracy theorist what goes from the cheating because that is valid and some are united against their because they had run these incidents but it's amazing how people just go all out on all the stuff widening trade Jimmy gee what do they know what they don't know why is Tom Brady strain or not there anymore what is he doing with Tom Brady are all just all the equipment. This like even like the simplest of moves. It's just a home like over over on scrutinize in writing it and it's over theorized and it was gold chain terrorists' cause of the stuff right. Always somebody Texan and asking for a Twitter addresses snow won't let me respond back for some reason allows maybe you can look at who has but it won't let me quick note taker and a -- texted back on these guarantees in debt at cap Curtis aren't badcaps courtesy please see you RT IS and add Greg likens GRE GL IK ENS into a ball allows these to follow at LA used the IN LOU I allows in this allows an as the gatekeeper. To Twitter you are the key mastermind for most of the liked. Controversies on social media I find out through re tweets from their clubs. Did you go back and be with Laura Bernadie. Lord turned out until Laura burned Tuesday Baron Davis as you know that's on was well a week. She's been a common and Ben Harper and she you know the type. Just as tight and it's it's still on nomination is she's the oldest of the burned them at any public warlords or it was in Jurassic Park and on yeah. And while the other at his little bit. Back out there would've thought now know. I mean I heard any of those guys mean a bit bigger married and have kids in harper right Ben Harper remember that aren't their more the same page. Bear davis'. And it does you'll just think now holds on and there's going to be having a job. I believe the release. 3830. Days my other create what are difference she's fifty cent and there the does that via Twitter allows it formed yes so. These teams you are you going to reclaim or changing course there are coaches on Monday love between the Sox this is going to be stripped charger Jack. Bite I got sixteen coaches. Certainly adds a little high. I thought it was OK I'll go my division by division tour a year ago New England now. Buffalo Bill dolphins know. Would surprise of the jets made it mobile tumbles I would not surprised it's a one EU RO more than just look at AFC north Steelers know. Baltimore no Cincinnati is already open essentially so that's too. Cleveland they say Jackson don't back you go would succeed if they lose by a hundred on Sunday. Hue Jackson would not surprise you really. We are making that argument I'm still going by what we heard what they said publicly that he's coming back so I don't think that's his realistic now know it surprised me understand you can make it argue nauert got a parsing words okay that's three you got to I got through I got to look at you got to I got three. Okay AFC south Jacksonville now. Tennessee was hitting four. If they lose Sunday eight Nate and almost playoffs. They could get my bull market now and seed Elena and Marcus Mario to have regressed just sign it okay so that's my fourth one bill O'Brien. He's not going to go anywhere he shady you know. I yeah I felt like bill he can't help but all the guys got her to show Watson got incredible ride that's probably that but that I'm telling analyst. He's a double zero vision. I got no Dead Man Walking danger that's on arts that's six or three right now aren't OK now we go AFC west Casey. No chargers know. Raiders huge step back this year now I can see moment lots medicines el Rio movement on wanting a new start maybe they'll real guys actual thin out there at seven and then Denver Vance Joseph. That you log arguable now now we are much are your final okay. NFC now moved to Philadelphia no Jason Garrett. I'll put him on the list NASA on how to model output that marvelous little bit Jay gruden is on the list. You do that now I guess on group that and the giants are open as well so that's eleven I got. OK let's say all these happened but it would it would shock and oh my god and a fire. I have to go to Minnesota no Caldwell. That guy. Sit down on board that dog back out to that guy's gone Chittagong is definitely on setting the bears to make a move. The bears yes that's John Fox is on his on my list Packers know. NFC south saints though. Yeah there's no falcons know temple bank box that guy is gonna be a bigger on the hot security letters in their cutter mean that. If you're making a coach like a face of a guy Nazis on every door cutter the picture of a guy. That could be fired its president is door cutter right for eleven. All right so that got fourteen my friend whom got sort of nine right now right now at a C west is pretty pretty straightforward rams know C auction though. 49ers know. It would surprise Bruce aryan evenings so I have ten RF fifteen. It was who was seen here's the thing we ever on the would ever on the cowboys visit our bill O'Brien OK and about the National Football League use you and Jackson could make arguments. Because of the nature of the business to make arguments to just like any of those moves he's using crazy stuff happened coaching wise right. But I think realistically ten coaches who redeemed. Be on the street looking for a new job. You are journalists raising derby the head coach of the cowboys were import. What does he Don it is grand scheme of five plus years in the NFL as head coach he's glasses so long I just don't produces yearly rent. It was gonna show you. There is all my god that guy's gonna be our course report. Or do you always fall back and he Elliott suspension there. After this general zinni and general like that I usually don't you think I'd MacArthur who would you point even though Roger the saved his feigning a budget content even delegates say what guy wants to rule I want to buddies and Garrett defect that Jerry Jones de facto coach or disarmament coach. David are going to be cool with. Jerry Jones make him on the two living judges the puppet. The doesn't direct knowledge of my nose at us what Jerry July except Jason Garrett there and yeah he doesn't doesn't fight back right there whatever you say they're even though it was some of the other coaches like. You just look at my days like get wise that he's going back what we know why he's going back. I'm so tired of your Hawaii your soul you get so. Am up I decided I'd lose their jobs at coaching cares cause has been paid bunch of money leave all they'll be fine because it always show up on that we also sideline anyway do. It's and I am not advocating Yunus is the nature of the business dollars in as an impediment to money plus I'll tell you this conference. There's always a surprise in there. That's true there's always a guy there's Joseph Thomas in my causes about more time with the family. And go fly fish hang in you know. I guess I went to see my doctor I go cold dirty hard as the gods yeah that's that's era Meyer right near an exodus of surprises there there's always that way and the owner goes grooves available. Our little fire head coach right now now. Or or somebody go in summary we find out behind the seasons Paula Jerry Richardson. I ideals that we go to your room every disease and eight charges that asks this always happens doesn't get you hiding this guy anymore but there's always a surprise there's there. Typically leg as a coach you know you season good standing like you know did you ever wanted to happen but a guy were meal for medical reason ends or. Whatever it is the stress is too high you know Kubiak villiers whatever it. You know Osman more atomic kids whatever it is but it's a lot of coaches. Aren't low and you have ten. Yes I've ten I was a little more conservative the third in the I was a little more conservative in Tahoe Muslim at right. Edits it's it's a lot of coaches lot lot of turnover and I noted it doesn't matter what the time of the year is what the actual day is when it does seem. Unique and strange that we will kick off a new year literally on January 1 2018 with black Monday you mentioned quarterback I wanna go through a really really quick here. Okay on the fifteen jets. K don't have a quarterback desperate and awkward angles. Are added I feel like Paul okay browns Nelson were three for three. Tennessee you would say that quarterback by the and a core measures it has quarterback no. Colts it's just sort of quarterback. So our three for six. Raiders have a quarterback threw for seven birdies one Denver is once over what fourth were eight. Dallas got one so your five for non. And Washington every year at Washington death socialism they probably need one because cousins may not either my driver that does that get fired because our cousins not giants yes. It's the news not necessarily there is no. Tampa Knoll. Arizona yes there's a million sets of sorts about half. Yeah half those quarterback in Tennessee was the other one you know Mario like those two the some played well Tennessee's young yet Jamison Mario of them play well. Coaches in regards specially. The economy and aren't marked these bouncy when asked about dangers await to hear the answer that he said. The crowds in the middle of the policies the big east they don't. Mince words it'll be rather because they'll do you know. We'll tell like it is that you are real we hear from the yup Pittsburgh senator of that situation coming up next right here on seven I didn't take. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm kind of. Are a few minutes before we can't turn over to our continuing coverage of the college football bowl season and I don't buy his kingdom blowouts. That's a case in Shreveport lease right now is 39 to thirteen Greg. That is about thirty minutes ago the fourth quarter after as you put it on southern miss is now sort of a shoot and they just say the small. Small piece of success this year to run in the year to start the Willie Taggart pair up enough of Qatar masters commission C always. New coaches in new places please it worked out there. Before all before you out of here and of course war turn it over to Iowa and it's Boston College knew where to dribble. This is avenue locker room in a pin steel town. Mark he's council of the pals Rosie infamous palace Brothers. Was I was asked about James Harrison and being released by the Steelers and then the steel and in the patriots signed ham and there when things are gonna make it mean the post season and is James Harrison a double agent and wears his loyalty lie after spending fourteen those fifteen years. And in the blacking goal here is what counts he had to say. So even more surprising was let go out of first place you were surprised he went to. He wanted to no one likes to use our knowledge there's. And there's one. You wideout I mean this is finally distorted. There's somebody wanted to do you know sailors. They got together since I was. And that's that's yeah. From your experience has taught me hammer it's Trenton man. This team so much turns us most of my head. You know so many. You do when you visit tomorrow sir I make my team like teams on Norton's. She's organism. In. Those profits rose always candid. Right. Now. Oh now okay who do you believe them. Well I mean is three sides every story righty united news that a proxy side its users inside them is a true. So I'm sure it's somewhere in the middle late person wasn't playing very much so I can understand him now wanted to be there anymore rag and understand that. I also understand that Susan in the roster spot and he wasn't playing anyway right he wasn't playing that way expendable. He's expendable. You can have a hotter guys in the in the locker morals he'd he'd be there he wasn't playing now was he bitching about playing time probably. Apply like pounds he's making it sound like the Steelers did. Like they're trying to school over James Harrison. Late. He wanted to get released okay release that's the perception ride today do you have a favorite but are looking at it now. And I can see where counts these attitudes that are from Bob Ehrlich has like. Populist usually seems Harrison how dare they. And look besides the patriots is gonna have the a three and half sacks in the in the playoff game and things going to be Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers. Why. Pilots is it's one of those. We needed a longer segment to get into the minds of James Harrison and mark he's bouncing and Mike Tomlin and levels levels are right you know it's Rangel and anywhere we don't that does no matter. We've been referenced saying it just further assuming those two organizations meet up in the EC championship game. It just adds to the story line in the drama surrounding that in and all the build up the discussion that one out about that match. James Harrison a double agents more drama. For the NFL. Jacked up those ratings a little retired that may compensate for weeks sixty weeks seventeen which were celebrating various holidays yes yes that's what. The years even hard rock stadium the ball for twenty bust of our. Camille Little rough we're out of here eight. Greg this is this have been a blast when you are next always bunkers will be on Saturday from 360 Wheeler a marginal coverage be on our new world it. Tomorrow. I'll be honest five so we will Lego following the dough balls religious couple hour I think because of the global notes or bubble Friday. To label him as laudable in Ghana after a ball game tomorrow and Kevin horrible that's right that's so about tech and Oklahoma State it's. One after Morgan brought 5 o'clock and we all came radio also were looking for all that. You are boss started asking me a blast allows it thank you thanks Robby who was here earlier that everybody the text then and set back and listened over is that opener was having a great holiday week. For regulations on Curtis he was a stay tuned we got the new era pinstripe bowl coming up Iowa and Boston College next here on seven I do take.