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Tuesday, December 5th

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I. Curtis and bird where you hear awesome and I didn't take your calling the best of Dan and just do God's. And the crew go out and on the other side of the glass we have the three hour tore. Thank you until 7 o'clock we got to see action packed jam. Filled showed to get two looks like FSU has just decided on a replacement for one Jim both Fisher. Andrea Adelson covers the ACC in college football for ESPN if she is scheduled to join us here in about 25 minutes so get some reaction. From that it's a reaction to all the seminoles out there Kirk at 67974. On the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line how you feel the day. I'm doing good ma'am I'm well rested I am look imports of this week man. Look I wanna see what the dolphins can do. I really do maintains. Cain's got a game on tonight. Right Boston university and see yeah yeah yeah basketball so usually is a good enough not knuckleball well. All that's what what was it eleven or twelve straight weeks. That it was okay on to the next game on the next game for the hurricanes right and for number of those weeks mainly in bubble for the last two is there were undefeated. So are they mentally he is going to keep this going and all of a sudden is this casts. Young man like go it was 10 there is no there's no game to prepare for there's no game prep right through there's no scouting reports look at you know the other is not the next. Well there is next but nothing imminent now and then the next week but well you know the oil yeah amicable with the Ellsbury at the door policy with the heat Hindus they conduct of Brooklyn down in Mexico City tomorrow right grass and Antonio and that's and yes I don't know its arms are Santonio an innocent tone in the the play go Brooklyn and a university solo or get we'll get into all and a lot of stuff block a lot of stuff to see I mean can Ricky get to their defense of my day in Indian or the bulk bins you know this. This big one game winning streak they're on Internet hold up to Tom Brady and and that onslaught. Grub going to be available via that he's not the only guy suspended. On the fallout from last night's Monday Night Football game as as as does just started as. Players on both sides getting suspensions and that turned into a wild and crazy game last night on Monday Night Football. Four off for all to see. And I was very conflicted watching that game come and nugget of that the moment what. First things first is now was that was some pretty hard hitting the old school borderline dirty football that we saw last night on both sides the Bengals and the Steelers always does one team. Gone in for the other. No no it it wasn't captain. And I tell ya I've been saying this all year it seems like. This legally and this league has as really really got to watch it step but 'cause it'd there's so many beings. That are working against the NF bill emit enough bill just seemed to be whistling blind leafed through the wars. Leads us right into hears of being. There are those still on top right now but. The league needs to check itself it's imploding and exploding. And you have to have to look further than the last couple of weeks he prime examples of old. The implode and damage caused by internal factors was on display last night and last week. Rob Gronkowski hit on predate his wife Ryan Shea easier and bond sales per taken off the field last night. Georgia locally here last night Michael Crabtree a key to lead by. This league keeps on doing itself on doing it to sell on different levels. That growth hit that was dirty book ball to lead Crabtree by. Ridiculous ness of the NF bill. The show easier injury shoulder natural violence of the game per week here. That was evidence of violence in the attitude toward violence as Jerusalem as Shuster stood over Burke. As for the explosion the stuff caused by external actors well. There's still upheaval over Neal linger in the National Anthem steal huge concerns over CTE and then here and violence of the game. And then there's things like the Jerry Jones Roger to dale uproar that's in the rearview mirror but it still very clear right there. Things are so crazy in this league right now the read a list. And it's going on with the New York Jets are in the New York Giants rather Eli Manning and Jerry Reese. And be in Mac to do that as just like a blip on the radar screen. Enough bill needs to get being straightened out or it's gonna find itself on the road to great lead diminished importance. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now their location and pine crest drove nerds is your off the rise DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether you're talking repairs and purges this customizations training sessions whatever it is. They will hook you look look him up drove nerds dot com South Florida's high. In the sky I'm watching that game and Sean McDonough is going nuts about although although the dirty hits in the penalties and he's in the officials. And you know this is why people are watching the games and people come watch the officials. And kids and the team is coming about about the the the look of the nasty hits need. It is I'm distraught is out there are per because I'd much football regardless. OK you know I think that's just because I'm someone though it doesn't matter of guys are meal and I understand a brilliant dump may not like it. Put a target market so much in football right and it still matters to me. But for for that the people out there are aware they are like yes that can be turned off or a certain point among people not going to watch football because juju Shuster Smith. Takes they take it takes a crack back block. On bonds has perfect who's done that a million times to a bunch of different players like is that is that why but all of a sudden the NFL people are watching because. I was under the impression. That one of the biggest complaints over the years and we've become so. I sanitized by all my god some guy who went for some guy went helmet to helmet on somebody else in the open field that. The violence or the big hits is something that a lot of people enjoy. MI wrong on that. It I I think that they used to be something that people enjoy it but now wit. The new knowledge of the last X amount of years whatever the CT east gears been 1012 years. Some neck injuries. That they bids up tackling all of this kind of stuff lawsuits. I think that. Bet violence turns as many people off. As it does turn them on in the people that I specifically mean our young parents whose kids one way and they're looking at them by a lot of work here that the Mamas and lots I don't get hurt we'll let me play and if people like you and Mika and I'm not sure that that juice miss. Zhu Zhu Smith Shuster kit on volunteers per week or the Georgia locally here on Antonio Brown has got to make us stop watching football coach. It's is that the the parents and the people who'd. Nor was that your idea of the box yeah yes no question right put them that person because I was like yeah I'd file and I. Write look. I have a problem with people cheering for that if it's a clean hit you know Jews whose lives Shuster standing over -- That's a bit much nowadays will be our panel that was finally yeah and I don't know and I don't think it's the penalty I think it's kind of about optics are a bit with the tone those. You told it that there is a they cleared told of get a lot of this violence out of the sport and so that's what I think that the actual hit. That's part of the game but standing over him I think that sort like turn illegal you blind and that that's what I mean Biden. The implosion like you're doing this to yourself in the right elbow to the Crabtree and to leave snow and the grown here. You're doing it to yourself. Read on but I I gets on that and don't be old dome is a Sammy when guys don't get up and wing engine nor is is lying there nobody does nobody wants to CN NC but. Wind bug as perfect who's been laying out during this yes per our career karma. Did the late Al karma I'm like yeah karma I'm like Jack dude karma. Yup me not a lot of feel guilty for that. No don't know why it is yet when when guys get taken off the field again no doubt it was a clean hit snap out of feel guilty about that yet. That's student of the game and Steve young's I think we'll Ron Amadon on the broadcast before they get in the pregame show. He's they were talking about is perfect to some degree and he said he's racing got its caught in a different time era. That it beautifully twenty years ago the guy would be celebrated for all the Roma. The big hits and all that other stuff. And I know where the league is with the lawsuits all those and is a from watching the game because Madonna is going on last night you know while the two people are watching because of these dirty hit. Goal McDonnell was gone over the top last night that I got through and I dude yeah I you know what I did a wonder there will be like. I don't know he might be above the internal memo stayed since he's a duck a pretty big guns. I'm very outspoken usually Visio is public debt so I give him credit on that I give him credit on that. But really he says is about like growing with a group does does much business that way every once of their American doing any minute. And Gregory is born. Chris. Earlier prison rules are they doing that. Ramadan going on whether he may he gets into like those what you'll watch the game because as a it's a questionable dirty hit number on really. Okay here's the penalty stuff where you know yet nobody wants the seat. 172 yards in penalty yards by the Bengals thirteen dollar a real play is prelude but as far as the big hits like football man. The violent game late and no matter how much drowned out all. Take that out you're just not going to take that out of the game militia with a turning into two hand touch Arnett as you looks like they have a new coach let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD Joseph Miller. ARAMARK. Oregon Willie Taggart has been named coach at Florida State according to ESPN's Brittany Murphy tigers that last season that organ. He was South Florida and when he thirteen to 26 scene. Just hi apple hired to coach Central Florida heightened spent the last two years Missouri's offensive coordinator. Hi people who hire Randy Shannon as his defense of coordinator was the sixth round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2001. He played his college football Oklahoma. You will coach mark re named Walter camp coach of the year today the award is voted on by the nation's 130. FBS here coaches. And sports information directors staying on you when I'm running back mark Walton announced on Twitter today he won't return for his senior season but it didn't surprise anybody you're already rumors that he signed with an agent. Walker's sustained a season Walton sustained a season ending ankle injury against Florida State. The three Heisman Trophy finalist announced last night rule bowl quarterback Lamar Jackson Oklahoma quarterback maker may peel and Stanford running back Bryce love are the finalists. Jackson last year's winner is a local products he attended Boynton beach high school finally you whims tenth ranked undefeated basketball team holds Boston University tonight. At 7 o'clock. More likely headline sponsor by your locally owned Domino's Pizza chains. Dominoes loves you so much that they're giving you 50% off the menu price on all pizzas when you order on Domino's dot com. Offer valid or online orders only eight goals from November 27. Through December 7 availability and charges may vary. Those are your headlines. Back to back tax coming in here great hire for the Knowles schools survive on recruiting looking like crystal ball and Leavitt will joining. FAA issue also. Next next Willie Taggart Eagles Al Golden wins a small school but when given a top school they BO knows that the show at 67 nights and four on the calls for auto mall Honda Tex I'm. I think that's about as good as effigy was going to get cameo is good enough for organ. To Ireland tiger from South Florida. And a new job itself morning bright and org any really haven't you really one year they holidays limited by India are OK but I mean do you really good chance to do nothing out there and but yeah I do elected the fact that you're bringing Jim Leavitt and hear her knows the landscape you know Margaret crystal ball knows knows what's going on in the stayed up so as far as. Wells was available. Like give your after issue that's that's a that's a pretty good get. And I like the Central Florida higher goal this thing around you what was Scott frost Josh I bought a key branding. Think you know and that's what are any of the head coach and people listen or granny is great for the ordinary recruit. That gave the defense and deeper than the problem there Gainesville right you're right exactly and Higgins where would Michael mania you have to really be the head coach OK that's a valid discussion. Randy being a defensive coordinator at Central Florida all my god. Leg and that's not that easily and. Yet he's he's gonna. They'd dug the bar is really being raised that at these. Hey you know. I guess second tier schools or if you will have by USA use Central Florida South Florida and end. Another Central Florida and south toward another this is new to them you know they've they've had success and in recent history but. It it seems that the coaching staffs and a bit of the continuity of per per both of those plays a Central Florida and South Florida. But at what may be coming South Florida. I don't know maybe a decade or so like that some when you consider that they've you know the rankings an intern and Nelson decent players so. Congratulations to both of them I hope they continue to a sinden and become bigger players on the among college football season. Yeah I mean I know you know that's good for all of us. I like Willie Taggart I mean good luck to him you know I hope he wins a lot of games though that when they play Miami. Armor and for Brimelow bits and likable guy. And and so on and so forth such a pretty good higher considering. And you know you look at last junior dogs stay was loaded Ocalan Jambo. But all right but I mean. Did you Scott frost could ya think that you didn't take a huge step down. Is my guest right and that's that's you know on Edmonton in Mullen is is coming in prime I mean Mac going to fire right great those great guys laugh yeah. Yeah but the status in the general result in a minute to Steele Steele knowledge I mean this is a mean this is where it's adding a Lane Kiffin will see if he sticks around for another year I don't mean the Tennessee got to open right it's our job is to Logan. You know those were the only one -- here for another year Butch Davis we know what's his long term view modify user is just a lot of things that are going on. In college football talk to Andrea Adelson from ESPN covers the ACC last month the F as you Willie Taggart higher. Miami sees in the look ahead. All those all of those juicy tidbits that though Oscar coming up on the other side right here on 790 the ticket. You. The mockery. Well this is this is on them believe we'll. Brought about through a celebration of all things New Orleans is coming to the probably gym theater field on Saturday march 28. This week Tobin recently right giving you the opportunity went to get to experience cajun food music and drinks as you bask in the shadow of New Orleans from a crawfish boil. Art and they did the air you can visit. The Big Easy without ever leaving South Florida if you're in gumbo jambalaya NEA's oysters. And more get ready to win courtesy of brought about tree and into the nineteen as a moral force three XT two. And the tickets. Bergen negative thoughts on that but I also left for a under the senate and I love this whole minutes. To make you hunger right now. I'm not out to derived fuels and I'll just be a source guess I mean a truly step beyond convenient that's a refined Andrea Adelson from ESPN covers the ACC. College football you follow on Twitter at Adelson ESP and Andrea. How are you doing today. Which I'm very hairy guys were doing and how's it doing doing great looked and you live ms. doing okay. Right did they do rehab the program I guess for one years so. As they look down here you're a former Danes Ryder you know how important that is down here Andrea. I certainly do it by chaired at the frames from you know we we don't blame wait. Let's let. You know that kind of when I was starting to come back from those sanctions. And then a short time later that they wanna championship site. I was hesitant to say that Miami would back this season because I anticipate even better thing than the years to com is the only year you know. Under Mark Richt and so when he start bringing in the top recruiting class or but he about the iron including. One that you about the buying a couple of weeks as he starts to build. Better adapt especially. At running back would but the problem this year all on the op Ed that the defense supply in the secondary. I think I'm you will be better and I beg my knee will be back they are close but not quite there yet. And a lot of building blocks that we stop from their team I think are laying a foundation for the expect to come. And I would not be the prize is it is humid pick once again to win the coastal division next year. You'll get to ethic issue of the in the Willie Taggart news in a moment but. You mentioned mark when you cover it's okay Larry had a good run but then it just is really petered out very quickly. And and Randy got his opportunity ending candidate really went nowhere. On Al could never get it started. When you look at Miami's turnaround everybody knows got to recruit South Florida and all those things put. With mark was it just the right fit and and the type of coaching is what's been the biggest. I see her around for you as far as one of the traits that mark brought to this job. Right that's good question you know what did happen he'll leave yet NCAA. Sanctions and the cloud that was hanging over the program at that have been. Shapiro situation they'll feel like you can get a little act strict that would name because. Unlike them the other coaches he had to go to bat and be aware that Alastair production. And what was happening on the recruiting trail but ultimately though it became obvious. At the end of the hangar there that. He didn't quite cat would it set to get you guys motivated. Troop white and to fly on a consistent basis and so I think what. They were looking forward Mark Richt with a proven winner a proven leader. Somebody who had won a high level before somebody who had knowledge and I without warning area and somebody who got the the place and I any is a school where. They're like places where maybe people feel like you gotta have somebody in charge and get it. Miami at the top of that list that they get that unique situation could be and you hacked it. Get the police and the culture. What made a university special lawmakers got ordered special theme obviously got recruited the area and it bears. One thing that Al Golden did not do well. It spent opt out Florida and recruit South Florida as well as he could happen. And that's where Mark Richt had made such a huge difference on the recruiting trail. Now that kid who thought Florida they want to stay home beyond that we've been told that police and a hundred block grant that they can win. And every player that you talked to said that it sir. Something about the way that he went in there from day one that I believe in you guys we are going to win here and everything that they bid moving forward. Was instilling that belief. And we are in game this year they they're wearing in the fourth quarter and in previous years they want to win I was. But this year they believe they've found a way to get it on and yeah I didn't and well in the last two games they were banged up and they were injured they've basically a really good humankind bend but. I think the fact that. Third a completely different mindset that you see at a these players in a direct result. Of what Mark Richt has brought with him from Georgia. So in address heaven sit all day you were covering you whim during the last golden area era at that at the sun sentinel. Does this resembled that era at any time the lead up to two when you know what Mark Richt is doing does that resemble that 2000 an old one and an old soon years. Not yet because I don't think the talent level on this team. It quite where was in 20020012002. And I don't know that any team whoever gets what when they can say they had the type of players that on. That you add in 20012000. Your Kindle and he all the players who not only made at the NFL but hardly any future NFL hall of famers starting with. Ed Reed obviously they'll. I don't necessarily think that. That type of challenge. While the board is there. I think we're seeing signs that they're getting bears that typically on the recruiting trail with the type of players that they're poised to sign now. In this neck class and the class is moving forward I didn't think that they will have players strap top of this team but. The collection of talent. On those routine in the I don't know how many others who'll have back to maiden mine he won't get there in the next three years but I still think that building that F. And building that talent and being able to say hey we're gonna have. You know 24 I out of our top 36 short in India helped players not there yet I have maybe potentially we'll get bear the next few years. Andrea Adelson is our guest from ESPN covers college football specifically. The ACC. Mentioned mark great coach proven track record. Knows the knows the city knows the culture good fit Willie Taggart looks like he's gonna be the next border state. Coach does he fit that bill in your mind. I didn't thinking that the number one priority. Purported statement that hire was. Top notch recruiter and continue to keep Morrissey at the top of their recruiting ranking in the state. General Fisher owned this week when he would behave and cheer every familiar with the right coach. How big number one class not only in the state of war by NE CC and Oprah Florida State you get back. The computing or winning championship. That hat can can you Willie Taggart of the guy. Who from Bradenton he grew up look forward state and this since his dream job. And he has expensive I recruiting. In the state of Florida unit tireless recruiter look at where ordinance I believe break out they've got the number seven class. In the country so that they can't Willie Taggart as they've recruiter. Look at US debt and what you're able to do they are well equipped and flowers. And that the job that he did at US definitely currently the only coach in the country. Who let Clinton pilot play quarterback. And he did the most successful quarterback in school history so I think what. Florida State and are getting at the top notch recruiter but also somebody I think who can transform. The op that. And and get brig going. Up tempo going get it can be more exciting more behind take advantage of some of the corporate position players they have the Expedia but it doesn't all of that meshes. With a school like one of state but when you look at Florida that's what they're going to be doing what Dan Mullen. It's like they get it a no brainer really to bring in a guy who can transform the op and they're very similar way and continued I'd standard they set and create. Andrea stay in on the ACC and and looked at nationally. Clemson. You know I think that they are the best team I think they're the most talented team and I think they'll win the national title. What what do you say to those three categories who was the best team in the nation the most talented team and who'll win the national title. I agree with Q I think they're going to be clamped. They probably would have rather seen Ohio statement that I had not Alabama a couple of that's a very good football matchup obviously. At the plate in the semi final but. The weight content has played since that lot you're accused it reminds me of the way they played last year after they locked the pit. I'm a different switch flipped on their different mentality of the difference why should there be different we we can't litigation. We get it done and if you're looking at club and the way that airplane right now. The bad unit on that mean it could be done so why. And if you want to win a championship where do you wanna be the best that you wanna be the bad inside the trench and you wanna be that bad but because of life. That you can control the line of scrimmage and you can set the tempo. And where Clinton won ultimately against Alabama last year. Wouldn't ability in the late night game to control the game in the trenches and and encouraged me the better this year on the defense of why so. That's why I like Clint been. And I like their chances to win I think that a they'll be able to slow down Alabama on offense it's interpret Alabama offense. The different coordinator this year than than last year and I think that plagued the Clinton advantage. So I'm also taking constant. And your great stuff thank you very much for for taking a few minutes and enjoy there yesterday thank you going to hundred. Andrea Adelson and does a great job for ESPN covers the ACC and of course its cover. The hurricanes beat so she's. You know the history of you women and I consider any better myself on the question on on Rick I mean. You know a great coach tracker but understands. The write my dynamic I don't hear right. You know most always I always talk about that. In game coaching hires and especially in college football or ringing or even in college basketball. Where he has is they're all where you know a member Gator fans I am happy my family went to Gainesville. So with a win Will Muschamp was hired they asked you know always wallow. And I feel. Feel bad fit right coach that great great great you know just what is one of those than there that would stimulate what do you mean if your coach of the Verizon know just doesn't know it yes it's a bad yes yes. So you know when I covered Texas John Mack of it was the coach and that was another one good coach but add the he'd. He couldn't talk Texan. Like he he didn't go out there and and a pair wranglers and have a glass of sweet tea and a ticket price steak that was not he's a real wine guy. I'm hitting it bad it yeah I'd bet that matters so much in college football oh my god I'll take the old college basketball's Google's college towns where you gotta go in and you got to understand like Miami. But you gotta almighty and you've got to know right Greg you can't come in here like you would at Michigan or USC or Texas like. This place this is different you have to understand it. Right and everything is every all yeah hold. Every school in every town has a different you know write our league and are different and LS right to put it but Miami in general is completely different race. Anything would seem correct so when you're coming here you may think okay I got to recruit South Florida you goes way beyond that yes your fan base. You know that just understand the people generally are different the different culture yeah. All the news the price your alumni base know all right I'm ready yes this everything that goes into it. And he'll market being a guy that was great coach track record perfect fit she originally Taggart. And some of his call is heading down Leggett as far as what was available that's about as good as is FSU could've probably gotten. And you know what like the average doesn't have a higher coach in forty years great. Great regular U formula. Gotta look okay where they've gone before what will they go on to before bred George op and go for doing well Branko. Lee exactly when you have Bobby there for so long mania of the smooth stringent transition. Yeah there there's no problems and in that department but it. Look they've done it smoothly. You know of the last two times they had to do it right so that alone will see a tiger works out but it wasn't smooth buyer. So good target no votes and your Adelson therefrom from ESPN we got text messages that we'll get to 6797 for the it's a 67974. On the corporate auto law high on the text line. We go out boarding get to a fifteen minutes of heat around the corner as well an interesting road trip in satellite side wouldn't that that is that some and it's starting to. Concern me as the days go by here perk in the DNPs are starting to pile up for the heat's big man. Can they survive if he's out a little longer than possible below all export that as as we move forward and I get to a righty other things. As a as we continue right here awesome and I do take. Thanks Andrea Adelson for joining us here on the ticket and that's we want to send you to the ultimate New Year's easy weekend party. Feel like general. Porn sites in Vegas and you can win a round trip airfare for you and against hotel for four nights and tickets to see the Foo Fighters to random random and Zack brown band well. It's a great way to ring in the new year I want to win put out that the Miami dot com slash contest and you could be going to Vegas to see three great concert. Winner and guest last week when he won usual overcast this is the national contest Curtis and perk back with you on a Tuesday afternoon. 67974. That's a ritual across from Omaha on the tax line. Really split and I mean hard core. On on Willie Taggart here bringing people you know calling me out I is that going to hire why look at it as a guy that knows the state. Knows fla state specifically it well South Florida right and he was good enough for organ. So is he good enough for Florida State. I guess so much Mike my biggest thing is cool who else is not who else you walk and who else out there like Jim Ball left you. New York and Florida State got dumped it right so you gotta you've got to reevaluate your current situation. If your Florida State here you got dom. Or 75 million big ones yeah. So your Florida State what do you do. And we'll attacker might not guilty of the greatest higher in the world. These knicks even though the odds on Nixon David Arnold fire tonight nobody's letting daddy years but as far as what else is out there like. Tennessee Arkansas Oregon based no clue on who they're getting right so I just I just kind of look at him go yes can iron owes the state can recruit. O's fan based knows what what the expectations are. And and I think you know from considering a big and popular saying it's great hire so. So it's really splintered the fifty near a lot canes fans protects against a 7974. On the equals result Mon Tex sign like hey man. They're concerned now because really no doubt that if issues now Willie Taggart Tom not for crude also as of this and you don't need to be more concerned Jimoh Fisher. Not to injury descent had number one was number one it was familiar right this was this was a a flu year for Florida State this past year once. Yeah once you lost friends law I was knows pretty much it isn't like this is like the downfall Florida State no they still have talent I I am surprised at that talent didn't show is especially on. Whatever you know whatever. You got two good running backs he's still got good receiver out and say mom. Ransom was coming bay. And I got a new colleagues look at pounding at on the they the non Indian and Christmas are both bay the right the leaders of mind yeah. So those cup guys are dead or injured in signals on all that snow no third yourself or your own robot pseudo. I I think that haggard is going to be able soon do a good job with what he has rebuilt. South Florida are right and they started to NTN and maybe Tim and suing his last year. Tom. Got some good recruits got some good talent and aired again this is a guy who knows the state so. I have no problem with with that higher end and I agree with you can't to a certain extent wells was out there but. This is a guy who you know who is from Florida will integrity. Latest high school ball in this state so. He knows that area and that's a that's a big bin it to me. He had an actor Jon Gruden like on the on the right of it and it's it's one of the deals where. Thank you got to get somebody who probably tiger it's not as of yet again is not Nick Saban you're not getting. You know that type of quality coach right there but. You know it's pretty it's pretty darn good also went on the text here. Did you have a problem market that fuel at the end of the game against Clemson well no I really didn't like that's become a story line. Yeah coming out of the game considering the game wasn't very competitive so people are reaching her story lines great entertainment Ellison duels fourth in like a Manhattan. I was surprised that dating go for. I was surprised also. I I'm buying nothing wrong with getting points I mean look you set out. Right right exactly and and you know I and I guess may be united in another way you didn't want Clemson to get their per showed out of the year ride it out hoping that their defense shut anybody else and so. It may be used save. A morsel of a dignity and and take a little bit of something away from them. I'm clearly Mark Richt was not confident in his ability his team's ability to score a touchdown right. That's that's one of the major reasons UT like it if you thought you did convert that board that that were down into a first and and GM and into the end zone. You probably do that you've got your but take all night and there was some doubt knew it was like well let's let's just do this. Combined score to Clemson the last two times they played now 96 the three right. The 58 to not they're 33. Now than it was 96 to zero right there is that any better I added I doubt it but. You came away with you got some reward or for your Altman's. A little bit I don't have very little bit but I have no prize either way I wouldn't have a problem I. Just find I just kind of kind of founded funny how many people were interested in that. And it was like but how do you remember when that happened in the game. Oh yeah I would reg how many minutes left regular OK there could the funeral and I'll let it all right I thought they might go for related to earlier bring badly I'd big deal. And mime is on the board good good job for them and shut out. Well a girl like you know there was it will claim it was a so madly in I don't always on his team as far as. Hey we you know did that winning it's shut out winning you're dead. Maybe they knew I mean that that's really did think it was we're not we don't want Wragge China. And there's. And then there's nothing Boyd there's nothing wrong with that it did that make a big dipper is that whether it's 38 enough and 33 and acknowledge taking Wright talked like you're assigned master plan behind it right moving forward I'm like. Losing coaches are crazy sometime yeah that's it's that's the thing I try to tell people. Coaches are crazy sometimes. You know and a coach like you know. By golly word word to score on to strive. You know out of it right it's the exactly exactly we're going to raise some good strong right we're gonna get something right yeah I. I would've had a problem tune into he would have gone toward us I'm just saying I don't have a problem with him kicking I don't think it was a coward move out here and are we move I hear it does is out of a little odd the blood all for those of short. But it's like me likes it would like there was some big. But just a master schemer plan look at really the guiding wanna get shut out via great break it and and when you looked at the alternatives come. Are we really you know. Our sales of miss being in the end zone let me get these points and uniting your 3338. Doesn't really matter no it doesn't matter not real I don't I dislike yeah yeah fuels and read into a mosey up to there was a power move. Was a little bit lame. All I mean it's just sometimes just does not it's not the demand the you know raw Roma football player move from tough but. Whatever it you're gonna win the game ignited like I wouldn't know what led the league will six minutes left or four minutes left and I was like the game was 10 or. That you know that affected the data but we don't under that's what that allows is obviously an area right there are not affect appetite right and a decade led the that would have that would have been you know I thought yeah that's what I tell you very bright bright eyes. Well you'll think you've got actually your local imminent right. I'm David David mark go four bit we need to go over here right apparently yelled that that. When it that's when it really comes in the play. That a music loud you were coming gimmick ago that we gotta get to a job at the 5 o'clock Alpert said here's the thing plus we have 5 o'clock headlines of issue. Has a a new coach also get to fifteen minutes of heat around the corners well into text messages. At 6797 for the 67974. Right here on some ninety the ticket. Fans seven. Ticket to an NC game days this accessed the last minute commute to get SATA now that he'd. Game day thing it's that time and you will receive and as MS alert went to determine a boy missing its rose those ten bucks for the game on the. Summer sixteenth vs the clippers he gained a pig it's a sign up now Kurtz of perk back with you here. Per shot here's the thing coming up we got tiger text messages as well 6797467974. On the course brings on attacks on fifteen minutes of heat around the corner and about done about twenty minutes. RF SU has a has a new head coach. Homes were in week fourteen of the NFL season that'll be they'll be starting up Thursday evening. The maternity care it feels like dude you've been covering the dolphins it feels like well I kind of felt this way over the hurricanes. Did they didn't have a break. And it's like the dolphins in the but the hurdles and for fun yet it right correct Brazilians there was still like bull bull bull bull yeah one after the other. And the dolphins ills like he had do you like we never yet really catch her breath though for the dolphins it's been a lot of fat yes and we haven't had a break from that yes no bye week. Sought out no bye week and now it's like now it's just like you do you deal as it is one of those just finish the season already. Yeah just just limber and does limp into the finish line. Yeah I mean I don't need to recap their re being restarted with a ten dollar. I don't remember their name but it does Sam ends there right right Chris first her I got a great and I are now. I beat Las Vegas model right there right. Yeah the but it but yeah as it is just been a grind of a year and if you winning like if if they had gone in the six game winning streak like they did last year and are all right it's more tolerable. Like you know you will go limited game winning streak. And even though you don't have the bye week that you lost do you know due to the hurt Dana rescheduling. The big the game. It seemed a little. More tolerant I'm just look at were some bright spots here I don't know how many wins are gonna get to on this it over some then it. That I can hang my hat on in the off season is that too much to ask who is out the idea to the coach is looking for there. Of good they're kind of could be something in that leaves us and here's the thing. And Andre he's become of the dolphins' best big play threat. I hit a cam wake ahead of Ndamukong Suh Dovonte Parker Jarvis Landry Jimmy still Rashad Jones. I hit of everybody look Drake has reeled off runs of 42. 42 and 66 yards since becoming the starter you weeks ago. He showed his big play ability last year with that 96 yard kickoff return against the jets. The forty by a yard touchdown return against buffalo. I still don't trust union Drake to be my every down be true back to arm Adam gays in the Miami Dolphins this guy needs help in the bank Bil that's no not continued Drake. He's just not a one man reckon crew in the ended you know lucked out Levy on bail or Marshawn Lynch or something like that. However Kenyan Drake had show that he can rom between the tackles. That's a good being all he's got to show you now and this isn't a little thing is that he can hold onto the ball MB durable through a sixteen game season look. My upper making big plays. Kenyan Drake has been money he can run through arm tackles he seems to be good at Macon linebackers and safeties miss him one on one situations. So as closely at all along I'd like Kenyan Drake. I think he's been the most complete Beck on the dolphins' roster even when Jay and Jai is here. But now I think Kenyan Drake can have another title he can be the best playmaker. And a team that already has a respectable complement a playmaker. There's a thing of sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now they're new location in pine crest. Roll nerds as your authorized these BI dealer they've got all your drone he's covered whether his new purchasers repairs customizations training. Whatever you need they will hook you look look them up online. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's. Eye in the sky. They're very liberal with a makers are you not. Well play makers is a strip sack. A kick off return. Interception. A long run a big pass a mean you have play makers of of all types. Not just office. Talk about it more bowl where they've had their biggest problem this year that's scored points I look offensively in canyon Drake has emerged as as a as a nice player by. I think that still is the biggest prom and he insists. Young Kenny stills has been as it is come off of laid the little bit and you know Jarvis and icu you know Jarvis is gonna give you and I are just as don't know how they look at their. They're their play making in how they assess that in the offseason. But you've got you've got to get better. You had been OK but that was that a yes. What I mean. Leg that was supposed to be fixed. And now it's it's. Yeah hello is correct. Correct and and now I think I think you have more doubt now because you bought the bonds they would emerged. And you thought that you would have IE and that's too big losses lemon hill is coming back. But EU or two fingers crossed that you were gonna get some out of the tide in position and actually. Julius thomas' numbers are coming are coming that he hasn't but yeah that's a young yeah. Yeah he will you know Julius and coming back to the seem anyway right Julius and color bone. Right of the sale like they need to be that evangelism is to stop them anyway right like even if he was playing well but the now likely to the monthly Parker deal late as the first round pick it gives you an awfully. Yeah like they yell he's okay great. He's giving you nothing that is a that is you were worse off now than you were at the start of the season record and the body was right you thought it would really give you something. He's given you enough respect to six catches for birdie you know 66 yard right. Which gives you one for five right annually and always on the field majority of the time. But look didn't end Kenyon has proved to be a playmaker again he's not going to be months old today. No but it was only about dealing but he does every rolling there he does have a role on this team and that's home run here. That's a guy who can get through the big play in and you look at what he's done. He sees proven that he can old build that job. But he needs other guys around him and that's that's the problem offences that you were soft now. And you were at the start train ride him all. One guy emerges and two guys fought Grand Slam minutes this is the tale of 20. The the Miami office is seems like for every sale now camp so they welcome New England rolled the town of them on a Monday nights yet. No wrong probably. Hoping to win his appeal right we we will have to talk later on in the show and people have exit. How wrong gets the same suspension as guys who were making a play in the course during the course of a game such as Georgia local or some. It did right runs as the entity that would grow steeper rocket off be easier writer whose grow in this and I don't know how to do these suspensions. I mean he has is his should have been and it should have been more severe. To me so either I mean I get it wrong gets a suspension and and these other guys just give fines are wrong get some good names of these guys get one game. You don't slim it's funny I I wrote was not in the course of a game it was. Well I mean it was but it right Nolan and in the course of playing right it was after the whistle was able I mean I do the go awful alive perhaps it's just all the suspension as an aroma I know you I know you there's there's no I I'm not sure the bidders must consistency and among never looked. That but I doubt that there's any consistent. There are theories that when I give over or blast it game. But all of a sudden like okay Jews who is who gets suspend its all of a sudden my ball that's a standard. But nobody elected like that it it's about. And it's just above the NFL trying to just. Put out positive image yes players' safety in disease is more mature ray discs are clearly so obviously I don't know what he was able to get obviously there's some guys that was offended by that hit last night Google all NFL you showed him now I like the NFL better someone watches on football and we all is about declining ratings and and the image and and lawsuits and and and and optics like it get any any of those hits. Bronx is a locus it juju Smith Schuster if any of those were against a quarterback. Or a quarterback named Tom Brady. The suspensions are a lot more stiff great all your outlook are divorced or accidentally there right and I agree without because you feel of the quarterbacks in your whole league's thinks well. Day that's that's part of the fraud it's not about what your protection it's still about seal if I don't know right know you know right you can talk of all is like how do you fix the NFL even needs fixing. You better quarterbacks yeah it is the oh bad football is it is is directly attributed to bad quarterback put him. Yes you know that's it yeah that's it that's what it is bad for body and he may be the for the guy that likes the defense of the game and all that stuff and and you may watch lying play. All day long okay the majority of people we wanna see points for fantasy football and they wanna see quarter good quarterback play and record a plate equals. Good football bad quarterback play equals bad football quarterback at a higher traffic issue that's at the 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. Organs Willie Taggart has been named coach at Florida State according to ESPN a multiple other outlets. Tiger's bit less these and at Oregon and he was a South Florida from 2013 to 26 team. Speaking of coaching hires central Florida's higher Josh high school as its next hit coat lapels were in the last two years as Missouri's offensive coordinator. Hi people who hire Randy Shannon as his defensive coordinator for the sixth round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2001. He was a quarterback at Oklahoma lit him to a national title. They inning college football you will coach mark we named Walter camp coach of the year today the award is voted on by the nation's 130. SBS here coaches. And sports information directors. Staying with you William running back more Walton announced on Twitter today he will return to his senior season. While he sustained a season ending ankle injury against. Florida State. The three Heisman Trophy finalists were named last night. They are global quarterback Lamar Jackson who is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Oklahoma quarterback maker may peel and Stanford running back rice love. Of course you know Jackson as they local product he attended Boynton beach high school finally college basketball you Williams Tim ranked undefeated basketball team host Boston University tonight at seven. Those are your headlines. I used to love. Watching the Heisman Trophy presentation. Not just as a kid like until a few years ago yes now I could careless you as just another word I know it is cool award right. But to me it's dislike. Maybe it's because a lot of it doesn't. It doesn't translate into into pro success up pages you springboard but it's just like okay acre mayfield. Lamar Jackson wants a one and again. I just kinda doesn't move my meter whatsoever W. I don't know wind us up Washington I used to watch it. When I was in high school and as a tiered but com. A lot of lawsuit when I was in college also. I don't know but I got there remember the last ceremony that I watch it on her remarks. And I think with thing of I think what has happened. Is so many guys have been. Just saw her lack of better terms so many guys have just being come fleet and utter failures. After they win that award. That you forget. Who is supposed to be kind of like wow this is a coronation and a precursor what's become. As one day ago the NFL and you know hangar over ten years but most guys don't you play. League Jason white doesn't play in the NFL right Eric crouch doesn't play in the NFL. First video one of those deals. Yeah I don't mind that so much I really don't because there's a college or warden so I don't. I I don't. Meg just hang around past few years yes I don't hear about that is I don't know the award itself from before the ceremony just doesn't. I did the award is still huge to me it's still huge whether you're pro prospect or not but. Like I just remember the deal watching the ceremony and does seem to. Used to be so special and and now it's like I didn't really I can't remember the last llama while. The Cyrano but I mean perk I find it funny like. You can win that award. And you continual get a tryout basically in the NFL. I don't I I seriously yeah I seriously you have zero problem with that okay I I yeah it does it goes like. You like to see the guy go onto a little bit of something else it was a mean bigger bagels and when this thing I did and it looks like he's gonna win and even though mark Jackson's numbers are as good. Lamar Jack up. But now really fascinating to see how he's gonna win and how he's gonna translates them in the into the pros. Blood. Yeah bigamist who's gonna win this thing you Kabul playoff and all that stuff so just as those things where that's that's Saturday and I hated Miami and I don't even know how well. Should the behavior the the wealthy grandma brought she now you know against Kansas is out now is running back. Dad dad dude dare you with the now he's he's got a charge on the accusation of rape you know so but yeah they'll but for him just told some fans to go bleep off their whatever he did Iowa you know the in Kansas follows them you know to me that's not enough for them to lose you know the war and kill them a journalist whose -- Ford data solution pissing and Regan yeah I'm Missouri. You know this is closer to say that they started. I'm sure they'll lose losing your story but but yes let's that's Saturday night we get to fifteen minutes eats as this week this is a nice stretch here. To get healthy and get right a little bit either on the rodeo three and Roche and you're in search tomorrow night in San Antonio will root of that. We're gonna go around the league as well then what again into that this Lavar ball thing here. And how's this all play out because this is this is I find it. He was on sick of of his antics like this is pretty wild lake all the sudden basically no more UCLA. Number his current son who's there and now of the youngest son probably not gonna go there and yeah so it cut all ties the UCLA. In this car if it knew where what's next for his kid and getting some of the reaction from. Some of the NBA people relate to his kids basically on draft double. So for all those guys and is go hang out for a few months not play any college basketball is gonna show up. And and be like Alonso was very. Many golf lines not gonna happen. Happened you're not again draft like it also allow Logan that we are fifteen minutes of me coming up next radio 790 the ticket. Ask pat. Fifteen minutes. I. It. And fifty minutes and we discussed my budget in four by fours out Florida's number. Water and Jeep truck and SUV customization jobs guaranteed dubbed the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by four at 765023446. Really champion four by fours out. Curtis and perk back with you people are. Tonight's. San Antonio. Tomorrow. Who's been doing it all without why Leonard you know it's amazing the spurt that we talked about the spurs whatsoever. Every year in there yeah there. The spurs go like Wisconsin took bowl. Where you you do you almost hope that they don't that they're not in the championship has they're not an exciting team they're not dynamic they don't move the needle TV wise. But but just say you know I now Wisconsin not a successful as the spurs but I mean as far as the it's you're on that like like the only people that really love the spurs live in San Antonio the only people that really love Wisconsin. Are met. Campus read I get a vision budgets is in in this and they play a boring style I'd be evil in the Duncan days there were scored more than anybody else in the lives yes let's go forgo state came along like they were the team that move the basketball bunch and at and played unselfish basketball. And and and they were once called the born which I didn't understand. And then now like they're they're sixteen and a without their best player inquired letter to may be arguably the top two or three best player in the league. Jackets no wrong whatsoever to you know hey they're doing without this guy right you know I mean Nike no matter what way like this does is no legs is blah as. About the the spurs but we don't we all know they're going to be there but we all know they're going to be a tough match of tomorrow night for the the Miami heat's. Hassan Whiteside is start to get a little bit I'm sorry to get a little bit. A little bit. Fidgety here regarding Whiteside. And let me throw a couple of things that defensively. They're they're definitely missing him on the defense siren the numbers bear that out and not to not to not too. Drown you in in analytic strain that's up owing he's played this year their top five defense. When he hasn't played this year there in the twenties that's not coincidence. No no it's not and again. I'm not telling anybody anything that they can't see themselves. Assaults. At the rim win win Hasan is is not on that court. Everybody just driving hard to the rim you get past that person perimeter defender and you're pretty much to the paint those. The help defense is not there in the rotations help the help. We're right okay all that stuff Willis operate their let's say there is help defense yes then what you have. As far as the heat. No wait for the for the for the ultimate opponent you're up for an open shot right leg right right great enable disable all these is blocking shots back there yeah it's so much more right. Then that some art so much more like you would say a guy just bride's double lane and lays it in or dunks it well some would have been there to to disrupt that. They probably would have. Put it's not just goes tight so pleased but it's plays that were not even seem. Then that the coaches are going. Damn if Hasan is a rare that a whole possession is different corporate for the opposition. And it's so much more stressful on them so let the numbers you'll get George wanna back on us on a lot it's like. It's not a block shots and rebounds. It's a lot of other different things that make everybody else defensively a whole lot better. Soul when he's played this year their top five the deep for the double team when they had to play the there in the twenties again that is not coincidence that's how good he is at least on the defensive side of the basketball and one thing about the heat. They might shoot good one night my two bed one night Dion is on Dion is off this and that. One thing if they played defense it's always kept him in every single game. Even last year perk now league they're getting blown out of dean they're not one thing that you can always keep them in the game here now they're getting rolled by. He needs thirty point deficits recently camp against the knicks against the cavs and and against Golden State matters. They're just remarkable. I. I I just don't know what to think about this team because. I were saying and you're you were saying when they had their three game winning streak this team is moving closer to its defense of identity. And you thought that that things were on the move I mean it and again. Nobody thought this was going to be a sixty win he Timor PT by wind heat team. But you want this team to play closer to its identity and it has not done that. What happened he got hurt again he gambling I think the big part of his. It it is it is a big part of tat but a big thing with Hasan and everybody has talked about this you've got to turn his steps into victories. And again I think that the stats not turning into victories. Is a reason he gets overlooked and a lot of these individual awards that he wants. All stars on the defensive player of the year up all NBA Yangon this year he's not getting any of that this year camp. Here's my question to you. Where does this on rank among big men in the NBA now because I and I know he's missed a lot of time. But even when he's been in there mom I haven't noticed. Like Kim it is stats turning into victories the the twenty what when he poured in 22 in the opener in Orlando and they lose. I thought whose son was really gonna make a big step this year. I thought that Hasan was going to be up there with guys not as good as as a bogey cousins or Anthony Davis or Carl Anthony towns. But it kind of bright below them but I look at Andre drug might have passed him at this point. Drummond is fourteen points thirteen board it's one point seven blocks some of like that and this play is turning into victories not that he's responsible for Detroit. Playing well this year and they have their own a three game losing streak but it is to seems like. The suns play does not turn into victories. And to meet. In the sun in the. Can order a big men. And again he's has Ron's been hurt but it seems like he's polling down man that latter. This evil yeah costumes ending yeah he's not climbing a latter part of that prize is the injuries you write part of it is the money is played he hasn't been. I would say he's still top ten. But a top team in big man in today's NBA telling you you expected more. I'm not getting into the suns contract or anything like that part of it I'm just an IX yet it is but I'm just saying none on the court I expected more from assigned. And I don't feel that he's. Progressing I'm with yeah I'm with you retire who's in the halls are on this team cause so yeah I mean Karl at the town just the market has cousins yeah Rudy go Bair head over Africa left will bear out you know a real good job buddy Dave Davison right right com marked as. All I am happy to. They didn't know him being heard yeah. Murdered DeAndre Jordan to have a guy yes don't know there's there's but he's this kind of flattened out a little bit. And you you would with a little bit of a public Ullman ascension here. Cleveland's. They have won twelve basketball games and oral. Yes the they're they're back can. The man. I and we just saw golden stakes states back a little bit. And as much as Houston. Has played great since we talked about San Antonio. And Boston is a great great story. Late yeah I it's just did you use kinda get that feeling. That and I know I'm not coming down the mountain top with with the tablets on this one here but like Golden State in Cleveland you're just going. They're gonna do it again yeah collision course again in insists. Huh. The religious and Iran and and play well my point is this when they want to turn it on them. The airport they are those two teams are in another league yes. Yes and and well you surpassed. We'll see you about it I'm I'm I'm very intrigued by Houston now behind that now accused trigger talk yourself into adult don't know I'm ARY. Look I. Juice tonight. I wanna see what they can do invest the seven regular season you're not worried about him with things are they're not easy and they folded and delegates should they did but he got. You've got Chris Paul now which helps he's not he's not a guy who's known for leading teams through the playoffs let's. Right let's face that let's admit that run off a top bush you do have more talent you do have another veteran players so. I am very interested into a goal and say it is the prohibitive favorite. In my mind to win the title that's probably do it with an ideal ever but I'm intrigued by Houston OK let me ask you this question to her. Who has been the most surprising ten million via. Move boy that's a good question mum. You mean good or bad or good no good. Charisma and how about just gotta say Boston okay I literally I don't Hayward I don't without a male dog no dog yeah on that it's not a leader yeah I mean boss. Yes it's where they're over okay who's on the wrong end the system is the most fascinating been. It's to be an easy one perk you gonna kick yourself when I tell you. Not the clippers now. On the wrong end of then I'm Lou. Oklahoma City Mo yes yes yet what are they telling twelve to eleven to what it does yes yeah you're right you're right OK because I presume there's an easy answer you right to policies what those guys you'll ever figured out. You have enough talent yeah and you just wonder are they going to figure it out war. Could they just say you know what this Paul George thing he's gonna leave us anyway we're not gonna get stuck like we did before. We're gonna move him. But if they can ever figure this thing that's Billy Donovan job you know if they give figured out that the team that I would say maybe they can spoil the Golden State party agree. Could you would say from a talent stand point their Big Three. Matches up with golden states the Big Three comparable right let's write a better but he would you go. So I mean they got four boy if you wanna go play staff KV okay Ross. On Carmelo. Yeah and that the on jobs yet clay in there when they have before but it did this. I'm just looking for in here yeah but Ogilvy sitting on a 500 is who is pretty that's pretty startling. And I want to adopt him and I want to win number of times they're awful yeah. But data about Watson didn't do that oval but he knows where to go on the floor there's facing an awful day or days there really like searching. For things here right. Bright days they aired yet they're definitely the biggest surprise on the and on the wrong you know because I thought that was a team that was. I was gonna stay of among the top you know whenever three or four in the and in the west. And put it as that team is that's a stroke. And aren't suited just. I just a just reward it would you look at some of the other team just trying to find their way around are on the NBA guards we have seen Antonio tomorrow night's. The they're gonna gonna Mexico City. Did take on Brooklyn it and then they got and they got Memphis. On the street entrance so that's that's the heat's schedule here calling on house guests and all the games are spaced out here a couple of days and woes looking for audience on Bacchus at one to two weeks. And and we'll see with the injury bug but the need to get him back and hope for to a trip here I would think of that be what you're shooting for yeah if your of the heat's. Brooklyn. In Memphis got a serious problems. If you bigots get wanna get Santonio. That would be notre great in its in its own right out of some of these text messages there to allow fifteen minutes of York Miami heat's we got a lot more to get to as a as we continue continue on here when you back to the Willie Taggart. Signing or head coaching hire for off for Florida State. That that came down right before we went on the air we had Andrea Adelson who have joined us in the 4 o'clock hour kind of talked about it enough your Florida State fan. Oh what do you think you haven't had a really search for a head coach in about forty years Bob was there for. For all that time and then kind of the coach in waiting in Jimoh fissures so. Willie Taggart to Florida State willow get back in that little bit no sex shows six have a night seven for regular 790 the ticket. Our football Friday that about talk Charlie all season long get ready for the games. A look at the dolphins and their opponent injury updates he's in the game and more plumbing Charlie there was an aboard draft pick Clinton raised the public adjusters in margolick drove. And let the North Miami football Friday on aims of and I mean after 1043 HD two tickets. Curtis and perk with you on Tuesday it tomorrow. This time tomorrow we're going to be out of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Perk we're gonna check in with the U. But you you're going to be off its it's not a Frito Wednesday accused of freedom and so evident for your Wednesday for free goes out. So lover shot Muller former. Hurricane offensive lineman NFL player is gonna join as they were out there because. We have the the Capital One Orange Bowl. I guess kickoff party the only you know the press conference where the coaches come down so we're a big step coach Mark Richt. And Paul Crist from Wisconsin and you never know who else might be hanging around there that we can grab in and talked to so we're going to be doing that tomorrow. I've been a part of that events. Probably for close to loop 1213 years has been out there and all the different coaches of commander -- Urban Meyer a couple years ago and Paul Johnson target here I am you know and did did Jim Lowe and it is still on and on and on yeah so Los so that's going to be fun. And we're going to be out there tomorrow it'll real all the sites in the sample talk a lot of came to was shot obviously will be our special guest host Rashad is with us. Couple weeks ago when room prior to Notre Dame game you know Bryan Monroe and John b.s and so we had a great time with him so willow will look at Ford that tomorrow. Yeah may have may be Barry Alvarez this floor around yeah around Barry he's on selection committee right yes I Jesus selection committee member Barry Alvarez yes her Barry Alvarez was very close to being. And how close to a Brittany coast of the US argument time where you're not no no I was not he he was they shall Leila brand was and how it was as close you know it was she came for all she hired Barry yes Perry was the head coach Wisconsin right. And when butch left. Berry was was the front runner and very hell out of Miami ties in general. And very Albers held football coach yeah and ultimately became the AD at Wisconsin. Public but the players went in there and that's all documented in the U part two and all that stuff that you know players. Wanted Larry to stay on and they basically told Paul the we want Larry and they should okay. And Blair worked out for awhile and then I'm gonna go a little bit a little bit sideways yeah obviously. But talking and I'll sort out the some are rock of zones you know what you would say. These location in South Florida and some are rock to voters in a year ago was to be able to sort itself port so spread out. So it's like yup everyone knows South Beach. The South Beach is so it's CO2 itself it's it's a sliver it's so you east being like is say let's meet somewhere. Leg just Mubarak you say control every everybody wants to go there. It's really like become the the these booed the central. The destination out boarded no allegiance you know you just did everything is there restaurants gambling man. It's that Israel are the building a little would have bill in the new hotel to shape modern guitar yeah they're doing yes yeah yes without their couple months ago we the bill out there. They have these to myself we're fill in for for Tobin and and LeRoy. We opted poker room yeah they were doing all construction there have been over there a couple months so we'll see how how quickly they've. They've been able to a get up to speed they're sort of tomorrow's is when you feel a little preview of that the big news. In sports. Is Willie Taggart social accountable front is nine now the Florida State Seminoles coach we've got a lot of people. On the tax line you know some canes fans I think some. Non canes fans some Florida State fans of Florida fans. Good tired that higher it's all over the it's all over the place all over the map right. I think it's gonna. Considering what else you had out there if you're Florida State. Right which I don't know. How many Ed like wells is out there like who else are you. You really thinking about that that that's delta. Well did this guy was out here they're out there this guy I was out there and Arizona State's group tomorrow. With ease at LB arm and Herm Edwards for his course to soak. Quote Rubino doubles I just double guy just off in certain locate my men had a right here in Tempe OK good that's just okay. Humble humble Catholic now McChrystal wants up the doubles. I'll say when he gets it you're good brother we have devils all over the place taking a personal. Yeah that's the head coach of the sun and doubles the Arizona State Sun Devils now's Herm Edwards being introduced yesterday at his press conference. Term murmurs entertaining. Yes. He doesn't know that a school movement to build development Greg lack of let me give default form yesterday and we can't include Mikey he got. You may like Steve Carell as Michael army often view Libby get them like noise and schooled me reform bills. It's he sounded very strange that that did that exchange I guess you're gonna be hearing devils a lot they are firm. Yeah no way that you don't like debts that the school mascot it's going to be. The devil's den and the devils the devils digest. Bill needs to nearly. Does he just didn't put together devils digest is likely. You know likening sport right like I don't think he could I don't think he made that association that. You know we're kind of on your side your term I think he's this kind of thinking soul just another publication out there. This gets back to my point of if it's not Willie Taggart and who's it going to be because that's what Arizona State just tired now and I love Herm Edwards. What you gotta be bleeping kidding me we have this conversation Lazio if you think it's going to be good quote it's going to be a big disaster I. Think what Herm does is he raises the profile of your program. Or fund raising and as far as visibility you know ESPN has no love them. They're going to be out there all the time. And whether he wins or not I mean your your Arizona State you're only gonna win so much only. You know let's not like somebody's gonna come in there and lead you to a string of eleven win season. From her knees to get him to them is some bowl games and raise their visibility. Whether he's a good culture not ideally yes he does lead you to a couple of tin win seasons but your Arizona State. Raise some money and raise your profile. And then move on to a better. OK maybe I mean it's Arizona State project like they're the act like they're you know they got trigger some Community Colleges trying to get some pol. Let's dig nation not to do is go the complete gimmick hire all of Herm Edwards just to get them to be on the front page. Of the Tucson daily news like they they should be. I think so I mean look dear you are your front page of the Arizona Republic. It SI. And were right you have a long and straight plumber saw at least writer I don't even though that's correct diet. I assume that's correct but you have to go back a long way how would you like you're famous and I. I imagine the sequencing in in the higher ups of ESPN. And and it's like a memos is being passed of the chains like John skipper write music were losing our. Are one of our NFL analyst to a coaching job. And he's like damn. Gruden finally caved did earlier how is not right its charm ready psyched. Edwards is gonna take a job and here's a little more war. Yeah yeah. Our main guy people a couple of names less smiles Jim Tressel could name I don't know like whose news. I don't know what the I think I would say the show cause that he is as good as been on Tressel Tressel is passed probably the Democrat side here would be here now Jim Tressel has got to pay some penance. So he's got a goal we can't just jump in with flavor Arizona State that's a much better hire that then that Herm Edwards. To dress or less miles. Map telling him. You know why South Florida say I'm volatile tricky yeah putters stayed. That's certainly that's hard and that's where I mean you are Arizona State. Do you think you know the doubles format of the yeah I think he knew I think it was upon Teresa met the other tournaments I'm sure he knew doubles dodges were running that was like some sort of satanic. I know me you know at bats and luckily that was like B berm that was like beat her humor today. Okay Herm that's okay now but. After USC is Victor by president are brighter by right yeah and right there and that stubborn zone money we are getting better act and that act is cool and yet now mama happily get all you know McChrystal and that's all he he ha ha Herm yes and you know some parents are gonna like it again it's gonna get you on ESPN and raise the profile of the university and some donations will come in you're gonna be great to be. Fundraising golf tournaments. But if you are winning it's a two year end but look you will raise the profile of that university. Would Chip Kelly puts half ponder on a level CEO of the works. Aisles yeah you'll note doubles I just is in there can be read does I mean like Ali you may really cared hurdles at just a dual moguls out his tires I've seen it's it's a Dallas. Look I'm I'm not going to say that he was hired during his college football jobs. I I actually think that it was a it to me and I haven't I rear of the years Old Republic or anything but to me it smacks of let's raise our profile so you didn't get some more money in here and the victories whatever you know like your victories come what the next. Like Willie tiger like that's a pretty good get for Florida say considering that. Still Tennessee doesn't have a coach is of them coached. And now organ of them Malia coach for for that matter. They really pivotal organ who knows me very re healed yet but I mean he's earned it we did our job if you build my calls me on listen law that's. And you know he just got an entirely basketball tournament to study just admitted that last week. For his for his eightieth birthday army into the sixth lockout we got here's the thing and headlined get your text messages as well 67974. That's at 67974. Curtis super ready on 79 and take. So. Yeah. Run I was sixth 07. Wednesday Curtis and hardware you. Now go. After every game the tickets and into the Lexus had to cover fines. Post game show is as low a complete wrap of the game Lex into group provides all as enemies in deals fund budget in four by four. Sophomores that once you truck and SUV customizations job good champion former Ford dot com. We invite and encourage your text messages are always welcome 67974. All the girlfriends on Mohammed Tex signed we appreciate you. With the fear of your. Daily commute your drive home on those treacherous roadways. Of South Florida just sit back relax and and we'll take you on into its home base here we got a lot of plot to get two year. In the in the 6 o'clock hour. You mentioned the dot orbit to the dolphins earlier a little bit perk is kind of like playing out the string so to speak I would do wanna give our audience a lot of credit. That I hat we haven't been inundated with the draft yet right now nobody nobody in style but I like remind everybody elects to Nelson in your draft questions. Well I'd like other than that got the occasional hey do they need do get a new quarterback question. But I'd I'd I think the audience even at five and seven here. And the dolphins season will probably over a couple of weeks ago we. Theoretically I I appreciate the fan base at least saying we don't deal with the not being what do you think they're gonna do loyal of this guy what about that guy I don't. And it Alia via a but we've been able to hold off then if we can make it to Christmas I think will be in good shape especially with the quarterback questions right. We are with a lot of quarterbacks you know yeah idea Brothers Mason Rudolph for whoever. To a larger as maker may feel rose in dollar Arnold's dude yeah amino you know the dolphins that I don't know if they're taken weren't high dram right idea by Tom. But look at by. There was something that. That caught my eye today in this summer's minimum mine since last year regarding the draft. And it leads us in the years of being. Dirt and James a Florida State is the clear and NFL draft but more importantly to me James A projected per round here. Is not going to play in a rescues bowl game. I like that decision understand the business Christian McCaffery no matter where net did the same being. But I don't like the decision. I don't like deserting your teammates now I think a lot of your Florida State teammates. Or in the case of port net LSU in the case of McCaffery stamper. I think a lot of those players understand that this is a financial decision but they are and of India. But I think there we have few others on those teams who wonder about these guys putting themselves I hit of the team. Now we will see in the next few weeks whether this movement picks up any Steen. Whether any of the other top rejected draft picks decided they're not gonna play in their bowl games. I hope it doesn't pick up steam. But I'm thinking in the next few days the next couple weeks. We are gonna see more projected top draft picks dropping out of their bowl games and I don't like it. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerds in Evan Shura and now they're new location in congress drone nerds you're authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether his new purchases repairs customizations training sessions. Whatever it is dead in separate these people they will hook you well. It's drove nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. I don't like it either. And we went through this last year them and it was it was an eye opener. And we kind of gave McCaffrey of tornado blew past because they're running backs Leon and I I didn't buy okay not ultimately an idea gen correct correct Gregory did a little bit. Yes I was younger players play. But I understand it's a personal decision internal and James who had who was out on its last year olds last your brain injury you have he has an injury had a knee right yeah yeah yeah demean you John left that part out will be parts I got to bring that up so I own media not ugly and mean to write Burnett had a injury Israel's open Emmy darlings like give missed significant time to bring out almost all the season yeah it's great day so this guy that was a top five pick a year ago. You have a huge injury I mean I guess these are going to be in the first round of the top fifteen here few works out well my blood. I don't have a problem if you want to sit out. Though whatever the bleep walk ons independence ball in southern miss you like I'm all for playing in the late with your with your Brothers in arms armament stuff. Blood. I iMac and I don't I mean if that game you sit out because your top ten pick. You have an injury history. So be it iMac and it American get on the kid for that. And I don't think it's gonna be the liberals afraid it was gonna becomes an epidemic roms and you know all if you're not the Caldwell playoff everyone's gonna set you know that didn't happen. No you got a couple of guys and a couple of dudes it's said. And that's fine that's a personal decision on the airport at Georgia called quote unquote business decision. By the I don't think it's gonna all of a sudden where. A Chad Thomas gonna sit for you am. Or you know. It'll probably Norton if you're if you're if you're projected to be say a third or fourth round here. Now now that the al-Qaeda problem why because that I mean that's your career you or your careers just as important as the number one Pete's career. Oh yeah now we weathered your number one year is more geared to Mike I. I would just I'd have a you can improve your stock by playing well in that game that's what I would say. Now you're. 5050 and your your on a bum ankle and your Chad Thomas to use him as an example or your you know a guy might be goal early in May be leg if your kindergarten fine. But lake I think but I I know this is it isn't a good answer for everybody right I think every situation has to be looked at differently and that's all. Yeah that's true it and a lot of people are texting in saying. You know it's a meaningless bowl game. Which yeah I understand that I mean that's that's part of my whole thing with not liking bowl season because so many of the residents and why do you put your little dot. Agreement that is apple right agreed inner six's six this year. So let's let yet to be let Louisiana Monroe just to be bowl level. Like OK so you really der when James to beat southern miss to win the walk ons Independence Bowl trophy that we're gonna proudly showcase. In our hall of champions one day. Leon Antonio army like oh great that the two guns of the Independence Bowl trophy it's gonna look really nice next to our national championship trophies. Yeah none look I understand that undersea and then I mean you know should. And it played against Louisiana Monroe. I don't know I don't know BL Burton probably know would be my guess and you sit out this game now put out to get them to be bowl eligible. And if you just want to focus on the NFL so be it an organ the jig attacks which organ and right right. I mean. That's fine and you'll get another text or can you imagine you have a McGahee type injury Ramirez gave her projected first rounder. Yeah it sucks I don't I get all right that. I'm not telling anybody what to do right Nadia I'm just saying I do you I don't like it that's what I'm but my understanding I don't like I just think everything is different the wrestlers like I think everything every situation is different. Like. You know it's like the guy that gets hurt in the pre season game yeah I don't want opt out of the president of the surveillance may have voted yeah really relied on McMillan on specialty area of the dolphins. Okay late could've gotten hurt the first play. Against the LA chargers in week one with data made it any different. Would data makes you feel better now that he's got hurt or real game a rather than three season. And again look I don't you guys are gonna get her. Hurts yeah I understand. The financial decision and a business decision. Under saying I don't like what you're players returned well I don't like the idea of of of walking out on your teen OK fair enough yet but I don't that is I don't let epidemic in you know what that might hurt until I mean I fans and I don't know I don't know whether my cumin and he'll be questioned by NFL executive but. I just think it's summarize if there's coach can leave you can leave. That's that's a different that's a different animal amino I'm. I'm not for the coaches started doing that whatever you're not you don't unite. We know things between coaches and players are an equal right I mean salaries of coaches and players get an up and we know that's not equal low is coast left and they had to replace them so they did get to that right now in headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX HD true Miramar. Organs Willie Taggart has been named as the closer as as the colts at Florida State. According to numerous reports tiger is that last season at Oregon and he was a South Florida and when he thirteen to 2016. Seeking a new coach tigers Central Florida has hired Josh high school high school spent the last two years Missouri's offensive coordinator. High school higher Randy Shannon as his defense of coordinator there at UCF. Whether a sixth round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2001. Hype full of course was a quarterback at Oklahoma and lived in to a national championship. They inning colleges you impose Marc Rich was named the Walter camp coach of the year today. The award is voted on by the nation's 130. FBS news coaches and sports information directors. Stay in that you William running back mark Walton announced on Twitter today he won't return for his senior season while who sustained a season ending ankle injury against. Florida State three Heisman Trophy finalists named last night mobile quarterback Lamar Jackson. Who has the trophy right now Oklahoma quarterback baker may peeled and Stanford running back Bryce love are those three finalist. Jackson of course is a local product he attended Boynton beach high school. Finally college basketball you whims tenth ranked undefeated basketball team host Boston University tonight at seven blows or your hitless. 6797467974. On the Coral Springs auto mall. Honda text line he would John where he's television on carnal stand deal I heard David Simpson was on with. With Dan and Stu and the crew. Or earlier this morning and we played the local hour off from three to for the local power comes on right between us in a and LeRoy Tobin LeRoy in the beast every day so you can get you get the Dan if you miss in the morning just for everyone. Listening out there and it David Sampson on asked about the moon was used they've done for years. Which actually I got some some good movies are gonna check out here I mean because there were he would he would not steer you know movies W of their tips and Ozal movies. But that's about the stand stuff in the Jeter ownership and I just. This is wild man like Jeter was on to the the screen as he gave us a bit and I installed stayed in the duke was. Boot yeah yeah exactly yet. The Marlins Graham ray yeah work it is you know the Marlins in pretty much can only get banned publicity right I mean. By firing a scout who's got colon cancer yeah lead transplant and we like guys like you can't make this the public. The Marley the guy's dog passed away and he's getting fired on the same day like duels like. They're making Derek Jeter out to be this heartless guy and maybe this Derek Jeter is as having the biggest string of bad luck. Known to man here or this is going this is getting off to a colossal. A colossal. Start to which you'll eventually be a failure on his part. Look at this holes being started off you know there are on sale rumors and and tag Romney and all the people who were involved and do these people have enough money I mean you remember that that. I mean that the Marlins like that the last time they made positive news was so I guess the stand MBT. But. It's it's it's just you and far between most of the stories about this organization. Are negative or how they bungled some dinner how they were ill prepared on on some front and it it is witnessed. This trade being. Which is dragging now. It is. Seems to be that it's going to end. In. Bad news for the Marlins as much right yeah I mean right at all but as and that's not bad news but it just seems as though it's gonna turn out well you know you got. San Francisco's top four prospects. One guy has you know his his rotator cup. When it was blown out two months ago and the Marlins didn't know about it ordered you know it seems like there there's always some good and alerting that like the other. The statement being should be okay Stanton doesn't want to be here they wanna cut payroll. Seems like it should be fine but it just seems like there's going to be something right some kind of little detail old in this deal that you know that the Marlins are actually paying his entire salary years some little something there is some crazy. It just I didn't just find it funny that Derek Jeter just shows up AV has always said he's the biggest heard in town. Yeah you know at a mile and how it because you're associated with a torn nation. But for whatever reason it hasn't been able to hit the right button on anything no on anything now. Like I causing him on on the stand the elect I get it yeah Dylan actually OK so far right now. I was really due to a trail I get it I know you're coming from targeted kill you for that right. Bomb did I understand you want to build back up. Like get a leg you don't want that on your payroll I get all that I know is that like everything from the for like the rich Waltz thing. And the end of the Coleman nine deal in the scalp and Europe. Your fight like every day he lied my guide. And pretty got to get booed the other night he's there argued these third bleeping Jeter. In the end right in and like one of New York girls basically down here and in Miami I mean by. And that's because you get no response for the bullet idea. Com and you can't tell me it's all stand you can't just say all the all stand Franzen there. Agassi is at a news you're associated with the Marlins in South Florida mess not going to be popular. He's. Just not. It just I just find I just found that really crazy man how. How how poorly it's Pella poorly it's turned now I know one thing I just want to reiterate lately on the standing next to it has all of the power here. But I don't know that that should not be confused by anything else stands calling the shots here. In the you know David Sampson said as much earlier like when you give a guy and no trade. That's there's a reason the no trade trumps everything. Salary. Attitude. Music there's no other thing it's like no no trade means no trade I'm not going there are you and I'll tell you where I wanna go if in fact I do want to go. Yeah it's good to say publicly traded. Yeah I don't think that's an option premium ultimate decision is when you have got the right aren't you saw with Carmelo. How hard that was right on its old team. That wanted to get rid of public. Outlook for how hard it was to disentangle yourself. From Carmelo Anthony for all of all people yeah I think I mean to me the difference here is Stanton Stanton like once out of appear like god being smitten once Al. It was more than the Marlins want him off OK fine but still easily tell that you're well to go to two places. Yeah and it you're the Marlins it is like look I. We get illegals solo right. A little idea but all the cowards like this and there was your girlfriend or wife and you're going to honey I wanna take a vacation battling wanna go to Vegas and you know Vegas and an LA now. And she's like William work with me a little bit easier I think he's got Gonzaga. Tonight and and she's there as well we're not a vacation right here and inevitable people are miserable right so that's that's that's there there's a leg sudden infant he has all of the power in this thing now in the Marlins are trying to get some of the power back but would give a no trade. DK. But but he's gonna get traded real war I guess the latest deals with the giants and now right cardinal via so you know the Dodgers know they don't want it getting to live too much committed on their payroll. Yes of being a mean iron because it was just assumed he wanted to go back home to Southern California right. And yes but you might be northern California or out of now. Oh yeah yes. Sub I think I would think that John the giants would Bobbie I guess the best closest match global will solicit other plays up that's. Just one day after another just more rumors on that on that front through would catch up on that followed its voice to text messages here 67 nights and four at 67974. Right here on the corporate normal. Condit text line partisan program here on 790 the ticket. Harlem Globetrotters this Sunday at the American Airlines Arena with the globetrotters 92 anniversary. Celebrated. Ball handling wizardry. Basketball artistry. And great family entertainment for special offers on tickets go to the ticket might be dot com and click on my perks. Curtis and her. Back for the here on 790 the ticket. I used to of the Harlem Globetrotters. And it used to be used to be cute miss. That was your right yeah that was they can these be on TV get up every now and again Leo. Way online world of sports the rooms are Orioles and like every once in awhile they beyond. They they were distant failures there was funny because I didn't understand it allows little bill. I do they're really good right now like I didn't get that watched that the generals were in on it right right right right sort of like TM collection for the general sometimes yeah we got to go bad form. It like the generals would make like they would make it look good at times so I really think get to the game was fixed yeah yeah. But I up you know of the ousting of the generals Miley on the Moneyline all these years I write regularly to do that and. Nobody's character right right no better than the pro wrestling there. Yeah so it's a deal to me a little while to figure that out like he's gained the kind of licenses that if there if there's conclusive wonder article are the judges really really good. Now that says when it comes down to but but yet thousand dollars and models must watch man grownup and I can only imagine seeing it in person how much how much fun that is. And we'll say it but those guys that the skill on the skill level all on those guys you know it is as is as good as an excel good stuff fog it's different that he gets above some good stuff. I guess as a release of the dolphins right correct. Yeah yeah well. Look. From the public yet. Rob Gronkowski is a deal has been denied so. He will serve that one game suspension against the dolphins today here. But he made on not your debut is why don't love buffalo on an unknown Sunday so no wrong. No program Monday night this is her reside Jones and you know upload safeties and linebackers are. Capital on the shoulders and no doubt I mean if you're gonna Ding wanna see the best of the best in America's. Certainly a hall of Famer booked if you're the dolphins trying to get a win a yes they're not as good without drawn create who with we know although that's that's the that's news they're all these other suspensions from last night's game. And if you miss that it was. There was those oblique show you ours. Penalties and a legal heads and ten years ago it was just another hard game in the AFC north. Right lies now with all the rules changes in it became an summing Allison McDonnell on the broadcast and gruden. And it was like oh my god and I mean. In my eyes at it and neither am I wrong perk. That I've had enough I had no problem with the table football last night. Hum well the boo him I am terrible person a locally here and the users miss truce during his. We're old Katie. I didn't like Smith's Shuster standing over Tom taught her a bigger than you I'm tiger they com. But but those other things I don't know I don't I don't mind that I don't. There are screaming how bad it was for the NFL and isn't what you wanna watch the NFL. And I'm going really. Like vague. I thought people wanted to die hard hits it and we just been so it would socio ties over the last decade that. That yes I know when you hit a quarterback late. Here comes the flag I know when you go high on a guy unions elected did it a B it's going to be a flag and I know what's gonna get flagged up out there right we talk about suspensions of all that other stuff. And when I got a bond is perfect or even head hunting for years now it's laid out by Shuster Smith. Not SI like good that's my you gotta get up they run that senator landslide. As the best of being the guy he doesn't get open and Ryan say zero on local tears. He's he's still in the hospital I think I saw some the nom. And on Twitter that he's they're gonna try to keep them there for another day your analysis of for a thousand illegal anything dollar don't know that I was president I write I was just sort of a back injury yet that is football that's just football. But I think a lot of these beings. Combined. Have. May move the public. Put bowl we re. And it's the violence of the game. It's the dirty news of the game which he saw what the wrong here it's the ridiculousness of the game which you saw with cramped three NN and a key to leave. So it's in it's a lot of these beings to meet aka that it it's not just one isolated incident and of course it's SEC east being in. The litigation that is that is you know I Condit and his I think it's a complete. It's okay it's not it's not just. The violence and the beat hits it's against this backdrop I think that's what a lot of people law. I got to would have you're just if you're like yeah this one if you long for hard hitting football. I should not have diffusion I feel guilt. Oh no that no no no no no because there are no you're bringing into note the homicide yourself I'm saying the whole the vote football watching public. All of this stuff is conspiring. Against Ana bill and and whether you're talking about kneel and pray that ample more seats seat he or Jerry Jones and Roger good day though or Ezekiel Elliott or the the base hits were. I mean what like how many did have we had just like a wee hour or two straight weeks of good news from the NFL this season. Don't claim like I gotcha and maybe you're right I think that's I don't think it's an isolated being its hold OK it's not here I don't you bring. But I think we're talking about two different things I'm just talking about I don't care about the guys nearly all of the right I'm a determine the fizz a tally of the game last like that to the idea was about last night. And I just admitted the NFL. Has done a has done. A good a good shot that got the cleanup I know why they were doing all this stuff. But like if you're over 25 years old even thirty years launch you remember the NFL was different to look at the end. Dated says it's almost like all that stuff is as opposed to feeling it makes you feel a little bit dirty. When I watch those hits and I like those hits I liked the fact that juju Shuster Schmid said you know what. Enough fun to is perfect because you could do it our guys the last five years right so I'd like that. What led the NFL. Has taught us over the they've done a great job of reminding you really like old you're not supposed to like acts and it's a penalty yeah and I got the announcer this screaming how bad this for the game of football wanna go one. Oh and there's a reason it's audio brown goes across the middle and gets lit up because. He does. They don't wanna go across the middle on it. I just I don't know why did he do it right obviously from late formally viewing standpoint last I love the law that's a flat yeah I felt like I was would be out of being. Turn to Ali bows and with a group of people that would go hole how dare you like that that you have to have. You know what I I actually wonder about that I mean there's a lot of people that. Disliked the by aliens just on the it's just from the standpoint of the violence. I think it's framed against other stuff because just a big here. I don't know that too many people are going off his game is too violent I. I think it's again I had to me it's just not a drop of all the right but just a big hit I don't know that too many people heard. Really feeling guilty about liking them by elements of the game. Box tonight I don't I don't feel guilty about if if if you get your clock cleaned as good there you know that that serves notice dated yes serves notice of don't come through here where that mess again recently celebrated and now. How it it's not. And yeah now ignore me if it was supposed to be celebrated. Yeah. And now not only is it not celebrated. Is eight penalize what's hot months which I know. You have to do that and ultimately that but then that. Let you got and you've got no Madonna and grew up there are saying that's bad football like Derek but it's being it's being so far. I'm Bob McDonald I thought again I thought McDonough went over the top last night I really did I thought. I thought he was being enticed ball which I earlier I was saying you know I'd. I don't know how they're corporate structure is he might be above the email old. Hey watch yourself email it might just be you know I'd. I talk from an executive when they're passing in the hallway you know. You might be a little joke he joked hey you know Sean you really let the least haven't the other night time. And I thought he was over the top I thought he was in tie in a bill not did not end tie a you know it did now and not because of CT Jiri being I thought he was just anti in our bill because. We don't want big hits in this game. That's what I bought McDonnell. Yeah I'd be criticizing officials which that's fine and it does always been outspoken especially official she's not afraid I do and I give credit yeah. He's not afraid to two to give his opinion on that there's just like you know like to those hit tells I. This is great man. This is great man does he didn't go and I didn't didn't hits and and all that stuff yeah you want to guys to give up. Enemy to meet I was just I was just a really. Hard fought. Physical game between a lot of guys probably don't like each other whatsoever in that rivalry and I decide I amid image did feel like all how dare you when you were. You you wanna watch this type of game titles like. I thought it was a little bit a little while they're on the front grow suspension yes decent. What an appropriate I guess that is against him. Fighting skills in the name right this is sliding scale you don't know you don't know. It that I mean that was the dirty as player of all of this stuff that happened over the last couple of weeks and the the cramped treated to lead by all as yes exactly 100% 100%. Yes. Not in the course of less than me like OK so he gets in games Emmett Till better no no I I would receive a slumping that's a little more or. Com bidding of the crime right because there. I know there's extenuating circumstances to everything but. Basically you equated his hit with George Lucas a locus here right. The last night there rock I don't know how these guys to get thrown out of the game against that in the other. Things like I'm I'm I'm I'm a ticket about OK so what you want like I don't know like. It took to get rid of the game is kind of a big deal. Yes it up to me is a big deals are now two games. It is like if you like you do go after an official Shumpert. But what do Marchand did too. The yen yet to forget about our rights Peter's definitely wanted to run and now comes on the sideline yeah bump that traditionally don't think it is to a player. I mean that's that's like that's not obviously way over the top spot a game yeah yeah I had a but the wrong thing was. But that's it at that should have been treated. Differently even the others axle. So we objects on the sea island here and it's usually hit question mark clean. Again since Peewee were taught to keep your head on us what will be aware Burr forgot consulate in deserved to get the lead how it. The junior drew hit there was nothing wrong with that kid. It was when a guy could be injured and your standing over him. Celebrating. And and taunting him that's that's the problem with that. We got the penalty for both yeah hit and the talk right now that's the probably that I'm not so good I'm not saying that they. I know it's going to be penalized yes yes yes that's. You know it's just I should not but I mean I don't need anybody telling me how awful that is just get penalized to move on for the safety of Medea. Yeah guys that. Me and I might have this wrong to meet the people who had the people who don't like just the low good here. Which you know that's what does not protect well it was yes I'm glad it was me back to the people don't like that to me. Are the people who are like my kid has never playing football. What about. CT. What about this what about they don't look at it is just eight hit. They look at it. And as well now ordered you know this game is sold by Hamilton of an editor as injuries and that bids its dude it's it's like here it's football. That's a violent gain Greg I. If you don't like the violence don't watch. I mean NFL is trying to legislate the violence. It is so high impact high speed high collision sport. It's that they're doing what they can buy it idea you wanna see some violent policies the violent it was into and within a belt those guys in common errors last night is just like Gaudio regulars like the Ortiz hits a wall climates like okay. It's football man for this somebody text you miss the days of clothes lines. No I don't I don't miss that I mean. The game was different right at the plant used to be legal for goodness sake I'm that's that's one of the. But here's what rubs it just sort clear. I'm not saying that those all those plea should not be penalized correct you could penalize those guys are the ones do yes OK but that's it. Don't tell me how birdie a guy is when he's daughter cracked black bloc roller all this other stuff Dutch football right. Right that's fine but that ended their I don't need Sean McDonough screaming he's rejected. When that play it was legal ten years ago we don't make it that's just football also just ended they're yes I know when you only stomach cornerback the flags coming out. I can I could predict that right I could predict that every single time but probably disable that are sold Daugherty is the order after the quarterback no. That's football he's supposed to go and try to kill the quarterback that's what he gets paid millions of dollars to do welcome back we got some us some final thoughts. Right here on some ninety the ticket. Here on some ninety the ticket. I think it's giving me 62. For Iraq that my monster energy or lack of the weekend of April 20 Angelina that Mark Parkinson Fries and the festival features rock's top artists. Performing on Tuesday just check out the lab at fort rock festival that come to Toronto this Friday for rock festival that comes to loosen the ticket to win your way and Curtis and perk with you for a few more minutes. Greg I agents and Adam easily he's dominated him that'll be something the crew that's. Beer for you controlling the Airways are things that Andrea Adelson for joining us earlier in the show from ESPN. As as she stopped Beisel a couple of thanks accidentally and brighter news yeah president last glory years the answer is no Nolan to. Well this is their best years since 2000 and three year for a few wanna go hmm. Last or that now's the last awards bowl appearance. So was it was 2000 and 2003 season. So than 2000 for the loss to a LSU in the in the teach spoiled by the last of the the big bulls but was Johnson and in Miami in the Orange Bowl. It's going to be is the one that's a fun deal. I don't know you know national I heard the guys on the way home last night your grade and and and her Jackson's island national appeal I don't know if my dad's computer on. A ton of TV sets but I look a lot a lot of these ball games you know hard core. College football fan. I don't know how many harder push the bunch exhibition games. Right and theology and you know what you're to a final four and and obviously those two games are the the big daddies here. You detects a lot of people here what are we got a via local firms on tech's. Hey you know here's here's arm camera on respondent is somebody who says that. His son is. In middle school play and tackle football. Still when I got home he told me he was watching the NF bill's greatest hits during home room. I assume I'll like to hear that your son is playing tackle football. In Boston up bill's greatest hits during no home room well. Lead has moved the teacher was showing it he wasn't like watching anonymous phone. You know text book opportunity he was important. While the teacher were showing that the teacher might feel very little bit questionable on the teachers from though. You didn't really you know you go outside and smoke a cigarette if you're a teacher let the kids watch whatever they wanna watch it teachers did that when you were in school they leave left didn't. You know you would set up a little in our days we had the film projector wreck and you set up the film projector in the teacher leaves for like twenty minutes and who knows where the teacher would. The U get this question all the time there because I know I do's and you'd get. People talk about all my son. Loves football. Right yeah and I are very you know money in I and I can ask Mike who's his favorite player in the you know. This it jars Landry Gurode a Beckham junior it's one of the you know somebody that plea Maddon went on or something like that. And then in my always kinda ask them the question the next question and I'm starting do this over the last year so. Some audio play. And news bomber know. No I know I know a whole lot of girls don't rule I don't know. And I'm all like breaking some story here. Because that's a lot that's the question though a lot of people ask former football players do in the end I blood. It United's don't know how to work out because I ask. The I asked. The I asked the parents OK what if he wants to play and then how's that discussion go d.'s it's all seven year old you're not doing that. Well I don't blow when he's fourteen or fifteen and then how do you know us so I don't you know it's too old figure that out numbers like aren't you know because. I mean I played football. IE you know I did all that stuff and in you know I kinda just you know I'd. Was better basketball on a kind of figure out like vessel would better one vote my whole timeout whenever than baseball foot now it's up and never we we didn't think to me you know I don't have a any children. But you know you better believe who's making that decision is probably the old Marla in that house. Yeah well I mean it's me it's pretty simple right it's if if your parents say you'd you can't play a you can't play injured and the conversation is kind of we don't want you to play it's who dangers it look it it's like. My mom didn't want me on motorcycles when I was he would everybody in the neighborhood a lot of my friends have motorcycles. I wasn't getting on a motorcycle his football as the ball reached that point 00 I think so okay yeah would we we were with young parents the I. I I. Or or if not it's approaching that it's approaching that that level I and that's and that's what I'm worried about last SYO sale last week they they need to do some kind of grass roots at its high school they have a bill that first million college is gonna prevalent in the NFL was gonna do colleges going to be really pissed off when they start losing money and TV contracts because interest is they'll we Gonzales will. This on the way out you think the turnover change should be retired after the season. Has it served its purpose I was thinking about that earlier reasons that I Wear out I was actually thinking about that allows walking in today announcing about is that turn over chain. I think it's got just. A as long as either many or aura Mark Richt or bulls are here right. Yeah I mean I think it's a really good I think war war. To the point where. The team is not producing many turnovers. Equated it to get you could you retire at mid sealing cap if if you only have like it was still lives in turn overs in six games into the season you'd. Retire the maternal or no wonder what it was such a charmed season like ended inhabitants clubs that are good pit leg of their getting hammered by somebody correct. And it's 31 nothing you know in in the fourth quarter and trays on Bea Andy pick somebody off you know. Are we doing with her over to India. Boy that's a that's a touch you and our hope that I would hope that maybe you you bring it out and it's very low key that a whole sideline I gotta GoDaddy. And there you hold their youth yet you you let the retains gains dot com get get a picture of some video and put a banking and real quick to retire at turn works libertarian argument either Dem primary it's not going to be a one year. Being caught on camera and it's how longer ago yeah. Right now it's come back next here yet to manufacture. Now we'll be back tomorrow live from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino were expected it's doable press covered so. Mario Mark Richt will be there Paul Chris will be there had come to Wisconsin respect to have both of those coaches on. Also our special missiles will be Rashad Butler former U alignment NFL player and so while we're shall we vacuum does still have opinions though he saw I had a moment I don't want to know all my doll that tons of stuff yeah. And per your check you with a us as as well. Are things allows it and lads were out of here enjoy your Tuesday night. Greg likens anatomy is coming up next radio 790 the ticket.