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Monday, December 4th

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Steve begins reach the all right Erica I don't. Welcome aboard courtesy of her canyon when you have a three hour towards. The basketball tonight we have some movies last night which will certainly get through. We have a lot to get to weaken that was in South Florida sports some good some bad in some flat out. Ugly you can always sex the program at 67974. That's exit and lines of and for the growth brings a ball. Pundits excellent a lot of bleary eyed people and you encountered half of them but I think I encountered the other half of them perk. Yeah yeah out of rip side man had a good time over the weekend no doubt there on Saturday men candidates I wish I could've gone on Sunday but I over the dolphins game. But some new ad that would have been the day that I wanted to go but I added I had a good time on Saturday meant those pesky dolphins actually made a little bit made it worth their work is horrible yeah to show up yesterday I was part of the Central Florida game out there are rip tide and the yeah yeah that was the Elisa and maybe a sports oasis of men. Oklahoma TCU also. You're at Europe rip tide and a thousand Charlotte for the ACC championship game and and just 1 AM what a I would say. They showing for the University of Miami no. And me that we don't they don't call it a a fan base of the Stanley park at the fans tonight Jane spam and what it was just amazing and I know was probably fifteen to fourteen years of frustration. Of not getting into that big game that you become so accustomed to but. Fans made the trip it was amazing obviously it was not the showing or the output. Are the outcome that you want if you're McCain's them another nevertheless just have done an amazing weekend. For the people that went up to Charlotte or even the people were hang out a rip tide. Just all over the place so your moderate talk about the metro wind. And a lot of people this coming up produce fields say different things so a good time was had by all again even though it was the the loss so. We know our Miami's headed there rather gonna stay home for the holidays we are welcome the Wisconsin Badgers to the Orange Bowl not a bad not a bad opponent their team that was up undefeated going into Saturday so the get a Big Ten team but the big story over the weekend. Was. The fourth spot ended the committee to get it right you knew after winds wins by Oklahoma. George. And certainly comes in Saturday night that the three were sets. And Nielsen on the bus coming back we saw that Ohio State had beaten Wisconsin you know. And you Alabama would sit there and who they chew. And they choose wisely perk. I think they did choose wisely that leads us right and here's the thing. Alabama deserved the final spot in the college football playoff and I think the selection committee did the right being put in the Crimson Tide him over Ohio State. Now remember there are charge is to find the best fourteen is not the war most deserving teams. Maybe Ohio State deserve to be in their by virtue of winning the Big Ten. But to meet they chose the better team I think Alabama has a better chance of beating Clemson then Ohio State does. I ain't Alabama has a better chance of beating Georgia or or Oklahoma the other two participants in the playoff and Ohio State. And I think Ohio State's fifty by that point were lost Iowa was a big factor that's something you have to take under consideration now. Alabama had a fairly light schedule a lot of the metrics are similar between Alabama and Ohio State. So you go to the eye test. And I test tells me as well that told most of the committee members that Alabama. Is better than Ohio State. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds and Evans. Now there are new location and content breast. Oh nerds as your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered whether unique customization. Training new purchases repairs any being they will hook you up visible today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky. Yell some shows will spend all day on this we're we're not gonna do that we get some of the so much other stuff to get to and and of our complaining your rationale is that changing think but I thought the committee. The easy way for the committee the easy way out would say okay give it out -- state they won their conference championship game and now I'd Alabama did not connect Alabama did the not gonna win their division sold out of the in the yeah these things so that the committee and we've kind of had our we've had our differences the last the last month or so. Around here the committee. Actually had to Modesto was intestinal fortitude to do what you just said and say let's look at something beyond just all they won their conference championship or they deserve to be in. Nobody bought into Wisconsin begin with so how's they'd be. They even semi fraudulent opponent to begin with a Big Ten Jimmie to game. And I go back to the title game by a million points I go oh yeah and your aid but I touchdown run and you're not you're in California so I don't wanna hear any complaining about sleep and I. I don't care about Alabama. I'm not I don't wanna be in Alabama cheerleader in the spike. But I think they do get a read overall and I do think moving forward which is about. Money which is about the ratings which is about interest Alabama comes I think so much better game. I am a little. At Wisconsin that they don't move the needle and got there they left they left the root it out bright they've left room for doubt and that that was their mistake but he. They allowed to go to the discretion of the committee you win you're in you don't win. And now the bank that you are Wisconsin and you are on the Big Ten. Let's face it I know the committee was only supposed to go one this year. But Alabama has a history and the Big Ten has an immediate history of not doing will in the playoffs right Ohio State and Michigan the last two years so. Whilst they did win in a few years like a house state. I don't that you can that be cannot reputation like a house state does not Purdue like a house they know and has has cash a tough legal solely on that little ousting ever Meyer. Have a pretty good track record the other Big Ten in general OK that's yes that's that's what the number sign that that's an idea it's one of the things that. Yeah you know you're always postal look at this year correct but I bet that came in the they're humans in their room in their bias bags you know nobody's nobody's in that nobody gets it all oral or toll and biased right before you're not okay you're human being you're not robot to you have biases. But I just look at how sits at two losses. Albums I want it to me like you lose like you you all do Herm Edwards who has introduced today as the Arizona State coach you play to win the game yeah. And you have two losses they have one sorry. I would give its albums I give the committee critically stepping out and echoing these rounds are well we don't really wanna cover championship game to a radio to a house Dana do you think. You have the the four best teams in the country forward continue let's get to 4 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And W exact fix HD true Miramar. As you just heard University of Miami will play Wisconsin in the Capital One Orange Bowl on December 30. At 8 PM hard rock stadium some other games including state schools FAU plays at grin on December 19. In the chair a movie tort Cherie Boca Raton bowl. Can't buy you plays temple on December 21. In the bad boy mowers gas guerrilla bold or. Florida State plays southern miss on December 27 and the walk ons Independence Bowl. Miami Heat off tonight there at San Antonio on Wednesday Florida Panthers. Against the New York Islanders tonight at 730. NFL Miami Dolphins coach Adam gacy at the fourth quarter onside kick against Denver with a 339 lead. That was about letting his team know he always was going to play sixty minutes at nothing to do with sticking it to Broncos executive John. No way for not interviewing him for the here coaching job in 2015. Other NFL news New England tight end Rob Gronkowski has been suspended one game for his hit on buffalo cornerback for Davey is why. That means brawl misses the Monday night game against the dolphins and hard rock stadium New York Giants fire coach Ben met to do and GM Jerry Reese today. And according to ESPN quarterback Eli Manning gets his starting job bank. Monday Night Football tonight Pittsburgh riding a six game winning streak at Cincinnati. At 830 or clock deadline sponsored by your locally owned Domino's. Domino's loves you so much. But they're giving you 50% off the menu price and all pizza is when you order on dominos dot com. This is on the line only its ballot November 27 through December 7. Availability. And charges may bear the Bos. Your line by there's a lot to unpack there and I'm not just talking about perk running through a couple those those named baby don't remains a bowl date not a lot of staying power I'm in the Capital One or both thank god they you know they've been a few things over the years many you know but it seems like some of those lower level bulls in my he's been apart a couple of those in the Independence Bowl few years ago. I believe in the the loss to South Carolina that was the duck commander ball a community and they brought out all the dudes from dynasty duct diners don't the and and they they had a ball game. Right right I don't think Orlando has. To a thread Goldman among a three bowl games anyway although they do but they're the sponsors right Novo sponsors are bad. Oh look and I don't think power of some of those public talk on so I know walk Jones the bad boy Mo was guest. Both lowers gas reliable the Chara Boone needs park Cherie. Boat or home bowl I don't want to run these people know they put up their money kept correct but Dario Ed vitamin C and you can. The ailing if you and I. I had a couple hundred slid around we could spots like the curse of furcal brightly weakened by what the right level bull's eye on how does Jessica what is what is the cherry Bundy. Here are indeed tar I guess there I guess there they brand of teary code Chara booty tart so they're chair eggs. I assume I don't know litter on the but I know that the audio and that's yeah let's bring them back grilling you know. This is that let a lasting. What is it our guys is it's cherry. That's lumping him I think he's very like the if there was a Fuji apples. Bogor tome bowl it would be the brand of apple booty Apple's okay I guess you're a blue need tart is a kind of cherry items or. Enables us Mike yes cherry tomatoes out there. And I'm I'm sure I don't watch it okay so I'm going to. To your product quite a bit mated by a couple of I will I will be cart series yes and I am I in the signaled a lot to affordable and start to finish so. I am you know that means so love will that that's as you move to build a long commute there. For for that game right right hey you know I'll always is disappointment beefing demeanor I guess is nice to stay home at dodger. A packed up and go somewhere like her as a reward I think like that the kingdoms is biology at their home stadium yeah in year you know was God's gonna travel but they're gonna have a lot of canes fans they're so you know I mean like to goes away for the holidays but I mean do not enough to Shreveport but someone else throughout the home or El Paso, Texas a anglers over the and other outposts but yes or you know. All is as pretty good so congratulations to FAU NF IU of I was nowhere whatever and a Central Florida they're going to the beach ball take off Auburn yeah I believe that's not. Somebody wanna do check them to present at the bottle Cherie drink. OK so it's is your dreams your Blondie. Okay parent will blows and so there you just thrown out their just wanted to no we'll get into all the dolphins of Abbey's he's gonna join us here. In about in about twelve minutes so he's gonna stop buyer and a Fella. And die in Miami Dolphins insider from the Miami Herald those a lot of things to unpack there during the Auburn headlines one thing that's kinda golf and related. Related gronkowski is this just came down here were about a half hour ago he is suspended now he has since said her record me Rappaport of the of an hour you'll says he will appeal that suspension. But in the dolphins are the next opponent which is Monday night and while that all during prime time again I've no idea OK don't ask that question per doesn't always. Soul that there on Monday night down here. And he says gonna suspend now normally guys don't win those suspensions your does delaying the inevitable yet so we got one game and that was pretty egregious he should have probably gone a couple of games crop coming now that as well as of that was ugly ugly shot and his team shot simian oozes out of frustration I heard in instant with a guys talking about it. And it was pretty ridiculous. By the way. It is grown so beer than none of the other buffalo guys attack Blum hit him in the bank like he'd just leveled your dude they're all standing around pointed it. This up today villas widened calling for their. Duke debt. Groan did the entire time yeah things than dude just wrecked your way right I mean like for you that scared and raw. Right I don't care about cheap shots are examined to judge your guy alma it's all of the solve. Yeah everything's its own everything's on the table tablet take a cheap shot wrong Goran Goran ahead you know don't go after legs but I mean you know when an annual duel opera's handle whatever yet just take him down now just take him down not slayer and take his knees out revenue to a weaker and they were defeated at that point but nevertheless yeah well. Buffalo should yeah I I agree they want to film study today and you're going geez is anybody an iconic from the Geneva is willing to talk to crow about it might do it right back and and got my back. But I founded by and he's gonna he's gonna puke because they play Pittsburgh following link yeah. So it's like why would like business and usually you wanna sit out this week give the ball I would think yeah. That's the NAFTA but to wrestle with the Steelers their right right talking about the right see. So I'm just it's kind of just one of those things are wrong suspended Woolsey will certainly is the other plays out then Mac and surgeries all the giants they've been fired think dot. Are you pleased. Doug I should not be. That the face of your organization anymore I mean the press coverage and quality cards still works I guess also on the job hunt her life right now is in the giants don't. Don't do things like this no they're good organizational day Greg you know the Steelers Packers I don't go through coaches like underwear for a little fire coaches after you know after four games like a lot of organizations do. But even the giants are likely to the mayor of light right right. Ridiculously alienate they also don't Vince Eli Manning so I think I you know close there was bad judgment all season. Well again and that's guess and I giants like right let's not I'm sure the girls are likely is this isn't how we do business wreck like this is an us. The giants were like they knew there were like OK you bench you meaning for that like geno Smith but to watch and it is a that's what bench our guy who's been in our two time what he's to a quarterback and Sergio about Eli he's clearly not the same view not his prime. But it's like we went through all this bad press. It mentioning you by the way you did hit the streak is ended and he'll maybe the street a little bit of up. A little bit of of of something that you can lean on as a crutch OK but we met all that nonsense the past six days to for this right I don't. Right right I know that's that's the bing it it just it just didn't seem to have to make a whole lot of sense to me not. I guess you know David's way of wasn't ready or whatever but in fact yesterday I mean this web yeah I. I don't know geno Smith just ain't got you know where. Art to me you know where the dolphins were going nowhere but are worth the going somewhere now. They beat a team that but did that is running to Latinos worse off than them yes yes or is there something to guide here for them down the stretch. I was conflicting yes they watched that game because. A lot of aspect they looked a very good mod out of the turnovers a defense played well they ran the football intimately on the field and they looked pretty good team so I didn't Campbell I was trying to get old excited about OK maybe I can beat buffalo couple times mean maybe they can go and Kansas City who's kind of train wreck right now. And win again maybe they can get to 500 here. For this season and I wasn't drinking yesterday perk OK -- hours are over and also you know these thoughts now for the record I was well I think getting crazy thought but it didn't we're on to something a little bit or did they do is run into a bigger belief shielded themselves back in the Denver Broncos yesterday to watch a game yesterday. Looked like the worst team in football. Art was those questions and many more to Adam these are NFL insider is gonna next radio 790 minutes ago. David's gonna giving away tickets to before Iraq. Presented by a monster energy fort rockets the weekend of April 28 and 29 and Mark Parkinson rise the vessel features rock's top artists. Following on two stages check out the lineup before rock festival that come to the throw on sale this Friday for rock crystal dot com keep listening to the ticket to win your way in which is from the up. Finished up they very successful and enjoyable worked on his press also while four rock. Crater on the quarter when he gets those tickets lock him. It is that told you about retired and came upon as pretty quickly for rock. We'll be as well aren't I'm not an Opteron tools announces resource gas line they are actually says beyond convenient. That's Rupert myself fines are NFL in my middle designer from the Miami Herald atom Beasley joins us here on 79 hooting at a high fuel today. Great absolutely fantastic Wendy winning streak Beckel good. Yeah I want you got a chance to write to us and happy headlines after yesterday's resounding win against the Denver Broncos Arnold started here was there something to that. Victory wore the dolphins just run into somebody that is in way worse shape than I. Yeah that sent. Well the quarterback was just predict. It kills the bad. We were discussed is that the press box you know perk if you repeat go innocent on this or not know. But but how bad brought cost Weiler that it wouldn't even occur to this just to put it in the game because. Kirsten Meehan was you know we've taken that quarterbacks both here in all the team throughout the years. I can't remember one looking worse and Ximian did on Sunday. These I was selling you that was the biggest prize. Or a back up. Denver quarterback hard rock stadium. Since. We want Kyle Orton cry. Yeah we didn't deal was there at that joke pretty good yeah yeah so on I don't know people I was going to do you had to be either Indian president. Saddam. These bonds they Parker. One reception where it. Can we talk a good all right. Good to do what does continue to put on a beast. One reception five yards go through the system. Policy you know that's negative that's negative. As really negative what do you. One for five last week you I think. Yeah yeah since I got no answers for you guys I thought. We all thought this is the year Dovonte this is the year of hype. This is the year of unmet expectations both productive Parker individually in the Miami Dolphins broadly. Keep those giving it figured out I don't have an answer euphoria are really really don't. I I IE I would hope it would because he has that much talent. That much you know drive picking people think he doesn't want to play because would he really does he may not know how to be good day particularly with how to stay healthy. But this is a guy that that competitor you want to be good. And he's just not right now he's really isn't I don't know if I. I would say this and you looked at statistically they're probably 35 to forty wide receivers in the National Football League that I would take the port Bob Parker. It is easy Soto the dolphins the dolphins have to pay Jarvis Lynn Marino. Course they do not absolutely no as. What you don't let him walk and then you have to go and actually draft what the first round and we've seen the draft and wide receiver in the first round doesn't necessarily mean. You get what you think you are. I think Jarvis has all the levers out all the levers in the world the dolphins were praying hoping and praying. Dollar knees can be elitist that please let this be the year believe deeply that the bond they've BS stood. And it didn't work out and now they're they're stuck they've got to pay covered not a bad thing because there are some really good players. He talked often and I think it really turned the corner is these these two little things right for them. But you're you your money thirteen fourteen million dollar first slot receiver and here's the economics of all let's upgrade. Yeah I mean just one last thing on on the Monday here. Does he was put to be when your core guys that you wanna build around at this foundation of young guys who and you can't miss a first round picks we know we know the the importance of that but you look at his three years you're winding down with the dolphins it's Ted Ginn. You put you put the numbers of side by side that's that you have that all of whom golf Ted Ginn after three years on I'm just saying that that's what you've gotten out of the Monte Parker you've got to again junior. I don't think they would cut a lick he would move off in the past they got some pretty decent trade but if you were. So what the wide receiver needs it which is sort of propping them up the problems the browns is that they need everything's so. But the outcome do you win it a fourth round pick which they never forgot that Parker. War is some. To go for Japan's IE. You know I mean that is another province. And get rid of under the leg like that you it is good to come to a point to this guy play football. I guess I had an element that's that's question and it's not a joke anymore this is serious. I don't put the ball and now I really don't I think they know that it it is upside and enormous. But Brian Billick is a muscular guys that pastor rev present the NFL said day and he would often tell is highly drafted. Players that didn't do it could well so on your potential gonna get you fired. Yeah no no I mean and and and then. Guys you watch the league and much anybody you just I mean there's third fourth wide receivers. That you played solidly Johnny hold for the raiders and you know police need come off suspension he'll get the third or fourth guys on just average teams that are making plays around the league and the bond day we just haven't seen that and he's certainly getting. You know some opportunities there so it's just that certainly a big sense gradual let's go to Kenya Drake Ozzie proven that that he's the man moving forward here in the run game. He's proven that they that they can count on in 2018. Right I think that we've gotten up information now that you know can you Drake can be an important part of this team and the question is. This 23 carries that that's got to be his back right at the ceiling. You don't want to give him the ball anymore Matt because quite frankly you've never done it before he joked with a public with a joke he told a locker yesterday. That he immediate that we factories once in high school. Well the last time he got the kind of workload that he got yesterday so yeah I think I think you know Kenny Drake gonna be on it even does make it that they can count on the do a lot of good things. But you count him to be educated guy type player that they adhere no I don't I don't think it can't I think you need to go out and get another asset but what I think. The last couple of weeks literally done for the dolphins has given them confidence that they don't have to take one of the first or second round. And and that Adam peace would not want to do that there are so many other places where they. They come by running back with value previously the second half. After the draft through the middle rounds of the draft to use a high premium pick on a running back particularly. You know they want on Sunday and and and and maybe they're who did it feel ten to fifteen range but it still do it will be the top ten you're not the the top ten pick a running back into the gulf and could get so many other. Problem you have to address so I think all the Capital One thing that does the last couple weeks has done is given them confidence that they have something to build Witten Kenyan Drake. Alison what look at Chris is part of the season because it really is this perhaps a strength. These. I was gonna ask you about the downside to it. But I'm gonna ask you about the young deepens the players I ask about the onside I don't doubt that back out of the back polls are out there you go there you go one of the Saber. I am. These blue when you look at the young deepens the players and I'll probably leave a couple out but you've you've got guys such as the bond gods saw. Taylor Ed deepens of tackle Charles areas. We saw little from Terrence but they I don't know Cameron malveaux Davey and power portrait tankers leads you know the list. How much work do you need unbeaten as we know most of the work needs to be done on all prints how much do you trust those young deepened some players. To kind of normal poor or do you. Well I'm I'm always wary of falling into the the small step aside trapped nearly had a really good yesterday. But where they've been last month and have great great end and yet I've got salt that is the most consistent best rookie there's no question about that. But Tankersley gave it Howard but I mean what receivers yes it was there's probably one really bad bust. But at the patriots game we get our guys within 1520 yards of you mean that altered at all. You know I'm I am I don't have a on accountant at this point in those corners and we didn't even if you're beating Howard defensive player of the week we might be admitted that. You really want to get raped on back next year lease. And helpful error but I don't think you can go into the crap saying you know what we got our young core we're good let's strap all pension and I'm wit that. Barry Jackson actually a pretty good piece not publicly on this is that if a guy like Maurice Cooper. Is Mark Cooper got to ask you how would really pan out they keep their run together the caliber being there at say eleven or twelve years that you could draft him. You take them if not you take the best rush and are outside linebacker you can find. Because they need a lot of help look at the core of that defense it is home and getting older Kim what the camera wake 36 and January. Into the wrong side at thirty my shy Jones get up. Up there and age do your best players yes I I agree parked there are a lot of good core players that they had to come built around. But how many of those guys do you think our long term starters. Pete Carroll errors to be. The of the first round pick that you dog they needed to be a star and he just has not been the cheers and no I. I don't have a comic opera as long term yes that the defense looked good yesterday did a pretty bad. Often the football team. But keep going keep drafting keep getting better you need that defense. Yes it is it is it has had the flashes as the good at times but. The middle of this he acknowledges that is here you know 3030 points a team that count that you're in the offseason. Beasley is our guests are NFL in my and all the desired joining us from Leo Miami Herald here. While Iran feels and thousands resource guests on neutral is just beyond community are there up 339 with ten minutes ago it was it was guard botched time right Denver once indoors squat and it never budged one to get the hell out of there and call a day. Adam days calls an onside kick now. He's gay and said all the right things which tend not only atom. That he wasn't trying to send a message. To the Denver Broncos true or untrue. Course you can help or Q did you tell them. What that cause colds and yeah and then completely clear that no it was not a. John Elway purpose there and yes yes and here's the thing. Well liked about you launch right there she'd look great and life into I think that is his explanation that hey we got the patriots come in we're finally playing well on offense. Let's keep the prone to keep our confidence up but continue to show that we need to go for the jugular. That could all be true but you think they'd do that same exact thing against state Arizona Cardinals. Or are. The Cincinnati Bengals or another key where there's no long running connection slash animosity India do you think that he makes it the decision. Again today that Minnesota Vikings. No. What is. Look at this I think it played a role I don't think it was and it went in went on the end of the game thinking coming up with the birth John Elway that was their motivation. But I think you saw opportunity to even get. And it certainly send a message because you heard it I heard it everywhere in this market herded everyone actually heard it we had the same reactor at my goodness this is the messages sent abroad. Right now hey hey rog there's kind of at the expense of a guy who likes and Vince no you know who Kyle looks like dead men walking on the on the sidelines airmen off he's gonna survive the season we shall we shall see I'm glad you went after Adam gaze on that the united soft -- here only linearity easily argue that young male within what like some of the dolphins. And I question your signal to reach Davie doesn't. And answer a text Eileen we've blotted out for those on two minute so gays will did not hear that don't write my cousin. Or you gonna try to run it all on the patriots on Monday night and I it's finding ways as a advising him but the scenario I was like you were up three scores of Christ did Belichick there. Five days they thank you very much we'll talk deuces and have a little later be our enemies are right there cool little golf. Saw we come back we got we got a lot more to get to including our weekend winning play of the game on. We got Jewish from there yeah we need and is in how do you feel canes fans after Saturday night's loss to. To the Clemson Tigers. Teammate you're trying to chase a team that you and a half to patch if you're going to get to the final four. Yet to find a way to beat Clemson Tigers in in your conference. And it was a great year you're in the Orange Bowl. But how do you kinda how do you frame it here after after a couple of days after enrolled by the Clemson Tigers global. What some takeaways from my knowledge of the game but also the season in generals we move for your cause we got fifty minutes eat around the corner. Fun draft ready for its great par on bread and great. And then the second half started low to order we'll get to know and that. Smooth four right here on 790 the ticket. It's. Yeah. Got text file opened 6797 for the 67974. On the calls brings a LaMont a text line was an everyday for their quarters he figured window your chance to interview to an upcoming heat game. A court is money technology partner in your local self sort of technology company for all your business needs visit them online in the quarters corp dot com. Once my opener volt dot com two at the most cash now for your future structured settlement or lottery payments call eight. 33 in my vault and by Lauderdale BM WR I'm proud members of homer automotive group keep listening to the ticket to wind your way into heat game. Golden State was in town last night which is that it bring you the schedule coming up those kind of little those those kind of liked. A little bit shady because the canes were and eating though McCain Serbia but they're in the ACC shares of game slob who went to that game and we're hanging out and and just kind of party in up there. But it solves a home game Collison is like oh snap because I wanted him to extend the loan golden stay on Wednesday night. Industrial crowd and yet we have rip tide all weekend long you know I mean it was just kind of one of those things. And gold since early put on a show Miami match them for the first half but what was completely. Outgunned in the second half while more on that coming appear in the 5 o'clock hour but and we got a lot more as far as the weekend is concerned. And that gets us to our weekend winning. A big game well. We searched long and hard but we wanted to QB here in the state of Florida and that means we went to Orlando and Central Florida. Second into the nine were in double overtime 6250. Half did. Sixty do. Equal right. UC nights. I'm guessing that's night's radio on the call right there yes knowing that could lead to breast Marie you figure that one out we'll look at that you're out of the winning by the weekend which brought you by the Florida lottery just imagined and a good for Central Florida. Received being brought to by the Florida lottery what a season for the nights we got a big big alumni base twelve and all that did not lose the game the entire season. But the lost their coach O as all of that is going on perk. In the fourth quarter of that game thinking that the scroll on the bottom Scott frost is accepted a job than a brass notably the women don't trust is he he's on the side. He's coach right now hug something in the job right now they're doing a thing doesn't tell you what if what what's good for dinner tonight because it'll. They have dislike you big business of college football's strikes or did. Yeah in Central Florida. That's why you're Central Florida if you wanna know why you're left out of the college football playoff. Because. Your Central Florida. And your coaches getting coached by a school like Nebraska knee and the or in the American athletic conference which is very nice. For a school that was that nobody ever heard of many years ago. I mean nobody ever heard of Central Florida in South Florida that I mean I'm a football team got twenty years ago for that matter. So you gotta crawl before you can walk to join the big boys. But and a tremendous year and their coach is guns also now they're looking for somebody else Kevin someone's names have been. Been written about which are probably the best hire that I that I can imagine you're central narrower correct. Yeah definitely man that's the name recognition that somebody. On fortunately. Or. These poor schools and by US they use South Florida Central Florida right now you're just a stopping point. And and these coaches when they do a good job are probably. Going to move on. But that's OK it is what it is may be your destination where an older coax. Whose son is you know second and second time around he doesn't feel like go into a big program Ambien hassle but any. Any young and a good young up and coming coach such as Scott Ross or in middle aged coach such as Charlie Strong but Davis Linkedin and they're probably. Baird who gets up together and move on. OK I mean that's I'm. And rub it in on the old school I didn't I didn't think you do what does a we will take that all your didn't follow no rules in Florida should be dealt a little more ansari paid for years Miami was stepping stone job yeah okay that's just west did that's the way don't you crawl before you don't look so good and Miami on some levels still might be a stepping stone job depending on the person I don't think any more clearly now a market he's undergoing work health threat. But as far as like. There it is only a handful those jobs and unless the guy went to school there met his wife in the cafeteria I'll be all those things where it's just so high to you. Emotionally. And they're elect. Every job outside of maybe fifteen to forty jobs in the country stepping so job. Right right I have your job you're trying to get to Texas or Notre Dame or US the year Alabama or Florida. Yes somewhere yeah somewhere Ohio State Michigan writes Jill Dobson original to really go right right I mean if you're Purdue. You're trying to do a round trip to try to get to the house right exactly right if your house that coach are basically a list if they like you would you like them you're like all right let's sort of approach you know or some like done a really good coach Notre Dame you know we're a surreal right there with you and your gold at the world -- ago didn't know. A jumbled puzzle we're that was there are some of the people were pissed off on both sides can do so that's that's all I can say pours a job as a destination job is better than Texas a and you know pull the nose and buy out million dollars that you he had been what's today in India becomes a better job. And you're not happy there yeah you're not happy with the higher ups in the higher ups aren't necessarily happy with you so yeah. We'll see what they go get more of that coming up pyramids and Mark Richt here after the game. How far have they become what they've come a long way in March 2 seasons. But he got to go a bit further if they're gonna catch Clemson measuring stick this is who you're gonna have to beats thing I was gonna be in this game for years to come Clemson probably so. So you're gonna have to find a way to figure this team out here's coach Rick after the game Saturday night clubs and then there including this. Coach did a great job or a great job. Or guys. Lost. Let me just you know obviously didn't go well at all. Early seeing. These orders on insisted the community go home office. Inserting Murray's. You know it just shows their class Carly didn't. Bruno and measures to. Yes no question and there might be the measuring stick in the country fighting handicap right now. On face value per cruiser when the national champions about a Clemson and I'll sleep fine tonight. I guides a Clemson it's. It's the same that there there Clemson Alabama game Clemson Alabama three in the semi final this year but tonight I still think those are the two best teams that I saw. A year agreed agreed but it is a semi the other in the national him to might be a little bit and I climactic. Evolve those teams come out punch out come out healthy but you know. Georgia is is good being Oklahoma comply got big government and he'll quarterback you know Leo he might be an equalizer but. Learned how to be champions I mean did Disco which you're talking about Miami monthly being in the final four. Before the wheels kind of fell off your butt. You've got a good look at a championship team in in the Clemson Tigers they are people forget the defending national champions. And and coach talked about the as well. This city does he did so deserving don't order you. It is yeah into the air this whole prizes this as a learning process. Insert tonight and rulers legs won't stand alone there were like sixty don't champions in this league. There's Reggio chrome four walks into the deal Mark Richt in public is put it this way. Gay and then about a week. Meals about a week. He would be on the job for for two years. I you look at how far they come in and how far they've come and all the stuff off 58 nothing at all articles are written and all the comparisons. Leading up to the AC gym two game and you're going yet you don't just uses coming you'll just wave a magic want Melissa and yet we got 3030 NFL guys on our roster could lead there are still. They're still made the call you know. Days on Randy goes out and did I mean he's a nice player. Kate and he's still very young player freshman freshman he's a nice player. He goes out and a whole second or falls apart and cubs is his feasting off on the backups. That's straight under any. When we're not talking about that losing intro Rory. If they lose that reed started this so like. This could see how quickly can crumble. If your sold another two years in the process yes there's got to build a roster get them build their quality debt people talk about roster development in the NFL. It's even more so in in in in college football. Where your scholarships lined up where where's your depth that who's leaving early how do you compensate that all of those things. You know it's listen it's a it's a deal where you know it's going to take a few years unless lust for whatever reason you can catch lightning in a bottle right com. But gee you've got to build up that kind of debt you might have some some betray a bowl players some high draftees. It takes that debt and and that's what it takes a couple of years or a recruiting class. You know you're recruiting classes I'll just say. Yeah and I mean I just I don't love you were upset it's like god you know Rick this in the play calling was horrible. They had to play a perfect game against Clemson and Clemson had to play. An imperfect game for them the wind. Yes and they in my well and implement. You know what happened and those early opportunities right you can yes you had to capitalize and and you whim just isn't there some not saying that you William played a crap game or anything like that but. You know those both those balls that you got to hit Jeff Thomas on that deep when you've got to come up with that fumble on the on the deep pass that Clinton came up with. Like you've got to make. You've got to make your luck you're gonna go this is a great place you yes and engineer missed some yes and you miss those first couple and by the time was winning one not and you could just say no. It is not going to be declaring delegates are able to circuit Rick when the big games are. But I don't read. Beat Florida State Virginia Tech and an owner's failure Leo yeah I mean you know elect able yet to leave yet of one every beginning there's Lilly this was a good start. Handles these story this year I don't know arcana like does that kind of bummed out about the last two weeks and I get. Let's say can mean they've had a hell of a year man held a year play in the Orange Bowl this will be a fun game and that's going to be. You know Wisconsin will be you know we'll see but that's going to be that's going to be a load fund in the on the orange book the end of the month target the 5 o'clock hour. Miami heat's we had a good in the dolphins with a bad hurricanes and thus are gonna blast that was just flat out Ogilvy against the the champs and Golden State's. Miami went up against the champs in college football and the MBA we saw that look worked out gets that coming up also a lawyer text messages the 6797. Force. The man on a busy Monday afternoon right here on 790 the ticket. I get ready received 5 o'clock hour here on seven that is again Curtis in part canyon with you. Georgia here's the thing Dylan appeared in just a second also had headlines visited a lot of them going on gronkowski. Plea came down with a with a determination on who we play football. Any time as soon after that hit yesterday in the buffalo game also we got a coaching change in the NFL a lot of news to get to hear good that does shortly but prize on the take our football prize for that I probably Charlie all season long you ready for the games. A look at the dolphins' other opponent injury updates keys of the game and more Tommy Charlie they're always and more draft pick. Plus wasteful public adjusters embargo on the growth and let the North Miami football Friday on a seminar Nina from 1043. HD to the ticket. We have a community coming up here. In in about. Twenty minutes I will talk more about the game a little bit the last night perk mark mean that the first half was was was fun there was lot of fun by the the most enjoyable. First half. Though were in here that I've seen all year in a promising that have watched every single in the encourage considering the opponent everything else going on those back and forth DL Italy early on it Seth Curry's and shots it was just wow man is high level basketball. High level basketball on the MBA and then there. There are down 62 to six shooting at the OK yeah then. The third quarter started and as seen from anchorman goes well that escalated quickly. Harris right that's right and I more volts. Like I I am most part forgot how good goals they can be when they wanna be good. And and big cat it is just something to behold. And that leads us in the here's the thing. Forget about those states office. The warriors put on a defense of clinic last night against the heat in the third quarter when they blew the game open. Bullets they outscored Miami 37 to seventeen. Rarely has the heat seeing so many big bodies in front of them as they tried to get into lying soon three bodies every time. That Golden State defense was smothering it was oppressive it was aggressive. It serves served as a lesson to the heat that no matter what school know what you're all prints. Toward your opponents off prints you can always get things started with you were defense. Golden State left Miami no room to pass no room to drive. No room to move. It was basketball beauty. But he could learn a thing or two from Golden State but not when it comes to playing offense but when it comes to playing defense. Here's a thing as I was at my draw owners and Avant Shura and now in pine crest. Drone. DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered. Whether you're talking about repairs customizations new purchase this training sessions whatever it is these people will hook you up visited today. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's side in this. Guy. I mean I mean six tablets or at least eight in the fourth quarter totals a lot of garbage and scored eighteen yes I'm a big hit 35 points in the second half but he yeah yeah I think I mean at him. Can't they just because if I don't make real down I mean it. And and and you know they did that he puts one foot in the lane there's three bodies in front of you ticket now and then you're not hitting the threes you're not. Hitting your shots and end in Golden State gets the rebound and here they go the other way that. Clinics start with the defense I Shiite step was hot and KD was not make hurdle Cass clay. But it was the. It's been well a lot of their defense turns in the often right exactly but. But you're right I mean just in the half court set how quick I'm watching I'm watching the entire first half. And and then. Might add half comic con a you know did you know program a ham sandwich and had a sit down I don't panic look at it and he'll get sick now gal who's gonna play out here. And I'm sitting down there and liked six minutes in how I look at the score Lego like god. Did you have scored like four points. And AM I'm going and somewhat to their offense number one. What the hell has changed here right Ryan. He looked at me I agree it's like Miami just turning the ball overlook no guy lol it's a no and hell is changed all the so they're down nineteen you know. And they've scored four points in six minutes or whatever was and it it just go and I was watching Obama and watching a possession to possession it was as an okay. Like it just been a gold is that it doesn't subtly to who who manages every I think we're where they're getting the ball I was hitting the ball. 42 feet away from from the from the good there was not there was. They're offense they had no offense. Because every they're the ball was just. Big move side to side but it wasn't being moved it a threat to Golden State and like I would say they're often it was starting. 45 feet away from the basket. And there was nothing this year it was just look at it all was a shock winds down as just OK let's take its biggest contested 22 foot jump shot. Per order we can get. And it's like wow and then of those shots are falling heater super dupers group that believes and it was amazing and generally look at is buoyed the heat's think I'd tonight I kind of looked at it as the Golden State wow yes like they they do this this this championship. Basketball when when they wanna turn it on they can turn it on. This this is why Golden State is who they are. Bad that's what I thought that but I don't really look at it as. Boy they heated sucked in our board heated struggle nausea squabble though they might plays itself the victory they took it out any out there on in the middle big road shred it don't look they'll do it and and captain ever. Motive at this beat third time in six games the heat has had a thirty point deficit and Cleveland Chicago Golden State via the I don't know him that. I don't mean I'd say last October it was a New York. New York New York, New York without resorting that's right mama bear yet Cleveland market lead in New York right now and and he has just. Not all it's one of those where like you just say years. Salute the opponent and just move on with your worlds and then move on to maybe the second or third best team in the Western Conference. In nine in San Antonio it's relevant more coming up in the a million last night what's Alabama by I was getting some more run here in when sides absent. Absence we'll get to that the first look at 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SHD to omit. ARAMARK. As we've been talking about all day University of Miami will play Wisconsin in the Capital One Orange Bowl on December 30 8 PM hard rock stadium. Do you of the other state teams involved in bowl games FAU plays Akron on December 19 in the chair Bundy tart cherry. Both were told bowl. At by you placed simple December 21. Bad boy mowers gas guerrilla bowl. South Florida plays Texas Tech December 23 in the Birmingham bowl. Florida State plays southern miss December 27 in the walk ons Independence Bowl. UCF plays Auburn on January 1 in the chick filet peach bowl. Over to the NBA Miami Heat is off tonight there at San Antonio won Wednesday in a sale Florida Panthers hosting the New York Islanders tonight at 730. Today NFL Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gayssot that fourth quarter onside kick against Denver with a 33 to nine lead. How about letting his team know he wants them to play sixty minutes. Had nothing to do with gay sticking it to Broncos at Saint John Elway for not interviewing him. For the Denver hit coaching job in 2015. New England tied him Rob Gronkowski who Vince is anyone getting say campus shut in new England's tight and Robin tells Gibbons and at one game for his hit. A buffalo quarterback for Davey is white. That means grown misses the Monday night game against the door opens at hard rock stadium if his appeal is not up bill. New York Giants buyer cold bin Mecca do and general manager Jerry Reese today. AM according to ESPN quarterback Eli Manning gets his starting job back starting on Sunday. Monday Night Football tonight Pittsburg Steelers and their six game win streak. Traveled to Cincinnati for an 830 tick off booms. Are your it guy's 6797 for the calls from some on its excellent diagonal lot I got a lot you have a lot makes me have a lot. Yes first thing's over a couple things here. But Adam days when it was at a thing you would know much more than I would on that did he get the shaft down Denver like I did know that he was upset about that. I didn't. I didn't either but the you know Chris heiress. Does that good Denver safety was saying that he's trying to embarrass us with the quote about the right about the onside kick and and he see it there were some cool. Bad blood. And so that's what the scuttlebutt was when from from the Denver people is that this. Emanates from him not getting AA interview in 2015 when gates was the bears' offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak got that so. I didn't know it that exist it. That's that was the chatter the dolphins say no that's not the case there it's about. Let the media says that he has that got the ball gives out and engage says that's not right away that we had Adam BZ on earlier another adamant he says the others there's definitely something to that. But yeah I mean it was is it was a kind of a little bit with the bad move by gays now but I like that I have a problem with that I don't have a problem with it I tell I think Elway can be at the back. Well you know what they those soon as I got to a pitcher before the game those two had a what appeared to be a very cordial conversation on the field for the game. Doesn't necessarily mean anything they write down their talk and and seemed like they were lapping in and everything like that. But here eras month being though. Why shoulda. Like you're up 331 save that for Bill Belichick won say that the buffalo won a great effort in the sand like why show it perk Mets. It's the baton well that's the thing like to pass a bit too I know. So it because there was something that Iraq correct but like you the other one that's one of the going to be up 339 against a Bolton. There's buffalo there's Kansas City coming to the million dollars for other games. Then it it could have come in handy. I don't know really personalized eyes yeah that's when I was in the song was played eight minutes no nonsense all right noted there was something there I just found in light. But advance Joseph is like you got the let me out here look on the other sideline an apparent I would think that those guys are tight at bases all did was embarrass. The dance album and Joseph well Vince's that as you know brands that boy you can MS absence friendly fire. Right knee eat a lot of them here the club in the middle and it's Elway did he just happened to meet there okay but I would like that would that would out for me like I'm in that spot perk yeah I'm not a very vindictive person put it you want to stick it to somebody. I would do it at the Seko. Kind of screwing over me that's that's all. He's wrong okay notes there that probably that's why can't be a leader right OK I don't have studied at the heart you know it's not a candidate for man U and it's nice area. I mean again that's you know that's football part time for the fins to man up that's what the text or two across rings on a monitor excellent. And allow people questioning. Adam days is of this if there. Will they say is sympathetic side so to speak enough on that front but it wind they get a win yesterday. Against against the Denver. Just just smoke and mirrors yesterday they just ran into. A bigger crap fest in the Denver Broncos or is assuming accuses richter where the playoffs even though they still. Even got was somebody yes said. ABC CBS NBC. In the hunt. And how. It's apparently met medic legal and the thing they taught me mathematically eliminated from like three they have to go on like a three game losing streak probably. You know it's. Does the grounds right he's aware Edward its advanced that he's right how we're mathematically. Yes they are in the hunt later on every grand beat the Dalton right in the heart. And I understand the AFC is bad disks all right and everybody is technically an. Yes okay but let's just take them out of the but I had the rules about the playoff stuff right would baseball anything yet but. They get the 501. Yet right now the Mira writes right. And you start off Dan Uggla right but when your seven games under 500 on Reno what we ordered out of the way up just a 501. And then we'll talk yeah. So in the hunt. I don't like that. But is it it would it would exist was yesterday's usually do that or you know what they're going to be go to buffalo win. Big weekend sitting on the road but might that might catch New England sleeping a little bit even have grown doesn't play here with the suspension. Going looking a little bit passed to the at the Steelers the week after his are wrong with that jobless in the once again. It looked OK yesterday. Here's my here's my thought on that. Next Tuesday as they play on Monday night next Tuesday we're going to be sitting in here shaken our kids knowing. That they might not win another game this year say. In ma am sorry mess we're in the Beagle and he might not win again this year's car and somebody's gonna go well they got buffalo twice and they got Kansas City and we're going to be going in evidence to those games are on the road and a bit. That's what I think back to England is favored by like eleven. Right now I'd have to say that they cover comfortably. Clients coming in hard rock stadium where you know a lot of teams. The Mark Green and three and as they haven't been blown out there are three at home they've been blown out at home. No one knows the raiders they lost to Tampa and it was 30 that morning in Niagara Nelson looser they beat the jets here right 3128. Oh they've agreed to be devil's in the laws of the loss to Oakland Raiders did a bit loss to Tampa yup and who else is who else was in the air. We see they beat Tennessee hosted they lose some holes comfortably here are excellent effort they'll run together and I don't I don't assume it's all important about football yeah well they ultimately yeah the one division game home. Don't exist yeah hello all figured out we got to get to fifty with the view that we could figure it out despite looking others has some work. That particular get you fifty admittedly no Internet access you have to kind of music we have computers all around me you know every time that there have been one of his game that as a month ago. Does we got we got fifteen minutes. Love these coming up next here also gets a lawyer tech side that on the equals result on Tex at 679214. But 67974. But Michael good things about colleges they but. Leo examine the ugly. This of the second half of the Miami Heat but some good things Gaza City to London that was it textures wrecked and I were to begin when you play here if you drive that was one of those games good a good job buddy right there mister mr. or mrs. text her right there probably forget that. It was a shutout over in when enough of over in London and I got that against these are thinking seems like it happened like nine years ago. We're gonna get to the heat. Ma'am add a bio. Catches acted as it gets them Eric yeah I was pretty sweet and pretty sweet and these are getting kind of an important week here come and double explain that as well look at the the schedule and what they can take out of no shame in losing gold states. But the second half they get at some problems earlier worked a pretty good we'll get dollar coming up next here on 79 ticket. And match. Hey fifteen minutes it's customize my Champions Tour by force South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization job. You're guaranteed dubbed the hottest 454 modifications in town called champion former sports evidence extractor of 23446. True champion for about four dot comforts of Perth which you. We had a good. For the Miami Dolphins with a bad with the hurricanes get ugly last night in the second half with the Miami Heat 12395. Last night and it wasn't that flow. Golden State. Just pulls away in the second half but we we talked a little bit at the top of the hour about Golden State and discrediting them. I and me out a little to how much analysis we can really give awful last night I mean he hit shots in the second in the first half. The they played high level basketball in the second half. Golden State just clamped down in Miami hadn't really really no response whatsoever. And who's the mean Golden State school state let's let's not whom the don't beat around here when they wanna complain they can beat anybody in the league. So you did it's it's it's pretty impressive. Tom one thing no resisters quickly BM at a bio get a lot of run here since some whites has been out and we don't know when it's on what is gonna come back quoted the moment as far as their schedules concern. What do you see another young man that that you might see more minutes. He's mean he's very active yet to see if he does very athletic gifts you saw it is just he's as very raw at this point was what to expect having played. Thirty games or college and that's that. Active and athletic that's rests the Alabama mess round like you. Use use you keep those who things and you learn the game you learn the nuances you learn your fundamentals and your technique and everything like that you keep active. And you keep using that that led a schism and and good things are gonna happen you'll learn the nuances of the game no coach you were up but. He's got a big kids start. Because there at the guy is seemingly fearless he likes to stick his nose and there whether it's all been sobered deepens and it doesn't seem like they're too many. Situations that he shied away Romney might not be quit. To handle all these situations. But but he's seen soon. Was he asked to leave. Immersed himself in the situation he's. Should play in the league we know that yeah he's proven that this when he can play in the league now he's got to put in the actual war yes it's what is his role. So how does yeah it's Miller is now low post game you know like he's proved that he let it have a tenure MBA career doing what he's done that last night. And you make a bunch of money and and be just another guy in the MBA and have a great give a nice little career. But now do you wanna be great and when everybody go put in the work is he going to be. There's gonna have a low post move is gonna develop certain aspects of his game and everything else is he's proven that he can do all those things now most of that kinda knew when to draft him the first round. But you don't know until you actually see if you can actually play in the MBA so we could play we know that now the next phases OK are you going to be a starter can you give you can we give you thirty minutes. Can't we give you you know seventeen shot attempts where you're going to heal deliver. So those are the things because all of a sudden you'll people see him defending stuff courier for the first six seconds and everybody wants are traitors not traders on Whiteside gives has been dreading. Don't yet know the and really one of the big things from Baylor when I say what is your role late. Or him what would you say the next that isn't earning time the second unit and and we know limit is the big man on that second unit. So make maybe that's the next step to and you play alongside political or something like like bail what is your blunt we know you're wrong. Athletic ability in my Grassley an attitude is good he's he's ready to mix it up and stick his nose in there but. I'm this heat team. Oh what is your role right now while now now we know what it is the sun's gonna come back. And so then how is so that to me that's the next step for bam it's like how how do you help this team win right. Now surely does now is doing what is now get energy take charges blocked shots. And as he earned a unit a rule on that second five in second he doesn't do celebrities including all depends on the match up yeah right and he's not going to get better from now until until the until January 1. By enemies at places like the big the role it's gonna come of the offseason. Mean he's just a baby so if it's going to come where he developed a low post game he gets stronger a lot of those things are. They are gonna happen in the offseason moving forward but you know but we kept this. Needs him now and then and I'm not sell out and I'm not saying that Graham is going to ditch into the playoffs and you know what I'm saying Mike you you know. For instance. You know Wayne Ellington have a role and and Kelly a limit heavy roll and and Tyler Johnson has sold does. It you know step taking baby steps can bring him carve out a role on this team sources. These uncertain night yet Jeremy but I won in some ways a back does it seems going nowhere for some writes I brought with progress so that's got to be like IBM's playing 25 minutes here a month from now. Then they got bigger problems because Demi or some Whiteside is not playing well persona Whiteside is still hurting so you they got to get a some Whiteside back. And and then we'll move on from there but I'd like to I've seen out out about a mile and he should get some more playing time is just tough. When you okay arguments Olympic. For bam yes certain matchups you can't you know what I considered tell you another Spoelstra will tell you. Or will tell you or can't tell ya every night is that a good seventy minutes a game is gonna get two minutes a game he's gonna get. He's gonna get those those type of all the minutes when the sun's on the bench there are eleven and twelve year they have the spurs on Wednesday move. When you look at their schedule this is this is kind of good for us on the need to get him back he sort of has what eight games. Because they believe that's right yeah eight games out one click yes and England and a 30 yeah. And through those eleven and twelve of these is eight of those that bush like you were dug and leveraging a third of the game a third of the season bass sole you know I had it and I understand. You know where this team is that like there's not a lot of margin for error. When you look at this week the action some time off. Wednesday at San Antonio be tough. And go to Mexico City is part of that program. Where Saturday my group. So little produce some good will stuff down in the playbook when there was a bootable regularly and yes that and then their at Memphis Monday it's only play three games a span of week. Lot of practice on. Well drug's time and help me those things so this is kind of a good stretch here for them as far as just. Getting a little bit of a break and then obviously getting Whiteside back as quickly as possible no really timetable on that so you look at this little mini road trip three game trip you may Brooklyn down down. In Mexico you beat Memphis Susan train wreck right now we know. Not bad here to keep you around 500 at the at this point that's what you want you wanna stay attached to 500 definitely going and try to make that push here at some point. And you keep mentioning that the trade or county or call a deadline now what would you tell us yes. I guess I mean December 15 the starting line yet none of the though there. Reevaluation employed or the valuation pointer for a one timer and including yeah yeah for everybody that's realizes. Three design contracts during the offseason. December 15 is the first day they can be treated. To visit wouldn't return. They believed yes it's that it's in the barn door swings wide open armed on the possibility. Oh image over the he'd be good luck you'll come with bill we all we every day we all these Texas. And in some homers all these trade scenario she MI you know me you know not. I appreciated thank you. You're thinking out there but Neal and some Omar are pretty good ideas and put some of Omar are fairly crazy. And I know we you know pets that minute needs are you know trade just for the sake of moving bodies around because. He's looking. At next season as the year that you wanna really you know make a move that. This either we know that there was not a so called wheel well there are probably won't be one. But you want to position yourself so day if they win somebody comes available. This all season. Next season next trade deadline. That you're team is in such a position where it can be a meaningful trait to put two in tune. Whatever the top four in the ease the top three in the eat some of my you're not gonna be ready to win a title next year most likely. But you wanna you wanna keep making steps. And to me the next realistic step is to get into the top three your war of the east. Okay and I'm listening to you it just seems like that's a long time. Well I mean you you've gotta you gotta be your body next year yeah Paxton alta right I don't think Riley sit around talking about a forty point. But that doesn't move well I know don't next year next year eighteen to win to get to Wear to the top three in the east for a tough out. Look at it. Yeah old Bob but I think he's got to look at it realist I think that's how we looked at it I mean I think did you looking at it like we're gonna get better this either and northward and overtake Boston LeBron and not necessarily the season but I think Riley looks at it as next year next year is the year you make the move. But not just that just to sneak into the to the top four like hey if LeBron leaves east we gonna go to the Celtics we're gonna go after those guys. This year about your area I got ya got etc. that I you know I'm not saying that it's right or I don't know if LeBron leaves yet solid its wide open everybody has nobody but perk this year was about getting into the top four great great this model easier no I agree. This was close to be the year today I I agree. I'd say but but now. You've got to look at it and reevaluate don't you. Off course yet so I'm not now not saying whoa let's let's make some moves have to get to the top four next leg magnet that's loser talk to me. Well let's improve your routine nor did the let's not like it's all the sudden word like let's let's we're gonna wait entire year so we can win six more games to get to the 4 spot in the eastern convert the Dallas wasn't the goal this year. Right now but we know that's realistically that's not gonna happen Ohio I don't know. I don't know I would say so far hasn't looked like that now but I'm just as far as for Riley as far as making a move. Right that's all hills and Alamos or are are to be made and at least right now pay from. Quick note. Just refuse involvement is coming back rate 27 the other night yeah he's he's shooting the ball a little bit better now yeah. So that that that's a promising sign. Notre on the Mimi that would that was gonna level out all but they just do a lot of guys this needs some guys like to level off a little bit. But also. It just seems like when one guy's off another kid to get everybody just good. Let us and you have to be sure your best percentage of her career but he can't have the on going one for ten. And then one and then the other guys hot that night ray of several kinda if you big get everyone kinda. He's in for good stretch of games yes. Give it a mile rise like a lot of rice Donald got a good eye for eleven for hurry rough night at different Pfeiffer and try to pretend that the extent we can count on. Yeah that we can tell on guys instead of the yeah one night you're by Rupert in the next two nights you're super TNN three for twelve. Just seems as Dion has that MO but it's easy to pull teams and let that the electorate this year. You have two guys going off into guys that can't broad in the ocean and romantic Rio Group the guys that kinda this is ever won kinda. It's a little bit more and I guess that's been the theme so far more consistent. And they'd be and it'd be a little bit to a little bit. Better off there aren't so we got. Look couple days off and then there are in San Antonio on a once in a court junior all of the action right here enrollment he name's Tim and Nina from 1043. AT Jude's a quick reminder after he game on the tickets and into the Lexus into groups. Apart by post game show was dazzle complete wrap of the game Lex is insert report finds. Always an amazing deals want to buy Jimmy and four by fours are Florida's number one Jeep truck and as you because a position shop. Good champion for by Ford dot com we come back we haven't had a good one in a while perk our sins play of the game we had that one right no. We are now less Europeans opponent we I think we had to play like Adam days talking about. It's the Kansai is not a night like defending kids they would die he traded we actually have a play. The couple actually applying those as a lot to choose from the that we would mean anything yesterday for the faithful. While moving forward here row alone will touch on that here also. Give back to the Miami Hurricanes. Bad me you know big big time loss in the ACJ Richard gaming I worked pretty good. Against a very very good Clemson team that probably when this thing. A once again the match showed how he's gonna join us in the 6 o'clock hour from team sport knowledge about gained knowledge about Wisconsin. In the orange ball. But recruiting. Big this is news recruiting time with the early signing period now. And mark Rick was on a plane yesterday. New to Las Vegas signing period when it's 23 movie that's as you know so. It's a little bit different now annually get those kids an early in the size titled delivered. And you got that that's done it didn't go after other people really in the gets like those Florida State cute guys that don't wanna go any more predictable that you and you can raid those guys in Florida and everybody else. No that's how you do. That's you don't I like. You know what I like college offseason. And the recruiting stuff better than in a bill in the draft and the and in the free agents are really do. I don't know why I like the decisions of seventeen and eighteen year old T is better than the decisions of grown men and executives and managers and agents but. I just do. I'm sick like right you like to see kid put on that I know I sit down what to step in and both schools the loans are going to come on teenager Lleyton he. Are you gonna tell you I don't wanna watch it. A seventeen year old kid yes put on put on a hack yes from Lawrence Kansas yes who is the top rated defensive tackle in the country right rather than watch a guy watching NFL draft the wreck yes not the and else and I don't know I'm sick like it Noah that's all it's all good and dark art Bus Cook Nextel Cup reported a weird. We're coming up here goes sexy shows 6797 for the crawls brings on a monitor XIER 790 the ticket. I. And. Back here on the ticket Curtis and Berkowitz you don't. Listen to get all week long for fantasy football updates injuries who's not who's not dozen dozen more. Present in my and it John Maine accent attorneys have you been in an accident calling hundreds of a foursome and free to play hundreds of imports of a 3723. Boswell auto directly right cart always the right price semis of public adjusters who cut your assets covered. Call 855 getting CPA or disease caused public adjusters dot com can always text. The show at 67974. We invite and encourage you to do show 67974. On the Coral Springs on on the text line. And and if we have time we actually replied to a guy. Look we got conversations about pat sirte and junior about that he about the ball learns about the U. We knew we got all kinds Lee Angelo ball is he gonna play overseas from from UCLA that. Nell low bars they can amount to use. We we always have so many conversations going on mistakes line kept during the show. Women when in doubt like there's always a ball story out there. Right duke and the lakers have got below hardball ruled now where you can. You can't congregate after the game there's a area on the court. Where friends and family at the players' relatives build you know the player will come out that they've soured and gotten dressed and they'll mingle. Reporters used to hang out there low bar lusting after the opener light. Hit an impromptu press conference that was as a sub shop. And so now the lakers as they did media to not interviewed like those brands and AM remembers. In that area they said it was always a rule but now there going back to an ports in his so. Lamar man he is in the eight trends that are in and my rules get made after the is dude has been riled. We don't know what little we really felt the need to interview you know -- he's all gray right after the game I probably hear. That pace and did it and let it be local told not to let me press conference right on the court after the game again so like I had signs Lamar is a beleaguered there receive books still Lamar ball rule and online. His attitude is not born Nobel minute and then lands global. I did good good for UCLA. He's a guy is so happy no we don't agree with those kids should not play this year you know I agree I agree and and that suspension was indefinite the right. And I I kind of forgot about it yeah and I got in Iger and other things got numbers up right guy on the government side kicks and yeah besides the final day means his dad I did you William basketball right number ten in the O'Connor well it plays right I do I yachts I kind of forgot about. UCLA's men's basketball those kids or suspended there but good for them that the and in that in due the old and two game suspensions against. Against cal Bakersfield. And you know in northern Arizona I yeah back it's like he's an Oklahoma State right here right now most kids should be suspended for the year they should not play yeah but the very least that was edition up late to the conference to congress get. So bundled with the morals. This looks bad you're not in place alone or yanked out of school put you somewhere else for him into an ever so now it's your target for them but just another another saga there. All right let's get to let's get to what's on our plate right now the stands up of the game as well as Michael would agree got a ball probably a knowledgeable about the price you want well. I wanted out wanted to rushing touchdown. In a meaningful game in a meaningful spot we let one rushing touchdown all year long and housing garbage time against the Carolina Panthers so. We wanted. A rushing touchdown in the win that's who we got yesterday. What you are the last last but if this week break. Jimmy stuff low on the dolphins radio network right there. And WQ I am as canyon drape over a hundred yards. Burke in. We asked enemies this is the job then and knows there's a lot of people. I don't know what this is the me I don't they're dolphins supporters I guess they are around gays defenders ravens out of gates himself. Allowed you're putting up what a leaping pick he better be able to hit a hole and out run a ghastly defense to the Denver Broncos I'm sorry. Listen Kenyan. You know my being with Kenyan I think he is. He was a sip is during training camp the best all around back on the roster. Running. Pass protection catching the ball but. So now did die is gone canyon as you were featured bank he's your starter. He may long runs 42 yard run 42 yard run 66 yard run 66 and 42 for a touchdown the other 42 not port touchdown. I've got to see. Number one that he can move the chains and get me in good third down situations right third and 33 and two Merck and I've got to see that. His body can hold up. This spy games record this really this what eight game stretch since since since psalm David Dye has been gone. How does he recover any tinian ball security another problem with union they talk about this they talked about this couple weeks ago. So a lot of these beings bet that we don't know about that's what we need to find out about with Kenyan. He. I was amazed I thought one of them voted. Most I opening undercover low key quotes after the game was Kenyan saying he would you know I had 23 series were 120 yards he said he couldn't remember the last army at that mini series Zia may be once in high school. Yet that mini series. I'm like how you know you think any guy in the NF electing school. Probably would use the heck out album but. Man outdoors or outdoors but acknowledged we know that's that's what we know we knew the history yes well I think larger O'Neill writing the they that you worked your pretty good and academia he yeah eggs guys you know Derrick Henry Ali yes got stuck and Chrysler played well that's that's when I'm wondering that's what I'm wondering or maybe it was the coach maybe they were reviewed by so I don't know but to think that. This do would have been a work quarts in high school I have no idea but. We got to see how does his body respond and antennae do all the things from ball security soon you know getting on persons in Denny get by over six yards and and you know set you up all that kind of we know we can do the big weight. Any duty. Typical beings are seen things. This is there's no doubt but I just I just I just roll my eyes when they were comparing say it's I in this and that is that age you need to those dudes anyway in the NFL. I just pretty much regrets yet clear is good with Kenyan straight now all we got right in train wreck wreck brought the dolphins set all. You need another gotten it's as good if not better than ten Internet daily lives. Nice player nice player going to be a free agent at the end of the season and you're not bringing him back. Total cost a lot lately govern it's it's guys like you needed Jay had died at a high level and you needed Kenyan Drake and high level correct that's how you get better in the league career. Right there there's not many marvelous religion out there yet where you can just plug in anybody I didn't like who would you tell would you urge those guys right now. But maybe it's because they obviously if they were pretty well I got like Dion Lewis audio and as the day is like you are not a special. Bogans went low below normal pollen OK it's all a little as a as a single feature back you're saying would I trust them and I would just say we're just compliment like that it would only compliment these guys I let you complimentary or is this guy forget jug got yeah yeah no I agree. I agree. You're asking would I take any of him to be much singular featured back health core competency apple wins already in strike correct yes you need a nomination right I agree. Let the healing that all the dolphins are dual there was Kenny Drake he's played better the jays I want knowledge of the matter. That I don't care look look. Silly tricks for days I could get a court climate. Thank you have armor they could have they can have a little gear blocked their widget dying right that's why you would assume rule or get to this horrible without having three guys. Yeah you need multiple. Again there are not many well I should say even old school Marshall moment Marshall moments of six or seven years ago there are many of those around columns and many Elliott's around. Yeah you need help you need money. It's not the usual you murders of his like you are were everyone's just around my opinion drinks good academic rigor is third round pick. I gotta go get another opinion written to play in the backfield you know to spell can Hendrick. That in and does what you said little bit of a better Google would have a different skill set but I mean that's they'll revolving really have to solve any problem there. You guys yeah use your your your hopefully getting some answers. To some questions you had about Kenyan Drake he's accused but. Right but you haven't right you have to salt you're running backs are always like all right good now right on paper are yours you've got a piece of friends and rusty good gossip. I look at this it's like our matchup against ward he's gonna drop by. And they'll get to a whole lot more perch and here's the thing we got headlines we get a suspension in the NFL we got a firing in the NFL yeah. We got ball games on probable games are probably being local team was funny sponsors. Yes we've we appreciate the sponsors will be they put their money out and they you know. Have their name on TV but. Oh well the other than a lot of turnover global sponsorships. Who'll turn over you know not the total roller ball they're good. Right eco or low which you wonder what they did out of camp what is it like coming at me like that I just totally on cleaners do you think they're selling they were they selling any better eight years ago when they had their name of the game that. It's made him maybe I'll go through those error and a good job by the couple local teams FA UN by you getting the call. As well Florida State the got to win Florida. Oh wait I won't love and hope. South Florida essential not. Anti UFA huge new live over. At best views and our friends at Kaiser to their bigs they detonated outside a Florida where the only team in the not to go to the Vatican have been embarrassment and you know our investigators yes are there might have been at their Bob did a better chance to hit the recruited wrote their Israel group match and L as welcome canes were welcoming appearances clock tower on 79 minutes ago. And they figured that team's game day tickets access the last how many tickets sign up now I didn't came days Diggins dot com and you'll see even. As MS alert when tickets are available you can get tickets for as low as ten bucks for the game on December 16 members of the clippers went up on that. Game day game heat game they take its sign up now. Program in the old days Fergus. One in the corner on nine for Leo mine area and just put enough I got to do I got to I got to do you know what cat. How does this work with mum. Places like news. The AAA are all electronic tickets now you have so much help resentment does this now does that killed. I'm happy I don't know does that scalp were the outdoor. Like the guys you know on the corner Biscayne and acknowledged as a running total I'll tell you like and ushered out. And this is so easy to get tickets I have never like the last yet grown and he wrote about the kid and up and my dad who accused of obvious he's huge sports guy yeah. Eight in. But even that it was a it was it was a bit to get tickets sometimes you're up to the big events right great guy and this is obviously pre Internet here but still it was just like that he just solid shall we go to a game were. Are this and out in the scalpers and then I mean. Merck I got so many scalping stories let me tell you armies. I Los often stories I I mean I got I got stories about fake tickets. Man. And others are those and other fake stuff. Yeah yup yup yup dot. So yeah you put on the leg now it's like he. It really is funny when you think about your kids and stuff like that room. It's at the walk five miles in the snow right right to go to school right issue run for. And it was really and now and always gets back to event known. Knob Melamine and an adult right here you don't have to get older and I go out and that we don't go to game and it was sold Alex could go to lake. All my policy puzzle here. I didn't hustle to get in the game now demagogues goma the dollar coriander or or to sign up her. Firms for you think it's a regular on your front ultimate okay and material wanton and deliberate go to our quarters the ticket window right yeah that's what your homeland and all the sudden. You're no courtside I mean don't you give these kids now cavs had a fairly easy to have Cincinnati cars and test things back canard that yes. It is that segment with a that it stood with a goatee aspect of my data yeah. One thing yes well not be lacking will be tickets and you're gonna give you get enough to hustle for portal tickets yeah I generally lets me about Wasilla. Yeah look to bump from Wisconsin on domino here would shield or you don't write the main plaza closely in policy a good game I mean yeah I hope it's a good day. You know I have again. I hope it's a good day in camp. That leads us and here's the thing. Not too fired up about good Miami Wisconsin weren't all I'm sorry this is not he personal playing against Miami or Wisconsin. But this game is the exact reason I'm never too excited about bold gains and bowl season in general. It's a match up between two teens on the downside of their seasons. Two teams that have probably never will lower at any point in the season. And they do right now you know coming up the back to back losses to didn't Clemson Wisconsin coming off a disappointing loss to Ohio State in the Big Ten championship. Now may be both Miami in Wisconsin are fired up and they play wanted to ask orange bowls ever. But this game. To meet. As this the case and most bowl games. Means nothing neither team can win a national title neither team is gonna reach a neat unparalleled heights in program history. To me it's just another game and I'm not sure if both teams are really gonna win gonna wanna win this game very badly. I a lot of people tell me I have it backwards. But I like the college nonconference. Early season games. A lot more than the bowl games but of them those games everybody thinks that they can steal go under beat it. Everybody is playing their heart cell at this time of the year. A lot of teams have been disappointing so. Hopefully this is a good game between Miami and Wisconsin. But unfortunately. I'm just not that fired up about. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now in congress drove nerds is to authorize DJI dealer they've got. All your drone needs covered. Whether you're talking about new purchases repairs customizations training sessions. Whatever it is they got to cover they will hold you well. Look amount on line draw owners dot com South Florida's I in this. Normally I would agree with you and in and you know burka are mom. Coming out of place a wager from time to time. About Israel in certain instances pot and and you don't know who's gonna shall peel those fired up for these games and so you know I watched. You you know you can watch Notre Dame all yearlong. But and then you've seen in these and you have all. A good feel for the team or good feel for Michigan or South Carolina whoever it is these ball games and they come out and have a dog living Hamas and while they really in the you know based here. Medicare but only yeah I was so. And I'd say it's a long layoff all the right things so as far as the predictability of things guessing game it can get a little bit tricky that way so I give you that. But I I just I can't disagree more if you buy this matchup I think both of these teams. When you look at it mean we go out there and pick through certain bowl games but I I don't know. How you know how jacked up Florida State is gonna go to report Louise right and a break wind once or those kids were playing for national image of a few years roster right and they usually get the hell out of there like that that that is. That is a crap place to be around the holidays so it in a miserable and pretty much any time I just pretty much anytime yes sorry for you on its Thursday's report we have is awful so I don't know those casinos in a bad and then they're they're very depressing of the bunch of older people spending their mortgage money so you know anyway the so so I do I get that aspect of things as far as these two's schools you have in mind is going to be yeah did they lose the last two games Seattle with a plan for national chairmanship on line yes. But the coming clean he or won't follow all their fans. I think they're going to be ready to play and I think Wisconsin. I mean yeah you have just got to win the Orange Bowl and I'm one loss season. And finish in the top five perhaps if you win that game and jacked up and I think the programs you look at it too. I think the coaches will not let this o's these teams kind of you know go off on their own and kinda get disenchanted with some certain things and I also think that. And always believe the ball the bulls are are a big part of a springboard towards next season. And what are you building for next season and I think both Miami and Wisconsin are building for next season yeah I mean that's all I can see with this particular matter per. To reynolds' favorite yeah it what you just said right that is that's a good match. Yeah I hope so that I I I certainly hope so and it'll be nice to see McCain stay deal once again and look at Wisconsin defense is legit. And nobody UN deepens as legit right Jonathan Taylor running back rush Bagram air Alex broke your quarterbacks. There there's some very very good team I hope we get a great game are more balls and everything else let's get things. It's WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix each. HD true Miramar. As we're just discussing University of Miami will play Wisconsin in the Capital One Orange Bowl on December 30 8 PM at hard rock stadium. Some other bowl games were our state schools FAU plays at grand December 19. You're a Bundy tart cherry vocal works mobile. And by you plays temple December when he first bad boy mowers gas guerrilla bowl. South Florida plays Texas Tech on December 23 in the Birmingham bowl. Florida State plays southern miss December 27 and the walk on Independence Bowl Central Florida plays Auburn New Year's Day chick filet peach bowl. And that. Pretty much our lineup for the state schools here and in bowl season. NBA Miami Heat off tonight there at San Antonio on Wednesday in a jail Florida Panthers hosting New York Islanders tonight. At 730. NF bill Miami Dolphins coach Adam gaze at that fourth quarter onside kick against Denver with a 339 lead. That was about letting his team know you always wants them to play sixty minutes. It was not sticking it to Broncos exact John Elway or not interviewing him and hit coaching job in 28 teen. More and to build New England tight end Rob Gronkowski has been suspended one game for his sit I'm buffalo cornerback to debut is why. That means wrong misses the Monday night game against the dolphins are hard rock stadium New York Giants buyer close been met to do and general manager Jerry Reese today and according to ESPN. Eli Manning has a starting quarterback job bank Monday Night Football tonight Pittsburgh Steelers on a six game winning streak. At Cincinnati at 830 those created. We got a number of law enforcement. Yeah I'll like these sex about you know I was asking about the the all digital entries. As a Miami police officer was he say there as it is not stop the scalpers. And I know it does not till the scalpers not a asserts still out there I in this some somebody says you can send screen shots you can do a screen shot the tickets and sex them scalping going harnessed retired yeah I don't. I don't know I don't know. I don't know about that kind of stuff so. It is an added that the I have gotten tickets. Electronically deny I ain't done yet I don't know. You as much and that's the thing is like court the crime. As much as we catch up to meaning law enforcement here. As much his law enforcement catch up to the criminal criminals always had a long it there right let's say as much as you get all this that was it. Now there's like their veteran counterfeit tickets right now and that's that's why you bet tiger and a hackers if you the FBI Iowa Obama went let me get out of prison it's like you know we need you worked for us we also established earlier I think per cricket we can put his bat -- the bad. That was of the cherry Bundy. Cherry Bundy hearts. Cherry was cherry juice it's it is they drink a cheer booty tart Cherie. Right I've got a and cheer booty tart cherry Boca Raton ball pitches well laying off that's I know is linked here a booby tar cheery but for a chair blu retort Cherie. Boca Raton boldness there we go to your booty targets other says somewhere between dollar's gonna dance from a something that's now coming to us. State she's. In the and Ithaca. Hard right rough identity the guy she's got knowledge make it into your blue eyes are back you have got to you were twenty dollars and allowed him don't know how stubborn letters in my advantage report Louisiana I don't know back there. I was the bad boy mowers gas gorilla ball I know I'm guessing that the mowers company. I guess I'm not so alive and I don't know the other possibilities there lookup barbershop I don't know I there's no other. Though the walk moons Independence Bowl. Under the old joke is Florida's there was an it's like the walk on the blog and I have no idea going around like. That they're gonna play like a highly T breads those funny going on around. On social media like Florida State is gonna go play. The team breads like. Well the Hendrick Ted Hendricks video right Australia denial president de bright colors of the heavens I didn't public. He's live in Dallas those three hours from Shreveport I covered the poor land reader Independence Bowl a couple of times. New Year's Eve speeding back on I wanted to make it back home to Dallas for further to Israel to exist. It's not even southern Louisiana like where all the good booted my father has Kaczur who deserves what are the Louisiana. Just. It's not a good person and I was there in Miami this how far minus column. Okay that that's a beat and we'll talk to match it dollar coming up here about six minutes you know how far they've because the area. You know you know I also know that it's that was the year before I got fired they went to south they put in South Carolina there yeah. In the duck commander dependent sport yeah. All right can I went through and I looked at all of the ball at the time all the bowl cities. Denies that this is the worst place to do it probably Los and it probably Stew you know. Yeah it was it was it was a paso Texas and out without really William four yeah. Boy that's not been done economic Texas and the minute stick with bill pass the dog knew I would but he admits conclusions did get a ticket price state important enough that so how are they fans have added. Enjoy enjoyable is a street blues yeah you. Only get the good gumbo and booed day in and all that stuff up there and I mean it's there but it does the better stuff is down in the south and south we've you know. It's up there have been the Monroe Louisiana knows I used to you know. I used govern north Texas back in the day and they played. In the south link numbers they have noble reason in the schools southwestern Louisiana the region two Asians in. I have been all over that so it wasn't just me. Less than okay now. Now got a big city man over here as the crap on the tiny towns and on its miserable restored as this night was does not desirable Wilson's group renewed the casino there. I. Tab that is one of the most of the present those I don't know I don't know right now. I well I know they will make you stop gambling where they will make you go to the people at the slot machine and say take this to any books and and pay your mortgage and get out of here. I we got to get to match O'Dell from James Ford dot com. Are right they lost to Clemson. I've been to get Wisconsin in the or football season should be considered certainly a success the moving forward here big recruiting season got early signing day what does all that mean if some. Some new things in place here with my new look and format we'll have all the answers don't have next right here on 79 minutes ago. It's. Come on out theater world famous Harlem Globetrotters is Sunday at the American Airlines Arena of the globetrotters ninety seconds. The anniversary celebrated ball handling wizardry basketball artistry a great family entertainment for special offers on tickets go to it's a good Miami dot com and click on. Get my perks all those things can be said about our next guest as he joined his only arrived fuels the Dow's there's immune stores just like they are truly steps. Beyond convenient match on a freshly back from the ACC championship. Up from cain's support and now the season or the regular season is is that really over I guess you'd say another real fun start to recruiting and everything else. As Matt joins us right now seven and its and Matt I don't today. Don't let act as a stock a couple of recruits before taking money yeah. This is what they're visiting everybody and trying to get people on board as such with the new early signing period so yet have you recruiting now. All right so let's let's let's stay there when asked about the game of the season but let's stay with recruiting here and explain the early signing period. How it's different that in years past. On your past. You can't graduate early. And sign a if we get this. The scholarship essentially but it's not like a binding thing and then you'll just arrive on campus in January wrong after the map that what general passes its Cecile B element. A normal quote unquote normal kid who graduates and out not early with sign in February that you know once you sign outside the first ones in February then. If you can't go anywhere else that's your golf and so this year they incidents like we're December 20 to 22 it's sort of like at best what was an early signing period you sign. At any point 03 days and that's your body can't take any system that is in January you were signed sealed and delivered literally to that school just like it's the first one in February about a new thing and and that its second night for the kids who were early enrolling Cadillac they have their own signing date on and that's great and it's great for. Coach is because they can focus on the wishy washy guys after December 20 assault January those guys those five guys rotating Campbell you have a west. Or where the really high priority to really focus on them could probably get a twenty kit you'll be assigned to the early period hypothetically if all your climate science. Met and let me ask you something else about this this early signing period. What percentage of the tears soon sign early will be early enrollees is a 100% 50% 80%. Well in Miami is cable. There's a whole lot of them graduate early and I think what 23456789. And eleven kids I've confirmed president earlier this points that's. About little more than I think and maybe that's about 60% net or 7% depending all the commitment. And generally believe that twenty commitments right now. And that and Trent Williams the quarterback who expect to commit on Wednesday it has confirmed for us to put up to Wednesday. That's another could come early so be twelfth so yeah a lot of kids are common early which which is fantastic for its in my Miami where you could see get cramps and Mike. State need the public get from kids to become in the spring to be ready to play in the fall you know that's. Huge and will Miami holds anybody from the a school that's losing their he would coach Florida State Texas and and I. I'd get it up I would glittering in the final when they get they got a commitment right richt put somebody. Yeah yeah yeah we have that story can export dot com today a couple of kids that there is that. That one that that has deep deep commitment but he was committed before the whole gym both bank. The other ones still committed so you know but but it may execute and that's in Ari can I help the Bristol gonna try to achieve increased the linebacker also on the top Kiet and it is. There's limited spots this year you know when the other kids Jonathan Huggins is you have to keep the commitment to safety that might try to is still grab so yeah. There there's always going to be kid like that happen though based also surprised into every year there's a new name out there in January nobody thought that they'd be in the picture for who comes and visits above Vivian. You'd never know what might happen so I you know what Satan I putted on right. Mention of McCain's support is is joining as yours wrap of the recruiting they'll be going podium of the times to talk about it. On the next month or so but just with the way the top five top ten for sure class I know it can fly. Yeah ha yeah right now at the rubble rankings they're number two. I can't see them drop out of the top five I mean they've they've got a chance DD you know did this so maybe top three for sure necessity get some of these. That the big game get depicting Campbell's pistol that would with sirte and also saw what what what we say you know with the fans who come aboard who doesn't. But they're number two right now and there's nobody they're going after it's a one star two star right now but I don't see him drop in and it took part. And I should just follow that up with a national work Clemson is because that that's where and that's how they got to be so good. Not just liberal guys out there. We had any side he's lucky to have to take these these rankings with a grant solid right now in the rubble rankings Ohio State number one. And glimpse then of actually look with. Try to go to my screen here I don't think Clinton vetoed that happened after remember. Oakmont since thirty seconds we are not the Clemson. The reason why is that we have eleven commitments though it could be your total right. Star points don't you know they had military commitment they're gonna be the top fifteen point out tentative today you know. This is not the end all be all but it's no coincidence when you see Alabama the top five for year after your Florida State Thomson that no there there that they're pretty good program when you watch said jail when you took away. The outcome and annual walked away from from Saturday night Matt did it did you look at the season any any differently than they got they got it handed to it pretty good by Clemson. You know it's funny because the it was so weird season. I never was mentally convinced they were like the greatest team everything you say instead and how difficult and it doubting everybody but. They had a really good schedule you know they had the tough games at home and they've they've made the plays when they had to evict a lot to sort attack. They had trouble against Virginia they cuddle up the Florida State you know on the web second place. So this this routine that. Like the total yield we won the close games this year westar we want them so it's a team that's maturing. But I always told everybody that there's not a dot. You know and you can't beat a team like Clemson in the Alabama. Without depth and and once you boot up on Richard and encryption or did too with the three guys who on offense you couldn't use this earlier this Iran being a guy who's already out mark Walton. I need to compete with Clemson and that levels top man and no idol fans were hopeful and and they weren't happy with the outcome and you know it's funny I just went on the idea official might hurt its website. Does that take a look at the box score discreetly and I wanted to use some of the stuff that happened. And there's no box gravesite ordered the recap equip a quick recap up. And get it says something went wrong we are targeting convenience so. And like Miami like a pretty wide and about a history book like I don't know what but it was it was it was ugly you know being there watching it and you know it help advocate to put so much work you know to really great group of kids great. Great staff and they're gonna get better. Biggest are not a quantum level I was very obvious to everybody at this point. Met how is this game going to be mad at my concern I you know I've got all these petty concerns in my life. My concern during bowl season I'm not sure how fired up both teams will be. You have a Miami team that's disappointment of this lost back to back games of Wisconsin seemed disappointed that lost the Big Ten championship. Competitive game out here one scene doesn't care what what are you thinking right now. And it what it seems so that doesn't care they're gonna get slaughtered guide to Miami's gonna carry other they're playing in front of the don't stand at night that is team you know every time they played at night and all my dad delicate about Caro did it ever. It the bad years they are the gonna care and even home. And that is obviously the biggest vote in the got to win in this year as decade over decade so yet they're gonna care. I do think Wisconsin the great matchup from Miami they remind me a little bit of Notre Dame their their quarterback is not a real great pass sir they survive with a really good offensive line. And a running game but guess what that place to Miami extract I. Might be deepened the fact sir that the stats look good in everything but they're they're guys is that run free in the good quarterbacks. Like you saw on Saturday will both find those guys you now. Without without trouble doing that so that's great Miami defense might adopt a book with content entered this last game with the top defense in the nation. Com so that's good question you know I mean if if if if if a week looks like he did the last two teams you know it's just going to be a tough scheme to win but you've got to think that at some point he's gonna. Figure out what's going wrong and and and and sort of look like that those first ten games so that's going to be in Miami as well. Well I'll star Aldous are there is present with bullet. And you mentioned the kid Williams though from Georgia who I think they like a lot obviously when Jim scholarship. But. And then you have the cozy Perry sitting there amongst other quarterbacks. On this is an important game for him and I'm trying to bench him or otherwise and but if he. Do you what makes you well how would you classify the quarterbacks it's a moving forward as bleak as another off game against Wisconsin. That book that are upset me when Mark Richt. Recently. Said that he did it. Think Malik was gonna be that guy when they started ball product. So this has been a guy who coaches were like oh we have this guy's going to be the real deal there was question marks all long. And the glad to be two games have shortly afterward that I think even if we look fantastic. In that web even and they put a tonic. That that Mark Richt is gonna open up the competition because why would you I need. The cold it already asserted OK there's no reason why can't play an actor he's ready to get the better quarterback they've thought well played. You know I could see that there really wasn't even a quarterback competition. In the fall because that's. Episode assisted doesn't look what people walked out there what he's got engaged. And decode the you know he came that you look at ticket he's just he's just small government what is it now and it's all the skills you eat is still. Got every chance he did great quarterback. And mr. skit you know I talked to people he was out there at the opening of that at least five star kids out there are so. The future really bright quarterback it's as a question of you know candidate next year. Be a year where somebody's better than a week and that would be great but mine it's somebody is. And Jared has come and literally literally grab but it will be here in the spring to the chances you know and and mark what if they don't cannot give it welcome but yet a good couple. The cup the way you would happen. They met. It's essential subject to we get sex every day it's time to start hype in the UN men's basketball team. So evident no number two on in the nation I know it Boston university and here tomorrow. Big picture broad general relation blitz over hyped them. Does this team have final four potential do we know I don't that's ridiculous do we know that yet. A lot of it's ridiculous that I haven't how deep bombs and this looks like a final fourteen and I don't really early and they haven't played you know ATP and yet. But you can feel like if you know basketball and it'll you know what still looks like basketball like Vietnam played any but he great they did with actually 11 that we could keep up the sort of when it looks fantastic and penetrated a lame like crazy. These are guys that they have so many different options to score to penetrate. The other even there even rebounding really like the fact that fact that that the one you'll notice is playing it a good offensive game. Makes them even better than I thought they'd be better figures to be at this level so you know you got Bruce brown money walker who still not a 100% by the way. You know the guys are unbelievable to Quan Newton is very good easy that was a better attitude and a one. To me but he's he's good matter what you can score play defense. On this Chris likes getting the how much fun to watch packet that anybody input that process 57057. And I leave the incident at the spoke to that that surreal and it and it's a shame that. It's unfair to the same passion. For bad for the good for football. I mean you you know. This team this team is gonna go places you know so hopefully football fans were out there will be an important special independent service. Yeah I don't believe the hype they're that good living out of their bag this might and it's tough to learning is that some good teams seriously but in my pee is best to humor maybe is most talented team at. You know they they certainly could get to that only later final four status but we got a long way to go for that we'll see on the jump and ACC play here but they ours has as good as a as anybody in the country hey Matt we certainly appreciate it thank you very much will bother you a little bit or recruiting here. And and basketball season as well but but thank you as always and great stuff thank you management. Mets showed up from king's portrait canes fan I just blow off the basketball there that's a must. It's a must have on the Internet had done weeks about a early signing period right between. Today is the ports two weeks two weeks alone two weeks and Jenny writes in recent two day in Miami got a late start because they're preparing for the ACC Jim is a game which I kind of funny funny. President I think we're kind of pointed this out. What is better have a late starter playing in the game right exactly leg it brings up that little conundrum there right bill got off the plane heavily is used in China it's tight and out Las Vegas. A bishop Gorman you know. And you know it's like well. Good to see is you know good to see a sudden we just played in the ACC championship game that's flat that's why I was here earlier right you know of the coaches that were playing in the ACO idea that Jefferson game. There are already on the road recruiting the early signing period is great. I mean just is so so much interest so that I mean it is great I think it's great well it does to thinks it gives the kids. Their day yes yes rather distant federal work right blended into one of a number result accuse the kids. Get your he signed early and you were done any graduate earlier all that stuff. You're you're you may never really got your moments. To sodden. There's always signing day right but you would similarity committed parity committee in December right what's the difference and then for the coaches who gives the kids that which is good for them. And then for the coaches like if you got group let's just say you have to do Johnson's. I can go to my game no matter what. You you could sign him in and he's done peace of mind right you don't have to worry you at all worried that somebody else so Tulsa sneaky. And now they're doing anything kid wanted to be together always big game down and you know what 95%. Still going to be came February up. Exit is number no don't you never know right and I say that was an air quotes you now. Vernon Howell yes yes right that's all it takes is some gun Obama. Scandals. And or or yourself out of your control that got. That's the main umbrella he's never know that Israel US commander for two exactly the night before setting right. Boy out when I got some second thoughts on my decision right front. Amazing how that happens we we do you know we we slide. The president Lewis college basketball and how we talk is letting people are my uncle Roy and any okay right so. You get those kids that you can go when you can really like give your Miami got twenty kids or whatever is fifteen kids had to lock in your and then you go a lot and you were hard on the other. By brute preliminarily in Miami took her ballad and I like tech college football for the kid to school I think it's. I think it's you know win win win. You'll have to babysit anybody for for those two miles you're not sweat and stuff doesn't like the player and the coach to not swear I think yeah. Via the can have a kid like some kids. A lot of kids enjoy all that stuff I mean you've been around them. I've been around a mere yet magical when I was in high school like yo mean our kids are going. They want the attention all men look who's coming and mileage looked all the crews come to the seeming drag race. And they're beat coaches in the jam on the football field and the some of the kids loved it right. Some kids in care right them give a guy isn't as a little right on the floor abroad I don't want and I don't want any more snow calls. I don't and and now with the social media ironic you I'm in my humble beginnings a man. Another coach I love I love my dad loves the mom of the of their. I want to go to is nonsense from a three months. Right now says it grinds it's a grind it's it's. Yet from covering that are covered that years end. You know in the nineties so the way that it's gone now with social media and an Internet know that every. Way before all bad side just can't even imagine. Yeah I think I think you've covered what SMU I think the noses at the air does yeah. I'm not. It's legal but I actually haven't got to a severe actually had a couple of friends who were laying there wouldn't win the program got suspended. That's that's a failure of the great ones inside America I would come back at the final thoughts here a lot together until 7 o'clock Greg likens. And for Frito this this evening so below organ to a code cover a couple more more subjects here. Falwell wean him off to. Young Greg right here on 790 ticked. What is the match himself for dropping by. OK you recap and look ahead. Recruiting Manny always got to look at that because that is. That tell you give you better listen for just the tips with amber on the ticket Thursday mornings in the stadium hours must raise the public adjusters who cut grass it's covered. Call 855 innings CPA visited schools public adjusters dot com. Settle for less than listen to just the tips. On and some and I mean if a moral fourth reach into the ticket curse of perk when you for a few more minutes mess that question as Matt because we got a little bowl hangover today. From not only the rip tide music festival. Everybody party in it was a great event you know people who went to Charlotte. And partied up there in Europe tied thousand Charlayne and we got milk does a lot different people that we talked to over the weekend. And we have a lot of people on the tax line who either they were in Charlotte you've invested their time in their money and that's a big trip. And it was a tremendous showing a temper there was amazing. McCain has made that trip but even if you could not make the trip and you just watch the game in invested. Your time down here in South Florida. Does that does the loss against Clemson take away from the season Corvette a couple of days to kind of let it sink in. So other tenant to. They're going to the orange ball. Does does it do you look at the season any differently. Because I think I don't I'm I just think this year overall was untrue a huge success. They actually think the loss to it would take away from the season more than the loss to Clemson in the loss to Clemson. You might have lost sued the best most talented team in the nation I think islands of it was a began right I debate are whether they win the title or not I. You know I I think that they are the most talented team in the nation. And you know the loss doesn't. It doesn't. Like destroy my vision of you whim or anything like that but it. It was the more disappointing of the two losses correct and it easily it didn't prevent you from winning the cold story anything like that. But come core yet that that was one but overall banner and some loss net net it's outstanding season you exceeded. Right my expectations improbably a lot of people's when you consider you on the Florida State Virginia Tech Notre Dame games. That that was that was probably going to be one of your your sewer. Or one or two losses I know that. And say why look where they were two weeks ago undefeated number two in the country and then back but I'd come back with its and they blew it. I would say readable anything. They weren't Greg. They weren't the number two ranked team in the country right leg yeah we're ready when the magic carpet ride is going let's ride it out here put. Yeah you weakens and obviously did some injuries in their their numbers to Wisconsin now. Not as good as Alabama right Greg we know that now all right now it when you're in the moment you don't want the moment to stop. LAM but anyway to see how far they could take this thing like so the only my only thing. I would have liked to have seen them play a little bit better against Clemson that's all right we do you know whether it could still get rolled in its over the end of the first quarter yeah that's all overall. I'm gonna remember this season as as as a huge success and a lot of fun. But let's not forget how much fun this thing right well great turn. Over chain and all that's Notre Dame game national TV days and days later here and look at well I'll tell you also that this team. Look all you do is you look at. Look at you live right now and you look at the dolphins right now. Pre season we had one of those ridiculous you know a win more games the dolphins are you William Weld. Look we you know detained bloom weigh on that one but but. You William has. Gotten a lot more answers to questions it had four months ago. The door opens the not so much right that you can point to a lot of positions on the dolphins and a lot of players where you wonder did they get better. You William you know that answer right I mean you know bill those linebackers are better than the ends of the line is better. Altman's of mine probably deal a lot better than than a lot of people bought. You overcame the loss of mark Walton possibly your best player. So you answered a lot of questions can this guy like him this guy play in this guy played. Outstanding season the Mets employee dolphins. You'd you'd probably won't raise more questions than you answer this season what do you look at him I'm Jim Graham right you've got a lot of answers do you know how you wanna proceed. You meet to recruit who could you count on in the spring and as you you did well. You got very deep and a lot of people do. Know that I can just say I need to be very simple for everybody else would you thing about the dolphins' season. Not the not. A disappointment was doing when McCain sees an exciting excellent fun. One million or maybe he's received an accident that it is dry season tickets yet you're investing for hours every Saturday or Sunday bright and I go dolphins this year. No one newly right right. There's a better word correct correct and I go canes are sure how to until I Democrats promised he's fighting right you know wait till next year all that kind of snagged a day the Dow future's bright Kelly yeah it looks great now Rick yeah let's all that stuff just on the service and where are we gonna get into a roster to say hey how did you feel. Yeah had a great time watching the came to Chicago but the car right. Probably but he glee that's how you feel you are we got to go our thinks the mats O'Dell for offer job in my. Also. Are things out of Beasley are NFL and all the insider we got to roll our thanks allows and be allowed back there we had Colin back there. Greg likens his coming up next he's got special guest host Barry Jackson BJ is going to be in here in just a few minutes of Richard go on. Right after we get out of here perk our time is up we'll do it again tomorrow just before 4 o'clock for perk up Kurdistan right here on 790 the ticket.